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Shootings in Sweden Up 1268% Since Merkel's Mistake
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From the New York Times news section:

More associated with Abba than with sharp-edged rap, Sweden has for at least six years been struggling with a tide of gang violence that has contributed to its shift from one of the safest countries in the world to among Europe’s most violent. Last year, there were at least 342 shootings resulting in 46 deaths (up from 25 shootings in 2015), along with dozens of bombings. …

It’s almost as if there were some historic event in the second half of 2015 …

In December, Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s newspaper of record, published an analysis of everyone arrested or prosecuted for gun offenses since 2017. About 85 percent were people born abroad, or had at least one parent who was. Some 71 percent belonged to the country’s lowest income group. Most of the country’s highest-profile rappers come from such backgrounds.

But now a white native Swede rapper named Einar has been murdered, so it’s okay to mention that maybe rap is contributing to the shootings.

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  1. I live in Sweden, so can provide a bit of local context. First, it’s richly ironic that Dagens Nyheter would be quoted since they were the most militant supporters for Sweden’s failed refugee policies until it was no longer possible.

    I’ve noted that perhaps one major reason why Sweden diverged from Denmark is that a signicant chunk of our media figures are Jews or descendants from Jews, often from Poland, who fled pogroms and anti-Semitic purges. For this reason, they have personal or family memories of being refugees and see it in very personal terms. Denmark did let in Jews during WWII but most continued to Sweden.

    This overrepresentation probably delayed Sweden’s reaction to fixing its failed refugee policies by a good 20 years or so. Sweden and Denmark both followed very similar policies up until the early 2000s, but then Denmark had an honest national debate and started to diverge. Sweden never did, because its media climate was unhined.

    Nevertheless, this debate wasn’t delayed forever. Sweden is now taking in fewer than even in the years of 2012-13 and it keeps coming down. This is happening under a Social Democratic government. If/when the right takes control, it will likely come down even faster.

    Overall immigration numbers are still high but are increasingly geared towards work-related migration. Sweden as the 3rd world’s welfare office is slowly but surely coming to an end. The problem is that this 20 year delay means that these crime issues are going to persist for many years, possibly generations. The moral of the story is: it’s fine to take in immigrants – Denmark still takes in plenty of non-Western immigrants. But make sure that they are culturally and economically ready to be assimilated and that there is broad social consensus among the native population.

  2. Altai says:

    Crucial in this is the large Balkan diaspora, principally Albanians but also others who, as softer borders and EU membership have expanded into the region, been better able to smuggle automatic weapons and, in an odd quirk somewhat unique to Sweden, grenades from the arsenals of the wars of the breakup of Yugoslavia.

    The guns used in the Paris attacks also came from a guy driving all the way from the Balkans having to cross far fewer borders with guns from the region.

    I also well remember the footage continents of Balkan men (Mostly Albanians one presumes) walking among the cohorts into Sweden. So they likely got reinforcements in terms of contacts.

  3. Anonymous[188] • Disclaimer says:

    Sweden has bigger things to worry about.

    Sweden Launches Psychological Defense Agency To Counter Disinformation

    Sweden has created a new government agency dedicated to fighting disinformation, particularly from foreign governments such as Russia…

    Around ten per cent of Swedes are said to read Russian news site Sputnik, commonly described as a propaganda service, which is frequently critical of Sweden’s liberal attitudes and is, according to Landerholm, aimed at destabilizing or undermining trust in government agencies.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  4. Wilkey says:

    Well clearly to fix this what we need to do is resurrect Stieg Larsson from the dead so that he can write a few more Dragon Tattoo books. Those billionaire white supremacist murderous Nazis are clearly multiplying, and they ain’t gunna hunt themselves.

    • Replies: @Bad news
  5. Anon[368] • Disclaimer says:

    30% of the Levantine population is Christian.

    • Replies: @bomag
  6. But now a white native Swede rapper named Einar has been murdered, so it’s okay to mention that maybe rap is contributing to the shootings.

    I saw the sign,
    It opened up my eyes, I saw the sign.
    Life is demanding without understanding…

  7. neutral says:

    I am sure with 100% certainty that the people that read NYT (and CNN, The Economist, Guardian, etc) will not have any clue what is causing this. These people are so misinformed about almost everything, they will sincerely believe this is caused by the people in the Stieg Larsson books.

  8. The anti-White agenda comes first. Period.

    You’ll have to figure out a way to get a handle on crime while continuing to destroy White society.

    • Agree: Bill Jones, J.Ross
  9. @Altai

    Crucial in this is the large Balkan diaspora, principally Albanians…

    Whereas on our side of the Pond, it’s Alabamians we have to watch out for:

    Alabama man used Kik app to hire someone to carry out ‘most brutal rape imaginable’ of Wisconsin woman, FBI says

    This is the kind of job the FBI was meant for, not kidnapping governesses or staging Birkenau-on-the-Potomac.

    • Agree: Redneck farmer
  10. Alrenous says: • Website

    Burglary in England and Wales up over 17,000% since 1898.

    Meanwhile, Singapore shopkeepers can’t be arsed to lock up anymore. Not just homeowners. New Yorks’ [urbanization] cope is just that: cope.

    • Replies: @martin_2
  11. Japanese TV recently featured a documentary on a model prison in Sweden that is designed to rehabilitate prisoners by housing them in a swanky hotel-like atmosphere with little oversight and few restrictions. The inmates appeared to be about 80% black/ME. One of the services the prison provides is a recording studio with a record producer so the inmates can record their own albums–all rap of course.

  12. George says:

    “Since Merkel’s Mistake” should be “Löfven’s mistake”.

  13. Nodwink says:

    It was not a “mistake” – it is called “de-civilization.” The Swedes just imported 70,000 more Somalis. Stop pretending these people are Closeau-like bumblers, and say this is a deliberate policy to wreck an entire continent.

  14. Anonymous[301] • Disclaimer says:

    There was a time, not so long ago, when Sweden was actually ethnically Swedish – and was blessed with one of the most orderly, law abiding, well behaved and civilized societies on earth.
    This caused certain Swedes, unaware of future hubris, to loudly pontificate and disparage the state of societies such as the USA, which had ethnic minorities foisted upon them by historic accident.
    The name Gunnar Myrdahl springs to mind

  15. Something much moar interesting and relevant is today is the birthday of the King, I’m sure we all recognize that was and still is true.
    Tupelo should be our Mecca.
    I believe he’d be 87 but my maffs is prolly wrong but that doesn’t seem old to me and i still listen regularly.
    Lord amighty….
    Wherever THE KING is today it’s a long ways from Tupelo.

  16. AndrewR says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    That is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever read. Why didn’t he just drive to MN and do it himself? Would be way cheaper than two grand

  17. Some people did some things, that’s all.

  18. AndrewR says:

    Yeah I don’t consider Balkan people to be white at all. Maybe Croats and Slovenians are ok but Serbs, Bosnians and Albanians are all bad bad news.

    • LOL: BB753
    • Replies: @Iberian
  19. BB753 says:

    He doesn’t look like the raping kind.

  20. BB753 says:

    Why call a planned decision a mistake? Merkel knew what she was doing.

    • Replies: @Pat Hannagan
  21. Bad news says:

    Stieg Larsson made sure to leave no posterity in order to make room for the new, improved version of Sweden’s literary representatives like rapper Yasinz, who unfortunately never talks about billionaire nazis, since he doesn’t know they exist.

