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Manchester Cops Are Finally Getting Serious About Pakistani Statutory Rape
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From the Manchester [UK] Evening News:

GMP identify 809 members of child sex grooming gangs as new unit is launched

‘If it means knocking someone’s door for something they did 20 years ago we are going to do it’

A new police unit to investigate child sex grooming gangs in Greater Manchester has already identified more than 800 offenders.

It is running three major investigations into historic abuse of young girls in Manchester and Rochdale.

GMP’s Force Child Sexual Exploitation Unit, has 54 officers and staff and has been launched at a cost of £2.3m.

A year in the planning It comes in the wake of stinging criticism of the force for previous failings when investigating such crimes.

Across the force there are now 70 investigations which involve multiple victims of child sexual exploitation.

A total of 468 victims have been discovered of whom 332 have been identified. Police say there are 809 offenders of whom 540 are known.

In addition there are “hundreds of cases” where a single victim is involved.

One, Operation Exmoor, has identified ten new victims in Rochdale aged nine to 16 who were sexually abused between 2008 and and 2013. A wide range of alleged offences committed against them includes rape and sexual assault.

It was begun after a review of Operation Span, an investigation into an infamous child sex grooming gang led by Shabir Ahmed, known as “Daddy”. ..

As I wrote in Taki’s Magazine in 2013, a year before the Rotherham revelations:

It’s most useful to think of this practice not so much as pedophilia — a bizarre fetish — but as economically rational whoremastering. Pakistani pimps focus on recruiting very young postpubescent English girls because they are so naive.

As we’ve seen in recent years, Muslim male-chauvinist cultures that treat females like dirt tend to nurture males who have a knack for living off women’s earnings. …

In contrast, women-respecting Swedes seldom make talented pimps.

In the many Pakistani grooming cases in England, Ali G types would convince silly little white girls that they were their boyfriends, provide them with drugs, then browbeat them into proving their love by having sex at a party with all the pimps’ Uncle Jamaals.

The genius of the system is that the pimps don’t pay the girls, not even their room and board. After each party, they dump them back at their moms’ council flats.

Is this rape?

Of course. These girls are adolescents, far too young to give consent to being gang-banged.

Is it racial?

Feminist Susan Brownmiller’s 1975 bestseller Against Our Will famously argued that “rape is a crime not of lust, but power.” That’s obviously missing much of the point. And yet conquest and rape seem to go together.

It might seem insane that this kind of Bronze Age predatory pattern would work so well in a sophisticated country such as England, but that’s exactly why it worked: Noticing patterns is now derided as “stereotyping.”

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  1. notsaying says:

    I wouldn’t be so fast to dismiss the pedophilia idea. What you say about young girls being easily led and taken advantage of is true but I think there may be elements of sadism and a complete dismissal of the victim as a person, too.

    I recall reading a harrowing account of Pakistani men getting together and gang raping young boys of low income and status. These men saw nothing wrong with what they did. Their victims were just convenient vessels for their lust and their frustration and anger and violence I believe, too. I think Afghani men also do this kind of thing.

    This is what comes of forbidding young men and women from interacting and not seeing all people as deserving of respect. I hope they these men away for a long time and deport the ones who are not citizens.

    • Agree: James Speaks
    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
    , @Hans
  2. Allowing millions of Paki’s into the U.K. was the first preventable mistake.

    Allowing, the lay about Paki men seemingly unfettered access to adolescent British girls was the second preventable mistake.

    Funny, how all of the establishments mistakes, always somehow end up victimizing the natives (taxpayers). Every single time.

    Its almost as if western politicians don’t like their constituents.

    God bless Enoch Powell.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @NickG
  3. Grooming didn’t really become a major issue until the 2000s.

    Up through the early 90s, there were various gangs of White football thugs who kept Pakis in line. Often through racial harassment and beatings.

    However, after Prime Minister took power, the British govt (at the behest of America) began implementing an aggressive agenda of using the cops to clamp down on White skinheads, promoting multiculturalism through the BBC, and prosecuting White xenophobes. This escalated after Tony Blair became PM.

    Under Blair, various Jewish appointees deregulated the immigration system and allowed in hordes of migrants. Google “Barbara Roche.”

    Watch this. Very illuminating.

    So the British didn’t just lay over and play dead. Rather, the state turned against them.

  4. Muh precious Aryan princesses who wanted to party and do drugs with dirty Pakis after school. They knew exactly what they were doing.

    God, I hate boomercon cucks. Just mindlessly adopting insane liberal feminist tropes like a post-pubescent teen girl can be “groomed” because she has no agency, and that regret is rape.

    Grooming, if it means anything, would apply to five year old children. Not degenerate skanks who choose to go home with a guy for fun.

    And if you don’t think women have agency, welcome to the club. But then you shouldn’t be a boomercon feminist.

    • Agree: Johnplywood
    • LOL: AndrewR, Hans
  5. “In contrast, women-respecting Swedes seldom make talented pimps.”

    I LOL’ed. Darkly.

    • Replies: @Moses
  6. a sophisticated country

    Consider this a (passive) verb phrase and I think you’ll get the gist.

    • Replies: @Alexander_GB
  7. Anon[986] • Disclaimer says:

    Feminist Susan Brownmiller’s 1975 bestseller Against Our Will famously argued that “rape is a crime not of lust, but power.” That’s obviously missing much of the point. And yet conquest and rape seem to go together.

    I can’t believe you’re citing Brownmiller in the 21st century. Why not throw in Freud for good measure?

    Thornton and Palmer wrote the definitive book on rape, and Pinker summarizes it in Blank Slate. Power and conquest have nothing to do with it. It has to do with babies and evolution, and all of Brownmiller’s “but-what-abouts” have been dealt with.

  8. Among all the fixations that you have, this one with the age of consent is the most ridiculous. It isn’t the case that I am digging some ancient Greek made-up exception; the age of marriage for women was 12 in France until the Revolution. In Delaware, the age of consent was 7 until 1880.

    It seems obvious that both sexes would accommodate a large majority of serial monogamists and a spectacularly-promiscuous minority. Regardless of your thoughts on the virility of Gengis Khan and George Floyd, prostitution, for example, is not a male monopoly, nor was it invented by Arab conquerors. Slanegirl was not controlled by Arabs. Those hundreds of drunk, half-naked young women that could have been seen in any UK downtown, on any given Friday night, were not intoxicated by Arabs, nor chaste.

    Knowing what I know about Romanian girls working the streets in England, most of the Englishmen in need will have sex with almost anything that resembles a woman. (Given the beauty of the English women, it’s probably a trait needed for the survival of their nation.) They will also pay as promised. Why would a English girl not charge for the services, as long as her BMI allows her to do so?

    It isn’t the case that their underclass is any better than the US or Romanian underclass. There is no future, so why save yourself for Prince Charming?

    The whole “Arabs are corrupting our girls” mantra should be toned down when talking with people who have read Tess d’Urberville, or watched the movie.

    • Troll: Hans, TWS
  9. Dan Hayes says:

    What accounts for the zeal for investigating these oftentimes decades-old crimes?

  10. Icy Blast says:
    @Dan Hayes

    What? What a strange question…

  11. wren says:

    OT: Glenn Greenwald had an uncomfortable experience in Brazil. He doesn’t seem to be that upset with the guys who robbed him though. They left his substack haul and took some beans and rice.

    Still scary.

  12. Moses says:
    @White Guy In Japan

    Yep. Read “Iceberg Slim”, autobiography of famous Black pimp, to understand psychology of a pimp and his women. Dunno how much is real or fake, but fascinating read.

  13. Wilkey says:
    @Dan Hayes

    What accounts for the zeal for investigating these oftentimes decades-old crimes?

    Well, they’re certainly fine tackling decades-old crimes…when they can use those crimes to bankrupt the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America, and the force them into Woke submission.

    Unfortunately they will not be using the tolerance of these grooming gangs to bankrupt the open borders parties into submission.

    • Agree: Redneck farmer, Alden
    • Thanks: Hans
    • Replies: @Ed Case
  14. @wren

    I’ll add this list I made a few months ago. All pakistani groups, I believe.

    If you’re going to list all the cities with this particular problem, please use the “Insert MORE tag”!

    • Replies: @wren
  15. Whiskey says: • Website
    @Dan Hayes

    That was my thought. A quick digression, as the resident misogynist, homophobe, racist, and arachnophobe (probably missed a few others) … there is a big difference between a twelve year old girl and one of 18. Or even 17. I think it quite likely that Traci Lords knew quite well what she was doing, and did it for the drugs and the money. That still made it a crime. The law is supposed to protect kids and a girl of 16 can have the body before the mine. I sure as hell won’t White Knight for a bunch of feminists. But our women are our women. They are not foreigners. Still less Muslim foreigners whose only accomplishment, let us be honest, is the underwear bomb and suicide donkey. These are not people of any accomplishment or note.

    The question remains though, why act now? The perps are all Muslim, so there is no public outcry, quite the reverse. I would say the government is acting out of FEAR. The same FEAR animating Macron in France. There he can easily best Le Pen by manufacturing votes. Biden showed him how, he has no fears there. What he cannot do is prevent a coup by Muslims and Africans, who together are likely at 60% of his Army and Police. And at least that of the men under 30. He can’t pay them and the mullahs any more not to stage a coup, COVID shutdowns and various payments and being in the Euro leave him little room. He knows he’d be among the first casualties in a coup so he’s desperately trying to shove the worst troublemakers abroad and stage a soft crackdown.

