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St. Louis Murder Rate Has Doubled Since Ferguson/BLM
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From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Amid ‘indescribable times,’ St. Louis homicide rate reaches historic levels
Kim Bell 7 hrs ago 150

ST. LOUIS — The same scenes play out time and again for police Lt. Scott Aubuchon’s homicide detectives when they arrive to investigate another death in the city: yellow police tape, the wails of family and evidence technicians scouring for bullet casings.

Aubuchon’s team is struggling to keep up as the city contends with a homicide rate that, by year’s end, likely will be the worst in at least a half-century.

The number of killings soared over the summer as detectives were called to 114 homicides in June, July and August. There were 53 people killed in the city in July alone.

“Since June 1, our numbers began to rise at the alarming rate,” said Aubuchon, the homicide unit’s commander since 2018. “We’ve never seen anything like the last three months. These are indescribable times.”

What happened on Memorial Day this year that might have set off the murder spree by June 1? Oh, yeah, George Floyd died.

The same can be said for the year.

The shooting death last Monday of a 15-year-old girl in the Riverview neighborhood was the 194th homicide of the year, matching the city’s total for all of 2019. That number has since been surpassed. If the pace of killings continues, St. Louis will reach an ignoble milestone. Over the past decade, the city has averaged 50 homicides in the last four months of the year, according to police statistics. If that holds true, St. Louis will see about 240 homicides in 2020, the highest in 25 years.

The murder rate in St. Louis in 2013, before the beginning of Black Lives Matter, was 37.7. Then in 2014, with Ferguson and BLM happening in August, it jumped to 49.9. Since 2015, the murder rate in St. Louis has never been below 59. This year it appears to be headed for 79, more than double the murder rate in 2013, the last year before the Ferguson/BLM effect.

Year Pittsburgh St. Louis Memphis Cincinnati Baltimore
2019-01-01 12.3 64.5 29.3 24 58.6
2018-01-01 18.8 61.4 28.5 18.9 51
2017-01-01 18 66.4 27.7 23.4 55.8
2016-01-01 18.8 59.8 29.8 19.1 51.4
2015-01-01 18.6 59.3 20.5 22.1 55.4
2014-01-01 22.4 49.9 21.4 20.1 33.8
2013-01-01 14.6 37.7 18.8 23.6 37.4
2012-01-01 13.1 35.5 20.2 15.5 34.8
2011-01-01 14.2 35.3 17.9 20.5 31.2
2010-01-01 17.6 40.5 13.2 20.4 34.8

Baltimore had a similar Ferguson Effect jump from 2014 to 2015 (with the Freddie Gray riot on April 25, 2015). The Ferguson/BLM Effect is one of the most obvious in the history of the social sciences, which is why you almost never hear about it.

The highest number of killings in a single year in St. Louis was 267 in 1993, when the city had some 387,000 residents. That means the homicide rate — homicides per 100,000 people — was 69 that year. But the population of St. Louis has continued to dwindle over the decades, settling now at just over 300,000. The result this year is a homicide rate that’s projected to be 79, a startling number that appears to exceed the rate for any other large U.S. city. …

Most of the deaths in St. Louis are not solved, making it difficult for detectives to pinpoint motives, but Aubuchon said the motive in the killings that have been solved are “all over the place.”

“Random fights that escalate,” Aubuchon said. “Some folks under the influence of drugs. Arguments over stolen money.”

One key difference detectives have noticed is the relationship between killer and victim. They seem to be closer: family members and close friends. In the past it was more likely to be an acquaintance or, rarely, a stranger, Aubuchon said. …

Finding witnesses willing to cooperate with investigators has always been a challenge for St. Louis police, and Aubuchon said the pandemic is making it even harder.

… A majority of the victims this year (156) have been Black men and boys. As of last week, police said they have suspects in just 69 cases, and most were Black males.

But now that we have started capitalizing Black males, they will no doubt, real soon now, stop shooting other Black males so often.

More than half of the killings are in the northern part of St. Louis and nearly all of the killings are carried out with a firearm.

The motive is elusive. For the cases in which a reason is listed, 18 involved an argument, six involved a burglary and fewer than 10 victims were thought to be killed for drugs or in retaliation.

