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KKKrazy Glue of the Coalition of the Fringes

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I'd like to welcome Speaker Pelosi's House of Representatives to the Official Family of Go-To iSteve Content Generators, along with the New York Times. From today's House resolution, which started out having something to do with Rep. Ilhan Omar but predictably wound up alerting America to the ever-present White Guy Menace. This House resolution is... Read More
In Coalition of the Margins news, from the New York Times: Democrats Put Off Anti-Semitism Resolution After Fierce Backlash Some Democrats say Representative Ilhan Omar is being singled out as a woman of color while Democratic leaders have let slide other racist and bigoted remarks. By Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Glenn Thrush March 6, 2019... Read More
From the Washington Post on Tuesday, January 10: School officials denounce racist petition that spoke of ‘supreme White race’
Last week, the New York Times was promoting an upcoming "documentary" TV series about today's Ku Klux Klan, without, of course, getting into any of those messy questions about whether today's KKK really exists or not, except as a popular bogey man and more or less wholly owned subsidiary of the FBI and SPLC staffed... Read More
On the NYT op-ed page, a father-daughter team of Democratic pollsters writes: Right. While Barack Obama's rhetoric tried to appear inclusive, his policies and his personality got across the strong impression that he wasn't on your side if you weren't an official Victim-American, such as Transgenders or Syrian Refugees or, ideally a fanatical Syrian Transgender... Read More
From The Gothamist: Judging from the video of the suspect above, I think we've finally found our Genuine White Male Trump-Voting Hate Criminal. What? Oh ...
Commenter anon complains about the poor quality of the hate hoaxers in the fake news: Commenter Ben Tillman responds: It's like the boy who cried "dire wolf." Commenter b.t.o. observes: The key thing is that the hate hoax creators live in the regular bubble….and the long comical history of busted hate hoaxers is about as... Read More
From the New York Times on November 10, 2016: Babson is a business-oriented college (I once stayed in the on-campus hotel run by Babson's hotel school) with a slightly less liberal student body than is normal in the Boston area. Wellesley used to be known as a women's college, except that's now considered cis-sexist, as... Read More
I'm counting four. 1. "U-M student made up story about man threatening to burn hjiab, police say" 2. "Guy Named Jasskirat Saini Arrested For Writing 'KKK' On College Campus" 3. Youtube hoaxer goes viral claiming to have been kicked off Delta for speaking another language. 4. That black church burned with "Vote Trump" painted on... Read More
From SlateStarCodex, psychiatrist Scott Alexander's exhaustively documented demonstration that accusations of racism against Trump are hysterical.
From Slate: In contrast, a good, moral white person like Hillary unites all minorities by telling them to hate white people. Sure, black, Hispanics, Chinese, Hindus, Muslims, and American Indians might not have much in common, but they can all unite around hating white people. Fearing and loathing white people is the KKKrazy Glue that... Read More
From the NYT: For new Attorney General Loretta Lynch to focus on white-collar criminals would be a big change from former Attorney General Eric Holder's obsession with white non-criminals like Darren Wilson and non-white non-criminals like George Zimmerman.
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