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Retired WNBA Player Reveals She Was Bullied for Being Straight
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From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Wiggins: WNBA’s ‘harmful’ culture of bullying, jealousy

Candice Wiggins, La Jolla Country Day alumni and WNBA Woman of the Year recently described the WNBA as a “very very harmful” culture where she was bullied throughout her 8-year career.

Tod Leonard

… Wiggins, a four-time All-American at Stanford, asserts she was targeted for harassment from the time she was drafted by Minnesota because she is heterosexual and a nationally popular figure, of whom many other players were jealous.

“Me being heterosexual and straight, and being vocal in my identity as a straight woman was huge,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins’ baseball player father Alan stole 70 bases as the leadoff man for the 1984 National League champion San Diego Padres before massive drug problems led to his death in 1991.

Commenter O’Really notes:

Similarly, straight women do not merit protection from abuse and harassment by lesbians, in this case in the WNBA. Since coming out with her story of anti-heterosexual abuse, Candice Wiggins has not exactly received the unquestioning support offered to Jackie Coakley:

From ESPN:

WNBA has no comment, but many players dispute Candice Wiggins’ allegations of bullying culture

… But surely she realized comments to any newspaper would be disseminated globally online.

Anyway, it’s hard to remember how much upbeat media hype there was when the NBA launched the Women’s NBA league in the wake of the popular United States women’s team’s triumph at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

I think I’ve finally figured out the psychology of why there is this big disparity between the success of women’s national teams and the failure of women’s city teams. In men’s team sports, national and city teams are both seen as Defenders of the Turf, just on different geographic scales. Our young men defend us from your young men.

On the other hand, young women don’t trigger our loyalty as the defenders of our turf, they represent the flower of our culture.

Commenter Black Sea sums up nicely what I was trying to say:

Genuinely popular men’s sports are more like battles; genuinely popular women’s sports are more like beauty contests.

The U.S. women’s national soccer team is a big deal because we see these healthy, athletic, well-trained, attractive young women as exemplifying the superiority of our American culture over backward Iranian culture and decadent French culture.

But that kind of pride in women athletes doesn’t translate well to regional teams in an American professional league. In part, American regional cultures are fairly homogenous compared to America versus foreign countries. But also, the system of pro franchises drafting players from all over the country undermines feelings of local pride.

Clearly, Candice Wiggins is a popular sportswoman in San Diego, where her father is remembered as a tragic story, so people like to see her healthy and doing well. But what do La Jolla and Minnesota have in common?

The Miss American contest has traditionally been organized around competitors from all 50 states. In turn, the contestants in state beauty contests were drawn from the winners of local beauty contests.

Sports used to have that kind of organic organization, but competition became so fierce that the best athletes were drawn from wherever they were from. If, say, Phil Knight wants the U. of Oregon to win a national championship in football, it’s not going to stop him just because there are barely any blacks in Oregon. And for pro teams, recruiting is institutionalized in a draft where each team gets to pick players from anywhere.

For men’s pro team sports, winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. So men’s team fans are happy to draft the best players from all over.

But women’s sports aren’t as much about winning at all costs as they are about winning with style (consider popular women’s Olympic sports like figure skating and gymnastics). Women athletes represent a culture. Girls aren’t going to self-organize themselves into becoming sports stars the way Brazilian street urchins will become world-class soccer players. Female athletics doesn’t happen without a big social infrastructure of families and coaches. Thus the U.S. is better at women’s soccer than Brazil is, despite Brazil’s men being much better at soccer than our men, because our upper middle class is so large, rich, and effectual about inculcating achievement in their daughters.

But that reminds me that fans of men’s pro teams are even happier to win with local boys.

The NBA had territorial picks from 1950-1965: e.g., Philadelphia got to pick Overbrook High School of Philadelphia’s Wilt Chamberlain, Cincinnati got Oscar Robertson from the U. of Cincinnati and Crispus Attucks high school in Indianapolis, and the New York Knick’s got Bill Bradley of Princeton.

But then they stopped doing that as NBA teams started to develop brand equity of their own independent of college basketball. Nonetheless, it has always been part of the story of Akron-bred LeBron James, the top player since Michael Jordan, that he was drafted by his local NBA team in Cleveland because they had been so bad. No Cleveland pro team had won a league title in any sport since 1964, so it was heartwarming that young LeBron almost singlehandedly carried Cleveland to titles.

But then he decided to assemble a guaranteed to win superteam, and he was widely reviled for lack of loyalty when it worked out best for him to do it in glitzy Miami. But after a couple of titles in Miami, he chose to return to Cleveland. Slightly over the hill and as the definite underdog to the superlative Golden State Warriors, the area man finally led Cleveland to a championship last year, which was considered very heartwarming.

So one thing women’s team sports could try would be territorial draft picks. Restrict each team to only players who went to college or high school in their zone.

But, overall, there really isn’t enough talent in women’s sports to support a league. They’d be better off with a barnstorming model where the stars of the US national team come to town once a week each year to play Team Euro. Or, if you wanted to support two teams worth of American women, you could barnstorm with with two rivalrous American teams: Team Red representing inland America and Team Blue representing coastal America.

My vague impression is that women’s basketball wasn’t quite as lesbian in the past. My hunch was that lesbians muscled their way into dominating the WNBA, through behaviors much like Wiggins says. Women’s professional basketball is not at all a big money business, and the hard times are not conducive to live and let live attitudes.

The economic irony is that the lesbian takeover of the WNBA has diminished its popularity, leading to even less money. Women’s basketball is a bigger money sport in Europe. (I don’t know much about European women’s basketball. That may just be a bubble boosted by some rich guys in Russia and Turkey.)

Granted, it’s always been hard for tall women with lots of upper body strength to find husbands.

For example, Ann Meyers, who might have been the top women’s player of the 1970s, always assumed she couldn’t find a husband and then suddenly she got married to 6′-5″ baseball hall of famer Don Drysdale and they had three kids.

Lisa Leslie, who was the best known star of the WNBA in the 1990s, is an elegant-looking lady with a lot on the ball. But she’s 6’5″. So she wasn’t very optimistic. But her friends kept trying to set her up with this 6’7″ black guy who is a jet pilot for UPS. Now they’re married and have two kids.

One thing women’s basketball should consider to allow more graceful, feminine women to be competitive is to make the women’s basketball lighter and smaller. Soccer is more popular with slender girls because it’s a lower body strength game. But the basketball officials could do something about how beefy their players need to be just by making the ball smaller.

We don’t think much about the upper body strength required to shoot a basketball because male players are huge. For example, LeBron James is 6’8″ and maybe 260 pounds. Reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry is very popular because he’s so short and slight relative to most NBA stars, but he’s still 6’3″ and 190 pounds.

But shooting a basketball overhand is a challenge for women, especially as the long distance 3-point shot has grown in importance. And the WNBA lengthened the 3 point shot out to a considerable 22’6″ a few years ago (which is longer than the NBA’s 3-point-shot from the corners).

The women’s basketball is about 4% smaller in circumference than the NBA basketball, but women would be better off shooting jumpshots with a basketball about the size of a volleyball.

