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Sailer: Bubba Smollett, Jussie Wallace
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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

Bubba Smollett, Jussie Wallace

by Steve Sailer, June 24, 2020

The years of antiwhite hate hysteria over nooses supposedly being planted by white racists to terrorize blacks will eventually induce some white guy to actually do it. But, judging by what we know so far about the latest brouhaha—over a purported noose found in the garage of Bubba Wallace, the half-black NASCAR race driver—Noose News seems to remain Fake Noose.

I first wrote about Wallace in 2013 in my Taki’s column “Nature, Nurture, and NASCAR,” when he was only 19, but already was being hyped as NASCAR’s Great Black Hope, the Tiger Woods of stock car racing.

Read the whole thing there.

Since I wrote this column, the FBI announced that its crack 15 man team of top men has determined it wasn’t a hate crime, just the stupid garage door pull rope loop, as crowdsourcing conservatives on the Internet had figured out on Monday. From

‘Noose’ found in Bubba Wallace’s garage was door pull, had been there since 2019, officials say
Updated Jun 23, 2020; Posted Jun 23, 2020

By Carol Robinson | [email protected]

A rope found in the garage stall of Black driver Bubba Wallace at the NASCAR race Sunday was a garage door pull, not a noose, and had been there since 2019, federal authorities and NASCAR said Tuesday.

Northern District of Alabama U.S. Attorney Jay Town on Monday announced his office had launched an investigation along with the FBI and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. Town said they were looking to see whether there are violations of federal law. No federal crime was committed, his office said.

Town and FBI Special Agent in Charge Johnnie Sharp Jr. on Tuesday released this statement about the probe: “On Monday, fifteen FBI special agents conducted numerous interviews regarding the situation at Talladega Superspeedway. After a thorough review of the facts and evidence surrounding this event, we have concluded that no federal crime was committed.

The FBI learned that garage number 4, where the noose was found, was assigned to Bubba Wallace last week. The investigation also revealed evidence, including authentic video confirmed by NASCAR, that the noose found in garage number 4 was in that garage as early as October 2019. Although the noose is now known to have been in garage number 4 in 2019, nobody could have known Mr. Wallace would be assigned to garage number 4 last week.” …

The discovery of the rope, announced by NASCAR Sunday night, came less than two weeks after Wallace successfully pushed the stock car racing series to ban the Confederate flag at its tracks and facilities.

How big a contract did Colin Kaepernick get from Nike to sit around and be oppressed by the white man?

If you check in with iSteve constantly (which you should), you may have noticed Monday evening that I put up briefly an iSteve post on Bubba Wallace pointing to some early research casting doubts on his story. But late on Monday evening, The Last Refuge’s new findings came together conclusively proving that the pull loop that had been photographed last fall was no longer there this weekend.

I don’t like being wrong, especially for a column that will be up for a week, so I was initially cautious, relegating their investigation to a blog post. But when The Last Refuge proved their case, I took down the post and switched the subject of my column. Unfortunately, I had to take down about 20 of your comments, but I will paste them back in the comments on this post.

By the way, here’s my popular February 2019 column “Fake Noose!” about Jussie Smollett and why noose news is virtually always fake noose.

Also, here is my 2013 column about the then 19-year-old Bubba Wallace: “Nature, Nurture, and NASCAR.”

From the New York Times, here’s the admission:

FBI Investigation Finds No Crime in Wallace Noose Incident
By Reuters
June 23, 2020

(Reuters) – An FBI investigation into a noose found hanging in Bubba Wallace’s garage prior to a NASCAR Cup race concluded a federal crime was not committed, the U.S. attorney’s office for the Northern District of Alabama said on Tuesday.

The investigation determined that the noose found in Wallace’s stall at the Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday may have been in that garage as early as October 2019.

(Reporting by Steve Keating in Toronto; Editing by Leslie Adler)

Two sentences plus a headline and they made three errors: The loop in the rope used to pull the garage door down wasn’t a noose. A noose knot tightens, but this was a fixed loop so it wouldn’t hurt your hand.


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  1. Bubba Wallace found a noose;
    He’s a faggy bag of douche …

    We supported half-black Bubba Wallace—
    Us rednecks with only one gallus
    Upholding the bib of our overalls—
    In NASCAR, but now that shit’s over, y’all.

    His driving technique may be flawless,
    He’s faster than Speedy Gonzales,
    But he’s pulling a—whatchamacallit …
    That halfrican fag—Jussie Smollett!

    • LOL: Buffalo Joe
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Lot
  2. Has one of these noose incidents ever actually turned out to be true?

  3. Last night at 8PM EST the New York Times homepage had this article headline on the top page righthand corner, heading the Opinion section:

    The Boy Who Cried Fake News

    Whoa, I’m shocked they’d call NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace “boy”…

    Oh wait, it was just Jamelle Bouie complaining about Trump. Three page scrolls down, under the heading In Other News, the fourth item (of five) in a text-only sidebar:

    F.B.I. Says Noose Was in NASCAR Garage Since Last Year

    Interesting sponsor on Bubba’s suit:

  4. NASCAR has to do SOMETHING to get the ratings up!

    • Agree: fish
    • Replies: @Forbes
  5. Mr. Sailer, can you delete my post, please? Thanks.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  6. Kyle says:

    Even if it is real. Even if a white American did plant a noose on a black American. It’s obviously and attempt at trolling and drawing an overreaction. It isn’t proof that Hitler is coming back, or that confederates are back and want to own slaves again. That’s asinine. Whites have nothing to gain from planting nooses on blacks. Most white Americans (and most black Americans) have no idea who Bubba Wallace is and simply don’t care. The person with the most to gain from this is Bubba Wallace himself.

    • Agree: Buffalo Joe
    • Replies: @AnotherDad
    , @AnotherDad
  7. unit472 says:

    If live crowds are ever allowed back in NASCAR Wallace is going to find out what real racial animosity is. This ridiculous malcontent has destroyed the brand.

    I’ve come to the point where I hope ALL live events are cancelled for the next year or two. It would do more to destroy high income blacks than anything the KKK could ever have dreamed up. Two or three thousand highly paid black athletes having their paychecks ended. No rappers screaming obscenities at audiences, no non animated film or TV productions and its all being done for the health and safety of the public by liberal politicians. Bring it on.

    • Agree: Bleuteaux, Gunga Din, Alden
    • Thanks: Buck Ransom
  8. Here are comments readers left on the iSteve post I briefly had up on Monday evening about Bubba Wallace, before taking it down so I could deal with the story in more length for Taki’s Magazine after The Last Refuge had published definitive proof.

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    1. Kim Jong Un says:
    June 23, 2020 at 5:33 am GMT(Edit-3985960)
    These days I automatically assume any noose related incident is a hoax.

    2. Roger says:
    June 23, 2020 at 5:37 am GMT(Edit-3985968)
    My hunch is that it is a hoax or a mistake. If it were real, then there would be a photo.

    3. Sideshow Bob says:
    June 23, 2020 at 5:45 am GMT(Edit-3985977)
    Zoomer white girl video is going viral.

    4. dvorak says:
    June 23, 2020 at 5:45 am GMT(Edit-3985978)
    I would like to propose a metric for Cultural Revolution progression: Years from Vassar to NASCAR.
    How many years from the first fake noose at a liberal arts college to the first fake noose at NASCAR?

    5. Jack Armstrong says: • Website
    June 23, 2020 at 5:59 am GMT(Edit-3985991)
    R.I.P. Charles Wing Krafft, non-leftist artist and, for some added fun, Grace Wing Slick’s first cousin.
    Obit by Greg Johnson.

    6. wren says:
    June 23, 2020 at 6:03 am GMT • 100 Words(Edit-3985996)
    No”The Conservative Tree House” also has an interesting post on how NASCAR turned socialist.
    Once they went SJW, they lost their audience, so now they need this kind of excitement.
    Personally, I recommend the Cleetus McFarland YouTube channel if anyone wants any NASCAR-type action. Way more fun.
    He built a YouTube channel around his original video of him putting a whistle in his exhaust pipe (yup) and with the money from that bought himself a little racetrack that he has been renovating. He puts up a video every day and staged a big nitrous Crown Vic race at his track just as the lockdown commenced.
    Here he is yesterday trying out his new drift car.
    The action starys about 12 minutes in.

    7. GW says:
    June 23, 2020 at 6:04 am GMT • 100 Words(Edit-3985997)
    An unstated aspect in all this is how childish and immaturely corporate suits handle these types of incidents. There was apparently no skepticism of the report, no brief Preliminary investigation (which, assuming the CT theory is correct, would have discovered the true origins of the “noose”), and no sense in not blowing this up into an international news story before establishing all the facts internally. Nope, NASCAR officials rushed to tell Wallace and the world that someone in or around their organization was an evil racist and that they were 100% committed to offering woke platitudes and self-emulating in order to scare away any fans still clueless enough to follow the sport.
    • Agree: Jack Armstrong

    8. Mr. Anon says:
    June 23, 2020 at 6:12 am GMT(Edit-3986003)
    @Sideshow Bob
    We have one who can see.
    Good for her.

    9. Allen says:
    June 23, 2020 at 6:19 am GMT(Edit-3986011)
    Serious question, has there been even one legitimate “hate crime” involving a noose in the past decade? The left somehow seems to think that nooses are the go to method for harassing minorities but I’ve never seen any evidence for it outside of the hoaxes.

    10. Black-hole creator says:
    June 23, 2020 at 6:54 am GMT(Edit-3986051)
    @Sideshow Bob
    Nice to see somebody that brave. But it is not going to be easy to change the narrative. I wish that girl all the best, and I hope there will be many more.

    11. BenKenobi says:
    June 23, 2020 at 6:59 am GMT • 100 Words(Edit-3986056)
    Hmmm… I like the theory that Bubba or someone on his team did this to wrest the narrative back from the absolute hero who used his personal aircraft to fly a Confederate flag over a NASCAR race.
    But… the mundane answer of “any rope is now a noose” seems plausible.

    12. Moral Stone says:
    June 23, 2020 at 7:03 am GMT • 100 Words(Edit-3986063)
    One aspect of a lot of these noose panics that irks me is how few involve actual nooses. I know it’s silly but the difference between the kind of slipknot associated with hangings and every other knot used for practical purposes (bowlines, etc) is pretty obvious and should give people pause. But it never does. For example that garage door knot shown is clearly not a noose. No one would use a slipknot to pull something down – when you pull a slipknot it tightens so it’s not ideal for that purpose. Are we pretending that every rope with a loop tied in the end found anywhere ever is meant to convey a threatening message?

    13. vhrm says:
    June 23, 2020 at 7:04 am GMT • 100 Words(Edit-3986064)
    That may or may not be the true explanation, but we’ve seen a ton of delusionary manias about nooses like this recently.
    I don’t remember even one real one in the past few years.
    It’s like every time someone sees a knotted rope it’s suddenly a noose.
    BLM and the FBI should raid all climbing guns and marinas and docs post haste. From what I’ve seen there they must all be run by nazis.
    Look what those white boats are doing to those black necks. It makes me sick!

    • LOL: The Alarmist
    • Replies: @Jack Armstrong

    14. anonymous[201] • Disclaimer says:
    June 23, 2020 at 7:07 am GMT • 100 Words(Edit-3986065)
    The F150 white truck with the pull rope guy has already had his license plate number and VIN published, they found his intstagram and they’ve apparently doxed him, while recommending his truck be vandalized and worse… and he probably doesn’t even know it yet!
    This is why I tell people NOT to have instagram or facebook accounts. You have NO idea of the myriad ways some stupid shit can happen, you randomly get the blame, and a mob of absolute imbeciles are at your door at 2 in the morning.
    How could this guy fathom that this might happen?
    Hope his truck is okay tomorrow morning.

    15. Mike_from_SGV says:
    June 23, 2020 at 7:14 am GMT(Edit-3986076)
    In Depraved New World, basically every institution and organization is leftist-captured and ruined. No point in complaining, that is like punching the tar baby. The best step is dissociation, decentralization. Shrink your interest group small enough so that it is no longer a leftist target.

    16. Jack Armstrong says:
    June 23, 2020 at 7:14 am GMT(Edit-3986078)
    Is there any use for rope other than lynching?
    I didn’t think so.

    17. Jon Halpenny says:
    June 23, 2020 at 7:17 am GMT(Edit-3986085)
    the return of the flagellants.

    Ian Miles Cheong

    Woke white liberals get yelled at by Black Lives Matter for being too woke and engaging in self-flagellation.

    4:09 PM – Jun 22, 2020
    Twitter Ads info and privacy

    3,343 people are talking about this

    18. West reanimator says:
    June 23, 2020 at 7:28 am GMT(Edit-3986092)

    [email protected]

    · Jun 13, 2020

    My husband is on the way to work and this is what he see’s. A noose and American Flag on the back of this truck, on the 55 freeway in Costa Mesa Ca. Absolutely disgusting. What is wrong with these people? My soul is crying.

    • Thanks: HammerJack
    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
    , @Russ
  9. danand says:

    No noose is good news, as they say.

  10. @Keith Richards's secret account

    The great majority have not. Does anyone know of a specific case that panned out?

    • Replies: @James Braxton
    , @anon
  11. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    Hard not to notice that while hints at the truth of the matter, every single national and international mass-media outlet is running some form of “turned out to be a coincidence” and “the noose was already there months ago” with absolutely nothing about garage door pulls.

    Also worth noting is that Bubba himself isn’t buying any of the “alternate explanations” insisting instead that he’s a bona fide victim of yet another white racist lynching. He’s gonna play this one out for all it’s worth.

  12. El Dato says:
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    F.B.I. Says Noose Was in NASCAR Garage Since Last Year

    What! Arrest it now! Or it may appear at any time, in any place!

  13. Steve, your Takimag columns are your very best work! You put a lot of your everyday ideas into each one. Here’s some very minor criticism: It’s not all of the time, but you usually don’t have what I’d call a real conclusion paragraph. It just kind of ends with a paragraph with another good point, but not really a summary.

    Also, this title is not one of your best, simply because the idea in it is not really expounded on in the article. Most people do know who Jussie Smollett is, I guess, but, I dunno… how about something like “Hate Bait For Bubba”? You have a long political memory, though maybe not all of your readers do – I assume you remember this “boob bait for bubbas” line, said on the internet to be from Patrick Moynihan – that’s going WAY back – but as I recall being said during the Clinton welfare reform (mid/late 1990s) time. Whaddya’ say, switch it out?

    As to what you write, that is a great description of what NASCAR is about, with its origins from the bootlegging era. It was a white thing, when they were sticking it to the (Federal) man, but at time when I doubt white/black relations would have been as much of a concern as bootlegger/revenuer relations.

    Anyway, I make an effort NOT to keep up with stupidity on the Infotainment, so nice job filling me in, as usual, Steve. Been to the drag race, monster-truck shows, and one Indy-500, but never NASCAR. There will be no 1st time for that, since I heard about the Rebel flag business.

    • Agree: ic1000, snorlax
    • Disagree: Je Suis Omar Mateen
  14. Pentheus says:

    Michael Strahan told ABC staff he felt he couldn’t “speak up and raise his voice” behind the scenes on “Live with Kelly” — fearing reprisals as a black man.

