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Sailer in Taki's on the NYT's White-Counting
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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

While The New York Times is quite worked up over White Privilege, which it assumes is proven by white overrepresentation among the powerful, it has never shown any interest in the exactly parallel concept of Jewish Privilege.

And yet Jews are far more overrepresented among the NYT’sFaces of Power” listing of the 922 most important Americans than are whites in general (although possibly less so than you might expect). A Twitter user named Philippus Arabus went through the list and identified 120 Jewish individuals compared with the Times’ count of only 85 blacks, 62 Hispanics, and 32 Asians.

Jews, who make up about 2 percent of the population, are 13 percent of the NYT’s rankings. One might think that Jewish pundits who promote the concept of White Privilege by pointing to the greater executive power per capita of whites than blacks should ponder that the exact same logic would suffice to demonstrate the existence of Jewish Privilege.

I then explain in which types of jobs in the Times‘ listing of powerful people are Jews most and least over-represented.

Please read the whole thing there.


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  1. Lot says:

    Great article!

    “as if they were direct descendants of Montezuma”

    The best documented descendant of Monty is a grandee of Spain.

    He has two noble families there with his name in their title.

  2. wren says:

    I had never really heard of this guy, Norm Eisen, until a few days ago.

    Seems like he has been offered privilege on margin over the years and leveraged it into all kinds of shenanigans that we’ll be paying for for generations.

    Thanks Norm!

    • Replies: @Richard B
  3. 922 is a strange and suspicious number. I’ve a feeling that the next several dozen names might be even more telling than the previous 922.

    Turnabout is fair play, so please note that the five staffers who undertook this race-counting project number one African-American and four Asian-Americans

    Asians have picked up on America’s zeitgeist very quickly. But who might the editors be for this piece? Shhh!


    Besides mayors, some of the other obvious categories that are missing from this list of the powerful include lavish campaign donors like Michael Bloomberg and Sheldon Adelson, billionaires like Elon Musk, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin (but 99 sports-team owners are counted, which overlaps notably with the Forbes 400), nongovernmental organization philanthropists like Bill Gates and George Soros, superlawyers like Alan Dershowitz and David Boies, government officials like Anthony Fauci and Jerome Powell, media personalities like Tucker Carlson and Anderson Cooper, and press barons like Rupert Murdoch and the Widow Jobs.

    Steve, you are much more charitable about these categories of omission than I tend to be. I (sort of) think billionaires should be an included category.

    The sports-team stat might be more indicative if it were weighted by sports-team valuations.

    Americans have been going out of their way using affirmative action to advance the careers of even marginally competent blacks.

    Quite true, and a fact well-known to us here, but not demonstrated in this essay as far as I can see.

    (counting the half Tamil Brahmin Kamala Harris as black)

    Being a ‘Black’ senator is fast becoming a quick route to the White House. Given Biden’s senescence, shall we call the first few months of the new Administration a Regency? Somehow I think Kamala would secretly approve.

    At the end: Saying that “whites are overrepresented (by a smaller amount)” is an egregious understatement. Whites are barely over-represented, as you demonstrate, but chosenites are over-represented by a factor of seven, in this almost cherry-picked sample. And this is the NYT, which means that any cherry-picking was done to placate the Ruling Class, not us.

    If not, why not?

    (All together now:) “Because Racism!”

  4. MC says:

    Another category of “powerful people” that they didn’t count are religious leaders. Would have been a glaring omission in the 50’s, a notable one in the 80s, but in the 20s……I dunno.

    • Replies: @advancedatheist
  5. Great subject. Now let’s examine the complete lack of diversity in synagogues and how that’s possible after having thousands of years to integrate.

    We’re obligated to when we consider that silence is violence.

  6. • Replies: @Chrisnonymous
    , @Pop Warner
  7. The article (not Steve’s, NYT’s) is worthless. It is an interesting question why some groups are more prominent in some fields than other groups, but it would take a few serious books to analyze this. Head-counting, and a superficial one at that, won’t work.

  8. Please read the whole thing there.

    I certainly did read the whole thing there, and not just because Steve said “please” this time. It takes courage to publicly notice Jewish Privilege, so let’s give our host credit for doing so.

