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  1. Gonna bop right on down and grab me some new Lekos and fresnels, yo.

  2. What’s your audio control panel bolted down with? Hex nuts? Do you have the right wrenches or should we bring our own?

    Just smash it. Ya gotta break some eggs…

  3. Anonymous[968] • Disclaimer says:

    Has high end audio equipment been a target for looters? I don’t know.

    • Replies: @Hemid
  4. Tying it all together … George Floyd died with coronavirus

    Of course, in addition to covid 19, George Floyd had “arteriosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease, fentanyl intoxication, and recent use of methamphetamine and cannabis”

    Lawyers say that police charged with murdering George Floyd, have strong legal grounds for being acquitted, if the courts are not biased, because:

    Minneapolis Police written rules of conduct specifically authorise and approve knee-on-neck tactics to subdue persons resisting arrest, and speak of training to use such techniques

    Minneapolis police have apparently taken their police policy manual offline, but an archive of the web page can be viewed:

    Minneapolis Police Department Use of Force Policy:
    5-311, Use of Neck Restraints

    Non-deadly force option. Defined as compressing one or both sides of a person’s neck with an arm or leg, without applying direct pressure to the trachea or airway (front of the neck).

    This technique is used by police in multiple nations, as media photos make clear

  5. I am reading Dominick Dunne’s “Another City, Not My Own,” about his coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial. Early chapters are about the gossip Dunne hears among his Hollywood show-folk, celebrity and society friends. Except for acting talent, these are almost entirely Jewish and share two views: belief that O.J. is guilty; and fear that if he is found guilty, there will be a replay of the Rodney King riots, only this time the savage portion of the black community will not confine themselves to South Central LA, but will penetrate the beaches and broad, sunlit uplands where show-folk, celebrities and society people live.

    In other words, at least in the mid-1990s and whatever they said in public, LA Jews were in touch with reality and not willfully suicidal.

    Now? Perhaps bright people who spend decades becoming rich and famous by creating fantasies for millions of other people come to believe in those fantasies themselves. Maybe they have to.

    “And if the things we dream about don’t happen to be so,
    It’s just an unimportant technicality.”

    Oscar Hammerstein knew his show people.

  6. @Henry Canaday

    … and share two views: belief that O.J. is guilty; and fear that if he is found guilty, there will be a replay of the Rodney King riots, only this time the savage portion of the black community will not confine themselves to South Central LA, but will penetrate the beaches and broad, sunlit uplands where show-folk, celebrities and society people live.

    AFAIK that didn’t happen. Today, that won’t happen either, but we can fantasize.

    If you want a mental visual of these people, conjure up an image of physically weak, asthmatic, very nerdy individuals who have never, ever had any experience outdoors or doing anything at all strenuous.

    They are our real leaders. What a shame. The rioters need to hit their havens. That needs to happen.

  7. moshe says:

    Dude, your twitter is f’n hilarious!

    • Agree: Not Only Wrathful
  8. Hemid says:

    The only two places I recognized on the looted & destroyed list out of Minneapolis were musical/theatrical equipment renters. I used one of them a long time ago. It was an extremely uninteresting-looking small warehouse that wasn’t easy to find. That’s typical of the business. Probably “targeted.”

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  9. @Henry Canaday

    If you look at the history of Hollywood until about the 90s, a lot of very interesting, adventurous people went there. Politically they were all over the map. Yeah, lots of pinkos and some downright reds, but lots of conservatives. And the pinko/reds were colorful. They’d actually done things.

    L.B. Mayer (conservative) and Kate Hepburn (Old Yankee WASP lefty) worked on a handshake.

    Those days are gone. Hollywood is a subsidiary of the Ivy League, and there’s your problem in a nutshell.

    (Analogy. Old Alternative Journalism: Hunter Thompson. New Alternative Journalism: Matthew Yglesias, or any Buzzfeed fag.)

    Lastly, Paddy Chayevsky was a Jewish liberal, but check out Network for his attitude towards black militants.