    • Replies: @Wilkey
  22. El Dato says:

    “Trust the Government” is one the slogans of MiniTrue that were left out in “1984”.

    OT, violence-free education for dogs in Germany

    Police dogs pulled from duty over new animal rights law: Methods for controlling enforcement canines during police operations were found to contravene new German laws on animal welfare

    Following a law that came into force on January 1, police dogs in Germany were put on an enforced break. The law, introduced by former agriculture minister Julia Klockner (sic, should be Julia Klöckner), bans the use of punitive stimuli to train or control dogs.

    “We are currently unable to deploy a section of our service dogs due to changes in the animal protection act governing dogs,” police spokesperson Thilo Cablitz stated, as quoted by The Guardian.

    From Wikipedia:

    In the 2016 state elections, Klöckner again ran for the office of Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate. With the European migrant crisis emerging as the dominating campaign issue, Klöckner responded by trying to harden her line on migrants while carefully avoiding any whiff of disloyalty to Chancellor Angela Merkel. In a joint statement with CDU Baden-Württemberg leading candidate Guido Wolf Klöckner proposed in February 2016 flexible daily quotas for refugee inflows into Germany, which was a step beyond Merkel’s “open-doors” policy but not so far as the CSU, the CDU’s Bavaria-based sister party, which backed fixed annual limits. No one should be allowed to enter Germany without a reason for asylum or a protection status. She eventually lost against incumbent Malu Dreyer.

    • Replies: @Rob
  23. By the way- Sidney Poitier, RIP.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Jack D
  24. Anonymous[897] • Disclaimer says:

    That old adage of a phrase ‘naive, gullible and blue eyed’ is centuries old, and like all the best adages is significant in actually being true, straightforward and straight to the point.
    Doubtless that the trait which gives (real) Swedes blue eyes is highly genetically correlated with hunter/gatherer ancestry which in long long ice ages long long ago is closely associated with genetically determined mind set necessary to cooperate to survive the harshest nature could throw at you. Cheats, were doubtlessly, found out, thrown out and left to perish, thus breeding out the cheat genotype from the gene pool, to an extent.

    People descended from societies in more Clement climes, who developed agriculture earlier, had high population densities throughout history, and thus clannishness – and cheating! – were bred in. Blue eyes are/were never found in this temperate climes. Likely such folk coined the blue eye/gullible adage to describe Swedes. They know of what they speak.

    The modernday dark eyed professional cheats – who impose themselves upon the gullible Swedes – with the motive of stealing Swedish wealth and eventually the Swedish nation, are just recapitulating this old meme.

  25. anonymous[346] • Disclaimer says:
    @Thulean Friend

    What is the state of race mixing in Sweden? There was a Swedish government funded music video encouraging race mixing from 2006. Something like that might even raise eyebrows in America in 2022 if a National Endowment for the Arts project explicitly encouraged race mixing so Sweden is far ahead of America in pro-race mixing attitudes.

    If 20% of kids in Sweden are non-white (just making up a number) and most end up having kids with whites, then eventually by around 2100 almost all white newborns will be partially mixed race. Even with refugee immigration being tightened, Sweden is still on course to departing from the white race by the end of the century if the level of race mixing is high.

    • Replies: @bomag
    , @Ola
  26. Mike Tre says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    “Matthias Jacob Edward Mann”

    Old Stock Alabamian!

  27. sb says:

    Yeah that’s tough
    Still you have to admit that European national sporting teams have been much improved by all this non white immigration . Talk about bread and circuses .
    I’ve been pretty pissed off at Sweden since they tied to ruin Julian Assange’s life on the word of some disgruntled old girlfriend .
    I’m not particularly bothered if that country has a bad time
    Is feminocracy a word ?

    • Agree: Bill Jones
    • Replies: @Farenheit
  28. EH says: • Website

    “Swedish Rap Artist”
    – not a joke.
    OK, not just a joke.

  29. @Thulean Friend

    “The moral of the story is: it’s fine to take in immigrants”

    Bullshit. Take in enough non-Swedes, even law abiding ones, and you lose your country. It’s about the numbers.

    • Agree: 3g4me, Mr. Grey
  30. @Reg Cæsar

    Yes, I’m Reg
    Want to die
    Yes, I’m Kaiser
    Want to die
    If I ain’t dead already, woo
    Sailer, only you know the reason why

    Steve, tonight as I was playing darts (Christmas present) with my boy, I couldn’t but help feeling pretty content with myself.

    After all, I’ve been able to negotiate untold years of faggotry layered with perversity completely bereft of any intellectual or spiritual vanguard who would back me up, support me, even lend a kind word in times of trouble.

    I’ve been operating on the perimeters of sociological discourse without any sort of backing band let alone a driving constant bass beat.

    It’s only here I can unload the struggle of that otherwise inner dialogue which even my parents now aged and decrepit are too unlgued to support or recognise.

    Even the likes of your most prestigious paid up commenters deride me like I’m a lowly carpenter born in a manger.

  31. @BB753

    100% mate!

    Steve always opts to the bias of incompetence or naivety because he’s the sort of bloke who was born or brought up to think that way.

    Where some lead: the rest follow.

    The thing Steve needs to realise is that a lot of people actually make plans and get together in groups to plan bigger things which will advance their collective plans, and that those people are joining already in progress plans of other people who made the same sort of connections earlier and brought in their own connections to complete their circles.

    Steve projects his own naive insular innocent way of looking at the world into his HBD.

    Rogan once pointed out how Milo spent his time falling on to cock as a lad. Rogan was saying Milo wanted to sit on cock.

    Sailer would put it down to circumstance in conjunction with genetics as if it were some involuntary reactionary thing directed by an invisible meme.

    Incompetence of thought is a collective fait accompli

    • Agree: BB753
    • Replies: @BB753
  32. OK, I know it’s good alliteration, Steve, but do you really think it was all just a mistake? To be generous to Herr Merkel, I’ll say that her stupid female short-term emotional compassion had her make that move. The long-term damage will be immense.

    • Replies: @kaganovitch
    , @Alden
    , @Engels
  33. @Thulean Friend

    Thanks for the on-the-scene view, Mr. Friend. Yes, the numbers that were already let in will be a problem forever, barring really drastic action that won’t happen.

    I have one remark though:

    Denmark still takes in plenty of non-Western immigrants.

    The question of whether they are culturally and economically ready to assimilate depends on numbers nonetheless. T.F. What do you mean by plenty? 1% of the population in a decade is probably just plain enough, for any country. That’d be 300-odd thousand a year into America, which WOULD have been fine, but that’s water under the bridge now.

    When you get large numbers, they are not likely to assimilate. Look at Miami, Florida, half of southern California, Chinatowns all over the world, etc.

    • Agree: mc23
  34. One more thing on:

    Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s newspaper of record, …

    Who TF determines which is the Newspaper of Record? The NY Times? Does every country have one? I think they put that in there just to drill into their readers which is the Newspaper of Record for America. It sure ain’t for me. I would have read nary a word from them in my life were it not for the excerpts of their Peak Stupidity in Steve Sailer posts.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  35. megabar says:
    @Thulean Friend

    > The moral of the story is: it’s fine to take in immigrants – Denmark still takes in plenty of non-Western immigrants. But make sure that they are culturally and economically ready to be assimilated and that there is broad social consensus among the native population.

