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The New Hierarchy of Innate Privilege
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With #HateHoax finally trending on Twitter as America debates the latest #BBQBecky, #ExpressLaneEric, from an anonymous iSteve commenter:

The end goal of political correctness is to resurrect medieval concepts of hereditary nobility, albeit with privileges accorded to women and ethnic/sexual minorities instead of the descendants of military leaders was done in feudal times

-Extremely brittle sense of personal honor: as a commoner (white male), say the wrong words or even look at a high-born funny and you’re guilty of some kind of crime (needless to say, the reverse does not apply; peasants have no honor to offend)

-Lengthy, pretentious and ever-expanding titles to assert one’s superiority (“woman of color,” “queer woman of color,” to the point where you start to sound like a Game of Thrones character)

-Finally, mandatory taxes exacted on the peasantry in the form of affirmative action, minority set-asides, female quotas on corporate boards etc. The common man is no longer entitled to the fruits of his own labor; he has to make sure his betters get a taste as well

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  1. Don’t worry. I’m sure Trump is going to do something about this very soon.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Commenter
  2. Hereward says:

    Indeed. Woke racial and sexual minorities talk about how many boxes they can check on the intersectionality bingo card the same way nobles of the ancien regime boasted of the number of barons on their family trees.

    • Replies: @c matt
  3. Interesting headline from the Pioneer Press today. Normally “Minneapolis man” would be taken as less informative, but here it’s more informative. Because no clue to the sex of Shakee Shabazz Miller-Brantley is given in the text:

    Minneapolis man arrested after woman found dead in St. Paul home with children present

    “Shakee Shabazz” sounds like a post-Ramadan special at 7-11.

    • Replies: @Lurker
    , @Marty
  4. @JohnnyWalker123

    No doubt Hillary Clinton was going to stop all this nonsense but was prevented by those dastardly Russians who helped the Bad Orange Man to steal the presidency!

    • Agree: Ron Mexico
    • Replies: @Ozymandias
  5. NYT also weighs in on the important Express checkout lane verbal assault story:

    ‘The Hate Is Real’: Black Georgia Lawmaker Says She Was Berated at Supermarket
    Erica Thomas said a white man angry at how many items she had in an express lane checkout told her “go back where you came from.”

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  6. Anon7 says:

    After being told in my liberal lefty civics class that people came to America for freedom of expression, I discovered that many people came here to be kings! or barons, or earls. They had gotten a bad hand of cards when they were born (no royalty) and wanted to reshuffle and try again. They were not afraid to work hard, or to fail and try again.

    The dream of being royalty dies hard, apparently. Now women have it, having been told over and over how special they are (maybe at age 16). Minorities get the same treatment; you’re so special, you bring so much to America. Just by being here. No need to work or contribute anything.

  7. Precisely. Now all we need is a new Master of the Revels. I’m afraid iSteve would not survive the resurrection of that office.

  8. Anonymous[275] • Disclaimer says:

    Google has been bugging the heck out of me with this ad for the past few weeks, and I see from the comments left that I am not the only one annoyed that I am forced to watch it multiple times per day. The “skip this ad” button does not always work on tbis propaganda either.

  9. Kronos says:

    The jobs and salary prospects are still really skimpy. It’s still all a psycho-drama of bread and circuses created by the Baby Boomers. They’re dying off and they know it. Their biggest threat are millennial and Gen X white males revamping economic/foreign policy away from Boomer-centric needs. 60% of the federal budget will be funding boomer entitlements in the near future. They’ll scrap together a few care packages to any demographic that can stop (or at least delay) that threat. As the largest generation in US history, they’ve been running everything since the 1990s and quite a bit before.

    • Troll: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  10. Lurker says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Make mine a low fat Shakee Shabazz – but can I have sprinkles as well.

  11. anon[722] • Disclaimer says:

    Moldbug made a similar argument in his trademark long-winded style, 10 years ago:

    Let’s say you were a person who didn’t care at all about the Constitution, and you wanted to take America back to the past and establish a new order of hereditary nobility. What could be more deliciously reactionary than that? Real, live nobles, walking around on the street. So let’s see what it would take to make it happen.

