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From my upcoming review in The American Conservative:

Josh Lucas, who exhibited ornery charm as Reese Witherspoon’s redneck husband in “Sweet Home Alabama,” gruffly plays new basketball coach Don Haskins, who in 1965 brings to the benighted Southern school (now the U. of Texas at El Paso) the radical idea of recruiting blacks. Although his seven Northern newcomers are the victims of racist violence and vandalism, they persevere to the NCAA Final where they confront august coach Adolph Rupp and his mighty all-white Kentucky team, backed by their Confederate flag-waving fans. To make a civil rights statement, Haskins chooses to play only African-Americans. Their astonishing victory finally opens the doors to black basketball players.

Unfortunately, that paragraph is mostly Hollywood hooey.

To find out what really happened, well, you’ll have to get the magazine. Subscribe here.

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