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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Comfort Purported Hate Crime Victim Althea Bernstein
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From Channel3000:

Meghan Markle reaches out to Althea Bernstein after seeing news of alleged hate crime
Posted: June 27, 2020 4:41 PM

MADISON, Wis. — As Althea Bernstein’s story of her alleged attack by a group of White men is shared across the country, it has caught the attention of Meghan Markle.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County President and CEO Michael Johnson, who has been acting as a spokesperson for Bernstein, said Markle reached out to him to connect with Bernstein.

The three talked on the phone for about 40 minutes Saturday afternoon, Johnson said.

“Her and Meghan talked about the importance of self care and allowing herself to heal. And she applauded her for the way that she responded and pretty much said ‘Hey Michael, give me her cellphone number. I want to stay in touch. And let me know when you want me to come back and talk to people in Wisconsin,’” said Johnson.

He said Bernstein was moved to tears by the conversation, especially after a tough last 24 hours.

“She’s struggling. It’s a challenge for her, it’s very, very emotional. I talked to her three or four times today, and I’ll tell you Meghan lifted her spirits,” said Johnson.

He said Markle also encouraged Bernstein to stay off social media to avoid reading negative comments, and they spoke about faith and formed a connection talking about being bi-racial.

Johnson said Prince Harry also joined the call for about 10 minutes.

Johnson also said he was impressed with what Markle had to say and she sounded “almost like a seasoned high school counselor.”

I could imagine an alternative timeline in which Meghan Markle is the really cool high school counselor who used to be on TV.

This story may have legs after all …

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  1. JMcG says:

    In the words of Flounder, “Oh boy, this is going to be great!”

  2. Clyde says:

    Megs and Prince Hapless are dumber than I thought. If they are eager to latch onto a hate crime, this is a piss poor one. They are currently living off the few million per year Charles sends to Harry. Charles gets his annual millions (20 or so) from the Duchy of Cornwall which he collects rents from. When Charles moves on up to King, then Prince William inherits it, he will run this same Duchy and get about 20 million per year. The 20 million per year, not all is pocketed by any means, much is spent on Royal duties and tours, On Royal outreach.

  3. This is sad. Michael Johnson is not a lockstep leftist. As I posted in response to an earlier article about Madison’s riots, Johnson organized a cleanup of State Street after the riots, as well as a PayPal account for businesses that suffered. He also helped prevent Madison from turning into another Ferguson back in 2015 after Tony Robinson met his end assaulting a police officer. Maybe he hopes to get money for his organization (which seems to do *some* actual good) from the kinda-sorta royals.

    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
  4. trelane says:

    Didn’t we fight a revolutionary war for some reason a long time ago?

    • Agree: duncsbaby
    • Replies: @duncsbaby
  5. Anon[183] • Disclaimer says:

    I have always been a staunch royalist but one can hardly avoid the feeling that the monarchy has ceased to even pretend to care about the British people, at home and abroad.

    And it goes without saying that, even from the most self-interested standpoint, their inaction is suicidal.

    And now they’ve gone from passively staying silent about their enemies but actively aiding them.

    • Replies: @Ed
    , @Pop Warner
  6. From :

    When she was in 10th grade, Bernstein wrote an essay that is still available on Aldo “My dad has shown me that it is important to take care of our land. My dad is not the president, a celebrity, or in the NFL, but I believe he is just as important. This shows that anyone can be and should be involved in taking care of our land. Without our land, we would have nothing. Everything we have has come from materials our land has provided for us. Anyone can take care of the land, no matter who you are. I hope people like my dad will inspire others to include the land in their community,” it says in part.

    That essay says she was home-schooled, lived in the Madison area her entire life, liked to travel, and worked at a veterinarian clinic. “In addition to volunteering at Aldo Leopold Nature Center, Althea works at a veterinary clinic, tends her own growing family of pets, and sings and dances,” it explains. A website she made in the past shows her with family, friends, and enjoying the outdoors.

  7. #PizzaGate is back.

    See excerpts from the NYT article below.

    searches for “Justin and PizzaGate” soared on Google, and the hashtag #savebieber started trending.

    Four years ago, ahead of the 2016 presidential election, the baseless notion that Hillary Clinton and Democratic elites were running a child sex-trafficking ring out of a Washington pizzeria spread across the internet

    This time, PizzaGate is being fueled by a younger generation that is active on TikTok, which was in its infancy four years ago, as well as on other social media platforms. The conspiracy group QAnon is also promoting PizzaGate in private Facebook groups and creating easy-to-share memes on it.

    Driven by these new elements, the theory has morphed. PizzaGate no longer focuses on Mrs. Clinton and has taken on less of a political bent. Its new targets and victims are a broader assortment of powerful businesspeople, politicians and celebrities, including Mr. Bieber, Bill Gates, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey and Chrissy Teigen, who are lumped together as part of the global elite. For groups like QAnon, PizzaGate has become a convenient way to foment discontent.

    The theory has also gone global. While it previously found traction mainly in the United States, videos and posts about it have racked up millions of views in Italy, Brazil and Turkey.

    PizzaGate is reaching a level that nearly exceeds its 2016 fever pitch, according to an analysis by The New York Times. TikTok posts with the #PizzaGate hashtag have been viewed more than 82 million times in recent months. Google searches for PizzaGate have skyrocketed.

    In the first week of June, comments, likes and shares of PizzaGate also spiked to more than 800,000 on Facebook and nearly 600,000 on Instagram, according to data from CrowdTangle, a Facebook-owned tool for analyzing social interactions. That compares with 512,000 interactions on Facebook and 93,000 on Instagram during the first week of December 2016. From the start of 2017 through January this year, the average number of weekly PizzaGate mentions, likes and shares on Facebook and Instagram was under 20,000, according to The Times’s analysis.

    To keep PizzaGate tamped down, the social media companies took other steps. Facebook made it impossible to search for hashtags such as #pizzagateisreal. On YouTube, searching for #pizzagate brought up a label that explained the term was part of a false conspiracy. Twitter also stopped #pizzagate from surfacing in its trending topics in the United States.

    Ron Unz ran some very informative articles on #PizzaGate.

    Here’s what Ron Unz said about #PizzaGate.

    I’m really starting to wonder a little myself. In my whole life, I’ve *never* seen the MSM behave in such a bizarrely panicked fashion. Big NYT/WashPost articles denouncing “Fake News” and accusing the Russians of lacking our computers and planting both “Fake Stories” and child pornography to attack fine, upstanding citizens.

    For example, it seems pretty likely that lots of those Podesta emails bizarrely referring to food are using code words for something else, and it’s been strongly alleged that those exact code words are commonly used in pedophile circles. So why doesn’t the MSM just ask Podesta about those very strange emails and whether they were actually all about “pizza” and “hot dogs.”

    Or consider that one of the Podestas supposedly was a great fan of art work depicting children in their underwear, sometimes looking like they were being held captive, sometimes looking like they were dead. That’s obviously not illegal, but doesn’t it make you wonder a little?

    And how did that pizza guy get named one of the fifty most influential people in DC, far ahead of hundreds of Congressmen, Senators, Justices, and lobbyists? Was his pizza really that good?

    There seems to be a *gigantic* amount of highly-suspicious circumstantial evidence of something very odd going on. And it’s even more odd that the MSM has zero interest in investigating.

    Well, it’s definitely *very* bizarre, and I certainly haven’t investigated it at all, but offhand I’d guess there’s something like a 50-50 chance lots of the accusations are basically true.

    (1) The owner of the pizza-parlor was officially ranked by GQ Magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in DC, putting him ahead of hundreds of U.S. Senators, Congressmen, Cabinet Members, Justices, and lobbyists. Was his pizza really that good?

    (2) Supposedly his pizza parlor had some very, very “odd” and pornographic artwork around, and apparently lots of his Instagram images were similiarly “odd.” He was a gay guy who emphasized how much he “loved” children.

    (3) Apparently one of the Podesta brothers had lots of artwork at his home showing children in their underwear, sometimes looking like they were being held captive, sometimes looking like they were dead. Such taste in art raises some questions in my mind.

    (4) Maybe this is all total just nonsense. But the big “debunking” NYT article I read basically had the reporter ask the pizza guy whether he was secretly running a pedophile ring. He said “No” thereby conclusively proving he was innocent.