    First, we need to define noble status. Our rule is simple: if either of your parents was a noble, you’re a noble. While this is unusually inclusive for a hereditary order, it is the 21st century, after all. We can step out a little. And nobility remains a biological quality – a noble baby adopted by common parents is noble, a common baby adopted by noble parents is common.

    Fine. What are the official duties and privileges of our new nobility? Obviously, we can’t really call it a noble order unless it has duties and privileges.

    Well, privileges, anyway. Who needs duties? What’s the point of being a noble, if you’re going to have all these duties? Screw it, it’s the 21st century. We’ve transcended duties. On to the privileges.

    The basic quality of a noble is that he or she is presumed to be better than commoners. Of course, both nobles and commoners are people. And people do vary. Individual circumstances must always be considered. However, the official presumption is that, in any conflict between a noble and a commoner, the noble is right and the commoner is wrong. Therefore, by default, the noble should win. This infallible logic is the root of our system of noble privilege.

    For example, if a noble attacks a commoner, we can presume that the latter has in some way provoked or offended the former. The noble may of course be guilty of an offense, but the law must be extremely careful about establishing this. If there is a pattern of noble attacks on commoners, there is almost certainly a problem with the commoners, whose behavior should be examined and who may need supplemental education.

    If a commoner attacks a noble, however, it is an extremely serious matter. And a pattern of commoner attacks on nobles is unthinkable – it is tantamount to the total breakdown of civilization. In fact, one way to measure the progress that modern society has made is that, in the lifetime of those now living, it was not at all unusual for mobs of commoners to attack and kill nobles! Needless to say, this doesn’t happen anymore.

    This intentional disparity in the treatment of unofficial violence creates the familiar effect of asymmetric territorial dominance. A noble can stroll anywhere he wants, at any time of day or night, anywhere in the country. Commoners are advised not to let the sun set on them in noble neighborhoods, and if they go there during the day they should have a good reason for doing so.

    One of the main safeguards for our system of noble authority is a systematic effort to prevent the emergence of commoner organizations which might exercise military or political power. Commoners may of course have friends who are other commoners, but they may not network on this basis. Nobles may and of course do form exclusive social networks on the basis of nobility.

    Most interactions between commoners and nobles, of course, do not involve violence or politics. Still, by living in the same society, commoners and nobles will inevitably come into conflict. Our goal is to settle these conflicts, by default, in favor of the noble.

    For example, if a business must choose whether to hire one of two equally qualified applicants, and one is a noble while the other is a commoner, it should of course choose the noble. The same is true for educational admissions and any other contest of merit. Our presumption is that while nobles are intrinsically, inherently and immeasurably superior to commoners, any mundane process for evaluating individuals will fail to detect these ethereal qualities – for which the outcome must therefore be adjusted.

    Speaking of the workplace, it is especially important not to let professional circles of commoner resistance develop. Therefore, we impose heavy fines on corporations whose internal or external policies or practices do not reflect a solid pro-noble position. For example, a corporation which permits its commoner employees to express insolence or disrespect toward its noble employees, regardless of their relationship in the corporate hierarchy, is clearly liable. Any such commoner must be fired at once if the matter is brought to the management’s attention.

  12. Zoodles says:

    Its an intersectional caste system, complete with inherited karma. Its no coincidence that Brahmins and Conquistadors were able to quickly comprehend it for what it is and exploit it to place themselves into the upper castes.

  13. Hail says: • Website

    The end goal of political correctness is to resurrect medieval concepts of hereditary nobility, albeit with privileges accorded to women and ethnic/sexual minorities

    as a commoner (white male), say the wrong words or even look at a high-born funny and you’re guilty of some kind of crime

    Paul Craig Roberts identified this phenonemon, in nearly the same terms, and presumably for the first time in such language, in a series of columns in the early 2000s.

