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From The Atlantic: When will Haven Monahan finally face justice? Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg, with his ace newshound's nose for the truth, demands to know!
From Reason: Robby Soave: The third part of your series [in The Atlantic: The Question of Rape in Campus Sexual Assault] focuses on the fact that we don't know what the exact numbers are, but it certainly seems like there's a disproportionate number of students of color and immigrant men who are being accused of... Read More
From the New York Times: That "gang rape at the University of Virginia" still remains "unproven" due to Rolling Stone's having botched journalistic methodology. If Rolling Stone had crossed all the T's and dotted all the i's, Haven Monahan would be behind bars right now. Also, catfishing is just a boring hobby of hicks who... Read More
From the Daily Caller: Haven Monahan was unavailable for comment.
There seems to be a bit of a pattern to college football sexual assault charges ...
Thomas Edsall mulls over Hillary's strategic blunders in the NYT: The difference in the rhetorical strategy of Hillary Clinton and Theresa May is one of stress and underscoring. While May made sure her identity group stands were secondary to her pronounced commitment to the working men and women of England generally, Clinton frequently placed her... Read More
With the jury having found Rolling Stone guilty of "actual malice" in UVA bureaucrat Nicole Eramo's lawsuit against the famous magazine over its broken glass gang rape blood libel, it's worth looking at how many prominent journalists enthusiastically backed Erdely's absurd concoction: Jeffrey Toobin, a legal writer for The New Yorker and talking head on... Read More
From BuzzFeed: The "actual malice" standard includes a reckless disregard for the truth. It's clear from reading the Rolling Stone blood libel about gang rape on broken glass that Sabrina Rubin Erdely was motivated by malice --political, gender, ideological and ethnic -- against Thomas Jefferson's U. of Virginia, which she saw as dominated by Southern... Read More
From Slate: In contrast, a good, moral white person like Hillary unites all minorities by telling them to hate white people. Sure, black, Hispanics, Chinese, Hindus, Muslims, and American Indians might not have much in common, but they can all unite around hating white people. Fearing and loathing white people is the KKKrazy Glue that... Read More
As I've been pointing out for years, a standard way an ambitious coach raises the success level of a college football or basketball program is to dare to scrape the bottom of the behavioral barrel harder than rival coaches when recruiting giant young males. A statistically likely side effect is that more coeds on your... Read More
From the Washington Post: A lot of effort has been put into stuffing the UVA - Rolling Stone gang rape on broken glass hate hoax down the Memory Hole by making the scandal seem as boring and technical as imaginable: mistakes were made in following proper journalistic procedures. Nothing else to remember here, move along.... Read More
From the Washington Post: Shapiro is the young reporter who did so much good work revealing that this all started out as Jackie perpetrating a catfishing hoax. Nicole Eramo patiently listened to Jackie's story about Have
As we all know, the Campus Rape Crisis is due to white fraternity boys like U. of Virginia lifeguard Haven Monahan. Except, despite all the rules mandating counting race and rape on campus, nobody ever releases any figures about the racial makeup of college men accused of rape. But in passing in a New Yorker... Read More
From the Associated Press: You can always tell whether the fix is in -- are the media trying
One of the tangential victims of the broken glass gang rape hoax worked up by UVA coed Jackie Coakley and reporter Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely was a minor campus official named Nicole Eramo, who became nationally demonized by feminists last November for not taking seriously enough Jackie's story to, say, have the White... Read More
One of the University of Virginia's proudest features is an Honor Code that extends far beyond simply academic cheating to holding UVA students to high standards of personal behavior. It's a holdover from the Virginian tradition of gentlemanly conduct that provided America with individuals such George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, and George C.... Read More
From Rolling Stone: Duke Wins One for the Man The Blue Devils beat Wisconsin for the national title, and college basketball's blue bloods come out on top once again BY MICHAEL WEINREB April 7, 2015 Here are a couple of things I learned about Grayson Allen by perusing his bio on the Duke basketball website:... Read More
Sabrina Rubin Erdely's obsession with fictitious breaking glass inspired some real breaking glass. From the Washington Times last December: Unpunished vandalism rampage inspired by Rolling Stone’s U.Va. rape story Student activist who led vandalism attack on Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house says he has no regrets By Jeffrey Scott Shapiro – The Washington Times –... Read More
