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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

Print the Legend

Steve Sailer

November 24, 2021

This past week’s events in Wisconsin’s Kenosha and Waukesha offer useful perspectives on a recent clash between pundits Andrew Sullivan and Jonathan V. Last of The Bulwark over the accuracy of the news media. Sullivan argues that the press makes numerous errors, while Last suggests that they get almost all matters of fact correct.

Read the whole thing there.

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  1. A good case in point. BBC News is probably the biggest and most well-connected media organisation in the world. One of the BBC’s own employees was murdered last Friday in Kenya. Five days later, they’re still waiting for the Kenyan police to establish what happened. Here’s the sum of their reporting so far:

    Kenyan police investigate BBC worker’s death in Nairobi

    Family remembers BBC worker Kate Mitchell ‘who brightened world’

    Here’s the Kenyan press:

    Kate Mitchell: Man Who Killed BBC Manager Was Engaged, Planning to Wed in December

    But nobody can say that the BBC’s reporting isn’t factual here.

  2. How exactly did American media get to be so anti-White?

  3. So inaccurate that they have to amp up the narrative to nuclear-weapons proportions.

  4. The American media, run by people who hate America.

  5. Altai says:

    This past week’s events in Wisconsin’s Kenosha and Waukesha offer useful perspectives on a recent clash between pundits Andrew Sullivan and Jonathan V. Last of The Bulwark over the accuracy of the news media. Sullivan argues that the press makes numerous errors, while Last suggests that they get almost all matters of fact correct.

    Doesn’t it depend on the period of time you’re talking about? Right now the average journalist, their class and social context being understood, is very much politically emboldened. Much like how even by the early 2000s the ACLU was, generally, trying to increase the scope of freedom of speech. But they achieved their objective, the groups and perspectives of society they wanted to champion (Either directly or indirectly through certain groups being attracted to the ACLU because it’s policies were generally in their group’s interest at the time) got everything they wanted from ‘freedom of speech’ and the ideas they generally liked became the dominant ones.

    Now ‘freedom of speech’ generally is good for speech they don’t like and thus the ACLU has changed it’s tune. I sincerely hope the vast majority of people who balked at the ACLU recently talking about how ‘freedom of speech’ was interpreted too far were doing so to point this out and not out of genuine surprise or confusion. The ACLU still has the same ‘who/whom’ it always had.

    Here is an article in Tablet where the former head of the ACLU Ira Glasser and the interviewer pretend not to understand why this happened while laying out exactly why it happened.

    Similarly a lot of things are happening that counter the meta-narrative that the top American journalists either sincerely believe or desire others to believe to further group or political interests they support. They see a reaction to their inability to be gracious in power (I keep saying that you can’t call out cluster Bs being cluster Bs on social media is causing this moment) and are thus more invested in hiding the truth of these events or trying to disingenuously portray them in a certain light without directly lying in order not to feed these movements with events that validate their narrative and undermine the journalists.

    I mean, covid-19 is the ultimate ‘who/whom’ turnaround process. Things that hadn’t changed in nature at all, changed from being ‘right wing’ to ‘left wing’ to ‘right wing’ and back again in matters of months and journalists followed what they were supposed to feel or believe with every shift in a way that only activists among non-journos did. It is surreal to watch. Again though, it’s mostly people with histrionic cluster B personalities who are fueling this. They seem to be pretty common in places like journalism, particularly at the top.

    I really can’t tell if people who use the phrase ‘Putin’s playbook’ unironically are deceptive neocons who know they’re trying to deceive or deranged cluster Bs. (Sometimes it’s both)

    Some bluechecks still didn’t realise he shot 3 white antifa. (Are there any other kind of antifa?)

  6. Altai says:

    And the best one.

    Donald Trump tweeted out about this treatment, therefore it must be wrong. As if Donald Trump came up with this and wasn’t just repeating something told to him by his advisors. But that didn’t matter, it fit their narrative to say it doesn’t work and Trump is just a crazy man. Of course, they also called him crazy when shut down travel from China.

    • Thanks: Gabe Ruth
  7. iffen says:

    In an editorial a few days ago, The New York Times called for non-enforcement of traffic laws. I’m pretty sure that no one has died in a traffic accident because of an expired inspection sticker or a missing vehicle tag light, but items like non-functioning brake lights and turn signals can get a lot of people maimed or killed. If someone pointed this out to the Times, would they acknowledge it?

    Like with the distrust of Covid vaccinations, elite failure and hence institution failures are dangerous to common folk.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  8. I haven’t read your Taki column yet, Steve (always look forward to it), but I’ll say without even reading it that the media lying is most often done in the manner of omitting certain facts and including others. One can make a totally different narrative by cherry picking only certain facts.

    Oh, but it’s factual!

    And no, the press are not just erroneous. This constant media lying is done on purpose. Stupid AND EVIL. Here at Bob’s Country Bunker the Lyin’ Press, we got both kinds of lying, stupid AND evil. Video clip for reference is on Peak Stupidity here.

  9. In most such things, it’s not so much about the facts, but interpretation & presentation of facts.

  10. It’s the obvious truths they don’t print regarding the race of the criminals which then perpetuate the baldfaced lies tweeted out by bluechecks on Twatter. Since this stream, a bare read of content from MSM and then off to Twatter to see what bluechecks say are 99% of what the left reads, we wonder how they’re SO ignorant of the truth, not to mention repulsed by same?

    Throw in their lazy nature to begin with (that’s why they love mail in ballots, no sense being troubled by going to the polls, a major reason the youth of the democrat party were underrepresented in the old days), they aren’t going looking any further than the bluechecks. All MSM has to do is show us the black faces with the same prominence (and alacrity) as they show the White faces and they’d be in the clear, truth would be told, there would BE no legend. Pretty simple.

    Steve, do comments at Taki’s pretty much follow those here?

  11. Lying by omission, lying by emphasis, lying by implication.

    • Agree: Buffalo Joe
  12. On the other hand, the fact that blacks do worse than whites in every single school district in America, which might suggest that the particular school district being blamed for its race gap is not necessarily all that guilty of discrimination, is decidedly Not News.

    The twisted logic behind this seems to be If you’ve caught one discriminating, you’ve got them all. – And then there are the emotions. In an emotionalized public sphere, the twistedness of the logic of an argument doesn’t matter too much. If at all.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  13. @Achmed E. Newman

    I haven’t read your Taki column yet, Steve (always look forward to it), but I’ll say without even reading it that the media lying is most often done in the manner of omitting certain facts and including others. One can make a totally different narrative by cherry picking only certain facts.

    This is spot on. Much of the lying the lugenpresse does is via framing (as Steve’s Taki article notes). Framing itself has two aspects; active aand passive. The ‘without evidence’ trope is a prime example of active framing. We have literally dozens of examples of “Donald Trump claimed, without evidence ….” on matters that A) Nobody has ever offered ‘evidence ‘ for similar matters of political rhetoric, not Barack Obama, not Bill Clinton ,not Abe Lincoln and certainly not Joe Biden: and B) many were matters of political prediction for which no evidence could have been, even theoretically, forthcoming. e.g. Trump claimed ‘without evidence’ that the mania for statue removal to satisfy woke sensibilities will not end with Confederate figures but will continue to Roosevelt and Jefferson. What a buffoon, to claim that ‘without evidence’! That he turned out to be right, within a relatively short period of time is then memory-holed and never to be mentioned in polite company is an example of passive framing.

    In spite of the fact that human beings have an almost limitless capacity to fool themselves, it is hard to accept Steve’s explanation of subconcious ‘narrative compliance’ as the driving force here. I find Altai’s take above,of malice aforethought, much more persuasive. The head spinning twists and turns of bien pensant thing in the last few years are reminiscent of nothing so much as of the CPUSA prewar writing about Nazi Germany, where the US commie Left turned on a dime from attacking Roosevelt as a proto-Fascist and the New Deal as a plot against the proletariat, to praising Roosevelt as a bulwark against Fascism, back to denouncing him as a warmonger for aid to Britain during the period of Molotov -Ribbentrop, right back to Roosevelt is not enough of a warmonger after Barbarossa. You have to read the output of commie stalwarts like Trumbo and his ilk to get the full ‘We have always been at war with Eastasia’ flavor.

  14. @Achmed E. Newman

    You’re right. I read the Taki’s article and Steve is being too careful (timid) and is too lenient with the lying bastards. “The Truth is the whole”, as Hegel said and America’s media consistently omits enough of the facts such that what it presents is tantamount to lying. Because the truth is the whole, you can start anywhere and if you unravel the skein bit by bit using both sound logic and empirical data, you will arrive at the complete picture. The “truth” is that most reporters lack the intellectual chops to do this and instead push a personal/political agenda. They are hired and employable for precisely this role.

    Unlike Steve, I trust literally nothing I read or hear via the MSM. Virtually everything they say, every image they present is a distortion or a fabrication. But I build a lot of stuff and can fix anything, so I am highly motivated and competent at “getting it right all the time”. I don’t of course, but I’m self correcting. I’ll persist until I do (get it right) and that’s what counts. Our media has no such motivation because there is no Reality Principle to correct them. There is no penalty for getting it wrong as there is if you e.g. perform your own brake overhaul job on your automobile. See the difference? One of us is held to account by the very real threat of death or maiming if their beliefs and actions are wrong. The other lives in the proverbial bubble in which their peers are as wrong-headed as they are and no one is held to account by anyone for anything. I choose my lifestyle. I “live dangerously”, figuratively climbing without backup. My safety rope is my unceasing vigilance. Their’s is too–it’s just that they are vigilant NOT to stray outside the yellow lines laid down for them by the “guidelines” of their profession. They are conformists and dare not utter anything that strays from the party line. Existentially, they chose to let the party dictate what’s permissible in their lives. A very timid way to live. The life of a person who engaged only a part of the world with only a part of themselves.

  15. guest007 says:

    Steve needs to recognize the issue of news reporting that requires the reader/viewer to have a large amount of background knowledge/awareness to truly understand the story. A good example of this is how the media uses the term “person/people of color.”

    In hearing a story that Silicon Valley does not employ enough People of Color, one would need to be aware that the reporter is not including Asians in the group People of Color. The same occurs when the media reports on increased maternal mortality for People of Color. Such a statistic does not include Asians in the reporting. Sometimes Hispanics/Latinos count as people of color but sometimes they do not. Sometimes recent immigrants count and sometimes they do not. Also, one has to understand the trends in reporting. It is only in the last couple of years that Middle Eastern and Northern Africans have begun to count as People of Color.

    Any reporting on education requires the reader to understand that Asians outperform non-Hispanic Whites, that urban school districts are actually funded at higher levels than most rural school districts, and that most urban school districts have few non-Hispanic whites even when counting recent immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan as white. When was the last time anyone read an education story that pointed out that more than 50% of public school students are on free lunch and less than 50% of K-12 students are non-Hispanic white.

    Any reporting on crime requires the reader to understand that the FBI does not collect separate data on Hispanics versus whites due to the way finger print cards are completed. One also has to understand that the demographic reporting on traffic stops is based upon information gained after the traffic stop rather than the assumption of local law enforcement before the stop.

    Any reporting on housing/redlining requires the reader to understand general population growth in the U.S., the different growth rates/internal migration rates, and general changes in housing choices in various parts of the U.S.

    • Replies: @Luzzatto
  16. Every mention of ivermectin (on which I have no views either way) in the Guardian is accompanied by the phrase “horse dewormer” (66 stories, if google which they use is accurate, which it may not be).