    I think a coup is still quite likely, Muslims and Africans are the masters of France, they know it, and would like the women as their sex slaves and the men as their actual slaves. They know that Biden in particular would send US troops to support them, and Putin is very, very far away. British Intelligence is not very astute but they can see what is happening in France and know they too could quickly fall under a coup. London could be held by Islamist/African forces easily, so could Manchester, much of the North, Bristol, and most of Ireland (the Irish have basically surrendered to Africa, there is a huge African colony there predictably kicking around the natives).

    White people are weak. We are easy prey. The weak, as Putin mused after Beslan, get beaten. There is no Rodney King all get along. There is either, in a shrinking world driven by technology and trade, either domination or submission. We chose submission (mostly due to the feminized nature of our Woke Capital) and now its just keep off the coup for one year more.

    Biden is in the same boat. He can easily crush Republicans, the Filibuster is dead, HR 1 will allow his people to federalize massive vote cheating in every race. But all that will do is encourage the NFAC in Georgia to actually declare an African Republic and act on it. Biden can send the FBI to arrest “Ricky Vaughan” for retweeting a joke, but he can’t do squat if the NFAC seize Atlanta and start setting up camps for White people. Particularly with a mostly black military. What, Lloyd Austin will send in troops against the NFAC? Yeah right.

  16. OT (“on Twitter“):

    “I’ve only watched one half of a basketball game all year, but I chose the right one to watch:”

    Oh yeah? Top this: I watched almost no TV in the 1980s and 1990s, but happened to walk by a set when Nolan Ryan hit half of his career home run total.

    That and Whoopi Goldberg’s interview with Tom Metzger stick out from those decades. Oh, and Tom Hanks’s creepy Philadelphia Oscar speech, when I was visiting my mom.

    • Troll: RichardTaylor
  17. The ultimate borders are not political or religious or philosophical. The most important borders are racial. Even the state is just a vehicle to protect the people.

    Since every Western country has been flooded with non-Whites, the only solution is to erect internal barriers, such as segregation, etc. Get used to it, it’s coming in some form.

    Your White great-grandchildren won’t be able to imagine life without it.

  18. @notsaying

    In Islamic cultures, it’s standard practice for young men to go out in large packs to commit crimes, harassment, and rape. They’re basically roving gangs of bandits, intent on victimizing everyone outside their particular tribe.

    A throwback to the hunter-gatherer age.

    There’s nothing particularly noteworthy and new about these tactics.

    What is noteworthy is how much “British” leaders have suppressed the White militia groups (BNP, EDL, National Front) who used to patrol the streets and keep a lid on the predators.

    Why do “British” leaders hate “their people” so much?

    Well, read this article about “British” Home Secretary Priti Patel.

    Here’s the name of the article.

    Hate-Filled Hindu: Priti Patel Is Sycophantic to Jews, Psychopathic to Whites

    The article details how Britain’s major political parties are controlled by Jewish globalists.

    Home Secretary Patel is super pro-Israel, dismissive of ordinary White British, and fanatically pro-immigration.

    Do not forget that the UK (under the rule of Tony Blair) was our junior partner in the Iraq War, which killed 1 million Muslims. So the UK govt is certainly not controlled by Muslims or liberals (both groups HATED the Iraq War). The UK govt is controlled by Jewish oligarchs. They are using the British military to crush Israel’s enemies, while also flooding in Muslim migrants to submerge the White British people in a sewer of diversity.

    Here’s a good documentary on former British PM Tony Blair, who is on the path to becoming a billionaire. The man’s sociopathy knows no bounds.


    The UK is absolutely NOT run by liberals or Muslims. It is run by Jewish oligarchs, who want a totally open door for primitive Muslim peasants from the backwaters of South Asia and the Middle East. These Jewish oligarchs favor puppets of foreign extraction, such as Priti Patel, because such individuals have no loyalty to the UK and behave like amoral grifters.

    The Muslim peasant migrants have sociopathic sons who become bandits, waging an extreme campaign of physical and aggression against the British people, who are kept in a state of submission and forbidden from fighting back. The result is that many British girls end up becoming kidnapped and forces into prostitution.

    Meanwhile, the Jewish oligarchs want the sons of Britain to fight in the deserts of the Middle East, to advance Israeli national security.

    Former British PM Tony Blair is a greedy sociopath.

    • Replies: @Malla
  19. black sea says:

    And if you don’t think women have agency, welcome to the club.

    A “post-pubescent teen girl” below the age of majority isn’t a woman, and any reasonable legal system recognizes that minors don’t have the same sort of agency as adults, particularly as regards the hypothetical consequences of impulsive decision-making.

    Some of these girls were gang-raped in order to “break them in.” Others had to watch their friends being gang-raped and or beaten, and some were threatened with being set ablaze. Whether or not these girls (i.e. children) match up to your expectations of decorous behavior, they wouldn’t have had to be so terrorized if they genuinely wished to become prostitutes. And to reiterate the point, children don’t have the maturity to make such a choice anway, as the law should readily acknowledge.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  20. JimDandy says:

    Well, I’m not a boomercon feminist, I’m not even a boomer, and I think very young, white adolescent females are silly, airheaded little things who need to be protected from adult cock–particularly adult non-white cock that gets most turgid at the thought of defiling white infidel girls. To the extent that very young adolescent girls do have agency, they shouldn’t.

    • Replies: @MBlanc46
  21. @Moses

    “You can’t have a conscience in the pimp game.”
    -Marky Mark

  22. notsaying says:

    Wren — About Glenn Greenwald

    I think he is in a state of denial.

    He has a couple of off duty cops and more than a dozen dogs for security. He and his husband and two kids choose to live in Brazil when presumably they could live here instead. Whatever he tells himself, the safety of his children should be paramount. That he is an American with money and has a well connected husband who is in the Brazilian Congress means nothing.

    • Replies: @wren
    , @Bill Jones
    , @Muggles
  23. wren says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Oh sorry Reg.

    If you’re going to list all the cities with this particular problem, please use the “Insert MORE tag”!

    I can’t be sure that this is accurate, but I’ll try.


    Actually, I hope this is not accurate. But it might be.

  24. wren says:

    Yes, I don’t think he enjoyed being tied up and a gun stuck in his mouth. No joke. It was odd the way he chose to connect it to that crime in Oakland though, which may mean he’s still processing it.

    About that gang of thugs in Oakland he was talking about who robbed the Asian family.– I think the police probably know who they are, based on a similar robbery the day before.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  25. And there will be “Shock and Surprise” when it’s discovered that this is still happening decades from now.

  26. Neoconned says:

    I agree in spirit…..i grew up around teen girls who would pursue trash men twice their age to act grown up or for dope.

    That being said, these South Asians need to be prosecuted…..

  27. Anonymous[210] • Disclaimer says:

    Currently, in the UK, there is an enormous lefty-led push – riding on the coat tails of American BLM and the recent abduction/murder of a young woman by a ‘policeman’ – to legally privilege women and to beat down on men.
    Funny how the lefties are completely ignoring this story.

    • Replies: @Cortes
  28. A grammar question…
    “[One case] was begun after a review of Operation Span, an investigation into an infamous child sex grooming gang led by Shabir Ahmed, known as “Daddy”. ”

    What did Shabir Ahmed lead: an investigation, or a grooming gang? In English, the grammar is ambiguous. In a gendered language like German, “investigation” and “gang” might be of different genders, with distinguishable relative pronouns. How would this disambiguation be accomplished by a constructed language like Lojban, which is claimed to be unambiguous?

    • Replies: @martin_2
  29. Gordo says:

    A previous Lord Chancellor, in the 80s, said that many many rapes were racially motivated.

    Thatcher sacked him.

    We must live apart there is no other way.

    • Replies: @al gore rhythms
  30. Rahan says:

    most of the Englishmen in need will have sex with almost anything that resembles a woman. (Given the beauty of the English women, it’s probably a trait needed for the survival of their nation.)


    The Aryan beauties of Northern Europe as a whole, when not horsy dumplings to begin with, are fleeting in their flowering, and start looking like Rod Stewart and Boris Yeltsin after 30. It takes true Viking grit and Zarathustrianist willpower and at least five pints plus a shot of vodka to be able to bang that.
    That’s why Europe needs more Somalians and Arabs. There are some jobs the lazy locals simply won’t do.

  31. Easy Pete says:

    Another repercussion of our cultural attitudes toward children.

  32. @wren

    I’ll add this list I made a few months ago. All pakistani groups, I believe.

    I remember reading the Bristol gang were Somalis:

    • Thanks: wren
  33. When you write of the naivety of the girls, two things come to mind: (1) When I lived in France I noticed that the women seemed more accustomed to aggressive seduction efforts by the men and less perturbed by them than American women, for whom feminism had rendered a very large part of ordinary male sexuality objectionable; and (2) there is a porn website in Australia called Abby Winters that uses almost exclusively young white women who have no trace of whorishness. They all seem to be larking, regardless of what sexual act they might be performing. I think it is a striking example of the degree to which a very comfortable white Christian or post-Christian population can utterly fail to recognize the dangers ahead of it. I see a similarity in this to a lot of the youth culture of the late 1960s and to the anti-racism of white liberals in comfortably non-diverse suburbs.