Why hasn’t women’s basketball made this change a long time ago? I don’t know. Perhaps the people in charge like it the way it is?

As I’ve often pointed out, despite all the popularity that U.S. national women’s teams have enjoyed in various sports (e.g., soccer), that has never succeeded in translating to professional team sport leagues organized on the model of men’s leagues where players are drafted from all over the country (e.g., California girl Wiggins was drafted by Minnesota of the WNBA).

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  1. The ball already is smaller, as you say. I used to scrimmage with a couple of girls on the D1 women’s team at my school in college, and being able to palm a smaller ball easily makes a Big difference. They wanted to play with the regulation men’s ball though, because they were great athletes and highly competitive.

    One player, an Amazonian blonde, recently suggested lowering the rims. It did not go down well:

  2. Anonymous [AKA "Mustard IV"] says:

    Roller derby, which in its current wave is a real competitive sport, is organized on a kind of up-from-the-sticks basis like baseball once was. Big enough cities will have a league of 4-6 teams, enough to maybe support a venue in a warehouse district. And they’ll field all-star teams against other cities or send teams on exhibition.

    There are 2 different track types, flat and banked, that’s an obstacle to consolidation. But it supports a reasonably competitive, hetero-friendly amateur culture and a cheap thrills audience pretty well.

  3. black sea says:

    Genuinely popular men’s sports are more like battles; genuinely popular women’s sports are more like beauty contests. In these matters, Mother Nature is not easily swayed, the prevailing social rhetoric be damned.

    • Agree: Hibernian, R.G. Camara
    • LOL: Kyle McKenna
  4. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Maybe a better approach for women’s sports would be the European athletic club model. Have a local athletic club that offers basketball and soccer leagues for kids, that work as a farm system for its adult pro teams. An American twist on this could be to link the local athletic club up with the local flagship university, so the college team works as a development team for 18-22 year olds.

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    They could play netball instead, which is like basketball but with no dribbling, shotblocking, or backboards. It seems easier for women to play. It’s popular in the UK and Commonwealth countries, like rugby and cricket.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Barnard
    , @Hubbub
  6. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    David Brooks rips the mask off:

    For the life of me, I can’t figure out why so many Republicans prefer a dying white America to a place like, say, Houston.

    It was from a column about Tom Cotton’s legal immigration restriction bill.

    • Replies: @Anon
  7. Grumpy says:

    Candice Wiggins, La Jolla Country Day alumni…

    I know “alumni” is plural, and I’m not even a journalist. If you can’t remember whether to say alumnus, alumna, alumni, or alumnae, then use another word.

    • Replies: @Pericles
    , @Neuday
    , @Buffalo Joe
  8. Interesting theory on the difference in fan psychologies.

  9. O'Really says:
    @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Your linked article is a stark example of how self-destructive the left has become in its elevation of ideology over basic reality.

    The average WNBA player is 6′, while the average NBA player is 6’7″. It is objectively true that if the rims were lowered 6 inches in the WNBA, the game would be more entertaining–not only for dunks, but for scoring and flow more generally.

    Lowering the rims could only serve to increase the audience and profitability of the sport. Currently, the sport is so unpopular that the combined payroll of the entire league is lower than a single NBA superstar’s annual salary. But the majority of WNBA players seemingly would rather languish in (relative) poverty, insisting that lowering the rims to match their biological height difference is tantamount to insisting that women go back to the kitchen!

  10. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Robertson played for the University of Cincinnati, not Ohio State. Which may underscore your point.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  11. @anonymous

    Okay, so it was Havlicek and Lucas at Ohio State?


    But Robertson graduated the year before Cincinnati won two NCAA title games in a row over Ohio State. Weird.

    The Big O was kind of unsuccessful. He started as a sophomore for Crispus Attucks HS that lost to tiny Milan HS in the Indiana HS tournament that’s featured in “Hoosiers”. But he won the next two state titles. And he finally won an NBA title with Kareem. Of course, if your teammate averages 35-17-5 …

  12. @O'Really

    The problem with lowering rims is that there is a huge installed base of 10′ basketball rims. However, most driveway rims sold in recent decades have been adjustable.

    My guess would be that women would need the rim lowered to about 8.5′ and the ball shrunk to the size of a volleyball for lots of dunking.

    But a smaller lighter ball would allow women to shoot overhead in a more elegant fashion from further away.

    The current official women’s ball is 26/27th the size of men’s ball, which is a nearly pointless difference.

  13. @Anonymous

    Netball is not a very exciting game.

  14. @Steve Sailer

    It’s a not unreasonable goal to have top women’s teams playing like Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors with a superb outside shooting. But women need a smaller, lighter ball.

  15. I had a unexplained shoulder injury last summer, and had never really thought of the weight of the basketball before, but the force required to shoot definitely made the shoulder flare up in pain.

  16. La Jolla Country Day alumni

    “Alumni”? Does that mean her pronoun is “they”, or does it mean journalists are so stupid they can’t breathe without detailed instructions?

    I guess that’s a rhetorical question.

    • Replies: @Alec Leamas
  17. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The UFC has actually had fight cards where female fighters were the headliners. They’ve had female fighters such as Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm who are attractive and actually look like real females. However, that layer of female fighter is rather thin with the rest looking like manly, tatted-up prison inmate dykes so that niche of the fight sport will probably diminish. Use of steroids only makes them look more masculine so why bother with imitation men when a person may as well go on to see the real thing, actual real men doing what they do.

  18. countenance says: • Website

    Highly competitive women’s team sports is full of lesbians? Who could have ever guessed?

    Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us that women who want combat roles in the military also tend to be lesbian.

    • Replies: @Olorin
  19. Dwright says:

    My grandaughter who is in 8th grade plays on a team. These girls are mostly skinny twigs and it looks sometimes like they are throwing up a medicine ball to the hoop.

    Still impressive and surprisingly more 3 pointers in the game than you would think. Good for them , good for all.

  20. You may have read last week that the UConn women’s basketball team won its 100th straight game. They’ve extended the streak two more games since. Women’s college soccer used to have that kind of imbalance too, with North Carolina putting up one or zero loss seasons year after year for a couple decades, but that overwhelming single team dominance ended in 2009; in the seven seasons since, 10 different schools have played in the seven national championship games, no school more than twice.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  21. Realistic says:


    I’m generally on board with most of what you write but I have to disagree on the smaller basketball
    idea. I am a former high school girl’s coach and have studied shooting extensively. First, the girl’s ball is already a bit smaller. It might be OK to shrink it some more but I don’t think that would increase accuracy that much. Good shooting technique emphasizes using the power from the lower body and not the upper. 10 minutes on Google will show that: Check Tom Nordland, Ed Palubinskas, Paul Hoover, Rick Torbett. Anyone who provides the power to shoot the ball from the upper body is slinging the ball.

    Women have plenty of strength, especially if they do proper strength training, to shoot accurately out to the college three point line. In 2012 there were actually more college women’s teams averaging over 70% from the free throw line than men’s teams. IMHO a college three pointer is merely a glorified free throw so backing up a few feet is not a big deal, especially if they power the shot from the lower body like they’re supposed to.

