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"The Steve Sailer Story"
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I’m finally up to 50,000 followers on Twitter. That took forever …

Julie Salomon’s celebrated book The Angel’s Dog Food attributes The Steve Sailer Story’s failure at the box office to various high-level poor decisions, such as:

  • The tonal incongruities resulting from Paul Schrader’s somber screenplay being subjected to a last minute uncredited punching up by the script doctor team of Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker.
  • The casting as the socially maladroit engineer Ernie Sailer of, in his final screen performance, the imperious John Huston.
  • My mother’s insistence that she be played by Nancy Reagan (which worked out better than I had expected).
  • And Sir David Lean’s adamant refusal to cut its epic 236 minute running length.

But I’ve since concluded that the fundamental problem was always going to be that the movie’s climax — my winning the 1984 L.A. Olympic gold medal in the Plunge for Distance — would turn out to be less cinematically galvanizing than the studio had assumed it would be.

Promotional still

When I mentioned my concern to Lew Wasserman in 1985 that 103 seconds of me floating face down might not thrill audiences enough to pay off the \$110 million budget, he replied, “They made jogging cool in Chariots of Fire, didn’t they? We’ll just have Harold Faltermeyer play synthesizers over you floating. People love synths.”

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  1. Chad Sailer is my new favorite meme I think. Works on so many levels.

  2. I thought the sex scenes were way over the top. The dead hooker,ok,but the donkey?

  3. @Bardon Kaldlan

    It was the 80s, you know? Movies were different back then.

  4. Race riot erupts in the UK.

    Enoch Powell vindicated.

  5. JimDandy says:

    I think it still stands up. I could do without the Tangerine Dream soundtrack, though.

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  6. @Steve Sailer

    The 2022 reboot will cast a black guy in the lead role.

    • Agree: Charon
    • Thanks: JimDandy
    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
    , @SunBakedSuburb
  7. Dream says:

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  8. @Steve Sailer

    I thought the sex scenes were way over the top. The dead hooker,ok,but the donkey?

    At least the “action” scenes of young Steve typing pro-Reagan letters to the editor on his 1984 Macintosh were very realistic, though. You really felt like you were there. (We dodged a bullet with that Mondale character, btw).

  9. Dream says:

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  10. Nodwink says:

    Please tell me what the UK Conservative Party have done to stop this? I’m genuinely interested in why any Tories reading this keep voting for them.

    • Replies: @clifford brown
  11. I have said this before,Salty Salute by Guided By Voices would make for a quality Sailer theme song.

    • Replies: @duncsbaby
    , @Steve Sailer
  12. bomag says:

    Didn’t see this coming (sarc).

  13. Alden says:

    I’m sure The Guardian and The Independent will find some way to blame the Hindu vs Muslim riots on working class Whites.

  14. @Nodwink

    They hate the White People of Britain. That is the purpose of the British government (including The Queen)) to eliminate you. Any transitory back and forth by your replacements is really not a big deal, my love. Racial conflict and strife is the goal.

    Simple as.

  15. Polistra says:
    @Matthew Kelly

    I’m finally up to 50,000 followers on Twitter. That took forever …

    Get into more fights with more famous people. I realize that you’re trying. Bonus points if Infectious Dasein thinks you’re losing.

    • Agree: Charon
  16. duncsbaby says:
    @clifford brown

    They were/are Jay Carney’s favorite band. I used to be an acolyte but lately I just can’t keep up w/2-3 album releases a year that Bob Pollard insists on pumping out. The quality of product keeps getting lesser and is starting to make me doubt my absolute enthusiasm for the band at one time. Still they are the band I’ve seen most in concert, four times, which is lot for someone disinclined to make too many forays into midwest metropolises.

  17. @JohnnyWalker123

    Enoch Powell vindicated.

    A fitting epitaph for our miserable century.

  18. anonymous[660] • Disclaimer says:

    The Muslim side supports Palestinian oppressed by Jewish racism and are the only ones willing to call out Jewish influence in society.

    • LOL: IHTG
    • Replies: @Dream
    , @Alden
  19. Mike Tre says:

    So it’s kind of like Forrest Gump, except the cute but troubled neighbor girl yells “Notice Sailer, Notice!” when Steve is being chased home by blacks from school.

