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Participate In VDARE’s First Podcast With Steve Sailer! Who Is The Real Obama?

Virginia Dare

Between now and [early Thursday] October 15th, send in your questions to [email protected] to be featured in our book club podcast with Steve Sailer hosted by James Kirkpatrick!

In October, the Book Club is reading America’s Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama’s ‘Story of Race and Inheritance.”For inspiration, members can check out the discussion questions available for download here. But we hope everyone will enjoy reading F. Roger Devlin’s review. Reprinted with permission from American Renaissance. Original article here.

So send in your questions. I’ll probably be inclined to talk most about what I’ve learned about Obama since writing my 2008 book.

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  1. wren says:

    Has more evidence emerged that he genuinely was a product of the Deep State, on both sides of the family?

    Were some of those same people somehow connected to the various deep state plots to take out trump?

  2. Okay, I have a question. Is this Judicial Privilege or Italian-American Privilege?

    Because I’m thinking we gotta take this s*t to the m-f’ing streets, man.

  3. Anonymous[478] • Disclaimer says:

    iSteve: Saw this guy with the pompadour the up and coming congressman Matt Gaetz use your “invade… invite…” coinage again tonight at a rally in FL with no attribution.

    Q: How much more effrontery will you endure before challenging Gaetz to a duel… say pistols at 20 paces?

    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @Paleoconn
  4. Anonymous[437] • Disclaimer says:

    Dinesh D’Souza’s latest political documentary Trump Card just came out a few days ago. It’s available on digital streaming services. In it, D’Souza interviews Larry Sinclair. It’d be interesting to hear what you make of Sinclair’s allegations. I think there are others who’ve made similar allegation about Obama.

  5. Mr. Anon says:

    So send in your questions. I’ll probably be inclined to talk most about what I’ve learned about Obama since writing my 2008 book.

    Honestly, who cares? The people who run things have found new stooges. I know a woman who has a whole library of books about the Clintons; she’s read every book ever published about Hillary Clinton. Because she despises Hillary Clinton. But H-Rod is done. She’s finished. She’s a spent force. A Queen who never was. A politician is just a maitre’d in the restaurant of politics. When they leave, they’ll be a new one. They don’t matter.

  6. Kronos says:

    This is gonna be great!

  7. Did you vote for Obama?

  8. Kronos says:
    @Mr. Anon

    Aren’t you just a little bit curious? The historical nature of Obama and the political ramifications of his Presidency is fascinating in its own right. (I’d argue they were largely bad, he was essentially the George W. Bush for the Democrats. Georgie’s performance act was appearing as a hybrid between Pat Buchanan and his father to keep both primary Republican factions happy. Obama took it one step further to be everything to everyone for socialists, blacks, and neoliberals.)

  9. yanouz says:

    Please write more books, Steve.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute, duncsbaby
    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  10. Does this guy count as a #metoo victim?

    Ethan Berkowitz, Mayor of Anchorage Alaska.

    Now ex-mayor. Got mixed up with a psycho bitch. You’re never supposed to stick your..

  11. Anon[462] • Disclaimer says:

    Re: Hawaiian racism directed at whites.

    White people, who “took land from Hawaiians,” confronted by local after confronting him over abusing a dog:

    The guy is obviously crazy, but it shows what is lurking under the surface.

    Skip to 14:00. Sailer quits his job at Disney Imagineering and makes a three-week solo sail from Long Beach to Hawaii on a 23-foot sailboat. When he tries to anchor off of Molokai (bad move, whites should not get anywhere near Molokai) he gets kicked out by a local thug. Encounter itself not filmed:

    (This sailer is now off of New England and the other week he anchored right off of the Statue of Liberty, which he wasn’t sure was permitted, and a helicopter flew over him, but he spent the night without incident.)

    Ultra big wave surfer Laird Hamilton (he and his wife are regular Joe Rogan guests) on being bullied in elementary school in Hawaii.

    The Maui welcome wagon to a new white resident, head beaten in to unconsciousnes by a shovel:

    This is an example mainlanders have to look forward to: The local prosecutors don’t prosecute cases aggressively where it’s a mixed local or indiginous against a white or black. This is the future after Soros prosecutors take over.

    The whole incident above was filmed by multiple security cameras with sound, and the guy had a guy, but he was afraid to use it. It’s scary when you decide you’d be better off being beaten to death than to shoot your attackers and be subjected to the local “justice” system.

    • Replies: @fnn
    , @Achmed E. Newman
    , @Anon
  12. Anon[225] • Disclaimer says:

    Nervously hoping you have a decent, even if cheap, microphone, and Vdare has minimal podcasting chops (locally recorded Skype assembled later, for a minimum). Upwork and Fiverr have very cheap contractors who can help in this stuff.

