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With Jeb Bush and Donald Trump arguing over whether George W. Bush failed to stop 9/11, it's worth going to the videotape (47:28) of the second Presidential debate of 2000. On 10/11/2000, the Texas governor denounced heightened scrutiny of Arab airline passengers by airport security. Bush said on national TV: Note that when the future... Read More
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has been getting a lot of the usual Strange New Respect recently for his calls for the GOP to moderate, especially on immigration. Ross Douthat does a good job of puncturing Jeb's conventional wisdom in "The Great Immigration Reform Mirage."I'm struck though that almost nobody has mentioned something that ought... Read More
From the Austin Statesman:
From my new column:Journalists always like to say they write "the first draft of history," but, really, there are three drafts. And it’s the middle one, in between Breaking News and History, where the worst distortions creep in. Between the raw feed and the history books, journalists quickly simplify the immense complexity of events... Read More
Matt Latimer, a former Bush speechwriter, in the Washington Post: Well, when you are trying to put a giant swindle over on American voters, the best you can hope for is that your message comes across as muddied, contradictory, and confusing.My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
Is this from a 2001 George W. Bush speech on education or from a 2009 Barack Obama speech on education:Judging from the inelegant diction, misunderestimated statistics, dubious logic, and MBA buzzwords, you might think it's Bush in 2001. But it's Obama last week in his big education speech. The shout-out to Massachusetts is the most... Read More
From my new column:Are we in the middle of what future historians will refer to as the Bush-Obama Era? That might sound bizarre—until you notice the continuity of policy on crucial issues such as the economy and immigration. Remarkably, under Obama, much of the conventional wisdom of the Bush years continues to reign unquestioned.... Read More
Here's by review from The American Conservative of Oliver Stone's movie about the ex-President:Given the limitations of Oliver Stone’s biopic about George W. Bush (modest budget, rushed production, lack of memoirs by the officials who started the Iraq War, and Stone’s own fading powers), “W.” turns out better than expected. Anchored by another charismatic performance... Read More
I'm not in the mood to defend George W. Bush, but I suspect that historians will eventually figure out that his big domestic / economic policy mistakes (e.g., allowing so much illegal immigration and promoting zero down payment mortgages to increase minority home ownership) stemmed from him assuming that the rest of the country was... Read More
Do you ever get the sinking feeling that the biggest difference between Bernie Madoff and most of the public figures our age is that he admitted he was running "a giant Ponzi scheme?"Madoffnomics consisted of making conspicuous donations to worthy ethnic causes in order to build a benevolent reputation in order to get an ever... Read More
I keep reading articles trying to explain the mortgage meltdown, but the mainstream media's coverage almost utterly ignores George W. Bush's war on down payments in his effort to boost minority homeownership by 5.5 million. On Google News, the only reference over the last month to Bush's 5.5 million household goal are columns by Rod... Read More
Here's an excerpt in which I uncharacteristically show some sympathy for Karl Rove and George Bush from my new column:It’s important to fully understand why the lessons the two Texans, Rove and Bush, learned in their home state didn’t apply in other heavily Hispanic states. So far, the mortgage meltdown hasn’t been as bad... Read More
Former Bush press secretary Scott McClellan's new book seems to support the theory that I offered in 2005 when former Bush ghostwriter Mickey Herskowitz revealed that Bush had been talking about the political advantages of invading Iraq in 1999. I went on to speculate:My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
You don't hear his name mentioned much anymore, but it just occurred to me that George W. Bush is still President of the United States. In fact, he will be president for another eight months and a week.What's he been up to lately? Is he still trying to start a war with Iran over Iraq,... Read More
Oliver Stone appears to have finished his screenplay for his upcoming biopic about George W. Bush. ABC News has a summary. Evidently, it focuses on the Iraq War as motivated primarily by his complicated relationship with his father, which sounds about right to me.Barbra Streisand's stepson Josh Brolin is set to play Bush. Brolin was... Read More
From the Washington Post blog The Fix:Okay, except that McCain is just like Bush 43, only more so -- more invade the world, more invite the world, more in hoc to the world. And they have very similar nasty frat boy personalities.Yesterday, I suggested that John McCain, with his cocky shoot-from-the-hip lack of preparation and... Read More
From my new column: Bush Tries To Redefine Amnesty One Last TimeBy Steve SailerWas this the straw that finally broke the camel's back?On Tuesday, May 29, President George W. Bush declared that opponents of the Kennedy-Bush "comprehensive immigration reform" plan in the Senate "don't want to do what’s right for America," you unpatriotic curs…The... Read More
Jim Pinkerton writes in Newsday: 'Those who are looking to find fault with this bill will always be able to find something." That was George W. Bush at his press conference Thursday, defending his proposed immigration legislation. He didn't quite say to critics, "Bring 'em on" - but was close enough to get this critic... Read More
Remind Bush not to accept an invitation to go dove hunting with Cheney: Steve Clemons claims that President Bush is now listening more to sane people like Secretary of Defense Robert Gates about not starting a war with Iran, and the insane people in Dick Cheney's office aren't happy about it: The thinking on Cheney's... Read More
A reader writes: Rudy enrolled at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in 1957, an exclusive Catholic prep school. They accepted two kids from each parish.From "Rudy: An Investigative Biography of Rudolph Giuliani" by Wayne Barrett on page 34: "After seven semesters at Bishop Loughlin, Rudy's grade average of 84.8 earned him a ranking of 130,... Read More
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