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By Charles Norman in Taki’s Magazine:

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  1. Anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:

    I know you like it Steve, but I just don’t think the Babylon Bee is funny.

    • LOL: Desiderius
    • Troll: ScarletNumber, TWS
  2. Frank G says:

    Great column, and long overdue. Douthat is sure to steal this one.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  3. Anonymous[117] • Disclaimer says:

    Methinks some of the best writers of “right-wing satire” are metroliberal media staffers — comically unwitting or not:

  4. The war between CNN and the Babylon Bee is so awesome. If it didn’t exist we’d have to create it.

    The following, however, is not satire! How can we cancel an entire country now wokesters?

    TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s deputy prime minister described the country as the only one in the world with a single race, language and 2,000-year-old monarchy, sparking criticism that he was ignoring an indigenous ethnic group and Japanese racial diversity.

    “No other country but this one has lasted for as long as 2,000 years with one language, one ethnic group and one dynasty,” Aso said in a speech Monday.

    How dare these people have their own country, how dare they not be ashamed of it, and how dare it be so civilized??

  5. J.Ross says:

    George Zimmerman has been attacked by someone calling himself Lil Boosie, who is now arrested. No good sauce yet, the information is on videos and at two hip hop news sites I will not link, one of which honestly managed to misspell the name of the former president’s drug-dealing son.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  6. Dan Hayes says:
    @Frank G

    The Babylon Bee is a lot of Evangelical inside-the-park dry humor. I enjoy it.

  7. Once upon a time the Right was a bunch of Christian morality scolds, square businessmen, and militarist anti-communists. The Left were hippies and counterculture types.

    But now, the Left has taken over as Maker and Enforcer of the Official Rules that You Must Follow. They are like Dean Wormer trying to put the Right on double-secret probation. The Right get to be the members of Delta House: breaking the phoney rules, flouting authority, and having all the fun.

    The Left are tragically unfunny because they are so earnest and take themselves and their dogma so seriously. Also, Wokesters are only allowed to have one approved thought on any given subject which makes them very boring and predictable.

  8. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mr McKenna

    Not for long. Japan is finished.

    • Agree: neutral
    • Disagree: Hail, Charon
    • Replies: @Ash Williams
  9. I saw an over-hour-long video interview of Mike Judge. I really like that guy. I like his politics and his humor kind of hits home. Now, I’m gonna have that Butthead laugh in my head for an hour or two. I know, to shake it off, there’s nothing like the original Great Cornholio:

    C’mon, the left has nothing on us!

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @SunBakedSuburb
  10. Most of the best right wing meme makers are folks who, in previous eras, would be working at big advertising firms or in entertainment as script writers and show runners or in journalism as newshounds.

    But these days, merely for being straight white unwoke males, they are not the most attractive hires, and if their work even hints at anti-woke thought, they will be banished. e.g. Crowd-pleasing and artistic director Mel Gibson made a sure-fire hit Jesus movie, but because it didn’t depict J ews in the absolute most positive light, it couldn’t be distributed; it was only through church distribution and Mel’s own reputation that it got out, to make him a mint.

    So they’ve been blacklisted due to politics and appearance.

    So these rightists, bitter and with time on their hands, do what a lot of bitter bored men have done in history: got very into politics.

    This slow take over of the megaphone has been going on for decades by the Left, but has hurt them (finally) in three ways.

    First, their absolute best political meme makers are all occupied outside politics in entertainment/advertising/journalism (since they now only hire leftists), so in politics the Right has their best and the Left has the rest.

    Second, the diversity hires and who-do-know hires in those industries and in politics are all, predictably, bad at their jobs. But because Leftism has that stupid anti-white quota system, at least half of their top creative types and management are the subpar leftist hires (e.g. Kathleen Kennedy). And these subpar Leftist folks think the way to go with messages the after-school special, Soviet-style didactic way of lecturing in pop culture movies/TV/songs. They don’t get that those things are the jokes, and the Right is the MST3K guys mercilessly ripping them apart (n.b.: a few of the actual MST3K guys are hardcore religious Christians, which I found surprising).

    Third, the Left’s award shows are apparently run by the same subpar, after-school-special “message” folk, so they reward similar subpar “message” entertainment. So it reinforces to all Leftists in those industries that mediocrity and didactic messaging is what to create. Imagine if John Ford had been shut out of the Oscars unless his movies made all white men bad and all Native Americans pure innocents—-but that’s what happening in Hollywood. Ford either would have given up Hollywood or had his talents dulled into insipid soup to score a win. That’s what’s happening now to all the Leftists with talent in Hollywood.

    As of today, the Right rewards greatness in creativity to their own, while the Left attacks creativity in Leftists and tries to stifle it and make it a woke lecture. Things can always change (in the 1950s it was the opposite).

  11. @Mr McKenna

    How dare these people have their own country, how dare they not be ashamed of it, and how dare it be so civilized??

    Not only that, for some reason it’s SJWs favorite foreign nation!

    • Replies: @SFG
    , @George Strong
  12. vhrm says:

    OK, but so far it seems like a minor win
    among much much larger loses like censoring and deplatforming by all major social media platforms and even payment methods and banks.

    Wokeness is sweeping American media and discourse…

  13. “iGen” is more authoritarian than previous generations with regards to more than “woke” subjects. A study by Heterodox Academy shows that tolerance for Communists is at Silent Generation levels
    and the only forms of increased tolerance for speech include homosexuals and militarists!

    In some ways this isn’t surprising. Both iGen and the Silent Generation grew up in periods of falling crime and hence (according to Akinokure’s blog), greater cocooning and coddling.

    • Replies: @Kronos
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  14. Anonymous[190] • Disclaimer says:

    The Left was always humorless. Left’s job is not humor but justice. Still, it used to be serious and even noble and honorable at times. A lot of the reform and progress can be credited to leftist movements.

    What goes by the ‘left’ today isn’t even serious, and THAT is the problem. Globo-homo ‘gay’ rainbows and tranny men in women’s sports? Also, the sheer hypocrisy. It’s supposedly against ‘racial supremacism’ but is all about ISRAEL, ISRAEL while shutting down BDS along with Trump and craven GOP.

