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Are We Confident That Our Corporations Are Celebrating PRIDE Long and Hard Enough Yet?
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Are we sure that American institutions are celebrating Pride as much as they should and could?

In the Bad Old Days, there was just a Gay Pride Parade one Sunday in June. And then there was a Gay Pride Week. And now it’s Pride Month, with, apparently, no need to explain what kind of Pride is being celebrated, because there is only one kind imaginable anymore.

But, we must ask ourselves, is that truly enough Pride?

I believe that America’s corporations should rename the Second Quarter in all their budget documents as “Pride Quarter,” celebrating Pride from April 1st through June 30 annually.

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  1. Thea says:

    The perpetual 12 year-old in me really wants the dems to nominate the gay homo whose name behinds with Butt.

    • Replies: @HonestBl
    , @Desiderius
  2. Anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:

    Paint the Bomb Gay, and the prog elites will support every war.

    Onward Queertian Soldiers marching as to war…

  3. Maybe the 1st quarter would be more symbolic. Isn’t that when most companies take it up the ass?

  4. newrouter says:

    let my freak flag fly

  5. Dtbb says:

    Here goes nothing.

    • LOL: 68W58, RVBlake
    • Replies: @ScarletNumber
    , @Mr. Anon
  6. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Pride Month should be October, culminating with the Greenwich Village Halloween parade.

  7. “Long and hard enough??” Steve, the celebration of homosexuality is starting to affect even you!

  8. JohnnyD says:

    When do the transgenders get their own month?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  9. Hail says: • Website

    Was it Noam Chomsky who said corporations love anti-racism and pro-gay activism because it’s good for business?

  10. Hrw-500 says:

    For a moment, I thought it was an headline coming from the Onion. Mark Dice vlog about Pride Month in his recent video at 2:35.

    In case if Youtube deletes it, it’s also posted on Bitchute.

  11. Thinker says:

    Hahaha. Love the Babylon Bee.

    RAQQA, SYRIA—A Navy SEAL Team recently expressed regret in showing support for Pride Month after their new uniforms gave away their position in a covert operation to infiltrate an ISIS stronghold. Seal Captain James McKeever says they endured heavy gunfire after the little rainbow flags poking up off of their shoulder area drew the enemy’s attention. “The whole mission was a bust. We barely made it out alive.”

    The SEAL team is now being investigated for hate speech after expressing such clearly unpatriotic and anti-gay opinions. “To refuse to wear a bright, rainbow-covered frog suit on a covert ops mission is the definition of anti-gay bias,” said investigator Janice Gillespie. “They will be duly reprimanded.”

    Next month they will be wearing bright red, white, and blue gear in celebration of July 4.

  12. @Diversity Heretic

    “Long and hard enough.

    “That’s what she said!”

    Small corporations are pushing this stuff too now, even small southeastern Pennsylvania paper companies:

    Michael Scott, Scranton branch manager: We are all homos now. ….


    Homo Sapiens.


    BTW, that episode seems to be somewhat scrubbed (the best parts) from youtube, it seems to me. It’s one of the finest pieces of comedy I’ve every seen.

    • Replies: @ScarletNumber
    , @ChrisZ
  13. Wouldn’t it make more sense to rename summer as “pride”?

    That way the biblical warning would come true every year: pride comes before fall.

    • Replies: @Glaivester
  14. Isn’t “pride”supposed to be a sin, anyway? And doesn’t it goeth before a fall?

    The gays are really tempting fate. Might as well just have a full month of hubris and worshipping a golden calf, and see what happens.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  15. HonestBl says:

    I laughed way too hard after reading your comment.

  16. Glaivester says: • Website
    @Richard of Melbourne

    No, pride goeth before DESTRUCTION, and a haughty spirit before a fall. (Prov. 16:18)

    • Agree: PiltdownMan
    • Replies: @Hunsdon
    , @FPD72
  17. Hunsdon says:

    It’s a common enough mistake in the US, you are of course entirely correct. Correctness matters! (No, I’m not being snarky.)

  18. FPD72 says:

    But since this is a poetic use of synonymous parallelism, the reader could almost say that pride goes before a fall.

