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Affirmative action

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From KQED: The opening of the article is overstating many of the changes currently being considered, but that's indicative of which way the wind is blowing. When you abolish the use of admissions tests, as the University of California just did in order to let in more of The Diverse, you are immediately going to... Read More
As part of the Biden Administration's push to nominate black women because of their intersectional supremacy, Joe Biden is nominating Lisa D. Cook of Michigan State to the Federal Reserve board. I don't know anything about monetary policy, so I won't comment on whether she knows much about it. But I was struck that economics... Read More
From Prism: The National Lawyers Guild was formed in 1937 after Stalin called for a "Popular Front" of Communists and liberals to oppose Hitler. But with the signing of the Stalin-Hitler pact, the National Lawyers Guild instantly became anti-anti-Nazi, costing it most of its non-Communist members. Prominent human rights attorney Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan has... Read More
My best guess for why the SAT is falling out of favor, as exemplified by it getting Cancelled at the U. of California campuses, would be what you see in this 2019 graph by Unsilenced Science: Namely, Asians have been pulling away from everybody else on the SAT college admissions test, especially since David "Common... Read More
The three hard science Nobel Prizes -- Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine/Physiology -- have been impressively resistant to the demands of the cult of diversity. Women have made up only 20 of the 607 winners, and I don't believe there's ever been a black winner in the hard sciences. But all good things must come to... Read More
From the New York Times: - It's almost as if 45 to 50 years of affirmative action haven't succeeded in making blacks and Hispanics smarter ... Here's the 1996-2011 trends in SAT Math scores from Unsilenced Science: Not much is happening other than Asians are scoring higher. Similarly, here's Unsilenced Science's graph of trends on... Read More
From the NYT op-ed page: The Truth About New York City’s Elite High Schools By DAMON HEWITT MARCH 22, 2017 This month, a select group of eighth graders in New York City found out that they were being offered a spot at some of the nation’s best high schools, the eight “specialized” city public high... Read More
With the Supreme Court gearing up for oral arguments over affirmative action, I'm reminded for the umpty-umpth time that everybody loves to debate whether African-Americans deserve quotas. Personally, having been following these debates for 40 years, I know all the arguments on both sides and understand that both sides have their points.What's fascinating / snooze-inducing... Read More
Matthew Yglesias points out that the top 12 executives are all white men at Apple (which, in less than a decade and a half, has gone from down-and-out to the world's highest stock market valuation). He goes on to suggest how to begin fixing Apple's problem.Thank God I sold all my Apple stock in 1999 and used... Read More
You constantly hear that it's silly to worry your pretty head about the existence of race/ethnic quotas because, everybody knows, they will wither away of their own accord, kind of like the state after a Marxist revolution. The disappearance of quotas will happen either because there won't be any need for them anymore as our country... Read More
It's often argued that in the future, as white racism slowly loses influence, more people will be allowed to declare themselves white, just like, as everybody knows, the Irish weren't white back in the days of John L. Sullivan, but now they are.In reality, however, the trend appears to be in the opposite direction. For... Read More
From Charles C. Johnson in City Journal on what we know now about the mostly hushed-up scandal at one of the Claremont Colleges, where the Admissions department fabricated statistics submitted to USNW&R and other guidebooks to keep its Top Ten liberal arts college rating:It’s probably
Matthew Yglesias writes in Slate:Was somebody holding a gun to his head? Or, despite it's moral fraudulence, did it seem like the rationally self-interested thing to do, career-wise? If a media organization wants to put Matthew Yglesias in the Diverse box on their federal reports, it could be embarrassing if he admitted he didn't check... Read More
I've read a lot about the controversy over Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren having apparently been listed as a minority in university reports to the federal government on the grounds that she believes she is 1/32nd Cherokee. For example, here's an NYT op-ed "Elizabeth Warren's Birther Moment" by a law school professor who says he... Read More
Since, as we all know, Race Does Not Exist, that, at least in theory, ought to create problems for the government in allocating benefits and protections according to race. Yet, the system seems to roll onward without too much trouble at a good-enough-for government-work level.A question often asked is: What prevents Thurston Howell III from... Read More
