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Great Moments in Google: "American Inventors"
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Screenshot 2016-09-20 00.16.12

If you go to Google and type in American inventors you get back from Google pictures of the top American inventors of all time.

The #1 American inventor of all time is Lewis Howard Latimer, who, I just learned, worked with both Edison and Bell.

Thomas Edison is in 6th place and a well-tanned Alexander Graham Bell in 9th place, with ten black inventors rounding out the top dozen.

In the second dozen, Samuel Morse is 19th, Eli Whitney 20th, and Ben Franklin 23rd. Everybody else is black.

The Wright Brothers don’t make the top 50 American inventors, according to Google.

Thanks to John Rivers’ Twitter account for this.

In contrast, if I Google Scottish inventors, I get:

Screenshot 2016-09-20 00.32.09

If I type in French inventors, I get:

Screenshot 2016-09-20 00.35.24

Presumably, Google must get a lot of requests for “African American inventors” and assumes that’s what you really meant when you ask for “American inventors.” After all, what kind of sick Nazi do you have to be to be interested in your fellow Americans irrespective of race? That’s racist!

This phenomenon appears to be tied into propagandizing schoolchildren in K-12. For example, if I Google American psychologists, a subject only of interest to college and above, I get a pretty reasonable list with William James at #1:

Screenshot 2016-09-20 00.47.05

On the other hand, American mathematicians, which is more of a K-12 school report topic than psychologists, is pretty silly:

Screenshot 2016-09-20 00.49.36

(On the other hand, #10 David Blackwell, a Berkeley statistician, is fairly legit.)

One interesting thing is that Hispanics and Asians are completely shut out of this phenomenon.

Microsoft’s Bing is similar but slightly less absurd with Edison edging out George Washington Carver for the top spot, and Latimer coming behind Franklin and Bell, with Tesla making the top dozen.

Screenshot 2016-09-20 01.16.10

On Bing, Bill Gates is #22, behind Steve Jobs at #19 (Woz doesn’t make the top 50). Hedy Lamarr is #28. Bing’s list is more fun than Google’s, which is mostly just depressing.

Similarly, here’s Google’s American scientists:

Screenshot 2016-09-20 01.25.55

And here’s Bing’s American scientists:

Screenshot 2016-09-20 01.27.16

So, Bing’s list is once again less dismal. I don’t mind a sprinkling of Diversity Tokens, but when there’s no room for Oppenheimer or Feynman on Google’s Top Fifty (#8 and #17, respectively, on Bing’s list) because of all the black obscurities, well, that’s just stupid and boring.

If you type black inventors into Google, you get:

Screenshot 2016-09-20 08.42.44

If you type white inventors into Google, you get:

Screenshot 2016-09-20 08.44.48

If you type inventors into Google, you don’t get any pictures, you just get:

Screenshot 2016-09-20 08.46.48

On the other hand, Google’s Mexican outlet, gives you a much more plausible list of “inventor americano:”

Screenshot 2016-09-20 05.24.07

The Mexican Top 50 American inventors includes 46 white men, two blacks, and two white women.

The 18th Century inventor John Fitch who is #12 on the Mexican list is an ancestor of 20th Century inventor John Fitch, inventor of those garbage cans filled with increasing amounts of sand that keep you from crashing into bridge abutments, who I’ve written about before. He was motivated to come up with his innovation when competing in the 1955 24 Hours at Le Mans auto race when his partner’s Mercedes sports car flew off the track at 150 mph and into the stands killing 83 spectators.

Fitch tested his invention by repeatedly crashing into his trash cans at speeds up to 70 mph.

But perhaps an even more awesome safety inventor than Fitch was Col. Dr. John Paul Stapp, the rocket sled guy who made himself into a human crash test dummy to discover how pilots could survive partial crashes and bailing out.

He decelerated from 632 mph to 0 mph in about a second, proving to aircraft designers that humans, if properly secured, could withstand much rougher landing than had been assumed.

After he retired from the military, Colonel Stapp campaigned to get American motorists to wear seatbelts.

