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My Review of Isabel Wilkerson's "Caste"
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My new Taki’s Magazine column is a book review of the bestseller Caste, which argues that, because we all know that Race Does Not Exist, instead of talking about the black race and the white race we should refer to the subordinate caste and the dominant caste.

The critically-lauded Caste by Isabel Wilkerson asks: What if success correlated not with skin color but with height? Doesn’t that sound absurd? But skin color is just as arbitrary a measure for who enjoys caste privilege.

Actually, there is a country where the dominant caste is the same color as the subordinate caste, but the ruling class is taller. For example, here are two of the president’s children with former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg:

Read the whole thing there.

Granted, Bloomberg is not very tall. Michelle Obama is tall, however, and yet:

Still, the dominant caste in this country that was much in the news in 1994 is so extraordinarily tall that the president’s daughter, who lists her height as 6’4″ or 6’5″, was able to recently find a rich husband, mentioned in the Panama Papers, who is considerably taller than her:

It’s almost as if race is less about arbitrary metrics like pigment or height and more about who is related to whom.

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  1. Angela Wilkerson ? You’re getting Isabel Wilkerson mixed up with Angela Saini, Mr Steve. But as a generic term for any female science denialist it’s as good as any. There’s no need to know the names of who’s in charge of National Geographic or Scientific American, they’re all just Angelas.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Herzog
  2. Dumbo says:

    Wow, tutsis sure are tall. “Kingdom of giants” indeed.

  3. Anon[251] • Disclaimer says:

    Their is more of a case to be made for systemic heightism in the USA than there is for systemic racism.

    I was once at a resort where there were two simultaneous conventions happening. A bigwig CEO convention and a medical convention. The CEOs were not quite NBA tier, but the height discrepancy was obvious and immediately apparent. I am now fairly certain you can not make CEO in a company you didnt found if you are under 6’3″.

    Heightism is not talked about because any man mentioning the unfairness of it will immediately be diagnosed with “short man syndrome”. So the manlets have to make do with commiserating on anonymous message boards.

  4. Anonymous[120] • Disclaimer says:

    An interesting observation due to the late, great Glayde Whitney, a distinguished geneticist:

    “Each and Every year in the USA there is, consistently, an enormous transfer of money, wealth, political power and women – the ancient and universally accepted hallmarks of dominance of one people over another – from white Americans to black Americans.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  5. I am pretty sure that even reading a book by Madison Grant, let alone quoting him, is a violation of the hate-crime laws coming soon to a computer near you.

    • Replies: @guest
    , @Almost Missouri
  6. El Dato says:

    But will liberal heads explode when they know about Rwanda Herstory and how unapologetic genocide does not always spring from White Supremacism and can be skillfully wielded by all sides?

  7. And yet…the Tamil Brahmins are quite high-achieving for a relatively small group of about 2 million in India and 50,000 in the U.S., producing the legendary math genius Srinivasa Ramanujan, two Nobel laureates, and the CEOs of Google and Pepsi. Nature? Nurture? Both?

    I did some more digging, and three of the four Indian Nobel laureates in hard science are Tamil Brahmins, while Tamil brahmins have also won a Fields medal and an Abel prize, the highest prizes in math. The CEO of IBM appears to be one, too.

    While that might be striking, it doesn’t even come remotely close to the incidence of high cognitive achievement among European Jews.

    • Replies: @jimla
    , @Colin Wright
  8. @Anon

    At the firm where I worked for much of the last 2 decades of the 20th Century, it was common for executives to have proteges who were similar in height and looks to them. I was the protege of the 6’2″ chairman, while the 5’3″ CEO had a 5’4″ protege (both of them great guys, by the way), while the 5’10 COO had a 5’9″ protege (also fine fellows), while the rather sexy 40-year-old woman CFO had a 28-year-old protege who looked like the CFO’s hot little sister.

    • Agree: Lot
  9. jimla says:

    There are far less Tamil Brahmins living in very advanced Western countries.

  10. Anonymous[332] • Disclaimer says:

    Down with the Tutsi Elves!

    @El Dato

    European favoring of the Tutsis (an aesthetic preference, perhaps?) during the colonial era was a significant driver of Hutu resentment.

    Dwarves never forget.

  11. I was googling all of this stuff a couple of days ago, Rwanda, Kagame, Daughter, Bloomberg. And now a post appears. This has happened a few times. It’s not Google, Amazon and Facebook who are following my browsing, but iSteve. This will be confirmed if there are soon posts on Amazon’s Utopia, Sir Maejor Page, or Liberal Blogger Physiognomy.

  12. SFG says:

    Don’t forget discrimination in the dating market. Women are obsessed with tall guys. Of course, this particular double standard never gets mentioned.

  13. @Steve Sailer

    Re: Your final sentence above

    It’s almost as if race is less about arbitrary metrics like pigment or height and more about who is related to whom.

    Should the word ‘race’ here be ‘caste’?

    • Replies: @Anon
  14. Travis says:
    @Steve Sailer

    I observed a similar pattern in my career. The CEO of the firm was 5’6″ (his father was the founder) his protege was 5’4″ and the short guy eventually became the CEO and his new protege was 5’4″.

    it really made me question the supposed height advantage I kept reading about.

  15. @SFG

    Height, like so many things, is subject to diminishing returns. You definitely want to be six feet tall if you’re a man, but above that it shifts into reverse around 6-2 or 6-3. By 6-4 and 6-5 you find most of the built environment a painful nuisance at best. Beyond that, you’d better have an NBA contract or be Michael Crichton.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @Poirot
  16. @Dumbo

    With most of the megafauna wiped out, this is one of the few opportunities for Big Game Hunting.

  17. Thoughts says:

    That is actually really cool!

    (Look how tall they are!)

    Dude everyone knows tall people have it easier in life. What planet has Isabel Wilkerson been living on?

    You don’t really get it until you befriend a supermodel. I couldn’t walk into a cafe with this girl without her being offered something for free. Same with men….they don’t get stuff for free…but imagine walking down the street with a 6’5 white blue eyed guy and having EVERY woman look at him…laciviously. Existence is very different for the hot/tall/hot&tall

  18. Arclight says:

    An interesting book would be a study of the psychology of the upper 20% of blacks versus the rest and how they look at themselves and society. In modern America, with few exceptions it appears if you are a well-educated black person the easiest route to career and financial success is to monetize the theory that American blacks are the biggest losers in history.

    What does it do to a person’s mental state and worldview if on the one hand have achievements indicating that you more or less have your act together and are capable of a good life and on the other hand have to climb the ladder by endlessly inventing ways to say this isn’t actually the case and you are doomed to oppression? It’s sort of a self-induced bipolarity.

  19. Charon says:

    There was another trailblazing group to show how that victimology thing worked.

    What better inoculation against charges of elitism, financial manipulation, and ethnic nepotism than to associate your detractors with the Worst Thing in History.

  20. J says:

    My Boss was a 1.4 m little-person with a resonant, masculine, basso voice. His boss, the Minister, was about 2 cm taller, and always making a show of humiliating him when there was public. Otherwise they were the best friends.

  21. @TelfoedJohn

    It’s been called here the iSteve Singularity. It’s happened to me.

    My own, strong, hunch is that there exist more than one cause, including zeitgeist, synchronicity and what, as a Deist, I call God. And of course there is simple coincidence and the increased probabilities that come with social trends. Sailer is excellent at noticing trends and subjects that people might be interested in at particular times. My own experience is that when I get interested in something, guys like Sailer are already looking at it.

    On the tech side, here is a personal anecdote: Last year, my wife’s new phone was on the center console as I was driving us to Home Depot. We passed a McDonalds and she said, “We haven’t been to a McDonalds in years.” To which I replied, “Yeah, I barely remember the last time, but they do make good french fries and their hamburgers taste good.”

    About ten minutes later, as we were walking around inside Home Depot, her fancy new phone lit up and made a noise. My wife looked, and there was a text or email advertisement for McDonalds, complete with a coupon.

    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t watching you or listening to your conversations.

    Of course it’s all just for marketing and sales. Ha-ha-ha, what fun.

    On a serious note: The potential for abuse, invasion of privacy, and outright extortion or manipulation is very real now via “technology.” Think about how many devices you are near at any moment of your day. They all now have cameras and microphones that you probably don’t really know how to disable; and you can’t really tell when they are on or off. This is like the telescreens in Orwell’s 1984.

    Combine this new reality with the existence of things like the NSA and enormous data storage facilities, plus the now known fact that there has existed a government/tech industry program of spying on, recording and storing EVERY piece of activity and data over the internet networks, add this to human nature, with and ounce of what any idiot should know about the human history of abuse of power, and you KNOW that you are being monitored and that it all could be used to destroy you if you ever mattered in a significant way in the future.

    These very comments are being stored and can be used against us if necessary in our increasingly Orwellian future.

