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How Does Gentrification in Sweden Work?
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Not to mention be attacked with a hand grenade.

Is there any gentrification in Sweden? My main memories of reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo are large heapings of Stockholm real estate porn and Apple computer porn. How does urban real estate work in Sweden anyway? Are most of the shooty, stabby, and grenadey immigrant elements ushered to gritty Malmo, leaving Stockholm whitopian?

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  1. My main memory of reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was that Nazis are a huge problem in today’s Sweden. I don’t think the main character ever encountered or mentioned PoCs.

  2. Is there any gentrification in Sweden?

    Yes. I live in Stockholm so can provide some local context. In Sweden, there is a legacy of a substantial state-owned housing for rent. This is being systematically demolished from both camps.

    On the national level, the supposedly Social Democratic-led government is trying to get rid of rent control. This is being sold by the fig leaf that they are in a minority coalition with liberal centrist parties. In reality, it has been the wish of their leadership for years.

    On the local level, Stockholm is being ruled by a center-right coalition with the greens. They are systematically underbuilding new housing projects for rent. Stockholm municipality has several housing companies under its control. The idea is to force the private sector to do it on a “for profit basis”, which in practice means it will aim at the high-end. In other words, gentrification.

    But there’s more. Stockholm city has proposed to buy out several housing co-operatives which are currently under rent-control. This is all aimed at the poorer outskirts of the city. The net effect would be that only those with their finances in order would be able to stay. The others get a “thank you and good-bye” gift and sent packing. However, this requires 66% approval of the tenants and many are not dumber than to realise what is going on.

    Nevertheless, the trends are clear. It is becoming ever-harder to live in rented apartments with a strong premium to buy, which is a strong sorting mechanism. Prices in Stockholm has skyrocketed in the last decade. In real terms, up by about 70-80%.

    Stockholm is also a city with very large areas of stand-alone houses, with prices usually starting at ~$700K in the nicer (not even exclusive) areas. There’s plenty of nimbyism, so building new housing projects is a total non-starter. This limits development opportunities. Even many Swedes born in the city would not afford these prices. A significant amount live in these houses simply due to inheritance.

    When I visited Oslo some years ago, I was struck at how much more diverse the city center was compared to Stockholm. Generally speaking, the further afield you go, the worse it is. But it’s no hard-and-fast rule. There are lots of isolated patches with high ethnic segregation.

    Finally, the educational system deserves to be talked about. We have no affirmative action and we have ‘free school choice’. Basically, all our education is free but there are competitive exams. As a result, there is a large segregation between “good schools” and “bad schools” but parents don’t have to pay anything. Think of the NYC system with competitive exams but nation-wide. Of course, the average level is lower than Stuy, but the school system basically encourages segregation. Sweden has one of the most liberal (in the classical sense of the word) school systems in the world in terms of choice for parents. This is now slowly coming under scrutiny.

  3. Oh, and I suppose I should say a few words about the gang-related shootings. These are not necessarily new, they are just increasing in intensity. Most of these gangs came many years ago. Some came already back in the 1980s from Lebanon and similar places.

    Over the years, they’ve been using chain-migration to get more family members into Sweden. They are often a trans-national networks with family members in several European countries. This is why they are referred to in Swedish media as clans.

    The short answer is that there is very little lethal violence against ethnic Swedes – but there has been a notable uptick in pettier crime such as robberies. I don’t think there is a viable solution to these networks. They are basically just in Sweden to loot the country and should all be mass deported. This will inevitably get some innocents tangled up but given the scale of the problem (~40 clans at a minimum, with each averaging hundreds of members), it would be wholly unrealistic to delude oneself about any precision. All these clans operate like mafias.

    I’m less concerned about the violence per se than I am about the economic hollowing out of the country. Think Southern Italy.

  4. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    No question that the Swedes leaned German in both great wars, and long before that as well.

    Little choice in the Second where the Germans made clear their intentions if cooperation wasnt forthcoming.

  5. Anon7 says:
    @Thulean Friend

    I don’t know anything about Sweden, but I know about their genes, so if you believe in HBD, read on. I went to work for Northern Telecom, which had a huge presence in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The company phone book (still paper!) was hopeless as a way of finding someone. There were whole columns of Ander(s)son, Johan(s)son, Nilsson, Erick(s)son, Lar(s)son, Ol(s)son, etc.

    The only reason I can think of for their current problems in Sweden is that these people didn’t need police. During my employment there I met hundreds of people, and the children of Swedish immigrants were, without exception, nice, hard-working, bright, good engineers, nice, polite, helpful, nice. Nobody I worked with could even have conceived of a mafia clan of thievery.