    Steve’e whole article is a tour de force of pointing out how statistics are misused.

    The NYTimes doesn’t just avoid publicly noticing the obvious Jewish overrepresentation among the powerful in the United States now (a gross overrepresentation that goes well beyond what any IQ difference alone would account for!) but also it also clearly misses, deliberately or not, what Steve shows with regard to how statistics are misinterpreted and then used to fool the public into thinking Whites of all stripes are somehow overrepresented.

    So, let’s be clear here, for the benefit of those who will now scream “antisemitism” or write comments arguing why there actually is no overrepresentation of Jews: The “Jew” part of Sailer’s article is only one part. Focus on that alone and you miss the whole thing. We are not out to get you. We are boiling frogs suddenly waking up and trying to find a way to jump out of the pot.

    • Agree: wren, Gordo
    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
    , @AndrewR
  9. @Buzz Mohawk

    Which reminds me. Are my eyebrows the only ones raised at this? I hadn’t even heard of it before today. This guy is like a slightly lower budget George Soros, but every bit as clever. He just ‘saved’ himself tens of millions in taxes. No sound from the Wokesters of course:

    “A Chasidic synagogue in Borough Park has been identified as the recipient of what is believed to be the single largest philanthropic donation to a religious group after being gifted 3 million shares of Eastman Kodak on the day that the company stock peaked.”


    A Chasidic synagogue in Borough Park has been identified as the recipient of what is believed to be the single largest philanthropic donation to a religious group after being gifted 3 million shares of Eastman Kodak on the day that the company stock peaked.

    George Karfunkel and his spouse, Renee Karfunkel, announced that they donated three million of their 6.3 million Kodak shares to ‘Congregation Chemdas Yisroel’ of Brooklyn, N.Y.

    The congregation was incorporated in Delaware in 2018 and makes use of a Brooklyn accountants’ workplace as its mailing address, New York charity-registration filings show. Mr. Karfunkel is listed in these filings as the congregation’s president.

    The securities filing said the gift took place July 29, the day Kodak stock closed at its highest level since 2014. Using the average of the stock’s high and low that day of $38.75, which is how the Internal Revenue Service values stock gifts, the donation was worth $116.3 million.

    That would make it the single largest gift recorded to a religious group, based on a list maintained by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

    The other largest ‘non-secular’ gifts within the database are a $72 million gift from real-estate investor John Boruchin to the Jewish Nationwide Fund in 2013 and a $70 million gift by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his spouse, Miriam, to Birthright Israel in 2018.

    “Structured Giving”

    Kodak stock traded for a little over $2 on July 27, the day before the federal loan was announced. It briefly surged to $60 on July 29—the date of the Karfunkels’ gift. The shares tumbled 28% on Monday to close at $10.73. It is unclear if the donated shares have been sold.

    Using the average of the stock’s high and low that day of $38.75, which is how the Internal Revenue Service values stock gifts, the donation was worth $116.3 million.

    Congregation Chemdas Yisroel received tax-exempt status from the IRS as a public charity in September 2019.

    • Replies: @Gary in Gramercy
  10. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    Or, conversely, arguments that pointing to Jewish power is a prelude to Holocaust 2.0 also apply to pointing to white power–prelude to genocide?

    • Agree: Ben tillman
    • Disagree: Prof. Woland
  11. AndrewR says:

    As I pointed out before, these idiots are so dumb, they sabotage their own argument. Why would you treat white Hispanics as non-white if your purpose is to bash white people for “overrepresentation”? The evil of these media people is exceeded only by their foolishness.

    • Replies: @SFG
  12. @MC

    Impersonal market forces have priced down the value of becoming a clergyman. Conservatives like to gloat about the low salaries or even nonexistent jobs for youngsters who major in useless subjects like sociology, art history or “gender studies.” But the holders of newly granted degrees in theology, religious studies and related fields fall into the same neighborhood of unemployability.

    By contrast, college students who major in STEM fields, business, economics and other practical subjects which can give them access to decent jobs right after graduation show that they know how to plan their lives better.

