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Jewish Voters' Opinions on Immigration
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Steven A. Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies published a briefing in 2009 on immigration opinions among the 42,000 voter Zogby online panel. The Jewish sample size was a quite adequate 1,647.

Religious Leaders vs. Members: An Examination of Contrasting Views on Immigration

Most members of religious denominations do not feel that illegal immigration is caused by limits on legal immigration, as many religious leaders do; instead, members feel it’s due to a lack of enforcement.

– Catholics: Just 11 percent said illegal immigration was caused by not letting in enough legal immigrants; 78 percent said it was caused by inadequate enforcement efforts.

– Mainline Protestants: 18 percent said not enough legal immigration; 78 percent said inadequate

– Born-Again Protestants: 9 percent said not enough legal immigration; 85 percent said inadequate enforcement.

– Jews: 21 percent said not enough legal immigration; 60 percent said inadequate enforcement.

Unlike religious leaders who argue that more unskilled immigrant workers are needed, most members think there are plenty of Americans to do such work.

– Catholics: 12 percent said legal immigration should be increased to fill such jobs; 69 percent said there are plenty of Americans available to do such jobs, employers just need to pay more.

– Mainline Protestants: 10 percent said increase immigration; 73 percent said plenty of Americans available.

– Born-Again Protestants: 7 percent said increase immigration; 75 percent said plenty of Americans available.

Jews: 16 percent said increase immigration; 61 percent said plenty of Americans available.

When asked to choose between enforcement that would cause illegal immigrants to go home over time or a conditional pathway to citizenship, most members of religious communities choose enforcement.

– Catholics: 64 percent support enforcement to encourage illegals to go home; 23 percent support conditional legalization.

– Mainline Protestants: 64 percent support enforcement; 24 percent support conditional legalization.

– Born-Again Protestants: 76 percent support enforcement; 12 percent support conditional

– Jews: 43 percent support enforcement; 40 percent support conditional legalization.

In contrast to many religious leaders, most members think immigration is too high.

– Catholics: 69 percent said immigration is too high; 4 percent said too low; 14 percent just right.

– Mainline Protestants: 72 percent said it is too high; 2 percent said too low; 11 percent just right.

– Born-Again Protestants: 78 percent said it is too high; 3 percent said too low; 9 percent just right.

– Jews: 50 percent said it is too high; 5 percent said is too low; 22 percent just right.

No one poll is definitive. Immigration opinions, in particular, are fairly easy to manipulate using loaded language in the questions. For example, Jews tend to be especially vulnerable to questions phrased to elicit schmaltzy and/or paranoid responses.

But, in general, special interest groups tend to argue like special interest groups when it comes to immigration, while citizens tend to hold views like citizens.

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  1. O/T, but am I the only one who thinks it’s no accident that ICE tried to drop several busloads of illegals in Murietta this afternoon? That is right in the heart of Darrell Issa’s district. Seems like an awfully strange coincidence.

  2. Jews are very very overrepresented among the elite, but your average Jewish accountant has more in common with his white gentile neighbors than with Sheldon Adelson or Mark Zuckerberg.

  3. “am I the only one who thinks it’s no accident that ICE tried to drop several busloads of illegals in Murietta this afternoon?”

    The more important part of that story is reflected by your use of the word “tried.” The were unable to because of protestors who wanted the federal government to stop illegal immigration. This bodes well for the country. People are finally starting to get fed up.

  4. Were I the church-going type, I would drop a note in the collection plate indicating that I will no longer be contributing to a church which pushed political views which I loathe.

    If you attend church or synagogue, and that church or synagogue is pushing for amnesty, you might want to consider that option.

  5. “Jews: 43 percent support enforcement; 40 percent support conditional legalization.”

    This seems to be the area where Jews depart most significantly from other religious groupings. I suspect that, for many Jews, this is something of a “trigger” category.

  6. Notice which group’s lay people exhibit the highest levels of immigration patriotism. I think there’s way too much vitriol toward such people from our movement and people of our point of view.

    Wilkey: I’m definitely glad of that. I’m especially glad that a lot of Cliven Bundy supporters don’t believe Cliven Bundy and his way behind the times old man positive opinions about Hispanics and took it upon themselves to go down to the Texas-Mexico border to see if they can help stem the tide.

    What I worry about is that all our frustration is going to be sent into what hams call a “dummy load.” We’re sure gonna show those libs what for by voting Republican this fall. Hand that Senate right over to Mitch McConnell (open borders), keep that House in John Boehner’s hands. All the while Obama still has the pen and phone.

  7. In summary:

    A majority of ordinary Jews (not as large as the majority among Christians, but still a healthy majority) agrees with restrictionist views in principle, but on the question about actually **doing** something to relieve the burden of this problem (like the Israelis do), or caving to amnesty and compounding the burden, American Jews are divided about evenly.

    And this in a poll by a restrictionist group with questions worded to be restrictionist-friendly (meaning neutral and measured rather than the usual leftist slant).

    Also interesting is that AFAICT this is a poll of voters of all races. The restrictionist numbers among whites would thus be even higher than these already high numbers.

  8. Financialization of the economy has left the moneychangers fully in charge and they have sought to change the demographics of the first world. They and financialization have destroyed the middle class.

    Whites are not reproducing. At least the U.S. is being infiltrated by non-Muslims and Christian Hispanics and large numbers of non-Muslim, even Christian, Asians. Look at Europe. Look at Malmö, Sweden. As the death cult of Islam envelopes swathes of the world the U.S.’s problems don’t look so bad. As self-help critic and author, Steve Salerno says, “The key to happiness is to never stop being grateful for what you’ve already got. Or—if you don’t have that much—to be grateful for the fact that your life isn’t worse.”

  9. Don’t know how they did the poll, but if I am paranoid jew and someone called me up, asked me a bunch of questions, then asked at the end to self-identify I might say “none of the above”.

    Are there enough mainstream protestants left to do a poll? or did they include southern baptists and methodists.

  10. I can’t speak for other religious bodies’ leaders, but John Zmirak pretty definitively explained in VDARE back in 2003 why Catholic bishops keep shilling for more immigration- they’ve done a positively horrendous job of handing on the faith to young Catholics and turning them into practicing, churchgoing adults. Rather than fix catechesis and reinforce important doctrines and practices, though, they find it easier to simply import warm bodies from Latin America to keep the lights on- for one generation, at least. Their American-born kids usually don’t go to Mass either when they grow up, but as long as there’s always a new crop of immigrants to fill the collection plates, they’re in good shape. If you exclude the effects of Hispanic immigration, the American Catholic population has been in a decades-long tailspin that shows no signs of stopping.

    The typical American bishop, at least until Benedict XVI started putting pressure on them a few years back, preached far more about the importance of amnesty for illegals (which is in no way, shape, or form Catholic doctrine) than about the immorality of contraception and divorce (which most definitely are). These facts are not unrelated.

  11. Good. Now convince the remaining 27% of Jews who still think current immigration levels are acceptable.

    It’s massively in Jews’ interest to reduce immigration.

  12. That last crack about acting like a “special interest group” vs as a “citizen” was unfair. Few Jews have a personal or family interest in loosening immigration. Zionists prefer that Western European and South American Jews who feel threatened there go to Israel. I’m afraid American Jews do vote as citizens — even if as deluded citizens.

  13. I’m surprised the figures were so low.

    That conclusion was unworthy of you.

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