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Is Trump to Blame for Students Chanting "Where's Your Passport?"
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Here’s a story that’s starting to get national attention (here’s the New York Post) for the usual reasons. See if you can figure out what the real story is. From the Los Angeles Times:

‘Where’s your passport?’ chant breaks out at prep basketball game in Santa Maria
FEB. 12, 2020 8:21 AM

A high school basketball game between two Central Section rivals took an ugly turn Tuesday night, as a chant from one of the student sections led to a confrontation between administrators from the schools.

Just before the final buzzer of St. Joseph’s 74-57 victory over visiting Righetti in the regular season finale for the two Santa Maria teams, some fans started chanting, “Where’s your passport?” According to the Santa Maria Times, the chant came from the Righetti student section and was apparently directed toward St. Joseph players.

St. Joseph is a private school with a racially diverse student population. The boy’s basketball team’s roster includes one player from France and three from Puerto Rico.

“I did have an emotional reaction to that” chant, [St. Joseph principal] Dougherty told The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday. “I have an Ethiopian daughter — and all these students are my children — so it is personal to me.”…

“I want this school to be safe for my students,” she said.

St. Joseph coach Tom Mott, who is also the school’s athletic director, told the Santa Maria Times immediately after the final buzzer, “Anything our crowd or their crowd does is just part of the game.”

On Wednesday morning, Mott clarified to The Los Angeles Times that he wasn’t aware of the controversial cheer at the time he made that comment.

“Obviously any type of inappropriate cheer by anybody isn’t something we welcome in our gym,” he said. “Any type of racism, whether intended or not, has no place in our community.”

Dougherty said she holds “no animosity” toward Lyon or anyone else at Righetti, a public school located across the street from St. Joseph.

Okay, the story is a little confusing because it’s hard to keep straight whether Righetti or St. Joseph is the private Catholic school and which is the public school.

Santa Maria is a fast-growing farm/exurb-type city of now 108,000 north of Santa Barbara. California’s central coast is one of the nicer places to live in the US (average high temperature ranges from 63 in January to 73 in August), but most of the towns are locked down tight by environmentalism and thus places like San Luis Obispo are lovely and expensive. In Santa Maria, however, more sprawl is allowed so it’s more blue collar. My guess is that it’s far enough inland so that the California Coastal Commission isn’t in charge. If you are driving through the area, you are more likely to find reasonably priced chain restaurants and chain motels in sprawling Santa Maria than in boutique towns like Santa Ynez.

So, not surprisingly, the public Righetti HS in Santa Maria is only 24% white and is 67% Latino. Meanwhile, private St. Joseph regularly features players from distant lands.

The local Santa Maria Times is reporting this story from a very different angle than the national outlets looking for Trump Caused Hate:

St. Joseph’s Tom Mott has grown accustomed to rumors of recruiting
Joe Bailey Feb 12, 2020 Updated 4 hrs ago

A certain word seems to follow Tom Mott wherever he goes.

Mott has made his peace with that.

That word? Recruiting.

Mott, who has coached boys basketball at St. Joseph High School since 2009, has heard the whispers in gyms around the area for years.

Tuesday night, the whispers turned into shouts as Righetti High students chanted “Where’s your passport?” apparently aimed at the St. Joseph basketball players who are from out of the area. St. Joseph has a player from France and several from Puerto Rico.

An international roster is nothing new for Mott at St. Joseph, though the Knights usually rely on a mix of local talent to win games.

St. Joseph High School administrators on Wednesday dismissed the notion that a chant from a group of Righetti High School students at the end …

JoJo Walker, now a junior playing at the University of Portland, starred at St. Joseph after arriving from Carolina, Puerto Rico. There’s been a slew of players from Puerto Rico, which is a U.S. territory, or other countries play for the Knights under Mott. There’s Bebe Vargas (Dominican Republic), Marcus Gomis (France) and Gabrys Sadaunykas (Lithuania), among a few others.

Mott resigned from his coaching and athletic director position at Mission Prep in 2006 after a scandal of unearthed recruiting violations. Mission Prep self-reported that Mott had made contact with a player and his family in Puerto Rico and then sent an application to that player in order to have him enroll in school and play basketball for the Royals.

You generally aren’t supposed to recruit athletes at the high school level, but of course successful coaches do. In fact there are now “high schools” (usually with “academy” in their name) that are largely just all-star basketball teams with a few textbooks. For example, Oak Hill Academy in Virginia has had 24 players reach the NBA including Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony. The International Management Group Academy in Florida, where the Williams sisters went to study tennis, has had 9 students drafted.

St. Joseph isn’t like that, but you can understand why the students at the local public school give the private school across the street a hard time for recruiting basketball players from around the world.

And no it’s not Trump’s fault.

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  1. This an analogous to the importation of cheap labor to compete with American workers. Americans who complain and say things about that are called racists. It is the same thing.

    Social justice name calling is good camouflage in both situations.

    • Agree: Desiderius
  2. The first clue for me was the chant itself. Not that high school kids always make sense, but it would be strange to chant “Where’s your passport?” due to so-called racism. Immigrants aren’t going to have passports.

    • Replies: @donvonburg
  3. OMG is in Bradenton, on the gulf coast of Florida, has demographics far different than Sarasota, which is just down the road. I wonder what Steve’s take on the two would be?

  4. Polynikes says:

    Coming from basketball hotbed Indiana, the public (non-recruiting) schools vs private (can give scholarships and thus recruit) has historically always been a hot button issue. So was recruiting, not officially allowed, in general.

    I can remember it being an issue as a kid as Rick Fox “moved” into the district of a prominent basketball public school for a couple years before heading off to North Carolina. He did not escape the scrutiny of local papers and opposing fans. Lesser players than him suffered the same.

    If Trump is to blame for these basketball taunts it must be a family tradition, because it has been happening before he was born.

    • Replies: @mmack
  5. Your high school Alma mater’s crosstown rival Chaminade recruits young blacks to play football for the school in exchange for reduced/free tuition or the like.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  6. @Federalist

    Legal immigrants would have a passport, but not necessarily Puerto Ricans, since unfortunately they are US citizens.