    • Replies: @MC
  13. AndrewR says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    They’re clearly out to get us and they always will be as long as J-wishness exists. Pretending we just want muh fairness and equality is silly and weak. What we want is perhaps most optically summed up as the inverse of what the late, wicked Harvard professor. Noel Ignatiev said of white people: we must destroy the social construct known as Jewishness. Only a committed Jewish Supremacist could disagree.

  14. Anonymous[181] • Disclaimer says:

    One might think that Jewish pundits who promote the concept of White Privilege by pointing to the greater executive power per capita of whites than blacks should ponder that the exact same logic would suffice to demonstrate the existence of Jewish Privilege.

    One might also think that Jewish pundits who promote the social condemnation of child genital mutilation by pointing to Muslim practices would ponder that the exact same condemnation should be made of the barbaric Jewish practice of mutilating children’s penises.

    Jews are above the laws they impose on Gentiles.

    Same thing with their censure of ethnic nationalism. Doesn’t apply to the Zionist entity.

  15. @Mr McKenna

    The WSJ piece is behind a paywall, so I didn’t read it; for all I know, it answers this question — but what reason could a shul, located in Brooklyn, New York, and presumably a religious not-for-profit charitable organization, have for incorporating in Delaware?

    I know why conventional, for-profit companies might choose Delaware as their state of incorporation: for one thing, in the event of corporate governance disputes, Delaware law will apply, and companies chartered in Delaware have access to the state’s specialized (and highly sophisticated) corporate law court, the Court of Chancery. For another, a corporation may choose to file a chapter 11 petition in the federal district in which it is incorporated; Delaware bankruptcy courts are historically pro-debtor, and have become the favored forum for complex chapter 11 cases, even where venue in New York or Chicago would also be proper under the relevant statute.

    But why, o why, is a Hasidic synagogue in Borough Park incorporating in Delaware? Is it contemplating a hostile takeover of a Satmar Hasidic shul in Williamsburg? (If so, is it for the real estate?) And right before the High Holidays, no less? (For the benefit of Steve’s non-NYC readers, this is firmly tongue-in-cheek. Kind of.)

  16. Charon says:
    @Gary in Gramercy

    Well, given that the address supplied for the synagogue is actually an accountants office in Borough Park, the rest of the story sort of writes itself.

    I’ve long maintained that if you haven’t profited from at least one colossal con in life, you’re probably the victim of several.

  17. @Gary in Gramercy

    Satmar? One guy comments, I don’t know whether this is true ….

    A jewish hasidic woman is required to count seven clean days before she may immerse herself in a ritual bath (mikvah) prior to reuniting with her husband, it’s not only a matter of days or time waiting. The woman must take an active role to ensure she is “clean” by wearing only white underwear and conducting self-examinations of her vaginal canal with special white cloths twice a day, every day, before sundown. The white cloth is inserted into the vagina so that any fluid or discharge is absorbed. The first examination of the seven days requires the cloth to be left in for about an hour, even if the woman is out of the house, and it is usually quite painful.

    If during the seven days any of the examination cloths contain even a tiny spot darker than tan, or a spot on her underwear bigger than a penny and darker than tan, she must take the underwear or cloth to a special rabbi for further evaluation. This Rabbi will then examine the color to determine if it is light enough for her to keep counting, or if it’s too dark or too red tinted such that she must begin counting the seven clean days over, even if it is day 7.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  18. SFG says:

    Ironically, despite all the arguments about Jews versus whites here, I see the situation as analogous, and oppose the one for the reason I oppose the other.

    This is an minority position on both sides of the fence among writers, though I think not among average people.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  19. SFG says:

    Could be an attempt at ‘steelmanning’ the argument, a la Slate Star Codex–the facts are so on my side that I’m going to show that even under most stringent conditions possible, my argument still holds.

    But I doubt the NYT thinks like that anymore. The old Jonathan Haidt/Steven Pinker-style facts-and-logic liberal is seriously endangered.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  20. AndrewR says:

    Maybe not endangered but certainly unemployable at elite institutions.