    Today’s ‘left’ is so lacking in awareness that it doesn’t realize there’s nothing truly leftist about it. But the same can be said for Conservatism Inc that is as humorless and delusional as the ‘left’. Let’s remember Trump ran against the GOP and upset many in Con inc. No less than National Review, the respectable voice of American Conservatism, went #nevertrump in the name of ‘true conservatism’; it takes real lack of self-awareness and humor to push that BS — what have so-called true conservatives conserved lately? And we know from TPUSA and CPAC’s banning of Nick Fuentes and others that they are humorless as well. So much for their defense of free speech.
    The humor came from Trump and the Alt Right… which, however, soon became humorless under Faustian Batman Spencer who thinks he’s a golden god like the rock star in ALMOST LAMOUS.

    Also, humor has its limits, and Milo and McGinnes disgraced themselves. Milo with his talk of sexually stalking a priest, and McGinnes by sticking a dildo up his ass in cuckish solidarity with globo-homo. No, that is NOT funny, just pathetic. Also, the so-called ‘rightist’ humor, with all its nastiness and vulgarity can turn into a circular firing squad, as in the video below after the 2 hr mark. It’s funny but gets totally ludicrous with endless jokes about blowjobs. Also, while nastiness is a part of humor, it can get out of hand. Goad was guilty of this many times, hitting below the belt and kicking others while they’re down. What he wrote of Ebert ridden in bed and being eaten away by cancer was beyond irreverent. It was sadistic and demented. There has to be some rule book to humor. You don’t just bash and smash everything.

    The problem with woke politics — funny that those locked in hypnotic slumber of PC call themselves ‘woke’ — its premise is so fragile. While all systems have a tendency to repress and censor wrongthink, those who feel most vulnerable do it most because even the slightest crack in the edifice can bring it all down.
    Suppose there is a handsome guy and an ugly guy. Both guys like to be considered handsome, and both don’t want to hear insults. Still, the handsome guy is less likely to be censorious because even if someone calls him ugly, he knows and most people know he’s handsome. So, insults are far less damaging to him. But suppose the ugly guy created a system where he’s officially declared handsome. But because he’s really ugly, any suggestion that he’s not handsome is deeply threatening to him. So, he becomes hysterical whenever anyone even hints at the truth or jokes about his looks. This is why, as many have mentioned, PC is like the story of EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES. It’s come to be premised on such nonsense that a healthy culture of free speech and debate will bring it down. This is why PC must shut down micro-aggressions because falsehood on that scale can be burst by even tiny pricks… like a waterballoon with a single needle. If you’re a fat ugly tranny, it doesn’t take much to lift the veil on your all-too-hideous ugliness. It’s no wonder trannies get triggered so badly.

    Back when the left stood for the workers or basic justice for all, it stood on firm ground. Its radical egalitarianism was wobbly, but even non-leftists could see some nobility in leftist agenda on behalf of the little guy. But wokeness is premised on such nonsense and fantasy that it cannot be sustained without the Power censoring and suppressing not only dissent but common sense observations… like women don’t have balls, for waxing or otherwise.

    There is a certain ‘logic’ to wokeness, but it’s not true logic but the logic of privilege. It works like this: If a certain group has been sacralized, like Jews-blacks-homos, then whatever they desire and demand must be good as gold. This goes for GOP cucks too. As Jews are holy, whatever Israel demands must be good. Even though Jews occupy W. Bank, we have to ‘protect’ Jews from Palestinians. Even though Israel has nukes and Iran doesn’t, we must sanction Iran. Cuck Logic.
    Among the wokes or wucks with their Wuck Logic, anything demanded by blacks and homos must be good as gold. So, if blacks push BLM, it must be true. If homos push LGBTQXYZ nonsense, it must be true. Why? They are HOLY groups. It’s holy logic or hologic. If a group has idolatrous power as special, ‘hologic’ says whatever they demand must be noble.

    • Agree: S. Anonyia
    • Replies: @Lot
  15. Lot says:

    After ending in 1997, Judge revived Beavis & Butthead for one more season in 2011.

    I enjoyed it.

  16. Difficile est saturam non scribere.

  17. @Anonymous

    Not for long. Japan is finished.

    Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post.

  18. Whiskey says: • Website

    President Bernie has a plan for right humorists. Camps! Along with every other White man.

    • Replies: @TWS
  19. Glaivester says: • Website

    OT – Mark Steyn filled in for Rush Limbaugh today. He referenced “the coalition of the fringes” by name.

    More Sailer goodness getting into the mainstream!

    • Replies: @gregor
  20. Lot says:

    Gen Z grew up laughing less. Rather than sitcoms, standups and comedy movies on TV, they watched reality TV, prestige TV dramas, played video games, and did social media. Those aren’t completely humor free, but there’s a lot less of it.

    I read all of PJ O’Rourke’s books at the public library and read Dave Berry in my local newspaper. Don’t think many zoomers can say that!

    • Agree: Redneck farmer
    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @Reg Cæsar
  21. Lot says:

    What I’m hearing is…


    • Replies: @SFG
  22. J.Ross says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Have you seen his Tales from the Tour Bus series?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  23. Anonymous[419] • Disclaimer says:

    Humor is intrinsically cruel as it picks on the inferior or defective.

    If there’s a healthy and handsome person and a sickly and ugly person, it’s easier for the former to mock the latter than other way around. What would be the point of making fun of someone for being healthy and handsome? But it can be funny to mock someone for being sick and ugly. But because such is cruel, children are raised not to make fun of sickly, ugly, and dumb people.
    Kids have a natural tendency to laugh at ugly people, dumb people, and sick people. Kids make fun of retards and call other kids ‘fatsos’.
    So, parents must teach them not to do that because it’s not nice even if funny. It’s cruel to mock the inferior, but humor always works by mocking the inferior, like Fred Sanford going on and on about Aunt Esther being ugly. Or all those fat jokes. Or Don Rickles making fun of Scorsese’s height or some shortcoming or less-than-flattering stereotype of some racial or ethnic group like in the album HELLO DUMMY.

    Humor is like looking for vulnerabilities. So, when Woody Allen who’s short and unattractive encounters a handsome couple in ANNIE HALL, he has to find their vulnerability. They are superior to him in looks and happiness but they are supposedly shallow and empty, thus inferior in some way. Much of Jewish humor has been overcoming a sense of physical inferiority by poking fun at the intellectual inferiority of the taller/handsomer goyim. Without the element of wit, the tall goyim should be making fun of the funny-looking Marx Brothers, but as the latter have superior wit, they make fun of goy wit-deficit and run circles around them. Also, some of the cruelty is assuaged by the wink-wink understanding that the comedians realize that they are also objects of mockery as clowns. While Marx Brothers are cruel to the witless, they too are clowns who get their share of knocks in life. It’s no wonder Robin Williams wasn’t such a happy man in private life. He made fun of others, but he was also the object of the laughter. He could get away with mocking others because he too was laughed it and indeed invited it. Clowns get laughter and cheers but never real respect, something Rodney Dangerfield ran with.

