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Kyle Rittenhouse Is Acquitted on All Counts
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OK, time to brag in the comments about how you knew it all along and/or apologize to whomever on the jury you had decided were the Bad Guys/Gals.

President Biden’s statement this afternoon is quite different from Candidate Biden’s statement after the first of three nights of rioting in Kenosha that the teen marksman finally shut down. This afternoon, Biden says:

Statement by President Biden
NOVEMBER 19, 2021


While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken. I ran on a promise to bring Americans together, because I believe that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. I know that we’re not going to heal our country’s wounds overnight, but I remain steadfast in my commitment to do everything in my power to ensure that every American is treated equally, with fairness and dignity, under the law.

I urge everyone to express their views peacefully, consistent with the rule of law. Violence and destruction of property have no place in our democracy. The White House and Federal authorities have been in contact with Governor Evers’s office to prepare for any outcome in this case, and I have spoken with the Governor this afternoon and offered support and any assistance needed to ensure public safety.

In contrast, the morning after the first night of looting, arson, and violence in Kenosha, Biden issued the following comment with no mention of the rioting. This stance no doubt was influential on Democratic officeholders in terms of their response:

Joe Biden

Yesterday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back as police attempted to restrain him from getting into his car. His children watched from inside the car and bystanders watched in disbelief. And this morning, the nation wakes up yet again with grief and outrage that yet another Black American is a victim of excessive force. This calls for an immediate, full and transparent investigation and the officers must be held accountable.

These shots pierce the soul of our nation. Jill and I pray for Jacob’s recovery and for his children.

Equal justice has not been real for Black Americans and so many others. We are at an inflection point. We must dismantle systemic racism. It is the urgent task before us. We must fight to honor the ideals laid in the original American promise, which we are yet to attain: That all men and women are created equal, but more importantly that they must be treated equally.

And the view from Russia:

Will the mainstream left’s sudden horror of “crossing state lines” lead to more pro-secessionist thinking among the Establishment?

And … out in California, there’s even more courtroom action:

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  1. Gamecock says:

    We should get a gun and go protect the businesses in Kenosha from rioters.

    • Agree: Wade Hampton, Kronos
    • Troll: IHTG
    • Replies: @John Gruskos
    , @JimDandy
  2. Farenheit says:

    Now comes the lifelong friendship with Nick Sandmann, frolicking on the beach with millions of dollars of the lying press’ money in the bank🤑🤑🤑

    • LOL: Trinity, mc23, TWS
    • Troll: ScarletNumber
    • Replies: @mc23
    , @Reg Cæsar
  3. Good news is rare these days. I think a a good steak and a few single malts is in order tonight.

  4. *Record scratch* *Freeze frame*

    “Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation…
    Suffice to say a few pussies on Sailer’s blog thought I got myself into quite a pickle.”

  5. JimDandy says:

    Been there, done that.

  6. I am slightly surprised. As I was by the verdict in Chauvin’s trial. US “justice” is random.

    Steve Sailer often talks about google. Does anyone still use google?

    • Replies: @Samson700
    , @Bill Jones
  7. I could have got him acquitted with TWO days of deliberations!

  8. Alfa158 says:

    Not me, I was figuring at best a hung jury and maybe a mistrial. The jurors knew they were being hunted and, I’m pleasantly surprised they had the spine to stand up for the truth. I can’t guarantee I would have been as courageous if I was in their shoes.

    • Replies: @Matt Buckalew
  9. Time for the big shots to lie in other words.

    Happy day for me to see all the vile media personalities cry their sweet tears. I hope that vengeance comes their way in the aftermath of this verdict.

  10. Gamecock says:

    A legal question:

    I know government employees in the justice system – police officers, prosecutors, and judges – have qualified immunity. They generally can’t be held accountable for their routine actions.

    However, Bingercreep defamed Rittenhouse numerous times. Calling him a white supremacist. An “active shooter.” Etc. I don’t think Bingercreep should be protected for obvious cheapshit claims. Can prosecutors say any stupid thing they want to and get away with it?

    BTW, Rittenhouse is going to own many media companies by the time he’s finished suing them. They have been really stupid careless in their coverage.

  11. Just keep in mind when the Left loses a fight, like this one, they double down harder on the next one.

  12. I must admit the verdict took me by surprise. I read somewhere the DOJ might be investigating the possibility of federal charges against young Mr. Rittenhouse. He might not be quite out of the woods.

  13. Thank God the jury found him innocent. Who cares what Joe Biden’s scriptwriters write, or what their comrades in media say, or how many buildings their useful idiots light on fire.

    • Agree: tyrone, Forbes
  14. Richard S says:

    The Guardian denouncing Rittenhouse and anyone with “contrasting attitudes” to law enforcement as (small w) white “militias”.

    Rittenhouse killed Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and wounded Gaige Grosskreutz, 27, when he shot them with an assault rifle as he roamed the streets of Kenosha with other armed men acting as a self-described militia during protests in August 2020, after a white police officer shot a Black man, Jacob Blake, in the back.

    The trial was seen as a test case for the US, as it appeared to illustrate contrasting attitudes of law enforcement when confronted with white men or teens who claimed to be acting as vigilante-style informal security personnel, armed with assault rifles, and Black members of the public or those protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Rittenhouse could not have been a more sympathetic character. In starkest contrast to that cast of villains who foolishly attacked him.

    I still don’t think this will spiral into more violence or become one of those media confected causes celebres, despite the sputtering in enemy propaganda. There’s no political purpose to more riots, the election is over.

  15. During the trial, I thought he would be acquitted mainly because of the evidence (duh!). That view changed as the deliberations went on, and I figured it would be a hung jury.

    Besides the evidence (duh!), there were several things in Kyle’s favor which were not present in the Derek Chauvin case, a case which I think was just as clear cut:

    1) Kyle had an active and genuinely impartial judge.

    2) He had a legal team which matched the prosecution, numerically and in terms of professionalism. In Chauvin, it was the Prosecution Dream Team against one guy with a beard, who was competent, but over-matched. Finally;

    3) Rittenhouse took the stand and explained himself as if he had nothing to hide. Chauvin sat there behind his mask, his beady eyes darting around.

  16. Brag that I was right, Steve?

    What happened is exactly the opposite of what I expected.

    Also Biden’s statement (I wonder who wrote it) is reasonably OK. There may still be riots even though the Democrats don’t need that right now. Antifa and BLM may be their babies, but they are not obedient soldiers waiting for instructions.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  17. TWS says:

    Does anyone believe Brandon writes his own releases? The guy is in the throes of dementia. He cannot even keep from messing his pants.

  18. nebulafox says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Acting President Kamala Harris…

    I’m obviously extremely happy and relieved for Kyle Rittenhouse on a personal level and hopes that he gets on with a new, successful adult life (there’s no way they can stay in the area now) as quickly as possible. Ultimately, politics aside, an innocent life wasn’t destroyed permanently. That’s the most important thing.

    But I think it should be sobering that any of this happened in the first place, all the way back to the riots sponsored or ignored by everything “mainstream” in the United States.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  19. Abe says:

    Thank God. Kyle can now take up residence in the same secret bat cave as George Zimmerman. We may not always be able to see them, but when we need them, we know they’ll be there…

    • Agree: The Anti-Gnostic
    • Replies: @ginger bread man
  20. Luzzatto says:

    There are Democrats saying that Kyle Rittenhouse being found innocent is evidence that Black lives do not matter.

    More like Black Adjacent lives do not matter because the thugs he shot are only Black on the inside but not on the outside.

  21. These shots pierce the soul of our nation.

    Blake’s torso is “the soul of our nation”?

    His children watched from inside the car…

    Were any of them his children? Was it even his car? Can baby momma sue Old Block Joe?

    • Replies: @Alden
  22. Thea says:

    Based on the evidence, It never should have gone to trial. It is easy to overlook how stressful, expensive and time consuming a trial is for the defendant and their loved ones. He prevailed in court but going to court is always a bit of a loss to begin with.

    I look forward to BLM/antifah rioting and thus reminding Americans what the democrat party stands for.

  23. @nebulafox

    Acting President Kamala Harris…

    Kamala is no Edith Wilson.

    • LOL: Alden
    • Replies: @nebulafox
    , @AceDeuce
  24. nebulafox says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    I can’t tell if you know or not, but she is, or just was, Acting President while Biden underwent a colonoscopy under anesthesia. 25th certified and everything. Harris reminds me *exactly* of the HR/MBA types that look at guys like me as something you just scraped off underneath your shoe, so you could say that I’m more than a bit nervous, for personal reasons as much as political ones.

    With Joe Biden’s mental and physical state…

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
    , @dearieme
  25. Thomas says:

    I thought we were going to get a hung jury. I assume there was just one or two holdouts.

    There’s a lot of left wing cope right now about potential federal charges or civil suits. I’m doubtful though. Despite the assumption that the feds can just “take over” any case, there isn’t a lot of basis on these facts for federal charges. Only ones I see might be inducing Dominic Black to make a straw purchase of the gun (despite testimony that he’d keep possession of it for over a year) and maybe that federal riot charge the “Rise Above Movement” got hit with after Charlottesville. There’s no free floating “civil rights” charge absent a conspiracy or some basis of acting under color of law. The jury pool would stay the same, the facts are the same, US attorneys don’t like to lose, and Kyle still has a defense war chest. With respect to civil suits, he would have counterclaims that would offset any damages.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  26. Forbes says:

    The clown car that is Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue about what he said previously, after the first night of rioting in Kenosha.

    That he expresses that he’s angry now after the not guilty verdict demonstrates the complete lack of statesmanship that we all knew he lacked.

    A typical weathervane politician. A follower, not a leader. No backbone.

    • Agree: Harry Baldwin
    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  27. I figured the judge would declare a mistrial or set aside a guilty verdict. As for the jury, I thought they’d hang up at best. I never believed the jury would do the right thing seeing the history of juries lately.

    • Agree: Kronos
  28. Soooooo glad i was wrong by 180 degrees. I hope this is the start of a long roll for me. I hope to never be right again. We’ll all have a much better chance if I’m wrong.
    I’m done with predicting what people i don’t know are gonna do.
    I’m gonna go back to working on my jumper(with weak legs at that) and just let iSteve call it.
    iSteve what does this portend for future justly and mostly peaceful riots?

  29. @Enemy of Earth

    ‘I must admit the verdict took me by surprise. I read somewhere the DOJ might be investigating the possibility of federal charges against young Mr. Rittenhouse. He might not be quite out of the woods.’

    That’s a distinct possibility.

    However, they couldn’t actually be that stupid.

    …could they?

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  30. Tex says:

    I’m always ready to be pleasantly surprised.

    Mind you, the enemy never sleeps. I have no idea what’s in store for Rittenhouse. I hope it’s a long and happy life.

    Meanwhile, justice for Daniel Perry!

  31. Glad to see an acquittal but I doubt the Kyle’s ordeal is over. I think he will face civil lawsuits from the families of the decedents and the man he wounded (he should countersue for assault and other torts). And Merrick Gander’s Department of (In)Justice will pursue federal civil rights violations. Both actions are meritless, but then so was the original prosecution.

    • Replies: @Alden
  32. Some thoughts about Kyle.

    None of this would have happened had any of the following occurred:

    1. The media and our government had refrained from inciting the rioting.

    2. The authorities had enforced the law. There was no police presence blocking the rioting in Kenosha.

    3. Enough of Kyle’s fellow citizens had shown up along with Rittenhouse to deter Antifa. This last happened in quite a few other towns, to my certain knowledge. Faced with a few score of obviously armed and determined vigilantes, Antifa just moves on. They haven’t the stomach for a real fight.

    Rittenhouse only wound up killing people because he was facing the mob more or less alone.

  33. anonymous[133] • Disclaimer says:

    I remain convinced that the “racial reckoning” we witnessed in this country in 2020 was just a pre-planned psy-op to get Bad Orange Man Trump out of office.
    Early in 2020 George Soros et al. quite probably told their minions in the media to latch onto the first case of a black man getting killed by white(s) under muddled circumstances and then run with it. The media initially thought they had their story with the Ahmaud Arbery shooting (basically a replay of Trayvon Martin in 2012), but then along came a once-in-a-bluemoon, man-bites-dog story tailor made for their agenda with the death of George Floyd at the hands of Derek Chauvin (although I would say Floyd’s death was accidental and not malicious on the part of Chauvin, who was merely using the retraining techniques he was taught to use and legitimately thought Floyd was fibbing when he claimed he couldn’t breathe, unaware of the Fentanyl in his system).
    So the only reason 2020 was chaos and lunacy while this year has remained relatively quiet on the BLM/ANTIFA front is because the former was a big election year where the Dems low-info voters* needed energizing and the latter year wasn’t.
    Poor Kyle Rittenhouse just got caught in the maelstrom of it all because our leaders (including Trump) proved impotent in reigning-in the chaos that Soros et al had unleased on the country.

    *This group only tends to come out for presidential elections and not Congressional, gubernatorial, etc. ones.

  34. @Enemy of Earth

    The only thing they could get him on is crossing state lines to incite a riot or carrying a deadly weapon across state lines, neither of which occurred

    • Replies: @Gamecock
    , @Mina Horowitz
  35. WJ says:

    Just when I think Biden couldn’t possibly be a bigger piece of shiite, he comes out with this statement.

    • Agree: Gordo
    • Replies: @Barnard
  36. KenH says:

    This is great news and a giant F*ck You to the liars at radical left wing media outlets and yard apes like Lebron James, Tariq Nasheed and others who inserted themselves into this case and tried to make it all about black victimhood.

    When Rittenhouse’s millions start rolling in from all of his defamation lawsuits then it will be time for some babes and booze.

  37. @Abe

    Maybe Steve can comment on this. It seems like a lot of the characters in these shooting cases have German surnames – Rittenhouse, Zimmerman, GroseKroitze, Hubert, Rosenberg. Is there any sociological pattern here?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  38. Samson700 says:
    @Badger Down

    DuckDuckGo is my default search engine for the reasons you list, but I find myself going back to Google all the time. The relevance of DuckDuckGo search results is often very poor, whereas Google results are almost always exactly what I wanted. I wish DuckDuckGo was better, but it’s just not very good. Google also has fantastic services like Google Scholar and Google Books, the likes of which just aren’t available elsewhere.

    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
    , @Alden
  39. @nebulafox

    Hey Fox, you don’t even need to wonder. Old Joe is obviously senile already. He isn’t running the show, okay? Harris is not either, because she is not capable of doing so. We are long past the point of caring at all who really has their hands on the levers.

    Don’t fool yourself. Donald Trump, Barry Obama and W. Bush were all such clowns that they could not possibly have flown this airplane themselves either. You can wonder about fat boy Bill Clinton. I do.

    Never mind. Even when we have an actual, competent president, there are so many creeps and lizards with sinecures that there is no way for us to actually elect anyone who could possibly lead “our” executive branch, because it will always be out of control.

    It’s all a joke, but back to reality: That jury in Wisconsin is a group of heroes. They knew they were under threat, and still they did the right thing. Very impressive.

  40. The response on the left right now is a lot like the response immediately following trumps election in 2016. The media so thoroughly led the population to believe hilary was going to win That when she didn’t, people became depressed and despondent. We’re goanna see a lot of universities and workplaces offering mental health days next week.

  41. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    “Yeah, so I got arrested, had a two-minutes hate every day for months from half the country, feared life imprisonment for doing nothing wrong, am currently being threatened with murder, and my family and I will have to live the rest of my life in fear of communist terrorist. attacks. What kind of pussy would say that’s a pickle?”

    • Agree: Rob
  42. @Richard S

    This denunciation of armed vigilantes (which we heard from former Fla. governor Crist) along with an assertion of the injustice done to Huber and Grosskreutz is hilariously ignorant.

    Huber and Grosskreutz, of course, were the only armed vigilantes in this episode.

    • Agree: Buzz Mohawk, mc23
  43. J.Ross says:

    From anon:
    Judge: I have one last question. [throws object at Kyle. Kyle catches it. It’s his rifle.] How’s that feel?
    Kyle: Tell my mother it feels fine.
    [Kyle exits court buildimg to begin guard duty on the same courthouse]
    Voices: Nice job, kid.
    Kyle: Who said that?
    [Nick Sandmann, Steves Miller & Bannon, and George Zimmermann step out of the shadows.]
    George: I’m putting a team together.
    There’s a lyingpress gibberish whine that this decision begins an era of armed civilians. A college graduate wrote that.

    • Replies: @Alice in Wonderland
  44. J.Ross says:

    Hey. Hey. Hey. A little decorum here. A little accuracy, if you please. PEACEFUL child ass rape. Get it right.

  45. nebulafox says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    I know he’s not. I just cannot help it. I freely admit it is not rational. Harris reminds me way too much of the people that helped (my own actions in that direction and failings I’ve been as candid about around here as I can be) ruin my life *repeatedly* for me not to flinch, OK? Now that I’ve FINALLY got on track, everything turning around… Not gonna ever let that happen again.

    That’s why the managerial state’s objective is called “anarcho-tyranny”. A fully in control executive is hardly necessary for their agenda anymore.

    Agreed. I just now hope that Kenosha can settle back to a peaceful existence.

  46. Voltarde says:

    An important outcome of this should be for police forces and those public officials responsible for their supervision to take their duties seriously and protect communities from arson, rioting, and looting in the first place.

    That sentiment should have been part of a real president’s response to the Rittenhouse verdict.

  47. Dr. X says:

    I am very happy that Rittenhouse got acquitted. The facts of the case were plain as day: he was attacked, he was running away from the attackers, and he acted in self-defense.

    However, I am troubled by the actions of the prosecutor: impugning Rittenhouse’s Fifth Amendment rights, pointing a rifle at the jury, withholding evidence from the defense, slandering Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist.”