    Incidentally, another perfectly healthy footballer collapsed on the field yesterday. No word on his vaccine status, surprise surprise.

    Sheffield United midfielder John Fleck is conscious in hospital after collapsing during their win at Reading. Fleck was taken off on a stretcher after receiving lengthy treatment on the pitch early in the second half.

    The Scotland international, 30, went down unchallenged before team-mates quickly waved medics on.

    “Fleck is conscious, in the hospital, he’s in good health. He will be OK,” Blades boss Slavisa Jokanovic told BBC Radio Sheffield. The match was stopped for more than 10 minutes before Fleck was taken by ambulance to the nearby Royal Berkshire Hospital. “I didn’t see exactly what happened,” Jokanovic added. “One moment he fell down. It was a really complicated situation.

    “He is conscious in hospital and he asked for the result. We hope everything will be OK with him.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  17. theMann says:

    Not only are the Media Jackals routinely factually erroneous, they are grossly erroneous. I know a Physicist who spent years trying to get his Local Media to correct obvious errors about physics, he finally gave up in frustration. My Degree was in Economics, I could read any newspaper or watch any newscast and cite multiple errors of fact.

    Even in the days when the Media actually managed to edit/check their product, obvious howlers routinely slipped through. My favorite as a kid was reading about Beethoven’s unfinished symphony, but so many others occurred. ( That was in the days when I would read the Newspaper front to back. I don’t do Media any more.)

    There are two major issues here:

    1. The media clowns are completely uneducated, and know nothing about the physical sciences, the biological sciences, History, Economics, Mathematics, you name it.

    2. The Media filth are willing stooges of the Deep State, and willingly amplify every lie the are told, no matter how absurdly obvious the lie becomes: The Covid Vaccine stops Covid, ok lessens the symptoms, ok needs a booster, ok perpetual boosters, ok well it is perfectly safe.
    The most gigantic, brazen lie in the history of the world, but the Media still vomits it out upon us.

  18. @YetAnotherAnon

    We do have this:

    “Steve Clarke has revealed “over 75 per cent” of his Scotland squad are vaccinated against or recovered from Covid-19. The manager is confident his players now have a good level of protection against the virus after suffering some costly disruption throughout the pandemic.

    Clarke has lost the likes of John McGinn, John Fleck and Billy Gilmour to isolation requirements at various points, as well as new coach Austin MacPhee during the last international break. He echoed Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, who earlier this week expressed his frustration with Premier League players not getting the jab, in stressing the vaccine’s importance.

    “Obviously we want as many people to be vaccinated as possible,” Clarke told Sky Sports. “I’m of a certain age where it’s a no brainer to get it done. You have to understand some younger people might think it’s not the thing to do. “But this current squad, I think there’s over 75 per cent or are double-vaccinated.”

    In Germany unvaccinated players are being dropped and having wage cuts.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  19. My synthesis of the Sullivan-Last dispute is that while the press only occasionally prints outright factual falsehoods, the bigger problem is that it still manages to inculcate fallacious worldviews in millions by what it treats as news and how it spins it.

    This is a perfect summation of MSM unreliability. A good way to see how this works is to flip the perps-victims of a black-on-white piece of violence and project how the MSM would cover it. So if an SUV driven by a white, MAGA guy crashed into a predominately black crowd you know that CNN, WaPo and the NYT would immediately jump on the race of the perp, with no hesitation to affirm hate motivation and the supporting generalizations of white-racism, etc. Cities would be on fire.

    Also, recall the horrific massacre in Rockhill, South Carolina, last April that lasted a couple of days in the news cycle. A 32-year-old black man, Phillip Adams, murdered his white doctor, Robert Lesslie, aged 70, the doctor’s 69 year-old wife, granddaughter, 9 and grandson, 5. He also killed two additional white bystanders. No mention, much less focus on the race of killer. Rather, an ex-NFL player (a Black privileged guy) , he was converted into a victim — head injuries from his football days. Reverse the perp and the victims and the NYT would have taken a front-page lead followed with riots nation-wide.

  20. Art Deco says:

    The Bulwark is quite explicitly on the patronage of Pierre Omidyar. The term ‘shill’ is not metaphorical in their case. And it’s a reasonable wager National Review and The Dispatch are kept in business by the same sources (though the successor to the old Audit Bureau of Circulations maintains NR has only lost about 20% of its subscriber base in recent years).

    • Replies: @Barnard
    , @Curle
  21. Art Deco says:

    I see Last has either (1) never been the subject of a news story or (2) fancies his writing won’t be read by anyone ever subject to a news story.

  22. And to think, I used to read Jonathan Last.

    Writers like him do no good whatsoever, as Ace frequently points out, and here he’s making dishonest arguments to defend dishonest reporting. It’s despicable behavior.

  23. “On the other hand, the fact that blacks do worse than whites in every single school district in America, which might suggest that the particular school district being blamed for its race gap is not necessarily all that guilty of discrimination, is decidedly Not News.“

    If only the reason they lie about or omit the root cause (IQ) was simply to increase funding for “failing schools”. No, critical race theory says that in any instance where there is a White-Black gap, the root cause HAS to be systemic / structural racism. That means that Blacks are being systematically discriminated against and kept down in every single school district in America. And all Whites must pay for that, and pay dearly they shall.

  24. Anonymous[166] • Disclaimer says:

    This news item below makes me think of Ron Unz’s comment (in an American Pravda article) about who invented the technology and who appropriated it.

    Days after explaining Rittenhouse ban and “criminal” policy, GoFundMe allows fundraiser for suspect in parade massacre

    • Replies: @Barnard
    , @Paperback Writer
  25. Andrew Sullivan is just another hack irritated that he no longer gets paid to frame narratives and lie in the MSM like he used to. He had his day (s) in the sun, but they are now long past. For many months, Sullivan used his talent (he does have some) as a polemicist to lie about VP candidate Sara Palin and her son, Trig. Her disabled son, Trig. And lie about Ms. Palin’s minor daughter. And who gave birth to whom, and when. And who the father of the child was. And on and on. That was the beat assigned to Sullivan, and he worked it without respite or respect for facts or common decency. One need not support the weird phony campaign and candidate that Ms. Palin was unfortunately associated with, or her politics, or her choice in clothes to find attacks and innuendo about her child to be way, way beyond the pale. Sullivan never let up.

    Sullivan is carping about MSM now? Only because he desperately wants to get paid like he used to, when he was the pretty girl at the Atlantic. Too bad he shot his wad and showed his ass. Now he is just another old queer, wishing for relevance in a world he helped to trash. To Hell with him. And every single person that likes or supports him.

    • Agree: Lurker
    • Thanks: Paperback Writer
  26. anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    media lying is most often done in the manner of omitting certain facts and including others


    This is also true in courts. This is why both the prosecution and the defense are allowed to present a case during a trial — simply having the prosecution present a series of witnesses while the defendant sits mum in his seat, and then send the jury away to deliberate would result in a 100% conviction rate. The defense must also be allowed to speak and give their side of events.

    The defense must be allowed to call its own witnesses who can say: “Yes, while it’s true that the defendant shot Mr. Rosenbaum, as already attested by the prosecution’s witnesses, it was clear that Mr. Rosenbaum was lunging at the defendant in an attempt to steal his gun, shortly after promising to to end his life’.”

    This additional testimony provides context showing that the killing was done in self-defense. It would be easy for the prosecution to mislead the jury without this additional testimony by a defense witness — by providing a one-sided telling of events.

    What’s even more important is for the defense to be able to cross-examine prosecution witnesses. They’ll often confess, as did Grosskreutz, that while Rittenhouse did shoot him in the arm, it was only after Grosskreutz had advanced upon Rittenhouse with his gun pointed at the defendant’s head. This is crucial information that can only be obtained by cross-examination.

    Btw, there are many ways in which the Nuremberg trials diverged from the norms of Western jurisprudence, but perhaps the most critical of these was that the defense attorneys of the accused were not allowed to cross-examine prosecution witnesses. Notably, Harlan Fisk Stone, the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court described the Nuremberg trials as “a fraud” and a “High-grade lynching party.” This practice of preventing cross-examination, along with confessions acquired by torture and ex post facto application of law, are presumably among the reasons that Stone described Nuremberg as such.

    • Thanks: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @Prof. Woland
  27. Canadian press has decided the Waukesha Massacre isn’t newsy, and have largely sidelined it.

    Today, the national public broadcaster has, curiously, decided to bring up the case of a self-described ‘incel’ who ran down multiple people in Toronto with a vehicle a few years ago, and also mentioned Charlottesville 2017 where a UTR participant “ran his car into a group of people killing Heather Heyer”.

    A pure coincidence that they’d run these stories today, while ignoring the developing Waukesha story.

    The Canadian press is usually quick to interview survivors of tragedy. Not this time. Waukesha is toxic to the narrative.

  28. slumber_j says:

    From the Taki’s piece:

    On the other hand, at no point in the article do the four New York Times reporters mention that the Waukesha suspect is black, which you might think is relevant. Nor do any of the four photos accompanying the article online convey that information.

    And they get a serendipity assist from the guy’s name: someone called Darrell Brooks could easily be a country & western singer. Except in this case he’s an “amateur rapper,” the strange formulation that strangely popped up everywhere all at once in the wake of his alleged slaughter.

  29. Errors my ass. Facts my ass.

    Call them what they are : fuktcheckers.

    • Replies: @Lurker
  30. @kaganovitch

    One can make a totally different narrative by cherry picking only certain facts

    – More broadly, this is often a matter of what is covered vs what is ignored. For example, the saw on self defense and weapons possession in Wisconsin were pretty clear from the start, but unless one only heard these facts from alternative sources.

    – A second variant more on point with the original comment is special pleading, e.g. reporting that hydroxychloroquine “can” cause heart problems, without clarifying that it is well tolerated and harm requires very large doses. Another example is “in 50 cases, no court has found evidence of fraud”, without mentioning that in almost all cases the case was dismissed for technicalities such as timeliness, laches, sufficiency of the specific claim to flip the election, or standing.

    – A third variant is including irrelevant facts while implying that they mean something. For example, reporting that Kyle Rittenhouse “crossed state lines”. What of it? Crossing state lines applies to some specific federal statutes affecting interstate commerce or federalizing crimes (such as kidnapping) that enable the FBI to investigate. This was, of course, combined with burying the facts that Kyle lived on the border while having both family and work in Kenosha.

    – A fourth variant is equivocation in which context is omitted, leading to misunderstanding. The classic examples are the witches predictions from Macbeth, more recently we saw this with “injecting disinfectant” , which was misunderstood then paraphrased as “drinking bleach”

    – A fifth variant is visibility of corrections. An incorrect fact can gain much attention while the correction is either buried or published during a lower attention period.

    – A sixth variant is to include the facts, but position them in a way that they will not be noticed. The traditional newspaper pyramid implies that facts near the end of the article are less important. Steve notices this quite a bit with the NYTimes.

    -A seventh variant is to smear the source of true facts rather than confirm or deny. My impression is that the left smears the middle of the road Fox News all the time while anything to the right is outright white supremacist.

    -An eighth variant is to quote dubious sources. The “quote” is accurate, even if the facts it references are not. Consider Steele dossier. In contrast, or the Hunter Biden laptop was conveniently ignored by quoting unnamed “sources” that it was likely was a Russian plant.

    These are the ones I can come up off the top of my head. Moreover, when I have direct knowledge, the “facts” are almost always wrong in some substantial way. My inference is that journalists must be somewhere close to the grievance studies level academic rigor, either ignorant about the real facts, or apathetic about their import.

