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Not a Mass Shooting
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From WBTV:

CMPD: 180+ shots fired from multiple weapons during deadly Charlotte block party

By WBTV Web Staff | June 24, 2020 at 11:13 AM EDT – Updated June 24 at 11:16 AM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – Police say at least 181 shots were fired into a crowd of around 400 people during a block party Monday. The shooting and chaos that followed left four people dead and 10 others injured.

… During a press conference on Wednesday, police said 181 gun shell casings from multiple firearms – handguns and assault rifles – were found at the scene.

Some of those casings matched those used in previous crimes around Charlotte, investigators said.

In other news, evil Republicans are causing coronavirus cases to mount.

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  1. Anon[218] • Disclaimer says:

    It just goes to show that black neighborhoods are not only food deserts, but also firing range deserts. All that ammo, so little to show for it.

  2. Were they peaceful shooters?

    • LOL: Morton's toes
    • Replies: @International Jew
  3. The shooting and chaos that followed …

    … at least 181 shots were fired into a crowd of around 400 people…

    WTH? That’s a weird way of writing it. Did more shooting follow those first 181 shots? Otherwise, the shooting didn’t follow the shots by very much, unless these were some kind of ghetto-reloads. Usually it’s just a few milliseconds.

  4. @Anon

    Haha. I hate to tell you, but, except for the responsible black people that likely stayed home, these parties ARE the shooting ranges. You know, on a poor black man’s salary, we don’t have the kind of money white folks do to spend at a range, so this is all the practice time we gots.

    • LOL: JMcG
  5. Is Block Party code or a Dog Whistle for something?

    • Replies: @Jack D
  6. Just a friendly little family get together you bigot. The bullets flying everywhere just adds to the ambiance.

  7. 181 shots into a crowd of 400 and they only managed 10 injuries and 4 deaths?

    There’s a reason the good ol’ boys aren’t afraid of the vibrants, much less the liberal soyim who rushed out to buy guns during the riots.

    • Replies: @usNthem
  8. @Anon

    All that ammo, so little to show for it.

    In fact, their performance was ~three orders of magnitude better than that of a typical military.

    During World War II it was estimated that 45,000 rounds of small arms ammunition was fired to kill one enemy soldier. In Vietnam the American military establishment consumed an estimated 50,000 rounds of ammunition for every enemy killed.

    (To be fair, military used to have somewhat harder targets than block parties though)

  9. unit472 says:

    I’m sure Charlotte’s hospitals, as Covid cases soar, have lots of extra beds and personnel to deal with 10 people suffering from gunshot wounds.

    • Replies: @Evil White Person
  10. Four hundred people and for awhile only 1 witness came forward until they mentioned cash rewards. In the meantime our esteemed Mayor Vi Lyles has declared Racism to be a major public health issue.

    • Thanks: HammerJack
    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
    , @a reader
  11. @Anon

    It’s hard to hit anything pointing your gun sideways like in Gangster Rap videos.

  12. @Haruto Rat

    German and Japanese soldiers were pretty good at not getting shot (except during the latter’s drunken banzai charges, which they stopped by the time of, say, Iwo Jima).

  13. BobX says:

    Steve I think you must have gotten something wrong here. It is Charlottesville, VA not Charlotte, N.C. where all the crazy white nationalist caused shooting happened. I know it is hard to keep all these places straight what with us being ignorant Americans that know no geography.

  14. @Anon

    A local shootout occurred in front of a public housing building camera. There was an argument between two small groups. The two armed guys made their way toward the front and each realized the other was planning on shooting, so drew their guns at about ten paces and began shooting while running away from each other, guns pointed backwards. There was little chance they were going to hit each other. The others in the group ran with them, in separate directions. Bystanders ducked and ran a few steps, then went about their business. Someone who would know told me this is a typical shootout and why homicides aren’t more common. While some of it is shitty shooting, a lot of it is flexing.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  15. black sea says:

    In a shooting gone wrong . . . .

    • Replies: @Jack D
  16. Don’t laugh. If Basement Biden gets elected and the Dems control Congress, you will see legislation that requires these folks to be put in charge of everything, regardless of qualifications. Nothing spurs success like having a management team with an average IQ around room temperature… or something.