    Binger should be disbarred immediately.

    Moreover, I am troubled that it took the jury as long as it did to acquit. This easily could have gone the other way with a different judge and different jury in a place like San Francisco or New York. And what if Rittenhouse had actually been a white supremacist? What if he had been wearing Klan robes? (I know, I know — he would have been an FBI agent). What if he had been wearing a MAGA hat?

    Would he still be entitled to defend his own life against an attack by the Antifa mob? Sadly, we know the answer: no. Had Rittenhouse been anything but a baby-faced kid with no political history, they would have crucified him. The prosecution clearly stated that if an Antifa mob engaged in arson and riot is going to chase you down and beat your ass, you are supposed to take it. If an Antifa rioter pulls a gun he is carrying without a permit and points it at you, not only will he not be charged — he’s a “hero.” And you’re not allowed to fight back.

    I’m glad that this case turned out the way it did, but I’m not sure we can make any positive generalizations beyond it.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
    • Replies: @Mark G.
  48. John Henry says: • Website

    Glen Greenwald thinks Kyle should let all the earlier slander and libel just go away. No law suits, to keep from having to relive his ordeal.

    But I think Kyle should go after Brandon for his millions/billions of accumulated graft. That, and ONLY THAT will bring Brandon down. Really down in meaningful sense.

  49. I am shocked the jury did this.

    I thought for sure the choices were only (1) hung jury; or (2) guilty. The jurors heard those communist terrorists yelling outside the courthouse every day, and they and their families very likely saw threats, or saw the news demonizing Kyle (I know the rules say they can’t watch the news about the case, but likely few follow that rule).

    Well, good for them. Justice was served.

    But now all their lives are in danger. The BLM/Antifa terrorists will make examples of them, all with the Deep State’s help. And Kenosha and other cities will burn to make a point: the lynch mob wants blood.

    • Replies: @S. Anonyia
    , @Barnard
    , @joe862
  50. Did the Rooshians lift those comments from Slate?

  51. @Thomas

    Still have the Amazing Ziminskis’ trial or trials to go. I wonder if they’ll provide any new insight.
    And isn’t Grosskraut due a trial too?

    I still want to know what the heck it was Regg Inkagnedo stumbled on when he went off into that courtyard with the big (red?) dumpster. Cops had a load of people down on the ground behind it, there was some chat. The cops (incl. lady cop, and they’re usually well keen on dishing out pain to their inferiors (us)) just backed off and these characters in combat style boots sprang very athletically to their feet from facedown prone positions and vamoosed.
    Operators of some sort, not Antifart, who couldn’t do a pushup if you dangled a bag of crack under their noses.

  52. MEH 0910 says:

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @fish
  53. GeneralRipper [AKA "JohnnyU"] says:

    It is a victory, albeit a small one. The whole thing should have never gone to trial, it was open and shut self-defense.

    Hopefully Rittenhouse will sue the living sh-t out of the Media outlets and get a nice payday for his trouble.

    If it encourages more people to shoot rioting BLM/Anitfa scum, that will also be a net positive.

  54. @ginger bread man

    Wisconsin is the most German state.

    I also noticed a fair number of German names among Portland and Seattle antifa. Antifa seems like a movement that appeals to northern meth heads who have had bad experiences with the cops. Many of those kind of people have German names.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Thanks: seminumerical
  55. @Buzz Mohawk

    Spot-on, Buzz!! As to the jury, even though there were seven women, collectively they displayed one big, bad set of brass balls–Hemingway’s definition of courage (“grace under pressure”) on full display.

    • Replies: @Gamecock
  56. Better late than never.

    Watching the persecution of Kyle has sucked, so this is a great day.

    Fun to realize that the evil and inept prosecutors are now, probably, more than a little, worried about keeping their law licenses after their numerous ethical lapses.

    The next part where Kyle sues the shit out of the clowns in the media/govt complex for defamation, is going to be a lot more fun to watch.

    Long live Kyle Rittenhouse.

    • Thanks: Sandy Berger's Socks
    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
  57. @MEH 0910

    Rittenhouse did not cross state lines while armed. The friend who gave him the gun lives in Kenosha and the gun was stored at his house.

    • Replies: @Ben tillman
  58. Barnard says:

    Joe Biden is senile and had a colonoscopy today. There is no way he even read that statement, let alone wrote it. They might have briefed him enough to make some comments to reporters, but this statement is the work of the executive staff that controls his office.

    • Agree: TWS
    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  59. SafeNow says:

    The Left won. The whole idea of pursuing a preposterous case was to send the message: we might go after you even when it is a hopeless case; just to put you through the ringer; in fact, we can send clown prosecutors still put you through the ringer; so you’d better behave yourself because we are out there, Kafka The Trial style.

    This Verdict underscores the preposterous-case theory; see I told you so, we will bring preposterous cases to bankrupt you and put you through the calf the Kafka ringer.

    • Replies: @e
  60. Muggles says:

    Kyle Rittenhouse, who fatally shot two men and wounded another, was found not guilty of intentional homicide and four other felony charges in a deeply divisive case that fed a national debate over vigilantism, gun rights and the definition of self-defense.

    Lying, biased NY Times.

    Anyone ever seen such a malodorous bit of smearing in any similar tweet emanating from the insufferable “newspaper of record” that involved, say the OJ Simpson verdict or similar acquittal of non White defendants from obvious violent felonies they committed?

    No, you say?

    Likewise Senile Joe’s bit of Soviet style baffle-gab.

    These propaganda organs of course all echo the Narrative that White fears of modern systemic anti European-American racism by the State are all imaginary. Just like Antifa is imaginary.

    • Agree: JerseyJeffersonian
  61. Franz says:

    The real show now begins!

    Movie stars making fools of themselves. Notice the harshest slams to Kyle are made by the over-the-hill & never-quite-made-it bunch.

    Here’s Mia Farrow:

    So anyone can come to a protest, just march down the middle of the street with a massive gun – and kill people?

    I’m waiting for Alec Baldwin to give us the true, wise judgement. So far, silence.

    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
  62. @R.G. Camara

    Yeah, I don’t know why people on Twitter (and here to a lesser extent) were criticizing the two mask-wearing jurors and automatically assuming they were the ones holding up the verdict. It’s pretty obvious they probably wanted to protect their identities from the crazies.

    • Replies: @Alden
  63. Barnard says:
    @R.G. Camara

    It was pretty clear based on what was leaking out about the jury that the majority were ready to acquit on all charges by Tuesday at the latest. There was one woman who was really holding things up and possibly another willing to go along with her. I suspect several jurors sent a signal early in deliberations they weren’t open to conviction on any counts and just waited her out. You have to wonder if the MSNBC reporter trying to dox them helped push the holdouts to end the process today.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
    , @Enemy of Earth
  64. Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back as police attempted to restrain him from getting into his car.

    Biden lied. He was shot 4 or 5 times twice in the back as he twisted and fell.

    The cops should sue the bastard.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Alden
  65. Altai says:

    If there are riots this guys Twitter feed is always a good one. He has made a brand out of covering the riots since May 2020.

  66. @Gamecock

    No, the police should start doing their damn job and arrest every single rioter.

    And the prosecutor should start doing his damn job, and charge them all to the full extent of the law.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @TWS
  67. fish says:
    @MEH 0910

    Sweet, sweet tears from Shart Nadler.

  68. Muggles says:

    Re: the RU Tweet (above):

    “Kyle Rittenhouse was a member of the people’s militia which defended the city from pogroms.”

    At last, honest reporting.

    I like it. “People’s militia.”

    Right on.

    From Mother Google:

    Where (sic) does the term pogrom mean?

    The organized destruction of an ethnic group is called a pogrom. The word comes to English via the similar Yiddish and Russian words; pogrom literally means “devastation.” In many Russian pogroms in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the mob attacked Jews — burning their homes and synagogues.

    In this Kenosha instance, it was not just Jews being attacked. Everyone not a rioter.

    • Agree: fnn
  69. Mike Tre says:

    I’ll duly admit I thought Rittenhouse was going to be found guilty for at least the weapons charges. The prosecution’s complete and comprehensive exhibition of incompetence makes me at least wonder, at some level, if they threw it on purpose because they knew it was a bad case and were only prosecuting due to orders from someone higher up the ladder. I mean, the prosecutor was wearing a star wars resistance pin on his jacket? No one is that childish in that position, are they? Oh wait, yes, yes they are.

    • Agree: mc23
    • Replies: @Chrisnonymous
  70. Rosie says:

    Yet again, the jury proves itself to be an indispensable check on elite power. Wait for the latter to begin demonizing it anytime now.

    • Agree: Mr. Anon, Gabe Ruth, TWS
  71. This is a much better outcome than I was expecting by the 2nd day. I thought they’d either acquit early, or, if they took several days, it was a bad sign.

    So good on the jury (despite obvious intimidation).

  72. Old Joe just had a colonoscopy today, leaving Kam the President for an hour and a half. They say you are awake during these, but remember nothing. That sounds like Joe most of the time!

    Biden briefly transfers power to Harris, making her the 1st woman in U.S. history to hold powers of the presidency

  73. Mike Tre says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    You’re off base here Reggie.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  74. @Bill Jones

    In all the excitement, I lost count.

  75. If Kaepernick and the big basketballer what’s-his-name, weren’t such jerkoff blacks, uh i mean hacks, aka if they were better men, they might appreciate Rittenhouse for his performance, his athletic excellence in a very difficult situation.

    Is envy and resentment then, perhaps, part of their miserly reactions? As we all know, sports is sublimated combat.

    The got outshined by a “White boy” in the real sport of Kings. (which in this instance, was not jousting)

    That was great roast, Steve. He reads the replies, right? (serious question)

  76. dearieme says:

    a colonoscopy under anesthesia

    Is that usual in the US? The ones I’ve had they simply used a muscle relaxant: I was conscious throughout.

  77. Franz says:

    Anyone else agree with the wording of the Russian communique?

    Kyle Rittenhouse was a member of the people’s militia that defended the city from pogroms.

    Calling the BLM’s actions a pogrom against white people is not bad, not at all.

    It seems Russians had security units, equivalent to our police departments, working along with militia that was tasked to keep order in town. There are details about it that are unclear in the documents I read, but it seemed a good idea.

    We have not yet created medals of honor or even ranking systems for our own People’s Militia. I think I’ll write a letter to Vlad Putin and see if he can send some Russian advisors to the States and help us. If Joe stops being cranky to the Russians, they might lend us a hand.

  78. mc23 says:

    Kyle should buy a couple Hunter Biden’s painting of \$500,000 . Maybe the Feds would back off. Maybe he could make a NFT out of them

    • Replies: @Rob
  79. dearieme says:

    I dislike Tom Jefferson but many Americans have been indoctrinated to think him a fine fellow. To them I offer his The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    Fortunately it was the three tyrants whose blood was spilt, not the foolish young patriot.

    • Replies: @Bert
  80. “OK, time to brag in the comments about how you knew it all along …”

    Much better outcome than I forecasted. Mea culpa. I predict poorly; I predict that I shall continue to do so.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  81. @Steve Sailer

    Who has time to sign up as an Antifa? Most of us have regular jobs or family. Where do the Antifa get the money to go and spend all that time in the streets, night after night in city after city? Someone’s bankrolling them. Pretty much, only worthless scumbags would sign up for the job, guys or gals who are looking for trouble, who want to take part in violent confrontations in the street under conditions that guarantee them anonymity and freedom from prosecution.

  82. Kylie says:

    “OK, time to brag in the comments about how you knew it all along and/or apologize to whomever on the jury you had decided were the Bad Guys/Gals.”

    No bragging from here, Steve. Only a profound sense of relief and gratitude that Kyle’s life was not completely ruined by a verdict of guilty. This isn’t the end, of course, it’s just the end of the beginning.

    I’m afraid I can’t take this as flippantly as many of the rest of you here seem to do. A young man, still just a boy in many respects, stood up for what he believed was right and went to the aid and defence of those he believed needed it. I suspect he didn’t really think about himself too much. A teenaged boy who puts on rubber gloves to scrub graffiti off walls, like a housewife doing dishes, does not seem to me to be consumed with an image of himself as a macho warrior. His only real mistake was in thinking he still lived in America– the same mistake many of you here make.

    Nothing further to add except my gratitude toward the jury, who followed the simple but increasingly difficult dictum, let right be done.

  83. Alfa158 says:

    That’s quite possible. They might have been worried that if the deliberations stretched out eventually something unpleasant would happen so they wanted to get the hell off that jury.

  84. mc23 says:

    “defended the city from pogroms”, way to twist the knife

  85. TTSSYF says:

    I figured the jury would be hung or would convict him of some lesser charge in an attempt to split the baby in two. I’m very happy to be proven wrong.

  86. @Gamecock

    He needs to sue the local affiliates as well as the majors because their local talent piled on numerous times. It ought to keep a slew of lawyers employed for some years.

  87. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    Kenosha needs to give The Kid keys to the city, and since BLM and Antifa loves to destroy statues, put up a statue of him with a plaque that states:


  88. One thought I’ve had that I haven’t seen in print. People who condemn Kyle say this, “He shot a guy who was armed with a skateboard. He tried to shoot an unarmed jump kicker. He shot a guy who aimed a pistol at him. Were any of these a deadly threat? Was he in imminent danger of losing his life? If not then he is guilty, guilty, guilty of murder.”

    Well, while it may be true that not one of them would have been a deadly threat if considered in isolation, in fact, they did not occur in isolation, but rather followed one upon the other in the proverbial blink of an eye. Rittenhouse was literally blindsided from all angles. How was he to know from what quarter the next attack would come? How was he to know what weapon the next attacker would wield?

    It’s easy for shitlibs to watch the video after the fact and say that no one was about to attack him or that there were no more serious threats, but how would one who was wincing under the withering blows know that at the time?

    It’s called ” theory of mind”; being able to put yourself in the mind of the person under consideration. And from the perspective of the person under consideration, he regarded himself as under constant attack and that from all sides. In other words, he would have justifiably feared for his life.

    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
    , @Mr Mox
  89. Gamecock says:
    @ginger bread man

    carrying a deadly weapon across state lines

    Wut? There is no such law.

    • Replies: @JR Ewing
  90. Trinity says:

    Mr. Kyle Rittenhouse has went to Hell and back at 17-18 years of age. LAWSUITS ANYONE? It’s Miller Time, Kyle. Good ole Tee Tee gonna cue this one up for Kyle, and his family. And don’t forget the Judge. Here come da Judge, here come da Judge. Good job your Honor. We gonna go back into time here for this one.

    Cue: Do You Wanna Go Party by KC & The Sunshine Band.

  91. joe862 says:
    @R.G. Camara

    I figured acquittal or hung jury. I can’t imagine there’s any chance of getting 12 out of 12 Kenosha residents to convict. They were all scared out of their minds during the riots, their leaders failed them, and this kid essentially ended that. I expect every new dog in Kenosha to be named Rittenhouse for the next 10 years.

  92. Gamecock says:
    @Prester John

    Courage requires choice. Obits claiming a courageous battle against cancer are odd; they had no choice.

    These jurors had a choice. They CHOSE to do the right thing, at great personal risk. They are national heroes.

    • Replies: @Mina Horowitz
  93. Gamecock says:
    @Enemy of Earth

    Feds are politicians. The dead perps were not likeable people. Politicians are going to stay out of this. There is nothing in it for them.

  94. Mark G. says:
    @Dr. X

    Moreover, I am troubled that it took the jury as long as it did to acquit.

    I think they may have immediately known he was not guilty but deliberated a long time to show they weighed all the evidence in order to lessen the possibility of riots a little bit. I think the jury was pretty brave to acquit him since there is a possibility of personal retaliation against them for their decision. I think we should all applaud them for their decision.

  95. @J.Ross

    There’s a lyingpress gibberish whine that this decision begins an era of armed civilians.

    pretty sure we have always been armed civilians

  96. It’s incredible how many people think he shot black guys (because that makes it much worse of course). Almost every person I know who’s talked to me about this case IRL thinks he “murdered peaceful black protestors in cold blood”. I know we live in an Orwellian totalitarian dystopian reality where half or more of the population are plugged into the Matrix, but it’s still shocking to me when you see such a blatant example.

    • Replies: @Veteran Aryan
  97. @Mike Tre

    If Jenner isn’t Corvinus, he uses several of the same devious tricks in argument. They were taught at the same school.

    Corvinus is blunt, but his sockpuppets have to be slippery, because they pretend to be one of us. 4D concern-trolling, as it were.

    • LOL: Gabe Ruth
    • Replies: @Jenner Ickham Errican
  98. @dearieme

    a colonoscopy under anesthesia

    Is that usual in the US? The ones I’ve had they simply used a muscle relaxant: I was conscious throughout.

    Unless things have changed in the 6 years since I had my last one, full anesthesia is normal.

    Side note: if Biden was prepping for the colonoscopy at the time of the pants-sh*tting incident, that would explain it. Anyone who’s gone through that process knows what I mean.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  99. @Richard S

    “acting as a self-described militia ”

    Guardian writers are “self-described journalists.”

    • Replies: @Alice in Wonderland
  100. @Gamecock

    Yes, unlike the Chauvin jurors, although they were under far more pressure. If they had acquitted him as they should’ve, there would certainly have been major riots and their names would have been leaked, they would’ve had to go into witness protection for the rest of their lives.

    • Agree: Gamecock, JR Ewing
  101. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    Who plays Rittenhouse in “The Kenosha Kid” movie?

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  102. @Buzz Mohawk

    Donald Trump, Barry Obama and W. Bush were all such clowns that they could not possibly have flown this airplane themselves either.

    It’s too big for anyone to fly, or teamster, and has been for centuries. There is a reason Lansing and Yates stormed out of the Constitutional Convention, depriving their state of a vote.