Police have identified suspects in 47 killings this year, but about three-fourths of the murders remain unsolved. …

And this July, Chief Hayden said in the midst of the particularly violent summer that people seemed to have “shorter fuses.”

It’s almost as if the media lecturing black people daily on how they ought to be angry isn’t good for black people.

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  1. It’s almost as if the media lecturing black people daily on how they ought to [be] angry isn’t good for black people.

    Can you imagine if the mass media instead highlighted stories about people getting along and working together, showing mutual respect and emphasizing the tremendous progress that’s been made over the past several decades? Yeah, I can’t either.

    Better to keep everyone at one another’s throats. Makes the Ruling Class feel comfy.

  2. Detroit may get all the juicy headlines, but St Louis has actually had a greater percentage decline since 1950 – the peak year in population for both cities.

  3. Daniel H says:

    I have fallen in love with American names,
    The sharp names that never get fat,
    The snakeskin-titles of mining-claims,
    The plumed war-bonnet of Medicine Hat,
    Tucson and Deadwood and Lost Mule Flat.

    Seine and Piave are silver spoons,
    But the spoonbowl-metal is thin and worn,
    There are English counties like hunting-tunes
    Played on the keys of a postboy’s horn,
    But I will remember where I was born.

    I will remember Carquinez Straits,
    Little French Lick and Lundy’s Lane,
    The Yankee ships and the Yankee dates
    And the bullet-towns of Calamity Jane.
    I will remember Skunktown Plain.

    I will fall in love with a Salem tree
    And a rawhide quirt from Santa Cruz,
    I will get me a bottle of Boston sea
    And a blue-gum nigger to sing me blues.
    I am tired of loving a foreign muse.

    Rue des Martyrs and Bleeding-Heart-Yard,
    Senlis, Pisa, and Blindman’s Oast,
    It is a magic ghost you guard
    But I am sick for a newer ghost,
    Harrisburg, Spartanburg, Painted Post.

    Henry and John were never so
    And Henry and John were always right?
    Granted, but when it was time to go
    And the tea and the laurels had stood all night,
    Did they never watch for Nantucket Light?

    I shall not rest quiet in Montparnasse.
    I shall not lie easy at Winchelsea.
    You may bury my body in Sussex grass,
    You may bury my tongue at Champmedy.
    I shall not be there. I shall rise and pass.
    Bury my heart at Wounded Knee.

  4. Polynikes says:

    It would be interesting to look at interracial murder rates. But my guess is that the government actors forcing the police off the streets are the real culprit. Stand down orders from some of the country’s biggest city mayors to their police depts have left many criminals feeling emboldened.

  5. 216 says:

    We are never allowed anything

    Volume XIX

    Foreign Flag in bio, check

  6. Here’s an example of post George Floyd new age policing.

    • Thanks: Marty
  7. Good post. Check out Fryer’s paper at NBER on the Ferguson Effect called “Policing the Police”. There’s also a good piece on the research at National Review dated June 8 by Robert Verbruggen.

  8. The motive is elusive.

    This reminds me of Nietzsche’s idea that modern man won’t even allow himself to accept his mood or emotion unless he can first divine a motive that caused it.

    “Motive” implies a chain of reasoned (even faulty reasoning) and intentional actions that are causes leading to an effect. This is mainly a white thing, though it is most often performed after the fact, as a justification.

    Motive for black violence: blacks gotta black.

  9. Anon[254] • Disclaimer says:

    If these are just members of the sacred criminal demographic offing each other, it’s not on the top of the list of things that bother me.

  10. notsaying says:

    I wonder how bad black and brown on black on brown crime has to get for people to come out and protest about that? Where is the point at which people say “I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” about so many black and brown people getting wounded and dying in their communities because some person who looks like them shoots them?

    I am not sure there is a breaking point.

    It seems there is just resignation and frustration but no impulse to act — against the actual shooters.

    I do suspect that a lot of rage against black shooters ends up getting directed at white shooters. I think they are fed up with the black shooters and draw the line at whites shooting blacks, too. Also I think blacks think that there’s things they can do to get whites to stop shooting them. I am afraid they feel there’s nothing they can do to stop their own people from killing each other. How sad. Black Lives Don’t Matter to the people who should care about them most.

  11. …and most were Black males.

