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Remember when John McCain rattled his saber after Georgia attacked Russian-controlled turf in 2008? Aren't you sad he didn't get elected and thus we haven't even come close to getting into a war with Russia?Well, he's back, pounding the war drums as usual. The AP reports:Upside of Afghanistan: Fall of the Soviet Empire. Downside of... Read More
From "McCain Rebukes Hispanic Voters" by Kirk Victor in the National Journal, via Larry Auster:John McCain sounds angry and frustrated that, despite the risks he took in pushing immigration reform, Hispanic voters flocked to Democrat Barack Obama in last year's presidential contest. McCain's raw emotions burst forth recently as he heatedly told Hispanic business leaders... Read More
From Time, "The Anti-Obama Ad Campaign that Never Happened:""My favorite ad of the campaign was as simple as it could be," [McCain advertising director Fred] Davis said. "And it started out something like, 'Long before the world knew of John McCain or Barack Obama, one of them spent five years in a hellhole because he... Read More
As you may have noticed, John McCain hasn't had any kind of theme to his campaign. He can't go after Obama on what Obama is vulnerable on because that's all tied into race, so Obama gets a free pass on that.What John McCain should have done in this race is embrace his Grumpy Old Manness... Read More
From my review in The American Conservative of the Jonathan Demme movie:The movie's better half stars a charismatic Anne Hathaway ... as Kym, an attentionaholic part-time model turned full-time drug addict who is furloughed from a posh rehab clinic for her sister's wedding. Exactly as her levelheaded sister Rachel dreads, Kym's self-destructive antics enthrall the... Read More
Is he as great a candidate as the media has been telling us for the last decade he would be?My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
For my American Conservative review, I'm doing background research on the new Jonathan Demme movie "Rachel Getting Married," which is about sibling rivalry between two sisters, the sensible one who is getting married (to a gentlemanly black man from Hawaii ... hmmhmm ... sounds familiar ...) and the sexy irresponsible one (played by Anne Hathaway)... Read More
From "McCain Plans Fiercer Strategy Against Obama" in the Washington Post: But not all that fierce: Wright is ten times as important a figure in Obama's life as Rezko, and 100 times as important as Ayers. But Wright is off limits because he's black. I figured that's what would happen back in February.My published articles... Read More
A couple of weeks back, I suggested that Obama mention that he plays poker while McCain likes to roll the dice, poker being a game of skill while craps is, well, a crapshoot. Earlier this week, Sen. Barack ObamaMy published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
John McCain, who either will or won't debate Barack Obama on Friday night, announced Thursday evening that he has accepted the resignation of campaign manager Rick Davis, after revelations that Davis was accepting payola from Freddie Mac, and that his campaign tactics this week have been masterminded by Don King and the ghost of Bobby... Read More
What's the deal with McCain suspending his campaign?Greg Cochran suggests, in the mode of Robert Heinlein's Double Star, it's because the actor who will serve as his double on the campaign trail until McCain gets over some undisclosed medical problem hasn't quite recovered from his appearance-altering plastic surgery yet. Of course, in Double Star the... Read More
On the blog, Peter Brimelow suggests:Obama could specifically offer McCain an agreement in which they both pledge to work together to pass in 2009 the
During McCain's convention speech, Google sent lots of inquirers to this seven month old blog posting of mine that answers the question that, apparently, was on a lot of Americans' minds tonight.My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
A couple of writers for Slate get it (almost) about how the Palins are the exemplars of my theory of Affordable Family Formation:Actually, the 18-year-old fiance looks quite capable of doing a man's work and earning a man's pay in the Alaskan economy. I have no idea if he, personally, will turn out to be... Read More
Robert Novak (who, I thought, was retired) is reporting that John McCain really, truly wants to pick Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman as his vice president:Meanwhile Karl Rove tries to get him to take boring old Mitt Romney, and tried to talk Lieberman into withdrawing his name. Fox News says:Come on, John, don't be a wimp... Read More
The AP reports:"Dancing Queen" isn't my favorite song of all time, but, man, is it ever great. I recall going to a conce
You may wonder about why John McCain has been so wild about getting us into a new Cold War with Russia in general, and into what could turn into a shooting war with them over Georgia in particular. I mean, other than the fact that he's John McCain ... The Washington Post reports:Sen. John McCain's... Read More