    The “Good Morning America” host spoke out during a town hall on racism with Bob Iger on June 4 in front of all ABC and Disney employees.

    Michael Strahan — NFL star, personally popular, 6’5″ 250+ lbs., net worth $65-75 mil. – “feared reprisals” by Kelly Ripa, sub-100 lbs.

    His whole popularity is that he is a normal friendly black guy not angry Blackety Black.

    Is it that all blacks are really seething Blackety-Black beneath the smiles?

    Or is it that all blacks, no matter how privileged by birth or successful on their own, live under the mental tyranny of needing to show they are “authentic” by “keeping it real”?

    For blacks, there are three ways to keep it real: Angry, Violent, and Victim.

    Elite level blacks like Strahan, Prof. Gates, NASCAR Bubba – are not of the nature nor in the position to display Angry or Violent, so Victim Black is their ticket to Blackety-Black authenticity.

    Unfortunately this is not just amongst blacks but is seen in girls/women in #MeToo.

    (It has been greatly under-noted that the very name of this movement is a psychological trigger to female conformism, as well as being proof of this being a fundamental fact of female psychology/judgment.)

    The overall effect of otherwise masculine black claiming Victimhood in such grasping ways, has the effect instantly to make them all appear effeminate.

    Such that tiny Kelly Ripa now appears to be a tougher person than gigantic Michael Strahan.

    Steve, your/Cochran’s distinction between Heroes of Accomplishment of the past and Heroes of Suffering as characteristic of our times, is one of the most important things you have said on your blog.

  15. I’ve been a race fan since before I knew what race relations were.

    NASCAR has been terrible since the 2000s, although the process started when it ‘went all corporate’ and moved many races from venerable old tracks (like Rockingham and North Wilkesboro) to dreadfully boring ones.

    The drivers also got boring after the mid 2000s.

    Bubba Wallace ain’t even good, as the kids say. He’s won zero races in Winston Cup (or whatever they call it now) and zero in Busch Series (or whatever they call it now). He’s only in this series because he’s a mulatto. He has no personality and he sucks at racing. End of story.

    Real racing is on dirt. Kyle Larson, who got kicked out of NASCAR for “racially insensitive comments,” has been dominating in his return to full-time open wheel dirt racing. Granted, he has the best equipment money can buy, but so does much of his competition. His talent is supreme.

    My only fear is that the corporate Globohomo people will swoop down and turn dirt track racing into a boring, gay, multiculti snooze fest like NASCAR is.

    By the way, Larson’s “racially insensitive” comment was made after the sucky Bubba Wallace wrecked him in iRacing the video game.

  16. This ridiculous malcontent has destroyed the brand.

    New brand name: NOOSECAR

    • LOL: william munny
    • Replies: @JMcG
  17. Art Deco says:

    That Christopher Wray’s FBI sent fifteen agents to investigate a complaint in regard to an act that would ordinarily be a class B misdemeanor in New York (and, presumably, most other states) is an indication that the FBI is horribly overstaffed or has an idiot institutional culture. I’m betting the latter. It’s another argument for firing the FBI’s top three echelons, breaking the agency into about six pieces, and reducing the remit (in sum) of the successor agencies.

  18. What´s this fuss all about?

    A noose placed by an eebil wayciss whitebread (but I repeat myself) is easy enough to find out – it´s the one that´s correctly tied.

  19. Thoughts says:

    Miscegenation is just a really really bad idea

    The resulting men are just not of high quality

    An insult to both parent races

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
    • Troll: Guest007
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  20. Thoughts says:
    @Keith Richards's secret account

    No, because no one knows how to tie nooses anymore and why would you bother?

    So many of these hate hoaxes assume white people Care

    Which we don’t. We have lives.

    • Agree: Kyle, HammerJack
  21. mmack says:

    A good article Steve, but I do have one quibble. This line:

    “Wallace is not a natural prodigy, but instead is a product of the Tiger Woods era of child competitors given every advantage by their parents”

    Professional auto racing is like professional ball and stick sports. If you want to get to the top levels of the sport you need to start practicing and playing at a young age and have a laser like focus on competing and improving. So professional racers start racing go karts at single digit ages and work their way up to smaller, slower racing cars and then, if talented and lucky, the top level in IndyCar, NASCAR, Formula One, etc. Much like his counterpart in MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. by the time that late teens or early twenties rookie appears, he’s been practicing his craft for over a decade. The era of a driver picking up racing as a teen or young man and moving into the upper ranks through sheer grit and talent is pretty much over.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @VinnyVette
  22. Kyle says:

    That’s not technically a noose. It has a knot in it that prevents the part of the rope coiled around the other part of the rope from slipping down and continuously tightening around the users hand. The hand loop wouldn’t be functional without that knot. A real noose doesn’t have that knot, ensuring that it continually tightens around the hanging mans neck. I used to be a lifeguard in college and we tied our whistles into little nooses with knots in the rope at a particular point. If we had to go into the ocean and save someone we’d yank our whistles down, tightening the loop around our neck so that it couldn’t come off over our heads while we were in the ocean, but the little knot prevented the noose from tightening all the way down over our necks. That way when we reached the drowning person in shock and hysterics flailing to grab onto anything in reach, they couldn’t grab our whistle and choke us out, ensuring both our death and their own.

  23. @Steve Sailer

    In 2014 two white Ole Miss frat guys got drunk and put a noose on a statue on campus of James Meredith (first black student). It was a national news story for a while.

    They got charged federally with the 10 year felony of conspiracy against rights. They pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges and spent six months in prison. This despite that the statue was not on federal property, was not even damaged, and the noose was not meant to intimidate anyone in particular.

    Bill Barr should remember this precedent as statues are desecrated all over America.

  24. JMcG says:
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    Some wag has christened him a race card driver.

  25. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    It is hilarious that the news stories all keep calling it a noose.

  26. Gordo says:

    I saw, on twitter, an interview with Mister Bubba where he said he was on a pedestal and people were trying to take him down.

    What current activities could have prompted that choice of words?

    On a side note based on limited experience I’ve always found it easier to get on with blackedy black blacks than those of mixed race.

  27. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @the one they call Desanex

    Speedy Gonzalez was canceled.

    It’s now rapid Dave. Hes a calico mouse.

  28. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @william munny

    Fake Noose !

  29. dr kill says:

    Someone more creative than me have labelled him a Race Card Driver, competing in NOOSECAR. Nice.

    • LOL: Kyle, bruce county
  30. Wake up says:

    Oh no! I just noticed that for decades when I would tie my shoes to go to work; I was forming a “Noose”! How racist of me! Please sever my hands and feet, take all my money and possessions!

    • LOL: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  31. Kyle says:

    So I was wrong as usual. It’s not even a hate hoax, it’s simply hate hypochondria. No harm no foul, right? No. We’re still going to have to have a “discussion about privilege.” As we speak, proles are being herded into corporate conference rooms all across the country to have a “conversation” about the “intersectionality” of “race & inclusivity.” It doesn’t matter that literally nothing happened, that would be a blow against the narrative. A racist NASCAR driver could have placed a racist piece of rope in another NASCAR drivers safe space, and that’s “just not who we are.”

  32. dearieme says:

    Now we all long to know what it said.

    • Replies: @PiltdownMan
  33. @HammerJack

    Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s version, and they’re more level headed than most of the MSM.

    So you see? It was a noose, but it was there to target all POCs.

    • Replies: @Pericles
    , @res
  34. Anon[226] • Disclaimer says:

    Ok, there’s been a noose sighting with white nationalist flyers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts:

    Noose, white nationalist posters found in Yarmouth

    YARMOUTH, Mass. —
    Yarmouth police are investigating after a noose and white power fliers were found in the community.

    On Wednesday, Yarmouth police received a report of a noose hanging from a tree at a private association beach off Pump House Road in West Yarmouth. Two teenagers were seen in the area with the rope before the noose was discovered, but no witnesses saw anyone putting the noose in the tree, police said.

    On Saturday, fliers saying “White Men, Join Your Local White Nationalists” were found taped to street signs, utility poles and fences on Buck Island Road, Higgins Crowell Road south of Route 28 and on Route 28 east and west of Higgins Crowell Road, police said.

    The 20 fliers, which were printed on 8-inch-by-11-inch pieces of paper, were removed by police.

    “Both cases are being taken seriously in order to determine the person(s) responsible. These overtly inflammatory actions are denounced by the Yarmouth Police Department,” Chief Frank Frederickson ​posted on Facebook. “I strongly believe that this not representative of Yarmouth and was likely performed by a few troubled individuals who are hateful.​”

    Anyone with information about the incidents is asked to contact police.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess a couple of young white female wokels staged this to highlight the problem of racism and white supremacy. Hope FBI finds them and they do 15 years at FPC Alderson.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @HammerJack
    , @Coemgen
  35. Hans says:

    Can’t keep Blubber Wallace down.

  36. @Anon

    Either that or it was our perennial FWP friends. Either way I can assure you that no one’s doing any time over this. Who’s ever spent a night in jail for a hate hoax?

  37. Meanwhile, here’s what will get a Purdue undergrad expelled:

    Purdue expels student after ‘racist and despicable’ post on social media
    In a video posted on TikTok, the student pretends to run over BLM protesters.

    The horrific TikTok video is at the link.

    Purdue is a public university. Does this student have First Amendment case against Purdue?

  38. Barnard says:

    It is never a noose. There is another story like this right now about a piece of twine that “looked like a noose” at a track in Pomona, California. When they say that it means it has a knot in it. Blacks are allowed to cry noose at anything they see with a knot in it. It is part of black privilege.

    • Replies: @Ancient Briton
  39. Coemgen says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess a couple of young white female wokels staged this to highlight the problem of racism and white supremacy.

    Certainly someone at WCVB staged the reporting of this as yet another important event that illustrates the evilness of deplorables.

    Casting aspersions on deplorables, in between the weather and traffic reports, is a major role for local media outlets.

  40. @Art Deco

    is an indication that the FBI is horribly overstaffed

    They don’t seem to be overstaffed when it comes to investigating or prosecuting corruption at the DNC, human trafficking/voter importing networks, interstate riot instigators, or race animus in attacks on whites, or this.

    So it’s the usual anarcho-tyranny. Anarchy for the elect, tyranny for you and me.

  41. Anonymous[283] • Disclaimer says:

    So professional racers start racing go karts at single digit ages and work their way up to smaller, slower racing cars and then, if talented and lucky, the top level in IndyCar, NASCAR, Formula One, etc.

    Agree. Also, in open-wheel racing (IndyCar, F1), the cars— jet fighters on wheels— are much more sophisticated and require more engineering and precision. This is most true in IndyCar (racing on three very different courses— street, road, oval) and requires drivers to work closely with the engineers (during testing, qualifying, and racing). I.e., they have to have high intellectual aptitude and this is evident when you hear them interviewed.

    IndyCar drivers are, without exception, high caliber types with good genetics. IndyCar driver J.R. Hildebrand was a National Merit Scholar and accepted to MIT (he deferred it to race IndyCar). He guest lectures on vehicle/race car dynamics at Stanford.

    • Replies: @VinnyVette
  42. @Wake up

    Shoes tied are the epitome of the Little Duece Noose. Kinda like the Beach Boys, with character.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Known Fact
  43. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    This much hyped because he’s black driver ends up being disappointingly true to form. In the aftermath he seems to continue to want it to be a noose. People are always searching for a black who breaks the mold and acts independently of the usual dreary black-think. They’re always let down because the black they think might be different reverts back to the black norm.

    • Agree: Ian Smith
    • Replies: @Johann Ricke
  44. I’m convinced that these noose hoaxes are the same strategy that the Nigerian princes use in your spam folder. Their spelling and grammar mistakes filter out the people with critical thinking skills, leaving only their marks for more efficient scamming. The noose hoaxes filter out the same people, leaving only those most susceptible to the agitprop.

  45. “The notion that a noose is a well-known symbol of white supremacy is just a recent concoction, appealing to people like Jussie Smollett, as is so much else in The News these days.”

    Really Steve? The noose is an iconic KKK symbol as much as a burning cross. The klan used nooses to ya know… LYNCH people!
    Yeah it’s the hoax symbol du jour, but you’re being just as dissngenuous as a NY Times woke journalist.

  46. Pericles says:

    Not even the supreme gentlemen FBI agents know what a noose is.

  47. @Anonymous

    Nascar isn’t “run what you brung ” anymore and hasn’t been for decades!

  48. @HammerJack

    Hammer, good for Bubba and I am sure his pin head will fix easily through that “noose.”

  49. @william munny

    It is hilarious that the news stories all keep calling it a noose.

    I wonder if that is intentional by the journalists or just their complete ignorance of various knots.

  50. Harold says:

    Another article satisfyingly dense with Sailer ideas.

    Maybe you should get someone to change the stock image for the article. The morons under Coulter’s tweet seem to think she or you are suggesting nooses are associated with cowboys because of lassos.

    I’m not American but I always associated nooses with cowboys, or just capital punishment.
    Hang ’em High would never have had covers like this if a significant number of people might associate it with racial lynchings.

    • Agree: Bostonvegas
    • Replies: @Harold
  51. @william munny

    Inasmuch as the news organizations are all signalling that their War on Whites will continue apace, I can’t find it so hilarious.

    Steve once said that he was on the lookout for what would follow World War G (war for gayness) and World War T (war for trannyism). He cast about a bit with World War Hair, but I think after the last three weeks, the verdict is now in: the next big thing is World War W (war on whites) or to keep the format consistent, World War B (war for blacks) which means the same thing.

    Unlike WWG and WWT where you can surrender by baking them a wedding cake or letting them into your daughter’s changing room, in WWW/WWB, the only surrender is unconditional: your extinction.

    • Replies: @usNthem
  52. @mmack

    Driving is a “you have it or you don’t” skill. Like any other skill it can be developed, but you can’t out develope a “natural.”

    • Replies: @mmack
  53. @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    John, wait, how can you be a race fan if race is only a social construct?

    • LOL: JMcG
    • Replies: @Anonymousse
  54. @Steve Sailer

    Anybody have the link for Sideshow Bob‘s “zoomer girl viral video”?

  55. Dan says:

    The legitimacy of the 2020 election is already lost. I feel like this is the discussion that needs to happen at a national level. There has already been far too much political censorship and political violence to say otherwise. The only cause for the left to stop its excessive censorship is recognition that their own political legitimacy is lost because of extreme censorship and political violence.

    On political censorship:

    1. A massive share of Trump’s 2016 support on social media is suspended. Just looking at Twitter alone (which has actually been better than other platforms) influential and widely followed figures like Katie Hopkins, Charles C. Johnson, Jared Taylor, Alex Jones and everyone associated with Infowars, Baked Alaska, Laura Loomer, James Woods for many months, Zero Hedge for many months, Owen Shroyer, Turning Point people, Milo, RS McCain, Anthony Cumia, Martin Shkreli, Heartiste, Vox Day…. it has been a steady loss and never all at once, but taken as a whole the effect has been an overwhelming systemic censorship.