  19. gman says:

    Maybe it’s just my experience but pride month seems to be in overdrive this year (i.e. I barely noticed it last year)

    Seems like companies are like June = Rainbows, October = Pink (breast cancer awareness)

  20. CCZ says:

    A worthy and rigorous examination of the “elites” and corporate advocacy of homosexuality (and “Pride”) as a tool for accumulating cultural and political power is:

    From Tolerance to Equality: How Elites Brought America to Same-Sex Marriage, Darel E. Paul, Professor of Political Science at Williams College

    B&N Review: “Over the last twenty-five years, a dramatic transformation in the American public’s view of homosexuality has occurred, symbolized best by the movement of same-sex marriage from the position of a fringe few to the pinnacle of morality and a cornerstone of establishment thought. From Tolerance to Equality explores how this seismic shift of social perspective occurred and why it was led by the country’s educational and business elite. Rejecting claims of a commitment to toleration or a heightened capacity for moral sympathy, author Darel E. Paul argues that American elites use opinion on homosexuality as a mark of social distinction and thus as a tool for accumulating cultural authority and political power.

    Paul traces this process through its cultural pathways as first professionals and, later, corporate managers took up the cause. He marshals original data analysis and chapters on social class and the family, the ideology of diversity, and the waning status of religious belief and authority to explore the factors behind the cultural changes he charts. Paul demonstrates the high stakes for same-sex marriage’s mostly secular proponents and mostly religious opponents—and explains how so many came to fight so vigorously on an issue that directly affects so few.”

    He discusses the book and elite and corporate advancement of homosexuality at:

    • Replies: @International Jew
  21. @Achmed E. Newman

    Sigh, as SleepyCreepy Joe Biden can tell you, Scranton is in Northeast Pennsylvania.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  22. @Anonymous

    August 6, 1945:
    A Date Which Will Live In Payback…

    Celebrate Enola Gay Pride Day!

    • LOL: Escher
    • Replies: @reactionry
  23. 3278118

    Mr. Sailer, could you please delete my post with the spoof image of a PRIDE quarterly financial statement, please?

    I didn’t edit it thoroughly enough. Apologies for the trouble.

    I’ll redo it, and repost.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  24. Rum, Buggery & Bathtubs?

    From the old National Lampoon’s “The Churchill Wit” –

    “Churchill was given to reading to reading in the bathtub and, while staying at the White House, he became so engrossed in an account of the Battle of Fonteney that he forgot President Roosevelt was due to drop by to discuss the upcoming conference in Yalta. At the appointed hour, the president was wheeled into Churchill’s quarters only to be informed that the prime minister had not finished bathing. Roosevelt was about to apologize for the intrusion and depart when Churchill, puffing his customary cigar, strode into the room stark naked and greeted the nonplussed world leader with a terse, ‘What are you staring at, homo?’ “

    • Replies: @Stan Adams
  25. @JohnnyD

    When do the transgenders get their own month?

    Blue moons and Leap Years.

    • Replies: @Alpheus Knight
  26. @CCZ

    From the tone of that, it’s clear he takes a dim view of same-sex marriage. I’m surprised there’s still one conservative left at Williams College.

  27. As for Steve’s modest proposal, I am sure we will get it in the end.

  28. @reactionry

    Tinian S. Eliot?
    Or: More Than “Fire,”
    Less Than “Island”

    Fun Fake Facts:

    After dropping the bomb which killed (among others) about 20,000 Japanese soldiers, Paul Tibbets made an obscene gesture in the general direction of Hiroshima, thus earning the rank of “Bird Colonel.”

    When asked to defend his declaration that, “This is the way the Isle of Bikini ends – not with a whimper or swimsuit skimpier, but with a bang,” Tibbets replied, “That is not what I meant – *Atoll*! That is not it – *Atoll*!”

  29. St. Paul board drops slave-owning president Monroe’s name from two school buildings

    Josh Verges | St. Paul Pioneer Press
    PUBLISHED: June 18, 2019 at 8:47 pm | UPDATED: June 18, 2019 at 9:07 pm

    Over objections from a vocal group of alums, the St. Paul school board voted Tuesday evening to drop James Monroe’s name from two school buildings.

    Troubled by the fifth U.S. president’s slave ownership, parents and students at Linwood-Monroe Arts Plus spent a year and a half exploring the change before settling on Global Arts Plus.

    Students on Tuesday said the new name reflects the magnet school’s students, who come from all over the city and world to attend classes in the Summit Hill and West Seventh neighborhoods.

    The St. Paul district has two other schools named for slave-owning presidents: the grades 6-12 Washington Technology Magnet and Jackson Elementary.