  7. Glaivester says: • Website

    I remember 15 years ago going to a local comic book store to buy a few books, and they were having some card tournament (Magic:The Gathering or some similar thing). I recall kids telling other kids that they were going to send them back over the border to Mexico or things to that effect.

    I got the impression that “offensive” trash talk was the norm.

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
    , @Hemid
    , @Mr McKenna
  8. @donvonburg

    Yeah, but the students don’t know that because, after all, basketball seems to be the most important thing for both schools, not geography.

    I agree with Steve’s point (and feel good that I caught it right away too) that this was about resentment of a high school team having ringers. It’s unbelievable to me, even, but then I don’t have the knowledge about it that our blogger here does.

  9. BenKenobi says:

    To be fair, any given MtG tournament is constantly a hair’s breadth away from a massive brawl breaking out.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  10. Hemid says:

    You’ll never see that again. The company that owns Magic has been banning players and venues for crimes against wokeness for years now.

    They famously forced a store out of business for displaying a Pepe-related joke sign in Trump’s America (in Canada) and lifetime banned one of their most popular YouTube enthusiast/promoters for failure to #believeallwomen when a cosplay girl lied about being harassed by fans. And of course they suddenly populated the tie-in fiction/lore with Twitter trannies (because that’s who writes it), stopped printing cards with too-female-looking women on them, etc.

    In the past decade, every last corner of white nerd hobby world was bullied into submission by bluechecks. Because it was easy to do. The autistics had no idea what was happening, and it’s over. Even Warhammer got pozzed.

    The very last holdouts are the cartoon nerds of Japan, and they’re losing right now.

  11. Corn says:

    That’s considered an offensive chant?

    I’m not gonna tell this journalist what teenage boys said to each other when I was in high school in the 90s.

  12. fnn says:

    Yeah, we have to find some way to make teenage boys ultra-sensitive. As a trade off, we could bring back high school boxing teams.

  13. Wilkey says:

    OT, but I think this – Pete Buttigieg’s 40+ point immigration plan – deserves more attention, both for the fact that Buttigieg is now a genuine frontrunner, and due to the fact that, other than a brief nod to a ‘virtual wall,’ every single one of its 40-50-60 points addresses American immigration policy entirely and completely from the perspective of immigrants, not Americans.

    • Replies: @Corn
    , @Rob
  14. I like the coach and athletic director obviously getting a talking-to from the school board and doing a complete 180.

    In reality there is easy money (politically) for defending this stuff. “It’s a normal part of sports and literally nobody in the crowd has actual hate for the kids on the other team.”

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  15. Anonymous[186] • Disclaimer says:

    Four scores and seven fouls ago, our world community brought forth from the bench a new nation, conceived in diversity, and dedicated to the proposition that all foreigners are created more meritocratic.

    Wherever the standard of moneyball and Vibrance has been or shall be unfurled, there will our heart, benedictions and prayers be. But we go not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. First we must destroy the monsters at home. I regret that I have but one boot on the face of the humanity to stomp, and so few eggs for the making of the omelet to crush, which is by the way economically not possible without vilifying some number of assorted campesinos & local slobs

  16. Anonymous[186] • Disclaimer says:


    A football player falls for a girl who is dating another guy, while another cannot figure out which girl he likes.

    The big game against rival Hardin High School is looming while a full scale prank war is underway.

    Wikipedia tag: This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. (December 2009)

  17. peterike says:

    High schools should have competitive sports. However, they should not have leagues, standings, tournaments or championships. Just different schools working out who will play the other over the course of an un-defined season. For fun. And what used to be called “for sport.”

  18. Probably the chant was directed at the Lithuanian player. As we know Lithuania is very close to Russia and discrimination against Russians is the last acceptable form of xenophobia on the left.

  19. guest says:

    “I did have an emotional reaction”

    Oh, poor you.

  20. @donvonburg

    Good point. But I doubt kids would think about the distinctions of legal immigrants having passports as opposed to illegal immigrants not having passports. If they were motivated by “racism” against latinos as the New York Post was implying, the kids would have probably been chanting about deportations or Build the Wall or something like that. That would apply even if their opponents were legal immigrants or citizens, etc. who could not be deported or kept out by a wall.

  21. Corn says:

    “I was a Stranger and You Welcomed Me”

    Title isn’t subtle about its priorities either.

    Mayor McKinsey Consultant is the Deep State candidate anyway. I can practically see the strings moving his arms and legs.

  22. Rob says:

    Wow. those were a whole bunch of reasons to oppose Booty gig.

  23. J.Ross says:

    So the white supremacists here are Mexicans and the bigotry-facing swasticrash-discoverers are French. Got it.

  24. @Glaivester

    Kids? Trash talking? What on Earth. Well I never.

    Yes, definitely Trump’s fault.

    • Agree: Muggles
  25. syonredux says:

    Sir Gawain is now South Asian:

    • Replies: @Romanian
    , @anon
  26. mmack says:

    Having been born, raised, and living and working in Illinois until a few years ago, I laughed at this line:

    “You generally aren’t supposed to recruit athletes at the high school level, but of course successful coaches do.”

    PLENTY of Chicago Public Schools played the “transfer” game for basketball players over the years. Everyone knew King, Simeon, De La Salle, etc. regularly recruited and “poached” players from other schools. Interestingly to Steve’s point, many of these High Schools are now “Academies, College Preps, and Institutes”, perhaps providing them further cover.

    • Agree: Polynikes
  27. El Dato says:

    “Any type of racism, whether intended or not, has no place in our community.”

    “Unintended racism” … what the hell comes next?

    “You must not look at the wokester’s face, even by accident, or you will be whipped!”


    upset about her body image portrayal in games

    … a new euphemism for “fat and in dire need of hitting the gym”?

  28. El Dato says:

    From the annals of unextinguishable mental anguish:

    > “There is a Swastika. OMG there is a SWASTIKA”
    > Not realizing that SD means “Reinhard Heydrich’s Sicherheitsdienst”, not “San Diego”

  29. J.Ross says:

    A lot of rule and campaign books (which are the checkable skeleton of this hobby in a larger sense) have been getting obsecenely woke, to the point where apoliticals have complained. These are games where you rob graves, raise the dead, take and keep slaves, instigate wars, and throw fireballs at peoples’ faces, but they’re a lot easier to Sarkeesianize than a computer game, so in come the paragraphs about problematic power structures and advising your fellow players about triggering topics.

