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Gronkowski, however, is a public school boy, surprisingly enough.

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106 Comments to "SmirkGate"
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  1. Anonymous[405] • Disclaimer says:

    What is Ms. Cranz’s race?

    • LOL: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @Alfa158
    , @Jus' Sayin'...
  2. Hate. Pure hate is what is in store for white people. It has become manifest.

    This is real. People in media are pushing it. To those of you who cling to your crutch of “anti-semitism,” I give you Hatred of Whites, openly promoted by American media.

    Will you speak out against it? Will you say out loud what it is?

    • Replies: @European-American
  3. Perhaps a few people won’t be smirking soon. I just read on some twitter account the parents of the Catholic school kids are getting a lawyer and may sue. There are now antifa types threatening the parents, the students, their businesses and the school.

    What a wonderful world.

  4. Anonymous[422] • Disclaimer says:

    Alex Cranz is the one on the left. Picture speaks for itself.

  5. Bennie says:

    Ms. Swisher may not like the smirk of the young Kentuckian, however she positively cooed over the smirk of the late Mr. Jobs.

  6. Somebody please make explicit the difference between a smirk and a smile. Make it so explicit as to enable an A.I. bot to classify facial photographs into smirks and smiles well enough to pass a Turing test.

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @res
  7. anon[216] • Disclaimer says:

    Its two for one.

    They can virtue signal by condemning two groups.

    But they feel it is so safe to attack white and Catholic. They can’t use the term Catholic without instinctively bringing up pedo priests. They just have to get that in.

    That was my takeaway from the Gillette fiasco. That white males are perfectly safe to slander. So much so that the creator of the ad was oblivious to her racism.

    They should fear the backlash.

    In two weeks. Super Bowl Sunday. We will see if Gillette triples down or if the C-Suite vetos “woke” conversation.

    Its not gonna be safe next year.

    • Replies: @Hail
  8. Translation: Alex Cranz spent her college years being the last minute drunken plaything of hot white frat guys who then never called her and instead dated and later married the prettier, slimmer, hotter blonde cheerleaders whom she could never equal no matter how hard she tried. Since she can’t have the hot white frat guys, she must destroy them.

  9. Anonymous[358] • Disclaimer says:

    I went to a Jesuit boys high school that was good at sports and had lots of jocks. The Catholic high school students that went to the March for Life every January to protest abortion tended to be mostly girls and ordinary and often the more religious and earnest type of boys, not arrogant jock types as the media is trying to portray. And the kid in the video looks like he’s a bit nervous and embarrassed that he got involved in an awkward confrontation, not like some smirking jock.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @Rapparee
  10. eah says:

  11. Smirkgate is pretty perfect.

    It is interesting that the smarter set among the journalist class, like Jake Tapper and David Brooks, are backpedaling pretty hard. The two hour long form Youtube video with the Black Israelite insane hateful rantings is going to upset the average joes out there. The media does not want you to see the full context. It doesn’t hurt that the Black Israelites hate Jews (the real ones) about as much as they hate everyone else. They are the most hateful people that I have ever engaged with and I am generally more than willing to listen to any old fool. I am more of a Moorish Science man myself to the tell the truth. They are of course long standing New York street corner crazies, but it saddens me see their hate seems to have spread all over the country.

    The Sandmann has apparently taken to Twitter and is defending himself. I hope he stands strong. The snakes fold in the face of truth, honor and God. Always will. If this is the seventeen year old’s Twitter account, much respect to the man.

    It really is Kavanaugh/ Haven Monahan all over again. Cue Chinese fella in Africa meme.

    • Agree: Ron Mexico
    • Replies: @Anon
  12. Anon[210] • Disclaimer says:

    Alex, despite her male name and apparent need for facial feminization surgery, is queer, not MtF.

    Swisher, despite her go-fuck-yourself potty mouth and apparent need for facial feminization surgery, is lesbian, not MtF.

    What is it about these sexual minorities that makes them so angry and fragile?

    • Replies: @Redneck farmer
  13. Anon[210] • Disclaimer says:
    @Clifford Brown

    That Nicholas Sandmann account is fake, isn’t it? It’s 10 hours old.

  14. Speaking of Bill Kristol, looks like he is getting the band back together.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  15. Hail says: • Website
    @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    The ADL can send out its staff members to determine which is which on a case-by-case basis. Free of charge, minus travel expenses and Kosher meal surcharge.