    (5) The behavior of the MSM is just so totally weird it makes you very, very suspicious. It’s like a huge number of invisible strings have suddenly been pulled.

    TLDR Summary:

    -#PizzaGate is now being discussed on social media by lots of young people.
    -Many believe that Justin Bieber may have been sexually abused by Hollywood execs.
    -Ron Unz believes there’s a lot of evidence that #PizzaGate may be correct.
    -Ron Unz believes there’s a 50% chance that the #PizzaGate theories are true.

  8. This is sad. I had hoped Michael Johnson would be smarter than this. His ideas mostly involve creating make-work internships for urban youth, which is not great, but it’s also much better than other people in his position might call for. He actually does want kids to get jobs and be citizens; he organized a cleanup of State Street after the riots, for one thing, and helped raise relief funds for affected businesses.

    Johnson also personally reached out to Gov. Scott Walker back in 2015 to help defuse the situation after Tony Robinson met his end assaulting a police officer. He deserves a lot of credit for preventing Madison from turning into another Ferguson.

    Maybe he’s seeing this as a way to get some funding from the erstwhile royals. I mean, why not?

  9. Wilkey says:

    Johnson also said Meghan Markle’s team that reached out to him, wanting to talk to Althea Bernstein, the 18-year-old who was attacked and set on fire with lighter fluid last Wednesday.

    Help! I was just asleep, and woke up inside a Tom Wolfe novel!

    Either there is no God, because no god would have been cruel enough to kill off Tom Wolfe before all of this, or else God liked Tom Wolfe so much that he’s let him run the show for a while.

  10. Thirdtwin says:

    Now I am even more certain that Bernstein will be given the “Central Park” role which Kristen Bell was chased out of.

  11. Marat says:

    These two have been trying to bust a move for weeks from their loaner convention center.

  12. J.Ross says:

    Look at how they handled Michael Jackson, then look at how they handled Epstein. This is really all that is necessary.

    • Agree: El Dato

    Bernstein said she and her family don’t need financial support at this time.

    We’ve thought about maybe a GoFundMe if there are legal expenses,” she said.

    A GoFundMe campaign seeking to raise $10,000 for “medical and legal expenses, if they choose to,” was not authorized by the family, a family spokesperson said.

    Rather than donate to support her directly, she said she wants people to “sign the petitions. Support the movement. Support Black lives.”

    In a statement issued Thursday, Bernstein’s family said they have asked the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County and its CEO, Michael Johnson, to publicly represent them.

    • Replies: @sayless
  14. I was unaware that there were “kow counties” in Wisconsin, central or otherwise.

    Perhaps that helps us with the poetic analysis of Stevie “Guitar” Miller’s “Kow Kow (Calqulator)”.

    • Replies: @Ganderson
  15. fnn says:

    Ah yes, outrage from the same people who relentlessly promoted the Russia Collusion fairy tale for three years. And of course there are other famous NYT hoaxes.

  16. Don’t ask me how I know this (I know someone who knows someone, etc…), but we should expect the Madison PD to shortly announce that they have made an exhaustive search of all the surveillance footage available in the area and they can find no evidence of this attack taking place.

    • Thanks: Kyle
  17. Harold says:

    I usually wouldn’t reply to a so much OT comment and I have read little about pizzagate, but this did make me go, hmmm

    The age difference being the max they could get away with?

    That same actor is also in Fright Night in which he is a vampire chasing after the teenage boys next door and includes the scene

    Club Rate Bouncer #2 : I got him! [him being one of the teenage boys]
    Jerry Dandrige : He’s mine.
    Club Rate Bouncer #1 : You want chicken, man, you go someplace else.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  18. Anon[164] • Disclaimer says:


    The fundamental problem is that, roughly, 2.3 percent of African Americans have I.Q.’s over 115.

    Assuming an SD of 13, which is closer to reality for American blacks as a group, the 2.3 becomes an even 2 percent, which also has the advantage of not sounding dodgy after the word “roughly.”

  19. Ed says:

    Prince Harry has to regret the day he ever proposed to her.

  20. Altai [AKA "Altai_2"] says:

    Should also note that they are currently staying rent free at Tyler Perry’s mansion.

    • Replies: @Alden
  21. @Wilkey

    ‘Help! I was just asleep, and woke up inside a Tom Wolfe novel!

    Either there is no God, because no god would have been cruel enough to kill off Tom Wolfe before all of this, or else God liked Tom Wolfe so much that he’s let him run the show for a while.’

    This makes as much sense as anything I’ve read all day.

  22. Anonymous[504] • Disclaimer says:

    Other Prince just raised big in the 2020 Werld Series of Woker–

    Jordan Peele sweating meme all over New Haven, Conn.

  23. @Clyde

    The Eunuch formerly known as Prince.

  24. trelane says:

    Can we deport these two rent-seeking royals right now? Absolutely disgusting.

    • Agree: AnonAnon, duncsbaby
    • Replies: @LondonBob
  25. @Clyde

    When do you think the divorce will come and do you think it will be epic?

    • Replies: @HammerJack
    , @Clyde
  26. Kyle says:

    But does it have legs on Twitter? Does it have legs on Facebook? George Floyd had legs. Althea Bernstein isn’t black. Black twitter doesn’t care what happens to some white girl. Therefore the story will not have legs. Which is a shame because at this point with no evidence to the contrary I actually believe her. Those are definitely burns on her face. I wouldn’t be surprised if a motley crew of antifa losers and hawaiian shirt fat boiz had an arson gone wrong incident involving the young lady.

  27. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    A lot to unpack in this profile of the black policeman who detained George Floyd:

  28. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    Prince Harry has to regret the day he ever proposed to her.

    What makes you think that?

  29. anon[221] • Disclaimer says:

    This story may have legs after all …

  30. @JohnnyWalker123

    Many believe that Justin Bieber may have been sexually abused by Hollywood execs.


    Why did Steve Bing commit suicide?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Jane Plain
  31. anon[221] • Disclaimer says:

    Look at this guy and one artwork from his collection.
    Could he be involved in anything sleazy and weird?
    Well, I ask you!

    • Replies: @danand
  32. Here’s a summary of #PizzaGate by Ron Unz.

    John Podesta had been a longtime fixture in DC political circles, becoming chief of staff to President Bill Clinton in 1998, and afterward remaining one of the most powerful figures in the Democratic Party establishment. While serving as as chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, his apparent carelessness with the password security of his Gmail account allowed it to easily be hacked, and tens of thousands of his personal emails were soon published on WikiLeaks. A swarm of young anti-Clinton activists began scouring this treasure-trove of semi-confidential information, seeking evidence of mundane bribery and corruption, but instead they came across some quite odd exchanges, seemingly written in coded language.

    The researchers also soon discovered that his brother Tony Podesta, one of the wealthiest and most successful lobbyists in DC, had extremely odd taste in art. Major items of his very extensive personal collection seemed to represent tortured or murdered bodies, and one of his favorite artists was best known for paintings depicting young children being held captive, lying dead, or suffering under severe distress. Such peculiar artwork obviously isn’t illegal, but it might naturally arouse some suspicions. And oddly enough, arch-Democrat Podesta had long been a close personal friend of former Republican Speaker and convicted child-molester Dennis Hastert, welcoming him back into DC society after his release from prison.

    Furthermore, some of the rather suspiciously-worded Podesta emails referred to events held at a local DC pizza parlor, greatly favored by the Democratic Party elite, whose owner was the gay former boyfriend of David Brock, a leading Democratic activist. The public Instagram account of that pizza-entrepreneur apparently contained numerous images of young children, sometimes tied or bound, with those images frequently labeled by hashtags using the traditional gay slang for underage sexual targets. Some photos showed the fellow wearing a tee-shirt bearing the statement “I Love Children” in French, and by a very odd coincidence, his possibly assumed name was phonetically identical to that very same French phrase, thus proclaiming to the world that he was “a lover of children.” Closely connected Instagram accounts also included pictures of young children, sometimes shown amid piles of high-value currency, with queries about how much those particular children might be worth. None of this seemed illegal, but surely any reasonable person would regard the material as extremely suspicious.