    • Thanks: New Dealer
  31. KENOSHA, Wis.—The Justice Department on Wednesday announced a civil rights investigation into the police shooting of a Black man in Kenosha, Wis., as new details emerged in the case, a white teenager who confronted demonstrators was arrested in connection with two deaths, and protests spread to athletes in three pro sports leagues. Protesters have poured into Kenosha’s streets to decry the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black father who was partially paralyzed after a white officer fired at him in front of his children… The authorities were investigating whether the white teenager who was arrested on Wednesday, identified as Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, was part of a vigilante group.

    I think this needs to be contested. Vigilantism is enforcement of the law (investigate/arrest/punish) by those without authority to do so. Rittenhouse as a vigilante is itself a false narrative.

    Rittenhouse didn’t attempt to arrest or punish Rosenbaum or others for lighting arson fires or a dozen other likely violations of the law. He simply extinguished a fire. He used deadly force only after he was attacked, which is purely a matter of self defense.

    • Replies: @Inquiring Mind
  32. Spud Boy says:

    I attended an LSU women’s basketball game last night (free tickets).

    Before the game, they made the obligatory announcement that racism is not tolerated at LSU and that they value diversity and inclusion.

    For almost all of the game, all ten players on the court were black.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  33. ic1000 says:

    At Taki’s, Steve commented on the NYT’s article, “Man Accused of Killing 5 at Wisconsin Parade Had Lengthy Police Record,” by Mitch Smith, Dan Simmons, Glenn Thrush and Serge F. Kovaleski.

    … If you read carefully all the way through to the seventeenth paragraph, you might figure out [that Darrell Brooks is a] stereotypical black criminal:

    In rap tracks he posted to a SoundCloud profile, he described himself as growing up in a dangerous Milwaukee neighborhood and having trouble with the legal system…

    A second article by Smith, Simmons, Thrush, and Kovaleski appears a bit lower on the Times‘ home page:

    “In Killings’ Wake, Amateur Internet Sleuths Uncover Copious Anti-White Postings on African-American Suspect’s Social Media Accounts, Moments Before Alphabet and Meta Erase Them.”

    • Replies: @ic1000
  34. What and/or who is “the mainstream media”? Is it the New York Times and the Washington Post? The AP? NBC News and CNN? Ryan Lizza’s Twitter feed? The Los Angeles Times? BuzzFeed? Axios? NPR?… The point is that the MSM universe is so large that you’re always going to be able to cherry-pick examples to support the notion that “they” are feeding “us” false narratives.

    This is of course disingenuous, but perhaps a test would be to have staff at each of these outlets list “legitimate news sources.” They would all list each other’s outlets, and all exclude the same outlets. They are ostensibly in competition for ad dollars and professional prestige, but these outlets don’t act in competition with one another in terms of the product that they produce. So often there is opportunity to scoop the real story, report the true facts, expose the conspiracy in plain sight, but all of these news outlets prefer to be wrong in the same way to being the one which is right but stands alone from the rest. This is very clearly a guild, and one that is self aware. It’s aware that it can exercise dynamic silence and embargo a legitimate, newsworthy story from all of the respectable outlets at will.

    During lockdown, one of the things that really struck home was how the Press behaves when it wants to construct the narrative. I think the CBS Morning show played film of George Floyd on 3 or 4 consecutive mornings on repeat at its newsbreak with the apparent news hook that “activists want answers in the police killing of a Minneapolis man . . .” It was often followed by Oprah’s wife sighing, projecting her exasperation, and making some editorial comment about being black in America. The point seems to have been to telegraph to nice white ladies that this is a thing.

    Even with the internet and the ability of ordinary people to find primary sources (i.e., criminal records directly from the Court system), the mainstream Press still has the ability to create the social structure of the narrative where most ordinary people will defer to the narrative because dissent carries too high of a social cost. Most people have a strong desire to go with the social flow and have a psychological means to dismiss facts contrary to the narrative when dissenting from the narrative carries social costs. Any story which the mainstream Press can frame as an example of the United States’ legacy of racism, particularly against blacks, is one that carries high social costs to question.

  35. My synthesis of the Sullivan-Last dispute is that while the press only occasionally prints outright factual falsehoods, the bigger problem is that it still manages to inculcate fallacious worldviews in millions by what it treats as news and how it spins it.

    Does the press really inculcate such worldviews, or does it simply participate in a culture where such worldviews are already established?

    It’s true that the press seems to operate with a global assumption that there is a non-negligible and patternized racial component to every important story; but then again, so does the rest of the culture. If the press did not make such assumptions, then it never would have reported on Kenosha the way that it did; but if the rest of the culture did not make such assumptions, then what happened in Kenosha never would have existed to be reported on in the first place.

    So, which comes first? Does the racialized press make the racialized culture? Does the racialized culture make the racialized press? Do the two mutually reinforce each other in a feedback loop? Or is it all caused by some other, extrinsic factor?

    I ask because there is a more important general principle involved here, and it touches upon the Nature/Nurture debate which is very much a topic of conversation in these parts. The tone of the Sailer article seems to imply that the press is active in shaping the narrative, which in turn entails that they could shape it differently if they so desired. But can this even be accepted within the framework of the strongly deterministic a prioris one generally finds associated with an HBD perspective? For those who argue with such spirit that “blank-slateism” is untrue, they sure are willing to ascribe to the media and academia (i.e. “Nurture”) a great deal of power to control people’s behavior.

    I would say that the cause is really external. Both the readers and writers of news stories together form a single organ of culture and they are both equally subject to the turnings of a higher wheel. This means that it is not really within the power of the news media to behave much differently than it does. The overall direction is set by the realities of political power and personal circumstance. Individual members of the media want to keep their privileged position in the distribution of cultural rewards, so they have every incentive to go with the flow. But the “man in the street,” who realizes he is powerless to fight back even if he wanted to, needs a superior cause to which to defer whenever the tensions in his own being threaten to destabilize him, so he has as much reason to read these articles as the press does to write them. When the political power changes, then all these things will change in relation to it, but not before then.

    • Disagree: YetAnotherAnon
  36. ic1000 says:

    Here is the original title of that second NYT article, before it was edited for space.

    Those Meddling Kids: In Rampage’s Wake, Amateur Internet Sleuths Scoop Reporters by Uncovering Copious Anti-White Racist Postings on African-American Suspect’s Social Media Accounts, Moments Before Alphabet and Meta Erased Them.”

  37. @Altai

    it’s mostly people with histrionic cluster B personalities who are fueling this. They seem to be pretty common in places like journalism,

    Commonly known as women and gays, who have become ascendant in my former industry

  38. Anonymous[252] • Disclaimer says:

    Mainstream media cannot accurately report on the number one problem in the United States: black crime, which is closely followed by black parasitism (affirmative action). So there you have it

  39. Barnard says:
    @Art Deco

    A year subscription to the print edition of National Review is now \$24. I have also read the average reader is over 70. They are running print ads for Facebook and Google in return for fawning coverage of the companies when any tech censorship issues make the news.

  40. You may not learn that Darrell Brooks is black or Kyle R’s “victims” were all white, but you do get crucial details like the SUV was red. (BTW another reason the parade slaughter will be memory-holed is that is does not involve guns, the favorite liberal whipping boy. True, they do hate SUVs too unless it’s to keep their own family safe on the roads)

  41. tyrone says:

    How accurate is the news media?……..they make black mass shooters look like Jeff Cooper (my apologies to Mr. Cooper)

  42. TLDR

    In other news,
    Lying media whore lies about being a media whore.

  43. Ian Smith says:

    The most pernicious thing about the mainstream media, outside of the editorial pages, is what they omit. For example, they won’t claim that black-on-white crime is non-existent, but they’ll go out of their way not to cover it.

    • Agree: Unladen Swallow
  44. It was my privilege to work with some doggedly detailed and accurate reporters in the days when not every damned little thing was so personal and political yet. They probably still exist but are drowned out by the attention-seekers.

    But the last word on journalistic accuracy is still the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect, which notes that the more you personally know about a subject or an event, the more howling inaccuracy you will spot in a media report about it. (The “amnesia” part comes when you nevertheless assume that the day’s other articles are dependably accurate)

    • Thanks: New Dealer
  45. Off the top of my head, here are a couple of examples of blatant media bias.

    The Chicago Trib is paywalled so here is a Yahoo news reprint. But bear in mind it appeared as a news article in the Trib, which is a venerable old media paper:

    Note the headline: “Fawning Interview” –

    The word “fawning” is repeated in the body of the article:

    Rittenhouse, now 18, answered a series of fawning questions from Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who called him a “sweet kid” and seemed shocked to hear about substandard living conditions in his jail.

    And this:

    “Imagine putting that kid in jail,” Carlson told viewers in a tone typically reserved for pearl clutching.

    This is a news article, not an opinion piece.

    And this, from the early days of Rittenhouse coverage:

    Soldiers and cops blocked one end of the road. White guys with big guns blocked the other.

    It was past 11 p.m. Tuesday, the third night of protests after a Kenosha police officer shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back.

    And so on. There is no indication in the article that there was widespread arson and looting. Everyone correctly color-coded (white = bad, black = good). Blake didn’t resist being arrested on a legitimate warrant.

    And so on. I don’t have time to recount the errors in this article, but it’s a perfect example of how the media distorted and still distorts.

    They are hopeless.

  46. Gamecock says:

    My synthesis of the Sullivan-Last dispute is that while the press only occasionally prints outright factual falsehoods, the bigger problem is that it still manages to inculcate fallacious worldviews in millions by what it treats as news and how it spins it.

    The greatest, by far, editorial impact on the press is what they choose to print. Theirs are sins of omission. Many crucial stories are just not reported. Few of their readers/viewers realize that.

    The left doesn’t have a ‘concept’ of the news, just ‘opportunities’ to push agendas – Victor Davis Hanson

  47. Brutusale says:
    @Henry's Cat

    BBC Media Action is the corporation’s international charity focussed on using media and communication to address inequality around the world.

    Interesting that the deceased worked for what is essentially the BBC’s propaganda arm.

    • Agree: Mr. Anon
    • Replies: @Henry's Cat
  48. Brutusale says:

    Left unsaid is the fact that a large and ever-growing percentage of the average daily’s pages is made up of wire stories from the NYT, WaPo, Reuters, AP, etc. They disseminate and concentrate the MSM agenda.

    • Replies: @Altai
  49. The next time one crops up (won’t be a long wait) I suggest you run a story under the factually accurate headline:

    “Yet another black man rapes yet another White Woman.”

    And see what reception truth telling gets.

  50. Mr. Anon says:
    @Henry's Cat

    They can’t even bother to investigate the death of one of their own. That kenyan article made clear – if not plain – what the motive was:

    The police said while at the bar, Mauti and Mitchell shared a few drinks together before she left for her room. In a move whose intention is yet to be established, Mauti followed the British national and entered her room.

    i.e., third-worlder had drinks with a white woman, thought he was going to get a little “sexy-time”, and got angry to the point of murder when he was rebuffed.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @YetAnotherAnon
  51. As of politicians, so too the media: They say one thing; they communicate quite another.

    Inciting anti-white violence while maintaining plausible deniability is their forte.

  52. Mr. Anon says:

    Is this a joke? The news media is largely inaccurate and totally dishonest and biased. Note how “news stories” now increasingly include assertions of fact which amount to editorial content, i.e., those assertions that this or that has been “de-bunked” when neither the reporting outlet nor any other one has actually de-bunked anything. Or the use of “false conspiracy theory” in describing anything that runs counter to any establishment narrative.

