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The Mob Desecrates Ex-Slave's Statue
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In Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, the monument to Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, is defaced in the name of social justice:

In early September 1575, Cervantes and Rodrigo left Naples on the galley Sol; as they approached Barcelona on 26 September, their ship was captured by Ottoman pirates, and the brothers taken to Algiers. Rodrigo was ransomed in 1577, but his family could not afford the fee for Cervantes, who was forced to remain. Turkish historian Rasih Nuri İleri found evidence suggesting Cervantes worked on the construction of the Kılıç Ali Pasha Complex, which means he spent at least part of his captivity in Istanbul.

By 1580, Spain was occupied integrating Portugal, and suppressing the Dutch Revolt, while the Ottomans were at war with Persia; the two sides agreed a truce, leading to an improvement of relations. After almost five years, and four escape attempts, in 1580 Cervantes was set free by the Trinitarians, a religious charity that specialised in ransoming Christian captives, and returned to Madrid.

What good has it done the world to invent the novel if the inventor was a white man?

Cervantes was a white Christian who commanded a skiff at the Battle of Lepanto, so his accomplishments are a humiliation to everyone else.

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  1. RickinJax says:

    Cervantes had fought at the great Christian victory of Lepanto in 1571. He knew what was at stake and who his enemies where.

  2. tyrone says:

    Come on people ,do you expect these kids today to know who Cervantes was? Hey! the only reason he lasted this long is his spanish surname … they’re running low on confederates and founding fathers…..the blood is up.

  3. dearieme says:

    You’d expect a Spaniard to know what was at stake, eh?

    • Replies: @RickinJax
  4. Frank G says:

    Surely it’s illegal to gather into a mob and deface public property? Where are the police at all these demonstrations and why are they letting it happen? I fear the country is already rotting at the core an these are just surface effects.

    • Agree: donut
    • Replies: @anon215
    , @fish
    , @Kronos
  5. Anti-Whitism just keeps getting worse.

    Good Doggie Whites keep acting all shocked by it. They won’t do anything that’s necessary until they are truly terrified. Like only after things have gotten much worse. Ironically, their cuckish attitude will bring about the kind of horror they thought they were avoiding.

  6. Well if ever there was “A Spaniard in the Works,” I reckon ole Mikey C. fits the profile.

  7. Don’t be silly; no non-black was ever enslaved (and if they were it doesn’t count)

    • Replies: @Corn
    , @tyrone
  8. RickinJax says:

    Inquisitive guy. 😎

    • LOL: Abe, Roderick Spode, Kylie
    • Replies: @SFG
  9. unit472 says:

    I wasn’t familiar with this monument to Cervantes in Golden Gate Park. The illiterates who defaced it maybe should have looked up who funded and presented it to the City. Seems to be the gift of two Spanish immigrants, J. C. Cebrian and E. J. Molera, life long ‘friends’ or, in modern lingo, queers who commissioned a Uruguayan immigrant artist to make the statue and presented it to the City in 1916.

    I see the problem though for the statue depicts Sancho Panza and Don Quixote kneeling before and looking up at a bust of their creator, Cervantes. Unfortunately, Don Quixote is wearing armor and Panza is carrying a sword so it does resemble two Conquistidors ‘taking a knee’ before some Spanish nobleman. Obviously it ‘triggered’ some meth or burr head who could not be expected to have ever read Don Quixote in what passes for school these days.

    • Replies: @anon
  10. El Dato says:

    Well, a couple of weeks back some statue of Ghandi’s got defaced. So, he WAS a fondling sex guru and thus clearly falls under the purview of the #MeToo sanctions regime, but still.

    Maoist Hordes are demolishing statues because … they are statues. It’s what an invading freebooting army does.

    Besides, he DOES look like those conquistadors:

  11. Jake says:

    The leaders of the Anglo-Zionist Empire are trying very hard to overturn the Battle of Lepanto.

    BLM serves the interests of the Elites of the Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    • Agree: S. Anonyia
  12. It is really sad, and ironic, when the rioters vandalized the statue of a big time abolitionist. Just another dirty white boy. Reminder to the ethno-masochists beating your hearts with mea culpas and virtue signaling by shouting out your guilt for having been born white: If the dark side wins, they would show no quarter, no forgiveness for woke whites. Like the abolitionist, they would come after you, probably first, since you would not resist their attack.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  13. SFG says:

    I didn’t expect that kind of thing.

    • LOL: Rouetheday
    • Replies: @donut
  14. @tyrone

    You took the words out of my fingers, Tyrone. Of course these kids don’t have any clue about the history they are destroying. If you’re on the paper currency, you gotta go. If you look white on the statue, you gotta go. If we run out of those, well, they figure this guy is important to SOMEBODY.