    I would suggest that anyone who wants to make the women’s game more fun to watch check out FIBA 33. It is 3 x 3 half court with a 12 second shot clock. There are plenty of videos on YouTube. By opening up the floor you compensate for the women’s lack of speed in comparison to the men. My local women’s DIII team can be excruciating to watch because with 10 players crammed into the space between the three point line and the baseline there’s not enough room to operate. Even when they move the ball and get the defense to over shift they don’t attack fast enough. The elite college women’s teams are fun to watch because they are more athletic but I think a FIBA 33 approach would be much better.

  22. @Steve Sailer

    Graduate of Cincinnati.
    One can usually win bet about O and NCAA championships.
    Most don’t know they didn’t win until after he was gone .
    CIncy was in 3rd straight title game the next year , but was upset by Loyola.

    To show how times have changed, Oscar used to go to the UC games and stand and watch by himself .
    Many times on the way to get a drink or go to restroom, I stopped and chatted briefly about the game with him.
    He was a normal guy, hardly even noticed.
    This was in late 70’s.
    Can you imagine same thing happening to MJ today?

    The lesbian angle of this story is more interesting.
    The Canton Repository ran a similar whole page story about a local straight girl college softball player, harassed by her mostly lesbian teammates.
    The story was 20 years ago!
    Why are so many women athletes lesbian?

  23. The Z Blog says: • Website

    The issue is spatial awareness. Men are more abstract in modeling their environment, while women are more concrete. Knowing where the herd is going to be when going on a hunt is different than remembering where the berries are when going on a pick. The part of the brain, which controls the perception of speed and the mental ability to rotate 3-D objects, is larger in men as well.

    In women’s soccer and hockey, you see much more point-to-point play. Girl X goes to a predetermined spot and Girl Y passes to her. In men’s hockey and soccer, individual play is more important, but they also pass to areas to move the overall play of the game. In basketball, this is very obvious. The girls look like they are nailed to the floor at times. The men are a carnival of motion.

    There’s also the massive gap between men and women in physical ability. No one talks about it, but the top college girl’s teams practice against frat boys. A good high school boys team would dominate the bets female college teams. The Australian female national soccer team lost to a group of 15-year old boys and it was a blowout.

    The mania to have women play men’s sports is entirely due to the Progressive blank slate religiosity. They simply cannot accept that women are different from men. It’s why suggesting changes in the rules of basketball are met with angry howls from feminist nutters. The WNBA does not exist as a business enterprise. It exists as a religious one. It’s why the NBA subsidizes it.

    • Agree: Desiderius
    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @TWS
  24. Barnard says:

    I am amazed a sport like netball could draw that many spectators. Curling is an exhilarating sport by comparison.

    • LOL: Buffalo Joe
    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  25. @Steve Sailer

    It sure seems like a significant difference when you play with it. Also, the diameter of the rim stays the same, so it’s easier to make shots.

    One thing you notice when you watch women’s basketball is the shooting isn’t as good, which is frustrating for a spectator because while you don’t expect them to be taking off from the foul line to dunk, you do expect them to be really good at jump shots and free throws.

  26. I think life in the WNBA would be pretty miserable just based on the number of black women in one place, regardless of sexuality.

  27. Hubbub says:

    The Australian winning team? All blondes? Ho, boy!

  28. @Anonymous

    I know a couple girls who are involved in roller derby and they are “nasty women”. It seems like a weird way for single city girls to be physically passive-aggressive against each other. I doubt it will catch on. Also the metaphor involved in the fact that the entire object of the game for a group of girls to prevent forward progress by another girl is funny to me

  29. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    If White America is dying, why is it dying?

    What is it dying of or what is it being killed by?

    Shouldn’t that be diagnosed to stop the dying of a people?

    For example, if Jews in Israel were not breeding and dying, should Jews just allow mass invasion OR should they try to reverse the demographic trend?

  30. SportsFan says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Right. While the difference in average height between NBA and WNBA players is around 7″, there is also a huge difference in leaping ability between men and women. The top leapers in the NBA regularly exceed 40″ of leaping ability, while amongst women it may be closer to 24″. The average for players drafted by the NBA and WNBA may be something around 35″ and 19″.

    Only the tallest of women, with the longest of arms, are able to dunk on a regulation hoop and only just so. Literally every NBA player, even the sub-6-footers, is able to dunk. Lowering the rim by 6″ inches would not be enough to enable most WNBA players to dunk.

  31. okie says:

    Every sport, for spectators, has a sweet spot of virtuosity vs comprehensibility. For instance, i believe that pro football and college are different beasts, because top few percent of the college guys who make astounding plays there are going against each other, at speeds that only can make sense to a viewer in slow motion in the pros. Heck watch a game the players look up at the jumbotron to see what happened. Same with other sports. 15 yrs ago women’s tennis was more watchable because men’s had descended to service contests. Then they changed the balls and raquets and hard-court surfaces to bring back rallies.

    Basketball and soccer played with a large unwieldy ball, show the evidence of male and female physical differences so much more clearly. and show how different their physicality is, when played with the same equipment on the same courts.
    Your example of female dominated skating and Gymnastics are like the pro football example, the men rotate so many times you have to be a expert with super slo mo to be impressed, with women, you can actually comprehend the amazing efforts. I believe that is a large part of those sport’s favor, just like they used to say a paper is written in 8th grade level to maximize readership, those sports are more comprehensible than the more physically astounding men.

    The lesson should be don’t be so afraid of the tinkering, and maybe the men should be tinkering too to make their sports more comprehensible, if it can create a better product , like tennis has done.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  32. @Steve Sailer

    You’re right about Oscar, great as he was. Robertson and Jerry West-acknowledged to be the two greatest backcourt players of their era and arguably of all time-each played on only one championship team. During that period the game was still dominated by centers. The game would change coincident with the arrival of Magic and Bird and, a few years later, Jordan. Oscar couldn’t have won without Kareem in ’71. Similarly, West couldn’t have won the following year without Chamberlain.

    • Replies: @Ron Mexico
  33. Pericles says:

    Personally, I prefer women in individual sports like gymnastics, tennis or cross-country skiing. There is almost always a gap between male and female practitioners whether individual or team oriented but when it comes to team sports … In many cases, the differences compared to men are so stark that watching feels like a waste of time.

    That said, volleyball can still be quite acceptable.

  34. Dahlia says:

    Thanks for this, will have to read.

    The first thing I’m wondering is, is were they jealous or did they resent her rejecting come-ons?

    This was actually on my mind a lot yesterday, after seeing Richard Spencer get mobbed and openly lusted after by men and women alike. Same sex can be just as bad as opposite sex. If you’re a woman dealing with a lesbian, men, the people who’d normally step in to protect, think it’s funny, not serious, or worse, encourage it.

    • Agree: Whoever
    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
    , @Triumph104
  35. Ian M. says:

    I wonder if it would help at all to make some drastic changes to the rules such that the resulting game differed noticeably in strategy from the men’s game.