    • Thanks: John Regan
    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @mousey
    , @ic1000
  22. @Anonymous

    “Each and Every year in the USA there is, consistently, an enormous transfer of money, wealth, political power and women – the ancient and universally accepted hallmarks of dominance of one people over another – from white Americans to black Americans.

    Rubbish. Blacks, re females, get the worst from the white gene pool- you might even call it white eugenics program to get rid of landwhales, druggies & a few wasted whores.

    On the other hand, whites get, in the US, statistically the best (east) Asian women, much more percentage-wise than is the case with blacks & white females. And does anyone normal think that Asian-Americans like Chinese or Koreans are “loser races” & we are witnessing their decline in the US?

    Media space is full of such “wisdom” that turns out to be nothing more than a verbal shit.

    • Agree: Gordo
    • Replies: @Clyde
  23. Madison Grant allegedly writes, “In our Southern States, Jim Crow cars and social discrimination have exactly the same purpose [as a carefully regulated system of caste].”

    Do Jim Crow cars get good gas mileage? If “cars” is a misprint for “laws”, I wonder how it happened.

  24. Anon[233] • Disclaimer says:

    Now do Soviet / Russian leaders.

    When you are done, compare your mistress with Carla Bruni or at least Julie Gayet. I assume you have a mistress, unless you are one of those manlets, moaning about your sad life in internet boards.

    Finally, do Buffet, Bezos, Gates, and Zuckerberg. American CEOs, you said.

  25. Dumbo says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Well, it does make sense that a shorter CEO wouldn’t want to look for a protégé that was taller than him. But I don’t see why taller CEOs would not prefer shorter protégés.
    Also a woman choosing a prettier/younger protégé does surprise me, a bit.

  26. Do you think people that tall need extra-large toilets? I mean, think how long their intestines must be….

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  27. @TelfoedJohn

    I heard there was going to be a post on gay escorts.

  28. Anon[235] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mr McKenna

    Should the word ‘race’ here be ‘caste’?

    I think he’s saying that race is best thought of as (continental) ancestry (rather than phenotypical traits like skin color), and that perhaps behavior, discrimination, and various ways in which races act differently, are treated differently, and differ to different averages in various traits is as often as not due to shared DNA patterns/averages due to shared ancestry/relatedness, rather than to color and perceptions based on skin color by others.

  29. @Anon

    AM glad with the chinese its all about the ability, while for western euros and american its all lookism whether there is any substance in that head it don’t matter.

  30. @SFG

    Women can discriminate on unchangeable characteristics like height, hairline, and dick size. But God help you if you reject a woman for her weight, her age, or her 3 kids by different fathers

    • Agree: Buffalo Joe, Mr McKenna
  31. Charon says:

    The WSJ is demonstrating its wokeness with daily front page headlines like this


    • Replies: @Charon
  32. Charon says:

    They don’t like being left out of the Cool Kids Club (this is about the WSJ in case the previous post isn’t displaying)

    But they don’t trust their readers..

    • Replies: @Simon
  33. Ken52 says:

    You need to correct the link in your Taki article on the Igbo slaves.

  34. Charon says:

    Here so no one has to clean that up:

    And the point is that the WSJ is supposed to be a bulwark of sorts against the Mass Media Wokistocracy

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  35. anon[108] • Disclaimer says:

    Jeff Bezos is 5’7″, as are Lloyd Blankfein, Sergei Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg. In Hollywood we have Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg, Dustin Hoffman — all are btwn 5’6″ and 5’8″.

    Caste sounds so dumb I won’t be wasting my time reading it.

    Next book for Steve to review: The Cult of Smart by Fredrik deBoer. Here’s a synopsis from Amazon:

    Since cognitive talent varies from person to person, our education system can never create equal opportunity for all. Instead, it teaches our children that hierarchy and competition are natural, and that human value should be based on intelligence. These ideas are counter to everything that the left believes, but until they acknowledge the existence of individual cognitive differences, progressives remain complicit in keeping the status quo in place.

    This passionate, voice-driven manifesto demands that we embrace a new goal for education: equality of outcomes. We must create a world that has a place for everyone, not just the academically talented. But we’ll never achieve this dream until the Cult of Smart is destroyed.

    On the surface it sounds a bit like The Meritocracy Trap by Yale prof Daniel Markovitz, which I thought had some merit but as usual fall far short in offering solutions. But at least this one is acknowledging we are all born with different aptitude, that is not just all racism.

    • Replies: @Travis
    , @Anon
  36. syonredux says:

    Were height the measure for determining race, as arbitrary a measure as any and less arbitrary than some, the Dutch people of the Netherlands would be the same “race” as the Nilote people of South Sudan or the Tutsis of Rwanda.

    See, grouping tall tennis player Maria Sharapova

    with tall Tutsis just makes sense

    For that matter, any fool can see that Danny DeVito

    should be classed alongside his Pygmy brethren

    • Replies: @Ben tillman
    , @Mr McKenna
  37. In reality, there is of course a country where the racial groups are distinguished not by color but by height: Rwanda.

    Don’t forget Burundi.

    Tutsi Probably Differ Genetically from the Hutu
    There is no linguistic or religious distinction between the two groups; they share a common culture in many ways.

    But when Kagame brought his lovely daughter to the White House to meet the Obamas, she turned out to be over 6′ 4″.

    The Obamas tower over many “world leaders”:

    The Obamas meet world leaders

    And yet…the Tamil Brahmins are quite high-achieving for a relatively small group of about 2 million in India and 50,000 in the U.S., producing the legendary math genius Srinivasa Ramanujan

    We’re gonna party like it’s 1729

  38. Harry Nilsson understood genetics:

    Harry was 6’2″, his drinking buddy John Lennon 5’10.

    • Replies: @Steve in Greensboro
  39. @SFG

    Women don’t like tall guys.

    They just dislike short guys.

  40. Barron Trump is like 6’4 at age 14

  41. “I am an author, not a domestic,” she thunders. But do white Americans actually stereotype black women as maids in 2020? Outside of West Indian nannies in New York, I don’t recall seeing an African-American domestic servant in this century.

    I think most Goodwhites rightly reckon that a Hispanic, Eastern European or Asian domestic servant is much less likely to steal or be otherwise troublesome.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
    , @NickG
  42. It’s actually a kind of morbidly amusing notion.

    We could perfectly reasonably forget all about race and spend the next sixty years energetically but futilely seeking to legislate ‘heightism’ out of existence.

    Happily, we’ve already got all the ideology, and even all the texts. A little hunt and replace, and we’re there.

    …or would that defeat the purpose of it all?

  43. syonredux says:

    For example, Wilkerson writes about Jim Crow’s weird, Hindu-like concern with ritual pollution, which mandated separate drinking fountains and so forth. But unlike some previous writers on the topic, she fails to notice that this was a post–Civil War novelty that emerged among the defeated whites.

    That is absolutely astonishing. Every book that I have ever read on the topic of Jim Crow (As an academic, I’ve had to read more than my fair share) has dilated on the fact that “contamination taboos” were largely a thing of the post-Bellum era.

    For instance, sub-Saharans and Pacific Melanesians look so similar that 19th-century anthropologists assumed they must be closely related due to some unknown prehistoric migration. But over the course of the 20th century, physical anthropologists noted key differences and decided they weren’t actually much related at all, which 21st-century genetics validated. So, for generations, Americans haven’t considered Melanesians to be the same race as Africans.

    Of course, physical anthropologists sometimes got things wrong. For example, if memory serves, Carleton Coon thought that Caucasoids/West Eurasians were more closely related to Sub-Saharan Africans than they were to Mongoloids/East Asians. Genetic studies have flipped this, showing that Caucasoids/West Eurasians are actually more closely related to Mongoloids/East Asians.

    An affluent Jamaican once told me with bemusement: “Everybody calls me black in the United States and white in Jamaica.”

    Just like Rihanna:

    The Ugly Secret Of Barbados Revealed Worldwide: Rihanna “I Was Bullied At School For Being White”

    The hidden secret of Barbados has just been splashed all over the world as the most popular music star on the planet says in a new media interview that she was bullied in school for being “white”. (ShowBiz Spy: Rihanna says she was bullied at school – for being ‘white’)

    This might be the best thing that ever happened to those of us on this island who have shades of skin that are “not dark enough” – because it will focus world attention on that dirty little Bajan secret that we all live with: a virulent new strain of racism is alive and well in Barbados and it is being nurtured by our own government to serve a partisan agenda.

  44. @PiltdownMan

    ‘…While that might be striking, it doesn’t even come remotely close to the incidence of high cognitive achievement among European Jews…’

    However, while I’d be the last to deny genetics, these things are also cultural.

    List great Jewish cognitive achievements between 1300 and 1800 ad.

