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Racial Hate Hoaxes Come to Helsinki
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One of the striking aspects of recent years is how exceptions to stereotypes — e.g., Melbourne doesn’t have a black crime problem — are less and less true. More and more, stereotypes apply everywhere. For example, you might think that Helsinki, Finland would not have any Jussie Smollett-style racial hate hoaxes. But that’s so outdated. Of course Helsinki has hate hoaxes:

From YLE.Fi:

Helsinki city councillor apologises for false story about abusive taxi passenger

11.11.2019 17:26 | updated 11.11.2019 17:26
The SDP politician told daily Helsingin Sanomat that he had circulated an untrue story because he “was angry”.

Social Democratic Party politician and Helsinki city councillor Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein has admitted to fabricating a story about removing a passenger from his taxi after being verbally attacked. …

About one week ago, Hussein tweeted about an incident in which he claimed that he had stopped along a motorway to order a verbally abusive passenger to leave his taxi. He later modified the story to clarify that he left the passenger at a bus stop and not at the roadside.

At the time Hussein wrote that among other things, the passenger told him to go back to Somalia to defend his country. Later, in a blog post, Hussein provided additional details about the incident and described the individual as asking about his background and reasons for being in Finland.

On Monday Hussein told daily Helsingin Saonmat that while he did have “a man behaving in a racist manner” in his taxi, he did not remove the passenger from the vehicle. He said that he tweeted about the incident to spark discussion about the harassment that taxi drivers face.

“I wrote the tweet on Sunday because I was angry,” he said.

Story falls apart under scrutiny

Hussein’s taxi operator, Taksi Helsinki, said it had looked into the incident and found that his story did not match up with GPS data from the taxi. On Monday, the firm tweeted that no passengers had been asked to leave a taxi.

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  1. Well, the Finns are willing to stand up against this crap, unlike Americans

    • Replies: @Neoconned
    , @SunBakedSuburb
  2. Escher says:

    I bet his career as a politician is far from Finnished, despite his blatant lying.

  3. Other than that, everything was true.

    • Agree: bigdicknick
    • Replies: @bigdicknick
  4. “To spark discussion!” Well, some things are the same the world ’round, aren’t they. Just think, Finland, it won’t be long until you have your own coterie of SJW types running things. And you won’t be allowed to breathe without permission. From the experience with other Scandinavian countries, it should be an easy transition. Though Denmark seems to be hanging tough now and then.

    Funny to come across this post because I was just reading up on Ellen Page’s ostentatious meltdown re: Jussie on the Colbert show: “I have traveled the world and I have met the most marginalized people you can meet. I am lucky to have this time and this privilege to say this. This needs to f*** stop!!” (Standing Ovation)

    Colbert himself after the truth had (sort of) come out: “No one is exactly sure what happened or why it happened. He said it was a hate crime and I believe it. Because I hate talking about this story.”

  5. @Escher

    Only because there is no ‘Groan’ button.

  6. Did you ever consider that calling one’s self a Social Democrat is an overt sign of virtue signalling?

    • Replies: @Neoconned
  7. Anon[587] • Disclaimer says:



    “But they’re Beckys, nearly identical Beckys all the way … They walk alike, talk alike, abruptly leave the show alike ….”

    Funny Patty Duke show sendup from 2013 when an actress switch took place.

    Version including the original for the young’uns:

  8. Well ,invade the world invite the world. That’s what Finland gets considering it’s record of rampant imperialism and exploitation of Africa. Oh wait……

    • Agree: Hail
    • LOL: Amerimutt Golems
    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @AnotherDad
  9. @Mr McKenna

    “He said it was a hate crime and I believe it. Because I hate talking about this story.”

    Colbert went on: “Above all, I hate being put in a position where I’d have to admit I was wrong about something that the kinds of white people I hate were right about, so I’m not going to discuss it any further.”

    • LOL: Gunner
    • Replies: @Bill P
  10. Bill P says:

    Back in early 2002, I accompanied a few Army rangers to Seattle’s Mardi Gras festival. I lived fairly near Pioneer Square, and they were up from Ft. Lewis, so we used my place as a staging point. We called a cab, and sure enough the driver was a Somali.

    I engaged him in small talk, and eventually he got to bragging and said he was from Mogadishu, and commenced to express his pride over the Battle of Mogadishu. The Somalis had taken on the rangers, you see, which proved what great warriors they were. He had no idea the other passengers were Army rangers, and went on for some time along these lines.