    • Replies: @Lurker
  34. Rob says:

    It would help your argument if you could hide the burning desire/sour grapes for young girls. The girls in question are not 18-22 college girls ‘gone wild’ on spring break, but from good, supportive parents with some means to keep them out of danger. Not to mention, a society where the powerful want to protect young women, at least those in the middle class (somewhat) and the professional-managerial class and above.


    These are eleven year olds in the ‘system’ because they have bad parents. They don’t have family money. The system did not want to protect these girls. In one case, a girl, or maybe her father was found in the aliens’ house, (half?) naked and drunk or drugged. Instead of charging the sub human sub-cons, the people involved were charged with something along the lines of racial harassment. Generally, when parents did go to the cops, they were told to less racist. They did not have the means to hire decent lawyers, nor the connections to get the media interested. The media also did not want to ‘incite racial hatred’ by mentioning alien sex criminals were aliens.

    The powers that be in the western world, but especially in GB and the US have some related problems. The first, they have brought in incompatible aliens in such numbers that the countries will be forever altered. Any process that returned them the the previous demographics would also leave the countries forever altered.

    The next problem is that the people (the demos) have noticed this. What they have noticed varies, but all things have been noticed by someone. Perhaps one can help but noticing the civilization also failures of Hispanics in Hispanic lands,and then wondering if they will be changed by America in anything but superficialities like hablan ingles, watching bouncyball instead of soccer, and listening to rap instead of polka music. Perhaps they have noticed the crime rate of blacks, and thought, ‘y’know, the media is quick to point out that blacks victimize mostly blacks, but they ethnically cleansed whites from very nice living space within living memory’, maybe they’d victimize us if they weren’t inconveniently far away’. Perhaps they have noticed that all the factories are gone, the government spends far more than it takes in in taxes, our stock market is propped up by Chinese money, ditto our real estate, and the party of fiscal responsibility cuts taxes and tries to get us into yet another war for Israel. In 2015, Candidate Trump noticed things like that. Trump, Donald Effing Trump, rode that to the White House. A good politician, a man without multiple personality disorders, who had married one good woman and stayed with her, would have won with 60% of the vote. The establishments problem here? The deplorables no longer think they are governed by their fellows. Dempublicans have lost the Mandate of Heaven.

    Another problem here, those incompatible minorities are, well, incompatible. They pool at the bottom of society, mostly. Those that don’t, like the Brahmins, have thrown their lot in with the anti-Westerners. The priestly caste of India is trying to set themselves up as the priestly caste of wokeness. The white lower and working class has no political representation, nor presence in the media, so their opinion doesn’ matter. But the white middle class accepts a lot of inequality based on meritocracy. Income and wealth both correlate with IQ. We accept that people who do well on the SAT are smarter and deserve the best jobs because of that, the PoC? Except for the Asians, they do not ‘test well’. They are much less accepting that the (white) high income demographic deserve their positions. They do not accept that the wealthy ‘deserve’ their rents and stock market returns. To keep their positions, the upper classes have begun a campaign of flogging whites for having ‘white privilege’, a concept that is not well-accepted by the white working class, especially those who did better on the SAT than any black they have ever met, but did not get into as good colleges as said blacks. So, they deserve to run things and be rich and fabulous because the believe they are privileged, unlike those boorish whites who think they climbed by ‘merit’. It is an interesting attempt to thread the needle.

    That was a long digression, and I half apologize. Back to your sociosexual hang ups. Perhaps if you did not call eleven year olds skanks, you would be more likely to convince peopl that the Pakistanis who came to England to live off a better society than the one they created for themselves, and chose to pay the arnglish back for their hospitality by (according to you) not-quite-raping their most vulnerable children, are the real victims, having no defense from twelve year old Jezebels.

    Combining a culture in which women have a very low social status, where whatever status they do have comes from strict obedience to centuries-old dogmas and obeying their male dominators (I have trouble calling them ‘fathers’ and ‘husbands’) by maintaining separation from life outside the home and strict chastity, a culture where ‘a ho cannot say no’ – where a ‘wonton’ woman is fair game, and whose men’s sexuality tends towards the predatory, with a culture where lower class women are not under the protection of a male relative, and where teenagers are more or less free to explore relationships with other adolescents, and the former culture’s particular resentments towards the people of the latter culture…that is a setup garaunteec to result in inter community sex crimes. Given Britain’s self-flagellation over bringing any part of western civ to the subcontinent, the establishment ignores alien-on-women crimes…that is a scenario that will lead to severe inter community violence. Violence in which the Pakistanis will not win.

    • Agree: Spect3r
    • Thanks: bomag
  35. @wren

    There’s one huge lacuna in that long list – Birmingham and the Black Country. Most of the Brummie Muslims are Kashmiri IIRC i.e. Bradford/Keighley style.

    Is it likely that the same crew behave one way in Bradford but another way in Brum?

    The only possible difference is that there’s a large black presence in Brum, but I don’t know if they’re hoovering up all the underclass girls on a less organised basis.

  36. Cortes says:


    I must’ve been on holiday when the Rotherham and Rochdale &c Grooming Victims solidarity marches were held in the major cities…

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
  37. bomag says:

    Grooming, if it means anything…

    You come off as a radical libertarian mixed with “free love with teenagers” advocacy.

    Rob had a good reply.

    We expect the gov’t to provide a general protection against predatory behavior, whether criminal, business, or sexual.

  38. Spud Boy says:

    Cheer up Brits. Your daughters may be raped and sold into slavery, but you can now get great Chicken Karahi in London.

    • LOL: AndrewR
  39. Malla says:

    So the British didn’t just lay over and play dead. Rather, the state turned against them.

    The Zio state was always against them. Even before WW2. They just increased the attack by steps. All towards ultimate genocide.

  40. Malla says:

    Even in Russia most pimps are from the Caucasus region, Albanians are big pimps in Europe. Before multiculturalism, Jews were big in pimping (White slavery even pimping out a lot of Jewish women to hated goyim). Blacks are big time pimps in the USA. Gypsy women are a lot into prostitution in the Middle East but not in Europe.
    It is as if the Northern European types do not make great pimps. Northern Euros are talented in running first class societies, inventing technology, winning battles and conquering the world but crappy at pimping.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @YetAnotherAnon
  41. Ganderson says:

    It’s good that the peelers are taking time away from closing down Good Friday services in order to look into something (that in a civilized society would be unthinkable) ignored for 20 years. We’re doomed.
    The deification of third world savages continues apace.

  42. @Dan Hayes

    What accounts for the zeal for investigating these oftentimes decades-old crimes?

    A realignment of the positioning on the victim totem pole? Pakis out, trannies in?

  43. Lurker says:
    @Tono Bungay

    feminism had rendered a very large part of ordinary male sexuality objectionable

    Feminism had rendered a very large part of ordinary white male sexuality objectionable. FTFY.

  44. @Dacian Julien Soros

    The whole “Arabs are corrupting our girls” mantra should be toned down when talking with people who have read Tess d’Urbervilles

    If you’ve read Tess of the d’Urbervilles, you may recall that Alec d’Urberville, who rapes and ruins Tess (the embodiment of Merrye Olde Englande), was something of an alien himself, disguised by an adopted surname he had no claim to:

    When old Mr Simon Stoke, latterly deceased, had made his fortune as an honest merchant (some said money-lender) in the North, he decided to settle as a county man in the South of England, out of hail of his business district; and in doing this he felt the necessity of recommencing with a name that would not too readily identify him with the smart tradesman of the past, and that would be less commonplace than the original bald, stark words. Conning for an hour in the British Museum the pages of works devoted to extinct, half-extinct, obscured, and ruined families appertaining to the quarter of England in which he proposed to settle, he considered that d’Urberville looked and sounded as well as any of them: and d’Urberville accordingly was annexed to his own name for himself and his heirs eternally.

  45. syonredux says:

    You need to look at this in the proper light, Steve. These Pakistanis just want Sexual Reparations from the British. For a comparable example, look at the Black Civil Rights Movement in the US:

    One aspect of Freedom Summer that still evokes very painful memories from many White participants is interracial strife, particularly concerning sex. This issue ties in with Fay Stender’s later career as prison reformer, as we will see. There was a great deal of sexual coercion on the part of Black men, who could be “persistent and aggressive,” with “scarcely veiled hostility.”[xxxvi] At the orientation of the White volunteers, a Black staff member had frankly warned of the possibility of rape: “The only way . . . a Negro man has been able to express his manhood is sexually and so you find a tremendous sexual aggressiveness . . . so, in a sense, what passes itself off as desire quite often . . . is probably a combination of hostility and resentment, because he resents what the society has done to him, and he wants to take it out on somebody who symbolizes the establishment . . .”[xxxvii] If a woman was strong enough to resist, “she generally became a focus for the hostility of the black men on the project.”[xxxviii]

    Thus we see, according to Jewish author Debra Schultz, why it is “extremely difficult to talk about interracial sex in the southern civil rights movement.”[xl] The White women went through sexual hell, hard enough in itself to discuss, but they also didn’t want to air atrocious Black behavior, which would tend to discredit the movement. Very few of them were prepared to reconsider the basis of their activism, so silence was their only option. When Fay Stender finished working for Black rights, she didn’t want to talk about it, either.