    Then go and look at Israeli Nobels. Sure, they’ve done better than average; but I once calculated that Israel has produced 2% of the Nobels it should have if the Jews there had continued to produce at the rate they did in Western Europe and the United States.

    Sure, they’re diluted by Oriental and African Jews — but the drop still shouldn’t have been anything like that.

    • Thanks: Escher
  45. J.Ross says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    They’re always spying but they’re also stupid: when I was searching for tantal magazines Bezos started harassing me with (apparently this still exists) subscription offers for paper magazines.

    • Replies: @Hunsdon
  46. J.Ross says:

    There is something of a counterpoint to this in the minority of successful conservative blacks, who consistently refuse to view themselves as victims, and who approach American success conventionally. There’s a few books and autobiographies going into their psychology on that point.

  47. @syonredux

    She is only telling half the story and thereby distorts the holy crap out of it. A more accurate presentation would be that she was bullied by the dark girls because all the boys wanted to bang her and not them. The way she tells it is the Barbados people all dislike whiter folk when the truth is almost the exact opposite.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
    , @Clyde
  48. mousey says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Combine this new reality with the existence of things like the NSA and enormous data storage facilities, plus the now known fact that there has existed a government/tech industry program of spying on, recording and storing EVERY piece of activity and data on the internet networks,

    So shouldn’t Hillary’s trashed emails along with those corrupt FBI agents be easily recoverable?

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  49. @Travis

    People tend to hire in their own image, so I suppose race does factor in, but I would be willing to bet a tall, well-built White man would hire a similarly well-built and tall Black man over a short and fat White Man.

  50. LadyTheo says:

    Ian Read was CEO of Pfizer for many years. He is short. I was at a dinner meeting with him (I am 5’9″ in heels); and when he came to my group to speak with us, he was surrounded by me (not short) and two other women who both were at least 5’11”. Ian was below eye level for all of us. He made a joke about how short he felt.

    I really liked Ian.

  51. LadyTheo says:

    My sister and I have a running joke about tall people. I aver that I find tall people suspicious. (She is 5’8″; I am 5’7″.)

    I really do have an aversion to tall, skinny people–especially men. (I disliked Obama from the get-go because of this.)

    Tall, heavy men and tall, well-muscled men, on the other hand, I find reassuring. (Tall, heavy woman? No. I find them scary.)

    Must be something biological going on here.

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
    , @Lot
  52. @SFG

    Women are obsessed with tall guys. Of course, this particular double standard never gets mentioned.

    Back in the days of classified ad date-searching, that was always the one thing they all started with: “Tall.” The rest could be “black,” “white,” or “Must like the country” or whatever.

    I think baldness is just as important but – and this will sound really strange – since women don’t experience it themselves pattern baldness), they very often (not always) don’t come out and say it like they do height. They just don’t find you attractive but they can’t quite put their finger on why.

  53. @Dumbo

    Toot toot Tutsi, goodbye.
    Toot toot Tutsi, don’t cry.

  54. @Reg Cæsar

    And Randy Newman understood human behavior.

    • Replies: @scrivener3
  55. @mousey

    So shouldn’t Hillary’s trashed emails along with those corrupt FBI agents be easily recoverable?

    Sure, if the people who manage that information are on your side, or on the side of the man you elected to manage them — but they are not.

    Those data are stored and accessible, but the humans who stand between you, your elected executive and the data stand in the way.

  56. res says:
    @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    Here is a reference for the Madison Grant quote.

    There was little confusion among some of the leading white supremacists of the previous century as to the connections between India’s caste system and that of the American south, where the purest legal caste system in the US existed. “A record of the desperate efforts of the conquering upper classes in India to preserve the purity of their blood persists to until this very day in their carefully regulated system of castes,” wrote Madison Grant, a popular eugenicist, in his 1916 bestseller, The Passing of the Great Race. “In our Southern States, Jim Crow cars and social discriminations have exactly the same purpose.”

    The statement appears near the start of Chapter VI.

    • Replies: @ic1000
    , @Anonymous
  57. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    Grant didn’t mean automobiles. He meant separate train cars and back of the bus type segregation.

  58. @syonredux

    While we’re at it, why not use height to classify people by sex? That would make as much sense.

  59. @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    He means that the Southern railways were segregated by race. Blacks in one car, Whites in another.

    The cartoon is exaggerated, of course. Most Black passengers didn’t wreck their cars that badly in real life.

  60. Travis says:

    study upon study, observe the height advantage in the choice of candidates for top positions. Malcolm Gladwell, calls it some kind of “unconscious prejudice.” That is prejudice that we have that we aren’t aware of, that affects the kinds of impressions and conclusions that we reach automatically, without thinking.

    The average CEO is 6′ tall. The names you listed all were founders of their firms, thus avoided being discriminated against due to their short stature. We tend to rate taller things better. Taller people on the whole are seen as more attractive and more persuasive. Rsearchers analyzed the data from four large research studies that had followed thousands of people from birth to adulthood, and calculated that when corrected for variables like age and gender and weight, an inch of height is worth $789 a year in salary.

    A new study from the University of Edinburgh finds the short people may not measure up to their taller peers intellectually.Researchers analyzed genetic data on 6,815 men and women collected by the Scottish Family Health Study between 2006 and 2011.“We tested whether DNA-based genetic similarities among people related to their similarities in height and intelligence,” Marioni said.“What we found was a small association between height and intelligence such that people who are taller tend to be smarter.”

    • Replies: @anon
  61. @syonredux

    Rihanna has a forehead that’s
    More like a five- or six-head.
    Her head requires tall pointy hats,
    Just like a pen by Bic’s head.

  62. Simon says:

    The WSJ is demonstrating its wokeness….

    I’ve noticed this myself, to the point where I keep wondering why I’m continuing to subscribe.

    The liberal tilt of the Wall Street Journal’s news coverage has been apparent for the past few years, though only if you were specifically looking for it. But it’s become all the more noticeable ever since the notorious proclamation a few months ago by the news staff, complaining about how disturbed they are by the paper’s openly conservative opinion pages.

    The Journal once offered conservative editorials and pretty much down-the-center news coverage. Recently it’s become a sort of schizo entity, offering conservative editorials and standard left-leaning news coverage.

    • Agree: Charon
  63. there already is lots of evidence that height affects social success, within groups. between groups, it’s less relevant than intelligence. probably less relevant than strength or athletic ability even. although these things can be hard to disentangle, since they are all somewhat related.

  64. anonymous[285] • Disclaimer says:

    Meanwhile, Biden supporter, and aspiring police assassin has been caught.

    Looks like a catch and release felon.

    The police department should be livid about now.

    • Replies: @Alden
  65. @the one they call Desanex

    Rihanna is an ugly dame
    From the island of Barbados;
    But “Satan ought to be her name”
    (The words are Ernie K. Doe’s).

    All my life I’ve never seen a star
    Ugly as Rihanna;
    Not excepting the Roseannes Barr
    And Roseannadanna …
    And Roseannadanna.

  66. @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    Grant was referring to racially segregated railroad cars (i.e. passenger).

  67. Art Deco says:

    Supposedly, there are 920,000 or so maids and housekeepers employed in this country. About 3/4 work for hotels and the like, in hospitals, or in eldercare centers of one sort or another. About 240,000 work in other venues (private households among them). Nowadays, maids and housekeepers for private households are commonly independent contractors with several clients or they work for agencies. Right now, about 17% of those working as maids and housekeepers are black, so the number of blacks working in this trade outside of travel accommodation, medical care, and eldercare might be around 40,000, of whom many won’t be working in private households. There are not quite 10,000,000 employed black women in the U.S.

    Masses of blacks work in what might be called porting-and-carrying occupations or personal service occupations, but not many as old-school domestic servants anymore. (Although you could classify home health aides as domestic servants; they commonly work for agencies rather than for households).

    • Replies: @anonymous
  68. Poirot says:
    @Mr McKenna

    Steve Sailer when Michael Crichton passed away: “Michael Crichton, the doctor turned thriller author (“Andromeda Strain,” “Jurassic Park”) has died at age 66 of cancer. He was probably the tallest man in history to be famous for something unrelated to being tall.

  69. Poirot says:

    Steve Sailer wrote a piece on “short-shaming”:

    “Why is heightism barely a term in 2019? Because it is more often women discriminating against men over height than men discriminating against women. In the past, when height was a fairly good class marker of better nurture, it made sense for women, who tend toward class hypergamy, to prefer taller men. But as height has evened out within ethnic groups due to most everybody in America getting decent nutrition, height is now highly heritable and therefore ought to be less of a status symbol. Is it still rational for women to be as prejudiced about masculine height as in the past? Perhaps not, but it isn’t much debated at present, because criticizing women’s heightism seems like sexism.”