    Listen, if even Achmed E. Newman couldn’t have told you the Cervantes in Golden Gate Park wasn’t about free beer for Cinco de Juno, then these idiots don’t have a clue about the writer of that book that I thought for about 1/2 my life was pronounced Don Quicks-Oat, competitor to Wilford Slow-Oats.

  15. Dan Smith says:

    You sure it was Cervantes? News reports say St Juniperro Serra, Francis Scott Key and US Grant. Still nuts.

    • Replies: @Alden
  16. Corn says:
    @Kent Nationalist

    Slavery wasn’t even invented until America met black folks. Timmy Kaine told me so.

  17. Cortes says:

    The true author was a Moorish historian, of course:

    • Replies: @Alden
  18. @tyrone

    Maybe they mixed up Cervantes with Cortez

  19. Desecrated huh?

    What made this statue sacred?

    I’m asking for a friend.

  20. tyrone says:
    @Kent Nationalist

    Onesimus notwithstanding…….isn’t the Bible great.

  21. Gordo says:

    Police in Glasgow are preventing desecration of statues today, but only because there are other there who will do it if they don’t.


    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @S. Anonyia
  22. Ano says:

    Mr Sailer,

    In Don Quixote, the ‘Captive’s Tale’ is the story of a Christian soldier, enslaved by the Turks at Lepanto, who steals a ship to escape from his Moorish slavemasters and sail home to Spain, spiriting away a Muslim girl who, in her love for him, converts to Christianity.

    Has Don Quixote been ‘decolonized’ from your local library yet?

  23. anon215 says:
    @Frank G

    Would you want to be the next cop arrested for “brutality”?*

    *Brutality: the act placing a non-white person under arrest without that person’s consent.

  24. Jews have tried to claim Cervantes. Google it

  25. OP says:

    This makes me very sad, but not surprised. White Hispanics, beware. “I’m Cuban! I’m Argentine!” isn’t going to save you.

  26. zimriel says:

    He’s more to credit for the death of a genre (the courtly romance) than the start of one. The prose novels genre was so popular in Graeco-Roman times several have even survived for our day.

    That said, clearly Cervantes (ex-slave) deserved better than this

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  27. donut says:

    I don’t get it . Somebody pls. explain .

  28. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    “Message discipline” is not a concept applying to BLM(tm). It is a classic well-connected-homosexual fundraising outfit masquerading as a Nation of Islam-meets-Weathermen-meets-MoveOn dot org hybrid. Their leaders are greedy but not master strategists

  29. kihowi says:

    The rioters are blacks, white women and white femmy men and this is exactly the kind of nerdy fact-based bleating that they hate, hate, haaaate (© Whiskey). Who cares that Cervantes was, in a way, when you think about it, also a slave? He was white, he is revered by whites, he made something important…off with his head!

  30. RudyM says:

    White mobs once did something bad to black people in Tulsa, so Trump should not hold a rally there, especially on Juneteenth:

    I didn’t actually bother to read the whole thing.

    • Replies: @Alden
  31. Dumbo says:

    I think at this point they are just going for any “Wypipo” statue. I doubt these buffoons even know who Cervantes was. Tilting at windmills, indeed.

  32. Anonymous[739] • Disclaimer says:

    • Replies: @Olorin
  33. Farenheit says:

    Any Spartacus statues out there?? Let’s face it, Kirk Douglas was one good looking white dude. That thing needs to come down!!

    • Replies: @jbwilson24
    , @prosa123
    , @Pascal
  34. @tyrone

    I love the way folks here try to tie everything to ideology–when what we are really living in is an idiocracy.

    The dumbest among us rule.

    • Replies: @Wilkey
  35. fish says:
    @Frank G

    Surely it’s illegal to gather into a mob and deface public property?

    Yes’m but we be’n good at’n breakin fings.

  36. Kronos says:
    @Frank G

    It more and more resembles a 1960s repeat.

    Many of these rioters (mainly the white ones) belong to the upper classes. If Antifa protestor John Prescott the IV takes a teargas grenade to the head and dies high society is going to be pissed.

    The mayors and police chiefs understand that very well. They’re being flanked by blacks and hipsters (modern day yuppies/hippies) and afraid of further escalation. If the son/daughter of a city councilman gets critically injured for rioting by police officer Stewart, then heads will role.

    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
    , @J.Ross
  37. OT:

    Caught on camera: Berkeley woman confronts man for ripping down Black Lives Matter fliers

    “I think it’s obnoxious for you to preach to me and to everybody else,” he tells her

  38. res says:

    I did not know that about Cervantes. Thanks.