  30. El Dato says:
    @El Dato

    Also, the thought arises that people never complained about revealing outfits in, say, exploitation movies.

    But now, apparently vidya has to be relevant to the uh, “less than elegant” women’s self-image, which shall not be warped. It is a mystery what happened. Is it microplastics in drinking water?

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  31. Wilkey says:

    Buttigieg strikes me as the sort of earnest grind who, around the age of 13 or so, wrote up a checklist for “How to Become President,” and, unlike all the rest of us who ever wrote such a list, has been carrying it around with him ever since, diligently checking off each and every task.

    Serve in the military (well, weekend warriors): check.

    Avoid Clinton-like sex scandals: check.

    Work for Establishment Corporation: check.

    Attend church so he can seem sincere and use the Bible to push leftist causes, even though he doesn’t believe a word of it: check.

    And now that he’s checked off all or most of the boxes it’s his turn to run.

    Honestly, it all has a certain appeal, and if he were a conservative I just might buy it. But a life lived so “perfectly” while desperately chasing higher office doesn’t tend to make one conservative or make one well-acquainted with many people who are.

    I would have more faith in Bootygig if I found out he nightly downed a gallon of hooch while having gay orgies in his living room and was secretly paying child support for the kid he had after he knocked up some English cougar while desperately trying to be straight at Oxford. As he is, though, he’s just a tool, mimicking what he thinks he’s supposed to do to reach the White House. He has no idea how desperately unprepared his personal history makes him to understand or care for the needs and concerns of the average American.

  32. Altai says:

    I found a new term that is pure Sailer-bait. ‘Gender minority’. You might think, does that mean men? No, it applies to women since in this context (Improv groups) they are in the minority. But why not just say ‘women’ then? Because like you’d expect a lot of them have dissociative or cluster B personality disorders and identify as ‘non-binary’.

    Sphinxes, with its cast of all-female, trans or non-binary and racially diverse improvisers, is one of the most popular comedy shows with Rapid Fire Theatre company. The show, which runs out of the city’s old Citadel Theatre, is the brainchild of Amy Shostak, an Edmonton-turned-Vancouver improviser who created it for a Fringe Festival performance.

    But, after seeing the impact of the show, she decided to hand over its reins to Sphinxes’ current directors, Joleen Ballendine and Julia Grochowski.

    Since Calgary doesn’t have any similar kind of group, Calgary Journal interviewed some of the Sphinxes to find out why and what it’s like being a gender minority in the comedy improv community.

    According to Campbell, the biggest difference between Sphinxes and other shows like it is that it emphasizes the idea that gender minorities can be serious in comedy.

    “In Sphinxes, it’s about being able to say, ‘I’m a woman/non-binary/trans person and I’m funny,’ rather than ‘I’m a woman/non-binary/trans person but I’m funny.’ And that’s extremely important in representation.”

    Prusko first saw Sphinxes perform while they were still in high school, just as the show was starting to get popular.
    As it turns out, that performance contributed to Prusko’s success as a non-binary performer.

    “I had watched Sphinxes before I knew I was non-binary. When I saw it in high school it was all women and one non-binary person. And even though it was only one, I didn’t realize how much I needed that space for being a non-binary person.”

    “I remember at the end of a scene I said, ‘Bless my trans ass!’ and the whole audience laughed. And that’s when I realized that it was okay to be trans on stage, and it was okay to be funny about it.”

    Two of the women who identifies as non-binary and use ‘they/them’ pronouns also say they’re trans, I don’t even know anymore, how can you be trans if you’re non-binary and have never made an attempt to pose as the opposite sex? Maybe we shouldn’t criticise, it’s a lot healthier than getting HRT at 15 and a double mastectomy at 18.

    Also unsurprising, none of them present as anything other than women.

    Here is the page for the two woman show of some of the non-binaries mentioned.

    Call me a bigot but they just look like women to me. And also fail to contribute any evidence of being funny despite the already low standards of the improv scene.

    • Replies: @Canadian Observer
  33. Ragno says:


    Next time, chant “Where’s your daughter’s parents?” at Principal Dougherty.

    “Ethiopian daughter” my ass.

    • Replies: @Federalist
  34. J.Ross says:

    Stop the execution! It’s a message from the central committee!

    Having fewer kids will not save the climate
    Some say you shouldn’t have children in the era of climate change. Don’t buy it.

    Joel Robinson voice: “Oh, okay, that — hunnnh?”
    Let’s jump straight to the part where he talks about environmentalism not effectively existing in the developing world: not found.
    To the part about sun people having largely uncontrollable habits: not found.
    About immigration effecting first world pollution: not found.
    What then? Does he just allow himself to fantasize that future governments will sort everything out anyway, so, uh, never mind?

    The problem with most studies on the climate impact of various lifestyle decisions is that they don’t account for likely changes in government policy in the future. But climate policy will almost certainly get much stricter over the course of our children’s and grandchildren’s lifetimes, the Founders Pledge researchers say.

    He does not consider uneven strictness (Europe doing something, America not doing something but talking about it, and the Third World doing nothing). This is a neck-breaking change of party line, based on nothing — why?

    • Replies: @Redneck farmer
  35. @Altai

    Canada is a full of this crap. There are around three sketch shows on the main Canadian public broadcaster featuring lesbian-looking women delivering lame comedy. Most of the participants are mannish white women in their 20s or 30s with a couple of Asian hangers-on. Their two main themes seem to be “Trump sucks” and “I love being loud”.

    Every woman in the entertainment industry I know here in Toronto is an aspiring “comedienne”. They know that the barriers for entry are lower and they don’t have to be as funny. I went to a Second City show a few months ago which largely featured women like these and minority performers. The show sucked! They all had a license to say more things on stage than white men but couldn’t take advantage of it because they’re not as witty or clever. I left feeling depressed because the entire display was a reflection of our society writ large.

