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From The Guardian: While Qatar takes in refugees from American Islamophobia (which, as we all know, is the worst thing in the world, except perhaps for culturally inappropriate/appropriated Halloween costumes) like Clock Boy, the Persian Gulf state has been less enthusiastic about accepting refugees from the Middle East than Dr. Merkel * has. After all,... Read More
From the Washington Post:
You may have wondered why, outside of my repetitious drumbeat, there has been so little comment on how the Gulf Arabs aren't spending their money to help their Muslim brethren in need. One reason is because they have better things to spend their money on, such as the American think tanks who provide the press... Read More
Beverly Hills Ferrari mechanics are notoriously expensive. From The Daily Mail: Qatar driver caught in Beverly Hills street race involving Ferrari and a Porsche claims diplomatic immunity Luxury supercars were filmed racing around the residential neighborhood Witnesses said vehicles ran stop signs and narrowly missed other cars The race only ended when the yellow Ferrari's... Read More
From Wikipedia in 2013: From Time Magazine in 2013: That $200 billion figure includes infrastructure like a new city, a new airport, a subway, lots of new hotels, and all new stadiums. “Indeed, the numbers are amusing at first,” says Shaul Gabby, an international studies professor at the University of Denver, and a Qatar expert.... Read More
Even after writing off the bribes to Sepp Blatter and his FIFA pals for assigning the World Cup to Qatar, there'd probably be $258 billion, maybe $259 billion left over A single small Arab country has over a quarter of a trillion dollars to spend on an absurd vanity project, but Europeans must take in... Read More
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