  103. @ginger bread man

    Why do I keep seeing this “across state lines” wording? I thought you were allowed to freely move between states in America? Since when do you need a permit or a passport to travel to another state?

  104. Sean says:

    The prosecution case was weak in the face of the video. When the odds are in your favour, play it safe; I did not see the point of risking him in cross examination. If he had spent a little more time on cardio he’d had not needed to shoot anyone. However, if he had killed the flying kick black with his two attempts at in-the-back shots, then Rittenhouse would have likely been convicted, and even if not certainly would be facing Federal civil rights charges.

    • Replies: @Ralph L
  105. jill says:

    Drew Hernandez

    Never forget it was the rioters who showed up to Kenosha with rifles first getting into a stand off with police

    I filmed this 2 days before KR showed up to Kenosha on the first night they began to riot

    • Thanks: Almost Missouri
    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Corvinus
  106. JimDandy says:

    There wasn’t much traction for rioting in Chicago over this, but a Rabbi made sure to organize a protest for tonight, because, of course, this verdict was a slap in the face to Jews.

    • LOL: Gamecock
  107. Kirt says:

    Based on my own experience, I think it’s usual in the US now, but wasn’t a decade or so ago.

  108. AceDeuce says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Kamala is no Edith Wilson.

    Edith Wilson? She’s not even Edith Bunker.

    • Thanks: Gamecock
    • LOL: Voltarde

    You know what, America ain’t all that bad after all. Then again, this ruling means we can’t just kill people because we don’t like them and they aren’t allowed to defend themselves (i.e. the goal of “Boy-lover”-Baum and Gage “Caught in the Cross-sights”kreutz” had when they went to kill Rittenhouse) , which is a sacrifice I suppose must be made.

  110. @Muggles

    Someone ought to buy him a Brownells WWSD Civilian Defense Rifle (CDR), since he lives in Wisconson and not the People’s Republic of Illinois.


    • LOL: Gordo, Rob McX
    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  112. @John Gruskos

    And the prosecutor should start doing his damn job, and charge them all to the full extent of the law.

    Huh? The prosecutor himself should be charged to the full extent of the law.

    He’s another Nifong.

  113. meh says:
    @American Citizen

    Just keep in mind when the Left loses a fight, like this one, they double down harder on the next one.

    Whereas the Right will declare victory and go back to sleep.

  114. @dearieme

    Is [performing a colonoscopy under anesthesia] usual in the US?

    Yes, it is usual. Although danger is inherent in any use of anesthesia, it is outweighed by the far from insignificant risk of death that is present in every colonoscopy. Since it is critically important for the patient’s safety that he or she lie absolutely still while the colonoscope is inside, the use of anesthesia is widely deemed essential. As advanced age is a complicating factor in any invasive medical procedure, using anesthesia for a colonoscopy on Biden or someone of similar age (someone like me, alas) is all the more advisable.

    • Thanks: Dan Hayes
  115. @Gamecock

    Everything said in court is privileged from any kind of defamation claim. False statements by witnesses who are under oath would be perjury. In theory, he could sue the state for malicious prosecution (i.e., bring a totally baseless claim) but that wouldn’t work here as he did admittedly shoot three people so that’s enough to at least bring a charge.

    The lawyers aren’t under oath, so any misconduct by them would normally be dealt with as a state bar disciplinary matter.

    However, if the prosecutorial misconduct is really sever it can amount to a criminal violation. That’s pretty much unheard of, but it did happen in the aftermath of the Duke Lacrosse debacle:

    Michael Byron Nifong (born September 14, 1950) is an American former North Carolina attorney, who has been disbarred.[2] He served as the district attorney for Durham County, North Carolina until he was removed, disbarred and jailed following court findings concerning his conduct in the Duke lacrosse case, primarily his conspiring with the DNA lab director to withhold exculpatory DNA evidence that could have acquitted the defendants.

    • Replies: @Hangnail Hans
    , @Bill B.
  116. “While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken.”

    Translation with two possible answers:

    A. Pelosi informed us recently, as well as our own internal polls, that we could very likely lose both houses of Congress next year (on the scale of 1994, and 2010 to be exact). Therefore it’s good to start campaigning early with a voice of moderation and reason. While our base (BLM, Woke, Antifa, etc) will have a hard time understanding this, ultimately in the long run it just may help us prevent the loss of about 10 Congressional House seats. Also, WI was very, very close in 2020, so it doesn’t do any good to bash WI-ites as a whole. Those cheeseheads have a long memory. Holding onto the house just may depend on Rust Belt states such as WI.

    B. We have bigger fish to fry. Sure, we could play hardball and have Garland indict Rittenhouse based on the fact that the two dead dudes civil rights were in fact violated, but what would that gain? After all, the two dead dudes were not people of color, and so they’re expendable. The BIGGER fish we have to fry, and of course to pacify our base, would be to make sure that a guilty verdict in the Arbery and Charlottesville cases are given (akin to George Floyd, and Arbery = Floyd in the eyes of our base). So rest assured, by downplaying Rittenhouse, we DO expect to win the Arbery case come hook or crook. Then next year on the campaign trail we can play up the fact that justice for Arbery was served. Hopefully enough of our base will come out and support our candidates at the ballot box.

    C. Both of the above.

    Answer: C. Both answers.

    • Agree: Mark G.
  117. magilla says:
    @Richard S

    The trial was seen as a test case for the US, as it appeared to illustrate contrasting attitudes of law enforcement when confronted with white men or teens who claimed to be acting as vigilante-style informal security personnel, armed with assault rifles, and Black members of the public or those protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Sure, OK. I must have missed the cops rounding the hundreds of armed black members of the NFAC when they marched openly carrying guns in multiple cities and states in 2020.

    And I thought he’d end up with a hung jury.

  118. @Alfa158

    Honestly props to the holdouts for finally conceding to justice. They could have hung on for a hung jury and been left wing mini celebs for a couple of weeks.

    • Replies: @JerseyJeffersonian
  119. @Steve Sailer

    I also noticed a fair number of German names among Portland and Seattle antifa. Antifa seems like a movement that appeals to northern meth heads who have had bad experiences with the cops. Many of those kind of people have German names.

    Portland/Seattle is more Nordic than German.

    I haven’t noticed any commonality with the names.

    The common factor is that they look like deranged street addicts. So you could be on to something with the meth. They also seem to have a lot of gender flexible members.

    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
  120. @Hypnotoad666

    Yeah, he spent one entire night in a holding pen. Now that’s what I call a deterrent! Imagine (as always) if the races were reversed. For deliberately railroading innocent black defendants like that? He’d be in prison for life. America’s cities would have been on fire. Every politician from the president on down would have sounded off. And, to say the least, the college community wouldn’t have been calling for this:

  121. Danindc says:

    Lol well done Steve. Kaepernick may be the most miserable pos in this country…BUT he was a hair’s breadth away from being Super Bowl MVP. It was strange how quickly he fell off or NFL defenses figured him out. Probably the latter.

  122. @Forbes

    Forbes, love your term “weathervane politician.”

  123. The system works.


    The system throws us a few crumbs now and then, the better to persuade us that we don’t need to proceed to MacheteCon 3.

    Every time I see rubes whooping it up over some recent ‘victory’ for ‘justice’, I’m reminded of Banquo’s response to the apparent fruition of the witches’ prediction for Macbeth:

    But ’tis strange.
    And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
    The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
    Win us with honest trifles, to betray ‘s
    In deepest consequence

    My current forecast is that the Feds will try to confect a case against the kid. Even if it’s a shit case, they can keep it on foot for longer than Rittenhouse can keep raising money.

    There will also be chancers that emerge from the woodwork to launch civil actions on behalf of the people who got shot (or their next of kin).

    This shitfest isn’t over for the kid. Not by a long shot.


    Likewise, in Victoria (Straya) there is currently some jubilation that Chairman Dan (the local Gauleiter) will fail to get his Ermächtigungsgesetz through the Upper House of the State parliament.

    At present it’s 20-20 in the Upper House: Andrews simply needs to get one cross-bencher to switch. That means the crossbencher needs to be compensated enough to be prepared to risk electoral backlash – a minor party person with no real prospect of having a long enough tenure to get a politician’s pension (or alternatively someone who is already qualified for the politicians’ pension, which is 50% of the current base salary of \$187k after 8 years; rising to 75% after 18 years).

    At a national level, there is also a premature-ejaculation-fest because (at least) two Coalition senators have indicated that they will refuse to vote in support of any legislation that imposes restrictions on the unjabbed (which has led to one of the Senate crossbench parties declaring likewise). The Coalition government needs all its numbers, and the support of the cross-bench, to pass any legislation.

    To which I say – again – keep it in your pants: they will betray you the moment their offer is met.

    • Agree: JMcG
    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
    , @Nicholas Stix
  124. @Farenheit

    Now comes the lifelong friendship with Nick Sandmann, frolicking on the beach with millions of dollars of the lying press’ money in the bank🤑🤑🤑

    Mr Sandmann, bring me your sharks,
    Let’s litigate these hierarchs.
    Give them the word that I’m not a catamite
    Do to their edifice what Mohammed Atta might!

    Sandmann, I’m so alone
    Don’t have a life to call my own
    Please recall your legal team
    Mr. Sandmann, bring me a dream!


    Ken-osha, Ken-osha
    A son has brought you fame
    Kyle Rittenhouse is his name…

    Kyle saw Daddy’s town burn down
    From twenty miles away.
    He left his Glock in Antioch
    To scrub grafitti without pay,
    But then got caught up in the fray.

    A child-molesting mental case
    Grabbed his AR-15
    But Kyle was apt to have it strapped,
    And gave it to him in the spleen.
    Now Rosenbaum is under green.

    Ken-osha, Ken-osha
    A son has brought you fame
    Kyle Rittenhouse is his name…

    The originals:


    (Note the Wisconsinite reference in the final chorus.)

    (Waukegan is Kyle’s county seat.)

  125. @Voltarde

    For the umpteenth time, it’s NOT the job of the union cops to provide protection services. Officially, they get their cuts of gov spending for bringing in (hopefully alive) those accused of real wrongdoing. Self/mutual protection is what #2 is all about.

    This whole legal theory about how crossing state lines activates a federal jurisdiction is a big load of big government (FBI!), lawyer-crap. If a murderer/victim kills/dies while standing on/off the line running through Cal-Neva, it shouldn’t be that hard to decide which state gets to prosecute. Flip a darn coin, for all I care.

    Kyle should open a private, armed security service. Ritt’s Raiders, Kyle’s Killers or something. His civil lawyers should now be closely reviewing every minute of broadcast news coverage, every newspaper story, tweet, etc. since the justifiable shooting.

    Finally, there’s has been no reporting lately (since the early days?) about how Kyle was a student at a crappy, IL public high school. Dated reports say that he would often skip school so as load up on participation in a Youth Police Cadet program. He knew a waste of time/life when he saw it. Kyle is wise beyond his years. And that HS should be re-named in his honor, with a statue of him sitting while pointing an AR-15 placed out front.

    That response-tweet to Kumpernick was spot-on.

    • Replies: @Rob
  126. The only way to gild this lily is for Judge (Based Boomer) Schroeder to grant the defense motion for a mistrial with prejudice now.

  127. @Barnard

    Barnard, I wonder WHO the proctologist saw when he looked up joe’s bung

  128. RobinG says:
    @Joe Magarac

    Biden’s statement…. is reasonably OK

    HELL NO !!
    Perhaps not directly incendiary, this, “… Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included..” keeps the unjustified resentment smoldering. Biden is a cad, stoking the divisions in this country while pretending to soothe them. His original statement wasn’t that bad, if it was reported correctly, so if this was written by staff I’m a smidge less disgusted by “the Big Guy.” (How much is a smidge? Less than a cunt hair.)

  129. @Mina Horowitz

    Crossing state lines to riot or incite a riot is a federal crime. This was passed in the 1960s if I am correct. This was the law used to prosecute the Chicago 7. In effect it was to railroad them.

    So yes, crossing state lines does make a difference.

  130. @Mina Horowitz

    And from the same people who think the Civil War ended the whole concept of “states” and we’re all just one big happy Union. They want to dismantle families, too, so as to have nothing intervene between the all-powerful Federal Govt and the naked, isolated individual.

    Who/whom. Every. Single. Time.

    Just like, the same people are “imagine no borders” when it comes to immigrants, but “Russian interference” and “Trump’s a traitor” when it comes to, well, Trump.

    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
    , @JR Ewing
  131. OT: Mainstream tank thinkers may be waking up to the importance of Steve’s theory of “Affordable Family Formation.” AEI has come out with a report chock full of fertility and family formation survey data. As the executive summary notes:

    “[T]here is marked polarization in desires related to marriage and childbearing by income, religious attendance, and partisanship as COVID-19 abates. . . . , three ingredients have emerged as signally important for family formation in the United States: money, hope, and a deep dedication to family. And the rich, the religious, and Republicans are generally more likely to possess one or more of these ingredients, compared to their lower-income, secular, and Democrat/Independent-affiliated fellow citizens. ”

  132. @Paleo Liberal

    A good thing we have this “law” to protect us. Otherwise, violent mutants would be travelling across the country, rioting in dozens of cities.

    • Agree: fish
  133. Wait, no posts by Corvinus or the various sock puppets of Tiny Duck?

    They must be having a bad day…

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Mr Mox
  134. @James J O'Meara

    “acting as a self-described militia ”

    isn’t that redundant?

    if they are armed but not officials, they are militia.

    militia = armed citizens

    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
  135. Paul Rise says:

    I dony believe I proclaimed it here, but I had decided that the jury had fairly quickly decided to convict him on the first death only, and had only broken down on the issue of sentencing recommendation.

    And I thought this not because I thought his case was weak but because I have become cynical about everything.

    I’m happy for the Kenosha Kid but I wonder if the mob will accept the verdict.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  136. Thea says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    They both need to marry beautiful women and have many many babies. This 1.5 children per woman is killing us. The politics of it all doesn’t matter if some other group is the one here to profit from it.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  137. JimB says:

    President Biden’s statement this afternoon is quite different from Candidate Biden’s statement after the first of three nights of rioting in Kenosha that the teen marksman finally shut down.

    Kyle did more than shut down the street violence in Kenosha. He walked out of the Kenosha court room with Antifa’s balls in his back pocket. Antifa really hasn’t been the same since Kyle took away their feeling of invulnerability. Now they know that, not only might their victims actually shoot them, fed up jurors might let the shooters get away with it.

    And to think this all started in Berkeley, when Antifa rioted over Milo speaking at the student union and the University police were told not to intervene. It was a dry run for Antifa violence in blue states across the nation.

    • Thanks: Negrolphin Pool
    • Replies: @Daniel Williams
  138. notsaying says:

    I didn’t follow the trial really. As I said here before, I don’t think Kyle Rittenhouse should have been there that night. I sure don’t think a 17 year old should have brought a gun.

    But not to forget other important things: As I also said earlier, I am very dissatisfied that nobody has looked into who was rioting (not protesting; I mean specifically the travelling troublemakers) last year and who was behind them. Who was paying their expenses and deciding where they should go and what were their goals? All mysteries that should be pursued and answered. Some of those people should be charged.

    If Jacob Blake hadn’t caused a ruckus at his ex’s place, hadn’t had a criminal record and had listened to cops, none of the violence in Kenosha would have happened. Does that idiot even have any regrets for anything or does he just blame others for everything?

    I cannot deny that the people saying this verdict may encourage others to take guns to protests and then claim self defense if they use them have a point. They do. Not doing anything about last year’s violent leftists also encourages future violence.

    I think all lives matter; always have, always will.

  139. While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken.

    Different in that the first statement was high dudgeon indignation, this was grudging and mean-spirited.

    He’s still a POS.

    Kameltoe said something nasty as well. They hate us and think that we’re terrorists.

  140. @Technite78

    Wait, no posts by Corvinus or the various sock puppets of Tiny Duck?

    The Crow is busy with his own sock puppets.

  141. @Yojimbo/Zatoichi


    Diversity, Inclusion, Equity Youth Team

    DIE YT

  142. @Paleo Liberal

    Crossing state lines to riot or incite a riot is a federal crime.

    Then every traveling BLM, Antifa, and SJW protestor in 2020 committed federal crimes. They crossed many state lines in pursuit of more riots.

  143. JimDandy says:

    Serious question: who cares what you think Kyle should or shouldn’t have done? How is that germane? What possible importance do your feelings have in this conversation?

    You wrote:

    “But not to forget other important things: ”

    And then you went on to forget the most important thing: Kyle was found innocent of those charges because the facts PROVED he was innocent of those charges. He never SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGED WITH THOSE CRIMES IN THE FIRST PLACE!

    This kid’s life was hanging int he balance because of MISGUIDED EMOTIONAL BULLSHIT. You do nothing good when you shovel your own on top of this disgusting dumpster of flaming crap.

  144. I watched Colin Kaepernick’s show Black and White and afterward I thought that he had a much better time in high school than I did as a white kid.

  145. @Kratoklastes

    My current forecast is that the Feds will try to confect a case against the kid. Even if it’s a shit case, they can keep it on foot for longer than Rittenhouse can keep raising money.

    If you mean go after him for an attempted so-called “straw man” purchase of a firearm, maybe that could be the impetus for getting rid of the law.

    What makes the “straw purchaser” law effective is because before the Gun Control Act of 1968, firearms did not require serial numbers. The cosmopolitan gun controller is always at work trying to create seemingly innocuous laws that they claim is only to enhance “gun safety.” Serial numbers make tracking and registration of firearms a lot easier. That’s why I laugh when non-USA commentators state they got guns and ammo too. Yeah, they are all REGISTERED.

    Nobody wants their gun registered, no matter how many political push-polls they make. The “straw purchaser” law is intended to make firearms easier for the government find, through ATF records.

