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Melinda Gates: the Vaccine Should Go to Blacks Before the Elderly
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From Poynter:

Melinda Gates suggested that health care workers be first in line. The suggestion came at the Forbes Philanthropy Summit where she said, “There are 60 million health care workers (around the world). They deserve to get the vaccine first. They’re the ones dealing with this on the front lines, trying to keep us all safe.”

Then, she went down her list of who might be next:

“Then you have to start to tier from there, based on the countries and the populations. Here in the United States, it’s going to be Black people who really should get it first and many Indigenous people, as well as people with underlying symptoms, and then elderly people.”

Of course Black people should get the vaccine before elderly people: look at the capital letter in “Black” — you don’t see anybody capitalizing “elderly,” now do you? That’s how you know who comes first.

Of course, if the rushed vaccine turns out to be the new thalidomide and Blacks wind up playing guinea pigs, well, then Melinda Gates will be history’s greatest villainess.

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  1. Brit says:

    Isn’t this admitting that there are racial differences in who the disease hits?

  2. tyrone says:

    TUSKEGEE!! ALL OVER AGAIN!! GUINEA PIGS!!!! just getting prepared.

  3. Using blacks as guinea pigs: Do not pass GO, Melinda. Do not collect 200 dollars.

    • Replies: @Henry's Cat
  4. El Dato says:

    There is a vaccine?

    • Agree: Charon
    • Replies: @Anon
  5. The Gates Foundation has been killing Africans and other PoCs with their innovative public health solutions for years. Be my guest and use the vaccine you intended for me, Melinda.

  6. 22pp22 says:

    Virtue-signalling megafail. Do they never learn? They’ll say they’re experimenting on blacks.

    I going to enjoy this.

    • Agree: BenKenobi
  7. Dumbo says:

    LOL. This was not well thought out. Now I am sure that there will appear many anti-vaccine “conspiracy theorists” saying that the Gates are “racist” and that they want to “exterminate black people” with an “evil vaccine”. She should have said, “whites first, and once it’s proven to be safe, then Blacks”.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  8. So the blacks get the mandatory injections filled with toxins and tracking nanites first?

    Sounds good to me.

    • LOL: usNthem
    • Replies: @El Dato
  9. Melinda Gates, who grew up privileged and then married the billionaire CEO of the company she worked for, is forever lecturing White working class men on their privilege. I’d say she has medical grade narcissism.

    But, at least her proposal makes it clear RACE is real.

    • Agree: Buffalo Joe
  10. unit472 says:

    Because blacks have willingly cooperated with social distancing guidelines, are the most essential workers and do so much for society. Who else is doing all they can to contain this pandemic, limit the workload on hospitals by refraining from gunplay and narcotics trafficking than our altruistic negro population.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  11. Wake up says:

    Did you ever notice that the most liberal people never live among the people they supposedly love so much?

  12. As I posted in another thread, the Wokeviks need to coordinate their narrative about the biological status of race. Does Rachel Dolezal receive priority for the vaccine, for example?

  13. I hope she lives to see the consequences of what she and her nation-destroying ilk have wrought. A less adaptable and successful female version of Cormac McCarthy’s protagonist in The Road springs to mind, with roving gangs of blacks as the main antagonist. But perhaps some Whites, too, who refuse to shelter her when she needs it most. In the second act, she could team up with that harridan from Berkeley, and for the mid-point the Gates woman could prevail in a fight to the death over a Chinese vaccine, only to find it had expired. I’d like the ending to be uplifting, though. Not for MG. But for the reader. I’d pay to read something like that.

  14. @Wake up

    They will live as far away as they can afford, and they will cut all kinds of expenses in order to do so. A lot of them don’t have cars for instance. The younger ones are subsidised by their parents.

  15. El Dato says:

    Easily solved! Select Whites identifying as Black as priority target group. Sorted.

  16. El Dato says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    Aw man, I was reading about “nanotechnology” in a book by Drexler in 90s. That was also the time “The Diamond Age” by Neal Stephenson came out, as obituary of Cyberpunk. it was pretty good (but really, nanotech and no hard AI achieved? Pull another one).

    The only sort of nanotech that we got is marketing slogans calling “nanotech” fine ground particles in various products that turn out to burrow into your cells and give you a bad case of nanite takeover.