  10. Anon[456] • Disclaimer says:

    Of course, in addition to covid 19, George Floyd had “arteriosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease, fentanyl intoxication, and recent use of methamphetamine and cannabis”

    And, weirdly enough, sickle cell anemia, which relates to oxygen-carrying hemoglobin proteins (although I don’t think it would have affected the situation of his death).

    If these autopsies were for a “white supremacist” all these details would have made it into the mainstream media, relevant or not. But when it’s a black, even the phrase “he was no angel” from a black journalist gets jumped on.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
    , @res
  11. I thought Starbucks was their mother ship? This can’t possibly be competition for commie love? The insult of it all. These “capitalist” movie theaters need to burn.

  12. Hi Steve,

    OT, but I’ve just discovered a truly remarkable book and writer.

    I’ve got to imagine that you are familiar with his stuff already, but it seems worth a mention, especially given how wonderfully pertinent it is to antifa and all that.

    • Agree: sayless
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  13. Are they providing free refreshments? Rioting, looting, and beating people down are exhausting work! I’m sure your friend would like to know Steve!

  14. Two of those “safe spaces” are within 2 blocks of me.

    Thanks Steve, I need to do more research on this… it might explain why there have been roving bands of miscreants lurking around here even when the big action is many blocks away.

  15. @brabantian

    Tying it all together … George Floyd died with coronavirus

    Now the (((media))) is just laughing and rubbing our noses in it.

  16. BenKenobi says:

    Used to be known as “harbouring fugitives.”

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  17. Lugash says:
    @Henry Canaday

    Interesting. As I remember it Dominick Dunne was 100% gobsmacked when OJ was acquitted. I remember him being mouth completely agape for at least five minutes. In interviews about the trial I thought he said OJ was guilty and was going to be found guilty, although he noted the female jurors hated Marcia Clark.

  18. Paul says:

    Israelis (who use the knee-on-neck technique on Palestinians) trained the Minneapolis policeman. Chuck Schumer, call your office!

  19. @brabantian

    As a matter of law and not lynching, it seems reasonable for those officers to be acquitted if they acted according to rules of conduct.

    However, that says nothing about whether those rules and those actions were right. Rescue personnel such as EMTs operate by a standard of ensuring their own safety first, even if it means the death of those they came to treat. That is reasonable. However, police need to operate by a different standard. I disagree but accept as a reasonable perspective that police should trade the lives of suspects for an assurance of their own lives. However, I do not accept as reasonable that police should use extreme measures to restrain when their lives are not reasonably in danger and those measures aren’t necessary to detain the suspect.

    From the video footage, it appears that Floyd did resist near Chauvin’s car, where he was subsequently pinned down. However, viewing all the video from various cameras from the time the police took him out of his car, he doesn’t appear to have been very dangerous or resisting seriously. In fact, I think saying he resisted arrest is not truly accurate. He seems to have just resisted being put into the vehicle for whatever reason. Further, his pleas seem both sincere and reasonable. He isn’t saying, “hey, let me go,” he’s just asking for the officers to let him stand because he can’t breath. I don’t see any reason that officers shouldn’t let arrestees who are not trying to run away be comfortable.

    I think we all know why the officers acted the way they did. They are used to dealing with scumbags who fight or run if they aren’t held down. Their response is therefore very human, which should be taken into account, but only in the realm of sentencing in the event of a guilty verdict. In the question of whether or not the officers did the right thing, the arrestee’s right to be treated as “innocent until proven guilty” as well as his right not to be punished in ways incommensurate with his behavior trump the habituation of the cops’ behavior.

    On the other hand, the police should have shot on sight those rioters that ran them over with their cars.

    • Replies: @Coemgen
  20. @brabantian

    Bra, not to beat a dead horse, but Floyd could have been snorting cyanide, but his death officially will be ruled a homocide caused by Chauvin’s actions. There must be a conviction, with maximum incarceration, otherwise all this shit starts over again. This is as close to a lynching as you will find.