    For example, I enjoy watching the women’s college softball World Series because the rules and dimensions of the field are sufficiently different from those in baseball: this results in softball strategy being quite a bit different from baseball strategy. For instance, you get a lot more ‘small ball’ in softball. If the women were just playing baseball instead, I wouldn’t watch it, since it would just be a much lower-skilled version of the men’s game.

  36. Neuday says:

    Grumpy, I yield to no man in my desire to preserve the proper use of the English language, but a blog should not be held to the same standard as a prepared and published article. The offhand, stream-of-consciousness qualities are the attributes that make a blog valuable, when done correctly, as is the case with iSteve. When slack is deserved, slack should be given.

    • Replies: @Grumpy
  37. whorefinder says: • Website

    Or maybe Women’s sports aren’t popular because they aren’t popular. It’s mostly astroturf, except for girlish sports liek figure skating and gymnastics.

    Much of the “popularity” of the women’s national soccer team is due to a massive PR campaign by the team’s sponsors and ESPN, which broadcast the team during a time when there aren’t any men’s leagues having their playoffs. That largely explains their popularity: there were no other meaningful games on (pennant race baseball was not quite heating up), and the uniqueness of it kept people watching. But that faded after the uniqueness washed away. And the later “buzz” about later women’s national soccer teams is all SJW-created; no one with testosterone in their body cared.

    Astroturfing of women’s sports seems quite common. The NBA launched the WNBA to (smartly) combat feminists screaming about sexism from the cheerleader-heavy, rap-star-behaving thugs league of the 1990s.The WNBA loses money every year and no one watches it, but it worked like a charm; you don’t hear a peep from feminists about the NBA being “misogynistic” culture, though the fact that the league is black probably also inures them to some criticism.

    Meanwhile the NFL went the route of making their players wear pink, but even then their DV has kept feminists more critical of that (black) league than the NBA.

    The NBA’s policies have actually been quite intelligent in avoiding problems, despite their heavily black personnel. One way it does this is not by lecturing the players or trying to control them, but by going around them. The NBA didn’t test for PEDs —or even normal drugs like pot—until the last few years, so no “controversy” erupted over failed tests. It gets the WNBA in there as a shield against feminists. And it seemingly allows the players to have more guaranteed contracts, knowing, however, that they live paycheck to paycheck and so the owners can bully them into all sorts of concessions in other areas that save money.

    In a related enterprise, Vince McMahon of the WWE has been shoving “women’s wrestling” down the fans throats now consistently since the end of the 1990s, despite ratings dropping during all their matches and having the matches openly derided as “bathroom breaks.” But it’s a CYA so his company can do a lot of T&A stuff with the prettier women and allow the men to act super-macho and such.

    Chicks dig sports where the goal is subjective; men dig sports where the goal is objective.

  38. Dahlia says:

    Read that article and it is very interesting, but I think she’s holding back. She hints at other stuff…

    In my experience, sexual harassment of women by other women cannot be talked about. I’ve experienced it twice and to this day I’ve never told a soul about it. I can talk about the stuff from men to my mom only, and to my husband with mixed results; not others because too many see it as humble bragging, believe it or not. But never the harassment by other women. Because when it was going on, many, many guys witnessed it and not a single one did anything to stop it. They ignored, laughed, or cheered it on.
    Yeah, not a lot of empathy going to come your way if you talk about this. Just asking for more trouble.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  39. Truth says:

    Lowering rims…

    Smaller ball…

    Cute ideas, but do not address the main issues with the WNBA:

    1. Basketball is a sport that is inexpensive to learn and play, therefore, the chicks with the most testosterone make the best players. This is the case in any sport from figure skating, and gymnastics on up (look at the women’s gymnastics team*) but this is offset mightily in expensive sports by money, where, the daughters of the richest, most fanatic parents mold the best athletes through attrition.

    2. Most sports fans who love the enterprise enough to spend money on it are men; men do not like watching women play sports. You could take the Victorias Secret models* and put 5 of them on each WNBA roster, and it would only catch men’s attention for a short-term curiosity, and women’s, no more than the current makeup of the teams.

    *There is a massively funny inside joke here, that I have tried to share before, but y’all just ain’t ready.

  40. Jack D says:

    It doesn’t make any sense to think of male professional athletes as hometown warriors. They are mercenaries at best. Next week your hometown hero may get traded and show up wearing the jersey of the opposing team. At this point, being a “fan” is mostly being a sucker for some 1% guy or corporation who is going to cash in on your naive enthusiasm.

  41. @Steve Sailer

    Graduate of Cincinnati.
    One can usually win bet about this.
    Most don’t know UC won titles after O left. They actually lost next year’s title match as they were upset by Loyola.

    To show how things have changed, in late 70’s Oscar attended many games and would stand alone and watch.
    Several times when I would get up to go to restroom, would chat briefly with him about the game.
    Great guy.
    He was hardly noticed.
    Imagine MJ doing same thing .

    More interesting is lesbian angle.
    The Canton Repository ran a whole page similar story about a straight local girl playing college softball who was harassed by her mostly lesbian teammates.
    This was 20 years ago!
    Why are so many female athletes lesbian?

    • Replies: @pepperinmono
  42. Jack D says:
    @Steve Sailer

    I think you are overshooting the reduction that would be needed. If WNBA players are on average 10% smaller than NBA players (72″ vs 79″) then you would need a 9′ basket and a ball that is 24/27ths of full size. If you are going to shrink the ball then you should also shrink the diameter of the rim. I don’t think that there is any amount of fiddling with the parameters that would make women’s basketball as interesting as men’s. The differences in strength and speed will continue to exist regardless of the dimensions of the paraphenalia.

  43. kihowi says:

    Gay really manage to pick the worst of both sexes.

    Lesbians get the aggression and crudity of men but not the self restraint.

    Homosexuals get the bitchiness and self-absorption of women but not the sweetness.

    • Agree: Alec Leamas
  44. Tiny Duck says:

    Like many people who frequent right wing websites I watch a lot of porn

    I’ve never seen tall women exhibited so maybe that’s why the WNBA is unpopular at the moment

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  45. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    I watch LPGA and softball and women’s indoor volleyball, but honestly it makes a huge difference how sexy the players look. I can’t imagine finding women’s basketball sexy… am I missing something? Girls show a lot more emotion, which is fun to watch, especially in team sports. I’m not hung up on playboy-bodies so it’s not just that. In golf I think Michelle Wie is supermodel-sexy, but Cheyenne Woods and Natalie Gulbis also have conventionally great figures. The LPGA is being invaded by Asians whose names and faces are confusing to me, with Inbee Park and Shenshen Feng beginning to resemble Jabba the Hut.

    Women’s gymnastics do nothing for me because the emotional range is so narrow– cheerleader pep or disappointment. I’d like to see more adventurous choreography in gymnastics and figure skating… and also in music videos, which still feature squads of hiphop robots. Ballet shouldn’t be so effeminate, either. Are experimental dance choreographers making any money now that every other tv ad has people happy-dancing?

  46. @pepperinmono

    Lesbian angle?
    190 degrees or so.

  47. e says:
    @Steve Sailer

    However, I don’t think the average sports’ fan, male or female, is interested in seeing a female dunk a basketball.