  21. SFG says:

    Given the (somewhat generous) assumption of a +1 SD IQ difference… (which might work if you count verbal only)

    Given 100 Jews, 16 would have IQs over 130, whereas given 100 gentile whites, 2 would. But there are 50 times as many gentile whites, so if it were just IQ, Jews would represent (16/116)= 14 percent of the population there…which is not too far off what you see.

    Of course I don’t think it’s entirely IQ. Given that people help their family, at least some component of ethnic nepotism seems quite likely. Every other group does it, but most other groups don’t have that extra advantage. (The subcons may be the next in line.)

    Also note, as Steve says, it loads heavily on stuff like university presidents. If you went to billionaires, it’s even more lopsided I think. But that makes sense if you accept HBD…is it really surprising a group that was old Europe’s designated moneylenders for centuries would wind up dominating finance? There’s also the factor that the most recent boom, in software, rewarded abstract logical reasoning, which is heavily g-loaded.

  22. Noticer says:

    Second City Bureaucrat retweeted this:

    “im gonna go to a synagogue, into the rabbis office, shut the door behind me, pound two gorilla fists on the table. and say ‘i want in’”

  23. And this classic variation on Carpenter’s “They Live”, commenting on white privilege screaming & Jewish SJW silly activism:

    • Thanks: wren
  24. It would help if you posted the list for us.

    • Replies: @Thomas
  25. Rich says:

    To this day, no one has been able to produce an actual test, with repeatable numbers, that shows Jews having higher IQs than American Whites. In the US, religion is not a category listed on any tests given in public schools. The only reliable IQ tests we have of Jews is from Israel which shows the Jewish IQ of the country at about 96. The argument used to prove high Jewish IQ is that so many Jews are represented in high intelligence professions. Nepotism seems another explanation.

  26. Are most of these successful Jews even Jewish or are they just saying they are to identify themselves with a successful tribe? In Britain at least it seems normal for virtually every high ranking person to say they have Jewish blood whether it is Stephen Fry, Dominic Raab(looks about as English or German as someone can look) Christopher Hitchens, Countdown presenter Rachel Riley(who looks identical to any young attractive young woman from Essex) or Grant Shapps who again appears to be completely English, unless of course Jews are very good at appearing to be from whatever host country they happen to be in!

  27. PJ London says:

    Twas ever thus :

    Robert Wilton, a long time Russia correspondent for the London Times, said in his book The Last Days of the Romanovs:

    According to the data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State there were in 1918-1919:
    17 Russians,
    2 Ukrainians,
    11 Armenians,
    35 Lets,
    15 Germans,
    1 Hungarian,
    10 Georgians,
    2 Poles,
    2 Finns,
    1 Karaim,
    457 Jews.

    Hitler’s primary argument against the jewish nepotism was that Jews were less than 5% of the population but 50% of the senior bureaucrats.

    Check the list of Neo-cons who pushed US into the Iraq war.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  28. PJ London says:

    Could you please supply a source for your numbers.
    In my experience and view there is no way in hades that 16% of the Jewish population score 130 or above.
    On average they are 1 – 3 points higher than Non-jewish whites in the same environment. (This is after a massive investment in the jewish child’s education)
    As a country, Israel scores the same as Netherlands UK, US etc (98 -102) well below the east asian China- Taiwan – Viet Nam.
    In software development the jews do not shine.
    What they do is steal the algorithms written by others and copyright – licence them.
    If you want smart programmers, go to East Europe or Asia.
    If you want new concepts go to the UK.
    If you want to make money, go to the synagogue.

  29. In general, this New York Times listing makes use of an extremely expansive definition of Hispanic. For example, Senator Ted Cruz, due to one quite white parent from Cuba, is listed as nonwhite.

    How you can tell there is no White privilege is the fact that almost everyone who has a choice in the matter declares themselves to be other than White.

    • Replies: @cynthia curran
  30. I went through this version of faces of power and they’ve changed a lot from 2016 to avoid just how many jews are shown. Now instead of showing the heads of movie studios or music producers (overwhelmingly jewish) they throw in some noname exec from Apple or Amazon who oversees music, or they make strange picks for the powerful companies ( Or they’ll stack the lists and put multiple people up for one company, like they did with Netflix for the highest valued companies or Warner and Universal for music producers. They really live to list Apple multiple times to throw in gentiles on list.