    “The Kids in the Hall” wouldn’t be allowed in Canada today because that comedy troupe featured five white men.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  36. The crying kankelbeeste at the end of the clip—love to see it!

    Seriously though, the chant could’ve been a little more creative:

    Show your papers, please!
    Wuhan got the sneeze.
    Customs caught a stowaway,
    Sprayed it with Febreze!

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Federalist
    , @anon
  37. @El Dato

    How is that ‘sexist’? Looks like she’s got plenty of tactical load-bearing capability.

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
    , @Bill Jones
  38. JMcG says:

    He’s Mitt Romney. I was going to say a Democrat Mitt Romney.

    • Replies: @Thirdtwin
  39. El Dato says:
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    That level of triggering shouldn’t even be possible.

    Mental illness and hormonal deregulation. It’s either fluorides, microplastics or Hershey chocs.

    Administrators from both schools exchanged words

    They didn’t just tweet at each other?

    How is that even possible? Barbaric.

  40. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    Well, womb bearing capabilities at least.

  41. pirelli says:

    OT: following up on the flap over Bloomberg’s comments about stop and frisk, there’s now a brouhaha over some comments he made in September 2008 linking the end of redlining to the recession. Wonder how many more iStevey observations of his we’ll be finding out about in the weeks to come!

  42. Romanian says:

    I just came here to post that trailer. At least he’s Indo-European! In a globalized world, that’s like getting a Russian to play an Englishman, so not bad. 😀

  43. Romanian says:
    @El Dato

    The character herself was Quiet :)))), certainly anathema to a certain type of woman these days.

  44. @BenKenobi

    Only if a tanker truck full of testosterone somehow managed to crash into it first.

  45. @Wilkey

    It started well before 13, which is a good thing since by all appearances he’s yet to reach that age.

  46. Svevlad says:

    Where’s their passport?

    At their house, duh!

  47. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    This has been done to death. See the 2001 movie with Martin Lawrence, Black Knight

    Martin Lawrence plays Jamal, an employee in Medieval World amusement park. After sustaining a blow to the head, he awakens to find himself in 14th century England.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  48. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    You deserve some kind of public service award for posting that. Reading about this was one thing but seeing the “kankelbeeste” (as you so elegantly put it) was something else. The video is so perfect, it looks scripted. It was a social justice warrior straight out of central casting being triggered. Of course, she(?) was tremendously fat but the glasses! She runs/waddles to yell at the students and then when she retreats, she is crying.

    OK, is this real?

    • Thanks: Jenner Ickham Errican
  49. The public school leading the chant is mostly Hispanic, based on the demographics of the town. Also, we can assume most of the students aren’t white because the article didn’t mention it. So is it still racist if Diversity Americans are chanting it?

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  50. Muggles says:

    Yeesh. High school students chanting taunts? Who would believe that? Teens being rude to each other? Unheard of!

    Recruiting high school ball players (name that sport?), well I declare!

    It’s a big deal in Texas, a time honored tradition. The UIL (University Interscholastic League, a name designed to totally obscure its real purpose) regulates high school and lower sports. They now have elaborate rules to regulate the transfer scams. But of course it fails to do so. Also now academic standards are employed. So now Courses for Jocks extend to the grade school level.

    In Texas football is the main religion, so cheating is rampant. Lots of parents of speedy uh, minority youth, are hired just so the family can move to the nice suburbs and play sports for the kids. You have to wait a bit though. Where I live the local XXXX High School, one of many in the area, is famed for it’s football prowess. However, many of those “championships” they brag about now have tiny asterisks next to those “winning seasons.” I.e. some assistant coach “failed” to check “student athlete” eligibility for grades or transfers. Discovered years later by rival coaches, usually. By then the assistant coach is coaching at another high school (no longer an assistant.) No one gets fired or hurt. This is from the adults of course. No wonder so many athletes in some sports end up becoming criminals. Winning is Everything! Trash talking is an elective course!

  51. @Wilkey

    What you wrote sums up a lot of the reasons that there are a lot of Millennials who can’t stand Mayor Pete:

    Some of these reasons are also why Wall Street Pete is the most humiliating possible President for Deplorable white males.

    • Agree: Desiderius
    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  52. @Wilkey

    “how desperately unprepared (he is) to understand or care for the needs and concerns of the average American.”

    You make the rookie mistake of thinking that caring about Americans is a requirement for the presidency. That horse fled the barn many long moons ago.

    Actually, the more you hate the American people, the more qualified you become.

  53. @El Dato

    Economy got better, Trump lifted the terror on men. The ones who are left are defenseless against those taking out their frustration from getting crushed by Trump, but even they’re finding their bearings somewhat.

    There were also some VCs who thought woke games were a gold mine (gamergate). Mostly didn’t work out so the heat from the suits has lessened.

  54. @Pop Warner

    That’s what white hispanics are for.

    • Agree: Hibernian
  55. notsaying says:

    OT —

    Here’s an intriguing story that features Joe Biden — in person. There’s several ways to take it, I think: my response varies according to whether this kid is just interested in how we do things or he’s getting himself into position to take up residence and eventual citizenship in this country as an instant member of our elite after he finishes his schooling — which I assume will be 100% US schools.

    Chinese ‘democracy tourists’ see Iowa up close

    The students, aged about 16, were part of a winter break tour of the US that included stops in Iowa to see democracy in action.

    The trip cost $7,000 (£5,428) – a huge sum for the average Chinese household – but Liu Junhao, 16, thought it had been money well spent.

    He’d experienced something unique and meaningful, unlike his classmates’ visits to typical American tourist attractions, he said.

  56. Anon7 says:

    Trump Causes Hate!

    Actually, when I was young, I learned that I was responsible for my own emotional state. In fact, I think it’s psychotic to hold others responsible for how you feel.

    So, of course the passport chant and the resulting outrage is Donald Trump’s fault – as long as you believe that you can’t control your own emotions, and so you rely on your environment to keep you on an even keel.

    Dominic Frisby has a video that describes exactly what I think about people who feel outrage when your thinking is different from theirs.