Seatbelts were considered unmanly. My father, for example, didn’t start wearing a seatbelt until his 80s. There was a widespread belief that your best bet was to be “thrown clear” of the crash. (Indeed, Fitch’s partner was thrown clear at Le Mans, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, didn’t survive the landing.)

Colonel Doctor Stapp, however, who had volunteered for his own craziest tests, couldn’t be accused of unmanliness, so his campaign was influential.

It took human beings a long time to figure out it was a good idea to invent safety devices. Perhaps school children in the future will be taught the extraordinary stories of Fitch and Stapp.

But probably not, because who has room for remembering heroes like Fitch and Stapp who have saved maybe 100,000+ lives between them by risking their own lives to survive high speed crashes? Who has time, when there there is diversity to celebrate?

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  1. Glad to see Edison and Bell can still crack the top 20 alongside Carver and 17 people I’ve never heard of in our brave, beautiful, diverse, color blind future.

    • Replies: @boogerbently
  2. ussr andy says:

    when I google “US presidential election”, Hillary’s mug comes up

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Lonnie Johnson, inventor of the Super Soaker, edges out Alexander Graham Bell.

  4. TheBoom says:

    Life is racist so we need to live in an alternative reality to be just.

  5. Welsh says:

    I can believe it. Here in the south, tons of stuff has been African Engineered. To the point that every time I’ve handed a black guy a new power tool, the first thing he asks for is a screwdriver. Must be their inventive nature

  6. guest says:

    How many of those black inventors are half or more white? And how many of their inventions are things that already existed, and were merely improved upon? Like the gas mask myth, or the stoplight myth.

    One guy I do credit is the inventor of the Supersoaker, which immeasurably enriched my childhood water wars. Is he on the list?

  7. Realist says:

    This is not a surprise to me.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    George Foreman managed to make the list for his Foreman Grill, beating out the Wrights.

  9. O'really says:

    I was surprised I had to scroll way down the list, directly between obscurities by the name of Henry Ford and Jonas Salk, to find the noted African-American inventor Ben Montgomery.

    As Wikipedia tells it, Montgomery invented a particular kind of steam-operated propeller for boats, albeit “[t]his was not a new invention, but an improvement on similar designs invented by John Stevens in 1804 and John Ericsson in 1838.”

    Of course, far more important than any potential impact of his invention on human life or commerce, is the fact that Mr. Montgomery was a slave (owned by the brother of Jefferson Davis). No doubt, the movie version of his inspirational tale will be coming soon to theaters near you.

  10. TangoMan says:

    I’m getting an inkling of what life must have been like in the Soviet Union and presently in North Korea. This propaganda is relentless.

    • Agree: Travis
  11. That Google algorithm also lists Ted Kaczynski at #20 under American Mathematicians. AI has come very far if it can simulate a sense of humor.

  12. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    These are the sorts of topics you’d search for if you were raising a genius.

  13. @White Guy In Japan

    Three-card Monte is listed as a Mexican invention in that Wikipedia article, which cites the Encyclopedia of the American West.

  14. Dan Hayes says:

    The mind-boggling hubris exhibited here by google is something to behold. I knew google was bad, but even I never fully realized how bad it can be, with this exercise in fraudulent propaganda taking the cake.

  15. robot says: • Website

    OT: Can someone do a graph of the leftward drift of public opinions on immigration? Making vivid how today’s heresy was yesterday’s commonsense?

    • Replies: @Paco Wové
  16. G Pinfold says:

    American engineers is a lotta fun too.

  17. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I’m a millenial and grew up in the 90s and 2000s. We never actually studied black inventors or focused on them. I think there were blurbs about George Washington Carver and others in our social studies textbooks, but they weren’t a topic of study at all. In fact, I don’t recall studying any American inventors at all. The focus in social studies, civics, and history classes was almost entirely on politicians and political figures, most of them white except for MLK.

    In high school English, we read some excerpts from Frederick Douglass and some stuff by Richard Wright, a black novelist, but most of it was the usual stuff – Poe, Melville, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, etc.

  18. dearieme says:

    Was it “Theodore Dalrymple” who said that the point of leftist propaganda was to humiliate you by demanding your obeisance to obvious lies?