    If they can’t figure out how to expel these immigrant groups, they’re as screwed as we are.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @Chrisnonymous
  6. @Thulean Friend

    This from a man who thinks race-mixing is good for the World and will make our descendants “healthier and prettier”.
    Ha Bloody Ha !

  7. Is there any gentrification in Sweden?

    Sweden’s gang problems are the result of a long-term reverse-gentrification programme known in polite circles as Immigration & Asylum Policy. The trends pointed out by Thulean are merely exacerbating the problems created by those failed policies.

  8. Attackers could be from the Island of Grenada. Seems possible, but is there a Knife Island or Gun Island in the West Indies?

  9. Hibernian says:
    @Thulean Friend

    On the national level, the supposedly Social Democratic-led government is trying to get rid of rent control.

    In reality, it has been the wish of their leadership for years.

    IOW, some Socialists are halfway smart, and therefore not all that Socialist.

  10. Hibernian says:

    Minneapolis once had a bit of an organized crime problem.

    • Replies: @Anon7
    , @Reg Cæsar
  11. Rob McX says:

    Maybe that gun with the knotted barrel is a sublimated way of saying “Stop raping us” to immigrants.

    Anyone who doubts how far those once-proud Nordics have been cucked needs to read this.

    • Thanks: Joseph Doaks
  12. Charon says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    That’s how you get books published nowadays.

    • Agree: Redman
  13. @Thulean Friend

    Thanks – may I ask you a question, Thulean Friend: I followed Swedish prominent novelist Henning Mankell’s ideas for a while, and found that he did play a visible role in opening Sweden up for immigration from the south.

    Now – would you agree, that this is the case? – And that Henning Mankell had been influenced by Olof Palme and Willy Brandt and  – their initiative of the Socialist International to build a North-South project (= to help the global south to come out of it’s rather poor economic and social state as part of the underdeveloped world?)

    The Swedish Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson addressed the Socialist International’s congress in Stockholm in 1989 and explicitly mentioned that it was an important goal of the SI to bridge the gap between the rich North and the poor South – with special regard to Africa.

    The main questions addressed at this congress in 1989 sound rather recent (my italics): 

    “A series of speakers welcomed the declaration’s heightened emphasis on environmental protection as a fundamental part of the socialist project; its commitment to gender equality; its will to harness the potential of new technology to democratic ends and social progress; its pledge to bridge the gap between North and South; and its reference to the intrinsic link that should exist between socialism, democracy and human rights.  

    It’s pretty much 2020 in a nutshell – or a perfect prediction.

  14. Anon7 says:

    Sure, but wasn’t that the Irish and the Jews? Everybody had an organized problem thanks to Prohibition.

    • Replies: @Ganderson
  15. My main memories of reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo are large heapings of Stockholm real estate porn and Apple computer porn.

    And there’s why I read iSteve. (Well, really, there’s more reasons.) There’s a lot of comedy gold right there in a single sentence.

  16. @Harry Baldwin

    If they had been mentioned, they would have been wise and heroic.

  17. @Thulean Friend

    Thanks for the detailed report. Due to mandatory mingling of the races and religion of peace, Whites must spend huge amounts of money to live in safe neighborhoods. Expensive rent and housing prices keep the criminal “minorities” out.

    These truths, of course, must not be said. Our sincerity dot net site’s main topic is repression of True Speech as the root cause of all evil policy mistakes.

    The staggering cost of rent, private transport, private schools (wait until Sweden abandons objective school and college testing) force wives to work and forego children.
    It would be an interesting (and forbidden) doctoral thesis to calculate the cost of fleeing criminal “minority” neighborhoods.
    In the US the cost is abandoning inner cities, rebuilding boring suburbs with no public transport, huge commutes, working wives, …
    Gentrification is like settling the Wild West against indian encroachment and murderous attacks. The first pioneers need a lot of courage (or naivitee)

    • Replies: @dearieme
  18. Patriot says:

    I laughed when American women were all reading and gushing about those Girl Dragon Tatoo books, because in the books, the evil rapists were always blond White men. Yet at that exact time (in the real world) there was a rape-epedemic onslaught by recent Third World “refugees” against young blond Swedish women, girls, and children.

    That’s when I first realized that liberal women were bat-shit crazy.