    So goes the narrative. But numbers and genetic compatibility matter.

    A small number of genetically compatible immigrants will intermarry with the natives, drop their culture, and within a few generations nobody will be able to tell. The only loser is the old country that lost (generally) talented individuals.

    A large number of genetically compatible immigrants may stick together, retain their culture, and create cultural divisions in the society.

    A small number of genetically incompatible immigrants will remain different in some way — an overclass if they are smarter, an underclass if they are dumber. Both create problems.

    A large number of genetically incompatible immigrants — the path the US has chosen — results in an inevitable change in the society, because the societal norms flow from the genetic makeup of its people. Culture is formed by traits more than it shapes traits. And so it is impossible to retain a culture when you change the people.

    Even if one disagrees with my formulation, the calm assurance that some people have with immigration is perplexing to me. There is much more evidence of multiculturalism causing conflict than it bringing benefit.

    • Agree: mc23, Voltarde, 3g4me
    • Replies: @bomag
    , @Chester
  36. @AndrewR

    attempting to entice someone to cross state lines to commit a sexual crime.

    These federal cops are unbearable, and the lawyer-USAs are even worse. In order to justify themselves, they allege (conjure up) “crimes” n-levels of reality removed from the actual case.

    • Agree: AndrewR
  37. Farenheit says:

    Is feminocracy a word ?

    I go with “gynocracy’. It dovetails into other words really well, like “gynocrat”, “gynoarcho tyranny” etc and has more of an air of studiousness and sophistication!

  38. anonymous[830] • Disclaimer says:

    Merkel’s mistake? The West’s mistake: invading a cuntry and causing this refugee crisis. Merkel did the ONLY humane thing.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @El Dato
  39. pyrrhus says:
    @Thulean Friend

    “It’s fine to take in immigrants”…No, taking in immigrants from violent, non-western countries is just cultural and national suicide, but the Scandi-cucks won’t understand that until it’s too late…

  40. Chappy says:

    The writer forgot to mentioned the rape %. Sweden has become the nest of Rape and rape gangs. In the city of Malmö where massive gangs of immigrants reside have become a no-go-zone for the police.

  41. Barnard says:
    @Thulean Friend

    The moral of the story is: it’s fine to take in immigrants – Denmark still takes in plenty of non-Western immigrants.

    Thanks for the local report from Sweden, but I am going to go ahead and disagree with you on this one. All the evidence worldwide would confirm that taking in non Western immigrants at any more than minuscule numbers creates problems that did not previously exist in the host country.

    • Agree: AR in Illinois, Chester
  42. @Thulean Friend

    The moral of the story is: it’s fine to take in immigrants – Denmark still takes in plenty of non-Western immigrants.

    You clowns have clearly learned nothing.

    • Agree: bomag
    • Thanks: Chester
  43. martin_2 says:

    What does 17,000% mean exactly?

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  44. Rob says:

    I am biased here, but I like my term for admitting huge numbers of culturally and racially incompatible people, merkle or merkling as a gerund. You can tell from the different spelling that it’s not named for Angela’s monstrosity of welcoming umpteen thousand “Syrians,” because mine is merkle, but her name is Merkel. The resemblance is purely coincidental, I am sure.

    If I remember correctly, a merkle is a toupee for pubic hair. Someone smarter than me can come up with a reason committing Merkel’s Monstrosity is like hiding one’s bald vagina.

    • Replies: @additionalMike
  45. @Thulean Friend

    Wow, you’re saying Sweden’s Jews — 0.15% of the population — are leading the other 99.85% of you off a cliff? Are you Swedes that weak?

  46. One of the universal assumptions about Baldwin affair is that the shooting was accidental.

    Shootings in Sweden Up 1268% Since Merkel’s Mistake

    Why the assumption that this was a mistake?

  47. @International Jew




    • Replies: @Fluesterwitz
    , @Pat Kittle
    , @Ed
  48. El Dato says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Isn’t the NPoR the one where you send the obituaries?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  49. @Thulean Friend

    Between 2010 and 2016, Sweden’s Muslim population increased from 4.9% to 8.1%. A tremendous increase.

    85,000 is nearly 1% of Sweden’s population. In 1 year! Mostly Middle Easterners and Africans.

    • Replies: @Ed
  50. El Dato says:
    @International Jew

    Some say IKEA furniture gives you Havana syndrome and crippling mental disease.

  51. @Rob

    Isn’t that a merkin? As in a Peter Sellers character in Dr. Strangelove?

    • Thanks: Bill Jones, Rob
  52. 3g4me says:
    @International Jew

    @26 International Jew:

    Perhaps considering the roots of certain issues, rather than mere numbers, might bring further enlightenment. Otherwise one is like Sailer, constantly attempting to quantify complex world-wide organizations and massively-funded deliberate population movements and the resultant cultural changes.

  53. The stupidest thing all Western countries did in the 1960s on up was to decide to open immigration to the world at large. This is typically blamed on boomers, but I was still in grade school at the time.

    I believe that in Europe they were brought in as “temporary workers” owing to a brief postwar shortage. Muslims from the Mediterranean were popular. Some returned but the receiving countries soon dropped the “temporary” part and let them stay.

    Why Sweden started taking them too is not clear to me. They weren’t a war-ravaged participant in WW2.

    Some of the imports were better than others. The Muslims are some of the worst, likely because Islam is an aggressive cult that instructs its followers that they are #1 and everyone else should be their slaves or at least low-status dhimmis. The big disparity between the cult instructions and real life (they’re plainly losers) fuels the violence in Sweden.

    I remember reading about a Dutch employer of temporary Muslim workers explaining that he wanted illiterate peasants, who wouldn’t start trying to organize unions.

    If the Swedes had taken Chinese escaping Communism when the British 99-year lease on their coaling station expired and Hong Kong was returned to China, at least there wouldn’t be the same violence and clustering in the lower class due to low IQs.

    • Replies: @Chester
  54. Anonymous[897] • Disclaimer says:

    ” … invading a cuntry…”

    In this context, describing Merkel’s Germany, your Shakespearian useage of the word is doubly apt.

  55. @Altai

    I often wondered about the grenades. They don’t feature in immigrant (or homegrown) violence in most other Western countries. Thanks for the explanation.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  56. SafeNow says:

    Milton Friedman was touring in Scandinavia, when a local economist gloated “We have no poverty in Scandinavia.” Friedman replied, “In America we have no poverty among Americans of Scandinavian descent.” Ethnicity rules. I don’t see any way Europe could have screened ethnically dubious migrants, short of, basically, “dentists only.” Here in Southern California, our NE-Asia migrants and their descendants are decent, proficient, conscientious, and industrious. “Dentists only” was not necessary.They tend to self-segregate residentially, but so what.

  57. Ian Smith says:

    Interesting that the lowest-quality European nation is Albania. Now what sets them apart from other Europeans? Ugh, it’s just in the tip of my tongue!

  58. anonymous[357] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    And – (((Peter Bogdanovich))) … he loved him some shiksas.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  59. anonymous[357] • Disclaimer says:
    @International Jew

    “As a Jew — as a member of the Jewish community — I was really concerned that we were losing control of the media. “

  60. @JohnnyWalker123


    I thought 007 took care of that one.