    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  30. CCZ says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    As “social media”:

    • Replies: @stillCARealist
  31. WarnerMedia News & Sports names CNN attorney chief diversity officer

    By Jessica Saunders – Managing Editor, Atlanta Business Chronicle, 18 June 219

    A CNN corporate attorney will take over a new role as senior vice president and chief diversity & inclusion officer for WarnerMedia News & Sports.

    Johnita Due has been at the company 16 years as the lead editorial attorney for CNN Digital, CNN Films, CNN Sports, CNN Business, CNN Health, “United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell,” and domestic morning programming. She previously headed CNN’s diversity and inclusion efforts from 2005 to 2013.

    Due will be based in Atlanta and report to Chairman Jeff Zucker, who made the announcement she would join his executive team Monday.

    “I am so pleased to make this announcement and welcome Johnita to the leadership team. Johnita is someone who is well respected by employees and managers alike throughout CNN and WarnerMedia for not only her legal guidance and editorial insights but also for her diversity and inclusion leadership,” said Zucker. “I am thrilled she has agreed to transition legal responsibilities so she can lead the diversity efforts.”

    Ramon Escobar, CNN’s vice president for talent recruitment and development, has led diversity and inclusion initiatives since 2017.


    • Replies: @trelane
    , @EdwardM
  32. Anonymous[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Surely a Freudian slip in that strap-line.

  33. El Dato says:

    Might as well just have a full month of hubris and worshipping a golden calf, and see what happens.

    I suppose a further embiggening of the territory of Israel.

    Better face it: The Golden Calf is in charge now.

  34. @Anonymous

    Paint the Bomb Gay, and the prog elites will support every war.

    Ahead of its time:

    • Replies: @Jim bob Lassiter
  35. RobUK says:

    I’m not really sure how ‘celebrating’ ‘Pride’ ‘Month’ IS good for business, except in the sense that the absence of nightly images on CNN of masked thugs throwing bins through the windows of your company HQ is good for business.

    Personally, it’s mostly keeping the loonies from the door. Stand out from the pack by even declining to participate risks having the whole malicious circus turn on you in a weeks-long media and twitter orgy of hate.

    • Replies: @CCZ
    , @dfordoom
  36. @Reg Cæsar

    These don’t count when directed towards “foreigners” however.

  37. CCZ says:

    Celebrating “Pride” is “good for business” because of all of the future consumers who are being “taught” at age 5 or 6 that “Pride” is “a celebration of sexual diversity,” “gay marriage is normal marriage,” having two-mommies is “cool,” having two dads would be a “crazy party,” and everybody should “aspire to be a gay icon.”

  38. Ed says:

    The thing about Global homo is how little it has permeated to the masses offline. At work the young guys of all races still say gay themed jokes. They still make corny jokes about banging hot women . They still mostly avoid openly gay men. I suppose one impact it has is that everyone on the job now jokes about not being able to joke. So I suppose that’s progress

    • Agree: jim jones
  39. @Reg Cæsar

    Be neat to have a rainbow T-shirt with “HUBRIS 2019” emblazoned thereon.

  40. In June I pridefully eat nothing but Chik fil A for lunch.

  41. Unfortunately, pride year (celebrated once per year) collides horribly with black history and reparation decade (celebrated once a decade). That clearly shows the bias of white, strait people for not putting up enough time to celebrate minorities.

  42. @Diversity Heretic

    Will somebody please explain to my illiterate country ass how to do the LOL thingy like Digital Samizdat ? There’s something I just ain’t grokkin’ here.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  43. @for-the-record

    I always thought that the nose of a B-29 was just one big phallus with some large genital warts on top of it anyway.

    Check out “Fifi”:

    • Replies: @Jim bob Lassiter
  44. peterike says:

    Staid technology dinosaur IBM has gone full Pride on its twitter page, even recoloring it’s logo, which is a YUGE deal in corporate America.

    They are even singling out “Proud” IBM employees for special recognition. Though in this case, the comments show it backfired.

  45. @Jim bob Lassiter

    Note also that the Confederate Air Force (an Amurikan society for the restoration and public display of old military aircraft) is now the Commemorative Air Force.

    January 1, 2002

    Following a membership vote in 2001, the name of the organization was changed to the Commemorative Air Force effective on January 1, 2002. BIBLIOGRAPHY: John Covington, “The Confederate Air Force,” Junior Historian, January 1968.Jun 12, 2010


    Nothing of the sort, however, has occurred with the “other” CAF. To wit:

  46. Mr. Anon says:

    The agenda of Globo-Homo is clearly being implemented in TV commercials – lots of them now feature a “family” with two “Dads”. Interestingly, they never seem to show lesbian couples with kids.