  17. Anon[150] • Disclaimer says:

    There’s no way that blacks will take this vaccine in large numbers. There will be a conspiracy theory about whitey trying to kill them. The New York Times will publish opinion pieces by hair-chicks bemoaning the Tuskegee experiment and Henrietta Licks and the fact that Emmett Till was never vaccinated. That Uncle Tom “surgeon general” guy in his little sailor suit will be trotted out to no avail. Meanwhile, elderly whites will be getting vaccinated like crazy, to little avail, since vaccines don’t work that well on the elderly. But hey. Get it to the young whites and to health workers, so they don’t infect the elderly.

  18. @Brit

    or racial differences between who the vaccine should hit first

  19. Anonymous[195] • Disclaimer says:

    Because blacks have willingly cooperated with social distancing guidelines, are the most essential workers and do so much for society.

    Don’t blacks in fact make up a disproportionately high number of nurses and other health care employees?

  20. After Melinda Gates gets her way on this, scientists will discover that African-Americans have lower average IQ. This obviously will be due to the white supremacist establishment including Melinda Gates forcing them to get the vaccine first. It is all her fault, and those like her, otherwise African-Americans would have the same average IQ as other groups.

  21. @The Alarmist

    Can you say Guillain-Barre Syndrome? I think I’ll let someone else go first, thank you.

  22. guest007 says:

    If one looks up the rate of getting the flu vaccine by ethnicity, one will see that non-hispanic whites are the best followed by Asians, then blacks, then Hispanic.

    Much like the rates of antibiotic resistant infections tells the world how a country will respond to Coivd-19, I suspect that the rates of getting the Covid-19 vaccine (if and when it ever comes out) will follow the trends in the flu.

    Of course, mentioning that the vaccine is experimental means that blacks will be even less likely to get the immunization. I wonder if 12% of the phase three voluneers in the U.S. for vaccine clinical trials are black?

  23. Works for me. Until vaccine makers assume liability, they really don’t have to work as prescribed. Black and the indigenous (whatever that means) can also first to get that Gates’ tracing/passport chip inserted.

    Have to admit my opinion of Melinda Gates has risen immensely over this. This woman is a modern day Margaret Sanger. Cloak in modern morality, but still a believer in culling the least desirable in the human herd. Guess that means Mrs. Gates thinks the browns are lesser despite the daughter getting hitched to a rich Egyptian. Riches make a difference.

    Off topic sad to see PP dump Maggie. I love it when my betters hide everything in plain site.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  24. @tyrone

    If it does not work, it’s Tuskegee or Oswiecim. If it does, it’s muh AZT Trial – why didn’t you give it to all the oppressed from Day 1? These whiners really try to cure me of any sympathy for the poor.

    When I was a child, I spent some summers at my grandparent’s home in a Romanian village. It was electrified and even connected to centralized sewage (thanks, evil Commies), but rural customs were still present. Back then, there were women whom you could pay to loudly mourn a deceased. In the city, you could still hire a band to play Chopin’s sad tunes. But in the villages, there weren’t enough lice, I mean “entertainment professionals”, due to the scarcity of intellecshuals. Funeral noise had to be provided by these women.

    It’s quite hard to cry for hours at the funeral of your relatives, when they were old, and you had a few days to adjust to the death anyways. These women made sure the loss did appear to be a catastrophe. It even works if you are visiting from outside the village.

    Professional mourners are, of course, mentioned quite a few times in the Old Testament. Today, we have no such NY-level conspicuous sadness left in our cities and villages. I’d like to think that with the movement of circumcised locusts from Romania to the richer Western countries. we sent you all the Professional Mourners, who’d cry about anyone’s tragedy, no matter how predictable, in exchange of a few cents.

  25. Polynikes says:

    The virus is specifically dangerous for the elderly above all else. And she has them 3rd in the pecking order?

    I think I’ll pass on her scientific solutions altogether.

    • Replies: @notsaying
  26. Thoughts says:

    Vaccine Induced Enhancement Anyone?

    There won’t be a coronavirus vaccine, and Melinda saying this ridiculously stupid thing is proof positive of that.

  27. Will this episode of the Twilight Zone ever f-ing end???

  28. T-2020 says:

    You folks never cease to amaze me. She says the first people should be health care workers.
    This means the most critical portion of our population: surgeons, pediatricians, oncologists, cardiovascular people, lab workers, mental health professionals.
    Plenty of highly paid white people in those positions.
    Seriously… stop. Your emotions are dominating your ability to think clearly.