  61. @Thulean Friend

    The question is, had it not been for Olaf Palme rejecting the wisdom of Tage Erlender’s immigration policy and fronting multiculturalism, would this have happened? My guess is “no”.

  62. Jack D says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Poitier seemed to be a nice person but he was the original Hollywood Magic Negro. Despite being nearly illiterate in real life (he learned to read at age 16), in the 1967 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, he has become a Black Doctor onscreen and a stunningly beautiful white girl wants to marry him. This was a repeat of his role in 1950’s No Way Out – in that movie his is a black doctor who saves the life of a white racist, though Hollywood 1950 was not yet ready to have him date white girls. In 1962’s Pressure Point, he is black prison psychiatrist who is assigned the distasteful task of helping a paranoid American Nazi. He is a doctor again in the 1973 Warm December. In the 1998 David and Lisa, he is a caring black psychologist who helps David to come to terms with his emotional failure to deal with his father’s death at an early age. He played a doctor so many times they should have given him an honorary MD degree.

    How many white girls dreamed of getting Sidney Poitier but instead got Barack Obama, Sr. or Donald Harris or some other black dude who did not stick around for very long, as black dudes are wont to do? (And those guys were top 1% for black husbands – they really were doctor (Phd) material, though BO, Sr. got expelled from Harvard for sleeping with too many white girls and did not complete his PhD.)

    • Thanks: Johann Ricke
  63. Paul Rise says:

    OT – the silence around the insurrection in Kazakhstan is deafening.

    This NY Times piece is a good primer, although it somehow neglects to use the “I” word.

    Also, note how describes a tyrant open to Western business and banking interests as a technocrat, but when after the tyrant accepts Putin’s protection, he becomes an autocrat.

  64. bomag says:

    …if the level of race mixing is high.

    Revealed preference shows the levels to be lower than the fetishists want you to believe.

    Sweden has more likely imported permanent ghettos and racial strife.

    • Agree: Chester
  65. bomag says:

    Spot-on comment.

    the calm assurance that some people have with immigration is perplexing to me

    It’s a coping mechanism. I’m sure there were calm assurances on the deck of the Titanic as it slid under the waves.

    (The Titanic possibly saved lives in the long run by ramping up safety issues. Much better to anticipate such a lesson without the example.)

  66. Same demographics for Canada. Gang violence, which often means harm to innocent bystanders, and murders committed by those who shall not be named. So, once more, Canada, as a country, never had slavery. Canada was the terminus for the underground railroad. Canada never had Jim Crow laws. Canada allows Afro-centric schools. Canada treated and treats their indigenous citizens like shit, but not the …well you know who. Stay safe. Oh, and trudeau and his ilk, never says no to immigrants that bring grief as their baggage.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  67. @Jack D

    I have no illusions about him, but the point is – why are, statistically, so many white girls into that magic Negro stuff?

    Or, perhaps, it differs with culture, Teutonics & Anglospheroids being more easily swayed by such a superficial propaganda, while Mediterranean & other types, not so ….

    • Replies: @Jack D
  68. Marie H says:

    I was in Syria a year before the Arab Spring. The Sunnis said bad things about the Shia pilgrims in Damascus.
    My son had a high school water polo teammate from Croatia. The kid couldn’t say enough bad things about Serbs, Bosnians, Albanians. Hated them.
    I was in Jordan on the same trip as Syria visit. The local guide went on and on about the SOB Israelis who were stealing all the water and that was the polite part.
    A good plan for causing problems in Malmo and the rest of Europe, is importing these hostile people.
    I lived in Southern California for 30 years. I remember when Orange County had oranges. A good way to ruin California is by importing millions of people from Third World countries. Oh wait, we already did that.

  69. bomag says:

    Maybe Lebanon itself. Wiki defines the Levant as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and most of Turkey southwest of the middle Euphrates, an area that was 20% or more Christian at the turn of the century; now, other than Lebanon, it is zero to 5%.

  70. OT – more cracks in the UK Covid wall:

    Covid should now be treated as an endemic virus similar to flu, and ministers should end mass-vaccination after the booster campaign, the former chairman of the UK’s vaccine taskforce has said.

    With health chiefs and senior Tories also lobbying for a post-pandemic plan for a straining NHS, Dr Clive Dix called for a major rethink of the UK’s Covid strategy, in effect reversing the approach of the last two years and returning to a “new normality”.

    Also OT – I missed this 2006 book, in which a six-foot lesbian with size 11 feet lived (mostly) as a man for a year, a sort of Black Like Me for the noughties. She ended surprisingly sympathetic to males.

    I picked out a couple of twentysomething women sitting at a table across the room. I gave them a few lingering looks to check their interest. I caught one woman’s eye and held her gaze for a second, smiling. She returned the smile and looked away. This was signal enough for me, so I stood up, made my way over to their table and asked them whether they wanted to join us for a drink.

    “No, thanks,” one of them said, “we’re on our way out in a minute.”

    Simple enough, right? A brush-off. No biggie. But as I turned away and slumped back across the room toward our table, I felt like the outcast kid in the lunchroom who trips and dumps his tray on the linoleum in front of the whole school.

    “Rejection is a staple for guys,” said Curtis, laughing as I crumpled into my seat with a humiliated sigh. “Get used to it.”

    “How do you handle it?”

    “Let me tell you a story,” he said. “When I was in college, there was this guy Dean, who got laid all the time. I mean this guy had different women coming out of his room every weekend and most week-nights, and he wasn’t particularly good-looking. He was fat and kind of a slob. Nice guy, though, but nothing special. I couldn’t figure out how he did it, so one time I just asked him. ‘How do you get so many girls to go out with you?’ He was a man of few words, kind of Coolidge-esque, if you know what I mean. So all he said was: ‘I get rejected 90% of the time. But it’s that 10%.’ ”

    That made us both cackle and pound the table. “That’s the thing about being a guy,” Curtis finished. “Rejection is part of the game. It’s expected.”

    If you have never been sexually attracted to women, you will never quite understand the monumental power of female sexuality, except by proxy or in theory, nor will you quite know the immense advantage it gives us over men. Dating women as a man was a lesson in female power, and it made me, of all things, into a momentary misogynist, which I suppose was the best indicator that my experiment had worked. I saw my own sex from the other side, and I disliked women irrationally for a while because of it. I disliked their superiority, their accusatory smiles, their entitlement to choose or dash me with a fingertip, an execution so lazy, so effortless, it made the defeats and even the successes unbearably humiliating. Typical male power feels by comparison like a blunt instrument, its salvos and field strategies laughably remedial next to the damage a woman can do with a single cutting word: no.

  71. @JohnnyWalker123

    I believe I recall correctly…

    Barbara was awarded Sweden’s highest civilian honor by the Swedish king himself.

    I’ve had some crazy dreams, but nothing like this.

  72. Alrenous says: • Website

    It means 99.4% of UK’s burglary is preventable with a known previous solution which doesn’t even require electricity.

    They’re putting the crime rate up on purpose. Technically you could argue that it’s mere apathy and negligence, but criminals vote left: it’s on purpose.

