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Sailer: Violent Victimizations
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In my new Taki’s Magazine column, I redo the arithmetic on inter-racial “Violent Victimizations.” The per capita racial ratios are rather stunning.

With the conventional wisdom increasingly prejudiced and extremist on the question of who are the Good Guys and who are the Bad Guys, how much longer can we expect the federal government to collect and publish objective crime statistics by race? After all, nothing undermines The Narrative more than official numbers about who are the real victims.

Would a Biden administration make it harder for citizens to access data on crimes committed by blacks versus whites?

Read the whole thing there.

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  1. As far as I know, in France, Belgium, … or most Latin American countries, no such stats.
    UK is not much better, and I’m not too enthusiastic about Canada & Australia.

    • Replies: @Ian Smith
  2. Would a Biden administration make it harder for citizens to access data on crimes committed by blacks versus whites?

    Not would, but will, and the answer is yes of course–they already did this during Obama.

    Anyone else care to go out on a limb and predict Tuesday? I’m saying decisive victory for Biden Harris, but not because I want it. Because it’s what the ruling class wants.

  3. We had a discussion of this recently on Audacious Epigone’s blog, where I calculated the ratio of Black-on-White crime vs. White-on-Black based on Black and White percentages of the population. I came up with a high number, something like Blacks being 12 times more likely to victimize Whites than the converse, based on their proportion of the population, not per capita, but then others pointed out a potential flaw:

    In a system where one group is significantly smaller than another, the odds are higher that members of the small group will commit crimes against members of the larger group — if things are random. This is simply because there are so many more potential victims of the larger group. This key word here, though, is “random.”

    Is there any sense in this argument? Do Blacks commit more crimes against Whites simply because there are so many more Whites to commit crimes against?

    I argue that the crimes are not random, and that Blacks and Whites mostly exist surrounded by their own kind, so that an argument excusing Blacks is faulty if it assumes they just commit crimes randomly against whoever they find and that they randomly find more Whites. However, there might be some truth to it, and if the two races were in equal proportions, then the Black/White interracial crime ratios might be less different.

    I assume Steve has drilled down closer to the truth, but I still see the same potential flaw.

  4. Thirdtwin says:



    “happy black women”
    “happy asian women”
    “happy white women”

  5. Ian Smith says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    What stats I’ve seen, blacks are comparably violent in the UK, France, and Canada.

    • Replies: @fnn
  6. @Buzz Mohawk

    To clarify, here is a link to the blog entry:

    And here is my comment, based on the 2019 numbers reported by AE:

    Simple arithmetic for those who have not already done it or read about it:

    24.9 % White kills Black, divided into the approximate White (plus Hispanic) percentage of the US population = 24.9 / 75 = 0.332

    57.3 % Black kills White, divided into the approximate Black percentage of the US population = 57.3 / 13 = 4.41

    So, the real difference, per capita or anyway you want to realistically view it, between White on Black murder vs. Black on White murder is roughly 0.332 vs. 4.41. That means, once again, that Blacks are more than 13 times more likely, per capita, to commit interracial murder against Whites who supposedly dominate them and keep them down.

    13 Times more likely. 13 Times more violent. 13 Times more hateful. 13 Times more “systemically racist.”

    And here commenter Elli replies to my argument (there were good replies from others as well):

    Suppose that 90% of the population is right-handed, and 10% left, and that handedness plays no role in murder, either in propensity, or choice of victims. Murderers don’t even know victim handedness before they shoot.

    By pure chance, 81% of murderers will be right on right, 9% right on left, 9% left on right, 1% left on left.

    You can’t divide 9% R on L by 90% right share of population and divide 9% L on R by 10% left share and make the claim that lefties are 9x more murderous to righties than vice versa.

    Your math needs refinement.

    It does seem that the ratio of one group’s population to another’s would indeed have some effect on the numbers. This doesn’t negate the huge Black propensity for violence, but it does suggest it is less than our simple calculations imply.

  7. theMann says:

    For reasons I have already enumerated, I suspect Republicans are going to do much better than predicted; and again, winning is losing in this election.

    Since Democrats have dropped all pretense of being anything other than Satanic Filth masquerading as human beings, their winning would be a short term bad thing, but, well, revelational in the long run. The Democrats have nothing to offer but mass murder, mass degeneracy, and negrolotry to a, well, Satanic degree, so bring it on.

  8. anon[457] • Disclaimer says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Elli is right, and his logic applies to whites committing violent crimes against blacks, too.

    If whites and blacks existed in equal numbers, interracial white crimes against blacks would be fewer in number but higher in per-capita terms because there’d be fewer white targets to choose from.

    But regardless, you don’t need per-capita numbers to refute the stupid narrative that blacks are getting gunned down by The Man.

  9. Walsh2 says:

    If Biden wins, what are the odds he even makes it to the inauguration? 1. It’s 2020, 2. He’s a good puppet but a dangerous one with a lot of recent excess baggage, 3) Harris is a good puppet with baggage but it’s in the distant past, 4) we all know it’s a matter of time so why not accelerate it, 5) what could be more demoralizing to the opposition that having the first woman president be an objectively unqualified affirmative action POC that only pulled 1% in the primary, 6) Biden may be reluctant to prosecute Trump on a drummed up charge, Harris not so much. And, to anyone who has any illusion that they will not go after Trump/his team and try and Lock Him Up, you are sorely mistaken. Moreover, his entire presidency will be likely be disappeared – think Avel Enukidze on a massive scale. Trump Presidential Library – not on your life. If the court isn’t packed Justices will be removed by other means or the Fed Circuits will be packed under the radar. CRT will come back on steroids – every public school, any individual/entity who takes any funds from the feds or enters into contracts will be required to implement CRT training. Affirmative Fair Housing will come back on steroids. It’ll get bad and it’ll get bad quick – hopefully red states have been looking at the 10th Amendment and prepared for what will come but I suspect the old adage – hope in one hand, shit in the other is applicable. Trump’s presidency was a slap in the face and you can be damn sure they won’t let something like it happen again and they’re going to do it by punishing the folks who made it happen.

  10. Extensive Philly jogging coverage here:

    To the question in the Tweets, I would never claim those humanoids as fellow citizens. I would tell them they need to go back, immediately.

    • Agree: Mike Tre
  11. I was gonna say, re the reparations going on in Philadelphia, that there was similar looting not to mention wanton destruction by blacks during the Katrina floods in New Orleans. In that case there was no precipitating police incident. Of course, these people are looking for excuses to loot and destroy.

    I’m told by a relative who resides in New Orleans that for months afterward people had pavilions along the West Bank expressway hawking the wares they had stolen in blatant plain daylight. No one did anything about it. So much for unfair prosecution.

  12. fnn says:
    @Ian Smith

    I’ve always heard that racial/ethnic stats are strictly illegal in France. OTOH, it is said if you go to prison in France it’s hard to miss that almost everyone there is Mahgrebian or black. How long before “systemic racism” will be blamed for this?

  13. Here Steve fails to cross the “pons asinorum” of interracial statistics – I’m actually a bit disappointed.

    People on Steve’s side like to adjust interracial crime numbers per-perpetrator-capita, whereas people like Tim Wise like to adjust them per-victim-capita. In truth you should adjust them *both* per-victim-capita *and* per-perpetrator-capita, and these adjustments should cancel out. In other words, you shouldn’t adjust them at all.

    A simple way of explaining it: if we lived in a country where white and black people behaved identically on average, then the *absolute* numbers of black on white and white on black violent crimes would the same. Therefore, if you’re trying to quantify the difference between the races then you should simply compare the absolute numbers.

    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  14. @Thirdtwin

    Presumably you mean “google images”. To save people time, the first two result in algorithmically correct results, whereas the third is a weirdly inapt mishmash. Bing images works fine for “happy white women” but it uses stemming (ie, turns women into woman)

  15. Guest007 says:

    As Steve would be told by any think tank: the article is long on history and statistics but very short on policy solutions. Blacks commit crimes at higher rates than whites. What should be done about it. Sending black men to jail does not seem to lower the crime rate since almost 1/3 of black men have been arrested and convicted of something. Tougher policing does not seem to really work. And as Steve has written many times: just moving blacks around does not solve the problem but just changes who is impacted. Of course, turning crime into a mental health issue does not solve the problem at all and seems to increase negative impacts on everyone else.

    • Replies: @Travis
    , @FPD72
  16. AndrewR says:

    OT: Famous model/SJW discusses her pregnancy:

    She elaborates on this curiosity in her essay, writing that when asked, “Do you know what you want?” she and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard answer, “We won’t know the gender until our child is 18 and that they’ll let us know then.” The couple want to be “progressive,” she said (he, too, has insisted that he “doesn’t have a preference” regarding the baby’s gender, Ratajkowski added).

    She knows it’s trendy to let your kid “choose” their gender but she’s too dumb to know you’re not supposed to wait until they’re 18 to “affirm” their chosen gender.

    But tensions run through the essay, as she grapples with the world her child will be brought into — and the systems of race, gender and power they will invariably encounter. If the baby is a girl, she may experience the same “subconscious and internalized misogyny” that Ratajkowski still struggles against, the model wrote; if the baby is a boy, it raises the challenge of “teaching them about their position of power in the world” as a white man, she added.


    Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard will have to face their own personal biases, too, she said. Ratajkowski wrote that she had never thought about having a son, and openly wonders if her husband is “secretly yearning for a boy.” She also recounted people sharing opinions and tips that revolve around stereotypical distinctions between girls and boys.

    I feel really sorry for this child. These two should not be allowed anywhere near the child until it grows up and decides if it wants to reconnect (and my advice would be no).

    • Replies: @Rob McX
  17. AndrewR says:

    I don’t know nor care. I will enjoy the pure Schadenfreude of triggered Trumptards or TDS patients either way. I just want it to be over with. Hopefully the results will be clear by sunrise Wednesday.

  18. Steve Steve Steve… your host, Little Ronnie Unz has declared that Latinos are no problemo… they don’t commit crimes anymore than whities!!! That’s right LIl Ronnie… they are counted as Whities you fool…

    Therefore, according to Lil Ronnie… you are wasting your time opposing illegal immigration. He has gazed into his Hahvad trained navel and declared the mass importation of cholos a great thing for America!

    He is a complete fool.

    Here is an interesting crime thing, Steve… A regulation was just signed baring anyone who committed the crime of DUI or domestic abuse from asylum….

    Guess what Little Ronnie… the local jails are full of your beloved illegal Latinos who do the above….especially DUI. Now they are barred from receiving a grant of asylum…

    I used to live in Fairfax County Va… it was NOT a location for Central American immigration until the late 1980s and then it took off.. to where they are major population in Virginia. A local website in Fairfax, the Fairfax Underground used to publish the arrest records for Fairfax county… by the early 2000s the arrest record was completely hispanic names. Especially DUI.

    But Unzie looked at the stats… I am not sure what stats he was looking at… and declared illegal immigration from Latin America good… Interestingly he opposes mass immigration of muslims to Europe though. He must be a racist.

    One last note… asylum is how you get millions of immigrants in the US… it used to be easy to apply for that. Trump changed that in several ways of which idiots like Unz and Fred Reed cannot understand.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  19. Altai says:

    But this new reality TV show called ‘America’ is dumb but entertaining. Blacks and middle/upper middle class class white girls out protesting police and hispanic guys doing the most damage by far in celebration of the Dodgers winning.

  20. AndrewR says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    The numbers don’t matter because BLM/antifa people can’t understand basic math, nor would they change their stance if they could. Enslaving/exterminating white people is all that matters. Screw the numbers.

  21. Steve,

    Off-topic, but I vaguely remember you saying that you’ve thought since 1994 (when The Bell Curve came out) that the main reason for the fierce opposition was that the Jewish elite was terrified of the idea.

    I’ve heard it said that that’s when political correctness really took off (the War on Noticing being a taboo designed to prevent anyone from even getting close to thinking about those ideas). Also that the much-hyped book Guns, Germs, and Steel was supposed to be a sort of rebuttal (declaring civilizational differences to be just accidents of geography). I assume the movie Gattaca (1997) also came out of all this. Because Jews are so influential in the cultural elite, when they get worked up about something you can get this full court press all across the media, universities, and Hollywood.

