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Mass Shooting Database: Shootings of 4+ Were Up 105% in June 2020
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Here’s a useful new tool:, a listing of all mass shootings (defined as 4 or more wounded or killed) in the U.S. in 2019 and 2020. Here are pictures of “Every person convicted, charged or wanted in connection with the shooting of 4+ people or who died before they could be charged.” Keep in mind that some mass shootings have multiple shooters. Also, in 207 of the 288 mass shootings in 2020, so far there is no known suspect.

Some stats on identified perps in 2020:

In more peaceful 2019, whites made up 14% of the perps.

2020 has seen a huge increase in the number of mass shootings over 2019. Here’s 2019:

And here’s 2020:

Month by Month in 2019 and 2020:

January: 27 to 27
February: 23 to 29
March: 21 to 26
April: 31 to 26
May (St. George, may he rest in power, died May 24): 41 to 58
June: 44 to 90
Last July had 49 mass shootings, but this one is also on track to have around 90.

First half of 2019: 187
First half of 2020: 256
A 37% increase

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  1. Seems like some percentage of those “No Image Available” silhouettes should probably have some Dreads added to the silhouette.

    • Agree: Clyde
    • LOL: SimpleSong
  2. They are all goods boys, turning their lives around.

  3. Anonymous[437] • Disclaimer says:

    Steve, are you going to boycott Goya beans?

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  4. 1. white men perpetrate most gun violence

    2. This wouldn’t happen if we ban guns

    3. You will lose and all face justice

    • Replies: @tyrone
  5. Altai says:

    On a similar note. There was recently a minor media storm over two black British sprinters (Though one was of Afro-Brazilian origins via Portugal and is a 400m printer for Portugal.) being stopped by police and briefly handcuffed (While their infant child was in the car) by police. This brought to light issues of stop and search and other stats. Turns out there is a nice government website that collates much of this. Weirdly the head of the Met simultaneously apologised but also said the officers were in the right. The police say the car with tinted windows (And body work that made it look like something a drug dealer might drive) was driving on the wrong side of the road and that’s why they were stopped since they were highly suspicious-looking.

    Black Other seems to refer to incidents where the police didn’t get clarification of whether they were of African or Caribbean origins or perhaps also includes those with both. How they determine a population base to gauge the per 1000 rate is not clear to me. It doesn’t appear to be derived from the total black population as that statistic also exists and doesn’t match.

    The stats for suicide and self-harm are not surprising.

    Whites are at the top. There were 600 incidents of self-harm per 1000 white prisoners in 2017. (Presumably these are total rates of incidents rather than proportion of inmates who self-harm.) That’s more than 6 times higher than for blacks and others are intermediate with mixed-race (Almost entirely mixed white-black) almost exactly intermediate between the two.

    Somebody did a FOI request to get the Met to give out the knife crime figures.—ethnicity-of-perpetrators-and-victims-of-knife-crime-in-london-from-april-2008-to-november-2018

    There was a general significant trend of declining stops and arrests that didn’t seem to correlate with rising knife crime, quite the contrary but that relationship stopped in 2017 and there was a mild increase in stops and arrest since then.

    • Replies: @Altai
  6. anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    Generic lead sentence for many of these:

    “Police were called to a loud party in the [insert neighborhood] at [time] AM due to a report that shots were fired”.

    Test: put “loud party” “shots fired” into a search engine and see what you get.

    My first 5 results include these. Not all are from 2020. Not all involve fatalities, fortunately.–568798071.html

    There may be a common factor, but per the Associated Press it’s unclear what that is.

  7. Everybody here probably already knows this but there is a great website about Chicago murders called hey jackass. Go there if you have not seen it. Biden should go there.

    • Agree: truthman
    • Replies: @Nico
  8. Cortes says:

    What’s the story with the chubby Young (see what I do there) woman on the top row?

    PS – Didier Drogba ( next to Mr Pineapple Head, lower right) let her self go.

  9. Steve: You’re only counting unsolved tallies in your comparison. None of the murders in July of 2020 have been solved yet, as it takes more than a few days to solve a crime. Assuming 50% of the mass shootings in July 2020 will be solved, that would result in 45 unsolved, which is only slightly higher than July of 2019. There were in fact 69 mass shootings in July of 2019 — not 49. 69 to 90 is only about a 30% increase.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  10. OT:

    Zimbabwean Vice President avoids blame for terrible Zimbabwean economy by blaming white people for not teaching him how to do it 40 years previously.

    4 decades of absolute power and still zero agency…

    • Replies: @anonymous1963
  11. @JohnPlywood

    I expect the murder rate in 2020 to be lower than in 2019 in keeping with the overall trend in decreasing crime as America’s population gets more numerous and browner.

    • Replies: @anon
  12. @LittleNano

    Apparently Dr. Seuss has become a muse for some ethnic hairdressers.

    Distantly related:

  13. iffen says:

    Shootings of 4+ Were Up 105% in June 2020

    Talk about a real Juneteenth.

  14. When presented with overwhelming evidence that whites aren’t disproportionately mass shooters, professional libelists at the Sulzberger Times or Bezos Post will simply move the goalposts and redefine “mass shooting” in any way that will make it look like whites are the culprits. In the case of Mother Jones, they used census rules and made Arabs and Pakistanis white so the death tolls from San Bernardino and Orlando would fall into the white column. They do the same with Hispanics, which is frustrated by the FBI making no distinction as well.

    In fact, it’s hard to get any standard other than the FBIs because each blood libel outlet will use their own definition (mass school shootings [also disproportionately done by blacks so some new standard needs to be made], average number of dead for shooting by race, total number of killed + injured, etc.) My favorite is when they simply remove all mass shootings related to “gang violence” because they can remove pretty much all instances of mass shootings committed by blacks and Hispanics.