    After a little while, one of the rangers interrupted the Somali, and said “hey, those were our brothers, we’re Rangers.” I’ll never forget the look of the Somali’s eyes in the rear-view mirror. He looked back at the pairs of eyes staring right at him, and he knew they were serious. After that, the short cab ride was as quiet as death.

    It was a surreal experience.

  11. Bill P says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    Colbert is of Cagot ancestry on his paternal side, hence the chip on the shoulder. Even today he won’t talk about it.

    • LOL: fnn
  12. Racism and white supremacy is very real. Is it any wonder that People of Color will sometimes lose their comportment?

    It’s no big deal. Just like the Covington kids and Smollet and other hoaxes we see the big picture and realize that the overall narrative is more important and we must do all we can to fight white privilege and perfidy.

    This man was brave to embellish because he knew white supremacists would make a big deal. He has started a conversation about the loathsome news of whiteness

    He is a hero and emblematic of the Muslim community

  13. Ano says:

    …his story did not match up with GPS data from the taxi….

    Damn! First it was racist CCTV cameras exposing hate hoaxes, then it was racist police bodycams exposing hate hoaxes, now it’s racist GPS data!

    How dare Finns place a Somali politician’s story under scrutiny! What next, will Americans start to doubt the stories told by that honest paragon of virtue Ilhan Omar?

    Hmm do I see another stereotype coming on?

  14. Poland has been vaccinated against this stuff early on:

    … which partly explains why they now have a sensible immigration policy now.

    There are YouTube channels popular in Poland , consisting of world-star-hip-hop-style videos of black and asian criminal areas in the UK.

  15. ic1000 says:

    > I bet his career as a politician is far from Finnished

    It’s a wonderful career boost for Husu Hussein to be acclaimed as an iSteve Content Generator. This handsome certificate, suitable for framing, takes place of pride in a City Hall office. It adds to any taxi’s decor when displayed next to the medallion.

    Old-fashioned Steve insists on mailing the gold-embossed, offset-printed document to awardees. Perhaps he should migrate to emailing PDFs, for the cost savings.

    While impractical for Helsinki or Vancouver, he could also consider an annual ceremony for local winners. And if he’s up for the coast-to-coast flight, the 12th floor conference room at 620 Eighth Avenue can be reserved through Outlook. Though that would be a standing-room-only affair.

  16. Andy says:

    Somalis bringing vibrancy to boring Finland

  17. bomag says:

    It used to be that “immigrant” carried an expectation to learn the language and folkways to become part of the country.

    Then “immigrant” became someone who moved in and carried on the practices of the old country.

    Now “immigrant” has become someone who moves in; criticizes the natives; calls for their displacement, or for things to change to fit the sensibilities of the newcomer.

  18. ganderson says:

    Meanwhile in Canada- Cancel Culture has taken out Don Cherry!

    • Replies: @Ganderson
  19. Rahan says:

    Somali IQ is no match for taxi-tracking tech.
    However, white cucking is no match for Somali IQ.

  20. Speaking of hate hoaxes.

    A black doll with a noose around its neck was found in a student lounge at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy in Aurora.

    This happened Sept 17. The latest “report” I can find is Oct 1. I thought at some point there was a report that someone was caught or at least being questioned. I may have misread this or it was part of a different story since I cannot find that development. At any rate, the hand-wringing over this horror stopped the 1st of October.

    My initial reaction was that it was probably a hoax. Its disappearing from discussion seems to confirm that. The videos of the room likely show a POC hanging the doll. So it is quietly being forgotten.

    Does anyone have more about this?

  21. Moses says:

    Ok so his story isn’t true, technically.

    But let’s not split hairs.

    It *could* have been true. We all know that’s the important thing in the Current Year.

  22. Grifters gonna grift. Somalis seem amazingly stupid overall but predisposed to political grifts and frauds.

  23. Jake says:

    If you’ve got Numinous Negroes, you’ve got hate hoaxes, as part of endless con games to relieve you of your racist money, and you’ve got, or very soon will get, lots of rapes and murders.

    It’s a mystery who made the Negro Numinous. If we knew, we surely would know that that people, and its culture, are either stupid or evil. And if we knew that and were not suicidal , then we would avoid promoting, even accepting, the cultural paths those people want.

  24. TWS says:

    Too bad the supply of hate is just so limited. Not enough racist whites to go around. Clearly we need to bus in more or perhaps hire immigrants to do it.

