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My Blog Is Voted Most Accurate Media Outlet on Intelligence Research by Experts on Cognitive Ability; "ISteve" Crushes "New York Times" for Trustworthiness
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From Intelligence:

Survey of expert opinion on intelligence: Intelligence research, experts’ background, controversial issues, and the media

Volume 78, January–February 2020,
Heiner Rindermann, David Becker, Thomas R.Coyle

… Table 4. Expert opinions on intelligence in the media and public debates.

Item M or % SD N
Accuracy of media, scale 1 (inaccurate) to 9 (accurate)
Steve Sailer blog 7.38 2.25 26
Anatoly Karlin blog 6.1 2.75 10
Die Zeit (German) 5.1 2.57 20
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (German) 4.89 2.63 18
Die Welt (German) 4.67 2.16 15
Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) (German) 4.54 2.5 13
Süddeutsche Zeitung (German) 4.42 2.43 19
Times 4.3 2.23 30
Economist 4.21 1.91 43
Wall Street Journal 4.2 1.9 49
Le Monde (Spanish) 3.88 2.7 8
Der Spiegel (German) 3.84 2.04 19
El Pais (Spanish) 3.83 2.37 12
New York Times 3.81 2.19 58
Focus (German) 3.71 2.26 17
Daily Telegraph 3.7 2.04 27
Le Figaro (French) 3.63 2.45 8
Tageszeitung (taz) (German) 3.6 2.32 15
Guardian 3.57 2.04 37
Time 3.55 1.9 44
Washington Post 3.54 1.98 41
National Public Radio 3.53 2.03 62
Newsweek 3.5 1.92 44
El Mundo (Spanish) 3.46 1.98 13
State-owned television networks 3.31 1.8 61
Commercial television networks 2.67 1.49 70

… Experts were skeptical of the quality of media reports on intelligence research (Table 4). In general, mean expert ratings of media accuracy were around 3–4, on a scale of 1 (very inaccurate) to 9 (very accurate). Only two media outlets received positive ratings, the blogs of Steve Sailer (M = 7.38, N = 26 ratings) and Anatoly Karlin (6.10, N= 10 ratings).

… The EQCA was an online survey administered from May 2013 to March 2014. The survey was sent to authors who published at least one article after 2010 in journals covering cognitive ability. The journals included Intelligence, Cognitive Psychology, Contemporary Educational Psychology, New Ideas in Psychology, and Learning and Individual Differences. In addition, members of the International Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR) were invited (from December 2013 to January 2014) to complete the EQCA, and an announcement was published on the website of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences (ISSID). By the survey deadline of March 2014, a total of 265 responses were received, which produced a response rate of 19.71%. Because participants could skip items, the response rate varied from case to case. The total EQCA consisted of 62 multiple choice and multiple response questions, some with sub-questions and comment sections.

Here’s a picture you can use of my adaptation of the data from the article, showing just English-language outlets and with simpler rounding of decimals:

So, my iSteve blog came in first among media outlets for accuracy in the judgement of published researchers in cognitive ability, with a rating of 7.38 on a 1 to 9 scale. And it wasn’t close, with fellow Unz Review blogger Anatoly Karlin in second place at 6.1.

My ratings were fairly consistent with a standard deviation of 2.25, meaning that the great majority of authorities rated me at least 5 on a 1 to 9 scale.

The number of respondents rating me, 26, was higher than for any non-English language outlet, and not much less than the Daily Telegraph (27), the Times of London (30), and The Guardian (37), and not all that far lower than the Washington Post (41), The Economist (43), Time and Newsweek (both 44), the Wall Street Journal (49), and the New York Times (58).

The chasm between the experts’ rating for accuracy of iSteve (7.38 on 26 responses) and their rating of the New York Times (3.81 on 58 responses), or a gap of about one and a half standard deviations, ought to lead to some self-reflection at 620 Eighth Avenue, although I presume it will instead just lead to doubling down on more Amy Harmon crusades against great scientists.

Do I still deserve to be #1 media outlet on intelligence in 2019? Today, I’d vote for yet another Unz Review blog, James Thompson. Plus numerous sources have emerged since 2013 on Twitter.

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  1. The woke takeaway from this will be that intelligence research should be banned and intelligence researchers cancelled.

    • Agree: Charon, Arclight, Mr. XYZ
    • Replies: @J.Ross
  2. lavoisier says: • Website

    Pretty impressive result considering who answered the questions.

    I suspect Angela Saini and Amy Harmon were disturbed that no one asked their opinion on this subject.

    • LOL: Unladen Swallow
  3. Congratulations, Mr. Sailer. Great work over the years, and I’m glad it has been, appropriately, noticed in the quarters that matter.

  4. Altai [AKA "Altai_3"] says:

    Living at home, even when they had a job was the big killer of fertility in Italy over the last few decades.

  5. Well, we’ve all known it but now it’s been officially endorsed, we’ll all have to start doubting it.

    • Replies: @Charon
  6. 7 point 38 cheers for iSteve!
    Though the Times may pretend to believe
    It’s our font for I.Q.,
    Being better than you
    I really don’t think they’ll achieve.

  7. Anonymous[672] • Disclaimer says:

    Le Monde is French

    • Agree: Bruno
  8. Congratulations.
    However does that mean that now, when this blog is known as a nest of heretics there will be a fresh wave of purges?

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  9. Tank says:

    Congrats. Keep up the great work.

  10. Blimey, Unz Traffic really is on the up-and-up!

    It looks you have been “hijacking the conversation” in the words of Marantz.

  11. Coag says:

    When posting on social media, blogging, publishing, and otherwise putting commentary out in the record, iSteve readers when mentioning iSteve should always mention something along the lines of “Steve Sailer blog, found by peer-reviewed cognition and intelligence researchers to be, by far, the most accurate source of cognition and intelligence reporting, far surpassing NYT, Washington Post, NPR, and the top non-English media outlets.” We can do our small part in spreading awareness of this study into the public consciousness, even though there will always be a systematic effort to suppress these findings from awareness. But the more awareness there is, the more chance of waking people up to the absurdity of the mainstream media’s frontal assaults against established scientific facts in human intelligence research.

    • Replies: @Laugh Track
  12. Charon says:
    @Bill Jones

    It’s not that official, at least not as far as the officials are concerned. Anyway, I’m a big believer in hedging bets so I hope Steve won’t mind that I’ve taken out a life insurance policy on him. Payable to me.