    I have to wonder… is history repeating itself? Nicholas Wade’s book A Troublesome Inheritance came out in May of 2014. Then in August of 2014 we have the Michael Brown Hoax and the beginning of this all-encompassing “antiracism” mania.

    Zach Goldberg’s article “How the Media Led the Great Racial Awakening” was published in a Jewish magazine, and I wonder if the implied title is actually “How the Jews Are Stirring Up All This Racial Insanity and How We Better Knock It Off Soon Because the Goyim Are Starting to Connect the Dots.”

    I think Jews have a fear-based reaction to the idea of biological race differences that white people just can’t really comprehend. It’s funny how white race realists will go out of their way to point out that Asians and Jews have higher intelligence that white people, trying to deflect accusations of being a “white supremecist,” but the mere mentioning of Jews probably “triggers” them even more!

    I suspect that the real issue is that Jews are just afraid of white people thinking of Jews as a distinct group, having certain (average) characteristics, possibly partly biologically-based. Maybe they don’t want people to know that they’re smarter. Jews are known to get cagey about people mentioning how rich and successful they are. Most people would consider that a compliment, but Jews probably worry about resentment.

    This isn’t really about black people is it?

    I have close Jewish friends from childhood and don’t want to see things get ugly. Jews and white people need to work out an understanding. I hope there’s some sort of back-channel diplomacy going on. We can never make the races equal and this nonsense can’t go on forever.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  22. Tiny Duck says:

    The stats are worthless because they lack context.

    When you take context into account white men account for the vast majority of crime.

    Trump is about to lose so the hammer is going to come down on you people.

  23. @Buzz Mohawk

    In a perfectly mixed population of equal criminal propensity : Pop1 and pop2

    Pop1 on Pop1 crimes = pop1% ^2
    Pop1 on pop2 is equal to pop2 on Pop1 =
    Pop1%* pop2%.
    And finally pop2 on pop2 crimes = pop2%^2.

    Since the observed Pop1*pop2 rate between blacks and whites is not 1:1, everyone looks for the reason to explain the 1:5 ratio from 2018, or 1:8 from 2019.

    The argument then becomes one of access vs criminality. The WW and BB rates become important, because these are the numbers that better indicate the group’s normal internal criminality, because it’s the closest to the segregated populations. Most crimes are short distance.

    It seems to me that, segregation reduces inter population crime. All else equal the total rate remains the same, except that humans typically have different rates of criminality following their concentric loyalties. So segregation will reduce total crime as well, unless the ingroup has a higher internal rate of crime than against outgroups (as in, heavy policing)

    In the real world, everyone knows to avoid dangerous neighborhoods (dangerous for whom? For outgroupers..) – a higher criminal propensity + closer access = higher probability of an interpopulation crime. So this works against the “pro-access” explanation in the difference in rates… The non-criminal and non-stupid actively avoid giving access to criminally minded. This would reduce inter population crime (information is power), so to counteract it, criminals need to seek out access (to the other population, since we are talking about inter population crime).

    And this is where I feel it is useless to continue with the data without slicing by income, both inter population data and within a population. Do people target their own income level, or ones higher? Does this propensity differ by race?

    Regardless, if you find yourself outside your population, outside your income group, outside your culture, outside your age group – more caution is instinctive.

  24. epebble says:

    Economist is predicting 258-421 EC votes for Biden. For Trump it is 117-280.

    It will be a miracle when Trump wins.

  25. jb says:

    Steve — I posted a comment about interracial homicide stats on Audacious Epigone’s blog that I am reproducing below, because I’d be really interested in your take on it:

    I think it’s useful to imagine a racial quasi-utopia where blacks make up 10 percent of the population, blacks and whites live side by side and have no special antipathy towards each other, and blacks and whites commit murder at exactly the same rate. In a country like this, whites, with 90% of the population, would commit 90% of all murders, and 10% of there victims would be black, for a total of 9% of all victims. Likewise blacks would commit 10% of all murders, and 90% of their victims would be white, for, again, 9% of all victims. In summary:

    White on white murders: 81% of total
    White on black murders: 9% of total
    Black on white murders: 9% of total
    Black on black murders: 1% of total

    In this utopia, on average, a black murderer would be 9 times more likely to kill a white person than a black person and a white murderer would be 9 time less likely to kill a black than a white, all simply because of demographics.

    Now imagine another society with a single difference: blacks and whites are totally segregated and have no opportunity to kill each other. In this society the interracial murder rate for whites changes slightly: 100% of their victims are white, rather than 90%. But for blacks it changes drastically: 100% of their victims are black, rather than 10%. So the degree of segregation is critically important when looking at interracial murder committed by blacks.

    Quite honestly, it has never seemed to me that segregation has been sufficiently controlled for — how do you even put a number on it? — and therefore I don’t have a lot of confidence that raw interracial murder rates are particularly informative. I think our time is better spent focusing on absolute murder rates — in particular the astonishing fact that 100,000 random blacks will commit eight times as many murders as 100,000 random whites!

    Even there though there are difficulties. For example, how are these murders distributed? Perhaps a hyper-violent 5% of the black population commits all of the excess murders, while the remaining 95% of blacks have a murder rate no higher than that of whites. Do we know that this isn’t true? Has anyone even looked into it? This might be a worthwhile project for our host AE!

  26. Anon[421] • Disclaimer says:

    Slightly OT:

    As a non-American, will Trump win?? Last time I thought polls were lying.

  27. @HammerJack

    My gut tells me that Trump will win. I’m bracing for widespread chaos, including massive riots in every major city in America, and a protracted legal battle dragging on well into November. (Remember Florida in 2000?) We might not know the final result before Thanksgiving, or even before Christmas.

    But if the TV networks call the election for Biden at 8 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday night, I won’t be surprised. I’m resigned to the fact that anything can happen.

  28. @HammerJack

    I’m saying decisive victory for Biden Harris, but not because I want it.

    80% Trump wins.

  29. @HammerJack

    Trump wins, the GOP loses the Senate. The nightmare continues

  30. Anon[148] • Disclaimer says:

    I assume you know about

    I wouldn’t read too much into the PDFing of the report. The CDC also cut their website budget and stopped reporting health data like obesity and hypertension in an online app. The annual deadline for new data got later and later each year until they finally stopped updating it. We had to start hiring a contractor via Upwork to run the raw unprocessed data, which they upload as is, through a statistics package for us.

    Never ascribe to woke conspiracies that which can be explained by government budget cuts or newly hired incompetent BIPOC affirmative action staff.

    • LOL: Coemgen
  31. @Buzz Mohawk

    What about interracial crime in South Africa stats?

  32. @Buzz Mohawk

    The average black, certainly in the UK, will interact more with whites than the average white interacts with blacks, simply because white people (and wealthy black people, too – the last I heard of ‘rasta poet’ Benjamin Zephaniah he lived in rural Lincolnshire ) tend to avoid living among black people where they possibly can. So with an equal and random propensity to murder and no racial bias, the average white will be less likely to kill a black than the average black is to kill a white.

    Now we know that the propensity to murder isn’t equal, but Elli’s comments are spot on. There must be a way of improving these stats, presumably factoring in the likelihood of different-race interaction – what is it?

  33. Mr. Anon says:

    And yet the media tells me that white replacement is just a “baseless conspiracy theory”. Right.

  34. Mr. Anon says:

    OT: Uber sued for firing drivers with low ratings because…………….well you know why:

  35. anon[316] • Disclaimer says:


    “happy black women”
    “happy asian women”
    “happy white women”

    That’s stunning. I looked at the pictures of black, then asian, and wondered what they might do for white before I clicked on “happy white women”.
    Even though I was expecting something different for white women, I was shocked at how brazen they are with their propaganda.
    Does Google have a small army of political propaganda workers whose job is to manually curate any search phrase with “white”? Or do they have algorithms to do this?
    This is an example of how propaganda can be obvious, yet subtle. Most people will just never notice they are being manipulated.

    • Agree: Coemgen
    • Replies: @Redman
    , @El Dato
  36. @Thirdtwin

    At least Betty White didn’t have a black boyfriend

  37. Grammatical error alert!

    Fourth: if you have a Wells Fargo bank account, you can transfer money to me …

    Should be:

    Fourth: if you have a Wells Fargo bank account, you’re a moron, but you can transfer money to me …

    There, fixed that for you.

  38. jon says:

    Of all the places I frequent on the web, this is the saddest of the sad sacks. Trump won in 2016, and he will win again in 2020. There is not a majority coalition that you can put together to support the riots, the pedo stuff, the deals with China.

  39. jon says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Compare in-group versus out-group victimization for each race – the ratio of black-on-black to black-on-white, then white-on-white to white-on-black. That might be a better way to look at it.

  40. We need not quote Twain on stats. Just, let’s see:

    * violent victimization (murder, home invasion, assault, rape) involving whites & Oriental Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans,…). The same with blacks & Asians.

    * violent victimization involving white Gentiles & white Jews, visibly identifiable (religious attire) or not

    * stats involving white, black, Oriental Asian interracial violent rape, frequently followed by murder (excluding rape involving relatives or couples). Never mind whether these were characterized as “hate crimes” or not- it’s enough they involve visibly various races & all too evident psychopathological sadism and extreme humiliation.

    * violent victimization by race in Jamaica, Bahamas, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, … Also, violent interracial, or interreligious victimization in Israel (Jews, Muslims, Druzes, …), whether in Israel proper or West Bank

  41. @Buzz Mohawk

    Someone (maybe Elli?) made the same point to John Derbyshire back in 2012.

    Here’s how he answered:


    Separately, note that most homicides currently go unsolved(!), so when we are looking at the subset of homicides where the killer’s race is known, we are ignoring the larger subset of homicides where the killer in unknown. Since killings by strangers are more likely to go unsolved, and since killings by strangers are more likely to be interracial, the statistics we have probably understate the number of interracial killings, perhaps by a lot.

  42. Jack D says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    I think that the main driver is that blacks are many times more criminal than whites on a per capita basis so that even if most crimes are intraracial they are still going to commit a substantial # against non-blacks.

    Meanwhile, whites, even white criminals, are generally not interested in committing crimes against blacks, who tend to be poorer. If you are going to burglarize someone’s house or mug someone, are you going to drive from your white neighborhood to the ghetto to do it? How many black shopkeepers are there that you could hold up?

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
  43. @Buzz Mohawk

    I can answer this question in a rather elegant way. Give me the following quantities and I will provide you with an answer:

    – number of black on black murders
    – number of black on White murders
    – number of White on black murders
    – number of White on White murders
    – relative proportions of White and black populations

    Give me some numbers and I give you some maff.

    Quid pro Quo.

    • Replies: @Blue-eyed lovemonger
  44. Mainstream media and Twitter are censoring the bombshell Bobulinsky story.

    We’re officially in Soviet Union territory now.

    • Replies: @epebble
    , @Muggles
  45. Alfa158 says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Elli tried to pull a fast one. He might be a Prog, they are always pulling the most blatant debating tricks, assuming that conservatives are too dumb to catch them doing it. Here it is:

    “ that handedness plays no role in murder, either in propensity, or choice of victims”

    False opening premise of course. We know from real crime data that “left handed” people commit murder at approximately 9 times the per capita rate as “right handed” people. Using 9x means that if all murderers choose their victims randomly, then;
    90% of all murder victims would be righties, 10% of all murder victims would be lefties.
    45% of all murder victims were righties killed by righties,
    45% were righties killed by lefties,
    5% were lefties killed by lefties,
    5% were lefties killed by righties.

    Therefore lefties killed 9 times as many righties as righties killed lefties.

    The point he could have made was that the disparity in inter-racial killing was not an artifact of Blacks deliberately killing Whites by preference, as you might assume by the disparity. It is instead simply a statistical result of the greater predilection of Blacks for committing murder overall.
    Instead Elli tried to make a false argument. Maybe he can follow it up by repeating the mathematical proof gag that relied on dividing by zero to prove that 1=2.

  46. “the old stereotype of blacks being extraordinarily homicide-prone is not only true but getting worse”

    It’s as if blacks are extremely receptive to the overt and subliminal messaging sent by psyop campaigns funded by malignant billionaires. The Pavlovian enticement of luxury sneakers is too much for the non-Neanderthal coloured of looting peoples to resist.