    This blog post has much more on Cervantes. Not only did he serve at Lepanto, he lost the use of his left hand. He later returned for several more years of service and was captured while returning home.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  39. Anonymous[768] • Disclaimer says:

    I did not know that about Cervantes. Thanks.

    This blog post has much more on Cervantes. Not only did he serve at Lepanto, he lost the use of his left hand. He later returned for several more years of service and was captured while returning home.

    It is interesting that Cervantes is associated in Steve’s post and in the comments with the defense of Christianity. Are you aware of the theory that he was a Jewish converso, or was of Jewish descent?

    • Replies: @res
  40. The Youth seem to have missed the concept of tilting at windmills … I guess they didn’t read the book.

    • Agree: Kyle
    • LOL: Buffalo Joe
  41. anon[332] • Disclaimer says:

    Antifa checklist?

  42. Anon7 says:

    OT: A brand-new statue of VI Lenin has been unveiled in Germany! I’m sure this lifts the spirits of Marxist-Leninists everywhere. Skip to 1:19:30 to see the unveiling.

    “A life-sized statue of Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin was unveiled on June 20 in Gelsenkirchen, a former mining town in western Germany by the radical left-wing Marxist-Leninist Party Of Germany (MLPD).

    “Several hundred people gathered for the ceremony, with scores of police barricading the busy street corner where the monument to the founder of the Soviet Union was revealed.

    “The statue was initially set to be installed in time for Lenin’s 150th birth anniversary in April, but the coronavirus pandemic delayed the event.

    “MLPD supporters wave flags featuring the communist hammer and sickle, while crowds sing the Internationale, the socialist anthem, moments after the Lenin monument was uncovered.”

  43. Anon[386] • Disclaimer says:

    OT: You know why blacks want to celebrate Juneteenth? Because it’s right before Father’s Day. Most blacks either don’t know who their fathers are, or have no contact with their fathers. Blacks are trying to cover up their embarrassment at not being able to participate in a normal holiday.

  44. Don Q.

    The first novel.

    And my favorite of all time.

  45. Wilkey says:

    Cervantes had fought at the great Christian victory of Lepanto in 1571. He knew what was at stake and who his enemies where.

    So the Left is mad because Cervantes rejected them twice: first when he helped beat the Muslims at Lepanto, and second when he refused to be a slave to the Left’s allies.

    I can understand why they might be angered by that.

  46. Iowan2 says:

    Gone with the windmill.

  47. Wilkey says:

    Or maybe it’s both: the dumbest, most ignorant, least experienced among us believe in a stupid ideology, and are trying to rule. This was always going to be the end result. The Greeks experimented with multiple forms of democracy, and the purest form inevitably failed.

    The Left has been pushing to increase turnout by the dumbest and most ignorant in society for decades: giving 18 year olds the vote, giving felons the vote, making it easier for people who don’t speak or read English to vote, increasing registration and turnout among the most illiterate, making it “easier” for uninformed and unmotivated people to vote.

    It’s no wonder we wound up where we are today.

    Voters should be informed. They need to be able to participate in and understand our civic conversation. They should not be parasites on society. We should not be making it easier for unmotivated and disinterested people to vote. If you can’t bother to take 30 minutes or so (tops) out of your day to cast a vote that can completely alter my life, then maybe you shouldn’t get to have a say.

    Four other major developments have led us to where we are today.

    First, allowing people to sue for discrimination, which ultimately means the abolition of private property and free speech.

    Second, deficit spending, which allows citizens to tolerate nonsense, like welfare, mass illegal immigration, educational curricula that would not be tolerated if we had to levy taxes to pay for it.

    Third, what is essentially a government monopoly on public education, which allows them to dictate what the vast majority of children and young adults actually learn.

    Fourth, the increasing consolidation of industry, especially the media and technology sectors, allowing a very tiny number of actors to control the creation and distribution of information.

    • Agree: Mark G.
    • Replies: @alt right moderate
  48. anon[350] • Disclaimer says:

    The illiterates who defaced it maybe should have looked up who funded and presented it to the City.

    Illiterates don’t read. By definition.

    Ridiculous Fantasy Department: Convert San Franciso Bay ferries to oar power. Install losertards, leftards, Panty-fa and other arrested for destroying art on benches below decks. Inform them only those who row well ever get to leave on their own feet.

  49. They were Antifa before it was cool:

    Red Guards destroy artifacts at the Temple of Confucius in Shandong

  50. One would think this would rub every reasoning person’s nose firmly in what’s been obvious from the start.

    This is just vandalism, perpetrated by vermin because we let them.