    You can tell that they tried very hard to limit the number of jews on their list, because when 75% of the top movie execs or publishers are jews then people start to notice. But there are still some they can’t avoid, such as the heads of the top universities

  31. Lot says:

    “ also apply to pointing to white power–prelude to genocide?”

    The will to do white genocide is there and not even a secret on the left, the ability is lacking.

    The most accomplished genociders of white Christians are of course Muslims, so the top priority is importing them.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  32. @Rich

    Whites have enough high IQ people to develop and run a complex civilization, and Europe and North America are proof of that. Among the less than genius whites, there are enough people to farm, fight, build, work, etc. to keep a complex society working. Jews can’t compete, which is why they have to rely on an unstable mix of resentful whites, minorities, and immigrants to run the country.

    I’ll go with the history of white European achievement over the shaky claims of Jewish supremacy any day. If Jews are so smart, they would have taken a place among America’s elites and not tried take over with a coalition that may actually wind up hating them in the end.

  33. @Rich

    Not quite satisfactory, it cannot be reduced to nepotism

    Just, for what is worth: I vaguely remember a discussion at Taki’s about Jews & IQ. I don’t think much of IQ, but I was provoked to find empirical examples of Jewish supposedly higher IQ (never mind that it, in my view, doesn’t matter).

    Well- I couldn’t find it.

    There were 1-2 old tests from the 1950s & Cochran’s & Murray’s juggling with stats. No real empirical evidence for such a claim. There were not modern- past 50 years- tests that would show that Jews had higher IQ than European whites.

    For instance, this wiki article is hogwash:

    And then, what does this mean: “while a 1958 study of yeshiva students demonstrated that they had an extraordinary high verbal intelligence (which includes verbal reasoning, comprehension, working memory, and mathematical computation) as their median verbal IQ was found to be nearly 126”

    Define verbal intelligence as you wish, Laurence Olivier’s high eloquence here must have something to do with it:

    Certainly, this peroration intensified his message & had a tremendous effect on the audience. But, its substance was good- and not great.

    So much for the topic of verbal IQ…

  34. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    It’s amazing the utter hypocrisy on display in the comments to Steve’s tweet. Jews come out of the woodwork to call Steve an antisemite despite showing no qualms about the NYT doing the same to Whites (to be fair there are a couple who denounce the racial head count of the NYT as well). There’s no rational discourse, and when directly confronted with this hypocrisy the chosenites on twitter either ignore or double down on Nazi accusations. They think Steve did this out of pure malice instead of holding the NYT to the same standards because to them attacking White racial interests comes as naturally as breathing.

    For an allegedly high IQ population, jews sure do seem to lack self awareness and throw out all reason when their racial interests are pointed out or uncovered in any way. Blacks and jews really are natural allies; united by their hatred of the White man they are incredibly sensitive, completely hypocritical, intensely tribal, and devoid of self awareness. I look forward to the usual suspects confirming all of this in the comments here

  35. @Chrisnonymous

    Right. It seems “Jewish media figures” (and Jews who support their message) pushing the idea of unearned “White Privilege” have a collective death wish — consciously against Whites, and unconsciously against themselves.

  36. @SFG

    The old “Its not what you know but who you know”

  37. Travis says:

    The democrats are always concerned with our schools. while they sometimes count the number of white teachers, rarely do they count the Black principals or the Brown people running our schools. The vast majority of the superintendents running the largest school districts are POC and 24% of the High School principals in America are Black. These are powerful positions, and have a greater effect on our future than those owning sports franchises.