    This poses a problem. It’s funny to mock inferiority but doing so is also cruel. It’s like making fun of dwarfs. We laugh at the jokes, but we might also feel sorry for the ‘victims’. In some cases, certain targets become taboos UNLESS the jokes are by those within the group. So, blacks can mock black problems, Jews can mock Jewish problems, and homos can mock homo problems, but outsiders better really be careful.

    Because humor is intrinsically cruel, it feels most justified if it goes after those with power, privilege, and dubious prestige. Punching up than down. Because it’s not funny to make fun of superiority — where is the humor in saying Sean Connery or Cary Grant is handsome or that it’s good to be affluent than poor? — , comedians have to identify some inferiority among the superior. So, the powerful must be exposed as hypocritical and crooked, cases of ethical inferiority. Or a handsome person can be mocked for being dumb, or intellectual inferiority. Or a seemingly good-hearted person(who’d be morally superior) can be mocked for naivete(inferiority of perceiving reality) or self-righteousness(inferiority of character). Digging out some inferiority among those deemed superior in fame, fortune, and power is much of satire, and that kind of cruelty-by-humor is regarded as justified for knocking a few pegs from those who tower above us.

    The problem with much of Alt Right humor is it’s scattershot in its theater of cruelty. If wucks are too easily triggered, the memesters are too trigger-happy to shoot down anything and everything, which is why their humor has often gone from mocking the powerful and phony to just picking on anything of little consequence. Or making fun of grave things that shouldn’t be so mocked.

    • Troll: ScarletNumber
    • Replies: @guest
    , @Dave Pinsen
    , @MEH 0910
  24. Corvinus says:

    “Gen Z grew up laughing less. Rather than sitcoms, standups and comedy movies on TV, they watched reality TV, prestige TV dramas, played video games, and did social media. Those aren’t completely humor free, but there’s a lot less of it.”

    No. Generation Z has its own brand of humor. They are laughing A LOT.

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @S. Anonyia
    , @fish
  25. Conservatives make the worst satirists, but reactionaries make the best. Aristophanes. Juvenal. Swift. Waugh.

    Even Orwell gave up mocking the bourgeois and turned on the left. Who remembers Keep the Aspidistra Flying?

    At least the past worked for somebody. Progressivism is pure speculation, but with teeth. And armor.

    • Agree: Crawfurdmuir
  26. SFG says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    Nah, the SJWs aren’t *that* into Japan. The alt-right and nerds of all political stripes, on the other hand…

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  27. SFG says:

    SBC, after producing a few years of the best un-PC humor around, finally went woke. ‘Tis a pity. Some of the best memories I have are of drunkenly laughing my ass off at Ali G with a coworker.

    I think I actually discovered him here…Steve was showing that clip of him with the miners from his British show. “I is in de mines, where de Wales people used to live before dey became yooman beins.” Classic!

  28. SFG says:

    They won, so they’re in power and therefore not funny anymore.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  29. Arclight says:

    Lately I have been thinking that the right needs to find ways to mock elements of the left in a way that de-legitimizes them. You can’t win the argument because the media and cultural gatekeepers won’t let even let it appear there is more than one side to a particular idea, but you can make people and ideas a joke. Humor travels a lot faster/easier than complicated arguments, plus it lets people express opinions they are currently under a ton of social pressure to keep to themselves.

  30. @SFG

    We must know a different bunch of SJWs.

  31. @SFG

    “Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious. ”

    –Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

    Could easily be adapted for Progressive politics!

  32. Tusk says:
    @Arclight does a pretty good job at this by pointing out cognitive dissonance and making it clear that their own positions inherently undermine themselves.

  33. Lot says:

    No actual example of something funny actually provided. If anything it proves the point. Edgy PC-transgressive youtubers I really doubt are getting aide splitting laughs.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  34. Right wing everything boom

    The only authors selling books to men are RW twitter anons. Literally the only ones.

    Other than our guys, literature is entirely by and for AWFL

    Ties into the idea that “mass culture” is basically evaporating. People are tuning into whatever niches they want. There is no common/shared media environment the way that everybody in America watched one of the big 3 networks 50 years ago. This “mass culture” is what the left owns and guards. But it’s simply disappearing out from under them.

    • Agree: Dtbb
    • Replies: @SFG
  35. guest says:

    The left can’t meme.

    • Agree: fish
    • Replies: @fish
    , @Kronos
  36. guest says:

    Notice that stuff which otherwise would Consensus Liberal like Curb Youyr Enthusiasm and The Office is forced to satirize P.C. with oafish but well-meaning gentlemen who get unduly published for doing what are usually not-too outrageous things. Because P.C. is at its core unjust.

    Meanwhile, a person like Stephen Colbert, who is intelligent and could be funny, is sucked down into a Pit of Despond because there’s no Dick Cheney to poke fun at.

  37. Corvinus says:

    “No actual example of something funny actually provided. If anything it proves the point. Edgy PC-transgressive youtubers I really doubt are getting aide splitting laughs.”

    The humor of Generation Z is different. They are laughing. Now, you and I may not find it humorous, but to that particular group, they find what they watch to be funny. I don’t know why you are being obtuse here.

  38. GregGee says:

    It’s not

    It punches down

    It is too obvious

    Old people take it too seriously

    It needs to be done away with

    • Troll: ScarletNumber, IHTG
    • Replies: @anon
  39. It’s interesting that most of these satirists are not just White guys, but young White Gentile guys. I say this because, in the past, Jewish guys had such an advantage in areas that required media savvy. They still have an advantage in the sense of access to capital and personal connections, but Jewish folks seem more and more out of touch with what most Whites think.

    They’re coming off as increasingly ham fisted. Look at Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat). He was so edgy and cool just 10 years ago. Now, his ADL speech is widely criticized and falls flat.

    • Replies: @SFG
  40. guest says:

    That doesn’t make it cruel necessarily.

    The thing which is inherent to humor, its sine qua non, is surprise. Cruelty is secondary.

    • Agree: Ian M.
  41. @Harry Baldwin

    “There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.”

    –Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

    John Cleese quipped that it certainly was interesting that the ayatollah and his buddies had camped out in Paris while in exile. De tous les lieux!