    For most crimes it’s in the 98% range. Murder going up by 1.2 times in Sweden likely moved it from 98% to 98.3%.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  73. @Thulean Friend

    I’ve noted that perhaps one major reason why Sweden diverged from Denmark is that a signicant chunk of our media figures are Jews or descendants from Jews, […]

    We have plenty of those, too, here in Denmark. I don’t think that explains much of the difference.

    Sweden is now taking in fewer than even in the years of 2012-13 and it keeps coming down.

    We both know that is far, far, far from good enough. You — and we — need to remigrate a lot them back home (or at least out of our countries). Denmark probably needs to remigrate a few hundred thousand. Sweden probably needs to remigrate a million or two.

    The moral of the story is: it’s fine to take in immigrants – Denmark still takes in plenty of non-Western immigrants.

    Only if they are carefully vetted. We do some sorting at the “entrance” (but we are nowhere near discriminating enough) but we also need to do continuous sorting — we ought to be able to kick foreign criminals out but is nigh damn impossible, for example. The only people we kick out of the country are a few fellow Nordic citizens if they want to go on welfare — or occasionally an American or a New Zealander. It is unfathomable why we don’t apply the same criteria to the Muslim/Gypsy/African immigrants — if we did, there would be precious few left.

    • Replies: @Cato
  74. Anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    Merkelypse or Merkellapse?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  75. @El Dato

    Heh! They do have those small newspapers, BTW, that have all the legal notices. There’s one where I live – it’s a weekly and has some good stories, but I think those notices are their bread and butter.

    Oh, then there’s the newspaper of records, with all the Billboard hot 100 charts. ;-}

  76. @Thulean Friend

    Most of what you wrote is true.

    I would just add that I don’t blame the Bonnier family, because they’re mostly de-Judaized (I think you have them on mind); also, I have no illusions about psychotic Jewish intruders (crappy people like Sahlin, Schwarz, Lerner Spectre,..), like those who started multiculturalist ideological wars in the 60s & later.

    My unease is with real Swedes, who have, I think, from the 60s on, adopted culturally anti-American & anti-white policy and have started a Negro-worship campaign which lasts for at least half a century.

    Olof Palme, too many Swedish wives/partners of various Negroes, from Sidney Poitier to Tiger Woods & others I’ve seen, as well as sexual degeneracy and cultural suicide.

    Why are there things like that:

    Ingrid Carlqvist’s Speech in Brussels: I Want My Country Back

    Video Link

    Then, I cannot find it anymore, but there was a site, address swedenkenya or something similar, I’m not sure, for all kinds of depravities, and mostly Swedish females with Africans (although, not exclusively); also, a wave of protests of Swedish middle-aged women who found “love” with some evidently colored men, not Africans but Islamic darkies like many Egyptians or other Middle Easterners- against deportation of their “loved ones” etc. etc.

    Something is rotten in the state of Sweden.

    • Replies: @Stan Adams
    , @Fredrik
  77. ATBOTL says:

    About 85 percent were people born abroad, or had at least one parent who was.

    The other 15% probably had foreign born grandparents.

  78. Merkle’s mistake.

    Is this because she can’t actually have a boner?

    But mistake? Like when i bought the wrong flavor of ice cream, or forgot to pickup extra sauce packets at Taco Bell?

    If you want alliteration how about “Merkle’s Madness”? or “Merkle’s Monstrosity”?

  79. @International Jew

    Wow, you’re saying Sweden’s Jews — 0.15% of the population — are leading the other 99.85% of you off a cliff? Are you Swedes that weak?

    A very small group can be very powerful if they have high cultural influence.

    Hollyweird’s Jews are an even smaller slice than 0.15%, but have had an incredible impact on America, the West, the World.

    And the gay Jews …

    • Replies: @International Jew
  80. @Thulean Friend

    Thanks Thulean Friend, but seriously …

    The moral of the story is: it’s fine to take in immigrants … But make sure …

    that’s the “moral of the story”?


    Here on an HBD blog, where everyone understands–or should understand!–how much people’s skill sets and patterns of behavior–including precisely those that determine how productive and pleasant a society is–are the product of genes, buffed and polished by thousands of years of gene-culture co-evolution.

    No the moral of the story is how much and how fast immigration, multiculturalism and diversity wreck something really, really nice.

    The moral of the story is actually that Swedes should kick out the Muslims, kick out the Jews, kick out anyone troublemaking or incompatible, and with the welfare money saved, they can set about having more little Swedes.

    The moral of the story is the Swedes had something very, very precious–a nation–and should do everything in their power to reserve Sweden for themselves and their posterity.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  81. El Dato says:

    Let’s say the USA dumped the negative externalities onto its vassals.

    Who evidently haven’t learned a single lesson since then.

  82. @Jack D

    Yep, Hollyweird’s been pushing the “Magic Negro” and miscegenation for a very long time. (Almost like they don’t want white girls to have white children?)

    How many white girls dreamed of getting Sidney Poitier but instead got Barack Obama, Sr …

    But I’m skeptical how many white girls have actually had that dream? Even with all the propaganda?

    I see some black-on-white inter-racial couples, but they don’t generally look like Sidney Portier and the young Houghton chick–in looks or class background.

    Seems like white girls–even as girls–wanted one of the Beatles, or a Robert Redford or Brad Pitt or one of members of those ubiquitous boy bands.

    Most of this racial stuff is classpirational: i’m a virtuous good person, not some deplorable.

  83. Anon 2 says:

    Extreme violence is in the Swedish DNA. We won’t single out the Vikings
    since a thousand years ago most Northern Europeans were primitive
    savages, the Vikings being the most extreme of the lot.

    But not so long ago, in the 1650s, the Swedes, filled with the fundamentalist
    Lutheran frenzy, attacked the Polish-Lithuanian Res Publica (Republic),
    and killed, directly or indirectly, one-third of its population, which was 12
    million at the time, i.e., killed 4 million people. Due to the fact that by 1650
    about 80-90% of the Ashkenazi Jews found refuge in the Polish-Lithuanian
    Republic, that would make Swedes some of the biggest killers of Jews
    in Europe, although I’m not aware if historians have studied this question.

    The Swedes continued to attack the Polish-Lithuanian Res Publica, until
    in the Battle of Poltava (1709) Sweden was completely defeated by the Russians.
    One way to see these battles is as a struggle between the Germanics (esp.
    Prussians, Swedes, and Austrians) for the control of Central and
    Eastern Europe. Hitler’s misguided attack in 1939 was the latest
    in this category. And we know who won – Germanics were not only
    defeated but humiliated. But then Germanics never had a chance:
    There are 240 million Slavs in Europe today vs only 120 million
    Germanics (incl. 20 million Scandinavians).

    • LOL: German_reader
  84. Almost every single white country on earth is being invaded and destroyed at the same time, with the active collaboration of government officials elected by the people who will be destroyed.

    • Replies: @Veteran Aryan
  85. @Frau Katze

    Frau, the IRA used gernades during the “Troubles.”

  86. Ola says: • Website

    That video is from a comedy series. But, true, Sweden is not well and I do not agree with Thulean Friend that things are getting better.

    • Thanks: Almost Missouri
  87. Chester says:
    @Frau Katze

    The allies won WW2 for the communists. Everything since then has been mop up operations. Diversity just greases the wheels of universal enslavement. The Boomers are the sacrificial generation. They were given an easy life thanks to inflation, debt and ponzi schemes like SS. Now, fat and old, they are being sacrificed via vax and their children numbered, tagged and enslaved.

