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Ferguson Shooting

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From Politico: Holder could look outside the mainstream of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence to more informal community-based systems of legal reasoning, such as lynch law. They could call it Lynch law. For example, consider the old rationalization for punishing an innocent man: For Reason of State. Isn't it about time that the Obama Administration becomes entitled to... Read More
From the New York Times Editorial Page Editor's blog: To Prevent Another Ferguson, Vote in Georgia By DAVID FIRESTONE OCTOBER 22, 2014 2:33 PM
a katz /
Why are the New York and Washington media so obsessed over matters of local governance in tiny Ferguson, MO? For example, the latest evolution of national media thinking on the Lessons to Be Learned from the Michael Brown crime spree shooting of an unarmed teen is that the Big Issue is that other half-pint municipalities... Read More
From the New York Times: Like Oprah, Sharpton periodically loses a lot of weight and then gets coverage for being the New Al.
A reader writes: In general, as I've been pointing out in movie reviews and the like, there has been a moral panic building over white violence in the increasingly distant past against blacks, thus justifying black violence in the present against whites (or pretty much anybody who happens to object to blacks taking what is... Read More
Once again, the political science Monkey Cage blog at the Washington Post uses numbers to point out another fallacy in the current hysteria A lot of white people like to obsess over non-problems of blacks, such as the big to-do in the media a few months back over whether blacks don't win enough Grammy Awards... Read More
In the New York Times, Josh Barro complains: Just maybe Hillary Clinton is less certain than the national media that it's smart to trust the judgment of a mob that burns down the wrong convenience store because they are confused, stupid, and criminal? At least we can hope ... P.S., has there been an incident... Read More
The Monkey Cage, the political science blog in the WaPo, notes: Monkey Cage Is segregation the problem in Ferguson? 72 More By Jonathan Rodden August 18 Over the last few days, punditry about Ferguson, Mo., has converged on a common, well-rehearsed narrative about segregation in St. Louis that goes back to the 19th century: whites... Read More
So I'm out of touch for two days; then I look at the papers and find ... nothing has changed. From the top story in the NYT early Wednesday morning: Even leaving aside Brown's preceding crimes in the convenience store, how is this supposed to be one of the Defining Events of Our Time, a... Read More
The police shooting of Michael Brown initially renewed calls for increased use of videocameras to record evidence of abuse, a reform I’ve long supported. However, the Friday release of security footage of Michael Brown stealing and physically bullying an immigrant shop clerk minutes before his fatal police confrontation has led to demands from respected black... Read More
A week ago a delegation of social justice activists in Ferguson burned down the local QuikTrip store because they thought that was the store Michael Brown had knocked over. "Snitches Get Stitches" was spraypainted on the wall. An 18-year-old employee told KTVI: An employee who was working the Quik Trip that was looted and burned... Read More
Top story in the New York Times: But, according to the Los Angeles Times, Eric Holder's new autopsy will be not the second but the third: The state autopsy was performed a week ago, so the Department of Justice probably had the (presumably) discouraging word all week (if it wasn't bad for the Democrats why... Read More
The New York Times provides more details on the Obama Administration's conspiracy to cover up the security camera footage demonstrating 6'-4" 292 pound Michael Brown's belligerently violent state of mind minutes before his fatal confrontation with the Ferguson police: Earlier Saturday, in a new sign of discord among the authorities over the handling of the... Read More
I'm always struck by how seldom prestige journalism about race takes notice of developments since, roughly, Bull Connor. For example, to the right is a photo that the New York Times thinks is informative in understanding what's going on in Ferguson, MO. In contrast, developments from the liberal-run last 50 years, such as Section 8... Read More
In the optimistic days after WWII, big cities built giant urban housing projects to accommodate the poor. For example, Pruitt-Igoe in St. Louis was designed by Yamasaki, architect of the World Trade Center, on the most advanced principles of modernism. Obviously, taking poor blacks out of their lead paint-encrusted tenements and raising them in advanced... Read More
From The New Republic Ioffe then writes a typical essay of point-n-sputter outrage on what white people in Olivette told her about the riots in Ferguson, and, worse, what she thinks they really would say: A lot of high end journalism on race consists of white journalists saying what's occurred to them in the privacy... Read More
From Tom Wolfe's 1970 book Radical Chic and Mau-Mauing the Flak-Catchers: Brothers like Chaser were the ones who perfected mau-mauing, but before long everybody in the so-called Third World was into it. Everybody was out mau-mauing up a storm, to see if they could win the victories the blacks had won. San Francisco, being the... Read More
From the New York Times: Lack of Leadership and a Generational Split Hinder Protests in Ferguson By JULIE BOSMAN AUG. 16, 2014 FERGUSON, Mo. — The unrest in Ferguson began one week ago, on the quiet side street of Canfield Drive, when residents were startled by a series of gunshots and poured out of their... Read More
In the prestige press, Saturday has seen much clucking with distaste over Ferguson police releasing more information to the public than was optimal for the national media's Narrative Maintenance purposes. From the New York Times: In other words, Eric Holder's department had this key evidence and was covering it up. Moreover, the Department of Justice... Read More
In 1987 Tom Wolfe published The Bonfire of the Vanities about the "hunt for the Great White Defendant," but it's not clear how many people ever got the joke. How many times since then has the national media gotten worked up over some white racist outrage, but when all the facts came out, it turned... Read More
For five or ten years, the news media have been obsessed with "bullies." But for some reason a search of Google News doesn't find much evidence of anyone calling the 6'4" 292 pound Michael Brown a bully. What are the odds that Brown was drunk? Update: Commenter Bob notes: Right. This doesn't mean that cops... Read More
The release of security camera video footage today of the late Michael Brown robbing a Ferguson convenience store and roughing up a clerk who is half his size about ten minutes before he was killed by a policeman reveals that that Meaning of Ferguson is that the national media have embarrassed themselves yet again by... Read More
Like so many incidents -- going back at least to the Tawana Brawley hoax of the 1980s -- that the national media decide to obsess over as case studies of White Racism in Action, the Ferguson, MO story is turning out to be a fiasco. Apparently, the future shooting victim had just looted a convenience... Read More
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