  13. @Mr. Anon

    Perhaps HRC is finished, or maybe she is the next SecDef. As SecDef, she is the other half of what is called the National Command Authority, the ultimate source of what would be considered lawful military orders.

    Ponder for a moment having all “lawful” military orders coming from two sociopathic harpies.

  14. This podcast … are you taking callers?

  15. @Anonymous

    I know Michelle Obama is a woman because I’ve seen pictures of her when she was young. But the guys on YT make a compelling case that she is a not to be trifled with man named Michael,and that she has a penis,which can sometimes be seen flopping around while she dances or exercises.
    And Obama has called her Michael,which is very weird. You don’t get your wife’s name wrong,and you surely don’t refer to her as a male. Quite confusing.

    I still recall clearly the bizarre story of the choir director at Obama’s church who wound up murdered soon after Obama rose to prominence. Some thought he wss silenced. Any truth to that?

    • Replies: @jsm
    , @El Dato
    , @Jack D
  16. theMann says:

    I had already heard that Obama was gay boy for rich Arab/Pakistanis while in colkege; his past was sort of known even before his first presidential run. Just another case of facts don’t matter.

    My question is: Mr Obama, there are so many gaps about your past, particularly college, that you couldn’t get hired as a forensic accountant by any reputable company. How were you qualified to be President?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Neoconned
  17. Was Obama born in Kenya?

    • Replies: @Not Raul
    , @AKAHorace
  18. AndrewR says:

    Gaetz kinda screwed himself with his bizarre introduction to the world of his “non-white” “son” (aka a Cuban boy, who apparently is the brother of one of Gaetz’s ex girlfriends).

    • Replies: @Not Raul
  19. fnn says:

    It’s kind of basic that you should check out who your new neighbors will be when you move to a new place. Except when you’re black-then you have the FBI at your back and call even in cases of patently absurd and fraudulent hate crimes.

    • Replies: @Anon
  20. Obama is still a relatively young man. What’s he up to now?

    Is he going through one of his extended depressions? Is this another one of those periods in his life which we the public are not supposed to know about?

    I doubt the overwhelming ambition you documented so well in AHBP just went away after Obama left office. Certainly he doesn’t feel that he’s done all he possibly can for “his people”. Why didn’t he, say, go back to the senate? Did eight years in power and exposure to the real world make Obama less naive than he was when he wrote his biographies?

    Also: I wish you’d write a book about the mortgage meltdown. It would be helpful to have the whole thing documented in one place and presented as a single, coherent narrative. You’ve already done all the research!

  21. El Dato says:

    And what does Brennan mean when the talks about the despicable things Trump is supposed to have done (I mean, the CIA does much more despicable things than appearing in bad TV shows, gaming the NYC housing market or being owed money by a casino hound who is hacked to death in his kitchen by Yakuza before he can find the money)

  22. jsm says:
    @Father O'Hara

    My insane theory is, Michelle / Michael did used to be a girl. But because Barry is gay, and M / M loves him enough to do ANYTHING for him, she / he had a penis sewed on.

    • Agree: Father O'Hara
  23. El Dato says:
    @Father O'Hara

    She doesn’t move like a black man?

    Maybe she has an oversized female vestigial penis?

  24. El Dato says:
    @The Alarmist

    Accidents with helicopters can always happen.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  25. @Anon

    Sailer quits his job at Disney Imagineering and makes a three-week solo sail from Long Beach to Hawaii on a 23-foot sailboat.

    I didn’t know Mr. Sailer had a day job with Disney, much less that he single-handled a 23-footer half-way across the Pacific.

    That’s my question for the podcast then. Steve, how do you keep looking so young? Is it the saltwater spray?

    Sail on, sail on, Steve Sailor:

    Maybe you could head the rest of the way to find the real Indies. Ceylon, Ceylon, Sailer. Yeah, I know, Reg, we’ve been through this before. ;-}

    • LOL: Jim Christian
  26. A university’s in-house scientific competition has a strong challenger (finalist) whose elevator pitch sounds startlingly like one of Steve’s hair-obsessed NYT writers:

    “A novel EEG lead clip designed for people with coarse and curly hair, bringing innovative human-centered design to provide a 15x improvement in measurement accuracy for epilepsy, neurological disorder, stroke, and brain injuries in the Black population.”

  27. Steve, i read your book. And i realize that Obama has an “interesting”–as in non-normal–upbringing and story.

    But i don’t think Obama is really very “interesting” personally or politically. Caro’s up to what four? five? volumes on LBJ now?