    Now Trumps number one memesmith Carpe Donkum is permabanned on Twitter.

    2. Trump’s own tweets are openly interfered with.

    3. All of is censored by Google and Facebook.

    4. Vdare losing its domain registration is extraordinary.

    5. Here is Project Veritas capturing Facebook censorship:
    “If someone is wearing a MAGA hat I’m going to delete them for terrorism” – Lara Kontakos, Content Moderator

    6. Meanwhile left wing agitator Shaun King called for violence against white churches and Andrew Jackson statues this Monday morning on Twitter and by Monday afternoon there were attacks against St. John’s Church and an attempt to tear down the Jackson statue — both attacks taking place feet from the White House. (Jackson won the War of 1812 in which DC was burned to the ground). Shaun King faced no consequences on Twitter for his immediately-acted-on call for political violence. Every one of the conservative bannings on Twitter was for far less.

    On violence:

    1. Who dares hold a right wing rally anywhere? The threat of physical violence is much worse than it ever was in 2016. The police are the enemy because they try to stop the violence.

    2. Who dares have a Trump sticker on their car, or wear a Trump hat near any population center?

    3. Where even Trump can’t stop left-wing violence at his own rallies with massive law enforcement at his disposal, what hope is there for organizers of lesser rallies?

    4. Here is a Wisconsin State Senator on the ground, unconscious after a vicious beating just a few hours ago. I can’t image he is okay.

    A journalist on the scene:
    “I believe this is State Senator Tim Carpenter. Minutes earlier he told us the protesters assaulted him. Then he collapsed walking towards the Capitol. We called paramedics. An ambulance is here now.”

    [I tried to embed that picture.]

    On political interference:

    1. Trump rallies are now subject to massive political interference. Apparently with the rally in Oklahoma, a million leftists registered falsely, totally ruining the event planning and ruining any data collection and registration efforts. How is that not illegal? Virus aside, how can Trump rallies even be organized in the future?

    2. Interference by China is open and unremarked on even as it vastly exceeds any Russia interference in 2020.

    How can the 2020 election have any legitimacy in the face of this massive interference? The Trump side is robbed of all speech rights, faces violence when gathering, and conservatives hardly dare to assemble for a rally. The First Amendment is a farce. The left needs to realize that they destroy their own political legitimacy.

    • Thanks: Charon
  56. Mr. Anon says:

    I don’t follow NASCAR, but it appears that Wallace isn’t even an especially good driver. I think he placed 14th in his last race. Is the organization going to antagonize their fan-base to placate this one sub-par driver who himself seems to despise the NASCAR fan-base?

    I hope the whole thing collapses. NASCAR fans should get a clue: they hate you. Don’t go to their races. Don’t buy their merchandise.

  57. @Kyle

    Klye, the knot on the door pull is probably a “bowline” the most important knot to know if you ever needed to save your life, or do rigging. Ask any Ironworker.

    • Replies: @JMcG
    , @Jack D
    , @Marty
  58. @dearieme

    Here it is, as a comment in the thread where it belongs. I had earlier posted it here by mistake, hence the request.

  59. usNthem says:
    @Almost Missouri

    No joke. What’s really disturbing is how many whites trip all over themselves to reflexively and hysterically denounce the evil racism – they don’t even think about it. Talk about Pavlovian.

    • Replies: @Lurker
  60. Altai [AKA "Altai_2"] says:

    The overall effect of otherwise masculine black claiming Victimhood in such grasping ways, has the effect instantly to make them all appear effeminate.

    The big dreaded dude who made the main YouTube video on Tina Fey’s conspicuous overuse of cheap racial jokes that even I noticed when watching the show, gives that impression, even prevaricating in criticising Fey. I couldn’t help but look at the guys picture and then listen to the tone of his voice contorting into that of a 15 year old white girl.

    The video is interesting because it may have been the impetus for the cancelling of the 30 rock episodes. (The proximate reason is the special episode of 30 rock they’re making to act as a surrogate for the pilot conference that was cancelled due to the lockdown) Surprising appearence of turbo anti-gentile Tim Wise who is from the same town as Fey.

    Gen X comedians getting BFTO all over the place for their weird obsession with blackface.

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  61. Buroaker says:

    Says here Bubba Sr was in African Heritage Society and enthnicity is African American

  62. @Almost Missouri

    Anybody have the link for Sideshow Bob‘s “zoomer girl viral video”?

    • Thanks: A123
    • LOL: Charon
    • Replies: @Known Fact
  63. @Pentheus

    BLM movement has convinced me to assume all blacks are seething sadists despite their demeanor. Doesn’t help the recent European black immigrants are exhibiting the same seething sadistic behavior despite never having slave roots. Then there is the ANC in SA.

    Modern NFL players seem pretty effeminate despite the game itself. They have pretty hair, and lots of jewelry to match their pastel colored suits. Long gone are the days of toothless, crazed white guys like Chuck Bednarik playing the game. Kelly Ripa has more internal strength than Strahan just by giving birth to three kids.

    • Agree: Ron Mexico
    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  64. Hans says:

    Nice to know Black Violence Matters sponsor, Thousand Currents, has an explosives expert on their Board –

  65. MarkinLA says:

    Who is his sponsor? If the people in the south had any sense they would force the team to drop him for creating this mess. He knew exactly what he was doing and he knew it wasn’t a noose.

    • Agree: Ben tillman
  66. Just more proof of how un-serious a country the USA has become … so unserious that it is literally getting dangerous.

    It’s really a shame the KKK er al didn’t use the guillotine to despatch their victims … it would be so much harder for ignorant people to confuse common-day articles with a guillotine.

    • LOL: usNthem
    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
    , @Ben tillman
  67. Bubba Wallace? Now? For fuck’s sake, look at what’s going on in the country! Debunking the latest fake noose news is not what the moment demands. What does Wallace have to do with anything? Nothing. He is just another means to an end. We should be talking about how to end this. Increased policing. Arrests. Enforcing the law. Stopping black mobs from attacking whites. What is this Taki’s Mag Bubba Wallace article…? Who gives a shit?

    Plus, Taki’s Mag! Last of 10 free articles left? NOW? WHEN WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS SHITSTORM, YOU INSTITUTE A PAYWALL? Taki’s Mag is a bunch of fuckers. Fuck you!

  68. Goatweed says:

    NASCAR fans bring your fishing knots to the next meet, and fly Scotland’s and England’s flags.

  69. Anon[369] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Christian

    Shoes tied are the epitome of the Little Duece Noose. Kinda like the Beach Boys, with character.

    Good point.

    Our nation’s on suicide watch, we need to take away the shoelaces!

  70. Barnard says:

    Bubba says he has never seen a garage pull rope with a loop tied in the end of it before. I am hoping someone will put in the work and find video or a picture of him standing in a garage with a similar rope. There is already a video posted from Talladega in 2017 showing multiple garages with the same rope. He got a taste of woke sports stardom and he doesn’t want to let it go and go back to being just another mediocre race car driver.

    • Agree: bruce county, Charon
  71. I can’t believe the noose today.

    • Agree: Hemid
  72. They pick incidents that don’t check out intentionally to drive controversy and clicks.

  73. Possumman says:

    I’m hoping that Nascar will have Slipknot play in the infield at the next event—they could sing ‘Little Noose Coupe”.

  74. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Great “men” in American history’s end.

  75. Anon[409] • Disclaimer says:

    If not for whites, there would be no professional sports for blacks at all.

    None. Zero.

    Whites organize the events, whites pay the athletes, whites fill the seats, and whites pay for erecting the stadiums and arenas. No black would be able to earn a living in sports without whites enabling it. So when blacks abuse the place whites gave them, whites have every right to be pissed off. Neither Wallace nor Kaepernick deserve to have a living. They’re doing it all on the backs of whites.

    Whites built that.

    Whites built professional sports, period.

  76. Anon[426] • Disclaimer says:

    • LOL: Abe
  77. @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    Nascar hasn’t been the same since they banned Skoal, Copenhagen and other forms of dip/chewing tobacco from sponsoring cars.

    • Replies: @tyrone
  78. Altai [AKA "Altai_2"] says:

    Interestingly, both of them are bi-racial but of the very rare white father-black mother variety. Albeit their fathers seem very distant ethnically with Bubba having an old stock Southern father and Smollet having an Ashkenazi father who, according to Smollet’s Wikipedia page would “kill you if you called him white”.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  79. Normally I’d just laugh and go “Steve told you so!” But the disgusting groveling of Alabama’s governor — jumping to immediate conclusions and debasing her entire state over this ludicrous charge — was another sad marker along the road of retreat and surrender. White sports pundits and NASCAR itself were just as self-abasing but I’d expect no less from them

  80. I don’t understand how anybody could have ever taken this seriously.

    1. Every commercial garage and loading dock in the country has some kind of rope or something hanging from it to pull the gate down with, which you would know if you ever worked a day in your life in these settings.

    2. These NASCAR people have worked their entire lives in these settings.

    Conclusion: Obviously theatrical outrage.

    • Replies: @usNthem
  81. @Jim Christian

    What about all those pairs of sneakers tied together and flung up over power lines? I always heard it was a gang or drug-mart signifier but now I see it’s clearly is a cry of pain over Tulsa and Emmett Till

  82. Juckett says:

    Being Bi-racial , these figures could be a positive influence on society by uniting Whites and Blacks.
    They can’t do that. They totally disregard the white parent and totally identify with solely being “Black”. Is that what you would expect from a segment of society living in constant fear of the oppressive white supremacists reeking havoc ? Any intelligent society would see how nonsensical these types of actions are. An intelligent society we DO NOT have.

  83. @Kyle

    Two things.

    One is that I have yet to see a close-up picture of the rope and knot in questions. If it looks like a noose, it may have to be banned like the images of fictional characters representing food products?

    The other is that I had heard that the noose/bowline/rope handle had been cut from the rope by the FBI in collecting evidence? So I guess now Mr. Wallace doesn’t have a way of closing the garage door?

    • Replies: @Lurker
  84. anon[245] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    I wonder how much of the noose thang comes from The song, “Strange Fruit?” A great song with vivid imagery. A zillion cover versions.

    No comment on whether Jussie was inspired by it.

    1999: Time magazine named “Strange Fruit” as “Best Song of the Century” in its issue dated December 31, 1999.[30][31]
    2002: The Library of Congress honored the song as one of 50 recordings chosen that year to add to the National Recording Registry.[32]
    2010: The New Statesman listed it as one of the “Top 20 Political Songs”.[33]
    2011: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution listed the song as Number One on “100 Songs of the South”.(

  85. JMcG says:
    @Buffalo Joe

    Wait, linemen know it too. Boy Scouts used to, but they’ll probably stop
    Teaching it due to its unfortunate resemblance to a n**se.

  86. Mr. Sailer,
    Are there any prominent or semi-prominent competitors in the sport of sailing that are half-black? Imagine being surrounded by a sea of ropes with non-noose knots. What a nuisance!!

    • Replies: @anon
  87. A123 says:

    I put up briefly an iSteve post on Bubba Wallace pointing to some early research casting doubts on his story. But late on Monday evening, The Last Refuge’s new findings came together conclusively proving that the pull loop that had been photographed last fall was no longer there this weekend.

    For those of you who avoid Twitter — The Last Refuge has their website here:

    They have done great work on the RussiaGate scam and corruption in the FBI.

    Also some outstanding articles at the beginning of the WUHAN-19 scare pointing out that specific sections of depleted grocery store shelves were due to supply chain issues rather than a lack of food. For example, restaurants buy milk in 2 1/2 gallon bags not 1 gallon jugs. Such as this one:

    PEACE 😇

  88. @unit472

    “No rappers screaming obscenities at audiences, no non animated film or TV productions and its all being done for the health and safety of the public by liberal politicians.”

    The media rapidly filmed and assembled hundreds of ads to normalize facediapers using neurolinguistic programming techniques, but done visually rather than orally – neuro-optical programming – hundreds of ads glorifying people diapered up whilst Skyping at home, alone. Fake news reporters routinely diaper up whilst reading news outdoors. This is the greatest mass-hysteria event in human history. And everyone is participating, nobody wants to pump the breaks on the hysteria.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  89. Alfa158 says:

    I almost feel sorry for Richard Petty. This has got to damage his image and brand with the admittedly shrinking NASCAR audience. He was known as “The King“ and seems like a genuinely nice guy but it was a catastrophically bad decision taking Bubba on. Petty’s reputation is being destroyed, and not even in order to win, but by a driver who is, based on his record, a mediocrity. Richard could have at least picked a mulatto with talent like F1 driver Lewis Hamilton who is a truly great driver.
    I haven’t attended a NASCAR race since the 70’s and stopped following it entirely after they switched to racing fake stock cars, but it is depressing seeing yet another American institution being treated like a dead White man statue.

    • Replies: @Redman
  90. @Pentheus

    For blacks, there are three ways to keep it real: Angry, Violent, and Victim.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a useful approach to changing one’s way of dealing with the world. Wikipedia describes it: “CBT focuses on challenging and changing unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviors, improving emotional regulation, and the development of personal coping strategies that target solving current problems.”

    On-line, you can find lists of common cognitive distortions that make it very difficult for those who hold them to achieve happiness or success. What is remarkable, is that Western society, through its education system and media, imbues black people with these cognitive distortions and thinks it is doing them a favor.

    * Resenting other people (Whites)
    * Bitterness about the past (Slavery, Jim Crow, Red-lining, Emmett Till)
    * Self-centeredness (Black Lives Matter)
    * Blaming other people for one’s problems (Racism)
    * Feeling superior to everyone else (We was kangz!)
    * Ill-will towards strangers (Polar bear attacks)
    * Focus on the faults of other people (Whites, Asians)
    * Being overly pessimistic (Black man ain’t got no chance in the white man’s world)
    * Blowing things out of proportion (Noose! Banana peel! Cotton balls!)
    * Always attributing negative motives behind the actions of others (Why did he call me “articulate”?)

    There are sites on-line where they go into depth on cognitive distortions, such as at

    Read them and you can’t help but be struck by how this kind of self-defeating thinking is encouraged in blacks throughout their lives.

    • Thanks: HammerJack
  91. Jack D says:
    @Buffalo Joe

    Sailor’s knots, Boy Scout knots, rigger’s knots – they are all part of the Old America, where people worked with their hands and knowing which knot to use could literally be a matter of life and death. This is the new America where you don’t actually have to know anything having to do with the real, material world. You deal entirely in words and concepts, and increasing, as journalism becomes feminized, in feelz. Building stuff – that’s all outsourced to Chinese and immigrants. The scribes of the NY Times wouldn’t know a bowline from a noose if their life depended on it.

    There is no admission, and there is never going to be any admission in the MSM that there was never any NOOSE at all, just a door pull loop formed with a bowline knot. No one would make a hand loop in the form of an actual noose knot because the loop would tighten around your hand when you pulled it.

    Of course part of this is Protective Stupidity, as Orwell called it. Today’s Party Line is that, yes the NOOSE was there for a long time but it’s still a NOOSE and we’re gonna keep calling it a NOOSE. Maybe some horrible racist white person put that NOOSE there last fall? We are not going to admit that we were idiots and fell for a hate hoax for the millionth time or that not every piece of rope or string formed into a loop constitutes a NOOSE.