  20. The movie itself mostly holds up, but the long opening credits with the aerial shots of Orange County are pretty dated. Worse, the heavy synthesizer based sound track is just embarassing or “cringe” as the young people would say.

  21. Dream says:

    Pretty easy to do that when you hate non-Muslims.

  22. JackOH says:

    That Summers quote. It’s way too early in the morning for me to be utterly gobsmacked and flabbergasted, but I’m utterly gobsmacked and flabbergasted. Does this guy get his head out of his ass at all?

    Reminds me of that famous 1959 TV interview with Adolf Hitler in which the onetime Fuehrer laments, “There is some social phenomenon that explains the hostility we National Socialists encountered when trying to work with Europe in creating a New Order. It should be a major task of social science to understand it.”

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  23. It was a cult classic for a while. I remember an independent theater that showed it at midnight. Fans wore golf clothes.

    The dance number in the closet is one of the best scenes. Susan Sarandon was good as Mrs. Sailer, but the actress has never liked talking about it.

    • Thanks: YetAnotherAnon
    • LOL: Inquiring Mind
  24. The shootout scene at the golf course was very well choreographed. I found it puzzling that Ta-Nehisi Coates, played by Chris Tucker, only managed to lightly injure 2 diners at the 18th hole clubhouse.

    • Replies: @Muggles
  25. @JohnnyWalker123

    Nah, Professor Summers is un-woke as un-woke can be — his encounter with Professor Cornell West, his James Damore-esque critique of women in academia, his criticism of President Biden’s appetite for topping President Trump’s spending.

    I see these remarks as a clumsily transparent attempt to maintain his “cover” as a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party.

    • Replies: @CCG
    , @clifford brown
  26. njguy73 says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Was Judge Reinhold unavailable?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  27. @Bardon Kaldlan

    Donkey pox.

    Makes sense since only Democrats give it and get it. Can you think of any other diseases that are Democrat-only?

  28. @njguy73

    Few realize that Cameron Crowe based Judge Reinhold’s character Brad Hamilton in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” on my time as a Van Nuys Burger King fry cook.

  29. @clifford brown

    I have no idea what Guided By Voices is shouting, but their melody is great and all their fans look like me, so I approve.

  30. Thirdtwin says:

    You’ll be black in the reboot.

  31. JackOH says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw the opening titles of TSSS on some obscure channel back when I had cable. (No, I don’t miss it.) Tipsy on Sobieski and St. Pauli, I didn’t check the channel listing, and the titles didn’t grab me. I momentarily thought I was in for a sappy up-from-adversity story, Hollywood style.

    Judging from what others have said here, I didn’t miss much.

    Good thing you said good-by to Hollywood and found that lucrative and influential blogging career.

  32. Hodag says:

    They actually had an Olympics or two that had barrel jumping as an event. It was one of my favorites on Wide World of Sports.

  33. Coemgen says:

    Has a de facto martial law already begun or are you preparing us for what isteve content will look like under de jure martial law?

  34. @JohnnyWalker123

    Actually, Lawerence Summers is probably trying to goad others in his circles into finally understanding what’s going on. I’m sure he gets it given his politically incorrect past.

    • Replies: @Cato
  35. Mr. Anon says:

    That long single-take tracking shot of Steve taking his fiance to Denny’s all to the tune of The Crystals “Then He Kissed Me” was a breath-taking piece of cinema.

  36. Mr. Anon says:

    The 2022 reboot will cast a black guy in the lead role.

    The Chick-reboot will be even worse.

  37. Dmon says:

    Part 2 of the trilogy will focus on the early life of the patriarch.
    Here is a leaked teaser scene of young Ernest arriving at Ellis Island with Grandpa and Grandma Sailor, just before an overburdened immigration officer inadvertently changed the spelling of the family name. You can see where Steve gets the strong jaw, the thoughtful gaze and the penetrating logic from.

  38. At a minimum, 25,000 of those 50,000 Twatter followers are FBI agents looking to bag a white whale.

  39. I’m finally up to 50,000 followers on Twitter. That took forever …

    I’ve been purged from your follower group a few times. I guess Twitter is making sure you don’t get your word out.

  40. Lurker says:
    @Bardon Kaldlan

    Only the one donkey?

    I must have seen the extra footage.