    Here is one of his columns from Dec. 2002. The column was syndicated, but by this time he was being forced into the VDare-type realm for his dissident views: His columns at this time were often published simultaneously in both Counterpunch and VDare, among other venues, print and digital. He is now a regular at the Unz Review and has just turned 80. (Happy Eighty Years, PCR, and thanks for your “service.”)

    (Speaking of syndication — As of late 2002, Sam Francis [R.I.P.] still had a syndicated column, as well. Francis was finally axed the next year for racism. Francis was an old-line conservative with fairly open racialist-nationalist sympathies of the kind that were once mainstream, and that in dog-whistle form are still Pat Buchanan’s bread-and-butter, to take one example. Francis was not a water-it-down kind of guy. He was a political prophet: starting in the 1990s he popularized the rise of Middle American Radical concept that is largely, today, a given in US politics, except that we call it MAGA, and except that it has wildly imperfect and ‘compromised’ billionaire figurehead of questionable moral seriousness.) (Sam Francis, were he still with us, would today be 72.)

    Excerpts from Paul Craig Roberts, writing in Dec. 2002 on this “New Feudalism”:


    For three decades [i.e., since the 1970s] the United States has been descending into a feudal legal order.

    In the ancient feudal system, the differential rights in the legal system were class-based. In the new feudal order, rights are determined by race, gender, and handicapped status. In the old feudalism, the people with the most rights were descendants of warriors. In the new system, it is the victim who has superior rights.

    This difference aside, there are many similarities between the two feudal legal systems despite the many centuries that separate them.

    In the old feudal system, there were no First Amendment rights. The legally privileged were free to engage in hate speech and to verbally harass others, but any commoner who replied in kind could be sued or have his tongue cut out.

    Black Americans have been granted the right to be offended by any words they don’t like and to extract retribution. The offending speaker finds himself forced into contrition and humiliating apologies. Often the penalty is a destroyed career.

  14. Unlike the old feudal order, today’s privileged class are incompetent. As such they are insecure and wanting to be victims. They know everyone else is smarter and better than they are.

    Remember the Yale screamers: they knew they were out of their league intellectually, so they scream “racism”.

  15. Somewhat OT: “North Carolina Father is killed after breaking his neck when a wave crashed into him while swimming with his children”

    The good news is that this proud white man and his wife took the admonitions of the racialists in this conference seriously and had no fewer than six children! So his name will live on, if nothing else.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
    , @ScarletNumber
  16. Jason Liu says:

    Hierarchy itself is a positive thing for humanity, though. You just have the unworthies on top

  17. @Mr McKenna

    Sorry, forgot the link. Raleigh News & Observer:

    The husband of Raleigh Christian writer and activist Shannon Dingle died Friday after a wave sent him crashing onto the beach, hitting his head, his wife said on social media.

    Shannon Dingle is a Christian writer and activist whose writing has been featured in USA Today, The Washington Post and Teen Vogue. She is a survivor of sex trafficking and abuse as a child, and her activism focuses on religion, sexual assault and disability advocacy.

    In May, she wrote about her childhood pregnancy and miscarriage at age 12 in a USA Today opinion article in opposition to strict abortion laws in Ohio and Alabama.

  18. istevefan says:

    The end goal of political correctness is to resurrect medieval concepts of hereditary nobility, albeit with privileges accorded to women and ethnic/sexual minorities instead of the descendants of military leaders was done in feudal times

    I won’t argue with what this commenter wrote. Perhaps it is true. However, what is annoying is that all we do is sit around and gripe about how PC culture is doing this, that and whatever to core Americans as though core Americans have no tools at their disposal to defend themselves.

    The only reason the other side has such power, if they do have such power, is because our side gives it to them. We allow them to frame each issue and then wonder why we lose the debate. We never just tell them to buzz off. We never use our enormous economic clout to wreck havoc on companies that help them enforce their perverse outlook on life.

