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Sailer: What If I'm Right?
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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine, the second installment in a highly intermittent series:

What If I’m Right?
Steve Sailer

November 23, 2022

What if I’m right about how the world works? What policies would that imply?

My basic insight is that the world actually is pretty much what it looks like, loath as we may be to admit it. …

That all truths are connected to all other truths helps explain why my columns often seem to end somewhat abruptly and arbitrarily: I don’t seem to reach the natural end of a topic because, from my perspective, there is no end, just an endless network of cause and effect. So, instead, I tend to knock off around dawn when it’s time to go to bed.

Read the whole thing there.

For the first installment, see here.

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  1. Anonymous[265] • Disclaimer says:

    A number of points raised by your piece, Steve:

    Firstly, higher education in the USA resembles more a racket, a cartel and a highly lucrative big business opportunity more than seats for the propagation of knowledge. It has this in common with the dominant forms of post industrial, degenerate American capitalism such as ‘healthcare’ and housing. Finely tuned rackets designed to funnel as much wealth as possible to those atop the pyramid – who are few in number – from the multitudes who Ares more or less obliged to purchase their product. The great American push toward ‘universality’ of higher education, rather than the unabashed elitism universities had in former times has had consequences, apart from making parents feel good about themselves, basically, the ‘good’ proffered by college, namely a billet doux which supposedly insulates the bearer from menial work has transmogrified into a *requirement* hence, the stranglehold colleges have over American families, the fat fees squeezed from them, and most significantly the great big fat salaries accruing to faculty – just like business executives and medical practitioners.

    All this ties in, in the American context, with ‘diversity’. Of course, in a mono ethnic society, the question of ‘fair shares’ for societal goodies, simply does not arise. Those who fail to make the academic cut for college are simply dismissed as losers, tossed aside, and not given a moment’s notice or even a damn. The American situation is further complicated by fact of the bovine, universal sucker status of white males. Such manifest governmental favoritism and interference in what in pre 1960s societies were purely personal and private arrangements between individuals, can only be maintained by a large, dumb, passive – but power holding – ‘universal donor’ herbivore type population, white makes, who are preyed upon by the carnivores of the system, in order to provide the food and sustenance of the carnivores, in this case plum billet douxs for cushy jobs.

  2. Coincidentally, Dilbert opined on the subject a few days ago:

    for those who don’t want to click through:

    Dilbert: “Someone invented a pill that allows people to see reality clearly for the first time. – All of the test subjects died screaming. – Makes you think.”

    Wally: “Not clearly, I hope.”

    We (collectively) can’t handle the truth. The fog of cognitive dissonance is thickest in people who think they have a solution.

    • Agree: houston 1992
    • Thanks: JimDandy, Coemgen
  3. J.Ross says:

    You know what Mark Levin does is he brings up that, (“)this is just like that other time I was right(“), and then he shamelessly fills space with an unmarked excerpt from a previous essay.

  4. J.Ross says:

    Were we to suffer an old-fashioned war wherein the ruling class indulged the old-fashioned notion of genuine service and sacrifice, pretty much all our problems would mysteriously stop.

    • Replies: @Abe Humbles
  5. —Everybody already knows what you are saying is true, they just don’t want to talk about it.

    This is the closest explanation to the truth about why your ideas generally don’t take root. It’s not that they’re wrong, it’s that they disembowel the general held polite fictions that mainstream society clings to. I don’t agree that most people already know these as unmentionable truths but rather fear that these could be true because they are uncomfortable.

    The vast majority of people go through life as if it were a garden party — then you barge in and point out the contradictions or elephant in the room or shift the Overton window albeit accurately — you still have done a violence to their worldviews.

    Simple as that.

    The vast majority of people don’t know what views they hold or why or even want to solve problems – but when your ideas come in often in direct opposition to them — they will do anything to preserve the integrity of them — the last thing they will ever do is actually interrogate them.

    Everyone who reads this blog understands this — since they are all mini Steve Sailers and have suffered social sanction at the neighborhood BBQ for remarking on cold, hard yet unmentionable fact — which is trade in stock for faithful Sailerites.

    Keep on keepin’ on Steve. You’re in good company and we appreciate you.

    As you will remember, Socrates was a gadfly too.

    • Agree: Harry Baldwin
    • Thanks: JR Ewing, Coemgen
  6. One of your best essay endings ever, Steve. It goes to show that sometimes the chains of causation you mention do stop abruptly indeed — in tragic territory.

  7. Coemgen says:

    Note that I don’t put very much effort into telling you how I think the world should work, just how it does work. At least, the latter’s testable.

    That sentiment smacks of climate denialism and, perhaps even worse, intellectual discretion.

  8. Kirt says:

    Personal experience can be an important reality check on what you are told by the media or politicians or “experts”. If you’re told that a certain phenomenon is virtually non-existent and you frequently encounter it, just believe your own lyin’ eyes and not the experts. Same with the reverse – if you’re told something is virtually universal and you never encounter an example of it. At the same time, don’t take your own experiences as necessarily normative for society as a whole. We all have our own bubbles and mental boxes and sometimes these can be quite small.

  9. Papinian says:

    College admissions? Child services? Is that it? Come, be thorough. Give us the complete list.

    But what a document that would be—almost a new constitution, or what would immediately precede one. Do you have the θυμός for that?

  10. I think the world is as it seems. Zelensky is WINNING! Charlie Sheen and Zelensky have a lot in common.

  11. And what if you’re wrong? It’s 30 years in the gulag with the rest of us. Don’t fool yourself, It’s coming.

    And the endless killings of black children (by their black parents) are indeed tragic, but they aren’t the only kids killed by black men. Not by a long shot. Every single day brings a new example of this. White mother and three children, paying the toll. H/T Renard.

    Even the local media do their level best to prevent anyone from seeing the whole picture. You have to search the obscure corners of the internet to get the basic facts.

  12. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    You mean “right” as in The Bell Curve was basically correct that some racial/ethnic groups (i.e. Asians, Jews) consistently average higher IQs than White gentiles, while some groups consistently average lower ones (i.e. Blacks, Amerindians) and that genes certainly play a role?
    “Right” as in individual and group differences in socioeconomic status are in most cases largely a result of innate differences in intelligence?

    If a critical mass of Americans ever come to these conclusions either because advances in genetics make the current egalitarian dogma untenable or they somehow miraculously awaken from their current brainwashed stupors, what might be the social and political ramifications?

    Well, supporers of affirmative action would be caught flat-footed if they could be easily and loudly refuted from the other side with incontrovertible facts on genes and IQ. So they’d be reduced to their usual religous-like incantations of “racist” and “diversity blah blah blah” as secondary reasons for why this antiwhite practice must continue. It’d be a much harder hill to climb under those circumstances.

    But IMO the most explosive implication would be on the matter of immigration. Westerners would demand account as to why their rulers presided over the mass importation of tens of millions of largely low IQ, at times hostile and utterly unassimilable foreigners into their midst.
    Remember Affirmative Action can largely be undone with a 5-4 vote at the Supreme Court or thru Congressional action, but how exactly do you “undo” the immigration catastrophe that has now befallen the West?
    To be succinct, AA can be temporary but immigration’s forever. You can fairly easiy reverse course in either direction on a host of issues including taxes, abortion, crime and even AA, but how exactly do you undo the immigration omelette?

  13. ChrisZ says:

    Steve, these two installments of your “What if I’m right?” series are the start of an introduction to your upcoming collection of essays. I believe it would be effective in introducing your thought (and you) to the uninitiated.

    Best of luck with that project, BTW, and have a very pleasant Thanksgiving.

  14. Among those who assert the latter, I am told that we shouldn’t mention the truth because either:

    —The facts have no possible policy implications, or

    —The facts have overwhelmingly horrible policy implications, such as the logical necessity of reimposing slavery or instituting genocide.

    There are certainly many possible reasons for not mentioning the truth, but I’d add another important one:

    – The facts are in direct conflict with what people would like to be true; and most people are far more likely to believe in what they *want* to be true, not what is *likely* to be true.

  15. J.Ross says:

    OT — Holy 2015, it’s the SteveSignal! Victor Hugo’s home town erected a statue to him; pinkhairs in the current year decided it needed more color contrast. People, including Hugo’s descendants, are angry, posting photoshopped pics of Macron as a black in protest.“the-opportunist-revisionism-of-the-town-hall-of-besançon”.r1ejPwFq8i.html

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  16. Art Deco says:

    I think whether you’re right or not, the optimal policies look the same.

