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The high tech graverobbing business has finally started to get its hands on some New World DNA. American Indian tribes have been particularly resistant to letting ancient skeletons found in their region be genome scanned, so most of the ancient DNA work in the past involved Canadian or Latin American skeletons. But now some American Indian tribes are opening up to being sweet-talked into letting DNA scientists like David Reich have a look.

Most of the results in the three new studies are pretty much in line with what physical paleontologists had hypothesized a long time ago: Siberians crossed over the Bering Strait and had a real good time hunting big, dumb beasts all the way down to Tierra del Fuego. Carl Zimmer reports in the NYT:

The genetic data suggest that this group spread swiftly across much of North America and South America about 14,000 years ago. The expansion may have taken only centuries.

“It’s basically an explosion,” Dr. Willerslev said.

The man from Spirit Cave in Nevada belonged to this so-called southern branch of migrants. He also was closely related to a 12,700-year-old boy found on the other side of the Rocky Mountains in Montana, Dr. Willerslev also found.

But the man from Spirit Cave also turned out to have a close genetic link to 10,400-year-old skeletons found in Brazil, on the other side of the Equator.

David Reich of Harvard University and his colleagues found a similar pattern in their own research, published on Thursday in the journal Cell.

They uncovered a link between the ancient Montana boy and another group of ancient South Americans, including a 10,900-year-old skeleton in Chile. Like Dr. Willerslev’s work, the kinship suggests that migrants moved quickly from North America to South America.

“We agree that this must be a rapid radiation,” said Dr. Reich.

But much as the old Big Picture was confirmed, there is also new detail of subsequent migrations and conquests among New Worlders.

Starting about 9,000 years ago, both teams found, additional waves of people moved southward. Dr. Willerslev’s research suggests the new arrivals mixed with older South American populations.

Dr. Reich, on the other hand, sees evidence for two waves of migrants who completely replaced the people who had lived in South America.

Reich, whose father was head of the Holocaust Memorial in D.C., tends to see ancient genocides in his data, events bloodier than other scientists perhaps feel comfortable theorizing.

The new research also revealed instances of remarkable continuity, kinships that spanned thousands of years.

Dr. Willerslev and his colleagues compared the genome of the man from Spirit Cave to those of four sets of remains found nearby in Nevada’s Lovelock Cave, who lived as recently as 600 years ago.

All of these people were closely related, his team found, despite being separated by 10,000 years of history.

A similar bond was found in the Andes. John Lindo of Emory University and his colleagues analyzed DNA from seven people who lived at high elevations between 6,800 and 1,400 years ago.

The researchers estimate that people who lived above 7,500 feet in the mountains were separated from the lowland populations between 9,200 and 8,200 years ago. Today, the mountain people still show a strong genetic link to the ancient remains.

“This is not something that you see in most other regions of the world,” said Dr. Reich.

Perhaps the Altiplano highlanders had evolved some adaptations to thin atmospheres, making them harder to dislodge by lowland newcomers.

In 2015, Dr. Reich and his colleagues found that some living people in the Amazon carry some DNA that’s most similar to that of people who live today in Australia and New Guinea.

This was a very weird discovery — that about 2% of the ancestry of a few Amazonian tribes appeared more closely related to Andaman Islanders in the Indian Ocean than to anybody else closer.

The researchers speculated that their ancestry included an unknown group, which the scientists called Population Y, who separately made their way into the Americas.

This got some attention for awhile, but nobody made much progress on the question of how could anybody get from the Indian Ocean to Brazil.

In their new study, Dr. Reich and his colleagues found no trace of Population Y — but Dr. Willerslev’s team succeeded in identifying their DNA in some of the 10,400-year-old skeletons in Brazil.

So, a little bit more evidence that this is for real.

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  1. Regarding Population Y, maybe Thor Heyerdahl was onto something.

    • Agree: pyrrhus
    • Replies: @pyrrhus
    , @22pp22
  2. Anonymous[378] • Disclaimer says:

    The legacy of slavery/redlining has been discovered:

  3. With Whites at 64%, the battle is clearly lost. The resulting scramble of White Nationalist furies in the US is something like Hitler’s last stand, doomed, as the Allies closed in on him (sorry for the bad analogy). New Zealand is probably headed in the same direction as the US.
    My message to the Alt Right is “You Grandchildren will be Brown.” Leave everything and pray to the new Majority that they be nice to to you and your children.
    There will be Zero White Gentiles left after 100 years.