  57. J.Ross says:

    I didn’t know you were allowed to do this:

    • Replies: @black sea
  58. Sol says:

    A white woman who adopted an Ethiopian?

  59. J.Ross says:

    That one, though, was a “black movie” (made specifically for black audiences like the works of Tyler Perry), and was intended to be comedic and impossible, rather than the trend of movies intended to be dramatic and normative for general audiences, as seen with the black Lancelot in the now-forgotten whatever it was, or, I guess, black Gawain here. Lawrence’s character, a modern African-American, suffers a head injury and fantasizes about being inserted as clumsily as possible into a medieval fantasy, where his blackness enables musicians to spontaneously embrace James Brown music. There’s a black princess, but she’s shown at the end of the movie to have been present in the “real world” and not a racial retcon.

    • Replies: @anon
  60. BB753 says:

    Orange Man is bad. So Orange Man is always guilty of everything bad happening in the country and sometimes abroad. Here’s the MSM’s verdict in a nutshell.

  61. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    It’s a sound tactical garb: it would certainly deny my reaction time for a couple of seconds.

  62. @notsaying

    Chinese “democracy tourists?” Great, another potential vector of infection

  63. syonredux says:

    “Inspired by true events, HUNTERS follows a diverse band of Nazi Hunters in 1977 New York City who discover that hundreds of escaped Nazis are living in America. And so, they do what any bad-ass vigilante squad would do: they set out on a bloody quest for revenge and justice. But they soon discover a far-reaching conspiracy and must race against time to thwart the Nazis’ new genocidal plans.”

  64. Oh cool.

    I assume this young lady would be in favor of bringing these back:

    Or perhaps these:

  65. snorlax says:
    @El Dato

    Wait ’til he sees the Chase Bank logo.

  66. @notsaying

    The whole trip would have been worthwhile if Mr. Liu had gone just a couple of states away and had his picture taken in front of that biggest ball of twine over in Cawker City, Kansas. It’d have been much more enlightening.

  67. J.Ross says:

    Twitter refuses to take down massively popular thread entitled, “Remember the Nakba, beat a Zionist, then upload video here.”

  68. @El Dato

    The fulsome fylfot was all the rage back in the day.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  69. Altai says:

    America’s voting systems are not terribly elegant or democratic, particularly it’s primary system. Wouldn’t going to a European country that isn’t Britain make more sense? First past the post is the least democratic system you can have whilst still having a democracy.

    As we can see in the US and Britain, the political tectonic plates are grinding because the first past the post system makes it easy for the dominant parties to freeze out popular political views without political consequences and a much needed political realignment is unable to form properly. It may never truly take form under the US system. The last time this happened in the aftermath of the market crash it was able to take place but the moment it should have happened in the US this time, nothing… Obama had the easiest hand in history to go down as one of the great US presidents by at least brining back Glass-Steagall but couldn’t even bring that about. Can America’s new oligarchy be tamed? Has the moment passed?

  70. Altai says:

    You left out the best quote, the caption for the main picture:

    A Chinese student puts up a yard sign of presidential candidate Andrew Yang in Des Moines, Iowa.

    No doubt he was doing it because he was impressed by Yang’s UBI and marijuana policies…

  71. Lot says:

    Will the Nazis be 15% African or South Asian?

    • Replies: @snorlax
  72. It’s not confusing at all for anyone the least bit intelligent: everywhere and always since the Crusades, the papists are on the side of the invaders….

    • LOL: Redneck farmer
    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @Reg Cæsar
    , @Lot
  73. anon[399] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    The crying kankelbeeste at the end of the clip—love to see it!

    That’s the kind of Boomer authority many Zillenials endured all through school. Probably got a Hillary! button in her desk drawer.

    There’s your assistant principal. There’s your guidance counselor. There’s your college dean of students. At work…there’s your assistant vice president of HR.

    One could sell tiny bottles of her tears to a lot of people.

  74. @syonredux

    Diverse band of Nazi hunters, bent upon bloody revenge! Based on a true story, sort of! But wait, the Nazis are caught trying to restrict immigration and elect Donald Trump as their One True Leader! It’s a Race Against Time! To thwart a far-reaching conspiracy! Based on a true story!

    BTW! Did you know that Borders = Genocide? It was on teevee the other night.

    (Does the intended audience even know the word ‘thwart’?) Wow, I watched the clip now. More torture porn against wypipos. This is going to end so well. Seriously though, I have trouble believing that’s real. Is this what I get for boycotting teevee?

  75. Anon[367] • Disclaimer says:


    Chetty has gotten access to College Board data, and after mashing it up with IRS and census data, has determined that the only way to get poor kids into elite colleges in sufficient numbers to make a dent in income inequality is to give them a 100 point SAT handicap. He compares it to legacy admissions.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  76. @The Wild Geese Howard

    what is so specifically millennial-y loathsome about mayor Pete

    As if his daily Chastening weren’t enough.

  77. @El Dato

    “Sicherheitsdienst”, not “San Diego”

    I thought it meant “whale’s vagina”

  78. black sea says:

    She seems to think that POCs are restricted to this particular space, designated by an acronym which I don’t recognize and probably don’t want to know. She further explains that for Whites “there’s the whole university for a lot of y’all to be at.”

    Is this really the policy at UVA? Hmm, I’m surprised that they’re able to pull this off in 2020.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @El Dato
  79. J.Ross says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    If the Jews were smarter, this is exactly what they’d want: let the swastika mean nothing. However Judaism itself is inescapably the ritual resurrection and re-execution of The Terrible not-Jew. Haman and Agag live forever thanks to these geniuses.

  80. J.Ross says:
    @black sea

    She’s got a point, how many blacks feel welcome in the mathematics college?

  81. Johnny789 says:

    When I was coaching Girls Basketball at a scrappy little parochial school in Inglewood we would play a Private School from the Palos Verdes Peninsula that recruited (they actually crooked my best player ever after 9th grade who then went on to play in the Pac12). Once they finally took out their starters after building up a 40 point lead I pleaded with my girls to at least outscore their girls that were paying full tuition.