    • LOL: AndrewR
    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @anon
    , @Alden
  46. @Moses

    Added to the reading list.

  47. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    Since I became “red pilled” around 30 years ago, I always assumed it would be very easy for Conservatives or just regular people in American and the UK to oppose the very worst parts of mass Islamic migration, immigration simple bad things like:

    Pakistani Muslim sexual grooming gangs in Rotherham and other English cities
    Islamic suicide mass murder groups like the 9-11-01 terrorists that were let in under Bush Jr to attend flight school in Florida and then hijack our planes in Boston and slaughter our people in NYC

    I always assumed that honest White liberals would oppose the importation of Islamist men who did things like female genital mutilation, throwing gay people off of roofs, banning women from showing their arms of faces in public and making them wear black tent burkas.

    Or how about the Taliban banned all forms of music – certainly California rock and roll music industry or just our entertainment industry would be against that?


    My experience as proved the opposite.

    1980s Reagan boomer Conservatives wasted the 1980s supporting these mountain Muslim no music Jihadists in Afghanistan, why

    They were fighting our enemies the Russians – these Boomer Conservatives must have been watching that God awful Rambo III where Amurkun patriotard Johnny Rambo went off to Afghanistan to join these Jihadist/”Freedom Fighters” to fight the evil Russians.

    And then there are the likes of American Lib political cartoonists Doonesbury’s Gary Trudeau who took the side of French Algerian Islamists that slaughtered French Cartoonists because the cartoonists mocked Islam – something about opposing Racism, same as Garry Trudeau accepting the obvious lying Rolling Stone University of Virginia fraternity gang rape hoax.

    Here’s a cartoon We/I did that just noticed that PC Lib Hollywood elite is on the same side as the worst 8th century Islamist migrants.

    “Rock and Roll”…..


    Anybody that wants to network with intelligent Westerners who do believe that we should oppose Pakistani sexual grooming gang rape gangs in England, and allow Westerners to have a beer and appreciate attractive Western women showing their faces and legs in our society – you can reach me at:

    [email protected]

    • Replies: @anon
  48. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    This is great.

    Please make tens of thousands of posters and post cards.

    We have to present this in a visual way.

  49. AndrewR says:
    @Sandy Berger's Socks

    If you think any of this has been a “mistake,” I have seafront property in Kansas to sell you.

    As for Saint Enoch, even I found myself surprised to read just how vehement the reaction to his speech was. I had assumed that the UK in 1968 wasn’t nearly as dedicated to “anti-racism” as it is now. I was wrong…

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  50. Hans says:

    It would be nice to see them disappear for a long time of be deported, but since the English have no control over their own legal and immigration systems neither will happen. Perhaps the (((Kalegists))) will bring in more Africans to reduce the Paki pong a bit but that’s the best one can ask for.

  51. AndrewR says:
    @black sea

    Women in general don’t. That’s his point. What these guys do wouldn’t really be any better if the girls were 25. Biologically, you are an adult after puberty. Not like women’s brains really develop much after 13 or so.

    • Disagree: notsaying
    • Replies: @Occasional lurker
    , @Alden
  52. GMP’s Force Child Sexual Exploitation Unit, has 54 officers and staff and has been launched at a cost of £2.3m.

    A year in the planning It comes in the wake of stinging criticism of the force for previous failings when investigating such crimes.

    And when they finish “investigating” and “arresting” and “charging”, the lawyers, judges and do-good troublemakers will see to it that they might just as well have done nothing. Smoke and mirrors to justify spending more tax money (and to answer the “stinging criticism”). 2.3 million which will certainly grow because of the pressing need.

    Unfortunately, those who have the ability to fix the situation simply don’t care enough to be bothered. Execution is no longer allowed in that part of the world for crimes of this nature. The bad guys are not foolish enough to go after the godfathers daughter.

    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  53. AndrewR says:

    Liberals getting what they deserve from blacks makes me very happy.

  54. Anonymous[226] • Disclaimer says:


  55. martin_2 says:
    @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    I often have the exact same problem when writing. Along the lines of: What does the “they” in the next sentence refer to in the previous sentence.

    One solution would be a novel use of brackets.

    “was begun after a review of Operation Span, an investigation into (an infamous child sex grooming gang led by Shabir Ahmed), known as “Daddy”. ”

    “was begun after a review of Operation Span, (an investigation into an infamous child sex grooming gang led by Shabir Ahmed), known as “Daddy”. ”

    I shall wear no clothes to distinguish myself from other men.

    I shall wear (no clothes to distinguish myself from other men).

    I shall wear no clothes (to distinguish myself from other men).

  56. @notsaying

    Greenwald’s toy boy couldn’t get a visa to live in the US when they decided to play house.
    Since then of course, standards here have degraded to those of Brazil so I’m sure it’s OK now,

  57. @wren

    That’s some odd text you have in the link “anti-hate-crime” it seems to me to be a very Pro-hate-crime.

  58. @AndrewR

    Don’t know what kinds of women or girls you know, I was an emotionally very unstable, insecure 13 year old (1 year post menarche for me) and massive changes for the better in emotional control and self-confidence occured between 18 and 24. I also became much better at saying no to persistent males whose attentions I did not want. I believe all of that quite common.
    As regards brain maturation, please habe a look at the images in a biggish study tha compares males and females, the male an female brain both change from age 10 to 22.

  59. @Gordo

    Who was this? I don’t remember the incident.

    • Agree: James N. Kennett
  60. anon[179] • Disclaimer says:

    Southern whites imposed strict segregation on blacks partly to protect white females, as blacks were extremely sexually agressive

    Whites who never lived around blacks combine with blacks to change this. Agressive blacks rape the white women . This proves the laws were sensible

    The progressive whites leave after helping to change the laws. The white women living there now get raped by blacks

    What a mind fuck

  61. anon[179] • Disclaimer says:

    People in power must be compromised in some way to accept this dystopia

    A good example would be the BBC guy Jimmy Saville . He was abusing kids for years and nothing happened. He dies, and all the stories come out. The BBC was/is full of peds who wouldn’t go after Savile, otherwise he would rat them out

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @YetAnotherAnon
  62. @Dacian Julien Soros

    Well speaking as a supporter of nationalist parties, its simple pragmatism to support working class white women and pay attention to their social concerns.

    Sure, some of them are total skanks, but as Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump will tell you, white working women are the fastest growing voter group in nationalist populist politics.

    And backing the white working class in general is the key to pushing back against the left. The more the right moves to the centre and backs the white working class, the less political room there is for the left, and the more likely the improbably diverse coalition of forces on the left will get bogged down in infighting. Silicon Valley, teachers unions and BLM, for example, are not natural team members. They only play for the same team because we let them play for the same team.

    • Agree: photondancer
  63. Muggles says:
    @Dan Hayes

    What accounts for the zeal for investigating these oftentimes decades-old crimes?

    So a Jeffrey Epstein fan here? Don’t see too many of them.

    While I’m against prosecuting alleged crimes which are long expired on the then extant statute of limitations, these have been lengthened and made retroactive in many jurisdictions in the past few years. Don’t know about the UK.

    Murder as a crime doesn’t have any limit, but others do. I think the rabid feminist Third Wave pushed to make even non crimes like harassment a “no limit” crime. Weinstein and Bill Cosby are in the clink for those.

    What is unfair about extremely long look-back periods is that the evidence decays over time. Mere assertions buttressed at times with supposed “contemporary” victim complaints to personal friends becomes hard evidence. What you claim you said decades ago to friends is inherently untrustworthy absent stronger evidence.

    Now in the most notorious cases, there are many victims so there appears a pattern. Cosby, drugs and public boasting. Weinstein was an “honorary Oscar” winner and open non secret. Epstein is routinely called a child molester yet only one crime was admitted to. The very low age of consent nation of France was where most of his “underage” girls came from (all probably) yet they were above French age of consent. Also most Caribbean countries with Spanish derived legal systems have very low age of consent. Epstein’s island was in one of those.

    What we all know is that nearly everyone alive now is the product of sexual unions from ancestors where at least one party, if not both, were under today’s age of consent. Biological fact.

    I am not in favor of very young post puberty humans having sex. (Or pre puberty either.) But the rules are fluid over time and the problem with this is few of these liaisons even now are criminalized. Middle and High Schools are full of pregnant girls under the age. Fathers never prosecuted unless rape is committed or alleged. Legal exceptions if both are under legal age, but what sort of “crime” is otherwise not prosecuted for that?

    Legally it is a mess. Going back decades for he-said-she-said type of events, absent hard evidence, is akin to “recovered memories” stuff. Bill Clinton still seems to be a Democrat icon. Go figure.

    • Replies: @Alden
  64. Muggles says:

    Greenwald was also threatened with legal action if he returned to the US for his prior writing about illegal Iraq war conduct, Wikileaks stuff and other bothersome truths for the Deep State. This was before his move to Brazil.

    UK even worse now. (Greenwald wrote for the Guardian back then, there.)

    Brazil is a pretty nice place and if you think the USA is still the “land of the free” you are on the wrong website, or haven’t started reading it yet.