  13. Congrats Steve Sailer – and to Anatoly Karlin too! And yep, James Thompson is doing a great job here, I agree, I joyfully agree!

    Minor quibbles: The Zürich paper NZZ is much better than the rest of the German press. The NZZ has quite a few good writers on this topic (the freelancer Marcus Schär and René Scheu – Marc Neumann not so much).

    So – there’s lots and lots of wrong stuff in Die Zeit – even more dubious or outright dumb articles on this topic on Zeit-online. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Die weLT, Die Süddeutsche Zeitung etc. pp. they all are suboptimal, not to mention Der Spiegel or Spiegel-online (spon) – dubious throughout, outright dumb quite often, unfortunately.

    The liberal weekly DIE ZEIT had a decent writer on IQ in Dieter E. Zimmer, but he has retired. The FAZ and DIE ZEIT are doing better in the last months though. Especially Ulrich Bahnsen in die ZEIT wrote a good ca. 800o words summary about Robert Plomin’s Blueprint et. al.

    • Replies: @Lot
  14. Escher says:

    Congrats Mr. Sailer. Keep on noticing.

  15. Damn straight.

    Sailer standing up for himself. About time.

  16. Dan Hayes says:

    Kudos are also called for Ron Unz and his internet sponsorships of both Steve and James Thompson.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Reg Cæsar
  17. RickinJax says:

    Congratulations. Well deserved.

  18. utu says:

    The result implies bias in the sample. Sailer and Karlin would not be known to the majority in truly representative sample.

    Only 19.71% responded to the request to participate in the survey.

  19. Jack D says:

    The NY Times isn’t trying to win this contest. The farthest thing from it. The point of NY Times (and other MSM) reporting on intelligence (which is seen as a racial issue) is to serve as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party so accuracy is not the point at all. This is only going to get worse.

  20. @Jack D

    The only question is: Who gives the marching orders? The Times? Or the DNC? Or, as is more likely, its a mutual feedback loop.

  21. Ian Smith says:

    I don’t think I’m alone when I say that Mr. Sailer, more than any single writer, is the one who red pilled me.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  22. J.Ross says:

    To this point, Jeet Heer calls for special efforts to “combat” those who find Jeffrey Epstein’s death and stochastic arson to be suspicious. He deploys the most un-self-aware — and the most cyberpunk — epithet for those who fail to believe the government:
    Are you anti-system?

  23. countenance says: • Website

    Of the five sources below the Unz bloggers, four of them are in Germany, and the other (NZZ) is German language in Zürich. And the FAZ is my first of the morning daily driver when it comes to news. I also look at Die Welt on most days (it gives the AfD very fair hearing), and Süddeutsche when things are popping in Munich and Bavaria. Not that much interested in Die Zeit.

    But insofar as FAZ, Welt and SD, I don’t understand why they’re ranked so highly, because I don’t find them any better than the NYT. Even though one clue is that insofar as raw score, the best German paper is closer to the NYT than it is the second place Unz blogger.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  24. Arclight says:
    @Jack D

    Exactly – NYT and WaPo are all about advocacy journalism, which if it wasn’t obvious already the transcripts from the staff discussion about the 1619 project should have made that clear. I was a WaPo subscriber in the late 90s until about ten years ago, and it went from a left leaning but relatively balanced paper to Pravda on the Potomac.

    Due to the nature of my job, I have a lot of well educated lefty friends and acquaintances, and they are shockingly uninformed about things like IQ, education, crime, etc. They all read just the NYT, WaPo, or Economist along with Huffington Post, and that is it. They take a blank slate view on everything and are completely unaware of the massive amount of evidence for a significant genetic component for intelligence, personality traits, criminality, etc.

  25. @Jack D

    The NY Times, Washington Post, Atlantic, well pretty much everywhere Steve gets his fodder from, and all the Legacy Media in general are de-facto Departments of the US Feral Gov’t at this point, Jack. Even as they start losing money, I think they’ll get bailed out by the US Gov’t if it comes down to that. It’s not just about the money anymore for those behind these outlets – it’s about getting the narrative out. The US Government depends on them to get the job done.

    Try telling the cable or fiber-optic salesman on the porch that you really don’t want TV. He will be flabbergasted. “What do you mean … I mean, where do you get your TV from now?” “You don’t get it. I don’t want TV!” That doesn’t stop the weekly offers from the very same company I already get the internet signal from.

    TV for thee, but not for me, even for free..

  26. fish says:

    In your face Karlin!!


  27. jb says:

    James Thompson notes that the response rate to the survey was low (19.71 percent), and that over half who did respond did not answer the question on racial differences in intelligence. So do you know how the deniers are going to respond to the survey? They are going to say that all the real scientists ignored the survey, and the minority who answered are the sort of crackpot pseudoscientists who know who Steve Sailer is.

    I think they are wrong of course, and that many of the non-respondents agree with us but are afraid to say so even on an anonymous survey. But given the worldview of the deniers it isn’t an implausible scenario. So it’s a pity the response rates weren’t higher. Quite seriously, firmly establishing the legitimacy of the genetic hypothesis in the face of dogmatic politically correct denial would change the entire landscape. It would be huge.

  28. We must help Karlin take the #1 spot for Great Russia.

  29. Ragno says:

    Huh – well, what do you know? Truth, crushed to earth, really will rise!

    Congratulations, Steve.

  30. J.Ross says:

    OT WTF, I love GitHib now.
    “They have started walking people out the door as soon as they resign, and people are resigning because of [immigration law being enforced].”
    Wasn’t it already universal corporate policy to “walk people out the door” even if they were leaving on good terms, to protect against revenge attacks and blackmailing? Could it be that these people are over-reacting to an industry-wide norm because they hadn’t heard about it in their creative writing workshop? Who could have foreseen that GitHib would be a central gathering point for morons?

  31. First he crushes the opposition in the boomer tournament, now this. The man just can’t stop winning!

    • Replies: @MBlanc46
  32. I find myself wondering what you got wrong, not being at #9, and what NPR got right, not being at #1. Then I recalled that many respondents to this poll are on the left and thus not capable of objectivity, which would skew the results.