  29. T-2020 says:

    You folks never cease to amaze me. She says the first people should be health care workers.
    This means the most critical portion of our population: surgeons, pediatricians, oncologists, cardiovascular people, lab workers, mental health professionals.
    Plenty of highly paid white people in those positions.
    Seriously… stop. Your emotions are dominating your ability to think clearly.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  30. Jack D says:

    Of course Blacks should get it before the elderly. It’s true that the elderly are at much higher risk but they are old and are going to die soon anyway and have low quality of life, so based on # of quality life years remaining, Blacks should be a higher priority.

    Also Blacks have been staying home and have not been out shopping and spending their money at Wal-Mart and so on. If we are ever going to get the economy going again we need to restart consumer spending by vaccinating Blacks so that they can resume shopping. Blacks are not as into online shopping as whites – you need to have a computer and internet access (have to pay the cable bill) and people tend to steal your packages from your porch in the hood. Elderly people, especially white ones, tend to be frugal and even though their incomes may be fixed they STILL don’t spend all of their income. Blacks can be counted on to spend every penny that they earn or receive in government benefits and even more if anyone will give them credit.

    Indigenous people get a shout out, but what about other people of color? The word “BIPOC” is indicative. In on the Diversity Bus, Black people will ride up front, then Indians (oops, Indigenous people) and People of Color will ride in back of the bus just like they are at the back of BIPOC. White people won’t be allowed to ride at all. I’m surprised she even mentioned giving the vaccine to the elderly, who are mainly white. Certainly what will happen is that all the efforts of “Non-profits” and government will be aimed at vaccinating “at risk minorities”. If white people want to get this stuff, they will have to fend for themselves. It’s sort of assumed that white people can figure this stuff out on their own.

  31. anonimo11 says:

    Some, including me, think that there is a large chance the vaccine will hurt more than the virus. I do not see the need for a vaccine when the virus is vaccinating people so well.

    So on one hand I am horrified and disgusted at the Gateses’ callousness, on the other I want my elderly mother to be the last in line, so this is mildly good news. Also good news, if the vaccine runs out i may be left unvaccinated!

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Travis
  32. Whiskey says: • Website

    White women. The natural and eternal enemy of White men.

    • Replies: @Neoconned
  33. Melinda Gates.

    Sie ist…die Ueberkaren!

    • LOL: Muggles, Kyle
  34. Race doesn’t exist and a vaccine for the common cold doesn’t exist.

    Which of these statements is true?


  35. @Brit

    Isn’t this admitting that there are racial differences in who the disease hits?

    No, they pretend that blacks get COVID-19 in higher numbers because of slavery, and work backwards from there.

  36. @Wake up

    Quoting the late Joe Sobran from my feeble elderly memory:

    “In their mating and migratory habits, white liberals are indistinguishable from members of the Ku Klux Klan.”

    • Thanks: Muggles
  37. Pericles says:

    Of course, if the rushed vaccine turns out to be the new thalidomide and Blacks wind up playing guinea pigs, well, then Melinda Gates will be history’s greatest villainess.

    Aw, that would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

  38. Anon[209] • Disclaimer says:
    @El Dato

    There are 3 vaccines that have made it to stage 3 of testing. They still have to make it to stage 4 before they can be released.

    I, for one, am willing to let blacks get it first just to test to see if there are any side effects. Because Africans have a very diverse geome, they’ll show every side effect possible. Many US blacks carry both white and American Indian genes, so they’ll show the whole gamut of reactions before whites or Indians get it.

    Blacks are lousy test subjects, however. The main reason the most populated US states have no idea what their Covid-19 recovery rate is, is because they can’t find blacks after they leave the hospital. They tend to disappear, live under aliases, and move around a lot. A significant proportion of them are wanted by the police.

  39. Neuday says:
    @Wake up

    Did you ever notice that the most liberal people never live among the people they supposedly love so much?

    Only since the term “limousine liberal” became a thing, which, according to ngram, was around 1968, natch.

  40. @tyrone


    Three hundred uses for the peanut … and counting!

  41. c matt says:

    No, no. Ms. Gates, you and Bill are far too valuable – you two should go first, then the HC workers, then blacks, etc.