    “people on the right assume that all social science studies support the left”

    If I was Warlord of America (gloriously hacking heads and impregnating women) the classrooms of children of no colour would be free of non-Neanderthal specimens and CRT would be countered by the work of renegade sociologist Sailer. Good article Steve. Now get back to to work on your pilot. When you feel its ready I’ll get Woody Allen to front it.

  47. RVBlake says:

    Done…Shekels on the way

  48. Gonna get a new HDTV for justice

  49. Anonymous[418] • Disclaimer says:


    Swamp monster FBI Dir Chris Wray is out today trying to salvage his reputation with a sweep of Chinese spies! BWAAAAHAHAHHAA.

    Funny how the guy who hired Wray — and CIA girl Haspel — that guy keeps yelling “Drain the Swamp”…

    Even funnier how maga hats roar with approval.

    SHHHHH: Wray and Haspel and Barr had the Hunter laptop last December. Don’t tell anyone that Donny hired all of these people…

    Quiet… quiet on the set… there’s no business like show business…

    • LOL: Cortes
  50. Measured on a per capita basis, the ratio of black-on-white to white-on-black crimes is much worse. Non-Hispanic whites made up 61.9 percent of the over-11 population versus 12.1 percent being non-Hispanic blacks: Whites are a little over five times as numerous as blacks. Thus, in 2019’s stats, an individual black was almost 27 times as likely to do criminal violence to a white as vice versa.

    Steve, you’re the most important guy on the Internet–ok, maybe it’s Trump right now–a beacon of knowledge and light. So really you should not publish this sort of analysis. It is incorrect–in terms of cool objective analysis.

    The sentence i highlighted is–sort of–verbally correct. But that’s only because there’s a lot of verbal imprecision. It is mathematical junk–double counting. The 5x boost simply flows out of blacks being a minority.

    The reality is the relative population shares work both ways. Yes it’s a smaller black population generating all the black on white crime. But it’s also a smaller black population who are victims of white on black crime. The ratios cancel. In the event that the inter-racial crime rates were the same the numbers of BonW and WonB violent crimes would be the same. Those total victimization numbers–if accurate!–give you the correct the ratio. It’s bogus to then say “oh, but look the blacks are a smaller population” and multiply it by the W/B population ratio again.

    An easy way to see this is simply imagine a brighter, whiter America where … poof! … there were only half as many blacks. BonW violent crimes are cut in half. But WonB crimes are cut in half as well. So the ratio is still what it was (5-10x depending on the year). Yet now your calculation of multiplying by the W/B ratio would give you twice the figure. Blacks individuals now 54X more likely to victimize a white individual, than a white individual to victimize a black. Still true … but still not “truthful”.

    It’s often useful–actually it’s critical–to subject any model, any argument to the extremes and see if it holds up. For example, doing that with “nation of immigrants”–just keep doing it forever–shows it is simply population replacement and will inevitably turn your nation into a “shithole country”. You don’t even have to be an old retired boomer like me and see what’s happened. Simple math shows “nation of immigrants” is toxic nonsense.

    Let’s do that here. Let’s talk about a special minority … me! I’m an old guy, i still do stupid stuff, but my days of letting my Irish loose are well behind me. But it’s not impossible i could commit some violent crime in the next year. Let’s say there’s a one in 10,000 chance. (Most likely scenario: I make some snide comment about some girl’s ugly tattoos on the beach and her husband/boyfriend takes offense, it gets heated and the guy is so incompetent that i actually land a punch while getting my ass kicked.)

    Now lets talk about America. There’s a small chance, not huge but not non-zero, that i’m a victim of a violent crime next year. The tattoo guy just knocks me silly–much more highly probable–but also random assaults, robberies, etc. In terms of locals, this is a whitetopia, but there’s a lot of random folks hitting the beach. Let’s be ridiculously hopeful and say .1%.

    AnotherDad on Americans crimes next year = .0001
    Americans on AnotherDad crimes next year = .001
    Kinda looks like AnotherDad is 10x less criminal than a typical American.

    But no! There’s only one AnotherDad, while there are 330 million other Americans!

    So according to the quoted paragraph’s logic one could write:

    Measured on a per capita basis, the ratio of AnotherDad-on-American to American-on-AnotherDad crimes is much worse. Americans made up 100 percent of the over-11 population versus .000000003 percent being AnotherDad. Americans are 330 million times as numerous as AnotherDad. Thus, in 2021’s stats, an individual AnotherDad was almost 33 million times as likely to do criminal violence to an American as vice versa.

    Damn! I’m one mean hombre!

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  51. syonredux says:

    Still more Dolezaling…Only now, it’s a fake Chicanx:

    Kelly Kean Sharp: Chicana?

    I have watched the unmasking of CV Vitolo and Jessica Krug from afar. But when an old friend pointed me to the twitter bio of Dr. Kelly Kean Sharp, currently an Assistant Professor at Furman University, I now had a similar example on the edges of my own circles. I had distantly known Kelly while she was a PhD student at University of California, Davis, and was more than surprised to find out that she was now describing herself as Chicana.

    This discovery led to multiple conversations and a flurry of research on the part of people who had known Kelly at UC Davis. They approached me to help publicize her fabrication and strategic use of a Chicana identity. Though it remains unknown exactly when she took on this persona and how much she has used it professionally, many who previously knew her are quite confused. She had only ever identified as a non-Hispanic white woman as far as they knew. Allegedly, when some colleagues asked about her newfound identity she claimed that her paternal grandmother had been from Mexico. Okay, fine, we know that identity can be quite fluid and many of us did not want to embark on a project of gatekeeping that would not allow Kelly to celebrate her grandmother. Perhaps this grandmother had just never been a topic that she felt comfortable bringing up in the numerous conversations she had with friends and colleagues about her family and upbringing.

    But when some of us looked into genealogical records, we found that Kelly had no grandparents who were born outside of the United States or had Hispanic names. This is much more in line with how Kelly identified at UC Davis. The maternal grandmother who she claimed was from Mexico, was born in LA to white parents and was residing in the US during all the census records of her upbringing. This grandmother was the daughter of a wealthy, white lawyer from Iowa. A servant was even employed and living at the home according to census records.

    She has made numerous tweets further implying Chicana identity, attaching various hashtags to communicate this identity, like #Chicana, #Chicanapride, and #Chingonasunite. Were these hashtags meant to further promote this claimed identity as a Chicana Assistant Professor? Even more, in one tweet Dr. Kean Sharp referenced the cooking habits of her “abuela” and in another she claimed this “abuela” came to the United States during WWII and “worked hard” to make Kelly’s career possible.

    Considering all these inconsistencies, we are left to wonder, how much did Dr. Kean Sharp benefit from such claims? What we do know is that Kelly immediately found a tenure-track job after graduating, a rare commodity in academia today, especially in the field of U.S. history, which produces, by far, the most PhDs out of all fields of history. Part of the reason for her quick success was that she astutely applied for a job in African American history (there are many less PhDs in this field). She managed to immediately move into a tenure-track professorship in that field, working dually in the Africana Studies and History departments at Luther College. This job was made possible by a Mellon Faculty Diversity Fellowship from the Associated Colleges of the Midwest. This Mellon promises to provide tenure track positions to those “whose backgrounds and life experiences will enhance diversity on the ACM campuses”. Perhaps she won the job simply because she investigated the role of slave women in shaping consumption and markets in the antebellum South. But is it possible that the complex identity provided by her imagined Mexican immigrant grandmother helped her to secure this diversity hire?

    • Replies: @Anon
  52. @Buzz Mohawk

    Two sets of numbers are necessary.
    1. The ratio of the various races.
    2. The number of intra/inter racial crimes committed by each group.

    Barry the Kenyan of course, tried to muddy the waters by including all the South-American-Americans as White. All the murders/rapes/drug trafficking perpetrated by MS13 are committed by the scions of the hordes of whiter than snow Norwegians that form the dregs of the Salvadoran criminal class. Even so his FBI couldn’t get the black ratio below 7.8 times that of Whites.

  53. These statistics are shocking. It helps me understand why Blacks apparently have a Game Theory that they are more likely to have one of their children or grandchildren locked up or abused unwarrantedly (in their book) than police will ever intervene or deter crime against them. This is because:

    A) Police just mop up and draw chalk lines, they hardly ever actually intervene
    B) As blacks, they know that nothing deters crime and blacks will do as blacks will do. These statistics confirm that home-wisdom.

    So this explains why you hardly ever see pro-police blacks.

  54. epebble says:

    I listened to the video; couldn’t understand what wrong doing he is alleging. Obviously, the family members might have capitalized on Biden name in an attempt to make a buck. After Trump era, the bombshell has to be really large, Little Boy large, to draw people’s attention.

    • Replies: @Polynikes
  55. @AnotherDad

    The interesting question worth talking about here, is why these stats do not show an elevated tendency of blacks to target whites, rather than the same old roughly 7x higher black criminality.

    Afterall, there is little doubt that 50+ years of minoritarian lying and name calling has jacked up the level of black racial animosity. Lots of blacks no doubt are particularly happy to victimize whites and we definitely see that motivate in a lot of individual cases.

    Well, lying is one reason. I would guess that the figures overstate black victimization. Blacks likely to both play up white microaggressions into “crime” and to attribute crimes done by “Hispanics” as “white” (i.e. white means not blacks.) While i’d guess there is some white reticence to attribute crimes stereotypically to blacks.

    But i think the main reason is simply that the blacks whom whites are most often in contact with skew toward blacks who have jobs and aren’t complete screw ups. The really dumbest and most criminally dysfunctional blacks–likely to be holding their gun sideways or be “unwanted party guests”–are much more likely to be hoodrats and many of them may only occasionally leave the hood at all. Their typical day–in some black inner cities–may involve zero contact with whitey.


    This reality simply underlines how utterly fowl the minoritarian attack upon middle and working class whites with integration and busing has been.

    Most Jews and their fellow-traveler elite good-whites get–if any at all–only very carefully curated blacks in their neighborhoods and children’s schools. “Oh look there’s Sasha and Malia”.

    But “integration” thrusts middle and working class whites into closer proximity to ordinary blacks. And contact with ordinary blacks means occasional contact with their more marginal black relatives and friends. And busing flat out dumps whites–even whites who’ve got their stuff together enough to live in a white neighborhood–into direct contact with the full black cross-section, and does it to young white kids who usually lack the skills to try and negotiate the racial terrain.

    It’s really nasty racial/ethnic/class terrorism.

    on white crime

  56. Redman says:

    I’m frankly stunned by this. What is going on here?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  57. El Dato says:

    Does Google have a small army of political propaganda workers whose job is to manually curate any search phrase with “white”? Or do they have algorithms to do this?

    Pretty sure that both.

    • Thanks: Coemgen
  58. El Dato says:

    OT Biden: “Make no mistake, read my lips, these hips don’t lie: Invite the world”

    Trump slashes the number of refugees allowed to resettle in US to historic low as Biden vows to significantly raise it if he wins

    • Replies: @Barnard
  59. Anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    OT: I know Steve likes to talk about Chechens and their propensity for violence. I know we have seen some video of them in action before, but here is a new insight. You might be interested in this interview with the new sensation/hype train of Khamzat Chimaev who picks up where Khabib left off, as it illustrates the sheer joy this man has in fighting, and the confidence in his abilities he possesses.

    Here is a highlight video of him in the cage.

    He lives in Sweden. Of course he does.

    • Thanks: AceDeuce
  60. J.Ross says:

    Violent victimizations, above and below. Anecdote from caller to a Dennis Prager:
    >friend owns business in Chiraq
    >lockdown closes business until such time as Democrats decide to not genocidally hate small businessmen
    >friend is going broke
    >MFF, Antifa and Burn Loot Murder riot without fear of repurcussion
    >friend’s business goes from being unprofitable to being like World Trade Center in 2002
    >City of Chicago, nowhere to be found when riots were destroying government legitimacy let alone windows, shows up
    >informs friend that he will pay an astronomical fine
    >per day
    >until he brings in contractors
    >which he can’t bring in anyway for lockdown reasons
    >to clean up the ugly mess
    This is tyranny. May God exist and prevent the City of Chicago from receiving one dine.

    • Replies: @Stan Adams
  61. El Dato says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Trump is about to lose so the hammer is going to come down on you people.

    I wouldn’t worry too much:

    ‘Psychos’ fueled by ‘blood lust,’ Australian special forces tortured and executed prisoners in Afghanistan – report

    Despite the gruesome details revealed in the report, the Australian operators were envious of their British and American counterparts, one informant told Crompvoets.