  33. @countenance

    The Konstanz evolutionary biologist Axel Meyer writes quite decent stuff in the FAZ science department. And Heiner Rindermann – co-author of the study this blog-post is about (!), did publish at least one hugely influential big (5000+ words) article together with Detlev Rost in defense of – Thilo Sarrazin in the FAZ. Now Sybille Anderl writes quite reasonable stuff there too. The NZZ is much better though, I agree on that point.

    DIE ZEIT and GEO and – PM (!) all featured quite correct big articles about Robert Plomin’s Blueprint – How Genes… recently. (for more details, see my comment No. 13 above).

    • Replies: @J
  34. Erik L says:

    What is the rule that tells us when a current consensus, among scientists in a specific field, should be treated as settled science, an eternal, inviolable model of reality, versus something that should be questioned on the basis of possible political bias?

  35. @Jack D

    The Democratic Party is the political arm of the Press/IC.

    You’re wrong about what they’re trying to accomplish. These sorts of results are devastating to their purported power to bestow/withhold legitimacy.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  36. @Arclight

    They aren’t well-educated.

    Their parents (and the taxpayers) got taken for a ride.

    • Replies: @Arclight
  37. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    The problem with iSteve since the survey was taken is not just your not keeping up things. You’re writing style has turned cryptic and allusory, and only longtime Kremlinologists can decipher a lot of your veiled sarcasm and figure out what you’re saying. Not everything you write, but some of it. The crisp, straightforward UPI Style Manual pieces of the past are long gone … to Taki’s.

  38. Dear Steve,
    Thanks for your kind words.
    As you pointed out in another of your posts, this survey was done in 2014, and speaks to your well-established record over two decades. In fact, your achievement is somewhat better than you think, since the German press was deliberately over-sampled. Heiner Rindermann was rightly interested to find out what German and European researchers thought about European publications, particularly the German press which he knew well.
    The situation in 2019 is now somewhat different. You are continuing your good work, and others are coming on stream with their take on different aspects of intelligence research. There is now a chance for readers to try different authors, and also online critics, which makes for a more lively and, sometimes, informed debate about intelligence.
    Look forward to the next survey in 2052

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  39. Even AOC is Channeling Steve now:

  40. Anonymous[297] • Disclaimer says:

    No, you mean you think you’re better than the NYT. In reality you can’t compete with my argumentative chops. Nyah Nyah Nyah

    – Corvinus

    • LOL: Redneck farmer, res
  41. What I find interesting is that you got ~half as many ratings as the NYT. This might (might) suggest that you get half as many reads from intelligence experts on your intelligence-related material as the NYT. This ratio would obviously be much more skewed in the Times’ favor if we were talking about the general public. There is much more Wrongthink among bright scientists than we’ve been led to believe, more than in the general public I would guess.

  42. Jack D says:

    Sure, get Woke, go broke. But the internet has pretty much destroyed the newspaper as a business anyway so all that’s left is for them to be house organs of the Party.

    Today they were assessing the impeachment hearings in terms of their entertainment value to low information voters. It goes without saying that Trump is evil, but the last assault, spearheaded by the reluctant and senile Mueller was a dud, so this time they got someone who looks and sounds better to be their flag bearer. Why, he even sounds like Walter Cronkite. Never mind that his testimony was pure hearsay, never mind the (lack of) substance – he LOOKS good on TV. It’s like Uncle Walter telling us that Vietnam was lost. It’s the Voice of God. This will surely swing the swing voters. Too bad that it’s not 1972 anymore and no one even watches TV and when they do, they don’t believe a word that they hear anymore, having been fooled one time too many. THIS time it will surely work.

    • Agree: Dtbb
    • Replies: @Desiderius
  43. Arclight says:

    Perhaps I should have said well-credentialed. On paper they can point to degrees from respected universities and involvement with known institutions and impressive sounding organizations.

    Every now and then you can see that reality is creeping in on some of them, though. Over beers they might quietly agree that mass immigration is likely causing problems that outweigh the value of the new papuseria down the street, or that no matter what educational philosophy is tried in the urban public schools, they seem mightily resistant to improved behavior and test scores.

    Obviously a lot of damage has been done and there is no avoiding some very unpleasant times in the next couple of decades. On the other hand, it’s going to flip a fair number of the people I mentioned above, and the zeal of the converted will ultimately (hopefully) lead to the overthrow of the progressives that currently have a stranglehold on politics, culture, and the academy.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  44. With all the, ugh, quality press included, the poll’s results are a little weird, but hey, the best we have so far. A round of plonk in red cups for everyone! Ditch the peanuts, it’s cashew day! 🙂

  45. @Jack D

    The point of NY Times (and other MSM) reporting on intelligence (which is seen as a racial issue) is to serve as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party so accuracy is not the point at all.

    Exactly. Tovarisch Steve is getting excited about his superior score for accuracy because he is hung up on outdated notion of ‘bourgeois truth’ i.e. correspondence with reality. What is really significant though , is ‘Revolutionary truth’ i.e that which furthers the aims of the Revolution. On that metric, the NYT has Steve beat all hollow.

    • Replies: @Dmitry
    , @anonymous
  46. Well-deserved, congrats!

  47. Sean says:

    Steve is a gnostic, for gnosticism (from Ancient Greek for “having knowledge”) is the idea that understanding the truth will free us. Eric Voegelin characterized Nazism as “Modern Gnosis”.

    For Thomas Hobbes, not only religion needs to be monopolised by the state in order to avoid appeals to higher truths, he also thinks that science should not contradict the supreme authority. The correctness of what is being said is absolutely not a defence.

    Arthur Balfour argued the Darwinian premise of selection for reproductive fitness cast doubt on scientific naturalism, because human cognitive facilities that would accurately perceive truth could be less advantageous than adaptation for evolutionarily useful illusions.

    The significant career consequences of holding to the racial theory of perfect equality and/or the theory that there are no races to compare, are far more advantageous than being at all associated with the HBD community. You get to keep a sought after position with the New York Times like Razib didn’t. Miller is going to be edged out, and without him the Trump administration will cave in on the big issue.

    • Agree: Houston 1992
    • Replies: @Desiderius
  48. Lot says:
    @Dieter Kief

    The top 5 media outlets are all German language, the bottom 5 all English.

    Is the German press better than the English press on “controversial” science topics, or are German scientists polled more generous raters with lower expectations?

  49. My Blog Is Voted Most Accurate Media Outlet on Intelligence Research by Experts on Cognitive Ability; “ISteve” Crushes “New York Times” for Trustworthiness

    I’d rather Sailer boast about his Blog Integrity Quotient as judged by specialists in the know than read his boasts about his OFFSHORE REGIONAL BALANCER strategy of waving a rapier around with relative impunity at some short guy with short arms.