    DC is sometimes described as “Powertown,” being the seat of the individuals who make America’s laws and govern our society, with local political journalists being closely attuned to the relative status of such individuals. And oddly enough, GQ Magazine had ranked that gay pizza parlor owner with a strange focus on young children as being one of the 50 most powerful people in our national capital, placing him far ahead of many Cabinet members, Senators, Congressional Chairmen, Supreme Court justices, and top lobbyists. Was his pizza really that delicious?

    Around the same time that I first became familiar with the details of the Pizzagate controversy, the topic also started reaching the pages of my morning newspapers, but in an rather strange manner. Political stories began giving a sentence or two to the “Pizzagate hoax,” describing it as a ridiculous right-wing “conspiracy theory” but excluding all relevant details. I had an eery feeling that some unseen hand had suddenly flipped a switch causing the entire mainstream media to begin displaying identical signs declaring “Pizzagate Is False—Nothing To See There!” in brightly flashing neon. I couldn’t recall any previous example of such a strange media reaction to some obscure Internet controversy.

    Articles in the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times also suddenly appeared denouncing the entirety of the alternative media—Left, Right, and Libertarian—as “fake news” websites promoting Russian propaganda, while urging that their content be blocked by all patriotic Internet giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Prior to that moment, I’d never even heard the term “fake news” but suddenly it was ubiquitous across the media, once again almost as if some unseen hand had suddenly flipped a switch.

    I naturally began to wonder whether the timing of these two strange developments was entirely coincidental. Perhaps Pizzagate was indeed true and struck so deeply at the core of our hugely corrupted political system that the media efforts to suppress it were approaching the point of hysteria.

    I also noticed that mere mention of Pizzagate had become politically lethal. Donald Trump had selected Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, as his National Security Advisor, and Flynn’s son served as the latter’s chief of staff. The younger Flynn happened to Tweet out a couple of links to Pizzagate stories, pointing out that the accusations hadn’t yet been actually investigated let alone disproven, and very soon afterward, he was purged from the Trump transition team, foreshadowing his father’s fall a few weeks later. It seemed astonishing to me that a few simple Tweets about an Internet controversy could have such huge real-life impact near the top of our government.

    There is an old wartime proverb that enemy flak is always heaviest over the most important target, and the remarkably ferocious wave of attacks and censorship against anyone broaching the subject of Pizzagate seems to raise obvious dark suspicions. Indeed, the simultaneous waves of attacks against all alternative media outlets as “Russian propaganda outlets” laid the basis for the continuing regime of Social Media censorship that has become a central aspect of today’s world.

    TLDR Summary:

    -So John Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Chairman. Podesta’s e-mail account was hacked, with his e-mails published online.

    -Dennis Hastert was Speaker of the House for years. He was convicted of child molestation back a few years ago. After Hastert was done with his prison sentence, he was welcomed back to DC society by John Podesta’s brother Tony, who is a very powerful lobbyist in the city. Tony Podesta and Dennis Hastert had been friends since their college years.

    -The Podesta e-mails referred to events being held at Comet Ping Pong Pizza and Besta Pizza, which are both owned by openly gay businessman James Alefantis.

    -Alefantis had an Instagram account. His account contained images of young children who were tied or bound, with hashtags that included gay slang for underage children. Alefantis liked to wear a t-shirt that said “I Love Children” in French. He used this French phrase as his nickname. Instagram “friends” of his also had images of children. These children were often pictured next to money, with commenters asking how much the children were worth.

    -GQ magazine made a list of the top 50 powerful people in DC. Alefantis was on that list, ahead of Senators, Congressmen, Supreme Court justices, and lobbyists. How exactly does a pizza restaurant owner become so powerful?

    -Michael Flynn’s son Tweeted out a couple of links to #PizzaGate stories. He was then fired from the Trump transition team. A few weeks later, his father got in a lot of legal trouble and became the topic of investigation for years to come….

    -The media have demonstrated an unusually panicked reaction.

  33. Ron Unz says:

    -#PizzaGate is now being discussed on social media by lots of young people.
    -Many believe that Justin Bieber may have been sexually abused by Hollywood execs.
    -Ron Unz believes there’s a lot of evidence that #PizzaGate may be correct.
    -Ron Unz believes there’s a 50% chance that the #PizzaGate theories are true.

    That was back in 2016. I’d now put the odds *much* higher than 50-50. In fact, I covered the whole topic in a long article last year:

    • Agree: trelane
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  34. anonymous[238] • Disclaimer says:

    “Meghan” should be the corresponding term to “Karen” for female virtue signalers in expensive footwear.

  35. syonredux says:

    Meanwhile, in the UK….

    Archbishop of Canterbury: Church statues to be reviewed ‘very carefully’

    The Church of England is to “very carefully” review statues at major places of worship to see “if they all should be there”, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.

    The Most Reverend Justin Welby said monuments at Canterbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey would be included.

    “Some will have to come down, some names will have to change,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today.

    The acts of those memorialised could be forgiven “only if there’s justice,” he said.

    Forgiveness can only be granted “if we change the way we behave now and say this was then and we learn from that and change how we are going to be in the future,” he said.

  36. Of course Pizzagate is true. They wouldn’t be trying so hard to suppress the story if it wasn’t.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  37. @For what it's worth

    The article implies the request came from Meghan Markle, not from Michael Johnson. Which is plausible inasmuch as Markle probably doesn’t know anything about Wisconsin other than dumb stories that pop up on her Instagram feed. It sounds like Michael Johnson is just the local contact she is working through.

    If someone wants to do the Sussexes (and Michael Johnson) a favor, they could whisper in their ears that there is a strong chance this Bernstein story is gonna blow up, splattering egg on the face of anyone too near.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Jane Plain
  38. Bernstein described the men as “classic Wisconsin frat boys” who appeared to be intoxicated

    Wanted for questioning:

    • LOL: Kylie
  39. Anonymous[207] • Disclaimer says:

    Its new targets and victims are a broader assortment of powerful businesspeople, politicians and celebrities, including Mr. Bieber, Bill Gates, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey and Chrissy Teigen, who are lumped together as part of the global elite.

    When I was a teenage boy I had a strong, irrational dislike of Justin Bieber, disproportionate to anything he had done. I presume it’s similar to what the average teenage girl would feel if dropped in the middle of a Star Trek convention. Still, I knew then that he was in a different basket from Bill Gates. Lol.

    While it previously found traction mainly in the United States, videos and posts about it have racked up millions of views in Italy, Brazil and Turkey.

    Not surprising, those are all LOSER countries.

  40. Alfa158 says:

    My theory is that he we was black-mailed. Perhaps it was indirect by an Epstein blackmail threat against Andrew, and Harry took the bullet to save his brother. What other explanation is possible? He is rich enough that bribery wouldn’t do it, and he could have done vastly better in a mate.

    • Replies: @Clyde
    , @Anon
    , @Art Deco
  41. Anon7 says:

    OT: Godzilla the Saharan Dust Storm is coming! By the time Steve approves this comment, the USofA will be enveloped by dust Out of Africa.

    Yes, it’s nature’s way of preparing the United States for occupancy by the surplus population of Africa.

    The mainstream media is doing its part, calling it Godzilla, and inventing connections with Covid-19 respiratory problems, advising citizens to keep cowering in place, preferably under the bed.

  42. @JohnnyWalker123

    Images from the Instagram account of James Alefantis.

    His shirt (in French) says “I love infants.”

    View post on

    German baby costs $1200. Do not touch!

    View post on

    “Why does Daddy like butt?”

    View post on

    A very wealthy baby.

    View post on

    • Replies: @Rouetheday
    , @Indiana Jack
  43. @Fidelios Automata

    Or maybe it’s just stupid?

    • Agree: HammerJack
    • Replies: @Peterike
    , @JimDandy
    , @sayless
  44. @Jane Plain

    Steve Bing seemed pretty heterosexual according to those expensive paternity lawsuits that found him the father of some hot babe’s child.

    • Replies: @syonredux
  45. JimDandy says:

    Come on, why would an overweight teenage girl make up a story that would become international news and earn her limitless amounts of sympathy and approbation?

    • Agree: Bubba
    • LOL: HammerJack
  46. Anon7 says:

    By way of contrast, I’m sure the kings of Ur whose statues were destroyed by ISIS would have fought those bastards to the death rather than let their history be destroyed.

