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Announcement from Ron Unz:

Blogger Steve Sailer joined The Unz Review less than a week ago, and the influx of his devoted fans quickly boosted our traffic to new heights, just as we had hoped. Although we are pleased that so many of the visitors drawn by his commentary also read our other material, his own postings naturally receive the lion’s share of their attention, and currently four of the six mostly heavily visited items are his, with similar ratios in previous days.

  • Mobile Edition

As webzines draw greater readership, they naturally acquire greater responsibilities, and Sailerites quickly noticed that the regular version of our website was ill-suited to reading on the small screens of smartphones and some tablets, with many of them requesting that we release a Mobile Edition, the solution favored by major publications to deal with this serious problem. By stripping away various features and using larger fonts, a Mobile Edition is optimized for tiny screens. We quickly scrambled to respond and the first cut of Unz Review Mobile has now been released.

Our system now automatically tries to detect whether a reader’s device is a smartphone or tablet, and if so, switches to the Mobile version by default. Mobile may also be activated by clicking “Mobile Device Version” at the bottom right of all the regular pages or by appending “?MobileMode=Yes” to the end of any URL. Meanwhile, clicking the “Regular Website Version” at the bottom of any Mobile page returns the system to regular website mode, as does appending ”?MobileMode=No” to any URL. Once switched, the device remains in Mobile Mode until the browser is closed.

Since we needed to produce and release the Mobile Edition so quickly, it is hardly a fully polished product, and we will probably be making various adjustments and enhancements over the next few days, especially with regard to font sizes.


Aside from the Mobile Edition, we have also released various other enhancements and changes to our website over the last few days, mostly based on user feedback:

  • Full Commenting Anonymity

Given the especially controversial subject matter often covered in Steve Sailer’s posts, many of his readers were quite unhappy with having to provide a Name and (especially) an Email to post a comment, even though the latter would remain hidden and could be entirely fictitious. These are the WordPress system defaults, but popular demand has led us to deactivate them, allowing comments without Name or Email. However, we do urge commenters to at least provide the former to avoid the flood of “Anonymous” comments that can hinder useful exchanges.

  • Recent Comments

The right sidebar now contains the 25 most recent published comments associated with the blogger or columnist whose contents are provided on the page.

  • Archive Navigation Bar

Each individual article or post now contains a navigation bar just above the title, allowing easy access to the complete archives of that writer.

  • Multiple RSS Feeds

The Posts or Comments of each individual blogger have now been given their own RSS Feeds, allowing subscriptions that avoid the overall published material of the website. Links to these Feeds are displayed on the right sidebar just above Recent Comments. For example, here are the links to the RSS feeds of the Steve Sailer Posts and Comments.

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  1. You all have responded PDQ. This just might work out.

  2. Thank god for Unz and Taki, the two places where unPersons on the Right can still have a voice.
    Even pretty “edgy” and free-flowing places like Ace of Spades tend to have a freakout any time somebody brings up any Dark Enlightenment Hate Fact like the emerging and exciting genetics of race or well-documented IQ disparities.

    I hope the Sailers and Derbs of the world can make a decent living as a dissident writer. No idea how that’s possible. All writers at NRO should at least familiarize themselves with Unz and Taki, cause, judging by the history of Sailer and Derb, there are some future unPersons writing for NRO right now. And the Derbification can happen at any moment.

    The Left appears to be trying to Derbify Gavin McInnes of Vice fame at the moment. They are a relentless bunch of fascists, I guess I have to admire their determination if nothing else.

  3. O/T But World War T is now going clerical with this news: Transgendered priest to give sermon at Washington National Cathedral

    To quote historian Charles Coulombe and it is a good way to understand what is going on with that Church, the Anglican/Espiscopalian Church function is to bless whatever the dominant thinking among the elites at the current time is. During the Victorian age, that Church was the epitome of conservative and nationalist thinking and since the 60s its more and more liberal and “progressive”.

  4. Always buy content from Steve Sailer.

  5. Huge thanks to Ron Unz!

  6. Are there any other flags that can be passed to the rss feeds?

  7. Ah, I should have put this here:

    Unz team, can you make the previous/next post links use the same unvisited/visited colors as everything else?

  8. Given the especially controversial subject matter often covered in Steve Sailer’s posts, many of his readers were quite unhappy with having to provide a Name and (especially) an Email to post a comment, even though the latter would remain hidden and could be entirely fictitious.

    Unz should have told them to piss off.

  9. BobX [AKA "Bob"] says:

    Mr. Unz has gathered a fine collection of authors here. He should talk to Jerry Pournelle and try to recruit a column. His output is down a bit since the tumor and with advancing age, but he still has the ability to bring clarity to difficult issues and a combination of intellect & moral compass that has been the largest influence on my thought outside my own father.

  10. Neoconned [AKA "Dirk owned lebron and wade"] says:

    How about Hoppe? Can you approach him to write a column for this blog? He is a fascinating guy. A rothbardian libertarian who is against immigration while the state still exists!

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