  70. prosa123 says:

    In my experience shorter men often do quite well with women. I suspect, though I don’t know for sure, that they often cultivate the sort of personality traits that women like, as a means of compensating for their lack of height.
    Fat men and men with no social skills tend to do very poorly with women.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
    , @J.Ross
  71. anonymous[285] • Disclaimer says:
    @Art Deco

    When it comes to home health care, blacks won’t be there. Rich folks tend to go with hispanic, asian, or Western Europeans they port in, because blacks and american whites steal too much.

    You will see far more black home care that are assigned to less well-to-do white people by the state. They’re often too old and absent minded to figure out if they’ve been robbed or not.

    Along that line, I recall a while back an old woman who lived at my apartment building at the time, who had a state assigned black woman as home care worker visiting her a few times a week.

    Just a few days after she died, I noticed a parade of black people going into the old woman’s apartment, and exiting with various personal items in her home. I asked what was going on and her former care worker said the woman told her she could have whatever stuff she wanted after she died. I don’t believe that is how probate works, but didn’t want to get involved.

    What struck me was the glee these black people had while unloading the woman’s apartment just a few days after she died there. These were dark, fucked up people.

    The point being, the moral code of black people in health care prohibits their participation in the private home care industry, due to their silly acquisitive culture getting in the way of the security of the home, both before and after the death of those they service.

  72. Poirot says:

    Steve Sailer on race & class and height:
    “It’s striking that height prejudice isn’t demonized today, even though [height prejudice] has disparate impact on immigrant ethnicities. (…) In 2016, the average white man was almost 5’10” tall, compared with a little under 5’7″ for Hispanic and Asian men. So height discrimination benefits whites. However, most concerns in the U.S. about racial inequality focus upon blacks versus whites, and black men, at a little over 5’9″, are almost as tall as white men. (There may even be more very tall black men due to greater height variation among blacks, although black domination of the NBA is less due to height than to longer arms and greater leaping ability on average.) Height varies for reasons of nature (genes) and nurture (such as childhood nutrition). There was often a class gap in height. In Britain during the Great War, working-class men averaged 5’3″, while upper-class toffs averaged over 5’7″. Not surprisingly, therefore, height has commonly been seen as a class marker. But as childhood malnutrition became thankfully less severe over time, the class disparities in height became less severe. (…) On the other hand, the U.S. has now reproduced the old class gap in height via immigration.”

    • Replies: @S. Anonyia
  73. Anonymous[504] • Disclaimer says:

    After they get Juneteenth calendared in and tied to all federal subsidies & education funding, the nat’l anthem will be changed to John Lennon’s “Angela [Davis]”– you heard it here 1st

    There will be a steady stream of these, if not that specific boomer-lib/Black compromise, over the next couple years. I could easily see the Statue of Liberty getting lacquered for Juneteenth, money nor aestheticism as objects. All expensive melanating option are on the table today, they need to keep the ritual sacrifice rate up because, Don’t you know people are dying? And they’re exhausted from it

  74. pirelli says:
    @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    Railway cars. Think Plessy v Ferguson (Plessy had violated Louisiana’s “Separate Car Act”).

  75. @prosa123

    prosa, google Joe Pesci’s wife.

  76. SMK says: • Website

    The problem with blacks as a group is not the “color of their skin” but their low average intelligence, higher levels of testosterone, most perniciously with young males in their teens and 20s, and the resultant disparities on average between blacks and whites/”Asians” in respect to violence, criminality, wealth, poverty, etc., The behavior of Negros, criminal and otherwise, would be the same if their skin was blue, green, purple, or orange.

    Race “beneath the skin” is not an “artificial social construct” but an immutable biological reality with significant behavioral consequences that can be mitigated or exacerbated by society and culture but not eradicated or profoundly altered.

  77. syonredux says:

    As others have noted, the female bias against short men can be overcome:

    Joe Pesci

    got Angie Everhart

  78. Gooden says:

    So, caste exist all over the world in one form or another. Got it. So, therefore caste in this country is both natural and desirable.

    That appears to be what you’re saying.

    A lot of people, crazy people especially, seem to disagree.

  79. Anon55uu says:

    As for maids, what the 21st century has included is the bizarre spectacle of the book and movie “The Help”. I can kind of understand how this kind of AWFL fixated stuff could annoy black women of some level of accomplishment.

  80. ic1000 says:

    Writing in 1916, Madison Grant’s “Jim Crow cars” must refer to segregated railroad public transit.

    • Agree: res
  81. Alden says:

    Off topic. There’s a proposal that the free bus train subway etc thing in S California be continued when or if the covid hoax disease ever ends.

    I knew it I knew it!!! I predicted First time someone told me she took a bus and the driver was chained off and entrance was only from the back door that the liberals would find a way to continue free services for their black and brown constituency. Drivers will be happy. No TB and other germs near them and no more dealing with the lunatics.

    News from Seattle. Real estate developers, both residential and commercial are getting out. They don’t think the once thriving downtown theater movies bars restaurants shopping clubs museums biz will never come back. Seattle downtown was a cesspit until a Guilliani type Mayor was elected a few years after Microsoft settled in Redmond. Recall effort for Seattle Mayor Durkan by liberals because she “allowed” police to use tear gas at the beginning of riot season. Community college in turmoil because a 60 year old White woman teacher used the word uppity in an online women’s studies class. Uppity is a racist anti black slur. Gay White man student stirring up the fuss.

    The insanity continues.

  82. ic1000 says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Your anecdote fits with the theme of Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, next up on my reading list. An amazon link didn’t seem fitting, so here’s a lukewarm review from an LSE blogger.

    Unlike industrial capitalism, which profits from exploiting natural resources and labour, surveillance capitalism profits from the capture, rendering and analysis of behavioural data through ‘instrumentarian’ methods that are designed to cultivate ‘radical indifference… a form of observation without witness’. The surveillance capitalists found an untapped reservoir of information that their services were collecting for internal analytics and programming, and they saw an opportunity: they could sell that ‘data exhaust’ to advertisers. For them, the humans attached to that data are just accessories.

  83. Never give up.

    • Replies: @scrivener3
  84. Anonymous[285] • Disclaimer says:

    Um… a better question would be why there aren’t more obese CEO’s of major corporations.

    The answer is that those who would vote one into that position would be asking themselves, “if she can’t control the size of that big ass, how is she going to control the Disney corporation?

    Being overstuffed makes you appear weak, and solicits people coming hard at you in negotiations.

    Weakness #1: You’re fat. You lack sophisticated reasoning. Your needs dictate to your weak will.

    Weakness #2: Your need to eat all the time has forced you to hallucinate that everyone around you doesn’t consider you to be weak. You’re divorced from reality from the get-go.

    Silly Black people… their misfortune always comes down to bad habits of their asinine subcultures. Never the color of their skin. They’re collectively too stupid or too narcissistic to figure it out. So they get played all day, and cry into their chicken and waffles all night.

    • Agree: Charon
  85. syonredux says:

    Speaking of castes, this is pretty funny…

    California is about to mandate more underrepresented minorities on corporate boards. I emailed the legislator who is the author of the bill to ask if I count as a minority as an Arab American, and the answer is yes! DMs are open to any corporations looking for a new board member.

    • Replies: @Ben tillman
    , @Charon
  86. Anon[364] • Disclaimer says:

    On the surface it sounds a bit like The Meritocracy Trap by Yale prof Daniel Markovitz …

    This Markovitz guy is truly insane. I watched a presentation/debate with him on YouTube, and he seems to feel that meritocracy is a thing and is real and has real benefits, but that because it results in less “equity,” i.e. equal outcomes, the world should be reengineered to make meritocracy irrelevant.

    Two concrete examples:

    — He claims that the German legal system has somehow been designed in a way that smart lawyers have no advantage over less smart lawyers. Short of having judges roll dice to make decisions I do not see how this is possible.

    — He claims that in Berlin it is illegal to spend more than a certain amount of money on child care on the theory that more expensive child care can increase IQ, which perpetuates inequality.

    I went down a rabbit hole on these two claims, and as far as I can tell they are bullshit. I couldn’t find anything about the dumbing down of the German legal system. And I did find that Berlin pays a fixed amount for child care, but there was no indication that parents are fined or sent to jail for paying more with their own funds. Child care and early education centers in Berlin clearly offer special options like music lessons at an extra price, and expat parent discussion boards have vigorous discussion of the best Berlin child care centers, but are oddly free of discusssion of this purported spending limit.

    Still, even as “utopian” proposals, these two ideas are scary and crazy. Also, Morkovitz is another good example of someone who benefited from the thing he now wants to eliminate.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  87. Tall’ies, who are physically assaulted by short’ies, are treated by the lawyer-courts as unsympathetic victims.