    • LOL: Bostonvegas
  82. kihowi says:

    It is everywhere. Nerds haven’t so much capitulated en masse, they were told they world works a certain way and they didn’t have the psychological toolkit to realize they were being played.

    A week ago I started getting into pc emulation of old video game systems. About the nerdiest, techiest, most male subculture you can imagine, right?

    The hot topic on all the forums? The guy who had been translating 30 year old obscure Japanese games into English as a hobby had been bullied off the internet because he correctly translated a scene where one character calls another one a tranny.

    And there was an actual discussion about whether this was right or not. That’s not losing. More like realizing that your enemy is better than you and and committing suicide before the fight even starts to save him the trouble.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  83. Hibernian says:

    In the land of my forefathers, we Papists resisted the invaders for 800 years.

    • Replies: @JMcG
  84. Yeah, but who ever heard of a French B-Ball player. Is he native French, or ethnic French?

    • Replies: @Muggles
  85. @J.Ross

    Because real twitter rules aren’t the same as the published ones.

  86. nebulafox says:

    What new genocidal plans? Near as I can tell, even the likes of Eichmann and Mengele were concerned with saving their asses and escaping justice in South America, not having wet dreams about creating the Fourth Reich. The notion of an Alpine Redoubt or potential Fourth Reich was an invention of Goebbels, nothing more. Nazi Germany was not your garden variety totalitarian government: the governing impetus was Adolf Hitler’s vaguely defined will, and nothing else. Structurally, it resembled Tsarist Russia more than Fascist Italy or Francoist Spain. With Hitler dead and no obvious successor, Nazism burst like a bubble.

    It’s also pathetic. Someone born in early 1930 is now 90 years old. The only Germans who can plausibly claim to have fought in WWII these days were the teenage buck privates and anti-aircraft gunners of 1944 and 1945 who had zero choice in the matter and whose main priority was survival. Can’t they think of some more relevant baddies in Hollywood?

  87. @Autochthon

    everywhere and always since the Crusades, the papists are on the side of the invaders….

    While the anti-papists are in the side of the sodomites.

    • Replies: @donvonburg
  88. @J.Ross

    Someone responded to their biological clock, I’m guessing.

  89. @J.Ross

    Hey, “Black History Month”. Totally appropriate.

  90. @El Dato

    upset about…body image portrayal in games

  91. JMcG says:

    In the land of our forefathers, “we papists” are flat on our backs with our legs in the air waving fistfuls of euros at the invaders. There was an article in the Irish Times yesterday recounting the amazing profit the provider of “Direct Provision” centers for Africans is earning.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
  92. El Dato says:

    a bloody quest for revenge and justice

    Seriously, what.

    Next: Diverse Squad of Jewperheroes battles Amalekites in an epic gory quest for revenge and justice, as they try to complete an underground base for world domination under Trump Tower.

  93. @Reg Cæsar

    Back to the old papists vs. antipapists thing again….The object of the Reformation was never to be as anti-Catholic as possible, rather to get back to the fidelity to the Scriptures. That is frequently forgotten by some, it’s very true.

    Some, however, have a different view entirely:

  94. bomag says:
    @Malcolm X-Lax

    While reading, this came across the radio.

    One of our Dreamers gets 17 years for groping.

    I guess he figured from all the examples around him, this was a land of strangers-with-benefits.

    • Replies: @notsaying
  95. @Ragno

    Back off. They paid full price.

  96. @donvonburg

    The object of the Reformation was never to be as anti-Catholic as possible, rather to get back to the fidelity to the Scriptures. That is frequently forgotten by some, it’s very true.

    It sure is:

  97. @Anon

    He compares it to legacy admissions.

    Minus the legacy.

  98. J.Ross says:

    A major weak point of our civilization is the embrace of book learning and “the consensus of the experts” at the loss of phronesis and healthy cynicism. This is intellectual weakening and destruction under the guise of strengthening the intellectual’s standing. Once this is in place, the hostile power need only say what they want in the established phrasing, and there will be no quibbling — to doubt is to not see the beautiful imperial garments and surrender one’s standing.
    When people complain about Hollywood producing genocidal race hate agitprop instead of watchable movies the response should be, “O anon, what weapon did the Jew put to your head, to force you to give him your money and sit through his race hate screed?” But sometimes (rather often, lately), the entertainment world remembers how to shut up and actually make something worth your time:

  99. J.Ross says:

    Points docked: missed opportunity to say “fusty-lugs” or “rampallion.” “Rampallion” is the best word for “whore” ever.

  100. @syonredux

    Torture porn for people who hate white Europeans. “Nazi” is a euphemism for “white.”

  101. @El Dato

    upset about her body image portrayal in games

    Whose body image portrayal? The dev’s body image is portrayed in games? What?

    I think this guy made up this anecdote and posted it before thinking it through.

  102. CPS Students Protest After Teacher Allegedly Said ‘Go Back To Your Country’ To Girl Sitting Out Anthem

    Senn High School students staged a sit-in after a teacher told a Hispanic student to “go back to your country” because she didn’t stand for the national anthem, students said.

  103. mmack says:

    Well Steve, instead of saying “Go back to your country!”, this sidelined Senn High School teacher should have asked “Where’s your passport?”:

    “High school seniors Tionda Cobb and Yesica Salazar said they were at the Hispanic Heritage Assembly in late January when their teacher noticed they weren’t standing for the National Anthem.”

    The Coalition of the Fringes still holds at a certain level. 👍🏻

  104. mmack says:

    And remaining in the educational sphere, Bill De Blasio rolls in the Heavy Artillery in the battle against school standards: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 🤦🏻‍♂️

  105. El Dato says:
    @black sea

    Apparently it is the

    ‘Multicultural Student Center’ (MSC)

    You can probably find a stuffed plush of Frau Merkel somewhere in there.

    The University of Virginia has released a statement clarifying that its ‘Multicultural Student Center’ is open to students of all ethnicities after a video rant by a black student claiming there were “too many white people” went viral.

    “In order to foster the diversity of experience and ideas that make UVA a great and good place to study and work, these centers are open to all members of the University community,” the University wrote.

    So although some of its students may support racial segregation in the name of progressivism, thankfully the UVA doesn’t.