    If the thing proves effective w/no side effects five years down the road, then get to the White pipo.

  42. Thea says:

    I’d love to watch the well-deserved fallout of it not being received as intended.

  43. vhrm says:

    The black communities will be the first to reach immunity naturally anyway considering the general lack of adherence to distancing and mask usage. By the time a vaccine will be available it could be moot there anyway.

  44. Chu says:

    after noosegate, we now have pandergate.

  45. I will just say great LOL comments and who in the media will say the Empress is naked?

  46. Mr. Anon says:

    James Corbett has an excellent set of docmentaries on Bill Gates. I highly recommend them:

    • Replies: @Simon Tugmutton
  47. why should africans even get electricity or running clean water? let alone a billion tons of free grain every year.

    that’s pretty much where i’m at now with this stuff. if they want something, maybe they can provide it for themselves.

    at this point we’re just helping cancer grow.

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  48. Beckow says:

    The real question is whether Melinda and Bill will get vaccinated first.

  49. Ragno says:

    Does Rachel Dolezal receive priority for the vaccine, for example?

    Her? She gets nothing, for obvious reasons.

    Shaun King, on the other hand, gets a front-of-the-bus dose. Not his parents, though – they get Cuomo’d with the rest of the geezers.

    But what about that elusive real father Shaun insists is out there? Well, unless Melinda Gates decides to amend her vaccineworthy list to read “first responders, blacks, Injuns, fictional characters & the elderly”, that muhfugguh on his own.

  50. Jack D says:

    I do not see the need for a vaccine when the virus is vaccinating people so well.

    The virus is not a very good vaccine because it has killed around 1/2 million people so far. Any vaccine that killed 500,000 people would be taken off of the market but they can’t take the virus off of the market.

    What you do with your life is your business but I hope that your mother will take advice from her doctor and not from you. Personally I am going to try to get the vaccine as soon as it is approved by the FDA and becomes available (to white people – apparently we are slated to be last in line). The remaining risks from the vaccine at that point will be far far lower than the risk of the disease itself, not to mention that if you get the disease you may unknowingly spread it to your loved ones and possibly kill them. I wouldn’t want that guilt on my conscience.

  51. Jack D says:

    You are letting your racism show. First of all, health care workers consist not only of doctors but also of orderlies, nursing assistants, etc. The lower paid positions have been heavily minority for decades in every big city.

    Second, nowadays minorities have been working their way up the scale. During the height of the Covid crisis in NYC, I saw a documentary that focused on a hard hit hospital in the Bronx. Not only the patients were non-white but also most of the staff – the ER doctors, the RNs, etc. There were hardly any white people in sight. It was a little bit surreal because it was clear that we were in America – the people spoke with (more or less) American accents, the building looked like an American hospital, etc. It was all very familiar except for the fact that white people had been completely removed from the picture.

    • Agree: Redman
    • Replies: @usNthem
  52. anon215 says:

    Anticipating all of this, I went ahead and identified myself as black in the 2020 Census. For good measure, I logged in to my company’s HR page and changed myself to black there as well.

    I’ll take my chances. I’d rather have the vaccine first, and when the COVID furloughs happen at work, it’ll be nice to have that suit of cocoa armor to protect me.

  53. I know some people theorize Melinda Gates is actually a man, but I see where she graduated from Duke in 1986, and was a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. I remember the 1980s, and I have a very difficult believing that a Southern university sorority would have accepted some dude in a dress as a member. That might’ve flown at one of the New England-based Ivies…maybe…but Durham, North Carolina? I really don’t think so.

    • Replies: @William Badwhite
  54. @Old and Grumpy

    If the vaccine is just a cover to sterilize blacks, wouldn’t it just be cheaper to offer eeveryone a bottle of Hennesey and a carton of Newports, instead?

  55. Muggles says:

    But did she promise that she and Bill would hold off on the (future) vaccine inoculations until every black person has been given those (free of course)?

    I don’t recall reading that.

    Since Melinda Gates has the same formal medical training/education as I have (none), why should anyone bother to listen to her? White female privilege? World’s sometimes almost richest man spouse privilege?

    The hypocritical cluelessness of these people never ceases to amaze.

  56. unit472 says:

    If by ‘nurses’ you mean nurses aides. RN’s, who have degrees, not so much.