  88. J.Ross says:

    I’m sure this was true before
    1 the normalization of porn,
    2 the universalization of divorce,
    3 tinder and instagram and panty dot com and onlyfans telling every woman to follow her dreams, and
    4 the loss of societal pressure to marry (not exactly the same as 2).
    Now its truth it that if you work like a sled dog you can have “not failure” until she gets bored. It’s like the practical ambition of a gambling addict.

  89. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Garner is a normal white guy from West Virginia, so I guess he feels he has to say these kind of things to avoid being canceled from his nice job at The New York Times by ambitious underlings.

    On the other hand, if Garner is from W. Virginia, then caste-over-race is very useful to his kinfolk. After all, prioritizing race lumps ALL whites together as ‘privileged’ and ALL blacks as ‘under-privileged’. But if we focus on caste, poor whites in W. Virginia become objects of sympathy, and rich blacks get lumped with rich whites.

    Btw, how do Jews feel about the caste issue? They are the ultra-brahmins of the West, both ‘spiritually’ and financially.

    Hence, many of her memories involve less-than-electrifying encounters with fellow passengers in first class who give her a funny look when she asks for help lifting her carry-on luggage or the like.

    Isn’t she being caste-conscience? Why should she take offense at being mistaken for a flight attendant? Why the hurt pride of a member of the scholar class? If she is truly against caste-consciousness, she should be PROUD of being mistaken as a member of the Proles. But, she wants others to recognize that she belongs to the master class. Oh, she’s not the type to handle baggage. That is for the LOWER CASTE losers of society, not for her esteemed self.

    “Race is a social concept, not a scientific one,” said J. Craig Venter, the geneticist who ran Celera Genomics when the mapping was completed in 2000.

    One can argue that race is a social construct in that it was often misapplied. But genetics is not a social construct. It is real. Geo-genetics or geo-netics is real. It’s like, even if alchemy isn’t real, chemistry is real. ‘Race’ is a social construct in that people with insufficient knowledge about genetics in the 19th and early 20th century leapt to broad conclusions, some of which were harmful.
    But the notion of ‘racial equality’ is an even bigger social construct, and it too has done much harm.

    By the way, if the notion of race is rejected, is imperialism okay? If race A invades race B, no one should complain about it because there’s no such thing as Race A and Race B? The ONLY issue is that some are more privileged than others regardless of the invasion?

    Were height the measure for determining race, as arbitrary a measure as any and less arbitrary than some, the Dutch people of the Netherlands would be the same “race” as the Nilote people of South Sudan or the Tutsis of Rwanda.
    No, they would not, because race is about who your ancestors were.

    Furthermore, people naturally identify people as ‘my people’ or ‘not my people’ based on combination of facial features, hair texture, and skin tones than height. It’s just the way of human psychology. The reason why people don’t categorize human groups by height is because it’s just not natural for human psychology to do so. Same goes for sexual differences. A small woman and big woman both feel as women. A big woman doesn’t identify alongside a big man as ‘big person’. Height is an adjective whereas race and sex are nouns. Race comes first as existence, sizes follows as characteristics. It’s like there must be canines before there can be sizes of canines. Race and sex are facts, height and size are features. Some dogs may be more comparable in size with wolves but they are still dog first and foremost.

    In reality, there is of course a country where the racial groups are distinguished not by color but by height: Rwanda.

    Height is just one difference between Tutsis and Hutus. Possibly more significant are facial features. Tutsis have more angular features, Hutus have more round features. Tutsis are Abbots, Hutus are Costellos. While Tutsis are taller than Hutus generally, there are surely Hutus who are taller than Tutsis, just like there are Japanese who are taller than Dutch. But a Tutsi surely sees a short Tutsi with Tutsi facial features as ‘my people’ than feels kinship with a tall Hutu.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  90. Alden says:

    Friend is an accountant. His firm does pro bono work for non profits. He tells me the non profits hire black women for everything including keeping track of finances. He tells me the black women do a terrible job. He also tells me they are also obese, eat all day and have those long artificial nails and can barely handle the keyboard because of the nails. All they have to do is look at the employees; obese black women it’s a non profit

  91. @Steve Sailer

    Did Mrs. Sailer know about sexy CFOs and hot proteges?

  92. Alden says:

    I hope law and order incumbent DA Jackie Lacy gets re elected in stead of the Soros carpetbagger Gascon.

    Soros just dumped in millions for Gascon TV ads and get out the derelict voters efforts. On that very same day the LASlimes came out for pro criminal Gascon.

  93. Anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:

    While “cars” could refer to railway cars, it most likely references street cars. Recall that city people used to talk about making sure they had “car fare” before leaving home, meaning money for public transportation. And street cars were segregated in Grant’s day.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @res
  94. It is weird how short Bloomberg is.

  95. Ganderson says:

    The news side is all in on Corona Panic

  96. Her new tome is about caste in India, the United States, and Nazi Germany (because we can never hear enough about Hitler).

    The N-word helps with sales promotion given potential readers are already conditioned.

    Wilkerson argues that we should stop talking about racism against blacks, because as we all know science proves race doesn’t exist, and instead talk about casteism against blacks. In fact, maybe we shouldn’t talk about blacks and whites since that’s only skin-deep. Instead, we should refer to “the dominant caste” and “the subordinate caste.”

    There is an interesting 2010 article titled Bone Marrow Transplants: When Race Is an Issue on the TIME magazine website.

    Anyway one can make allowances for Wilkerson. She is just a journalist unlike Anglo-Indian geneticist Adam Rutherford and his dishonest book How to Argue with a Racist.

  97. @Morton's toes

    Oh – Rihanna is a diplomat (or should I say – a woman?).

    You obviously are no diplomat – and that’s why your comment is so funny (and accurate).

  98. @Simon

    The WSJ’s problem is the problem that all news media, conservative or old-style neutral, are facing. Lately, the supply of journalism and English majors from our universities who haven’t been been ideologically programmed to be “woke” and left is near nil.

    A friend who is a manager at a wire service tells me she has her hands full all day trying to get newer staff to produce the style of source reportS that are the core product of her business. Dead neutral and factual chunks of breaking news

  99. joe_mama says:

    Scott Adams pointed this out years ago:

    “Your potential for senior management will be determined by the three H’s: Hair, Height, and Harvard degree. You need at least two out of three.”

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  100. Clyde says:
    @Morton's toes

    I’ll bet some of the darker girls got physical with Rhianna for the reason you mention. And on an Island, Barbados, everyone knows everyone. Population 267,000.

    She made tens of millions and seems to have retired from the music business.

  101. ATBOTL says:

    I noticed the same thing staying at hotels and resorts with corporate conferences. My guess is that heightism is putting northwestern European whites at a disadvantage relative to other races. Many of the white men in top corporate and political leadership positions are clearly where they are because they look a certain way and have other superficial qualities. They are not the best of our race. Among Jews or Asians, or even Southern of Eastern Europeans, these superficial things do not seem to be part of the equation. “White people” want to be lead by tall, affable types who lack vigor and guile. It’s working out terribly.

    A Chinese commenter here has noticed this too. I read an article once about the ethnically Chinese founder of who made this same point. I have heard Asians and Jews reference this foible of whites other times as well.

    I also noticed growing up that middle class white men in America never actually get in fights or have to navigate violent environments. So dominance hierarchies in white culture are based on superficial things like acting aloof or being tall that have little to do with real world conflict, where aggression, cleverness and especially, membership in internally loyal gang like networks are the real keys to dominance. Northwestern European culture is poorly optimized for inter group conflict. Our culture does not value the traits – like loyalty and ruthlessness – that we need to survive in this globalized world.

  102. AndrewR says:

    Unsurprising giving the appalling bias from news sources I once considered completrly impartial like AP and Reuters

  103. here are two of the president’s children with former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg:

    I’d look for a better way to put that.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  104. El Dato says:


    4 postboxes painted in black (blackface postboxes?) with culturally correct golden hat for Black History Month (more like, Black Please Be Calm Now Month), which, in the UK, happens to be in October.

    BBC: Black History Month: Postboxes painted to honour black Britons

    Chris Sweeney is aghast: Racism is over! All it needed was to paint Britain’s iconic red post boxes…black

    But the way the social climate has become, it wouldn’t be a shock. It’s high time these chinless wonders were taken aside by the collar. As all of these pointless initiatives are only sowing more division and creating issues where none existed. The vast majority of British people want a fair, just and equal society.

    Let’s start delivering that by creating a systematic framework.

    Protip: That “systematic framework” already exists. It would be a good thing too if it weren’t whored out in all directions.

    Anyway these postboxes just make me think of Gunnm:

    In other news, astute observations are made:

    BuzzFeed gaslights millennials that living with your parents forever is fine, as US creates a generation of docile perma-children

    Deploying a level of spin not usually seen outside politics, the outlet once known for its fluffy listicles has attempted to recast living under the parental roof as a pragmatic, even desirable life choice. It’s far from the only such effort – Financial Times declared last month that moving in with mom and dad was “cool” and “financially astute,” while the Independent announced earlier this month that the oft-derided move was actually an “act of resistance.” Such industrial-strength gaslighting suggests a long and painful recession ahead.