    1. The only mode of social organization the bulk of the population considers fair is what John Rawls called a ‘system of natural liberty’, which he defined as ‘equal liberty’ conjoined to ‘careers-open-to-talents’.

    2. There are some qualifications you’d add to that: socialization of costs (to varying degrees and through various modes) in the realm of medical care, long-term care, and schooling and some mix of deferred compensation and income transfer structured various ways (for the elderly, the disabled (s/t and l/t), the s/t unemployed, and for low-wage workers).

    3. In such a system, public sector positions are allocated through competitive examinations (with some addenda) as are positions in private monopolies. Private sector positions are allocated catch as catch can.

    4. Market transactions of all kinds outside the realm of medical care, shipping, transportation, lodgings, and public utilities are conducted according to principles of freedom of contract.

    5. In the other sectors, the obligation to serve all customers is present in certain contingencies but not all contingencies. The formal boundaries of society are arrayed in concentric circles and the
    boundaries are consensual. There are foreigners, there are guests, and there are full members. Rights and obligations vary according to these distinctions, according to life cycle factors, and according to adjudicated condition (competent v. incompetent, criminal history v. law abiding). Membership in society is inherited. Naturalization is offered only to guests in society who have reached a certain age (say, 25), who have been lawful and palpable residents for the majority of their natural life, who meet certain performance criteria, and who make an oath of allegiance eschewing all others.

    6. In addition to rights and obligations varying according to one’s level of membership, life cycle, and adjudicated condition, one’s eligibility to receive benefits from the public purse varies likewise. Beyond that, one’s eligibility varies properly according to demonstrated skill sets.

    7. Public bureaucracies are useful in that they can marshal resources and coerce when coercion is proper. They’re not good for much else. Qualifications on market outcomes may be manifest in the form of service provision by bureaucracies now and again, but are mostly manifest in the form of vouchers, insurance, and cash. Any sort of function that might be deemed a ‘ministry’ is a bad fit for public bureaucracies. Social work should not exist as a profession and no public agency should have a social work mentality.

    8. Educational institutions should sort people by observable performance qualified by family preference. The point is to find the best fit between the individual client and the program to be followed, full stop. It should be the aim of any set of educational institution to accomplish what is possible within time allotted with the client in question. Basic education is to be undertaken at the primary level, with vocational training at the secondary for some, at the tertiary level for others. Liberal education is proper for a large minority at the secondary level and a modest minority at the tertiary level. Much of the manpower at the tertiary level will not be devoted to higher education but to filling in gaps in a persons secondary or primary education.

    9. Society is well-policed and the law is inflexible. Family courts have to make decisions about child support, child custody, adoptions, and guardianships, as well as hold subsidiary proceedings on cases coursing through the municipal courts, the superior penal courts, and the superior civil courts. Otherwise, a social work mentality should never infect the administration of the law and (in particular) judges should have no discretion over sentencing other than whether or not to ratify a plea agreement and over which fudge factor to apply in case of a negotiated plea deal. All sentences would be specified in the statute or be according to formulae specified in the statute which turn on facts to be determined in a sentencing hearing conducted by a judge and two lay assessors drawn from other licensed professions (accountants, pharmacy technicians, occupational therapists &c). Alternatives to incarceration (fines, labor services, probation, restitution, forfeiture, and corporal punishment) are applied for offenses defined outside the penal code, to corporation defendants,
    to defendants under 25, and as supplementary penalties. Sentencing formulae applicable to defendants under 25 convert years of incarceration to years of probation according to the defendant’s youth; otherwise, probation is not used. A convict cannot be paroled until he’s served half of his pronounced sentence; parole determinations are made blind by small juries of prison system employees and are made on the basis of a review of the convicts disciplinary citations in prison.

    10. ‘Disparities’ between ascribed groups are not a motor for social policy except where it can be proven that there is some procedural defect responsible for the disparity.

    11. Tax architecture is as simple as you can make it and as neutral between economic sectors as you can make it. The equalitarian impulse is manifest in the architecture of income taxes and in gift-and-inheritance taxes, and only there.

    12. Elections to the boards of corporations (business, philanthropic, membership, and government) are held among shareholders or stakeholders and are supervised by boards of elections of a sort who supervise election to the general run of public offices. Boards are, by law, small so as to not be unwieldy and do not include employees of the corporation or contractors on retainer. Corporations are debarred from making grants except where expressly permitted by law; among philanthropic corporations, the franchise to make grants is limited to foundations; foundations are debarred from other activities; foundations are compelled to liquidate within x years of their incorporation, and to distribute their assets to service-performing philanthropies or to the descendants of the foundation’s incorporators. In re business corporations, there are common shares and preferred shares; all common shares have an equal vote unless the voting rights are in abeyance per public policy (e.g. they might be if the shares are owned by a government agency). Proxy voting is debarred by law, as is treasury stock. Compensation for employees of corporation face a statutory ceiling which is determined by a formula which includes the corporation’s FTE and the nominal compensation per worker in the economy at large as arguments. The ceiling is higher for business corporations than for others.

    13. Police services are provided by superordinate local governments (i.e. counties and consortia of counties). State police are a federation of specialized bureaux which supplement local police but account for perhaps 10% of police manpower, if that. Ditto federal police. Municipal police are limited to small towns located among the exurbs or countryside, are set up by voter discretion to supplement sheriff’s department patrols, and do not conduct involved investigations. Custodial services are provided by local sheriffs for those awaiting the disposition of their cases (who have not made bail) and for those serving quite short terms. Otherwise, state governments are responsible for custody. The federal government is responsible for about 5% of the prison and jail census. Meticulous statistics on criminal activity are kept and police manpower is distributed across the metropolitan settlement according to the calculated marginal effect of additional manpower.

    14. In any metropolitan settlement, there are delineated sections of town where building and fire codes in force are less elaborate and and where real property is free from taxation or subject to reduced rates. These sections of town are delineated anew every 10 years from census data on income in each census block group. Governments may provide institutional group quarters for certain clients (servicemen and their families, students at public colleges, the incarcerated and committed), but otherwise provides no housing nor does it regulate rents; landlord-tenant law is devoted to procedural rubrics. Municipalities, school districts, and special district authorities who have territory in these abatement zones have a franchise to enact value-added taxes not granted to munis &c without these zones. Metropolitan counties rely on value-added taxes; non-metropolitan counties may impose both property and value-added taxes. Supra local government is debarred from imposing property taxes.

    15. The right to defend one’s person and property with lethal force is entrenched.

    • Troll: Je Suis Omar Mateen
    • Replies: @Art Deco
  17. Classic Steve. You simply don’t understand the struggle that you’re involved in.

    Of course, you’re right on the facts, which the vast majority of people already know as we can see from how they live their day-to-day lives.

    Yes, you say it out loud, but that doesn’t mean you know something that they don’t. Yes, a few crazies in the media and academia actually don’t know the truth, but they don’t really run the show. We’ve seen recently very explicit examples of who actually runs the show, and they’re very much race aware.

    Where you’re wrong is that you believe that you’re in a college debate where facts and logic are what counts. It’s why you believe that you’re just one good chart away from convincing the other side and winning.

    Unfortunately, we’re in a religious/ethnic struggle. It’s not a battle of facts but of competing moralities. You don’t win that fight with charts and graphs. You win either by showing that you are more moral than the other guy or by rejecting the other side’s morality and breaking away from them into your own community.

    You’re wrong because you don’t understand the game that you’re playing.

  18. Steve, the smarter part of the Establishment already knows perfectly well that you are right.

    So it’s not a question of “What if?”. They already know.

    Their power, however, depends on the rest of society not finding out. So you will continue to be demonized and your statements declared anathema.

    • Agree: Redneck farmer
  19. Art Deco says:
    @Art Deco

    16. The function of the superintendent of schools is to prepare a budget, plan facilities, operate the motor pool, employ itinerant staff, employ a corps of comptrollers, employ a corps of itinerant personnel officers, and to conduct financial and performance audits; superintendants are drawn from the ranks of business or general public administration; the function of the school board is to approve a budget, set general policies including a disciplinary manual for students and employees, and to appoint principals. Disciplinary decisions are in the hands of principals, though parents paying a deposit can request a mediator or arbitrator from a state ombudsman’s office. The scope of appellate courts to second-guess these officials is properly quite circumscribed. Principals have extensive authority to eject troublesome students; students no public or private party will take are remanded to the care of the sheriff’s department, which operates day detention centers with their own motor pool. At age 14, troublesome students are released to the labor market. (Or the penal system).