  4. El Dato says:

    Chan injected sperm cells from each batch into eggs from a nonstressed female, then implanted the fertilized eggs—zygotes—into the same foster mom. The pups from nonstressed zygotes developed normally. Pups from stress-exposed zygotes, however, showed the same abnormal stress response as those whose dads had experienced stress before mating. That showed extracellular vesicles act as the conduit for transmitting paternal stress signals to the offspring, Chan says.

    Darwin’s Radio when!

    • Replies: @Prester John
  5. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    events bloodier than other scientists perhaps feel comfortable theorizing.

    What are they? Pale-Holocaust-Deniers?

    • Replies: @Anon
  6. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mike Krauthammer

    With Whites at 64%, the battle is clearly lost.

    Jews are 2% but rule America.

    Whites need to stop thinking like browns(who rely only on mass) and think more like Jews.

    If 2% can wield such power, 64% can wield so much more IF they act like Jews.

    Also, browns will not rule over whites. Never. Even in Latin America where they outnumber whites, they get kicked around and work as servants.

    Browns will always be helots of whites. Blacks are another matter because they are tougher and have idolic value over whites. Whites cuck to blacks and Jews, not to browns.

    Even if GOP is lost, whites can gain great power by all joining the Democrats and then forming alliances with non-white goyim against Jewish Power.

    Without the GOP and with all whites being in a one-party system, Jews will have a harder time scapegoating whites.

    I think the only real long-term strategy is to end the GOP, have all whites join the Democrats, and then form any alliance to bring down Jewish power. And then, all hell will break loose and it will be fun to see.

    • LOL: IHTG
    • Replies: @TheBoom
    , @Mike1
  7. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    The legacy of slavery/redlining has been discovered:

    The sperm carries memory of prior trauma.

    Well, blacks were in Africa for 100,000 yrs and in America for only 300 yrs.

    So, there will be many more traumatic memories of tribal genocides, being chased by hippos and elephants, seeing loved ones eaten by lions, and etc. than memories of evil whitey.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
  8. jim jones says:

    So where does this leave “Native Americans”, are they just colonists like us Brits?

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @Buck Ransom
  9. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    That be Paleo-Holocaust Deniers.

  10. “This was a very weird discovery — that about 2% of the ancestry of a few Amazonian tribes appeared more closely related to Andaman Islanders in the Indian Ocean than to anybody else closer.”

    That’s not a weird discovery: A number of South Pacific culture have lore about sending people across the big ocean.

  11. @Mike Krauthammer

    Alt-righters date Northeast Asians, so their grandchildren will be white and yellow.

  12. Anonymous[344] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Alarmist

    I tend to like the theory these guys got there by sea. But it is a fantastical theory. These remains are old, very old. Enough so that if they really made a transpacific crossing that’d make them the craziest and luckiest sonofabitches the world has seen for 20 thousand years. The only way I see this possibly being correct is because the ocean levels were apparently low enough then that lots of current seamounts could have been small islands.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @Avalanche
  13. @The Alarmist

    Andaman Islanders are not related to Polynesians, though. As I recall Polynesians including Maori et al were a diaspora from Taiwan; they are basically north east Asians though from an earlier north>south migration wave than modern Vietnamese & Thais.

    Andaman Islanders are a very old south-Asian-coast population who never had any northerner ancestors.

  14. Dave Pinsen says: • Website
    @The Alarmist

    He means their point of origin (the Andaman Islands) is in the Indian Ocean. They’re right in the crotch of it, 2,000 kilometers from the Pacific.

  15. David Reich and his team are doing extremely valuable scientific work — Steve Sailer should find a better nickname for them rather than “high tech grave robbers.” We want to convert the genetics research community (or at least most of them) to accepting HBD.

  16. dearieme says:
    @The Alarmist

    “A number of South Pacific culture have lore about sending people across the big ocean.” The Irish have lore about crossing the Atlantic in stone boats. Most lore is crap.

  17. @Simon in London

    The Denisovans seemed to have gotten around the region … physically and geographically.

  18. slumber_j says:

    In their new study, Dr. Reich and his colleagues found no trace of Population Y — but Dr. Willerslev’s team succeeded in identifying their DNA in some of the 10,400-year-old skeletons in Brazil.

    Maybe I’m being obtuse, but what does that self-contradictory sentence mean?