    Obama could be summed up in a sentence: “Good whites wanted to elect a black guy President to feel good about themselves.”

    That was pretty much it. He showed up, flapped about unremarkably … was done.


    What i’m interested now:

    What do we–Americans who love America and want their children, their posterity to live in the West–do after Trump? What’s our path? What’s our program? Where do we go from here?

    • Agree: Coemgen, duncsbaby
    • Replies: @Seneca44
    , @Chrisnonymous
  28. Anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve never understood the gay accusations, he doesn’t seem gay at all to me. Rich Arabs/Pakistanis tend to be relatively ‘racist,’ so I doubt they’d go for a not particularly buff or pretty Black like Barack.

  29. dvorak says:

    Mr Obama, there are so many gaps about your past, particularly college, that you couldn’t get hired as a forensic accountant by any reputable company.

    He transferred between colleges a lot. Then he did the Chicagoland community organizing, Alinsky stuff.

    Then, as iSteve has pointed out many times, Obama surprised himself by doing well on the LSAT and got into HLS. (AA admission criteria, but still).

    What’s hard to understand about a late bloomer?

  30. The real BO is small government.

    Also, he was born in a KY log cabin.

  31. Jack D says:
    @Mr. Anon

    Agree with this on Hillary. Hillary’s stock inside the Democrat Party, especially inside the Biden campaign/ possible future Biden-Harris Administration, is very low. Hillary was not an early Biden backer. Hillary did not endorse Biden until the end of April, long after the race was effectively over (Most of the other Dem contenders except for Bernie dropped out at the beginning of March). Hillary is no longer an A-Lister on the Democrat fundraising scene (Obama still is, Moochelle still is). Don’t expect Biden to appoint Hillary to any important job if he wins.

  32. @wren

    “Deep State”

    I haven’t read Steve’s book, but I doubt he gets into the most interesting question regarding Obama’s existence: Is Barack O’Bummer a well-compensated puppet for the Babylonian system?

  33. Bloopy says:

    Love the idea of an iSteve podcast … but this seems a laggard outing.

  34. “Where do we go from here?”

    Start by recognizing that clever people have been working for years to remake the society you hold dear. While whitey was hypnotized by corporate sports and Jesus worship, these clever and malignant people have been working through the institutions and culture to marginalize you to the point of zero. Congratulations, systemic whitey. You leave a dung heap for your kids.

  35. Why continue to care about Obama? He’s almost become a total nonentity.

    He is/was exactly what he seemed to be: a basic careerist PMC (white) lib.

    He’ll be forever memorialized as the historic first black President, but other than that obligatory mention I doubt anyone will be talking much about Obama in the future.

    If the meme that Obama was a closet gay man could gain traction it would be useful but other than that just let him fade away

  36. Seneca44 says:

    Good point re: what do we do now. There seems to be limited interest on either side of the aisle for limited government. Most just want to milk the system as much as they can while there is anything left. The generation below seems to view this as normal and has pretty low expectations about their future. Those of us with any expectation of a few good years at the end of our lives will continue to associate with those of like mind outside the major cities.

  37. Not Raul says:

    Has more evidence emerged that he genuinely was a product of the Has more evidence emerged that he genuinely was a product of the Deep State, on both sides of the family?

    Obama aggressively prosecuted whistleblowers in the military and intelligence community.

    Obama got the CIA off the hook for torturing Iraqis.

    I don’t know how connected to the CIA Obama’s ancestors were; but it’s pretty obvious that Obama is loyal to the CIA.

    The allegations that Obama was a Muslim Commie from Kenya are laughable.

    • Agree: Paul Jolliffe
  38. J.Ross says:

    The most remarkable thing about Obama is how inanimate he was. We should be grateful he didn’t attempt more, of course, but any other politician would have moved faster and attempted more. You know what they say about Hawaiians.

  39. @AnotherDad

    That’s what the book club is about. Razib Khan is doing the same thing. It’s the nerd’s first idea–if we read together, then we can build a faith community of knowledge.

    But actually, we’ve already got it in Unz Review.

    The builders ought to be talking about the plan B for Unz Review’s eventual (not to say inevitable) failure. Who will pay for and maintain the infrastructure for this discussion, and will it have to go on the Dark Web, and is there a way to communicate safely offline?

    The Proud Boys have built something by old-fashioned male-bonding: they party together. Will there be an Unz Review cruise? Is there an iSteve Biker Gang in our future? HBD tailgate parties? Core American motor home caravans?

    I’ve mentioned it before, but never gotten much of a response–I currently albeit hopefully temporarily live in Japan, and I know other iSteve readers do as well. Who and where are they?

    The desire is obviously to do something impactful, but probably just networking is important.