  105. @Arclight

    “An interesting book would be …”

    You went on to describe something that would not be interesting in a book or in any other medium. I’m beginning to doubt you have the requisite skills to produce an interesting book.

  106. @LadyTheo

    “I really do have an aversion to tall, skinny people — especially men.”

    How about tall and pear-shaped? I am both: So if you find that combination aesthetically pleasing I would be happy to apply for the manservant position.

    “(I disliked Obama from the get-go because of this.)”

    Did I mention that my pearish body-shape is nearly a duplicate of one Adolf Hitler? I’m a tall Hitler. Again, I would be delighted to apply for the open position.

  107. Is Isabel Wilkerson a member of the black social parasite caste? ubetcha!

  108. @ic1000

    I bet it’s an easy transition from vampire finance capitalism to surveillance capitalism. Detritus capitalism is the next evolutionary step for the masters of the universe.

  109. @syonredux

    As a Person of Shortness I prefer to see it as Angie Everhart got Joe Pesci.

    • LOL: Gabe Ruth
  110. @Steve in Greensboro

    Randy Newman’s niche was the unreliable narrator.

    Like Nabokov in Pale Fire, You are supposed to see through the provincial attitude of the narrator while still appreciating their perspective has a grain of truth and honesty.

    I remember a Newman song went “They hate us anyhow, so lets drop the big one now. Boom goes London, Boom Parie, more room for you and more room for me, and every where, the whole world round will just be another American town.”

    And who can forget “Rednecks. keeping the n—– down”.

  111. Herzog says:

    Throw in Angela Merkel for good measure, my desastrous Bundeskanzlerin, and one can truly get the impression that a curse lies on that name.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  112. Anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:

    One of my older relatives was what he called a “newsman” for 40 years, working on a city daily. He never went to college let alone got a degree in Journalism or English. He planned to be a printer, eventually have his own print shop, so he learned touch-typing in high school. Because he could touch-type, when he was drafted, the Army sent him to its journalism school, thence to Viet Nam, where he typed up assorted paperwork and helped with the division newspaper, spent his off-duty hours smoking Park Lanes and hanging out at the local steam-and-cream.
    When he got back to the States, he saw a help-wanted ad for a printer at a newspaper and applied, but while he was waiting a harried-looking man asked if he was there about “the job” and he said yes, and after a brief look at his resume, he was hired — but not for the printer job, rather as a police beat cub reporter. He was a bit surprised but took the job because he needed one. He did, however, explain to the editor who hired him that he didn’t know the first thing about being a reporter. The editor replied,
    “Kid, you can learn everything you need to know to do this job in three months. If you can’t, I’ll fire you.”
    And he did learn — nut graphs, pyramid style, knowing no one reads past the jump so put favors to sources there, have at least two independent sources for every statement of fact, have a fat Rolodex that you keep in a locked drawer, tell your opinions to your bartender, never use a two-syllable word when a one-syllable word will do, Democrats are corrupt, Republicans are naive, cops don’t give a shit about anybody…and so on.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Gordo
  113. ATBOTL says:

    Most white men under 40 are still conservative. There are many qualified white men who have conservative views who would love these jobs. The management chose to hire only nonwhites, women, gays and Jews instead of straight white men. That’s what the problem is, period. It’s not about college education or age.

    • Replies: @Gordo
  114. @syonredux

    He is famous. He could have a third eye in his forehead and get a hot babe.

  115. @SFG

    I don’t think it matters that much except to short women who subconsciously want to avoid even shorter children. It’s more that there’s a “floor” women will not go below. Like I’m 5’6, and would not date a man below 5’5. A tad shorter or the same height as me would be fine. My husband is about 5’11 and that’s a nice, moderate height difference.

  116. @Bardon Kaldian

    specially if photographers follow you around and take pictures of you in front of product billboards

  117. @Poirot

    Height is a class marker even without immigration, at least among Southern whites, probably because obesity stunts growth and obesity is very class-dependent here, among white women above all other groups. I go to a Wal-Mart and I become a tall woman, I walk through the grounds of my alma-mater at a football game, I become a short woman.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  118. J.Ross says:
    @International Jew

    Netflix is updating Rumpelstilskin.

  119. Lot says:

    “ Tall, heavy woman? No. I find them scary.”

    Not me!

    • Replies: @MBlanc46
  120. J.Ross says:

    If there were an alternate supply, the “sufferers” of “the problem” would not hire from it, and would call for unpersonning, arrest, and murder of its most famous examples. The CEOs are getting exactly the candidates they want (and paid for through their control of the universities). If it turns out that they were stupid to want that, then it’s not like they will ever face any consequence.

  121. gent says:

    Caste isn’t arbitrary. In India, it is explicitly racial. The sanskrit term for caste is varna, which means color, and shares a PIE root with the english word varnish. The foundational myth of the caste system is that the light skinned Arya (indo-europeans), led by the red haired Indra, conquered the Dasas (dravidians), who possessed, exact quote, “the black skin that Indra hates.”

    • Replies: @epebble
  122. J.Ross says:

    Dear Mr Markovitz,
    I am an evil Russian election-interfering terrorist, from the dark web, you know, where all the hackers hang out, and read with great interest your premise. Since there is no such thing as merit I propose something of great interest and potential benefit to yourself: you are now free to pursue other projects, because I am now in charge of your “case against meritocracy.” I’m sure this is a big weight off your shoulders. Please forward all money relevant to this project to me, via the dark web care of Unz. Thank you for your time, although, to be honest, it’s as good as anybody else’s.

  123. @syonredux

    Funny your name being Syon and I just happened to see your post after encountering promotional materials from the Isleworth & Syon School in Greater London. Founded 1630 and doing well as you can see.

    • Replies: @syonredux
  124. @Simon

    What you’re now noticing has always been the case. It has always tried to pull its readers, slowly, to the left.

  125. @syonredux

    It’s genocide. Anyone except the whites who are 35% of the population of California gets to take advantage of what the whites created (i.e., the resources we need for our survival). Policies like this ensure the end of the white race within 75 years.

  126. Charon says:

    What could the story be here? Mystery to me..

    • Replies: @anon
  127. Charon says:

    Our very own Nuremberg Laws.

    Sort of brings a tear to the eye, dunnit?

  128. MBlanc46 says:

    First blues/R&B act I ever saw. 1967. Most female blues singers are on the hefty side. Maybe Bessie wasn’t, and I don’t think that Memphis Minnie was, but I don’t recall seeing one who was not. On the other hand, Howlin’ Wolf was “300 pounds of joy”.

    • Thanks: Lot
  129. anon[121] • Disclaimer says:

    What could the story be here?

    Systemic racism?
    Stereotype threat?
    White supremacists?
    Lingering effects of slavery ‘n Jim Crow?

    Total mystery!

  130. anon[108] • Disclaimer says:

    Lloyd Blankfein is not the founder of Goldman Sachs. The company was founded in 1869.

    Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, is also not that tall. He is 5’9″. Sundra Pichai, CEO of Google, is 5’10”.

    Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin is 5’7″, Emmanuel Macron is 5’8″, same height as former prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. Angela Merkel is 5’4″.

    As more women and immigrants found companies, become CEOs and perhaps someday become president, the average height of CEOs and political leaders will continue to decline.

    • Replies: @Travis
  131. guest says:
    @Tono Bungay

    Not if you have the right opinions and credentials.

    Of course, in that case you don’t need to read him so much as quote-mine.

  132. guest says:

    Has there ever been a bigger Gap between the favored caste—in our case blacks and various other groups—and their real-world performan? However you want to measure it: wealth, life-expectancy, legitimacy, mental health, STDs, etc.

    All because the officially privileged sort of suck at life. Except womenfolk, who often excel at being women.

  133. @S. Anonyia

    “obesity stunts growth”

    That’s an interesting idea. Is it true?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @AnotherGuessModel
  134. @Anonymous

    “knowing no one reads past the jump so put favors to sources there”

    Before or after the jump?

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  135. @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    Do Jim Crow cars get good gas mileage?

    The last passenger train stopped in my upstate hometown early in Ike’s first term. I bet the same is true for West Seneca. It sure sounds like it.

    San Antonio tore out its streetcars around 1932. As for Steve’s hometown, ¡No jodas, Sherlock!:

    “This is historical footage from the LACMTA (Metro) Library and Archives. It may not be reflective of current Metro policy or services.

