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Here are some more immigration policy phrases that have polled or focus grouped well with voters. Less future immigration. What we're for regarding reduced legal immigration numbers going forward. One should never forget how revolutionary a concept is the fact that legal immigration is set by government policy. “Less” is concrete and one syllable. “Future”... Read More
Voluntary exit "Voluntary exit" tests far better among voters than the grating "self-deportation," which polls worse than "deportation." Commenter Joe H. suggests "Homeward bound," complete with a theme song:
More immigration terminology that has polled / focus grouped well with voters: A definition: "Amnesty is when government grants an illegal alien a work permit (or other right to live America).” Ideally trotted out in full once in every article that deals with amnesty. Hammers home the idea of "work permit," which is at once... Read More
Here's another phrase that polls well: Immigration security and enforcement ("immigration security" for short). Definition: the set of measures to stop and reverse illegal immigration. It's important to get away from “border security,” which is too narrow a concept. By crushing margins, the public thinks immigration security and enforcement (when defined to be the set... Read More
Some polling and focus group work has been done to see what immigration sanity phrases work best with voters. I'll go over them in a series of posts this week. Testing is very important in marketing. For example, I was a pretty good marketing researcher but, to my initial surprise, I was a terrible marketer.... Read More
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