    Or consider the outright bribery. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated over \$300 million to various media outlets (NPR, PBS, BBC, The Guardian, The Atlantic) over the last few years. Why? To buy coverage favorable to itself and it’s bio-security agenda.

    How critical is the media of big Pharma? Hardly at all. And given the amount of advertising revenue they reap from that industry, it’s hardly surprising. How critical has the media been of the Warfare-State? Hardly at all. I’m sure that has nothing to do with advertising, underwriting, and interlocking directorships.

    Apart from the weather, “The News” doesn’t hardly even exist. It is a socially constructed fable used to program you.

  53. An illustration of our times; one includes many notions highlighted by iSteve commenters. The naive, nice-white, Mid-American youths, watching Negro sports ball on TV, acts on his Mother’s injunction to lend a hand to the downtrodden, fails to recognize EVIL when it is standing on his front porch and invites it into his home, even going so far as to offer sustenance and aids and abets the criminal in carrying out his escape. Fortunately, foiled by the police.

    From the Daily Mail,

    “A Wisconsin resident who unwittingly let the Christmas Parade ‘killer’ into his home minutes after the massacre has revealed how the ‘nervous’ stranger sat on the sofa, called his mom and ‘lied about everything.’
    Daniel Rider said he was sitting in his living room watching the Cowboys against the Chiefs when Darrell Brooks started banging on his door, pleading for help on Sunday night.
    Doorbell footage shows a frantic Brooks, 39, hammering on the front door and claiming he was waiting for a Uber – just 20 minutes after he plowed his SUV into the parade leaving six dead, including an eight-year-old boy.
    Rider had no idea of the carnage that had just unfolded in downtown Waukesha and decided he should let the shivering man into his home, remembering a recent sermon his mother had told him about helping the homeless.
    ‘So I was like, “Oh! This was my chance to help somebody. I’m going to warm him up and give him some food,”‘ Rider told CBS.
    He lent Brooks his jacket and made him a sandwich, and also gave the stranger his phone who then made several calls to his mom.
    Rider said Brooks brazenly asked him if he knew what was going on downtown – but he had no idea because he had been watching the football, and Brooks was holding his phone which was by this stage receiving ‘shelter in place’ alerts.
    ‘He is he is telling me that, “Oh, is there something going on downtown?” I was like, “There’s a parade today.” And he was like, “Oh, that’s probably the parade.” So he was just completely putting on a face and lying about everything,’ Rider said.
    Around ten minutes later, Brooks started ‘getting real nervous’ because a police car was driving up and down the street. Rider then asked him to leave.
    Brooks was arrested shortly after with dramatic footage from Rider’s doorbell camera showing the suspect raising his hands on the porch as patrol cars surround the property.”

  54. @Brutusale

    Earlier reports suggested the man may have been trying to escape from the window, but now they seem to have settled on it being suicide.

    Notable this comes in the same week as the release of Rudy Guede from prison in Italy. His sexual assault and murder of Meredith Kercher should have been exactly what this case appears to be, and the press would have passed over it without barely a mention.

  55. @kaganovitch

    Framing itself has two aspects; active aand passive. The ‘without evidence’ trope is a prime example of active framing. We have literally dozens of examples of “Donald Trump claimed, without evidence ….” on matters that A) Nobody has ever offered ‘evidence ‘ for similar matters of political rhetoric, not Barack Obama, not Bill Clinton ,not Abe Lincoln and certainly not Joe Biden: and B) many were matters of political prediction for which no evidence could have been, even theoretically, forthcoming. e.g. Trump claimed ‘without evidence’ that the mania for statue removal to satisfy woke sensibilities will not end with Confederate figures but will continue to Roosevelt and Jefferson. What a buffoon, to claim that ‘without evidence’! That he turned out to be right, within a relatively short period of time is then memory-holed and never to be mentioned in polite company is an example of passive framing.

    What was most irksome about this is that the Press was conflating “evidence” with “proof,” likely because they didn’t know the difference. Evidence is the building block of proof, but proof is not a precondition of something constituting evidence of a claim. So if you have some evidence for a claim, it is the basis to speculate about a claim and seek out the additional evidence to build proof. But the Press isn’t in the business of seeking out relevant truths which would support Trump’s claims, so the Press held Trump to a ridiculous standard to which no former President or the subsequent President has been held.

    This was an offshoot of a sort of pedantic and petty nature of Trump coverage – intentionally misconstruing things like hyperbole, puffery, conditional claims, prediction or jokes as if Trump stated them as declarative statements of fact in order to draw a conclusion that “Trump lied.”

    In any event, no one hated Trump because he lied, they hated him for the forbidden truths that he spoke.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  56. Bitfu says:

    The worst sort of lie is being purposefully misled by facts. [Or, it’s the best if you’re the one doing the lying.]

    Which reminds me: If you can be good at anything, be good at lying. This way, you can be awesome at everything.

  57. . . . Aaaaand scene!

    • Thanks: Patrick in SC
  58. Barnard says:

    The number of people who believed that both Jacob Blake was killed by police and that Rittenhouse shot three black people was staggering. It was very easy to find the truth in both situations especially since a lot liberals acted like the vermin Rittenhouse shot were saints plus one of them still testified at the trial. Social media, especially Twitter help fuel this as it becomes the primary source of news for people, including a lot of reporters. Even if a mainstream story gets the facts right, how many media people even read rather than read a Twitter rant from someone like Joy Reid.

  59. As commenter Mr. Newman and others have already pointed out, the media seldom flat out lie or fabricate stuff – “Trump’s Dad killed the Lindberg baby!” – although they’re coming pretty close these days (“anonymous sources report that Officer Sicknick died as a result of blunt force trauma from a fire extinguisher”). The most common practice is to mislead by omission; simply ignore stories which don’t fit The Narrative, and blow way out of proportion stories which seem to reinforce that Narrative.

    For example, compare the coverage of the local police blotter item, the “jogger” case, with the complete and total blackout of coverage of the execution of the elderly white couple by a heavily armed black militant while the couple was visiting the grave of their son. The murder of the Marino’s, the white couple, took place a couple of weeks after the “jogger” incident and received literally zero coverage outside of local news outlets.

    The ethical rules for lawyers refer to “false or misleading statements,” as in members of the Bar are not supposed to make false or misleading statements in court or in advertising or at press conferences. The liberal media grossly misleads by omission.

    The other technique is to slant coverage through the use of pejorative language. “Riots” are “protests,” conservative websites are “far right,” and everything Trump says, including that the sky is blue, is made “without evidence.”

  60. Altai says:

    Recently the European Broadcast Union voted to oust the Belarusian public broadcaster because of it’s role in overt government propaganda. If that were the real standard virtually no media organisation in the world would be fit to be a member. The BBC alone produced so much pro-Iraq war propaganda with no heads rolling. Indeed, the very next director general of the organisation after the war was a neocon hired because though it had disgorged much pro-war disinformation, some facets of it were too anti-war (IE: The Truth) after it became more safe. Was anyone held accountable? Did anyone lose their job? Was a full accounting of how this had been possible and promises made how it won’t happen again? No, of course not.

    Much media is just rephrasing press releases, police reports or the news pieces of other organs. Very little reporting on events from the first person is what media is today. The newspapers do have some point in saying that the decline of the MSM’s revenue models is to blame but it still doesn’t change the reality of what they actually produce.

    This reaches it’s chief farce when a reporter is placed in Washington say to report on an election or some other event in Washington and the reporter knows less than the guys in the studio because they’re standing around and not consuming the press releases reported by the media.

    • Replies: @Old Prude

    How many ways to lie or mislead can you count?

    And yes, thewrap is considered news.

  62. Dmon says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    On the day the black terrorist murdered 6 Whites in Waukesha, the Yahoo News report on the event carried a trailer running below the video stating definitively “suspect was fleeing from a knife fight”. Wish I’d taken a screen capture. They have since inserted their weasel verbiage “reportedly”, and “an official” (always an anonymous official), so they can proudly point to the scrupulous factuality of their reporting. I saw the Yahoo news video blurb because I had no choice – when you open up an internet window on the computers at work, it defaults to Yahoo news (much like the TVs in the lobby show CNN). Tens to hundreds of millions of people probably got this as their first and lasting impression – some poor guy of unknown provenance was fleeing from a knife attack and accidentally veered through two blocks of cops and barricades and small children. The mass media damage control squads immediately leaped into full alert mode, mobilizing every asset and smothering the incendiary details with a blizzard of fact-retardant foam. But everything they say is technically a fact, or at least fact-adjacent.

  63. TWS says:

    Steve essentially ignores the most obvious subject of media mendacity. Covid jabs have like belief in witches gone from being useless and dangerous to full-throated support from the left. No child will be left behind even when it damages the heart. For goodness sake, the mainstream media is running trial balloons about heart attacks being normal and beneficial. Climate change causing heart problems in babies and pot causing heart attacks. You know they are desperate when they are blaming their soma.

    How common is it for athletes to collapse? I don’t know but I’m willing to bet it will get worse and not from climate change

  64. prosa123 says:

    It’s time for another installment of obituary tracking from my former hometown’s newspaper. Here’s a summary of the ones of the first page, excluding a few where there’s no age given. I’ve indicated some noteworthy facts and causes of death where known:

    F 89
    F 78 Cancer
    M 92 Catholic monk
    F 57 Well-known interior designer; neuromuscular disorder
    M 85 Former state trooper, often hunted moose in Newfoundland
    M 86 Born in Portugal
    F 73
    M 90 Former Catholic priest
    M 74
    F 75 Cancer
    F 53
    M 78
    M 87 Cancer; owned a funeral home
    M 76
    M 93
    F 70
    M 78
    M 97
    F 46
    F 82
    M 61
    M 84
    M 73
    F 66
    M 94
    F 80
    M 60 Cancer
    M 81
    M 73
    M 97 Parents were refugees from Armenian Genocide
    F 46
    F 82
    M 60
    M 84
    M 73 Pancreatic cancer
    F 66 Born in Brazil
    F 80
    M 60 Cancer
    M 81 Born in Guyana (Afro-Guyanese)
    M 73 Civil War historian
    M 97 Participated in D-Day landing

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  65. Ignore the “science”, examine the data. This should be our new mantra.

  66. @Dieter Kief

    Test scores/subjects are a political number/decision. I would oppose the schools even if every inner city kid scored 100% on .. whatever it was that the schools were standardized testing for.

    Nevertheless, testing for the 3Rs is exactly the sort of white bias (privilege) we’ve been hearing so much about lately. Since choice of subject is arbitrary (i.e. political), it would be just as “valid” for the schools to test kids on percentage from the free throw line, their speed on the 100m, and so forth. Politically active, sports !overs could then argue that low test scores were proof that the gov needs to spend more on all-weather tracks, weight rooms, and plexiglass backboards. The more hateful and elitist among them could demand that kids who score less than 65 out of 100 from the line should be ineligible to receive their high school diploma.

    Those white schoolparents would be speed-dialing their lawyers and assemblymen so fast, you’d think they were trying to get Springsteen tickets. Office switchboards would light-up like Christmas trees.

  67. Old Prude says:

    During the Obama years, the White House press corps was nothing but a bunch of clapping seals, baying for Obama to throw them some more herring, then rolling over to bask when his bucket was empty.

    Trump was fine for sparring with them, but he never had the boldness to realize if he just took fat smelly fish and tossed them into the room, they would all clamber and bark and he could have them waddling around the room breathless until exhausted: “I am withdrawing from NATO” ‘bark, bark, bark!’ “I am halting all student visas for Chinese” “bark, bark, bark!” I am bussing all unaccompanied minors to the northern border to seek asylum in Canada” and so on.