    “Whatever we do, though, I can tell you the Brits and the US are far, far worse. I’ve watched our young guys stand by and hero worship what they were doing, salivating at how the US were torturing people,” the informant said.


    What did I want to say? Oh yes…

    Forget he/she/they; now we must use ‘neo-pronouns’ like ve/vis/vir, ze/zem/zir & ey/em/eir. It’s nonsense

    The message is revolutionary: Pronouns should not be chosen by the observer on the evidence of what they see, but imposed by the subject on the basis of how they claim to feel about themselves. This is a massive leap from how we used to use pronouns (and most adults probably still do). They cease to describe material reality, and instead label identities. Why is the BBC doing this to our children? They move far beyond the familiar ‘he’ and ‘she’, or even ‘they’ – a pronoun that has long been used for someone whose sex may not be known. Without irony, the BBC introduced what they called “neo-pronouns,” such as:

    Ne (ne/nem/nir)

    Ve (ve/vis/vir)

    Ze (ze/zem/zir)

    They polished off their list with pronouns known as ‘Spivak’ (ey/em/eir). If this means anything to anyone, please do let me know. I may be trans but I have no secret knowledge that explains the purpose or need for these labels. But at 52 years old, I may be forgiven for oldthink. Children constructing their cognition on these labels will think differently about society. Because where there are labels, there are people to be labelled.

    Note that ve/vis/ver was used by Greg Egan in the 1995 novel Distress as a minor element, quite possibly satirically:

    Egan uses his hypothetical future to postulate the existence of not just one but five new genders, and introduces a set of new pronouns for gender neutral people. One of the central characters of the novel, Akili Kuwale, provides a demonstration of this change and its implications. As an asexual human, Akili has had all reproductive organs removed entirely. Within the scope of the novel, Egan uses the pronouns ‘ve’, ‘ver’, and ‘vis’ to represent Akili’s definitive gender neutrality.

  62. Barnard says:
    @El Dato

    Trump should lay the case of Ilhan Omar before the American people. Demonstrate how her family received refugee status because they were murderous thugs for a deposed dictator and the people who overthrew him naturally wanted to kill them. If the left wants rule by anecdote, here is a hanging curveball to hit back at them. Then instead of lowering the cap to 15,000, completely eliminate the program and say you won’t even visit reopening it until it is changed so NGOs are not rewarded financially for resettlement volume.

  63. pirelli says:

    In reality, however, the degree to which social science research vindicates deplorable stereotypes is shocking to all but the best-informed.

    This rings true, but for the life of me I don’t think I fully understand why. Steven Pinker pointed out in The Blank Slate back in 2002 that new social science research largely vindicated conservative ideas about human nature. From Nicholas Wade’s contemporaneous NYTimes review of the book:

    [Pinker] distinguishes between a leftist utopian vision of human nature (the mind is a blank slate, man is a Noble Savage, traditional institutions are the problem) and the tragic vision preferred by the right (man is the problem; family, creed and Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand are the solutions).

    ”My own view is that the new sciences of human nature really do vindicate some version of the tragic vision and undermine the utopian outlook that until recently dominated large segments of intellectual life,” he writes.

    Of course, in comparison with today, the early 2000s seem like a golden age of free intellectual inquiry and debate (look at what Hitchens was able to publish in Slate during that time, for example), but all the data Pinker was working with are still there and undoubtedly have been augmented by more recent studies. For that matter, Pinker still writes bestsellers. Sam Harris’s podcast has a huge following, and he’s been making lots of noise (for a normie) about the influence of genes on IQ. What will it take for more mainstream people like Pinker and Harris to start promoting this information? There is clearly some appetite for it, but it’s true that only very well-informed people appear to know about it.

    Is it simply that the losers of the genetic lottery are never, ever going to accept genetic explanations because that would be too depressing for them, and some proportion of genetic lottery winners will always see that there’s money to be made in selling the losers an alternate narrative that vilifies other winners, and so as a result we’ll never see widespread acceptance of what social science research is telling us? Is it as simple and sad as that?

  64. Rob McX says:

    If the poor foetus knew what it was in for with those woketard parents, it would pray for a miscarriage.

  65. lysias says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Most blacks live in largely black neighborhoods. Which means that a person that they just randomly meet is disproportionately likely to be black as well.

    • Replies: @stillCARealist
    , @Dissident
  66. Your link back to your blog is saying there’s no such blog as isteve here at unz. Only individual players are working. Just a heads up.

    • Replies: @Dissident
  67. Muggles says:

    I watched the Carlson interview with Bobulinski but some subsequent information leads me to believe that the Chinese reneged on their $10 million loan/capital commitment to this venture.

    Towards the end Bobulinski discussed reasons for this and his nervousness over what the Chinese funder was doing by investing a ton of their money w/ the state Russian oil company. He said this made him “nervous” but why just that? Did he know from the outset this was a CCP intelligence/influence front?

    This may be the major reason why the “money trail” goes cold. Bobulinski described a number of emails/texts to Hunter and others about the money flake-out.

    So while Hunter and papa Joe may have been setting up this vehicle to launder Chinese influence money (all coming from State or State influenced sources) it seems that this plan was not implemented. Bobulinski complained about having to pay for all of his expenses w/o any reimbursement.

    Is it “influence peddling” when you don’t ever get paid? Just attempted influence peddling, perhaps.

    Bobulinski made a lot of references to his service record and high security clearances. His smooth patter and demeanor suggested to me some sort of spook background, like a CIA “briefer” would have. Or maybe just military. Also unsaid, if he is such a “patriot” like he says, why was he in on this racket in the first place? Sure money, but isn’t shilling for the Biden family mafia to foreigners itself rather un-American? Or was he a “plant” by national security types on the inside?

    Our secret police never sleep! For the Bidens, sometimes the grift doesn’t pay out…

    • Replies: @epebble
  68. Have had to abandon ‘Lace’, because couldn’t comment with ‘agree’, etc., or reply. I noticed few were using the agree, lol, things, but I think it’s my computer, because late last night I had to re-verify some things for several websites and one bank. Does happen sometimes without my knowing why (one bank account required that I get a verification code every time I logged in a couple of months ago, then suddenly stopped.) Hope this works. If it does, and I am able to post or comment, no reason not to just delete this one.

  69. Is Trump even trying to win?

    I admit, I am a Democrat, but in 2016 Trump ran one of the best campaigns I have ever seen. Possibly THE best. Worst case up there with Reagan’s “Morning in America”, Bill Clinton’s “Bridge to the 21st Century” and Obama’s “Hope and Change”.

    Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, ran one of the worst campaigns I have ever seen. She embarrassed Mondale and Dukakis.

    But 2020? Very different.

    Being in a battle ground state, the difference is night and day. Hillary Clinton acted as if the White House was hers by divine right, and Orange Man BAD! Trump used a brilliant combination of a positive message “Make America Great Again” and viscous attacks on his opponents.

    What do I see in Wisconsin in 2020?

    Biden is actually working for the votes. He is taking nothing for granted.
    Biden has much more $$$$, so I see about 3 0r 4 Biden ads for every Trump ad.

    Biden’s ads have four themes, sometimes more than one theme in an ad:
    “Building Back Better” — a positive message.
    Biden’s record as senator and VP
    Biden the Compassionate
    and, yes, Orange Man Bad.

    Trump’s ads are all “Democrats Bad! Negroes and Communists will get you if the Democrats win!”

    NOT ONE ad running on Trump’s record, or what Trump will do in the next term. Or if those ads are around, I haven’t seen them.

    I am having a hard time remembering the last time a campaign of pure negativity actually won.

  70. • Replies: @El Dato
  71. @J.Ross

    Is dine a typo for dime or dinar?

    One million Chiraqi dinars are roughly equivalent to one American dime.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  72. notsaying says:

    Off Topic:

    I thought people would be interested in this surprising bit of news which I have only seen covered at the Daily Mail. I don’t know why the other media outlets haven’t picked it up; I thought it was very important news. It turns out the first Covid-19 vaccines aren’t going to do what we all assumed they would: stop us from being infected by the disease.

    “Dr Anthony Fauci has cautioned that early COVID-19 vaccines will be focused on preventing symptoms of the virus, not blocking it altogether.

    While the end goal of the vaccines will be to eradicate the virus, Fauci noted that developers are aiming for a simpler goal in the first round of jabs.”

    These first vaccines will only be 50-60% effective.

    Sounds like they’ll certainly be better than nothing but “Fauci’s comments put a damper on America’s hopes that forthcoming vaccines will bring the pandemic to its knees, highlighting the ongoing importance of other infection prevention methods like masks and social distancing.”

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @Bill Jones
  73. @HammerJack

    A thought that has occurred to me recently is that if Trump loses, but the Pubs keep the Senate, it may not be a bad thing. The Senate can certainly stop some of the crazier Dem ideas like court-packing and DC-PR statehood. Worst case scenario is a Biden victory and the Dems get at least 52 out of 100 Senate seats.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @AnotherDad
    , @Charlotte
  74. @Bardon Kaldian

    I didn’t look up any of yours yet but decided to see what ‘whiteness’ would bring up: Surprisingly, it was not totally black racist in this one case:

    noun: whiteness

    the property or quality of being white in color.
    “a landscape dominated by the whiteness of snow”
    the quality of being very pale.
    “the whiteness of her skin, like fine porcelain”
    the fact or state of belonging to a human group having light-colored skin.
    “whiteness was defined as both a racial and a regional characteristic”

    Now I’m going to look up some of yours: Wow. Looked up ‘White American Man’ and got images of darkies (only.) ‘White Man and White Woman’ had a couple of whites in the images, but not one did NOT have darkies too. ‘Who created white people?’ at least has an old 1840 David Scott painting of *ACTUAL WHITE PEOPLE* at the Globe Theater, viewing The Merry Wives of Windsor.

    I’m going to Google just ‘white people’ now. The ‘top stories’ are all about things like ‘how hard it is for white people to do anti-racism’. Then wiki does define ‘white people’ in its intro as White people is a racial classification and skin color specifier, used mostly and exclusively for people of European descent; depending on context, nationality,

    So some of this is not as bad as I would have expected, but most is shocking. Now I looked up ‘white people images’ and this is also shocking, the third one is Robin d’Angelo, and most of the ‘white people images’ are of yet more darkies.

    This is so depressing, and I think it definitely feels more dangerous by the day. I almost feel as though I’ve been ‘lucky thus far’. but it also seems more and more hopeless (and probably was much further back and I just didn’t know), and although some seem to think they have a good idea who will win, I haven’t any educated guess at all–yesterday NYT had this guy in PA and said the polls didn’t reflect what he was seeing on the ground–so maybe Trump will win PA. He couldn’t tell, and therefore I still learned little from his column.

  75. @Paleo Liberal

    Trump’s ads are all “Democrats Bad! Negroes and Communists will get you if the Democrats win!”

    NOT ONE ad running on Trump’s record, or what Trump will do in the next term. Or if those ads are around, I haven’t seen them.

    I am having a hard time remembering the last time a campaign of pure negativity actually won.

    Well in truth the Democrats are really vile.

    I even last year i didn’t think i would see the Democrats behavior sink to the level of this year with open promotion of riots and the destruction of the rule of law–not to even mention this lockdown insanity to tank the economy to get Trump.

    As i pointed out yesterday the Democrats having cancelled rule-of-law as racist are now 5 of 5, against, the core requirements for maintaining civilization.

    But on Trump’s messaging … basically i agree. Trump has great energy, knows how to throw a rally. Trump gives good tweet now and again–gets in the odd good quip.

    But on delivering a clear consistent comprehensive message that ties together all his nationalist stands, the guy sucks.

    How many young people have a good sense that the Democrats/minoritarians/establishment are flat out screwing their future with mass immigration? That why they are un-/under-employed and face astronomical rents and house prices is the result of immigration? This is not complicated stuff. You can’t open the US labor market to the world and expect anything else. And now the Democrats pile on these lockdowns–for a 10x flu virus–that beat down the economy further.

    But where’s Trump with a message that ties it all together:
    The Biden and the Democrats are the party riots and amnesty and open borders, of lies, looting and lockdowns.