    Are you ready to marry off AnotherDaughter to a single iSteve-reading gent?

  40. I hear conflicting themes re Obama — One that he is a master manipulator and unseen force, running the war against Trump and now the whole Biden/Kamala campaign and administration to come. Two that he is detached, apathetic, lazy as all get-out and just interested in living the good life, as you’d expect from a mere front-man who always had everything handed to him.

    Which is closer to the truth (or is it somehow both?) Same general question regarding Michelle — is she an active force behind the scenes or just looking to enjoy the media adulations and lounge on the beach at this point?

    • Thanks: Calvin Hobbes
  41. Jack D says:
    @The Alarmist

    You ARE an alarmist. See my other post on this thread. Hillary has zero chance of being made Sec of anything in a Biden Administration for the reasons I give (she did not back Biden until long after her backing would have helped his campaign). And as far as Harris is concerned she is just an old white lady and a liability.

    Liberal Dem Presidents are always worried about being called “weak on defense” and tend to pick Republican or right wing Dems (or non-political technocrats) as the head of DoD. They would much rather concentrate on domestic policy (socializing medicine and everything else) anyway. Obama kept Gates for the first 3 years of his term.

    These kind of fact free speculations are always fun for exciting the base in campaigns (“If Trump wins again he will take away your health care and right to abortion!”) but they bear no relation to reality.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  42. Why does Obama stink at golf? Trump is in his seventies and could give Barry 10 strokes and still beat him.

    • Replies: @Not Raul
  43. Neoconned says:

    I don’t claim to have a background in either LE, spook, or forensic type work but was there ever anything disproving the claims by the Arizona sheriff dude that his B.C. was fake?

    I recall Arpaio having document experts WITH HIM at a press conference explaining each thing on the document that was fake but the media did the “laugh and move on” thing….

    Btw speaking of the “he was a CIA asset spying on rich gay Muslims”….it has been alleged the CIA farms out its domestic spying to the UK GCHQ or to Australias NSA to spy on Americans to get around legal loopholes…..and we in turn spy on Aussies and Brits etc

    Could Obama be connected to some kind of weird Deep State Cold War NATO slash Gladio joint spying initiatives where the Turks spy on us and leak to the spooks here & our spooks spy on their factions and dissidents and leak it to erdogan as some kind of legal workaround.

    Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds said Turkish i intelligence was involved in a lesbian affair with an American congresswoman:

    ….anyway Edmonds also claimed there was a loose Israeli and Turkish alliance or network in getting American nuclear secrets and selling them abroad to the highest bidder.

    I wonder if there is any connection to this network and the death of American CIA agent Roland Carnaby:

    …..who was killed by Houston police while allegedly investigating an Israeli Mossad network based in Houston that was stealing nuclear material and or intelligence….im guessing from Texas nuclear plants and/or facilities….

    • Replies: @JMcG
  44. Anonymous[142] • Disclaimer says:


    Live Monitor @amlivemon You’ll find this interesting: “According to information from several foreign services Harris at one point held three citizenships (USA, India and Jamaica). She could also have renounced. But apparently the DNC is furious that she didn’t disclose this during vetting…

    • Replies: @anon
  45. OK, seriously now. I know I’d read some either excerpts or just summaries of parts of your book back when it came out, I guess on your old blogspot site. Upon re-reading your take on VDare, I can see there’s a lot I didn’t remember in detail from what you related to us.

    What strikes me more than anything from what I just read is just what despicable scum both of Øb☭ma’s parents were, just despicable, misguided, selfish* people. Of all the people born during the baby boom, why’d we end up with someone like this bitter, racist, narcissistic asshole in American high-level politics. (Some would say it’s not at all by luck.) Hell, what am I saying? Of course… it could have been John McCain … an echo, not a choice.

    So, if you have a minute in the podcast, could you tell us if there is anything Mr. Devlin left out about your take on Øb☭ma’s book, or something you’d have said differently? You are an expert. Also, it wasn’t clear on the long article by Mr. Devlin whether any of it was verbatim or all his summary of your review.



    * One could say that his Mama was not selfish, as she put all her effort into political causes, but then indoctrinating her boy at a young age to be a radical was selfish too, if you ask me.

  46. Jack D says:
    @Father O'Hara

    Black people have such high testosterone than even Black women have penises that are bigger than those of white men.

    You should have quit after your first sentence. Everything after that is delusional. Sometimes I make the mistake of assuming that the people who post on this blog are sane, but every once in a while I am reminded that some of them wear tinfoil hats.

    • LOL: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
    , @J.Ross
  47. George says:

    Is Pres Obama black or Black? And did it change at various points in his life?