    But now that we have started capitalizing Black males, they will no doubt, real soon now, stop shooting other Black males so often.

    Capitalize “black”, but stick with the degrading term “males”. These people are really up on it, aren’t they?

    Jared Taylor would point out that calling white men “males” is demeaning. I’m applying this rule to the entire species.

    police Lt. Scott Aubuchon

    It would be fun to discuss Audubon with Aubuchon at Au Bon Pain. It’d be worth the cost of the pastries.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  12. usNthem says:

    The negroes in Pitt, Cincy, Memphis & Balt need to step up their game big time. Allowing a dump like StL to lead the pack is intolerable.
    Look, the bottom line is the 2nd amendment shouldn’t be applicable to blacks. Any black found in possession of a firearm gets life in prison – no appeal, no trial, no parole. Any black committing ANY crime while in possession of a firearm, even if not used in commission of said crime is immediately dealt with extra-judicially, period.
    This would also end most of the wounded gunshot victims and the resulting costs to society. If you’ve only got a knife or bat, you gotta hone in on the target. On the other hand, there would most likely be major street brawls which would again result in numbers of wounded. It’s all so tiresome – there just has to be separation from these creatures.

    • Replies: @Truth
  13. Marty says:
    @Charles St. Charles

    There’s a negative motive at work. Just above your comment, there’s W.C. Handy working to impress whites with what Blacks can do. That desire persisted among blacks until the 1990’s. But now, blacks are long past caring what whites think of them, so you get these stats.

  14. notsaying says:

    Off Topic

    This Chinese spy lied to claim asylum and is a naturalized citizen. We almost never strip citizenship from people but boy that’s exactly what we need to do to him. Back to China with him after he serves a long prison sentence.

    • Replies: @anonymous1963
  15. I’ve had this thought more than once: If liberals genuinely wished these people harm, they couldn’t do a better job than what they’ve been doing for 55 years.

    • Agree: Travis, Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  16. Bucky says:

    My justification for living in a high crime city was that they were mostly feuds between people who had some buy in to their fate. Oftentimes the murder victim deserved it, and as long as he was not a random stranger I was kind of okay with that.

    Of course, high crime rate areas also have high stranger crime. Also high crime rate areas spend more on services and taxes are higher as a result.

    • Replies: @Alden
  17. Anon[108] • Disclaimer says:

    Awesome, I’m loving all this (good) bad news. I want the murder rate in St Louis to cenntuple every day, until a spiritual black hole is generated that will serve as a monument to African-Americans. I bet the Corona shutdown has contributed, as well.

  18. i posted about this a month ago.

    i just did a cross country drive from denver to pittsburgh and back. stopping in kansas city, saint louis, and indianapolis.

    all 3 of those cities are on pace for record murders this year. technically, the saint louis record is 266, and there might not be that many murders this year, but that was in 1970 when the city was twice as big as it is now. the total murders this year will be over 200 and the per capita murder rate this year will be the highest ever.

    kansas city and indianapolis are already at record total murders, right now.

    in indianapolis i talked for a while with an IPD officer at a backyard cookout, and man, the stories. he had to swear to his mother that he would never take his kevlar off while on duty, even at the station, or she wouldn’t approve of him serving anymore. she probably wanted him to quit and get some other job regardless.

    at least now i know IPD carries glock 17s with 147 grain federal HST. LOL. also he said yeah, you can barely even touch suspects’ heads or necks now, any contact and lawyers start complaining about head locks and choke holds, which the officers are deliberately trying to avoid.

    most suspects deliberately lie continuously about what they were doing, so the job in total is a nightmare.

  19. Anonymous[214] • Disclaimer says:


  20. Over the past decade, the city has averaged 50 homicides in the last four months of the year, according to police statistics. If that holds true, St. Louis will see about 240 homicides in 2020, the highest in 25 years.

    In other words, if the murder rate suddenly falls back to pre-BLM levels. Thus, they still want to believe that the last four months are a fluke.

    Absent such a miracle, St Louis will have 300 murders by year end.

  21. Anonymous[214] • Disclaimer says:

    Basically, all they are doing is performing an atavistic recapitulation of what their ancestors did, for countless millennia, in west Africa, before the brief interruption – which was a mere matter of a century or two – , in which they were rudely interrupted and dumped in north America.