    American OTA televison must be under standing orders such that any scripted program must refer to a ‘legal’ gun as being REGISTERED. Last week’s CBS’ SWAT program did that last week.

    The law should be changed so that the crime is knowingly transfer a firearm to a prohibited individual.

    And speaking of cosmopolitan gun controllers, the IL Supreme Court just let stand Deerfield, IL’s so-called “assault weapon ban.”

  146. @notsaying

    I think all lives matter; always have, always will.

    That is easily proven to be false. Every civilized society considers the lives of murderers, rapists, and other degenerates to be expendable.

  147. @ThreeCranes

    The entire 2 minutes and 55 seconds that Rittenhouse was fleeing attackers was prelude to what self-defense expert Rory Miller terms the group monkey dance, which he identifies as the single most dangerous self-defense situation. The name comes from the observation that adrenalized thugs acting in a group often lose what higher cognitive function they may have had and revert to simian-like instinct, taking cues from the other members of the group, who are stomping the sht out of a probable threat to the group.

    This particular group monkey dance also featured armed monkeys. If Kyle would not have shot his assailants, there is a significant chance he would have been killed.

    • Agree: ThreeCranes
  148. @Yojimbo/Zatoichi

    Then there’s:

    D. If Biden encourages another riot, what if 1,000 Americans come out with AR-15s come out to protect their homes and businesses?

    • Replies: @Yojimbo/Zatoichi
  149. OUTRAGE.

    Pure evil.

    Yuou win this battle but we will win the war

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  150. Hodag says:

    It was a damn close run thing. I thought it was a terrible idea to put Rittenhouse on the stand. However his attorney is a local who has been doing it forever so I go with him.

  151. e says:

    No, they didn’t win.

    What they are trying to do now is use the “white supremacist who crossed state lines with a gun” meme to attack gun ownership.

    I’ve been thinking since last summer’s riots that I should own a gun and learn how to use it. My nephew has suggested that for years.

    This week, in watching a person attacked by the Left for defending himself and doing so with an AR 15, I decided it was indeed time that at age 73 I visit the local gun shop next week to purchase a gun.

    I am guessing there are many like me.

  152. @Muggles

    Weren’t the three blm antifas that Kyle shot Jews? Isn’t that why the mainstream press is so upset that he got away with it? To many American Jews, what Kyle did looks very much like a pogrom. The ethnic German judge presiding over the trial didn’t help.

  153. @John Milton’s Ghost

    Agree. This is gonna be my second favorite media day after the Trump 2016 victory.

    • Agree: RobinG
  154. Mr. Anon says:

    This whole “crossing state lines” stuff is nonsense. What? Is it now illegal to cross state lines? Is interstate travel somehow suspect? More importantly the wide-spread use of this phrase by the establishment press indicates that it is scripted propaganda. All these talking heads are using it for a reason. Probably to meme into existence a crime where there was none before, and to expand federal jurisdiction.

    It is no secret that the technocratic class and their plutocratic masters are pushing “defund the police” in order to weaken local control over law enforcement. The police won’t go away, they will just become federalized – MVD troops controlled by the central government.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @Jack D
    , @Dan
  155. @Barnard

    The chyron on MSNBC’s reporting of the verdict read, “Shooter at BLM Rally Acquitted of Killing Two.” They surely live in a universe of massive delusion.

  156. BTW,looks like they’ve made arrests in the Young Dolph case.

  157. Mr. Anon says:

    a colonoscopy under anesthesia

    Is that usual in the US? The ones I’ve had they simply used a muscle relaxant: I was conscious throughout.

    It is, although as far as I know they only shoot you full of Versed or Propafol, they don’t intubate you and use gas.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
  158. slumber_j says:
    @Richard S

    When was he part of a “self-described militia”? More fodder for the lawsuit mill if I’m not mistaken, and British libel laws are a whole lot friendlier to the plaintiff.

  159. @Thea

    They both need to marry beautiful women and have many many babies. This 1.5 children per woman is killing us.

    Sandmann is set for life and is a faithful Catholic. He could cover both their numbers. Hope he hooks up at the next March for Life.

    Also, both young men seem mature for their age. Is that at all attractive to today’s women? Or are they Liberaces, the kind momma adores but girls gag at?

    • Replies: @Thea
  160. @James J O'Meara

    Life’s short date has me pondering lately how to quickly distinguish between the merely duped and the hardline cultist. From experience, the latter are unreachable and, like sleeping dogs, best left alone to lie.

    You hit on one near-perfect indicator of the leftist fanatic: an impetuous and radical incoherence.

  161. Mr. Anon says:

    I didn’t follow the trial really. As I said here before, I don’t think Kyle Rittenhouse should have been there that night. I sure don’t think a 17 year old should have brought a gun.

    Why not? He could have been patrolling the streets as a member of the National Guard at that age. If the governor had seen fit to despatch the Guard to quell the riots (which he didn’t) or if the local police and sheriffs were defending the town itself, rather than government buildings, he might not have felt the need to be out there.

    The summer of 2020 saw local governments all across the country retreat from the streets and let their cities burn. So people started forming their own militias – you know, like they did in Lexington and Concord.

  162. @bombthe3gorgesdam

    “Weren’t the three blm antifas that Kyle shot Jews?”


    Wisconsin really does have a sizable number of German-Americans who aren’t terribly Jewish.

  163. @dearieme

    a colonoscopy under anesthesia

    Is that usual in the US? The ones I’ve had they simply used a muscle relaxant: I was conscious throughout.

    In procedures like colonoscopy and cataract surgery, where the patient needs to be semiconscious so he can cooperate and/or communicate with the medical team but also be heavily sedated so he will feel no pain and not make any sudden movements, it is standard procedure to provide an intravenous drip of a powerful opioid, such as Fentanyl, along with a powerful sedative/muscle relaxant, such as diazepam. The sedative has the added effect of interfering with short term memory storage so the patient will have little recollection of the procedure.

    Over the past twenty years I’ve had two colonoscopies and two separate cataract surgeries (one for each eye). All four were in hospitals affiliated with Harvard Medical School and the sedation experience was very similar in all.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @rebel yell
  164. Jack D says:

    Weren’t the three blm antifas that Kyle shot Jews?

    No, no, for the thousandth time, no.

    Isn’t that why the mainstream press is so upset that he got away with it?

    No again.

  165. @ThreeCranes

    Pretty much, only worthless scumbags would sign up for the job, guys or gals who are looking for trouble, who want to take part in violent confrontations in the street under conditions that guarantee them anonymity and freedom from prosecution.

    That’s an excellent description of Nazi Brown Shirts, i.e. Hitler’s SA.

    • Replies: @Peter Lund
    , @J.Ross
  166. Dan Hayes says:

    Very good point about the significant nonmacho projection of the rubber globes!

    • Thanks: Kylie
    • Replies: @Mike Tre
  167. Hibernian says:
    @Mr. Anon

    It’s amazing how the Left can go all neo-Confederate when it suits their purposes. A citizen of Illinois going to Wisconsin looking for trouble! All of 20 miles away!

    • Replies: @Hamlet's Ghost
  168. Thea says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    I hope young women like such men. But you may be right that there is a generation gap.

  169. JimDandy says:

    Initially some Jewish publications identified some of them as Jewish, but they must have just been mistaken, I guess. Why was the protest in Chicago tonight organized by a Rabbi? Simply because Kyle’s acquittal was in defiance of Jewish wishes, I guess.

  170. Anon[266] • Disclaimer says:

    Biden and Kaepernick, such despicable POS’s. In any decent country they would be working as, at best .. I was going to say janitor, but janitors are honorable people.

  171. @Samson700

    Tomorrow’s Google Doodle…

    …if we weren’t in clownworld.

    • Thanks: David
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  172. Dan Hayes says:
    @Rex Little

    Prepping would have occurred within the previous 12 hours.

  173. @Richard S

    There’s no political purpose to more riots, the election is over.

    Huh? We’re halfway to the next one already.

  174. Imagine the surprise for the jury when they found out after the fact that the criminals that were shot were child rapists and wife beaters and weren’t told this when they were to consider all this so they wouldn’t know the truth. I’d feel grateful were I one of them having found him not guilty.

  175. JimDandy says:
    @Paul Rise

    The more I think about “the mob” the more I think it doesn’t really have much power on its own. “The mob” is an anti-American weapon that is almost entirely controlled.

  176. @gutta percha

    Much better outcome than I forecasted. Mea culpa. I predict poorly; I predict that I shall continue to do so.

    I stopped predicting politics– including this trial– 30 years ago, when I was wrong about Tiananmen. Better to be prepared for any possibility.

    • Replies: @Jenner Ickham Errican
  177. Rob says:

    Hey, I’m sure I’m not the first to think of this, but here’s a semi-objective test for whether Hunter* Biden’s paintings are purchased with an eye towards goodwill from POTUS.

    What do they re-sell for? I’m sure someone artsy can come up with a mean (arithmetic or geometric) for what artwork for an artist of Hunter’s caliber (judged not by merit, but by initial selling prices) appreciates or depreciates over a one, two, five, etc year span. If Hunter’s art crashes in value when the money does not go to the President’s son, does that not imply that the purchasers are trying to curry favor?

    Also, what happened to the prices for his works during Joe’s political fallow period of 2016 to 2018 or so, back before the power brokers cleared the primary field for him? If Hunter’s art appears to change value based on the net present value of JR’s political fortunes rather than the art market, does that not imply that buyers are trying to bribe the President? I’m not accusing Hunter of misbehavior. He’s entitled to earn a living.


    If a couple of buyers of Hunter’s work got raked over the coals by the totally-independent and non-political Justice Department, that might discourage further favor-currying, leaving Hunter’s work to speak for itself. Hell, the Justice Department does not even have to be involved. If Fox News just picks a random Democratic Party associate and does a two-minute hate every day of his Rushin ties and buying Hunter’s stuff for political influence, then wouldn’t the justice department have to investigate?

    It seems to me that the buyers of his art should be publicly available. When people buy his art and he knows who it is, but we don’t how do we know that they aren’t buying it with Putin’s rubles? Like, maybe Putin is bribing Biden through his son to throw the 2024 election! I’m not saying this is likely, but it is possible. It’s not enough that the FBI knows who buys his work, only through crowdsourcing can we uncover every Rushin mistress of every buyer.

    Like what if there were an Iron Dossier documenting allegations and rumors of the Kremlin ties of people buying Hunter’s stuff? That’s Rooshen interference in our political process. That has to be investigated, does it not?

    *What kind of sick man names his newborn child after the bullet-rape of innocent animals? Wild animals are the number one victims of non-black gun violence. JR Biden should be ashamed of himself!

  178. Jack D says:
    @Mr. Anon

    It was part of the prosecution’s case that Rittenhouse was a “chaos tourist” who had come to town looking for trouble. This (like much of their case) was false – Kyle had significant connections to Kenosha – his father was from there, grandmother, etc.

    The judge in this case is praised for being strict but he really let a lot of stuff in that should not have been allowed to influence the jury. The “provocation” video was a joke. The judge admitted that he personally couldn’t make out anything from the blurs and blobs but he said that he would leave it to the jury. It all worked out well but they really shouldn’t have been allowed to look at something that was basically a Rorschach blot and not actual photographic evidences. Fortunately, what they projected onto those blurs was not the prosecution’s imaginary view of the case.

    • Agree: ic1000
  179. @Steve Sailer

    The terrorist drunk who firebombed the Tacoma ICE facility, Willem Van Spronsen, was a Dutch national. Not an American of Dutch ancestry, but a born-in-Netherlands radical. Naturally, his true origins have been completely scrubbed by our media. He was just a “Tacoma man” who hung around Antifa and played the ghee-tar!

  180. Jack D says:
    @Patrick in SC

    Rittenhouse took the stand and explained himself as if he had nothing to hide.

    I saw Rittenhouse’s lawyer on the Cuomo show on CNN tonight (not something I normally watch but my 99 yr old mother in law does. At ear shattering volume – my eardrums still hurt.)

    Rittenhouse did a lot of crowd sourced fundraising and had enough \$ to spend on an adequate defense. Chauvin had the guy that the police union gives you when a cop has had a few too many beers and gets pulled over. One of the things that they did was convene a mock jury . They put Kyle on the stand and had him cross examined by an ex-prosecutor. The jury scored the case in favor of Kyle much more strongly when he testified than when he didn’t so they decided to put him on the stand.

    The lawyer also indicated that he (unlike some people here – he says that he is non-political) wasn’t sure what would happen and had prepared Kyle for the worst this morning. He told him that either he would walk out of that court house a free man or else he was not going to see the light of day for many years.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @Sean
  181. Bill B. says:

    Richards criticized the prosecution’s decision to place brothers Anmol “Sam” and Sahil Khindri on the witness stand, who he claimed lied about the events that took place. The lead defense attorney said the police reports provided by Detectives Martin Howard and Ben Antaramian claimed that the two witnesses were lying.

    “I never went after somebody like they did. And when they put on the Khindri brothers, knowing they were lying, that is a problem…You’re playing with an 18-year-old’s life and they were willing to put those guys on,” Richards said. “They put them on, they knew they were lying, and that’s garbage.”

  182. Dan Hayes says:
    @Jack D

    Chauvin’s lawyer was doing fairly well until he was forced into the pharmacology thicket!

  183. JimDandy says:

    “(W)hile to some people here who get their information only from conservative media it seems like Rittenhouse is utterly and clearly innocent (while MSM devotees see him as guilty, guilty, guilty for the same reason), the jury has a more nuanced picture.”
    –Jack D

    Never forget.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  184. @Mina Horowitz

    Almost every person I know who’s talked to me about this case IRL thinks he “murdered peaceful black protestors in cold blood”.

    To which I like to respond “Say their names.”

    • Thanks: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Alden
  185. @JimB

    This is correct. The lesson here is that rioting is a dangerous activity.

    People who are on the fence about participating in one must now weigh the possibility that they’ll be shot while “protesting”. Many will decide it isn’t worth the risk.

  186. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    I have to admit, I’m enjoying the thought of another round of massive riots, looting, and burning in Democratic cities. Businesses will be destroyed, whites will flee the cities even more, the tax base of Democratic politicians will be further ruined, and all because disgusting libturds in the media and politics decided to grandstand and lie about basic right and wrong.

    The more their Democratic pets loot and burn, the more of a vise you clamp down on the balls of their white enablers.

    What’s more, riots will only disillusion more voters and turn them against Biden. HAHAHAHAHA. Midterms are going to be wonderful for Republicans after the next big chimpout.

    • Replies: @Alden
  187. Alfa158 says:
    @Ebony Obelisk

    Ah, classic Duck including the trademark little wink to let us know how he is, in this case, the “Yuou”.

  188. Alden says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Wasn’t his car. He stole it from baby momma. Was starting to drive away when police arrived. Was delayed by the kids being scared and upset. Robbery not theft because he took the car keys from baby mamma’s person. Not clear if all the kids were his.

    Most probably drugged on an upper that made him very belligerent. When blacks get like that reality disappears. They really are toddlers emotionally. Or think they’re Superman. And they love, love love to show off make a spectacle of themselves and get a lot of attention.

    Read any book on infant and early childhood development. You will understand blacks. Emotional age about 2o months to 4 years.

    • Agree: fish, magilla
    • Replies: @Big Bill
  189. Ralph L says:

    His lawyer said they had two mock trials/juries, one with KR testifying that acquitted, the other didn’t.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  190. TWS says:

    Soros backed groups. Seriously, he did less damage to society when he worked for mustache guy.

  191. There will be no riots. Why? Because riots are not spontaneous. Anyone who thinks they are has not been paying attention. Riots must be bought and paid for. Last year’s riots had a purpose, the eviction of Trump. Trump’s gone. Job done. (Acthully, ironically, technically, the riots helped Trump win, but that’s another story) Dust off the hands. You know who is not going to shell out for no Rittenhouse riots. What for? He got what he wanted.

    When you’re in the middle of the fray, even if its an online fray, and things are happening fast, it’s hard to remember that somebody is always paying for them, spontaneously combustible as they may seem. It would behoove any clueful person to take a deep breath and remember to think “Wha’ de money?” at all passes and junctures.

    • Agree: JimDandy
  192. Anon[899] • Disclaimer says:

    a colonoscopy under anesthesia

    Is that usual in the US? The ones I’ve had they simply used a muscle relaxant: I was conscious throughout.

    In Japan I’ve had a couple of colonoscopies, and I didn’t get any sort of pill or shot or IV. The first was really … uncomfortable, more than painful, and I audibly expressed that in yells and squawks. I limped home and was sore the next day. The second one was at a large “Colonoscopies R Us” hospital, where that is all the staff does, 24/7, so I think the guy was simply more skillful and, it wasn’t so uncomfortable. He had me reposition myself a couple of times, something that would have been difficult for them to do if I was under anesthesia.

    • Replies: @Dan
  193. Alden says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    I doubt lawsuits by families of the deceased. At 18, Kyle has no money. And none of the deceased had any projected future earnings And private practice attorneys don’t take on cases with a defendant that has nothing.

    The DOJ I think will find something.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  194. Roger says:
    @Patrick in SC

    Another difference is that the Chauvin trial was dominated by expert testimony. That favored the prosecution. The Rittenhouse jurors could make up their own minds, based on looking at recordings.

  195. @Reg Cæsar


    With apologies to Lewis Carroll

    ‘Twas chillig, and the commie chodes
    Did riot and arson in the nabe:
    All flimsy were the LEO-toads,
    And Kenosha outraged.

    “Beware the Antifwock, my son!
    The perps that lie, for you to catch!
    Beware the Byecep bird, and shun
    The slanderous Bingersnatch!”

    He took his ARpal sword in hand;
    Long time the manky foe did thwart—
    So rested he by the dealeree
    And stood awhile in thought.