    Better to read Sailer boast about his blog than saying he’s not only 6 feet 4 inches tall, but that he’s 6 feet 4 inches and ONE EIGHTH inch tall.

  50. anon[226] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Kudu be

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  51. @Arclight

    “I have a lot of well educated lefty friends and acquaintances, and they are shockingly uninformed about things like IQ, education, crime”

    And yet, especially if they have children, the overwhelming majority will live well away from diversity.

    My college friends from a university in a famously/notoriously diverse city are nearly all now in leafy shires where diversity means a steel band playing at the infants school once a year.

    • Agree: bomag
    • LOL: fish
  52. @Arclight

    “I have a lot of well educated lefty friends and acquaintances, and they are shockingly uninformed about things like IQ, education, crime”

    Yet they want to send their kids to white schools. This NYT piece and Dana Goldstein’s tweets are pure iSteve fodder.

    “All leading Democratic presidential candidates have proposed school desegregation strategies. But in a liberal suburb in a deep-blue state, thousands of parents are out in force protesting an integration plan.”

    • Replies: @Arclight
    , @Houston 1992
  53. @Jack D

    They’re not in the newspaper business.

  54. @Sean

    No, Gnosticism is best translated as “Know-it-all-ism.”

    It’s epistemological malpractice.

    • Replies: @Sean
  55. @Arclight

    The suitors have the stranglehold. Don’t believe they’re progressive anymore than you’d believe any other bullshit they spout.

    Odysseus is rounding third and heading for home.

  56. J.Ross says:

    On the one hand, it’s lunatic conspiracy theory to say that there is a concerted effort to use widely available pornography to pacify men who might otherwise become more politically active. On the other hand people from a certain religio-ethnic group are asking that “NoFap” be declared a Neo-Nazi group. NoFap is an apolitical ecumenical non-ethnic leaderless online movement — really more of a slogan — which seeks to denormalize masturbation and pornography, on the grounds that these are physically harmful.
    I have not kept it completely out of past comments that I do not endorse NoFap and do not agree with its medical claims. That said, they have every right to propagate their beliefs, and it is the rankest witch-finding blood-soaked Yezhovshchina Penn and Teller [email protected]#&[email protected]%# to claim that there is anything bigoted or violent about a politically, religiously, ethnically neutral movement which simply asks that formerly accepted sexual mores be restored. I mean it’s essentially vegetarianism, and vegetarianism never made anybody — okay, that’s a bad example. But yes, a porn near-monopoly is asking that anti-porn activists be conflated with racist murderers.
    Some links may not be safe for work.

    Defendant Prause also accuses NoFap of being a hate group, that NoFap promotes discrimination against protected groups, that NoFap advertises multiple antisemitic groups, and that by visiting NoFap people are supporting misogyny and antisemitism. The accusations against both Plaintiff Rhodes and NoFap will herein be referred to as the “False Statements”.

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  57. @Lot

    The latter, they’re all terrible in that regard, no difference, except for the Swiss NZZ, a little.

  58. Tulip says:

    Why don’t we just ban research in intelligence and eliminate all research positions in higher education?

    Anyone suspected of publishing research will be sent to re-education camps with a curriculum designed by Amy Harmon and Angela Saini.

    Then it really will be a pseudo-science, and Soviet grain yields will once again flourish due to our revolutionary fervor!

    Booking burnings and free marshmellows!

  59. J says: • Website
    @Dieter Kief

    German language papers write for a public with much better science education than the NYT.

    • Agree: Desiderius
  60. Sean says:

    OK, Gnostics want want to escape the reality of their physical bodies. The HBDers, on the other hand, want to escape the reality of the socio political consensus.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @Kratoklastes
  61. @Sean


    Is that like the Interagency Consensus?

    Some reality.

  62. @PiltdownMan

    Too Soon?*
    Or: Santa Clarita White Privilege Canceled?

    On Topic

    Breaking Bad News – It is of paramount importance to know the estimated Intelligence Quotient of an apparent Asian anti-white supremacist child who is in custody at this moment in or around Santa Clarita, California.


    His “g” should be compared to that of Gulf War veteran (thank you for your service!), John Allen Muhammad and his young ward and undocumented American, Lee “Anti-Racist Salvo” Malvo, as well as the Virginia Tech record-setting sharpshooter-pistolero Seung-Hui Cho and the Long Island Rail Road commuter Colin “Powell” aka “Ferguson Effect” Ferguson. Authorities (I am a self-designated authority and choose a plural first person pronoun) have already speculated as to how the Santa Clarita activist might fall on the Oughtism Scale. By the time a child has reached the age of 16, he/she/they has heard many thousands of words (and watched hundreds of hours of video) to the effect that all whites Ought to be annihilated.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled programming – as wise-in-the-ways-of-the-world, degenerate, apathetic, irony-infused, self-amused cucks ‘n cowards**
    * Too Soon – it’s too soon to forget the Asian Exclusion Acts!
    ** that would be meetoo!

  63. 99% of climate researchers agree = Settled;

    99% of intelligence researchers agree = Cancelled.

  64. What is a society supposed to do with a person who dumps a bucket of his diarrhea on a stranger?

    Good question … there’s classical intelligence, and then there’s Woke intelligence.

  65. Congratulations to Steve.

    But…… what on earth is NYT doing on this list?

  66. J.Ross says:

    OT — Close Friend of And Donor to Adam Sanpaku Schiff Arrested.
    you get one innocent youthful little guess what for.
    (Razorfist is going to run out of colorful illustrations on this one.)
    Long story below More tag, source is NewsPunch quoting Beverly Hills police.


    Adam Schiff Associate Arrested By LAPD On Pedophilia Charges

    Dr. Bruce Hensel, a long-term associate of Rep. Adam Schiff, has been arrested in Los Angeles on pedophilia related charges after he asked a 9-year-old girl to send him sexually suggestive pictures, according to prosecutors and law enforcement.

    Rep. Adam Schiff and Dr. Hensel have been closely linked for years, with the LA Times describing the doctor as a “special guest” at Schiff’s 50th birthday party in 2010. Schiff also handpicked Dr. Hensel to work with him on health care townhalls in California and has been the recipient of big dollar donations from the 71-year-old throughout his political career.

