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From the NYT: S0, immigrant resentment and hostility just gets worse in the second generation? Maybe Eu
From The Atlantic: Stephen Colbert's Writing Staff: 17 Men, 2 Women And all 19 of the Late Show’s writers are white. So. MEGAN GARBER 2:38 PM ET Well, this is sad. Splitsider reports that Stephen Colbert's new show—the one that premiered delightfully earlier this week, the one that seems to be trying to bring a... Read More
Here's part of an interview with the President in Vox that is pretty much along the lines of one of my "Core v. Fringe" election strategy articles, just discussed from the opposite partisan point of view. Obama tells Ezra Klein that he's not worried about a backlash against Democrats over attacks on whites such as... Read More
turtix /
For years I've been pointing out that two bulwarks of Democratic Party campaign fundraising and prestige, Silicon Valley and Hollywood, don't have to play by the Diversity rules that most of the rest of American business is supposed to play by. Every few years since the 1990s, Jesse Jackson would try to shake down the... Read More
In Time Magazine, an Indian-American novelist, author of Maximum City, a book about Bombay (which he resents calling by its new Hindu nationalist name of Mumbai), lists numerous people whose racism you should be shocked by. Below is Mehta's article, with his Google Voice annotations.And 100% of the CEOs of Microsoft! Boo-yah! In-di-a! In-di-a! In-di-a!Of... Read More
A new study ranks the most diverse metropolitan areas in the country:Diversity RankMetropolitan AreaWhite ShareBlack ShareHispanic ShareAsian ShareOther Share1Vallejo-Fairfield, CA40.8%
Matthew Yglesias points out that the top 12 executives are all white men at Apple (which, in less than a decade and a half, has gone from down-and-out to the world's highest stock market valuation). He goes on to suggest how to begin fixing Apple's problem.Thank God I sold all my Apple stock in 1999 and used... Read More
From my Taki's Magazine column:Read the whole thing there. My old articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
The San Antonio Spurs are now 10-0 in the NBA playoffs, as they go for their fifth NBA title since 1999 in their Tim Duncan Era. Even before this season, the Spurs' veteran Big 3 of Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili had the three highest career winning percentages among active NBA players. Duncan is from... Read More
In VDARE this week, I look at an unexpected topic by reviewing historian Susan J. Matt's thought-provoking book Homesickness. Matt is working in the subfield of "history of emotions," which was invented by French historians around 1940 and is proving an excellent field for female scholars. Her previous book, Keeping Up with the Joneses, was... Read More
My new VDARE column is about Maurice Glasman, one of the most interesting leftist thinkers in recent years to emerge (and then get rapidly submerged as he made clear the full logic of his worldview). Lord Glasman served for the last half year as the idea man for the new British Labour Party boss Ed... Read More
From my new VDARE column:Read the whole thing there.My old articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
From City Journal:Not only have diversity sinecures been protected from budget cuts, their numbers are actually growing. The University of California at San Diego, for example, is creating a new full-time “vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion.” This position would augment UC San Diego’s already massive diversity apparatus, which includes the Chancellor’s Diversity Office,... Read More
Track and field is interesting because its demands are simple enough that human biodiversity stands out pretty clearly. But after awhile it gets kind of dull because the same old same old demographic patterns keep showing up. (Here's my VDARE article on human biodiversity in track up through the closse of the 2008 Olympics.)Hence, it's... Read More
Yale anthropologist Mike McGovern opines in the NYT on DSK's accuser:I suspect that if I tried to stand in her shoes, I would probably topple face forward. It could be informative to see a picture of the shoes in the closet of DSK's accuser. Average heel height might be a relevant datapoint.