  65. Alden says:

    Agree. Prostitution and pimping are very very very low skill occupations. They’re also nasty unpleasant, unhealthy and dangerous. Carpentry, shop keeping, weaving , mining metal working, fishing , farming so many more lucrative pleasant occupations with little chance of being murdered.

    • Replies: @Malla
  66. @Malla

    “Albanians are big pimps in Europe.”

    They run London prostitution and are taking over the coke trade.

  67. @AndrewR

    Working people in the UK supported Powell, the London dockers marched in his support. It was the upper/middle class and intelligentsia who hated him.

    • Replies: @Malla
  68. martin_2 says:

    Most of the discussion on this forum has to do with the USA and anyone commenting from the UK has to be mindful that they’re commenting from ignorance. Having said that, I believe we sometimes offer some perspective.

    Anyway, this time its the other way round. So allow me to make some points.

    1. This grooming business has been going on for a very long time, not in the last decade or so. I know a lady who is now an old age pensioner who was actually raped by a Pakistani. That would have been about 1970.

    2. It isn’t just Rotherham or Northern England. It is all over the country. Its not just Pakistanis, in my area it involved men from the Middle East

    3. The aforementioned lady was introduced to the Pakistani men through her friend. She wanted nothing to do with them but was accompanying her friend. She wasn’t in any way a girl of low repute. Her father was a veteran of El Alamein.

    I think that excusing Pakistani behaviour by claiming the girls are low class is a terrible idea, even if there is an element of truth in this description of the character and intelligence of the girls. The grooming and exploitation of young English girls is at the very least a gross blow to the pride of the ethnically English people, and more akin to a declaration of war, and should be responded to in kind. There ought to be marches and demonstrations up and down the country. Instead the English take it up the arse. By abandoning these girls white people are displaying cowardice and weakness for all the ethnic minorities to see and take note.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Malla
  69. @Whiskey

    Why act now though? People have been predicting this since the 1970s. Wasn’t the camp of saints written in 1973? Seems unlikely that the western leaders would have a sudden change of heart in 2021 after promoting a soft genocide of their own people through mass immigration for the past 5 decades.

    Maybe they are that stupid, idk.

    The only other thing is that they may fear a backlash from angry white natives. Seems unlikely but there are a decent number of white guys who are quite angry.

    • Replies: @Alden
  70. ‘…And yet conquest and rape seem to go together.’

    Indeed. Upon reflection, they very often do. Vikings and Irish women. Spanish Conquistadors and Indians. Russian soldiers in Eastern Germany. More commonly, somewhat less flamboyantly but almost routinely, sex is an element of conquest. If one is going to objectively define what is taking place, this is worth considering.

  71. MBlanc46 says:

    Sure, they have agency. But they’re English girls. They’ve been brought up in an effete, civilized culture, which has drummed into them the idea that all people are of value. They naively believe that everyone believes as they do. Their great grandfathers were the civilized men of their time, but they did not question their right to dominate the barbarians of the world. These girls are not their grandfathers. They are simply no match for the barbarians that their leaders have loosed in their country.

  72. MBlanc46 says:

    Well put, JD. The last sentence nails it.

    • Thanks: JimDandy
  73. @Desiderius

    Ahh! Nice, I like that. 🙂

  74. @Whiskey

    I doubt, that the Indo-European-descent folks can fix their own problems, or let alone the world’s problems, by letting themselves be repressed into extinction.

    If the Muslims and Africans, as masters of Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia, consider the racial sclerosis of Indo-European-descent folks to be a blessing, then let them have their Anti-White Sodom and Gomorrah.

    If wondering about why I typed the words Sodom and Gomorrah, then consider watching the documentary film The Days of Noah Have Come by the Christian new religious movement The Church of Almighty God.

  75. Malla says:

    Pimiping is heartless exploitation of women to the extreme. Agreed many of those women are no angels but pimping is basically super-game. The whores are basically their pack animals just like a farmer keeps cattle and feeds them enough to make them work but keeps the excess wealth for himself. Same with pimping. No wonder pimps call their collection of hos as a stable, like a stable of horses.
    Also pimping is basically using the ho as a tool to loot the john. You could say the whore is a straw or conduit via which the the pimp sucks out cash from the John’s wallet in return for the John’s need for sex.
    To be a good pimp, one needs to be extremely ruthless and cold blooded on the inside but charming and flamboyant on the outside, basically a psychopath.
    But pimping is common in other professions too. You could say a rap artist is a whore to big record label owners who are the pimps while the audience are the johns/tricks. The mostly Jewish Media Company owner pimps uses the artist whore as a conduit or straw to suck out money from the wallets of the audience johns/tricks, who need entertainment.
    Northern Europeans (origins from Iceland in the West to Russia in the East) tend to be much less psychopathic towards women on average than the darker men of the South including Jews.

    • Replies: @Alden
  76. Malla says:

    Non white guys are obviously extremely attracted to angelic looking White women but also see White women as natural whores and sluts. Mostly men of the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Even black guys and Hispanics up a lessor extent. Impregnating the enemy’s women is seen as a victory of us smelly, ugly browns against the posh, handsome, all conquering Whitey especially the Northern Euro type Whitey. Even Jews (who have lived in Europe for thousands of years!!!) have this view of the Shiksha whore and though it is meant for all goyim women it is most directed against White women and among them mostly Light haired/light eyed women.
    European/Western culture has always been a bit liberal compared to the culture of the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Before WW2, most women here would be in zenanas, not have the right to education etc… After WW2, our culture has come close to pre WW2 Western culture but the West went further with all promiscuous after the jew pushed hippy movement and feminism. So Jews pushed feminism, self hatred, porn etc… on the West and simultaneously brought in a large number of foreigners from extremely conservatives societies into the West? What? What iz the real agenda??? Using darkies to destroy Whiteys?
    In Middle Eastern and Indian subcon culture, conservatives view even local liberal women as natural sluts anyways. For example if you have an Arab country where the culture is more liberal like say Lebanon or Tunisia, the Arab men from other countries would consider the women there as sluts.
    Basically it is a combination of the beautiful looks of White women combined with more liberal social mores compared their own cultures. Also as White man become more tolerant and liberal on average, non Whites lose respect for them. If White men would have taken reprisals on the foreign infiltrator darky rapists, sure, the Jew Media and the darkies might have cried “raceees”, but by God, the darkies would have respected the White man.
    This is what naive White libtard idiots get wrong, they want to influence their relationship with darkies with love and self flagellation but it never works. What works in the barbaric darky world is RESPECT. You need to be respected, that comes first. Not understanding this concept has created all the problems of race relations in the White World (and earlier in the Colonial Empires).

  77. Ed Case says:

    The Boy Scouts was founded by a pederast, and wherever you find Irish Clergy, you’ll find sick perverts, it’s as simple as that.

  78. @Malla

    I’d agree with everything you say, and add one more piece. The frustration and anger of arab/punjabi/pakiatani men is exacerbated by the fact that it’s actually hard to sleep with the “whore” white women.

    Our culture is so sexualized and somebody with a limited understanding of the west might actually think that everyone is hooking up randomly non stop – except them. And even then they are too ugly to participate in any hookup culture at all.

    Unless they come to the west already married they are pretty much screwed. I will single out arab/pakistani/punjabi men specifically because they are uniquely ugly, from a culture with zero respect for women and are also generally useless at everything except selling drugs or pimping (and those markets are already saturated). The modern generation of South indian men actually does “ok” on the dating market if they put in the work. And generally speaking, they also have good careers in the west.

    Impregnating the enemy’s women is seen as a victory of us smelly, ugly browns against the posh, handsome, all conquering Whitey especially the Northern Euro type Whitey.

    Alot of non-white men have this kind of racial dialogue going on in their head non stop.

    What’s strange is that most white men seem completely unaware of it. Could explain why so many white girls are getting raped in england. Natural skepticism of the other and self defense response is 0 right now. Whites are an animal with no predators who suddenly had rattlesnakes introduced to their habitat.

    Yet I can pick up on it just fine despite also being NW Euro.

    • Agree: Malla
    • LOL: JohnnyWalker123
  79. @Malla

    Always thought modern white women are highly overrated. Most feminist and entitled group in history. Age badly. Low sex drive post partum. Etc.

    If I wasn’t racially aware, or didn’t want children, I would almost definitely be looking for a non-white woman.

    However I am racially aware and do want (white) children so I’m playing the game on hard mode; trying to find a white woman who is also marriage material.

    • Replies: @Malla
  80. Malla says:

    In Islamic cultures, it’s standard practice for young men to go out in large packs to commit crimes, harassment, and rape. They’re basically roving gangs of bandits, intent on victimizing everyone outside their particular tribe.