    The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Dr. Hensel was arrested Wednesday morning in Beverly Hills and charged with contact with a minor for sexual purposes.

    The arrest came after a child sexual exploitation investigation involving the 9-year-old after inappropriate messages and photographs were shared between the child and Dr. Hensel. The 71-year-old was booked for contact with a minor with the purpose of committing sexual acts.

  67. More to the point (regarding iSteve’s ranking compared to NYT, WaPo, Newsweek etc) is that the results for almost all of the others are not statistically different to zero based on the good old t-stat. That is, 0 is in a 95% confidence interval for the estimate, and vice versa.

    For some of them, the sample size is large enough to make the t-test reliable, even for categorical variables.

    Given the predominance of psychosophasters in the respondents, it’s not clear to me what to make of such an endorsement. It would be like being voted Homecoming King at a school where ~2/3rds of the student body were mongoloids.

  68. BenKenobi says:

    It’s kind of like the media treatment of anti-vaxxers.

    I’m fairly agnostic on the anti-vax question, and both of my kids are vaccinated. But I feel that anything that catches THAT much heat in the media deserves a second look.

    • Agree: Tusk
  69. What does this all mean? The experts believe that Steve Sailer presents the most accurate versions of officially imprimatured cognitive science data, but Steve Sailer also maintains interpretations that (we are at least given to believe) run contrary to many of the same experts’ opinions. There are several possible explanations of this apparent disparity, not limited to the following:

    1) The data are neutral or at least inconclusive. Both Sailersphere opinions and Narrative opinions are equally justified thereby (or not). One’s own social and racial analyses are merely superstructures erected over the data with little direct dependence on them.

    2) The experts were only looking at the accuracy of the material itself, not its interpretation. Since Steve Sailer quotes more primary sources than does e.g. NYT, his score goes up for that reason alone.

    3) Steve Sailer’s interpretations are correct and the experts either cannot or will not follow their own data where they lead, because they are:

    —a) Disingenuous, bitterly clinging to failed Progressive maxims;

    —b) Cowardly, afraid of getting cancelled, de-platformed, or #MeTooed.

    —c) Too stupid to see what the only the brilliant Steve Sailer has figured out.

    4) The experts’ interpretations are correct and Steve Sailer is wrong, mutatis mutandis.

    5) The study contains some kind of methodological flaw and its conclusions are meaningless.

    Here is what I think happened. The difference between Steve Sailer and the experts is not the primary division on the subject. Both Sailer and the experts belong to the set of people who wish to think of themselves as scientific. What’s of primary importance in their credo is the confession that the data is to be praised; within that tent they are willing to be ecumenical, even to the point of tolerating outright contradiction. Progressivism and Race-Realism are both moods, or at most liturgical variations; but let a man say that he sees no point in collecting or analyzing such data in the first place, and that is heresy.

    Thus, when the experts saw their beloved data so liberally quoted in the Sailer blog and so ham-handedly bowdlerized by NYT and company, their inborn piety to scientism immediately detected in the former a fellow traveler and bosom friend, not withstanding the fact that they don’t have a Race-Realist bone in their bodies. Therein is the real division on the subject illustrated.

    The idea that the mere industrious measuring and collecting of such trivia is not even the proper ground on which to seek answers to the questions posed by racial realities, is a conviction that, for now, mostly lacks the courage to express itself. But only when it does will the real revolution begin.

  70. Arclight says:

    Diversity for thee, not for me.

    This is true – most of my lefty friends live in very white upper class neighborhoods, send their kids to public schools dominated by whites and Asians, etc. One couple actually lives in a neighborhood that is over 50% black but after one kid went through the local high school for a couple of years, the rest are off to a different public school with very different demographics.

    If they actually walked the talk, fine…but the overwhelming majority show their true feelings in where they choose to live and send their kids to school.

  71. @Sean

    Both ‘realities’ are temporary, but the sociopolitical consensus has the disadvantage of being almost-entirely illusory. If the average lifespan of the two things are considered, ‘consensus’ (however measured) has a life expectancy of a sickly slum child in the 1800s.

    I do tend to agree that Gnosticism is pretty self-absorbed… it seems to be about its adherents trying to make it all about how they have some deeper understanding of whatever field in which they claim to have achieved Gnosis (and the ability of non-Gnostics to determine whether or not a Gnostic is full of shit, is rejected a priori by their framework.).

    Even the name is self-promotional. Why not go straight to declaring metanoia?

  72. @YetAnotherAnon

    As a deplorable I don’t subscribe to NYT, but I wanted to read how my betters are dealing with forced integration, so I stopped by the local Apple store and using the n free articles per month loophole , I read the article.
    What stood out to me was the anti-integration leader was of south Asian extraction. Good optics

    2) He had admonished the good liberals on how to avoid phrases that deplorables have used
    Such as forced busing.

    3) he explained how poor Blacks would lose most from the forced integration , I think based off extended commute times

    3) an African American student was interviewed….she liked the plan. Moreover , she had good hair.

  73. GAGCAT says:

    Google doc of journalists listing their pay:

    Looks like they’re woke and broke.

    Almost all felt the need to say they’re cis, and it may add to the evidence that the great awokening is due to numerate people no longer signing up to be journalists. There’s no money there for investigative journalism beyond reading twitter pile ons.

  74. So, next time I click on iSteve, will “We Are The Champions” start blaring?

    • LOL: Dtbb
  75. OT,but Asian guy shooting a bunch of HS students in Cali.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  76. @Arclight

    If they actually walked the talk, fine…but the overwhelming majority show their true feelings in where they choose to live and send their kids to school.

    Alright, understandable.

    But- there is something disgusting in that hypocrisy.

    • Replies: @Arclight
  77. Dtbb says:

    Watch DW on PBS. They are worse leftist loons than the BBC.

  78. @Arclight

    “the overwhelming majority show their true feelings in where they choose to live and send their kids to school”

    In which case they’re perhaps not quite as ill-informed as you said they were – they know, but they ain’t sayin’ – because the people who do say are bad people – racists. Obviously they wouldn’t want to be in that category, any more than you’d want the label “enemy of God” in seventeenth-century Salem.

    “Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity.”