  48. Steve, Not sure if you’ve seen this, but the IRS just filed a 45k tax lien against Baltimore City’s woke State’s Attorney (what we call the Attorney General) and Democratic nominee for City Council President (he won the Dem primary and faces no real opposition next month). This couple are both incompetent hacks who have had numerous financial and personal snafus over the last 5 years but keep getting “promoted” by the woke activists that are actually a very small minority of city residents even in a deep blue state like MD. (Most black city residents would actually prefer a law-and-order regime, but financial support and higher white turnout has meant that progressive win the elections.)

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  49. @Jack D

    … he will take away your health care and right to abortion!

    I was listening to some conservative talk show host bloviating about abortion being murder, and my take was that the guy is an idiot. The people getting abortions are precisely the people a conservative should want to get abortions. As far as I care, people having abortions can deal with their Creator when the time comes. I’m not going to weep at the loss of people who will only come for me and my stuff later in their lives.

    What would be refreshing is Trump running on a pro-death platform: They can have all the abortions they want, and we can execute as many people as needed to deal with the rising numbers of capital crimes. Bonus points: Abortions now mean fewer capital crimes and felonies later.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  50. @Jack D

    “some of them wear tinfoil hats”

    Only the ones who haven’t cut the balls off their curiosity.

  51. eric says:

    Given your pariah status in the media, I was curious how often, if ever, you experience disapproval socially, say at a neighborhood party. I imagine most people have no clue who you are, but some might think they’ve met Lucifer in the flesh and start lecturing you on why you are a bad person.

  52. J.Ross says:

    David Irving (strong reputational correlation, absolutely zero content overlap) talked about being recognized on a Miami airport human conveyor belt and thereafter fiercely scowled at by some rude jerk who no doubt imagined he was Saving a Private Ryan.
    But of course, Steve has an out: that being the children and their toys.

  53. J.Ross says:
    @Jack D

    I regularly attended a coffeshop (in the worst possible sense of the term) which had weekly poetry slams (see previous note), and there was this one older black dude who evidently didn’t dig Sacher-Masoch (or for that matter Brandi Mae), and the upshot of his heavily rotated main poem was that female body builders fundamentally wanted to be men (its punchline, for it was structurally [as well as actually] a joke, was “Have you seen it? … She has finally added — a [Richard]!).

  54. It always struck me as extremely strange that Stanley Ann vamoosed to Seattle just after the birth of Baby Barack (with Barack, Sr., back in Hawaii ) and then returned to Hawaii at about the same time that Barack, Sr., left Hawaii.

    Even if she was not going to live with her “husband”, it seems like an 18-year-old single mom would want to live with near, maybe with, her parents so that they could help her out with the burdens of life as a single mom. Hawaii wasn’t big enough for both Stanley Ann and her “husband”?

    Commenter Art Deco here wrote that doing something this crazy actually fit in with Stanley Ann’s willful and self-centered personality. I thought there must have been some other reason.

    What do you think?

  55. Muggles says:

    On topic:

    How many times, and where, have the Obamas visited Africa since retiring? Details if known?

    We might want to compare his post-retirement travels there to non African places too.

    Aside from paid speaking gigs, does he “vacation” like normal folks (sure w/ SS guards). Not just at luxury homes he owns, or borrows, but at the usual places tourists live and go to?

    Also, has he said anything specific about the mass slaughters occurring in his “home” city of Chicago each week? As a former “community organizer” what does he now do with his ample free time in the “community” to stop violence? Does he speak to groups there w/o being paid?

    As a former Nobel Peace Prize winner, what has he done post-retirement to promote peace somewhere, anywhere?

  56. JMcG says:

    I find the fact that his Social Security number is from Connecticut at least as fascinating as the birth certificate stuff. I have a relative that is high up in the SSA who has no explanation for it.

    • Replies: @Neoconned
  57. Not Raul says:
    @Henry's Cat

    Do you want the boomer Facebook answer, or the real answer?

  58. guest says:
    @Mr. Anon

    I care about Obama. The poet, not the president.

    Steve, has anyone gotten to the bottom of that Ape Grotto where they squeeze figs between their toes? Am I remembering that correctly?

  59. Not Raul says:

    Does Gaetz go out with women to meet their little brothers?

  60. What changes did President Obama bring to US schools – and what was the result?

    His take on IQ – is it rather tactical or does he still believe what he said about Murray/Herrnstein?

  61. TWS says:

    How much of Obama’s book was written by Bill Ayers?

    • Agree: Calvin Hobbes
  62. @El Dato

    They tried it before … HRC seems to have nine lives.

  63. Redman says:

    OT: What’s going on with the NYP story about the Hunter Biden laptop which just happened to be found. Lots of emails on Burisma released, and apparently a lot more to come.