    But Trump will work to preserve the rule-of-law and public order which everyone needs. He’ll lead America back from these lockdowns to get the economy moving again. He’ll continue working to stop illegal immigration, rein in legal immigration that is eroding your jobs and wages and raising the cost of housing. Trump will fight to preserve the rule-of-law, American jobs and wages, housing and school, fight for your prosperity and your right to the American Dream.

    • Replies: @pirelli
    , @ziggurat
  76. @Paleo Liberal

    Trump’s ads are all “Democrats Bad! Negroes and Communists will get you if the Democrats win!”

    NOT ONE ad running on Trump’s record, or what Trump will do in the next term. Or if those ads are around, I haven’t seen them.

    I am having a hard time remembering the last time a campaign of pure negativity actually won.

    Well in truth the Democrats are really vile.

    I even last year i didn’t think i would see the Democrats behavior sink to the level of this year with open promotion of riots and the destruction of the rule of law–not to even mention this lockdown insanity to tank the economy to get Trump.

    As i pointed out yesterday the Democrats having cancelled rule-of-law as racist are now 5 of 5, against, the core requirements for maintaining civilization.

    But on Trump’s messaging … basically i agree. Trump has great energy, knows how to throw a rally. Trump gives good tweet now and again–gets in the odd good quip.

    But on delivering a clear consistent comprehensive message that ties together all his nationalist stands, the guy sucks.

    How many young people have a good sense that the Democrats/minoritarians/establishment are flat out screwing their future with mass immigration? That why they are un-/under-employed and face astronomical rents and house prices is the result of immigration? This is not complicated stuff. You can’t open the US labor market to the world and expect anything else. And now the Democrats pile on these lockdowns–for a 10x flu virus–that beat down the economy further.

    But where’s Trump with a message that ties it all together:
    The Biden and the Democrats are the party riots and amnesty and open borders, of lies, looting and lockdowns.

    But Trump will work to preserve the rule-of-law and public order which everyone needs. He’ll lead America back from these lockdowns to get the economy moving again. He’ll continue working to stop illegal immigration, rein in legal immigration that is eroding your jobs and wages and raising the cost of housing. Trump will fight to preserve the rule-of-law, American jobs and wages, housing and school, fight for your prosperity and your right to the American Dream.

  77. J.Ross says:

    Meanwhile hydroxychloroquine, proven safe over half a century, fills warehouses and is virtually free. The result of the lockdown should be distrust of doctors.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  78. J.Ross says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    Is there one current or likely Republican senator who has so much as criticized red flag laws (Mitch: “Safeguards will be in place” [against things which have already happened]. Case closed I guess)? Is there one who feels the way Trump felt about immigration? Is there one who has stopped a Democrat Supreme Court nomination or prevented a Supreme Court Justice from The Change? Remember, before Trump, Republicans were Democrats.

  79. J.Ross says:
    @Stan Adams

    Fat Guy Reasoning. I had some excellent beef barley soup from a local deli I have not visited in what must have been television seasons.

  80. @Mike Thomas

    There are far more super intelligent white Euros in America than there are Jewish ones. Not speaking of proportions or percentages, but of absolute numbers. We need to stop speaking about Jews as though they were some race of Ubermenschen who have no peers in the Aryan world.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
    , @Anonymous
  81. @Hapalong Cassidy

    A thought that has occurred to me recently is that if Trump loses, but the Pubs keep the Senate, it may not be a bad thing. The Senate can certainly stop some of the crazier Dem ideas like court-packing and DC-PR statehood. Worst case scenario is a Biden victory and the Dems get at least 52 out of 100 Senate seats.

    Stop. Please. Enough.

    Trump, warts and all–and the good Lord knows he’s got plenty of warts–is the about the only Republican worth a fig. He’s about the only Republican whose done anything to stop the deluge–however chaotic his efforts. The Republican Congress–the Senate in particular–are comparatively a bunch of worthless, useless timeserving parasites.

    I’ve got plenty of black pill in me. I know my children are inheriting a shittier nation than i did, that their future is going to be much less pleasant than it would have been if loyal Americans had not lost control of America.

    But *if* there’s hope, it is in Trump winning, making more progress on immigration and more white people and middle class people of all stripes wising up the dystopia that is flowing from the minoritarian/establish/Democrat cancer.

  82. @Tiny Duck

    The silver lining if Trump loses is that we won’t have to listen to Democrat talking heads, friends and acquaintances complain and blame him for everything wrong in the world and in their lives.

    • Replies: @Dissident
  83. Dr. X says:

    Wow, man. Just wow.

    United Soviet States of Amerika.

    Our country was lost in 1964. George Wallace had it right in 1968 but by then it was too late. Everything the Citizens’ Councils and the Birchers were saying circa 1960 has come true…

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  84. pirelli says:

    Coulter was spot-on with her criticism of Trump for neglecting immigration, the issue that won him both the primary and the general in 2016. I’m guessing, though of course this is pure speculation, that Trump’s strategists told him to pull his punches on immigration this election cycle on account of polling data showing Trump doing better than expected among Hispanics. Of course, if this is the case, it’s dumb advice for multiple reasons, one being that polling data on Hispanics is notoriously unreliable, and another being that many Hispanics no doubt support Trump in part because of his stance on immigration. But more importantly, angling for an improved margin of defeat among Hispanics is exactly the losing strategy the GOP opted for time and again before finally adopting the Sailer Strategy in 2016. And most important of all, as your comment indicates, many or most of today’s young voters have never even *heard* someone make the principled case for reduced immigration. After Trump won on that issue in 2016 more or less by virtue of being the only one crazy enough to try it out, 2020 was the opportunity for Team Trump to set forth, in as comprehensive and coherent a form as the distractible candidate himself would allow, the Case for Reduced Immigration. That opportunity passed a long time ago, unfortunately.

    • Agree: ziggurat
  85. Travis says:

    Tougher policing works. But it is costly. Bill Clinton passed his bug crime bill, which helped cities hire 100,00 more officers..incarceration rates also increased, the benefits were observed as the crime rate fell significantly from 1993-1999.

    Steve has suggested many times that Blacks need strong law enforcement to keep them under control. More policing would certainly reduce Black crime. Calling in the national Guard to stop the DC rioting in the summer worked quickly. We could stop the rioting with a show of force by our national guard and police. It has been done before and is easier to accomplish now with the tools they have. Such as sound cannon, tear gas, and billy clubs. In Lancaster PA they quickly identified many of the rioters and imposed high bail to put the fear of go into the remaining protester, who soon fled to avoid being jailed. Finding the ring leaders and violent protesters is easier than ever, with better cameras, drones and facial recognition software. Just need to have the will to be aggressive, arrest the perpetrators , set the bail high, prosecute them fully. A few such examples will cause many to have second thoughts about rioting if they knew they would be prosecuted and jailed.

    • Agree: Dissident
  86. @Alphahel1x

    “if we lived in a country where white and black people behaved identically on average, then the *absolute* numbers of black on white and white on black violent crimes would be the same”

    Picture “Black America”, a zone with 10 million blacks and 10 million whites, and “White America” with 90 million whites and 10 million blacks.

    Let’s say every year one in ten thousand people commits a completely random murder. In “Black America” that means blacks will kill 5,000 blacks and 5,000 whites, whites will kill the same.

    In “White America” blacks will kill 9,000 whites and 1,000 blacks, because of the greater white percentage of population. Whites will kill 81,000 whites and 9,000 blacks …. by God, you’re right!

    • Replies: @utu
  87. epebble says:

    Just based on your description, I think Bobulinski wants to become famous and get on the Fox feedlot.

  88. El Dato says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    The good thing about 2020 is that you don’t even need Borat. Clown world never ends.

    When you let a guy named Humza Yousaf be justice minister, you get what you deserve:

    Scotland’s justice minister wants to punish citizens over ‘insulting’ conversations AT HOME

    That includes off-color dinner table conversations with friends and family. Asked whether people would be allowed to speak freely within their own homes, Yousaf said he disagreed “in terms of principle and policy” with the idea of keeping the law out of the living room.

    “Let’s just give an example, which is intentionally stirring up hatred against Muslims,” he said. “Are we saying that that is justified because it is in the home?”

    Scots fought English to be told by based southdude what they can say at home.

    Female prisoner suing UK govt after claiming sexual assault by transgender inmate

    A female prisoner is suing the UK government in an effort to ban some trans women from all-female prisons, after claiming she was sexually assaulted by a biologically male inmate who had not undergone gender reassignment surgery.

    Cut the dick off. CUT THE DICK OFF FIRST!

  89. @ThreeCranes

    “as though they were some race of Ubermenschen who have no peers “

    But they ARE a bright bunch, and they have a government (I mean of course the one in Israel) that cares about them and wants to see them prosper. Do white people have anywhere with such a government?

    I was doing some research on non-fossil energy the other day. Did you know that (if Wiki does not lie, it may of course have been tweaked by interested parties) most geothermal power stations today don’t use the steam directly, but instead use a binary cycle where another fluid is heated to drive the turbines? And that one of the biggest players is an Israeli company now on the NY exchange, Ormat?

    “Olkaria III Power Station is owned and operated by Ormat Technologies Inc., a Reno, Nevada registered company, with production facilities in Yavne, Israel.”

    You’ll find Israeli companies both at the sharp end of the most interesting technology and also at the most basic end – like the online gambling companies that plague the UK.

    • Replies: @Amerimutt Golems
  90. @Lace the Artist Formerly Known as Race

    I’d say 90% of Trump winning (and then a glorious spectacle of Twilight of the Crybabies).

  91. FPD72 says:

    Sending black men to jail does not seem to lower the crime rate since almost 1/3 of black men have been arrested and convicted of something. Tougher policing does not seem to really work.

    Sending black men to prison worked wonders for the crime rate in the early 1990s. Prisons were built, blacks filled them up, and crime rates dropped throughout the 1990s through the 2010s. Tougher and more intelligent policing was implemented in a number of cities that used “broken windows” methods to reduce crime rates.

  92. Anon[248] • Disclaimer says:

    Semi-OT: Black looters turn store invasion into full-blown shark feeding frenzy:

    It’s amazing how many blacks ought to be in jail right now.

  93. OT: ATF attacking AR pistols with braces.

  94. @notsaying

    Back in July the CDC released a document on how to test for the WuFlu virus.
    Get yours here.

    On page thirty nine is this stunner
    “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, “

    They do not have it.
    They then tell you how to fake it so you can test for it.

    It really is time for this nonsense to stop.

  95. @Bardon Kaldian

    Oh man, on this one, I had such a desperate need I could only see the Fragonard, and could not believe it was there. GETTING WORSE.

    (I had meant to put ‘Lace’ a second time as the aka, but somehow put ‘Race’, so I’ve changed it to be right. Now I have comments in 3 places, but that will be remedied shortly. And don’t want to hear any perceptions of ‘Freudian slips’, I never ever have them!)

  96. @Bardon Kaldian

    Meanwhile, some of us have gotten so calm and cool about it, as if it doesn’t affect us. I like that pretentious attitude and am comfortable with having cultivated it. Every day has so many *Big Events* in it that the election just seems *business as usual*.

  97. Anon[248] • Disclaimer says:

    I find this Dolezaling business bizarre. More and more of the fakes (usually women) are turning up in academia, despite the fact that it’s very hard to pull off (your appearance and chosen culture have to be convincing), and it’s career-ruining when you’re caught.

    Faking your entire background and identity is not a minor thing. It shows signs of a mental disorder, sociopathy, and depraved careerism. It’s almost as if these women are choosing to live a fantasy life instead of a real life, and are reveling in the deception.

    Hiring these completely white chicks and calling them minority professors isn’t a minor aberration, either. It looks like it’s deliberate.

    What college administrators are doing parallels all those white liberals who say they love minorities but who refuse to live near them. The administrators are talking the liberal talk, but in reality they really don’t want smelly minorities profs in the same college with them, so they’re deliberately hiring these fake blacks and Hispanics to avoid the real minorities, who could turn out to be very problem-riddled hires.

    I’ve finally concluded college administrators know quite well these white women are imposters, and are deliberately hiring them with that reason in mind. That way the college can virtue-signal with the least amount of trouble.

  98. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    The result of the lockdown should be distrust of doctors.