    We’re simply evolutionarily programmed to appreciate grace/style in a woman, power and aggression in a male. (I’d say speed is, from a viewer’s POV, related to grace, as the fastest people in any sport are usually quite graceful). Yes, we liked watching Lynn Swann of the Steelers catch a football, but he was only one of 22 males on the field at the same time. An entire game of nothing but male Swanns? No, but a Swann or two among some Gronks is quite all right.

    Sports which emphasize graceful and stylistic biomechanics are those likley to please viewers when it comes to women’s sports.

    Watching a woman slam down a dunk? Ugh.

    The only thing that might be just as unattractive is the wind up and follow through of a woman’s softball pitcher. I understand the skills involved but….it’s ugly.

  48. Sabril says:

    Reasonably attractive women in skimpy outfits. That is the formula for popularity in women’s sports. Why else would anyone watch competitors who are slower, weaker, and less competitive in pretty much every conceivable way?

    • Replies: @Pericles
    , @Marty T
  49. My high school always seemed more abuzz about Chad Cordero, who was eventually drafted by the Nationals, than Diana Taurasi, future Olympian and WNBA star.

    Taurasi can look quite attractive off the court; I think I have a vague memory of her all done up at prom or winter formal or something.

  50. JerryM says:

    Women’s hoops is awful. In college I used to play against women from the hoops team. I could not make my Junior high team and could hold my own against these ‘ladies’. If I see a game on TV in a bar I wonder why it looks weird, then realize it is women playing. I refuse to watch.

    • Replies: @Pericles
  51. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    John Wooden proposed raising the men’s rim to 11 ft. because he felt there was too much dunking and easy scoring.

    I don’t think a lower rim would make a big difference in making the women’s game more entertaining. Most of basketball consists of dribbling and running and moving around the court for passes. Women just aren’t very good at these basic skills and frankly look ridiculous doing so. Just lots of uncoordinated and awkward flailing around the court. It’s this that makes women’s basketball so awful to watch.

    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
    , @Pericles
  52. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    • Replies: @anonymous
  53. MBlanc46 says:

    If women want to engage in sport, fine. Sports provide a lot of benefits (plus the deficit of potential injury). But, apparently, I’m not alone in having no interest in watching. Even if they’re wearing skimpy outfits, I’m not inteested. There are plenty of places to see women in skimpy outfits where I’m pretty sure they’re not mostly lesbians.

  54. “All sexual abuse accusers deserve to be believed.” ~ Mrs. Hillary Clinton

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  55. Girls aren’t going to self-organize themselves into becoming sports stars the way Brazilian street urchins will become world-class soccer players. Female athletics doesn’t happen without a big social infrastructure of families and coaches.

    It is the same reason that the Dominican Republic doesn’t have a world-medal women’s softball team.

    Granted, it’s always been hard for tall women with lots of upper body strength to find husbands.

    When pretty 6-4 Candace Parker unexpectedly got pregnant, she immediately married the baby’s father, Sheldon Williams. Williams is strange looking but he was in the NBA and played for Duke when Coach K still recruited players with character. I can’t image Parker thinking that she could do any better.

    When the NBA’s Jason Collins announced that he was homosexual, his former girlfriend and fiancee of eight years said that she had never suspected him being homosexual. She was a 6-6 WNBA/pro player with few prospects so probably overlooked several signs. During the years between their breakup and Collins announcement, she had not been in another relationship.

    • Replies: @Truth
  56. Anon7 says:

    Even if you lowered the rim and made the ball smaller, women’s b-ball would still suffer from being boring. Women (especially in high school and college) run plays over and over, because they can’t match the spontaneous physical creativity of male players, which is much more interesting to watch.

    There are practically no female jazz musicians (in the sense of spontaneous performance) for the same reason. Rote, repetitive plays are boring to watch, compared with the spontaneous performance of today’s great male players. And yes, there are a lot more great black jazz musicians, and that, in my opinion, is why (in addition to physical size, strength and coordination) there are more highly-paid black basketball players.

    Here’s another story (told by Andre Previn and Oscar Peterson) illustrating the difference between rote and spontaneous performance. Start at 8:50 to hear the story of how classical (rote performance) pianist Vladimir Horowitz tried to play like jazz great (spontaneous performance) Art Tatum:

    If you want to hear it in action, here’s a brief rote performance of Tea for Two by Horowitz:

    And now, the master Art Tatum plays spontaneous Tea for Two:

    And, just so you understand that Tatum can play it however he wants, whenever he wants, here’s a more classical style version of Tea for Two by Tatum:

    • Replies: @Truth
  57. @Grumpy

    Grumpy, And you are aptly named, let me fix that for you….”Wiggins, La Jolla Country Day vagina.” There all done. Not all of us took Latin but I am glad I did.

  58. @O'Really

    O’Really, right, go back to their kitchens after we lower the counter heights for them and those hard to reach top shelves in the cabinets.

  59. @Steve Sailer

    Steve, you had a chance to add…”and neither is cricket.”

  60. @Dahlia

    Dahlia, Interesting take and I will project that to the NFL and the players not wanting Michael Sam in the shower seeing their nakedness and lusting after them. Again, just my projection, but I remember back to my all boys Catholic HS and after a team practice, the occasional priest sticking his head into the shower and saying he was looking for so and so…creepy, and this is 50 years later.

  61. @Dahlia

    Dahlia, and that is why sexual predators continue their hunt, the victims rarely come forward or only years later.

  62. WNBA has no comment, but many players dispute Candice Wiggins’ allegations of bullying culture

    … But surely she realized comments to any newspaper would be disseminated globally online.

    Wait, didn’t they use to tell us that when a woman claims abuse, she has a right to be believed? I guess we’re going to have to add “except when the aggressor is a lesbian” to the exception list along with “unless the aggressor is Bill Clinton.”

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  63. At age 25, I started a brief romance w/ a former high school classmate. She was a star female varsity basketball player not only for our high school team but statewide, and went on to a full 4-year basketball scholarship at UMASS as a 4-year starter. Pretty attractive, leggy, and outgoing.

    I didn’t make my high school JV team and hadn’t dribbled a basketball in almost ten years.

    Her: 5-10, 145 lbs and fit. Me: 6-1, 155 lbs and fit.

    I easily beat her 12-1 on a reasonably serious game of 1-on-1.

  64. Dee says:

    Only thing the WNBA needs to be wildly popular is to only play women that are 8, 9, or 10s in the looks department; you know,cheerleader material.

    Then have them play topless.

    No one will care about the size of the ball, height of the hoop, or that the final score will be more like a hockey game; 4 to 3.

    Teri Hatcher and Paula Abdul were cheerleaders….so that’s what I’m thinking about.

    This is a can’t miss deal. When that US female soccer goal tender just took off her jersey so we could see her white sports bra, that was front page news for a week…imagine bouncing boobs!

  65. Anon7 says:
    @Steve Sailer

    I doubt there will be any real changes, because women want to play men’s basketball and be excellent, just as good as the men, just as much fun to watch and just as well paid as the men. WNBA games will be just as famous, just as well-attended and just as well paid, as NBA games.

