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From my column in Taki's Magazine, a review of Gregory Clark's new book on surnames and social mobility:Read the whole thing there.
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has been getting a lot of the usual Strange New Respect recently for his calls for the GOP to moderate, especially on immigration. Ross Douthat does a good job of puncturing Jeb's conventional wisdom in "The Great Immigration Reform Mirage."I'm struck though that almost nobody has mentioned something that ought... Read More
Here's the opening of a minor sports page article in the L.A. Times about the Dodgers facing 49-year-old Colorado Rockies starting pitcher Jamie Moyer:So, four of the 25 Dodgers are the sons of former major leaguers. And these aren't minor major leaguers, either. All four dads spent at least 13 years in The Show.When I... Read More
Speaking of nepotism in India, here's my 2003 article in The National Interest, "Revolutionary Nepotism," surveying the global resurgence of dynasticism. It would be interesting to update it to see which way trends have gone over the last decade. One of the things that got me interested in the topic was the growth of dynasticism among... Read More
From the Austin Statesman:
Washington Post op-ed columnist Ruth Marcus gushes in "A Vote for Senator Caroline:"On the question of Caroline Kennedy for Senate, my head says no, on balance. My heart says yes! Yes! Right now, as you might guess from the hedging on the former and the exclamation points on the latter, my heart is winning. ...There... Read More
In my new column, I respond to Kenan Malik's criticism in Prospect of my definition of race. His assumption that it's absurd to call the British royal family a racial group got me thinking about dynasticism again, and I finally figured out something about the essence of Barack Obama's appeal that should have been... Read More
Former Mexican foreign minister Jorge G. Castañeda Gutman has been a long-time interest of mine. (Here's my 2001 article about this slippery fellow: "Mexico's Talleyrand").In 2006, Fredo Arias-King pointed out to me that Castaneda's Soviet mother was an employee of Stalin's government when his father, Mexico's UN ambassador, met her in New York City... Read More
From the Washington Post blog The Fix:Okay, except that McCain is just like Bush 43, only more so -- more invade the world, more invite the world, more in hoc to the world. And they have very similar nasty frat boy personalities.Yesterday, I suggested that John McCain, with his cocky shoot-from-the-hip lack of preparation and... Read More
Do you ever get the impression that John McCain, who for some reason seems to be perceived as the anti-Bush candidate in the GOP race, is the cool, cocky dad George W. Bush wished he'd had instead of that wimpy, diplomatic, prudent father he has spent his life being annoyed that he got stuck with?The... Read More
From the NYT:Sure, why not pick a 19-year-old? How old was Alexander when he succeeded Philip? How old was Pitt the Younger when he became Prime Minister?It's the blood that matters. (Or just the name -- next door in India, Sonia Gandhi, the widow of Rajiv, daughter-in-law of Indira, and granddaughter-in-law of Nehru, led the... Read More
The New York Times has an interesting article on Jpod taking over as editor of Commentary, cleverly tying it to the 2003 book by Adam Bellow, In Praise of Nepotism:(Here's my review-essay on Bellow's "In Praise of Nepotism" in The National Interest.)The NYT reporter had asked me:I replied: Among conservative intellectuals, John Podhoretz is widely... Read More
A reader writes regarding the news that the former Florida governor Jeb Bush's politically ambitious son George P. Bush (whom George W. Bush has nicknamed "44" to go along with his being "43" and his father "41") has joined the Naval Reserve as an Intelligence officer: As The Simpsons put it: "The Naval Reserve: America's... Read More
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