    But the MSM is in total silence about it, while Facebook and Twitter have scrambled to ban links to the NYP story because it’s supposedly “harmful.”

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
    , @AKAHorace
  64. Do you believe the CIA/Deep State begins recruitment studies in childhood/teenagers, identifying children of agents as good candidates and following them and boosting them to help them out?

    • Replies: @hhsiii
  65. J.Ross says:
    @Baltimore Guy

    Being a black politician in a majority black city is an easier life than getting hired under Affirmative Action terms: setting aside the example of Marion Barry, there’s a guy in Detroit who would, for any race or culture, be a straightforward loser, except that he keeps successfully winning minor elections, despite his various legal and bankruptcy adventures.

    update: as I searched for a disgraceful Democrat who vouched for a bachelor pad uncomfortably chose to the p&m, and who successfully won a Democratic seat, lo, I was somehow unable to locate the bastard, any more than the skiptracers were, but there is a prominently featured story in “alternative” (which now means “mainstream”) media about a Republican (who actually did not win office) I’ve never heard of, who is some sort of white equivalent. Gosh, I wonder how that could be.
    And this isn’t even invoking the genius who shot his girlfriend ‘s empty car with a shotgun several times. I’m talking here not about a drug dealer but a state rep.

  66. anon[429] • Disclaimer says:

    “According to information from several foreign services Harris at one point held three citizenships (USA, India and Jamaica).

    Harris was born October 20, 1964 in Oakland, CA. Her father was Jamaican and mother was Indian at her birth.

    1. She is a U.S. Citizen by Birth

    2. Under chapter 2 of the Constitution of Jamaica, a person born in Jamaica after 5 August 1962, or born outside Jamaica after that date to a father who is a Jamaican citizen, is automatically considered a Jamaican citizen at birth. So she is a Jamaican Citizen, unless she has renounced it.

    3. Persons born outside India on or after 26 January 1950 but before 10 December 1992 are citizens of India by descent if their father was a citizen of India at the time of their birth.

    Persons born outside India on or after 10 December 1992 are considered citizens of India if either of their parents is a citizen of India at the time of their birth.

    So, she is NOT a Citizen of India by descent.

    There is no evidence that she has renounced her Jamaican citizenship. So, she may be a dual-status citizen (like many Israeli-Americans or American-Israelis). But, there is no prohibition, about that making her ineligible to be a VP or even a President.

    Article 2, Section 1 of the United States Constitution states that only natural-born citizens may serve as president. While the clause prevents immigrants who become U.S. citizens through naturalization from becoming president, it does not affect those with dual citizenship.

    • Replies: @PiltdownMan
  67. @The Alarmist

    Can you name a single society with legal (let alone elective) abortion that wasn’t degenerate through and through?

    Don’t say the Romans. That was infanticide, i.e., pro-choice for the father. Abortion and the promiscuity (and barrenness) that goes along with it has always disgusted healthy peoples.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  68. OT:

    San Rafael police: Five arrested in connection with toppling Junipero Serra statue

    The five arrested are all womxn

    • Replies: @duncsbaby
  69. @yanouz

    Please write more books, Steve.


    Two i’d like to see:

    “Noticing” —
    This would be “the hook”, the “airport” book. An introduction to Steve, with lots of cool “noticing” examples–topics mostly pulled from his previous work–that are easy to digest and give the reader a sense of Steve’s work. Nothing too heavy but appealing to people who like thinking they are capable of seeing beyond the standard b.s. The kind of thing you can give to a friend or give to your kids for Christmas/birthday. A gateway drug.

    “Affordable Family Formation” (“How our elites’ policies are destroying the American dream for our children.”) —
    This would be the deeper dive on AFF. Everything from how basically the immigration is destroying AFF to the political correlations, to the dysgenic effects (IQ shredding metros). (The AFF/voting correlation would be a topic in “Noticing”.)

    • Replies: @yanouz
  70. Zach says:

    Questions: why isn’t Obama campaigning for the Democratic ticket? Will Obama be a one-off in the same way that JFK has been the first and last Catholic president? Is current BLM marauding a logical consequence of Obama’s legacy or an expression of frustration with his presidency? To what extent was Trump a “white lash” against Obama’s election? Will Obama ever be a symbol of Democratic Party incompetence as Jimmy Carter has been?

    • Thanks: AKAHorace
  71. donut says:

    To be honest I can’t think of anything legal that would have a more narcotic sleep inducing effect than a Steve Sailor podcast .

    • Disagree: notsaying
  72. Anon[278] • Disclaimer says:

    You didn’t watch the video, did you?

