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Commenter Cwhatfuture opines:
From USA Today: Why aren't hate hoaxes prosecutable as hate crimes? They use fraud to stir up racial hatred. Granted, these frauds are designed to engender hatred of white people, so I guess that's okay. Anyway, the real problem with hate hoaxes is that they temporarily hurt the feelings of the Official Victim Groups:
From Yahoo News: Whole Foods is using security footage to sue a gay pastor for an unlikely reason Business Insider By Hayley Peterson Whole Foods is suing a [black gay] pastor who claimed that the grocery chain sold him a cake decorated with a homophobic slur. Jordan Brown, an openly gay pastor at Austin’s Church... Read More
Last week's Racist Hate Crime Crisis of the Century -- some of the tape black protestors put over the Harvard Law School seal was also found over portraits of black professors -- always sounded like an exceptionally lazy hoax. Couldn't the black activists have bothered to bring a second, different roll of tape for the... Read More
From the Daily Mail: This is based on reporting done by Robby Soave for the Daily Caller.The purported hate crime included a graffito reading "Avoid being a hot mess."
Michelle Malkin is a graduate of Oberlin: Judging from their tweets, it sound like staffwriter Lesley Arfin brings "Girls" much of its needed edge.
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