  16. Smirk. Countersmirk.

    • Replies: @reactionry
  17. Hail says: • Website

    they feel it is so safe to attack white and Catholic

    Is there any evidence suggesting that they are from a Catholic has anything to do with it? It seems to me all racial-political. Everything else (age, state, type of school) is incidental.

    IOW, they could have been White from any sort of school and gotten same treatment (possibly excl. a Jewish school; the cyber-lynchers likely would have passed on Jews).

    • Replies: @Logan
    , @snorlax
    , @Mike P.
  18. Mr. Anon says:

    The Smirking Neocon:

    • Agree: Buzz Mohawk
    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
    , @J.Ross
  19. Mr. Anon says:

    2013: Twerking

    2019: Smirking

  20. @Anon

    Because the hot chicks want to f*** icky males, instead of them.

  21. The Stuff of Legend* Kicks The Stuffing Out of the Bears?

    For a dwindling** number of Minnesotans, the name “Gronkowski” brings to mind the smirking face of Bronko Nagurski. Not so oddly, he never played for Denver. It would have been less than wise to have said to him, “Wipe that smirk off your face or I’ll wipe out your race.”
    From Wikipedia:
    “Nagurski was discovered and signed by University of Minnesota head coach Clarence Spears, who drove to International Falls [see “Frostbite Falls” of “Rocky &Friends”] to meet another player. On the outside of town, he watched Nagurski out plowing a field without assistance. According to legend*, Spears asked directions and Bronko lifted his plow and used it to point.[1] He was signed on the spot to play for the Golden Shower Gophers…” However, Spears chucked that account and “…admitted he concocted the story on his long drive back to the university in Minneapolis.”

    He finished his career with the Cincinnati Bengals before returning to his plow.

    ** dwindling See also “Day dwindles, drowning and at length is gone…” from Richard Wilbur’s “The Death of Pepe” (1950) –

  22. @TheMediumIsTheMassage

    Yeah, that was most likely the “devastation” she is talking about, some guy who dumped her and then smirked when she poured her heart out to him.

  23. @PiltdownMan

    Hah! – or maybe considering the territory, a Mad Magazine-ish, iSteve-ish “Smirk vs Smirk”

    See also: Crimea and Pun-Ishment, SMERSH Smirks

  24. Logan says:

    “Catholic private school” is always added because it implies pro-life (which is fair enough, it’s why they were there) and rich, with bonus implications of pedophilia.

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  25. @Buzz Mohawk

    Just to take the alarmism down a notch: the people hating are often white people themselves.

    So it’s not so much an end times scenario as dumb fashionable self-flagellation and virtue signaling of a kind that is nothing new, really.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
    , @ken
  26. Julian Edelman outs himself as an HBD devotee, or genetic determinist or Nazi or whatever:

    In the Patriots’ locker room a short while later, New England wide receiver Julian Edelman, who caught two overtime passes from Brady, said of his quarterback: “There’s no one I’d rather have in two-minute drill than No. 12. It’s in his DNA. He has a clutch gene.”

    Is Edelman the greatest Jewish football player of all time?
    But he doesn’t appear on the lists…

    (This is on-topic because I’m smirking as I write)

  27. snorlax says:

    possibly excl. a Jewish school; the cyber-lynchers likely would have passed on Jews

    Nah, at least a quarter or so of the “BBQ Becky” victims have been Jews. (Which itself is a minor case study in Truth in Stereotypes).

    But you’d be more likely to find a Jew at the Beer Hall Putsch than the March for Life.

    • LOL: JMcG
  28. Jake says:

    “Gronkowski, however, is a public school boy, surprisingly enough.”

    He is a Polock, and while rich WASP:s dearly love to give scholarships of all kinds to the swankiest schools in the country to as many Numinous Negroes as they can afford, they rarely find the means to help Polocks, or Micks or Wops or Honkys or Scots-Irish rednecks and hillbillies.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  29. @Anonymous

    She has the beginnings of what’s known in my circles as “front butt”. Give her a about 5 more years and it will be fully formed.

  30. @European-American

    He’s got mostly NW European physiognomy. No way he’s primarily Ashkenazi. He is an Israel firster though.

  31. @snorlax

    Explain it to me: Why are Jews so radically pro-abortion? Is is just the left-wing anti-Christian politics, or something deeper?