  41. Anonymous[322] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bardon Kaldlan

    Why are you impersonating Bardon Kaldian? Your comments are consistently lower quality. I’m sure I’m not alone in finding it annoying to have to look twice to confirm who’s writing.

  42. You were probably iver 50k a long time ago … Twitter throttles subscriber counts for the unwashed right.

    • Agree: Dnought
    • Replies: @Dnought
  43. Anon[422] • Disclaimer says:

    Whites in the UK have no reason to stop Muslim violence against other minorities, if it cuts down on the immigration of those other minorities to the UK. If Hindus and Jews flee the UK because of Muslim terrorism, white UK benefits. Then the whites go after and destroy the Muslims.

    • LOL: AndrewR
  44. Back in the day they used to call me Lil’ Stevie The Stud Muffin.

  45. Kylie says:

    I know some critics thought shooting the entire film inside your closet gave it that cinéma vérité feel (already passé by 1986) but I thought that just made it look low budget. And what was with all the polo shirts?

    • LOL: kaganovitch
    • Replies: @ytcarl
  46. @Dream

    I refuse to believe that “Mohammed Hijab” is a real name.

    (incidentally I posted about these clashes on September 18th, but I guess pictures are worth more than words. They’ve since spread to Smethwick on the Black Country/Birmingham border)

    • Replies: @Rob McX
  47. Although technically not biopics I thought Bogdanovich’s “Citizen Sailer” (a homage to his two idols) and Truffaut’s “The 400 Noticings” we’re much better films but once again, box office poison.

    • LOL: Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @Kylie
    , @Muggles
  48. @Steve Sailer

    You pretty much figured it out. They also do quality Who covers.

  49. “The Steve Sailer Story”

    File under you had to be there / cool story, bro, but Twitter user nefastis(at)nefastiis recently (early August) made an amazing edit of early-mid ‘80s Faustian sci-fi (Tron, Altered States, etc.) and Michael Mann-ish (lol) shots (American Gigolo, Against All Odds, Miami Vice TV series) from movies and videos, ending with alien sci-fi discovery and rapture (2010, Lifeforce).

    Early ’80s Jeff Bridges featured heavily in the edit—not a bad avatar for Steve. The song below was the soundtrack, and it must’ve been hit with an audio copyright strike because now the tweet is gone.

    I SWEAR I composed this list verbatim in late August, and was gonna post it with the (deleted) nefastis tweet video when a suitable topic came up. Anyway, here’s my belated post sans the NEFASTIS edit, but with the soundtrack song:









    Steve Sailer at UCLA, 1981:

  50. @JimDandy

    “the Tangerine Dream soundtrack”

    Empty dark wet streets reflecting headlights. Michael Mann’s 80s films — Thief, The Keep, Manhunter. Great stuff. However, “The Steve Sailer Story,” besides needing a title change, will also require a complete script rewrite because it reads like Walter Mitty. Although Paul Schrader’s conceit of starting the script in present day, specifically that night in April when Steve (name change: ixnay the SS, for obvious reasons, but keep the alliterative, either two Bs or Zs) opened his car door to the Shimmery, will remain. That was Steve’s Fall, after all. But Schrader being Schrader he depicts Steve’s spiritual catastrophe as a series of sexual degradations throughout the first act. That’s not Steve. And since Steve has been cast to play himself, post Shimmery, I have to say no one wants to see Steve sweaty and naked, and in some scenes, smeared in blood. Again, Steve’s Shimmery severing from the Angels is a soul spiral. We need to see Steve wandering his empty house, avoiding the streaming sun from the windows, glimpsing fleeting figures in mirrors, all under the black eyes of the Shimmery, before we cut to the 1980s. For that transition, I suggest a DISSOLVE from Steve’s lost, empty-eyed, emaciated face to Steve’s 80s face, young and enthusiastic, whilst he lounges naked in his dorm room listening to Devo.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  51. “And Sir David Lean’s adamant refusal to cut its epic 236 minute running length.”

    Big belly laugh!

  52. @Bardon Kaldlan

    How many different spellings do you use?

  53. CCG says:
    @Inquiring Mind

    His public remarks might be about preventing retribution against (((his tribe))).

  54. @Hypnotoad666

    Will the 2023 reboot of The Anne Frank Story feature one of the many teen Shaniquas noisily occupying casting offices in the title role?