  79. @Lot

    The psychologist and IQ-expert (Cognitive Capitalism, Cambridge University Press 2018) Heiner Rindermann worked on the study and is working in Chemnitz, so he does know what he wrote about from up close. I think, the study is by and large correct. Der Spiegel was once decent at times, as was the weekly FOCUS – they even featured Heiner Rindermann’s articles on IQ, as did the FAZ. And as I said above, Dieter E. Zimmer was a very well respected writer on IQ and science topics and science-editor of Die ZEIT – also a translator of Nabokov amongst others and DIE ZEIT was at least quite respected.

    If there are comments now on IQ articles, in the FAZ for example, you have half of the commenters who write blue-eyed PC stuff – and the other half, being quite informed and correct.

    Then there are a few blogs, who feature Thilo Sarrazin quite prominently – as does the Swiss weekly Weltwoche. And Sarrazin knows The Bell Curve and quoted it in his books together with numerous other serious IQ experts. These blogs – acta diurna, Achse des Guten, Tichys Einblick and Sciencefiles all have quite a few readers and are all not PC and quite good on IQ, especially ScienceFiles.

    • Replies: @Dmitry
  80. Seems a strangely unrepresentative poll – two blogs in addition to an array of traditional media outlets – what about dedicated scientific publications and other science and psychology focused webzines?

    • Agree: Houston 1992
  81. Dmitry says:
    @Dieter Kief

    (Cognitive Capitalism, Cambridge University Press 2018) Heiner Rindermann

    From reading a few pages, that book seems to be one of the stupidest (ironically – in the “low IQ”, lack of logical reasoning ability, sense of stupid) books I’ve seen. It’s published by a university press, but remember this particular press publishes just amazing numbers of different books every month – i.e. they seem to have no standards for what they publish, and there even is every imaginable crazy book of “intersectional eco feminist” sold there.

  82. Dtbb says:

    You get a mention in the latest Linh Dinh article. It is very good.

  83. Anon 2 says:

    Re: Emotional Intelligence

    One finding seems to be well-established at this point, and that is
    that people who are overdeveloped intellectually are typically
    underdeveloped in many other areas, for example, emotionally
    or athletically, so there is a price to be paid for going to extremes
    in any area, for violating the Aristotelian/Buddhist/Catholic Principle
    of the Golden Mean, of moderation in all things. Ken Wilber, author
    of many treatises and America’s most translated philosopher who
    is studiously ignored by the mainstream media, has written a lot about
    this very topic – how we all pursue many different lines of development
    – physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, … – and in focusing on
    one line we neglect the rest to our detriment.

    One huge trend these days is the growing number of people who are
    spiritual but not religious, which means that more and more people
    are becoming interested in evolution of consciousness in general, and
    are less willing to be overdeveloped intellectually, and more interested
    in exploring their emotional and spiritual development, for example
    through meditation, yoga, and the exploration of the altered states.
    Becoming an intellectual seems so 20th century!

    • Replies: @Anon
  84. Can you combine this with the quote from the article calling you discredited? I’d like to send that out to people

  85. MEH 0910 says:

  86. MEH 0910 says:

  87. Lot says:

    Good news!

    The Senate confirmed 40 year old Steve Menashi to the 2nd Circuit, flipping it to majority GOP. He very well may be there until 2060 or later!

    Menashi is an interesting guy, half Ukie half/Iraqi Jewish, and wrote a very long defense of “ethnonationalism” many years ago, focusing on Israel as the model, and applying to defend ethnonationalism in Eastern European states.

    More recently he’s been working inside the Trump admin.

    Looks like he’s like Gorsuch and believes a lot of the federal regulatory state is unconstitutional.

    Those arguments have always seemed weak to me. However, long term trends may cause the brownifing USA to trend toward the following:

    Dem lock on the House
    GOP lock on the Senate and blocking nearly all Dem judges at all levels, especially the key appeals courts
    Dems winning President most of the time but never getting judges confirmed
    Occasional GOP prez appoints tons of young conservative judges and GOP senate confirms them.

    Thus, we younger and pessimistic conservatives will need to get more comfortable with judges finding things passed by Congress unconstitutional all the time, and judicial power more generally. This isn’t the 60s Warren Court situation anymore, closer to the complete reversal going forward.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
    , @houston 1992
  88. Dmitry says:

    which furthers the aims of the Revolution

    I don’t think there is something very revolutionary – in the sense of desire to overthrow bourgeoisie capitalism or an existing order – in New York Times, although I haven’t read them recently (I used to read NYT about 2-3 years ago, before I changed to reading the very similar El Pais to practise my Spanish skills).

    In terms of what they idealize, NYT are not exactly fans of Robespierre and Lenin, and upheaval and political instability. The simplest summary for what I think NYT desire for America, is for it to become more like Sweden.

    Swedish liberalism came from the political stability, peace, and wealth, of 20th century, industrialized, Sweden. In other words, from the opposite of what created revolution in Russian Empire or France.

    Swedish liberalism includes obsession with making nobody feel bad and excluded, and providing bourgeois living standards and amenities for all. (Initial goals were forcing this to its native proletariat, and after that was achieved successfully, it seems the same desires were extended to sexual minorities and less successfully on imported brown refugees).

    Swedish liberalism seems to have reached a kind of reductio ad absurdum (although NYT still reports positively)

    But its current policies, is not necessarily inconsistent with trajectory reported in 1960s?

    1963: Tonight Special: Alan Whicker Goes to Sweden

    #OnThisDay 1963: Alan Whicker reported from Sweden's "City of the Future".

    Posted by BBC Archive on Thursday, 16 May 2019

    • Replies: @kaganovitch
  89. Anon 2 says:

    Congrats, Steve! Being a Ph.D. myself, I’m far from denigrating the
    importance of intellectual development. It is crucial to understand
    the culture into which one is born, with all its strengths and limitations,
    in order to be able to transcend it.

    • LOL: Bill Jones
  90. This result says as much about the veracity of the survey (very high) as it does about that of iSteve (the highest).

    The many readers who are especially knowledgeable about the subject of intelligence (who also possess it in large quantities) certainly must hold iSteve in the highest regard. Congratulations are in order from them and everyone else here.

    This time the buzzer worked.

    • Agree: Desiderius
  91. Arclight says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    I agree. It’s one thing I hate about the woke whites – they go all in on supporting politicians and policies that are disastrous to quality of life for most people but want to be exempt from the consequences.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  92. lavoisier says: • Website

    Interesting observation.