    17. Primary school students are sluiced to mainstream schooling and off-center schooling. The off center schooling is for students with perceptual problems or large performance deficits, for students not proficient in English, and for incorrigibles. Mainstream students are sorted into four tracks and the pace of instruction is set accordingly. School is in session about 240 days a year. Track A is expected to complete their basic education by age 10, track B by age 11 or 12, track C by age 13 or 14, and track D sometime past age 14 if ever. For their secondary schooling, the modal destination of track A would be an intensive academic program; for track B, a more relaxed academic program, perhaps supplemented with a voTech course; for track C, a voTech program; and for track D a continuation of basic education with supplementary life skills courses, at least until ready for voTech. Public finance of secondary education would end the calendar year you turn 18. Uncompleted secondary schooling could be made good in second chance high schools at the tertiary levels; berths in these would be distributed according to screening examinations and lotteries, with fees added.

    18. Private tertiary schooling would be financed by tuition and room-and-board charges, full stop. Any ancillary fees would have to be customer-preference driven. Public tertiary schooling would be financed by the presentation of vouchers to the school, which would redeem them from the contents of a dedicated state fund financed by a special income tax (and never discretionary appropriations). Students admitted to public tertiary institutions would pay a recipient’s fee for the vouchers, which would be on a sliding scale according to the number of years your family has filed income tax returns in the state in question. Private tertiary schooling would receive no government grants. Public institutions would have a research endowment which could be augmented by special bond issues approved by referenda and could receive re-imbursements from the performance of customer-selected services, but would otherwise be limited to public funds from voucher redemptions.

    19. Admissions to public-sector tertiary schools would be determined by a concatenation of examination results. Full stop.

    20. About 2/3 of each cohort might have some tertiary schooling. Among those who do, about 1/3 would be limited to 2d chance high schools, about 45% to occupation schools appended to which might be a preparatory academic certificate. The modal program would be perhaps six months of academic preparation followed by a calendar year or two academic years of occupational schooling. University education and the like would consist of enrollment in professional institutes which train perhaps 3-4% of the workforce; research institutes generating research degrees, some academic and some vocational; and 1, 2, or 3 years of specialized academic study according to performance and taste; perhaps 15% of each cohort would have some university education, and not all would have the academic component.

    • Thanks: Johann Ricke, New Dealer
    • Troll: Je Suis Omar Mateen
    • Replies: @kaganovitch
    , @New Dealer
  20. OT – Japan beat Germany in the World Cup.

    Yesterday the Saudi Government declared a day’s public holiday to commemorate their win over Argentina, I confidently expect the Japanese Government to declare that everyone can work four hours overtime tomorrow to celebrate the win!

    • Thanks: Muggles
    • LOL: kaganovitch
  21. So, Chesapeake, VA, Walmart shooting. Twelve hours later and still no picture of the perp and no mention of “extremist” facebook posts. Tick tick tick…

    • Agree: Renard
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Muggles
  22. @anonymous

    To be succinct, AA can be temporary but immigration’s forever.

    History is replete with examples of societies that were invaded after a traitor allowed the enemy through the gates. For one, there was Ephialtes, who showed the Persian army a path around the allied Greek position at the pass of Thermopylae.

    Biden is America’s Ephialtes, opening our border to hordes of invaders in order to attain permanent Democrat Party dominance.

    • Replies: @Daniel H
    , @AnotherDad
  23. Arclight says:

    Steve is right, but we will never have open admission because it would require broad acceptance by the population that the Asian/White/Latino/Black pecking order means society’s winners in terms of prestige and income will never reflect the country’s racial composition and neither will society’s losers. Obviously the political leaders of the groups on the bottom will not accept this, and there is also the political opportunity to leverage this discontent that the left has used to great effect – a weapon they will never voluntarily put down.

    Of course the alternative is what we have now, in which our elites actively work to undermine the political and economic influence of the largest demographic group in the country while insisting it’s because that’s how things would work out naturally but for a nefarious and complicated system designed to over privilege the winners in the first place that needs to be dismantled.

    I don’t think either path offers hope of a tranquil society or politics, and the racial jockeying distracts our leadership class from considering what’s best for society as a whole.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  24. Eventually, people will notice how much better my approach to reality has been than that of the famous folks winning MacArthur genius grants and try to figure out for themselves how I do it so that everybody can do it too.

    In a sane society, Steve Sailer would have been awarded a MacArthur grant. But, like most foundations, MacArthur has gone woke and as Trump succinctly put it, “Everything woke turns to shit.”

    It’s almost as if what gets people mad is my being correct so often.

    I think Trump suffered the same problem. I keep hearing that one of Trump’s great flaws is that he’s a huge liar. But when I did a Google search for examples of Trump’s lies, they were mostly silly but innocuous claims such as that his inauguration crowd was bigger than Obama’s. What the establishment really hates about Trump is that he so often tells the truth about them, as was recently pointed out by Dave Chappelle. That cannot be tolerated.

    • Agree: JR Ewing, J.Ross, Mark G.
    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  25. And when you’re wrong, boy, are you wrong.

    Steve, there’s still time to apologize for supporting America’s criminal actions in the Ukraine and your absurd war against Putin.

    “Sailer’s boner”

    Throwing away any moral, political and strategic capital you earned opposing the neocons on Iraq…to support a neocon war against RUSSIA??? Absolute madness.

    All of Ukraine is without power today btw.

    Hundreds of thousands have died so far in the unwinnable war. But Steve wants to rob Americans of hundreds of billions more dollars to fund Raytheon, the CIA, and Zelensky until the very last Ukrainian goy is dead.

    • Agree: J.Ross
  26. @Arclight

    I don’t think either path offers hope of a tranquil society or politics, and the racial jockeying distracts our leadership class from considering what’s best for society as a whole.

    Great comment, but isn’t the problem not that our leadership class is “distracted” from considering what’s best for society as a whole, but that it intentionally ignores it because it serves their interests?

    • Replies: @Arclight
  27. Policy implications? Race denialism, (race is a social construct), has led to gender denialism (gender is a social construct). The latter ideology at least as some prominent people and institutions joining the battle against the proposition. This would include people like Rufo, Carlson, Walsh, DeSantis, several state legislatures.

    It remains to be seen whether gender denialism will meet a point of resistance at which it won’t progress any further or whether it will implode and allow a movement in the opposite direction, by which prominent people (and institutions) may also start to question race denialism. My prediction is that it will depend on who seizes the Courts. If the Dems succeed in peopling the SC with four new justices, with the ability to overturn anything the opposition enacts, then all these lies and denials continue apace.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @anonymous
  28. @Anonymous

    This writer Anonymous [265] seems to think that “billet doux” (which (s)he uses twice) means “sinecure” (= a well-paid easy job); actually, “billet-doux” (plural “billets-doux”) means “love letter”.

  29. Anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    “Black families are seven times as likely as white families to be accused of child maltreatment,”

    I don’t think we as a society are ready to see the full breadth and depth of black dysfunction. As more and more information like this comes to light, it’s becoming clear that black dysfunction is – for lack of a better word – systemic. It’s very possible that there is not any area of black life – from child rearing to food preparation – that isn’t completely messed up.

    • Agree: silviosilver
  30. @Harry Baldwin

    What the establishment really hates about Trump is that he so often tells the truth about them, as was recently pointed out by Dave Chappelle. That cannot be tolerated.

    They hate him because they hate you.

    • Agree: J.Ross, Harry Baldwin
  31. Arclight says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    Yes, that’s a fair comment – I guess I’d say that it’s true to some degree or another in any country, but the turn of Western nations to cultural warfare against their foundational populations as a means of political control is particularly evil. It’s a guaranteed path to cultural and economic decline, and the potential for significant domestic unrest and government repression as a response is pretty high, I would think.

  32. Mark G. says:

    Liberal Democrats could not stay in power without the black vote. Affirmative action, welfare and government jobs are all enticements for blacks to stay on the liberal plantation. Fighting systemic racism is the moral justification used to justify these unearned benefits. As long as liberals control the educational system and the media, any other theories for black dysfunction will not get a hearing.