    • Agree: LondonBob, Cortes
    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
    , @John Pepple
  19. @Anon7

    Yes, I live in urban Japan in quasi-public housing, but it is actually quite nice. It allows poor people like me to live in the middle of a city with otherwise expensive rent, but it also adds green space to the city as the complex’s high rises are separated by tree-and-stream-filled parks. (Private apartment buildings are frequently built to maximize the profit-generating by filling their plots.) However, it works because this is Japan. I think there is another place in the city with lower-cost housing, but I’m pretty much living with elderly people and lower-class families with young children, and this is not at all like a ghetto in the United States. People get up early in the morning and immediately start doing something productive (you can hear washing machines starting up, sometimes as early as 6:00am), it is clean, and I don’t know of any crime except stealing bicycles, which is likely not the residents but other people preying on the residents.

    Unfortunately, the government recently announced its plans to expand the number of foreigners, let them vote, and introduce English as an official language of Japan. So, you can say goodbye to having nice stuff.

  20. @Rob McX

    Anyone who doubts how far those once-proud Nordics have been cucked needs to read this.

    After reading this, this Weader Fwowed up. (Apologies to Dorothy Parker. This Norwegian cuck makes Winnie the Pooh look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.)

  21. SG88 says:

    Sweden now has the highest rape rate in Europe, and one of the highest in the world, at 73/100,00 people. 58% of the men convicted were from outside Europe, and in cases when victims didn’t know the attackers 80% were foreigners. Link:

  22. @Rob McX

    Anyone who doubts how far those once-proud Nordics have been cucked needs to read this.

  23. @Hibernian

    Minneapolis once had a bit of an organized crime problem.

    [St Paul] once had a bit of an organized crime problem.

    Why Saint Paul? A Quick History:

    In 1900, Saint Paul Detective John O’Connor was promoted to the city’s Chief of Police. In an era wrought with illicit activities of smuggling, gambling and racketeering, O’Connor devised a plan to keep crime out of Saint Paul—by harboring criminals within it.

    Here’s a look at the notorious names and faces of the gangster era in Saint Paul:

    Police Chief John O’Connor
    Born: October 29, 1855 (Louisville, Kentucky); Died: July 3, 1924 (Los Angeles, California)

    Not a gangster, but the man who enabled it all. Police Chief John O’Connor instituted the O’Connor Layover Agreement in 1900—an arrangement that said criminals could take refuge in Saint Paul under the conditions that they 1) checked in with police upon their arrival; 2) agreed to pay bribes to city officials; 3) committed no major crimes within the city. The agreement lasted nearly 40 years, drawing pretty much anyone and everyone with a significant criminal record to the city at some point or another. It operated smoothly and kept the city largely crime free until O’Connor’s retirement in 1920, after which Prohibition and mismanagement of the deal by subsequent police chiefs brought rampant criminal activity inside the city limits.

    • Thanks: Gabe Ruth
  24. @Patriot

    There is no “rape epidemic onslaught” in sweden. Rape is rarer there than in the USA (as is all other forms of violent crime) — and the victims are disproportionately non-Swedish women of a migrant background, not blonds. The staistics in Sweden for rape are compiled differently there than in other countries, and the legal definition of rape in Sweden is more expansive than perhaps any other country.

    This all lead to confusion among low-IQ right wingers with feminist tendencies. But you can try reading these articles to clarify your thoughts:

    • Troll: clyde
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @vhrm
  25. @Thulean Friend

    What percentage of Muslims would you estimate in Stockholm and Oslo respectively?


  26. ATBOTL says:

    Gentrification in America is unique. America is the only civilized country in the world were the most centrally located residential districts in major cities became occupied by poor third world people. Even in London, the ghetto zones are a little ways from the center. In most European cities, the ghetto zones are in the suburbs. The closest ghettos to the city center in Europe are around train stations, which were built at the edges of the 19th century city, not the center.

    In the typical American city for most the last 100 years, poor blacks lived on the oldest city blocks, literally across the street from the court house, city hall etc. Black ghettos in America formed out of servants’ housing on back lanes in the oldest parts of cities, to serve the rich people who owned the factories and who lived on main streets around the historic churches and squares. When the rich people moved, the black ghettos stayed in the oldest streets, oldest buildings and oldest parts of almost every American city. Black migration during WWI and WWII caused these downtown ghettos expand dramatically, setting the stage for the total destruction of American cities. NYC is the exception where the black ghettos formed in outer areas.

    Having blacks living in all the blocks around the historic buildings, town squares and city centers made these places unusable for civilized humans. Allowing that to happen is one of the biggest failures in the history of civilization.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @utu
  27. @Reg Cæsar

    St. Paul in 1909 sounds like the hotel for bad guys in “John Wick.”