    • Agree: Alan Mercer
    • Replies: @Neuday
  21. They could break onto the costume room and run around NYC dressed up as Othello or some sexist 19th century Ibsen character

  22. JimDandy says:

    Never gets old–because it happened so recently: two black Chicago cops harassing a white guy and eventually just shooting him in the back after he resists arrest. I totally missed the white riots this caused.

    • Thanks: MBlanc46
    • Replies: @Lugash
  23. Neuday says:
    @Buffalo Joe

    I wonder if Chauvin will be appointed Rico Pendejo as his attorney.

    From the court scene of that movie:

    Judge: “Prosecutor! Why ya think he done it?”

    Prosecutor: “Number one, your honor: Just look at him.”

    • Replies: @International Jew
  24. @brabantian

    And kneeling on people’s back and neck kills them. Just like it killed George Floyd. And if you think not, you are arguing with the forensic experts.

  25. @brabantian

    And you are either a liar or a chump. He did die of asphyxia. Kneeling on people’s neck and back kills them. I hope they do it to you.

    • Troll: Redman
    • Replies: @Jeff
    , @Daniel Chieh
  26. @obwandiyag

    Aww, that was Bring Your Daughter to Riot day.

    It’s important to show girls that they too can grow up to smash windows, loot stores and beat White people to death, just like boys.

    • Agree: Daniel Chieh
    • Replies: @Sam Malone
  27. Lot says:

    You forgot the fentanyl.

    The meth and marijuana in his blood wasn’t that high, but the fentanyl was off the charts. It was an amount that would send non opiate addicts to death by respiratory arrest without ventilation. It was 5 times the amount expected as the peak blood level of one fentanyl lollipop or 3x the amount in the very strongest of the patch dosages.

    And he wasn’t going to have peak levels at the time of death and testing, so 3-5x the highest safe dose of the most deadly opiate is understating how much he took. And Fentanyl is only prescribed for people who already take opiates and have a tolerance to manage breakthrough pain or the terminally ill.

    4chan druggie experts give a good circumstantial case he ate a fake Chinese oxycodone pill made with very cheap fentanyl rather than actual oxycodone.

    If he were a heavy addict and habitual user of the levels that were in his blood at death, he’d either be spending massive amounts on pills, $150+ a day, or would need to use the cheap injections. But the report did not say he had needle tracks. There also was no sign of recent heroin use, the preferred drug of heavy junkies. He also did not have the look of a hardcore junkie. He was muscular and had all of his teeth.

    Thus, he likely was a recreational user of opioid pills, not a hard core junkie who could tolerate the massive fentanyl dose in his blood.

    He had the bad luck of either getting a fake that was much stronger than expected, or he saw the cops coming and ingested fentanyl powder. A MN 4channer said such fake Chinese “oxycodone” pills are common on the street there.

    The autopsy notes some bruising on his head from the cops, but no neck injuries at all. The wrist injuries seem to suggest he struggled against the handcuffs.

    So he basically was in the process of ODing at the time of his death. He might have survived if his OD was in a hospital ICU, but seems likely he would have died that day if he never encountered the police.

    The video looks bad because we imagine a knee pushing on a neck. But the knee could have been at that point without any pressure at all, and simply fixed to restrain him.

    The idea that four cops just randomly decided during a call to murder an ODing scumbag is ludicrous. More than reasonable doubt just in the autopsy.

    In addition to the drugs, he had severe hypertension and nearly blocked arteries. One was 90% blocked, another 75%. And he had Covid. And a tumor in his hip. And sickle cell trait.

    • Agree: Rouetheday
    • Thanks: wren
  28. @Buzz Mohawk

    The man in that picture isn’t rioting, he’s unarmed, it’s legal in America to protest peacefully, and he’s got his daughter right with him, so it’s insane that the police are aiming a gun at his head. Yet this belligerent default response is precisely the cop mentality and over-the-top-aggressive behavior that started the protests. Yes, the protests then devolved into riots, but it is this sort of policing that starts it all.