    • Replies: @ThirdWorldSteveReader
  19. @Steve Sailer

    “So how did living South Americans get a dose of this Australo-Melanesian DNA? “A possible explanation is that the connection reflects more recent gene flow,” says Science co-lead author Eske Willerslev of the University of Copenhagen. By that he doesn’t mean boats crossing the Pacific, as some researchers had earlier speculated. Instead, Willerslev contends that the ancestors of some of today’s South Americans might have mixed with Asian populations related to today’s Australo- Melanesians and carried those genes into the Americas during a well-established later wave of migration from Asia that also peopled the Aleutian Islands (Science, 13 January 2012, p. 158).”

    The folks at Science a couple years back suggested a combination of admixture and walking.

  20. @Dave Pinsen

    While Port Blair in South Andaman is indeed 2,000 km to the tip of the Malayan Peninsula and the eastern edge of the Indian Ocean, it is actually more like 7,500 km from the eastern tip of New Guinea and the Solomon Islands in the Coral Sea which are in Melanesia. And it is further still from Polynesia and all that old lore.

  21. @Dave Pinsen

    I thought there was a theory that the Polynesian boat people originated in that area spread south to New Zealand and east to Hawaii and Easter Island? It’s not hard to see Moana and Maui making the trip from Easter Island to Chile.

  22. songbird says:

    This is similar to the sort of thing I’ve wondered about: if Amerinds were largely bottlenecked, it would probably be hard to tell how much replacement there was between tribes, like with the advent of agriculture. Or whether such groups as the Inca and Aztec men were doing largely the same to their neighbors as Spanish men where doing when they came, ie. reproducing their y-chromosomes in great disproportion.

  23. Pericles says:
    @Mike Krauthammer

    White Nationalist furies in the US is something like Hitler’s last stand, doomed, as the Allies closed in on him

    Who would these Allies be though? Your wife’s black sons?

  24. songbird says:
    @Simon in London

    Probably just means that they were massacred and completely replaced somewhere to the East. The DNA probably would not survive in bones because of the heat.

    Logically, if the model of replacement holds true in the Americas, one would have to incorporate it into the Old World as well.

  25. @The Alarmist

    That’s not a weird discovery: A number of South Pacific culture have lore about sending people across the big ocean.

    Alarmist, the problem is timeline.

    – If they are a small contribution because they arrived after big Native America migration then their DNA should “coastal”. How did they get “cleanly” up and over the Andes and find themselves only in Brazilian interior.

    – If they preceded migration/LGM … then why weren’t they a big population with remains everwhere. If you are the only people someplace … the living is good, and they should have spread out all over.

    The scenario would have to be that they arrive *just* before the great migration and are killed off everywhere … except the Amazon interior, where they had the skills to survive and gradually mix as arrivals adapted to the Amazon as well.

    And then … why no sign of them on islands on the Pacific? Did they bust out all the way from New Guinea successfully in one go, but never populate islands that seem to have been people free until the Polynesian expansion?

    It’s all a little too cute.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @TWS
  26. @AnotherDad

    Maybe they went east from Brazil.

    • Replies: @Lowe
  27. @Anonymous

    Could they have gone east from Brazil then skirted the coasts around the Horn?

  28. Nobody made much progress on the question of how could anybody get from the Indian Ocean to Brazil

    I’ve read that the Andaman Islanders are related to the Ainu, and I’ve also read that there is some genetic material in the Indians of the Pacific Northwest that seems to be related to the Ainu.

    Hypothesis: The ancestral Andaman/Ainu population was better than other humans at spreading from mainland Asia to new lands (SE Asia, Japan, Americas), but lacked the ability to hold the lands they discovered against newcomers, eventually being confined to Sentinel Island and a small pocket in Hokkaido.

    In the new world, temperate zone Andaman/Ainu population in the Pacific Northwest became Ainu-like before being swamped by newcomers, while in the Amazon they became Andaman-like before being swamped.

  29. Anon[148] • Disclaimer says:

    The sperm carries memory of prior trauma.

    And the trauma does … what? Make your IQ lower? Make you more violent? Make you less liable to recognize and follow social norms?

    If you’re dumb and violent and a troublemaker because of intercellular pods, then how on earth can magic dirt and mainstreamed classes and holistic college admissions fix that? And doesn’t it invalidate disparate impact law?

    I’d be happy to go along with this epigenetics bullshit if society would then connect the dots and realize what it would mean in terms of law, education, and the working world.