  25. @International Jew

    While this *specific* hate crime didn’t *technically* happen it started a conversation about how horribly racist helsinki is and that’s what’s important

  26. @Bill P

    That’s awesome; ‘What the hell are you doing in my country?’ applying to all parties in the taxi.

  27. @Bill P

    Colbert is of Cagot ancestry on his paternal side, hence the chip on the shoulder. Even today he won’t talk about it.

    Any relation to the Cagaleches?

    Actually, yes:

    What’s more degraded, a duck or a cack?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  28. @Dr Van Nostrand

    Well ,invade the world invite the world. That’s what Finland gets considering it’s record of rampant imperialism and exploitation of Africa. Oh wait……

    Well, they did colonize the Delaware River estuary, in the same way that Scotland colonized India and Friesland western Michigan.

    They gave us the log cabin:

  29. @Dr Van Nostrand

    Well ,invade the world invite the world. That’s what Finland gets considering it’s record of rampant imperialism and exploitation of Africa. Oh wait……

    That b.s. was all convenient excuse making.

    Finland is white. That’s enough. It must be wrecked.

  30. @Reg Cæsar

    That should read “cuck”, not “duck”.

    Is Tiny really Jeff Besos? Or a mole at Amazon?

  31. @Bill P

    I hope you didn’t tip him.

    • Replies: @JMcG
  32. Ganderson says:

    Oops. Didn’t see this got mentioned already. Sorry about that, chief!

  33. @Mr McKenna

    Finland is not quite the same as other Scandinavian countries, and isn’t even quite ethnically the same, having sufficient variation(basically an ancestral East Asian population) that a Nature study split them off from the European population. Notably, the Finnish are the only European population that has the EDAR gene which is otherwise only found in East Asia.

    Finns are now genetically considered an independent population instead of a part of the European population.

    A large team of scientists analyzed the genetic codes of more than 60,000 people from five continents in order to provide the biggest data set of its kind to the scientific community. The details of this study, published in Nature, are already providing interesting insights, including the genetic difference of the Finnish population to the rest of the European population…

    …Population genetics are directly related to the study of history and evolution. The genetic difference of the Finn population raises many questions.

    If Finns didn’t evolve from Europeans, where did they come from? How did Finnish people end up adjacent to, but separate from, the European population?

    This can be exaggerated, of course; there’s one Unz writer who claimed that Finland was the “most East Asian of the European nations” which while somewhat true, is only in a very limited extent. But I do think that this will give them some resistance from turning into Sweden Yes; and this is borne out in my personal experience in Finland.


    An amusing derivation of this which a Finnish poster in Unz mentioned is that while the Finnish trace to East Asia is almost certainly Chinese, most Finnish who are aware of this prefer to believe that they are somehow related to the Japanese. Japanese PR is great.

  34. Whiskey says: • Website

    This is why we need White supremac y. No place not even Finland can be an ethno state. Not even Israel.

    White men are either the lowest of highest. Choose. With White supremacy this dude would be groveling not agitating.

  35. @Daniel Chieh

    It is my understanding that Finland was at one time a colonial outpost of Sweden and currently has both a colonial legacy mestizo population with considerable amounts of Swedish genes in that woodpile as well as a recently arrived unblended Swedish diaspora. Maybe that is what’s fucking up their pound cake.

  36. Hail says: • Website

    Maybe these sorts of antics can revive the old term “Finlandization,” can give the term a new lease on life, a brand new meaning that spins off the old.


    Old Finlandization: Neutral stance on the NATO-vs.-WarsawPact split. Used in a sentence — “The great goal of Soviet policy was the Finlandization of Germany, which could plausibly have occurred at various stages in various ways (it had been even been George Kennan’s suggestion early on), but never happened.”

    New Finlandization: Neutral stance on the Muslims/Immigrants-vs.-Finns split; neutral stance on what to do about the ‘Shifty Muslim Taxi Drivers Who Are Also Somehow City Councillors’ Question. Used in a sentence — “Ilhan Omar and CAIR want a Finlandization of US attitudes on Somalis and other Muslims; ‘End this hostility against my race and nation, and we’ll talk; Finlandize, you white jerks!’ Congresspersxn Omar was quoted as saying yesterday.”

  37. Anon[246] • Disclaimer says:

    Lying and bragging are cultural norms for black men in Africa, and they don’t see why white people make a fuss about them.

  38. @Bill P

    That explains a lot. If there were a family of people like Colbert living near me, I would shun them too.