    • Replies: @Joe Joe
  47. Mr. Anon says:

    Norm gets to the essence of the matter. Those proud parents are not really proud, and not really happy. They really wish their sons had turned out straight.

  48. I’m not sure if this is real but it would be a funny mistake by Skynet … I mean Google.

    How do you publicly shame an algorithm?

  49. “Pride” and the rainbow motif offer a brilliant case history on the art of brainwashing, or Overton Window-shifting if you prefer. United Airlines is actually being more direct, with radio ads congratulating itself for being inducted into some “Stonewall Hall of Fame” for gay-friendly companies.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  50. Not too many years ago I had to mansplain to my somewhat naive wife the significance of the cute rainbow-colored windsock she liked to hang on our porch each spring.

  51. @CCZ

    Yikes! That’s great. I need to send it to my pastor. Of course, there is no list of “Seven deadly sins” in the Bible. There are the seven things the Lord detests in Proverbs 6, like haughty eyes and a lying tongue, but this particular list comes from the ancient Catholic church.

  52. PRIDE is the substitute for the SHAME that they all live with. Milo Y….. whatever his name is… describes homosexuality as having a millstone tied around your neck: You will never be a father, never be normal, never be truly masculine. (he regards most lesbianism as transitory).

    Steve is referencing corporations here, but he could just as easily look at the CA state capitol building. It’s no surprise, since about half the legislature in CA is homosexual.

  53. It’s no surprise, since about half the legislature in CA is homosexual

    Milton Berle told of attending a service at a gay church. He thought it odd that only half the congregation was kneeling.

    • LOL: Bubba
  54. @Known Fact

    United Airlines is actually being more direct, with radio ads congratulating itself for being inducted into some “Stonewall Hall of Fame” for gay-friendly companies.

    United in what?

    Wait, don’t answer that.

  55. @ScarletNumber

    Are you calling me as dumb as Joe Biden? (At least I’m not as creepy, but creepy is in the eye of the creeper, not the beholder)

    I was thinking of lower NY State, the route through Scranton, Binghamton, Elmira, etc, when I wrote that. Sorry, I hate to make geographical errors.

  56. @Diversity is Great!

    I checked St Paul’s charter schools for objectionable names. The Somalis’ Dugsi Academy is just redundant. But there is the Korean immersion Sejong Academy.

    Honoring this guy?

    Sejong the Great (Korean pronunciation: [se(ː)dʑoŋ]; 7 May 1397 – 8 April 1450) was the fourth king of the Joseon dynasty of Korea. He was the third son of King Taejong and Queen consort Min. He was designated as heir-apparent, Crown Prince, after his older brother Prince Yangnyeong was stripped of his title. He ascended to the throne in 1418. During the first four years of his reign, Taejong governed as regent, after which his father-in-law, Sim On, and his close associates were executed.

    Twinkie, please clue us in.

  57. Walking through one of the (many) gay street fares in Park Slope, on our way home, our family came upon an AIDS testing booth which had a rainbow-colored dildo ring toss for children. I sent some video I shot to some friends, and the ones who live outside our depraved cities could not believe it was real.

    Not sure what the prizes were, as most 8 year olds have little use for an AIDS test.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  58. @Jim bob Lassiter

    Click or hover on “agree/disagree”, and you get the option.

    I greatly appreciate the LOLs from fellow commenters, but never return the favor, as it wouldn’t be accurate. I’m just not wired to laugh out loud. But yes, I like your jokes, too.

    Accidentally hitting “disagree” on a comment I agreed with mortified me into never going near those buttons. There was no visible way to rescind it.

    Say, is there a tally of how many of these opinion buttons we’ve given and received?

    My favorite is when Tiny (I think) labeled Steve himself as a troll.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  59. You know that “Pride Month” has gone mainstream when the adult beverage industry promotes it full steam ahead. Just like Cinco De Mayo and before that, St Patrick Day. Plus when every restaurant in town with a bar has decorated themselves in Rainbow banners.

    • Replies: @Brutusale
  60. ChrisZ says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Side-splitting episode of a consistently hilarious show, Achmed.