    In many Islamic countries, there would be clan retribution. This is true among Hindus of North India too but caste adds an extra dimension, you know, upper caste men using rape to keep lower caste women in place.
    In our countries something like that would would be detrimental to clan honour, retribution was needed to regain honour by killing the men involved or taking their women in return. Women were not important and such polluted women could be killed unless she commits suicide herself for loss of honour. This is all before British Raj and their laws. This fear of retribution as well a very conservative society which keeps women under continues watch and forces women to dress conservatively would keep rapes under control.
    In today’s Western Europe, native men are not allowed to take any retribution by the anti-native Regimes in place. Also women “sexual liberation” and then at the same time, you bring in populations who are very conservative. How is that gonna work? All this was done by purpose.
    In India, say a bunch of foreign men (say Sudanese) would do something like this to Indian girls, there would be riots on the street, thaggard Indian youth gangs would be roaming the streets looking for any Sudanese to beat up with to a pulp with lathis (big sticks). But the Indian Government and even the Police would have clandestinely supported these rioters while telling the International Community or the Sudanese Government “the rioters will be punished…order would be restored….blah blah blah….”
    Domestically, the Indian people would not be satisfied by thrashing foreigners, the Indian Government would be questioned what it was doing to protect the native people of India from bloody foreigners.
    As I said, Northern Euros do not do Nationalism and tribalism that well. The average Third Worlder is way more nationalist and tribalist than what the Nazis ever were.!!! The German Nazis were just doing a pathetic job in trying to copy our Asian tribalism (or Jewish tribalism) and at times even they were soft. As the local men/ society does not or cannot take any retribution, the foreign men lose respect for the native population even more.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  81. Malla says:

    The British Middle Class in those days were divided into two groups hostile to each other. One was the military and imperialist middle class, generally nicknamed the Blimps, and the other the left-wing intelligentsia. The Blimps, the Empire builders and administrators, had even before 1914 begun to lose some of their vitality. Their brand of Imperial patriotism was hated by their rivals, the intelligentsia, who dominated literary reviews.
    The English “intelligentsia” were highly Europeanised and even Americanised. They took their cookery from Paris and their opinions from Moscow. This “intellectuals” had extreme contempt for every English institution, from horse racing to suet puddings.

    Among the more ‘Blimpish’ elements of the middle class lay a strong concern that the international dominance of American films was undermining British influence in its own Empire! A letter published in the Times in 1932 captured the essence of the argument concisely:
    The Times, 5 March 1932.
    “No close study of films and talkies is needed to convince one that the British point of view is neglected overseas. There is little enough shown with ‘home’ as a setting; practically nothing of the Empire, that treasure-house of colour and drama. Sentimentally this is a pity: politically it is a tragedy, for in this case ‘point of view’ connotes standards, influence, trade..”
    The paper itself strongly endorsed such sentiments: “The British Empire should know itself; and the world should know the British Empire”.
    America was becoming more popular in the British Empire than Britain itself thanks to American Cinema in those days. The USA was the new player on the block, revolutionary, land of freedom, had a more positive image compared to the colonial powers seen as “exploitative”, Americans were cool and American soldiers partied and chose the fattest black prostitutes when stationed in the Caribbean. Compared to them the British soldier looked awkward in his half shorts. The USA (and the USSR), these young and revolutionary nations were going to lead the world to a much better future than those “snobby exploitative” Western European (and Japanese) Empires.
    Woaw, and look at the World today, the USA is in the same position that the Europeans were then, old and unpopular around the world and about to collapse, the USSR has already collapsed and now China is in the USA’s position, a growing revolutionary nation promising to lead the World to a better future!!!

  82. Wielgus says:

    Thatcher went to bat for him and eventually ensured he was knighted. He was questioned by the police in his last years but they interviewed him at home and called him “Sir Jimmy”, and the investigation ran into the ground.
    He had a lot of establishment protection, probably because he was not alone.
    The enormously fat MP Cyril Smith was another example of the type. A police investigation of him appears to have been frustrated by the security services – were Smith and Savile assets of theirs?

  83. Alden says:

    The great benefit of age of consent laws is that the most exploitive pimps rapists etc can be arrested and convicted. simply because of the age of the victim. When Trashavious or Abdullah and friends kidnap and detain for a 2 day gang rape a 24 year old, they can always claim she was a willing participant. As long as they don’t leave bruises blood and broken bones.

    But if the girl is 13 or 14 and kidnapped at the school bus stop, the prosecution has a good chance of convincing a jury the victim was not a willing participant because a girl that age is incapable of informed consent.

    The legal age of consensual sex has absolutely nothing with the crimes of rape pimping and prostitution. Although if the Muslim pimp, not the infidel prostitute keeps all the money, is the infidel prostitute really a prostitute? The legal definition of prostitution is money in exchange for sex. If the girl doesn’t get any money, is she a prostitute? Question for a criminal law class.

    Every time the subject comes up, the old codgers wanking away at sites like Barely Legal jump in with their ignorant comments that the legal age of consent should be lowered to the day of first menarche and that rape of girls who’ve reached puberty is not rape and that the age of consent should be lowered to day if first menarche.

    The old codgers pontificating to lower the age of consent are not 20 year olds with 16 year old girl friends. They don’t have 20 year old sons or grandsons with 16 year old girl friends. They may have had sisters 50 years ago. But it’s extremely obvious they don’t have wives or daughters. They are very obviously not attorneys or anyone familiar with criminal codes. They are just woman less childless old perverts misogynist White woman haters.

    They are also law abiding conformist petty bourgeois who obey every petty parking and other petty civil and criminal law in their personal lives.

    Never shoplifted a candy bar in their lives. Never picked up a 5 dollar bill from a store floor and kept it. Yet they are incensed that the penalties for rape and pimping of underage girls are a bit more than the penalties for rape and prostitution of women over the age of consent.

    Once more old perverts; age of consent laws are completely different from rape prostitution and pimping laws. You don’t bother about parking laws, why the outrage about age of consent laws?

    This defense of kidnapping rape pimping assault and battery torture extortion threats against families on the grounds that age of consent laws are wrong shows how incredibly stupid a few of you are.

    You’re no different from a big fat black welfare mamma defending her thug sons robberies of 70 year olds on the grounds he needs money to buy yet another pair of $300 Nikes.

    Nothing was done 30 years ago and nothing will be done now. It’s all just propaganda.

    • Agree: TWS
    • Replies: @AndrewR
  84. Alden says:

    Probation officer sex crimes rapes for 27 years 10 percent black population in the county. I can’t remember any rapist who was other than black.

    And here on UNZ any time a sex crime is posted. The pervert old White men jump in to defend what is in America a black and Hispanic crime, not a White crime.

    Why do White men defend non White men who commit sex crimes against White women and girls? Why ?

    • Thanks: Malla
  85. Alden says:

    Right you are. 27 years of sending black criminals off to maximum terms in state prison I was hated by black criminal living communists Jews and White liberals parasiting on the criminal courts. But I was respected and feared by the black criminals. And the defense attorneys. And I’m not a negro criminal loving liberal man. I’m a small White Nationalist woman. The White men of UNZ defending Pakistani and black American men raping White girls are despicable traitors no different from the communist Jews who created NAACP the organization that defends black criminals in America

    • Agree: Malla
  86. Alden says:

    SF Bay Area law enforcement had two parties. The first was when one of Faye Stender’s Black Guerrilla Family prison gang pets wounded and disabled her and the second when she finally killed herself.

    How handsome Marvin Stender and handsome Huey Newton could have touched that hideous hag is proof men will f**k anything. One of the ugliest White women I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Third generation communist negro loving Jew of course. Now the fifth generation of negro loving communists Jews are in charge.

  87. Alden says:

    Another White man traitor defending black and Jewish men like Cosby and Weinstein raping and harassing White women in America by referencing age of consent laws in other countries.

    With race traitors like you no wonder White Americans are targets of genocide.

    Every victim of both Cosby and Weinstein’s were grown adult women many in their 30s. .

    What in the world do age of consent laws in other countries have to do with Weinstein Cosby and the crimes against adult women they committed?

    Cosby drugged them. Weinstein weighed about 350, 200 pounds more than the average woman. Could you fight off a 350 pounder? I doubt it you pervert defender of non Whites who rape White women and girls.

    What is this emotional defense of sex rape and prostitution of White English girls as young as 9 in Rochdale UK by non White Muslims?

    So rape of 9 to 12 year old White girls is OK as long as it’s done by Pakistani Muslim pimps and criminals. That’s what you’re saying. Pimps are criminals and pimping is not their only crime. They are George Floyd types, involved in all sorts of crime.

    And you, a White man defend them.

    • Replies: @Muggles
  88. Alden says:
    @Smarter Than Unz dot Com

    Black Jamaican immigrants who arrived in the UK in 1948 on the ship Windermere began raping and pimping of White English women as soon as the social workers arranged their government apartments and welfare payments. It was a scandal in London in the early 1950s.

  89. Muggles says:

    Man, you are nuts.

    The point about Cosby/Weinstein was about the statute of limitations on prosecutions, not underage sex.

    I wasn’t defending anyone. Since you didn’t/can’t comprehend the obvious, it was about the validity of using long ago accusations to put people away. This isn’t the case in the Midland situation. “Patterns of behavior” when documented do speak to length of time for criminal activity. But not just some old supposed “accuser” (i.e. Kavanagh) where claims are made about decades earlier events with no other evidence.

    “Legal age of consent” is another can of worms, since those laws have changed greatly over time and still vary depending on time and place and details. There is no “bright line” here other than the sincere effort to stop predatory behavior on very young people.

    Historically and universally, post puberty humans were treated as “adults” for most purposes depending upon their specific physical abilities (i.e. as warriors or brides). One reason for the much derided “patriarchy” was for families to physically protect females from rape or exploitation by older men.

    Your unhinged tirade in your comment speaks for itself. If you didn’t already exist, Biden-Harris and the Woke Mafia would have to invent you.