  136. epebble says:

    There are only four Varnas but Castes are far more numerous (in the Hundreds). So, the root may be same; but hasn’t been the same for thousands of years. Also, Krishna, a very important Deity literally means Black. Other important Deities like Rama (Vishnu), Siva are Blue. Vedic religion is about as much related to modern Indian society as Babylonian Semitism is to Israel today.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @gent
  137. anon[429] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Seems so based on basic biomechanics:

    1. Resources used in horizontal direction are not available for vertical direction.

    2. Increased Downward pressure from larger weight opposes upward growth. An interesting application of (reverse of) this principle is the treatment for growing tall using Ilizarov apparatus:

  138. epebble says:

    OT: Interesting HBD news:

    Neanderthal genes may be to blame in some severe coronavirus cases

    I have been puzzled by the fact that almost two orders of magnitude more people have died in Europe and the U.S. compared to Africa.

  139. syonredux says:
    @Mr McKenna

    How sad. I wonder if it has any connection with the source of my nom de net:

  140. @joe_mama

    Silver hair is especially prized in Chairmen of the Board.

  141. @Anonymous

    The Plessy vs. Ferguson case of 1896 that established the “separate but equal” doctrine involved whether Plessy, a light-skinned Creole of Color, would have to ride in the black section of the streetcar in New Orleans. The streetcar company didn’t like the law mandating that they maintain separate sections, which cut down on their revenue because sometimes there’d be no more room for one color passengers while the other section wasn’t full. So they found Plessy to be their Rosa Parks, but then lost in the Supreme Court.

    • Replies: @res
    , @Anonymous
  142. prosa123 says:

    Dunno how true this actually is, but supposedly the percentage of men on online dating sites who describe themselves as six feet even is much higher than the actual percentage of men who are that height. Men who are an inch or two under six feet will round their heights up in order to meet the minimum height requirements that many women’s profiles specify.
    For basically similar reasons there supposedly is a curiously high number of 29 year old women.

  143. NickG says:

    They abound in South Africa, ours shares her name with the Queen — the maid, I cant speak for the her Majesty — has rather a sunny disposition.

    Quaint but not quite as good as when I employed a gardener a day a week for a few years, who went by the name of Hitler.

  144. @Anonymous

    How do you suppose they get it? By welfare?

    Oh. Now I see. You’re one of those. Who thinks welfare is big money.

    You are a very sad, sad, pathetic person.

  145. @Herzog

    After her death, the totally cucked Evangelical Lutheran Church will surely have a feast day in her honour.

    • Replies: @Herzog
  146. @epebble

    Thanks for correcting one of the fatuous ones.

  147. @syonredux

    A theory. “The People of the Future.” We already have them. Or people who look like everybody’s going to look. And they span the more or less equatorial regions of the globe. Melanesians, Philipinos, Indians, Arabs, North Africans, Mestizos. This is because they live where North and South synthesize.

  148. gent says:

    Krishna’s blackness is depicted as blueness and is the darkness of non-manifestation, not the darkness of melanin.

  149. @Tono Bungay

    It was amusing that Steve worked in references to both Madison Grant and Friedrich Nietzsche in the space of a couple of paragraphs.

    Steve could have made it a trifecta by including the modern Prophet of Caste, Bronze Age Pervert!

  150. Gordo says:


    Had to look that up.

  151. Gordo says:

    Most white men under 40 are still conservative. There are many qualified white men who have conservative views who would love these jobs. The management chose to hire only nonwhites, women, gays and Jews instead of straight white men. That’s what the problem is, period. It’s not about college education or age.

    White riot?

  152. Hunsdon says:

    Excellent taste, sir.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  153. Travis says:

    why is the average CEO 6 foot tall when the average height in America is 5’9″

    you can always find exceptions. Just proves the point that most CEOs are taller than average, with a few notable exceptions often due to nepotism. But sometimes the result of Asian or Jewish privilege.

  154. res says:

    Here is a history of transportation protests. Notice that the first mentioned concerned train cars in 1841.

    The 1890 act which eventually led to Plessy v. Ferguson concerned train cars.

    This link has more detail on the events of 1841.

    The National Museum of African American History and Culture chooses to exhibit a Southern railway car.

    To put a bit more nuance into the timeline (notice that this again refers to railroad cars).

    The segregation of railroads was part of the development of the Jim Crow South. The railroad car law in 1900 was the first official law mandating segregation on trains. For thirty years after the Civil War, blacks and whites rode in the same railroad cars.

    Do you have any similar evidence showing the (greater) importance of street cars to this issue?

    Also, remember how rural the US was in the period 1840-1890.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  155. res says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Steve, could you elaborate on why you call it a streetcar? The link I gave earlier is a bit vague (also notice that the first test was a trip from New Orleans to Montgomery, AL–clearly not a streetcar)

    On June 7, 1892 Plessy purchased a first-class ticket to take him from New Orleans to Covington on the East Louisiana Railroad, this time both destinations being within the state.

    Covington is about 40 miles from New Orleans across Lake Pontchartrain. The 1883 railroad bridge over Lake Pontchartrain was south of Slidell so the route was even longer then. Some info about the Covington train depot.

    This page has some good detail including a map.

    Even though Plessy never intended to travel outside New Orleans, it seems clear the train he took did.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  156. @Dumbo

    From ‘Band of Outsiders’, Jean Luc Godard 1964.

    Most people don’t know the Rwandan Tutsi-Hutu massacres predated 1994.

  157. Jack D says:

    As you can see from the sources, the issue involved BOTH streetcars and railway cars. With trolleys (and later buses) this was handled by having separate sections on the same car for blacks and whites but with trains you could have separate cars or else (before the Jim Crow laws) have whites only in 1st class and mixed seating in 2nd class.

    Note that interstate railroads were always Federally governed. Well before the Brown decision (1941), the S. Ct. threw out Jim Crow seating on interstate railroads:

    Not on the grounds that segregation was illegal but on the basis that separate but equal actually required equal and that there were no first class cars available for blacks. Separate but equal in its waning days ran into a lot of cost issues like this. The Southern states that did not want to have separate but equal state run law schools, med schools, etc. would pay the tuition for blacks to attend school in the North (I assume the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition) not that there were many.

    Many of the legal attacks on Jim Crow involved using clean well behaved blacks as test plaintiffs (the plaintiff in this case was a lawyer and an Congressman) and it was indeed unfair that clean well behaved blacks had to suffer because of their unruly brethren but in real life many blacks are not well behaved. And so “desegregation” often leads to re-segregation as whites flee the desegregated service entirely. In many cities, mass transit has a virtually all black clientele nowadays. The old joke is that MARTA (the Atlanta mass transit authority) stands for “Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta”. Likewise, law abiding blacks resent getting constantly pulled over by the cops (“driving while black”) but if the cops don’t do that then crime goes way up. Which is more unfair, to burden a small number of law abiding blacks or to burden the entire society with black dysfunction?

    • Replies: @res
  158. Herzog says:

    A week, minimum!

    But she will never die, nor cease to be Bundeskanzlerin, anyway.

  159. Jack D says:

    Here is a hint as to why Plessy took a train and not a streetcar:

    This is the statute under which he was charged:

    ….all railway companies carrying passengers in their coaches in this state, shall provide equal but separate accommodations for the white, and colored races, by providing two or more passenger coaches for each passenger train, or by dividing the passenger coaches by a partition so as to secure separate accommodations: provided, that this section shall not be construed to apply to street railroads.

    • Thanks: res
    • Replies: @res
  160. res says:
    @Jack D

    Thanks for elaborating.

    As you can see from the sources, the issue involved BOTH streetcars and railway cars.

    Agreed. I was arguing because of the ‘most likely’ in this. I would have still argued, but less vigorously, if it had been ‘could also have referenced.’
    ‘While “cars” could refer to railway cars, it most likely references street cars.’

    From the sources I gave I think it is clear the railway car issue was both first and more common. I welcome references demonstrating otherwise though.

    Note that interstate railroads were always Federally governed.

    Right. That’s why there had to be the second test case (Plessy), right? The first test case had been interstate. But remember that intrastate railroads existed. I believe the East Louisiana Railroad in Plessy was one. BTW, was the defining characteristic the route or the railroad?

    Well before the Brown decision (1941), the S. Ct. threw out Jim Crow seating on interstate railroads:

    Good point. Perhaps that is why Anon366 was emphasizing street cars? But recall that we were discussing (interpreting) a quote from 1916.

    Many of the legal attacks on Jim Crow involved using clean well behaved blacks as test plaintiffs (the plaintiff in this case was a lawyer and an Congressman) and it was indeed unfair that clean well behaved blacks had to suffer because of their unruly brethren but in real life many blacks are not well behaved.

    Which is more unfair, to burden a small number of law abiding blacks or to burden the entire society with black dysfunction?

    I largely agree with that analysis, but to my mind there is a problem with the “small” in the second paragraph. Even if we use a definition as strict as the “Talented Tenth” (and I suspect a looser definition is more realistic) that is still about 4 million American citizens. Another issue is (as I am sure you are well aware) the behavioral line can be rather fuzzy.