    He could have controlled the news cycle at his whim and taken all the air out of any stories of Russian Collusion etc.. He lacked any imagination at all.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @ATBOTL
    , @Anon
  68. ATBOTL says:

    Who the hell reads the Bulwark? This debate just shows they have given up completely on being influential. Essentially, their cover as agents among the goyim is blown and now they are retired and free to let it all hang out. My guess is these people feel great to not have to pretend to be conservative anymore.

    The real danger now is the new young zionists around Yoram Hazony that the system is trying to astroturf into conservative leadership. Phony Hazony is struggling with his mission. He had another massive ratio on twitter when he said that “national conservatives” are forbidden from reading the works of conservative German legal theorist Carl Schmidt. That didn’t go over well with young conservatives. A few months ago, he made a gaffe to the effect of saying that Latin and Greek have gotten too much attention and shouldn’t be taught in the West unless Hebrew is too. That woke some people up. Of course, he quickly deleted both tweets and blocked anyone who criticized or questioned.

  69. JimDandy says:

    Credit where credit is due, The New York Times, etc. spared no gory details when reporting on the death of Brian Sicknick after a animalistic mob of Trump supporters savagely bashed his head in with a fire extinguisher. Without those key details, the insurrection narrative wouldn’t have had legs, and today America would be in the grip of a fascist dictatorship.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  70. Currahee says:

    “They’re media professionals!”

    “We have journalism degrees and you don’t! Hunter, who?”

  71. J1234 says:

    The MSM builds a means of egress into almost every politically tinged story they write or broadcast, allowing authors to escape responsibility for spreading misinformation. They do this legally by playing their usual confidence game, allowing the reader’s/listener’s brain to fill in the story’s missing (or belated) facts in a way that’s greatly influenced by the author’s insinuation.

    One example is implying that chronology and causality are the same, which uses the word “after” in a pretty corrupt context. There was a widely read story a couple of years ago with a headline that was something like, Middle School Student Jailed After Failing to Complete Homework. The student was black, and the article had her picture prominently displayed, further insinuating that there are unequal demands placed on students based on race. Buried at the bottom of the article was the fact that the student had a criminal history and that a judge had stipulated that completing homework was part of her probation. (It’s also my impression that headlines are pretty much allowed to lie as long as mitigating facts are printed somewhere in an article.)

    • Agree: Veteran Aryan
  72. @Altai

    Thank you. This was incredibly clear and well laid out, and your tweets are excellent reinforcement of this Cluster-B theory.

    We live amongst madmen.

  73. “There’s nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man.”
    — CNN jackhole

    If only that were true.

    Reading Steve’s piece put me in the mind of N. Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent, which I read in my early 30s. That book and its follow up, Necessary Illusions, changed the way I read journalism. Too bad Noam became a virulent acolyte of the Vaccine. He’s ancient. His family needs to get him away from the screen and plant his wizened husk outdoors where he can get some sun.

  74. It’s “News Media is“. . .

    What? You thought “News Media” was plural?

    I beg to differ. To be plural, it would have to vary in some respect.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  75. Barnard says:

    The Go Fund Me for Brooks was already gone when I looked for one the night of the 23rd. They should have been more proactive about blocking one for even being created, I’m sure they could set a script that any fundraiser with his name gets held automatically for review. However, they did deleted it fairly quickly.

  76. D. K. says:

    In announcing the obscene murder convictions of three white men for the self-defense killing of the violent career criminal, Ahmaud Arbery, who violently attacked the shooter, attempting to steal his gun, the corporate propaganda media still falsely proclaim him a “jogger.” Surveillance video from kitty-corner across from the home which he had just burgled, for about the fifth time after a surveillance camera was installed in the burgled home, clearly shows him walking down the street to the house. About four minutes later, the neighbor’s video shows him running out of the house at full speed, after he had been made aware that he had been spotted.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
  77. A headline in today’s Guardian

    “all three white men found guilty of murdering Black man as he jogged – live”

    Sometimes I think you are paying these guys, Steve.

  78. JimDandy says:

    Madame Noire
    Kyle Rittenhouse Is Proof That White Women Birth White Supremacy While Black Mothers Birth Its Victims
    Stacey Patton
    Wed, November 24, 2021, 12:30 PM

    • Replies: @Luzzatto
  79. Another one of the media’s preferred tactics when they get caught misleading is to evoke “pouncing” by those opportunistic right wingers online. Here’s how the Washington Post spun it after the “Covington Kids v. drunk Indian” narrative fell apart:

    A viral story spread. The mainstream media rushed to keep up. The Trump internet pounced. The online supporters of the president (sic) were ready for a moment like the Covington Catholic controversy.

    “We were just trying so hard to keep up with the truth in a rapidly developing story, but those pro-Trump meanies ambushed us. No fair!”

    It couldn’t possibly be that we let our anti-white bigotry get the better of us in our haste to smear young white boys or that our journalistic standards have eroded considerably since the days of All the President’s Men when Ben Brandlee supposedly scolded Woodward and Bernstein for jumping the gun before verifying one aspect of the Watergate story.

  80. @Intelligent Dasein

    “Does the press really inculcate such worldviews, or does it simply participate in a culture where such worldviews are already established?”

    FFS. What happened to UPI correspondent Steve Sailer? Where’s Glenn Greenwald, not so long ago a Guardian poster boy (as was Julian Assange)?

  81. ATBOTL says:
    @Old Prude

    By the same token, Trump could have went full 1488 and his white conservative base would have followed him. Instead, he gave us hyper-zionism, a call for “immigration in the greatest numbers ever” and the Platinum Plan of half a trillion in welfare for only blacks.

  82. @YetAnotherAnon

    In related news, a 30 year old professional soccer player (Sheffield United’s John Fleck) joins the list of über-healthy young sportsballers who have collapsed on the field – generally with cardiac events.

    Sheffield U is a second-division team. The lumpenproles won’t start paying attention until someone from a Premier League team collapses on the field (this might explain why Premier League teams have stopped trying to force their stars to get jabbed).

    I was moderately surprised at the lack of public awakening when Barca’s Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero (formerly of Manchester City; 4th all-time Premier League goalscorer; €100m transfer fee) recently announced his retirement from professional sportsball – after developing a severe cardiac irrhythmia on the field on the 24th of October; on the 21st of November he retired.

    Then again, once players transfer out of Premier League, the Pom proles lose interest (Barcelona is in La Liga, which is Spain’s top division).

    As we all know, this has always happened. Broadcasts of professional sportsball have always been interrupted by players having cardiac events on the field.

    So shut up and get your boosters, you mudblooded peasants. Take your children and grandchildren along too: fur Ihre sicherheitPfizer Macht Frei.

    • Replies: @Captain Tripps
  83. @obwandiyag

    This montage is informative: a synchronised montage of bleach-teeth teleprompter readers.

    It would be frightening if one was as naïve as a retarded Catholic schoolboy, but for me it was just a another piece of evidence that confirms the thesis.

    If it doesn’t autocue to 70 seconds, that’s where the montage starts.

    People also construct montages in which it is made clear that a very large number of people will use exactly the same phrases on antisocial media.

  84. Anonymous[323] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mr. Anon

    They can’t even bother to investigate the death of one of their own. That kenyan article made clear – if not plain – what the motive was:

    The police said while at the bar, Mauti and Mitchell shared a few drinks together before she left for her room. In a move whose intention is yet to be established, Mauti followed the British national and entered her room.

    i.e., third-worlder had drinks with a white woman, thought he was going to get a little “sexy-time”, and got angry to the point of murder when he was rebuffed.

    Yes, the Kenyan article spells out the reason for her stabbing death.

    It is suspected that this is when the two engaged in a scuffle leading to the death of the BBC manager.

    A scuffle. Maybe self-defense? We’ll never know because the aggressive police tactics— pursuing him— led to the perp jumping to his death. But I guess this is a whole lot more than what the BBC article revealed, where it made it sound like she died of natural causes.

  85. Re the Arbery convictions:

    We’re ditching antiquated traditions like Rule of Law, Due Process, and Freedom of Speech. As Derbyshire has pointed out, we are adopting the Aztec tradition of Human Sacrifices to the Gods, the Gods of our time being the Gods of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity.

  86. Anon[100] • Disclaimer says:

    How accurate? CNN just got caught lightening Darrell Brooks’ skin until he’s almost white in their photo of him. Just look at his booking photo further down the page for a comparison.

  87. Talking of media bias, Matt Ridley on the lab leak

    The search for viruses closely related to Sars-CoV-2 took a new turn in September when a team of French and Laotian scientists found one in a horseshoe bat living in a cave in the west Laotian province of Vientiane. Other related viruses had been found in Cambodia, Thailand, Japan and elsewhere in China, but this one, Banal-52, was different. For the first time since the pandemic began, this was a virus genetically closer to the human Sars-CoV-2 virus than one called RaTG13, collected in southern Yunnan in 2013. RaTG13, which had been stored for six years in a freezer in a lab in Wuhan itself, is genetically 96.1 per cent the same as Sars-CoV-2; Laos’s Banal-52 is 96.8 per cent.

    True, the Laos virus lacked a critical feature in a key part of a key gene that makes Covid so infectious: a special 12-letter segment of genetic text called a furin cleavage site. It’s a feature that has never been seen in a Sars-like virus, except for Sars-CoV-2. Apart from that, it seemed that the Laotian virus might have knocked the burden of proof back across the philosophical net into the court of the proponents of lab-leak.

    Then last month a bunch of emails, uncovered by a lawsuit from the so-called White Coat Waste Project, returned the ball right back over the net. They comprised an exchange between the American virus–hunting foundation, the EcoHealth Alliance and its funders in the US government. The scientists discussed collecting viruses from bats in eight countries including Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos between 2016 and 2019. But to avoid the complication of signing up local subcontractors to their grants in those countries, they promised to send the samples to a laboratory they already funded. And where was this lab? Wuhan.

    Some of the emails talk about sending data, not samples; but some talk repeatedly about sending actual samples. ‘All samples collected would be tested at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,’ reads one from 2016. Another in 2018 even talks of sending bats themselves. The emails make it clear that Wuhan scientists would sometimes be working in the field alongside their US colleagues.

    Remember the central issue is how a bat virus got to Wuhan. So now, in both Yunnan and Laos, the only people who knowingly transported bat virus samples to Wuhan — and only to Wuhan — were scientists.

    As for that missing furin cleavage site, another leaked document revealed in September by Drastic, a confederation of open-source analysts like Demaneuf, sent shock- waves through the scientific community. Dr Peter Daszak, head of the EcoHealth Alliance, spelled out plans to work with his collaborators in Wuhan and elsewhere to artificially insert novel, rare cleavage sites into novel Sars-like coronaviruses collected in the field, so as to better understand the biological function of cleavage sites. His 2018 request for \$14.2 million from the Pentagon to do this was turned down amid uneasiness that it was too risky…

  88. Anonymous[410] • Disclaimer says:

    Put it this way:

    The so called “SoHo Karen” garnered just about the same amount of international publicity and social media storming as Darrel Brooks has done.

    Enough said.

  89. Anon[100] • Disclaimer says:
    @Old Prude

    Alpha males have a natural tendency to be straightforward instead of sneaky and manipulative. They are not cowards and usually achieve their goals just being honest and forthright. Sneaky and manipulative is for Iago-types.

    If you ever want to assess how much of an Alpha a person is, ask yourself how often they lie. Alphas rarely lie.