    The MSM journalists are NOT idiots, they are armed with Protective Stupidity – no one ever lost their job for falling for a hate hoax. On the other hand, if the noose turns out to be real and you ignored it, then you are minimizing racism – maybe this means that YOU are a racist too, doubt the word of a black man, etc. For THAT you could lose your job. “Always believe women” has now been expanded. Now, it’s “always believe women and Black people. In fact believe anyone who is not a white male or a cop. ” There is a lack of symmetry in the price to be paid by journalists for Type 1 and Type 2 errors concerning suspected hate crimes and this explains why the MSM keeps falling for these obvious hoaxes again and again. Steve is bright but so are these journalists (at least some of the older ones – the quality keeps going down as the workforce browns and feminizes). It’s not (just) that he is Sherlock Holmes and they are fools. Upton Sinclair said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

    • Replies: @Art Deco
    , @JMcG
    , @Buffalo Joe
  92. OT:
    Protesters explain why they tore down statues at State Capitol [of course, not really]

    Madison police say a group of about 200 to 300 people took control of a towing vehicle and tore down the Forward and Hans Christian Heg statues at the State Capitol overnight.

    Multiple media outlets reported the Forward statue was left in the middle of State Street, while the Heg statue was beheaded, dragged down the street, and thrown into Lake Monona by the group.

    Heg was a Norwegian immigrant, activist and abolitionist who led an anti-slave catcher militia helping slaves escape before serving as a Colonel for the Union army in the Civil War. He was killed in the Battle of Chickmauga in north Georgia in 1863.

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Polynikes
  93. @Harry Baldwin

    Minus the racial angle, this was the entire thesis for the Lukianoff/Haidt book “the coddling of the american mind”. Good read.

  94. Wilkey says:

    Since I wrote this column, the FBI announced that its crack 15 man team of top men has determined it wasn’t a hate crime…

    So proud to live in a country that is so safe, that is so free of chaos and violence, and where our cities are so orderly and peaceful that we can use up the time of 15 crack FBI agents to investigate a piece of rope found in a garage where no crime was committed.

    This issue has now received more news coverage than the video of the 31-year-old black man and no sucker punched a 92-year-old white woman; more coverage than the video of the 200+ blacks who looted that WalMart; more coverage than the murder of David adorn; more coverage than any mention of the level of violence Chicago has suffered the last four weekends.

    • Agree: Buffalo Joe
    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
    , @Dumbo
    , @tyrone
  95. Thatgirl says:


    Jusie Smollet has relocated to the desert Southwest.

    White supremacists vandalize Indian food restaurant in Santa Fe with “Trump 2020” and “White Power” graffiti.

    This is not quite up to the level of ridiculousness of white Trump supporters driving around the South side of Chicago on the coldest night of the year to beat up black people while shouting “this is Trump country” – but its close. I live in Santa Fe. The average age of a white person here is about 65. The city is 85% registered Democratic. I can’t even imagine there are groups of young white non-hispanic men here – who would presumably be the ones vandalizing a restaurant, unless someone thinks that this is the work of a septuagenerian.

    • Replies: @anon
  96. @Wilkey

    Can we please, please, PLEASE defund the FBI? Local police perform a needed duty, but the FBI has got to go.

  97. HEL says:

    I am curious as to how exactly this inane hoax came about. Surely the Nascar people must have known it was totally ridiculous from the get-go My guess is it was a bizarre preemptive self-defamation to prevent potential future scandal. Better to have a couple days of hysteria now then to have Bubba Gump come out sometime in the future and declare that the KKK/Nascar fraternal society tried to lynch him to preserve the racial purity of the sport, and then Nascar covered it up too, the racist bastards! Especially since it’d be easier to prove that absolutely nothing happened in the immediate aftermath of the non-event than at a later date. Some wanna sell it as a Nascar publicity stunt. They’d have to be pretty goddamn stupid for that to be the case. Now tens of millions of people are going to insist from now on that Bubba was practically lynched, regardless of the evidence. And surely some portion of Nascar’s totally white fanbase isn’t going to be happy with being defamed and subjected to an absurd hate hoax.

    Always interesting how idiots supporting these hoaxes try and salvage the situation. Biggest one, hilariously, is to declare that loops are inherently sinister. That terrifying loop had been their for quite possibly years, and there were loops all over the place? That just makes it worse! Obviously they had been all left around for the explicit purpose of oppressing any nearby blacks should they happen to see the loops. Other classic claims include that Bubba did nothing wrong. He just had no choice but the run with inflammatory claims without any actual evidence. That is absolutely the most generous interpretation of his actions one can make, and it’s still not good. The idea that he could’ve manipulated or outright manufactured the situation in order to garner himself more attention than he’d ever receive via legitimate means is apparently unthinkable. Finally, and most outrageously, people like Megan McArdle have claimed that anti-white hoaxes are simply good. They brought everyone together in their love of scapegoating whites for imaginary events that would be trivial if they had actually happened. Anti-whiteness brings us all together apparently.

    • Replies: @Russ
  98. @Calvin Hobbes

    The horrific TikTok video is at the link.

    I’m literally shaking with rage now, why is he mocking Parkinson’s syndrome people.

  99. Art Deco says:
    @Calvin Hobbes

    Yes he does, but higher ed is run by dishonorable people who engage in try-every-door noncompliance when they fancy the law shouldn’t apply to them. Here’s hoping he gets a handsome payout from those trash. In truth, though, this sort of thing won’t stop until the dean of students and other perpetrators face personal liability.

  100. @Harry Baldwin

    Can we please, please, PLEASE defund the FBI? Local police perform a needed duty, but the FBI has got to go.

    The current iteration of the FBI is a symptom of the exponential expansion of Federal jurisdiction, rather than the cause of the current predicament. You ought to focus on scaling back Federal jurisdiction, and the FBI’s annoyingness would largely recede.

  101. Art Deco says:
    @Jack D

    Building stuff – that’s all outsourced to Chinese and immigrants.

    We don’t. The majority of those in ‘natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations’ are non-hispanic whites.

    That aside, the purpose of the rope in question was blatantly obvious and Walker or his staff could have walked from bay to bay and seen one on every garage door. He’s either dumber than whale sh!t or he’s a drama queen fraud. That NASCAR management and the FBI didn’t tell him to buzz off is indicative of the metastasizing cancer in every apparat in society.

    • Replies: @JMcG
    , @Jack D
    , @Abe
  102. JMcG says:
    @Jack D

    You have a way with words Jack, well said.

  103. JMcG says:
    @Art Deco

    Corporate money and its accompanying feminized, HR department rules have done to NASCAR what it did to the Boy Scouts. There was a guy years ago who wrote an essay on The Pu**ification of the American Male. Never were truer words spoken.
    I’ve raised my son to shoot straight and to think straight, but the fact is that if he should talk straight, he’ll never be allowed to earn crumbs for his table.

  104. Jack D says:
    @Art Deco

    The majority of those in ‘natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations’ are non-hispanic whites.

    The danger of depending on an almanac instead of looking out the window to see what the weather is. It really depends what kind of construction – if you are talking about heavy construction, unionized jobs – yes there are still a lot of white guys (although they tend to be on the older side). But for most parts of the country, when it comes to light construction (residential building) it’s immigrants as far as the eye can see. Mostly Mexicans but not just. In Philly (and I’m sure even more so in NY and LA) it’s a crazy quilt of ethnicities – Russian roofers and Brazilian framers and Dominican iron workers and Albanian plumbers and on and on – it’s a friggin’ UN of ethnicities. And the Mexican laborers who stand in the Home Depot parking lot and work for cash probably don’t even show up in the stats.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
    , @JMcG
    , @Indiana Jack
  105. J.Ross says:

    A Democrat state senator was caught in the completely unpoliced rioting which continues and tweeted “StopViolenceNowPlz,” hoping that lolcats would save him.

  106. I think the Big Problem here is that nooses and lynching are a big deal in the activist community, but not a big thing in the racist-sexist-homophobe community.

    Hey, activists! You are supposed to know your enemy!

    As the song goes, “you have to be carefully taught, to hate and to fear.”

    But, I use bowline knots all the time, back from when I read Swallows and Amazons books as a kid.

    Will I get canceled?

  107. Art Deco says:
    @Jack D

    You haven’t a clue, blowhard.

    • Disagree: Buffalo Joe
    • Replies: @Jack D
  108. @Buffalo Joe

    We need to have a national conversation about race… cars.

  109. J.Ross says:

    Expect more riots in DC as the out of control criminal justice system has just cornered and viciously spanked another black man who had been getting his life together!

    • LOL: kaganovitch
  110. Harold says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    A while ago when many people were comparing belief in the nefarious impact of systemic racism to belief in witchcraft I was amused to come across an article based on gallup polling about witchcraft belief in sub-Saharan Africa.

    A new Gallup poll found that belief in magic is widespread throughout sub-Saharan Africa, […]

    belief was inversely linked to happiness. Those who believe in witchcraft rated their lives significantly less satisfying than those who did not.

    One likely explanation is that those who believe in witchcraft feel they have less control over their own lives. People who believe in witchcraft often feel victimized by supernatural forces, […]

    African belief in witchcraft has also led to horrific murders and mutilations in recent years. In 2008, a mob of hundreds of young men killed eight women and three men in two villages in rural western Kenya. The victims were accused of witchcraft — having cast spells that lowered the intelligence of the village’s children.

    Looking for the article to quote just now I read some tips for happiness ostensibly backed up by the research of professor Sonja Lyubomirsky amongst others, and sounding like much well-worn wisdom: be grateful, count your blessings, commit acts of kindness, etc.

    Not exactly the types of things encouraged among blacks either.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  111. mmack says:

    “Phelps would not comment on any specifics of the investigation, nor would he say whether the noose came from the rope that is typically attached to the garage door to close off the garage. He said any suggestion that NASCAR staged the event offended him.

    From the series that throws caution flags for “Debris on the Track” nobody can see to prevent a popular driver from being lapped, or to prevent a driver taking a run-away win to “keep things more interesting”, that’s a rich statement. 🙄

    The cynic in me says some of this foolishness is related to this:

    Earlier in the year during this COVID-19 panic NASCAR and IndyCar decided to telecast iRacing events. These weren’t just a few dude-bros firing up the xBox and eating pizza and drinking beer on the couch. The racing set ups were sophisticated racing simulators, on par with an aircraft simulator. During one of these sessions Bubba got his virtual car tangled up with Clint Boyer’s car, and quit the race, quite peeved at what happened. Then, as befits the Social Media Generation, he taunted folks on Twitter who criticized him.

    Which was a step too far for his sponsor, Blue Emu.

    His virtual, and real cars were sponsored by the company and the company out and said “We don’t support quitters, bye-bye.” And pulled their sponsorship.

    Now sponsorship is the lifeblood of auto racing. No bucks, no racing. So one has to wonder how much of this and other stories about him is a desperate attempt in a tight economy to get a “Woke” sponsor to pony up some cash?

    • Agree: Cortes
  112. Harold says:

    ‘satisfyingly jam-packed’ might have been better wording

  113. JMcG says:
    @Jack D

    We’re in the middle of a huge turnover in the construction trades. We older white guys are being replaced by a new generation of young white guys. Blacks are heavily recruited, but dont want to stop smoking pot and honestly have a hard time with the knowledge tests.
    I had a friend ask me to help a young relative get into my trade. When I sat down to have a talk with him recently, he allowed as he had been at one of the recent riots downtown. He’ll never get a call, he can wash dishes for the rest of his life as far as I’m concerned.

  114. SMK says: • Website

    The despicable Colin Kapernick has earned far more money and received far more praise for kneeling during the national anthem to protest the lie and delusion of “systemic racism” and “police brutality” than he did playing football. Similarly, Bubba Wallace, a stock car driver few people had ever heard of outside of NASCAR and it’s fandom, is now famous and extolled by the left and MSM as a hero for supporting and defending a “hate-crime” hoax. One mulatto driver can vitiate a sport that was once 100% white and free of racial politics and its malign effects.

  115. Dumbo says:

    This idea that “nooses” (i.e. ropes with knots) are a “hate crime” has to be one of the dumbest ideas in the History of Mankind, and something that only spoiled modern-day Americans could come up with. I mean, really. It’s a freaking rope. Ropes have been used for thousands of years for the most varied purposes. To transform it into a “hate crime” it’s demented. Damn, even if it’s done on purpose, so what? Unless you put someone’s head inside it, it’s perfectly harmless.

    • Agree: botazefa
    • Replies: @Mr Mox
  116. Dumbo says:

    I don’t know if Steve was being facetious about the “15 FBI men” investigating it, but, even if it was just one cop that ran out of donuts, it was too much. These things should be ignored. Let the media do whatever dumb thing they want, to invent whatever stories they want, but no law enforcement or government agency should concern themselves with DUMB STUFF like that. It’s a waste of time and money, and, also, it’s not a crime.

    • Replies: @Wilkey
    , @Jack D
  117. Marty says:
    @Buffalo Joe

    Hey Joe, did you catch the latest honkie murder in Berkeley? One shot to the head, a few blocks west of MLK.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  118. Abe says:
    @Art Deco

    That aside, the purpose of the rope in question was blatantly obvious and Walker or his staff could have walked from bay to bay and seen one on every garage door. He’s either dumber than whale sh!t or he’s a drama queen fraud.

    Dumb as a fox, maybe? I never even heard of this guy until yesterday, but it seems someone who has a WORSE track record than Danica Patrick and- let me go out on a limb here- probably does not look as good in a swimsuit, has just ensured he will be behind the wheel until HE says it’s time to stop, regardless of his actual performance.

    I get the feeling this will not even be memory holed (when starry-eyed BLM freaks hold every available megaphone, what need?) but memory hallucinated. “NASCAR is firing that nice Bubba Wallace? Wasn’t he the one who almost got lynched with a noose? Why, the poor thing’s hands have probably been shaking ever since, no wonder he can’t hold a steering wheel right.”

    At this point I think it even odds you’ll get cancelled for even (in the most dispassionate manner) pointing out the mere existence of hate hoaxes on social media.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
    , @Bleuteaux
  119. Old Prude says:

    Excellent comment. Network TV is unwatchable because ofall the blacks, even when they aren’t talking about blackness. Now I know why: They are thinking about it even when reading the prompter. What a shi**y inner life they must have.

  120. Forbes says:
    @Redneck farmer

    And the president of NASCAR is none other than Steve Phelps, the disgraced former GM of the New York Mets, who was dismissed/fired in the wake of a sexual liaison with a female staffer–and while married.

    Curiously, he doesn’t have a Wiki entry, despite being a former baseball executive and NASCAR president.

    • Replies: @Anon87
    , @Brutusale
  121. Wallace? Any relation to George? He was a Democrat too.

  122. Forbes says:
    @william munny

    Facts inconvenient to The Narrative will always be ignored.