An exchange in the Letters-to-the-Editor column:   Sabrina, your little friends are wrong. ... Yes, Sabrina, there is a Haven Monahan. He exists as certainly as hate and privilege and patriarchy exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its purpose: to destroy. Alas! How dreary would be the world if... Read More
Here's part of my December 3, 2014 Taki's Magazine article "A Rape Hoax for Book Lovers" recounting the history of the Jackie Coakley-Sabrina Rubin Erdely hoax up to that point. The key lesson is that the giant Rolling Stone article was self-evidently a fraud of some sort, but the media has become so warped by... Read More
Using Ctrl-F we can check for certain relevant text strings in today's New York Times article: Text strings of interest that don't appear in the NYT article include: hoax Coakley catfish Haven Monahan exist email Dawson's Creek vandalism What about the 13,000 word retraction by the Columbia School of Journalism posted today by Rolling Stone:... Read More
From the New York Times article on the Rolling Stone / Columbia School of Journalism account of the series of unfortunate events at the University of Virginia: As Voltaire might say, for the non-discouragement of the others ... Unlike really horrible people who lose their jobs for telling the truth like Jason Richwine and James... Read More
Back in December, the day T. Rees Shapiro in the Washington Post broke a long, complicated, confusing but important story about the U. of Virginia fraternity gang rape allegations that allowed a careful reader to deduce that Jackie had catfished her purported gang rape organizer into electronic existence, a friend called from upstate New York... Read More
A statement by the Charlottesville Police Department: Big sur
From the New York Times: Police Find No Evidence of Rape at UVA Fraternity By OWEN ROBINSON and SHERYL GAY STOLBERG MARCH 23, 2015 CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — The police here said Monday that they had found no evidence that a woman was gang raped at a University of Virginia fraternity house in 2012 and that... Read More
As we all know, the Campus Rape Crisis is one of the gravest problems of our age. Fortunately, the New York Times Editorial Board has come up with a surefire solution: College Applications and Criminal Records By THE EDITORIAL BOARD MARCH 14, 2015 Americans who have criminal histories are often stymied when they encounter college... Read More
From the NYT Op-Ed page: The World's Most Important Place™
In the comments, Paleo Retiree of Uncouth Reflections writes: I'm a critic, so I'm prejudiced, but my general assumption is that criticism tends to make people b
From today's Washington Post: ‘Gentlemanly’ nonsense from frat at center of U-Va. sexual assault controversy By Jonathan Capehart December 19 at 9:27 AM On Dec. 5, Rolling Stone published an extraordinary “note to our readers” about a November story on an alleged “brutal gang rape of a woman named Jackie during a party at a... Read More
Washington & Lee is a private college in Virginia that Robert E. Lee headed for the last years of his life. Although Sabrina Rubin Erdely was viscerally repulsed by the conservatism, broken glass, and overwhelming blondness she sensed lurking at the University of Virginia, I suspect that if Sabrina had visited Washington & Lee she... Read More
Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller got an email from a reader pointing out something interesting about one section of UVA dream date / gang rapist / figment of Jackie's imagination Haven Monahan's Glitch in The Matrix email. This is the messaged received by Jackie's crush Ryan/"Randall" five days after Haven Monahan theoretically organized Jackie's... Read More
From the New York Times: Etcetera etcetera ... As I blogged in 2013 in response to a bunch of earlier NYT articles on The Epidemic of Rape in the Military: Wow, 26,000 rapes in one year, and only 1 percent getting convicted! Oh ... wait a minute ... the 26,000 figure, a projection from a... Read More
It's pretty easy to use Google News to track how enthusiastically news outlets are covering the complete collapse of the U. of Virginia Gang Rape Story. Are they leaving it as a muddled ... well, I heard it was a different fraternity house and it wasn't seven rapists it was five and it was just... Read More
Cary Kalscheuer /
The Derb came up with the term "narrative collapse," but what's happening right now with the University of Virginia gang rape story is more like Narrative Apocalypse (to steal from commenter DNA Turtles). This is a long post, but you'll likely find it interesting ... My key insight into the Rolling Stone "gang rape" story... Read More
Author Richard Bradley blogs: In the future, being reminded of a Tom Wolfe novel will be punishable by Watsoning. And of course it never happened. Which brings me to a magazine article that is causing an enormous furor in
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