  55. Rob McX says:

    Let it roll. I hope it turns into a nationwide riot. This is what diversity means – importing quarrels that should rightfully be fought thousands of miles away in Kashmir and Gujarat.

  56. @Inquiring Mind

    Summers may be technically “unwoke”, but he ain’t stupid. He knows the con. Summers understands the subversion and destruction of societies. Summers is an expert at it in fact. He just doesn’t like resistance to his schemes.

  57. Alden says:

    British Muslims don’t say a word about Jewish impression of Palestinians. They know which words may never be spoken in the UK. Supposedly PM Liz Truss is thinking of moving the British Embassy to Jerusalem.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  58. @JohnnyWalker123

    This is all over a cricket match, correct? Say what you will about Northern Ireland sectarianism, but at least it had an ethos.

  59. @JohnnyWalker123

    Not to worry, Larry, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

  60. Future conversation with wife:

    W: So there is some Steve Sailer movie? Did you want to see that? Didn’t you say he is one of the few boomers that you wouldn’t leave on the shores of Haiti?
    M: Oh right. Yea he has some interesting articles. Shame he is blacklisted by the mainstream. I think they mistake him as a White nationalist when he really just wants society to face race and stop promoting policies that ignore human biology.
    W: Well it’s playing this Friday at the mall theater. Did you want to go?
    M: What else is playing? Any action movies?

  61. The tonal incongruities resulting from Paul Schrader’s somber screenplay being subjected to a last minute uncredited punching up by the script doctor team of Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker.

    I say:

    Schrader brings up Hawke and Hawke brings up The Northman by New Hampshire director Eggers. Good movie and Dafoe is another Schrader guy.

    Schrader’s film commentary is a laugh riot and very informative for his movies. Schrader sounds like Black guy baseball player and announcer Bill White and Phil Rizzuto used to sound decades ago complaining and grousing about how much baseball players were making then as compared to how much White and Rizzuto got when they were playing.

    Schrader’s movies are made on the cheap but he gets great actors and he uses computer images to get a bit more visual bang for the buck.

  62. Kylie says:
    @Jack Armstrong

    “Although technically not biopics I thought Bogdanovich’s “Citizen Sailer” (a homage to his two idols) and Truffaut’s “The 400 Noticings” we’re much better films but once again, box office poison.”

    In “Citizen Sailer”, I thought the scene of Steve on his deathbed whispering “Lambo” was very touching. But apparently the scene in which he and his wife are in their mansion and he tells her, “We’re going on a picnic” and she says, “That’s just because you’re too cheap to buy me a dishwasher” turned audiences against him.

    And you have to admit “The 400 Noticings” did not live up to its hype. Steve, wearing a beret while sitting on a stool reading them off a teleprompter was pretty dull, especially with Truffaut’s excessive use of the freeze frame. (I myself quit watching at No. 79.). Errol Morris with his Interrotron would have been a much better choice for director.

  63. @Kylie

    I like the scene where Steve’s wife is trying to figure out why chopping vegetables feels weird and gets out the measuring tape and realizes he’s moved them into a house with 38″ countertops.

    • LOL: Kylie
    • Replies: @HammerJack
  64. Val Kilmer has something in common with Steve Sailer. He was born in that fortunate period of 33 months the native boys of which never had to register for Selective Service. They are the only American men born after some time in the 1870s to have been relieved of that duty.

    Kilmer was born on the very last day of that period, 31 December 1957. Born on the first day, 29 March 1957, was Christopher Lambert who, although French, natalized in Great Neck, N.Y., making him a US citizen from birth, and subject to our draft laws. (Authoress Elizabeth Hand was born the same day a few miles across the Sound in Pound Ridge.)

    Unlucky voice actor Paul Eiding was born a day before Lambert, and ice dancer Michael Seibert (not to be confused with several sex offenders with that name) a day after Kilmer.

    Val’s great-great-grandfather James Kilmer is claimed to have been killed in the Cherokee Wars in Georgia. Val says his paternal grandmother was Cherokee herself, so the tribes evidently kissed and made up, and made Val.

  65. @Kylie

    Here’s an excerpt from the Steve Sailer action movie (still!) in development hell: (#38)

    Steve Sailer
    Personally, I have more objects cluttering up my house than I want.