    Sure, it’s pods. Do research on how to disable the pods. The give IQ tests. If you’ve fixed the problem, great. If not, keep your violent, dumbshit kids out of my child’s school

    • Replies: @notanon
  30. @Anonymous

    I find it vaguely amusing – in a truly morbid way – how science can be weaponized like this. Incidentally, while sperm will assuredly carry something as wispy as memories into the next generation, it can have no effect whatsoever on the body its in, because genetic memory is now trending but telegony is haram.

    Its a brave new world of objective leftist science!

  31. @Simon in London

    Polynesians did, as you say, come from Taiwan. When this was confirmed a few years back the shrewd NZ Politician Winston Peters, who is a Maori notorious for his anti-Asian dogwhistling for nationalist votes remarked ‘see, I can’t be anti-Asian, I am Asian.’

  32. donut says:

    ” why no sign of them on islands on the Pacific? Did they bust out all the way from New Guinea successfully in one go, but never populate islands that seem to have been people free until the Polynesian expansion?” I wondered about that too , but islands aren’t continents and it would be much easier to completely exterminate and erase all trace of the people you found there . Warfare and disease could do it .

  33. @Anon

    Actually we are probably all passing on “stress” patterns since modern life has been featuring increasing levels of high cortisol through the decades, which is how the body reads stress.

    • Replies: @Thea
  34. Jack D says:

    OT — I wonder how American Indian carver Amanda Crowe would feel about being made 5 shades darker in today’s Google doodle:

    The actual Amanda:

    The Google version:

  35. TheBoom says:

    If 2% can wield such power, 64% can wield so much more IF they act like Jews.

    Yes but it is not in whites’ nature to act like Jews, owning the media and entertainment industry is not what white people are.

  36. Lowe says:

    So you’re saying they crossed the Atlantic, from Africa?

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  37. This got some attention for awhile, but nobody made much progress on the question of how could anybody get from the Indian Ocean to Brazil.

    Not sure what the big mystery is, just a couple of weeks ago you had a commenter state that he personally knew “a surprising number of British migrants to Australia who had travelled overland to get there”. There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your Philosophy.

  38. Jack D says:
    @The Alarmist

    The reason they have lore about this is because they did – that’s how the Pacific Islands were populated. The Polynesians started from Taiwan and worked their way across the Pacific in outrigger canoes. They didn’t reach New Zealand until around 1,000 AD (the aborigines of Australia arrived circa 50,000 BC).

    Some of the distances were vast – Marquesas to Hawaii is around 2,000 miles and it’s not like you are aiming for an unmissable continent – a few degrees off course and there is only the vast emptiness of the Pacific. God knows how many expeditions were lost at sea for every successful one.

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  39. TWS says:

    Not hard to understand at all. North America before 10k bc was taiga, the coasts of South America were probably fairly well populated but are now underwater.

  40. @The Alarmist

    It’s weird because of the timeline and genetics: modern South Pacific islanders are mostly not descended from Andamanese-like peoples, but a product of recent migration.

    Also, it’s quite odd the the Andamanese ancestry which is rare today in South America was about as rare 10000 years ago. Maybe the guys who proposed a population substructure in the original wave that came from Beringia were right.

    • Replies: @Lars Porsena
  41. @slumber_j

    Not contradictory, the two studies sequenced DNA from different archaeological sites. Reich found no trace of Anadamanese-like DNA in Lapa do Santo (9600ya), Laranjal (6700ya), Moraes (5800ya) and Jabuticabeira (2000ya), while Willerslev found around ~3% of Andamanese ancestry in Lagoa Santa (~10500ya).

    • Replies: @slumber_j
  42. Whiskey says: • Website
    @Mike Krauthammer

    Troll but not thinking this through.

    It is absolutely correct that the US, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, every White country on earth is now either tipping or already there to majority non-White.

    And that White men in particular aided by White female hypergamy will likely be made serfs at best, at worst herded into boxcars for extermination.

    BUT … Rwanda, the Holocaust, Holodomor, all give us a very good idea of what’s in store for White men.

    White men are very, very good at killing and in particular non-Whites because of the very thing that makes White women despise them — the massive amount of beta males.

    Compared to non-White men, White men are able to stand in a line and kill their enemies and die in formation under counter-attack like a job. Like threshing wheat. Or plowing a field. Every non-White enemy who encountered use noted this and quailed before it, save the Japanese who were just like us in a supply of beta males willing to die together. We are also extremely and seemingly genetically interested in coming up with interesting and more effective ways of killing enemies.