    If you are right, as you likely are, the solution would involve moving to freedom of association so middle-class whites can insulate themselves from the low IQ, crime prone black underclass by forming voluntary communities from which those blacks are excluded. Welfare would be reduced because it rewards blacks for doing the wrong things like getting pregnant out of wedlock or dropping out of school. Blacks committing crimes would be put in prison. We would basically go back to how blacks were treated before the nineteen sixties except that government enforced segregation would be replaced by freedom of association which would lead to voluntary segregation. Middle class acting blacks who behave themselves would, in many cases, be accepted by middle class whites. Most whites try to judge people as individuals and would willingly associate with at least some blacks.

  33. anonymous[346] • Disclaimer says:

    I did a ctrl+find for “jew” and found no results. There’s no possible intelligent answer to the question of how the world works without an extensive discussion of Jewish power.

  34. Ralph L says:

    I am confused that racial quotas are a good alternative in one paragraph and bad in the next.

    Your final sentence brings to mind the dirty little secret preference of much of the Establishment for decades: not just legal abortion, but subsidized abortion on demand. Voluntary eugenics. It’s easier but crueler than getting prime White and Asian sperm donors to compete with the BBC.

  35. pirelli says:

    My basic insight is that the world actually is pretty much what it looks like, loath as we may be to admit it. …

    Steve Sailer as Judge Holden: “Your heart’s desire is to be told some mystery. The mystery is that there is no mystery.”

  36. @HammerJack

    He’s more likely to be thrown in the gulag for being right

  37. The majority of Americans actually know Steve is right. But stating such opinions is dangerous and will result in losing your job, being blacklisted and ostracized.

    The woke auxiliary troops are constantly vigilant , looking to cancel anyone who has contrarian views to the narrative. The woke gain status when they succeed in cancelling individuals, they also can eliminate their competition and obtain promotions by blacklisting co-workers or managers to advance their careers. The executives and CEOs all fear being cancelled above all else. Thus they will also promote the woke agenda to avoid getting blacklisted.

    The attacks on Elan Musk exemplifies the dangers of opposing the woke auxiliary troops. His crime of allowing some dissidents to speak on Twitter is met with outrage by the press and the woke troops who are highly motivated to destroy Twitter and any company which allows dissidents to voice their opinions.

    • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
    , @Travis
  38. Carol says:

    Before I began lurking at teachers forums I would have said per IQ differences that blacks and other poor students just needed a more basic and less conceptual curriculum.

    E.g. teach them how to do stuff, not why. Just being able to manipulate numbers gives some feeling of competence. No need for a deep dive into number theory.

    But teachers have so lost control of this demographic, and achievement is so much lower now, that it’s probably too late. The adults can’t discipline, you can’t put sped students in separate schools, you can’t expel, and don’t dare hit back if you’re sucker punched by some retard.

    And thanks to NCLB, they say, no one can be flunked or held back.

    All the rest of us can do is get out of the way of these feral generations.

  39. @Anonymous

    Those who fail to make the academic cut for college are simply dismissed as losers, tossed aside, and not given a moment’s notice or even a damn.

    In a mono-ethnic society there tends to be a lot more respect for “diversity” of talent. When the people who don’t make the academic cut look like you and are probably related to you one tends to be more willing to appreciate the other skills people have. See, for example, the respect Japanese show to people like train conductors or even garbage men.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  40. Anon[130] • Disclaimer says:
    @International Jew

    So, Chesapeake, VA, Walmart shooting. Twelve hours later and still no picture of the perp and no mention of “extremist” facebook posts. Tick tick tick…

    It was a black guy named Andre Marcus Bing, ID’d by YouTubers/TikTok’ers, and now by the NY Times:

    In a statement, Walmart identified the gunman as Andre Bing, an overnight team lead who had worked with the company since 2010. The police said he killed himself after carrying out the attack.

    So a Sailer’s Law exception?

    — Black

    — Killed more than injured, or about half and half?

    — Suicide

    But gun was a handgun, I think, not an AR-15.

    Will this be memory holed, or used like the recent nonbinary killer at the gay bar guy: cited as a recent mass shooting to support gun control advocacy, but no focus on the killer.

  41. If you’re right, that’s what separate countries are for.

  42. @anonymous

    supporers of affirmative action would be caught flat-footed if they could be easily and loudly refuted from the other side with incontrovertible facts on genes and IQ

    Not necessarily. Incontrovertible proof that blacks (and Native Americans) cannot compete on a level playing field for genetic reasons can easily be turned into a more coherent argument FOR affirmative action than what exists today. Blacks and Native Americans are American citizens after all, if the system is rigged against them because it is skewed towards smart people, than that is an actual perpetual injustice that requires government intervention to fix. Where does it say in the Constitution that smarter people deserve more rewards? Or the Bible for that matter.

    No one admits it, but the quota system in Malaysia guaranteeing lower IQ Malays a role in a country that would be dominated by Chinese in a pure meritocracy, more or less follows that fairness principle.

  43. @Anonymous

    Of course, in a mono ethnic society, the question of ‘fair shares’ for societal goodies, simply does not arise.

    Or rather, the distribution question is transformed into a question of class. That’s why woke racial identity politics has been so effective at killing off any tendency toward class politics in the U.S.

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  44. Anonymous[413] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘How the World Works’ and nothing about the Jews.

    Public or official truths are disseminated by the powers-that-be with their control of media and academia. Jews have the power. Why do Jews enforce falsehoods, especially about whites and blacks? To use blacks to instill ‘guilt’ in whites and make whites seek redemption by sucking up to Jews and blacks as the wiser and more tragic races. Jews know the truths about racial differences but pretend not to know because they value their power more, and that power is partly invested in white guilt that says blacks failures are entirely due to white past evils.

    But nowhere in the article is there any question about what the power is and what its motivations may be for spreading falsehoods as truisms.

    You can’t understand How the World Works without taking into account who have the power and how they mold our perception of reality for its own interests.

    For instance, Galileo vs the Catholic Church wasn’t simply about the facts of astronomy. There was the issue of power and prestige, which were threatened by Galileo’s truths. Even members of the Church who were privately persuaded by Galileo were reluctant to endorse it lest it harm the Church’s monopoly on truth.

    And it’s almost certain that the leaders of China know that Mao was a monster but the truth goes suppressed for the simple reason of legitimacy and prestige. For the CCP to keep ruling, its founding myth must remain intact. So, it’s said Mao made some ‘mistakes’ but was overall a great wise leader.

    How HBD Works: ignore the obvious when it comes to Jewish Power.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  45. tyrone says:

    the world actually is pretty much what it looks like

    ……….that’s been DEBUNKED! by science! …..nobody has to explain how or when …just accept it or find yourself a job in the 7 eleven.

  46. @Peter Akuleyev

    Blacks and Native Americans are American citizens after all

    And voters and taxpayers. If the government runs a program that only benefits Group X, then members of Groups Y and Z are perfectly entitled to be against it. And to vote for their taxes to go to something else. So a quota system based on representation of political constituencies is perfectly democratic, if not necessarily efficient or meritocratic. (Like spreading army bases around all the Congressional districts)

    What rankles about current AA is the dishonesty. And the anti-white insinuation that it is necessary as a corrective for white badness, or to fix defects in white culture by applying a needed dose of non-white “diversity.”

    • Agree: AnotherDad
  47. @Hernan Pizzaro del Blanco

    “Elan Musk”

    An apt Freudian misspelling of Elon.

  48. @Scott in PA

    has led to gender denialism

    “Gender” is not science.

    (gender is a social construct)

    There are 20 genders in Zimbabwe, six in Chechnya, and none in Armenia or Hungary. Sure looks like a social construct to me.

  49. More broadly, we should reconsider the quantity of legal immigration in light of how much harder it is making it for African-Americans to earn elite status for themselves without race preferences. American blacks had a hard enough time competing with American whites. Putting them up against ever more of the cleverest and most ambitious of 4 billion Asians is a massacre.

    Steve, this seems pretty far down on the list of immigration concerns.

    The low end is much more destructive for blacks. But–much, much, much more importantly–for the long term future of the nation.

    The higher end is destructive of opportunity for all. And degrades the natural incentives for Americans to study and work and take on all the roles necessary for running the nation.

    But the bottom line, we have more than enough people already–we’re full!–and immigration simply steals/degrades the future for America’s children, grandchildren, posterity.

    The odd grad student doing good work on new battery technology or thorium cycle–sure, let’s pick him up if he’s willing to ditch his native culture and thorough throw in with America’s people, traditions, culture. Otherwise … “sold out”.