    You will watch, and you will cheer and you will admit that women play basketball, the one and only sport of basketball, just as well as men. And you will do it without being told to do so, and you will like it.

    You will not notice that the best women players are remarkably similar to the male players, in (proportional) size and strength and physique and hormones. You will put posters of 6’4″ lesbians in your petite, heterosexual daughter’s room to serve as role models. In fact, you will celebrate their feminine beauty and strength, just like you do with Serena Williams. Yes, you will.

    Women insist on it.

    • Replies: @Pericles
  66. @Cloudbuster

    … But surely she realized comments to any newspaper would be disseminated globally online.

    I love how modern journalists tut-tut over poor message discipline and excessive candor on the part of sources.

  67. @Dahlia

    The first thing I’m wondering is, is were they jealous or did they resent her rejecting come-ons?

    Both. Plus the black players are just mean as hell, don’t know about the white ones.

    Sheryl Swoopes entered the WNBA as a hetersexual, which was heavily promoted. She later had a relationship with a female assistant coach on her team. Last year Swoopes was fired from her head coach position at Loyola University Chicago. She bullied players and violated their confidences. In her second year of coaching, five players quit the team. Ten players quit during Swoopes third and final year. Swoopes lost six staffers in her first two years, who either quit or were fired.

    Swoopes attended Texas Tech. Coincidentally, in 2014, there was an altercation between a member of the Texas Tech women’s basketball team and a Texas Tech football player. They were guarding each other in a pickup basketball game. Amber Battle pushed, shoved, plowed-into, and hit Nigel Bethel repeatedly until he finally punched her. Nigel Bethel was arrested but a grand jury refused to indict him and he was welcomed back to the football team. Amber Battle was suspended for a month from the women’s basketball team.

    Clips of Amber Battle’s (in gray) agressive play: LINK LINK

    The Punch: LINK

    • Replies: @Dahlia
  68. Truth says:

    When pretty 6-4 Candace Parker unexpectedly got pregnant, she immediately married the baby’s father, Sheldon Williams… I can’t image Parker thinking that she could do any better.

    Ain’t you supposed to marry the dude that knocks you up?

  69. Truth says:

    We need Mensa/Jazzman on this one!

  70. peterike says:

    the area man finally led Cleveland to a championship last year, which was considered very heartwarming.

    Not by me it wasn’t.

  71. When the then-feminine Jamila Wideman, daughter of John Edgar Wideman, was recruited by the University of Connecticut, Coach Geno Auriemma discreetly let her know that his team was heterosexual. Jamila, a homosexual, signed with Stanford.

    Tara VanDerveer, homosexual, has been Stanford’s women’s basketball coach since 1985, the same year Auriemma started coaching UConn. She was also Candice Wiggins’ college coach. VanDerveer admits that she has no idea what Wiggins dealt with in the WNBA, but the Stanford coach is publicly defending the WNBA.

    • Replies: @Ron Mexico
    , @e
    , @Brutusale
  72. @okie

    Men’s tennis has been in a golden age in this century.

    • Replies: @okie
  73. @Barnard

    Everybody on defense has to lower their arms while a tall girl stands next to the basket flatfooted and slowly aims and shoots a two footer.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  74. @The Z Blog

    Girls who play sports are less likely to get knocked up in high school or become strippers. “Your job as a dad is to keep your daughter off the pole.” — Chris Rock.

  75. Dan Hayes says:
    @Steve Sailer


    It is well accepted that playing sports and other physical activities delay the onset of puberty which mightily assists dads in carrying out Rock’s dictum.

  76. @Realistic

    As a high school ice hockey and baseball player, I know nothing of basketball technique. However, as a Chicagoan and admirer of the historic skill of the 1989-1999 Chicago Bulls during their playoff-and-championship era, I do remember the shot of MJ’s go-to man behind the three-point line, Steve Kerr. His laser-precise long shot was above the head and propelled by the upper body. When the ball was released, the hand was dropped at the end of a fully extended arm at a high angle relative to the shoulder. This is the pose that players strike when bragging about their shooting prowess. So what gives? Are both upper-body and over-the-head techniques taught and accepted? Is Steve Kerr’s legendary championship three-pointer an idiosyncrasy? These conflicts are why I could never put a ball through a hoop. I’d just sit on a milk crate and play my guitar while my friends played hoops in the alley.

    • Replies: @Realistic
  77. @Tiny Duck

    TD, You don’t see tall women because you’re watching kiddy porn.

  78. BB753 says:
    @Steve Sailer

    But, are they more likely to become lesbians?

  79. Hibernian says:

    I fell in love with a roller derby queen.

    • Replies: @Oleaginous Outrager
  80. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    The towering and talented EDD is a lesbian, which is an evidentiary exhibit supporting Candace Wiggins’ statement.

    • Replies: @Alec Leamas
    , @Ron Mexico
  81. I vaguely recall hearing about a “gimmicky” women’s professional basketball league. There were lower rims, smaller balls, and snug one-piece uniforms. Steve would have approved. Can’t find much online but it was apparently the Liberty Basketball Association, which played all of one game in 1991. Seems to be remembered as something of an embarrassment, especially the unis.

    The best link I can find is here. There is also a book which is still available.

    I would much prefer this league over the WNBA. Remember the “unitards” worn by Australia’s Olympic women’s team? Nice.

    • Replies: @Pericles
  82. @Triumph104

    It has to piss off all these dyke coaches that Geno’s teams dominate their game. UConn might be the only women’s team that a decent number of men actually show interest in.

    • Replies: @Marty T
  83. @Anonymous

    High school girls’ basketball players spend as much time down on the floor as wrestlers. Tangled, spastic collisions leading to rugby-style scrums on every other possession. They can’t hold onto the ball and they can’t stay on their feet. Observers are genuinely fearful for their safety to a much greater degree than the boys.

  84. Hibernian says:
    @John Mansfield

    “…the UConn women’s basketball team won its 100th straight game. ‘

    No pun intended.

  85. @Connecticut Famer

    “Oscar couldn’t have won without Kareem in ’71. Similarly, West couldn’t have won the following year without Chamberlain.” and Magic without Kareem, Kobe without Shaq, Dr. J without Moses…

    • Replies: @Gandydancer
  86. @Realistic

    I agree, coach. The power to shoot a proper jumper comes from the glutes, hips, and thighs. Shots fall short when the players’ legs are tired and they don’t bend their legs enough. IMHO, women’s shooting and vertical jumping would be improved with a program of Olympic-style weightlifting. The two Olympic lifts (and their supplemental lifts) train both the CNS and the musculature of the hips and glutes in a way that directly translates into athletic lower-body power. Tests have shown that even the heaviest Oly lifters have ungodly vertical jumps, on a par with the best hoopsters and volleyball players.

  87. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Back to the lede – Elena Delle Donne was quite attractive for a 6’5″ woman, but, true to form, she and her betrothed will be the first lesbian couple to be featured for a dream wedding for The Knot:

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  88. @Wilbur Hassenfus

    “Alumni” could be masculine preferred for a coeducational institution.