    And, as in uffish thought he stood,
    The Antifwock, that makes all flame,
    Came rioting through Kenosha street,
    And blustered as it came.

    One, two! One, two! And through and through
    The ARpal shaft went clicker-crack!
    He left it dead, and kept his head
    And went galumphing back.

    “And hast thou slain the Antifwock?
    Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
    He chortled in his joy.

    ‘Twas chillig, and the commie chodes
    Did riot and arson in the nabe:
    All flimsy were the LEO-toads,
    And Kenosha outraged.

    • Thanks: RobinG
  196. Rob says:

    Ritt’s Raiders, Kyle’s Killers or something.

    RittenHouse Patrol.

  197. Roger says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Yes, they could be prosecuted for a straw purchase. But it is a gray area, as Black retained the gun at his house.

    • Replies: @Alden
  198. @Ralph L

    Sounds expensive but useful.

  199. anon[636] • Disclaimer says:

    Steve, sometimes the Good Guys/Bad Guys formulation isn’t simplistic, it’s elegant.

    The three commie scum who attacked Hero Kyle were genuinely bad guys.

    Kyle Rittenhouse is genuinely a good guy who plainly acted in self-defense and the Anti-White Regime tried desperately to railroad into prison, purely for its demoralizing effect on SaneWhite America.

    It’s helpful to clear the view of the battlefield.

  200. Alden says:

    Agree google is about as good as it gets. I seldom use it for like political research but ordinary things. For history including very obscure things, google is amazing.

    Google rules.

  201. @bombthe3gorgesdam

    As Jack D has pointed out many times they were not Jewish and there is a large overlap of Gentile German and Jewish German names.
    But more importantly when should we give Jews a hard time?
    1. Specifically Jewish organizations with a bad and Jewish branded agenda should be criticized – the ADL, AIPAC, SPLC, NYT. Call them out as bad Jews. It’s no different than calling out the Nation of Islam as bad blacks, the KKK as bad southern whites, the Mafia as bad Italians, the IRA as bad Irish, and of course Swedes as total idiots.
    2. Jewish group stereotypes- call them out as bad. If southern whites on average are fat and stupid, call them out. If blacks on average are lazy and criminal, call them out. If Mexicans litter, call them out. In the case of Jews, they are appear to be overly argumentative and prone to behind the scenes machinations (conniving sons of bitches). Correct me if I am wrong on this.
    3. Jewish history – criticize it. Jews have a history like anybody else, with good and bad impact on the rest of us. Southerners have a history open to criticism. So do Aztecs and Frenchmen. So do Jews.
    4. Individual Jews – off limits. Every individual should be taken as you find him and treated fairly. No individual should be judged by the group he belongs to. Meet a man openly, think the best of him, and take it from there. If you can’t do this you are less than a man yourself. That is the American way.
    5. “Jews” as an absolute – don’t exist. Don’t get dogmatic or ideological about Jews, blacks, hillbillies, wasps, etc. Groups are never more than a group average with lots of overlap, fuzzy edges, and widely varying individuals.

  202. @Almost Missouri

    “The ARpal shaft went clicker-crack!” — excellent stuff, AM.

  203. Alden says:
    @S. Anonyia

    The people here, on UNZ, the misogynist woman hating MEN OF UNZ criticized the mask wearers because the mask wearers are woman and the MEN OF UNZ hate all women and everything we do, say and wear. UNZ is group therapy for some very weird strange men

    As soon as DK posted that fourth hand hearsay rumor that 2-4 karens were arguing for conviction; the We Hate Women Fest exploded as usual. Shorter but as ferocious as the rejoicing that went on when 18 year old White woman Tessa Majors was murdered by 3 black 13 year old boys. The MEN OF UNZ were happy White woman Tessa was killed.

  204. RobinG says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    Yup. I’ve had more colonoscopies than I care to remember, including one where a horrid woman anesthesiologist zapped me out completely. This is the only time I’ve had pain after the procedure. It was at Suburban Hosp. in Bethesda, Md.

    I also has one with no drugs. They set up the drip to use “as needed” but I wasn’t saying Uncle, because if I did they wouldn’t let me drive myself home. I think this was actually harder for the doctor, but he had said it was his preference.

  205. @Reg Cæsar

    That was so good I’m going to forgive your last six months of silly anagrams.

  206. @Jus' Sayin'...

    At my colonoscopy they gave me an IV drip that knocked me out. The nurse told me I would be out in 10 seconds when she started the drip and I would not know a thing until I woke up in the recovery room.
    I determined to be alert and aware right up to the moment I was knocked out. When she started the drip I consciously counted down, “10, 9, 8, 7 ..”. At seven I felt my mind shut down, like a curtain closing. I never counted six. As she said I woke up in the recovery room not knowing a thing that had happened since I counted seven. I did not dream while I was out and mentally just did not exist.
    I realize this is as close as I will ever come to experiencing death until my actual death. When I die my mind will shut down exactly as it did under the anesthesia. Unlike the colonoscopy, there is little chance I will re-awaken in a recovery room.

  207. @Alice in Wonderland

    What about the antifa rioters? A lot of them were armed, but I wouldn’t call them a militia, as they were not there for defense, but for offense. I would call them rioters or terrorists.

    • Replies: @ic1000
  208. EdwardM says:

    So what’s next for Kyle? Would any university admit him (except, perhaps, Hillsdale College), if that’s the route he wants to take? Would the military take him, or could they use his arrest record as an excuse? Will he ever get a job? Most prospective employers, even if they weren’t inherently hostile to him, wouldn’t want the headache. Maybe he could build a career on the right-wing media circuit, but I am not sure how far that mileage would take him, nor if he has the skills. I hope that some rich donor provides a modest sinecure for him somewhere at least. (Ron?)

    I have little doubt that the Feds will come after him, as will the families of the people he killed.

    Serious question for lawyers. Does he have any viable defamation claims? Not sure that expressing an opinion on a trial — as agenda-driven and detached from reality as that opinion may be — is sufficient grounds? Of course, in America, sufficient grounds is whatever a civil jury says it is to some extent. I suppose he could use the “white supremacist” remarks, as I believe the Covington kids did. As much as I despise our lawfare culture, generally wielded by the left, it’s time to apply the same rules to them.

  209. Alden says:

    A peaceful “ standing in solidarity with Kenosha Wisconsin” in front of the Oakland Ca federal court house tonight. Protesters looked mostly black. Bet they don’t know the deceased were White They probably don’t know where or what Kenosha is. Probably think it’s a black woman shot by racist White cops.

    Oakland federal building I hope it’s burned down with the rest of the town. 100 years ago Oakland was considered a much better place to live than San Francisco. Much better weather, bigger lots, plethora of jobs Then WW2 and it was all over

    Riot season is ending in the northern part of the country. Stores are full of Christmas; excuse me Winter Holiday and Chanukah stuff. Time to hit everything from Saks to Target.

    • Thanks: Almost Missouri
  210. Admit it– you were just waiting to hear the sports world’s reaction:

    Sports world reacts to Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty verdict in Kenosha protest shooting

    Nothing says “moron” like “should of”.

  211. @ThreeCranes

    Where do the Antifa get the money to go and spend all that time in the streets, night after night in city after city? Someone’s bankrolling them.

  212. Alden says:

    It’s not a straw purchase. It’s Black’s gun. Until Kyle was 18, Black would lend the gun to Kyle. It’s legal Done all the time. Kid has a job, saves his money gets money at Christmas has enough money to buy a gun.

    Parent uses the kid’s money to buy a gun. Kid uses gun. Maybe kid lives with mom gun lives with dad. Because mom has no interest in shooting but dad and kid do When kid turns 18 gun is registered in kids name.

    • Replies: @JR Ewing
    , @By-tor
  213. Mr Mox says:

    The simple fact that Kyle had a sling on his rifle probably saved his life.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
    • Thanks: Hibernian
  214. does anybody doubt the outcome of the trial would have been different if one or more of people shot would haven been black?

    • Agree: Thea
  215. Mr Mox says:

    They must be having a bad day…

  216. Luzzatto says:

    Look at all of these Black African American Christians defending a bunch of pedophiles from Antifa. So much for the myth that African Americans are only liberal fiscally but not liberal socially. Black African American Christians defending moral degeneracy.

  217. Bert says:

    I dislike Tom Jefferson

    Thousands of men older and much poorer than Jefferson fought and died for the Independence that he only wrote about.

    • Agree: JMcG, Alden
    • Replies: @JerseyJeffersonian
  218. @Reg Cæsar

    he uses several of the same devious tricks in argument

    Hmm. For the edification of the readership, can you quote any specific examples?

    Corvinus is blunt, but his sockpuppets have to be slippery, because they pretend to be one of us.

    Reg, see a doctor ASAP. Is the raven in the room with you right now?

  219. @Reg Cæsar

    Better to be prepared for any possibility.

    Semper Paratus, Coastie.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  220. Somsel says:

    The next test for the Republic will be in the next elections.

    Will the voters of Kenosha and surrounding county re-elect the District Attorney?

    Will Wisconsin’s voters re-elect the governor and the state’s attorney-general? (Maybe Democrats-in-Kind will stand in their steed.

    Will the election be clean this time?

    The State Bar also needs to think about chastising the prosecution lawyers. Those two gave lawyers a bad name!

    As to the delay in the jury delivering the verdict, I suspected they were waiting for the next snow storm. That would have put a damper on any riot and “cooled” down some emotions.

  221. Gordo says:
    @American Citizen

    Just keep in mind when the Left loses a fight, like this one, they double down harder on the next one.

    Yep, and when we start doing the same w will win in short order.

    • Replies: @Thea
  222. @Richard S

    BBC Radio 4 news this Saturday morning described him as shooting unarmed demonstrators.
    Objection! He only un-armed the one.
    To back up their position, they got some activist “human rights” lawyer, Lisa Bloom, to preface this claim with a long and almost hallucinatorily cock-eyed account of the situation.

    These people must have a completely different box set of videos of that night and the one before. They should be sat down in a room with no snacks or personal devices and made to watch the director’s cut. With questions after, to assess how much they observed, and how much they just imagined.

    The Beeb will tell any narrative-bolstering half-truth or even lie to the largely oblivious proles here, although this time they didn’t go as far as the Independent, which discovered that he’d gone out and shot three black men.

    • Agree: RobinG
    • Replies: @Leo D
    , @Kylie
  223. @Reg Cæsar

    Just one more reason to boycott the sports industry. I’ve heard a lot of unfair knocks taken against boomers, but one place where I have to agree is over sports. I’m regularly astounded at the way that boomers who otherwise like to come off as “me ultra-redneck conservative” will so eagerly sink themselves behind the boob-tube watching some thuggish trash who will preach about “racism” during off-time. Why hasn’t the professional sports scam been driven into bankruptcy yet?

  224. Hibernian says:

    It’s possible that one or more women were not so much arguing for conviction as reluctant to vote for acquittal, which they eventually did, along with all of the other jurors, on Friday morning. A woman was the one who took home the jury instructions, with Judge Bruce’s blessing, on Thursday night.

    • Thanks: Sean
    • Replies: @Alden
  225. @EdwardM

    When lawyer Richards was doing his celebrated Popeye Doyle impressions for the media outside after the trial, an (inaudible) question got the reply that he’s “thinking of becoming a nurse”.

    For lefty patients, it’d be like the Joker appearing at your bedside, complete with those blue gloves. “Hi-i-i …”

    • LOL: Tony massey
    • Replies: @Hibernian
  226. @Alden

    Your points are valid concerning civil suits, but judgments are usually valid for a long time (c. 20 years) and may be renewed. And judgments involving damages from intentional torts are usually not dischargeable in bankruptcy. And there are plenty of ideological lawyers looking for self-promotion who would take a civil case against Kyle case as a virtual-signalling exercise. And I agree with you that Merrick Gander is both ideologically predisposed to persecute Kyle and will be under pressure to do so.

    As Mark Steyn observed: “The process is the punishment.”

    • Replies: @Alden
  227. JR Ewing says:

    Definitely not in Wisconsin. Maybe if he had gone the other way, from Wisconsin into Illinois, they would have hit him with a bullshit state gun charge, but Wisconsin likes its guns. If I remember correctly, Wisconsin was one of the first open carry states in the country.

    Like most states relative to their biggest cities, outside of Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin is plenty redneck.

    The difference between Wisconsin and Illinois being that the population of Chicago(land) is so high relative to the rest of the state, about 2/3 or more, they control the state government and make it “blue” whereas Milwaukee and Madison combined aren’t big enough to dominate state politics on their own.

  228. Everything goes much deeper that that.

    Democracy in the sense of liberal democracy is a suicidal system, and no one is mature or immature for it, just more decadent or not. All countries practicing liberal democracy to the end will disappear or collapse, sooner or later. A limited, illiberal democracy with strong authoritarian traits is best suited for prosperity, like in Singapore & similar places. Democracies are not good nor bad, as a cloth, which is appropriate or inappropriate for a climate or social occasion, is not good nor bad per se. Democracy, as is the case with any other form of organization of a society, can be judged only if it is functional for preservation, fulfillment of desires & growth of a society or collective.

    If yes, then it is good; if not, it should be dumped. That goes with democracy, as it does with any other form of societal organization. There are no “eternal” nor the highest possible of social structures. All democracies, liberal democracies, ultimately end up in collapse- which isn’t to say that they are not the best possible form of social organization, for some human collectives, and only for some time.

    Democracy can function only, as J.S. Mill had pointed out, in a nationally homogeneous country with the dominant ethnic-cultural group & others, in his case the Irish, couldn’t do much otherwise. If a country becomes heterogeneous, nationally, racially, linguistically, culturally …then, the potential for democracy is basically- spent. As far as the Anglosphere goes, they were just lucky in that period, from the 18th to the 20th C, not to be in a position to be invaded & their client-states, from the Netherlands to Scandinavia, behaved more or less the same. But for continental nations, liberal democracy is, at max, just a phase, and such a phase that could lead to their destruction- as is the case with the globalist imperial US, where whites/Europeans had dropped from 88% to 58% in just 50 years- imagine Russians becoming 58% in Russia, with the rest being the Chinese, Bengalis etc. The result would be a slaughter. The same goes for Chinese, or Israelis on a smaller scale.

    That said, liberal democracy is just a garb which can serve, in a very specific historical-cultural period of time, for preservation & expansion of a nation. Real nation, rooted in history. If it becomes a straitjacket- and now it has become this for most European and Europe-derived peoples, as well as old historical peoples of east Asia- it should be dismissed & some other form of social organization found.

    Hard times create strong men,

    strong men create good times,

    good times create weak men,

    and weak men create hard times

    The US was never some kind of nation-state. It was a mixture of 3 quasi-nations: whites, blacks & Indians/native Americans, the last being the most heterogeneous group, consisting of ca. 400 tribes or “nations”, and blacks the most homogeneous group, while dominant white Europeans clearly laid the law. WASPs have given that country the shape in all that matters- language, culture, law, measures, history,… Neither blacks nor Indians (nor newly arrived Asians or Muslims or Africans), when they say “we”, think of Franklin, Mark Twain, Lincoln, Whitman, Kennedy, Pauling, Feynman, .. as representing “we”. various ethnic whites could become persons belonging to the historical American nation, which lasted from the 1770s to the 1970s- and which has been disintegrating in the past half a century or more. White Americans are simply divided between Republicans (60%) and Democrats (40%), while racial minorities are, irrespective of their economic status, solidly for Democrats (blacks over 90%, Asians and mestizo Hispanics over 75%)- which shows that Democrats are, essentially, a non-white party with white multicultural rootless cosmopolitans playing their self-destructive game. In any real, normal country, a nation takes precedence over any social issue, hence a true liberal democracy is impossible in Israel, Northern Ireland or Singapore, because people vote according to their nation, race or religion. Lee Kwan Yoo noted that. So- liberal democracy is “doable” only in cases of generally mono-ethnic society; that’s why Bosnia and Herzegovina is not sustainable, only-perhaps- as a consociational, but not as a liberal democracy. Then, cultures like Africa (sub-Saharan) and Islam are not conductive to any type of democracy- Islamic countries having only two options: a ) secular dictatorship, b) Islamist theocracy. Russia also- no. Too big & too different, suitable only for authoritarian democracy, and for China, let’s not speak about. Australia had made the dumbest mistake by letting the Chinese in, because they now constitute 5% of the population & tend to dominate any country where they are significantly present (Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia,…). A functioning, “happy” country can afford the luxury of liberal democracy only if it is ethnically homogeneous- otherwise, it will either end up in war (like Yugoslavia) or a never-ending chaos like India.

    In sum- liberal democracy is not suited for a modern society or people who have a hope in the future & wants to progress. As it is now, liberal democracy has become something of a tumor. Different cultures use this form of government for the time being (Japan, Israel, Hungary,…)- but, basically, they’re faking it.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  229. JR Ewing says:
    @James J O'Meara

    Even though our federal system is weakened and not nearly robust as it used to be, state sovereignty has definitely helped red state residents live more normally during the Great Covid Overreaction. And to the chagrin of many of the lizards in Washington they can’t do much about it besides try and shoehorn mandates into existing interstate laws like OSHA and airplane travel.

    For instance, you’d think the three “red” (speaking in the American sense) provinces in the middle of Canada would have a similar policy as similar places in America, but not so fast my friend. Whereas the default for sovereignty in the US falls on the states via the 10th Amendment, in the powers not granted to the feds automatically revert to the states (and the people), the inverse is the case in Canada. Whatever is not explicitly granted to the provinces, goes to the federal government, and that makes a huge difference.

    State sovereignty is very important in the US. There’s a reason the centralized power feds keep trying to erode it away or usurp it as much as they can.