    What will it take? All I can say is WE, including me, have no one to blame but ourselves. If we do end up as second class citizens or worse, future historians will have no pity on us since we knew what was happening, we had a numerical advantage, economic clout and the benefits of a 2nd amendment which apparently will all go unused.

    • Agree: jim jones
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  19. @Anonymous

    Looks like it’s time for you.

  20. @Peripatetic Commenter

    Sorry, but if Cheeto Hitler doesn’t solve all of my problems in the next three minutes then he’s an abject failure and I will stay home and pout on election day!!!

  21. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    As long as the beer and sportsball flow, House Cucktrades is secure.

    Someday, though, it won’t.

    People in Overland Park, and West County, and similar suburbs eastward in Indiana and Ohio and north through Iowa and Wiconsin and Michigan, will one day be cold, hungry and scared. Then they will be ready to listen to a man who will rise up.

    Maybe, just maybe, we’ll raise up the flag and stand as one together. It will be brutal, yes, but we will survive it.

  22. In the forest there standeth a tree
    That is sacred to me and to thee.
    Some peasants dare think
    To refresh it with drink;
    Thou knowest what liquid it be.

  23. @Anonymous

    So quit using Google. Seriously. I use their email service, but that’s it.

    • Replies: @ScarletNumber
  24. @Mr McKenna

    Maybe those 2 white kids are his. Maybe…

    • LOL: HammerJack
    • Replies: @HammerJack
  25. @Anon7

    Guys call their daughter “daddy’s little princess” and then wonder why English royal weddings are on TV.

  26. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    Remember the ‘nobility’ were always the descendants of those who conquered the nation, the ‘peasants’ the descendants of the defeated.

  27. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    George Washington explicitly rejected an hereditary title for himself, and all hereditary titles in general, in the fledgling Republic.
    A major point of contention amongst the revolutionaries was the deeply embedded English class/feudal system, which still pertained greatly in the 18th century. No doubt, the original colonists brought back their dissatisfaction with feudalism from England to their new American home.

    • Replies: @ScarletNumber
  28. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    I blame JFK.

  29. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    Anti-anti Nietzscheanism.

    The weak dominate the strong because the strong have become the weak.

    Which, effectively negates itself thus we get the real, full blown Nietzscheanism, that is the simple formula of the ‘law of the strong’.

  30. @ScarletNumber

    I notice they have segregated their kids and the (carefully camouflaged) sjw mom weighs 400 lbs.

  31. Screw all that. I’ve paid my money; now, why aren’t my indulgences being honoured?

  32. @Anonymous

    After Sally Ride and Christa McAuliffe, I suspect the most (in)famous female astronaut is Lisa “Other Than Honourable” Nowak, but for some reason she does not appear in the propaganda’s list of “female astronauts.”

  33. @anon

    I’d heard Moldbug was a little bit long-winded from a friend who reads him, but this sure seems readable and enjoyable, well, as much enjoyment as can be had in the reality of it all. I’ll head to that link now.

  34. The end goal of political correctness is to resurrect medieval concepts of hereditary nobility, albeit with privileges accorded to women and ethnic/sexual minorities instead of the descendants of military leaders was done in feudal times

    Yeah, these anti-White globalizer bastards want to lord it over us like Normans and we are Saxon peasants.

    We need a William the Conqueror to depose from power the JEW/WASP ruling class of the American Empire.


    It’s all about the ruling class and who the ruling class is and whose interests the ruling class is serving.

    You got Republican Party puppet rats screaming about the constitution or the 10th Amendment or less taxes or less government or this or that meaningless crap and Whitey is just now awakening to the fact that the Republican Party is the enemy of White Core America.

    Trump is actively attacking White Core America by pushing mass legal immigration.

    Trump is actively attacking White Core America by refusing to deport the upwards of 30 million illegal alien invaders in the USA.

    The new William the Conqueror must immediately take command and control of the mass media and the US military. Many junior officers and enlisted men support White Core America, but the rodent scum senior officer slobs are treasonous rats who push globalization and financialization and mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and the promiscuous use of the US military overseas to fight wars on behalf of the client state millstone named Israel.