  73. Anon[278] • Disclaimer says:

    Just like blacks manage to keep prime downtown real estate by making the neighborhoods violent, loud, and dirty, so too do native Hawaiians keep ahold of west Oahu, Molokai, and parts of Maui.

    In Japan the way it’s handled is that developers negotiate to buy and combine plots and build a nice condominium building, giving the top floor to the original landowners. Everyone’s happy. But because there is not as much class separation, most people are happy to live alongside everyone else. Behavior norms don’t differ wildly.

  74. @Redman

    As with so much, it would help if Trump were able to make a clear coherent argument about Hunter Biden, rather than spewing random snippets.

    It is ludicrously open corruption. Dad’s is point man on policy … the son goes out and collects payola.

    Trump could have–at the debate–explained that then looked into the camera, and said something like:

    “Those of you even contemplating voting for sleepy Joe, let me ask you this: You are American’s citizens too. This is your nation just as much as it is Joe’s.

    “Do your children get to make millions of dollars trading on the power and influence of the United States?

    “I didn’t think so. Vote for Joe and you are voting for this open corruption. We need to drain the swamp. Joe is the swamp.”

    • Agree: JMcG, Bernard, Wade Hampton
    • Replies: @Wade Hampton
    , @vinteuil
  75. @The Alarmist

    As SecDef, she is the other half of what is called the National Command Authority, the ultimate source of what would be considered lawful military orders.

    SecDef is also number 6 in the line of Presidential succession:

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  76. Neoconned says:

    Aren’t they reused?

    That’s shopped as an explanation

    • Replies: @JMcG
  77. Many months ago we had talked about starting an iSteve book club but nothing came of it.

    hosted by James Kirkpatrick

    The guy from 60 Minutes* who inspired this classic scene from Airplane?


    Just kidding, that guy died 10 years ago

  78. I, for one, am holding out for the official iSteve YouTube channel about golf course architecture.

  79. Have you played any golf since March?

    My hiking trail parking place has a first tee box between my parking spot and the main trail entrance so I get to see the security theatre up close. Sharing of golf carts is not allowed and masks are required. So half the guys rent carts and half the guys are carrying and they are wearing masks until they go a hundred yards up the first fairway when they all pile into the golf carts and rip the masks off.

    Hikers don’t have to mess with this and also it is free. Golf has long been known as “a good walk spoiled”. Which expression pre-dates golf carts.

  80. @Morton's toes

    “Hikers don’t have to mess with this and also it is free.”

    I bet if there was a good après-hike lodge at the trailhead, hiking would become a lot more popular.

    Return to base for debriefing and cocktails!

  81. JMcG says:

    The first three digits are keyed to the area issued. His was issued as a teenager but the number indicates it was to a resident of Connecticut. I’m not very deep into the weeds on it, I’m just going from memory while he was president.

  82. Ignorant question, or rather question from a person who is somewhat ignorant about podcasts. Where will this one be available? Most promos for podcasts say that they’re “available wherever you get your podcasts.”

    Is that also true for non-PC sites like VDare?

  83. @anon

    I looked it up, India does not permit dual citizenship, except to minors who have acquired a second citizenship involuntarily. And even that is considered revoked if the person acquires a foreign passport.

    • Replies: @epebble
  84. AKAHorace says:
    @Henry's Cat

    Was Obama born in Kenya?

    Steve covered this and the answer is no. Obamas Dad had political ambitions in Kenya, he would want to let everyone know that his son was born there at the time. There would be no reason to cover this up when he was born and it would have been difficult to arrange. There would also have been reasons for his mother to want him to be born in the US.

    Even if true, I think that it would have been difficult for Obama to arrange. So even if true, not important.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  85. AKAHorace says:

    OT: What’s going on with the NYP story about the Hunter Biden laptop which just happened to be found. Lots of emails on Burisma released, and apparently a lot more to come


    The guy who found it sounds a bit nutty. I would wait before making too much of a fuss about it.

  86. epebble says:

    Proper notation for her heritage should be Jamaican-American (or Caribbean-American/ West Indian American) and not Africa-American.

  87. duncsbaby says:
    @Ripple Earthdevil

    From the article: “issued tickets and released at the scene.”

  88. @Reg Cæsar

    Can you name one society or civilisation that didn’t devolve into degenerecy? The Spartans, perhaps. The Shakers?

  89. @The Wild Geese Howard

    True, but now look up National Command Authority.

  90. yanouz says:

    “Noticing, Fast and Slow.”

    In all seriousness, those are good ideas. If Steve doesn’t do this, I’ll use one of my various online aliases to do it for him.