    Yes, Sayeed, Jamal, and Jose are more likely to have higher proportions of the Warrior Gene, and be more intensely physically violent, but what about some bright young White dude who is suddenly enserfed and sees all his women with non-White foreigners? Might he not bio-hack and release some virus that kills all non-Whites? Or maybe just everyone? Bio hacking has the emerging threat dudes at the Pentagon worried, the tools for it are becoming cheaper and the reason it has not emerged so far is that it takes really bright people to make it work. An Oppenheimer, a Teller, a Feynman level intellect. Not a underwear bomber IQ.

    What exactly will be done with White men? There is no credible plan to exterminate us all at once, and once killing and/or enserfment starts you can expect both a leader and even the worst of the soy boys to up the ante of killing in response.

    Far from being the Colors of Benetton utopia that the Left imagines, the 21st Century will be even bloodier and more filled with genocide than the previous one. If there is one thing White people are very good at, its killing lots and lots of non-Whites. Ask the Comanche, the Sioux, the residents of Hiroshima. As a side benefit, killing lots and lots of people makes White dudes almost as sexy as a convicted murderer like Scott Peterson (who still gets love letters in prison) or Anders Breivik (same).
    If the powers that be were smart they’d “stuff their mouths with gold” ala overcoming British Doctors objections to National Health in 1948. By delivering a bunch of “sexy” non-White women, White dudes are suckers for “marry the hot princess, fight your own people, become a big shot there instead of a ordinary dude here.” There were more than a few Conquistadors who went native and married Mayan princesses and fought their own people for decades. But no White dude is looking at Manzanar as their upside and deciding not to fight.

  43. Thea says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    For all the talk of how birth control has messed society and human relationships up, few note the role of artificial lighting and hvac. We have within a century created a world with a rhythm counter to that of our bodies.

    • Agree: Daniel Chieh
  44. ‘The researchers speculated that their ancestry included an unknown group, which the scientists called Population Y, who separately made their way into the Americas.’

    That sounds something like the initial theories concerning Kennewick man. Eventually, Chatters was force to submit to political correctness and mumble something that sounded like he agreed Kennewick man was just another Indian — but the earlier discussions suggested he wasn’t related to any contemporary population at all, but was a representative of an earlier, archaic strain of Homo Sapiens that was subsequently done in by the therefore completely misnamed ‘First Nations.’

    Here I move from ideas supported by the evidence to unfettered speculation. I’ll also note the skeletal remains of Kennewick man suggested a really hard life: episodes of starvation, traumatic injuries.

    Perhaps Kennewick man represented an early human population that was barely able to survive, and few in number — not the gloriously triumphant and abundant species we take for granted today. He would have been easily done in by the far more numerous and technologically advanced newcomers.

  45. @ThirdWorldSteveReader

    How do we know how rare it was? How many corpses do they actually have with intact DNA to test from that era?

    The Anzick-1 corpse from apx. 10,000BC is the only one I know of who’s DNA they have analyzed from that period, so you have a sample size of 1 representing the whole of the Clovis descended population that produced all kinds of native groups all over 2 continents.

    Another thing is that ‘paleo-indians’ are practically mainstream now, there were people here even before Clovis, at least several to ten thousand years earlier. But that I know if there are no human remains whatsoever from that population, only tools and 1 yurt in the 12000-18000BC period prior to Clovis. (And these are occurring in places like Chile and Florida which can’t get further from the Bering Sea.)

    There also has never been any archeological evidence of them coming over Beringia either, it’s always been an educated guess due to the land bridge and genetic links. One explanation I have seen for this is that because the sea levels use to be so much lower, the evidence of them crossing Beringia would be underwater. But the same thing is true for south Pacific island crossings. What today are the islands the Polynesians found and settled, in the past would have been the tops of hills and mountains on islands, and coastline or whole islands that existed back then that could have been settled, would now be under the ocean.

    • Replies: @ThirdWorldSteveReader
  46. notanon says:
    @Mike Krauthammer

    nice to to you and your children

    we know that’s not gonna happen cos people like Matthew Yglesias in the media will be inciting the opposite.

  47. Mike1 says:

    White people would have to get a lot smarter to act like Jews. The IQ gap between white people and Ashkenazi Jews is roughly the same gap between white people and African Americans.
    Genuinely smart white people do exist but they are effectively shunned by the wider white population in the same way Black people who try at all in school get called “white”.