    • Replies: @GU
  35. Like in the days of old when a member of the nobility could have numerous titles, this Erica Thomas holds a couple of spots in the hierarchy simultaneously. She is both A Person of the Sum of All Subtractive Colors and, being in the Georgia House, The Baroness of Lower Cobb County. Holding these two prestigious titles SHOULD give her more respect, and the fact that a commoner, especially a Cuban, would dare to question her use of the 10-items-or-less line at Publix is an example of how our society is just going straight to hell.

    What this incident reminds me of is that incident with that Brazilian woman grabbing a Boston man’s MAGA hat story from early this year as compared to an old Dr. Seuss tale:

    Commoner’s MAGA hat gets grabbed by a member of the immigrant nobility:

    Bartholomew Cubbins tried his damndest to take off his hat for the King:

    One could have nightmares about it – you’re surrounded by the black, brown, antifa, and immigrant nobility, but you forgot to leave your MAGA ball cap at home. As the crowd closes in, you take the hat off, but there’s another one under it. This crazy shit keeps going as you are running around the Publix store scattering those red MAGA caps all over the produce section like Bartholomew Cubbins. “Off with his job and career!”

  36. @anon

    Moldbug also linked to a clip from Shogun that illustrated his point nicely but that I’m now mysteriously having trouble finding.

  37. @Kronos

    LOL. This sort of “the boomers!” idiocy never ceases to amaze me.

    Sure, we boomers have done a shitty job during our time. (Blame us for Iraq War, housing bubble–sure, that’s boomer driven policy.) But i’m the absolute peak of the baby boom and over 60. People like me are no longer running much of anything–much less driving and enabling this insanity. Trump’s a lead boomer, but 73 year old guys aren’t running his administration or much of anything. Boomers weren’t in charge while this ramped up during this late Obama age collapse. (Obama himself is barely a boomer.) Most boomers are sitting around wondering “What the hell is going on?”

    Their biggest threat are millennial and Gen X white males revamping economic/foreign policy away from Boomer-centric needs.

    Pure comedy.

    GenX? During my career, the GexX guys were always up with the latest and greatest PC terminology. Boomer, me, was occasionally doing some non-PC plain speaking to GenX gasps and chortles. These rainbow flag lovers are the manly men who are going to turn it around? LOL. GenX white males–and unfortunately too many white females–are people in charge *right now* while this diaster has been rolling on.

    Millenials? What does their phone say?

    To be fair, at least millenials have a few more dissidents–like my son. But the mean millenial white male? Given the demographic disaster the dissidents will be pushing … just to escape, get a separate nation.

    Look fundamentally this isn’t a generational thing. The crisis is driven by particular ideologies, particular ethnic groups, particular political and business interests and the liberated (feelings driven) woman problem. But if you’re looking for the “woke” people driving this nonsense in academia, government, corporations, looking for “woke” white boomers is a fools errand. We aren’t the “woke” people, we’re the people taking naps.

  38. Marty says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Canadian Proximity. It’s Minneapolis’ 13th homicide of the year. Compare Dallas, ~90.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  39. @Marty

    Canadian Proximity. It’s Minneapolis’ 13th homicide of the year. Compare Dallas, ~90.

    Dallas has four times the population of Minneapolis. So the difference in rate isn’t that much. Saint Paul has 13 so far, which is right on track for their usual annual 25. If Minneapolis, about a third larger, also has only 13, they’re doing quite well.

  40. jsr says:

    When we don’t know anything about medieval history or early modern history or any history all beyond pop-history cliches it’s better that we compare those things we don’t like or do like to cartoons or their live human equivalents like GOfT: then we don’t look like sub-educated boobs but we get the point across anyway.

  41. Kronos says:

    The present craziness is an active choice made by Baby Boomers. The vast majority would triple down on it when given the choice between that and economic reform. You might be out of the game, but Pelosi and McConnell resided in D.C. for decades (and continue to.) Also, there isn’t an age-ceiling for voting.