  50. anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @Scott in PA

    speaking of DeSantis … and uncomfortable topics, as iSteve often covers rather uniquely

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is accused of taking part in torture of prisoners when he was a young US military legal officer at Guantanamo, circa 2006

    testimony by former Guantanamo detainee Mansoor Adayfi

    DeSantis was recently criticising the WEF / globalist Powers That Be … so now the bad news on him is coming out?

  51. JimDandy says:

    I feel like “mass psychosis” distracts from the more instantly-accessible “Stockholm Syndrome” when talking about all this. I’m sorry for popularizing “mass psychosis” but I will do better.

  52. Dr. X says:


    American Bar Association eliminates requirement that law schools use the LSAT as a condition of obtaining accreditation

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  53. Instead, underqualified preference beneficiaries should be told to be thankful for their privilege.

    One of the most noticeably aspects of the minoritarian coup against America. The triumph of whining over gratitude.

    People should be grateful to just to be in America. Even more so to have elite opportunities. If America is not a huge upgrade over wherever you or your ancestors are from … then why are you here? And to have elite opportunities, be able to make a good living and have nice things, without backbreaking toil … awesome!

    Unfortunately, we’ve had the rise and triumph of the people of resentment. People who can prattle on about just how terrible it was that J. Thurston Howell liked hanging out at the country club with his own kind and doing business with them. The most natural thing in the world … made into some sort of terrible crime.

    And yet the one thing you’ll notice about the resentful–they never leave. America just a miasma of repression that must be beaten, and beaten and beaten some more. But the one thing they never ever do is flee this “oppression” and just … leave. Go to where their own people dominant and deplorable me nowhere to be seen. Nope, that they never do.

    • Agree: Harry Baldwin
  54. @Art Deco

    I move that we call this utopian period ‘The Art Deco Era’.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  55. @Whereismyhandle

    “Sailer’s boner”

    All that time spent taxing the Sailer brain and eyeballs on graphs and numbers and percentages was bound to have had some effect. Congratulations on the Sailer boner.

  56. @Peter Akuleyev

    Incontrovertible proof that blacks (and Native Americans) cannot compete on a level playing field for genetic reasons can easily be turned into a more coherent argument FOR affirmative action than what exists today.

    True, but it would at least be a good argument for ending immigration to this country by people who can’t succeed without affirmative action. We all pay a price for affirmative action.

    I should add, before someone else feels the need to, that an immigration moratorium would be best of all.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  57. @Hypnotoad666

    “That’s why woke racial identity politics has been so effective at killing off any tendency toward class politics in the U.S..”

    That happened through happenstance; not intentional at all.

  58. Steve: “My basic insight is that the world actually is pretty much what it looks like, loath as we may be to admit it.”

    Depending solely on the quantifiable leaves out the interesting stuff.

  59. Muggles says:

    As you will remember, Socrates was a gadfly too.

    Yes, but it didn’t end well for him.

    We’re all hoping iSteve is dealt a better final hand.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  60. “Mr. Sailer to Room 101, please. Mr. Sailer to Room 101, please. Thank you.”

  61. Muggles says:
    @International Jew

    So, perp not wearing a MAGA hat?

    But, but, maybe he was “non binary” like the Co. Springs gay nightclub shooter. “They” was pretty much part of that club scene.

    They doesn’t fit the Narrative, so blame now falls on local cops who didn’t prevent Them from getting They’s gun.

    “Non-binary means never having to say you’re sorry. Or not interested in partying in the bathroom…”

  62. SafeNow says:

    Martin Balsam wins his Oscar in “A Thousand Clowns” when he makes his poignant “the gift of surrender” speech to his astute brother, Steve Sailer; oops, I mean Jason Robards. Balsam explains that he has the gift of knowing which way the wind is blowing and, crucially, going with that wind; you are my brother, says Balsam, and I love you, but you do not have the gift.

  63. Muggles says:

    Tucker Carlson has been on a streak about pushing young children into sexual situations via ads or school “teachings”, etc.

    He notes that anyone objecting to this Woke fad is then attacked by the Narrative Bringers for “noticing” such things. Thus endangering the LBGTQ+ pervert community.

    Somehow. I guess they haven’t officially added a “P” to the Alphabet People group yet.

    I have to wonder if TC and crew picked up on the Hate Crime of “noticing” from our host here.


  64. Travis says:
    @Hernan Pizzaro del Blanco

    does not really matter if Steve is proven correct. The woke have the numbers, they are now in the majority because White males are in the minority today and have lost control of our women. While married white females are aligned with the straight white males, about half the white females are unmarried or married to nonwhites. Thus the potential White alliance, those being targeted by the woke coalition, numbers less than 45% of the US population, since unmarried white females are strong supporters of the woke agenda. Of the 27% of the population which is straight white males, a small but significant number are part of the woke coalition. One reason so many whites are part of the woke coalition, is because the woke coalition has been winning and they choose to be on the side that is winning. This has demoralized millions of whites, which is one reason whites have higher rates of suicide, drug addiction and alcohol addictions than non-whites. Whites are also twice as likely to be on psych medication compared to non-whites. As deaths of despair soar among whites, few noticed and fewer seem to care, especially upper class whites who are actually glad that so many whites are dying off due to drugs and suicide. Most whites will place all the blame on the poor whites for their problems, and even blame the white victims of Black violence on the whites for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Blacks, on the other hand, will defend the Black criminals always blame Black pathology on Whites. They have a stringer coalition , which is why they are winning the culture wars and winning the political battles. Whites do not support fellow whites and find such a notion as pathetic.

    The number of straight white males in the American workforce is now below 25%. The woke agenda is basically anti-white male at its core. The majority of married Whites are over 50 years-old with a significant number of whites are elderly, out of the workforce and have no influence over our culture. So 70% of the US population benefits from affirmative action , white males are harmed the most from it. Since the majority of our population benefits from affirmative action in some way, they will continue to promote it to further weaken whites and improve their standing in society. The reasons given for affirmative action, such as past discrimination, were always false and are used to expose any opposition to it as being racism. even if 100% of white make and their spouses agreed with Steve, they remain silent because speaking out against it is now considered racist and the woke have the numbers and power to Blacklist all those who try to oppose the woke agenda.

  65. Daniel H says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    Biden is America’s Ephialtes, opening our border to hordes of invaders in order to attain permanent Democrat Party dominance.

    Why ignore the destructive role that Republican cucks have played in our immigration disaster. They are as equally culpable as the Democrats. In fact, they are worse than the Democrats. They give the based normies false hope that they will do something about the matter but always end up selling them down the river.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  66. What if human nature is real, and what if the human behavior we observe merely reflects our true, stubborn nature?

    1) Nationalism. Every ethnicity* has their own country. There’s some movement between countries here and there, but only in small numbers and for those willing to submit to the majority and also assimilate if they stay long enough. *Racial homogeneity is ideal, but multi-racial nations like Mexico can survive if they accept unequal racial outcomes and unite together behind a common identity (eg Mexico’s unofficial motto “we’re all Mestizos” even though Mexicans are clearly not “all Mestizos”)

    2) Free markets. Central economic planning doesn’t work. “Wonderful theory, wrong species” as EO Wilson quipped.

    3) Governments that have some kind of limits on power, balance of powers, and rule of law. Societies can function without this, but only if their leaders are somewhat aligned with their masses (China) and don’t despise their masses (the US).

    The West works (or at least it did at one point) because of both the nature of its people and also how its institutions and culture anticipate their shortcomings. But now our New Religion is trying to undo all of our progress.

  67. guest007 says:

    Steve, the mass shooting in Chesapeake, VA will be flushed down the memory hole in the next day or day. See picture of the shooter.

    • Thanks: Bardon Kaldian
  68. @HammerJack

    “Hours after the crime, federal agents and police in Maryland arrested 35-year-old Navy veteran Jonah Adams, the father of the twins.

    Well, there you go…

  69. My basic insight is that the world actually is pretty much what it looks like, loath as we may be to admit it. …

    So are paramilitaries who sport swastika tattoos and give lip service to Nazi themes actually neo-Nazis or actually peaceful LGBTQ-loving Euro-leftists like JackD says?