A long time ago in Chicago, I used to work with a guy named Karl Denninger, who was the company's Internet wizard -- this was around 1992, before almost anybody had heard of the Internet. Yet, Karl built us a large, reliable Internet system for managing our national network. In hindsight, it's obvious that what... Read More
My new column is up: "Obama hands McCain the quota issue. Will he use it?" It's about Ward Connerly's anti-racial preferences initiatives in three states including John McCain's Arizona. Obama opposes them, but today McCain finally said he supported them.Here's an excerpt: When asked whether his daughters should benefit from affirmative action, Obama routinely... Read More
Time Magazine has an article on how John McCain, no surprise, loves to roll the dice in casinos, while Barack Obama played poker every Wednesday night in Springfield with other legislators and lobbyists. Most nights Obama won.In fact, that would have to be just about my number one tip on how to win at gambling:... Read More
Why is John McCain in Colombia? The most reassuring theory I can come up with is that McCain intends to bring back a couple of sixty pound suitcases that the Secret Service will hustle for him through Customs. And soon Obama's big lead in campaign finance will have vanished. And there won't be anymore questions... Read More
Hillary Clinton's campaign wasn't very interesting, but one question I haven't seen discussed is a detailed look at the regimen of plastic surgery, hormone supplements, Botox, make-up and/or whatever it was that had her looking quite presentable at age 60. She came pretty close to hitting the ideal midpoint between authentic and Desperate Housewifey.I notice... Read More
Philip Giraldi, the ex-CIA man who writes The American Conservative's invaluable gossip column, Deep Background, notes in the June 16th issue:It's really not very hard at all for an important personage wrapped in the glamor of power to persuade lower ranking outsiders that he's a deep thinker. Obama is the master of it -- all... Read More
From Craptocracy:andMeanwhile, Udolpho resurfaces to announce he has a life.My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
In my new column, I compare the interest level in two African disasters of equal lack of strategic important to the American national interest: Obama has, however, done a nimble job of exciting the Stuff White People Like crowd by repeatedly acting as if he cares about Darfur, a god-forsaken expanse of arid grassland... Read More
John McCain spent the week campaigning in poor black neighborhoods. Is this part of some complex master Rovian plan to switch the demographic balance of the election? Nah. Or is it part of a cynical "Message: I Care" ploy? Nah, too. Or does McCain really care about poor blacks? Nah, three.McCain's pretty much broke, so... Read More
UPDATE: If you are interested in learning the IQs and SAT scores of recent Presidents and candidates (and who isn't), I discuss them on pp. 127-130 of my new book, America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's Story of Race and Inheritance, which you can read online here: />Now back to my specific posting on John McCain:When... Read More
John Dickerson in Slate sums up what the GOP strategy will be against Obama:I presume I was the first person to point out in detail that Obama's campaign themes, which are based on common assumptions about the political implications of his life story, are contradicted by his actual life story. And two months ago I... Read More
Dennis Dale explains John McCain's Media Magic:That's the trick Tom Cruise's old PR agent, Pat Kingsley, figured out as well. Tom's just about the hardest-working man in show biz, so she gave the media outlets a deal: they could have tons of Tom's time, as long as they didn't ask him any interesting questions ("So,... Read More
At his Citizen Lobbyist blog, Craig Nelsen recalls:
From 1977-1981, the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers met three times in the World Series. The Dodgers were the masters of the old style of media handling where arguments within the organization were not leaked to the press, and the organization presented a bland, unified front (unless something completely uncoverupable happened like the... Read More
Readers have pointed out to me that there's this ... thing on McCain's left cheek, and have wondered whether his skin cancer has come back.I'm hoping it's just scar tissue left over from one of his two earlier struggles with melanoma. When my six cycles of chemotherapy for lymphatic cancer were over in 1997, the... Read More
A reader writes: It's quite true that McCain lost five jets in military service. However, that doesn't prove he did anything wrong. However, a close reading of how he lost five planes tells a quite interesting story. For reasons that will become clear, the story is best told in reverse order. 5. On Oct. 26,... Read More
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