    I noticed you left out my quote on how 60% of the federal budget will go towards entitlements. Nice. But here’s some more information.

    “Entitlements are the biggest government programs in the US.
    The biggest entitlement programs benefit seniors. In FY 2018 the Social Security program cost $988 billion. In FY 2018 the Medicare health-care program cost $589 billion.”

    In the book “Generation of Sociopaths” by Bruce Gibney, he demonstrates that Baby Boomers get more money out of social security then they paid in.

    “As an accounting matter, entitlements must be welfare for the simple reason that most older Americans extract more money from the system than they paid in. The overage is not an entitlement; it is a handout, paid for mostly by other generations. Per the Urban Institute, a medium-income two-earner couple born in 1955 taking retirement in 2020 could expect $1.15 million in benefits offset by just $728,000 in payroll taxes (in real dollar terms), a payout of 1.53:1.*,33 Obviously, the extra money has to come from somewhere, and it’s easy enough to trace. Any excess return can only be interest or a gift; as it turns out, it’s interest as a gift. The reason is that interest (the .53 of 1.53:1) is paid out of general revenues, and general revenues derive disproportionately from taxes on the rich: The top tier subsidizes the retirement of everyone else, especially medical care. Were it the case that people understood that dynamic and had knowingly voted for it, that would be one thing. But clearly, the whole theatre of the doughty middle-class taxpayer making prudential deposits into Social Security and Medicare renders that idea absurd.”

    Gibney, Bruce Cannon. A Generation of Sociopaths (p. 227). Hachette Books. Kindle Edition.

    [Steuerle, C. Eugene, and Caleb Quakenbush. “Social Security and Medicare Lifetime Benefits and Taxes.” Urban Institute. Sept. 2015, table 15. Measurements in 2015 dollars, both earning “average” wages, presented as present values. See their discussion for important assumptions about payouts, earnings histories, and discount rates (which seem reasonable).]

    Gibney, Bruce Cannon. A Generation of Sociopaths (p. 367). Hachette Books. Kindle Edition.

    Social Security is only part of the fiscal/monetary tyranny of the Baby Boomers. On the left, the cultural craziness results from the political price Bill Clinton made to move the Democratic Party to an economically centralist position. One that’s very friendly to Boomer 401ks. You have Democrats and Cuckservatives trading in cultural issues (and immigration) to maintain the economic goodies.

    Also, those Gen Xers and Millennials were selectively chosen for being “Boomer compliant.” Collaborators who understood what was desired in return for money/prestige. David Hogg isn’t the first nor last to support mainstream boomer political platforms for fame/fortune. Last time I checked; the US hasn’t produced “good jobs” since 2000. Ones with decent pay and benefits. All sacrificed to the unholy trinity of offshoring, automation, and immigration. To economically boost 401k values. Trump and Sanders are only possible because the Boomers are dying off. They’re bridge-ways into the 2020s and 2030s.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  42. anonn says:

    What an absolute load of nonsense. There’s plenty to mock and criticize about the identity politics crowd, but this analysis is wrong from start to finish. The dissident right had so much potential, but you all seem top spend all your time spinning ever more elaborate fantasy straw men in your minds. No wonder it was so easy for Trump to scam you lot into thinking he would do something for you when he’s spent his whole term cutting taxes and regulations for the globalist billionaire scum who really are ruing your lives.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  43. @Anonymous

    Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what I’m missing by using Adblock Plus.

    I’d probably have shot my computer by now if I wasn’t.

    • Replies: @Lot
  44. @Anonymous

    Ads? Ads? My God man, have ye not heard of Adblock Plus?

  45. GU says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    “the J*W/WASP ruling class”

    Any WASP membership in today’s ruling class is practically accidental, and they are allowed in despite their WASP ancestry, not because of it.

    • Agree: Hail
  46. Lot says:
    @Mr. Rational

    A slightly better ad blocker is uBlock Origin:

    I switched about 3 years ago.