    If they wanted the man to move from that area they could tell him that, and if he refuses I presume they can arrest him, which would simply mean cuffing him. There is no cause at all in that situation for them to aim a gun at him. If they had fired that gun, those police not only would have been as guilty of murder as the cop whose needless brutality started all this, they also would have been guilty of pouring yet more fuel on this raging fire.

  29. @Neuday

    Please, his name was Frito Pendejo.

    • Thanks: Neuday
  30. Jeff says:

    Kneeling on somebody’s back doesn’t always kill them. If my masseuse doesn’t have strong hands, I’ll ask them to use their knees and crawl over my back when I’m getting a massage. I’m still alive as far as I know.

  31. Jack D says:

    Once all the furor dies down and given a chance to present a defense to a jury of their peers (i.e. not a jury composed 100% of blacks and flaming liberals), I think the cops have an excellent chance of being acquitted or of there being endless hung juries. This country is deeply divided on almost everything now and that will include a divided jury. The defense will surely move to remove the case to some rural county on the basis that they can’t get a fair jury in Minneapolis.

    Given all the evidence of drug use and underlying conditions, it will be hard to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that the cops caused his death, esp. given that the use of the knee was taught to them in the police academy – they were just following standard procedure. Criminals often fake injuries and a cop can exercise reasonable judgment as to whether the criminal is faking or not. You can make a reasonable judgment and be wrong.

    OTOH, Floyd’s family has an excellent chance of collecting a great big settlement, many times more $ than worthless Floyd would have ever made had he lived.

    • Agree: Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
  32. Redman says:

    There are lawyers who will say anything. But I agree that Chauvin has some defense ammunition based on mens rea (i.e. intent). Judge Napolitano (with whom I sometimes differ) just wrote the first piece I have seen on this issue.

    He assumes that the neck hold was an act of “choking” which, I suppose, depends on which autopsy the jury believes. Based on the circumstances (8 1/2 minutes pressing on Floyd’s neck, bystanders yelling for him to stop, and one other officer telling him to ease up) a jury could certainly find the requisite intent to commit murder. Since the Hennepin County autopsy ruled out asphyxiation, however, this will probably turn into a battle of the experts.

    What’s interesting also is that there seems to be no motive. From the video, none of the cops appear to be having difficulty with a likely drug-addled Floyd. The prosecution will seek to admit evidence of Chauvin’s prior 18 instances of police misconduct or abuse. Keeping that evidence out could be critical.

    The most interesting thing to me is everyone’s assumption that Chauvin’s actions were motivated by race. I’m not exactly sure what evidence people are using to so conclude. That issue (which will not be relevant to the prosecution) will likely never be known, but it has set off the protests and rioting we now see.

  33. Jack D says:

    Yes, who could have possibly imagined that a jury with nine blacks, one Hispanic and two white women would POSSIBLY acquit? Incroyable!

    • LOL: Johann Ricke
  34. Why don’t the police just announce that the jails have been opened up as welcoming “safe spaces” for rioters/protesters?

  35. @Jack D

    I knew a 20-year old Black man at work who was out with his father a couple of years ago and his father just up and died when exiting some business.

    So a 46-year old just starting to say “I can’t breath” and exiting this mortal plane regardless of a copper’s knee keeping his head on the street is certainly plausible.

    People die all the time suddenly – a relative died in his sleep at around 50 y/o.

  36. The new Marvel Universe:

    • Replies: @res
  37. Alfa158 says:

    You can also see the stunned look on Robert Shapiro’s face when the verdict was announced. Obviously he had been expecting to put up a vigorous defense, the obviously guilty OJ would be convicted, and Shapiro would collect a fat legal fee, and go on as a celebrity lawyer.
    When the verdict came in he realized he would be a pariah in his circles, but he bounced back nicely, reducing his legal practice and founding
    I don’t know if he ever collected that legal fee; last I had heard back then, OJ paid tha bruther Cochran and stiffed everybody else on their bills.