  90. AndrewR says:

    “a few of you” lol I’m 36 and haven’t seen anyone under the age of 21 naked in about ten years so you can chill out, racist feminist.

  91. @JohnnyWalker123

    However, after Prime Minister took power, the British govt (at the behest of America) began implementing an aggressive agenda of using the cops to clamp down on White skinheads

    That’s a new one. Bill Clinton wanted Major to clamp down on white skinheads? Is there a source for this fantastic claim?

    I do recall in 1994 a bunch of English skinheads said they were coming over to America for the World Cup and would make a pit stop in Harlem to sort out the joggers. But, alas, England didn’t qualify, so this remarkable fantasy never came to pass.

    I would imagine the decline of the white skinhead had more to do with Liverpool-Juventus and the “English disease” which presented a real threat to Britain’s “soft power” not to mention its ability to kick a ball around in Europe. Europeans wanted no part of their garbage fan base. It was completely related to soccer, not America.

  92. @HallParvey

    And when they finish “investigating” and “arresting” and “charging”, the lawyers, judges and do-good troublemakers will see to it that they might just as well have done nothing.

    Sadly true. Abdul Rauf of Rochdale was supposed to be stripped of his British nationality and returned to Pakistan seven years ago. He’s still here.

  93. @Malla

    Hey, I just saw this reality TV show about Indians in America.

    If you want to learn more about them, watch this clip. It’s certainly interesting, as it shows how foreign groups semi-adopt American culture and then customize it to accommodate their own traditions.

    I wonder if Indians in India would accept these people.

    • Replies: @Malla
  94. @anon

    “A good example would be the BBC guy Jimmy Saville . He was abusing kids for years and nothing happened. He dies, and all the stories come out. “

    When he was already famous, I met a girl who worked in the same hospital where he volunteered, and I got the impression from her that he was interested in any pretty girl and was both “handsy” and persistent.

    But there are quite a few men like that.

    Quite a few of the stories about him are proven nonsense. The late blogger Anna Raccoon was an inmate at an “approved school”/children’s home where Saville was alleged (by an ex inmate) to have abused girls, and could prove at least some of them to be untrue.

    Loads more posts. She actually travelled to interview the lady in charge of the home, then aged 90 but still switched on.

    At the time she wrote them she was seriously ill with the disease that killed her, so had little motive to lie. She was contacted by an inmate from later years who gave her this story. Saville, on bed, groping with a 15 year old girl who has taken LSD. He’d met her serving drinks at a police function and given her his number. She’d rung it.

    Susan took advantage of a brief lull in the conversation to say ‘There’s something I need to tell you’ – and she did. She told him that she was actually only 15, was currently resident in Duncroft School, and that she had had some involvement with drugs.

    ‘Only 15’, a ‘vulnerable young woman’ ‘under the influence of drugs’ – if Savile was the monster he has been portrayed as, this was the moment you would expect to hear that he leapt on her with gay abandon; she was alone, defenceless, and fitted exactly the profile of his alleged ‘victims’.

    I’m sorry to disappoint you – he didn’t. In fact he was appalled, and behaved exactly as you would expect a responsible adult to behave in this situation. He sat bolt upright, zipping up his trousers.

    He demanded to know who had been selling her drugs, and where he could find this man. He was, he explained, virulently anti-drugs, and angry that anyone would exploit a young girl.

    He plugged in a small electric fire to keep her warm, and was obviously concerned that she shouldn’t return home ‘under the influence’. She reassured him that she hadn’t taken an entire ‘tab of acid’, but only a very small sliver that would wear off in half an hour.

    He said it was time she went home, but whilst they were waiting for the driver to take her back to her parents, he found a package of demonstration records, and attached a note to them explaining who they were from – for the Head Mistress of Duncroft, and promised to stay in touch. She was left in no doubt that she was ‘out of bounds’ as far as he was concerned.

    You’d be better off looking at the works of one Greville Janner.

    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  95. Malla says:
    @Smarter Than Unz dot Com

    I would almost definitely be looking for a non-white woman.

    Unfortunately non White women are deteriorating very fast, thanks to globalism. Maybe only the Islamic world are kind of resisting for the moment but I have heard some bad tales from the Arab World. And even of the women are not damaged by feminism, you get them tot he West and baaam, they become raving feminists too. A lot of Western White men had this experience with Eastern European women, Filipino women, Colombian women, Ethiopian women etc… and Western Black men with Brazilian women brought back to the USA or the West. Many of them turn feminist very fast.
    And with the spread of American/British Black Culture since the 90s, many Cultural Marxist MK Ultra Jew Mind Control hedonistic and promiscuous culture is spreading around the non White masses of the World like wild fire. The so called White dominated music (lets call it White Music) of the earlier decades after the 60s did not appeal to the lower IQ masses of the Black Brown World. It appealed to Whites and Yellows even those living in Communist countries all the way through from top to bottom. But as far as Brown (maybe including Reds) and Black populations, this White music only appealed to the higher IQ educated section of the populations and not the masses. For example Rock music got sold on the Westernised high IQ elites of the brown world but not the masses. Why so? Many reasons. Average “White culture” is still high average IQ in nature as it has to appeal to the White masses and thus would appeal only to a subsection (right hand of the bell curve) of Brown/ Black populations. Also differences in tastes and tendencies. Modern White culture however revolutionary was still too “posh” for the Brown/Black masses.
    But ((they)) wanted to influence the Brown/Black masses. Destroy the positive (and even negative) elements of their popular cultures (which was more traditional as late as the 70s and 80s), push promiscuity/ homosexuality on them too. Hence there was a change of plan, they started pushing Black dominated culture (we shall call it Black Culture) around the 90s.
    Now Ghetto Black Culture due to IQ, taste and tendency reasons immediately hit a cord with the low IQ thuggish masses of the Brown Black World. Soon many local Rap like artists appeared in these countries in their own languages, Ghetto like clothing style became popular and with it entered promiscuity, cultural destruction etc… into Brown Black countries too. The ((media elites)) got that right.
    India was a tough nut to crack as even Black culture which spread around the World, into the Middle East, South America etc… would not have any effect on insular Indians. In India’s case, Bollywood suddenly changed in the early 2000s and rap and black culture started seeping in. Indians living in the West like Honey Singh (were they programmed for this?) too started introducing rap crap into the Indian population. Added to that Bollywood reached the entire Indian population from high IQ to lowest IQ, from city dwellers to villagers. And since the early 2000s, I see (as can anyone) the massive increase in promiscuity in women in India, cultural destruction and even divorces are going through the roof in India now. Even in small towns.

  96. Malla says:

    And since the early 2000s, I see (as can anyone) the massive increase in promiscuity in women in India, cultural destruction and even divorces are going through the roof in India now.

    To give you an idea of change in culture in India and most of the non-White World (going in the same direction as the West) check out the contrast in between Bollywood movies of the past and Bollywood movies now. Check out the attire as well as behaviour of the women in the three videos.

    Couple in 50’s Bollywood

    Couple in 60’s Bollywood

    The whole world is more or less moving in the same direction. Young Amish/ Mennonites are more conservative now than most of young humanity today!!!

  97. Malla says:

    how foreign groups semi-adopt American culture and then customize it to accommodate their own traditions.

    Yes that is exactly what happens with the majority of non White immigrants (and even White immigrants like the Italians for example, in the past). Most semi-adopt the local culture and create a new fusion. This shows that people are very reluctant to give up their own culture. Why this stubbornness?
    1] Connection in between race/ ethnic group and culture. Culture is formed by the soul of a Race. Race is the body and Culture is the Soul or personality.
    2] Desire to maintain a group identity, especially in diverse settings.

    Indian subcontinentals (South Asians/Desis) and Middle Easterners are notorious in trying to avoid integrating with the local White cultures they settle in. Blacks, East Asians and Hispanic comparatively integrate more. Blacks pick up the local culture very fast but always twist it in a black way. Even Africans (let alone Caribbean people) in the UK, pick up British culture faster then South Asians and Middle Easterners but always give it an ebonic twist. Race cannot be denied. Somalis are the only blacks who refuse to integrate fast, their nature is more akin to Asians (Middle Easterners) compared to other blacks. And Hindus tend to be even more insular, least Christian, Buddhist and Muslim non Whites belong to universal faiths, encompassing many races and ethnic groups. Even Sikhs integrate a bit more than Hindus, they are a bit less insular compared to us Hindus in Western countries.

    V.S. Naipaul wrote in his books about Indians living all around the world, be it Europe, Caribbean, Africa, Fiji etc… their houses are like a bubble from the surrounding world, a little India, “it is as if, if you open the main door of the house, the ghats of the Ganges would be right there outside”.

    I wonder if Indians in India would accept these people.

    They would have no problem in big cities.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  98. @YetAnotherAnon

    Savile had been interviewed seven times by different police forces, all before the bad publicity which did not arise until years after he had died. Each time he talked himself out of trouble, sometimes by pointing out the adverse effect that criminal charges would have on his charity fundraising for Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

    When the accusations surfaced, hundreds of women and at least one man came forward to say that Savile had abused them as children too. The original allegations from Duncroft may have been false; some of the “me too” accusers may be lying; but this huge number of additional complaints is unique. When false allegations were made against Edward Heath, Cliff Richard, and many others, large numbers of other accusers did not come forward as they did for Savile. For the dozen or so celebrities, living and dead, who were accused, only one additional accusation was made (against Leon Brittan, by a woman with mental heath problems). This despite public declarations by the then Home Secretary Theresa May and senior police officers that the accusations made by Carl Beech were “credible and true”.