    • Agree: El Dato
  47. JimB says:

    Can we be done, now? Fuck.

  48. Peterike says:
    @Steve Sailer

    “ Or maybe it’s just stupid?”

    Here we go again.

  49. danand says:

    “Facebook and other social media outlets must be liable for the lies they publish and allow to thrive on their platforms.”

    Mr. Walker, I thought you were headed in another direction with this: the BL shakedown of “social media” businesses.

    The Anti-Defamation League, NAACP, Sleeping Giants, Color of Change, Free Press and Common Sense are asking the “socials” to curb hateful and factual false content. If they don’t censor, the activist groups are asking advertisers to pull their ads. The shakedown campaign, is called “Stop Hate for Profit”.

    Looks like many large corporations a taking the knee, pulling ads:

    Lending Club
    The North Face
    Ben & Jerry’s
    Eddie Bauer
    Coca Cola

    Facebook’s VP of global marketing said “boycotting in general is not the way for us to make progress together. I also really hope by now you know that we do not make policy changes tied to revenue pressure. We set our policies based on principles rather than business interests.”

    Some comfort in that Mr. Unz possesses independent wealth.

  50. Anonymous[288] • Disclaimer says:

    I would push all my chips to the center and call that this is bullshit.

    I am an ER doctor and I think there is an approximately zero percent chance this is due to a burn, certainly not in the manner she described or even in a Molotov-cocktail-gone-awry manner. It is too spotty and not in the pattern of a burn and any burn that would leave that type of mark would ALSO have singed her eyelashes and sideburns off as collateral damage but they look curiously unscathed in the photos I have seen.

    If she had come to my ER, I would have dutifully nodded and recorded her story and then after leaving the room shake my head and roll my eyes like I would after hearing an “I was working on my truck and my battery exploded” from a meth lab explosion patient.

    • Thanks: JMcG
  51. danand says:

    Could he be involved in anything sleazy and weird?

    #221, High Jump is not that weird. His suit & tie on the other hand…

    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
    , @Clifford Brown
  52. Anonymous[255] • Disclaimer says:

    Another false flag w/o a lesbian angle? No way. Keep digging.

  53. Mr. Anon says:

    As I remember, Hastert was actually convicted on a charge of “structuring” (i.e. withdrawing cash in a way as to circumvent federal reporting requirements) and the ever-popular crime of “lying to a federal agent”. All that surrounded his attempts to pay hush money to the men he had molested when he was their coach. He wasn’t actually convicted for child-molestation due to a statute of limitations for the crimes.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
  54. @JohnnyWalker123

    ‘Enfants’ means ‘children’ in French, not specifically ‘babies’.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  55. @syonredux

    Archbishop of Canterbury: Church statues to be reviewed ‘very carefully’

    That’s troublesome…

  56. Mr. Anon says:

    Sure, other than the fact that the body has no head and that the figure is strangely similar to a picture that Jeffrey Dahmer took of the headless corpse of one of his victims.

    Nothing weird about it at all. Lots of normal people have artwork of headless bodies in their homes.

  57. Too bad she didn’t get the license plate number or car make and model so they could be found.

  58. Harold says:

    I’m rather dubious of the ability to set lighter fluid alight by throwing a lighter. Someone should try it on a post or something.

    • Replies: @kaganovitch
  59. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    Royal Nonesuch is more like it.

    Let’s play: “James Brolin, heavy cream, Prince Harry”

    Category: Things that are whipped!

    • LOL: Bubba, HammerJack
  60. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    It worked on Beria.

  61. @JohnnyWalker123

    I think that the shirt in the first picture is actually referring to the L’Enfant cafe, which judging from a quick internet search seems to be a now-closed gay bar & restaurant in D.C. named after Pierre L’Enfant, the French military engineer and architect who designed the layout of Washington, D.C.

    • Thanks: HammerJack
  62. black sea says:

    They can take down all of the crosses while they’re at it, as crosses are, at the very least, Eurocentric, and at the worst, hate symbols.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
    , @Henry's Cat
  63. anonymous[105] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m surprised the British royal family hasn’t imploded by now. Not due to the antics of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex but because of Prince Andrew and the cover up done on his behalf by the rest of the royal family. According to the Veritas project recording of the 20/20 anchor, a segment on Prince Andrew and the underaged prostitute procured by Epstein wasn’t run because of fears that Kate and Will would freeze out ABC.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Thoughts
  64. @Rouetheday

    James Alefantis is a middle-aged gay man with no children. Why would he wear a t-shirt that says “I love children?”

    Why would he be so obsessed with posting various pictures of children on his Instagram? Why he post pictures of children next to money?

    Why would he post a picture in which he says “Why does Daddy like butt?”

    • Replies: @Clifford Brown
    , @J.Ross
  65. About 99% sure Berstein is lying.

  66. @Jane Plain

    I’m not saying Bing was gay. Just that he might have…

    Known things.

  67. A pro-tip for iSteve readers.

    If you can avoid then benighted Prince Harry and his consort cease to exist for the most part.

    I have been boycotting that paper for the past few weeks as much as possible and had almost forgotten bout them.
    Apart from British tabloids no one including his own family cares about that loser anymore

  68. Alden says:

    How do you know he regrets his marriage?

  69. Alden says:

    Just like King Edward after he abdicated and married Wallace Simpson, Royal grifters. One good thing about Covid hoax and the riots. We haven’t heard about them in months.

  70. Not totally OT:

    Man Spray Painted ‘Swastikas’ on Friars’ Gravestones at Providence College to Allegedly ‘Protest Slavery’

    Those evil racist white supremacist Nazis at it again /s

  71. @danand

    This is the tip of the iceberg, my friend. Spend a few minutes investigating Tony Podesta and his “eclectic” art collection and you will start to get uncomfortable. None of this is normal.

    • Replies: @Chrisnonymous
  72. @Anonymous

    Yeah; it’s a hoax. The “Hawaiian shirt” line was an immediate giveaway. The “Hawaiian shirt” line was part of a WAPO-DNC “white supremacist” hoax from the end of May.

  73. Alden says:

    Maybe he should paint all the faces and hands of the statues brown. Maybe he can rejuvenate the almost dead CofE with a new reformation, smashing statues and artwork summer events for bored drifters and grifters.

  74. I can’t get over pizzagate being back. Forget this other crap.

    • Replies: @anon
  75. @Jane Plain

    A divorce could only happen if Harry located his trousers.

  76. Clyde says:
    @Jane Plain

    When do you think the divorce will come and do you think it will be epic?

    This speculation is all over the internet every day at blogs, twitter and the UK Daily Mail. Meghan sure attracts the onlookers. Within two years I think. Epic not, because the BRF hates this kind of publicity. Will be 90% settled in private lawyer to lawyer negotiations. Will not go to a court.

    • Replies: @Jane Plain
  77. Clyde says:

    Harry blackmailed into marriage via Meghan making a pregnancy claim. That was 100% fake of course.

    • Replies: @Ulysses J. Mysterio
  78. @black sea

    It’s a very good point. Burning crosses anyone? It’s very nearly everyone’s favorite symbol, for one reason or another.

    Crosses are every bit as bad as Nooses.

    Getting rid of crosses dovetails with another agenda, too. One which dare not speak its name.

  79. Anon[646] • Disclaimer says:

    Weirdly, this young woman who is “bi-racial” and has the surname Bernstein seems to have a 100 percent white mom, if I’m interpreting 1:38 correctly in the Good Morning America appearance video. Adopted?

    She’s light enough that maybe her dad had a black mom?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @duncsbaby
  80. @Clifford Brown

    Agreed. Even if the Podestas aren’t child abusers, they’re so weird and creepy that people ought to think twice about electing the party that promoted them.

  81. @Anon

    There can be a lot of family complications. E.g., 3 of the last 8 Presidents lived under different surnames than they sported in the White House.

  82. @Harold

    It would only work with a zippo or similar not with a disposable butane lighter.

    • Replies: @Harold
  83. Anonymous[186] • Disclaimer says:

    Meanwhile, San Fernando Valley Trader Joe’s customer has had enough of all ya’ll’s Wuhan shit.