  123. @Thoughts

    No, because no one knows how to tie nooses anymore …

    Are there youtube videos out there to show you … hell, why am I asking, here’s the first hit: “How to tie a hangman’s Noose”. (First, skip the “legalities” bull, and 2nd, he only makes 6 loops on the coil – shouldn’t it be 12?) His vid has 1.9 million hits, man – that’s a lot of lynchings coming! Maybe we should keep the FBI around after all

    In Boy Scouts we learned how to tie this. It wasn’t in the Scout handbook with the Bowline, Sheepshank, Clove Hitch, and Sheet Bend, but some kid or troop leader showed us. There was no youtube back then, and WE LIKED IT THAT WAY!

    … and why would you bother?

    Same with the other knots, if you aren’t a cowboy or a sailor, then YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW THAT, right? It’s good for dexterity and visualization (you know, like when I visualize who I want to lynch … ooops, did I just write that out loud? Crap.)

    • LOL: Lurker, Adam Smith
  124. res says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    By the way, Larson’s “racially insensitive” comment was made after the sucky Bubba Wallace wrecked him in iRacing the video game.

    Is that true?

    (emphasis mine)

    Larson is the second driver in a week to draw scrutiny while using the online racing platform to fill time during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Bubba Wallace one week earlier “rage quit” an official NASCAR iRacing event televised live nationally, and his sponsor fired him immediately. Wallace had been wrecked, and, fed up, quit the game and admitted it was out of anger on Twitter. Blue-Emu, a topical pain reliever who had sponsored Wallace for the virtual race and has an association with him for real, replied to the tweet firing Wallace.

    Larson was parked during the race Wallace quit a week earlier by iRacing officials for intentionally wrecking another driver.

    P.S. Does that excerpt even make sense? Did Wallace intentionally cause the wreck or not? “Wallace had been wrecked” vs. “intentionally wrecking another driver”

  125. res says:

    The spin control is fascinating to watch.


    Whites should be boycotting NASCAR and all professional sports for their constant abetting of this behavior. The NFL and NBA are no Brainers, but all pro sports leagues do this. Whites shouldn’t be shelling out their hard earned money to billionaire Jews to watch black entertainers tell them how evil they are. It’s Stockholm Syndrome at this point. #WhiteStrike is the only way, if the bread and circuses hate their audience then they can just find a new one.

  127. @Keith Richards's secret account

    I never bought into any of that noose business. It comes off as a rather clumsily conceived and patently “obvious”, more like Agitprop Inc.’s Flavor of The Month. Well, anyway, the shelf life may be running out, so it’s time for them to run a new scam. Suggestion: rather than a new one, how ’bout an old tried and true chestnut: a burning cross? Minus witnesses or suspects of course.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Lurker
  128. anon[220] • Disclaimer says:

    There has to be vid of the garages as part of an overall security system. The FBI needs to examine it frame by frame, because really clever Boogaloo Bois might have tied up nooses in every garage last year as part of their very deep plan! Perhaps they hired some Nigerian gay bodybuilders to do the work for them!

    This case can’t be closed so casually, not when there’s a great deal of useless important work to be done.

    Also, I’m very disappointed that neither Tinys Duk nor Coronavinus has offered up an opinion on this. Does it mean that Cornavinus is still rayciss? The world wonders.

  129. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Most embarrassing, humiliating moments in American History
    have come last few weeks with kneeling, weeping, and NASCAR.

    NASCAR solidarity event #1 embarrassment.
    This should end NASCAR. This embarrassment
    will be too much for the remaining fans.

    Most know the weeping and kneeling were political BS.

  130. res says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    Read them and you can’t help but be struck by how this kind of self-defeating thinking is encouraged in blacks throughout their lives.

    That is an excellent point which I don’t think gets enough attention. Is there a better way to prime people for failure?

    Is there any long form writing about this idea? Maybe from black separatist types?

    • Replies: @Hemid
  131. @JMcG

    When I sat down to have a talk with him recently, he allowed as he had been at one of the recent riots downtown.


    • Replies: @Jack D
  132. Rebunga says:

    How come none of Bubba’s friends and team mates had his back and said: “That’s not a noose you dumbass!” Much embarassment could have been spared.

    Or have we come to the era of what is and what isn’t a noose is subjective, and the judgment of brown people in matters of knot tying and placement is unassailable?

    Further query: Can white people call the FBI to investigate nooses? I have at least 5 “nooses” on each of my boats.

  133. Art Deco says:

    but it seems someone who has a WORSE track record than Danica Patrick

    Danica Patrick was a rank-and-file performer who got an abnormal amount of attention due to the novelty factor and good visuals. Not so much novelty, as Denise McCluggage had raced on a different circuit 40 years earlier. McCluggage wasn’t promising material for cheesecake spreads in Sports Illustrated, but she was a multi-talented figure who navigated the social world of sports journalism and auto racing well, founded and edited her own publication, was proficient in sports other than auto racing, and could still handle a vehicle like a pro at age 80.

  134. usNthem says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Because we now live in the age of the magical negro. Nothing they say or do can be questioned or criticized by Whites. Just look at the groveling and “knee bending” by corporate america – it’s off the charts insane.

  135. @Anon

    FourZeroNine, and in return black athletes claim they are treated like slaves, thus denigrating the very institution, slavery, that gives them there status, for lack of a better word.

  136. Now that they are on to the noose, I think bigots are going to have to start using an electric chair as a symbol of hate. They can put an old Lazy Boy or worn out sofa out somewhere rather than dumping it on the side of the road. Since there are so many out in front of fraternities we can consider those hate hot spots.

  137. Bleuteaux says:

    Speaking of “shaking,” I witnessed my first in the wild encounter with someone saying they were “Literally Shaking ™” last night.

    • Replies: @Anon87
  138. Clyde says:
    @Adam Smith

    Thanks. I never saw instructions on noose-tying before. So simple and interesting.

  139. Art Deco says:

    Seems he’s kind of a head case. And an exhibitionist about it.

  140. Jack D says:
    @Grace Jones

    The headline says “Protesters explain why they tore down statues at State Capitol” but if you read the article they don’t explain why they tore down the statue of a white man who literally gave his life for the cause of helping blacks. They don’t because they can’t bring themselves to say that the statue was torn down because he was a white man. White men are the debil. They are inherently evil regardless of what they may have done. Heg may have died for the cause of freeing blacks but maybe he once pushed a black child on an escalator or failed to kneel down for one or something. If we search hard enough, we can find it. Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime, said Beria.

    The picture explains it all : Someone has graffitied “Black is Beautiful” on the empty pedestal. ONLY Black is Beautiful. White is ugly. From now on we are not allowed to have ugly things like statues of white men.

    Heg statue was beheaded, dragged down the street, and thrown into Lake Monona by the group.

    Heine, prophetically (over a century before the Nazis) wrote, Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen”

    Where you behead and drown statues, you will ultimately behead and drown humans. The only saving grace is that such witch burning fevers are always temporary. Of course when the fever breaks, we cannot bring back those who have been sacrificed to the delirium, but at least the nightmare ends.

    • Agree: Prof. Woland
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  141. @Je Suis Omar Mateen

    Je, in yesterday’s Buffalo News there is an article about how restaurants have to be ADA compliant and allow a diner, who claims a handicap, to disregard the need to wear a mask in the restaurant. You may not question or ask for proof of handicap. But, how do you eat with the “face diaper” on?

  142. Nachum says:

    Are they implying that *had* it been a noose placed by a white racist, it *would* have been a FEDERAL CRIME? What the hell is going on here? I don’t even see how it would be a *crime*!

    • Replies: @vhrm
    , @HammerJack
  143. Jack D says:
    @Art Deco

    No, you’re the one who doesn’t have a clue – you think that you can sit in your arm chair and look things up in some statistical table and that you will know about the world as if the statistics are the Gospel truth. The statistics are phony, they are defective, they are misleading, they are outdated, they often bear no resemblance to the world as it is actually exists today outside of your closet. Go visit a dozen or two construction sites in your city and report back to us what you see.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  144. anon[409] • Disclaimer says:

    The Noose stories are another instance of the on-going propaganda war that we are destined to lose. We are destined to lose the propaganda war because victory goes to the loudest bull horn and most bumber stickers. Lies can spread quickly but the truth always takes some explaining. Truth does not fare well in a name-calling contest.
    We have an immediate problem of rioters on the streets and traitors in our government attempting to overthrow our democracy and replace it with whatever form of tyranny they have in mind.
    We also have a more important though distant problem. If we recover our country, can a democratic people govern themselves competently without succombing to propaganda campaigns? Propaganda exists because it works.
    We need an answer to this question. Alternatives to some form of democracy, including capitalist meritocracy and Chinese communist/mandarin oligarchy, are not acceptable to a free people. Democracy is what is being attacked in the street riots and beltway coup attempts currently underway.
    Democracy is the only form of government that offers true self-determination for a people with personal freedoms for its members. Democracy is what is at stake.
    We need to make a strong case FOR democracy in the face of its enemies.

  145. Jack D says:
    @Henry's Cat

    ” He allowed as how” or ” He allowed that” is an old-fashioned idiom (is it regional? Southern? I don’t know) that means ” He admitted that”.

    • Replies: @Lot
  146. eggplant says:

    When even Don Lemon looks embarrassed you know it’s a hoax.

    • LOL: Kylie
    • Replies: @bruce county
  147. Russ says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Lots of comment problems lately.

    • Agree: botazefa
  148. Hemid says:

    Pretty much every James Brown song is about that (or women’s butts).

    I’m about 45 years old, and all the black pop culture of my youth is Limbaugh/Sowell/Thomas style bootstrap rhetoric set to music—or delivered as street-pimp poetry/motivational speeches.

    When I was a teenager it shifted to fuck-the-police stuff (also true and right—then).

    The change to only-money-matters/only-whitey-keeps-it-from-you happened at around the turn of the century. You won’t find anything different anymore anywhere, from the bottom to the top of black culture, from the worst rapper to the most elaborately hyphenated trans-female professor at Cambridge.

    They gave up and they’ll never forgive us for it.

  149. vhrm says:

    I’ve checked some Twitter feeds and news articles and so far none of NASCAR, Richard Petty Racing or Bubba Wallace have apologized.
    They’ve doubled down on how it’s indicative of the “progress”the sport of making.

    The news media aren’t demanding apologies either.

    Just like Jussie.

    The double standard for “progressives” vs normal people is on full display…

  150. OT: Lincoln County, Oregon announces that only whites must comply with its mask law.

    Check out the fourth bullet point:

  151. @James Braxton

    What do you think would happen if you vandalized a holocaust memorial?

  152. TheJester says:

    Even if it was true, why is knotting-a-noose a Federal crime while murder is not? Aren’t feelings subjective and relative? Isn’t knotting-a-noose context-sensitive? Is knotting-a-noose to snare a rabbit the same as threatening someone’s life?

    Or …, have we reached the point that the emotional reaction (the expressed FEELINGS) of people claiming to be People-of-Color, Feminists, LGBTQIA+xyz … apparently anyone in the Coalition-of-the-Fringes and/or the 8-to-10 Federally protected classes and identities … has replaced the Constitution, due process, and the rule of law in the United States?

    This must be the implied meaning of the phrase “Black Lives Matter” … that FEELINGS trump the rule of law and due process, allowing People-of-Color and their allies to riot, loot, pillage, and plunder at will without legal and social repercussions because of how they FEEL about someone or something. This is the only sense I can make of police idly watching black protestors pillage and loot a city center while arresting a white counter-protestor for peeing in the park.

    As a university professor, I should have seen this coming. In class, I would ask students what they THOUGHT about something. They would inevitably reply with how they FELT about it.

    I had to remind them that FEELINGS are something they might have for their boyfriends or girlfriends … but that their FEELINGS were irrelevant to the course and their grade. But the tsunami of FEELING over REASON in the current generation has apparently carried the day. Welcome to the Brave New World in which how someone FEELS about someone or something has become the new arbitrator of objectivity and reality. Now, that’s an identity issue!

    “How do you feel about interplanetary exploration?”
    “How do you feel about the chances of developing a Covid-19 vaccine?
    “How do you feel about the Big Bang Theory?

    Question: Why would someone pay $120,000 for a university education to learn how they FEEL about things? They already know that; they have nothing to learn, which probably explains the nonsense coming from university “studies” graduates. To “studies” graduates, academic accomplishment is letting everyone know how they FEEL about things! The more vehement the FEELING, the higher the grade!

    “It must be true … or, otherwise, I wouldn’t feel so strongly about it!”

    Reason and emotion have different criteria for validation. People who REASON fall back on the Law of Noncontradiction and the Law of Contraries as prerequisites for making decisions and drawing conclusions. Emotivists can, at their leisure, be emotional, irrational, and inconsistent to their heart’s desire. No foul; no penalty. From the evidence, it appears that they now give people PhDs for publishing monologues of personalized, narcissistic, emotional drabble.

    Yes, I’m aware I would last about five minutes in a contemporary university classroom.

    • Replies: @Charles St. Charles
    , @vhrm
  153. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @Peter Frankfurter

    Youll swing for that pun…

  154. The larger question — really — is why would anyone make a public incident out of it if they did find a noose — or any other such ‘message’ — aimed at them?

    Let’s put ourselves in Bubba’s shoes — and yes, I have been the target of racial hostility — what do we do?

    We suck it up. If somebody does make a ‘racist attack’ on you, it means you’re not very popular with somebody.

    So decide what to do about that. Be nicer, kick somebody’s ass, leave, ignore it, whatever. Don’t fucking whine.

    We’re getting into this weird space where blacks reacting in ways that we would never tolerate in ourselves or anyone we respected as an equal becomes perfectly legitimate.

    This all can’t end well. As a permanent proposition, we simply cannot tolerate what is emerging as the norm for black behavior.

  155. @Jack D

    Jack, Excellent comment. When I was a kid we had real jobs. One summer, at sixteen, I was a helper for carpenters and bricklayers. Hard work yes, but muscle building and bonding with older guys. Summer jobs at the steel mills kept thousands, yes thousands, of college guys in tuition money. Factories, with their noise, smoke and grit, were right in the city, separated from housing by a chain link fence. Best thing about dangerous work in a hot, stinking factory was when an old timer said…”This is why you want to get an education.” And, I remember once, putting metal decking on a bridge the foreman saying…”Everyone pull your dick out. If we are going to work like donkeys, we should look like donkeys.”

  156. @Prester John

    ‘I never bought into any of that noose business. It comes off as a rather clumsily conceived and patently “obvious”, more like Agitprop Inc.’s Flavor of The Month. Well, anyway, the shelf life may be running out, so it’s time for them to run a new scam. Suggestion: rather than a new one, how ’bout an old tried and true chestnut: a burning cross? Minus witnesses or suspects of course.’

    I think it’s about five minutes to midnight for when the nooses and crosses start showing up — and they’re not faked.

    What else can plausibly happen?

  157. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:


    what about the Knee? Will that be a ‘hate symbol’ too?

    Black culture: Noose and Shoes. Scream about noose and loot for shoes.


    In a way, the desperate need to belief in the Noble Magic Negro is a form of ‘spiritual’ escapism from the ghastly vile black, too common in reality.