    However, according to a report in the Cavalier Daily, “Several other students tweeted in solidarity with the student in the video, saying that white people did not frequently visit the MSC when it was located in the basement of Newcomb Hall.”

    This begs the question; If white people rarely even visit the center, how many white people is “too many white people”?

    You already know the answer.

    • Replies: @black sea
  106. El Dato says:

    rather to get back to the fidelity to the Scriptures

    It was kinda the ISIS of those times.

    Despite their many differences, Martin Luther (1483–1546), son of a German miner, and John Calvin (born Jean Cauvin, of which Calvin is the Latinized name) (1509–64), son of a French attorney and leading town official, whose new religious sects between them swept northern Europe, agreed on some crucial fundamentals. In particular, their social philosophy and theology rested on the basic proposition that man is totally depraved, steeped in sin. If this is so, man could scarcely achieve salvation even partially through his own efforts; therefore, salvation comes, not from man’s nonexistent free will, but as an arbitrary and unintelligible gift of unearned
    grace from God, a gift which He for His own reasons hands out only to a predestined elect. All of the non-elect are damned. Furthermore, as man is totally depraved and a slave of Satan, his reason – let alone his sense of enjoyment – can never be trusted. Neither reason nor the senses can in any way be trusted to form a social ethics; that can only come from the divine will through Biblical revelation.

    If reason cannot be used to frame an ethic, this means that Luther and Calvin had to, in essence, throw out natural law, and in doing so, they jettisoned the basic criteria developed over the centuries by which to criticize the despotic actions of the state. Indeed, Luther and Calvin, relying on isolated Biblical passages rather than on an integrated philosophic tradition, opined that the powers that be are ordained of God, and that therefore the king, no matter how tyrannical, is divinely appointed and must always be obeyed.

    This doctrine, of course, played into the hands of the rising absolute monarchs and their theoreticians.

    As a man fundamentally opposed to later scholastic refinements or even to the kind of integral, systematic thought of scholasticism, as a man hankering after what he believed to be Augustinian purity, Martin Luther cannot be expected to have looked very kindly upon commerce or upon the later scholastic justifications for usury. And indeed he did not. A confused, contradictory, and unsystematic thinker at best, Luther was unsurprisingly least consistent in an area of secular affairs – economics – in which he had
    little interest.

    Thus, on a crucial question which had vexed scholastics for centuries: whether private property is natural or conventional, i.e. merely the product of positive law, Luther was characteristically anti-intellectual. He was not interested in such questions; therefore they were trivial: ‘it is vain to mention these things; they cannot be acquired by thought,…’. As Dr Gary North has commented, ‘So much for 1500 years of debate’.

    All in all, Richard Tawney’s assessment of Luther on these matters is perhaps not an overstatement;

    Confronted with the complexities of foreign trade and financial organization, or with the subtleties of economic analysis, he
    [Luther] is like a savage introduced to a dynamo or a steam engine. He is too frightened and angry even to feel curiosity.
    Attempts to explain the mechanism merely enrage him; he can only repeat that there is a devil in it, and that good Christians
    will not meddle with the mystery of iniquity.

    The rest is confusion.

    Murray Rothbard, in:
    An austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought, Vol 1, “Economic Though Before Adam Smith”

  107. CJ says:

    Legal immigrants would have a passport, but not necessarily Puerto Ricans, since unfortunately they are US citizens.

    Which does not stop them from sending a basketball team to the Olympics. A good basketball team by the way, which has come close to winning a medal in the past. Generally most or all of the players live in New York City.

  108. notsaying says:

    I thought you were kidding about getting “17 years for groping” but that is what happened, according to the first victim, a police detective, in the news story I’ve linked to below. It is interesting to read what she says, since it’s rare that a cop is a crime victim too.

    “When he checked my seatbelt, which was obviously tight, he grabbed the seatbelt and grabbed and touched my vaginal area,” Cunningham told the Tribune Wednesday. “I deal with this day in and day out, but until it happens to you, you have no idea what’s happening.”

    Assuming this is what happened to the three other victims I have to protest the sentence. Four incidents like this are not worth 17 years in prison unless there was already a long prior criminal history. I assume this was a first arrest here though or his visa would have been yanked before.

    By the way, I saw on my internet search that Roberto Salaman-Garcia is here legally on a temporary work visa. These carnivals get away with using cheap foreign labor and temporary work visas. I don’t approve of that at all.

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  109. Muggles says:
    @The Alarmist

    Tony Parker, formerly of the San Antonio Spurs.

    Born in Belgium, raised in France. Mother is Dutch, father an American black who played basketball in Europe. Parker is majority owner of the French basketball team in Lyon. He’s a “basketball god” in France, so it is said.

    He was a very good and key player during the Spurs recent championship years.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  110. Anonymous[257] • Disclaimer says:

    The early Protestants were Old Testament wanna be jews. They didn’t even believe Jesus was God. “ There is but one God, and that is the God of Israel” was the foundation of every Protestant church but the Church of England.

    The foundation of the Church of England was Henry 8’s sex life and his communist style confiscation of the papist property.

    The early Protestants denied Christ in favor of the pornographic genocidal homicidal Jewish Bible.

    Churches that deny Jesus is God as the reformation churches did are not Christian

    • Replies: @anon
    , @donvonburg
  111. black sea says:
    @El Dato

    The Multicultural Student Center — open to students of all ethnicities — in contrast to The Student Center — open to students of all ethnicities.

    ” . . . white people did not frequently visit the MSC when it was located in the basement of Newcomb Hall.”

    Somebody at UVA has a sense of humor.

  112. @nebulafox

    No, they cannot.

    Somewhere, in Germany, a public prosecutor is crying in his sleep.
    The last centenarian he might have tried as a juvenile because he was 17 at the time of his alleged crimes was mean, oh so mean, and died a few days too early.

    So sad. The last great trial of war criminals had to be cancelled for lack of living criminals to prosecute.

  113. @Muggles

    If you count a dutch-african born in Belgium as a Frenchman, then OK, I stand better informed, but ethnic French at best.

  114. @notsaying

    “he…touched my vaginal area,” Cunningham told the Tribune”

    Cunningham is definitely the right detective for this case.