    • Replies: @SFG
  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Carver deserves credit. He invented the peanut. Or was it the peanut butter sandwich? Or salted peanuts? At any rate, he deserves to be up there with the greats.

    • Replies: @Dirk Dagger
    , @Anonymous
  20. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Interestingly, “American physicists” returns normal results. There aren’t any blacks listed. It seems to be an outlier, as even “American mathematicians” has absurdly black results.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @ogunsiron
  21. @Anonymous

    It has to do with school reports, I think. “American geneticists” doesn’t have any blacks until a guy I once interviewed who is in the second dozen. Kids don’t much study geneticists before college.

    Inventors, scientists, and mathematicians, however, get lots of school reports.

  22. wren says:

    Google doesn’t really pretend not to be in the tank for Cinton and Obama. Autocomplete still won’t give you Hillary Cinton’s health problems, but is happy to suggest her health access initiative, etc. This is several weeks after breitbart and drudge made a stink about it.

    With some of the highest lobbying of any company, and, I think, the most white house visits of any company, google has probably worked out some sweet deals with Obama that they would like to continue under Hillary.

    After reading how New York used some of their 8,000 cameras to catch the latest bomber and their plans to put cameras in every single stop light in the city, I probably don’t even want to know.

    One bright point, or not, is that that billionaire hedge fund guy supporting Trump owns the data analytics company that powered the brexit.

    As an aside, I wonder when MLK’s plagiarism just goes down te memory hole for everyone, not just students who write papers on him.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @5371
    , @Jim Don Bob
  23. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Did Mark Griffin make the top ten?

  24. riches says:

    What? No Uncle Ben for his inventiion?

    • Replies: @antipater_1
    , @Tex
  25. Anonymous [AKA "Marcusgarvey"] says:

    Googles autocomplete is an excellent way of finding out what the establishment doesn’t want you to know.

    For ‘hillary health’, Google gives:
    hillary health care
    hillary health video
    hillary health record

    Yahoo gives:
    hillary health issues
    hillary health problem
    hillary health rumors

    hillary health problem
    hillary health problem more serious
    hillary health issues

    hillary health issues
    hillary health rumors
    hillary health scare

  26. @riches

    And what about Sweet Baby Ray? I’m pretty sure he invented barbecue sauce.

    • Replies: @Mulier Tenebris
  27. unit472 says:

    While Afro-Americans and Google can try and create a superficial ‘reality’ where black inventors are everywhere any effort to look below this PC surface runs into an uncomfortable historical fact. The money side of invention. While we might wish to believe inventors were simply gifted tinkerers or altruistic geniuses most of them sought to monetize their creations. This desire to make money led to the creation of companies of which many, mirabile dictu , bore the name of the inventor.

    Thus we got such racist corporations like Marconi, Ford, Eastman Kodak, Bell Telephone, Boeing, Hewlett Packard etc, not one of which was founded by a negro, inventor or otherwise. While time and the financialization of the global economy have obliterated the eponymous link between industrial companies and their creators in favor of absurd made up names or acronyms, the fortunes made still reside comfortably in the hands of those truly responsible. The paucity of negro tycoons at the top of this money pyramid says it all.

  28. O'really says:

    Are you suggesting that Google is not actively manipulating results, but its algorithms are skewed by K-12 teachers assigning their students to write reports on African-American inventors, thereby causing a disproportionate percentage of all searches containing the string “American inventors” to actually be searches for “African-American inventors”?

    If so, why are the results for “American novelists” not similarly skewed?

  29. CCZ says:

    Actually, 3 colors are represented, number 12 is “blue” (IBM) and number 32 is especially important for insuring the “diversity” of future inventors:

    Janet Emerson Bashen is an American inventor, entrepreneur, and business consultant. She patented a software program to assist with web-based equal employment opportunity investigations. Wikipedia

  30. wren says:

    Yesterday I commented that we are approaching Brazil (the Gilliam movie) in the constant surveillance we encourage to supposedly combat terrorism, combined with the ridiculousness of incompetentness. Or something like that.

