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Larry Summers Out at Harvard
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Larry Summers is resigning as President of Harvard: Those crazy Muslims getting upset over a few cartoons, don’t they know that here in the West we have a sacred tradition of freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry? In an advanced society like ours, nobody ever gets punished for telling the truth. Oh, wait a minute … never mind … Sorry, furious Muslims, I guess you are just less hypocritical than we are.

Here are my articles on last year’s Larry Summers Brouhaha:

The Education of Larry Summers
American Conservative
I tried to explain the Larry Summers brouhaha to my wife, but she stumped me with a simple question: “Why did Summers give in so fast and promise, in effect, to make it harder for our sons to someday get hired there? What’s the President of Harvard so scared of?

The Larry Summers Show Trial
Possibly the most prominent American female economist today is Deirdre McCloskey—who, perhaps not coincidentally, used to be the prominent American male economist Donald McCloskey.

We’re Different. Get Over It.
National Post of Toronto
In fact, it’s precisely because the presentation by Summers, one of the world’s leading economists, was lacking in crude misstatements that it was so threatening to feminists. When finally published, it turned out to be humbly argued, open-minded, well-informed, logically rigorous, and, in sum, cumulatively devastating to the feminist orthodoxy from which many of Summers’ female critics have professionally and financially profited.

Why Some Men Don’t Support Summers
Why do these male scientists and engineers echo Nancy Hopkins in demanding massive social engineering to get more women to become as obsessive about the pocket-protector professions as they are? Paradoxically, this is typically because of how little these nerds appreciate women. They don’t like females the way they are. They want a vast societal effort to remold women into liking the same nerdy things they like. That way, maybe, they can can finally get dates.

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