  89. Dahlia says:


    There is no doubt in my mind this woman was sexually harassed, but won’t talk about it. She at least has some chance of being listened to and empathized with if she plays up “bullying”.

    Unless you’ve experienced it for yourself, you have no idea how much guys just can’t take it seriously or get off on it.
    Two anecdotes: *three years* after I was sexually harassed by a girl in high school, just from simply hearing about it and my distress over it from a “friend”, a 30-something married man sent me a package of pictures of himself, poetry, and a long letter asking me would it have been so bad if I let her touch me?
    Another: I had to give a speech in high school English and take questions at end. One of the popular jocks asks if I’m a lesbian (because of rumors spread by the porn-addled who got off on my harassment) and the entire class laughed.

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  90. okie says:
    @Steve Sailer

    the fed nadal decade had been great but i remember 1 year that Sampras won Wimbledon i think vs goran i . i swear in the final a four shot rally was a marathon.
    i looked it up the ITF changed the ball to make the sport slower which helps the modern greats be great.

    An adjustment to skate edges for men to widen them or the vault height could help bring those sports back into believable feats and make them the equal of their fem counterparts in popularity if the crowds could see what the judges see the way you see fed and nad play great rallies the way pete never had to and steffie was so good at in her era

  91. @Dahlia

    She was an avg.-sized woman then? Men may have taken it seriously if she were a bull dyke. What year did you graduate from high school?

  92. @Steve Sailer

    To be fair, she’s pretty hot.

  93. @Alec Leamas

    At least her dad kept her off the pole.

    Maybe he set his sights a little low.

    • Replies: @Alec Leamas
    , @Brutusale
  94. Grumpy says:

    The mistake was not Mr. Sailer’s. It was the San Diego Union-Tribune‘s.

    Apparently newspapers don’t have editors anymore.

  95. @SteveRogers42

    Is EDD a lesbian, or did EDD enter a lesbian relationship because of her stereotypically male, itinerant lifestyle and an increase of free testosterone from low bodyfat and constant competition? Admittedly, my digit ratio test for EDD says she was exposed to high prenatal testosterone, correlated with lesbian relationships. Chicken or egg, but at the same time she’s pretty enough at 6’5″ to attract male suitors.

  96. @Desiderius

    “Off the pole, and out of the hole . . .” the Scylla and Charybdis of modern conservative fatherhood.

  97. We must not forget the greatest female team sport- Women’s beach volleyball!

  98. @Realistic

    FIBA now calls this version of basketball 3×3.

    Incidentally, all FIBA-sanctioned 3×3 competitions—whether for men’s, women’s, or mixed teams—use a dedicated ball with the circumference of the women’s ball but the weight of the men’s ball.

  99. @Hibernian

    Five foot six and two fifteen, a bleach blond mama with a streak of mean.

  100. @SteveRogers42

    IMHO, women’s shooting and vertical jumping would be improved with a program of Olympic-style weightlifting.

    Not really. The biology of it is that the necessary musculature simply isn’t there (nor is the necessary proprioception or the often -overlooked joint strength and integrity).

    Indulge me in a little nostagliatin’: When I played JUCO ball, our center was 6-1. Once in a game against a team with a 6-11 center, I threw a lob pass a little short. Their center reached up and back and caught the ball with one hand. Les had already taken off, but he was undeterred: he simply reached back, ripped the ball out of the guy’s hand, and unleashed a two-handed slam that stopped the rotation of the earth for a brief moment.

    My point? You could lower the rim, shrink the ball, and watch women’s basketball for 10,000 years and never see anything like that, and really, though it was a spectacular athletic feat, similar feats are also common occurrences in male pickup games every day in this country.

    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
  101. anonguy says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Girls who play sports are less likely to get knocked up in high school or become strippers.

    There is an unresolved correlation/causation issue here.

  102. Pericles says:

    Do male reporters invade the WNBA locker rooms and showers the way female reporters do the NBA/NFL/whatever? Could be an angle.

  103. Pericles says:

    I know what you mean, the same can be seen when watching soccer. “Why are the tiny figures so unskilled this time?”

    As I recall, before the Rio games the Australian female Olympic soccer team played a male team of 15-year olds and were beaten resoundingly.

  104. Pericles says:

    Right, if we assume a 100-100 final score in a 48 minute game, then there is one score per 29 seconds of play time. (Let’s skip the details, guys.)

    I think that’s the effect the NBA owners want, though. Look at the typical audience, they are either dumb or drunk and have come to have a high-energy good time with lots of hollering, a bit of T&A and some mixed entertainment in the breaks. Why mess it up with a lot of sourpuss rules about travelling or raising the rim. Who wants an exciting 0-0 game of soccer?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  105. @Pericles

    The NBA is doing fine at present. They have a good product with a lot of stars and the quality of play is once again high after bottoming out around 1999.

    • Replies: @Pericles
  106. Pericles says:

    Good point. You start out aspirational and end up enforcing by whatever means that the aspirations come true. What’s a good name for the second state?

  107. Pericles says:
    @quai smyrna

    What the WNBA needs is to play in burqa.

  108. Pericles says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Not that I’m much of a basketball expert, but the 3-point shot was a great idea. Perhaps it has gotten a bit too dominant at the moment, though. Should there be a 3-point dunk too?

    • Disagree: Gandydancer
  109. Olorin says:

    HBD suggests that we should find the best fit for outliers while piloting the vast and robust middle distributed at -1/2 to +1.5 SD.

    A lesbian wants to do T-things, fine. At least she won’t be preening for the boys.

    A woman with a +3-plus SD IQ wants to do smart things? Super. We need all the smarts we can get AND breed kids with higher IQ to regress to.

    The problem is when equality evangelists claim that everyone should bend themselves around the outliers.

    • Replies: @BB753
  110. BB753 says:

    Simply having high IQ women in college during their prime reproductive years is dysgenic. Now we can understand why women in the past were discouraged to study or barred from higher learning.

  111. Marty T says:

    This is correct. It works in volleyball, tennis, track and field, and soccer (they should be wearing shorter shorts though).

  112. TWS says:

    For her high school team photo the boys suggested my daughter palm the men’s ball and hold it out. It looks pretty good.

    There are more men who can dunk on some boys high school teams than the entire WNBA. Lower the rims. Make it a smaller ball. Have a damn morals clause and kick out the rug munchers.

    Then you won’t need to subsidize the sport for tv it’ll attract an audience all by itself.

  113. TWS says:
    @The Z Blog

    Women cannot compete against men in any sport except shooting small caliber rifles. My mom was a competitive shooter and her targets looked like one slightly bigger bullet went through the exact center of the target.

    But no women’s sport is anywhere as interesting as beach vollyball simply because it really is all about the female form. Women are not as athletic as men. In basketball the women are dykey looking prison inmate types. Same for MMA. Surprise, nobody but dykes care what other dykes are doing. Nobody wants to watch them do anything.

    It’s all about what Zman said, men hunted, women gathered. How athletic do you need to be to bring home a lettuce leaf?

  114. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Hilarious clip!