    Today I read that everyone’s cells went off in the manhunt, and that all those thousands of cameras in New York were put to good use. Yikes.

    Then I read that the guy taking care of Clinton’s emails panicked after getting subpoenaed, so he asked for help on Reddit for how to strip her name out, since he didn’t know.

  31. Altai says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    The piece in Nature on it also has a black girl (Engaged in engineering, of course) to represent gifted children. I laughed out loud because I knew exactly why they did it. It’s even worse because they tend to commission illustrations rather than use stock images.

    • Replies: @Maz
  32. Anonymous [AKA "HIllary\'s IT guy"] says:

    [message deleted by Hillary Clinton]

  33. G Pinfold says:

    Surprisingly, ‘American Scientists’ has James Watson in the top fifteen, just ahead of Neil Degrasse Tyson and Stephen Jay Gould.

  34. Sorry about the poor quality, can’t find a better upload, but there was this guy…

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  35. @Dave Pinsen

    I think this exaggeration has been going on much longer than people think. Back in the 70’s my parents bought me a set of World Book Encyclopedias(lots of colourful pictures and graphs). There always seemed to be a photo of some Urkel-looking black kid with his homemade robot(pre-clock boy) when the topic was science or engineering. Striking to me in my all white country.

    White guys have cooties. Repeat after me.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Lot
    , @Tex
  36. @Tacitus2016

    Blacks on TV have been brilliant government technical experts since Bill Cosby on I Spy and Lt. Uhura on Star Trek a half century ago.

  37. anon • Disclaimer says:

    we haven’t heard from America’s most promising young inventor in a long time.

    He must be very hard at work. He’s so smart. His last invention only took 10 minutes. He did it the night before school.

    • Replies: @G Pinfold
    , @ChrisZ
    , @Anonym
  38. It’s just because “African American” is a common term for black.

    Add -african (a minus sign excludes a word) and you get the kinds of results you’d expect.

    • Replies: @Tacitus2016
    , @Tex
    , @anon
    , @gregor
  39. Zoodles says:

    It makes more sense when you understand the social justice sees the USA as a black country that is occupied by a pesky white majority.

  40. Arclight says:

    In a way, I get it. Most people in America have some idea of where their ancestors came from and the achievements of their culture, either in the old country or here. Americans who are descendants of slaves do not have any memory of the culture of their ancestors (who were basically members of tribes defeated by other Africans prior to being sold), and for a large amount of the time blacks have been in America they have been slaves or deliberately held down and under educated. That some of them still managed to achieve things above the ordinary man of their time is worth noting, although as usual the SJWs grossly over-emphasize the importance of some of these figures.

    • Replies: @bomag
  41. PatrickH says:

    Try “white American scientists”.

    • Replies: @SFG
  42. SFG says:

    He was quoting Vaclav Havel, I think.

  43. Clyde says:

    Every time a Jiff and grape jelly sandwich I think of the man who invented peanut butter. George Washington Carver/

  44. @SFG

    Havel made observations that Dalrymple noted (about a greengrocer displaying posters) but it’s a Dalrymple original.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  45. SFG says:

    Bing gives me mostly black guys, which is kind of funny. Go to European American scientists’ and you mostly get Einstein, which is…kind of expected given popular culture. (I always wondered if he was overrated, but the very few physicists I talked to really didn’t seem to think so. One guy thought naming your bagel company Einstein was presumptuous.)

    The ‘more searches like’ feature gives you gay, African, French, Greek, famous space, Chinese, Jewish, American, German, famous young, and cute.

    Doing ‘white American scientists’ on google also gives you mostly black guys, though Ben Franklin puts in a few appearances. ‘European american scientists’ gives you a few white guys and one girl. They are pushing the diversity stuff hard.

  46. 5371 says:

    [data analytics company that powered the brexit]


    • Replies: @ATX Hipster
  47. G Pinfold says:

    The Chelsea attack might cause a review of the clock boy case. I mean, who would literally think that your moms pressure cooker with a few wires hanging out of it, could be an actual bomb?
    He’s old enough for Guantanamo by now, surely.