    It is instructive to flip the analysis around and observe that the problem we face today is the difficulty of policing (both formally and informally) black bad behavior because any such actions are taken as an attack on all blacks (racist!).

    If I were king of the world I would propose something like letting blacks sign up for behavioral norms. If you are willing to play nice (and accept punishment for failure to do so) you get all the rights and privileges of everyone else. But if not you are segregated Escape from New York style.

  161. res says:
    @Jack D

    Thanks. That was from this LA state law.

    Were there separate state/municipality laws for streetcars?

    I think this excerpt from the link I gave earlier is useful background.

    In 1841, Frederick Douglass and his friend James N. Buffum entered a train car reserved for white passengers in Lynn, Massachusetts. When the conductor ordered them to leave the car, they refused. Douglass’ and Buffum’s actions led to similar incidents on the Eastern Railroad. Widespread organizing led Congress to grant equal rights to Black citizens in public accommodations with the Civil Rights Act of 1875. However, the Supreme Court overturned this victory in 1883, declaring it unconstitutional.

    More about the 1875 and 1883 events.

    Does anyone know what drove the early segregation of transportation? Was it policies of the companies, laws, or something else?

  162. Anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Sailer

    On buses at least there weren’t separate sections. Whites sat in the front rows and then further back as the bus filled, while blacks sat on the back rows and then progressively further forward. The location of the ‘line’ would therefore vary during the journey as the relative proportions of white and and black passengers changed.

  163. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:

    By the way, if the notion of race is to be rejected, is imperialism now acceptable? If race A invades race B, no one should complain because there’s no such thing as Race A and Race B? The ONLY issue is that some are more privileged than others regardless of the invasion?

    Nation is also a social construct, and so, does that mean any nation can invade any other nation on the basis that “nations are not real”? So, your nation wasn’t really invaded by another nation since your nation and the invading nation are both ‘social constructs’ or falsehoods.

    So, Palestinians shouldn’t complain about Zionist invasion and the great replacement. Jews and Palestinians, what’s the difference? It was just one bunch of humans replaced by another bunch of humans. Nothing changed. The only issue is Israel and Occupied Territories have rich and poor.
    And Jews shouldn’t make so much fuss about Shoah because it wasn’t really about Germans killing Jews but humans killing humans. People who think they are German killed people who think they’re Jewish. So, Jews shouldn’t think in terms of ‘they killed us’ but ‘we killed us’ or ‘they killed themselves’ because Germans and Jews are the same thing.

    Nation and Culture are far more social constructs than race is, but people believe in them and, furthermore, people are nothing without memory and myths. This is why nations are important within the same race, such as Europeans. Or between Chinese and Mongols. Social constructs matter. They shouldn’t be confused with scientific categories but people don’t live on cold reptilian data alone.

    Race has both scientific basis and meaning as social construct. It’s an indefinite term with multiple meanings. Like the term ‘nature’, which has all sorts of meanings. But there is a definite scientific meaning to it, and to emphasize this, a new term is necessary for the scientific discussion of differences caused by evolution.

  164. @Steve Sailer

    Overweight children are high risk for early onset puberty, which prevents them from reaching their full potential height.

  165. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:

    While Wilkerson is wrong about race, she may be onto something about the future of America.

    Much of American History was about race and caste. In the South and even in the North, being white had advantages over being black(or any other race). Race mattered.

    But as race becomes less of a factor, caste may come to dominate the debate. New groups are being formed on the basis of intelligence, ability, and connections than on the basis of race. Consider the high rates of intermarriage among Jews and Asians and increasingly among whites. And with ‘Affirmative Action’ opening many slots for blacks in elite institutions — Harvard is 12% black — and with most white elites being enthusiastic about race-mixing, they may form new elites who are products of high IQ mating with high IQ. Lots of elite white women seem especially hellbent on marrying outside the race or adopting black kids who, even if not the brightest bulbs, will benefit from connections and racial preference. Purely on meritocratic basis, there shouldn’t be so many blacks in elite institutions, but Affirmative Action is real and, furthermore, whites and others are so willing to believe that the ‘affirmatives’ are just as intelligent. There is also the jungle fever factor.

    If Hinduism and Jimduism(Jim Crow) developed by trying to prevent race-mixing as much as possible, the new caste in America(and EU) will be created by enthusiasm for race-mixing. Race-mix or not, there will always be the upper-crust, middle crust, and lower-crust. If smart whites, Asians, Jews, Arabs/Muslims, ‘Latinos’, and blacks mix, they will form a new kind of caste. The only kind of race-mixing that might lead to broader equality is a random one based on lottery, e.g. match high IQ white man with low IQ black woman, match high IQ Latino with low IQ white woman, match high IQ Jewish woman with low IQ Arab, and etc. But race-mixing among the elites is not happening randomly. It’s the Ivies mating with Ivies.

    Now, Wilkerson seems to be either confused or disingenuous. Her book is ostensibly against caste but ultimately argues for it. Without racial or national identity, there is only one’s social position. If you don’t matter as a person of race, a patriot of a nation, or member of a culture, the only thing that matters is money and status. It’s the only thing that provides meaning and comfort, that is as long as you’re high up the ladder. If Wilkerson rejects race as a ‘social construct’, then she likely rejects other social constructs such as ‘nation’ and ‘culture’. Then, what else is left but success, status, and money? That being the case, how can she make a case against caste when, devoid of things that give people meaning and sense of belonging(such as race, nation, and culture), there is only money and one’s socio-economic position? And in a status-conscious world, people will be even more eager to marry smart people and have smart kids. This may lead to more race-mixing among the smart and smarter(among blacks), but the end-result will be more racial stratification. Latin America, unlike India, allowed far more race-mixing, but there is still lots of stratification based on race and caste.

    Also, as a person of upper caste favored by the powers-that-be, why would someone like Wilkerson really want to be equal with everyone else? She is feted, favored, and promoted. She is a ‘made’ person. Better ‘made’ than maid. Maybe the upper caste should be called the ‘mades’ as the US is turning into a gangster state. I’m sure she’s an admirer of Barack Obama, and what does he represent? High IQ black and High IQ white producing a child favored by ultra-rich Jews who even made him president, one that fixated mostly on globo-homo issues, the pet cause of the super-rich who prefer Gay Day to Mayday. So, Wilkerson’s book is really a manifesto in favor of caste. Her only gripe is that not enough blacks are allowed into the upper crust. Her message to Jews and rich whites seem to be, wink wink, “If you don’t want people like me to badmouth your wealth and privilege, give us some more.” So, paradoxically, Jews and whites should be ‘colorblind’ and let in more blacks into the upper-crust. “We don’t see color, and that’s why we are welcoming MORE BLACKS into the club.” The layers of deception are truly astounding.

  166. Ok, you mouth breathing Deplorables. Here’s your chance to get some Hi Kultur.

    It’s Wagner week at the Met next week.

    Seriously though, you can fast forward through these performances and see spectacular things like Ride of the Valkyries. I’ve seen this live and it’s pretty impressive:

    Monday, October 5
    Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde

    Tuesday, October 6
    Wagner’s Tannhäuser

    Wednesday, October 7
    Wagner’s Das Rheingold

    Thursday, October 8
    Wagner’s Die Walküre

    Friday, October 9
    Wagner’s Siegfried

    Saturday, October 10
    Wagner’s Götterdämmerung

    Sunday, October 11
    Wagner’s Parsifal

    Each stream becomes available at 7:30PM ET and remains accessible for on-demand viewing until 6:30PM ET the following day.

  167. J.Ross says:

    Although I was expecting someone to point out that, in the boogaloo, you probably won’t be able to find 5.45. They use that line to push fuddism, which, being adherence to the massively popular calibers, is at least practical. Of course in the boogaloo (in its proper meaning, indicating civilizational collapse, not vague terrorism as the lyingpress wants you to think) you won’t be finding anything.

  168. Clyde says:

    Thanks Steve for reading this book. I know I could never last more than 20 minutes on it. On a book like this I would start in the middle and jump 5 pages at a time to scan, to see if it is not one of today’s kooky derivatives. I will give the authoress credit for being a dark black woman of 50+. Well groomed actually! She can be Joe Biden’s January 2021 Secretary of State when she is Susan Rice.

    What pisses me off is today’s young 10-25% black women from mixed marriages. They sailed through easy courses in our current universities. They have too much conflicted crap in their heads to write something good, though I admit these too-white positioners get traction all over the internet.

  169. Tyrade says:

    The photo of the Amazons with Bloomberg reminded me of a very old Private Eye cover depicting two rather large African gentlemen either side of a pot containing a puny white guy, the then UK foreign secretary. Caption:
    ‘What’s for lunch’?
    ‘Sir Geoffrey Howe’

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