    The basic premise is the black who wields the biggest stick gets all the power – and therefore all the kudos, ergo, he’s not a figure to be mocked or even despised, but is held in an Idi Amin type awe and reverence.

    However, if a hated white man happens, for whatever reason to kill a black – whites are the ultimate hostile alien race – then full tribal ‘selected kin’ mode kicks in, with predictable consequences.

    It really is as low and simple as that. I just wish more people understood it.

  22. Anonymous[100] • Disclaimer says:

    But now that we have started capitalizing Black males, they will no doubt, real soon now, stop shooting other Black males so often.

    Also, Github is soon to be changing the name of the default branch in new repos to main, rather than master, in order to really put an end to this sort of thing.

    • Replies: @Rob
  23. @International Jew

    It’s not a bad forecasting method to say: if the rest of 2020 suddenly goes back to 2019 normal, 2020 will still be a horrific year.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  24. Must be Corn-Pop and the Roaminz blowing them away in Bell-Curve City. I think Grand-Paw Sniffy mentioned that Corn-Pop was a really bad dood and how he sent Corn-Pop packing. Maybe the bad dood fled west from Wilmington to the city used to be known as ‘first in booze, first in shoes and last in the American league’. Or maybe it’s just the familiar devils who haunt Jogger-hoods everywhere: Sumdood and Gong-Rong. The latter demon really gets around in all manner of events and gatherings: funerals, weddings, prayer services, robberies, home-invasions, poker games, bakkaball games – the list is endless of pleasant pastimes despoiled by the Gong-Rong devil. Perhaps the Chinese sent the Gong-Rong demon.

  25. @Reg Cæsar

    The reason that when writing about crime you talk about males more than men is that many of the criminals are boys, not men.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  26. @International Jew

    Absent such a miracle, St Louis will have 300 murders by year end.

    How many black people live in St. Louis?

    300 is a rounding error, not a significant percentage. Because we are all 1 person and we don’t want to get murdered, 300 murders seems like a huge number. But since we are only one person and over a million black people live in St. Louis we cannot grasp what a tiny number 300 is. Most blacks in St. Louis are just living their lives and not getting murdered at all. Even fewer Whites are getting murdered. Even if blacks are murdered at 100 times the White rate (they are not), these are in fact tiny numbers on all sides.

    Unless, of course, you are one of the murdered.

    For this sliver of humanity some want to burn the country down.

    Perspective. Get some.

    • Replies: @Coag
    , @Polynikes
    , @Jiml
  27. It must be all those Boomer Yuppies brandishing their assault weapons.

    • Replies: @Ben tillman
  28. @notsaying

    I wonder how bad black and brown on black on brown crime has to get for people to come out and protest about that? Where is the point at which people say “I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” about so many black and brown people getting wounded and dying in their communities because some person who looks like them shoots them?

    Simply consider the rates of violent crime in the countries of Africa and Latin America from which we import these people. They don’t seem too bothered by it.

    Some claim to emigrate to escape the violence, but it turns out that most are seeking a better, easier life and moreover they bring crime with them.

    • Replies: @notsaying
  29. Coag says:
    @Charles St. Charles

    Even one murder a year puts a chill on the neighborhood real estate values. One murder a year and the whole neighborhood is irretrievably blighted. “Redlining” refers to the splattered blood of murder victims.

    You think 300 is an OK number because you have the complacent perspective of someone living in a neighborhood with zero murders in 50 years.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  30. Lately I have been contemplating how much time white people have wasted thinking about the problems of black people, dealing with the problems caused by black people, listening to the whining of black people. Economists talk about replacement cost; I think of lost opportunities, not to mention lost tranquillity.

    • Agree: usNthem
    • Replies: @nymom
  31. Polynikes says:
    @Charles St. Charles

    It tends to bleed out, especially in these new urban gentrified areas. I just talked to one of my big firm attorneys who used to live down town Chicago with her young family in a nice gentrified are and just this year made the snap decision to bolt for the far suburbs.

    Similarly, I have another friend who lives in a nice neighborhood in Madison. It’s in the city limits and while kind of closed off from the rest of the area, it is adjacent to some new lovely low income housing. The first shooting happened in the Spring. Apparently it raises some eyebrows among the guys/fathers of the neighborhood but the wives prattled along obliviously until about the third shooting. Then it was the talk of the neighborhood.