  17. In some cultures it is quite common to fire guns in the air at parties particularly at New Year and similar occasions. Of course what goes up must come down which can be a problem at times when Granny takes a bullet to the head.

    But hey, whoever made an omelette without breaking some eggs?

    In Spain the police are required to fire warning shots first before they point a gun at anybody. You wonder how many people get killed by the warning shots.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
    , @mikeInThe716
  18. usNthem says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    Must have been a blatoon attacking. 7.75% accuracy – gawd they’re pathetic – in so many different ways.

  19. It’s a damning commentary on the state of journalism today that there is no mention of whether they were wearing masks.

  20. @unit472

    Just throw all the privileged white covid patients out onto the street. Get with the program, you racist.

  21. Everyone may be missing the most delicious part of this story: it was in connection with a big Juneteenth party, according to new reports I’ve seen.

  22. ATate says:

    So 400% more deaths from the last time there was a “rally/party” in Charlotte. Wonder how much hand wringing, finger pointing, and jury trials will come out of this one?

  23. @Haruto Rat

    A lot of military small rounds are fired from machine guns with the objective of keeping the enemy’s heads down, rather than killing or wounding enemy soldiers, although it’s nice if it does that too. Moreover, enemy soldiers strive to use concealment and cover and to shoot back, which generally disturbs almost anyone’s aim.

    Most casualties during and since World War I have been from artillery.

    This block party incident shows how wild unaimed fire can be.

    • Agree: Hegar
    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  24. danand says:

    Raw, first ~10 seconds, camera pointed into car seat. Then comes the party, & bodies of persons that used to matter.

  25. varsicule says:
    @Haruto Rat

    Also from WW2 – researchers found that surprisingly few riflemen would actually aim and fire at individual enemy troops. Might have inflated the rounds/casualty ratio. This led to switching to human silhouettes for rifle training.

  26. Anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:

    In other news, evil Republicans are causing coronavirus cases to mount.

    But it’s the truth. The fact that Democrats have been spreading it at these protests doesn’t obviate their blame. Nor yours, Steve, for refusing to speak out against Trump. I hope all those donations from the Alex Jones fan-base is worth it. Buy yourself something nice, Steve. All you had to give up is your credibility.

    • Troll: Sam Malone
  27. JMcG says:
    @Steve Sailer

    There a saying that goes something like this:
    If you are under withering, accurate rifle fire, you’re opposed by British troops.
    If you are under heavy machine gun fire, you’re up against Germans.
    If all the artillery in the world comes down on you, you’re fighting Americans.

  28. JMcG says:

    What in the name of God is to be done with people like that?

  29. @Anon

    We need midnight target practice.

    Or midnight driving ranges. Plenty of open space now in Detroit. Baltimore, New Orleans, etc, will be catching up soon.

    • Replies: @sayless
  30. Mystic55 says:

    It’s not a mass shooting; it’s righteous anger at the mistreatment of Blacks.

    • Replies: @usNthem
  31. Jack D says:
    @black sea

    I went to a shooting and a block party broke out….

  32. There was no intent to harm. The poor hapless victims were “in the wrong place at the wrong time” and hit by “stray bullets”. Doesn’t every neighborhood have a population of “stray bullets”?

  33. Alfa158 says:
    @william munny

    A colleague I worked with years ago was a Green Beret in Vietnam. On a reconnaissance mission up North his squad’s point man ran smack into an unsuspecting NVA strolling up the trail. The NVA and the Green Beret unloaded their magazines (30 rounds and 20 rounds respectively) on full auto at each other while bugging out. The Berets were surprised that neither man scored a hit.

  34. @Achmed E. Newman

    at least 181 shots were fired into a crowd of around 400 people during a block party Monday. The shooting and chaos that followed left four people dead and 10 others injured.

    The chaos that followed was probably mass hysteria and trampling of the slow, elderly, and weak. With 400 people, I am surprised there weren’t more trampling injuries and deaths.

  35. Jack D says:
    @The Alarmist

    Reading the American press nowadays is like reading Pravda in the old days. You have to read between the lines. Block parties can be held in either white or black neighborhoods, but the fact that “shooting broke out” is a clue that it was a black neighborhood. The bullet to kill ratio further confirms it and lastly we learn the names of some of the victims Jamaa Keon Cassell and Dairyon Dejean Stevenson and that totally confirms it as does the video.