    • Agree: Wielgus
    • Replies: @Wielgus
  99. @Malla

    I noticed the proliferation of “rap culture” among non whites in canada too. From what I’ve seen hindus are not partaking to a big degree. Probably too high iq.

    Arabs/punjabis/pakistanis in canada are just acting out a poor impersonation of how they think ghetto african americans act. They all look and dress identical too, kind of like the rapper Drake. It’s their whole identity. Except it’s not natural or “keeping it real”. But they don’t know that, not like there’s any real blacks around.

    For all their faults african americans are still americans. And they are gregarious, free spirited, funny, charming, impromptu, and good at sports (when they’re not committing crimes). Other non whites hooked on rap culture have none of these qualities. Just dead souls.

    Bollywood suddenly changed in the early 2000s and rap and black culture started seeping in.

    Since trudeau opened our borders I’ve seen lots of punjabis driving around blaring the most hideous punjabi rap music

    non White women are deteriorating very fast, thanks to globalism. Maybe only the Islamic world are kind of resisting for the moment but I have heard some bad tales from the Arab World. And even of the women are not damaged by feminism, you get them tot he West and baaam, they become raving feminists too

    I’m well aware of this, try using tinder/hinge/bumble in Toronto or vancouver as an average white guy. Like fish in a barrell. The amount non white girls are sleeping around is incredible. Basically the boys adopt ghetto rap culture and the girls spread their legs for white guys.

    I think the average non white girl has a higher body count than white girl, they don’t seem to have any knowledge of past social mores. Aka they fully assimilated to globohomo while white people still have conservative parents / grandparents that actually have sway and pass down values.

    It really is a race to the bottom.

    • Replies: @Malla
  100. Wielgus says:
    @James N. Kennett

    During his lifetime Savile repeatedly stated his willingness to sue people who made (unspecified) claims about him. On one rather bizarre occasion in the early 1980s he claimed to have links to gangsters and implied that he would set them on people who caused him annoyance. One tabloid newspaper (perhaps The Sun) published a cartoon of Savile dressed like a gangster and Margaret Thatcher expressing the wish that Savile would deal with Arthur Scargill, a militant miners’ leader. It has since been speculated that Savile used the gangland stuff to divert attention from more damaging allegations about abusing children.
    He is known to have had policemen around for tea and biscuits on a regular basis, some seem to have been part of his entourage (perhaps calling them his friends might be going too far) and this may in part explain why enquiries during his lifetime tended to go nowhere. He was interviewed by the police but they interviewed him at home rather than down the cop shop and called him “Sir Jimmy” – social deference worked in his favour at least while he was alive.

  101. Hans says:

    Failed system has allowed the “deported” ring leader of a child-grooming gang to walk free in the same town where he abused victims –

  102. Malla says:
    @Smarter Than Unz dot Com

    I think the average non white girl has a higher body count than white girl, they don’t seem to have any knowledge of past social mores.

    Well, with their hatred for host/ native White populations, they made a deal with the devil i.e. supported the leftards. The same left which pushes feminism, promiscuity and globohomo. As I said, irrational “hate YT”, “hate Anglo”, “hate yellow’, “hate Jap” etc…by darkies and others always leads to hell and ruin. Always.

  103. ATBOTL says:

    The real issue is why did the mass rape of English children by Pakistani men not provoke anti-Pakistani riots. In a healthy society, there would have been massive revenge violence by the majority over this. Similar questions could be asked about the Epstein/Israel rape gang targeting white children in America.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  104. @ATBOTL

    What JohnnyWalker123 said above.

    There were indeed anti-Pakistani riots in Bradford in 2001.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Mason
  105. @Jonathan Mason

    Also riots in Oldham which is more or less part of Manchester in 2001.

    There were multiple causes but the triggers seem to have been a number of different perceived antisocial behaviors on behalf of the Pakistanis.

  106. @Malla

    Yes, a lot of foreigners want to maintain some degree of group identity/community. Some foreign groups (Indians, Middle Easterners, maybe Southern Euros) assimilate slower than others. I think ethnically fragmented groups have a long history of maintaining their distinctiveness from one another, so they have a natural ability to resist assimilation.

    Blacks assimilate others to their music, fashion, slang, etc. When they immigrate to Western countries, the natives (and some immigrants) end up imitating them.

    Somalis are probably more Middle Eastern culturally than other Africans.

    Asians and Hispanics have a weaker sense of ethnic identity, especially by the second generation. They’re pragmatic and malleable, with more concern for their individual well-being than the continuance of their tribe.

    Sikhs in Canada have very strong tribal networks, which they are using to take over Canadian politics.

    Trucking too. Read this.

    Having strong ethnic networks is a huge advantage when other groups lack them.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  107. Malla says:

    I think ethnically fragmented groups have a long history of maintaining their distinctiveness from one another, so they have a natural ability to resist assimilation.

    Correct, many parts of the World like the Indian subcontinent, Middle East, Northern Africa, South East Asia etc.. had a more central location with people of many racial types coming together and mixing and competing. That is why they have developed clannishness and thus immunity to multicultural, multiracial societies. Northern Europeans and even North East Asians (especially the Japanese) lived on the edge of Eurasia and were not used to this mix melti. They dealt with comparatively similar people. Celts and Germanics and Balts and Slavs etc… were different but were comparatively similar and were quite individualistic.


    This is especially true for North Western Europeans who were buffered from clannish Asia, by both Southern Europeans or Eastern Europeans. But it were the Southern Europeans who came across much more clannish peoples (Arabs) and they themselves had to become clannish to survive. Comparatively the Eastern Europeans came across people like the Mongols who are not as clannish as Arabs but they too developed some immunity.

    Why are North Western Euros so built? Many theories
    1] A theory by Yggdrasil that Northern Euros living in the harsh cold north had to learn to cooperate with foreign types to survive. And most of these foreign types were similar types of Northern Euros (maybe with the exception of the early Sami). Same with the Japanese, they mostly came across other North Eastern Asians (except maybe the Emishi/Ainu).
    2] The Hajnal line hypothesis that certain policies of the Catholic church which banned cousin marriages etc… created a more individualistic population.
    3] The Indo-European/Aryan hypothesis (Prof Mcdonald) – That the Indo Europeans who came to Europe were very individualistic and easily cooperated with foreign populations. The European hunter gatherers that the Indo Europeans came across were very similar to them so they both mixed easily, more as equals. Unlike down south, where the Indo-Europeans came across extremely foreign populations over whom they became aristocratic rulers and slowly submerged into the mixed melting pots.
    Or a combination of all the above. The above combined with Universal faith of Christianity especially Protestantism might have created a population not suited for multiracial- multicultural societies. Comparatively Orthodox Christianity has a concept of the “Ethnos”, which gives some protection from rampant globalism. The Scots and the Japanese had clans in the past but today are far less clannish like Middle Easterners or South Asians who just cannot give up their clannishness easily, it is more hard wired in the DNA.

    Blacks assimilate others to their music, fashion, slang, etc. When they immigrate to Western countries, the natives (and some immigrants) end up imitating them.

    Blacks with all their pathologies have certain traits which made them more endearing. They are more individualistic in a sort of way (but also tribal in a different way but never clannish), they are good in music and dance and some sports. However others assimilating so much to their culture today has more to do with post WW2 media influence/ promotion and White guilt. To seem more cool and “doing the right thing” etc.. Before WW2, even if blacks were popular in music, blacks would integrate more into White mores and way of life than the other way round. However Jews even then back in the early 1900s played a part in promoting Black artists (urban culture).

    Sikhs in Canada have very strong tribal networks, which they are using to take over Canadian politics.

    Sikhs are clannish too but less compared to most Hindus (or some mercantile Jains).They are a bit more individualistic. The mercantile Indian ethnic groups like Gujrathis, Marwaris and Sindhis are even more clannish compared to other Indians and other Indians themselves complain about their business clan networks and how hard it is to complete against them, how they buy power etc… But when these other Indians come across other populations who are not as mercantile or clannish as them, (Northern Whites, Blacks, natives Fijians) behave the same way towards them. LOL. Life is Darwnistic struggle. From this point of view, Gujrathis, Marwaris and Sindhis are “super Indians”!!

    • Thanks: Sam Malone
  108. Malla says:

    Sikhs and Punjabis are quite dominant (not 100% but way above their numbers) in the trucking business in India too, in lands outside Punjab as well. They dominate the trucking business in UP and West Bengal for sure, far away from their native Punjab. Indeed Punjabi type restaurants like “dhabas” are found across the highways of India and have a certain special flavour in their food, many city dwellers in India frequent these dhabas on highways for eat outs.

    Having strong ethnic networks is a huge advantage when other groups lack them.

    True, but those countries which end up as a maze of clan networks end up as shitholes. The West never needed to allow these immigrants to come in. It is as if the West had certain solid advantages and in suicidal fashion, decided to destroy those advantages!!!

    • Thanks: JohnnyWalker123
  109. @Malla

    “Many of them turn feminist very fast”

    It’s almost like feminism offers women something of value.

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