Of course, it doesn't exactly say that ... Two decades ago, when the military was at the height of its prestige during the first Gulf War, 7% (I believe) of the generals in the U.S. Army were black. The #1 and #3 generals in the Gulf War (Colin Powell and Calvin Waller) were black.  One... Read More
With Silicon Valley Fever mounting again, it's worth looking at the trendiest companies in America. From the San Jose Mercury News a year ago, a story that go so little attention that I didn't even see it back then:The rest of the article shows that these statements are also true for whites as well, but... Read More
From the San Jose Mercury News: Good point.I like that line.A report in the Mercury News last year, based on workforce data that Silicon Valley's largest companies had filed with the federal government, found that the Bay Area's unique diversity is not reflected in the region's tech workplaces.H
From National Mortgage Professional:
From the Detroit Free Press:Ethnic groups say 'white' isn't enough on the 2010 censusArab Americans, others fear loss of benefits if ancestry not accounted forBy Niraj Warikoo... But the 2010 census form -- in a departure from 2000 and previous decades -- will not contain a question asking people about their ancestry, prompting concern among... Read More
Here's an excerpt from a long article in the Washington Post:Despite pact, few blacks at Coast Guard schoolEight years after the U.S. Coast Guard and the NAACP signed a voluntary agreement to work together to boost the number of African-Americans at its 1,000-cadet service academy, the annual enrollment and graduation figures for blacks remain in... Read More
Nicholas Wade in the NYT reports:The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded this year to three American scientists who solved a problem of cell biology with deep relevance to cancer and aging. The three will receive equal shares of a prize worth around $1.4 million. The recipients solved a longstanding puzzle involving the... Read More
From the late Daniel Seligman's Keeping Up column in Fortune: September 10, 1990, Soon after this article is printed, it will take up residence in the Nexis database and, apparently, become the only verbiage in disk memory whose author is unenthusiastic about diversity in education. The "apparently" is in there because we did not have... Read More
Here's part of my new column:Trying to think about the causes of the mortgage meltdown is reminiscent of the infinitely recursive children's song Yon Yonson, which was memorably featured in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five :"My name is Yon Yonson / I live in Wisconsin / I work in a lumber mill there / The people... Read More
Having fixed the housing market, the federal government is turning its attention to fixing science. John Tierney writes in the NYT on the inevitable aftermath of the Larry Summers affair:Until recently, the impact of Title IX, the law forbidding sexual discrimination in education, has been limited mostly to sports. But now, under pressure from Congress,... Read More
Wouldn't the whole world be better off if Italy weren't so damn Italian? I mean, what has Italian culture ever contributed to anything? When will the Italians get with the program and adopt the Universal Globoculture? The New York Times wants to know! Ponder that for a moment.Italian children in Italy eat Italian food? The... Read More
From the New York Times:
Audacious Epigone figures out the demographic breakdown of the London Daily Telegraph's list of top 50 most influential American political pundits.This is not to say that the Telegraph's list is accurate or inaccurate, just that it's a list somebody made up for a different purpose than demographic analysis, which makes it useful for demographic analysis.... Read More
Vanishing American pointed me toward this USA Today story:Here's a quiz: Get a pencil and paper and jot down the 10 most famous Americans in history. No presidents or first ladies allowed.Who tops your list?Ask teenagers, and they overwhelmingly choose African-Americans and women, a study shows. It suggests that the "cultural curriculum" that most kids... Read More
Interesting story from the AP: Sacks: Multiculturalism threatens democracy By ASSOCIATED PRESS
A few weeks ago I got a phone call from a fellow writing an article for the Boston Globe on Harvard political scientist Robert D. Putnam's research on ethnic diversity's impact on social capital, which I've been writing about, every now and then, since 2001 (here and here). But the journalist seemed at least as... Read More
A U. of Minnesota press release: U of M study finds that Americans couch feelings about race in the 'happy talk' of diversity-speakAccording to a new study by researchers in the University of Minnesota's sociology department, Americans are generally positive -- even optimistic -- about the word 'diversity,' but when asked, even those working in... Read More
NYT closing gap with American Conservative: In the New York Times Magazine, Erica Goode, science editor of the NYT, writes about Robert D. Putnam's research on diversity and trust (which was the subject of my January 15, 2007 cover story "Fragmented Future" in AmCon): Home AloneFor decades, students of American society have offered dueling theories... Read More
It's often remarked that the commercial environment that the business traveler in America confronts is remarkably uniform: all across this vast land of ours, he'll find the same rental-car companies at every airport, the same hotel and restaurant chains off every interstate. Moreover, these firms strive to deliver a uniformity of service - every contingency... Read More
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Steve Sailer is a journalist, movie critic for Taki's Magazine, columnist, and founder of the Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals.

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