    New York City – Superintendent – Hispanic
    Los Angeles- Superintendent – White
    Chicago- Superintendent – Black
    Miami – Superintendent – Hispanic
    Clark Co. -Superintendent – Hispanic
    Broward C0.- Superintendent – Black
    Houston – Superintendent – Hispanic
    Orange Co. FL -Superintendent – Black
    Dallas, -Superintendent – Hispanic
    Philadelphia – Superintendent – Black
    Baltimore – Superintendent – Black
    Washington DC- Superintendent – Black
    San Francisco – Superintendent – Black
    San Antonio – Superintendent – Hispanic
    Charlotte – Superintendent – Black
    Indianapolis -Superintendent – Black
    Jacksonville- Superintendent – Black
    Denver – Superintendent – Hispanic
    Palm Beach -Superintendent – Black
    Milwaukee – Superintendent – Black

    • Replies: @Stan
  38. Anonymous[136] • Disclaimer says:

    New Right Kosher cuck Cernovich mocks supposed Jew haters and blames the riots instead on middle class white people …

    Cernovich ignores Soros and his son funding and organizing the whole thing and also ignores the surprising overrepresentation of Jews on the street committing felonies.

    This guy is also orgasmic about Israel peace deals which are simply massive bribes just like Jimmy Carter Egypt deal which we have been paying billions on for 40+ years.


  39. @Gary in Gramercy

    America isn’t run from Wall Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, or even Prospect Street in New Haven. Nor Mountain View nor Menlo Park.

    No, power lies at 1209 North Orange Street:

    This tiny building in Wilmington, Delaware is home to 300,000 businesses

    Delaware sued New York in 1966 for having too much sway in presidential elections. (That was more Delaware’s fault.) One grievance in that suit claimed that Delaware would never have a presidential candidate of her own.

    What’s odd, though, is that Delaware has had so few. Pete DuPont flamed out, and now we have Biden, a native of Scranton who emphasizes that fact in his spots. You’d think such a corporate powerhouse would wield some power.

    Maybe they do, but just avoid publicity?

    How many Trump entities are registered in the First State?

  40. syonredux says:

    Matty Yglesias is just doing parody, right?

    What if — hear me out — the Jewish people who vote in American elections are Americans rather than Israelis?

  41. I have been making this claim for years and may have even done so on this BBS. Many of the most vociferous voices about “white privilege” just so happen to be Jewish and my claim has always been, do you think black folks are stupid? How long does one think it’s going to take before some of these folks figure out that there’s another type of privilege right in front of us?

    White folks can see that too BUT can’t really say much.

  42. Anonymous[112] • Disclaimer says:

    W.D. Hamilton argued that the Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany, and anti-Semitism more generally, was motivated by Jewish birth rates and hypocrisy:

    [Hamilton] argues that a basic cause (emphatically not a justification) of racism — and, particularly, of ethnically motivated genocide — is a differential birth rate between groups. And, yes, he does extend this to the Nazi extermination of Jews.

    A footnote from Narrow Roads of Gene Land, Volume 2, p. 280:

    Increase of Ashkenazi Jews in eastern Europe in the span of the nineteenth century is said to have been almost fourfold (S. Jones, In the Blood: God, Genes and Destiny (HarperCollins, London, 1996)). This implies a doubling about every generation. Very surprisingly this fact seems almost never to be discussed as part causative background to the holocaust, an omission that continues even when claims of group competition are the focus (K. MacDonald, Separation and its Discontents (Praeger, Wesport, CT, 1998)).

    it seems to me one of the most paradoxical of all the many impacts Judaism has had on the present world that it is the cousins (at least in a broad ethnic sense) of the very people who claim, on the authority of ancient writings, a right to deprive other Middle Easterners of their land and freedom, who generate from among their intellectuals the arguments that convince the rest of us that panhumanism is a worthy ideal and that the course that follows from it is Homo’s best hope for the future. A long list of examples could easily be given: I could start, for example, with Karl Popper and his book The Open Society and Its Enemies and I could end with books of Richard Lewontin and Stephen Jay Gould. It seems to be particularly these men of Jewish origin (not, however, orthodox followers of the faith as a rule) who seek to persuade us that race differences are non-existent and everyone can mate with everyone in confidence of equally capable children. If Zionism is to escape the thought ‘They mean panhumanism only for some’, then these writers must include sever criticism of Israel on the same grounds that they applied criticism to South African apartheid and to racial and class separations in the USA. Demographic competition and overt racism of which religionism is just one kind have to end in Israel and the country has to become a true democracy, shaking off the present theocratic restrictions in its constitution. If this doesn’t happen, genuine panhumanists and genuinely democratic states are justified to treat Zionism and Israel with the same reserve, sanctions, and suspicion as we treat all the similar inward-turned ‘-isms’ and personality cults of other antidemocratic states. Meanwhile, in the works of those who pretend to a belief in panhumanism while financially or otherwise supporting Israel on its present course, we are justified to say that we detect the taint of hypocrisy.