    I missed “The Office” when it first aired earlier this century, and have only been discovering it recently. It’s already a bit of throwback, humor-wise. In terms of its defiance of PC pieties, it’s like a brilliant reimagining of “CPO Sharkey.” I’m not sure that our present-day cultural dominators tolerate such antics anymore.

    The humor runs the gamut from broad to subtle. For example, it’s revealed that the gay character here, Oscar, is nicknamed “Actually”—because he’s always correcting others in the manner beloved of SJWs.

    Best of all: I got turned onto the show by my own teenage kids, who think it’s hilarious for all the right reasons.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  61. Bubba says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Hey Reg, if you ever accidentally select “Disagree” and need to change it, just wait 1 hour and go back to the blog post and then select “Agree” or “LOL” or “Troll”. It will change.

    You’ve been on fire lately and look forward to reading your comments as always.

    BTW – one slight disagreement. The young Somalian women I met who worked as hookers (and they were ubiquitous) in the Djibouti hotel bars were miserable. They were remarkably beautiful women, but really, really miserable.

  62. Joe Joe says:
    @Mr. Anon

    there was a commercial for Fit Bit that briefly showed two white lesbians in the supermarket with their two black children in the shopping carts

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  63. @Joe Joe

    Did the lesbians in the TV commercial then push their shopping carts full of their adopted black children off a cliff into the Pacific?

  64. trelane says:
    @Diversity is Great!

    Chief diversity & inclusion officer sounds like a Gestapo post, like chief internment and death camp officer. It sounds Orwellian. Who could ever oppose the chief diversity & inclusion officer other than someone opposed to the state; a dissident or subversive.

  65. @ChrisZ

    I already was off TV when this show came out, Chris, but I obtained some (perfectly legal, I was told) ripped/burned copies of the 1st four seasons from a lady in China for 2 bucks. I was watching 5 episodes per day for a while there, once I got into it.

    Yes, it’s the funniest show I’ve ever seen, anyway. I could not find the clips I wanted from this episode. Was that just “the breaks” or the Google Globo-Homo agenda?

    How about the part in which Michael and Dwight are discussing who else might be gay, from Michael’s office? Micheal Scott: “Maybe Angela is.” Dwight: “I don’t think so, Michael” (he has been “seeing her” in the warehouse). Michael Scott: “Maybe it’s Angela and Oscar together…” (or something like this.) WTF?? Hilarious.

  66. @Steve Sailer

    You did a good thing getting out of marketing, Steve.

  67. dfordoom says: • Website

    I’m not really sure how ‘celebrating’ ‘Pride’ ‘Month’ IS good for business,

    Homos are the perfect consumers. They spend spend spend. And they don’t care about anything except consumption and sex. They have no loyalties to anything but their own lusts. They’re not going to ask any awkward questions about the consequences of corporate greed.

  68. Brutusale says:
    @George Taylor

    I was picking up some beer over the weekend and was confronted by a large display of this:

  69. @Thea

    That’s because he’s a perpetual 12-year-old himself. Most gays never reach manhood; he never reached puberty.

    • Replies: @Thea
  70. @Steve Sailer

    I was going to suggest an minivan ad starring the lesbian Thelma and Louise and their fashion accessories but I thought it might be a bit much!

  71. Thea says:

    That must be why ads congratulating them for loudly proclaiming obscene preferences remind one of patting a retarded child on the head for remembering how to spell their name.

  72. EdwardM says:
    @Diversity is Great!

    SVP reporting to the Chairman. I wonder if there are nominally levels in between these roles, like CEO, President, EVP. Maybe not, as the entertainment business seems to have lots of title inflation, like President of This, President of That, etc. in a single company. Isn’t Chairman supposed to be a part-time role on a board of directors?

    But part of the virtue signalling is that these diversity czars always directly report, on paper, to the very top, with a commensurate high-sounding title. (Once as a consultant to a huge U.S. government agency, one of my clients was the associate deputy administrator for civil rights, or something like that. Of course she proudly stated that she reported “administratively to the deputy administrator for whatever, but functionally to the agency head.” )

    This all makes budgeting, accountability, and management in general impossible. These positions are sort of set off from the business line, but of course dare not be questioned by the hapless President or EVP. It makes management a muddle, as these czars shuffle around with apparent authority to poke their noses in any aspect of the business but without clear responsibility or accountability. Of course that is part of the point; big companies now largely resemble government organizations with their bloated, spaghetti-like org. charts.

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