    However, if you search for “black” in the story – zero hits.

    OT – In glancing at the front page of the WBTV website, they had this headline – ” [white] Man sentenced to 35 years in prison for secretly recording young girls on yacht in N.C., S.C. ” I recall that some of the [Black] carjackers who killed young lawyer Dustin Friedland for his Range Rover at a suburban NJ mall (a mall unfortunately located 20 minutes from Newark) got 20 years (eligible for parole in 17). So filming girls in the shower is apparently twice as bad as killing someone in cold blood. I am not defending what this man did, but it seems to me that 35 years in a Federal penitentiary is a bit much for recording some videos. In fact it’s kind of nuts. Sentencing in America makes no sense at all – some people get too little, some get too much.

    • Replies: @danand
    , @Hegar
  36. @danand

    “That’s a bitch!”

    Folks, welcome to the United States of South Africa.

    Enjoy your stay.

  37. danand says:
    @Jack D

    “So filming girls in the shower is apparently twice as bad as killing someone in cold blood. Sentencing in America makes no sense at all…

    Both preps probably deserve the noose, even better one for each limb.

    “As Hilliard admitted in court documents, law enforcement discovered that, over the course of eight to ten years, Hilliard had secretly produced multiple secret recordings of at least 16 child victims at various locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama, including aboard his yacht, in his homes, in various hotel rooms, and elsewhere.

    Court records also show that, at times, Hilliard produced secret recordings of victims he had hired as babysitters for his young children, and used multiple hidden devices to record his victims from different angles while they were using the shower and changing clothes.

    Some of the victims were as young as five years old. According to court records, also Hilliard engaged in sexual acts with one of the minor victims, which he secretly recorded.”

    • Replies: @vhrm
    , @William Badwhite
  38. usNthem says:

    Dayum! Where be da amboolance! Just another summer evening in da hood. Hilarious.

  39. @Anon

    All that ammo, so little to show for it.

    A little judgey. C’mon it was PARTY, it’s all about fun.

  40. @Steve Sailer

    A lot of military fire is “covering fire” … make the bastards keep their head down. If I recall correctly the Pentagon felt one of the problems with American infantry in WWII was that they tended to only shoot when there were targets. Not good when you’re on offense.

  41. @Haruto Rat

    Spray and pray brother, spray and pray.


  42. vhrm says:

    “charges of video voyeurism”

    35 years is absolutely ridiculous. He didn’t apparently do anything beyond secretly filming them. Creepy? yes. Invasion of privacy? yes.

    But this is well beyond even “speech is violence” stuff.

  43. 181 shell casings found.

    A lot more data is craved:

    Where did the billets strike the victims and what angle did they follow
    What bullet designs were taken form the dead and wounded.
    All different or were some the same?
    All different weapons or did some weapons kill / wound multiple people.
    What is the break down on the cartridge name of the spent shells?
    How many from each weapon?
    How fresh was the smell? Could have been old casings from a range dumped to make it look worse that it was.
    What about the bullets striking buildings, trees, cars, or the ground?

    They claim to have identified shells from crime seine guns, how many and what caliber?

    Some of the shooters could have been agent provocateurs.

    If you find that the rounds were coming in numbers exceeding one or 2 magazines worth it would point to someone coming withe the intent to shoot.


  44. NASCAR is headquartered in Charlotte. I’ll bet NASCAR President Phelps could put his crack investigative team on this and solve it in no time!!

    Of course, he could call the FBI and have them send ~150,000 agents.

    (Just spitballing here:
    If they use 15 agents to investigate a door pull, it seems they would send exponentialy more to investigate 180 rounds fired at 400 hundred black bodies, resulting in 10 wounded and 4 who can’t breathe…ever again.)

    My namesake at Richard Petty Motorsports needs to step up and make this happen!!!

  45. jsm says:

    Steve, did you see the bit about, supposedly some biracial woman had lighter fluid thrown in her face and then a lit lighter thrown at her, by some 4 White guys.
    It happened at a stoplight, see, and she went home and her mother told her to go to the hospital. The hospital staff believe it was lighter fluid that caused the burns.

    So, this gal went on GMA to tell everybody how awful it was.