  90. @Alec Leamas (hard at work)

    You’re being way too harsh, man.

    Did you really expect them to shove any of the riveting front-page material to the inside pages?

    There is no way life in Milwaukee – nay, Wisconsin; nay, Planet Earth – could survive the relegation of that front-page story of the human-raised wild turkey who could change TV channels. I mean that’s some first-rate jernalizzim right there.

  91. @kaganovitch

    Steve goes easy on these people on the ground that many of them are too dumb to know better.

    And man, are some of these journos dumb. Many literally can’t tell the difference between things like fact and argument or “evidence” vs. “conclusive proof.” Their ham-fisted propaganda and straw-man arguments would be embarrassing to a freshman high school debate team.

    • Agree: Patrick in SC
  92. @JohnnyWalker123

    How exactly did American media get to be so anti-White?

    The proximate cause is that their masters in the Ruling Class became anti-white.

    Why did the Ruling Class become so anti-white? I think you’d have to ask Dr. Kevin B. MacDonald to get the answer to that question.

    • Thanks: JohnnyWalker123
  93. @JohnnyWalker123

    the media is only “antiwhite” by default: the underlying issue is that Africans have not assimilated (and just about every news story relates to an aspect of this reality–from crime to test scores), and to mention this is thoughtcrime. Check and mate

  94. Sean says:

    CBS News
    3 men found guilty of murdering Ahmaud Arbery
    A jury has returned guilty verdicts against all three defendants in the … His father Gregory McMichael and neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan…
    LIVE11 mins ago

    Rittenhouse showed his cunning by missing the flying kick guy at point blank range with two shots. Because he was black. No problem shooting a white guy four times.

  95. “…get almost all matters of facts right.” Too funny. MSNBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo and Fox are almost all opinion. Facts, we don’t need no stinking facts.

  96. Instead, the larger problem is the worldviews inculcated by the press, which in turn lead to mistakes.

    You are too kind, Steve. They have armies of fact-checkers.

    When they admit to “errors”, say, in answer to a libel suit, they confess to incompetence.

    My synthesis of the Sullivan-Last dispute is that while the press only occasionally prints outright factual falsehoods, the bigger problem is that it still manages to inculcate fallacious worldviews in millions by what it treats as news and how it spins it.

    When we sue the Tweeters who base their base tweets on this coverage, what will their defense be? “I believed the Times”? How will the Times react? “It’s not our fault you were dumb enough to believe us”?

    …a maroon Ford Escape.

    The white Ford Bronco for our century.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  97. So what Last is saying is that the legacy media is mostly-accurate – in the same way that Jogger events are mostly-peaceful.

    Pilpul, in other words.

    Every. Single. Time? (“early life” doesn’t say so)

  98. @prosa123

    M 92 Catholic monk

    We know a nonagenarian monk whose brother, also a monk, just passed away; he was a decade younger. Our monk is still quite robust; we saw him at a small event honoring his 90th before the viral scare. He could have beaten half the men present at arm wrestling.

    They came from a German farm family of 13. Little doubt his healthy genes will survive via lateral lines.

    • Thanks: prosa123
  99. The moniker “MSM” is already a misnomer. There is nothing “mainstream” about the NYT or the Washington Post. The mainstream in the United States is Fox News and Sinclair affiliates. The “mainstream” in the US is, nominally, conservative, even if it tends to be a personality driven and emotional conservatism. What the right likes to call the MSM is in reality the EM – elite media.

    The other lie the right likes to believe is that elite media drives and shapes opinion. In reality the NYT, NPR, etc. are just parroting back what their audience wants to hear, and on social/racial issues the “MSM” is alway about a step behind it’s audience (which is why Twitter and Facebook are always full of woke lefties loudly announcing they have canceled their NYT subscription over the latest conservative outrage in the NYT, it’s a wonder the newspaper has any subscribers left at all).

    That raises the question of what forces are actually driving our steady drift away from traditional morals and sex roles. It’s not the MSM, it’s the increasingly feminized nature of our elites.

  100. I don’t notice any obvious misstatements of fact in this capacious article ..

    Reporters (“The world’s most dishonest people.” -DJT) constantly repeat the falsehood that the schools are “underfunded”, and they use all the other misinformation techniques, that commenters here have comprehensively mentioned, to further their pro- school spending agenda.

    When the reporters bring-up the funding per-student statistic, they only quote the state’s direct appropriation to that budget item. They deliberately fail to mention the gov’s separate, significant outlays for capital projects, PERS, & interest. Nor do they bring-up the school spending that is hidden (via accounting tricks) in non-education related expenditures. For instance, the schools always get first, totally subsidised dibs on the sports facilities taxpayers are hit up (e.g. bond measures) to fund. Nor do they count the now large and ever-increasing amount of federal spending that flows into the schools, e.g. reduced-price (free!) cafeteria meals.

    The fact is whenever the reporters throw numbers around, you know they’re full of crap. For instance, they’ll cite their own state’s per-student funding figure (see above) as being below the “national average” (bogus x 49+1), and use the inequality as proof that their states are spending too little. But the average homogenizes low/high cost-of-living states. Also, who’s to say what the per-student number really ought to be? To me, a below-average number is proof that other states are spending too much.

    .. a particular school district is often spun as .. spending even more money on [diversity] consultants.

    . or psychologists, lawyers, Title # coordinators, charters, magnets, reading specialists, climate czars, laptops, you name it. No matter which way they spin it, taxpayers come out worse.

  101. @Alec Leamas (hard at work)

    no one hated Trump because he lied, they hated him for the forbidden truths that he spoke.

    No, most people hated Trump because he is a slimy effeminate braggart and a fake. We hated him when he was a Democrat pimping himself on the Howard Stern show, we still hate him now when he pretends to be a Republican on Fox. Trump is oddly similar psychologically to all the weird trannies Steve likes to right about – Jenner, Wachowskis, etc. Another creepy aging man trying desperately to remain the center of attention. Trump can only exist in a decaying world where transwomen are considered normal, actual women sing about their lubricated genitals and “conservatives” think wearing t-shirts in public with the word “fuck” on them is appropriate. It’s all part of our cultural degeneration.

    • LOL: TWS
    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Luzzatto
    , @Buffalo Joe
  102. “Correct” and “Incorrect” are so pre-postmodern concepts. The media does what it intends to do, promote the interests of the twisted ruling class. I see that they got the verdict they wanted in Georgia, maybe this will avoid new episodes of black terrorism for a few weeks.

  103. @JimDandy

    Yeah, except that, even if he got barely hit by that fire extinguisher*, he died from some health problem that had squat-all to do with blunt objects (a stroke or something). I talked to a Capitol Cop a few months later who new Mr. Sicknick. He agreed that the NY Times story was BS.

    I think you were being sarcastic, Jim, but yeah, this was no lie of omission, just a flat-out lie.

    * I saw the video. It was tossed, not thrown in a line drive, and these cops had all kinds of protection on and about them.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  104. Jack D says:
    @Henry's Cat

    The exact circumstances of her death in Kenya’s capital Nairobi remain unclear.

    It’s a mystery I tell you! A mystery wrapped in an enigma inside a riddle. Perhaps it was suicide at the thought that she herself could never be Black or atone for all the sins of white men. It definitely wasn’t the black guy she was having drinks with and who followed her up to her room. No way – even thinking that way is racist.

    I’ve found that police in the 3rd world (although they can be inefficient or corrupt) are at least not caught up in white people’s racial drama. Pretty much all of the crimes that they deal with are committed by non-whites so if they arrest or suspect a non-white they don’t feel the slightest bit guilty that they are somehow targeting or blaming people according to their race.

  105. tyrone says:

    Off topic: Marjorie Taylor Greene is introducing a bill to give Kyle Rittenhouse a congressional gold medal………god I love that woman!

  106. Jack D says:

    This was very common in the USSR (and among Communists in the West), especially under Stalin. Overnight the Party line would change and things/people that were bad before became good and vice versa. Most notably, before Hitler attacked the USSR, the war was just a quarrel among imperialists and American Communists were not supposed to take sides or support the British. Then after Hitler attacked, everyone was supposed to support the Allies. American Communism lost a lot of support between the ’30s and the ’50s because most Americans (even Communists) were not keen on periodically flipping their beliefs on a dime according to Party instructions.

    Since then, our Communists have gotten a lot more skillful at this, so Leftist sheeple nowadays feel as if they are changing their OWN minds and are not being led around by the nose, even though they are.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Hibernian
  107. Jack D says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    If only Putin could be President of both Russia and America, everything would be good.

    • LOL: Johann Ricke
  108. Steve,

    Have you read this book?

  109. MEH 0910 says:


  110. Luzzatto says:

    It was so sweet to see Wajahat Ali’s Muslim Allahu Akbar tears on Twitter as he had a mental breakdown over Kyle Rittenhouse being found not guilty. Wajahat Ali has not been this upset since his fellow Muslims Qasem Soleimani and Osama Bin Laden were assassinated.

  111. Curle says:
    @Art Deco

    Shouldn’t that be Punahou alumnus Omidyar? Always pays to keep track of the incestuous nature of our elites.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  112. Luzzatto says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    To me Donald Trump became 🤡 world when he started associating himself with people like Lin Wood and Mike Lindell The My Pillow Guy. This is when I realized Donald Trump is not a serious Human Being.

  113. @Mr. Anon

    The police said while at the bar, Mauti and Mitchell shared a few drinks together before she left for her room. In a move whose intention is yet to be established (lol – YAA), Mauti followed the British national and entered her room.

    You don’t share drinks with the black guy in the bar – you’re a racist. You do share them – you’re leading him on (in his eyes – remember he’s from a very different culture).

    She’d have been better off avoiding the bar altogether. In quite a few countries bars are men-0nly places and any women in there are seen as prostitutes. Still, she’d survived Zambia, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Ethiopia.

    “Mr Mitchell remembered his sister as having a particular interest in refugees, the health of women and their welfare, and young people.”

    What a waste when the maternal instinct is perverted.

  114. JimDandy says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Yeah, I was being sarcastic. A fire extinguisher got tossed, Sicknick died the next day “of natural causes” and there is no connection between those two things. Totally made up bullshit.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  115. @iffen

    Like with the distrust of Covid vaccinations, elite failure and hence institution failures are dangerous to common folk.

    You have it backward.
    It is trust in the covid vaccine which is dangerous to common folk.

    In England Adults under 60 who are vaccinated are dying at twice the rate of the pure-bloods.

    Africa is doing just fine without vaccinations. The “baffled scientists” refuse to look at the routine use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

    • Disagree: Jonathan Mason
  116. Brutusale says:

    Speaking of false narratives, I’ve seen a lot of commentary insinuating that the Loudon school rapist is black. Here “he” is in all his confused glory.

  117. In new Kenosha news, T. Clair Binger will have his hands full prosecuting these fine young gentlemen:


    I’ve known of several young black men named Jeremiah. How did that name survive the normal name holocaust?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  118. @Peter Akuleyev

    Peter, good comment. People voted for trump because he wasn’t hillary or her ilk.

    • Agree: ic1000
    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  119. @Spud Boy

    Spud, and probably 98% of the fans in the stands were White. Am I correct?

  120. @Curle

    Shouldn’t that be Punahou alumnus Omidyar?

    Some of us can remember when Punahou grads had something to offer other than used trinkets and bromides:

    Yes, kids, at one time lefties could actually sing! We still had standards then.

    Funny, though, I went to grade school in Honolulu just after their heyday, and don’t remember anyone mentioning them as locals to be proud of. They had decamped for the mainland, and lost their status. At least on our scruffy side of the city.