    It won’t take much to reverse this gentrification trend and send people pouring back out of the cities for the burbs. Most civilized people have a zero shooting policy.

    • Replies: @Mike Zwick
  32. @Coag

    Domestic murders aren’t that bad for real estate values. They plowed under OJ’s house in Brentwood and put up a fancier house.

    The worst for real estate value are probably block party mass shootings.

  33. Jiml says:
    @Charles St. Charles

    The City of St. Louis has about 150,000 black residents. Typically 90 to 95% of annual murder victims are black. At 300 per year, in 10 years about 2% of the black population will have been murdered. That is a horrific rate.

  34. @Polynikes

    Chicago has been in the news for years and years for all the shootings happening there. It has not stopped gentrification in the past. I know people who live near the Loop, Near West Side, and North Side. They are not leaving.

    • Replies: @Polynikes
  35. It’s always amusing to hear people lauding those proud warrior cultures, and then be shocked and amazed when men of those cultures kill one another over trifling matters of respect. What do they imagine that the words “proud” and “warrior” mean?

    • Replies: @bruce county
  36. countenance says: • Website

    The black murder rate in St. Louis City, around 130 per 100k last year, will probably blow past 150 this year. St. Louis City (proper) is about evenly split between whites and blacks, and, as you can figure, one side does nearly all of the murdering.

    However, the total tally won’t increase for the rest of this year as fast as it has during the summer, because, eventually, fall and winter will set in.

  37. @Jiml

    So after 50 years of life, one out of ten people you know will have been murdered? Yeesh.

  38. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    They could offer them gun stamps, like food stamps. That would be worse.

  39. nymom says:
    @Tono Bungay

    Yes, many say the US would already have manned colonies on both the moon and Mars if we didn’t have to interrupt space exploration to fund the ‘Great Society’ as reparations for Black Americans and for what????

    The public schools are a mess, public transportation is practically unusable, and every city that is majority/minority is a complete shambles and if Biden wins the Presidency (and eventually some Democrat will win it) this will be spread around throughout the country…

    It was a total waste of public funds to achieve absolutely nothing of value.

    • Agree: Ben tillman
    • Replies: @bruce county
    , @notsaying
    , @Anon
  40. @The Alarmist

    The “y” in yuppies stands for young. There are no Boomer yuppies.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @Hibernian
  41. Slightly off-topic — interview with a former Philly prosecutor without a dog-in-the-fight explaining why the medical exam of George Floyd shows Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose and that the 2nd degree murder charge (filed before the medical exam completed) will fail.

    In other words, the policemen will probably be acquitted and another billion dollars of riot damage will ensue. To quell the growing mob, Minnesota over-charged the police. Now that the autopsy shows his lungs weighed 3 times the normal weight — from fluid associated with a reaction to the ingested drugs — the police will be acquitted and riots across the country will re-commence.

    What should we have in place for these new riots?

  42. @Dave from Oz

    What do they imagine that the words “proud” and “warrior” mean?

    There are some fine, proud warrior females in the UK.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Alden
  43. @nymom

    It was a total waste of public funds to achieve absolutely nothing of value.

    This is the best line I have read in a long time. Spot on.

  44. @Steve Sailer

    It’s a forecast all right but a very very conservative one. Appropriate if you know nothing about the underlying causes (like, you never heard about the George Floyd riots and demonization of police).

    Or if you had tremendous confidence in the old rate being some kind of universal law. Like after Buster Posey’s first ten at bats ten years ago, he was batting 700 but no one thought he’d keep that up.

  45. Pericles says:
    @Charles St. Charles

    Motive for black violence: blacks gotta black.

    Gotta keep it real, nome sayin?

  46. @Steve Sailer

    It’s worse than that. For every murder, there are a hundred other felonies. And even if you escape those, the measures you took to avoid them greatly degraded your life.

    Think about Covid. You haven’t caught it but what you’ve had to do to avoid it…

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  47. @Ben tillman

    Fair point, but they were the yuppies back in the day. Are there any real yuppies in the Casino-Gulag these days?