  51. @donut

    Python. All roads lead to Monty Python. The Spanish Inquisition sketch. I won’t ruin it for you; look it up on YouTube, before it, too, is cancelled.

  52. Ray P says:

    I thought SF had solved its ‘black problem’ by making the place so expensive they all moved? Were these statue-wreckers Oakland Raiders? And cannot the college-educated antifa look up the statue and Cervantes on their smart-phones first?

  53. Alden says:
    @Dan Smith

    Liberals have been after Father Serra for decades. Next they’ll go after the statue of Gaspar de Portola in Pacifica Crespi dr in the same town everything named Ortega and their campsite near the big shopping center. Those 3 because those evil White men who walked overland from Monterey and discovered San Francisco Bay in 1769.

    Hope they leave Mission Dolores in SF alone . It’s the most earthquake building in California, designed by one of Padre Serra’s monks and built by Indians

  54. Alden says:

    Whites actually defended themselves against a mob of murderous blacks you mean .

  55. Alden says:

    Another total absolute lie by commie Jew revisionists.

    I really despise all you commenters who hastily google the subject of articles posted here find 5th grade level anti White liberal propaganda on Wiki and post it as if you know anything about the subject under discussion

    Another wiki ignoramus

  56. J.Ross says:

    Strongly disagree: we already have the example of multiple Europeans, including a high level German bureaucrat, and some Americans, who embrace the killers of their children.
    These people are inhuman.

    • Replies: @Kronos
  57. Olorin says:

    I’ll bet her house was built by white guys.

    It should be pulled down.

  58. I know the rationalists don’t like it when I talk this way, but this an outbreak of SATANISM.

  59. @Gordo

    Police in Glasgow are preventing desecration of statues today, but only because there are other there who will do it if they don’t.


    Build your subway* in a loop, so the police need only wait for the turnstile-jumping vandals to be brought right back?


    • LOL: Gordo
  60. @RichardTaylor

    Contrast the GoodWhitesof SF with the white working class ofSouth Philly.

    Fishtown will survive. Belmont is gonna get looted.

    • Replies: @Clifford Brown
  61. @Farenheit

    “Kirk Douglas was one good looking white dude. ”

    Born Issur Danielovitch. Jewish, so not white. After all, wouldn’t want to ignore all the Jews screaming that they aren’t white but their own ethnic group that had nothing whatsoever to do with colonialism.

  62. @donut

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  63. res says:

    Sounds vaguely familiar, but I would not say I knew that. Do you have any evidence either way?

  64. @Wilkey

    Disagree with the bourgeois elitism. This sounds like something an upper class conservative would have said in 1848, but it no longer applies in 2020. The average house owning/car driving/pension fund holding peasant of today is actually pretty conservative compared with his landless counterpart of the past, and the majority of the population in all western countries have been against mass immigration, anti-racism, political correctness from day one, but liberal elites and have made sure that they haven’t been able to vote on these issues in elections.

    Also, the average voter today is more educated than they were in the past. The problem is that much of that education now comes with a big dose of indoctrination. Hence, instead of the moderate educated liberals of the past, we now have liberal extremists who despise their own race and culture. They’re the liberal equivalent of the Hitler Youth.

    I agree somewhat with the deficit issue. Keynesian economics is better suited to eight year election cycles where governments can do unpopular things like pay down national debt when the economy picks up. In four year elections cycles that is too much pressure to extend the boom and let the deficit keep growing.

  65. @Gordo

    It’s bizarre that statues in historically oppressed Glasgow (Highland Scotland) are in danger of being defaced to begin with….

  66. Kronos says:

    True, but they’re still in the minority. Even those lousy parents will defend their kids if they’re furthering mommy and daddy’s political objectives.

    The mayors and police chiefs don’t want a Kent State repeat. If one protestor dies by their hand he/she(/it?) will become a martyr. The city will have to pay 1 million for a statue in that kids honor.

  67. prosa123 says:

    Any Spartacus statues out there?? Let’s face it, Kirk Douglas was one good looking white dude. That thing needs to come down!!

    He never did say what he knew about Jean Spangler.

  68. Pascal says:

    Wait! I thought Cory Booker was Spartacus?
    I’m so confused.

  69. Anonymous[169] • Disclaimer says:

    That said, clearly Cervantes (ex-slave) deserved better than this

    If it is true he was Jewish, then he represents segregationism.

  70. @Hannah Katz

    Hannah, what could be sadder than white parents telling their children that anything they accomplish in life will be because of white privilege, and then apologising to their kids for being white.

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