    • Replies: @Maz
  48. ChrisZ says:

    Ahmed’s tweet sounds more than a little like a threat–in the style of Lex Luthor or Dr. No:

    “The fools mocked me before! But this time I’ll show the world!! And things will never be the same!!!”

    Add the Hillary cackle and it would be perfect.

  49. There’s a question in economics about whether industries need to be really competitive in order to create incentives for the market leader to innovate or if it’s enough for there to be potential entrants and potential competition.

    Google seems a good example of how potential competition might work for a good long while, but in the long run, the monopolist or near monopolist stops putting as much thought into making its little customers happy and starts worrying mainly about making its biggest customers (the government and regulators) happy so it can stay a monopolist.

    The Google for Education video they showed at my kids’ school last year was really funny, and relates to this post. “Who will make the inventions and discoveries that will change the world? Not this guy, or this guy” and then a series of Stale Pale Males in grainy black and white shots- “Maybe it will be them or them?” And then lots of vibrantly diverse kids solving scientific problems by building Legos or making Oobleck or elephant toothpaste or whatever.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  50. @Steve Sailer

    Don’t forget Barney (Greg Morris) on Mission Impossible. I liked him.

  51. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I’m getting an inkling of what life must have been like in the Soviet Union and presently in North Korea. This propaganda is relentless.

    Problem is the average Russian or Eastern European was smart enough to realize it was all bullshit and would be clever in how he or she made fun of it. Today, in this country, the propaganda is swallowed feathers and all by the vast majority. And those would don’t are misfits called the alt-right.

  52. This is my biggest fear, coming to life incrementally: To wit, “He who controls the programmers, controls the future.”

    And right now, our evil leftist overlords control the programmers.

    Mucking up history to come up with a ridiculous list of black nobodies to assuage the infinitely delicate sensibilities of “African Americans” may seem relatively innocuous, but to me it is a very foreboding sign of things to come.

    What happens when they start automating judges? Policemen (think Robocop)? Legislation? College applicants? Job applicants? Immigration/refugee applicants? Think Diversity™ is bad now? Wait until Disparate Impact has been hard-coded into the black-box algorithms mandated by the (((lefties))) at FedGoogle Inc. At least now we have some humans involved who might show some better judgment in the face of pressure to hire/find innocent wildly unqualified/guilty POCs instead of competent/innocent white guys. But when AI’s dictating these things?

    Consider Google’s response when accused of manipulating auto-suggest results unfavorable to Hillary Clinton: “You silly goys with your crazy conspiracy theories–you’re just too stupid to understand the pure, unbiased logic of our super advanced algorithms. What are you, anti-science?”

    Think this situation is going to improve, get worse, or stay the same as we move forward into our Brave New Diverse World?

    • Replies: @Lurker
  53. @robot

    Is there, in fact, a leftward drift of public opinion? As compared to the opinions of the powerful, their mouthpieces, and hangers-on?

    • Replies: @Kylie
    , @Bill
  54. @Spotted Toad

    “Who will make the inventions and discoveries that will change the world? Not this guy, or this guy”…

    This reminds me of the insult Obama made to the pioneers of space exploration when he spoke to JPL:

    “It does sound like NASA has come a long way from the white shirt, black dark-rimmed glasses and the pocket protectors,” the president joked. “You guys are a little cooler than you used to be.”

    He went on to more important things:

    Obama also weighed in on the meteoric rise of Bobak Ferdowsi [a flight director for the Mars mission] also known to his fans as “Mohawk Guy.”

    “I, in the past, thought about getting a mohawk myself –- but my team keeps on discouraging me,” Obama told the JPL staff, to much laughter.

  55. Yak-15 says:

    I concur but I graduated HS in the early 2000s. They’ve had some time to revamp the programs to reflect the reality of the overwhelming contributions of blacks to science.

  56. berserker says:

    In another fifty years, the great Sudanese-American inventor, Ahmad Muhammad from Texas will top Google’s alternative reality rankings (generated using oppression-free weights). He faced much persecution as a teenage Muslim inventor. He suffered great ignominies such as being marched to the police station after one of his great inventions triggered a bomb scare precipitating a self-imposed exile in Qatar. Ibtihaj Muhammad, the great fencer, will be remembered for generations while Michael Phelps will barely deserve a mention. Allah is indeed great. He has made the Dhimmi immensely stupid.