  48. slumber_j says:

    Okay: thanks. Sorry, I guess I was indeed being obtuse.

  49. If strong evidence of Population Y is found it’s likely to be politically controversial. American Indian activists would not respond well to the idea that their ancestors wiped out an earlier native population.

    My guess would be that it’s a seafaring population that split. One branch went east and became the Andaman Islanders, another headed west and made it to Brazil.

  50. @Jack D

    Why is American Indian carver Amanda Crowe carving an elephant? Doesn’t she know that’s cultural appropriation? Didn’t they teach her anything at the Art Institute of Chicago?

    Shuddering to remember America’s vile history of oppression and colonialism.

    Shame on you Art Institute! Apologies and reparations now!

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  51. Travis says:

    would be interesting to see how much Native American DNA is observed in modern tribal members. But tribes rightfully fear any DNA testing of living Tribal members , because the few done so far indicate that the typical American Indian is far more European than Native American. I suspect the drinking problems associated with American Indians is because they are genetically Scots-Irish. The Native Americans in Mexico and South America do not seem to have the same issues with booze because they lack Scots-Irish DNA.

    • Replies: @ThirdWorldSteveReader
  52. Tex says:
    @Mike Krauthammer

    Hey it’s Tiny Duck, but with correct spelling!

  53. syonredux says:

    The sperm carries memory of prior trauma.

    Huh. That must be be why Japan is in such bad shape…..all that traumatized sperm from WW2…..And God knows when Chinese sperm will recover from the Great Leap Forward Famine and the Cultural Revolution…..

  54. Anonymous[249] • Disclaimer says:

    Memory might be coded into our genes.

    Is that you, Trofim?

  55. …nobody made much progress on the question of how could anybody get from the Indian Ocean to Brazil.

    What about two branches of a group spreading from a third place?

    The Pacific coast of South America is closer to the Andamans over the Atlantic. But not from Central America– the shorter Great Circle route from Guatemala is over the Arctic, although it’s almost all land and ice.

    Auckland is nearly the midway point between Lima, Peru, and the Andamans. It’s slightly closer to the latter, but there is more in the way. (Though that would be a feature, not a bug, wouldn’t it?)

  56. @Anonymous

    Anand Ranganathan apparently comes from a culture that doesn’t believe in diversity of vowels.

    In my day, though, six As would have been a stellar report card.

    • Replies: @Aias Lives
  57. Pat Boyle says:
    @Jack D

    When I was about ten or twelve I went to camp along with my cousin Willie. I was a whittler. In fact I was the best whittler in the whole camp. Other kids were amazed.

    How was I to know that whittling was important and could get recognition from Google? Or maybe not. Since I’m white I’d probably have to do something rather more substantial like curing cancer or becoming a captain of industry.

    On the frontier I’m told it was common for whites to defect to an Indian Tribe. Very few Indians tried to live among whites. This is probably why. The expectations on an Indian are pretty low.

  58. says:

    Steve in the 1980s the Christian Science Monitor published a magazine called WORLD MONITOR,
    They had an article about a professor at either ASU or University of Arizona, I THINK it was the former, He studied American Indian dentition and,m through that, discovered that they were from Shanghai, China. This was through dental matches.

    Kennewick Man was found on the shore of the Columbia River in Washington State.
    The original scientist who did the skull and facial recreation model had it look like “Jean Luc Picard” portrayed by the actor Patrick Stewart. It was clear that Kennewick Man was WHITE. If one looks at the photo used by NPR, our tax dollars at work, which is the way the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE protrays Kennewick Man, you see what looks like a Tongan or Samoan.

    National Review Online had an article by a man named John J. Miller, NATIONAL REVIEW March 8, 1999 Issue ‘Politics buries a key archeological find.’

    It told the tale of Bill Clinton having the Army Corps of Engineers destroying the site where Kennewick Man was discovered something on the order of 500 tons or more of sand and gravel were poured over the site then trees were planted.

    According to the scientist who was the main man on Kennewick at the time it effectively destroyed any chance of archaeologists ever looking at that site again.

    The Solutrean theory matches well with the archaeological evidence, at least before it is tampered with or destroyed by the powers that be.

    Could it be that we, the WHITE or ARYAN people are the FIRST NATION people, the true Native Americans?