  28. utu says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    “…that Nazis are a huge problem in today’s Sweden…” – This is not true but Sweden has many skeletons in the closet. They actually were Nazis minus the anti-Semitism without a Nazi party in power. If Hitler did not start the war Germany would be like Sweden though probably with more diversity than Sweden.

    After WWII Sweden took or was casted in a role of progressive non-aligned country showing a third way between communism and capitalism and tried to project empathy and altruism onto the whole world to the point of overstepping its boundaries like stepping on Israel toes. Some Swedish politicians paid the highest price for it.

    The eugenics was always big in Sweden. So when the winds of history changed it was easy to convince the Swedes using the language of eugenics that their genetic pool was poor and needed injections of new genes. And Sweden opened up to immigration. Immigration became a national project which after the collapse of Berlin Wall when no longer the Swedish Third Way was needed or welcomed in the new End of History era was accelerated. Sweden’s socialist and communitarian tendencies had to be destroyed by reducing cohesion and solidarity within society with increased immigration, so Sweden could join and participate in the New Neoliberal World Order.

    • Replies: @Rob McX
  29. utu says:

    ” Allowing that to happen is one of the biggest failures in the history of civilization.” – Do you think that Banks, General Motors, Good Year and real estate contractors in suburbia had nothing to do with it? Or political goal to destroy ethnic neighborhoods to accelerate the melting in the melting pot?

    The Slaughter of Cities, Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing by E. Michael Jones

    • Replies: @Alden
  30. Ganderson says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    It lasted until the Barkers came to town.

  31. Ganderson says:

    Jews in Minneapolis, Irish in St. Paul, although St. Paul’s Jewish Davey Berman was NOT Irish…

  32. Ganderson says:
    @Thulean Friend

    Thanks for this. I know a lot of Swedes,, my relatives are mostly normal people with normal jobs; and a lot of people who work for the government or who are teachers. My relatives are mostly somewhat skeptical about the new Sweden, my teacher Friends are mostly all aboard the new Sweden. Nice people mostly but who are clueless about ethnic and racial differences. As far as I can see, from my outsiders perspective there’s a very nice life to be still had in Sweden. Most of my relatives live on the West Coast, but a big chunk of the family lives in the Stockholm area (Enebyberg). Nice neighborhoods , removed from the carbequues of Rinkeby or Rosengård . I wonder for how long. It seems unlikely that the new Swedes are going to take up hockey or eating surströmming anytime soon.

    I still remember a taxi ride I took from Gothenburg Central Station to my cousins house in Mölnlycke. The driver was Iraqi; he could only talk about how much Sweden sucked. I thought it was interesting that he who had lived there for five years and did a job that required you to talk to the public spoke way worse Swedish than I did.
    Not a good sign
    I’ve been watching a show called Kalifat – it seems more honest about Swedish multiculturalism than I would have expected. Have you seen it , and do you have an opinion on it?

  33. Rob McX says:

    The eugenics was always big in Sweden.

    Between 1906 to 1975, a little over 20,000 people were sterilised in Sweden in various ways that would amount to coercion, e.g. as grounds for release from an institution. For some reason, the country flipped from race hygiene to race suicide practically overnight.

    • Replies: @Peterike
    , @utu
  34. Peterike says:
    @Rob McX

    “ For some reason, the country flipped from race hygiene to race suicide practically overnight.”

    Swedish media is Jewish controlled. “Some reason.”

    • Agree: Badger Down
    • Replies: @Suede
  35. AKAHorace says:
    @Thulean Friend

    i’m less concerned about the violence per se than I am about the economic hollowing out of the country. Think Southern Italy.

    Sorry, could you explain more about this ? I think of Sweden as an economic success compared to North America.

    • Replies: @AlexT
    , @JohnnyWalker123
  36. Anonymous[296] • Disclaimer says:

    As far as this statement can be made for any nation state anywhere in the world, indeed any nation state known to recorded history, Sweden is a nation run by women, for women.

    Surely, particularly when it comes to the madcap immigration policies favored by the Swedes, (“Sweden is the world’s ‘humanitarian superpower”), there is a moral to be learned here.

  37. Anonymous[296] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘Real estate porn and Apple computer porn’.

    For those of certain age, Sweden had quite a risque – though thoroughly undeserved – reputation for real pornography, along with its little sister Denmark. Even today, the label ‘Swedish’, even when its application is a complete falsehood is added to the description of pornographic content in order to drum up sales.
    Of course, these days California’s San Fernando Valley and to a lesser extent Miami, Florida keep the porn mills grinding.