    Useful idiots, purges, mass death, enslavement, same commie stuff, different day.

    • Thanks: Almost Missouri
  88. Ed says:
    @Thulean Friend

    It makes sense to take in refugees from neighboring states, if you want to be generous extend the offer to your continental neighbors. It doesn’t make sense to hunt for refugees in Somalia or even Chile as Sweden often did over the years.

  89. Ed says:

    The point is that Western Europeans would and could have ignored Jews like her as they are a tiny minority. They chose not to. Frankly I don’t buy the Jew blaming on this issue. It’s just white guilt over WW2 and colonialism. Then there is growing affluence of the West. Many of its citizens are bored and occupy their time with quixotic activism.

    • Agree: Chester
  90. Chester says:

    “the calm assurance that some people have with immigration is perplexing to me”

    It’s a cult. A form of mass psychosis. A fairytale belief in universal humanity. Enoch Powell said it was “like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre”

  91. Ed says:

    Insanity. I had a Swedish coworker back in the mid aughts that complained incessantly about immigration to Sweden. To think it’s only gotten worse since then is really remarkable.

  92. Gobbless the internet tubing!

  93. Cato says:
    @Peter Lund

    I agree with your comments. Immigration tolerance went much too far in Denmark — one can say “Hizb ut-Tahrir” and that’s enough to prove the point. Immigrants need to integrate, not create ghettos or insist on changes for the entire society.

    Sweden’s immigration problem is in part due to Denmark moving first to restrict immigration. When Pakis, Somalis, and Kurds residing in Denmark went home to marry their cousins, Denmark determined that the couples had stronger ties to their homelands than to Denmark, and that the couples should therefore reside in their homelands. But Sweden was not so restrictive, so the couples moved to Malmö, crossing the bridge to work in København. As a result, Malmö’s immigrant population ballooned, and the city became a hellhole of immigrant gang violence. Nordic nations need to coordinate their immigration policy.

  94. Cato says:
    @Thulean Friend

    I appreciate your comments and agree with them. I don’t think most of the commenters disagree with you as much as they appear to disagree. Probably all of them believe that high-quality people can appear in any population (on the upper tail of the bell curve, they might say) and that in small numbers any immigrant group would assimilate. And most would agree that high-quality, morally sound people, regardless of origin, are an asset. Objections come from the perception that immigrants crowd one’s own posterity from the job market, or that unfiltered immigration leads to social parasitism and crime — objections no different from what you might raise.

    Sweden’s low fertility rate (1.7) is one cause of immigration acceptance. Another is simply the view among so many Swedes that their culture is not exceptional, and that it can be enriched by immigration. That’s a problem in America, too.

    Denmark has led the way, not just among Nordic nations, but among all developed nations, in becoming immigration skeptical. But they have managed to do it in a characteristically humane way. For example, take a look at who the immigration minister is in the current government:

    • Agree: Almost Missouri
    • Replies: @Peter Lund
  95. @Achmed E. Newman

    To be generous to Herr Merkel

    Was that intentional?

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  96. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Almost every single white country on earth is being invaded and destroyed at the same time, with the active collaboration of government officials elected by the people who will be destroyed.

    This merits repetition. But I lack your confidence in the legitimacy of the election process.

    • Agree: Almost Missouri
  97. Rob says:
    @El Dato

    Guido Wolf Klöckner?…

    Guido Wolf is a good name for an Italian-American gangster or rapper. Maybe for a black rappah (rapper is offensive, yo) who is culturally appropriating Italian-American culture. Lil Kim was particularly fond of mob stuff:

    And buy everybody at the bar Bacardi (Woo!)
    Black Barbie dressed in Bulgari

    I’m tryin to leave in somebody’s Ferrari
    Spread love that’s what a real mob do
    Keep it gangsta look out for her people (For her people)

    The Jump Off from La Bella Mafia

    I hope no ever was cruel enough to tell her that no, “spreading the love” is not what the real mob did.

  98. Wilkey says:
    @Bad news

    My favorite part of the Stieg Larsson story is that his partner did not inherit the millions from his books since they weren’t married. And they weren’t married because supposedly filing for a marriage license would have made his address a matter of public record. Then he died thanks to a heart attack after climbing the stairs to his office. I’m sure there was some paranoid reason behind that, as well.

    If only every famous leftist on the planet died under equally glorious circumstances.

  99. @Bardon Kaldian

    from the 60s on

    It might go back even further than that.

    Otis Chandler, scion of the Los Angeles Times publishing dynasty that built Southern California as we know it, was the captain of the track team at Stanford in the late ’40s.

    Chandler was part of a racially-integrated American team that traveled to Europe on a postwar goodwill tour. He claimed that the Nordic girls couldn’t get enough of the black guys.

    (By the way, has anyone heard from Whiskey lately? I was going to ask him if he had an updated ETA on the establishment of Apple labor camps.)

    The following is from Privileged Son, a biography of Chandler:

    Each June, for two years running, he made the touring team of the American Athletic Union.

    “The State Department would send the top three finishers in the national track and field meet on these wonderful tours between Olympic years and for ten days, I traveled to England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Switzerland, St. Petersburg, and Scandinavia to compete in these international meets,” Otis recalled.

    His trips abroad opened his eyes to how differently Europeans regarded everything, from class to culture, and especially race.

    “Half our team was black,” said Otis. “They were my good buddies, but it was a real eye opener when we’d compete some place like Scandinavia, or even up in Ireland and Scotland. The girls would hang around the practice field after the meets. We wore these blue Uncle Sam track-and-field blazers – a pretty sharp-looking get up.”

    The routine, Chandler quickly learned, was to print business cards and hand them out to willing young groupies with one’s hotel room number scrawled on the back. Unfortunately, those same young women seemed far more interested in the black athletes than they were in a California golden boy.

    “In Scandinavia, they are not going to be impressed with someone like yours truly,” said Otis. “But if you’re a muscled black athlete from the United States … Today they’re not so exotic. But in those days after World War II, the world was just getting back together and for the first time these girls were seeing black American athletes. The guys used to rub it in, too. Back at the hotel room they’d say, “Well, who’d you get, Whitey?” And I’d say, “Well, some 180-pound old bag. I didn’t want to go out with her anyway. I wanted to read a book.”

    Make of that what you will.

    • Thanks: Bardon Kaldian
    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  100. Anonymous[529] • Disclaimer says:

    My own preferred useage is “The Great Merkelian Bumrush of 2015”.

  101. Anonymous[529] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘Thulean’ is an ethnic subcontinental Indian who happens to live in Sweden.

  102. Iberian says:

    And Nazis?
    They are White?

  103. @Alrenous

    “99.4% of UK’s burglary is preventable with a known previous solution which doesn’t even require electricity”

    I presume you mean Christianity? But there are a LOT of other changes to the UK as well since 1898. One obvious one is mobility – 98% of the population in 1898 lived pretty static lives and knew everyone on their street.

    Search “norman dennis civitas” for some good stuff, working class UK sociologist, no longer with us.

    Also recommend Robert Roberts “A Ragged Schooling” about growing up in Edwardian Salford, poor but low-crime.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  104. @Stan Adams

    The white guys would be just as popular with the local women if the track meet were held down in Namibia or somewhere. Back home, it’s the black guys who end up with 180lb bags.