  59. @Lars Porsena

    The Willerslev group paper reported the sequencing of 15 skeletons ranging from 10-5 kya, plus one Inca mummy from 500 ya. Of these, five skeletons came from Lagoa Santa (10kya), and the paper is unclear about the actual amount of Australasian DNA in each of them, but it seems like only one of the five had it.

    From the results:

    When compared to Mesoamerican groups (Mixe and Huichol), Lagoa Santa also shares a larger proportion of alleles with Aus-tralasian groups but not with other Eurasians (Fig. 4)

    Meanwhile, in the discussion:

    Although we detect the Australasian signal in one of the Lagoa Santa individuals identified as a “Paleoamerican,” it is absent in other “Paleoamericans” (2, 10), including Spirit Cave with its strong genetic affinities to Lagoa Santa.

    As we have found, there was a previously unknown population in the Americas (UPopA), as well as one that harbored an Australasian signal in the Late Pleistocene and reached South America, yet left no apparent traces in North America.

    The Reich paper brings data on 49 ancient individuals from all over the Americas, 11-0.5kya, including seven Brazilian samples that are similar in age and location to Lagoa Santa, but have no Andamanese ancestry.

    (I think the genetic evidence for a Beringian crossing became quite robust in the latter years)

    • Replies: @Lars Porsena
  60. @Travis

    On alcohol… it depends. Indians in Brazilian reservations are famous for spending everything on booze. So are recently contacted tribes, or tribes that live far away from civilization. They drink as much as they can get like there were no tomorrow.

    The admixed Indian-like folks don’t have more problems than the average Whites and Blacks.

  61. Eagle Eye says:

    Interesting unethical detail in the NYT story:

    In exchange for permission to sequence the DNA, Dr. Willerslev and his colleagues agreed that they would share the data with other scientists only for confirmation of the findings in the Nature study.

    NYT piece also has a nice reconstruction of Kennewick Man looking like Patrick Stewart. New DNA Results Show Kennewick Man Was Native American

  62. The man from Spirit Cave in Nevada belonged to this so-called southern branch of migrants. He also was closely related to a 12,700-year-old boy found on the other side of the Rocky Mountains in Montana, Dr. Willerslev also found.

    Well what is left out is that skeletal-wise, Spirit Cave Man is considered to be a caucasoid, as was Kennewick Man. The boy from Montana, Anzick 1, was related to Siberians and shows the same relative affinity to Western- and Eastern Eurasians, this suggests that the gene-flow from the Mal’ta lineage into Native Americans happened before the NA and SA groups diverged.

    As for the Piutes. Their own legends tell of them killing the giants who lived in the area before they arrived.

  63. @jim jones

    And more importantly, what are the implications for Liz Warren’s chances in 2020?

  64. @Jack D

    Re New Zealand.
    Two very interesting videos about the “original” populations:

    Also left out of the analysis was the origins of the blond mummies – the Cloud Warriors in the Andes.

  65. @El Dato

    A bit OT but –wasn’t there a theory rattling around out there that women who are subjected to intense emotional stress during pregnancy tend to give birth to offspring who are more disposed towards to homosexual behavior?

  66. @ThirdWorldSteveReader

    Keep in mind this, even at the far end of the range of these studies, 10k-11k, is only just beginning to approach paleo-indian time frames. Pre-clovis people would have been around in the 10k-20k range. Habitation at Monte Verde Chile and the Topper site in South Carolina was 18k y.a.

    A 1-in-5 rate, 20%, is not that small. And that’s starting into post-Clovis period already.

    If there was population sub-structure in Clovis, you would expect to see traces of that wherever Clovis went (everywhere) not just in the Amazon. If Clovis brought over some admixture or slave peoples or something with them, how would they all end up in the Amazon instead of spread out over the Clovis range (of both whole continents)? Makes more sense IMO they were here first and got wiped out everywhere else except some remote places. We know somebody was here and wiped out by Clovis, whether or not they were the ones to bring over the Andamanese like DNA.

    • Replies: @KevinB
  67. backup says:

    With regard to population Y: The 40.000 years old Tianyuan sample *also* showed the affinity that some Indian show. If you look at the recent NE Siberian paper they modeled the climatic conditions of Siberia and Beringia during the last glacial maximum, the coldest period of the ice age just before the end of the ice age. That model was based on fossile finds and showed there was a corridor along the (present day) coastline of East Siberia that remained ice free.

    I think that corridor could have been used by a population that ultimately formed population Y.