    They’re still on tour! However, all the originals, including both haole-Hawaiians, are gone to meet their Makemake.

    Review: Kingston Trio will entertain audiences in royal style at The Kate

    • Replies: @Curle
  121. @Reg Cæsar

    The white Ford Bronco for our century.

    Isn’t that the one that appears in Shrek II?

    That’s the one that I’ve seen with my then 5 year old boy Many, Many times.

  122. @Altai

    Some bluechecks still didn’t realise he shot 3 white antifa.

    Yes they do. They are not mistaken, they are lying.

  123. @Paperback Writer

    I’ve known of several young black men named Jeremiah. How did that name survive the normal name holocaust?

    Because they thought Chuck Negron was one of them?

    That, or a few still read the Bible.

    • Replies: @Paperback Writer
  124. @Anonymous

    I think that Go Fund Me was a prank or a test.

  125. jb says:

    My synthesis of the Sullivan-Last dispute is that while the press only occasionally prints outright factual falsehoods, the bigger problem is that it still manages to inculcate fallacious worldviews in millions by what it treats as news and how it spins it.

    Only stupid liars risk exposure by concocting outright falsehoods. Smart liars start with carefully curated truths, and then weave them into lies.

  126. ic1000 says:

    The first story on tonight’s NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt was the guilty verdict, where Ahmad Arbery, who was Black and out for a jog (smiling graduation picture, then charming candid), was found to have been murdered by three white men (mug shots, then downcast suspicious candids). The joyous reaction outside the courthouse was heartwarming to behold. While the cheering crowd was multiracial, with both Black leaders and white allies, the reporter’s voiceover again reminded viewers that the innocent victim was Black and the guilty murderers were white.

    The next story was the Tragedy in Waukesha, where a red Bronco caused senseless terror (but the community is coming together in healing). There is new information on the suspect! Who has been arrested, by Law Enforcement! He had a criminal record! Happily, despite the terrible loss of wonderful people that is piercing the heart of the community, members are earnestly striving to grow together in healing.

    That’s the current-affairs update, if you trust NBC News to inform you.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  127. fnn says:

    Local news in Charlotte, NC has a take on the Charlottesville civil trial that’s radically different from what you’ve seen elsewhere:

  128. RobinG says:
    @Jack D

    So you don’t like Commies? Too bad. The same thing happens here. While Yeltsin was lifting his skirts for the rape of the country, Russia was our new pal, welcome to the fold. As soon as Putin plugged the vulture capitalists’ drain of their wealth, Russia became arch enemy again.

    BTW, Russiagate was always aimed at Putin. Trump was just collateral damage.

    • Replies: @Curle
  129. Rob McX says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    So, which comes first? Does the racialized press make the racialized culture? Does the racialized culture make the racialized press? Do the two mutually reinforce each other in a feedback loop? Or is it all caused by some other, extrinsic factor?

    The racialised media created this culture, but not on their own. It was done with the complicity of the entertainment industry and the education system over a period of 60 or 70 years.

    For those who argue with such spirit that “blank-slateism” is untrue, they sure are willing to ascribe to the media and academia (i.e. “Nurture”) a great deal of power to control people’s behavior.

    Just because someone is not a blank-slater doesn’t mean they believe environment/nurture plays no part in shaping people’s beliefs or behaviour. If you believed environment played no role, you’d be a complete fatalist, withdrawing into your own world and convinced nothing you do could change anything. The 100-percent-nature/100-percent-nurture thing is a strawman argument.

  130. Anonymous[137] • Disclaimer says:
    @Henry's Cat

    One of the BBC’s own employees was murdered last Friday in Kenya.

    Something weird about this story. We are to believe that the “perpetrator” – apparently inebriated – was so overcome by shame that he committed suicide then and there by jumping from her hotel room window rather than attempting to escape, or at least returning to his own room and taking leave of his bride.

    The victim by her very job description was part of the cloak-and-dagger world in the “former” British colony. Is it inconceivable that Mitchell had acquired information that powerful players preferred to keep private? The alleged perpetrator may have been simply an accidental patsy, given that the victim appears to have been very non-judgmental in welcoming casual drinking acquaintances to her hotel room. A sophisticated opponent may have decided to make use of a patsy serendipitously already in place.

    Having been oswalded, the “perpetrator” will hardly stand up to challenge the convenient official narrative.

  131. @Reg Cæsar

    Thanks. I hate that song and now it’s going to be echoing in my mind all tomorrow.

    Chuck Negron and John Densmore share an ex-wife.

  132. JohnnyD says:

    I find that the media eventually tells the truth, but only after they’ve incited rioting, and by then, no one really cares anymore.

  133. JimDandy says:

    However, it sounds like the young woman who died “of a drug overdose” might have actually been beaten to death by Capitol police.

  134. @Alec Leamas (working from home)

    In the thinking of TPTB, extinguishing a fire during that night’s events was a provocation.

    Think about it. Apart from small fires on your own property, Kenosha has a municipal fire department to put out fires. So why weren’t the KFD personnel at hand putting out the fires? Because that too would be a provocation to the Antifa who set the fires. Why not protect the fire fighters with a police escort? I guess the police didn’t want to “escalate” given they were the object of the protest?

    Dunno, why not equip each fire fighter with an AR-15 held in a sling hanging in a muzzle-downward position as personal protection against being attacked as they put out the fires? Because The Guardian would shame Americans in their editorial as to “Who lets armed fire fighters roam the streets of an American city?”

    I mean, why didn’t the Governor of the State of Wisconsin call up the National Guard as an overwhelming force presence, like, to discourage arson as a mode of a supposed exercise of one’s 1st Amendment right of assembly and redress of grievance? Apart from the Governor being a long list of disparaging names I won’t repeat, it is because he didn’t want to prevent the fires or have anyone else prevent the fires. He must have thought this response “not worth it because it is only property” or some sort of thing.

    The governmental authorities of the State of Wisconsin, starting at the very tippy top made a policy decision to not stand in the way of Antifa setting fires and threatening anyone who tried to put the fires out. Call it an appeasement policy or call it something unprintable, the plan was to let Antifa set fires that night to “blow off steam” or whatever in their outrage over the police in the Blake shooting.

    We cannot have a civilian do a job that the Governor of Wisconsin is forbidding uniformed officers in his state to perform. It is not only vigilantism to perform the job of the police department, it is vigilantism to perform the job of the fire department. I guess that is what we get for electing the dude.

  135. Last suggests that they get almost all matters of fact correct.

    Last’s analysis is superficial and stupid.

    On the surface, they do do get most things right, which of course UNDERMINES his point. If they can get most things right, then the facts that all the errors are on political stories and all the errors help the Left mean that the media are lying.

    Less superficially, the presentation of something as “news” includes an implied statement that this is more important than the things we aren’t telling you. Non-mainstream sources in the last week revealed that the Biden family took what appears to be hundreds of millions of dollars of bribes in exchange for transferring the rights to enormous amounts of molybdenum to China.

    Finally, anything talking about racism in America is a gargantuan lie because of decontextualization. As with everything Trump did as President, everything whites have done on this continent is presented as absolutely unprecedented and the worst thing ever! Of course, every group that controls territory is “guilty” of the same things.

    No, about important things, the falsehood quotient is 100%.

    • Agree: Lurker
    • Replies: @Jack D
  136. Luzzatto says:

    There are simply not enough HR department of racial diversity job openings in Silicon Valley for the percentage of the Black workforce in Silicon Valley to ever ascend beyond the very low single digits.

    Silicon Valley is NEVER going to racially look like the NBA. Democrats need to stop trying to make Fetch a thing. Just take The Big L loss here and move on.

  137. @anon

    Jack Posobiec made a comment that Rittenhouse’s acquittal was an example of the new media triumphing over the old media. All of the cell phone video cameras that caught Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskreutz all were filmed attacking him. No jury, or anybody, who watched them could walk away without knowing what was going down. In a sense, the left was lucky Kyle Rittenhouse was not convicted of murder. Had he gone to jail, the 17 year old would have become a martyr 100 times bigger than he is now.

    The only thing the left lost were 3 highly expendable shock troop orcs.

    This brings up another important topic, there is a new television show or movie called the Freak Brothers based on the old comic books on the fabulous furious freak brothers and some times with Fat Freddie’s Cat. There used to be a character named Commander Cockroach. He looked a little like MacArthur with a high peak cap, aviator glasses, and a corncob pipe. With 6 arms he could salute, hold his binoculars at the same time. He was impervious to casualties knowing that he could lose any number of troops and still make good on them. He might have been in Kenosha.

    • Replies: @Ben tillman
  138. Jack D says:
    @ben tillman

    Non-mainstream sources in the last week revealed that the Biden family took what appears to be hundreds of millions of dollars of bribes in exchange for transferring the rights to enormous amounts of molybdenum to China.

    Non-mainstream sources like the NY Times?

    BTW, it’s cobalt (crucial for making electric car batteries). But the company that bought the cobalt mines is named “China Molybdenum”

  139. Ian M. says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    This means that it is not really within the power of the news media to behave much differently than it does.

    I agree with this, but a news media as an independent entity and as something characterized by reporting on current events for the sake of current events can only exist in a liberal culture such as ours, so the news media will consequently be liberal. This will further shape our society to be liberal. In a traditional, healthy society, mass media would be nonexistent.

    This is why mainstream conservative complaints of media ‘bias’ are superficial, the idea being that the media ought to be ‘neutral’. But media ‘neutrality’ just is liberalism: the idea that we can be neutral among competing visions of the good. Besides, one must have some prior conception of the common good even to decide what counts as news.

    Moreover, a profit-driven media in a capitalist society has no intrinsic connection to the common good, and so it has no incentive to promote it. This, combined with its autonomy as an entity divorced from natural institutions like the state or the family, or from supernatural institutions like the Church, means there are no internal principles or external forces to constrain it: it has power but no attendant responsibilities. (Lack of responsibility corrupts; absolute lack of responsibility corrupts absolutely). It can attack the state, the Church, the family with impunity. Meanwhile, because of the First Amendment and cries of censorship, the state is not permitted to punish the media for undermining the common good.

    The upshot of all this is that if conservatives were to take over The New York Times, it wouldn’t result in The New York Times becoming conservative, it would result in the conservatives becoming liberal.

  140. Luzzatto says:

    Democrat Brian Stelter is more morally evil than Sammy The Bull Gravano for example IMO. So that’s what I think of The Democrat Run Mainstream Media. I would rather have a drink with Sammy than have a drink with Brian.

  141. @Ian M.

    This is so well said it deserves a bump. I hope everyone reads your comment and understands it.

  142. Luzzatto says:

    So Kyle Rittenhouse has been a White Supremacist as far back as when he was still in his mother’s womb according to Woke Noire.

    Kyle Rittenhouse is a gazillion times less racist than the average Black person.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  143. Hibernian says:

    Suspect is hardly the right word for someone against whom there is an airtight case. Honor the legal presumption of innocence (a legal fiction meaning official non-presumption of guilt) by calling them “the accused.”

  144. Hibernian says:
    @Jack D

    An epiphany for me (after I had aleady started moving to the Right) was when I discovered The Sinking of the Reuben James (“Tell Me What Were Their Names? [Did you have a friend on the Good Reuben James?]), the early 1940s precursor of “The Ballad of the Green Beret,” by none other than the sainted Woody Guthrie. This little ditty was covered, til at least the ’60s, by The Weavers, Pete Seeger, The Kingston Trio, etc. Peace advocates indeed; they were the Hilary Clintons of their times. (Never supported American military action except WW2, which they heartily supported. Quietly lauded Soviet sponsored military action until the mid ’60s when they became openly pro-Vietcong.)