  70. anonymous[274] • Disclaimer says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    You could make an argument for limited AA solely from the Descendants of American slaves and legit *American* Indians (not Mexican Indians, Guatemalan Indians, not Liz Warren 1/32nd frauds etc) but you’re only talking at most maybe 15 percent of the population. As Anne Coulter says about voluntary immigrants and their descendants, WE OWE YOU NOTHING.
    It’s not the fault of ordinary White Americans whose leaders betrayed them time and time again on immigration (including Trump) that we’re now saddled with a large underperforming population of minorites, most of whom happen to self identify as being of “Hispanic/Latino origin.” As for the equal representation of all groups argument a la Malaysia, I say tough luck considering Latin American countries largely seem indifferent to the cream of their societies (literally and figuratively) rising to the top with the darker elements being mired below. If you don’t believe me, take a good look at Mexico and Brazil’s richest citizens. If they don’t like it they can move back to Mexico and cut bananas for all I care.

  71. @Peter Akuleyev

    See, for example, the respect Japanese show to people like train conductors or even garbage men.

    Japanese cultivate appreciation of decency and productiveness in others. Honoring that is thus looked upon as being important. It is something transcending the individual, stabilizing society and liberating the individual via the acknowledgement of reciprocal standards. – Lots of bridges over paradoxical gaps.

    The question whether somebody is right disappears in cultural / moral/ ethical practices.

    These are what counts most there. That’s why 1) japanese art is a bit boring at times and 2) why it is heartwarming to see pupils of a rural middle school lined up in the morning to welcome and thank the farmer that brings the vegetables for dinner.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
  72. @Muggles

    As you will remember, Socrates was a gadfly too.

    Yes, but it didn’t end well for him.

    We’re all hoping iSteve is dealt a better final hand.

    Socrates wanted his life to end like it did. – These were different times, not least with regard to transcendence, honour and pride. – They did have a sense for losses, those ancient Greeks, and Socrates was one of them – as was his pupil Plato.
    Without Plato, Socrates’ sacrifice would have made less sense. And would have been infinitely less impressive – and less influential not least.
    Did Socrates know this? – If so, – he didn’t care. Had he cared, it would have diminished his knowledge (his foresight).
    (That’s something that Nietzsche had quite right about the Greek’s – amor fati. – Btw. – Paul Nelson had that stuff right too – see his great essay about Bob Dylan in The Rolling Stone’s Illustrated History of Rock ‘n’ Roll).

  73. @Whereismyhandle

    It surely sucks to be on the wrong side. Wrong in the sense just and unjust.

    Not that I am too much interested, but I lazily wonder what the reaction will be after Russians are completely kicked out of Ukraine?

    Probably dead silence.

    • Agree: Redneck farmer
  74. On November 21, this site published an article by Larry Romanoff that is in its essence an assertion, albeit a heavily documented and remarkably persuasive assertion, that a coterie of unimaginably wealthy, greedy, powerful, profoundly immoral, and virtually invisible people, an astonishing number of whom stem from a single psychopathic ethnic group, is running and despoiling the planet and has been doing so for two or three centuries. This coterie doesn’t give a tinker’s dam for the well-being of the billions of people and hundreds of societies they exploit and impoverish. Moreover, they have every reason to believe that they will be able to keep things going just as they are now into the indefinite future: a world where virtually nothing that Everyman and Everywoman think they see is true, a world where they and billions of other peons walk, uncomprehending, through an endless hall of mirrors and chandeliers, “in light that blinds, in light that sears”—in a state of constant, intentional bedazzlement and deception.

    On November 23, this site linked to an article published elsewhere by Steve Sailer, an article wherein he tells his readers—pace Larry Romanoff—that “my basic insight is that the world actually is pretty much what it looks like, loath as we may be to admit it.”

    To no one’s surprise, 95 percent of Steve’s puppy dogs know whose understanding of reality is the kibble they prefer feeding on. (Hint: go back to your own yard, Larry, and stay there.)

  75. From the first article:

    Granted, naive journalists tend to not get that tropes like “Race does not exist” are scams to keep scientists from getting persecuted by know-nothings. But if you read the scientific journals carefully, you will know what’s what.

    This is not the whole story: some scientists are true believers, and this has a pernicious effect on discourse.

    A forceful proponent of “race does not exist” is Adam Rutherford. He is a former geneticist turned journalist. He is now back in his old department at University College London, not researching or lecturing in genetics but in racism. His personal experiences of petty racism give him a powerful animus against any science that suggests that race exists, and also lead him to confuse race with skin pigmentation.

    His latest “work” blames Francis Galton for the Holocaust. He manages to hit all the (((right notes))), and has won prizes for work that has no scientific merit. In talks he even describes giants such as Galton and Fisher as “real pricks” (because, like everyone else of their time, they believed in eugenics).

    I doubt that any scientist or student in Rutherford’s department would dare contradict him on these matters. To do so would be to assume the persona of a racist and stupid school bully who is attempting to justify the Holocaust.

    From the second article:

    Among those who assert the latter, I am told that we shouldn’t mention the truth because either:

    —The facts have no possible policy implications, or

    —The facts have overwhelmingly horrible policy implications, such as the logical necessity of reimposing slavery or instituting genocide.

    The former strikes me as obtuse and the latter as insane and/or evil.

    True, but what would be the actual policy implications? The abandonment of affirmative action; capital punishment for all non-trivial violent crimes, with the aim of improving the gene pool, and with a large disparate impact on blacks. The recognition that disparate impact is not usually the result of white racism. No public funding for Departments of Grievance Studies. Career termination for large numbers of journalists and academics. The recognition that Jewish success is the result of high IQ (genes) and a strongly pro-education family culture (environment). Above all, the loss of cishet white men as a convenient scapegoat for all society’s ills, an over-arching explanation of everything in society that has not turned out how liberals would prefer.

    What on earth would liberal journalists write about? They might have to admit that they are as much to blame as anybody else for the world we live in, and that their “solutions” often do more harm than good. For the first time in their careers, they would actually need to think. To them, this is a prospect as threatening as slavery or genocide.

  76. @Harry Baldwin

    True, but it would at least be a good argument for ending immigration to this country by people who can’t succeed without affirmative action.

    Immigration is affirmative action. It is also welfare, even if not a penny changes hands.

    Citizenship– hell, simple residency– is worth a lot. We give it away for nothing.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  77. @J.Ross

    Trudeau the Lesser contributed an actual in real life image of himself in blackface to the public domain.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  78. @Daniel H

    I don’t “ignore” it. It’ just that Biden has brazenly opened our borders like they’ve never been opened before.

  79. On the other hand, the one thing that really scares me is that progressive intellectuals seem to assume that if modern science demonstrates that the races often differ genetically, well, that proves Hitler was right and therefore genocide is the only rational alternative. This malevolent insanity on the part of orthodox liberal thinkers terrifies me.

    First, stop calling them liberal. You and I and the other commenters here are the true liberals. Progs are just our Red Guards.

    My suggestion: The dominant intellectuals should do some soul-searching and stop projecting their own viciousness onto the rest of us.

    They should be called out not for “hypocrisy” but for psychosis. Progs are the real white supremacists, as they have shown us in Qatar. Reality is white-supremacist. Your “citizenism” is just the most palatable form thereof.

    Racists are rarely genocidal. Antiracists are genocidal by definition, and choice. Not just to one race– that would be racism– but to all races, simultaneously.

    They should be opposed by all races, simultaneously.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  80. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    right about what?

    trump aber ist Deutschland, wie Deutschland trump ist! trump, hail victory!

  81. @MagyarSolyom

    If you are not an acolyte of the Left, you will still adhere to your allegiance to the true, the good, and the beautiful. And you will do so even if your adherence to those foremost principles has been attenuated. But if you are on the Left, you will say the Cause is more important than the truth.

    We need a national divorce, where we expel the Left from our Constitutional Republic. (No, we do not need to secede, we need to isolate the parasites in the big cities. Then those cities become islands of wokeness — and they get the glorious Soviet future they so earnestly desire. And we get them to stop bothering us.)

  82. anonymous[900] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve been reading Steve everyday for over 15 years. However, I’m getting more and more disappointed. I used to think he had the magical touch for explaining the world but as Jewish power becomes increasingly sinister in trying to eliminate traditional white America as a political force and a culture, Steve seems less inclined to talk about the pernicious effect of Jewish power on our way of life.

  83. @anonymous

    but immigration’s forever.

