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Earlier, I pointed out how remarkable it is that Charles Darwin has, in recent decades, been promoted to near-divine status in our culture, while his 13-year younger half-cousin Francis Galton has been demonized. I don't know a huge amount about the two, having merely read a few biographies. Still, the two don't strike me as polar... Read More
From the NYT:Scientists Square Off on Evolutionary Value of Helping RelativesBy CARL ZIMMERWhy are worker ants sterile? Why do birds sometimes help their parents raise more chicks, instead of having chicks of their own? Why do bacteria explode with toxins to kill rival colonies? In 1964, the British biologist William Hamilton published a landmark paper... Read More
Some of the tallest peoples in the world are also some of the most oppressed: the black Dinka and Nuer tribes of the South Sudan, who fought a long civil war against the brown Arab-speaking government in Khartoum. Charles Darwin's theory of sexual selection driving racial differentiation appears to be at work here. From the... Read More
Harvard historian Steven Shapin has a long article in the London Review of Books, The Darwin Show, about the apotheosization of Charles Darwin over the last year in service of various contemporary causes, including global warming.One thing I would add is that the modern cult of beatifying Charles Darwin is dependent upon demonizing his younger... Read More
A featured review, "Charles Darwin, Abolitionist," by Christopher Benfey, a professor of English, in the Feb. 1, 2009 New York Times Sunday Book Review asserts:This is getting American intellectual history confused. The polygenetic theory of human origins tended
Here's the link for "Recent acceleration of adaptive human evolution" by Cochran, Harpending, Hawks, Moyzis, and Wang: />My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
From the LA Times: By Karen Kaplan, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer 2:44 PM PST, December 10, 2007 The pace of human evolution has been increasing at a stunning rate since our ancestors began spreading through Europe, Asia and Africa 40,000 years ago, quickening to 100 times historic levels after agriculture became widespread, according to... Read More
Here's the abstract and last paragraph of the big paper. (Click the title in blue for the 8 page PDF of the full paper.) It is sometimes claimed that the pace of human evolution should have slowed as cultural adaptation supplanted genetic adaptation. The high empirical number of recent adaptive variants would seem sufficient to... Read More
Here's the press release from the U. of Utah about the big Cochran - Harpending - Hawks - Moyzis - Wang paper. (Look for more coverage tonight and tomorrow in the press.) Are Humans Evolving Faster? "We used a new genomic technology to show that humans are evolving rapidly, and that the pace of change... Read More
I've been posting teasers for awhile about an upcoming big paper on evolution co-written by the Murderer's Row of Greg Cochran, Henry Harpending, John Hawks, Bob Moyzis, and Eric Wang. It officially comes out Monday evening, Dec. 10, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.I'm not going to say anymore about it now... Read More
Marcus Epstein of the Robert Taft Club has put together an impressive panel discussion for this Wednesday evening, 12/5, in Arlington, Virginia. It's open to the public, but you should rsvp by email to Marcus [email link fixed]. Darwin, Genetics, and Conservatism: Friends or Foes Charles Murray, John Derbyshire, Ron Bailey, Tom Bethell When: Wednesday... Read More
Attempts to come up with a Darwinian explanation for the high average IQ of European Jews go back at least to Norbert Weiner's 1953 autobiography, in which he argued that arranged marriages between the shetl's brightest young rabbi and the richest merchant's daughter would lead to large numbers of smart children having enough money to... Read More
I think this rather long column will help readers understand a little better why the "genealogical perspective" is so crucial for understanding human affairs: Two Cheers For Pinker On Genealogy…But What About Race?By Steve SailerGenealogy—the study of who a person's ancestors are—is viewed by American intellectuals as a quaint hobby of only individual interest. But... Read More
asks Sharon Begley in Newsweek: Why isn’t everyone beautiful, smart and healthy? Or, in a less-polite formulation, why haven’t ugly, stupid, unhealthy people been bred out of the population—ugly people because no one will have them as mates, meaning they don’t get the chance to pass their ugliness to the next generation;Evolutionary geneticists try to... Read More
From the 6/26/07 NYT: Humans Have Spread Globally, and Evolved Locally By NICHOLAS WADEHistorians often assume that they need pay no attention to human evolution because the process ground to a halt in the distant past. That assumption is looking less and less secure in light of new findings based on decoding human DNA.People have... Read More
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