    My general rule: Physicians are wonderful when it comes to surgery, treatment of trauma, overseeing births, and the like. They are very bad at understanding systems, understanding statistics and statistical tests that deduce drug effectiveness, playing politics of any sort, understanding human biochemistry (and so at prescribing drugs), and the spine. This rule holds all the time, COVID-19 or no COVID-19.

    Covid-19 failures are thus in understanding systems, understanding statistics, playing politics both with national politics and with drug chemistry, and prescribing drugs.

    Physicians are quite often very good people, but their patients want more out of them than any one person can deliver. Nobody could understand all the areas covered by the above general rule. Physicians are also immersed in their work, and don’t have the time or effort needed to follow the politics of their professional organizations. In this, they are like the rest of the citizen body.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  99. Anonymous[249] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m frankly stunned by [Google’s skewing of racial search results]. What is going on here?

    What is going on is that they are preparing the ground for a GENOCIDE of whites except those found “necessary.” Quite possibly, a serious virus infection will be used to cull the herd before more direct means are deployed.

    Oh and BTW, blacks will also be dispensed with as surplus to requirements in the oligarch’s New World Order.

    Look up how the genocide in Rwanda was prepared quite openly through regular broadcasts on a radio station aimed at the Hutu population. The broadcasts “labeled the [minority] Tutsi as inyenzi, meaning non-human pests or cockroaches, which must be exterminated.” That is precisely what occurred. Some 70% of Rwandan Tutsis were murdered, per WP.

    The sainted Kofi Annan (later UN head honcho) ran point and did a sterling job ensuring that no timely international intervention disrupted the genocide.

  100. @Anonymous

    It helps to do your own medical research.

  101. This is wild.

  102. donut says:

    “Would a Biden administration make it harder for citizens to access data on crimes committed by blacks versus whites? ” If Biden wins there won’t be any crimes committed by Negros .

  103. @Travis

    Trump should have put forth a law and order platform , instead of tweeting Law and order during the riots.

  104. J.Ross says:
    @El Dato

    Asians don’t have the concept of freedom of speech. They don’t disapprove of it, rather they never comprehended it.

  105. utu says:

    Alphahel1x is correct. This Sailer’s statement:

    Thus, in 2019’s stats, an individual black was almost 27 times as likely to do criminal violence to a white as vice versa.

    is grossly misleading. Black criminality is about 5 times higher than that of whites. Population of whites is approximately 5 times of the black population. Sailer’s factor of 27 comes from, multiplying 5 by 5, approximately.

  106. Polynikes says:

    Fairly straightforward. Biden was getting kick backs. Biden has publicly disavowed any knowledge of his son’s business dealings whereas this guy says he was directly involved.

  107. Anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    At absolute numbers I suspect that if the distributions are a bell curve, then there will be more absolute numbers at the high but realistic end. e.g. at the 150+ area. Due to different means.

    This is seen in the Chess world. There is the odd goy here and there at the very top but for the most part it’s like a temple/synagogue although I would think most are primarily Jewish in the IIGFTJ sense, they don’t want to donate spare CPU cycles to non-chess pursuits.

    Similar with the Manhattan project.

    Probably more goys in the visuo-spatial supergenius category but in verbal, they would wipe the floor with us from a lower IQ bar.

    It makes sense, as they have evolved to study and rapidly understand the communications of non-Jews, manipulating the communication to their advantage.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  108. @Buzz Mohawk

    ‘Is there any sense in this argument? Do Blacks commit more crimes against Whites simply because there are so many more Whites to commit crimes against?’

    I don’t think so. There are also so many more whites that could commit crimes that it balances out.

    Imagine a system in which there are one thousand whites and one hundred blacks — each of whom has a 10% chance of committing a crime. All crimes are committed without regard to race.

    The one hundred blacks will commit ten crimes, and nine of the victims will be white. The one thousand whites will commit one hundred crimes — and nine of the victims will be black.

    If blacks commit more crimes against whites than whites commit crimes against blacks, it’s because blacks are more likely to commit crimes — not because there are more whites.

    • Replies: @utu
  109. ziggurat says:

    Trump made a little-known, but significant change to H-1B visas.

    Old wage levels (1, 2, 3, 4) percentiles = 17th, 34th, 50th, 67th
    New wage levels (1, 2, 3, 4) percentiles = 45th, 62nd, 78th, 95th

    Thus, employers who hire at level 2, now have to pay workers at the “prevailing wage” at the 62 percentile.

    I know people will say it’s too little, too late. But it’s kind of a miracle to have a President who does anything helpful at all. We really need to encourage and support such politicians, including those in Congress. If we all did so, then the political winds would be moving in the right direction and in time, many politicians would flip.

    The above data is from pages 15 (of 150) and 119 (of 150) in the DoL report.

    • Agree: notsaying
    • Replies: @notsaying
  110. epebble says:

    Nobody has asserted with any shred of evidence that a buck came into Joe Biden’s account. Even if there was a talk of future payouts that never materialized, that would be a very weak sauce for anyone to get excited about. With all the money issues with Trump family, will any Republicans even want to go near that can of worms?

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  111. ATBOTL says:

    Im sure a lot of the “violent victimizations” of blacks by whites are incidents involving whites confronting black criminals. I watched over a hundred episodes of the first 48 and I only saw two cases where a black was killed by a white. In one case, a black was breaking into cars in a white neighborhood and was shot by a young white man who confronted him. In the other case, a black robbed a young hispanic man at gunpoint in a mostly white neighborhood and the victims’s white friend shot and killed the black seconds later. In both cases, the police vigorously avoided considering the possibility of self defense and both white men were convicted of second degree murder.

    Growing up in a racially diverse area with a large black population, I believe the real numbers of black on non-black violent victimization are much higher than even these numbers. Most muggings and assaults on the street are not reported. I can say for certain that non-blacks find that reporting black violent crime that does not lead to serious injuries usually results in hostility from police, who in most cases, refuse to investigate or even look for a suspect who is still near the crime scene. Police typically rudely tell victims that they won’t do anything, but grudging say that if the victim insists, they can fill out a report.

  112. @El Dato

    The good thing about 2020 is that you don’t even need Borat. Clown world never ends.

    Speaking of clown world:

    Full story here:

  113. @Tiny Duck

    Trump is about to lose so the hammer is going to come down on you people.

    When you take context into account white men account for the vast majority of crime.

    You have a point there, Mr Duck. I won’t argue.


  114. notsaying says:

    I am not sure if I am more happy that Trump did this or more angry that he waited until the end of his first term. In any case it’s a wonderful change that I assume the Democrats will cancel early in 2021 if Biden wins.

    If these workers are so necessary and wonderful then let the employers pay them what they are worth.

    • Agree: ziggurat
  115. @YetAnotherAnon

    Iceland, with only a fraction of Israel’s population and less corruption according to Transparency International, is already a world-leader in geothermal.

    ‘Bright’ Israelis like to borrow even steal other people’s technologies e.g., drip irrigation that was pioneered in Germany. P Giraldi has documented the theft of American nuclear components.

    Israel’s R&D sector is also propped up by lots of Western firms like Intel that have subsidiaries therein. This is a security risk given in the past the country has sold industrial secrets to China.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
    , @Jack D
  116. @epebble

    I wish Mr. Unz would find a way to keep people from commenting under numerous pseudonyms. A comment this stupid could only come from Tiny Duck.

    Nobody has asserted with any shred of evidence that a buck came into Joe Biden’s account.

    Has anyone in the media even looked into Biden’s finances, beyond accepting at face value his carefully manicured tax returns? Is there any curiosity about how he came to own homes he couldn’t possibly afford on his salary? Trump’s taxes are audited every year, the MSM and SDNY have been desperately trying to catch him on anything illegal for five years now, and have come up dry. About Biden, no curiosity whatsoever despite having a corroborated case of corruption handed to them on a platter.

    Even if there was a talk of future payouts that never materialized, that would be a very weak sauce

    How is having a bag-man son who talks in emails about holding 10% “for the big guy” weak sauce?

  117. Guest007 says:

    Tougher policing just makes the ratio of blacks to white higher, not lower. Stronger law enforcement seems to create a huge amount of resentment in the African-American community. Cracking heads has never really worked on stopping protests. Higher bail seems to be pre-conviction punishment.

    Many seem to say that the ratio will always be with us and that public policy should be built on the assumption that blacks will always commit more crimes and need to be treated differently than whites/Asians.

  118. Guest007 says:

    But sending a large number of black men to jail does not seem to have done much for the African-American community. The broken windows has been attacked since the crime rate went down in cities that never used broken windows policing. However, broken windows policing will never lower the crime ratios between blacks and whites. Should policy be made that the ratio will always exist and should just deal with it.

  119. @Anonymous

    Yes, the area under the curve on the far right end is larger because, though the mean is leftwards, the sheer number of white Euros more than offsets this. Comparing these extreme relative areas of groups whose mean is offset on the x axis is the basis of LaGriffe du Lion’s analyses.

    Of course, what this means is that at IQ 130 there are many more White Euros, 140, more but less so and so on up the line. There is never a point at which Jewish genius would or should number more than Euro whites–mathematically speaking that is. In that rarefied atmosphere, tests may lose relevance as intelligence itself is quirky and we really have no pat formula for predicting inventiveness.

    Getting stuff done in the world takes Animal Spirits, Libido, Drive. As van Gogh said, only men of great strength and the power to endure can become great painters.

  120. @FPD72

    Sending black men to prison worked wonders for the crime rate in the early 1990s. Prisons were built, blacks filled them up, and crime rates dropped throughout the 1990s through the 2010s.

    It does in fact work but because the worst criminals end up in prison over a single charge and are unable to commit additional crimes. Contrast this to the current system where they can get a dozen charges before hitting a mandatory minimum. However this solution is expensive and doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Liberals capitalize on the racial proportions of the prisons and fiscal minded conservatives grow weary of the costs.

    The result is that society is stuck in an endless loop where prisons are filled because crime is too Black and then they are later emptied for being too Black. Whites basically forget whey the prisons were filled in the first place.

    In many areas we have already reached a point where demand outstrips supply. Meaning there are more Black criminals than cells. This is really why there is a lot of plea bargaining in Black cities.

    The welfare system is really the unspoken problem. It encourages single moms to have 4 different baby daddies that are in and out of prison. Well that doesn’t provide a stable environment for children and the boys in these homes grow up angry and resentful. They later become baby daddies and also end up in prison.

  121. @lysias

    this is crucial. Most of us live in fairly segregated areas between black and white. I think if you’re committing crimes and it’s against the opposite color, you’re choosing to do that. I could steal from any number of whites/Hispanics/Asians in my area. There are very few blacks even available for me to potentially victimize. I’d have to go looking for black victims in another area.

  122. utu says:
    @Colin Wright

    Relative population size has nothing to do with the inter race victimization. In 2019 there were 90,000 blacks victims of whites and 470,000 white victims of blacks:

    Table 15

    The ratio 470,000/90,00≈5,2 is driven by 5 times higher criminality of blacks not by higher population size of whites which also happens to be close to the factor of 5. If black criminality was the same as that of whites the ratio would be 1 regardless of the relative population size. For this reason Sailer’s normalization by population size that produced the factor of 27 is totally misleading and methodologically wrong.. I can’t believe that his mistake was not intentional.

    “5 times higher criminality of blacks” – just look at incarceration stats. Black and whites each constitute about 40% prison population while blacks and whites constitute 13.4% and 61% of population, respectively (factor of 4.55).

    If Ron Unz was as motivate about black criminality as he is motivated about Hispanic criminality the criminality ratio of 5 could be reduced by age adjustment correction. Black population is younger than white population. Most common age for whites is 58, for blacks is 27 and for Hispanics is 11.

  123. @FPD72

    It’s a minority of young black men who cause all the problems. Identify them, imprison them, and voila! your black neighborhoods become livable again.

  124. Yawrate says:

    Duck duck go just shows the white women without their “partners”.

  125. Dissident says:
    @Blqh blargh

    Only individual players are working. Just a heads up.

    Players only love you when they’re playing,

    Another heads-up. (Courtesy of Fleetwood Mac)

  126. Dissident says:

    Most blacks live in largely black neighborhoods.

    Often practically exclusively black neighborhoods.

    A lot of non-blacks incessantly berate us over the evils of segregation and the virtues and joys of diversity. Yet, how many of these scolds help to de-segregate black neighborhoods and schools by moving-in themselves/ sending their own children? Isn’t leading by personal example the most powerful form of influence?