    Upcoming blogpost about the intersectionality of broken garage doors and too much crap?

    In an early draft (#77) of RECON QUESTER: How Sweet Was My Valley Steve kills two birds with one stone in dramatic fashion:

    Modest house in a tidy LA suburb. Quiet weekday afternoon. Behind a decrepit wooden garage door, ominous engine REVVING.

    Dim light. A large hand shotguns a thumb-punctured can of Natty Light. Suds dribble down the neck of the unrevealed brute.

    Can flies out driver’s window, bounces off pile of empties and garage junk. Faded note on old golf bag: “Steve, get rid of this stuff PLEASE.”

    Dangling from the rearview, a white rabbit’s foot with pendant that reads “FRED”. The driver’s hand strokes the bizarre talisman.

    “Mr. Rabbit says … A moment of realization is worth a thousand prayers.”

    REVVING intensifies. A huge ROAR, rubber SQUEALS…. then flying SPLINTERS as the garage door shatters! A heavily modded, dark-tinted older Infiniti sedan BURSTS onto the driveway and peels into the quiet street.

    Across the back window, a huge decal in Old English font: “Callaway”.

    Behind the car, BOOOM—the garage and its cache of junk blows sky high, raining debris on the neighborhood: TWO George Foreman grills, a Billy Bass, a Slap Chop (still in box). A spinning Garden Weasel nearly punctures a startled Labrador.

  66. Does the Plunge For Distance involve the Triple Lindy?

  67. Muggles says:

    The shootout scene at the golf course was very well choreographed. I found it puzzling that Ta-Nehisi Coates, played by Chris Tucker, only managed to lightly injure 2 diners at the 18th hole clubhouse.

    Sailer’s Law on film.

    Should have been more “bullets ringing out” though. I guess the sideways Glock shooting style wasn’t a “thing” back then. Pity.

  68. Muggles says:
    @Jack Armstrong

    but once again, box office poison.

    But becoming very trendy again in late night college screenings on campus.

    I’ve heard that with enough Ecstasy/Molly and Ripple, they are considered modern but underappreciated masterpieces.

  69. Anonymous[326] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bardon Kaldlan

    Screenwriters always take license with the source material. There was no real donkey in the original. It was a donkey punch, not a real donkey, that accidentally killed the hooker.

  70. @Matthew Kelly

    “… me floating, … “ “…you floating…”. To hell with pronouns, doesn’t anybody understand gerunds anymore?

  71. Anonymous[250] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m finally up to 50,000 followers on Twitter. That took forever …

    Let’s come up with a strategy to get you more. Any ideas here? I have one or two myself.

  72. Anonymous[250] • Disclaimer says:

    These are fun, but the best Sailer meme is still the Batman-golf course projection.

  73. “SS” – A new documentary by Ken Burns

    The camera slowly pans and zooms into a graph of comparing future African population growth to the rest of the world.

    Narrator: “Steve was always a noticer. He noticed the things others didn’t. And others soon took notice of his noticing.”

  74. Rob McX says:

    Most British people watching this probably think it doesn’t concern them too much. Now ask yourself this question: How could the Muslims be any less hostile to the secular/Christian majority of indigenous Brits than they are to Hindus? The native white population is at least as alien to the Muslims as are the Hindus. The only thing stopping the militant Muslims from chasing down white British people is that they are outnumbered by them.

  75. @Alden

    Supposedly PM Liz Truss is thinking of moving the British Embassy to Jerusalem.

    The one Gingrich/Trump move that the opposition is silent about. Can they keep Rashida and Ilhan clammed up forever?

    (Oops… are clams halal? I don’t think they’re kosher.)

  76. @JohnnyWalker123

    What does Leicester’s most lauded lad have to say about this?

    Mr Dorsey is decamping from increasingly seedy Los Angeles– and Jayne Mansfield’s old house– for the more placid environs of the Hills:

    Inside singer Engelbert Humperdinck’s \$6.2M LA home

    He was born in Madras, and spent his first ten years there. Perhaps that explains his permanent tan, though some claim his mother was part-Indian. She was appropriately named Olive.