    I mean, I’ve known atheists who just shrugged at the whole question. An old friend is a homosexual, environmentalist, drug abusing Democrat, and he is suspicious that abortion is actually murder.

    • Replies: @Svigor
    , @snorlax
  32. @TheMediumIsTheMassage

    Have you seen a full body picture of her? She’s 40 pounds or more overweight with a dour face. I doubt she was a “playing” with anyone other than a few lonely, frustrated nerds.

    • Replies: @bomag
  33. Anonymous[264] • Disclaimer says:

    Smirk and rejection?

    (Little girl cries and runs off after rejection by cute boy.)

  34. eah says:


  35. And now they even hate our smiles….

    This is truly some next-level neurotic / pathological bullshit.

  36. Mike P. says:

    It is relevant, because much of the Twitter commentary concerns how even if they are innocent of the cruelty-to-natives charge, it is still true that they “hate women” because they are in DC to support “controlling women’s bodies,” etc.

  37. Perhaps you guys can lay off the Tom Brady jock sniffing and have a discussion about the 26 year old Army Ranger…Native Born White American….who was killed in action in Afghanistan a few days ago…….


    You should put up the photo of this young man’s silver casket being carried off the cargo jet….Trump and Melania standing by saluting….

    Why is the life of a multimillionaire White NFL Quarterback…with three mudsharking sisters…more important than Young Working Class White Male Cannon Fodder?

  38. Hibernian says:

    The Bears have a player named Tarik Cohen.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  39. Anonymous[303] • Disclaimer says:

    Is Cranz Jewish?

    • Replies: @BigDickNick
  40. Hibernian says:

    I think the poster you’re replying to expects that Catholics, Polish and otherwise, normally go to Catholic schools, but this has been less and less true since at least the late 60s. I went to a Catholic K-8 school and then, beginning in 1969, went to public schools through college except for one semester of Catholic college.

  41. Hibernian says:

    Might be some overlap of the athlete and choirboy categories, but the guys in this overlap category aren’t the type who get in barroom brawls, etc.

  42. @European-American

    I hear you, but this hatred, this attack on white people and white men, this blatant bullying of whites based on any physical appearance and whim, has never been so widely shouted across media before. In fact, sir, I have never in my life seen it like this before.

    Remember, people out there of all colors are impressionable. The Obama effect on Black violence is a good example.

    If we were Jews, we would be shouting from the rooftops with our fiddles, and media would be shouting with us 24/7. But we are not, so they do not.

    And people like you tell us to calm down.

    I have lived for over half a century in America, without worry, and I have never seen anything close to this much open hatred for, and major media bullying of, white people. The lack of outrage and support for us, the silence, is deafening.

    “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    — Martin Niemöller

  43. Didn’t the Gentle Giant Michael Brown grab a load of Kara Swishers while robbing that store?

    (I’d feel sorry for Alex Cranz if she wasn’t so evil)

  44. Rapparee says:

    The Catholic high school students that went to the March for Life every January to protest abortion tended to be mostly girls and ordinary and often the more religious and earnest type of boys, not arrogant jock types as the media is trying to portray.

    Maybe the real outrage comes from progressives’ recognition that the Traditional Nice Guys are recovering their masculine self-confidence in the Trump era? Ten years ago, an earnest religious kid like you describe would have attempted a civil and logical debate with crazy left-wing protestors- a confrontation he would have lost, given the progressive bag of irrational, emotional, and dishonest argumentative tricks. Unintellectual jocks might have been a different story, but in 2009, activists could often browbeat nice young “Beta” provider-types into retreating or looking foolish.

    Based on his reaction, this kid learnt what everyone else has in the past decade- that the left is in the throes of some kind of manic collective hysteria, and can neither be reasoned nor compromised with, at least not until they calm down again. President Trump demonstrated the power of self-assured confidence against leftist mendacity and craziness; a MAGA hat boosts confidence like a winning team’s football jersey. Complaints about “privileged, arrogant jocks” might really be displaced leftist anger about losing their hold over formerly-submissive future-suburban-dads.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Ron Mexico
  45. @Hibernian

    “Tarik Cohen”

    That’s pretty darn perfect.

    1.). “Tarik” denotes actual name of the initial Islamic invader/conqueror of Christian Spain.

    2.) “Cohen” denotes the fifth-column enablers, abetters, and allies of 1).