    No. All the illegals must return to some other country. The legal immigrants can stay, but we need an immigration moratorium to stop any additional migration and especially chain migration. It will be popular with the voters.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  84. anon[822] • Disclaimer says:

    This is the closest explanation to the truth about why your ideas generally don’t take root. It’s not that they’re wrong, it’s that they disembowel the general held polite fictions that mainstream society clings to.

    I’ll add there’s another, much more sinister, reason that polite society prefers pretty lies to impolite truths, and it’s not to do with making them uncomfortable and spoiling their garden parties.

    It’s cultural disinformation. One group of Whites knows the score but wants to keep that knowledge out of the minds of another group of Whites, because the first group wants to handicap the second group and hobble the competitive challenge they could present to the first group. If Fancy Whites can convince Feral Whites that Equalism of race and sex is the truth of the world, then Feral Whites might decide it’s ok to relax around blacks, support unlimited immigration that would price them out of home ownership, or even race-mix and end their long and precious White lineage in a single blow.

    Malice, hatred, anxiety, and spite motivate the aggressor Fancy Whites in this seemingly neverending IntraWhite War.

  85. J.Ross says:

    You saw Xi just utterly disgusted with Trudeau’s posturing. That’s just what he does. If we rounded up the various leaders and told them to expect justice, some would try to negotiate, some would try to sell each other out, and Justin would be in a corner by himself putting together an offensive ethnic costume.

  86. Thrallman says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    The system is biased in favor of favor of those who do well in school. Do you need a master’s degree to be a teacher? Do you need a bachelor’s degree to be a cop?

    Differences in IQ would not be unspeakable if it were not for the unspoken assumption that intelligence ought to separate the middle class from those relegated to the outer darkness.

    • Agree: Desiderius
  87. anonymous[138] • Disclaimer says:
    @Charles Erwin Wilson

    Race mixing is happening a lot now. People do not want to see extended family get deported.

    the composition of the 14.5 percent of all 2018 births that were mixed: that is, the father and mother belonged to different major ethnoracial categories.

    Hispanics coming across the border will settle in Kansas City and mix.

    “The largest single category by far–almost 40 percent of all mixed births, and more than half of all those in which one parent is White–is for infants with one Hispanic parent and one White, non-Hispanic parent … In the quarter of mixed births involving minority parents only, Hispanics are again central. ”

    The next generation keeps on going.

    “As we will see, there is a strong tendency for individuals from mixed minority-White backgrounds to choose White partners.”

  88. Dumbo says:

    Right about what? About blacks running faster than whites, or about everybody getting vaxxed to end the pandemic sooner?

    Even if Steve is “right”, his “truths” are so inconsequential that it doesn’t really matter. I’m starting to think that “HBD” is as much a scam or a grift as “FTX”.

    I don’t see why Steve just couldn’t become a mainstream journalist, it’s not as if he’s a revolutionary or something. Maybe he’s more useful this way, just on the edge of “acceptable discourse”?

  89. In truth, you don’t need gnostic dogmas like “systemic racism” to explain why, say, blacks on average are relatively better at playing cornerback in the NFL than center. Biological and cultural differences explain these and countless other patterns.

    The current omnipresent gnosticism is one thing, the other is enlightenism.The second I made up and will explain: The idea that the right thing should (or better: would have to) be done, to enable progress = to make the world better! Better = the world as being (naturally = JJ Rousseau’s romantic stoicism!) desired by most of us. But – no. Most people want the world to be theirs in the first place. They want it to be the way they like it. Plain and simple. The actual renaissance of multicultural gnosticism is the necessary glue to make the social and the biological ends meet. This gnosticist’s glue helps people to come to grips with the glaring contradictions they face (and know all too well).

    Gnosticism as a means to see florishing common ground where there is a subterraneanly structured wasteland of taboo phenomena. College admins know these basic facts and act accordingly as does almost everybody in these hot fields. 

    Life ain’t easy – see: Driss Ben Hamed Chahadi’s beautiful -ahlf fictional autobiography about his life as a Maghrebinian misfit: A life as an assortment of pitfalls (In English: Life Full of Holes). Co-authored by William Burroughs).

    Driss Ben Hamed Charhadi and Paul Bowles: A Life Full of Holes –

  90. The world is what the world is because people ultimately get the government and society that they will put up with. It’s all about how far you can push people out of their comfort zone, and that often results in them being allowed little if any comfort zone at all.

  91. @anonymous

    Nice try, Ron.

    You know, not everyone thinks that the Jews are the end-all and be-all of our civilizational problems. If you want more cannon fodder for your bizarre racial self-hatred, look elsewhere.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  92. Corvinus says:

    The problem with his assertion is that he believes he cannot be possibly wrong about things. Basically, he has the truth and no one else does. But his ideology, and he does have one despite his assurances to the contrary, has gaps and flaws in logic and reasoning. A number of posters here have demonstrated that on a number of occasions.

  93. @Reg Cæsar

    Immigration is affirmative action. It is also welfare, even if not a penny changes hands.

    Citizenship– hell, simple residency– is worth a lot. We give it away for nothing.

    Well said Reg!

    We take the most important asset that most Americans possess–the right to live in the (formerly) free and prosperous nation their ancestors built–and give it away to … random foreigners, often ridiculously mediocre ones.

    You’d think any competent politician could explain that, campaign on that.

  94. @Harry Baldwin

    History is replete with examples of societies that were invaded after a traitor allowed the enemy through the gates. For one, there was Ephialtes, who showed the Persian army a path around the allied Greek position at the pass of Thermopylae.

    Biden is America’s Ephialtes, opening our border to hordes of invaders in order to attain permanent Democrat Party dominance.

    Agree. Biden is a traitor. He’s basically a fellow traveler and has been–gleefully–willing to sell his own people down the river for a power, status, $$$.

    But as Daniel notes, he’s hardly alone. Biden is America’s worst president, but he’s followed by the egregious Papa Bush and Shrub. And they and similar scum–your Romneys, Paul Ryans, McCains–do even more damage because they deny ordinary Americans the right to vote “no”.

    They are deep traitors who not only sell out the nation, but corrupt the process by which citizens could effectively resist.

    • Agree: Harry Baldwin
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  95. JackOH says:

    ” . . . but corrupt the process by which citizens could effectively resist.”

    Got that right, AD. Our leaders command the rhetorical heights, they’ve got oceans of media money, they can turn individual journalists and university profs into partisan “useful idiots”, so that honest, uncensored debate is extremely difficult.

    “Immigration” is almost too easy an example. If you’re opposed to or merely question the wisdom of opening the floodgates—you’re a racist, a xenophobe, an unreconstructed cracker, and your fairly reasonable arguments that poorly restricted immigration benefits corporations and the wealthy at the expense of social costs imposed on everyone else will be ignored.

    Happy Thanksgiving Day all.

  96. @Dumbo

    Right about what?

    Bingo. That’s the essential point right there. That’s what I’ve been saying for years. Neither Steve Sailer nor any of his ass-licking acolytes here can point to some unique bit of wisdom that actually originated with Steve. What is Sailerism? What is Sailer’s philosophy? What is Sailer’s contribution to human society? Nobody can answer these questions, because it doesn’t exist. It’s all been one giant exercise in gas-lighting. And why does anybody fall for it? Because disaffected Boomer spergs want a place where they can come to whine about blackety-blackety-black. That’s it; that’s the entirety of Steve Sailer’s raison d’être. Ad-man Steve found a niche he could exploit, so he did. There’s nothing else going on here.

    I’m starting to think that “HBD” is as much a scam or a grift as “FTX”.

    Of course it is. If you wanted to invent some sort of honeypot ideology solely to make dissident right-wingers ineffective and stupid, you could hardly do better than “HBD.” In the first place, it’s predicated on shallow Darwinian materialism which, if accepted, would be worse for society than anything we already have. In the second place, it makes no useful predictions or recommendations. That’s why the chapter called “Great Policy Initiatives Spearheaded by Steve Sailer” will not appear in his upcoming hardcover book. There aren’t any.

    I don’t see why Steve just couldn’t become a mainstream journalist, it’s not as if he’s a revolutionary or something.

    That’s another one of the elephants in the room. Steve actually is a mainstream journalist, despite all the protestations to the contrary. Have you noticed all the academics and journalists who respond to his sniping tweets? They already consider him one of their own, or they wouldn’t bother with him. He makes his hay by being a gadfly to his own class. It’s a racket as old as time.