  43. Stan says:

    Los Angeles- Superintendent – White


    Los Angeles- Superintendent – Jewish

    • Replies: @Travis
  44. Anonymous[313] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews don’t believe in universalism. They have one standard for themselves and another for everybody else. Of course, it’s not just Jews who think this way, but pretty much the whole world except for NW Europeans and their descendants elsewhere. The reasons for this are unclear.

  45. Trump cabinet members (4 percent)

    There are at least 25 Cabinet positions now?

  46. Richard B says:

    I had never really heard of this guy, Norm Eisen, until a few days ago.

    Me either. Heard about him on Tucker Carlson last night. The guy from Revolver being interviewed by TC was on a roll. He did a great job. Unfortunatley, and not surprsingly, they had to cut to a commercial.

  47. @Gary in Gramercy

    Not disagreeing with you, but the main reason so many people incorporate in DE is it’s ridiculously cheap and easy. I’ve done it several times. All you need is an internet connection, a credit card and maybe 30 minutes.

  48. @SFG

    Ironically, despite all the arguments about Jews versus whites here, I see the situation as analogous, and oppose the one for the reason I oppose the other.

    The situations are not analogous.

    The difference is the issue of dependency.

    American Jews success and prosperity comes because they are middle manning in a big prosperous white nation. Jews (Ashkenazi) are on average somewhat smarter and quite a bit more marketplace savvy and aggressive than white gentiles. So Jews are able to become the #1 car dealer or #1 gambling mogul or #1 liquor distributor or #1 hotel magnate. But this prosperity isn’t because they’ve created something so awesome on their own but simply from out middle-manning the gentile competition in a big rich gentile nation.

    In contrast, American white gentiles’ prosperity is in no way shape or form is dependent on nor built upon blacks–or Jews, Asians, Mexicans or anyone else. American whites’ prosperity is because we are a reasonably competent–intelligent, conscientious, cooperative, hard working–people working in a land with a decent resource base (farmland, river transport, mineral wealth, etc.). (The other Anglo-Sphere nations with fewer blacks, Jews, etc. etc. and poorer resources have done the same.)

    In other words … we did build this.


    This is why i love answering minoritarian whines with “separate nations”.

    “Separate nations” neatly unmasks who is the parasite and who is the host.

    The reality is that in an ethnic partition of the US white gentiles would actually … get richer! Without Jewish financiers, lawyers, lobbyists, bureaucrats, media, academics to support and without black criminals, welfare cases, retards and just not-very-productive workers to support–i.e. relieved of minority parasites high and low–white incomes would go up, not to mention all the non-economic benefits in terms of social peace, solidarity, common culture.

    Jews are smart and would do very well in their ethno-state. Without the “bad neighborhood” Israel is in–despite all the Jewish paranoia and hysterics, the white Nazis aren’t coming–the American Jewistan would do really well. But a few million Jews would have to give up lucrative elite sinecures–finance, legal, bureaucratic, academic–and get real jobs. Jews working in their own nation, would not be as relatively richer than whites as they are now middle manning American whites.

    And blacks would be radically poorer. Not Haiti. (Nor Africa.) American blacks are smarter than Haitians and have better skills. But without whites–the huge opportunities and wealth transfers from whites–American black incomes would plummet toward some sort of lower middle income nation level.


    Bottom line here:

    American Jews continually malign and insult America whites, while their world beating prosperity comes directly from middle manning and comfy sinecures on top of whites in the big rich nation white gentiles created.