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose….

    • Replies: @Brutusale
  46. Svigor says:

    LOL, shoulda known you’d beat me to it, Steve. DEVASTATING )))smiles((( )))smirks(((, i tell u. Undermine and subvert their societies until they notice me and give me the smashing I deserve!

  47. ken says:

    It’s self-loathing white liberals who can’t fathom other white people actually have a sense of self-pride.

  48. ABCDEFG says:

    In the past few days we have truly seen what white male privilege is in today’s America.

    PS. To the admins of You should disable unencrypted (non-https) connections to this site. It’s not a good idea to let the NSA hoover up the details of commenters. seems to be using Cloudflare so you should change the settings there (check under Crypto) and also make sure all communications between Cloudflare and your servers are encrypted.

  49. Svigor says:

    Blacks with the Cohen surname are a lot more common than you might think.

  50. Svigor says:

    Jews’ leftism is phony leftism; it’s Jewish ethnonationalism, diaspora edition. So it’s interwoven with their ethnocentrism, ethnic animus.

  51. Svigor says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    “First they came for the antisemites, and I did not speak out—because I was not an antisemite.
    Then they came for the racists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a racist.
    Then they came for the right-wingers, and I did not speak out—because I was not a right-winger.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    — Svigor

    Far more appropriate for the current year. The original is laughably anachronistic.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  52. Kyle says:

    The only way to fight the smirk is to keep dismantling these little boys power stucture. We should phone their principal and have them sent to detention. Or get them disqualified from the big game this weekend.

  53. @Buzz Mohawk

    I agree with you that being so specifically anti-white is a new development. And disturbing and dangerous.

    But I think it’s also obvious hysterical bs, collective exaggeration. Like condemning men as a whole because of the extreme feminist point men are all racists, rape culture, etc.

    I’m not telling you to calm down! Personally, I don’t like it, and I resist it where I can, but I also expect it to blow over at some point.

    In any case I don’t think comparing the situation to anti-Semitism is helpful. For one, because there would first have to be some mass executions of white people for the comparison to apply. Pace the Niemöller poem, preemptively shouting genocide is a bit much. Second, there’s a lot of excesses in the way the anti-Semitism accusation is used, as is well-documented on this site, so it’s not a good example to follow.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  54. Abe says:

    Clown world. Maybe the Lord can send the angel of death to smite all the first born Haven Kavanaughs of the land. The sad thing is that almost every single megaphone-holder, narrative-shaper is some sort of bitter atomic wedgie survivor or maybe the epigenetic descendant of one (“as the granddaughter of atomic wedgie survivors on both sides…”). The fact that the 3 richest men in America are all sexually repulsive weirdos… sad that the strange social dynamics of American high schools, combined with the dominance of the tech economy, has created a situation where the psychologically most normal white kids end up socially and economically marginalized later in adult life, while the often still-resentful former high school outcasts become the social and economic elite, and because they are frankly most comfortable with non-whites (either with intellectual and sexual marketplace more on-par South and East Asians as workaday colleaguess, or docile, effectively mute Hispanics as menial workhorses, or else blacks as flashy pop icons who can be worshipped- but always at a safe remove- and star in their post-high school revenge fantasies- cf. all the sports fans whose favorite football team is I-Hate-New England and whose favorite college basketball team is [email protected]@k-Duke), we wind up in our current situation- normal whites powerless to stop their displacement, while their white elite “betters” cheerfully speed it on.

    The sadder thing is that the few psychologically healthy white males in power are too cowardly to do anything about it. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, while you furtively hide your MAGA hats in the nooks and crannies of your locker room like a teenage boy stashing his PLAYBOY magazine, and devote your most virile years to obsessing over a boy’s game, it is teenage boys who are on the street actually fighting for our civilization, MAGA hats proudly and publicly on display. Where is Mitt Romney in all this? My stomach churns as I can guess what his response must surely be, and yet he himself was proto-Haven Kavanaugh’d for being a normal, good-looking white teenager. Remember the minor sh!t-storm over his supposedly bullying a gay private school classmate during the 2012 campaign? There was even, I’m positive, grainy photos of a teenage Mitt smirking all over th nightly news for a couple days. And yet I’m sure he’s itching to be the first to throw these boys under the bus- this Republican ur-responsible dad figure is just another fake-triarch.