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  42. @Lot

    Gen Z grew up laughing less.

    I completely lose track of the alphabet when it is abused this way.

    The Danish alphabet has three letters after Z. One is in my name! Will we soon be resorting to that now?

    • Replies: @Lot
  43. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Monty Python was so prescient about so much. And fitting that one of the biggest movie last year was called JOKER.

  44. Lot says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Gen Z starts around 1995.

    The 2010-2025 birth cohort will be AA.

  45. A123 says:

    The left has become so extreme and mirthless that they make easy targets of themselves. There is a tweet of Trump giving an award to a military K-9 and they complain….

    Advance Public Service Announcement:


    PEACE 😇

  46. anon[108] • Disclaimer says:

    It needs to be done away with

  47. vhrm says:

    Same here. Just checked it out again and not nothing out of 10 or 20 headlines and maybe 5 stories. Then checked the onion and got at least a few chuckles.

    “DNC Bows To Pressure By Adding Andrew Cuomo To Increase Ethnic Representation On Debate Stage”

    It’s nothing amazing, but it’s got a few good lines in there (i like the one about Sardinians, Scisilians and Venetians)…

  48. nebulafox says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    They chose Paris because of its communication potential and simultaneous political importance/unoffensiveness, as well as being close enough to Iran to influence events while not being within as easy reach of SAVAK as Iraq was.

    From what I recall, the Iranians camped out in a village outside of Paris and never actually visited the city, which they viewed with the contempt you’d expect.

  49. nebulafox says:

    1) He’s a Baton Rouge rapper. He was on the radio a lot when I was a kid in the Deep South.

    2) I don’t see any reputable news sources behind this, just a couple of rapper sites.

  50. @Anonymous

    Humor is intrinsically cruel as it picks on the inferior or defective.

    If there’s a healthy and handsome person and a sickly and ugly person, it’s easier for the former to mock the latter than other way around.

    That’s why Comedy Central roasts mock the handicapped and disfigured and not, say, wealthy celebrities.

    • LOL: Redneck farmer
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  51. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:

    A good way to satirize and critique the Power would be if someone made a movie called DEEPFELLAS.

    It’d be like GOODFELLAS except it’d be about a kid who wants to become a deep state insider than a gangster… though being a deep stater is like being an official gangster. The film would follow the character’s trajectory from a kid who dreams of being an agent, insider, deal-maker to a young man who goes the right schools and meets the right peoples, enters FBI or CIA and carries out dirty deeds in other countries, returns to US to work in an administration, works with a certain campaign, becomes a big shot, and etc. And all throughout, there would be lots and lots of narration of how the system really works and how insiders really think. It’d be a great document of US history in the shadows since the 50s or 60s. Olive Stone attempted something like this with UNTOLD HISTORY OF US HISTORY, but it was preachy and unduly misty-eyed about certain characters. DEEPFELLAS would be cynical about everything, and bitingly satiric and funny.

    It seems like everyone is unwilling or afraid to make such a movie. There have been many movie about corrupt government and crooked politicians and operatives, but it’s routine Hollywood good guy vs bad guy stuff, like in CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER, i.e. there are some bad eggs among the good. They hardly deal with the general rotten-eggness of power itself. As such they are like genre gangster movies where you get what you expect. What was amazing about GOODFELLAS was how it detailed the inner-workings of how hoods really make their money, cheat the system, get away with so much. The petty capers as well as the big heists.

    Because no one wants to do this with the real Power, it’s as though people turn to gangster movies as metaphor for the power. THE GODFATHER resonated in the Watergate era for this reason.
    But it’d be truly refreshing to have a nitty-gritty movie about how the goons in FBI, CIA, elite media, ivory towers, and etc really operate behind the scenes in coordination.

    Scorsese should have made the INSIDER-MAN than IRISHMAN.

  52. Anonymous[319] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    That’s why Comedy Central roasts mock the handicapped and disfigured and not, say, wealthy celebrities.

    No, as I said, we don’t do that because it’s not nice. Children are told from young age NOT to pick on the inferior, even though plenty of kids still become bullies and mock and taunt the socially or physically inferior. My point is it’s natural for comedy/humor to pick on the inferior, but most of us don’t do that because we are taught it is cruel.

    So, do we go after the superior? Yes and no. Even though comedy often mocks those with money and superior status, it still targets what is deemed INFERIOR in them. The joke is not that they’re rich but they are too dumb for their intelligence. People still look for the achilles heel, the hidden inferiority within the seeming superior person. So, even there, it is an attack on inferiority.

  53. And Then They Came for Albert Einstein

    Well, sorta. The following is also not satire, though perhaps it should be. NB: I didn’t bother reading the article as the blurb was quite enough. Feel free to fill me in if I’m way off base.
    The Forgotten Life of Einstein’s First Wife

    She was a physicist, too—and there is evidence that she contributed significantly to his groundbreaking science.

    Sorry (sorta) that I don’t even have the link for it. PocketWoke sent it to me, and I don’t click on Scientific American (which is increasingly neither) links anyway.

    Is there any pioneering scientist left whose breakthroughs aren’t now attributed to his wife/lover/gf/mistress/cleaning lady? Can Rosie or Alden shed some light on this? j/k 😉

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  54. @Corvinus

    Gen Z are mostly semi autistic tryhards. Their version of edgy politically incorrect humor is just as lame as SJW Harry Potter worshipping woke humor.

    Both groups probably lack humor because humor requires verbal intelligence.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  55. Anonymous[277] • Disclaimer says:

    Agreed. As an aside, why does all humor writing in America today seem to consist of “faux news” Onion knockoffs? I understand that it’s an attractive format because it has an easy-to-understand, paint-by-numbers quality (even your grandmother could come up with a few fake headlines without trying very hard), but ultimately it’s constraining and derivative imo*

    *The Onion itself is (was) brilliant, but that’s precisely because it has (had) no particular format or agenda and oscillates between the quotidian and the zany, which is itself a form of irony

  56. @J.Ross

    No, Mr. Ross, but I just looked at it on IMDB. It sounds pretty good – will try to get it.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  57. @R.G. Camara

    That’s a good take on this, Mr. Camara.

  58. anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:

    Udolpho’s My Posting Career put up a paywall not long after the Charlottesville nonsense/non-event/massacre. Porter’s blog and Twitter are gone. Chateau Heartiste has been de -platformed.