    American white gentiles do not malign and insult either blacks or Jews, even though whites prosperity comes from their work, their ancestors’ work building a prosperous nation and they would be even more prosperous without minorities around.

    Very different situations.

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
  49. Travis says:

    good catch. So the sole White superintendent of the largest school districts in America is not Christian.

    This is a very powerful position, more influential on families, teachers and students than the owners of the football teams. Who has more power in NYC – Hank Steinbrenner or Richard A. Carranza, the current New York City Schools Chancellor ?

    It is easy to avoid watching professional sports. None of my children watch sports on TV, and none of them have ever attended a professional sporing event. But is is much more difficult to escape the power of the head of the schools. They help select the principals and have tremendous power over how the schools are run in most cities. We send our kids to private schools, which helps. But most of their friends attend the public schools, so some of the corruption gets passed to my kids from their interaction with other kids in the neighborhood.

  50. @Rich

    Anyone who has worked and socialized with a significant number of Jews knows most are indeed smarter than the average bear. Likewise, anyone who has worked and socialized with a significant number of blacks knows they are basically big, horny and occasionally dangerous children.

    You don’t need IQ tests to tell you what anyone can see with their own two eyes.

    • Replies: @Rich
  51. @SFG

    some component of ethnic nepotism seems quite likely. Every other group does it

    As you well know, not only don’t whites do this, they manifestly do the opposite.
    And no other group does that, especially you hebrews.

  52. MC says:

    The options available to entry level hires are completely irrelevant to this article, which is about powerful people in America. How much a youth pastor gets paid is completely irrelevant to why the publisher of some magazine is considered to be more powerful than any archbishop or the head of the Southern Baptist Convention.

    But I get it, consider your axe ground.

  53. Rich says:
    @Paul Mendez

    I don’t know, I grew up in Queens, NY, one of the most Jewish areas of the world and have worked in NYC most of my adult life, and I’ve known a lot of Jews who weren’t that smart, some who were average and a few very smart ones. They fell along the same spectrum as all the other ethnic Whites I grew up with. I think those of you who live in areas with few Jews, know the doctor or the lawyer, but never met his janitor brother or unemployed cousin. In NYC, we’ve got the whole shabang, from top to bottom. And the only known IQ tests given only to Jews is in Israel, which came back with a 96 average. Sorry.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  54. @PJ London

    This is rubbish. Read some serious books & not pseudo-historical junk.

  55. @Rich

    And the only known IQ tests given only to Jews is in Israel, which came back with a 96 average. Sorry.

    I met lots of Jews in Israel, and I didn’t get the impression that Israelis are the smartest or most ethical group of people. The average European or American White does not come off bad by compstison, and they create far nicer countries and communities without having others fund, defend or run interference for them.

  56. @Cloudbuster

    Ted Cruz comes from an upper middle class background. The problem with the times its counting billionaires and millionaires. The problem with that is most people are neither. If you use the US Census data, Asians make it up like gang busters with median income of 98.000 versus whites at only 76.000. Lower poverty for the Asians at 7.3 percent and whites over 9 percent. This is the 2019 census.

  57. I live in a major city that publishes the List of “100 highest paid executives” emphasis added. Surprisingly few are Jewish. I hypothesize that Jews do not like the day-to-day grind of being the executive of a publicly-held, or private but SEC-reporting, company. Nor do they like their executive fingerprints on anything. For this, they have the bottom-goy CEO. So they dont train for, aspire to, or attain many executive (CEO, CFO, COO, CSO) positions.

    The real power lies in being on the board, especially Board Chairman. Board members are handsomely paid too. And then of course the real money is made by the shareholders, who are disproportionately Jewish.

    Anyway, the implication of these lists is that these are the a) richest people and, in all likelighood, b) most powerful people in your city. But you have more power in the American system by being on boards of directors. And/or having your own “foundation”, usually tax-exempt. And the real money is made not by being a clock-punching “executive” but by being on multiple boards which pay you to meet a few times a year. And doing deals. Both of which Jews specialize in.

    American City Business Journals own “Business Journals” that publish such lists in 44 cities. ACBJ is owned by the (Solomon Isidore) Newhouse family.

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