In the NYT, author Thomas Chatterton Williams opines:… Maybe that’s why we live now in a culture in which many of us would prefer to break clean from what we perceive as the racist logic of previous eras — specifically the idea that the purity and value of whiteness can be tainted by even “one... Read More
From WCBS in New York:To the ranks of Tiger Mothers and Eagle Fathers, we can add the Dalmatian Dads of the Fire Department of New York, who encourage their sons and nephews to study hard the family trade of saving people from burning buildings.  My old articles are archived at
Via Roger Clegg and Discriminations, I see this interesting interview by the president of Columbia U., Lee Bollinger, who was the named defendant in the Grutter and Gratz affirmative action cases of 2003, of Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. As you'll recall, Sandra Day O'Connor's majority opinion seemed to put some sort of 25-year timeline... Read More
George Will has a column on some new research supporting the mismatch theory that racial quotas in education hurt their beneficiaries by putting them into overly elite schools:I used to think this was true, but I now have doubts. You know whose perspective I'd like to get on
In VDARE, I review the new book on Obama by a leading black expert on Obama's professional specialty (discrimination law), Randall Kennedy of Harvard Law School, The Persistence of the Color Line: Racial Politics and the Obama Presidency. As usual, I do a close reading of the footnotes, parenthetical clauses, and other obscure parts of... Read More
I'm sometimes told, "Look, everybody knows that what you say is right and they all operate on that knowledge. They just don't want to be impolite and mention it in public." And I think that's true to a large extent for personal decisions like where to buy a home and where to send the kids... Read More
From a help wanted ad:Our Modeling Analysts will dive head-first into our massive data to solve some of our most critical online and offline challenges. We will analyze millions of interactions a day, learning
From the LA Times:My old articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
On the Friday before the long weekend, a three federal judge panel released a 2-1 decision to override the landslide majority Ward Connerly won in his 2006 initiative in Michigan banning racial preferences.None of the handful of news reports that I saw mentioned that the lawsuit was brought by the group By Any Means Necessary.... Read More
Here's the abstract of a new law review article:In the interim since Griggs, social scientists have generated evidence undermining two key assumptions behind that decision and its progeny. First, the Court in Griggs noted the absence of evidence that the selection criteria in that case (a high school diploma and an aptitude test) were related... Read More
With the press in a tizzy over the epochal importance of gay marriage in New York state, the Chicago Tribune has an unwittingly timely article on a past whoop-tee-doo that has quietly fizzled:In the 1980s, the U.S. Justice Department urged the city, then led by Mayor Harold Washington, to hire
From the NYT:Moreover, the Obama-era hires graduated from law schools that had an aver
Here's an amusing NYT article about how Chinese-American firms that mold applications to fancy colleges for hefty fees are expanding into the Mainland China market, where they write essays and create Potemkin extracurricular activitiesThe company entered China at a time whe
A minor trend I've noticed is people fiddling around with their names in order to make themselves seem more eligible for diversity brownie points. For example, local talk radio host Raoul Lowery noticed that his Irish surname wasn't getting him anywhere, so he added, in the Mexican style, his Mexican mother's last name to make... Read More
Heather Mac Donald explains in NRO in The Set-Aside Boondoggle another detriment on the economy. Allow me to reiterate that the one comparative political advantage that Obama personally would possess in improving the economy is his ability as a black President to set in motion -- so should he choose -- the reform of the huge... Read More
In VDARE this week, I offer the President another policy suggestion that he won't hear from anybody else that would be politically feasible and good for himself, good for the Democrats, and good for the country. You're welcome, Mr. President.My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
Proposition 107, banning affirmative action in government operations, won easily in Arizona 60-40 (with 92% of precincts reporting), carrying every county in the state except the Four Corners Indian reservation county.My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
Heather Mac Donald writes in City Journal about the Vulcan Society disparate impact lawsuit and the Fire Department of New York.My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
From the New York Times, by Lisa W. Foderaro: What could be more surprising than to find out that giving out affirmative action preferences onl
Every so often, a nice moderate suggests getting rid of racial preferences and replacing them with class preferences. They usually make this suggestion in various states of naivete, but one of the most common is that they don't understand that the main body of preferences isn't college admissions but employment, and it's less done by... Read More