    • Agree: Desiderius
    • Replies: @Desiderius
  59. Steve Sailler, your subsequent post to this one will not load as a page due to that database or other software problem again with titles starting in numbers. It really starts with a quotation mark, but then you have one like that 2 posts previous to this one, which does fine. What a weird bug.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  60. @Achmed E. Newman

    Thanks. How should I fix the problem?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  61. @Steve Sailer

    OK, I changed the title to start with a letter rather than a number or a punctuation mark and that seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks and please point this out to me the next time it happens.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  62. @Anonymous

    Didn’t Robert De Niro direct “Deepfellas,” with Joe Pesci coming off the golf course to ask Matt Damon to explain the point of the movie?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Charles Pewitt
  63. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    But the Damon character comes across as sullen and earnest. Not the type to spill all the beans.

    In contrast, the narrator of DEEPFELLAS would be like Liotta in GOODFELLAS and give us a tell-all on the power really works. The deals, the favoritism, the unspoken rules, the hidden hierarchies, and etc.

    Like here:

  64. MEH 0910 says:

    like Fred Sanford going on and on about Aunt Esther being ugly.

    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Desiderius
  65. Corvinus says:
    @S. Anonyia

    “Gen Z are mostly semi autistic tryhards. Their version of edgy politically incorrect humor is just as lame as SJW Harry Potter worshipping woke humor.”

    You do realize that you are denigrating a number of potential white recruits for the Alt Right, correct? The future is about those who show up for it.

    “Both groups probably lack humor because humor requires verbal intelligence.”

    Exactly why you do not comprehend their brand of humor. It’s outside your pay grade.

    • Replies: @S. Anonyia
  66. @Anonymous

    What a great idea. If only…

    My wife and I watched several seasons of “Homeland,” and I thought there were some vivid examples of chicanery by the Interagency Group (as I guess we’ve been taught it’s called). Especially good was the season in which the CIA was working to undermine a female president. I assume this was written before Trump was elected. In the next season, which I didn’t watch, it turns out the woman president was trying to destroy the Constitution, as Hollywood imagines Trump is doing.

  67. this piece, critical of uptight liberals, posted to Take mag, where comments are prohibited.

  68. TWS says:

    It’s frightening how quickly the left goes to the truncheon and water hoses.

  69. J.Ross says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    It’s the funniest thing on TV in the last two or three decades.

  70. SFG says:
    @Not My Economy

    Who other than Bronze Age Pervert?

    • Replies: @Not My Economy
  71. SFG says:

    Well, he switched sides.

    I think it’s less ‘out of touch with what white people think’ and more ‘in power, so it’s impossibly to actually punch up now’. When you own the networks, the universities, and the papers, you *are* The Man (or the AWFL/AJFL to be more exact).

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  72. SFG says:

    That’s what they’re doing with the memes, no?

  73. fish says:

    No. Generation Z has its own brand of humor. They are laughing A LOT.

    OH THANK GOD……Corby is here to tell us what’s what!

  74. fish says:

    Blessed are the Memesters!

  75. Kronos says:
    @Kaplan Turqweather

    A study by Heterodox Academy shows that tolerance for Communists is at Silent Generation levels.

    Real Communists are foo foo Cultural Marxists?

    • Replies: @Kaplan Turqweather
  76. Kronos says:

    I half expect the crew of MADtv is hiding in the basements (or attics) of close friends in LA. They’re afraid to come out and get bammed for #MeToo/unWoke crimes from 15-20 years ago.

  77. @Anonymous

    It does require an IQ above room temperature and a modicum of cultural fluency to appreciate. So not for your average Dork Right/Bernie Bro.

    But yeah, thanks for sharing.

  78. • Replies: @Kronos
  79. J.Ross says:

    The only law consistently enforced in the United States is Sailer’s Law.

  80. @Harry Baldwin

    No, the Democrats just like Japan’s strict gun control, where only police and Yakuza gangsters have guns.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  81. @Achmed E. Newman

    I lost a pretty decent girlfriend in the mid-90s due to my Cornholio impression. I just couldn’t let it go.

  82. @R.G. Camara

    “Things can always change (in the 1950s it was the opposite).”

    Liberalism is dead and the progressive authoritarians are now the Establishment. I’ve hopped aboard the Right train because counterculture is fertile ground for ideas and creativity.

    • Agree: S. Anonyia
  83. Mr. Anon says:

    Gen Z starts around 1995.

    The 2010-2025 birth cohort will be AA.

    I didn’t know humanity was an Excel spreadsheet.

    But it does kinda make sense.

  84. @Anonymous

    The “nitty-gritty movie” you describe would be difficult to do in 120 pages. It can be told in 180 or 310 pages, but if your name is not Scorsese it’ll be a tough sell. The intersection between organized crime and CIA shenanigans is bursting with story potential. It was hinted at in The Good Shepard (2006) but that film became preoccupied with melodrama. The drug trade — heroin, cocaine, opioids — would be a good background in which to base this story.

  85. A few weeks ago I saw a recent skit from SNL on YouTube. No humor, all snark. That’s what they’re left with, snark.

    • Replies: @ScarletNumber
  86. @Steve Sailer

    I’ll be glad to if it occurs again on my watch.

  87. @Kaplan Turqweather

    “iGen” is more authoritarian than previous generations with regards to more than “woke” subjects. A study by Heterodox Academy shows that tolerance for Communists is at Silent Generation levels.

    Does not compute. Authoritarian people are a pubic hair away from Communism by definition.

  88. @Mr McKenna

    Haven’t you read Andrew Joyce? Decent White Cignats ARE supposed to despise the Nips.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  89. @R.G. Camara

    Already been changing for a few years. That’s why you see the Oscar noms this year which don’t fit your take.

    • Replies: @R.G. Camara
  90. @Hypnotoad666

    I don’t think he explicitly reference Animal House, but O’Rourke himself in the Am Spec. explained that when he went to college, it was like there was a really uptight WASP frat house on one side of the street, and on the other was a hippie crash pad with loose chicks and pot. “Where would you turn?”

    • Replies: @R.G. Camara
  91. @MEH 0910

    Sanford and Son is at heart a tragedy. What’s ugly is life without Elizabeth.

  92. @anonymous

    ClarkHat too, probably several others already forgotten.

  93. @R.G. Camara

    “a few of the actual MST3K guys are hardcore religious Christians, which I found surprising)”

    So do I. Do you have any references for that? Not being snarky, I’d like to know. For years I’ve used them as an example of White, Midwestern college grads (like myself) and what they take as normal (and thus their standard for when a movie is being “weird”). For example, always noting “Look how white everyone is” or housewives being embittered slaves denied careers, etc. An occasional “racist” joke will be met with tut-tutting from the others.