    Wonder if Arnold Dorsey is taking sides…

  77. @Dream

    Mohammed Hijab, the radical Islamist who issued public hate speech against Hindus has organised multiple antisemitic attacks in the past.

    At least no one need wonder any longer who the bad guy is in this fight.

  78. @JohnnyWalker123

    They must be aiming to make this fictional Indian film a reality in post-QE2 UK!

  79. @Steve Sailer

    Excuse me. Burger King, iSteve? Fry cook?

    I thought what differentiated Burger King from places that fry their burgers is that conveyor thingy that carries the patties over an open gas flame? Flame-broiled, as it were?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  80. @Steve Sailer

    Is this or is this not Steve Sailer and his buds?

    • LOL: John Johnson
    • Replies: @Rob McX
    , @Curle
  81. @Inquiring Mind

    Right. I didn’t work on Burger King’s strong suit, their burgers, but on their weaker stuff like French Fries, Whalers, and Apple Pies. I manned the deep fryer. It wasn’t good for my teenage complexion.

  82. Anon[294] • Disclaimer says:

    Google informs me that there are quite a few guys out there whose birth certificate name is “Chad Sailer.”

  83. ytcarl says:

    We’re lucky Steve held tight to his original aesthetic vision. The original producers were worried about the urban youth market, and wanted the film to have a more gritty/rapping/break-dancing/“Steve Drops some Wisdom in the Hood” kinda feel. But Steve held firm, was able to get other backing, and we have the wonderful little film we have today.
    Unfortunately, 1985 was also the year “Return to the Future“ came out, changing the movie landscape. Audiences wanted action and adventure, humor and romance, and “Return to the Future” provided it: it would eventually gross \$380 million worldwide. Studios raced to produce the next new blockbuster, and Steve’s film did not get the attention or promotion it deserved. It was effectively the end of the “one man, staring soulfully into the CRT” genre.

    • LOL: Kylie
  84. Rob McX says:
    @Ghost of Bull Moose

    The guy in the middle looks a bit like Steve Sailer. I think they’re watching a shootout at the fast food joint, and Steve is calmly counting the bodies and formulating Sailer’s Law of Mass Shootings.

  85. Dnought says:
    @The Alarmist

    Peter Hitchens has likewise noted and commented on that phenomenon.

  86. JimDandy says:

    I have to say no one wants to see Steve sweaty and naked, and in some scenes, smeared in blood

    You never know, around here. Otherwise, spot-on breakdown. Thanks.

    • LOL: Thrallman
  87. @JackOH

    Reminds me of that famous 1959 TV interview with Adolf Hitler

    The events that so flummoxed Dolphie in that interview finished in 1945.

    If the Summers quote had been made 14 years after the events he found so mysterious, it might sound less tin-eared.

    We’re still about a year away from the point when the majority of the COVID Chorus claims to have been anti-lockdown/masks/jabs from the get-go – and there will be “dead enders” doing COVID-related Baghdad Bob impersonations for a couple of years after that.

    So it would be like Dolfie being flummoxed just before the Siege of Stalingrad.

    When someone from the WEF-adjacent “COVID Chorus starts trying to pretend that they’ve never advocated for the infringements on liberties, The Bad Cat refers to it as “changing jerseys” – but we all have the receipts and they’re not going to get away with it on the Night of the Machete.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  88. @The Anti-Gnostic

    Actually did that once, and I can share the intelligence that an extra two inches made no appreciable difference. Wow I have just set myself up for a slew of off-color jokes.

    • Replies: @Ralph L
  89. I’m finally up to 50,000 followers on Twitter. That took forever …

    Worse, it could all disappear in a moment. Even a billionaire like Trump was helpless when Twitter permanently banned him after he helped to make them millions of dollars.

    Whether your account is ten minutes old or ten years old, a couple of mouse clicks by an underpaid cube farm inmate and poof, it’s all gone. Why people (not just Mr. Sailer) spend so much time building up followers on a social media site that can cancel their account for any reason at any time is baffling to me.

    Am I missing something? Is it worth the gamble after all and I am simply not viewing the payoff in a proper light?

    To my mind, spending time and energy on Twitter is tantamount to moving in with an SJW, then wondering why you suddenly find yourself out on the street. I have yet to come across a more unstable business model for anyone to invest time and money in than social media.

    (On the plus side, anyone who studied under René Girard did not waste their time.)