    The irony is that feminist run Sweden had criminalized the purchase of ‘sexual services’ by man, and, of course, in short order, will, as feminists are wont to do, criminalize the viewing of pornography by men.
    If there ever is a surer test of a woman run society, it is this.

  38. AndrewR says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Before modern computer databases, internet connections, ID systems, vehicle registration, DNA testing, etc, why would a criminal from, say, Chicago or St Louis have needed to go to St Paul? How could you get caught if you fled your town unless the police/sheriff where you committed the crime knew you and had some indication of where you were fleeing to AND where you would be living and working?

    2020 is a very bad time to be a fugitive from the law (although the mandatory mask wearing obviously works in criminals’ favor), but from what I know about 1900, I can’t imagine why anyone would have needed to flee to St Paul unless it was from Minneapolis.

    • Replies: @Rob McX
    , @Ganderson
  39. Rob McX says:

    From what I can gather from reading about US crime in those days, criminals couldn’t escape their past that easily, unless they gave up crime entirely. The list of known criminals for police to look out for was smaller, for one thing. Also, wherever they went, they tended to gravitate towards the local criminal underworld, and cops would soon be apprised of their arrival by informants. As soon as anyone was arrested for anything, fingerprinting and/or photos would eventually identify them if the police were convinced enough they had something to hide.

    John List did manage to evade capture in the 1970s and 80s after murdering his family in New Jersey and moving to another state. But he led a law-abiding life for the 17 years that he evaded detection. His starring on America’s Most Wanted was his undoing.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @Alden
  40. AndrewR says:
    @Rob McX

    Thanks. Here is a much more recent example of a murderer fugitive arrested after almost 50 years. He was arrested a 20 minute drive from my house. My former-Republican friend who now has terminal TDS hopes this murderer is able to get parole in the future.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Rob McX
  41. utu says:
    @Rob McX

    For some reason, the country flipped from race hygiene to race suicide practically overnight.

    I attempted to explain what was the reason and pointed to that that the language of eugenics, race hygiene and HBDism can be used to argue in favor of open borders, multiculturalism and miscegenation. The meme of Swedes facing the inbreeding crisis was in the air long time before Sweden opened up to immigration.

    • Replies: @Rob McX
  42. Rob McX says:

    I know, but this whole inbreeding thing was nonsense. Sweden has had a population of over 7m indigenous Swedes since the mid-20th century. If there was a problem with inbreeding, it would have been caused by people continuing to choose spouses from within small localised gene pools over many generations. Immigration wouldn’t have solved this problem.

    • Replies: @utu
  43. Ganderson says:

    You could live the criminal lifestyle in St. Paul, minus the actual (violent) criminality, of course. The system broke down in the early 30’s when the Barkers and Alvin Karpis engineered a couple of high profile kidnappings of local titans of industry, and John Dillinger shot his way out of an apartment building on South Lexington. Minneapolis was known for vice- its nickname when I was growing up was “sin city”- by that time, the 50s and 60s, it was an anachronism.
    Until recently the Twin Cities had a reputation for good government- now they have the feckless Jacob Frey, and St. Paul’s first black mayor, Melvin Carter, who in the style of black mayors everywhere is filling city hall up with hacks, all making six figure incomes.

  44. utu says:
    @Rob McX

    ” If there was a problem with inbreeding…” – The degree of inbreeding can be objectively defined by the prevalence of homozygosity in a population. Sweden or Norway probably had higher prevalence of homozygosity than France, Italy or Poland. Whether homozygosity is a problem or when it becomes a problem is another issue. But framing it as an issue is always possible. And this is what was done in Sweden by creation of the memes of insufficient diversity, poor gene pool and inbreeding. When people consciousness about genes and heredity was raised and alerted by years of propaganda on the eugenics that was very popular in Sweden, Swedes opened themselves to the other side of the sword to be struck against them. In a sense there is a poetic justice similar to though much less harsh than when millions of German women were raped and impregnated by Asiatic and Jewish soldiers of the Red Army or to the acceleration of the rise of the hostile black minority in America by the adoption of the one-drop of blood rule. Anti-Semitism obstructing Jewish assimilation makes Jews stronger and more chauvinistic; the same goes for the one-drop rule.

    • Replies: @AlexT
  45. Neuday says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Don’t like it? Make your own cartoon, black people.

    Realistically, now that Apple has purchased the rights to the evil racist evil Christian Charlie Brown holiday cartoons they will likely never be seen again after the next year or two.

  46. @Harry Baldwin

    My main memory of reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was that Nazis are a huge problem in today’s Sweden.