  230. @JR Ewing

    Lots of deer in Wisconsin.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  231. @Jus' Sayin'...

    >Pretty much, only worthless scumbags would sign up for the job, guys
    >or gals who are looking for trouble, who want to take part in violent
    >confrontations in the street under conditions that guarantee them
    >anonymity and freedom from prosecution.

    That’s an excellent description of Nazi Brown Shirts, i.e. Hitler’s SA.

    It is also an excellent description of the Communists who created two successive (and slightly overlapping) Communists states/warlordships in Bavaria:

    And of the footsoldiers in many Communist coup attempts:

    And of the members in one of their “pacifist” organisations:

    And of the members of another:

    And of the members of a third one:

    The rise of the Nazis was largely a reaction against the Communist terror and the injustice of the Versailles treaty. The crazy hatred of the Jews was not originally a large part of their ideology.

    • Thanks: Almost Missouri
  232. JR Ewing says:

    I own many firearms, including a few that “belong” to my kids, currently ages 14 and 12, including an O/U shotgun and a deer rifle apiece.

    When they are out of college, or otherwise living on their own, then the guns can go stay with them permanently and truly become “theirs”, but until then those guns are technically my own property. And presumably when I pass away someday (long) in the future, then they will inherit the rest of my collection.

    However, absent a change in current United States gun laws, they will never be “registered” to anyone, including myself. How long that remains the case is the big question.

  233. Thea says:

    Exactly, once the attitude to the Kapernic’s of the world is “Bring it!” Instead of pearl clutching there will be a big difference.

  234. J.Ross says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    The SA came into being because of this same group of violent junkies who call themselves Communists and follow orders from immoral intellectuals.

  235. Jack D says:

    I stand by my remark. If it was open and shut, the jury wouldn’t have taken 4 days. Rittenhouse’s own lawyer said that this was the longest jury deliberation of his career and that he wasn’t sure of acquittal.

    You were not really looking for an objective opinion as to his chances – you wanted partisan affirmation. Sorry I didn’t give it to you.

    • LOL: JimDandy
    • Replies: @JimDandy
  236. Jack D says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    1. Not sure that you have proven your thesis that democracy is unsuited to diverse countries. India is (most Americans don’t understand this) wildly diverse but has done OK with democracy. If democracy is not the most suitable form for these countries, what is? The great feature about democracy is that it has a self-correcting mechanism. If Americans make a mistake and elect Joe Biden they can get rid of him in 4 years. If a Noriega takes power in Nicaragua, you are stuck with him for life.

    2. Thank you for including Jews in the “we”. Freud talks about the narcissism of small differences but seen by a Martian (or an African-American) Jews are just another type of white European . But white Europeans have not always been able to bring themselves to see that(nor have all Jews). I think that you are wrong and it is possible for minorities – Latinos, Asians, etc. to see themselves as part of the American “we”. For blacks it’s always going to be hard – too much water under the bridge.

    • Agree: Hibernian
  237. @Badger Down

    Try Swiss Cows. All Swiss based servers.

    Here are some of the issues with duckduckgo.

  238. Mike Tre says:
    @Dan Hayes

    Almost all auto mechanics now wear the disposable rubber gloves when they work, and the diesel mechanics at my shop do too. Not sure the rubber gloves don’t speak more to the practical efficiency of men bringing the right tools for the job than to his unmachoness or whatever.

    But maybe Kylie is right. Rittenhouse was doing women’s work. lol

    • Thanks: Dan Hayes
  239. One of the conclusions I draw from this affair is the desperate need for segregation.

    Sane people need to be safe from the morons who read/watch the corporate media whores and actually believe it.

    Stupid, ignorant and certain have no place in a functioning society.

  240. @Jack D

    but has done OK with democracy.

    So 50% street shitters is OK?

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Hibernian
  241. ic1000 says:
    @Almost Missouri

    > What about the antifa rioters?

    Watched Today this morning. Without telling any outright lies, the anchor and reporter informed viewers that this Rittenhouse shooter who killed two people and wounded a third, was found not guilty. The impression: acquitted on a technicality.

    NBC News is pretty good at what they do. Two examples:
    * Conflating non-violent “protests” that occurred last night with the “protests” that prompted Rittenhouse to go on his killing spree.
    * Getting through the entire report without mentioning “self-defense.” NBC’s target audience — anti-white, low-information viewers — could be excused for thinking that Rittenhouse was the only one with a gun, that night.

    Unlike most kulaks tuning in to Pravda reports on the grain harvest, I’m starting to wonder if this news organization doesn’t have my best interests at heart.

  242. Corvinus says:
    @Almost Missouri

    Living once again vicariously rather than doing something about it yourself.

    • Troll: Hangnail Hans
    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
  243. I urge everyone to express their views peacefully, consistent with the rule of law.

    That’s remarkably similar to what his predecessor in office said back in January of last year.

    • Agree: Hangnail Hans
  244. Jack D says:
    @Steve Sailer

    The population of deer (at least per square mile) are always going to be highest in blue suburbs. My township is positively overrun with deer. They love eating the manicured shrubbery and flower beds. When I drive at night I am constantly scanning the shoulder for deer. Just the other day, in broad daylight, one collided with a car right in front of my house. The soccer moms won’t allow hunting in the township – the township PAYS for “professional” bow and arrow hunters to cull the population now and then although they could probably do the opposite and sell the privilege and make money. But then someone might enjoy themselves so forget it.

  245. Dan says:

    I thought he was not guilty and that the prosecutor was inept but I had my doubts the jury would acquit based on the likelihood they will be targeted and worse. He’s not out of the woods yet. Jerry Nadler and other leftist freaks are talking about Federal charges plus there’s the risk of a wrongful death suit. He should collect a handsome settlement for defamation from various media outlets. Brandon can’t be sued, although he was merely a candidate when he opened his big yap.

  246. Dan says:

    My colonoscopies were with “conscious sedation “ a cocktail of Fentanyl and Versed, meaning I was awake but retained no memory of events. The Fentanyl was an incredible high. I understand how people get hooked on it.

  247. @Enemy of Earth

    You read propaganda. The dead have not suffered violations of their civil rights, but the citizens of Kenosha did, in Aug. 2020, with the abdication of law enforcement by local, state, and federal authorities, to allow blacks to burn, kill, and loot. Kyle Rittenhouse is not Stacey Koon and the other LA cops who beat Rodney King. Federal investigators won’t be investigating much except when to shut their mouths online about pursuing charges.

  248. @JR Ewing

    Germans and Scandinavians really can’t be rednecks, but they can be lumpen proles.

    • Replies: @Bert
  249. Dan says:
    @Mr. Anon

    Glad to learn leftists now think borders are important.

  250. @EdwardM

    KR still has lots of cash in fundraising accounts to see him through. The money is his, even though the trial is over. He will be as Powerball rich as Nick Sandmann once the defendants whom his lawyers target settle before juries shake them down even harder. Kyle has a bright future indeed.

  251. RobinG says:
    @rebel yell

    and of course Swedes as total idiots

    Remember when they were the greatest, the only sane ones, etc., for not doing a Covid lockdown? (Excuse me if that was self-deprecating humor.)

  252. JimDandy says:
    @Jack D

    You showed your hand there, Jack. It’s all there in black and white.

  253. @John Milton’s Ghost

    Speaking of big shots… What’s the difference between LeBron James and Kyle Rittenhouse? Kyle doesn’t miss a shot under pressure.

    • LOL: Hibernian
  254. Gamecock says:

    The problem is the good citizens of Kenosha didn’t come out to guard their community. KiloRomeo did what the damn people of Kenosha should have done.

    I served in the Air Force with 17 year olds. Your impugning 17 year olds with guns is ignorant.

  255. @Corvinus

    Lol. Seethe harder.

    • Agree: Boomthorkell
    • LOL: JimDandy
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  256. @Jack D

    I am for authoritarian or, in some cases, consociational democracy, not a liberal democracy. India is a mess escaping all definitions and is a basically (dys)functional “brown Nigeria”.

    Liberal democracy necessarily leads to minoritarianism & collapse.

    Jews are white, as are most light Latinos. Jews are not aliens like Muslims and are a part of the Western culture. And even darker Latinos may be considered white if one uses a little bleach ..:

    More Hispanics declaring themselves white

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  257. Alden says:
    @Veteran Aryan

    British on line newspaper The Independent. Has a story today, the 20th that Kyle murdered 3 black men. Not 3 and not black.

    The Independent is not a blog. It was a major newspaper that recently folded the print edition and went online.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @Bill Jones
  258. @JR Ewing

    Even though our federal system is weakened and not nearly robust as it used to be, state sovereignty has definitely helped red state residents live more normally during the Great Covid Overreaction.

    I would add that even our modern weakened state sovereignty has beneficial effects for people stuck in blue states. As AnotherDad‘s observation shows, the lizard people in charge of fascist nightmare states such as New York have to consider how many residents they can afford to hemorrhage to open and sunny Florida, which keeps them from fully executing their evil plans.

    Competition isn’t salutary just for private businesses, it’s salutary for public government too. That’s why the Left is so obsessed with Federalizing everything. They need to avoid competition. They need monopolies. When their tyranny succeeds in a state, you can leave for a better state. When their tyranny succeeds in the Federal government, you’re stuck, and they win.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  259. A couple of interesting points from the trial.

    1. Apparently a local judge can overturn a state law, such as when Judge Schroeder declared that the Wisconsin law on illegal weapons is gibberish and therefore unenforceable, so the charge could not be considered by the jury. This was particularly significant, because many people thought this was a clearcut charge that could not be absolved by a claim of self-defence.

    2. Information about the mental state of the decedent Rosenbaum could not be presented to the jury until his former girlfriend raised it voluntarily. Obviously the fact that Rosenbaum was a lunatic who had recently attempted suicide and been discharged onto the street–homeless–earlier in the day was crucial to the whole case, because it could be that Rosenbaum’s death was a kind of variation on “suicide by cop”.

    (Interesting that Rosenbaum’s sexual crimes had been committed when he had been about the same age as Rittenhouse and that he had spent most of his adult life in prison.)

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Alden
  260. @Hibernian

    State lines good. National borders bad.

  261. Alden says:

    I’m hoping for massive riots like the Rodney King riots. People who lived in Los Angeles at the time told me the LA and regional newspapers spent a year whipping up the blacks for a riot.

    And then the riots did come.60 people were dead and more than a billion in damages. About 18 months later The powers that be noticed real estate values were down. Horror of horrors.

    Who would have thought that after 18 months of the city newspapers, TV news, clergy, politicians colleges, entire leadership trashing the police, city government , the city and its people as vicious racists then a week of rioting and 60 dead real estate investors would stay away from Los Angeles ?

  262. Jack D says:
    @Almost Missouri

    That’s why the Left is so obsessed with Federalizing everything.

    Not just Federalizing, but Globalizing. At the last G20 summit, Biden(‘s handlers) insisted that everyone agree on a minimum 15% tax rate so that there would be no place on earth where corporations could get away from taxes.

    Restoring the state and local tax deduction is also a priority for Democrats, not because it helps billionaire Democrat donors (even though it does) but because it makes high tax states more competitive on an combined state and federal tax basis. If you live in NYC and pay 15% state and local taxes, it’s less than 10% if you can deduct the SALT off of your Federal income.

  263. Sean says:
    @Jack D

    One of the things that they did was convene a mock jury

    The Hulk Hogan civil suit against Gawker did things like that. But as it was with a certain vexatious billionaire ‘wrong gay to fuck with’ backing the takedown of Gawker, the key to the desired verdict is using money to find out what sort of juror to favour. Appeals against a conviction on the grounds of ineffective counsel are usually because of mistakes the defence lawyer makes during jury selection. So the legal system understands it is all about the sort of people who get on the jury.

    There was video in both cases. The case against Rittenhouse was weak, a dream case for anyone lucky enough to become Rittenhouse’s lawyer, because of the video showing he was not the aggressor, was chased down while running away, and stopped shooting ASAP. The state has open carry, and assuming the judge properly applied legal principles, with that video letting Kyle convicted of anything was not going to be easy if he played safe, or even if he chose to go on the stand, as he did. The judge has the power to dismiss the case after the prosecution rests, and with a jury sworn in Kyle could not be tried on those charges ever again. I do not think the judge (who could observe the jury reaction to the prosecution case, thought he would be convicted.

    Chauvin was convicted by the video because people were comparing it with mass entertainment’s take on police work, and were shocked at the discrepancy. Defence witnesses pulled out and let us not forget his co defendants were blaming him for ignoring their warnings. On the stand he would have been torn to pieces.

  264. Jack D says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Apparently a local judge can overturn a state law

    I’m shocked, shocked to hear this. When did this begin? Leftists have been using judge made law (in much more egregious ways) to overturn the will of the people (via their elected legislature) for a good 70 years now but NOW you notice? Doesn’t feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot, eh?

    This was not really much of a reach by the judge. The law was ambiguous and ambiguities must be resolved in favor of the citizens – how are you to shape your conduct if you can’t even tell clearly what it is that you are not supposed to do? Leftists are in favor of civil liberties in general, except apparently when they favor people they don’t like.

    it could be that Rosenbaum’s death was a kind of variation on “suicide by cop”.

    If that was true, it would have only helped Rittenhouse. The prosecution interpreted Rosenbaum’s demands , “Shoot me, MFer ” as being hollow taunts aimed at showing that Rittenhouse lacked the courage of his convictions but maybe he really wanted to provoke Rittenhouse into actually shooting him. In any case, Rittenhouse didn’t respond to the taunts (or his earlier threats to kill Rittenhouse if he ever got him alone) – it was only when Rosenbaum physically lunged for the gun that he shot him. Maybe he was just going to grab the gun and disarm Rittenhouse if he couldn’t convince Rittenhouse to actually shoot him but Rittenhouse could not have known that and reasonably assumed that once he gained control of the gun he was going to use it to shoot Rittenhouse and maybe others.

  265. Gamecock says:

    Joel Pollak points out that Biden called KiloRomeo a “white supremacist” BEFORE Biden became president. We might get a fun constitutional crisis out of this!

    My not-a-lawyer guess is that Biden has civil liability for this defamation, but any civil trial will have to wait til after he leaves office. ∴ KR will be suing Biden’s estate.

    • Replies: @Alden
  266. @Matt Buckalew

    As Benjamin Franklin is reputed to have said, “Those who would trade essential liberties for a little peace deserve neither”.

    The false peace of leftist adulation, in exchange for seeing justice done? We should be glad that they didn’t fold.

  267. Corvinus says:
    @Almost Missouri

    It’s not seething exposing that Kyle is simply a vehicle for you and others to imagine playing cowboy and injuns. Prove your fealty to him.

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  268. Corvinus says:
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    It’s these type of images that get people regardless of ideology to become indoctrinated that anyone whom they oppose philosophically is evil—including their offspring. Just demonize, no longer critically think, and let the chips fall where they may.

    So why not just salt the earth with your self righteousness once and for all? I mean, God is on your side, right? No need to apologize or forgive.

    I wonder if Mr. Sailer as a Christian would offer commentary here. Nah, why spill digital ink when boost is seemingly preferred.

    • Replies: @TWS
  269. Alden says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    I know any judgement against Kyle would be collected after he became a wage earner. And collection of the settlement would go on till all the settlement was collected by plaintiff

    There’s also the fact that the plaintiff could only collect 1/3 of wages every paycheck to be split with plaintiff’s attorney Kyle seems to have good legal advice. I’m sure he’ll be advised to avoid accumulating any assets with the possibility of law suits.looming. His Mom can be the registered owner and pay the insurance of the car he uses.

    Would have to be a pretty desperate attorney to sue an 18 year old for for 30 or 40 percent of 1/3 every paycheck of the typical low wage jobs 18 year olds have. If you know any PI attorneys they look for the money same time they look for the cause of action

    Best bet for a decent settlement is to sue the City of Kenosha and the police and sheriffs department and the anti White pro worthless Jacob Blake governor for allowing the riot to happen. Wouldn’t that be a great precedent. Make the criminal loving cities pay for the damage they encourage their black pets to do.

    Maybe if Kyle were in medical nursing or MBA school it would be worth suing him for future earnings. Not engineering or computers because he’s a White American man and thus unemployable in TECH.

    Or, such a defendant who lost and got a significant judgement against him can always stop working. Then the plaintiff and his attorney have nothing. Newly divorced men looking at divided assets and. 15 years of child support often threaten to quit working. Some probably do.

    John Grisham novels are fiction.

  270. Corvinus says:
    @Jack D

    “The prosecution interpreted Rosenbaum’s demands , “Shoot me, MFer“

    Which the overall lesson being for everyone—degenerate or not—is to stay the hell away when a protest become chaotic, and when the police especially orders the crowd, regardless if native to the area, to disperse and go home, and put yourself in a position to take the law into your own hands.

  271. RobinG says:
    @Jack D

    Leftists are in favor of civil liberties in general, except apparently when they favor people they don’t like.

    This, and they’re leading the charge against free speech.

  272. Bert says:
    @Eric Novak

    We Ulster Scots appreciate your handling the correction.

  273. TWS says:
    @John Gruskos

    Since that’s not happening, why not try other options?

    • Agree: Hangnail Hans
  274. @Jack D

    Yes it would have helped Rittenhouse, and presumably did help him eventually.

    But those facts about Rosenbaum should always have been out in the open so that the jury could get a full picture of what was going on. Context is everything.

  275. Thomas says:
    @Chris Mallory

    I’ll qualify this by saying that I’m not an expert on federal criminal law, but 18 USC § 5032 suggests that the most the feds could do for any potential firearms charge is proceed against him as a juvenile delinquent and detain him until he’s 21. There might be a very narrow way they could try him as an adult if they allege he acquired a firearm with the intent to engage in a crime of violence, but that goes against the facts as established in the first trial.