  93. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Bies Podkrakowski

    However does that mean that now, when this blog is known as a nest of heretics there will be a fresh wave of purges?


  94. J.Ross says:
    @Father O'Hara

    Many familiar patterns:
    Gun-free zone in a gun-restricting state.
    School is in a Congressional district represented by a Republican.
    A lot of diversity, some of the victims were diverse, which means the mass media will memory hole this.
    Not a “mass shooting,” below the minimum number of victims.
    Suicide, on his birthday. Loneliness?
    Parents were white dad (passed away some years ago) and mother of Japanese ancestry, the dreaded WMAF hapa.
    FBI at press conference mentioned having begun a “social media scrub,” which is probably now standard.
    This is terrible, but it’s still statistically insignificant, and would still be if it happened much more often, but people ignoring much more common and serious crime want to overturn the Constitution because of it.
    In the near future, observe as this is counted as an example of the evil, sinister, unforgivable white virgin nerd gun nut.
    Related: on January 8th (ancient calendar), newly Jacobin NoVA promises to seize the legally owned firearms of the Virginian Vendee.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  95. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Ian Smith

    I don’t think I’m alone when I say that Mr. Sailer, more than any single writer, is the one who red pilled me.

    When it came to race and IQ I had been red pilled about the genetics of intelligence long before Steve hit his stride.

    This was done for me by reading the works of Eysenck on race and intelligence when I was in high school. I was literally blown away with his argument that at the genius level of IQ blacks would be virtually non-existent. He went further to suggest this was the reason black cultures had not really done much in the way of civilization achievement. His argument was that of the smart fraction long before this term even existed.

    If Eysenck were writing today he would not only be banned he would be in jail.

    But Steve has shown enormous courage in challenging egalitarian dogma and exposing the champions of this dogma for the charlatans they all turn out to be.

    Plus he has a keen sense of humor and a proclivity to notice the absurd. These talents, along with his courage, are his greatest strengths.

    • Replies: @res
  96. @Reg Cæsar

    My sweet Georgians?

    I shota rustaveli, but I did not shoot the (soviet) deputy…
    BTW, be seeing you real soon, Jimmy C.

    Kudos To The Caucasus,
    Dzhugashvili @Hell

    cc President Carter @secondmostevilgeorgian
    “Baby” Huey “Tiny Duck” Newton @theknightin(black)pantherskin

  97. res says:

    If Eysenck were writing today he would not only be banned he would be in jail.

    TPTB are working furiously at putting him in intellectual jail retroactively.

  98. @Lot

    I dont see how the R maintain a lock on the Senate when Fl, GA, TX, AZ, NC , VA have flipped blue.
    Once every Republican understands –and they certainly will by November 2025–that they will never win another nationwide election, that their old safe states Fl, GA, TX, AZ, NC , VA are in the blue lock column, then that will concentrate the mind quite wonderfully. Throw in an economic crisis, and another failed war and one wonders if the Republican party can keep blocking the emergence of a White identitarian party.
    Lot: I hope that you will stand with us then as we focus on rebuilding America and Europe

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  99. J.Ross says:

    Follow-up to this, re “whites will be blamed later”: aaaaand Saira Rao reminds you that white supremacy is the reason why a hapa shot brown kids at his gun-free Southern California school.

  100. MBlanc46 says:
    @Langdon Alger

    Winning. There’s someone else who uses that word a lot. Someone who’s going to have to be replaced in, we hope, January 2025. Perhaps by someone who has a record of winning.

  101. MBlanc46 says:

    That must be a principal reason that our betters discourage us from reproducing.

  102. @Arclight

    They support them because they’re exempt from the consequences.

    Baseline Selfish Gene behavior.

    The importance of raising people above that baseline was once widely understood and accepted. No suprise that abandoning that understanding has resulted in regression to that particular mean.

    War with less property damage, what’s not to like for those with the property?

  103. @houston 1992


    Like that white identitarian party rebuilding California?

    There’s America or there’s defeat and a long Dark Age before anything like that emerges.

    Choose wisely.

  104. Congrats, Steve! Though I personally think your blog is at least 4X more accurate than the NYT.

  105. @Dmitry

    I don’t think there is something very revolutionary – in the sense of desire to overthrow bourgeoisie capitalism or an existing order – in New York Times, although I haven’t read them recently (I used to read NYT about 2-3 years ago, before I changed to reading the very similar El Pais to practise my Spanish skills). In terms of what they idealize, NYT are not exactly fans of Robespierre and Lenin, and upheaval and political instability. The simplest summary for what I think NYT desire for America, is for it to become more like Sweden.

    Oh, I don’t think they are precisely analogous to the Jacobins or the Bolsheviki. However the National suicide they are agitating for ,is really no less Revolutionary.

  106. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:
    @Anon 2

    One finding seems to be well-established at this point, and that is that people who are overdeveloped intellectually are typically underdeveloped in many other areas, for example, emotionally or athletically….

    As I interpret what you mean, it is not true, and has been studied since the 1930s, for instance with regard to intelligence vs. social adeptness (spoiler: smarter people are, on average, more socially adept).

    Intellectual development can mean your cognitive level, which is mostly determined at fertilization and it 99 percent finished upon birth. If what you mean is that if a smart person locks himself in a closet and reads books in Latin all day, uh, yeah. But it turns out that smart people don’t do that, on average, and don’t need to. Smart people pick up stuff more easily and more durably than the dull or average person does.

    Emotionally: If you mean, for instance, Five Factor personality traits, no: Smart people are, on average, more well adjusted, and many desirable personality traits, such as leadership and creativity, are weakly associated with IQ.

    Athletics: Another thing determined at fertilization, as far as aptitude goes. If you do nothing but shoot hoops all l day, then yeah, but smart people don’t do that, and don’t need as much free time or off time to pick stuff up. The choice to focus what to do with one’s life differs among people, and smart people usually come down on the side of not being professional athletes as much as average intellects, because they have more choices. This is similar to verbally proficient women passing on STEM.

    Anecdotal example that might seem to contradict what I’ve said exist, which is why we have researchers studying it to determine, on average, what the truth is. I’d recommend watching some Reykjavik-era Bobby Fischer videos on YouTube (the Dick Cavett interviews are good). In our memory Fischer was a maladjusted chess player; in reality he was a funny, outgoing, trash-talking Brooklynite, get outta hea! (He did come down with adult onset schizo later, but until then he was very well adjusted to judge from public appearances.)