  39. Anonymous[344] • Disclaimer says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    Who’d have thought that anime and manga would prove a source of soft power for Japan that Kurosawa never was?

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
    , @Anonymous
  40. Neoconned says:
    @Redneck farmer

    I wonder if he’s like the African refugee dude in Poland who Steve blogged about few months back who claimed bigotry & racism when he infected like 15 white Polish women with HIV….

  41. Neoconned says:
    @The Alarmist

    Being a socialist or a social Democrat used to mean something….as in Germany…..but like in Germany the SPD is now some kinda weird corrupt Blair/Clintonesque neolib open borders frankenstein rather than being a true champion of labor.

  42. Hussein’s taxi operator, Taksi Helsinki, said it had looked into the incident and found that his story did not match up with GPS data from the taxi. On Monday, the firm tweeted that no passengers had been asked to leave a taxi.

    The clue was in IQ and the Wealth of Nations that was coauthored by Tatu Vanhanen who is Finnish.

  43. JMcG says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    I hope you didn’t pay him anything at all.

  44. @Anonymous

    geekiness below


    It occurs to me now that the recent anime Dr. Stone provides a literal origin story for that: a Finnish diva(a space tourist) and a Japanese astronaut survivor repopulate much of humanity after its wipeout, and though total hapaness is avoided by the other survivors being white, it presumably means that a good percentage of future Finnish survivors are minutely part Japanese.

  45. @Escher

    That was a felony level pun. I hope you feel appropriately ashamed of yourself.

  46. @Redneck farmer

    Finns are descendants of elfin creatures. They crowd into suffocatingly hot saunas with other naked people and whip themselves into a frenzy with the branches of birch trees. They are weird. They also stood up against the Red Army during WW II. Maybe they’ll beat back against the Somali tide. Somalis are weird looking but not weird. Somalis are creepy, and snake-like. Not cute like elves.

  47. anon[282] • Disclaimer says:

    iSteve bait that isn’t yet-another-2nd rate-NAMette-hair-article: the Northwestern University student newspaper’s apologizing for merely covering Jeff Sessions’ speaking event on campus (due to triggering, natch).

    • Replies: @anon
  48. anon[282] • Disclaimer says:

    And similar to the racial-gender split among IQ researchers, in the NYT article on the topic, of quoted subjects, the white guy said it was stupid to apologize for basic reporting while a woman and black (male) WAPO reporter were counter the backlash.

  49. J.Ross says:

    Andrew Marantz (you cannot insult him more than noting his employer: he’s a New Yorker columnist) was lying about invisible Nazis (who are, of course, Russian) on NPR’s Fresh Air today to promote his hate hoax, Antisocial, a book of own-back-patting bias completely undisguised by any pretense to journalism. The excerpt readable at the Fresh Air link is literally a New Yorker snob mocking poorer people. There’s a particularly funny centerpiece: Marantz takes a break from just lying and insulting people to carefully relate blasphemy, letting the scene itself elicit shocked giggles. Visiting “the alt-right” in meatspace, he introduces himself to Russian hackers who are “air bnb’ing” an associate’s house. Quick note, I am not familiar with any of these leaders of “the alt-right.”

    “I’m here to write about Cassandra [Fairnanks],” [Andrew Marantz] said. “I’m a journalist.”

    “Oh, cool, I’m a journalist, too,” [Luke] Rudkowski said.

    “Yeah, me too,” [Tim] Pool said.