  91. anonymous[751] • Disclaimer says:

    You were way too quick to dismiss Bill Ayers’ heavy….editing (or whatever you want to call it) hand in his first book.

    Relevant because you’re also underselling how much of an empty suit he was for the Hyde Park crowd that eventually got its hands on him. It’s less a story of Obama evolving into that candidate than Obama being found by that crowd and sockpuppeted.

  92. @AKAHorace

    David Maraniss found an obstetric nurse in Hawaii who remembers everybody at the hospital joking about a person named Stanley giving birth.

    • Replies: @I, Libertine
  93. @Steve Sailer

    Even if true (Barry being born in Kenya), then Ted Cruz is ineligible for the presidency, and John McCain’s eligibility was dubious.

    As I often reply to my left wing acquaintances, if I hated Trump as much as they do, I would cite true facts to denigrated him. I wouldn’t have to make $#!+ up, like, for instance, that he said there were good Nazis at Charlottesville, or other $#!+. I’d point out true stuff, such as that he becomes obsessed with irrelevancies like where a woman born and raised in America happens to be when she gives birth. I despise Obama for what he did and said, not for an accident of birth.

    The idea that Obama was ineligible for the Oval Office is the “tails” side of that stupid coin, the “heads” of which is that a Chinese Communist can fly over here late in her ninth month, drop a baby, and fly back with a naturally-born American citizen.

  94. @AnotherDad

    I’ve been trying to make this argument for months with normie and lefty friends. They simply do not believe that Joe Biden could possibly be that corrupt. And if they haven’t heard it in the State Media, it cannot be real. It must have been “discredited”. I’ve been blocked for simply having spoken what we have known for months to be true.

  95. Question: Why does the Ruling Class want to destroy Western Civilization? Such destruction is the inevitable result of their policies of “invite the world” and your “World’s Most Important Graph”. Won’t their project simply result in destroying the foundations of their prosperity? Or it simply a case of preferring to “reign in Hell than serve in Heaven”?

    • Agree: Dissident
    • Replies: @S. Anonyia
  96. Dissident says:

    The question of whether Barack Obama privately engaged in deviant, objectively unwholesome sexual behavior is of far lesser relevance and concern than the fact that he bears culpability and complicity in advancing its normalization.

  97. vinteuil says:

    It is ludicrously open corruption.

    Just like the corruption of our “intelligence” agencies in the RussiaGate hoax: it’s all, to borrow your words, “ludicrously open.”

  98. Paleoconn says:

    I heard Tucker use the term ‘undocumented shoppers’ this week.

  99. @Steve in Greensboro

    They want a quick buck. They won’t feel long-term effects of what they are doing.

  100. I knew a bunch of people who were fellow students of Obama at HLS and they remarked at the time (viz, way back when) the obvious extent to which Obama was being deliberately groomed by the Men Behind The Curtain to be the Official First! Black! President!, because even though BHO was observably not the sharpest knife in the drawer, he was sharp enough to make do, and plus he had all the other it’s-not-Jesse-Jackson boxes checked, in glow-in-the-dark ink. His path was strewn with red carpets and rose petals from a surprisingly early date.

  101. Zach says:

    Obama critic and mediocre comedian Jimmy Dore gives reasons for not admiring the Obamas

  102. Dissident says:

    Where can we find the podcast? Please tell us.

  103. @eric

    The last person I met in daily life who knew of my writing was a manager at the marketing research company where I worked in the 1990s who was a National Review subscriber.

    I have dreamed up a cover story that I am a retired marketing research consultant but I’ve never used it.

  104. @Calvin Hobbes

    The last person I met in daily life who knew of my writing was a manager at the marketing research company where I worked in the 1990s who was a National Review subscriber.

    I have dreamed up a cover story that I am a retired marketing research consultant but I’ve never used it.

  105. @Calvin Hobbes

    The last person I met in daily life who knew of my writing was a manager at the marketing research company where I worked in the 1990s who was a National Review subscriber.

    I have dreamed up a cover story that I am a retired marketing research consultant but I’ve never used it.

  106. @Calvin Hobbes

    Stanley Ann’s Seattle sojourn with a new baby only months old was pretty strange. She was going to the U. of Washington and having her landlady look after tiny Barack.

  107. Yngvar says:

    Q: Was Mr. Obama a herald or a conduit for the racial strife we see?

  108. Dissident says:

    Given your pariah status in the media,

    Stealth references I’ve made to our iSteve host in contexts where I was not at liberty to credit him explicitly have been along the lines of, “What a certain dissident blogger has coined as…”. Most recently I made a reference to the three Steves: Bannon, Miller, and one who shall remain unnamed, in a comment to a site that shall here remain unnamed.

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