    Same kind of thing in the books and TV series for Swedish detective Wallander. Behind everything was a network of Nazi industrialists or neo-Nazis.

  47. @JohnPlywood

    Thank you for bringing some actual facts to the conversation.

    All these statistics on here and they still don’t understand statistics.

    For instance. If your country had 1 rape last year and 2 this year, rape increased 100%!

    The sky is always falling with these morons.

    And you bring up an interesting cognitive dissonance.

    They’re all “feminist” in their defense of Swedish women.

    But they hate feminazis.

    Isn’t that cute? They’re like the moron who stuck the ice cream cone in his forehead.

    • Agree: JohnPlywood
  48. Alden says:

    Henning Mankell is the John Grisham of Sweden. He cranks our a new book every year. His are anti White European native Swede propaganda very thinly presented as a detective story. Someone gave me a carton of about 15 of Mankell’s books.

    The characters are total worn out cliches. Hero homicide detective Kurt Wallender, like most fictional detectives is middle aged, divorced, no girl friend drinks too much, lived alone in a messy apartment one young adult daughter. She’s dragged in every once in a while to be dating or living with an African immigrant medical student, Mr perfect. Or lesbian roommates or some other liberal propaganda. Probably will become transgender in the next book.

    This is the setting and plot of every of his too many books.

    Small town in a rural area. Wallender the only homicide detective and he always works alone. The small town seems to have the highest murder rate in Europe, although the population is 100 % White native Swede. What’s really really strange, is all the murder victims are 85 to 100 years old. Every book has the exact same plot. An old person who lives alone is found dead in an isolated house out in the country. These people got older and older as the series went on.

    Instead of concentrating on who killed the victim, Wallender concentrated on the victim’s life. The victims were all Nazi activists not just in the war, but in the 1930s as well. After the war they formed secret Nazi societies. Killed Jews sometimes and are now working against the Muslim African immigrants.

    Wallender always finds the killers. Swedish Nazi conspirators, young, middle aged and old. The books contain every possible liberal cliche. Other cops and medical examiner wants to classify it as a natural or accidental death. Wallenberg works on his own to find out the truth. Lonely detective who drinks too much, native Swedes being mean to non White immigrants by looking at them. Daughter dating black and Muslim immigrants. She’s a professional student of course. At age 30 she decided to apply to the police. She only appears about once in every book thanks be to God.

    All Mankell has to do to crank out a new book is just fill in the template.

    Barbara Spectre probably write the basic plot. What are the Jews going to do 10 years from now when the oldest possible Nazis turn 100?

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  49. @Patriot

    Yes, at the time the book came out, I read it, and then tried to persuade one of these idiotic liberal women who loved the book that the people in Sweden who were a problem were the Muslims. She didn’t believe me, of course, and called me a racist.

  50. anon[247] • Disclaimer says:

    My former-Republican friend who now has terminal TDS hopes this murderer is able to get parole in the future.

    Sure, why not? With one condition: he lives his term of parole out in your friend’s house. A spare bedroom for someone who surely is reformed, totally reformed, is the least a real humanitarian could do.

    If you suggest this happy solution, please let us know how he responds.

  51. Alden says:

    Did you take the required sociology class in the late 1960s when the professor and text books poured into the empty vessel that is your brain that the black criminals who destroyed the cities would have remained respectable , employed , married couples with exemplary kids had the Whites not abandoned them for the safe suburbs?

    You sound just like professor what’s his name and that ridiculous book in every sociology class in the country. Reading your liberal propaganda posts is a waste of time.

  52. Singapore has a successful Malay-a-Block system:

    Perhaps Sweden (and the US) should implement an Oakland Park style Black-a-Block system across the whole country.

  53. AlexT says:

    It is, but it’s running into problems. Most of the population growth is among the most barbaric. A major Swedish company, might have been Volvo, said something about having to relocate to another country completely due to a lack of skilled workers. The gangs will also own politicians soon, if they don’t already. The Social Democrats are practically a neoliberal islamist party at this point.

  54. Cato says:

    Malmö is just across the Øresund from Copenhagen. A bridge has connected the two cities for about 20 years. Malmö has become a third world crime hotspot because of the difference in immigration policy between Denmark and Sweden.

    Denmark was faced with the problem of immigrants (mostly from Pakistan, Somalia, and Turkey) returning to their source country and marrying a cousin in order to transfer as much as possible of the extended family to the welfare paradise. So, when a Pakistani immigrant applies to bring in his cousin-bride, the Danish state makes a calculation to determine which country the couple has the greatest connection to — since the immigrant has a half connection to Pakistan, and the bride a whole connection, the couple is 3/4 connected to Pakistan and must, by Danish rules, live there.