    Granted, the way the Justice Department and FBI have been acting since 2016, I wouldn’t put it past them to engage in a legally meritless and vindictive prosecution even if it has no chance of success. They’ve done many things, especially this year, that are much, much worse. But Kyle still has a war chest to defend with. He’s effectively been adopted as a godchild by the entirety of the American Right now. And I don’t see what the feds would get out of it aside from just giving the left a little copium for a few months.

    What I do expect to come out of the Rittenhouse case will be a push throughout the states to ban open carry, and possibly a continued push (that’s sort of been out there since Trayvon “Ground and Pound” Martin) to undermine self defense law. The Democrats and the left don’t want their anarcho-tyranny foot soldiers in Antifa or their thuggish black pets to lose out in an arms race with ordinary citizens, so they’ll attempt to use state laws to lock in an advantage for them where they can. David French got his orders to sell an open carry ban to whatever fudds and cuckservatives still read him this past week.

    • Replies: @Gamecock
  276. Whoa! Hold up there, everyone!

    • LOL: Mr Mox
  277. @Corvinus

    True but mentally ill people often lack discernment and suffer from lack of affective control when under stress.

    That’s why they are often cut some slack when technically they break the law.

    That’s why it seems to me very much in Rittenhouse’s favor that his attacker was mentally ill.

  278. Alden says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Ya know whatever your name is ; you have every bit of information about the state of Wisconsin legal system right there on your computer IPad even your phone. I recommend google. Still the best search engine

    First thing you should do is type in “ What is a Law? What is an ordinance? What is a government department regulation?

    You will find things like riding bikes on sidewalks, streets and bike lanes.

    When you find the legal codes , which are state laws and the county and city ordinances and regulations of various government departments use their search bars. And remember government department regulations are not laws and the departments can change them if need be.

    For instance width of verge between sidewalk and street, parking regs and gun regulations. Many, could be the majority of gun rules aren’t state laws but city regulations. Basically the rule is the more blacks, the more crime the more and more petty gun regulations.

    Here’s one of the most petty asinine ridiculous gun regs I’ve heard of. Can’t carry a gun on city property. So if you want to carry your gun from the house to the car make sure your car is in driveway, carport garage or front yard. Not parked on the street. Because then you’d have to walk on a city sidewalk with your gun.

    You keep blathering about straw purchases of guns.

    A straw purchase is Person A buys a gun, registers it in A’s name and gives it into the control and possession of person B Sometimes never sees the gun again. This is often done by the most respectable people for gun collector friends who buy new limited edition collectors guns. Sales are often limited to 2 per person. So ask a few friends to buy the gun.

    Not a straw purchase Person A buys a gun registers it in his name and keeps in his possession And sometimes lends the gun to someone. Just as people lend all sorts of things to others. Like a can opener hair dryer tools cars trucks, this and that. Black kept his gun in his home and lent it to Kyle that day. No different than lending Kyle his car.

    That’s the general law. State laws and city ordinances vary. If you can find ATF or equivalent state or city department somewhere that has a specific regulation about lending guns Let us know

    Learn to use google instead of embarrassing yourself

  279. Once the centre-left is in power, the far-left becomes a liability rather than a useful attack dog. Hence, the change in tone from Biden.

    The centre-left, which is closely allied with the medical establishment, is also getting increasing annoyed with far-left anti-vaxxers, which is another reason why they feel the need to reign in the radicals.

  280. Alden says:

    But is it defamation to call a person a White Supremacist? Not in my opinion.

    • Replies: @Gamecock
    , @Reg Cæsar
  281. TWS says:

    Thou believest that there is one God. Thou dost well: the devils also believe and tremble.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  282. Jack D says:
    @Bill Jones

    Before it was 100% street shitters so this counts as progress.

    India today has around 200,000,000 English speakers, which is a fairly good proxy for people who live in an approximately modern way. Some measures are even higher – probably twice or more that number have mobile phones. India has around 300 million registered motor vehicles, which is slightly more than the US.

    OTOH, this is only a fraction of of their population of 1.4 bn but OTOH, this is enough to make them the 2nd biggest population of English speakers. 200,000,000 is also more than the population of any European country and more that the combined population of the UK, France and Italy. Think of them as a country within a country.

  283. @Kratoklastes

    The new york post Quotes Kyle Rittenhouse’s Lawyer Criticizing Fake President Joe Biden, for Racially Defaming Rittenhouse, but Refuses to Admit that Rittenhouse was Exonerated!

  284. @Achmed E. Newman

    E. The administration will brand these self-defenders as automatic racist white supremacists. And the DOJ will promptly sue them for having violated the civil rights of the dead peoples of color who were participating in mostly peaceful protests.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  285. @Jack D

    “If Americans make a mistake and elect Joe Biden they can get rid of him in 4 years.”

    But how do you get rid of a “president” you never elected? What “solution” does democracy offer to that problem? Not impeachment, because that presupposes that the “president” lawfully ascended to office.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  286. @rebel yell

    Every individual should be taken as you find him and treated fairly. No individual should be judged by the group he belongs to. Meet a man openly, think the best of him, and take it from there. If you can’t do this you are less than a man yourself. That is the American way.

    The “American way.” What a load of BS. Wave the flag and blind Normie with fake patriotism.

    Fist, colorblind civic nationalism has been an abject failure for whites. The last fifty years of that strategy has seen whites go from85%+ of the population to a point where our children are a minority in what was our land. Because of colorblind civic nationalism, whites are now second-class citizens and are despised by rulers. We now enjoy diversity meetings where we grovel to keep out jobs.

    The irony of colorblind civic nationalism is that it lead to a country obsessed with race that hate our institutions, which are consider “racist” as though that’s a real thing. Colorblind civic nationalism failed to promote either colorblindness or civic nationalism.

    Colorblind civic nationalism is one of the great failures of history.

    Second, and even more importantly, colorblind civic nationalism – view everyone as an individual – in a multi-racial society is morally reprehensible. People who follow it are both cowards and traitors. Tribes always compete for power. Viewing everyone as an individual is the equivalent of dropping your weapon on the battlefield. That’s cowardice. It also puts your fellow tribe members in danger. That’s treacherous.

    Tribes compete for power. That’s nature. You are not above nature. You are not a good person by pretending race doesn’t matter on the individual level just as you wouldn’t have been a good person in WWII by treating opposing German soldiers as individuals during a battle.

    I know that what I’m writing will never get through to you. You live in your own world where you are the virtuous hero. But there other whites out there who are more honest and not lost yet. I hope this finds them.

  287. Alden says:
    @Bill Jones

    It wasn’t Jacob’s car it was a stolen car.

    Some manufacturer should create some sort of net gun. A net covers and tangles the arrestee. Once he’s under control . The net is tied into a neat package. A pick up truck with a crane comes along picks him up and off to jail. It would eliminate all these police shootings and manufactured hysteria

  288. I’m jubilant that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges, but I never expected it, especially after the jury took so long to deliberate.

    “[T]he original American promise, which we are yet to attain: That all men and women are created equal…”

    It never said that. Fake president Joe Biden can’t say hello, without lying.

    Nice comeback to Kaepernick, Steve. I hope Kyle Rittenhouse sues him, too.

  289. By-tor says:

    There is no law requiring registration of non-NFA firearms with any governmental entity in Wisc.

    • Replies: @Alden
  290. @Corvinus

    Which the overall lesson being for everyone—degenerate or not—is to stay the hell away when a protest become chaotic, and when the police especially orders the crowd, regardless if native to the area, to disperse and go home, and put yourself in a position to take the law into your own hands.

    Gee thanks Mr Cleaver. We sure could use a fella like you out there talkin’ some sense to those rioters…uh… I mean “chaotic” but otherwise peaceful protesters next time around.

    The people who took the law into their own hands were the ones burning, looting and assaulting etc.. because they didn’t like the fact that yet another black got shot for being a criminal idiot. If the police were not cowed and pressured into standing down by the likes of the people you vote for, order would and could be restored very swiftly with minimal loss of life and property. Instead individual citizens are forced to step up and defend themselves and their property, just like Mr Rittenhouse did.

    BTW, you’re not a Christian and neither is Joe Biden or any of the other phony, fork-tongued Leftist filth your kind put in office.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  291. @Paleo Liberal

    But of course this law has no application to the rambling spiteful mutants of antifa or blm who have crossed many state lines for the express purpose of rioting.

    Got news for you, the laws are no longer enforced equally under the coup regime. Some of us have noticed, really noticed.

    Maybe quite a few of us have no desire to “burn in the camps”, as Solzhenitsyn put it, through failing to put an end to this.

  292. Leo D says:
    @Expletive Deleted

    Lisa Bloom??

    Would this be the same law-whore Lisa Bloom who is Gloria Alred’s daughter, and represented Harvey Weinstein by trying to slime the women who were coming forward??

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
    , @Alden
  293. nebulafox says:

    I recall that he wanted to go into nursing.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  294. Black Americans should celebrate the acquittal as evidence that the transparency prevented another injustice from prosecutorial misconduct.

    Right on the heels of admitting the supposed killers of Malcolm X were framed and exculpatory evidence was suppressed.

  295. RobinG says:

    Not to mention, he’s been offered internships by 3 GOP Reps. Not saying he should do that, just that he’ll have plenty opportunities. Nursing sounds like an excellent career choice.

    • Replies: @nebulafox
  296. CCZ says:

    “This was worse than the Emmett Till trial.”

    On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson stated that Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal “was an injustice. This was worse than the Emmett Till trial.”

    Johnson stated, “It was unfortunate for the families of the victims with this outcome. We all witnessed and [saw] on-screen what happened. … It was an injustice. This was worse than the Emmett Till trial. This was worse [than] so many trials where we know, for a fact, individuals committed murder and yet they were not brought to justice. It is unfortunate, but this is America.”

  297. Corvinus says:

    I see that you left the cozy confines of alt right leader Vox Day to venture out on your own. Go back to your hovel.

    “The people who took the law into their own hands were the ones burning, looting and assaulting etc“

    As well as those who broke the curfew and police orders to leave the vicinity. Why at you selective in the rule of law and law and order.

    “BTW, you’re not a Christian”

    God says otherwise. But I forgive you.

  298. Corvinus says:

    I’m good to go, are you?

  299. @Leo D

    I had a quick GIYF and sure enough, that’s our bunny. She claims she was most forward and prescient in advising Harv to lay off the idskay. Long before it became a thing.

  300. Corvinus says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    “Second, and even more importantly, colorblind civic nationalism – view everyone as an individual – in a multi-racial society is morally reprehensible“

    Classic virtue signaling.

    “Fist, colorblind civic nationalism has been an abject failure for whites“

    Not according to Generation Z. It’s who we will be. And you’re powerless to stop their momentum.

    Besides, it wasn’t your America. It’s yours AND mine.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  301. @Gamecock

    Can prosecutors say any stupid* thing they want to and get away with it?

    As long as the narrative they’re promoting is one that supports the structures of systemic tribalism — pretty much. This case may be a fortunate exception, but as a general rule, there is no rule of law in the current year in the North American Economic Zone.

    On the other hand, if a prosecutor follows the law, but is judged by the powers that be to have acted in a manner that was “insufficiently anti-White,” then he [or she] can easily be charged with some made-up “crime” and sued in civil court — as in the case of the Georgia prosecutor who rightly decided not to charge the men who defended themselves against Mr. Armed Robbery’s attack:

    *Also — as James Forrestal once said to Senator McCarthy: “Consistency has never been a mark of stupidity. If they were merely stupid they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor.’

  302. @Mike Tre

    I also suspected the prosecution was trying to get the case dismissed with prejudice. That would prevent any verdict one way or the other and perhaps save Kenosha from further rioting from the inevitable “not guilty”.

  303. Gamecock says:

    NFW, Thomas. “Gun control” is at it’s lowest ebb in a generation.

    State open carry legislation is INCREASING, not declining.

    • Replies: @Thomas
  304. @Alden

    But is it defamation to call a person a White Supremacist?

    After Obergefell, yes.

    It even managed to surpass Roe as the most amateurish legal reasoning in SCOTUS history. The Hank Aaron of cases.

  305. Corvinus says:

    “Never forget it was the rioters who showed up to Kenosha with rifles first getting into a stand off with police“

    Correct. Degenerates. But not actual protestors. That’s the difference.

    I also wonder if Mr. Sailer would comment on whether HE would cross state lines, only to later enter an area that was declared off limits to •anyone• by the police, but bring a gun there after supposedly getting permission to protect someone else’s property during a chaotic situation, and to what extent that his decision would be wise.

    That would be telling.

    Of course, living vicariously through the lens of “I can be Kyle” seems to be fun for some people. Unrealistic, but fun.

  306. @Corvinus

    Besides, it wasn’t your America. It’s yours AND mine.

    Tell that to the Copts.

  307. @Corvinus

    an area that was declared off limits to •anyone• by the police

    Useless police. “Burn, baby, burn!”

    His friends were at risk to their lives. Arsonists don’t clear buildings.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  308. @Yojimbo/Zatoichi

    Sure, let them sue. The friends and families of 1,000 sued self-defenders will arrive with their certified letters in hand to rip up and throw on the grounds of the D.O.J. Then what? They may show up at the headquarters of the networks that branded them racist white supremacists.

    There is great power in numbers. The lefties knew this in the 1960s. It’s time for the right to understand this concept.

  309. @Buzz Mohawk

    And on a lighter note:

    A lot of “sympathy,” eh?

    ‘This kid was walking around like hot s**t,’ she said of Rittenhouse, 18

    More like she wants the Dickenhouse

    On the prosecution side — highly-placed sources reliably inform us that (in the immortal words of some /pol/ anon):
    Binger Takes the Dinger [Binger with his “good friend” Kenosha County Judge Chad Kerkman]. And a guy who apparently has a “flufferboy2004” email address probably shouldn’t be attacking someone else’s choice of a handle…

  310. @Elmer T. Jones

    If state lines ever mattered, they’d have border guards. Like, umm .. Poland, or Estonia.
    And a whole mess of wire and doggos.
    Goddam it Badgers, stand ready! They’re threatening our cheese mines.

    Just this very minute (Sat. night, 2238hrs, God’s Own Mean Time) had the loathsome BBC radio (5, Nolan) again stressing about St Kyle “crossing state lines armed with an automatic weapon”.
    They just wouldn’t let it lie. Never will.

    The serpent concerned is Peter Bowes, BBC N. American correspondent, a sort-of-geordie who’s been a naturalised US citizen for a few years now. Not just some Twitter cretin.

    Nolan is spazzing out about the judge now. “I could not believe his behaviour”.
    Fuckoff fat Stephen, his courtroom, his rules. Like your radio phone-in.
    Worth digging out on the Beeb app for a re-listen, if anyone wants to take issue with him.

    I think he just screeched “Kyle Rittenhouse actively travelled to a protest, with an automatic style military weapon” (he’s arguing with Anna, a 2nd A supporter, and a weasel attorney called Mary who’s agin, despite her invocation of her dad who ran up Omaha beach or something. She’s also obsessing on the miltary weapon crap. Says Brazen Bruce is biased, and surprise surprise, it’s actually about race because she knows a black kid would have been hung in the morning while Judge S. chewed on a Werther’s).

    FML, I require more water of life to endure this.
    When two tribes go to war, said Frankie.

    • Replies: @CCZ
    , @Expletive Deleted
  311. @Corvinus

    Correct. Degenerates. But not actual protestors. That’s the difference.

    How dare you erase their existence, suh! They identify as protestors, and wha dare meddle wi’ they (them, xir, ma’am, two-spirits, moar spirits, bit of blow etc.).

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  312. @Somsel

    The State Bar also needs to think about chastising the prosecution lawyers.

    Lawyers watching lawyers.

    The lawyers’ guild should be watched by industry trade associations, i.e. those most vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits. Of course a drastic reduction in the number of laws would knock ’em out way more and, at the same time, make government less big.

  313. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    You’re too ideological, Citizen, hung up on words like “civic nationalism”. There are people I can live with and people I can’t. The ones I can live with will get along well with me in a constitutional republic. The ones that can’t, I’m happy to imprison, expel, or fight. Race will certainly play some role – I don’t expect the majority of blacks to make the grade. And it is insanity to throw open the borders and erase the majority that was already here. But down to the individual level I don’t have a race test.
    Races change and evolve, you know. Maybe we’re evolving a new race, in which case our criteria shouldn’t be skin color or prior ancestry. The criteria should be get rid of the assholes.

  314. Alden says:

    Fine, but in states where gun registration is required Parent buys Kid a gun for Christmas or birthday. Gun registered in Parents name till Kid is old enough to own a gun legally

  315. I urge everyone to “express” their views “peacefully”…

    Clearly a dog whistle for virulent, unreasoning anti-White hatred — and a not-so-coded message to the semitic supremacist street gang “antifa” to resume their rioting, arson, looting, and terrorist attacks.

    Remember what the major narrative promotion agencies (and Biden’s handlers) really mean when they rant about so-called “mostly peaceful protests”:

  316. Alden says:
    @Leo D

    In sure she is that Lisa Bloom

  317. Gamecock says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Interesting idea, this colorblind civic nationalism.

    Where has it been tried?

  318. Corvinus says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    “Useless police.“

    Spoken like a proud member of Antifa. I always knew you were a secret Jew.

    But I’m sure you can pull it off like Kyle. You’ve done target practice in the woods with tin cans. But moving targets are a wee bit more tricky.

    • LOL: Boomthorkell
  319. Thomas says:

    I’m aware of the (very welcome) national trend but that doesn’t mean the Dems won’t seek to get what they can, where they can. I live in Washington state, where just this year they passed an open carry ban within 250 feet of permitted protests (which implicates two Constitutional rights for the price of one). There are other states where that is likely to happen as well. Maybe BLM/Antifa will get the message and restrict their activities to states where they’ve been given this kind of “safe space” to riot.