    In live performances, I’ve found Bill Corbett in particular to be very off-putting in a SJW way, like that FBI Stojk guy emailing about “smelling” Trump supporters, or a barista chatting about someone should kill Trump.

  94. @SunBakedSuburb

    Hahahaa! Sounds like a Seinfeld episode, but the Cornholio routine is much more worth breaking up over. I have a friend who can do Beavis and Butthead pretty well. I meant earlier to say it was Beavis’ laugh that cracked me up the most.

  95. fish says:

    I lost a pretty decent girlfriend in the mid-90s due to my Cornholio impression. I just couldn’t let it go.

    … made the right choice!

  96. @Kaplan Turqweather

    There is ultimately no other kind.

    • LOL: Kronos
    • Replies: @Kronos
  97. Kronos says:

    Now that’s just tasteless…

  98. nebulafox says:
    @Mr McKenna

    Mileva Maric was a prospective physicist who broke near all of the social conventions at the time for women. I suspect the fact that she was different was why young Einstein was attracted to her, and they probably did collaborate together as students. And it is certainly plausible that part of what destroyed the marriage was her giving her own dreams of academia for motherhood.

    All that being said, though, the idea that she was the one “really” behind special relativity or the explanation of the photoelectric effect, let alone general relativity, is ludicrous. Even by the impressive standards of late bourgeois age Central Europe, Einstein’s brain really was a once-in-a-generation deal: only comparable to Newton or Maxwell, IMO.

    • Thanks: Mr McKenna
  99. Kronos says:

    Oh give the Sanders people a few more years. The Clinton Democrats may have the fancy Rolex watches but the genuine working class/labor/socialists have the time to wear them down.

    Currently Trump and the Republican Nationalist wing have a major head start in winning over white working class people. Mainly on account of the globalists purging the Democratic Party early and harder than Republican protectionists in the 1970s. Bush II’s disastrous Iraq War left the Republican Party open to Trump.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  100. @Achmed E. Newman

    This is HeterodoxAcademy’s info not mine.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  101. @Arclight

    Interesting idea. Similar to Trump with the ridiculous Yeb! Rather than engage in debate with him person, Trump basically just pointed at him and starting laughing.

    • Replies: @anon
  102. @Steve Sailer

    Neither Trump nor Hillary Clinton has any colonial American ancestry, and of course that means that they didn’t have any blood ancestors who fought in the American Secessionary War From The British Empire. Obama has at least one blood ancestor who fought the British Empire in colonial America.

    I have a German ancestor and an Irish ancestor and a Welsh ancestor who fought in the American Colonial Secessionary War From the British Empire. I bet I have some English ancestors who fought in that war too.

    The JEW/WASP ruling class of the American Empire is using its electronic control of the corporate media and the electronic control of central banking and its control of the DEEP STATE to maintain their tenuous hold on power.

    Trump is a Scottish Kraut who whores himself out to Jew billionaire Shelly Adelson and Jew billionaire Paul Singer. Trump and the rancid Republican Party are enemies of the historic American nation and the American people and the European Christian ancestral core of the USA.

    Trump is screaming about flooding the USA with mass legal immigration “in the largest numbers ever.”

    Trump refuses to deport the upwards of 30 million illegal alien invaders in the USA.

    Trump is an INTERLOPER to the USA. Trump only has a blood claim of two or three generations in the USA.


    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  103. @Lot

    Alcoholics Anonymous or Affirmative Action?

    • Replies: @Charon
  104. @Desiderius

    Wish I could agree. But when at this year’s Golden Globes Michelle Williams accepts an award and starts praising herself for killing her baby to get it, and gets applauded for it, its clear the evil SJW-mindset runs the awards shows.

    And are you talking about Joker? Well, Joker blamed class-warfare and white stockbrokers on the subway for acts of violence. It threw in some anti-woke stuff (such as the kids at the beginning who attack him being mostly NAM minority), but its mostly about how we need government-run healthcare right NOW or else we get murderous crazies.

    That’s not a shift, given how awful the Oscar bait stuff/winners has been in the last 20 years.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @Desiderius
  105. anon[330] • Disclaimer says:
    @William Badwhite

    Interesting idea. Similar to Trump with the ridiculous Yeb!

    Dude, where were you in 2016? Out of the country? In a coma? What?

    ¡Jeb! memes were some of the best!

    From the photoshop fail

    To the “no child”

    To the recount

    Et cetera

    This is what Steve’s talkin’ about!

  106. @Arclight

    Engaging people in political discussion is only worth it if their ideas have a semblance of logic, humanity, and goodness. The Left has none today. They do not deserve any polite discussion for their evil; mockery is all they deserve.

  107. @James J. O'Meara

    A while back, Steve pointed out a NY Times article that noticed what many on the Right had already noticed— that Trump was a lot like Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack.

    Except the NY Times used that metaphor to make Trump seem like the bad guy, without ever noticing that Dangerfield was one of the Big Heroes and his opponent, Judge Smalls, was the evil bad guy and thus the NY Times was identifying with crooked, slimy, petty powers-that-be.

    • Replies: @James J OMeara
  108. nebulafox says:

    An ideal scenario would be an entirely new party that would break with the established orthodoxy (and image) of both and could either co-opt enough of the potential bureaucratic class or gain enough popular momentum to allow for a true house cleaning. In the 1990s, the status quo worked for enough Americans that this couldn’t get off the ground. That is not the case anymore. Call it the “Reality Party” or the “Common Sense Party”.

    I do have to state that as much as a trainwreck as Bush’s tenure was, he can’t be blamed for the fact that the GOP inhabits a mental fantasy land where it remains 1984 forever. If they want to retain any sort of political relevance in the future, the Republican party has to find a way of transitioning to a platform of “making the market work” for the USA rather than treating it as a religious entity and cease the fetishization of oligarchs at the expense of ordinary Americans. That’s just not going to fly with a generation of Americans that can mostly expect to be worse off than their parents, even the right-wing ones.

    If they don’t, a more coherent, competent insurgent is going to come along in the 2020s. He’s probably going to do the political math and be a lot less inclined toward appeasing them than Trump. Whatever happens, though, the Bush/Romney days aren’t coming back. But for Trump’s incompetence and laziness, the GOP wouldn’t be able to deny that reality.