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  107. @Anon

    Isaac Newton was extremely well-adapted to being Isaac Newton. He was kind of pain for the other people around him, like Sir Christopher Wren, but they put up with him.

    Wren, by the way, was an astonishing all-arounder, the Brunelleschi of London 250 years later.

  108. @MEH 0910

    The headline is crap. But the second headline of the NYmag. article about Steve Sailer is quite different. Interesting. And Park MacDougald twitters as if he’d expect more Steve Sailer praise to happen – and that he’d be glad about it. Hm, hm. Really good photo of him at his twitter account too. Cool. The man seems to have taste – he would qualify for a meeting with the Devil (cf. The Glimmer Twins – Sympathy for the Devil) – and then there is this: There seems to be a distinct connection between those with taste and – those being conservative (hm, hm).

  109. @Coag

    When posting on social media, blogging, publishing, and otherwise putting commentary out in the record, iSteve readers when mentioning iSteve should always mention something along the lines of “Steve Sailer blog, found by peer-reviewed cognition and intelligence researchers to be, by far, the most accurate source of cognition and intelligence reporting, far surpassing NYT, Washington Post, NPR, and the top non-English media outlets.” We can do our small part in spreading awareness of this study into the public consciousness, even though there will always be a systematic effort to suppress these findings from awareness.

    I appreciate your sentiment, but my hunch is that you do not have a great future in PR or advertising. Perhaps Steve himself can come up with a catchy phrase of, say, six words that gets the same idea across.

    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
    , @Dieter Kief
  110. @James Thompson

    If the 2052 survey is still in English or German, rather than Mandarin or Spanish or something else.

  111. @Laugh Track

    “Steve Sailer blog, recognized internationally by experts.”

  112. @Laugh Track

    Fly the iSteve blog – high on IQ-trustworthiness!

  113. @Intelligent Dasein

    In other words, may re-segregation begin now.

    Do I need to add that both races will be better off as a result?

  114. Now, if a blogger was shown to be more reliable than all mainstream media on some random topic – say, baseball, or economic growth – the TV trucks would be parked outside his house for the first three days, and for the week after that he would be flown around the country for interviews on chat shows and more serious political programs.

    I live on another continent, so I don’t see American TV; but I’m guessing that in this case none of this has happened.

    Compare with Ron Unz’ comments on the ADL, or Peter Brimelow’s account of the response to his 1997 article “Electing a New People”. When you outclass them, their response is silence, and then the memory hole.

    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
  115. anonymous[391] • Disclaimer says:

    wwebd said —–

    kaggie – reflect on this, you little bolshie (I like you but you are a little bolshie and I like vicious cats and snarling dogs, too – this is the world I live in)

    there are many people who are one in a hundred. those people peak in life when they “make the varsity team” or when they spend a year or two happily married to a spouse who soon gets fat, sullen, and boring.

    kaggie, there are also many people who are one in a thousand. They peak later in life – they become beloved professors, journalists who win a prize or two, and maybe such a person seems enviable.

    Stick with me, little kaggie ….

    there are many people who are one in ten thousand. Not that big a deal – Al Sharpton and Bill Clinton’s dad were both one in ten thousand.

    Still with me, kaggie?

    Then there are people who are one in a hundred thousand. Their parents dream of them winning great prizes! But there are hundreds of such people in a country of 400 million …..

    and many of them are just famous journalists or other types of liars.

    still with me, little kaggie—- or have you stopped listening with the arrogant contempt so common to your kind, that is, bolshies ? (but of course you are not a bolshie….)

    then there are people who are one in a million.
    you have no idea who they are because they do not need your praise or approval, and they avoid seeking your praise and approval.

    Then there are people who are one in ten million or one in a hundred million.

    Tell me who those people are, Kaganovich, and I will tell you this —–

    they know nothing compared to someone who knows one true thing.

    Whoever that person is.

    You see, some of us could have been great physicists, could have been the most arrogant guy in the math faculty, and we did not care, because we knew that, again and again, we would know the truth about something.

    Magna est veritas et praevalebit


    magna – adjective, describing truth, meaning GREAT

    est – the most simple word in the Latin language, it is the third person singular of “is”

    VERITAS – that means TRUTH


    et – Latin langauge version of the basic Indo-European word (and/et/y/und/ee/and so on) meaning AND

    PRAEVALEBIT – will achieve victory. For visual reference, refer to the statute of Nike on the staircase in the Louvre, or the grands fleches of the more noble Gothic cathedrals my grandparents designed and built …..

    Thanks for reading, and no, I never tried mushrooms. I am just one of those one in a million people who like to say what is true, every once in a while. And yes, little Janni would have had much more respect for me than you can imagine. Just saying (that last line, from and yes … to … you can imagine, was a private joke, Steve, feel free to edit it out)

  116. @James N. Kennett

    Closest thing to this was when NBC’s Tom Brokaw asked Sen. John Kerry about candidate George Bush being objectively SMARTER on the Sunday news. Brokaw couldn’t even mention Sailer by name as the author of the piece leading to the conclusion.

  117. anonymous[391] • Disclaimer says:

    don’t post my earlier comment too much inside baseball

  118. @Intelligent Dasein

    I was just thinking along what I think are similar lines. There are almost infinite ways that such “data” may be creatively massaged until it proves the moon is made of green cheese twice over, from the whowhatwhywherewhenhow of designing the tests, to administering, to interpreting. I mean, I always think identifying who is creating the study, what they think they are studying, why they are studying this and not something else, where the study is being done as well as where it is being interpreted, when the information is collected, and how it is collected are all more important than the bald, de-contextualized results themselves. I sometimes describe it this way: stipulate that a given experiment is “objective” and perfectly designed and carried out according to scientific precepts(ignoring for the nonce that no experiment is ever flawlessly designed and carried out). Ask the question, at the front end, in the beginning: Why did they decide to study this and not something else? This is not a “scientific” question, and it cannot be answered “scientifically.” And yet this “unscientific” answer has almost overweening bearing on the experiment. Now, go to the end, to the results of this as-it-were “perfectly scientific” experiment. Ask: what are these results meant to be used for, and then what do they end up really being used for? Again–these are not “scientific” questions and they cannot be answered “scientifically,” and yet the answers are probably more important than the bald, de-contextualized “scientific” results sitting there all static and alone and unemployed without no true purpose in life. Just sayin’

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