  38. anon[108] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam Malone

    it’s insane that the police are aiming a gun at his head.

    How do you know what that cop is aiming at? What is behind the man and his child, for example, that isn’t shown in the pic? Yeah, I know, he’s pointing it right at the kid…or the man’s head…except that the angle is such that he could be aiming off to one side, probably the cop’s left / man’s right. You don’t know, neither do I.

    What is behind that man that’s not in the pic? What if it’s photoshopped?

    There could be a number of things going on here. Obviously the pic is effective propaganda, though, because you have verified that. But we don’t know what is actually going on, although white-haters like Obwindybag are convinced.

    We are in the middle of a major, major propaganda campaign. Don’t believe everything you are sold told.

  39. @Sam Malone

    Children are often used as shields. Bringing a child to anything remotely like that is CHILD ABUSE.

    You are Full Of S**T, just like the parent who brought the innocent child to that place and that event.

    Are you F***ing serious right now?

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @Joe Stalin
  40. @Lugash

    In the fictional version, the Dunne character thinks O.J will get a hung jury, due to some of the black jurors.

  41. @Sam Malone

    It’s obvious the cop is looking past the man and child, so isn’t pointing anything in their direction.

    • Replies: @vhrm
  42. Yes, I’m completely serious. I’m just saying in that picture what that cop is doing is not only wrong (probably illegal), it’s also stupid and inflammatory. Yeah, I’m sure it was a bad parenting decision for the guy to bring his kid there. So what? It doesn’t make it right – or HELPFUL – for the cops’ default response (when themselves in no danger AT ALL from the person) to point a gun at him and his little kid. If that was the only way that officer could think of to handle that situation, then he shouldn’t be on the force.

    I’m not on the police’s side no matter what, and maybe that’s a divide between some of us on here. They have enormous power and special immunity, and we should expect them to behave lawfully and humanely, and not to reflexively treat civilians like enemy combatants or cattle.

    It’s still legal to peacefully protest in America, and the belligerent way that police all over the country have been filmed handling non-violent lawful protesters is right now providing the fuel among the underclass of all colors for feelings of justification that will keep this going, or will allow it to immediately spring up anew the very next time there’s a good pretext.

    Yeah, George Floyd’s death was a pretext, but it was a damned good one. Something that would reduce these in the future would be to reform the military policing culture and practices in this country.

  43. Drudge has already picked up on this, but I’m wondering if the conduits, the Telegraph and the Jerusalem Post, will have some thinking its an Israeli/neo-con psyop to undermine Huawei:

    A former head of the British intelligence agency MI6 has said that he believes the COVID-19 virus was created in a lab and spread accidentally. Speaking to The Telegraph’s Planet Normal podcast, Sir Richard Dearlove cited recent research which claimed to have found key evidence that the virus had been manipulated to bind to humans.

  44. Coemgen says:

    However, viewing all the video from various cameras from the time the police took him out of his car …

    Links? The rest of us would like to see these videos from various cameras (unedited footage, of course).

  45. Steve,

    I was in Studio City yesterday, and I was appalled at the number of shops that had scrawled pathetic messages on their fronts.

    Up and down Ventura Boulevard, about half of the storefronts were covered in plywood.

    Of those, every fourth or fifth store had spraypainted “BLM” or “We support the protesters” or something of the ilk.

    Translation: “Please eat us last.”

    If I owned a chichi shop on the Boulevard, I would have stenciled:

    “Our security guards are ex-Mossad. Do you feel lucky, punk?”

  46. @Anon

    FourFiveSix, his autopsy just give credence to the fact that blacks are more adversely effected by blah,blah,blah,blah.

  47. J.Ross says:

    Indeed, and I would add that, as in some other cases like Zimmerman, the insistence on overcharging or seeking the most TV drama-sounding charges possible also lends credence to a likely acquittal. If this were the American court system. But Joe is right, plenty of signals have been sent that this is a pure lynching with every level on board. Right-wing radio is largely cucking, and even indulging in this idea that people who burn down police stations will calm down and go home with a nice little gesture or speech.