    Sweden was much more relaxed about immigration, and would readily accept the immigration of the cousin-bride, and of course a Danish legal resident would have no trouble obtaining residence in Sweden. As a result, Malmö became the residence of large numbers of persons who work in Copenhagen but can only bring in their wife or other relatives to Sweden.

    • Replies: @Alden
  55. AlexT says:

    Inbreeding clearly was never a huge problem, considering how good looking they are on average.

  56. vhrm says:

    Those articles aren’t as unequivocal as you might think. Yes, Sweden has broad and expansive sexual assault laws (remember Assange’s Swedish rape charges. IIRC the accusation against him was “Yes, i had consensual sex with him… twice, but then i found out he had sex with another woman too so f him! oh and the 2nd time we had sex he didn’t use a condom!” and that’s “her” side of it.)

    But that article includes this part that many people here will find amusing:

    The roughly 163,000 people who came to Sweden in 2015 corresponds to 1.6 percent of the national population. Brå writes that “it is not unreasonable to think that the over-risk of crime would be higher for the asylum seekers who came in 2015, because many of them were men, and many were unaccompanied boys”.

    The council writes that even if it assumes that these male asylum seekers are five times more likely to commit crimes than those already in the country, their arrival could only account for an eight percent increase in sex crimes.

    To place the blame for the entirety of the increases seen in the rape statistics between 2015 and 2016, one would have to assume that asylum seekers are 83 times more likely to commit crimes than others.

    “Such a high over-risk does not seem likely,” the report concludes.

    Can you imagine one ethnic group committing a serious crime 10x , 20x times more often than another ethnic group?

    Hmm… looking at murder victims (which is a reasonable rough proxy for killers too as has been described elsewhere) in San Francisco ( 35% Asian 6% black ) between 2010 and 2015 blacks were killed at 36x the rate of Asians…
    (using the numbers from )

  57. Ian Smith says:

    I’m a little surprised that Sweden is so much worse than Germany. Could it be that Germany’s Muslims tend to be Turks rather than Arabs and Somalis? Does Sweden have more blacks?

    • Replies: @Alden
  58. @AKAHorace

    Why is Sweden more of an economic success than North America?

    • Replies: @Suede
  59. Alden says:
    @Rob McX

    George Floyd is a good example. Released from prison in Texas, he moved 2,000 miles away and dies of an illegal drug overdose while being arrested for passing counterfeit bills.

    Trayvon Martin. Mom kicked him out because of bad behavior, suspended from school for attacking the bus driver , moved to his Dad’s and got shot when he attacked Zimmerman.

    They always find each other and they can’t stay out of trouble. Even if they have a decent paid job and a nice life they get into bar fights, domestic violence, stealing and fighting at work drunk driving and attacking police.

  60. Alden says:
    @Ian Smith

    First, the Turks came in gradually beginning about 1960. Second, they had to work which kept them busy instead of hanging about at the commuter train station all day. Third they worked with Germans the kids went to school with Germans so not all, but many assimilated. 3rd generation Turks in Germany are similar to 3rd generation Hispanics and Asians in America.

    Fourth, probably most important, Turkey was always multicultural. The Christians and Jews were protected by the government. Then it became secular with no veiling laws. Girls in school, women in workplaces. So the Turks never had a culture where it’s permissible to rape and harass a woman just because she was out and about in public alone or with another woman.

    Very different from a culture where a women can’t go out of the house without a man to protect her.

    Compared to German men, Turks are very handsy gropey harassers. But not rapists like the primitives from cultures where rape is considered a man’s right if he can find a woman alone.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  61. Alden says:

    So instead of hiring Danish citizens Danish employers hire Pakistani and other primitive Muslims who are Swedish residents and citizens.


    • Replies: @Cato
  62. Rob McX says:

    Wow. We’re never allowed to forget how hard it is for blacks to go about their business (driving while black, etc.) without being pulled over or hassled by cops, yet the escaped murderer with the awesome 49-year record for evading capture is black.