  57. George says:

    Try inventor americano in for a proper list. inventeur américain in French.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @George
  58. Corvinus says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Seriously, is this what you’ve resigned yourself to?

    You needed to type in “Great American Inventors” on Google. This is the Coalition Of The Right Fringe edition.

    Edison, Bell, Tesla, Franklin, Morse, Carver, and Ford all came up on the first page.

  59. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    OT: According to family, Minnesota Somali stabber was just going to the T-Mobile in the mall in St. Cloud to get an iPhone. They don’t know what set him off at the mall.

    I’m guessing it was racist whites who started it and poor Adan was just a victim of intolerant whites. There’s gotta be a lawsuit initiated!

    • Replies: @Neuday
    , @Jefferson
    , @Jack D
  60. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Obama is such a tool. a 30 second Google search shows that the MEL team at Johnson is about as white as a viking war party. Several women though, biologists mostly and biochemists.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  61. Dr. X says:

    Well, by 2020 you’ll be able to buy all those black inventions, and a George Washington Carver peanut butter sandwich, with a Harriet Tubman \$20.

    Another decade or so and the Ministry of Truth will have airbrushed American history to the point where the only whites in it will be Klansmen.

  62. Dirk Dagger [AKA "oarsman:regatta"] says: • Website

    Peanut butter is good.

  63. Altai says:

    I think part of it is the attitude of fear not just of what one’s peers will think, but rather of starting a conflict with another ethnic group who take refutation of the faith as fighting words.

    We can see this clearly in Hilary being able to amazingly claim that Trump is the reason America is at risk from Islamic terrorism. (As if the ability of Muslims to translate ‘disrespect’ into political terrorism doesn’t give impetus to Trump’s message)

    People know it’s nonsense, but what a person believes has always been a combination of personal reflection, experience and social and hierarchical pressure. People are perfectly capable of knowing that being ethnically displaced is bad and ultimately won’t do much for the world, but at the same time know to say or think that marks one as bad.

    People know that Putin is just another authoritarian Russian leader, not Satan and that what he’d like the US to stop doing in the Middle East is what most Americans would like too. But they also know, like Jennifer Epstein, that he is unspecifably evil and global in his ambitions. Jennifer Epstein went to Princeton, you know?

    That’s why so many in establishment in Britain, even those who argued against it, didn’t nuke Brexit and seem fairly contented with it. They desperately wanted somebody to make the decision for them, they wanted somebody to end the beginning. The tension is killing them, like everyone else.

    I’d say a non-trivial number of people can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump out of self-identity and conscience, but secretly hope he wins. They can’t pull the trigger themselves, but they hope somebody does.

  64. Dwright says:

    Aunt Jemima for pancakes. The contributions are endless.

    I am still waiting (till hell freezes over) for a major take down of Neil Degrasse Tyson.
    What a fraud mostly using his media career arguing or debating non sceintists with his basic grasp of astronomy and physics. My god he even takes on flat earthers.

    • Replies: @NOTA
    , @bomag
  65. NOTA says:

    Popularizer are rarely also too-notch scientists in their field. That can happen, but it’s not the way to bet.

  66. Hacienda says:

    Who invented the crossover? Columbus, Zheng He, or Allen Iverson?
    Greatest invention of all time. All time.

  67. Danindc says:

    The Jobs vs Wozniak ranking calls to mind one of the many brilliant scenes on Silicon Valley… Erlich is a genius comedic actor

    I still think George Washington Carver does not get enough credit for inventing the peanut….

    Did the spectators at these Grand Prix road races never get an uncomfortable feeling being so close to these speeding cars with only a long line on twine separating them from the cars??? This optimism maybe led to the conquest of the moon, who knows. “Thrown clear ” is hilarious. I remember my dad never wearing his. It just want comfortable was his reasoning. And of course you NEVER wear it in the backseat because you won’t get out in a fire. I think that was the CW at the time. The 70’s were great. Keep on Truckin.