  57. Anon[412] • Disclaimer says:

    Covert sterilization on the mother continent for probably 20% of women taking it. Whaddya wanna bet? Gates does not fool me.

  58. @Jack D

    I do not see the need for a vaccine when the virus is vaccinating people so well.

    The virus is not a very good vaccine because it has killed around 1/2 million people so far. Any vaccine that killed 500,000 people would be taken off of the market but they can’t take the virus off of the market.


    Vaccines–whacking out a bunch of viral diseases–are the biggest win of modern medicine. Some other stuff is nice, but 90% of the escape from the ravages of the before time is
    — clean water / sewers
    — adequate nutrition–calories, protein, vitamins
    — vaccines
    — antibiotics.

    I’ve lived a *very* easy comfortable–call it “privileged”–life… and i like it! There was a boy in my class who somehow–bad luck? parents dropped the ball?–had gotten polio. What a crappy way to go through life.

    Most people in the modern West–including some of the young guys here–are just so removed from any knowledge/understanding of the before time, that they have ridiculous ideas about nature vs. artificial. And vaccines seem to really bring out the looney reactions.

    I don’t expect to die from the Xi virus. I’m in my 60s, but have zero “comorbidities”. (I’ve never been in the hospital–as a patient–since my dad picked up mom and me.) I figure i’ve a slightly <1% chance of croaking from the virus. But someone's got a neutered version of the thing that will provoke my immune system without the disease, and the trials show it's safe? Sign me up. I'll take my chances with that rather than the Xi Jinping.

    • Agree: El Dato
  59. @The Alarmist

    Who is Bill Gates? Check out this 4-part Corbett Report. Dispels quite a bit of covid-fog.

  60. @Anonymous

    Don’t blacks in fact make up a disproportionately high number of nurses and other health care employees?

    My recent experiences in hospitals and rehab is that the major part of nurses and health care workers who were incompetent and hostile to the point of endangering my life were blacks, specifically american blacks. Most of the blacks who were competent were from either the islands or Africa. The american blacks who endangered my life were also pretty snotty, too. It was almost as if it was their right and duty to f¥£k up my life

    One more thing, when I asked their names, they were cowards.

  61. @Mr. Anon

    Mr Anon — I posted my link to Corbett’s videos before I saw yours.

  62. OT:
    Touch our hair properly.

    In Ontario Beauty Schools, Black Hair Education Is Lacking

    God please.. send an asteroid.

  63. @prime noticer

    Helping build a well over the summer for some crappy African village has become a right of passage for white college kids around the civilized world

  64. @tyrone

    Blacks and Indigenous people can be the royal food tasters for her Royal Highness Melinda I: “No, I insist, you first . . . after you . . How’s it taste? By the way, how are you feeling?”

  65. Travis says:

    well stated.

    if the CV vaccine is anything like the Flu vaccines, old people will not obtain much benefit from being vaccinated. While 70% of Americans over the age of 60 get vaccinated for the flu each year, 80% of flu deaths are among the elderly , most of them were vaccinated and not only get sick from the flu but die from the influenza complications despite being vaccinated. In some years the Flu vaccine offers zero protection for elderly people.

    in 2018 the influenza vaccine was only about 36% effective, preventing infections in just over a third of people who receive it. The elderly are not among them. Although the vaccine was somewhat protective in children and adults up to 49 years old, “no statistically significant protection was observed in people 55 years and older”

    2018 was not unusual, in most years the flu vaccine is not effective for the elderly. We would expect the CV vaccine to also lack effectiveness for the elderly.

  66. @Jack D

    The virus is not a very good vaccine because it has killed around 1/2 million people so far.

    Except this alleged death toll is a hoax. The element of causation is totally lacking from the count. It’s as if we had a test for the common cold and counted every person who died of other causes, but also picked up an opportunistic common cold infection before they died.

    There are too many vested interests hard at work suppressing the truth now. But in a few years, some brave researcher will be able to sneak back into the records and figure out how much impact, if any, Covid really had in causing the deaths of these already super-old and sick people.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @anonimo11
  67. Anonymous[186] • Disclaimer says:

    This is too important of an epoch in history to not give black people first dibs on a vaccine!

    Furthermore, I believe a special tax should be levied against white people to pay for it.

    This fund money should be directly deposited into the “George Kirby Remembrance Foundation.”