    • Replies: @Fluesterwitz
    , @Known Fact
  84. Anon[755] • Disclaimer says:

    Royal families expect to have black sheep. Read some history, and you’ll realize royal families have always had some worthless members. The thing is, royalty has always been ruthless enough to kick the black sheep to the curb if necessary. Power, fame, and money were always more important than blood to royal people.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  85. anon[374] • Disclaimer says:
    @San Fernando Curt

    I can’t get over pizzagate being back.

    Summer re-runs.

  86. @Clyde

    “Meghan,why don’t you take a vacation to,oh, I don’t know,maybe Paris? I’ll get you a car…I’ll watch Archie. …”

    • Replies: @Clyde
  87. syonredux says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Steve Bing seemed pretty heterosexual according to those expensive paternity lawsuits that found him the father of some hot babe’s child.

    Elizabeth Hurley being the babe in question….

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  88. vhrm says:

    Prince Harry has to regret the day he ever proposed to her.

    I’d assume so. This man flew Apaches in Afghanistan and founded the Invictus games and is a Prince of the British Royal family.

    Now he’s a hen pecked sad sack of a man who’s been dragged halfway around the world and away from his family, friends and life and reduced basically to holding his wife’s purse as his main life activity.

    It’s been pretty sad to watch. (How Ms. Markle managed to squander so much good so fast… i don’t understand. it’s crass to say but there’s more than a little kinship between her approach and BLM’s)

  89. @Ed

    Prince Harry has to regret the day he ever proposed to her.

    That that will come is certainly the way to bet. That one day–in the next ten or fifteem–he’ll wake up beside Michelle Obama and the thought will enter his mind about what he could have enjoyed.

    But there’s no particular sign of this yet. Harry seems to be more clueless, more of a kool-aid drinker, and just plain dumber than one would have thought. The sheer mediocrity in that family …

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  90. @black sea

    The future of Noughts and Crosses and Hangman are looking bleak.

  91. J.Ross says:

    he’ll wake up beside Michelle Obama

    Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, she’s gonna age, but she’s not growing anything here.

  92. @JohnnyWalker123

    In other news, the BuzzFeed cockwomble who got ZeroHedge banhammered, just got fired.

    I have a feeling that other parts of ZH’s revelations are going to change this guy’s short-term life prospects in ways he’s not going to like.

    Turns out he was a serial plagiarist – which is why BuzzFeed sacked him. Yawn.

    Much more interestingly (and with a much higher risk to his longevity): his stated life ambition was – I kid you not – to be “the Andy Warhol of erotic children’s photography“.

    In 2012 he also wrote a tweet asking that legislation be enacted to clearly distinguish between “us good-natured hebephiles and amoral pedophiles“.

    How does this cunt get to keep a job in a world where his co-cockwombles sift through the entire internet looking – à la Richelieue – for “something on which to hang him“?

    If we are living in a simulation, I demand my money back. This simulation is Microsoft-level bullshit, obviously written by shit coders who are incapable of generating a realistic simulation.

    • LOL: JMcG, Gabe Ruth
  93. J.Ross says:

    Who are the near-naked kids he, shirtless, embraces, in many, many photos, in a private account, on his work computer, which had near military level enceyption? Were they, like, nephews? Were they just happening by, in the alleyway?
    I have nephews and nieces, and there are no photos of me, half-naked, embracing them naked and scared and tired-looking. Why are they tired-looking? Is that like a collegiate east coast thing? Cram school?

    • LOL: JohnnyWalker123
  94. J.Ross says:

    Black sheep is a meaningless term when describing the whole damn brood.

  95. @vhrm

    and is a Prince of the British Royal family

    Only on his mother’s side, which means “Actually, not at all” given how far the occupants of Althorp are from the throne.

    His father was an equerry who was fucking Diana for a while, while she was married to a Windsor.

    • Replies: @Fluesterwitz
  96. El Dato says:

    I will never forget the glorious epoch of the Z80 and Ronald Reagan.

    Jennifer Beals looks like 17. Is it the facial expression that does it?

    Mad Magazine made great fun of the fact that one never sees her face when she’s dancing, only when she’s welding.

    • Replies: @res
  97. El Dato says:

    “There have been past efforts to get this done and now we’re putting our name and our backing into this to make sure there is a name change,” said Ada Briceño, chairperson of the Democratic Party of Orange County, following a resolution being passed calling for the airport to be be given the simple name: Orange County Airport.

    More like Clockwork Orange Airport.

    It past time for Hermann Goering Airport and some solid action.

    Russia will complain and write nasty op-eds, but one then can explain that it is not about National-Socialism and various unfortunate events but about WWI heroics and about keeping the memory of Weimar Republic alive.

  98. @JohnnyWalker123

    Nobody remembers the Franklin Affair/Scandal (during the Reagan years) where it was credibly alleged that there was a paedophile network that brought boys to the White House. The same general schtick was said to be a commonplace during the reign of George the Turd (i.e., G. W. Bush)[1], when a gay escort with no affiliation to a news network, got White House press credentials and stayed over on several occasions.

    Quite a few of the victims of the 1980s allegations, later suicided – after they had told their story to reporters, some of whom also suicided.

    Likewise, very few people cast their minds back to the Thatcher years, when the Iron Lady did her very best work, covering up for a network of well-known VIP paedophiles (including Jimmy Saville) in order to protect the (still living) former PM Ted Heath, as well as dozens of MPs and members of the Lords.

    So weird that the Podesta weirdo shit, centres around Pizza… given that the famous trans-Atlantic paedophile group in the 1980s et seq was known by its acronym… PIE.

    [1] G.W. Bush was the third US president whose given name was George… hence “George the Third”.

  99. @JohnnyWalker123

    ‘Pizzagate’ started trending on Twitter in Britain because British 90’s pop star Robbie Williams gave an interview pointing out that many of the central tenets of the story had not actually been refuted. Looking over the story again, I am still struck by how weird the people connected with that pizza place are, to say the least. John Podesta has a huge sculpture of a naked, headless contorted body in the exact same shape as one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims, just sat there in his house.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  100. LondonBob says:

    Kate will ensure Meghan and Harry don’t get a penny, a Queen who could have protected her brood in the Middle Ages, a latter day Eleanor of Aquitane.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  101. LondonBob says:

    They aren’t royals, glad to have sent Meghan back to you, shame we can’t get rid of more Hollywood leftist nonsense you guys export to the rest of the world.

    • Thanks: trelane
    • Replies: @Anon
  102. notsaying says:

    We will be hearing a lot more from these two. They have just signed up with the same top speakers’ bureau that handles the Obamas. They originally intended to put out merchandise but got some pushback from the royal family so I don’t know where that stands. According to articles I have seen in the Daily Mail, she’s got political ambitions.

    I like Harry and I have nothing against her but I don’t want to see their names in our news every day. If they wanted to influence the lives of people they had their chance in England. I do not wish to be the target of their marketing.

  103. @Kratoklastes

    Nobody remembers the Franklin Affair/Scandal (during the Reagan years) where it was credibly alleged that there was a paedophile network that brought boys to the White House. The same general schtick was said to be a commonplace during the reign of George the Turd (i.e., G. W. Bush)[1], when a gay escort with no affiliation to a news network, got White House press credentials and stayed over on several occasions.


    View post on

    BOSTON (AP) _ Craig Spence, a high-profile lobbyist linked to a Washington sex scandal under federal investigation, was found dead after barricading himself in a hotel room, police said Saturday.

    Good documentary on Larry King.

  104. @syonredux

    Is the Most Reverend Justin Welby the first woman to serve as Archbishop of Canterbury?

  105. kihowi says:

    He’s one of those men who are capable with manly men stuff but they’re so out of their depth with female social manipulation that they basically become retarded children. A lot of men are like that.

    Every time I see that I’m glad there’s a measure of femininity in me because I know every trick women try to pull on me, often before they’re conscious of it themselves. Why? Because it’s what I would do! Being a bitch is not that bad if it allows you to keep your bitches.

  106. tyrone says:

    Thanks for that ….lest we forget……makes one wonder ,who really controls America (the GREATEST! sham democracy on deface of the earth)

  107. Thoughts says:

    I’ve heard that Harry treated his white ex-gfs terribly. He made Cressida pay for all her own travel costs as one example. Cheated on Chelsea, and there are some homosexual rumors out there. There really were no white girls left who were dumb enough to marry him. Money isn’t everything.

