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From Gardiner Harris in the NYT:Is this a Hindu v. Muslim thing? The Muslims are anti-dog, so the Hindus are pro-dog? Or vice-versa?Short yellowish fur and medium size seems to be sort of the Platonic Essence of dogdom, what dogs evolve back to when you stop bothering to breed them. “Dogs essentially started out as... Read More
Susan Orlean, the New Yorker writer who wrote an unfilmable book about orchids that Charlie Kaufman tried to adapt in Adaptation (Meryl Streep played Orlean), writes:I don't know much about dogbreeding, so what exactly does "overbreeding" mean? Incest? Not culling the poorest specimens from the litter? I've only owned two dogs. First, a cocker spaniel, Topper,... Read More
Being allergic to dogs and/or cats is a cause of unhappiness. It's not uncommon in a family of, say, five for one kid to be allergic, so none of the other kids can have a dog or cat; thus, the interest in supposedly hypoallergenic breeds.From the Washington Post:Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit analyzed... Read More
Race can't exist because the boundaries are too vague. The existence of species, however, is assumed in the name of the Endangered Species Act. Yet, when we stop and think about dogs, wolves, and coyotes, it's not immediately obvious whether these familiar beasts should be classified as three species or three races within one species.A... Read More
Some of the most prevalent Dumb Ideas about Race that crystallized as conventional wisdom around the time of Bill Clinton's celebration ceremony for the Human Genome Project revolve around the idea that genetic differences couldn't possibly cause differing behavioral tendencies among the races because we're all 99.999% (insert as many "9s" as you feel necessary... Read More
Nicholas Wade reports in the NYT on the latest on dog DNA: Borrowing methods developed to study the genetics of human disease, researchers have concluded that dogs were probably first domesticated from wolves somewhere in the Middle East, in contrast to an earlier survey suggesting dogs originated in East Asia. This finding puts the first... Read More
From the NYT:Good Dog, Smart DogSarah KershawLife as a Labradoodle may sound free and easy, but if you’re Jet, who lives in New Jersey, there is a lot of work to be done. He is both a seizure alert dog and a psychiatric service dog whose owner has epilepsy, severe anxiety, depression, various phobias and... Read More
Turkey is full of unleashed or outright stray dogs (as well as cats). The place looks like the illustrations for the classic children's book by P.D. Eastman Go Dog Go.Many of the dogs have collars, so they aren't stray, but their owners don't bother tying them up. Almost nobody leashed his dog when taking Fido... Read More
Frank Miele has a fun article in on "The K9 Comparison: What Dog Breeds Can Tell Us about Humans." An excerpt:
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