    • Agree: sayless
  48. Dissident says:

    >IRT-154 Christopher St

    Safe for booty-looting?

  49. J.Ross says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    In the past restraint made a kind of sense. Now every fact points to brutality as the only course. Why on earth would any protester, Black Bloc or otherwise, accept a kneeling photo op and go home? Not only has rioting and looting been tolerated for a week, not only has nearly every luminary and politician said that the “protesters” were right, but real policy change is being talked about seriously. They are winning. Why should they turn around and go home when they’re winning?

  50. J.Ross says:

    Yeah, but won’t they feel eggfaced when the peaceful protesters burn down the safe space theaters with a different group of peaceful protesters inside! Awkward!

  51. res says:

    Sickle cell anemia (homozygous) or sickle cell trait (heterozygous)?

    If the former it would be extremely relevant given the impact on oxygen uptake. If the latter, not so much.

    P.S. This source says sickle cell trait.

    Interesting that NPR seems to have admitted race is not just a social construct. And they can’t blame this one on “racism.”

    Floyd also had heart disease, hypertension and sickle cell trait — a mostly asymptomatic form of the more serious sickle cell disease, an inherited blood disorder that primarily affects African Americans.

  52. Laugh if you must, but “Safe Space” now looks like a better name for a commercial property than does “Target”.

  53. @Hemid

    The only two places I recognized on the looted & destroyed list out of Minneapolis were musical/theatrical equipment renters. I used one of them a long time ago. It was an extremely uninteresting-looking small warehouse that wasn’t easy to find. That’s typical of the business. Probably “targeted.”

    I certainly hope Vintage Music was spared. It’s just around the corner from Cup Foods, where George was floyed.

    I used to get my 78s there. They can repair or sell you a Victrola or Grammophone.

    • Replies: @sayless
  54. Just in via WaPo “Notifications”:

    Live updates: Authors retract study showing hydroxychloroquine was dangerous to hospitalized covid-19 patients

    Hydroxychloroquine is not to be confused with hydroquinone, which can make your life much brighter:

    ‘Whiter skin in 14 days’: Tracking the illegal sale of skin-whitening creams in Canada

  55. Lugash says:

    After watching that video I have to assume Chicago cops are prohibited from striking in all but the most dire circumstances.

  56. Lurker says:

    Clearly, they would be safer back home in Africa.

  57. Lurker says:
    @Sam Malone

    Are there other pics of this scene anywhere?

    I may well be reaching here but are we sure he’s pointing at the guy with the kid?

    Could this be deceptive ‘crowded beach’ style photo misrepresentation?

    The cop’s eyes appear to me to be looking to his right, past Mr. Typical High Black Male Parental Investment.

    There is something slightly ‘off’ about it. Like I said, I’m reaching.

  58. @brabantian

    Thanks. That’s really helpful information. One could scan the MSM for weeks without finding such useful information.

  59. vhrm says:
    @Henry's Cat

    And the weapon he’s holding is a grenade launcher; presumably teargas.

    Which is why he’s “aiming” up. Grenades are slow compared to bullets so need more arc to get where they’re going.

  60. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:
    @Not Only Wrathful

    I’ve got to imagine that you are familiar with his stuff already,

    Anyone who wants to understand what’s happening now can do so by reading Eric Hoffer; The Ordeal of Change is another good one from him.

    The remarkable thing about Hoffer is that his books were written decades ago, yet are just as fresh and relevant today.

    What’s that? How many degrees did he have? Not a one: Hoffer was a longshoreman who worked the San Francisco waterfront for a quarter-century. He had no formal schooling, yet you would never know this from his crisp, concise writing.

    Hoffer was 20th century America’s answer to Montaigne. There’s a great interview with him that can be found here:

    • Thanks: Not Only Wrathful
  61. sayless says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Unfortunately a set of bookstores was burned down, one side full of vintage science fiction, the other side full of vintage mysteries. Vandals.

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