    The ship Reuben James, which was topedoed in 1941 (pre-Pearl) by German U-Boats while on a “Neutrality Patrol” (escorting munitions carrying merchantmen,) was named after a hero of the war against the Barbary Pirates; not to be confused with the Reuben James in the Kenny Rogers song (“You still walk the cotton fields in my mind.”)

  145. JimDandy says:

    I find it interesting that so many blacks genuinely, viscerally hate Kyle.

    • Replies: @Luzzatto
    , @Hibernian
  146. The media is pretty good at getting sports results and scores right, but after that not so much. I guess I realized this about sixty years ago when I was around ten years old.

    Home town sports reporters had better understand that readers are not interested in hearing about the woes of the visiting team.

    Incorrect information may be a result of reporters simply being clueless, not asking the right questions, just misunderstanding things, or rushing to meet deadlines.

    Then information may be further distorted by editorial decisions, for example publications that favor one political party over another are likely to omit stories that do not follow the line that they believe their audience prefers.

    News media are increasingly about entertainment and getting clicks, and are in no way to be considered in the same light as peer reviewed scientific papers.

    Personally I find it a bit disturbing when someone like Donald Trump admits to getting information from mass media when one would hope that they have access to better information that is more measured, objective, and multifaceted.

    I guess that means that all our politicians are getting their notions of reality from breakfast time TV or late-night gabathons, or at least trying to give their constituents the impression that is the case.

    I know from my own experiences in journalism that nothing is worth a jot or tittle unless you go to original sources, and even press releases by heads of state may be full of garbled thinking and ambiguity.

    So, OK, mass media are better than nothing as a source of information, but you need to verify before you trust.

  147. Curle says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    “Some of us can remember when Punahou grads had something to offer other than used trinkets and bromides”

    Used trinkets, bromides and control of the media. In addition to Omidyar and Obama if you extend to Hawaii Prep. A lot influence on the media:

    Steve Case, class of ‘76:

    On Case’s role as head of AOL giving birth to social media: AOL pioneered the concept of social media, as its focus from day one was on communication features such as chatrooms, instant messaging and forums.[11] Case believed that the “killer app” was community — people interacting with each other — and that was the driver of much of AOL’s early success.

    “After a decade of quick growth, AOL merged with media giant Time Warner in 2001, creating one of the world’s largest media, entertainment and communications companies.”

    Then over at Hawaii Prep (that Case also attended) there is alumni James C. Kennedy head of Cox Enterprises 30% owner of media conglomerate Cox Media:

    If a couple of Hawaii schools can produce this one can only imagine how much concentrated influence comes out of the East Coast prep. schools. This country really isn’t much different than Britain where everyone with power grew up with each other.

  148. I was a petty journalist covering political issues for two years around 1980, when I was a snotty stupid hard leftist. I cleverly slanted stories and got away with it by framing, omission, source selection, and the rest. At that time journalists for the most part took pride reporting all sides of a story, and my press pack peers rightly disdained me. In retrospect, I was viciously stealing from my audiences by not letting them draw their own conclusions.

    I also learned that journalists generally are not broadly educated and not of extraordinary intelligence, that they are as faddish and conformist as the worst high school clique, and that they are vulnerable to flack manipulation. Also that reporting on any topic I was familiar with was about 25% erroneous.

    • Agree: Jonathan Mason
    • Replies: @Curle
  149. @Prof. Woland

    Furry, not furious. Dope gets you through times of no money better than money gets you through times of no dope. And one more thing, Fat Freddie — don’t get burned! (Or shot!)

  150. @Ian M.

    The NYT used to own a dozen southern newspapers. A journalism scholar analyzed the news slant of the NYT itself and one or more of its southern properties. The political tilt of news coverage varied according to the political tilt of the market covered by the property. \$\$\$

    I’m confident I remember that correctly but it was 20-30 years ago and it would take hours to track down the source.

  151. @Buffalo Joe

    Of course. The lack of real political leadership is shocking. Whether in the US or abroad. Eric Zemmour in France is about the only major figure anywhere who seems to be simultaneously intelligent, masculine, and principled.

  152. Art Deco says:
    @Ian M.

    The upshot of all this is that if conservatives were to take over The New York Times, it wouldn’t result in The New York Times becoming conservative, it would result in the conservatives becoming liberal.

    That’s an inane conclusion.

  153. Mr. Anon says:

    @Ian M.

    The upshot of all this is that if conservatives were to take over The New York Times, it wouldn’t result in The New York Times becoming conservative, it would result in the conservatives becoming liberal.

    That’s an inane conclusion.

    No, it’s perfectly reasonable. Yours is an inane conclusion. You are an inane man.

  154. Curle says:
    @New Dealer

    “ Also that reporting on any topic I was familiar with was about 25% erroneous.”

    First half of Gel-Mann effect.

  155. @Kratoklastes

    I take it you’re against the jabs.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  156. Luzzatto says:

    Black people who do not have sons believe if they had a son they would racially look like the 3 White guys who Kyle Rittenhouse shot, that’s why they genuinely viscerally hate Kyle Rittenhouse!

  157. Curle says:
    @Ian M.

    The Epoch Times succeeds in being pretty conservative even if it is owned by Moonies.

  158. Hibernian says:

    Don’t like a white guy carrying a rifle and using it; think they could be next.

  159. BB753 says:
    @Henry's Cat

    The BBC is not only a media organisation, it’s also an intelligence agency, or a cover for spooks.

  160. Another problem with media journalism is that in most cases the media, even if acting in good faith, can often only report on what has been officially released for example by police departments or by press officers, so information on a story that is a public interest is often limited.

    Many times in my life, and I’m sure this applies to many other people, I have been involved with, or have known people who were at the center of news stories that were read by millions of people, and yet my own insight into the truth of the story far exceeded anything that was officially released.

    Unfortunately this is often the case with the kind of stories discussed on this blog. Take the most recent cases like the Rittenhouse case or the McMichael’s case. Jury decisions often come down to very narrow issues, and we see that the court does not even want the jury to have the whole picture.

    For example the press worldwide has largely reported that Arbery was “a jogger” and this is presumably based on information obtained from his family somewhere along the line, and thus has conjured up images in people’s minds according to the “narrative” of a black man being shot by rednecks for jogging through a white neighborhood.

    Anyone who has ever jogged through residential neighborhoods knows that the biggest hazard is probably dogs, but the worst possible scenario is being confronted by a gunman.

    Most likely Arbery was not a jogger according to most people’s definition, but as the story goes around the globe people interpret it in terms of their own experience and their own culture.

    It seems most likely that Arbery, like Rosenbaum, was mentally ill, but this aspect of the story was very lightly reported on because the judges in the trials wanted to keep this out of the discussion.

    The trouble is that this applies to almost everything that is reported in the press, not just the Arbery story.

  161. @Jonathan Mason

    For example instead of referring to Arbery as a “jogger” the press could have referred to him as a “mentally ill man”, except that “jogger” fits much better into a headline.

    At one time it would probably have been “Nut meets Cracker”.

  162. @Jonathan Mason

    I would imagine that anybody publishing the news these days has to be very sensitive to the possibilities of lawsuits and cancel culture. Who wants to be a hero? What would they get out of it? Journalism is a business like any other, and it’s not surprising that journalism outlets confine themselves to only saying things that aren’t going to get them destroyed.

    Let’s play Devil’s Advocate and look at this the other way around. For everyone bitching about the biases in the MSM, I submit that you ask yourself these questions: Do you think you have some God-given right to hear exactly what you want to be told, exactly the way you want it told to you? You know, you’re asking journalists to go out there and perform some pretty difficult labors on your behalf. You want them to dig deep, to investigate, to publish uncomfortable facts, to place themselves at severe personal and professional risk. What are you offering them in return? Why fault them for the all-too-human act of knowing which side their bread is buttered on, and why would you expect them to cater to you when you aren’t the one signing their paychecks? Does it really make any sense to complain that the New York Times is giving you the lefty, establishment, donor-class view? Well, the New York Times is a lefty, establishment, donor-class entity, so what the hell did you expect?

    The calculation might be different if the public were actually clamoring for different and better journalism and were willing to support that effort with their pocketbooks—but, by and large, they aren’t. The majority want only convenience and entertainment. As long as this remains the case, we can be assured that our free internet news will be worth every penny we’re [not] paying for it.

    Let’s face the facts. Big Journalism today is the vanity press of billionaires and the mouthpiece of governments. All the money and the power are in the hands of people who have no interest in changing the status quo. They can be resisted, but to be effective the resistance needs to be much better organized and funded. Anything short of that will just mean more of the same.

  163. Curle says:

    Interesting. Elaborate please.

  164. @Captain Tripps

    I take it you’re against the jabs.

    Only indirectly: I am metabolically prudent and specifically interested in my own mortality/morbidity risk, so I know that the absolute risk reduction for me personally is indistinguishable from noise.

    I face more additional risk from failing to pay attention at a pedestrian crossing, than I do from not having Pfizer’s experimental therapy jabbed into me.


    That said: I don’t give a solitary shit what others do – except that it helps decloak the Good Germans (those who ‘go along to get along’) and the True Believers (those who out-and-out support authoritarian interference in others’ lives without having the numeracy to do the most elementary check of the claims).

    I would be happier if both sets of people were to die in the largest amounts possible, so I’m very hopeful that the Pfizer Quarterly Subscription has deadly effects (they’re not ‘side effects’ – they’re just effects).

    To date it seems likely that the jabs are doing harm, but not really on a scale that allows me to envisage the wonderful day when the Last Karen utters her last reeee – hopefully having buried her waste-of-ejaculate offspring.


    If Big Pharma or a ‘public health official’ told me I had to eat to stay alive, I would immediately stop eating until I found out the actual, underlying, reason they did so. It would only take me a couple of days, and it’s pretty easy to fast for a couple of days.

    There is a point where ‘trust but verify’ should be abandoned, based on the evidence: I went through that point during the AIDS non-crisis (it was an absolute non-crisis for heterosexual men, unless they were haemophiliacs or IV drug users: I’m neither).

    That said: I’ve said several times that if there is a depopulation campaign afoot, I wish those responsible the very best of luck in their endeavours.

    The abject failure of the Pfizer Quarterly Subscription is almost certainly just a bunch of corrupt, venal scumbags seeking to enrich/empower themselves, and the inherent refusal of authoritarians to ever admit that they got something wrong.

    They will walk back the current nonsense the same way as they’ve walked back ‘statins for every man over 50’; ‘dietary [saturated] fat causes atherosclerosis’ and a list of two dozen other things where the error was in the same direction.

    Note that they never get things wrong in ways that are advantageous to the median individual. If they were wrong in ways that are 50/50 good/bad, the evidence would be somewhat exculpatory. But their advice has been – without exception – of a sort that would be disadvantageous if adopted by the metabolically prudent.

    If they’re wrong in the same direction as few as 10 times, the binomial theorem tells us that there’s a 99.9% probability that it’s not by chance.

    It would be an invigorating time to be an observer, if the Mass Man got up on his hinds legs, grabbed his machete (any bladed weapon would suffice), and went a-visiting the offices of those who are perpetrating the current nonsense.

    It’s monumentally unlikely, but people probably thought that about the French Revolution as late as 1788. If the tumbrils roll, I will gladly volunteer to man a guillotine (we’re going to need more than one).

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