    Seriously, the anti-miscegenationist attitude that persists on this forum is very disadvantageous to white men. There are plenty of black girls out there with good looks and decent personalities, and they are, uh, very appreciative of white male attention. That field is wide open for any white guys who want to play there, pun intended.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  105. Jack D says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Jewish women are prone to this. Poitier’s actual wife was Jewish as was Obama Sr.’s wife subsequent to Jr’s mother. Late Lani Guinier also had a Jewish mother and so does Chanda Prescod Weinstein. I could go on.

    I know one such woman personally. Her mulatta daughter married a white doctor and her grandchildren are almost white again so it was from white to white in 3 generations.

  106. Jack D says:

    That’s Peter Bogdanovich))) – he was only half Jewish.

    Shepherd was practically a Semite in comparison to his other romantic interest – Dorothy Stratten, who was the Ur-Shiksa. After Stratton’s murder by her jealous (Jewish BTW) ex-husband, Bogdanovich took up with her sister Louise. Hugh Hefner said that the romance began when Louise was 13 but in any case she married him at age 20.

    • Replies: @annonymous
  107. @Cato

    Sweden’s immigration problem is in part due to Denmark moving first to restrict immigration.

    Only to a very, very small degree. Yes, some Totally Real and Not At All Arranged by Parents marriages between “Danes” and non-Danes resulted in couples that — for a few years — couldn’t officially live in Denmark. Yes, some moved to Malmö in the Swedish-occupied territories of Denmark. But…

    1) a lot of those moves were entirely pro forma. They actually continued to live in Copenhagen and surrounding suburbs.
    2) after some time in Sweden, they could move to Denmark legally (due to EU rules).
    3) no, they rarely crossed the bridge to work in København. Some did, but it was mostly to live a life with their extended families. A lot of these people didn’t work.

    • Thanks: Cato
  108. @Cato

    For example, take a look at who the immigration minister is in the current government:

    Tesfaye is an interesting character. His father was an Ethopian — and a dead beat alcoholic who wasn’t much involved in his son’s upbringing. His (Danish) mother wasn’t the world’s greatest parent, either.

    Tesfaye is clearly not very bright, but he has always been brave enough to change his mind.

    He started out as a mason and an active Communist and union man. Then he got older and wiser and moved to a less overtly Communist party (SF – Socialistisk Folkeparti – “Socialist People’s Party”). And then he got even older and wiser and moved to the Social Democrats.

    SF had melted down in a very funny way because it had been in government for the first time ever and its members couldn’t understand why that didn’t mean they could get unicorns and rainbows and double their previous welfare benefits and bring peace on Earth. After the party had melted down, some prominent members moved to other parties to further/save their political careers, but I don’t think that’s why Tesfaye did it. I think he honestly got wiser.

    His desire to improve the lot of the working man at the bottom of society is real and was always what drove him. If he smartens up again, he will most likely move to a party on the right. When he was a Communist, he was never one of those who destroyed things or wanted a violent revolution. He just wanted what he saw as a better world.

    • Thanks: Almost Missouri
    • Replies: @Cato
  109. @AnotherDad

    There are a lot of Jews in Hollyweird because there are a lot of Jews in America — about 5-8 million depending who you ask. If the US had as few Jews proportionally as Sweden, we wouldn’t be that prominent in Hollywood or anywhere else. As indeed, what Thulean imagines as Jewish influence over Swedish media is based on one long-ago-assimilated family.

    And then we have another commenter here who thinks he proves something by saying “Barbara Lerner Spector”. He and you and this Thulean guy are like Africans that blame their problems on Colonialism — and just as pathetic.

    There’s exactly one country in the world that Jews actually call the shots in. That country is Israel, and it’s the least woke least stupid most successfully reproducing Western country (and also the only one that has real borders).

    • LOL: Chester
    • Replies: @3g4me
    , @Moses
  110. @Jack D

    Yeah, I enjoy spotting the hypocrisy of others, but I know a lot of Jews and Jewesses who really did practice what they preached with the race mixing stuff. To their cost, as it so often turned out. Well, more to the cost of the Jewesses than the Jews. OTOH, sometimes it works out fine, but less often than when mixing with other high performing groups: gentile whites, Asians, etc.

    from white to white in 3 generations.


    • Replies: @Jack D
  111. @Cato

    Nordic nations need to coordinate their immigration policy.

    They wouldn’t need to coordinate if the other countries would get a clue. Then they would all be racing to slam the gates shut as fast as possible. Racing works just like coordination but happens even faster.

  112. 3g4me says:
    @International Jew

    @104 International Jew: You really live up to your handle. What a mensch.

    • LOL: Moses
  113. Jack D says:
    @Almost Missouri

    OTOH, sometimes it works out fine,

    What usually happens is that the black guy takes off, leaving the kids to be raised by their Jewish mother. Given that the moms (and often the dads – these Jewish moms are often marrying cream of the crop blacks) are high IQ and raise the kids in Jewish tiger mother fashion and once you add in the affirmative action benefit of being “black”, their kids often turn out to be quite successful.

    These couples are quite different than the more common (Lincoln said that God must love the common people because he made so many of them) black man – lower class obese white woman couples that you see in Wal-Mart (other than the fact that the black men reliably take off at some point) and the resulting offspring are also different.

  114. Why not shall we say:

    Call a spade spade:

    Hip Hop, Gangster Rap music is really….

    Rap(e) music

    I believe the very well run, safest city in the world Singapore has semi officially banned Rap(e) music.

    They refer to it something like “Loud vulgar music”

    Can’t anyone run on making american cities:

    Singapore Safe
    Singapore Clean

    J Ryan
    TPC The Political Cesspool

  115. @Jack D

    Yeah, also Quincy Jones’ wife & some others….

    Just, I think that with Nordic types it is more of an animal lust, while with Jewish females it’s more connected with extreme SJWism.

  116. Alrenous says: • Website

    Is Singapore Christian?

    Do Singaporeans live static lives and know everyone on the street?

    Edit: correction, 1200% is of course 12 times, not 1.2 times, meaning shootings in Sweden went from 98% preventable to 99.8% preventable.

    Note that every male in Switzerland has a gun and is trained in its use, and they have something like a dozen shootings a year total, compared to hundreds of knifings. I’m guessing this dramatic number hasn’t had a very dramatic effect on total murders.

  117. Jack D says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    There are plenty of black girls out there with good looks and decent personalities,

    A distant relative thru marriage married such a girl, from Ghana. At the time of their wedding she was slim and really rather good looking in an African way and she had a pleasant personality (which she has in fact retained). Not having the ADOS chip on the shoulder really helped her in that regard. Really not a bad person at all, and in fact better than her husband who is a head case despite being highly intelligent.

    But, after she had a child she assumed the traditional shape of African women and she is as stout as a refrigerator. So keep this in mind.

    Black women also don’t mind having children so be prepared for a paternity suit even if your only desire is to play.

  118. Alden says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Here’s some better ones . Merkel’s mendacity Merkel’s malice Merkel’s maliciously mendacity.

    Alliteration is good to use when trying to make a point or win an argument.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  119. Cato says:
    @Peter Lund

    Thanks, Peter. I’ve known some interesting people who started out as communists. It’s a young person’s thing — what did Churchill say? “Pity the young man who is a conservative, he has no heart; pity the mature man who is a leftist, he has no brain”. Something like that.