  47. Anonymous[219] • Disclaimer says:

    What an absolute load of nonsense. There’s plenty to mock and criticize about the identity politics crowd, but this analysis is wrong from start to finish.

    What is wrong with the analysis? What would be a better one?

  48. anon[695] • Disclaimer says:


    Can someone please explain this to me because I just don’t get this story: Democrat presidential candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who railed against migrant kid abuse at the border now suddenly can’t be reached for comment on a bill aiming to prevent exactly that for Palestinian kids.

    “After signing on to and then backtracking from a bill to bar Israel from using U.S. military aid to detain Palestinian children, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., is claiming that she was inadvertently added to the legislation without her approval.”

    “DeLauro added that she was opposed to the bill because it “seeks to single out Israel for criticism, and seeks to appropriate money to investigate, document, and report only on Israeli abuses.”

    “DeLauro’s co-sponsorship of McCollum’s bill was a surprise … DeLauro is a quintessential member of the Democratic establishment when it comes to Israel. She has voiced unflinching support for the Jewish state. DeLauro’s husband is Stanley Greenberg, a prominent Democratic pollster who has advised Israel’s Labor Party.”

    “One member of Congress … said that it was her understanding that DeLauro’s co-sponsorship of the bill was related to her longtime championing of the rights and welfare of children, for which DeLauro is rightly known. She was not sure, the member said, why DeLauro jumped off the bill.”

    “Instead of directing the secretary of state to certify that U.S. aid is not being used by Israel to detain children, as the 2017 version does, the new bill amends U.S. law to explicitly ban U.S. aid from going toward the abuse of children …”

    ““It’s shocking,” said Shelly Altman … Pointing out that DeLauro has spoken up for children detained on the U.S.-Mexico border, Altman added, “She’s betraying her own progressive values.””

    “McCollum sent a letter to Bernie Sanders, a presidential candidate and Vermont senator, asking him to introduce a companion bill in the Senate. Sanders, who has expressed openness in the past to cutting U.S. aid to Israel, has not yet responded to McCollum, and his office did not respond to requests for comment from The Intercept about whether he supports the legislation. Neither did the office of Sen. Elizabeth Warren.”

    • Replies: @Jack D
  49. Cortes says:

    Fairly sure that Gibbon has a chapter on the inflation of titles under one of the Iconoclast Byzantine Emperors.

    Been wrong before.

  50. anon[364] • Disclaimer says:

    “No wonder it was so easy for Trump to scam you lot into thinking he would do something for you when he’s spent his whole term cutting taxes and regulations for the globalist billionaire scum who really are ruing your lives.”

    What’s the alternative? The way I see it, there is really no point in voting or participating in politics anymore. It’s all a scam. The system is too fundamentally corrupt and difficult to amend to be changed, so why even bother?

    • Replies: @Jack D
  51. @Anon7

    And similar to stories of old (and relatively new) there will be those who “fake” their royal ancestry or or nobility to obtain benefits, and will often pull it off! (see Rachel Doezel).

    I expect the white-turned-moderately Hispanic category to increase steadily as more DNA tests show many whites to be of Iberian ancestry, which does qualify as Hispanic by federal standards, and certainly culturally at this point. Regardless of the “race is just a social concept” people, the fact is that DNA testing is BIG BUSINESS and questioning it’s reliability as far as algorithms would put local, state and federal government agencies into a quagmire of arguing against something that is used by government to reliably condemn and/or release people in the criminal justice system, as well as develop autosomal profiles of serial killers based upon matches in known/public DNA databases.

    You can be there are a lot more 10-40 percent Iberian (white) Americans out there than 1/1024th Iberians or natives for that matter.

  52. Jack D says:

    This is simply a lie. The Fed gov has been taking money as Social Security taxes that I could have been investing in my own retirement fund (and earning interest/ appreciation thereon) for the last 40 years. If my spouse and I had the $728,000 that the gov took from me invested, I’ll have a lot more than $1.15 million in my 401(k) by now. If the Fed gov is paying interest on that money to the Soc. Security trust fund, that’s not a “gift” – they’d have to pay it to different bondholders anyway.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  53. Jack D says:

    You may not think that things could not possibly get any worse if someone other than Trump were President, but trust me buddy, things CAN get worse. A lot worse.