    • Replies: @Veteran Aryan
  97. @Reg Cæsar

    Antiracists are genocidal by definition

    As Alain Finkielkraut said in 2005: “We live today in an environment of a ‘perpetual war on racism.’ I think this lofty idea is gradually turning into a hideously false ideology. And this anti-racism will be for the 21st century what communism was for the 20th century. A source of violence. ”

    • Replies: @Poirot
    , @Reg Cæsar
  98. Poirot says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    “The War on Racism slowly but inevitably became the War of Racism, with whites as the designated racial inferiors.”

  99. My explanation of the persistence of failing anti-racism politics goes like this.

    1. We educated people are the good people.

    2. If we are the good people then anyone opposing us is the enemy.

    3. Our policies are the right policies, because 1. above.

    4. If our policies are failing it is because of the extreme “far-right” racist-sexist-homophobe enemy sabotaging and wrecking our policies.

  100. Corvinus says:

    “Steve seems less inclined to talk about the pernicious effect of Jewish power on our way of life.“

    It’s because he doesn’t believe it as a potent force as you believe it is. Remember, he claims to be rarely wrong in NOTICING patterns.

  101. @Art Deco

    Late to this thread. This is among the best stuff I’ve read here. I usually don’t remember commenters’ names, but now I will peruse your older comments and watch for new ones. I see from your past posts that you are interested in accuracy, facts and figures, reasoned proposals; and I surmise that you have strong academic training.

    Too much political thinking is either we need no government or we need all government. Those become items of faith. The hard part is assembling and analyzing evidence, developing theories, testing and propagating successes, at the middle scale of public policy.

    I don’t enthusiastically endorse your whole program, but will be studying its particulars with care.

    • Agree: Desiderius
  102. @MagyarSolyom

    This is why I think it would be useful to tie in his dad. Very few people would want to pick thru the wreckage of a plane crash but the value of doing so is easily seen in vastly increased safety.

    Steve’s carrying on the family business.

  103. Corvinus says:

    “Biden is a traitor. He’s basically a fellow traveler and has been–gleefully–willing to sell his own people down the river for a power, status, $$$.“

    Except Mr. Sailer hasn’t discussed that pattern. Assuredly, if he felt that was the case, he would have NOTICED it by now and wrote numerous posts on it.

  104. “I don’t seem to reach the natural end of a topic because, from my perspective, there is no end”

    On the other hand,

    “Things just end.”–Margaret Thatcher

  105. @Harry Baldwin

    Finkelstein means “pyrite”, or fool’s gold. Does this imply that Finkielkraut means “fool’s weed”?

  106. @Intelligent Dasein

    Ad-man Steve found a niche he could exploit, so he did. There’s nothing else going on here.

    Odd that you find yourself unable to stay away…

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  107. anonymous[278] • Disclaimer says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Are you Jewish?

    If not another question.

    Does the complete censorship of criticism of Jewish influence (like Jewish media) make you suspect Jewish power is the most powerful force in the Western world?

  108. anon[291] • Disclaimer says:


    Steve Sailer: whites are 7 times more likely than blacks to score 1400+ on SATs, Asians 24x

    Making Asians in America 3.43x smarter than whites?

    Usual explanations offered are higher Asian average IQ and what we might call “assortative immigration”, heh, by which I mean immigration selecting for the high IQ thru policy and the difficulty of scraping together a few thousand dollars.

    I’m sceptical of both claims but if you accept them, you must weight the selective effect of immigration much higher than natural Asian high IQ. The reported Asian IQ advantage is like 10 points max, and that 10 point differential is usually “East Asian”, meaning Japan or China: the “Asian” average will be dragged down by various other countries. Less than 10 points, then; not a huge IQ differential overall, but Asians are seemingly significantly more likely to get high SAT scores. This means that Asian migration into the USA is favouring the high IQ to a very large degree.

    A lot of people find this plausible because they see so many Asians in their Bay Area tech job, or their “mathletics” camp, or what have you. And the data on Asian employment in the USA tends to back this up: they’re disproportionately working in presumably higher IQ professions.

    Here’s the list, derived from table 12 here. (I imagine the formatting is going to get scrambled here; you may want to copy-paste it into Excel or your preferred Excel equivalent.)

    Asian-American workforce, 2021
    Job title %
    Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations 00.24
    Protective service occupations 00.81
    Legal occupations 00.87
    Community and social service occupations 01.05
    Construction and extraction occupations 01.34
    Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations 01.58
    Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations 01.81
    Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations 01.84
    Life, physical, and social science occupations 02.50
    Healthcare support occupations 03.30
    Personal care and service occupations 03.72
    Production occupations 04.32
    Food preparation and serving related occupations 04.62
    Architecture and engineering occupations 04.72
    Transportation and material moving occupations 04.74
    Education, training, and library occupations 04.96
    Office and administrative support occupations 07.56
    Business and financial operations occupations 07.62
    Sales and related occupations 07.80
    Healthcare practitioners and technical occupations 09.12
    Management occupations 12.26
    Computer and mathematical occupations 13.23

    Note: Asians are 6.6% of the US workforce overall.

    (Interested parties may wish to compute the above percentages for the other listed races, for purposes of comparison.)

    There are some higher IQ professions without significant Asian representation, e.g. “Legal”. Why are there so many more Asian computer experts than lawyers? Probably because the Asian portion of the workforce is being significantly skewed by CYBER COOLIES brought in to toil in hideous San Francisco coding sweatshops. (Rumour has it Elon found thousands of them chained up in the Twitter basement.)

    Making guesses at which occupation cluster would generally require or suggest a high SAT score, I find anywhere from 27% to 48% of Asians probably didn’t get a high SAT score. The internet tells me that the SAT – I’m not American – is a college-entrance exam, so I’m guessing that big chunks of the population don’t even take it. I can’t get a number for the percentage of kids that take it, though. What else, the average SAT score is 1068… basically, I’m wondering, is it plausible that 50+% of even a 110 IQ population would score as high as that?

    <a title=”""Steve's&#8221; href=""Steve's older article on this very subject, which I really should have read before starting to type, tells us that Asians get 24% of SAT scores above 1400. That makes for 1.68% of all SAT scores in whichever year that was, going to Asians who scored more than 1400. Normatively, 1400+ should be roughly the top 12.5% of SAT scores, so if we can find the proportion of kids who did and didn’t take the SAT and a rough gauge for IQ for both groups; and the percentage of students who were Asian, and the average IQ for whatever composite of racial groups the US gov’t means by “Asian”, we should be able to clock whether 1.68% of all scores above 1400 being Asian is reasonable for a group of that IQ. And to the extent that it’s unreasonable, we should be able to compute the extent to which immigration is skewing Asian IQ. And to the extent that that is unreasonable, we might be able to get an idea of how big the effects of test prep, cheating, and other shenanigans are on Asian scores on standardised tests – which should give us an idea of how much Asians are cheating on ordinary IQ tests.

    That all sounds like a ton of work. Does anybody feel like doing it?

    Question: do Asians do better at maths because they have a natural affinity for it, or because it’s easier to cheat on maths, both generally and when you’re a foreigner?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  109. @Veteran Aryan

    Odd, but given the number of times his balderdash has been torn to shreds, also perversely impressive.

    • Agree: Renard
  110. Corvinus says:

    “That all sounds like a ton of work. Does anybody feel like doing it?“

    Go right ahead. We will be waiting.

  111. @J.Ross

    The more serious problem is that our “ruling class” does not conceive of itself as a ruling class, but as a meritocracy. Huge difference. A ruling class earns its position by defending and pursuing the People’s interests, in a paternal like fashion. There is a sense of duty and obligation from a traditional aristocrat ruling class toward the working classes and (to a lesser extent) the middle class. In our system, inherited elite status is mainly laundered to the next generation through elite education, particularly the Ivy League. The difference is that a meritocrat has by definition earned his position simply by being better; they owe no fiduciary duty to the lower classes. In fact, they feel such overwhelming and justified contempt for the non-elite that they prefer to stand aloof from their interests. It’s a wholly dysfunctional system, and the college racket is central to it.

    • Agree: J.Ross
  112. Art Deco says:
    @Dr. X

    The state legislatures can impose a requirement by law. Republican state legislators do nothing.

  113. Art Deco says:

    There’s nothing utopian about it. The trouble is that the constituency for such a set of arrangements is not to be found in the political class, or, really, in the professional-managerial class generally.

    • Replies: @kaganovitch
  114. @Art Deco

    Maybe not Utopian utopian but compared to what we got now, pretty utopian.

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