  90. @Steve Sailer

    Guided By Voices front man Bob Pollard also pitched a no-hitter when he was in college:

    PS – I’m going to see The Beatles of the 1990s, Stockton-based Pavement, next week in Brooklyn. The last time I saw them play was their last tour in 2010, when I saw them in the Greek Theater in Berkeley. I also saw them play in the 1990s. Great band, they take after the Velvet Underground. Lou Reed was in the same ROTC class as my dad at Syracuse in the early 1960s.

  91. Curle says:
    @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Amazing how even formerly sketchy surfer dudes in the pre-tattoo age look respectable by today’s standards.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
  92. Hey Steve,
    Genius…Pure Genius!

    All caps would be too much but I haven’t laughed this much in weeks,


  93. Ralph L says:

    I went to 39″ for the sink counter and 40″ for the island, but left the cooktop area at 36″ so I could see into tall pots on the back burners. I’m 6’2″ and my back (not side) likes the extra inches very much, especially the raised dishwasher. The bath vanities are 36″ instead of the standard 33″. You should have been a size queen and gone for another inch.

  94. quewin says:

    I especially liked the scene after Steve won that golf match where a less-than-reputable associate (Rodney Dangerfield) yelled out:

    “Hey, everybody, we’re all gonna get laid!”

  95. JackOH says:

    Experts are still poring over the radio and TV transcripts from Dolphie’s whirlwind 1959 world tour following his unexpected parole from Spandau in 1957. He generously praised his whip-smart legal team from Kohlberg, Kravitz, and Kunkel for making his early release from Spandau a reality. That vintage Ju-52 he traveled on, the cabin of which was outfitted as an American-style cocktail bar with mineral waters of all sorts subbing for gin and brandy, was a very special touch.

    My point, I guess, is that a public intellectual, such as Summers, who writes what Summers wrote, is playing a game of exculpation via over-intellectualization.

    You’d have to be a goddamned fool to not grasp the gross lineaments of why we in the West and Western-type countries are distressed. We’re being bloody damned fucked.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  96. MEH 0910 says:


  97. I dunno, I kind of prefer the 1970s Eurotrash original, “The Erotic Crimes of Steve Sailer.”

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  98. @The Germ Theory of Disease

    What we don’t want to see is a Bill O’Reilly Killing Sailer.

  99. Jack D says:

    There are only maybe 3 airworthy Ju-3’s left today, even though thousands were built. And I think one of them has been re-engined with P&W motors.

    OTOH, there are literally hundreds of DC3s/C47s that still fly every day all over the world, not as museum pieces but in ordinary commercial service. Although a lot of them have been re-engined as turbo-props.

    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
  100. @JohnnyWalker123

    The termite looks at the house that just collapsed and wonders what went wrong.

    • Agree: JackOH
    • LOL: Rob McX
    • Replies: @JackOH
  101. @Jack D

    OTOH, there are literally hundreds of DC3s/C47s that still fly every day all over the world, not as museum pieces but in ordinary commercial service. Although a lot of them have been re-engined as turbo-props.

    I can recall a Basler turbo-DC-3 being shown by the factory at EAA decades ago; pretty sure it sported camo for use down in South America.

  102. JackOH says:
    @Colin Wright

    Summers’s line looks like the White oligarch’s version of “I dindu nuffin”.

    Like, wow, man, there are a whole lot of angry, disaffected, drugged-up, busted-up, unemployed and underemployed White folks out there.

    Let’s “study” that. How’d that happen? Golly.

    Total, disingenuous bollocks.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  103. @JackOH

    ‘Like, wow, man, there are a whole lot of angry, disaffected, drugged-up, busted-up, unemployed and underemployed White folks out there.’

    At least they’re all gentiles.

  104. Cato says:
    @Loyalty Over IQ Worship

    Summers is incredibly intelligent, and probably does know what is going on. But people at his level tend to interact only with other very high-ability people, of all nationalities and races, which gives them a skewed view of the world.

    • Thanks: JackOH
  105. I liked the scenes of Steve pulling his sunglasses down to ogle girls on the beach while the “Oh Yeahhh” music from Ferris Bueler played in the background. Very 80s, and very Steve. Though I think the HBD-heavy pickup lines fared better than in real life.

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