    Bad-dum, tish. The nerve of these peasants, none of whom write a column for the New Yorker. Marantz goes on to indulge in cheap pot shots and indefensible lying to create the impression that “the alt-right” isn’t just Russian, they’re also stupid and confused about what they want (which is how they won an election). Bonus: proving to the world just what really is a journalist, Marantz finds a way to cram in a reminder that Emmett Till was a black boy who was lynched. Now that’s journalism.
    This is actually on-topic. I’m not surprised that the utterly cornered and decrepit mass media is quadrupling down on talking points that haven’t worked for them in years, but this line has everything to do with the new minority violence. I seriously doubt that Marantz, who learned nothing and has nothing to teach to people actually curious about online dissent, will communicate his wittyish snobbery to anyone who is not already convinced that Vladimir Putin has magical powers. The irritating thing is that they are continuing and intensifying the criminalization of right-wing thought, and the exemption from discussion of nonwhite criminals, at a time when this is becoming an inescapable issue. The other day another NPR interview with an undisguised enemy of freedom of speech called for government censorship and attacked Mark Zuckerberg for not doing enough to ruin the internet. Marantz elsewhere in this interview blithely announces that criticism of the government is anti-Semitism and that Fox News dog whistles to evil Russian Nazis in “the alt-right” with secret code words like “globalists.” Thus, when I identify the famous billionaire brothers who want open borders because they want slavery, the Kochs (who are gentile globalists), I’m actually secretly when you think about it accusing the Kochs of separating their milk and meat plates.
    The image of our time is a man punched in the face, who is then immediately told that he was not punched in the face. How is top-down mass media and internet censorship supposed to work on actual victims of the new minority violence? Maybe it’s not supposed to work. These are echo chambered cultists and some of their behavior is probably ritual. Let’s hope people like Andrew Marantz don’t have too long a line to wait through at the Flav-r-aid table.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  50. J.Ross says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    A standard joke on 4chan is to conflate Finns and Mongols (“Fingol”). This leads to add-on jokes about walls.

    • LOL: Daniel Chieh
  51. J.Ross says:
    @Mr McKenna

    Just think, Finland, it won’t be long until you have your own coterie of SJW types running things.

    They pretty much have that, it’s the US State Department and the Swedish minority in Finland.

  52. It’s very sad that a place like Finland, which just a few years ago was still “demographically blessed” has chosen to allow “vibrant” “diversity” to get a foothold.

    It seems like no place–no white place–can be allowed to just be.

    • Replies: @anon
  53. Art Deco says:

    He’s the son of one Paul Marantz, MD who is on the faculty of Yeshiva University’s medical school. He grew up in Greenwich, Ct. He’s a graduate of Brown and of the j-school at NYU. Leaving aside part-time and seasonal employment while a student, his berth at The New Yorker encompasses pretty much all of his employment history. He’s hardly been outside a certain bubble.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  54. J.Ross says:
    @Art Deco

    That totally comes across but it’s great to actually know.
    One nice thing about Marantz: he has a less effeminate voice than pretty much every male colleague under a certain age.

  55. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    And the Japanese are happy to adopt other good ideas in their own fashion:

  56. anon[335] • Disclaimer says:

    It seems like no place–no white place–can be allowed to just be.

    No one has ever been allowed to just be. Competition and conflict is the normal condition of man, not the exception.
    Of course the world wants to invade us. We’re successful, we’re prosperous, we’re a target.
    Our founding fathers were invaders and conquerors, but we have become soft. If we want to keep our turf we have to fight for it. No fight, no turf.

  57. @Bill P

    “hey, those were our brothers, we’re Rangers.”

    So fucking what? The facts remain: a rag-tag group of skinnies fucked up Rangers (and Delta) so bad that the US government told them to stick their tail between their legs and look for someone easier to pick on.

    Ooooooh… death stares at a cab driver… spare me the fucking machismo. Jerking off to Bourne films is a pastime, obviously.

    (Also, it would help if Rangers, Delta and so forth didn’t routinely frag anybody who wasn’t down with shit like executing prisoners and stealing shit… and if they weren’t thoroughly infiltrated by gangbangers).

  58. Mr. Grey says:

    I didn’t know Finland was also taking in refugees that have zero connection to Finnish traditions and culture. All of Scandinavia is a case of ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it’.

  59. J.Ross says:

    Update to main story: Finnish Somali hate hoaxer admits he lied and apologizes!

    A Somali-born Social Democratic Party (SDP) politician in Finland has apologized for lying about kicking a passenger out of his taxi after the passenger allegedly hurled racist abuse at him.

    Abdirahim Hussein, a Helsinki city councilor and taxi driver who has previously called Finland a racist country, has admitted that he lied when he wrote on Twitter that he forced a customer out his taxi for abusing him racially, Finnish broadcaster Yle reports.
    “I apologize for my actions and for lying. As a decision-maker, it is my duty, to be honest. I depend on my voters’ trust and I have now broken that trust. I shall do everything I can to restore trust in my actions,” Hussein tweeted on Monday.

    The apology follows statements Hussein made on Twitter last week, where he described an incident in which he stopped the taxi along the highway to remove an abusive passenger who ‘behaved in a racist manner’.

    Hussein claimed that the abusive passenger asked what he was doing in Finland and told him to go back to Somalia.

  60. Whitney says:

    Spark discussion. Yeah right. That’s not what they’re trying to spark

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