  55. Anybody who does not hate that sociopathic boy-smirk has never taught in a highschool or college classroom.

    • Replies: @vinteuil
  56. res says:
    @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    Quite simple actually. Just use Who, Whom?

    Someone the left does not like – smirk
    Someone the left likes – smile

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  57. bomag says:
    @S. Anonyia

    She would have been slimmer in her college days, with enough there to be getting compliments that led to some frustrated expectations.

  58. @The Cruncher

    My wife attended k-12 a diocesan school about 10 miles from CovCath. We would be glad to contribute to a legal fund related to this

  59. CJ says:

    Surely people remember when George W. Bush was the Smirking Chimp? There is still a website with that name (current masthead story, “Please help us close a $4,841 budget gap”). Although in Trump’s America, progressives now say the Bush era was the good old days.

    The utterly malign and ignorant nature of current media is hard to overstate. Even I, who has only briefly visited the largest East Coast cites, am aware of the Black Hebrew Israelites. I heard them screaming invective at commuters outside a transit station in Philadelphia. Their favorite insult, delivered by megaphone, was “faggot”. When I remarked to my travelling companions that this was a little outside the ordinary, they told me the group demonstrated in New York regularly. It’s hard to believe that even prog-bubble reporters aren’t familiar with them. They even have their own hate group page on the $PLC website.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  60. @Logan

    And it’s even worse if the school is in “a leafy suburb” or “tree-lined neighborhood”

  61. ATBOTL says:

    National Review is still bashing the victims for not running away:

    “Are you allowed to smirk?

    I think you are, even if you’re wearing a MAGA hat. Even if you’re an entitled brat. Even if you’re an entitled Catholic brat.

    We’ll stipulate that the Catholic boys from a high school in Kentucky were a little obnoxious when an indigenous man named Nathan Phillips banged a drum at them in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Friday.”

    “As such, they should have comported themselves better than to jeer and do a tomahawk chop in front of Phillips. Ideally, the kids would have ignored him and walked away.”

    “Should these kids’ lives be ruined because some of them responded to obnoxious provocation by being a bit rude themselves?”

    “I’d advise them to do better next time.”

    Cucks never learn.

  62. @European-American

    Ron Mix? Lyle Alzado? Amare Stoudemire? I’m swelling with ethnic pride! There’s also jockey David Cohen, who has won me a few shekels.

  63. @Anonymous

    she doesn’t look super jewish, but I guess it could go either way. She looks like meg griffin.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  64. DFH says:

    I doubt that attractive boys in school even noticed her existence enough to smirk at her

  65. a reader says:

    But you’d be more likely to find a Jew at the Beer Hall Putsch than the March for Life.

    You’d find plenty at the March of the Living though.

  66. @Mr. Anon

    To me, Bill Kristol is the quintessential smirker. In fact, it appears to be the only expression he’s got.

    • Agree: MEH 0910
    • Replies: @vinteuil
  67. @Buzz Mohawk

    I agree, and the fact that some of those doing the hating are whites isn’t much of a consolation. Maybe they are making the rational choice of a rat deserting a sinking ship.

    In any case, plenty of whites were on board with anti-apartheid in South Africa, but South Africa circa 2020 is what it is and plenty of whites are now stuck there.

  68. Those bastards!

    They are White, they are Christian, and they are smiling!

    How dare thy smile!

    Bill Kristol and the other neocons dream of a world where no White Christian ever again has the audacity to smile.

  69. Ragno says:

    Amended translation: Alex Cranz spent her college years lusting after the prettier, slimmer, hotter blonde cheerleaders who preferred being the playthings of hot white frat guys to being the lesbian chew-toy of someone nicknamed “The Tugboat”, reducing her to having to bump kitties with far less desirable she-manatees:

    Thus, since she can’t have the girlfriends of the hot white frat guys, she must destroy them. And by “them”, I refer to America and all the Caucasian normals residing therein.

  70. @niteranger

    Ministry of Truth busted – as usual:

    Crying Canoe Indian is a lying liar, just like the libtards who laud him.

  71. vinteuil says: • Website
    @Harry Baldwin

    If Bill Kristol had any sense of honor, he’d retire, permanently, from public life after this fiasco, and spend the rest of his life as a volunteer at Toynbee Hall.

    But he doesn’t, so he just deleted his tweet, and will be back in our collective face as soon as he recovers his composure.