    • Replies: @Kronos
  109. @Harry Baldwin

    “No fun of any kind!” — Dean Wormer, Faber College

  110. @SunBakedSuburb

    Yes, I remember the Seinfeld episode they based on your experience. Luh-luh-LUH!

  111. Kronos says:

    An ideal scenario would be an entirely new party that would break with the established orthodoxy (and image) of both and could either co-opt enough of the potential bureaucratic class or gain enough popular momentum to allow for a true house cleaning.

    I think everyone is seeing duel revolts in both parties. In 2000, the political platforms of Ralph Nader (traditional left) and Pat Buchanan (traditional right) had very low chances of winning a Presidential election (much less a primary.) 16-20 years later those political ideas are hot stocks. They’re gonna rise in value while Clinton “Third Way-ism” and Neoconservatism are on the perpetual defensive toward eventual defeat.

    One of most interesting books on Republican economic thought is by Micheal Hudson.

    Traditionally, the Republican Party was heavily protectionist. They were often very weary of the financial/economic influence of the British Empire. (If you thought the Republican Party was caught with its pants down with collapse of the Soviet Union; the disintegration of the British Empire and it’s world reserve currency status was a far more substantial surprise.) The European Empires preferred free trade in their colonies so to make economic streamlining in their respective empires more efficient. It’s something that influenced Alexander Hamilton.

    Suddenly, the 1940s Taft Republicans were part of a US that possessed world’s most powerful currency. So much of these ideas and incentives were forgotten.

  112. @R.G. Camara

    Seems about right.

    My favorite phrases at the moment are.

    “Failing institutions lose their best people first.”
    “It’s hard not to laugh. So I did.”

    It’s amazing how often you can roll them out nowadays.

  113. @Hypnotoad666

    Yeah, this is what is so ineffably annoying about yer average modern alty-righty, libertarian-if-he-knew-what-that-was, frat-boy-0 “conservative.”

    You know, instead of working hard, going to church and honoring marriage and following the ten commandments–they want to smoke dope, fuck whores, listen to shit music in which black people threaten to kill them, and kick homeless people in the head with trendy hobnail boots. Oh, and live at home with their parents.

    • Replies: @SFG
    , @Desiderius
  114. @Anonymous

    You are correct.
    There is nothing funny about this factually correct piece:

    “Warning: Gang Of Known Criminals Holds Meeting To Discuss How Much Of Your Money To Steal”

    • LOL: ben tillman
  115. @Kaplan Turqweather

    Ooops, wrote to myself last time, but,

    OK, then.

  116. J.Ross says:

    Ralph Northam declares emergency because of an ADL script about PHANTOM NAZIS and not, say, thousands of angry Virginians. Mike Watson points out that Blackie can’t.

  117. J.Ross says:
    @R.G. Camara

    Joker is literally an intended-SJW flick rejected by real SJWs because it implies that white male suffering can matter. It’s like Tarentino getting Izzies to clap for terrorism, except that I’m pretty sure it wasn’t intentional.

  118. SFG says:

    Comedians usually have a bad relationship with authority.

  119. @Corvinus

    Do you have a Gen Z crush?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  120. gregor says:

    Now that you mention Rush Limbaugh, that man probably deserves a lot of credit as a trailblazing right wing satirist. I have never been a regular listener and by now he will seem too boomer and too tame for millennials and younger. But in the late 80s and early 90s, nobody else was doing that style of content or mocking the left to such an extent. It’s before my time, but my sense of it is that you had the TV networks and the newspapers with an obvious left-wing bias along with a few George Will types as the polite, nominal opposition. Then you had Limbaugh on the marginal medium of AM talk radio challenging and mocking them in a forceful, irreverent, and humorous way. And he attracted a huge audience because he was saying stuff that a lot of people were thinking but that you couldn’t hear anywhere else at the time.

    Right wing thought will flourish on whatever mediums have yet to be captured. The internet has been that lately although they have now cracked down on the major platforms. We had a good run on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., but that is now history. And worst of all, Google now manipulates search results on politically sensitive topics. You can still find what you want, but now you have to know what you’re looking for and exercise the agency to find your way to a website like this one. The good news is that really all they did was close the barn door after the horse had bolted.

    • Replies: @Morton's toes
  121. In the soft-totalitarian country we now live in, the best we can do without being put it jail is mockery and ridicule, and maybe it’s our most effective tool anyway.

  122. @Hypnotoad666

    Boring, yes; predictable, yes. But holding the Whip Hand — also Yes. We need to correct that.

  123. @SFG

    For example Delicious Tacos, Mike Ma, Logo, Skallas

  124. @R.G. Camara

    gets applauded for it

    Passive voice. Not really interested in what idiots are applauding. If you have a point, use active voice.

    Not talking about Joker, it’s more of a trailing indicator. 2009 energy. Hollywood, Ferrari, Uncut Gems. They’ve got me back at the movies for the first time in years. Witcher 3 and Pathfinder Kingmaker (it’s subtle but unmistakable) in gaming also subverting/ignoring the Poz/Woke.

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  125. @obwandiyag

    Ok Rip Van Obwandiyag

    That was Bang-era Roosh. Dude’s come a long way.

  126. gregor says:

    Jokes and memes have a way of penetrating like nothing else. People engaged in “serious” discussion are rarely able to question their fundamental assumptions and worldview. Jokes in contrast sneak in while the defenses are down.

    I remember watching some Ramzpaul videos around 2014. He never broke out charts and graphs or crime stats or anything. But he would for example be talking about a story about a crime in Canada involving blacks and might innocently suggest how unfair it was that every country seems to put their blacks in the high crime neighborhoods (kind of like Steve’s magic dirt idea). That sort of joke highlights the absurdity of the standard narratives and it does so more effectively than a more technical argument.

    Also: having a bit of fun keeps things more energetic. Otherwise, the right tends toward pessimism and negativity and produces lots of ponderous articles about Western civilization and that sort of thing.

  127. @Peter D. Bredon

    I thought everyone loved Nips!

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  128. @George Strong

    I call an expert witness, Christian Lander, to support my assertion.

  129. @Charles Pewitt

    Obama has at least one blood ancestor who fought the British Empire in colonial America.

    And I believe at least one blood ancestor who fought the British Empire in colonial Africa.

  130. The Rightist Satire Boom of the 2010s

    Steve should look into the rightist saltire boom of the 2010s.