  63. Valdem says:
    @Thulean Friend’s%20Plan%20To%20Rid,must%20be%20reduced%20to%2040%25.

    Denmark has been pursuing a de-ghettoization policy for years now. Presumably, even if the the crime doesn’t shoot up, a neighborhood with more than a certain percentage of non-Danes will be demolished/redeveloped to achieve a different racial balance. It’s been taking a lot of heat from the Anglo-American press but what do they expect? Segregation is supposed to be the worst thing in the world and inhibits social mobility and assimilation, but the American system and mindset runs on a one track policy: A neighborhood can be too white, and subject to enforced low-income housing developments and section 8 renters, but a neighborhood can never become too black, too Hispanic, too Asian. Why is it so crazy to turn it the other way around? That at least should be the minimum if this country ever wants functional cities and suburbs.

    The problem with both policies of course is that they lean on the assumption of a bottomless pool of white-ethnic neighborhoods and people to dump troublesome inhabitants on. Sure, Denmark can pursue this for now, but what happens if another refugee wave arrives and ethnic Danes become on track to outright minority status?

    It’s funny when Americans of my social class talk about how traveling around the world opens you up to new people and thence open borders back home. Coming to Copenhagen was what really opened my eyes to the insane anti-white policies back home and how they were mirrored in this totally foreign nation. There was supposedly massive “white flight” from urban working class areas in the 90’s-00’s when politicians dumped refugees from Africa and the Middle East there (Of course not in the posh areas). It is now being recolonized with college yuppies and professionals that all talk about how much they love diversity, as the gangs and refugees have been sent packing to the burbs.

  64. @Alden

    Of course now Germany has an influx of Afghans, Syrians, and Sub-Saharans, who are less pleasant than the Turks. I wonder if having to living in poor neighborhoods with Turks, who are not as tolerant of bad behavior or as PC as native Germans, keeps the new immigrants in line in a way that does not happen in Sweden.

    • Replies: @Cato
  65. Suede says:

    The tribe owns approximately 90 percent of the privately held media and the public broadcasting company has a second generation “Hungarian” migrant as CEO.

    So you could say that the tribe has some impact.

  66. Suede says:

    The tidal wave of migrants from MENA hit the county not so long ago and the native Swedes are still the majority.

    Thanks for all the imperial liberal wars that blessed Sweden with true diversity.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  67. @Thulean Friend

    Germany also has a huge problem with criminal Lebanese clans.
    For those of you who read German, this is a really good introduction to the topic:

    It’s a problem hard to handle within the western legal system. They have gotten too numerous and too brazen now to ignore, with spectacular feats like museum robberies, turf wars with Chechens (the second highly problematic group) and far too powerful, having bought real estate with their illegal gains. The judiciary is now cracking down on them, and some of their property in Berlin was confiscated on the presumption that it was gained illegally. Unfortunatey, whoesale deportation is impossible for many reasons. The younger ones now have German citizenship. There is no place in the world that would take them, even if it were made legally possible in Germany (unthinkable) or Sweden. Also, they probably wouldn’t go peacefully. They have arms, and they have enough young males to start a civil war. Starting to deport them would also make a lot of other Muslim immigrants rise up in solidarity, thinking they might be the next to be deported, once the legal and moral dams to mass deportations/forced remigrations are broken.

    • Thanks: Rob McX
    • Replies: @Cato
  68. @Suede

    What percentage of Muslims exists in Stockholm, Goteborg, and Uppsala?

    More than 10% in all those cities?

  69. Cato says:
    @Occasional lurker

    I’m surprised that the Lebanese rank ahead of the Kosovars as criminal immigrants.

  70. Cato says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Turks are rather snobbish — they feel superior to Arabs, and have complete contempt towards sub-Saharans. Story is, that during Ottoman times, Turkish harams contained a fair number of African beauties, but the offspring from those women were smothered at birth. Apparently, Africans were considered good for sex, but no one wanted the children. It’s a plausible story because there is very little evidence of sub-Saharan genes in modern Turkey.

    • Replies: @black sea
  71. Cato says:

    The primitives set down roots in Copenhagen first, set up residency in Sweden later. The Danish economy is as free or freer than ours (check out the international competitiveness rankings), so the problem of illegal labor is much like ours. However, most of the underground labor is not from the primitives, but from Poles and Rumanians.

    But a takeaway from what I said should be: Denmark is much more restrictive toward immigration than Sweden.

  72. Wow! That’s the shortest story I’ve never seen!

  73. @Alden

    Cloning. As we speak, Hitler’s DNA is being cloned and hundreds of them are popping out in Sweden. But don’t worry, the “is” have lots of practice killing babies, toddlers, and even children, if necessary.

  74. black sea says:

    There is a fairly large (around 100,000) Afro-Turkish community, descendants of African slaves brought to work the cotton fields near Izmir. Also, of course, there are some Black expats living in Turkey, from Africa or elsewhere.

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