  120. Fredrik says:
    @International Jew

    The reason is that Dagens Nyheter(previously mentioned)’s editor is Peter Wolodarski who is a “Polish Jew”. The owners of Dagens nyheter(and lots of other media) are the Bonnier group.

    The Bonnier family were Jews when they immigrated to Sweden. Some of its members are openly Christian today but it’s unclear if this also extends to the people running the media group.

  121. Fredrik says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    My unease is with real Swedes, who have, I think, from the 60s on, adopted culturally anti-American & anti-white policy and have started a Negro-worship campaign which lasts for at least half a century.

    they’re strongly influenced by America. It’s funny, isn’t it?

  122. Anon 2 says:

    Since all we typically get here is the self-congratulatory Western European
    and American point of view, here is how things look from another side.

    No group in Europe has been as humiliated by history as the Germanics
    (esp. Germany, Austria, and Sweden). Germanics were given everything,
    and yet in the last few hundred years they foolishly squandered it all,
    and today are confined to a small region in Europe, are still occupied by
    foreign armies, and left without a single overseas country speaking
    their language(s), unlike England, France, or Spain. Why is that?

    Of course, it’s a complex question, but I believe the most likely reason
    is that they subscribed to an outdated philosophy of life. The Germanic
    strategy can be characterized as an attempt at domination through
    hyperviolence, using technology (rational means) in the service of
    violence (irrational goal). Many Germanic tribes acquired a bad reputation
    due to their tendency to hyperviolence: Vandals, Vikings, Berserkers,
    Crusaders, Teutonic Knights, Germans in general during the Religious
    Wars while the Polish-Lithuanian Republic was at peace, Swedes (who
    invaded the P-L Republic in the 1650s and killed 4 million people),
    and finally Nazi Germany (compare its brutal and hyperviolent treatment
    of occupied Poland to a relatively gentle treatment of occupied France).
    Notice that, by comparison, not a single Slavic tribe acquired a bad
    reputation due to their hyperviolence, despite the population ratio
    of 2:1 (240 million Slavs vs 120 million Germanics). Violence is
    perfectly normal, esp. in self-defense; hyperviolence is not. That’s
    why many people have referred to Germanics as civilized savages.
    As recently as in WW II they used strategies that may have worked
    a thousand years ago but are outdated today, e.g., too much hard
    power at the expense of soft power.

    Compare the Germanics to the Slavs. The Slavs occupy a vast
    territory stretching from the Adriatic to Vladivostok. What’s more,
    the Slavic territory was conquered almost effortlessly, e.g., Siberia
    basically fell into the Russian hands since, contrary to North
    America, it was almost uninhabited. Unlike the Germanics who
    nearly destroyed Europe and its environment, the Slavs treaded
    lightly on the Earth. Even today they have moderate levels of
    consumption and moderate carbon footprint. Western Slavs
    invented the Bohemian lifestyle, i.e., radically gentle non-violent
    approach to life. Poland in the 1500s had a strong pacifist movement.
    No wonder more and more people believe that in contrast to Western
    Europe and the U.S, Central and Eastern Europe are the land of the
    future, and growing numbers of people, incl. young Americans,
    are abandoning the West, and moving there, esp. to Central Europe.

  123. Moses says:
    @International Jew

    Lol. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  124. Engels says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    To be generous to Herr Merkel, I’ll say that her stupid female short-term emotional compassion had her make that move.

    She was notably lacking in compassion to the Greeks being crushed by German imposed economic austerity just a few weeks prior to her opening the borders.

    • Troll: Peter Lund
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  125. BB753 says:
    @Pat Hannagan

    Steve is not naive but he pretends to be which is odd for a man in his sixties. I suppose he doesn’t want to offend anyone.

  126. @International Jew

    This makes more sense than you might think. The reason is that there’s a cancer afflicting white-dominated societies: anti-racism. Anti-racism has taken hold throughout the white world, and it is unbeatable. This is because there is no effective reply if an anti-racist accuses you of racism. Claiming that your best friends are black, Jewish, Muslim, or whatever were discredited back in the 1960s, and there is nothing left. The result is that the accused gives way, even if he doesn’t think the accusation is true, and the anti-racist gets his way.

    Here in America, the anti-racists have prevailed to such an extent that we are having to argue against them that math is not racist, and it is a battle we may lose.

  127. @Alden

    Alliteration is good for making rememberable slogans. Maybe it’s good for trying to make a point or win an argument if you’re a black preacher. Anyway, “Merkel’s malice” is fine.

  128. @Engels

    That’s what I mean by short term. She saw a picture of a dead baby on the beach. To fix that and feel better, she imported millions of foreign savage young men who are changing the make up of Germany. But, she feels better for doing something about that dead baby, so it’s a wash …

    Economic matters are boring to most women, unless they don’t have enough money to go clothes shopping. Then, it hits home.

  129. @Thulean Friend

    Liberal Leftist Swedes in the ABBA Sweden of the 1970s or Liberal Left Swedish Americans in Minnesota up until ~ 15 years ago have always said really stupid things about immigration, crime, racial realities – they like having a pretty Nordic woman be the wife of a Leftist Black African United Nations Consular General, or the pretty wife of a Black, POC sports celebrity like Tiger Woods.

    But their stupid Lib Leftist “talk” doesn’t really cause that much real world problems as long as their towns, cities, suburbs in Sweden and Minnesota were homogeneous White Nordic Swedes and other Nordics – the Germans and Finns generally don’t go for this nonsense.

    But when Chicago’s criminal Black Welfare underclass moved in mass to Minneapolis and idiot Lutheran and Hebrew immigrant aid societies in Minnesota flooded MN with Somalian Bantu Africans – yeah, these idiot Swede Liberal Left \$*#& came back to cause BLM mass riots, record murder totals. Plus Minneapolis and MN has always had (in my likfetime) very stereotypical bad anti White Lib leftist Je*s like Sen. Al Franken and the current idiot Je* mayor of Minneapolis who does break dance music videos with celebratory BLM looters.

    Pretty much all negative stereotypes about Lib Leftist globalist Swedes and Je*s are accurate.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  130. @Jack D

    Dorthy Stratten was a Nordic Aryan Goddess – like the actress that played Wonder Woman. Of course the Je*ish media mafia of the likes of Peter Bogdanovich, the Spielbergs, the Otto Premingers are going to be all over her.

    I pretty sure you are wrong about Dorthy Stratton’s first husband that murdered her.

    He was a small town Canadian hustler, pimp. The character presented in “Star 80” did not seem Je*ish.

    That is sick that Peter Bogdodovitch took up with Dorthy Stratton’s younger sister at such a young age – that’s about as sick as anything Roman Polanski did.

    Hollywood J*ws or just Southern California J*ws are an evil people. My beautiful Nordic step daughter H, born and raised in a working class Manchester England community was sucked in to this Je*ish Southern CA world, not Hollywood but the same type. She was used, abused, discarded and then took her own life at ~ 30 years old.

  131. @annonymous

    Great take on this, double-n Annonymous. This is a quibble, but are the Somalians Bantus? That is iSteve type stuff, and I asked only because I really don’t know.

    • Replies: @Peter Lund
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