  131. @James J. O'Meara

    The thing about Beavis & Butthead – and a lot of other subversive, satirical humour by intelligent artists who know how the world really works – is that it flies over the heads of stupid (read: “leftist”) people. I was in high school during the show’s heyday, and many (conservative, right-headed) adults deemed it a degenerate endorsement of stupidity, vulgarity, and so on. I wore a T-shirt to school the day I was interviewed by the vice principal and some other folks for a very prestigious scholarship – a summer honours programme at a university for rising seniors – from the state, for which schools’ faculty were to vet and select fro their most intelligent students those who would attend. Basically, each county got to send their best student, or some such. The vice principal – a good woman and very intelligent – asked about my T-shirt. Not in a combative way, but genuinely; she seemed curious why a bright student with his shit together was a fan of the show. I explained to her that the show was ridiculing its protagonists and all they represented. She genuinely had not realised this, but following my explanation she completely understood. It wasn’t as if I were explicating some arcane aspect of The Brothers Karamazov‘s existentialist underpinnings, of course, or that she was a fool – she simply had not even considered this interpretation because of the prevailing zeitgeist among her peers, the same way (sensible) people reacted when Dee Snider’s testimony to the federal legislature revealed he was a family man, a devout Christian, and a T-totaler whose music was about healthy individualism and having a good time, and that “Under the Blade” was written about the fears of a bandmate about his surgery. I had a similar experience when I blew the mind of a black guy I went to graduate school with who never had even been exposed to the idea that the American Civil War was not initiated to “free the slaves” and that Robert E. Lee had emancipated all of his own slaves. At his age, and with all his education, he’d never been exposed to this information, and, to be fair to him, why would he have cause to suspect his teachers had all omitted important information about history (cf. “the crusades were offensive wars” – as if the overwhelmingly Christian Levant’s population had enthusiastically welcomed the Mohammadan invaders from Arabia and the nasty Europeans were stirring up shit when all Saladin wanted was to putter around in his garden and be left alone…).

    People can be pretty oblivious, but also pretty reasonable if exposed to the other side perspective. The problem today, and the reason for evil’s triumph, is that the bad guys have so successfully squelched any conversation or critical thinking by villifying the very idea of questioning what The Man has dictated (“Orange Man Bad”)….

  132. @Autochthon

    I thought everyone loved Nips!

    Sure, if you mean Russell, not Hussle.

  133. @gregor

    Rush was the only person I had ever heard of who gave Trump a chance on the morning of the election. I am not a regular listener of his but on a whim I listened to him and I thought he had taken plenty of those codeine tablets or oxy-whatevers. But at 10:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time when everybody around me was going berzerk I just stayed calm and quiet and thanked fate and Rush for giving me a heads up.

    Also Barack the Magic Negro is hilarious. Rush was just the publicist for it but damn the guy has moxie.

  134. @Anonymous

    Scorsese should have made the INSIDER-MAN rather than [THE] IRISHMAN.

    (I realise yours may have been a simple typographical error, but I doubt it because of the consistent misuse of the word than in comparative contexts that call for phrases like rather than, instead of and so on, which is an unmistakable tell of foreigners, much as Orientals invariably use articles (the and a) when not appropriate, yet omit them when they are called for.)

    As an added bonus, at no charge, I offer you the insight that, in English writing, the titles of feature films call for italics or underlining, not capitalisation of all their letters.

  135. @Morton's toes

    Scott Adams also thought Trump would win.

    • Replies: @Morton's toes
  136. Corvinus says:
    @S. Anonyia

    “Do you have a Gen Z crush?”

    LOL. Do you have an anti-Gen Z vibe?

    The fact of the matter is that Generation Z, like any generation, creates their own ways of doing things which other generations find amusing or appalling. There is no “crush” on my part; rather, I am pointing out that humor and laughs for each generation may be based on similar or different criteria.

    Remember, the future of the white race (allegedly) depends upon recruitment and indoctrination of the whites who make up Generation Z. Can you afford to alienate them?

  137. A123 says:

    Today’s Satire:

    The ability to go through picture libraries (or use photoshop) has done a great deal for ‘one frame’ humor. Look at Schiff’s expression in the above image. It reeks of mania & insincerity.

    PEACE 😇

  138. @Desiderius

    Witcher 3 and Pathfinder Kingmaker (it’s subtle but unmistakable) in gaming also subverting/ignoring the Poz/Woke.

    Re: Witcher (on Netflix)

    The Witcher Goes into Multicultural Mode

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  139. @Morton's toes

    You are correct.

    It never occurred to me in 2016 that a guy who makes comic strips deserved any attention on this topic. Is he still promoting the Donald’s awesome mad NLP skills? Mad NLP skills are another red flag equal to the comics business in my simplified approach to trying to process all of this madness.

  140. @Harry Baldwin

    Oops Harry I misplaced my reply to you as a reply to myself. : (

  141. OK, I think this thread sets some kind of record for overly long/pretentious comments.

    • Replies: @anon
  142. MEH 0910 says:
    @Morton's toes

    Gregory Cochran at West Hunter on election morning:

    Social Desirability Bias
    Posted on November 8, 2016 by gcochran9

    It must be strong today, something like 5 points.

    If so, you’ll be hearing calls for the end of the secret ballot.

  143. Charon says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    African American
    Asian American
    Aztlán American

    …you get the drift

  144. @Lars Porsena

    I should remember to check Wikipedia before asking questions…

    Anyway, as the Croatian actress says in Werewolf, “That’s absolutely fascinating.” Off the top of my head, I would have picked him as the least likely to be a reader of C. S. Lewis, as I would agree with most fans that the show took on a much harder, yes meaner, tone when he replaced Joel (though still hilarious, perhaps moreso).

    Maybe that accounts for his neo/cuckservative reading habits, as listed there.

  145. @R.G. Camara

    TimesWorld (we only live in it) is already one iteration beyond Caddyshack; the Jews (Dangerfield) have bought/taken over the country club, and the white guy who now wants in (Trump and his kind) is the unspeakable boor (i.e., a Deplorable).

    I read a guy online who said that Animal House was his favorite movie, and he watches it at least once a year; in recent years (this was before Trump) he admits he’s coming around more and more to sympathizing with Dean Wormer, who just wants to run a peaceful parade; fat, drunk and stupid is indeed no way to go through life.

    It would be an interesting exercise to watch the same movie each year, noting how foreign the culture of it becomes over time. Comedy would be the best, since it’s allowed (or was, hence the topic here) to have obvious villains, and other than slapstick, the jokes tend to age.

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