    He’s an absolute prick, and I know a few of those types of white males in real life (the red flag was getting hot blonde gfs who rapidly dumped them after a few months)…and they did marry Blackish/Muslimish…and even then they got divorced…

    So…no he doesn’t regret marrying her. Meghan is the human personification of Harry’s true psyche.

    Some white men really are that ugly on the inside.

    • Replies: @Ed
  108. Thoughts says:

    Supposedly the photos of the Duke and Kate Robertson are photoshopped

    Prince Andrew may just be telling the truth

  109. @Anonymous

    Luckily, her lung volume doesn’t appear to be impaired by her respiration issues.

  110. @Kratoklastes

    She was keeping the bloodline from staying unhealthily pure. Lessons learned from the Habsburgs.

    • Replies: @orionyx
  111. @vhrm

    Now he’s a hen pecked sad sack of a man who’s been dragged halfway around the world and away from his family, friends and life and reduced basically to holding his wife’s purse as his main life activity.

    He seems to like the ‘mothering’ from an experienced harlot.

    Must be to compensate for childhood given his own dimwitted mom was busy with James Hewitt and w*gs to cope with a loveless marriage and coming from an equally broken home.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
    , @Anon
    , @Art Deco
  112. @Anonymous

    What do you think the marks are? Thanks for the comment. Always good to hear from someone who knows what he is talking about.

  113. @Amerimutt Golems

    Dim witted, probably. Hot, definitely.

  114. “Her and Meghan talked….”

    One can’t help but love a country where a seeming illiterate can become the CEO of a non-profit.

  115. Ed says:

    He definitely seems off but hard to imagine he enjoys being dominated by his wife.

    • Replies: @LondonBob
  116. Ganderson says:
    @Steve in Greensboro

    Steve Miller went to UW Madison, where he met Boz Scaggs and Ben Sidran

  117. Polynikes says:

    The Franklin Affair scandal seems to have only gotten more credible as the years passed, but nobody much cares. I remember going down that internet rabbit hole after the Sandusky thing, whose victims mentioned Washington DC as one of the places he took/trafficked them.

    These cases are rather disturbing and not much fun to read about—although like Mr Unz I tend to guess that there is a better than average chance of them being true—so maybe that’s why not many people are interested in remembering them.

  118. Here is the police report:

    Note Incident Date: 06/24/2020 – 1:00 AM

    So that’s early in the morning of Wednesday, June 24.

    It fits in with the 24 June ATM notice that Steve reproduced here:

    “early this morning”

    When did she go to the hospital? Did she go to the hospital? Which hospital?

  119. Harold says:

    In general people think things are easier to light than they are. Contrary to the movies, flicking a cigarette at a trail of petrol won’t set it alight. Lighter fluid is much more flammable I assume, though I don’t have personal experience with it, yet watch this black man try, and fail, to light a trail of lighter fluid(?). (you won’t see someone burned alive, but you will see someone on fire and struggle to remove burning clothes if you watch too long)

    If she only had a few patches of burn on her face there can’t have been much fumes to light.

    Movies not only make things look easy to light, but make it look trivially easy to aim throws. Most people are not very good at throwing something at a small target. Not to mention the lighter probably has to hit the right way round unless there are a lot of fumes to ignite.

    Maybe I’m wrong and it is easy to spray some lighter fluid on something and then light it by throwing a lighter, but I am dubious.

  120. Anon[368] • Disclaimer says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    Why is your screen name a racial slur? And you act like that’s just fine and you can just pretend like you’re an educated person contributing to the discussion like everyone else? Classless POS.

  121. LondonBob says:

    Markle is just a version of his own mother, who her own mother thought was a tramp and a little crazy.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  122. Clyde says:
    @Ulysses J. Mysterio

    Are you the cousin of L’Angelo Misterioso?

  123. Anon[183] • Disclaimer says:

    First off, Andrew is his uncle.

    Secondly, who benefits from this marriage besides Meghan? Blackmail usually involves personal gain. Did she blackmail him?

    Meghan’s similarities to Diana, whom Harry lost at a young age and whose death he’s never fully grieved, are obvious. She’s an older woman (she was literally the same age when Harry started dating her as Diana was when she died), outspoken, divorced, difficult personality (Diana, like Meghan, was terribly behaved). You’re using Occam’s butterknife to explain this.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  124. I could imagine an alternative timeline in which Meghan Markle is the really cool high school counselor who used to be on TV.

    Good premise for a sitcom. Perhaps it could be called The Fresh Duchess of Buenos Aires, or something like that, and feature Will Smith in a guest spot as the butler. Each week the duchess, who has a call-in radio gig would investigate hate crimes and offer comfortable words to the victims while wearing a coronet.

    Something like this:

  125. Anon[183] • Disclaimer says:

    Of course they’re royals. They have allegedly chosen to stop using their titles but they still have them.

    • Replies: @orionyx
  126. @Anon

    Constitutional monarchy is a farce, the Saxe-Coburgs are nothing more than a tourist attraction who bow to money like any other commoner

  127. BenKenobi says:

    Notice that his name also evokes his nickname.

    James Alefantis, J’aime l’enfants.

    • Replies: @Pericles
  128. sayless says:
    @Jack Armstrong

    Why would Althea Bernstein anticipate that she or her family might have legal expenses?

    • Agree: HammerJack
  129. Why is it okay for certain white families to be privileged based on their genetics and not so for other whites?
    Whoops!, I forgot to look in the wood pile and found my answer there.

  130. Corvinus says:
    @Ron Unz

    You covered a lot of topics, sir.

    “Given my awareness of this remarkable track-record of major media cover-ups, I’m ashamed to admit that I had paid almost no attention to the Jeffrey Epstein case until it exploded across our national headlines earlier this month, suddenly becoming one of the biggest news stories in our country.”

    NOTICE you failed to explore the William Barr-Jeffery Epstein-Donald Trump connection.

    Recall that Barr’s father hired Epstein as a teacher at a prestigious prep school in the 1970’s where he was headmaster, and it is more than likely Epstein was recruited to work for Barr on dirty tricks operations, which proceeded to get out of hand. Interesting how Epstein was then kacked with Barr at the helm of the DOJ. Barr is probably protecting his dad and Trump, given that Trump and Epstein were quite friendly with one another, and it has been reported that Trump enjoyed the company of underage models. Perhaps you should explore that angle.

    “Prior to that moment, I’d never even heard the term “fake news” but suddenly it was ubiquitous across the media, once again almost as if some unseen hand had suddenly flipped a switch.”

    You’re part and parcel to it, friend. Again, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. On one hand, you tacitly encourage readers to peddle this “Fake News” mantra. On the other hand, you latch on to MSM stories that seemingly support your conclusions. You inferred that we ought to trust ABC News, which cited four separate intelligence sources that a government report *existed* that Covid-19 is a bioweapon. Of course that report “exists”. Whether or not that report constitutes a “smoking gun” in an entirely different matter.

    But I thought that ANYTHING that comes from U.S. intelligence ought not to be trusted. Because Deep State. It would appear that those stories which supports your predisposed narrative, you take stock in, and for other stories that go against your truth grain, you vigorously question their validity, at best, or totally discard them.

    Ultimately, a fine number of readers here believe the source you used is part of FAKE NEWS. I would like to know how YOU would respond to their repeated accusation that ALL of the mainstream media reporting are lies. Here is Anon 223 stating that we ought NOT to trust ABC News.

    I wouldn’t take the ABC news report at face value. Essentially, most of the Federal Government despises Trump, and want an excuse to make him look bad. Stating that the coronavirus was known since November would make Trump look bad since he didn’t do anything(though he does look bad…). This the same organization that states continuously that Trump had allied with Russia and that he had a hooker pee on him in a Russian hotel.

    Now, if we go by the assumption that you “carefully read” several MSM publications, then would it not be probable that other people also carry out this same course of action? Would not those people be properly equipped to counter his line of thinking if they underwent a similar process? Or do you, Mr. Unz, possess a unique skill set they ultimately lack?