    It’s like the need to believe in the good god. Given the way of reality, god or gods would appear to be pretty cruel, arbitrary in their justice or unjust, uncaring, nihilistic, and etc. But believing in such a god would be a bummer. So, Jews, Christians, and Muslims desperately and passionately clung to the notion of the good God. So, if anything goes wrong, the fault is with the people, never with the good God.

    Same logic operates with white views of blacks. The reality is so grim and frustrating that whites would rather believe in the Noble Negro trope. And if race problems go wrong, it’s entirely the fault of whites.

    ‘Systemic racism’ is the new Original Sin.

    The problem is never with the ghastliness of the Negro but the wrongfulness of white souls.

  158. @Adam Smith

    Isn’t a real noose supposed to have 13 loops? That’s how I learned it in Boy Scouts. /s

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  159. Lot says:
    @the one they call Desanex

    “ That halfrican fag”

    Two gay blacks are headed for the US House from the NYC area in 2021. A third straight black guy* purged elderly Jew with an excellent mustache Elliot Engel. Elderly white NY congresslady Carolyn Maloney only won her primary over a very white looking dot Indian millennial by 2 points. Typically that situation means retirement at end of term.

    *A 44 year old middle school principal.

    Engel from about 10 years ago, when his stache was in peak form:

  160. @JMcG

    It’s not just blacks who can’t stop smoking pot. The frackers have had trouble filling well paying jobs from the local population because many of the applicants can’t pass the drug test. Same for Home Depot which is why its staff is so foreign in some areas.

  161. @Anon

    Black privilege is directly proportional to their proximity to whites.

  162. Lot says:
    @Jack D

    “Allowed” to mean “admit” or “concede” I think is standard formal English. E.g., “I’ll allow that I was wrong to…”

    I have never heard “allowed as how” before.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  163. tyrone says:

    bubba must not be the last guy to leave the garage at night or the first to arrive in the morning ……closing those doors is going to be a tall mans job from now on.

  164. peterike says:

    I wonder how much of the noose thang comes from The song, “Strange Fruit?” A great song with vivid imagery

    It’s not a great song, it’s a hysterical piece of blatant agit-prop written — can you guess? — by a New York Jewish Communist.

    “Strange Fruit” is music weaponized against white people. Period.

    • Thanks: HammerJack
  165. OT:

    The University of Florida’s “Gator Bait” chant is gone. Now Florida State’s “Tomahawk chop” is on the cancellation list:

  166. @JMcG

    JMcG, Twenty five years as a Union Ironworker and in my time most of the guys were “grandfathered in.” I took the apprentice test, aced it and after my three years as a “punk” I received the Outstanding Apprentice pin. Meant as much to me as my college diploma. The local electricians union is always looking for apprentices, but when you have to work a forty hour week and then have a four hour class one day a week, it is a burden. Yes, that is correct, a forty four hour week is too much. Every single program that has encouraged minorities to apply for apprenticeship fails! Just give me the money.

  167. peterike says:

    Blacks are heavily recruited, but dont want to stop smoking pot and honestly have a hard time with the knowledge tests.

    I’m surrounded by high rise construction, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the black hard hat dudes sharing around a joint on the street.

    • Replies: @JMcG
  168. Mr Mox says:

    This idea that “nooses” (i.e. ropes with knots) are a “hate crime” has to be one of the dumbest ideas in the History of Mankind, and something that only spoiled modern-day Americans could come up with

    As a kid I taught myself to tie a hangman’s knot (and used it for stringing up my sister’s dolls.)
    This came up when I googled “how to tie a hangman’s knot”:

    View post on

  169. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    In THE GODFATHER, it was Barzini all along.
    In THE GODFATHER Part 2, Michael asks, ‘but who gave the go-ahead’? Sure, the Rosatos done it, but who gave them the green light?

    The current craziness cannot be understood merely by focusing on the street nuttery. Such nuts have been around for a long time. But why do they feel so emboldened? They got the go-ahead from the Power, the Establishment of Media, Deep State, Military Industrial Complex, federal and local governments, and even libraries. (Check your library website and suddenly, the librarians are so shocked about ‘racism’. Where was their outrage about US support of Zionist mass brutality against Palestinians?)

    While street nuts or the mob or radical freaks will always be around, they usually know when to stop when the Power comes down hard on them. Antifa violence has been enabled. BLM was funded by big donors. They’ve been part of propaganda war and lawfare. Antifa would be nothing if the Power went after them like with the Proud Boys. Likewise, ISIS would be nothing without the support of Jewish-Supremacist US.

    If the entire power system coordinated to contain the violence, this would have ended far quicker. But the Power gave the green light. Even the military industrial complex apologized for standing by Trump after restoring order in DC. This was Maidanned. As with Covid, Trump is put in a Scylla and Charybdis situation. If he reacts hard and clamps down, he is a ‘fascist tyrant’. If he goes soft, he is mocked as ineffective and weak.

    Mob logic follows its own rules, but it can be put to an end with effective use of force. This was the case at the Disco Demolition. Once the cops came out in force and chased people down(with full support by the city), the lunacy on the field quickly came to an end. But suppose the Powers-that-be allowed such mob-lunacy to continue and even added fuel to it. The field would have burned all night and things would have been totally smashed.

    The current Civic Demolition has been given the green light from above.

    Jewish supremacist power > Deep State > Globo-homo Corporations > Media > Institutions > Commissars > Street level thugs.

    And the GOP? Bunch of wussy cucks who dare not call out on Jewish Power.

  170. tyrone says:

    All those “isolated events” are off narrative man!….you gotta focus on the NOOSE!!!!……boy is it tough being a deplorable (10 to 15% bad person ).

  171. Johnny789 says:

    Why do we even need rope anymore?

  172. Roger says:

    Besides the noose, Jussie and Bubba really do resemble each other.

  173. @Marty

    Oh Marty, this is sad. A 19 year old white Cal-Berkeley student shot in the back of the head, and Berkeley wants to defund/abolish their PD. Reading Berkeleyside is eye opening.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  174. tyrone says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Winston cup baby ….it’s been all down hill.

  175. @Buffalo Joe

    Somehow this one (and thousands more like it) won’t make the national news. Meanwhile here’s Ken Burns on why statues must be torn down:

    “They’re an attempt to rewrite history and to essentially celebrate a false narrative about what happened during the Civil War and to send the wink-winks, the dog whistles, as we’re fond of saying today, across the generations of what the Civil War was about,” Burns explained. “It’s so interesting we’re having this having this argument because the people that we people who responsible for the deaths of — yes. These are people responsible for the deaths of the loyal American citizens.”

    Can anyone parse that second sentence for me?
    He appears to be channelling Joe Biden.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  176. Art Deco says:
    @Jack D

    You fancy looking out your window tells you something about the world other than what you see out your window. In other discussions, you pull nonsense out of your ass (e.g. Arabs are incapable of learning vocational skills) and fancy that’s informational too.

  177. Anon7 says:

    Thankfully, NASA has found a way to defuse all these racial tensions.

    NASA Names Headquarters After ‘Hidden Figure’ Mary W. Jackson

    NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced Wednesday the agency’s headquarters building in Washington, D.C., will be named after Mary W. Jackson, the first African American female engineer at NASA.

    Jackson started her NASA career in the segregated West Area Computing Unit of the agency’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. Jackson, a mathematician and aerospace engineer, went on to lead programs influencing the hiring and promotion of women in NASA’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers. In 2019, she was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.

    “Mary W. Jackson was part of a group of very important women who helped NASA succeed in getting American astronauts into space. Mary never accepted the status quo, she helped break barriers and open opportunities for African Americans and women in the field of engineering and technology,” said Bridenstine. “Today, we proudly announce the Mary W. Jackson NASA Headquarters building. It appropriately sits on ‘Hidden Figures Way,’ a reminder that Mary is one of many incredible and talented professionals in NASA’s history who contributed to this agency’s success. Hidden no more, we will continue to recognize the contributions of women, African Americans, and people of all backgrounds who have helped construct NASA’s successful history to explore.”

    I’m a little bit worried that we will run out of streets and buildings to name to reduce the tensions of the day. However, George Orwell reminds us in 1984 that the work of memoryholing and renaming and rewriting is constant! the Party is always right.

  178. J.Ross says:

    Forbidden questions:
    If you were a white person resenting black crime (or, say, noise), why in ten million and forty two years would you ever hang a noose anywhere? If you were the most racist person ever, why would you do this?
    If you were of the belief that blacks have no impulse control and are explosively violent, why would you ever deliberately use the n-word around them?
    If you’re a proud traditionalist Eurocentrist, and therefore, non-negotiably, a worshipper of artistic beauty and of property rights, and a hater of graffitti, why would you ever graffittize a swastika on someone else’s property?
    The answer is that scene in Darkman where the guy playing another guy looks directly into the quickiemart security camera and carefully enunciates his name and home address. That’s all this ever was.

  179. @anon

    “Truth does not fare well in a name-calling contest.”

    Spoken by somebody who never played the dozens.

    One of the funniest things I saw as a kid in the rather extensive annals of street bullying was a big, husky bully picking on a scrawny little nerd. He was on the verge of beginning a beating when the nerd rather casually said, “Aw, go home and watch your father hit your mom.” The bully burst into tears and ran away.

    Truth hurts, when properly told at the right moment. Which is precisely why the left is so desperate to Deplatform the dissident right.

    We haven’t even begun to speak the right truths, in the right places, at the right times.

    Those who like to say that “Speech has consequences” should be reminded that consequences also have consequences.

    • Replies: @Marty
  180. anon[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Hoaxes ad nooseam.

  181. anon[368] • Disclaimer says:

    Completely OT, but have you been following the Milwaukee story from last night, Steve?

    “Milwaukee” was trending on Twitter all day, and if you go to Twitter and search for “Milwaukee”, you’ll find all kinds of stuff about it.

    Basically, what happened was, a bunch of black people in Milwaukee heard that two teenage girls were missing, so the girls’ mom used the GPS on their phones to track them to the area around this dilapidated old house. Which the mob broke into, and didn’t actually find either of the girls. But one of the girls was somewhere nearby. Then three people got shot, and then they burned down the house, destroying whatever evidence they thought that they found.

    And nobody on Twitter seems to have a problem with any of this. In fact, this is taken as an example of how we’ll get justice once the police have been abolished. Like our friend Tariq Nasheed here:

    In #Milwaukee 2 underaged Black girls were reported missing..

    The police refused to do anything about it…

    The Black community in Milwaukee got together, found the girls and rescued them..

    They then burned down the house of the alleged pedophile who tried to traffic them

    Of course, as far as anyone can tell, there WAS no “trafficking”. There doesn’t seem to be anything, except an angry mob of people breaking into people’s houses and burning them down.

    And everyone on Twitter is talking about how great it is. I don’t see a single person suggesting that, perhaps, breaking into people’s houses and burning them down without any kind of trial might work out poorly as a way of finding “justice”. And nobody seems to be pointing out that three people actually got shot during this process, which is interesting, since their entire complaint about the police is that they shoot people too much.

    And, of course, these people being how they are, there are now a whole bunch of rumors flying around, about how there were actually a bunch more children who were rescued, and the police were the ones doing the human trafficking, and all the usual stuff.

    And as far as I can tell, almost nobody in the regular media is talking about it, except local stations like this one.

    Anyway, if you actually are interested in this horrible story, here’s the Twitter thread that most people seem to be looking at as their “evidence”.

    Any thoughts?

  182. Anon[226] • Disclaimer says:

    OT: SFMOMA employees accused the institution of racism and censorship in an open letter. I predict a wave of leftist protests to start targeting American museums under the guise of racism, with the idea of unleashing a wave of looting so the left can steal the artwork and sell it under the table. The left is nothing but greedy.

  183. @Barnard

    Cry Noose! And let slip the Knots of War.

    • Replies: @tyrone
  184. @Lot

    I have never heard “allowed as how” before.

    I’ve heard it in the south and parts of Appalachia.

    • Agree: Charon
  185. Years ago I worked at a US Navy school. There was a display similar to this on the wall of the quarterdeck; I walked past it several times a day. The school is still there. I wonder if the display is still hanging, or if is too traumatic for current year sailors of color.

  186. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:

    I want my daddy’s noose.

  187. Mr. Grey says:
    @Keith Richards's secret account

    From what I’ve learned, the intention of the noose hanger is irrelevant. This is about the Lived Experience of being Black in Amerikkka. White people’s job is to listen, not to use the racist criminal justice system to yet again punish black and brown bodies.

  188. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Another Outrage Famine.

    This is why the Floyd thing was such an Outrage Feast. Finally a story that halfway fit the Narrative.

  189. Lurker says:
    @Inquiring Mind

    So I guess now Mr. Wallace doesn’t have a way of closing the garage door?

    I was just thinking about that. You could still use the rope to pull the door but now it’s going to require more effort and whoever does it might find they end up wrapping the rope round their hand to get more traction. If only it were permanently fixed into a loop in some way?

    • LOL: Ben tillman
    • Replies: @anon
  190. Anonymous[137] • Disclaimer says:

    Every single pro sport has been converted into a corporate sponsored diversity and wokeness program. Thinking it’s going to draw in more fans, when in fact it has the exact opposite effect.
    Roided up jocks running around in pink for a month every NFL season. Now this crap with draft position advantages for hiring black coaches, taking the knee and on and on. Nascar was already loosing fans due to the admittance of Toyota, the constant goofy rule changes and politicking, and the obnoxious level of corporate sponsorship.
    Fans are into sports as an escape from reality, as much as love of the sport itself. They do not want to pay to be hammered mercilessly about SJ issues and idendity politics.
    The rednecks will be leaving in droves. When / if the NFL resumes, attendence and swag purchases will nosedive. These organizations are willing to self destruct to shove this crap down our throats. Good bye, and good riddance!

    • Agree: Patrick in SC
    • Replies: @Altai
  191. Wilkey says:

    I don’t know if Steve was being facetious about the “15 FBI men” investigating it….

    Yeah, it was early. My sarcasm detector may have still been turned off.

    But any investigative effort, even if it was just a Cub Scout working on his Junior Detective merit badge, is too much. Bubba just wants some attention.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  192. @TheJester

    Or …, have we reached the point that the emotional reaction (the expressed FEELINGS) of people claiming to be People-of-Color, Feminists, LGBTQIA+xyz … apparently anyone in the Coalition-of-the-Fringes and/or the 8-to-10 Federally protected classes and identities … has replaced the Constitution, due process, and the rule of law in the United States?


  193. Anon87 says:

    Are you thinking of Steve PHILLIPS, not Phelps?

    Strange that Phelps doesn’t have a wiki entry though

  194. Lurker says:
    @Prester John

    Minus witnesses or suspects of course.

    Or even a burning cross.

  195. Russ says:

    I am curious as to how exactly this inane hoax came about. Surely the Nascar people must have known it was totally ridiculous from the get-go My guess is it was a bizarre preemptive self-defamation to prevent potential future scandal.