  115. Realistic says:
    @Eric Novak


    Steve Kerr had excellent form but the force for his shot came from his lower body. Just because his release was above his head doesn’t mean the force came from his arms. If in doubt try the following experiment. Shoot a basketball with the knees locked. Don’t involve the lower body at all. Shooting coach Tom Nordland actually recommends this to work on the release. I’m a strong guy and my distance is about 5 feet to keep my form with no leg involvement. There is no way to shoot an NBA three pointer in good form without the force coming from the legs and hips.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  116. Marty T says:
    @Ron Mexico

    Thank you. It’s like the most obvious secret about UConn. Sure, they get great players, but athletically they’re not miles ahead of their competition. But his players are almost all cleancut and well-spoken. And they tend to be attractive by basketball standards. They’re not scary looking and they’re not tattooed. I’m sure he’s had lesbian players in his decades of coaching but there’s no doubt he likes “girl next door” types.

    UConn wins through execution. Their ball movement is impressive and they’re fun to watch.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  117. e says:

    Condi Rice is a big fan of Stanford women’s basketball. not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  118. @SteveRogers42

    Is her lesbianism the underlying reason that she didn’t fulfill her letter of intent to UConn. Don’t hear about Geno’s ladies coming out. Maybe he does have some lesbos, but I don’t get the sense that it would be out and out acceptable at UConn, where it might be more acceptable elsewhere? When EDD “came out” I was most disappointed for any tall athletic potential fathers. The potential superstars that could be birthed by her.

  119. Brutusale says:

    If true, it’s amazing that Auriemma is that candid with recruits.

  120. Brutusale says:

    Back in my youth, the brothers at the Brockton Y were shocked at the jumping and rebounding skillz of the white weightlifting guy. I’d invite them down to the squat rack to see where it came from.

    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
  121. Brutusale says:

    He did such a good job that it kept her off of ALL poles…

  122. @Marty T

    So UConn’s women basketball players tend to be, what, daughters of two parent families where dad played a little ball when he was young and then, after he aged out of sports, he did pretty well for himself in his real career?

    Here in SoCal, the Vandeweghes have been doing playing in the NBA, or swimming in the Olympics, or reaching the quarterfinals of the French Open (or winning Miss America) for three generations now.

    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
  123. @Realistic

    How does Stephen Curry shoot? He just seems to suddenly flick the ball at the basket without what looks like traditional form.

    • Replies: @Realistic
  124. @Oleaginous Outrager

    Not arguing your point. Most wimmens will never approach the power and all-around athleticism that most men have. All I’m saying is that Oly lifts can IMPROVE them to the point that their hip hinge and trunk stability would enable them to shoot a true jump shot with proper form — something that 9th-grade boys do as a matter of course.

    I’ve seen this improvement happen in girls that are willing to lift,, but there is a ceiling for them that is far below the men’s ceiling.

  125. @Ron Mexico

    Or the super-soldiers that could be produced by a DOD breeding program. I’m thinking J.J. Watt as the sire.

  126. Bill B. says:

    Genuinely popular men’s sports are more like battles; genuinely popular women’s sports are more like beauty contests.

    It seems that the lady has noticed this too:

    Wiggins has her sights set on a new athletic career: pro beach volleyball. She is working out with her former club coach who prepared her for volleyball at LJCD and has been mentored by current women beach players.

    She aspires to play on the pro beach volleyball tour and possibly the Olympics. She touts the sport’s camaraderie and its “celebration of women and the female body as feminine, but strong and athletic.”

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  127. @Steve Sailer

    I remember reading a feature story about the V’s in Sports Illustrated back in the late ’60’s when the kids were in their early teens. Nature plus nurture. They all seemed to realize their athletic potential and nobody fell by the wayside.

  128. Realistic says:
    @Steve Sailer


    He is pretty close to a textbook example of the form that Tom Nordland teaches in his Swish 22 videos.

    The power comes from the lower body, he shoots on the way up in one motion, he locks his elbow, the wrist is relaxed and bounces, he has an open stance (shooting shoulder turned toward the basket, not squared up). The main reason Curry looks like he’s flicking the ball at the basket is that he starts his arm motion so early. That harnesses the power from his lower body which is why he has such great range. The ball is coming off of his fingertips at the top of his jump.

    When you say “traditional form” you may be referring to a two motion shot. Two motion is where you bring it up, pause, and then take it forward. Ray Allen is a good example of a player with a two motion shot.

    Of the great NBA shooters Nash and Price had what I refer to as “semi-one motion” shots. They slowed the motion down at the set point but didn’t make it into a complete two motion release.

  129. @Steve Sailer

    The mania to have women play men’s sports is entirely due to the Progressive blank slate religiosity.

    Mr Z’s comment was solely as to men’s sports.

    I see no reason why women shouldn’t develop and take up and market their own: Lace tatting for instance, competetive curtain hanging and weeping distance also spring to mind.

  130. @Bill B.

    What’s her name, the 6’2″ blonde with three kids who won yet another Olympic medal last year at age 38 in beach volleyball … Kerri Walsh Jennings … she’ll probably send her kids to someplace very much like La Jolla Country Day school, where Candice Wiggins went, and turn all heads when she rolls up in her Range Rover on Parent-Teacher Night.

  131. @Ron Mexico

    Probably not. ESPN has run several stories on her in the last few years that strongly suggest she was homesick. EDD has a severely disabled older sister (blind, deaf, autistic, and with cerebral palsy) whom she’s especially close to. She never played overseas basketball during the WNBA offseason until she signed a short-term deal to play in the Chinese league playoffs this year… but was forced to return to the States within 48 hours due to a flareup of Lyme disease. In fact, EDD has publicly said she normally stays in the States to help care for her sister.

    As an aside, Lyme disease is another reason EDD typically stays in the States. She caught the disease in 2008, but it was initially misdiagnosed; she’s had flareups off and on ever since, and she apparently wants to be close to her physicians in Delaware in the offseason.

  132. Jefferson says:

    If 90 percent of White WNBA players are Lesbians, it must be 99 percent for Black WNBA players lol.

  133. Anonymous [AKA "Jesse.K"] says:

    Please, roller derby is nothing but out of shape dykes, covered in crappy tattoos with dumb wrestling names who are not good enough to play in WNBA or any other major womens league. It’s a bigger joke than the WNBA.

    It’s also highly racist and sexist, they absolutely HATE men and straight people

    Roller derby was only cool in the 70’s-80’s when they had real athletes(men & women mind you) who skated fast and beat the crap out of each other. You’ll also notice the real roller derby was multi-ethnic, not just 99% pasty white women like it is today.

    What people call “Roller Deby” today is like calling floor hockey the “NHL”, it sucks compared to real roller derby.

  134. @Ron Mexico

    …or Rick Barry without Clifford Ray and George Washington…

    Or does that prove his point and not yours?

    Changing subject, Steve Sailer wrote, “For example, Ann Meyers, who might have been the top women’s player of the 1970s, always assumed she couldn’t find a husband and then suddenly she got married to 6′-5″ baseball hall of famer Don Drysdale and they had three kids.”

    Odd example. There was height in the Meyers family (her UCLA-NBA-playing brother was 6’8″), but she was only 5’9″, not much of an obstacle to getting a taller mate.

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