  48. This is one more reason blacks are never the bad guy on TV. White characters generally have complex motives and methods for murder — or at least complex enough to fill out a 60-minute episode (even longer if it’s Columbo). Adultery, corruption, embezzlement, business rivalries and so on. “Demetrius crashed my block party and dissed me” wouldn’t even get us to the first commercial break.

    • Thanks: anonymous1963
  49. @Jiml

    So imagine the Cardinals drawing 150,000 for a four-game weekend series — and 70 people get taken out onto the field each night to be executed by firing squad.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  50. @Known Fact

    Would they be playing Kate Smiths’ rendition of God Bless America.?

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  51. in the hypothetical St Louis scenario of 300 murders, the problem is that 3 or 4 guys get shot for every 1 guy that gets shot AND killed. so you’re talking 2000 people getting shot every year. that’s a big problem. imagine if 3 or 4 people were getting shot every month in your neighborhood. everybody would move out.

    when i lived in Las Vegas, the police killed 1 bad guy every week or so. that’s 50 criminals down per year. it’s kind of a lot. to have a police force that can handle that level of activity, you essentially waste millions per year keeping the violence level down. now multiply that by 10 for the really bad mostly african cities and you’re wasting billions every year.

    and, the only reason it’s 1 guy killed per 3 or 4 guys shot, is because of medical tech, which africans had nothing to do with in the first place. and which costs money. which they don’t pay either.

    the amount of money and tech and effort they soak up is astronomical, for not just zero output, but negative economic output. and for all that, you get them…complaining to you constantly.

  52. Anonymous[120] • Disclaimer says:
    @International Jew


    Of course, for every murder victim there’s a murderer, so to gauge lethal black criminality in St. Louis, that raw number must be doubled.
    Add in the seriously wounded saved by medical action – and their attackers – and for good measure through in other serious crimes of violence.
    Surely, the upshot is that every black resident of St. Louis, if not a murder victim or murderer, must be closely related at the immediate familial level to someone involved in vicious violence.

  53. Anonymous[120] • Disclaimer says:
    @bruce county

    Good Lord!

    The motion carried by The Economist editorial board – regarding mass immigration, of course – was passed easily and with unanimity.

  54. Kansas City meanwhile says “Hold my beer” — 1-year-old Tyron Payton killed in triple shooting

  55. @bruce county

    That would be loverly, but the Philadelphia Flyers were Kate Smith’s regular gig — and now they’ve even hauled away her statue outside the arena thanks to one “racist” song number from 1933. Not sure if the Blues or Cards have some longtime national-anthem legend, like the Yankees had opera star Robert Merrill.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  56. Alden says:

    A life long friend was a DA who did a lot of homicides. He joked that the victims had as long serious felony records as the killers.

  57. Alden says:
    @bruce county

    He should apply to be a French teacher in a girls middle or high school. He’d be sure to get the job.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  58. Rob says:

    Really? Do I have to start mainbating, too?

  59. Alden says:
    @prime noticer

    News from one of the big five residential rental companies in San Francisco Many of their tenants didn’t renew their leases and moved out. And no new qualified tenants have shown up. Other tenants are hiring attorneys to negotiate much lower rents. Chinese immigrants won’t help, as they prefer to buy rather than rent.

    San Francisco in the 2020s night go the way of Oakland in the 1950s. Absolutely astonishing what 7 percent of the population of a city can do with the right city government backing them.

    Oh for the days when Kamala Harris replaced pro criminal 3rd generation radical Terence Hallinan as a law and order DA.

  60. Truth says:

    Look, the bottom line is the 2nd amendment shouldn’t be applicable to blacks.

    First American civics class cancelled by CV?

    I understand, Son. The 3rd grade is full of disappointment.

    • Troll: anonymous1963
    • Replies: @usNthem
  61. notsaying says:
    @Mike Pierson, Davenport Rector, Midfielder

    Whether they come from overseas or not, all the poor minorities want things to get better where they live and they all want their children to succeed in life. But they are not willing to do what is necessary for that to happen. They refuse to label bad behavior unacceptable.

    They don’t want people put away but they don’t insist that the criminal behavior stop.

    They are looking to white people and the criminal justice system and the government to perform magic and make their problems go away. But that’s not how life works. Things are in fact getting worse and they are literally unable to do anything about it. They just sit on their hands and say we can’t do anything about this but the rest of America has to make it stop.