    According to YAHOO news, She said she wishes she could remember more of what happened, but hopes Madison police will figure it out.

    “I’m very very hopeful these men sort of see all the responses and they know that they hurt me,” Bernstein said. “This is something that’s going to affect me for a while and I really hope that they choose to improve themselves.”–abc-news-topstories.html

    In Madison WI

    And in unrelated news, just minutes prior to this happening, a few blocks away, there was a molotov-cocktail firebombing of city-county building, and ATF has offered a $5000 reward for information to who did it.

    So, yeah, chicky, you better hope the police DON’T figure it out… that you burnt yourself lighting that molotov cocktail and made up this cock and bull story to explain your burns. Or, at least, get the screaming media on your side so the if the police DO figure it out, don’t dare arrest you.

    • Agree: Jack Armstrong
  46. @Steve Sailer

    it is mainly due to suppressing fire from machineguns. which is military doctrine.

    this is, slightly, going away now that M27 is replacing M249.

  47. @Skyler_the_Weird

    Skyler, Racism as a major public health issue is the new hammer. You can do an online search and find bills, executive orders and policies coast to coast dedicated to this issue. There has to be a money faucet involved, haven’t figured it out yet.

  48. @Jonathan Mason

    Jon, the warning shot is often fired after the kill shot.

  49. @JMcG

    JMg, give them target practice and more ammo.

  50. Only four dead and ten wounded.

    It was a mostly peaceful shootout.

  51. usNthem says:

    At least they’re taking their righteous anger at mistreatment of blacks out on each other. Got to love it.

  52. a reader says:

    Mayor Vi Lyles of Charlotte, (45.1% White or Caucasian, 35.0% Black or African American, 13.1% Hispanic or Latin American, 5.0% Asian, ), has elected (ha, ha) to live in the South Park neighborhood.

    Is South Park slightly less vibrant?

    You bet !

  53. Escher says:

    Maybe they mistakenly heard it was a Glock party.

  54. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

    What caused the police to show up? They could have hurt someone. I’m sure they must have been listening in on the party with those super secret spy light poles or something, heard a minor disturbance and took it upon themselves to show up. They are always so proactive in breaking up peaceful block parties. This all happens because of white supremacists, this was an obvious false flag by the man. Those were provocateurs sent in by the police to test the light poles.

    Defund the Police
    The Defund the Police Movement

  55. @Anon

    All that ammo, so little to show for it.

    In fairness, their intended targets are generally faster than the average white person.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  56. @Achmed E. Newman

    . . . shots were fired . . .

    The passive voice is how you know the shooters’ color even though it’s never mentioned.
    Black people don’t “do” crime. Crime just “happens” when black people are around.

    • Agree: Hegar
  57. Don’t just tell us about: Send that GMA clip to the ATF and get that sweet, sweet $5,000 reward.

    “This is a serious crime that put a number of lives at risk,” Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jon Ortiz, of the ATF St. Paul Field Division said in a statement. “Acts like this will not be tolerated. If you know who threw this device, ATF is offering up to $5,000 for information.”

    Anyone with information on the identity and/or whereabouts of the person is asked to contact Madison Area Crime Stoppers at 608-266-6014 or online at

    You know the feds are finally getting serious when they will pony up a whole $5,000 (excuse me, “up to” $5,000) to catch a gang of domestic terrorists.

  58. Hegar says:

    “There’s a shooting in Charlotte. Nine people shot, some of them have died.”


    “No, Charlotte. Looks like a typical drive-by, a Black group shooting at some rival in the crowd.”

    “Then drop it. Why do you even mention it? I wonder what bad stuff Trump did today.”

  59. @Hypnotoad666

    I doubt if they are 950 feet per second fast.

  60. Gamecock says:

    ‘… During a press conference on Wednesday, police said 181 gun shell casings from multiple firearms – handguns and assault rifles – were found at the scene.’

    From assault rifles. HTF did they figure that? The case doesn’t know where it came from. Nor do the police.

    ‘Some of those casings matched those used in previous crimes around Charlotte, investigators said.’

    Wut? How do you match casings? Remington .223 match?