    Mark Steyn has a really good post up on this, naming names and shaming the fake “conservatives” who couldn’t wait to pile on, starting with the appalling Zero, Jay Nordlinger.

  72. Ugh, it’s so disgusting how liberal hatred for white people now causes us to defend that pig Brady “as one of us.”

  73. snorlax says:

    Why are Jews so radically pro-abortion? Is is just the left-wing anti-Christian politics, or something deeper?

    Not a MOT, so I don’t know, but I’d say it’s

    1. The genetic diseases (Tay-Sachs etc) that can arise during their pregnancies.
    2a. Like you said, left-wing anti-Christian politics.
    2b. Jewish women are particularly wedded to feminism and (the idea of) slutting it up until they’re 50.
    3a. Urban/coastal college-educated/upper-middle-class culture in general.
    3b. The previous WASP upper-class culture (e.g. Planned Parenthood co-founder Prescott Bush).
    4. Of the major world religions, only Christianity strongly objects to abortion.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  74. MEH 0910 says:

    The left is fine with a smirk, as long as it’s smirking punching up (vs. smirking punching down).

  75. republic says:

    It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within range of a telescreen. The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself – anything that carried with it the suggestion of abnormality, of having something to hide. In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face (to look incredulous when a victory was announced, for example) was itself a punishable offense. There was even a word for it in Newspeak: facecrime, it was called. (1.5.65)

    Kid was quilty of a facecrime

    what next for the left?

  76. Anonymous[786] • Disclaimer says:

    Drang Nach Westen Mit Crunz Unt Kristol


  77. J.Ross says: • Website
    @Mr. Anon

    Close but technically wrong: as with Chuck Schumer, that’s actually what his mouth looks like.

  78. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    4. Of the major world religions, only Christianity strongly objects to abortion.

    Most religions object to it: only the fundamentalist brand in the US and Trad Catholics go apeshit over it to the point they can’t function against it to the extent they could. Americans would go for some restrictions but not a total ban, except in a couple of states.

    • Replies: @snorlax
  79. telenon says:

    That smirker is Joey Logano. He won the NASCAR championship by running a Native American named Martin True Ax off the track. Joey is always wearing a red hat and smirking.

  80. vinteuil says: • Website

    Anybody who does not hate that sociopathic boy-smirk has never taught in a highschool or college classroom.

    I’ve taught in both. Currently teaching college.

    If you mistook that poor guy’s expression for a “sociopathic boy-smirk,” then you don’t belong here. You need to go back.

  81. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    I haven’t watched the video because I assume it has been edited to the point of fraud.

    Did Nick or any of the White boys actually say anything to Phillips?

  82. Brutusale says:
    @The Germ Theory of Disease

    The Bears also have a black player named Eddie Goldman. I think he led the team in Sachs.

  83. snorlax says:

    That’s what I just said?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  84. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Great minds think alike:-)

  85. Svigor says:

    I’m not telling you to calm down! Personally, I don’t like it, and I resist it where I can, but I also expect it to blow over at some point.

    True; that whole Nazi anti-semitism thing blew over, eventually. I mean, it went from defamation to incarceration, but eventually it blew over. Maybe we should just tell Jews “it’ll all blow over eventually,” next time they’re whingeing about antisemitism.

    On a more serious note, we are talking about the left, here. They’ve been dialing it up for like 70 years now. At some point one has to give up on the “it’ll all blow over” schtick and recognize that one is seeing a steady march toward gulags and mass graves.

    In any case I don’t think comparing the situation to anti-Semitism is helpful. For one, because there would first have to be some mass executions of white people for the comparison to apply. Pace the Niemöller poem, preemptively shouting genocide is a bit much. Second, there’s a lot of excesses in the way the anti-Semitism accusation is used, as is well-documented on this site, so it’s not a good example to follow.


    1. The holocaust includes mass incarceration, not just mass execution; read up if you’re confused.
    2. The Official Narrative that we’re all force-fed cradle to grave is that defamation of Jews=holocaust; one leads inevitably to the other. The second anyone criticizes Jews, it’s another Shoah. If you’ve missed this, you have some remedial reading to do.
    3. According to your logic, Jews in Europe had nothing to bitch about until 1942. They had no cause to object to Nazi/antisemitic defamation of Jews. And still have no cause to object today.
    4. So you want us to follow your rules, but Jews get to do whatever they like. Gotcha.