  115. @Not my economy

    Must be hard, in an era when toxic masculinity is a crime against humanity, to field a winner take all “boys” sports team.

  116. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Canadian Observer

    If a female comedian is a comedienne, why aren’t female lesbians lesbiennes ?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  117. anon[169] • Disclaimer says:

    J.R. – good review, agreeance here, you peeled the onion layers nicely.

    The old way was actually funny. The new way is kind of a mash-up of USA affirmative action with Soviet-style ham fisted propaganda that we must praise if we know what’s good for us.

  118. anon[169] • Disclaimer says:

    news flash – the old “Protestants vs. Catholics” is way past its expiration date.
    The new reality is anyone who says they are Christian vs. the rising moslem hordes. Which immigration continues to bring in mass. Then they breed like rabbits on our dole.
    Heck, even religious Left LGBTQWERTY kooks need to ally with Rome and Evangelicals to survive the moslem onslaught.
    Atheists and Agnostics won’t fare well under moslem rule. Nor would Hindus, Buddhists, Shinto, Confucians.
    Notice a pattern?

    • Replies: @anon
  119. anon[380] • Disclaimer says:

    news flash – the old “Protestants vs. Catholics” is way past its expiration date.

    True. Way, way past. Don’t tell the Sedevacants, though.

    The new reality is anyone who says they are Christian vs. the rising moslem hordes.

    In the US the fastest growing category of people is “agnostic”. Especially for those under 30.

  120. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    To clarify: A Lesbian, i.e., an inhabitant of Lesbos, may be of either sex, but a lesbian, is by definition female.

    However, to a large extent, lesbians may be subdivided as “butches” or “femmes”, and, perhaps, “lesbienne” should be reserved for the latter.

    Maybe I’ll write Ellen DeGeneres and ask her. Better yet, Steve Sailer should do so, since he is a fellow celebrity of sorts and could get her people to give his people the definitive answer.

  121. @Corn

    Yeah. Booty reminds of Macron. And what’s with McKinsey? You should see the grads they hire in Japan. It’s like the Paralympics of consulting.

  122. @snorlax

    But the first photo is a scene from the classic movie “Gone vit de Vind”, from the sequence where the black servant takes Scharlachrot Harasohn back to her Alpine estate.

  123. @Desiderius

    I remember when Howdy Doody went off the air. My brother cried.

  124. @Anonymous

    This is nonsense. The Reformation was an attempt to get back to the core tenets of Christianity and if it had not been successful, the Catholic church would have not had the Counter-Reformation, which was an improvement, but still retained much error.

    Many of the Reformers went too far and Luther himself said that.

    The bottom line was that the Catholic church held many views as tradition that had no biblical basis and instead of just admitting such actually dug their heels in deeper. And at a much later date.

    There is no set list of ex cathedra teachings, but that’s because there are only two, and both are about Mary: her Immaculate Conception (declared by Pope Pius IX in 1854 and grandfathered in after the First Vatican Council’s declaration of papal infallibility in 1870) and her bodily Assumption into heaven (declared by Pope Pius XII in 1950).

    But neither of these was earth-shattering to Roman Catholics, because these beliefs had been nurtured through devotion, prayer, and local teaching for centuries before becoming official papal teaching.

    Ex cathedra is the theological term for a teaching that has been declared infallibly by the Roman Pontiff. In short, ex cathedra means that the pope can explicate an article of divine revelation under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in full possession of his role as Peter’s successor. When he does so he is protected from error. This ex cathedra possibility was supported by the Second Vatican Council. However, this does not mean that every time the pope speaks he is speaking infallibly.

    Even though only two doctrines have been declared ex cathedra, there are many others that the church professes must be believed. Some of these are laid out in the 1998 “Commentary on the Concluding Formula of the Professio fidei” issued by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

    According to this document, many teachings are “irreformable” and “definitive” and as such can be seen as possessing the binding quality of an infallible doctrine, although not necessarily proclaimed ex cathedra. That is, they aren’t promulgated by the pope himself but by the larger magisterium of the church. The lineup of “irreformable” teachings—ones divinely revealed—include those regarding Jesus, Mary, sin and grace, the sacraments, the primacy of the pope, and the doctrinal formulations of the ancient creeds.

    I have news for the Catholic Church: Mary, although a very fine woman and presumably the best choice the Godhead could have made to be the mother of the Son of God, was in the end a sinner in need of redemption like every human being other than Christ Himself. Of that we can be certain.

    As far as her bodily Assumption, it is not impossible, since it happened once in the antediluvian Old Testament, but there is no scriptural basis for it, and one would certainly think that there would be.
    Far lesser events are the routine stuff of all four Gospels and the Pauline epistles. You as well might accept Joseph Smith and the allegedly restored Gospels he presented as to stake your faith on the Assumption of Mary.

    On the other hand, Luther never had a Bible without the Apochrypha, although rightly it was considered of a lower canonicity. The King James Version had it and no KJV was printed without it until 1803 and in the United States. Luther was much more capital-C Catholic than a lot of diocesan priests and a lot of people in more liberal orders in the Roman Catholic Church today, indeed. Much of Protestantism is a historical and traditional appeal to non-Catholicity , especially in the United States, and I would be the first to condemn it. I believe that we in the evangelical Church could learn some things from Rome and Constantinople if we looked hard enough. They do have some good things, but then again so does Salt Lake City. And we definitely do not want to go there.

  125. @Hemid

    lifetime banned one of their most popular YouTube enthusiast/promoters for failure to #believeallwomen when a cosplay girl lied about being harassed by fans

    I don’t mean to be pedantic, but Jeremy Hambly (aka The Quarterpounder) is a grifter with no credibility whatsoever. So using him as evidence for the Awokening of Wizards of the Coast is not advisable.
    (There is already tons of reliable evidence on WotC already that does not concern an attention-seeking internet grifter).

  126. @Lot

    Touché. But it’s been a bloody bad showing since the Moors were expelled from Iberia and the Turks were held off. I concede I set my mark too early in history.

    (This message was brought to you by Catholic Charities [sic].)

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