  54. Jack D says:

    This is all Leftist inside baseball. I don’t GAF. The Senate is not cutting aid to Israel over this even if Bernie Sanders introduces 100 bills and even if it did, Trump would veto it.

    McCollum is some sort of Leftist goodwhite lady from Minnesota who I never heard of before.

    According to her Wiki – “McCollum received a 91% progressive rating from Progressive Punch, a self-described nonpartisan group that provides a “searchable database of Congressional voting records from a Progressive perspective” – that says it all. You can pretty much assume that she is on the wrong side of every possible issue, including this one. If you find yourself agreeing with her on ANYTHING, you should question whether you are wrong. Just because some extreme Leftists display anti-Semitic tendencies doesn’t make them good people even if you happen to be an anti-Semite too – they hate you even more than they hate Israel and the Jews.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  55. anon[184] • Disclaimer says:

    “You may not think that things could not possibly get any worse if someone other than Trump were President, but trust me buddy, things CAN get worse. A lot worse.”

    How? Jared Kushner and company are scheming to increase legal immigration while not a single mile of border wall has been built; our country is being flooded by illegals. The government continues prosecuting dissenters while social media censorship proceeds unabated. Our culture is being stomped on as whites are replaced in the movies, franchises and characters they created while we are subject to a seemingly never ending tidal wave of hate hoaxes and hatreds directed at us. We also seem to be on the verge of war with Iran and the economy stands a 50/50 chance of recession next year. Yeah, things could be a lot worse, but they could have been a lot better, too. I’m sick of choosing between two bad options. Either boycott the system or get a new system is my logic.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  56. @AnotherDad

    There is no escaping to another country, it won’t happen. The future is Brazil or Peru. The only escape is to be rich.

  57. Jack D says:

    Voting always comes down to choosing between the lesser of two evils. Trump is not perfect but he is a hell of a lot better than President Harris or Warren would be. As bad as the border situation is now, just wait until Pres. Harris declares open borders and tears down all the fences and the gates. You’re imagining that somehow this new system that you’ll magically create by boycotting the old one is going to somehow be better and more to your liking than the existing system. The chances of that being true are nil. And you’re not going to create a new system by sitting on your ass – you’ll only get Warren elected by staying home when her voters turn out.

    Boycotting the system or waiting for it to fail is not going to accomplish anything. There are (a few elderly) Cubans still waiting for the Castros to fail 60 years later – once Leftists entrench themselves into a system they are harder to get rid of than bed bugs. Those who supported Castro initially or were indifferent because they thought that Batista was corrupt and that Cuba needed a new system rued it for the rest of their lives (in exile). If they lived.

  58. @Anonymous

    Ironically for the father of our country, George Washington had no children. This is in contrast to Thomas Jefferson.

  59. c matt says:

    Someone needs to do a little video of a blue-haired harpie pulling a ping pong ball from a spinning bin calling out intersectionality characteristics, with some freak shouting bingo (winner being an undocumented Muslim trans person of color).

  60. @Jack D

    Correct, but you left out the inflation which slashed your savings by 2/3 during your working life. You also left out the fact that interest was 13% on a VA home loan circa 1984. Then they dropped deductions for credit cards, then by the time our careers were producing savings, they bottomed interest rates just in time for the Boomers to start saving and right about then they jacked up contributions to FICA and kept raising the upper limit. You never got paid up through the year if you were a middle class earner. Then they pushed all of us into 401Ks, which were halved thrice in thirty years by dot-com-bombs and the mortgage crisis and earlier, the S&L crisis. The next crash is apparently right around the corner. I don’t want to hear SHIT from those younger than I bitching about the meager Social Security payouts Boomers receive, because compared to what we put in, what we’ll get out is a pittance. We paid, we paid a LOT.

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