  127. Anonymous[668] • Disclaimer says:

    Would a Biden administration make it harder for citizens to access data on crimes committed by blacks versus whites? …Back during the Bush administration, the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics posted homicide count graphs online in convenient HTML format… Under the Obama administration… that was deep-sixed and only the much more awkward PDF format remained. PDFs… are pretty useless for informing the general public.

    Does it matter? Everyone, truly EVERYONE, knows that blacks commit the most crime. Even those who chant BLM slogans know deep down inside that blacks are the top criminals — how can blacks in da Hood not know this as they’re killed by other blacks and call the cops on other blacks? Gentrification is predicated on ‘blacks are dangerous and must be migrated elsewhere.’ The data may be suppressed and it may be taboo in respectable(or even in general) circles to discuss the Black Problem, but black crime has been a well-known fact since the 1960s(and prior).

    The real problem is contextualization, the narrative, and the idol-factor. US and Allies committed lots of war crimes in World War II, but they’re generally overlooked within the contextual narrative of the Good War. Maybe US and UK(and the USSR) did bad things, but the enemies were so evil and beyond the pale that the Allies were Heroes who crushed the Villains.

    What is the reigning Narrative of the US(and its empire)? The evil of ‘white supremacy’ and ‘systemic racism’. So, it doesn’t matter that blacks commit lots of crime. It’s regarded as the result of poverty caused by ‘systemic racism’. Or black crime is a crude form of rebellion against ‘white supremacism’, or Nat Turner Redux. In other words, ‘By Any Means Necessary’. Such views were especially fashionable in the radical chic 60s, but things went south so fast in big Liberal Cities that there was a ‘counter-revolution’ of sorts with the victories of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. It reverberated well into the New Democrat Clinton 90s with the tough anti-crime policies. But because of the Civil Rights iconography and vilification of ‘racism’, even those who woke up to the reality of black criminality and violence were loathe to speak honestly. The ‘conservatives’ were just as disingenuous as the ‘liberals’. Accordingly, the problem was never with blacks, genetically or culturally. Rather, it was the Great Society programs that replaced blacks in plantation-mentality. Or it was lack of libertarian principles in Detroit. Just like white ‘liberals’ blamed white ‘conservatives’ and never blacks, white ‘conservatives’ usually blamed white ‘liberals’ whose policies failed blacks. So, either way, blacks were guiltless and victimized, either by ‘lingering racism’ or with ‘good intentions’ that paved them over with dependency. And this dichotomy is still the dominant political narrative. Granted, Donald Trump did it better than previous ‘conservatives’. He made the case that US should slow down immigration and hire more blacks. He argued employment-policy is what blacks need. As the Democrats got too deep into mass immigration and foreign labor, they had difficulty countering Trump’s offer. So, they decided to let blacks loot and get free stuff. “We can’t offer jobs but we can offer loot.” The idea was that blacks would loot the immigrant-stores, but blacks got over-ambitious and decided to also hit the tonier parts of town, resulting in broken glasses in posh districts as well. (The employment argument was also undermined by Covid hysteria devised by globalists to empower the state against populist nationalism.)

    Given the contextualization and narrative, blacks are never blamed. And due to taboos around ‘racism’, which is focused mainly on harm to BLACKS, no one dares to mention genetics. (To be sure, it’s okay to mention genetics when it comes to black superiority. No one gets in trouble by saying blacks dance better or sing louder. Or run faster. It’s when people notice blacks inferiority in IQ and pathology in crime that the cry of ‘racism’ is heard.) So, it doesn’t matter if data on black crime is more available or less. Indeed, even without such data, people know about black criminality from shows like THE WIRE and rap culture that exults in thuggery. And yet, THE WIRE has made so many white viewers empathize and even sympathize with black pathology. It’s more realistic than most TV shows but also contextualizes everything within the history of American Inequality. So, the ultimate message one takes away is ‘we still have a long way to go’. As for rap thuggery, it has actually made blacks more appealing with the ‘cool’ factor. It’s like something outstanding is called a ‘bad boy’ than a ‘good boy’. The association with the mafia never hurt the Italian-American community. If anything, it made Italian-Americans more popular than, say, Swedish-Americans or Estonian-Americans who are more law-abiding. People came to adore the Corleones, even the Sopranos.


    So, black criminality is seen positively as well as negatively. No one wants to be a victim of black crime or see one’s property values decline, BUT many people are enthralled with the notion that black criminality has the cachet of ‘bad boy coolness’. (Also, there is the difference between knowing from afar and knowing up close. Whites who feel safe in their own communities may learn about black criminality, but as it doesn’t affect them directly they don’t take it ‘personally’. It’s like Michael Corleone knew about police corruption but got involved only when it affected him personally. People not ‘mugged by reality’ are more likely to go with the prevailing explanation, such as ‘systemic racism’. People become less naive or gullible as they get closer to the violence. However, if one gets too close to the violence, a Stockholm Syndrome kicks in and results in cucking to the violence: “I’ll kiss your ass, so please don’t kick mine.”) People are more likely to be killed by lions and tigers than by warthogs and wildebeest, but lions and tigers are romanticized far more. The reptilian part of the human brain admires thugs as natural predators. It’s like audiences side with King Kong against humans. The cultural phenom of KING KONG is instructive when it comes to blacks. Pauline Kael in her review of the 1976 movie said all the black men she met liked the idea behind the movie. King Kong represented pop-Othello-in-gorilla-suit. In a way, it’s a king/victim narrative. King Kong is the natural king of the jungle. He is awesome. But he is captured and shackled by puny little humans. He is a superior creature unnaturally placed in an inferior position. This leads to both admiration and sympathy in the viewer. King Kong, the naturally supreme beast of power. King Kong, the poor ape put in chains by greedy humans. A similar view applies to black violence. No one wants to be victimized by it, but, especially through rap music and the like, so many people associate black thuggery with the awesome power of natural predators, i.e. blacks are like tigers, the natural predators over natural prey races. Just like lions have a ‘right’ to kill wildebeest, blacks have a ‘right’ to prey on the weaker ‘lame’ races. People don’t say this outright or even think it consciously, but it’s somewhere in their reptilian part of their brains. So, the idea that more data about black criminality will somehow make people more aware and sensible about the black problem isn’t necessarily true. So much of white(and non-white) mentality about blacks is irrational, a strange mix of sensuality and spirituality, or king-kong-christ, or Martin-Luther-King-Kong Syndrome: MLKKS.

    With Philadelphia now being looted to defend the black man’s inalienable right to resist arrest… What does the future hold for this trove of impolitic data? Maybe rather than delete crime statistics outright, a Biden administration would merely append a warning saying: “If your race gets violently victimized by blacks a lot, that just proves you need to reflect very, very hard upon why you folks had it coming.”

    That sounds like a case of chickens coming home to roost. US foreign policy for more than 100 yrs has been “If your nation gets violently victimized by the US a lot, that just proves you need to reflect very, very hard upon why you folks had it coming.” Look at world statistics, and there’s been far more US aggression than aggression against the US. But the empire keeps marching on. US encircles, sanctions, subverts, corrupts, and even invades other nations, but US is always the ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ nation. There was no serious reflection about Cuba, Philippines, World War I, Korea, Guatemala, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and etc. There was some about Vietnam, but with Zionists in power in post-Cold-War Era, who cares about all those dead Vietnamese and dire effects of war? It’s time for empire. There was some anti-war rhetoric when Bush II decided to invade Iraq — the protests were predicated on it being a great success, thereby bolstering the power of Christian Zionists —, but when Obama expanded wars and conflicts even more, there was silence among ‘progressives’ and hardly a protest from ‘conservatives’ who, prior to Donald Trump, were supportive of just about any US aggression. US can drop bombs, carry out coups, engineer ‘color revolutions’, use sanctions to destroy countless lives, and invade nations, but the US is never to blame. Rather, the OTHER nations must genuflect and contemplate why they deserved to be punished by the empire. US encircles Russia, but Russia is called the aggressor. US allows Israel to load up with nuclear weapons but blames Iran for trying to get the Bomb. US and Israel aided terrorist psychos in Syria, but Assad is the ‘tyrant’. Palestinians were clearly wronged by Nakba and Zionist Occupation, but US attitude has been, “Suck it up, you scum.” White Americans supported all this madness, and now THEY are the targets of Jewish Power that controls the US. Now, THEY realize what it means to live under Occupation. And they have candidates like Joe Biden, a spineless collaborator and puppet of Zion. Biden is to whites what Karzai is to Afghanis, what Mahmoud Abbas is to the Palestinians. Trump also belongs to Zion, but he played with fire with ‘white populism’, and Jews can’t forgive him, and he must go.

    One thing for sure, the current black mess has been engineered and can be easily disappeared. It’s like ISIS and reconstituted Al-qaeda wouldn’t have messed up Syria IF NOT for the the backdoor intervention of US and its allies, especially Israel, Saudis, and Turks. And there would have been no Maidan mayhem if not for US dirty tricks in Ukraine. While black criminality is here to stay, weaponized black violence is often(if not always) an engineered event. If not for the media and institutions, the death of George Floyd would have led to limited riots that would have abated sooner than later. But we had city mayors throwing gasoline on the fire. There were top Congressmen kneeling at the altar of Floyd. ‘Woke’ Capital hoisted BLM signs. Oligarchs were washing black feet. It was all to make blacks hate “Trump’s America” and to energize white ‘progressive’ anger.
    Antifa thugs are a pathetic lot. They can be easily contained and controlled if arrested and prosecuted, but they were allowed to run riot in cities. It was all part of the plan by globalism against nationalism. Sure, some businesses suffered from the riots and violence, but globalists see it as a gambit. Lose a little to gain a lot by dumping Trump. “Mostly Peaceful Protesters” indeed. Paradoxically, this all happened precisely because ‘literally hitler’ Trump is president. If Hillary had won in 2016, the chances are there would have been no mass censorship on the internet. And the Power wouldn’t have allowed Antifa to run riot. Under Biden, Antifa violence will swiftly be suppressed. Cops will be ordered to arrest the lot, and the book will be thrown at them. And the media will be silent about it. Antifa scum was coddled only because they are anti-Trump. They are useful, just like ISIS and Alqaeda were useful in Syria(and quasi-nazi types in Ukraine). Fools are tools.

    Just like Trump presidency led to more black violence and Antifa craziness, the chances are Biden presidency will lead to less of both. Black leaders, who are mostly opportunists, will urge the black community to calm down as Biden, their guy, is the president. Also, Jewish media will NOT urge blacks to act crazy as their puppet is in ‘charge’. Kamala Harris doesn’t care about blacks or the underclass. She happily exploited prison labor in San Francisco. All such people pretend to care only when it’s expedient. It’s like the US elite class and ‘progressive’ opinion were suddenly so concerned about the noble KURDS when Trump threatened to pull out of Syria. Kurds, who never meant anything to anyone, were suddenly the holy reason why the US must remain in Syria.
    In a way, the Democratic Party has been silently threatening all of America: If you don’t make Biden president, we will give you more Covid-hysteria and more street violence. And as Jews control media, politicians, money, and institutions, they can pull off just about anything, like the wholly bogus Russia Collusion nonsense that hobbled Trump for three years. And just when that silliness faded, there was Covid and BLM-on-steroids, funded by globalists. With Biden in the Oval Office, funds to BLM will dry up. Antifa will be marginalized and locked up if it gets out of hand. Never mistake tools for trends. BLM and Antifa have no innate power or agency. They are mostly made up of second-rate idiots who are switched on or off by the Power.

    Biden presidency can do things that Trump cannot. It’s like Nixon and Clinton. Nixon could go to China and deal with Soviets because of his anti-communist credentials. (Its far-reaching impact on US politics was it fundamentally altered the Republican attitude from one of confrontation to conversation with the communist world.) And Clinton could get tough on crime and do welfare reform because he was the ‘first black president’. So, the globalists know Biden is useful to shut down Antifa and calm blacks down once Trump is gone. Antifa will no longer be useful and without Trump will be less energized. Also, with Democrats in power, black ‘leaders’ will work with Jews and Biden to pacify the blacks. Blacks being stupid, most will go along. Black crime will go on, but there will be less black riots and mass protests. If another ‘Floyd’ dies under Biden, there will be far less media hype. Jewish-controlled Media will be less likely to sensationalize black deaths at the hands of cops. And white ‘progressives’ will just go along because their souls have been hollowed out. Their idea of good vs evil is purely a matter of control from above. And Covid will dramatically fade with Biden presidency. It was all a stunt.