Kevin Drum responds on Mother Jones to Democratic Sen. Jim Webb's op-ed "Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege" questioning affirmative action:This is a common centrist misconception. It is widely assumed: There must be lots of black and Hispanic kids in the 'hood with 1300 out of 1600 SAT scores who are losing out to... Read More
From my column, which reviews the new book by the Israeli-American think tank known as the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute:As a long-time admirer of Israel, I’ve come to envy especially the freedom of discussion that Israeli culture permits on fundamental questions of demographics.Consider, for example, the new book 2030: Alternative Futures for the... Read More
Ben Espen blogs:
The French have always had an ideological aversion to affirmative action, but, in the long run, ideology doesn't much matter, so the French government is imposing quotas on its elite virtually free tuition public colleges. The funny thing is that it's all playing out along the same exact lines as it has in America. Principles... Read More
My new column at is about last week's Supreme Court decision in the Lewis v. Chicago case: yet another firefighter disparate impact discrimination lawsuit. It was a victory for Elena Kagan's office of Solicitor General. Nobody paid any attention to this case because they were all worked up over how Rand Paul's views would... Read More
How could disparate impact legislation lead to de facto quotas? Let's check out an NYT article on the gigantic gender discrimination lawsuit against Walmart. Note how frequent (and how uncontroversial) are the article's references to Walmart not being quite aggressive enough in imposing quotas on itself to avoid a huge payout:Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer,... Read More
Ann Coulter's new column points out something that has been lost in all the tributes by the media to the retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. A long time ago, in the government contracting quota case Fullilove, he noted that quotas are essentially reparations, and asked why then are we giving reparations to voluntary... Read More
One of the more interesting anecdotes in David Remnick's interminable new biography of Barack Obama's "story of race and inheritance," The Bridge, comes from Obama’s class at the University of Chicago Law School on “Race, Racism, and the Law:”Of course, the exact same questions also apply to affirmative action—which Obama finds wonderfully “workable.”Obama’s student recalled:My... Read More
From the AP:The Supreme Court on Monday seemed willing to let a group of African Americans sue Chicago for discrimination over a hiring test that weeded out black applicants to become firefighters. It is the second time in as many years that the high court has tackled discrimination in testing within the firefighting ranks. In... Read More
And here's the New York Times illustrating the First Corollary to Auster's First Law of Majority-Minority Relations in a Liberal Society:In the case of today's "intentional discrimination" ruling against the Mayor of New York in Albert Gonzalez's discrimination lawsuit against the Fire Department of New York, we could perhaps offer a Second Corollary:From the New... Read More
From the Chicago Sun-Times (thanks to the readers who sent this in):Police may scrap entrance exam'OPEN UP THE PROCESS' | Union chief: It's 'too stupid to be true'BY FRAN SPIELMAN AND FRANK MAIN, Staff ReportersThe Chicago Police Department is seriously considering scrapping the police entrance exam to bolster minority hiring, save millions on test preparation... Read More
Here's an excerpt from a long article in the Washington Post:Despite pact, few blacks at Coast Guard schoolEight years after the U.S. Coast Guard and the NAACP signed a voluntary agreement to work together to boost the number of African-Americans at its 1,000-cadet service academy, the annual enrollment and graduation figures for blacks remain in... Read More
Bruce Fleming, a civilian English professor at Annapolis, has been pointing out how the Navy is corrupting itself in pursuit of Diversity:He has a new post up (in hard to read typeface). I liked this comment on Thomas Rick's blog on Foreign Policy from Geschichtlich: As a fellow USNA professor, I must concur entirely with... Read More
The New York Times reports on something I pointed out in on April 13, 2008 based on reading the civil rights pages on "More quotas, ahoy!"White House to Shift Efforts on Civil RightsBy CHARLIE SAVAGEThe Obama administration is planning to revive high-impact enforcement of civil rights against policies where statistics show that minorities... Read More
La Griffe du Lion's great term for the one standard deviation gap between whites and blacks in just about any measurement that's related in some way to cognition -- the Fundamental Constant of Sociology -- is actually rather mysterious.Sure, it's easy to understand why we see it in nationally representative samples, but why do we... Read More
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Steve Sailer is a journalist, movie critic for Taki's Magazine, columnist, and founder of the Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals.

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