    From the same Sundance post at The Conservative Treehouse (The Last Refuge) which documented the hoax, we get a plausible conjecture:

    Would not shock me to learn that it was some C-suite racing-loathing Ivy League MBA working for NASCAR who cooked up a scheme to endear the organization to NBC and the “diverse” new fanbase it craves. Some lawyer somewhere should sue NASCAR for wasting the time (nominally) of fifteen FBI agents to achieve their huggy-huggy moment with the aggrieved driver.

  196. @eggplant

    Don Lemon is embarrassed because he doesn’t have any balls.

  197. anon[418] • Disclaimer says:

    White supremacists vandalize Indian food restaurant in Santa Fe with “Trump 2020” and “White Power” graffiti.

    Over / under on the owners did that while planning to make a reallllly big insurance claim?

    The city is 85% registered Democratic.

    That low? Strange. I guess there’s still Gary Johnson liberteenies hanging around waiting to open up a LeGaL pOt store or something.

  198. Redman says:

    You forgot the most important thing. Whites“invented” those sports.

  199. Given the seemingly permanent noose hysteria, I wonder when the FBI will start arresting schoolchildren for playing the old word game “hangman”.

    (btw, the best word to pick is “spry”.)

  200. anon[409] • Disclaimer says:

    They will have to tie a very large knot in the end of the rope so they can grab the knot and pull.
    This rope with a large knot at the end, however, will also look like a mythical knotted whip once used to beat helpless slaves, so it too will be a racist rope.

  201. Redman says:

    Mulattoes do better playing for the Yankees. Jeter, Judge, ARod.

  202. Jack D says:

    I don’t know if Steve was being facetious about the “15 FBI men” investigating it

    No, he wasn’t being facetious. That’s how many agents the FBI said were assigned to this case of great national importance. Now if someone steals your car/iPhone/whatever, the authorities will take little to no interest but a loop of rope? That’s a whole different matter.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  203. @Peter Frankfurter

    “I can’t believe the noose today.”

    I can’t close my eyes and make it go away.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  204. @Altai

    “both of them are bi-racial but of the very rare white father-black mother variety”

    Also with Lewis Hamilton, who is genuinely talented, up there with the modern greats. As far as I know he’s not involved in any hoaxes, but he has six world titles.

    (He does spout BLM stuff, dissing the overwhelmingly white F1 audience who reward him so richly)

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  205. @Old and Grumpy

    Old, Canada, as a country, had no slavery, Jim Crow laws or poll tax and was the terminus of the Underground Railroad and yet search out black criminal behavior and violence in Maple Leaf country.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  206. @The Alarmist

    Alarmist, a gold noose on a chain should be the bling of choice for blacks. To them it is as expressive as a cross .

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  207. fnn says:
    @James Braxton

    They got charged federally with the 10 year felony of conspiracy against rights.

    Charlottesville in Aug. 2017 would have been a target-rich environment for such charges-and with no need for imagination or creativity. Just think: The police chief of Charlottesville and maybe other city officials, Antifa and its allies and the Governor of Virginia.

  208. @Jack D

    An alternate explanation is that the DoJ just flooded the zone with agents so they could get everybody interviewed quickly, issue a statement ASAP, and get this thing off the national news. IOW, the opposite of the Jussie fiasco which went on for weeks.

    Why a noose anywhere needs a federal investigation at all is beyond my pay grade.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  209. @JMcG

    “he allowed as he had been at one of the recent riots downtown. He’ll never get a call, he can wash dishes for the rest of his life as far as I’m concerned”

    We all do stupid things when we’re young – I did anyway. If it was a relative I’d give him a shot. A friend’s relative, maybe or maybe not.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
  210. @Buffalo Joe

    Joe, you and I are old enough to remember when Canada was even whiter than the USA. My mother (b. 1927) would have been shocked to hear of shootings in Toronto. The “black criminal behavior and violence in Maple Leaf country” is almost all from NAM immigrants.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  211. For what it’s worth, you can email NASCAR at fanfeedback at and tell them to DUMP the vicious race hoaxer Bubba.

    Is NASCAR really going to let Bubba insult them and their fans like this, without consequences? Are the fans (yes mostly white) really going to tolerate this latest insult to their morals and intelligence?

    This hoax would have been bad enough a year ago, but this opportunistic a-hole Bubba decided to perpetrate it right during a time of blazing black race riots and insurrection. Is he going to get a pass now?

  212. Brutusale says: • Website

    I imagine Phelps can’t even pick his nose unless someone named France signs off on it.

  213. @Lot

    Elderly white NY congresslady Carolyn Maloney only won her primary over a very white looking dot Indian millennial by 2 points. Typically that situation means retirement at end of term.

    Suraj is claiming victory my friend! Thanks to mail-in ballots we don’t know who actually won. All the Rich Good Whites have left The City so we have to wait to count their votes.

    Maloney is a corrupt, incompetent hack, but I have spoken to Suraj in person while he was campaigning. Creepy weird dude. And this is BEFORE he is in Congress.

    Mark it down. This is one train wreck to keep an eye on.

  214. vhrm says:

    Are they implying that *had* it been a noose placed by a white racist, it *would* have been a FEDERAL CRIME? What the hell is going on here? I don’t even see how it would be a *crime*!

    Where you been? It’s “intimidation”.

    (yes it’s mostly BS… but that’s how it goes. )

  215. JMcG says:

    Laborers. I dont think they generally get drug tested.

  216. @Kyle

    For any of you who have the same sort of reaction to this noosteria as i do, but lack the requisite skill set, i highly recommend Grog’s Knocts.

    Grog won’t show you a hangman’s knot anymore because of the political climate. But if you want any regular old non-slipping knot that will get the excitable people excited … Grog’s has you covered:

    And they have an app–all platforms–for those who don’t want to be caught with a “noose” in their car, but want to tie it “on site”.


    I highly recommend that every young white man learn to tie a traditional hangman’s noose. (And a bunch of useful knots as well–two half-hitches, truckers hitch, bowline, sheet bend, figure eight, etc.)

    When this b.s. comes up at a party, being about to whip up a solid, good looking noose in a flash will add–cheaply–a bit of “bad boy” to your image, and produce an element of frisson in the young woman that interests you. (Walk her step-by-step through tying one–the kino, the forbidden.)

    And, of course, for young black guys this is a must have. Need a raise? Bad performance review coming up? About to get fired?

  217. Not to be too snarky, but doesn’t anyone use The Ashley Book of Knots as a reference these days? Seriously, it’s an amazing work. It’s chock full of practical knowledge and is a necessary companion for anyone interested in maritime history. Got mine from my gramps.

    There’s an entire chapter on so-called “nooses,” or snares, really. It’s chapter 13. These are practical knots learned in Boy Scouts, advanced naval service or survival training. For catching rabbits and other varmints, although Ashley does mention the hangman.

    Wouldn’t the garage door knot that killed NASCAR be more closely labelled a lanyard?

    Another book that all normal families should have is The American Boys Handy Book.

    Books from an era when boys were allowed to become men.

    • Replies: @res
  218. vhrm says:

    Even if it was true, why is knotting-a-noose a Federal crime while murder is not?

    Neither is a federal crime, both HATE murder and HATE intimidation are.

    Which is why government has to be given as little power as possible. Whatever power they have they’ll abuse, even in comical ways people hardly imagine when the power is given.

    • Agree: Ben tillman
    • Replies: @Lurker
  219. @YetAnotherAnon

    Sunday is Raceday… Sunday is Raceday..

  220. Whiskey says: • Website

    NASCAR and the NFL don’t care if no fans watch. It’s all Corp sponsor s.

    You are the product not customer.

    Every place will be woke.

    The riots and anti White checkpoints are benefiting Biden. He has a 14 point lead.

    People will vote Biden just to give up and surrender. Everyone knows the military wants to and yet may remove Trump. Vote Biden and hope he does not allow White genocide.

  221. The bottom line is don’t racism. And if you don’t racism, don’t racism. Even if you don’t racism, don’t racism. Racism don’t don’t don’t racism

  222. I decided to give ESPN a couple of clicks to see what they’re saying about the Bubba hoax. It’s not pretty. If you want to see Narrative sausage-making in progress right before your eyes, read their latest write-up: LINK

    Summary version:

    So was there really a noose? YES!

    So even though Bubba was assigned the noosey garage by chance, and even though Bubba may never have actually seen the noose himself, exactly, and even though the FBI has declared this is not a crime, will NASCAR continue its own risibly (or should we say suitably) fake investigation of what clearly is a hoax? YES, YES, YES!!! Because Big Justice.

    So will you, you know, just show us a photo of the noose? NO, of course not, naive and hickish interlocutor — that noose is EVIDENCE so it’s gotta be kept TOP SECRET.

    I could go on, but you get the gist.

    Seriously, the line they’re taking now is that, okay, so the ‘noose’ was indeed the loop in the garage door rope, but that someone (with obvious but unspoken psychic abilities plus vicious racist hatred in his heart) tied it up in a noose shape somewhere back in 2019, just knowing that Bubba would be assigned that garage at random at least nine months later, because hate is just that powerful, but now NASCAR is all about love, and tears of regret and reconciliation, and hugs and support, and so forth.

    Should go over well with NASCAR’s core audience, I guess.

  223. @Nachum

    The laws were rewritten while you weren’t looking. Anything–no matter how trivial–that might offend the Ruling Class and their Pampered Pets is now a federal crime. What were they saying about fragility again?

  224. @The Alarmist

    Many lynchings did not involve hanging.

    • Replies: @Ben tillman
  225. NASCAR has jumped the shark.

  226. dr kill says:

    White guys like organized sports, they invent them and play them, right up to the time that black athletes pack the teams, then white guys invent another sport that blacks don’t play. Sad. I fucking hate snowboard freestyle.

    • Agree: usNthem
  227. @Kyle

    We’re at the point now where trolling can be done by hanging an un-knotted rope or maybe even a blank white sheet of paper.

    Saying “It’s ok to be white” or “There are two sexes.” is Nazi stuff and can easily get you fired.

  228. mmack says:

    Um, no.

    In modern racing the technology is at such a level that the chief mechanic/ crew chief and engineers make a much bigger impact than driving talent. The key to success since the 1970s/80s is the chief mechanic and driver relationship. A driver who can communicate on the same wavelength as the chief mechanic to get him to set the car up to their liking is going to win more races than someone who has “the touch” yet can not communicate how the car handles to their team.

    The era of muscling a car to a win is long gone. And the smoothest driver can’t do jack if their car isn’t set up right.

    • Replies: @vhrm
  229. Marty says:
    @The Germ Theory of Disease

    I witnessed one of these, although between friends – Whites just can’t speak to blacks in safety, no matter how much truth they’re wielding.

    One late night when I was in a checkout line in a L.A. supermarket, two black guys, one short and one tall, entered while arguing loudly. The yelling went on as they went toward the back, intensified as they came back up, and finally the little guy ended it with, “shit, you 6’5” you can’t play no ball.”

  230. @Ben tillman

    For instance, read the New Yorker’s account (6/14/47) of the lynching of Willie Earle for robbing and murdering a cabbie in Greenville, SC.

  231. @Lot

    Elderly white NY congresslady Carolyn Maloney only won her primary over a very white looking dot Indian millennial by 2 points.

    Whoa… at first I thought this was Carolyn McCarthy, a few districts to the east. She was the one sent to Congress by the original Ferguson effect– Colin Ferguson.

    Rep McCarthy is out of Congress, but, thanks be to God, Ferguson is still in the New York State correctional system. Still, there isn’t all that much wiggle room between the two Carolyns. Both are against guns, but not Jamaicans.

    (Did Ferguson, the native of one Jamaica, have to change at the other Jamaica on his way out on the Island?)

    • Replies: @Lot
  232. Corvinus says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    For Alt Right Whites, there are three ways to keep it real: Angry, Violent, and Victim.

    There are a number of Alt Right and Alt Lite posters here who would benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It is a useful approach to changing one’s way of dealing with the world. Wikipedia describes it: “CBT focuses on challenging and changing unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviors, improving emotional regulation, and the development of personal coping strategies that target solving current problems.”

    On-line, you can find lists of common cognitive distortions that make it very difficult for those who hold them to achieve happiness or success. What is remarkable, is that a number of authors here, through their alleged pattern recognitions and sage advice, imbues White people with these cognitive distortions and thinks it is doing them a favor.

    * Resenting other people (Jews, non-whites)
    * Bitterness about the past (Illegality of Jim Crow laws, Loss by the South in the Civil War)
    * Self-centeredness (European-American hierarchy)
    * Blaming other people for one’s problems (Democrat and Republican “elites”, Fake News)
    * Feeling superior to everyone else (Human biodiversity)
    * Ill-will towards strangers (Boogaloo movement, Proud Boys)
    * Focus on the faults of other people (Jews, non-whites)
    * Being overly pessimistic (Whites are being exterminated)
    * Blowing things out of proportion (Jewish cabal! Deep State!)
    * Always attributing negative motives behind the actions of others (Why did the white woman choose not to date me?)

    There are sites on-line where they go into depth on cognitive distortions, such as at

    Read them and you can’t help but be struck by how this kind of self-defeating thinking is encouraged in a number of posters here throughout their lives.

    See how that works, Mr. Baldwin?

    • Replies: @HammerJack
    , @Jane Plain
    , @anon
  233. @Harold

    OTOH, we finally found the key to the standardized test gap.

    • LOL: Harold
  234. @anonymous

    This much hyped because he’s black driver ends up being disappointingly true to form. In the aftermath he seems to continue to want it to be a noose. People are always searching for a black who breaks the mold and acts independently of the usual dreary black-think. They’re always let down because the black they think might be different reverts back to the black norm.

    There are financial reasons for this particular claim. It’s basically a cash grab. He’s looking to become the next Kaepernick – get paid for sitting on his rear end while asserting his black privilege (i.e. being the magnificent specimen that he is, he should be well-compensated just for having a pulse).

  235. @Corvinus

    Corvinus, saying “I know you are but what am I?” isn’t considered an effective argument past the second grade. For most of us, anyway.

    • Agree: res
  236. Lurker says:

    What’s really disturbing is how many whites trip all over themselves to reflexively and hysterically denounce the evil racism – they don’t even think about it.

    Year after year online I tediously ask them same sort of questions: What is ‘racism’? What is ‘racist?

    The answers are pathetic: “You are, look in a mirror, read a dictionary”

    That kind of thing. But none of them can ever explain in any objective sense or in context. Talk about the Big Lie.

    And it is always whites. In any half-way serious online discussion of politics blacks would seem to be almost totally absent.

  237. J.Ross says:

    On 4chan’s /pol/ board (which at any given time is 95% enemies of the 4chan site deliberately violating rules and attacking the site, as moderators do nothing), it is an article of faith among raiding leftists that all evil whites deeply desire to call blacks the n-word to their face.
    The actual deepest desire of white racists is to not have to deal with blacks. This obviates the opportunity for the more novelesque verbal insult, so, as obvious as the desire for separation is, it never comes up. We are left with a straw man racist who desperately wants to be surrounded by black bodies. The fact that this doesn’t make any sense is handled emperor’s clothes style.
    These accusations make no sense when you look at them as alleged cultural practices. They are elaborate self-serving fantasies like the Rolling Hoax glass rape table.