  15. Altai says:

    Sorry the link to the knife crime stats was wrong 3 hyphen minuses ‘-‘ autoconverted to ‘—’.

    Replace all the dashes in the link, the ‘—’ with 3 hyphen minuses ‘-‘. But don’t touch the single hyphen minuses which are correct.

    I wonder if the links for FOI are made this way to deter sharing.

  16. Anonymous[357] • Disclaimer says:

    OT: Demographic tsunami is making GA and AZ blue states in this election —- not some date in the future.

    Shabbos cucks of the Kosher New Right in DC and on twitter (incl. cernovich scottadams etc) have no answer for this. Deportations are unthinkable.

    In the entire history of the world CUCKS HAVE NEVER DEPORTED ANYONE. So duh. The tsunami continues.

    Btw there’s nothing illegal in Trump’s tax returns obviously. We know because he was audited for 8 straight years by Obama IRS. They would’ve frog marched him to prison a long time ago if they could have.

    No. What Trump is concealing in his tax returns is humiliating proof of his cucking to various lords of finance. He’s their cabana boy. That’s how you get a bizarro schizoid potus admin like this one.

  17. they always look the part too. you never see a clean cut man in a suit in these photos.

    the guy in the mint green collar shirt and trimmed beard is about as conservative as they get. looks like a postal worker or UPS guy who couldn’t take it anymore. that’s the guy the television news would pick out for a national news story. they deep six the rest of these losers.

    looks like a few achmeds in here, guess they don’t get their own category. take them out of the european group and the rate is very low.

    • Agree: anonymous1963
    • Replies: @donut
  18. Tony says:

    The Dregs of Society

  19. St. George, may he rest in power

    Police be upon him.

    • LOL: Redneck farmer
  20. @allahu akbar

    That compilation photo would make great wallpaper at NMAAHC. 😎

  21. Ben Kurtz says:

    How many of these “mass shootings” are inadvertently *mass* shootings? Meaning, how many times were the shooters really just going after one particular guy, but due to bad aim or commotion or whatever a lot of innocent bystanders get caught in the crossfire? And how many are intentional mass shootings; that is to say, the shooter(s) set out with the intent to shoot multiple (or even many) people?

    Are there demographic differences between the group of folks involved in inadvertent mass shootings versus intentional ones? I would guess that the former skews black and the latter skews white. This is an implication of the Leaded Law of Black Marksmanship.

    • Replies: @Cortes
    , @Pop Warner
  22. Cortes says:
    @Ben Kurtz

    Excellent questions.

    Seems like some number crunchers may have the chance to tease out the data.

    Mibbes those chilluns was the target?

  23. @Ben Kurtz

    If a black gang really wanted an advantage in turf wars they would get firearms training from awkward white kids or fundamentalist Muslims. Whites and Muslims can actually aim when they shoot, a skill black gangbangers are sorely lacking in

  24. Where does this come from? Is there a link in your post that I’m missing?

  25. @Pop Warner

    That’s good for store owners and employees.

  26. donut says:
    @prime noticer

    “you never see a clean cut man in a suit in these photos.” Here’s one , not clean cut but otherwise he qualifies .

  27. donut says:

    ” Also, in 207 of the 288 mass shootings in 2020, so far there is no known suspect.” Are you shitting me ? If my math is correct that’s a clearance rate of 28% . The national clearance rate is 62% . So you’re more likely to get away with a mass murder than a single homicide ? Unless you live in :

    1. Flint, Mich.: 17.5%
    2. Honolulu, Hawaii: 18.8%
    3. Midland, Mich.: 23.1%
    4. Saginaw, Mich.: 23.3%
    5. Lima, Ohio: 24.5%

    Well in for a penny in for a pound . Amiright ?

    Shit even Baltimore has a clearance rate of 31% .


    Here’s the rate for cities>250,000 in 2018 : The heading says 2018 .
    In 1979-80 I lived in NO which was No.1 one of those years and Miami was No.1 the next year . I suppose that must have been the cocaine years because it seems safer now .
    Hat tip to whoever gave me the “more” button tip .

    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
  28. tyrone says:
    @Yes decker

    no decker,did you even read the post…….it’s quite simple and straight forward even you could understand it.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  29. @Anonymous

    The Goya boxed rice dishes–Mexican rice, Spanish rice, rice and black beans, etc–are fantastic. I keep plenty on hand. Now I even feel virtuous about it.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  30. @Harry Baldwin

    I recently tried this product by Goya — “chipotle peppers in adobo sauce”. Really intense flavor, great for BBQ.

  31. anon[823] • Disclaimer says:

    Laughable troll.

  32. @donut

    The 2020 mass shootings are mostly very recent, so the police haven’t had time to collar suspects. And given that authorities in mass shooting zones, aka blue cities, are all dumping their police forces, it may take longer than usual for suspects to be found.

    So yeah, a lot of these guys are gonna get away with it, but not as many as it appears right now.

  33. @Not Only Wrathful

    Look at Haiti. Over 225 years of exclusive black rule and a total shithole.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  34. @Pop Warner

    Its that idiot sidearm style they use. They think it looks so cool….

  35. Nico says:
    @Prof. Woland

    There needs to be a site like this for general “hate facts” about race and social metrics in the United States (and elsewhere where available).

  36. Svigor says:

    His name’s Tiny Dick, this is just his latest fegonym.

  37. Svigor says:

    Muh legacy of slavery.

    (I dub it Black Fragility. White Fragility and White Privilege are phony, but point to very real things that we’re not supposed to think or talk about; Black Fragility, Black Privilege, Jewish Privilege. I suppose we could add Jewish Fragility to that list since everything is auntysemytism.)

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