    I’m willing to take this matter further. I’m willing to apply unused portions of the funds to rename All Martin Luther King Blvd’s across this nation to “George Kirby Way.”

    I think i said this is too important of an epoch, and I meant it. I don’t think I’m alone on this.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  68. Dan Hayes says:

    The modern/current Jukes Family: Bill Gates – machiavellian; Melinda Gates – incompetence (Microsoft Bob)!

  69. Hibernian says:

    A disproportionate nember of CNAs and orderlies.

  70. Easyrhino says:

    Yes by all means let blacks go first.

    In fact they should line up outside the Gates home in Medina (they can experience the “Joy of Diversity) for their shots.

    These people should check out the Gates track record of delivering effective vaccines in India and Africa where they’re persona-non-grata.

  71. notsaying says:

    But some blacks and Hispanics have high levels of risk factors.

    Putting all Blacks first is crazy. I am willing to put minorities ahead of whites to the extent that their statistics are worse. That is fair.

    But putting healthy younger Blacks ahead of those with risk factors and the elderly is wrong.

    Medical risk should be driving who gets vaccines first. I thought the Gates Foundation followed science. Mrs Gates is ignoring science here.

  72. Neoconned says:

    What’s funny about all this is that most black folks I’ve met are quite cool…..there is much to be said about how they are “holy” in the eyes of white ppl.

    Its.white people now that many are soul less empty atheists they are substituting their old religious fervor with SJW jihadi fanaticism….black ppl are the new said ts apparantly as they attempt to lash out at Badwhites.

  73. Someone really needs to make a timeline list of “Moments of Crazy”. When the London Underground banned the phrase “Ladies and gentlemen” because it could offend trans people I took note and thought that was peak crazy. Instead, it looked to be just the beginning. Melinda Gates arguing that Blacks should get the vaccine before Whites also deserves a place on the list. There have been so many listable moments in between that I have long since stopped keeping track. This should all be documented for posterity and good laughs.

    • Replies: @Morris Applebaum IV
  74. Makes it easier to understand why Bill G wanted to GTFO of the house and hang with J Epstein.

  75. @advancedatheist

    What about Soledad O’Brien and her children?

  76. @Anonymous Jew

    It’s more funny when it doesn’t get people killed.

    There is no peak crazy, things just get worse and worse and worse. Yeah, there’s got to be breaking point eventually. Eventually is a long time.

  77. anonimo11 says:
    @Jack D

    thanks for the concern about my mother. I will up her intake of vitamin D instead, since the world has most probably yet to see a CV death with a >40ng/ml serum level. Vit. D is also non specific, unlike the vaccine, and protects against all viruses.

  78. anonimo11 says:

    I must say I am shocked at the certainty people display when discussing “causes of death”. It is as if they have never had a death in the family. The vast majority of people die of multiple causes. But prepare a web site just before the media storm, give it an authoritative name like worldometers, and start publishing death counts long before there is any excess mortality, and bam, everyone is an expert.

  79. @Wake up

    They don’t love them at all. Deep down inside liberals have the same feelings towards blacks everybody else does. They just hide it.

  80. usNthem says:
    @Jack D

    Isn’t that a comforting thought.

  81. Kyle says:

    That’s in the case there will ever actually be a covid 19 vaccine. In the case that a covid 19 vaccine doesn’t trigger an immune response that eats you alive. From what I’ve read the body produces strong antibodies during the height of sars-cov-2 infection, but then anti body production drops off quickly and significantly post infection. Seems to me this is kind of like the common cold in that you aren’t going to be immune for life if you have it. With our car insurance derived health insurance model, America doesn’t seem very poised to fight off this virus anytime soon. Young poor healthy people like me sort of just don’t care. Sorry boomers. I’m not an expert, just a man who knows how to wager. The vaccine either will never be made like the common cold, or will be an ineffective seasonal vaccine like the flu that a critical mass of Americans who don’t have health insurance won’t get anyway. But what do I know, Melinda Gates is a world renowned expert epidemiologist or something.

  82. I am elderly and of course, it should go to Blacks first. I have lived my life, as have all of the elderly. Blacks have not. So of course they should get protection first. And, for that matter, everyone who is poor should get it before those with money because their lives are already difficult enough.

  83. @Servant of Gla'aki

    Duke isn’t really a Southern university.

  84. MEH 0910 says:

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