    • Replies: @Escher
  131. I guess their just looking for the M.S. Media to pay attention to them then the DNC and the Hollywood crowd

  132. sayless says:
    @Steve Sailer

    ‘just stupid’, do you mean the story, or the press?

  133. Art Deco says:

    Andrew is his uncle, not his brother. And just about any explanation is more plausible than the one you’ve advanced.

    Here’s a sane explanation: criteria of suitability that used to be standard for those marrying into the royal family have largely evaporated, in part because the bad behavior of various parties (Lord Snowden, Princess Margaret, Mark Phillips, Diana, Sarah Ferguson) have abraded everyone’s sensibilities. So, that she was a recent divorcee with a mess of vulgar paternal-side relatives wasn’t a bar. In any case, Harry’s got about five people between him and the throne. He got what he wanted, which was her. Her feminine charms were straightforward and she wasn’t emotionally disarranged by papparazi, which his two previous numbers were. He doesn’t want to spend his life promoting umpteen philanthropies, something his cousins do not do and his uncle managed to decline to do for 15 years.

    • Replies: @Single malt
  134. @Clyde

    I meant epic in terms of media interest. Charles and Diana certainly was epic. I give them a few more years than you do. I think they’re going to have an anchor baby first. Megan is very clever.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  135. @syonredux

    I’ve heard of underboob. But… underbutt?

  136. Art Deco says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    His mother was a blockhead, which her surviving siblings are not. She was also impossible. She had lengthy periods of estrangement from her mother, her step-mother, one of her sisters (and said sister’s entire family), and (at the end of her life) her brother, not to mention the cousins who occupied the adjacent apartment in Kensington Palace. This supposedly wronged woman had at least three extramarital affairs with men whose names are known, one the perfectly worthless scion of the owner of Harrod’s. She gratuitously fired one nanny to whom her children were attached; she wasn’t able to dispose of another they were fond of, so she trashed the woman in the media. Years after she died, royal retainers were willing to go on the record about how contumacious she was when the Queen’s staff were trying to train her about how to carry herself during public appearances. She made herself a problem from the very beginning. Harry may indeed have some scar tissue upstairs, because his mother was plain awful.

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @Clyde
    , @Jane Plain
    , @Anonymous
  137. duncsbaby says:

    #Defund The Royal Family. (sorry Mom)

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  138. Escher says:

    NOTICE you failed to explore the William Barr-Jeffery Epstein-Donald Trump connection.

    Are you confusing this sordid mess with “Epstein-Barr syndrome” by any chance?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  139. duncsbaby says:

    I might’ve said this before & I understand if no one gives a flying fuck but my pet insane conspiracy theory is Bonnie Prince Archie both a British & American citizen and anointed w/the holiness of Black Blood will be an usurper to the American Presidency in 34 years or so. Truth is the Republic will probably fall long before that time. Still it grates me to no end how we’re s’posed to bow down to these shit-heel parasites because they live in America now. Hopefully Prince Harry gets his shit together mentally & absconds w/Archie back to Blighty.

    • Replies: @vhrm
  140. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:
    @Almost Missouri

    If someone wants to do the Sussexes (and Michael Johnson) a favor, they could whisper in their ears that there is a strong chance this Bernstein story is gonna blow up, splattering egg on the face of anyone too near.

    It is possible, but I am sceptical that such an outcome will make any sort of difference where the social standing of the Sussexes is concerned.

    The old phrase, “Well, her intentions were good,” seems to carry a lot of weight with the unwashed SJW masses. Couple that with the fact that, by the time reality intrudes and the entire affair is revealed to be a hoax, Markle will already be 2-3 Causes of the Week away from it and well out of danger.

    As for poor, gormless Harry, a bit of egg on your face makes little difference when you’re already sporting an omelette. I have always wondered whether he a) simply didn’t know what sort of aimless life Edward VIII led after marrying a divorcée or b) knew full well what was likely in store for him, but simply didn’t care because he was just as c- struck as Edward was.

    PS: Am I the only one who is sceptical whenever hearing of someone intending to marry a divorcée? Somehow, I can never seem to stop wondering why, if the spouse-to-be is so wonderful, their former spouse did not see fit to hang onto them.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Art Deco
  141. @Anonymous

    The guy who does that Hot/Crazy Chart vid needs to incorporate this clip.

  142. I don’t know to what extent the black community in Madison ever worked at the old Oscar Meyer plant (maybe the unions kept them out), but part of the backstory in Madison is the elimination of industry. Time was, Oscar Meyer was a major employer, perhaps second only to the University of Wisconsin. Now, it’s gone, shuttered. Madison is increasingly a cyber-hub driven by the software companies. Where does the legacy population of unskilled laborers go? My impression is that Hispanics have taken the custodial jobs.

    • Thanks: vhrm
  143. Art Deco says:

    The royal family is supported by the income from Crown Estate properties and like sources like the Duchy of Lancaster. The Queen also has purely personal holdings. The public expenditure on them is for office staff and security details.

    • Replies: @anon
  144. Art Deco says:

    1. The Duke of Windsor was childless; and 2. He and his wife were radioactive.

  145. Corvinus says:

    “Are you confusing this sordid mess with “Epstein-Barr syndrome” by any chance?”

    Rather than lob a red herring for the viewing audience, how about specifically addressing my points earnest?

    • Replies: @Ozymandias
  146. Clyde says:
    @Jane Plain

    You must mean Harry and Meghan having anchor baby number two, to make it 2x more difficult for the BRF to get rid of Meghan Markle. Barnacles are very tough to scrape off, I have done this labor.

  147. Art Deco says:

    Diana failed her “o” levels and dropped out of finishing school. I suspect MM has more ration of ‘g’ than did his mother. His mother was working when she was engaged to Prince Charles, but she was subsidized by her father. Meghan earned a living for 14 years. Thomas Markle’s brothers and their children, though very different from him and from each other, appear to be able to keep their mouths shut. So does Meghan’s mother and her relatives. The manifest clowns are her sister, her brother, her father, and (to a lesser degree) the rest of her brother’s family. At the very least, MM can keep up a front.

    • Replies: @martin_2
  148. @Harold

    Do cars really burst into flames as easily as on Mannix or Hawaii 5-0? Every TV car that goes over a cliff ( and there are cliffs galore in Hawaii and California) quickly explodes and goes up in a blaze of glory

  149. Clyde says:

    Kate will ensure Meghan and Harry don’t get a penny, a Queen who could have protected her brood in the Middle Ages, a latter day Eleanor of Aquitane.

    I never thought about it this way, you are probably right. Kate is very involved with her three children. protected her brood Kate is the brains behind Wills. Let us say the motivating factor behind Wills. Yes, she will cut off the Cornwall Duchy cash spigot for the two Hollywood abdicators

  150. anon[118] • Disclaimer says:
    @Art Deco

    The Queen also has purely personal holdings.

    You can say that again.
    I’ve read that she’s the single biggest landlord in Australia.
    If I remember correctly, she owned the Brill Building in Times Square where Jack Dempseys restaurant was located.

  151. martin_2 says:
    @Art Deco

    It is very odd that Princess Diana did indeed fail her “O” level exams. It wasn’t as if she came from a white working class background that – in those days – did not value education. Neither did she come across as being thick. But she would have needed to have been.

  152. Pericles says:
    @El Dato

    Wouldn’t she make a marvellous VP for Biden?

    • LOL: HammerJack
  153. @Harold

    Black people set people, usually white people, on fire with incredible regularity. Jessica Chambers in Mississippi was a well covered case. You can find a recent video of blacks tossing some powerful firework on a sleeping homeless person. Read a story of a black person setting a dog on fire within the last few weeks. I’d be confident to say that you could find an example of a black person setting some person or living animal on fire once a month.

  154. Pericles says:

    James Alefantis, J’aime l’enfants.

    Good catch. I wonder if it’s his real name?

  155. res says:
    @El Dato

    Jennifer Beals looks like 17. Is it the facial expression that does it?

    Mad Magazine made great fun of the fact that one never sees her face when she’s dancing, only when she’s welding.

    There is a reason for that.