    In US discourse, there are ‘Jews’, ‘Palestinians’, and ‘Nazis’. ‘Jews’ are whichever group that is deemed holy at the moment. ‘Palestinians’ are people who don’t matter; they might as well be invisible. ‘Nazis’ are villains of the Current Year. In the first year of Trump’s presidency, the Illegal Immigrants were the ‘Jews’ and those in favor of border control were the ‘Nazis’. When Trump threatened to pull out of Syria, Kurds were suddenly the ‘Jews’. With BLM raging, blacks are the ‘Jews’ whereas immigrants and other victims of black violence are the ‘Palestinians’ who don’t matter in the Narrative. White Americans are, at best, the ‘Palestinians’ whose voices and interests don’t matter. All those hapless whites(or browns or yellows) attacked by black thugs or fleeced by Jewish financiers are ‘Palestinians’. All those whites dead of opioids peddled by the Sacklers are also the ‘Palestinians’. Whites who voted for Trump are the ‘Nazis’. So, whites either don’t matter or they’re evil. The notion of whites as ‘Jews’ is inconceivable in current politics. Whites can be scapegoated and hated like Jews were in Nazi Germany, but the anti-white haters are the ‘Jews’ and whites are the ‘Nazis’ who are stuck in a Nuremberg Trial with no end in sight. And Jewish Power is behind this madness. And it will go on because of the perverse dynamics between Jews and whites: When Jews are displeased with whites, they hit whites even harder, but when Jews displease whites, whites hug Jews even more. If whites say, “We don’t want more wars in the Middle East”, Jews do everything to make whites into lowlife ‘Nazi’ scum. If Jews say, “Whites are scum who must be blamed for everything”, whites say, “We must remember the Holocaust and support Israel and hate Iran.” Guess which side is winning? The nasty side or the dumb side.

    Just like there’s a need to consider black genetics and black criminality, there is perhaps a link between Jewish genetics and Jewish pathology. Could it be that Jewish history/culture bred a kind of nasty personality so obnoxiously on display by the likes of Jerry Nader and Chuck Schumer? Or Tim Wise and the creeps who make up ADL, SPLC, and NYT? If Jews were poor and powerless like gypsies, it wouldn’t matter. But given the power of Jews, it should matter that Jewish genetics may incline Jewish personality more toward pathology. What happens when people with personalities akin to that of Sabrina Rubin-Erderly become Supreme Court justices or deep state operatives? What was the Russia Collusion Hoax but one giant ‘rape hoax’ pulled off by Jewish Media: Putin raped America on shattered glass? And the WMD lies. And the stuff about ‘Assad gassed his own people’. And Jewish pathology can bolster black pathology because Jews won’t hesitate to use black violence to threaten and intimidate white people. Summer of Floyd was really another mega-hoax engineered in large part by Jewish Pathological Power.

    There are two kinds of criminality. The low kind and the high kind. Blacks are the kings of low-level criminality as thugs, hoodlums, robbers, rapists, looters, murderers, and etc. And we do need more useful data on this kind of crime. But Jews dominate high-level crime, and there is far greater need for data on Jewish power and criminality(wrapped in legal garb). Now, power isn’t the same as criminality, but more power means more magnitude of abuse. It’s like men are stronger than women, but that doesn’t mean a strong man is a criminal and a weak woman is a victim. A strong man can be good, and a weak woman can rob and murder. But because men are stronger, they can do more damage to women; and unsurprisingly, most inter-sex crimes are male on female. Same goes for race. Blacks being physically bigger/stronger doesn’t mean they are all criminals. But black thugs can do more damage precisely because more of them are built like Mike Tyson and George Foreman. And this factor must be addressed. Same goes for Jews. A rich, influential, or powerful Jew need not be a bad person. But he has far greater means to do evil with real impact on world affairs. US foreign policy has essentially become a Zionist gangster-operation. It destroys entire nations hated by Israel/Jews and has even been near-genocidal at times. The mechanism of this power and its victims need to be exposed and explored as data and statistics. Too many people are in the dark about what Jewish gangster-capitalists did to Russia and how many people suffered as a result. If people knew this, they wouldn’t be so hostile to Russia or regard Putin as ‘Putler’. Many people don’t know that Israel has hundreds of nukes and that Iran has none. Many are in the dark as to the extent to which Jews on Wall Street fleeced the entire world. Many still don’t know anything about White Death from opioids and how it’s tied with the Sacklers.
    In 2020, the high-level criminality of Jews allied with the low-level criminality of blacks to bring us the Summer of Floyd. Blacks loved it because they got to loot and have a big party, all the while being heralded as ‘mostly peaceful protesters’ on the side of angels. And Jews loved it because they could ignite yet another Anti-Trump campaign. (Still, in the long run, it may have done more harm to Democrats as the craziness went way out of control. It was the Covid nonsense and its impact on the economy that really undid Trump.) Anyway, with Biden in office, Jews will cut off funds to low-level blacks. As most black ‘leaders’ are puppets paid for by Jews, they will go along with whatever Jews cook up once their boy is in the White House.

    Whites have a fatal attraction to blacks and Jews. Part of it has to do with ‘white guilt’, but white cuckery is the bigger reason. For one thing, ‘white guilt’ has no agency or true conscience. If it did, whites would feel the most guilt about the American Indians, but it’s nowhere to be found. Whites would feel guilt about what they did to Palestinians by supporting Zionism. But when have whites, ‘liberals’ or ‘progressives’, called for a memorial in Washington D.C. to commemorate Nakba? The only ‘genocide’ that happened on US soil is that of the American Indians, but the Indian museum in the mall is bland and dull while all the moral authority is hogged by the Holocaust Museum, an odd thing as Jews are only 2% of US population and the Shoah didn’t happen in America. So, ‘white guilt’ is mostly bogus. Whites do feel it, but it’s not something that naturally flows from within the wells of their conscience but something implanted by mass media as the latest outrage. But more than feelings of guilt is the timeless tendency of humans to suck up to the powerful. Whether it’s French collaboration with the Germans during WWII or Japanese collaboration with the US after WWII, it’s a case of weak sucking up to the awesomely powerful. As US is all about Money Power and Music/Sports Mania, most whites are in total awe of rich smart Jews and tough loud blacks. And that partly explains why data on black crime or Jewish abuse of power doesn’t matter to many whites. They are so in awe of Jews and blacks that they will just carry on in their fatal-attraction mode, even if the obvious sign on the wall is white doom. Ironically, even though whites are called ‘Nazis’ by Jews, the mentality behind white cuckery isn’t all that different from German mentality that went down with Hitler in WWII. Germans had become so spellbound with Hitler as demigod that they cucked to his iron will and were willing to follow him to hell itself. Now, whites follow and obey Jewish Power as the New Hitler.

  128. Dissident says:

    The silver lining if Trump loses is that we won’t have to listen to Democrat talking heads, friends and acquaintances complain and blame him for everything wrong in the world and in their lives.

    We won’t? You think Democrats and other Respectables will suddenly stop availing themselves of the utility that rabid Trump-bashing provides in deflecting from their own failures, flaws, scandals, misfortunes and disappointments? What is your basis for such optimism?

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  129. @Amerimutt Golems

    Yes, I know about Iceland – they were the people the Kenyans chose to look for suitable geothermal sites in the Rift Valley, because of their geological expertise – not many active zones in the Negev. But Ormat built the generating plant – and they’ve even sold their technology to Iceland.

    In 1989, Ormat supplied geothermal equipment for the regional heating system at Sudurnes Iceland; which utilizes the abundant local geothermal resources to provide heating for 20,000 people.

    I agree with the rest of your post…

  130. Dissident says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    Trump’s ads are all “Democrats Bad! Negroes and Communists will get you if the Democrats win!”

    Just how far from reality is the perception encapsulated by such a slogan?

    Which party, Democrats or Republicans, is more represented in the governments of the cities being ravaged by Black Lives Matter-ANTIFA terrorism mostly peaceful protests against systemic racism[TM]?

    Negroes account for roughly what percentage of the domestic terrorists, rioters and looters mostly peaceful protesters [TM]?

    Which of the two parties is far more associated (to say nothing of more culpable, complicit and implicated) than the other with each of the following?
    – defending, enabling and even championing the savage behavior and calumnious, incendiary narrative of BLM and ANTIFA
    – refusal to acknowledge ANTIFA even as a distinct, organized entity, let alone the terrorist organization that evidence reveals it to be
    – viciously suppressing all evidence, thought and expression that counters The Narrative?
    – generally fomenting hostility toward whites

    Democrats or Republicans?

    How far is the characterization Communist* from BLM and ANTIFA’s self descriptions and characterizations? How far from the actions and affiliations of said entities?

    Finally, in light of all that is enumerated above, plus (a) relevant crime statistics of the sort that are the very topic of our gracious host’s latest piece that heads this very thread, and (b) the relevant positions and record of the present Democrats,
    just how unreasonable or inaccurate would the fear summarized in your mock slogan honestly be?

    *Granted, it would appear that few, at most, within any of the entities-in-question could properly be characterized as Communists. Or as Marxists or Socialists. Whatever else can be said about those who legitimately fall within any of those three designations, they would never indulge the type of wanton savagery and abject degeneracy that are the very essence of BLM and ANTIFA.
    [Nor, for that matter, do I believe that any of the former entities* would ever have endorsed teaching children that sodomy is peachy keen, much less that it’s equivalent to matrimony, let alone the mutilation of confused children– all of which are now championed by even the most mainstream and “moderate” Democrats. (And plenty of Republicans, too.)

    *Save, at least to a degree, certain fringe elements, such as the Frankfurt School– but even they never descended into the depths of depravity and lunacy that today’s Woke have. At least if Paul Gottfried is to be believed. ]

  131. Charlotte says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    I’ve been getting more Dem-oriented campaign mailers this year than ever before in my life. They are trying hard to flip a Senate seat in my red state. Several pieces of mail per day, typically. Not sure if these are blanket mailings or if I’m just in the target demographic . . . .

  132. @Blue-eyed lovemonger

    I guess I overcame my laziness. The data for homicides is FBI statistics for 2018 and for population I took wikipedia numbers from 2017:

    – number of black on black murders: 2600
    – number of black on White murders: 514
    – number of White on black murders: 234
    – number of White on White murders: 2677
    – relative proportions of White and black populations: 73 % (including lations) vs 13, 4 %. Since we are looking blacks and whites in isolation the ratio is 84.5 % vs 15.5 %.

    Total number of murders commited by blacks is 3114. If the murders were commited completely at random, that should amount to 2631 whites killed by blacks (3114*0.845). This is the expected value. The observed value is 514, giving the ratio of observed vs expected value roughly 0.2.

    Total number of murders commited by whites is 2911. If the murders were commited completely at random, that should amount to 451 blacks killed by whites. This is the expected value. The observed value is 234, giving the ratio of roughly 0.5.

    Blacks kill whites at 0.2 rate of what would be expected if the murders were completely random and whites kill blacks at 0.5 rate.

    That means that a random black person is 2.5 times more likely to be killed by a random white person than white person being killed by black. That makes sense, since blacks kill 2.2 as many whites as whites kill blacks, but white vs black share of population is 5,5 : 1. 5.5 divided by 2.2 gives 2.5. You get the same rate if you divide 0.5/0.2.

    This calculation completely controls for (ignores) the actual criminality differential between blacks and whites. It just focuses on the relative distribution of murder between races. I am open to any methodological and contextual suggestions or comments.

    Not the result I was expecting, but here we go.

  133. @Dissident

    What is your basis for such optimism?

    Blind hope?

    Without which, humans could not endure their condition.

    Once having received the gift of fire from Prometheus, humans acquired foresight. With foresight they could envision their own deaths. This threw them into despair and made them give up so Prometheus had to draw the veil of blind hope over them so that they could endure their condition.

    • Thanks: Dissident
  134. Jack D says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    drip irrigation that was pioneered in Germany.

    I also understand that the Germans have a lot of expertise in incinerator technology.

    • LOL: Johann Ricke

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