    It’s an impossible situation.

  62. notsaying says:

    We can’t blame American blacks for all this. We have imported and paid the price for tens of millions of poor people from overseas. We allowed the cheap labor employers and the ethnic lobbies to get their way and it will cost us trillions.

    All those extra poor people only made life worse for American blacks. We allowed all this to happen. And yet oddly enough black Democratic politicians support the Democratic Party’s virtual open borders position. None of this makes any sense. But I don’t expect things to get better anytime soon for poor American blacks. They are boxed in and committed to things that are bad for them. I can’t help but be sorry for them, especially the kids who didn’t create this mess but will have to live with it.

    • Replies: @ogunsiron
  63. Dan Hayes says:
    @Known Fact

    One of the “Irish Tenors” was booted by the Yankees for making what he innocuously (and wrongfully) considered to be an innocuous Jewish quip!

  64. usNthem says:

    Now, now let’s not get snarky – no disappointments in the 3rd grade. This scenario would simply be in the best interests of the ghetto joggers and “ettes”. Just looking out for their long term welfare. Unfortunately, it would take many such punishments to get the idea thru to the average jogger brain, but eventually most would get the picture. Then the survivors could begin living the utopian, pastoral and violence free existence they were meant for…

  65. @Alden

    That he is a she. Regardless UK is a shithole.

  66. Polynikes says:
    @Mike Zwick

    Chicago is bad by big city standards so it makes headlines in any year. But murders are significantly down over the last 25-30 years. Now they’re pushing out months that are throw backs to the early 90’s. Gentrification will cease or reverse itself this keeps up. These trends seem pretty predictable.

  67. ogunsiron says:

    yet oddly enough black Democratic politicians support the Democratic Party’s virtual open borders position. None of this makes any sense

    It makes sense when you understand that american black political thought is about _working against the interests of Whites, rather than working for the interest of blacks_. The exception is when the black politician is working for … *zher own pocket.

    *since black leaders are all “nonbinary” these days.

    • Replies: @notsaying
  68. Anon[254] • Disclaimer says:

    And instead of spending hundreds of trillions on the hopeless cause of black uplift, think of what that money would accomplished if spent on
    Paving streets and roads; maintaining infrastructure in general.
    Health care for all (so that I don’t catch anything from poor people)
    Research on improved cars, airplanes, and trains.

    Then there is the enormous amount of money we have to pay on security systems, law enforcement, rebuilding cities after the periodic riots and arson.

    God it’s depressing to think about.

  69. Hibernian says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    St. Louis has been declining in stature since it was eclipsed by Chicago in 1870.

  70. Hibernian says:
    @Ben tillman

    The original Yuppies, of the Nixon-Ford-Carter-Reagan era, were boomers. (I was one, sort of.) Of course there have always been young urban professionals, but they hadn’t been called Yuppies previously.

  71. notsaying says:

    The thought that black politicians support more immigration just to get more nonwhites into the country has occurred to me. All that has done is filled the country with people we don’t need and many more people to compete with blacks for jobs, housing, etc.

    It is just self-sabotage. It is probably true though. It is senseless though.

  72. @Hapalong Cassidy

    That’s true, but Detroit is special because it has become blacker.

  73. Anonymous[285] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s almost as if the media lecturing black people daily on how they ought to be angry isn’t good for black people.

    I call it “The Django Principle.”

  74. @notsaying

    About 98% of asylum seekers are liars.

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
  75. @Steve Sailer

    The reason that when writing about crime you talk about males more than men is that many of the criminals are boys, not men.

    Once we were chided for calling black men “boy”. Now we’ll be cancelled for calling black boys “man”.

  76. @Jiml 10 years about 2% of the black population will be murdered.

    Does that also not mean that about 2% of the (surviving) black population will also be murderers?

  77. @Steve Sailer

    And would not that same number (one out of ten) also be the ones who were the murderers? And giving the low rate of solving those murders, would most of them not still be out on the streets?

    Try to imagine this in a hypothetical sociological experiment. Imagine you live in a town for 50 years. A town of 2,000 people. Now consider that over that half century 200 of your fellow townsfolk will be murdered by another 200 of those same town dwellers. And remember most of them will get away with it because nobody in town will “snitch” to the police.

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