  238. Lurker says:

    If investigating the dreaded Loop of Hate was a Federal matter then presumably Bubba’s lying, grifting bullshit is now also a Federal matter too. But somehow not because reasons.

  239. @unit472

    If live crowds are ever allowed back in NASCAR Wallace is going to find out what real racial animosity is. This ridiculous malcontent has destroyed the brand.

    If as you say live crowds come back to NASCAR then he hasn’t destroyed the brand.

    The logical thing would be for whites to desert NASCAR. Will they? If not, why not?

  240. res says:

    Thanks. There is a PDF of The Ashley Book of Knots on Libgen. I already have a paper copy of The American Boys Handy Book. ; )

    The lanyard is Figure 419 on page 68 of The Ashley Book of Knots and looks rather different from what we see in the garage picture. The bowline is Figure 71 on page 18.

    • Replies: @Kibernetika
  241. @Corvinus

    Good point, Corvinus.

    No, really, not being sarcastic. I especially like the double standard about whites who get hooked on fentanyl (they’ve given up on life because their jobs got shipped overseas) and blacks who shoot smack (what do you expect?)

    I think you might want to add microaggressions to this list. Adults are raised to brush them aside.

    Expecting the inevitable screeching, I’m very angry right now that Trump didn’t send in the 101st Airborne to Minneapolis the first night to shoot to kill looters. Anyone who tries to pull down a statue gets same, fuck the optics. So don’t call me a liberal.

    I just hate whiners.

    PS Wallace is lying. There’s something wrong with him.

  242. tyrone says:
    @Ancient Briton

    Or a loop de guerre……..where is longshanks when you need him?

  243. Polynikes says:
    @Grace Jones

    Pretty interesting, because this seems to have finally crossed the line, even for the crazy white liberals in Madison. If you go to the Madison Reddit page comments are against the protestors by at least 5:1.

  244. Anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:
    @James Braxton

    Never even heard of it before, but then IANAL.

    Conspiracy Against Rights

    Section 241 of Title 18 is the civil rights conspiracy statute. Section 241 makes it unlawful for two or more persons to agree together to injure, threaten, or intimidate a person in any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the Unites States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same). Unlike most conspiracy statutes, Section 241 does not require that one of the conspirators commit an overt act prior to the conspiracy becoming a crime.

    The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term or the death penalty.

    Updated August 6, 2015

    Remarkably broad remit, I think, which a clever and courageous lawyer could use. No?

    It sounds like one of those laws which was enacted to apply only to white people. Accurate?

  245. @Jack D

    I guess things are different in different regions of the country, but in the part of the midwest where I live, most people in the construction business seem to be native-born non-hispanic whites. The exception to this rule is roofing, where most of the workers do appear to be Mexican. Last year we had some home renovations done, and out of about 8 workers, one was black, all the others were white. None were hispanic. This was not an isolated example- most of the time when I see someone having contract work done in their homes, the workers are mostly white. I do, however, see more workers who seem to be Mexican when driving past new homes being built. Blacks seem to be underrepresented in the construction industry overall, but I do see a number of blacks doing concrete work. Plumbers and electricians are overwhelmingly white.

    Another trend that I have noticed in this area over the last decade is a small but increasing number of Amish men in the construction business. I live in the city, and the nearest Amish community that I know of is about an hour away, but they hire drivers to take them to their worksites. I have never had any work done by Amish contractors, but I have known a couple of people who have, and they were fully satisfied with the work that was done. It seems that over the last few decades, the Amish nationwide have been moving away from farming and now work mostly in non-agricultural jobs. They tend to form small businesses where the entire family can work together, which serves the dual purpose of protecting them from outside influences and at the same time keeping the families self-sufficient.

    • Replies: @JMcG
  246. @Calvin Hobbes

    Don’t let NPR find out about this.

    the student pretends to run over BLM protesters

    We keep thinking we can no longer be shocked by their shamelessness.

    I can’t believe that The Federalist agreed with NPR’s claim that it was just “a mistake.”

    Here’s the person responsible for the ‘story’

    Hannah Allam
    National Security Correspondent
    Hannah Allam is a Washington-based national security correspondent for NPR, focusing on homegrown extremism. Before joining NPR, she was a national correspondent at BuzzFeed.

    “Your Tax Dollars At Work”

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
    , @Known Fact
  247. anon[118] • Disclaimer says:

    Mister Corvinus, are you still a racist?

  248. Lot says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    I didn’t realize they were two people until your post.

  249. @HammerJack

    Hammer, see what happens when the lib experts are given air time and no script. I have no idea what he was saying, but they will quote it regularly.

  250. @res

    The lanyard is Figure 419 on page 68 of The Ashley Book of Knots and looks rather different from what we see in the garage picture. The bowline is Figure 71 on page 18.

    Yes, confirmed with my physical copy. Did you read Hasek’s Good Soldier Schweijk? We could have developed some cool secret codes based on knowledge of knots.

    • Replies: @res
  251. @HammerJack

    Hammerjack, “Don’t touch my hairs!”

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  252. @anon

    “Strange Fruit” was actually Jussie’s nickname in high school.

    • LOL: HammerJack
  253. @James Braxton


    Five minutes’s Googling shows that there must be more to the story. Apparently there were three students, but only two were ever charged: Graeme Phillip Harris and Austin Something Edenfield. No word on why the third one wasn’t charged. It was also unclear whether Edenfield got more than a slap on the wrist. Harris got 6 months.

    Apparently Edenfield actually performed the vandalism, leaving it unclear as to what Harris actually did. Moreover, his defence seemed to shift over time: at first his lawyer is saying it was a harmless prank without ramification, then later talking about Harris having come under the spell of RACISM at some point.

    Those willing to put in more than 5 minutes may wish to consider the following questions:

    1. Was it intended to be racist or not?
    2. If racist, was it a conscious emulation/reification of previous noose incidents?
    3. Why the discrepancy in sentencing, if any?
    4. Who was guy #3, and why’d he get off scott-free?

  254. @Lurker

    lol, this guy gets it

    To be fair, setting fire to a cross is dangerous. Insurance may not cover injuries sustained, and thus intelligence agencies/Soros/whoever may be opening themselves up to a lawsuit. HR couldn’t possibly sign off on it.

    Better all around to just say you did it. Who would be so racist as to deny that it happened?

  255. @Buffalo Joe

    You know, she looks familiar in a way. I used to encounter people with her combination of entitlement, hostility, and ignorance in academe as well as the corporate world. I never thought much of it back then, though I recall how annoying they could be.

    Little did I know back then, that she and people like her were waging warfare against me and people like me. By which I mean productive people who were focused upon the work. I know better now.

  256. @Calvin Hobbes

    Finally a Becky on our side! Next week: she demands to see BLM’s manager

  257. Here’s a bit of Noose News from 2008.

    Teen who displayed nooses at Jena civil rights rally sentenced to 4 months

    ALEXANDRIA, Louisiana – A teenager who hung nooses off the back of his truck to intimidate a group of black civil rights demonstrators at a rally in Louisiana has been sentenced to four months in prison.

    Federal prosecutors say 19-year-old Jeremiah Munsen displayed the nooses when he drove past people who had attended a massive civil rights march in Jena on Sept. 20.

    Munsen had faced up to a year in prison after pleading guilty in April to a misdemeanor charge of interfering with the marchers’ federally protected right to travel.


    So displaying nooses in the presence of blacks got Munsen thrown into prison.

    Whereas 5 of the “Jena 6” who beat a white kid almost to death over nothing got slaps on the wrist:

    On June 26, 2009, the remaining five defendants entered pleas of “no contest” to a charge of simple battery.[50] The court found them guilty as charged, and sentenced each to a fine of $500 (waived in regards to Shaw due to the time he spent in jail), $500 to be paid as court costs, restitution to be paid to the Barker family (with whom the defendants were ordered to have no contact), and seven days of unsupervised probation. The defendants’ lawyers read a statement apologizing to the Barker family and to the town. Addressing the rumors that the attack had been provoked by Barker using a racial epithet, they said on behalf of the defendants:[51]

    To be clear, not one of us heard Justin use any slur or say anything that justified Mychal Bell attacking Justin nor did any of us see Justin do anything that would cause Mychal to react.[50]

  258. @HammerJack

    I thought Cerberus had three heads

  259. anon[219] • Disclaimer says:

    No, sailing is about ropes (lines) and water, two things that are wayciss to blacks. Oh, and most sails are still white.

  260. JMcG says:
    @Indiana Jack

    An Amish guy told me it takes 160 acres to raise a family on. Plots of agricultural land that size are getting like hen’s teeth. It’ll be interesting to see how the Amish make out in a USA with 400 million people, 250 million of whom won’t give a damn about them.

  261. @Buffalo Joe

    That’s a million-dollar idea if someone like Kanye would get behind it. It’s like taking back the n-word. Slogan: “It’s ours now, bitches!”

  262. @Jim Don Bob

    the DoJ just flooded the zone with agents so they could get everybody interviewed quickly,

    After what they did to General Flynn, I wouldn’t voluntarily speak to an FBI agent about anything, including the weather.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  263. vhrm says:

    I don’t have detailed knowledge, but with the number of sensors and the level of datalogging that they do now the computer and graphs may know more than the driver.

    He shifted at 5600 instead of 5800 coming out of 3? There was a wiggle braking into 4 between 57.5mph and 43.2mph?
    Yaw was 2deg over expectations when the steering angle was more than 5deg…. etc etc.

    Still have to communicate/figure out what works for a given driver on a given track on a given day, but as to what the car is actually doing… the engineer is probably telling the driver at least as much as the other way.

  264. res says:

    I have not read that. But thanks for the pointer. Added to my list of books to look for.

  265. duncsbaby says:

    Where did “Strange Brew” by Cream end up on that list? Much better song.

  266. I just went out to my garage and discovered to my horror that there’s a noose just waiting for a black man. The only black man I’ve seen in these parts is the FedEx driver, should I warn him?
    Should I warn FedEx? Will they cease deliveries?
    I know who did it: it’s the White guy who delivers our firewood who the wife had install the new garage door opener while I was in hospital.
    I know where he lives.
    How many Feebies should I make tea for?
    Is there a reward?

    Who knew I was living in this hate filled maelstrom of indecision?

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  267. @Bill Jones

    SB Whom.
    My apologies. It’s early.

  268. Knot a Knoose

    Where to go to learn how to do it properly.

    It’s a part of the initiation rite at all the best fraternities.

  269. @Thoughts

    Thomas Jefferson wrote that an amalgamation of the races was the worst possible outcome of granting the Slaves freedom. This was observed by many of his contemporaries as well. Thus, the formation of the American Colonization Society, whose members included James Madison, James Monroe, Winfield Scott, Francis Scott Key and Daniel Webster, among other luminaries. Henry Clay (Lincoln’s mentor) gave the keynote address in which he stated “We must rid the Country of a useless, pernicious, if not dangerous portion of our population.”

    There simply wasn’t any money to be made in freeing Slaves, compensating their Owners, and sending them back to Africa. The Society probably should have looked to sell them to Brazil or one of the Caribbean Islands, but they actually were thinking of the best way to both free them and send them back to their home Continent. They founded Liberia for the purpose, but it was a costly endeavor. If the Society had only known the extent of the trouble the freedmen would eventually cause and realized the scandalous amounts of money that would be wasted on trying civilize, educate, or appease them, it seems certain that they would have exhausted every resource to accomplish their goal in order to avoid the bottomless abyss of futile efforts and squandered finances that are associated with The Black Plague.

    • Troll: guest007
    • Replies: @Jack D
  270. Altai [AKA "Altai_2"] says:

    But where are they going to go? Maybe the XFL if it’s revival is successful. Maybe an American rugby league. I suspect that’s where the white guys who would have normally played football as an amateur sport will go. Then blacks will enter that too and the white flight to another sport.

  271. @Jim Don Bob

    Isn’t a real noose supposed to have 13 loops?

    Yes. You are correct kind sir…

    Did you ever see a hangman tie a slipknot?
    Did you ever see a hangman tie a slipknot?
    I’ve seen it many a time and he winds, he winds,
    After thirteen times he’s got a slipknot.

    According to wikipedia…

    When Grover Cleveland was the sheriff of Erie County, he performed two hangings. Cleveland was advised by a more experienced Sheriff to grease the rope with tallow and run it through the knot a few times to ensure rapid closure with the drop. The number of coils should therefore be adjusted depending on the intended use, the type and thickness of rope, and environmental conditions such as wet or greasy rope. Six to eight loops are normal when using natural ropes.

    The number thirteen was thought to be unlucky. Consequently, in myth, if not in actual practice, thirteen coils were found in a hangman’s noose, a foreboding sign for those convicted to be hanged.

  272. abon says:

    The fearsome dreadknot emerges from the shadows and pounces on its hapless victim. And then vanishes leaving yet another brutalized black body writhing in humiliation and existential angst.

  273. Jack D says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    Never talk to the cops period but ESPECIALLY don’t speak to a Federal agent because lying to a Federal agent is a crime, even if you are not under oath. If you don’t speak to a Federal agent then you can’t be guilty of lying to him.

  274. Jack D says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Although Spain had agreed with Britain to stop importing slaves into Cuba from Africa starting in 1820, they in fact continued to import slaves up until the 1860s. This was the basis for the Amistad incident. Which leads me to wonder, were any slaves sold from the US into Latin America? And if not, why not? Were market prices higher in the US? Latin America had a continuous need for more slaves because under brutal/tropical conditions they kept dying off. 90% of the slaves imported to the New World went to Latin America.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  275. @YetAnotherAnon

    Hamilton doesn’t seem to realize his white half is what makes him great.

    Blacks lack the visio-spatial processing capacity to be great racecar drivers.

    This is also the reason there are no great black pocket passing QBs or fighter pilots.

  276. @JMcG

    Don’t the Amish have big families?

    • Replies: @JMcG
  277. JMcG says:
    @Keith Richards's secret account

    They are reputed to, but I don’t really know if that still is the case. I see farms where there are a couple of boys in the field with their father and a couple of girls out in the yard, but I don’t know the demographics. The more boys you have, the more 160 acre plots you need.

  278. @Jack D

    Cuba and Brazil didn’t cease to import slaves until 1888. Until then, their labor needs were supplied by ships operating primarily out of New York. Robert Shufeldt, U. S. Consul to Cuba, wrote, during the War to Prevent Southern Independence, that 9/10 of the vessels engaged in the slave trade were American.

    Unmanageable Slaves were occasionally threatened with being sold to the Caribbean sugar plantations. There seemed to be an instinctive awareness that, however bad their circumstances might have been, they could get worse. But, I don’t think that it occurred very often, if ever. I’m not certain about the prices, but they had to be high enough to make the trans-oceanic voyages profitable.

  279. Anonymous[151] • Disclaimer says:

    I remember reading somewhere that black air pilots are quicker to react to emergencies than whites, but are more prone to visiospacial and instrument confusion. They are weaker in one area but stronger in the other.

    However, a male black pilot is preferable to a woman pilot of any race, as women have both slower reactions and greater propensity to becoming confused.

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