    Info about that Mad Magazine issue:

  156. Gabe Ruth says:

    The link between elite globalists and the most perverse shit imaginable is hard to miss if you’re paying attention. The peculiarly strong penchant of powerful Brits for this kind of thing is well known of course, making Slick Willy apart positively wholesome by comparison. They at least have the weird public school thing to explain where it comes from.

    Then there’s Marc Dutroux, who I first heard of a little over a year ago. Possibly the most jaw dropping article on wikipedia. Anyone NOT fedpoasting after reading that is suspect.

    I wonder if the NYT reporter isn’t a little unsure of the ridiculousness of the claims. It doesn’t seem to me that it was absolutely necessary to mention FB’s suppressive action, and to anyone trying to pretend to openmindedness that really smells.

    • Agree: JohnnyWalker123
  157. @syonredux

    ‘Forgiveness can only be granted “if we change the way we behave now and say this was then and we learn from that and change how we are going to be in the future,” he said.’

    Then the problem’s solved, and forgiveness can be granted!

    That was certainly then, and I have no doubt that we will change how we are going to be in the future.

    We invariably do. Can anyone point to a period of absolutely no change for a prolonged period in post-paleolithic human history?

  158. vhrm says:

    Still it grates me to no end how we’re s’posed to bow down to these shit-heel parasites because they live in America now.

    Who said anyone has to bow down? That’s not a thread I’d heard in the coverage.

    Right now i think people are waiting to see if she’ll actually DO anything…
    Afaict the people who like her primarily like that she’s black, and somehow see this as a strike against white privilege.
    I never watched Suits, but her princess persona seems 100% manufactured corporate/marketing speak. (and I’m usually pretty gullible about such things)

    • Replies: @duncsbaby
  159. Art Deco says:

    Her ancestry is about 60% white and she doesn’t look any more negroid than did Lena Horne. Her mother’s reference points are much more California New Age than they are black bourgeois (much less black working class).

    • Replies: @JMcG
  160. @Corvinus

    how about specifically addressing my points earnest?

    No one as intellectually dishonest as you has ever made an earnest point.

    • Agree: bomag
  161. JMcG says:
    @Art Deco

    She’s a testament to the plastic surgeon’s art. Michael Jackson didn’t look black either. Has there ever been a case of a White or Asian going to a plastic surgeon and saying “Give me a nose like an african?”

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  162. @Almost Missouri

    Johnson, maybe, but I don’t want to do the Sussexes any favors.

  163. @vhrm

    No way.

    Prince Harry adores Sparkle. Maybe he won’t in a few years, but for now, he’s besotted.

    This man flew Apaches in Afghanistan and founded the Invictus games and is a Prince of the British Royal family.

    You make him sound like he qualified for the Victoria Cross. He’s a prince by birth, the Invictus games are a charity run by a staff, and he spent a few months as a co-pilot. He served honorably but don’t exaggerate.

    He’s always been a restless sort, and in 2008 said, “I don’t like England much.”

    So don’t be surprised about him and Sparkle legging it out of Blighty. She didn’t convince him of anything.

    • Replies: @vhrm
  164. @Art Deco

    You sure seem to know a lot about her.

    Did she actually walk through a live mine field, or was that a staged photo-op?

  165. orionyx says:

    The Habsburgs are for the most part fine people. A distinctive jaw doesn’t seem to be any but a cosmetic impairment.

    A child with the qualities of Markle, on the other hand, would have a number of serious handicaps.

  166. orionyx says:

    I think part of the reason Harry was eager to get out of the setup is that he woke up every morning wondering if today’s the day people are going to start calling him Mr. Hewitt – which is not royal. So the pair were if anything courtesy royals. Everybody knows it. It was up to them to respond courteously. But that was obviously too much for a half-black American ex-starlet.

  167. @Art Deco

    I can’t understand this guy. He could’ve had his pick of any number of beautiful, aristocratic European chicks and his picks this mutt?

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  168. duncsbaby says:

    Weirdly? Have you not been paying attention? Sorry if I’m brusque but white mom/black dad, kids w/mom’s surname is pretty common. Usually the kids even though raised by their white mom have hatred for white people. Maybe she is adopted, I don’t know and don’t really care but it’s not uncommon to see the first scenario I mentioned. I see it all the time and I live in a state considered to be a bastion of whiteness.

  169. duncsbaby says:

    Who said anyone has to bow down? That’s not a thread I’d heard in the coverage.

    The continual references to them in the media as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They’re living in America now, no one needs or even should be comfortable w/calling them by their titles. I saw a commercial for a Nat Geo special that was to be narrated by “the Duchess of Sussex,” screw that noise, she’s just another Hollywood jerk as far as I can tell. The woke brigade is onboard w/this nonsense because she’s black.

    I told my buddy before they got married that she was gonna not be comfortable living as a royal in Britain & I was right. I also said they’d get a divorce in two years which I was incorrect on but I knew she was gonna completely fuck up Harry’s life. His own damn fault. They’ll be divorced 10 years from now, she’s too much of a power-hungry bitch.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  170. Art Deco says:

    Her mother was a social worker, her father a technician who worked in motion picture production. Not a family for whom the cost of plastic surgery was sofa change. Here’s a picture of her at age 22, when she’d had only a few screen appearances:

    • Replies: @JMcG
  171. Art Deco says:
    @Single malt

    Maybe yes, maybe no. The Queen’s father was turned down several times by her mother before she relented. Supposedly, Prince Charles was turned down by his 2d cousin, because she did not want public attention. Supposedly, Harry’s previous numbers broke it off because they were undone by press attention. His father married a ‘beautiful, aristocratic’ chick and it was a disaster. His brother and his uncle landed someone from the British middle classes, and no discernible trouble.

    • Agree: vhrm
  172. Art Deco says:

    They don’t have legal surnames, they have royal styles. When he and his brother were in the Army, they were given convenience surnames (which I think they use on documents like driver’s licenses). It would be contrived for newspapers to refer to them as ‘Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wales’, which is if anything less likely to be recognized by readers than would be their titles. The one exception to this convention is Prince Edward’s daughter, because he and his wife specifically asked news agencies to not use her royal style when referring to her.

  173. vhrm says:
    @Jane Plain

    Well, you’re right. I don’t mean to lionize him. I don’t even really have a huge issue with their wanting to do their own thing, though i think a proactively negotiated solution over a longer period would have been much preferable to the “make a press release and run away to Canada and then figure it out later” path they took.

    I’m annoyed because i think she makes Americans look bad. She was demanding and didn’t make an effort to get along. AND it wasn’t that she brought something significant to the table and was rejected. It was stupid stuff like what tiara she could wear, complaining about housing and being mean to staff.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  174. Anonymous[154] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, this is Diana’s revenge. He chose a wife he knew would irritate and embarrass his father and grandmother. It’s a passive-aggressive way of getting back at them for their treatment of his mother.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  175. Anonymous[154] • Disclaimer says:
    @Art Deco

    This is why princes should marry actual princesses, i.e. women who were raised from childhood for the role, a role which, contrary to popular myth, is not easy or pleasant.

    It’s a huge risk for a prince to marry a girl who doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into, because she’s liable to go nuts and cause endless trouble.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  176. Art Deco says:

    There is little evidence that they treated his mother badly and there is satisfactory evidence that she proved difficult to handle from the beginning, was difficult for a menu of close relatives, and was difficult for a selection of the staff as well. Charles had a paramour; she had three paramours.

  177. Art Deco says:

    Yeah, that worked out so well for the Hapsburgs.

    There are only a handful of princesses available at any one time. That aside, most of the royals have over the last century built satisfactory domestic lives with members of the British peerage and gentry or members of the British middle class. The disasters have arisen from the personal predilections of the disaster-generators (Diana, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Mark Phillips, Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden, the Queen’s uncle Prince George). Harry didn’t need a princess, he needed someone who wasn’t fazed by paparazzi, someone who wasn’t opinionated about public affairs, and someone who was content with conventional British standards of conduct. His brother and his cousin Peter landed someone who filled the bill; it doesn’t look like he did.

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
  178. @vhrm

    It was stupid stuff like what tiara she could wear, complaining about housing and being mean to staff.

    Sounds like Democratic First Lady material to me.

  179. What Should We Call the Summer of 2020?


  180. anon[255] • Disclaimer says:

    Ok, here’s something for the Boomers. The Farkels, which rhymes with Markles.

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