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Where is the $50 billion Bernie Madoff claims to have lost? Clearly, some of it went to the guys running the feeder funds, like Walter Noel, but that doesn't appear to add up to close to $50 billion.There are two kinds of Ponzi schemes: the kind where you do some investment that can't pay off... Read More
From The Forward, the New York Jewish newspaper:What Sort of Man? Madoff on the Couch By Marissa BrostoffThu. Dec 18, 2008In Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice,” Shylock, the usurious lender, attains the status of literature’s classic antisemitic stereotype, in part because of his relentless preying upon non-Jews. But the victims devastated by Bernard Madoff,... Read More
A reader suggests Bernie Madoff must have been running two scams, on and off: the famous Ponzi pyramid scheme, but also abusing his position as a "market-maker" to front-run (i.e., insert his buy and sell orders just in front of his customers' orders in the direction that they are running.)The idea that Madoff was flexibly... Read More
From (which is owned by the Washington Post):Where Are the Jewish Gangsters of Yesteryear?Or, what we can learn about "respectability" from Bernie Madoff and Meyer Lansky.By Ron RosenbaumPosted Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008, at 7:14 PM ETFour days before the Bernie Madoff bust, I found myself, through circumstances too complicated to explain, in a Bukharan... Read More
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