  68. @Lowe

    No, from Brazil. It’s easier that direction, IIRC, and surprisingly close.

    Akin to finding DNA ten thousand years from now on Pitcairn Island. Similar DNA in England would suggest the origin was in England, not Pitcairn.

  69. pyrrhus says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    That was no 3 hour cruise, for sure….

  70. notanon says:

    I’d be happy to go along with this epigenetics bullshit if society would then connect the dots and realize what it would mean in terms of law, education, and the working world.

    yes – the epigenetic meme-cluster is meant to be a second line of defense against the genetic argument but half the time it reinforces the biological / generational aspect of the genetic argument so in some cases using agree & amplify can be entertaining.

  71. @Jack D

    She accepts being depicted darker than she is because she also appears somewhat slimmer and less jowly than she is. Life is about trade-offs….

  72. 22pp22 says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    The Maori had a kind of a potato called the kumara. There were eating it when the first Europeans arrived.

  73. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    “… kinships that spanned thousands of years.”

    Is this the new approved euphemism? Or are we on a “euphemism treadwheel” with new euphemisms coming at us hard and fast?

  74. @Whiskey

    Absolute Nonsense, White Race is headed to Extinction without a fight.
    Moreover, your Government will stop any sort of “White Warrior” and hang your by your ugly Red NECK.
    Nothing you can do.

  75. KevinB says:
    @Lars Porsena

    Yeah, it makes more sense that these areas are genetic redoubts. My guess is the Clovis culture finished the paleo culture off, but the main extermination event was a catastrophic occurrence at the end of the last ice age. There is a lot of evidence for a comet impact in the North American ice sheet. Google “Carolina Bays” for some interesting side evidence.

    Subsequent to the impact, as seen in an iridium boundary in the polar ice sheets, most of the American mega-fauna was annihilated. The PC line is that the Clovis culture ate their way through the 100,000s of thousands of Mammoths and Mastodons, but this is preposterous. So food source gone with a large percentage of the population destroyed made for easy pickings.

  76. @Mike Krauthammer

    Stop pretending to be a Jew, Tiny Duck. As a Jew myself, I’m not particularly amused by this appropriation of my ethnoreligious identity and the concomitant gloating over the misfortunes of others (cloaked in the garment of a false virtue).

  77. Avalanche says:

    Roll into that “homo sapiens” in his modern form (same body, same abilities, same brain!) has existed for something like 200,000 YEARS!

    So “we” spent some 195,000 years as grunting tiny-tribe hunter-gatherers — and only in the last 5,000 years or so “suddenly” developed civilization (Sumer) and cities and (in the just last <100 years) trips to the moon? "We" didn't advance (if it is an advance) AT ALL for 195,000 years?! Really?!

    OR is it that our "history" (pre-history, by the old definition) is … truncated and.or lost? Look at what a tsunami did to Bandeh Ache (3rd world) and Japan (1st world)… If there had not been other 1st-world countries to leap in and help them rebuild; if they were 3rd and 1st world without external support — how much would be left of their civilizations? And, if the Ice Age "2-mile-deep ice sheet over NYC" etc. melted, and raised the sea levels (and swamped the SHORE levels) by 400-1,000 feet, where would all the shore-dwellers' home and cities and 'advancement' be now?

    Sailing around the world, for, say, a 100,000-year-old homo sapiens civilization would NOT be hard. We’ve had a infinitesimal fraction of that time — and we fly over the oceans!

  78. Avalanche says:

    “… killing lots and lots of people makes White dudes almost as sexy as a convicted murderer… Anders Breivik (same).”

    Vox Day, on one of his video DarkStreams, says that Breivik will be a national hero in times to come. (I want a t-shirt that shows Vox Day’s: “National heroes are men of blood.”) He describes the Swiss national hero, William Tell, being forced by the governor to shoot an apple off his son’s head, and after he succeeded, the governor asked why Tell took out the second arrow. “Because if I had hurt my son, that arrow was for you.”

    And that’s where most modern re-tellings end.

    Vox Day points out: later that same day, Tell ambushed the governor, assassinated him, and killed (“murdered”) his entire entourage. Anders Breivik killed off the ‘larval form’ of the invasive / fake- and non-native destroyer-class (e.g., that is leading, supporting, and forcing the raping and killing White Europeans and the destruction of White civilization.

    There WILL be statues to Breivik in the future. Just as there are for William Tell.

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