    Jews have no more cause for heated rhetoric than Whites do. And since we can’t stop Jews from releasing a steady stream of heated rhetoric, our best play is to match them.

    They have their shoah, we have our Holodomor, etc. History shows what happens when Whites tolerate leftist, censorious, authoritarian Jews having power over their societies.

    • Agree: Buzz Mohawk
    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @European-American
  86. J.Ross says: • Website

    How did the objectively fascinating Black Israelites never have their own reality TV series?

  87. J.Ross says: • Website

    >BBQ Becky
    That infamous pool that closed when unannounced black kids showed up was a Jewish Community Center pool staffed by Jews. This was perfectly memory holed by the airing of antisemite Eric Cartman singing “There are too many minorities in my water park.”

    • Replies: @snorlax
  88. @Rapparee

    “MAGA hat boosts confidence like a winning team’s football jersey. ” just like Kanye said

  89. Gronkowski, however, is a public school boy, surprisingly enough.

    Woodland Hills High School in suburban Pittsburgh (Gronk’s alma mater) might actually be a good subject for an iSteve column. It was created by court order in the early 1980s and is black enough to be an athletic powerhouse but white enough to avoid the problems typical of ghetto schools.

    Anecdotally (I grew up near Pittsburgh and still have family there), I don’t recall ever hearing a white parent express fear of sending their kids to the school.

  90. snorlax says:

    Or Ur-Becky Justine Sacco of #HasJustineLandedYet fame, who, if I’m recalling correctly, may’ve been the first* victim of the contemporary social media mob purge.

    *December 2013, so preceding Brendan Eich by three months.

  91. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    I like middle aged lesbians. They make me look skinny, glamorous and beautifully well dressed and groomed even when I’m washing the car.

  92. Steve Sailer was right again. I present to you “centrist” (((Bari Weiss))) speaking about her high school trauma on Joe Rogan.

  93. J.Ross says: • Website

    They do get more hysterical and more destructive the further we get in time from the event, and eventually something will have to be done. If it’s not done intelligently in advance and by people predisposed to sympathy, then it will happen by itself, at the hands of the truly uncaring.

  94. Anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:

    Cranz seems like a German name.

  95. RudyM says:

    The students in this incident may have been exonerated, but it has still not been proven that no Covington student or staff member, or anyone associated with Covington, has ever done anything morally problematic. I think it’s time to examine the entire life history of every Convington-linked person, to see if they are really perfectly pure.

  96. RudyM says:

    Let’s all celebrate our Somalian Congresswoman!

    Too many new African immigrants are learning all too quickly how to adopt typical African-American attitudes.

  97. El Dato says:
    @Clifford Brown

    I misread that as republicansagainstrasputin and wondered why Bill would openly call for an attack on himself.

  98. @Svigor

    I’m sorry, I want to sympathize with your points, but to me they’re just incoherent.

    Regarding anti-Semitism, there are two subjects, one real and one fake:

    1) Historically real anti-Semitism and its consequences, including massive ethnic cleansing, incarceration, and killing of Jewish minorities during World War II.

    I don’t see the analogy with current anti-white, anti-white-male, anti-Christian discourse from SJWs, the culture in general, various minorities, women, and others. Who are the Germans/Nazis in this scenario? Who will do the ethnic cleansing, mass incarceration, etc.? (regarding your point 1., is there some mass incarceration of whites that I am missing?)

    I could (sort of) see an analogy with the very specific situation of whites in South Africa, but not with the situation of whites in Western societies.

    2) Spurious and hysterical claims of anti-Semitism when Jews are criticized, especially for being a powerful minority in Western societies, or in relation to Israel.

    I don’t see the point of imitating this kind of hysteria. If your enemy spouts falsehoods, it doesn’t seem like a good strategy to fight fire with fire by coming up with similar falsehoods. I disagree that “our best play is to match them”, I think that’s a losing play.

    Finally, regarding the march to gulags, sure, it’s a concern, it could happen again, but it’s crazy unlikely to me at this time, about as likely as shariah becoming the law of the land. We criticize the culture for its Orwellian tendencies in order to prevent totalitarianism, not because it’s going to happen any day now.

    I may be insufficiently red-pilled, and I know there’s plenty of worrisome trends (cultural, demographic, …), but I think we’re a long way from totalitarianism. People fight every day to defend free speech etc., and win/lose battles every day.

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