  320. @James Forrestal

    And I have a good deal of sympathy for the late Mr Huber, if that’s the best he could do in girlfriends.

    • LOL: Alden
  321. @rebel yell

    I notice that you didn’t address the abject failure of your faith. Regardless of its moral standing, it has failed in the real world, which, of course, is a moral failing.

    You may not see race, but other races do. Simple as that.

    It’s comical that you – a colorblind CivNat – call me ideological. Nothing can be more practical than teaming up to win.

    If you’re white, you are hated in this society. If you choose to avoid that hatred by joining another team, that’s your prerogative, cowardly though it may be.

    But it’s a fact that one tribe eventually always wins. That’s history and nature – and right. Colorblind civic nationalism has never worked and it never will. You are hiding from reality.

    Choose a side and be honest about it. (Btw, the multiracial side doesn’t exist.)

  322. Alden says:

    So you too are another woman hating MAN OF UNZ. And naive and credulous to believe that fourth hand hearsay rumor that DK posted.

    4 blogger Pobosiec claimed to have spoken with
    3 a federal marshal who wandered around the courthouse and spoke with 2 not just any bailiff but the specific jury bailiff who overheard and told the Marshall that 1 2-4 karens argued for acquittal.

    I’m going to deconstruct that. The only reason a federal marshal would be in a county courthouse 40 miles away from his Milwaukee office would be Personal business. Federal marshals do go to CITY jails but not COUNTY jails to pick up prisoners. A federal marshal has no professional business in a county courthouse or county jail.

    As for the jury bailiff who told this non existent federal Marshall what he heard the jurors say. Any bailiff who did that would face penalties. And why would a jury bailiff risk whatever penalties are standard in Wisconsin? Why risk suspension without pay, an investigation, hearings and at best keep his or her job and be sent to the worst shift in the nastiest section of the County jail and deal with Jacob Blakes for the rest of your career?????

    The blog or twitter DK posted was a fourth hand hearsay rumor.

    But you believe it not because you’re ignorant of what federal marshals and jury bailiffs do. Nothing wrong with that. They are special occupations and jury bailiff is a sub specialist of court bailiffs. Few people know how they work

    No, you hate women and believed DK’s ludicrous post because you, like the other MEN OF UNZ hate women and use UNZ for your hate fests

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  323. Big Bill says:

    You forgot the best part. It was baby mama who lured the police to her house. If she hadn’t ratted on him, snitched on him, everyone would still be alive. Always remember, ‘snitches like baby mama should get stitches’.

  324. @rebel yell

    Think of race and America like the Quarter horse. The quarter horse was a mix of English thoroughbreds and Spanish Conquistador horses that had gone wild. From that founding stock Americans bred the Quarter horse to meet their needs, first to race in the quarter mile and later to be a good ranch horse.
    Americans are the product of our mostly English and northern European founding stock with whatever else got thrown in. The conditions of life here have also changed us genetically regardless of the starting genetic stock. Americans circa 1950 were a pretty good stock of people, and more importantly were a distinct stock of people. Don’t think of Americans as “white race”. Think of Americans as “American race”, our own breed.
    Further changes to the breed as time goes on are not out of bounds. We can get better. But certainly you don’t destroy the breed with open borders. You don’t destroy the breed by mixing it with the worst stock you can find from the failed countries of the world. You don’t even need to bring in good stock from successful countries to improve the breed. You just need to cull out the worst of the litter from each American generation. Get rid of the assholes.
    That’s a racial definition of Americans that leaves “old” race (white, black, yellow) out of it.
    We already are a race. You work with what you’ve got and improve it. The fight is internal to decide who gets culled. I am aware that most people Left and Right will want to cull based on “old” race. But a smarter breeder will cull based on behavior.

  325. Corvinus says:
    @Expletive Deleted

    Yes, THEY identify with it. But not those in the movement. The fact is that they’re always interlopers. Even those the pro-white crowd disagree vehemently as to what that pro-white means. For example, some say Jared Taylor isn’t dedicated enough because he refuses to address the JQ, and that John Derbyshire is a race mixer. What say you?

  326. @Alden

    Whatever points you think you have are undermined by this kind of, dare I say, man-hating ad hominem. If you have a beef with a specific poster, let ’em have it. That is freely indulged here.

    Otherwise, give it a rest, unless you are shooting for being ignored.

    • Replies: @Alden
  327. Alden says:
    @James Forrestal

    Kerianne Swart is the woman who had a restraining order out on Rosenbaum and refused to let him into her home the morning he was released from a mental hospital.

    The media has up graded her to former fiancée. And reports she is in mourning. I couldn’t read the rest.

  328. Hibernian says:
    @Expletive Deleted

    I recommend he move to Alaska and practice nursing there, where he can see Russia from his house. That’s the only place I can think of in the US where he’d be reasonably safe. Preferably not in Anchorage which is fairly large and has a major airport. The media were able to harass Sarah Palin in Wassila, her home town, which is not far away.

  329. @Nicholas Stix

    As you say, Mr. Stix, Biden was not elected. He was installed via a largely bloodless coup that might prove to be as thoroughgoing and enduring as the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was. Thus, while all the tired terminology of so-called democratic governance—impartially monitored elections, will of the people, due process, freedom of expression, impeachment, judicial review—remains in place, the reality is plainly Orwellian.

    Worship of democracy is a malady of recent origin. No Western political thinker of repute—Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Machiavelli, Tocqueville—had any use for it. In openly authoritarian structures, the distinction between those who rule and those who must obey is out in the open. The very awareness of this state of affairs often acts to restrain tyrannical conduct. Yet for most democracy apologists, including the gentleman Mr. Stix replied to, this crucial distinction is obscured by the big lie of democracy: that the people themselves rule.

    Democracy has proved only that the best way to gain power over people is to assure the people that they are ruling themselves. Once they believe that, they make wonderfully submissive slaves.
    Joseph Sobran

    • Thanks: Nicholas Stix
  330. Hibernian says:
    @JR Ewing

    …whereas Milwaukee and Madison combined aren’t big enough to dominate state politics on their own.

    They sure try.

  331. Alden says:

    Discovered a new euphemism for criminal prisoner in the Milwaukee jail Its PIOC or persons in our care.

  332. Hibernian says:
    @Bill Jones

    They’ve never had a coup d’ etat, at least not a “successful” one.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  333. @Bert

    7Well, Jefferson did several things of note beyond his writings.

    1) He was responsible for the founding of the US Military Academy at West Point. While he was no lover of a standing army, available for centralizers to exploit at the expense of the Republic through undermining States Rights, he was realist enough to understand that a core of strongly educated men who were knowledgeable in the military arts, and particularly engineering, to serve as a nucleus for a national military response to foreign states was necessary to defend the nation’s sovereignty.

    2) He swiftly negotiated and finalized the Louisiana Purchase. He realized the danger of a foreign power having control of the mouth of the Mississippi River, the only economically feasible outlet for the products of the interior of the young nation beyond the Appalachian Mountains, something that would help to advance national unity. (Recall that Aaron Burr schemed to carve off the transmontane area as a new entity under his control in cahoots with the Spanish.) The British and the Spanish were a threat to this, and to all development even in the Northwest Territories ceded under the peace treaty with Britain after the Revolutionary War. Florida was still under Spanish control, and they, too, posed a threat to control of the mouth of the continental riverine commerce.

    3) In marked contrast to the pusillanimous paying of bribes to the Barbary Pirates by the European powers to spare their seagoing commerce, he raised a navy and an expeditionary force to fight for freedom of commerce on the high seas for vessels originating from these United States. It was a pretty ballsy move, but our forces carried it off, making it clear to all and sundry that the new nation was prepared to take strong measures to protect its vital trading activities.

    Not too shabby, I’d say.

    • Replies: @Alden
  334. Corn says:

    Late to this thread admittedly but a question for Jack D or any attorneys reading if they see this:

    Judge Schroeder was critical of the prosecution multiple instances during the trial. If the jury had delivered a guilty verdict or declared themselves hopelessly deadlocked, what were the chances of the judge ordering a mistrial with prejudice or issuing a JNOV?

    • Replies: @Jack D
  335. CCZ says:
    @Expletive Deleted

    Andrew Coffee IV [ black ] found not guilty on all counts of murder, attempted first degree murder.

  336. Hibernian says:

    Alden, tell us how you really feel!

    • Replies: @Alden
  337. nebulafox says:

    Now that’d be a sight to see.

    If he’s so inclined, he could also make enough money from suing the media and mass corporations (who are likely going to just pay him whatever it takes to get him to shut up) to not have to work another day in his life, if he doesn’t feel like it and lives modestly. It is not the choice I’d make, but it’s not my call. I’m torn on that one, because I believe America’s lawyer saturation and related issues are one of the biggest problems the country faces and truly, totally despise a lot about it… but on the other hand, it’s more than beyond time that the neolib-Left take what they’ve been dishing out and finally experience consequences for their gross misbehavior. The media should be especially targeted for ruthless treatment.

    I obviously don’t know the guy, so it’s beyond me what he will do. But personally, I think after the last year of hell, the least we can all do is respect his wishes, whatever they are.

  338. nebulafox says:
    @James Forrestal

    Even in death, Antifa losers are cucks. Brutal.

  339. Alden says:

    Every time a MAN OF UNZ comments about his hatred and scorn of women, I attack them. You hate me, I get to hate you right back.

    MEN OF UNZ always claim that women should not be jurors because they are naturally sympathetic to the defense or the criminal not the victim.

    Yet the minute DK posted that fourth hand hearsay rumor that 2-4 women jurors wanted to convict the MEN OF UNZ jumped in condemning women jurors for being sympathetic to the prosecution. And wanting to find Kyle guilty. Simply because they were women.

    And then the hate fest began. As usual any excuse to hate on women. The MEN OF UNZ start the hate fest and I end the hate fests.

    The comments about Tessa Majors a White woman murdered by 3 8th grade savages.

    First the MEN OF UNZ blamed Tessa for being out after dark. Killed st 5PM in December when it’s full dark at 4:30. Then for going to college in a city with a large black population . Although Tessa’s home town in Virginia has a large black population.

    And then the rejoicing began That Tessa deserves to die because she’s a woman. Every time there’s an article about a White woman being killed by blacks the White women hating MEN OF UNZ just dance for joy.

    You hate me? I get to hate you. When in doubt, be offensive. Never forgive never forget.

    If the MEN OF UNZ don’t like my comments then stop the hate fests about women

  340. Alden says:

    Another historian I’d say Louisiana purchase was the greatest thing any American President ever

  341. Alden says:

    Actually , I don’t feel or care when I type out my comments about the women hating MEN OF UNZ. You guys hate women. I just object to the hatred and nonsense. No feelings.

    • LOL: Kylie
  342. Jack D says:

    Mistrial with prejudice is extremely rare. Normally the thinking is that if the prosecution has contaminated the jury, you start over with a fresh jury. The only time this makes sense is if the prosecution thinks that it is behind in the 9th inning and purposely provokes a mistrial and therefore the judge thinks that they should be punished because a do over is what they are actually aiming for. But in that case they are probably going to lose in front of the jury anyway.

    • Thanks: Corn
  343. He swiftly negotiated and finalized the Louisiana Purchase. He realized the danger of a foreign power having control of the mouth of the Mississippi River, the only economically feasible outlet for the products of the interior of the young nation beyond the Appalachian Mountains

    Sure. The Mississippi drains 41 percent of the land area of the continental US.

    Just as the French needed to hold the mouth of the St. Lawrence to maintain their hold on Canada. Once they lost that, it was only a matter of time.

    Though Jefferson had intended to try to purchase New Orleans and the immediate environs — Robert Livingston and James Monroe decided on their own initiative to accept Napoleon’s offer of the whole thing.

    And Jefferson may have purchased it, but Jackson held on to it. If the Brits had won the Battle of New Orleans, no way would they have given it up. But still, as you said, not too shabby.

  344. @Bill Jones

    He didn’t even cross state lines.

    He was already in Kenosha. That’s where he worked.

    • Thanks: Alden
  345. @Bill Jones

    It’s never over. We’re all Sarah Connor.

  346. @Expletive Deleted

    Oops I meant hanged. Not hung.
    Apparently there’s a difference in the morning, ‘Er Indoors firmly informs me.

  347. Steve Sailer, your comment to Kaepernick had me choking from so much laughter. Thanks for the chuckles.

  348. @Alden

    The Independent could go under because of that.
    British libel laws are not to be taken lightly.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  349. @Alden

    The MEN OF UNZ start the hate fest and I end the hate fests.

    So, in your mind the plan is “I’ll be such an incredibly nasty old harpy that they’ll start to love women again!”

    Hard to believe that such an ingenious plan isn’t working.

    • LOL: Kylie
  350. @Alden

    I do not hate you, Alden. You are obviously intelligent, and capable of the lynchpin of cognitive skills, pattern recognition. I read your posts with interest.

    I do get your point about categorical woman-hating. I guess my main point – and maybe this makes me some sort of “concern troll” – is that the shotgun blasts against the Men of UNZ detract from the value of your insights with otherwise receptive commenters who don’t get the context.

    Carry on…

  351. @James Forrestal

    Thanks for the clarification. Something that those who pooh pooh Jefferson fail to credit is that he served as Secretary of State, and had actual knowledge from his time in Europe enabling him to have a more focused sense of the likely mindsets of the old world colonial powers. He could draw upon these impressions and experiences as he formulated his policies as President.

    Thus, while not a Man of Action, he was both a Man of Letters, as well as a Man of Affairs, a combination which served the nation well.

    • Thanks: James Forrestal
  352. @Hibernian

    “They’ve never had a coup d’ etat, at least not a “successful” one. ”
    to the best of your knowledge.

    I would think that sane people agree that basic sanitary conditions for 600,000,000 people is a greater indication of success than the job security of politicians.

  353. @Bardon Kaldian

    Jews are white

    Let’s see:

    >Jews are White — which obviously means that the Holycost was a White genocide, and that the current regime in Palestine is an illegitimate “White supremacist” settler-colonialist state devoted to oppressing the indigenous [brown] Palestinian subalterns.


    >Jews are not White, in which case you’re being deliberately disingenuous — i.e. shamelessly lying — something which the goyim tend to frown upon, but is often viewed as a “sacred” duty by MOTs.

    Pick one, and only one. Of course, like all hasbarats, you’ll evade this simple, straightforward question, continue to blabber on meaninglessly, and continue to shapeshift/ deploy “tactical Whiteness”/ My Fellow White Person* tactics as rhetorically “necessary”…

    Let’s see what the American Jewish Committee mouthpiece Commentary [formerly the Contemporary Jewish Record] has to say about your long-discredited trope:

    Yeah that seems pretty unambiguous. Hmm… which do you think reflects the official stance of international jewry: the AJC, or “Bardon Kaldian,” hasbarat anon on the interwebz? Which one has a seat at the Congress of Presidents of Major “American” Jewish Organizations again?

    And the Jerusalem Post claims that calling jews “White” is some kind of “anti-semiticist slander” or something.

    But hey, I don’t want to be too “elitist” — let’s see what the Tribe’s plebs have to say:

    *Any time you see the phrase “My Fellow White People,” if you read it as “You Evil White Goyim”… you’ll be right about 80% of the time. The remaining cases typically involve false consciousness/ internalized tribalism.

  354. Jack D says:
    @James Forrestal

    Not only that, but the area that is to the southwest of the basin, until you get to California, was/is largely desert or mountains. One of the reasons why the Mexicans agreed to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (other than the fact that they were in no position to bargain) was that they considered most of that area to be worthless.

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  355. Kylie says:
    @Expletive Deleted

    “To back up their position, they got some activist ‘human rights’ lawyer, Lisa Bloom, to preface this claim with a long and almost hallucinatorily cock-eyed account of the situation.”

    Lisa Bloom is Gloria Allred’s daughter.

  356. Anonymous[412] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bill Jones

    People have been predicting the death of The Independent for 30 years. I’m sure it will still be around when we’re all gone.

  357. @Jack D

    One of the reasons why the Mexicans agreed to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (other than the fact that they were in no position to bargain) was that they considered most of that area to be worthless.

    Sure. Though Texas isn’t nearly as bad as the Great Basin, and in the early 1800s there were considerably more Spanish/ Mexican setters in New Mexico than Texas. The Mexican War wasn’t just about muh rayciss White supreemist manifest destiny — it grew out of the Texas Revolution, which in turn was related to demographic realities on the ground and the earlier Mexican war of independence and generalized resistance to the oppressive rule of the Mexican government.

    New Spain and its immediate successor states — the short-lived Mexican Empire and the Republic of Mexico (after the various Central American states split off) — always claimed more territory than they effectively controlled, especially in the less hospitable areas of the Southwest. Few settlers, lots of Indians. The Spanish, and later, the settlers in New Mexico, had more or less come to terms with the Comanches and traded with them on a mutually beneficial basis. But the government of newly independent Mexico was less successful diplomatically, which led to more or less open warfare with “Comancheria.”

    Solution? Encourage American settlers to claim land in Texas to push back against the Comanche*, which led to a situation where Americans in Texas vastly outnumbered Tejanos by the 1830s. Though it wasn’t a simple race war, of course — many, if not most, Tejanos supported Texas independence as well. This convergence of interests actually dates back to prior to Mexican independence: in 1811, a filibustering army led by a Mexican, José Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara, and an American, Augustus Magee, rebelled against New Spain as part of the early stages of the Mexican War of Independence. They took San Antonio and executed Spanish officials. Gutierrez declared Texas’ independence and drafted a constitution, but his forces were eventually defeated (and mostly executed) by the Spanish army.

    *Though the eventual decline of the Comanche was due as much to disease as to defeat.

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