    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
    , @anon
  61. Hegar says:
    @Jack D

    Man sentenced to 35 years in prison for secretly recording young girls on yacht

    Not young girls, underage girls. Some as young as five. He had done this for many years, not just on the yacht he rented out. He also set up cameras to film girls he hired as babysitters for his children, with several cameras to film them from different angles when the babysitters or other girls undressed.

    Adult women were filmed, but also sixteen children. In North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama. Aboard his yacht, in his homes and in hotel rooms.

    He could have put these videos on the internet, and they would be there forever. He could have sent them to other pedofiles through a network. It would be almost impossible to ever get rid of the videos. The victims would have to know videos of them naked were out there, forever.

    Thirty-five years might still be too much, but it should definitely be twenty years at least. It isn’t his sentencing that is the problem, but the sentencing of murderers and rapists who get too little time in prison. Also, consider that different jurisdictions have different sentencing. It’s not like it’s the same court.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
  62. anon[168] • Disclaimer says:

    Wut? How do you match casings? Remington .223 match?

    Firing pin marks on the primer, ejector marks and breech face marks on the brass. No two firearms are identical in every way.

    That babble about “assault rifles” is probably nonsense, although possible full-auto AK’s have been showing up in various peaceful demonstrations lately.

  63. @Jonathan Mason

    Bullets fired straight up (or near that angle) will lose their spin stability on the way down.
    They will not come close to their original muzzle velocity. Such ‘downward’ bullets can still injure, but it’ll be like being hit by a fast moving, small rock.

  64. SaraE says:

    I think there should be shooting lessons given in middle school. Mostly these are gang shooting but the problem is most of these idiots cant shoot so they spray bullets and hit innocent bystanders. Let them learn how to properly shoot each other then the criminals can take themselves off the streets and the innocent can learn how to defend themselves.

    • Replies: @William Badwhite
  65. Kyle says:

    To be fair a 400 person block party in Charlotte is probably louder, more sleep depriving, and filled with more annoying music than a country music festival in Las Vegas.

  66. Anon[771] • Disclaimer says:

    • Replies: @vhrm
  67. MEH 0910 says:


    • Replies: @MEH 0910
    , @anon
  68. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

  69. sayless says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    What is that a picture of, RG?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  70. vhrm says:

    I love that scene (and a Boondocks in general), but that still underplays reality by a LOT.

    In reality, like in the OP here, random bystanders get shot. Also they don’t agree to go their separate ways: there are weeks, months and years of myth making, chest beating and retaliatory drive-bys and other shootings which often involve even more bystanders.

    Also the interaction with the white guy is funny (and instructive), but IRL the black guy would have pinched him from behind when he turned away and then kicked him in the head. Esp if he was with a friend or two.

  71. @danand

    probably deserve the noose,

    You said “noose”. That’s racist.

    A racist noose sighted at Isteve friday afternoon [AP, UPI]

  72. @SaraE

    I think there should be shooting lessons given in middle school.

    Also they should teach the proper use of landscape mode while filming with your smart phone. So many of these “dayum, that dude got shot” videos are in portrait mode. Its very distracting, then you add in the bouncing all around as they’re running from stray bullets and the overall video quality is quite poor.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  73. @Diversity Heretic

    George Orwell was shot through the throat by a sniper during trench warfare in the Spanish civil war. Incredibly lucky to survive it.

  74. anon[316] • Disclaimer says:
    @MEH 0910

    I dunno if that qualifies as “the full Karen”.

    1. Not Karen hair.
    2. Big purse but no big earrings.
    3. Failed to mention “My Kids!”
    4. Did not ask to “Speak To The Manager!” unless I missed it in the opening moments.

    Definite exhibition of histrionic / narcissistic personality…but after all it is North Hollywood.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  75. @sayless

    Some driving range in “downtown” LA.

    Sorry for the slow reply. I was at my brother-in-law’s at the end of a maze of switchbacks overlooking the Yellowstone. He does get WiFi there, but he forgot his password.

  76. @anon

    I dunno if that qualifies as “the full Karen”.

    “Becky” is so 2019.

    Next year, it will be “Cynthia”.

  77. @William Badwhite

    So many of these “dayum, that dude got shot” videos are in portrait mode. Its very distracting, then you add in the bouncing all around as they’re running from stray bullets and the overall video quality is quite poor.

    It’s called cinéma vérité.

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