    When I was 4, my mom was driving and I was not strapped in- not her fault, I got out of car to retrieve basketball from end of driveway and didn’t put it back on…..maybe it was her fault actually since I was 4. Anyway I didn’t close the door all the way either and on big curve I fell out of car into road. All was well though except for the scrapes on my side. Which they put alcohol on and not hydrogen peroxide. One hurts like hell and the other doesn’t. I got the one that hurt.

  68. @O'really

    More likely, the results are being manipulated.

    1. Teacher assigns report on American inventors (or mathematicians) , trying to create some sort of documentary record to justify (at least to our own consciences) passing grades in science (or math).
    2. Class goes to computer lab/wheels laptop cart into room, pulls up Google “American inventors” and gets a fairly white set of images–Edison, Ford, Wright Brothers, Eli Whitney, Otis elevators, etc. Plus GW Carver and Stoplight Man.
    3. Students cry racism at the lack of diverse images.
    4. Teachers contact google decrying the lack of diverse images.
    5. Google corrects the lack of diverse images.

    That’s all based on nothing but my guesses.

    • Replies: @Ivy
  69. @Tacitus2016

    I’m sure there’s also a nefarious hand that adds unnecessary apostrophes to words. I’ll blame Apple for that rather than my carelessness.

  70. @O'really

    “American novelists” is pre-skewed with Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Maya Angelou, etc. Plus Nice White Lady-friendly selections like To Kill A Mockingbird, etc.

    In short, Nice White Lady and Angry Black LAdy teachers don’t need google to come up with a list of black American novels.

  71. Don’t forget Miles Dyson in Terminator movies

  72. Lot says:

    Back in the 70′s my parents bought me a set of World Book Encyclopedias

    We got a used set of these:

    in the late 80’s and I loved them, read most of them cover to cover from age 6 to 8.

  73. bomag says:

    That some of them still managed to achieve things above the ordinary man of their time is worth noting, although as usual the SJWs grossly over-emphasize the importance of some of these figures.

    People of good will are generous with their credit, but as you point out, it has jumped over into the absurd with this retconning of history.

  74. Anonym says:


    Milo and some shady scamming of Trump supporters on reddit. I am not sure what to think but since I have been a Milo booster on here, well, maybe I should have been more circumspect.

  75. Lot says:

    Voting for president starts this Friday in Minnesota, more states next week.

    Hillary’s larger on-the-ground campaign organization taking advantage of this may be the reason she wins.

    • Replies: @Patrick in SC
  76. Polymath says:

    My uncle was a fighter pilot who installed seat belts in his car when it was a very novel idea.

    Young women balked at the seat belts, thinking that they were some wicked form of restraint.

  77. bomag says:

    I’m waiting for Louis Farrakhan to show up on the list of mathematicians.

  78. Luke Lea says: • Website

    Or as Milo says on his current Deplorable Faggot college tour, straight white males “invented almost everything” and pretty much created the world we live in.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
    • Replies: @Jefferson
  79. CarpeOro says:

    Guess somebody forgot the company motto at Google “Don’t (get caught at) be(ing) evil”

  80. Lurker says:
    @Matthew Kelly

    Mucking up history to come up with a ridiculous list of black nobodies to assuage the infinitely delicate sensibilities of “African Americans” may seem relatively innocuous, but to me it is a very foreboding sign of things to come.

    Even more absurd is that AAs would appear to be almost oblivious to this. Certainly online it’s dimwitted SJW cucks who refer to all these inventors.

  81. @TangoMan

    >an inkling of what life must have been like in the Soviet Union and presently in North Korea.

    Our lives are worse than that. In USSR there were no Somalians, or Mexicans. If you were in Moscow, everybody spoke Russian only. In North Korea today, literally everyone is ethnically Korean.

    • Replies: @Yak-15
    , @NOTA
    , @Daniel Williams
  82. Maz says:

    Here are the demographics of one of the cohorts identified as talented (scoring >700 on the math portion of the SAT by age 13):

    Of the students who qualified for SET [=Study of Exceptional Talent], 66.1 percent (N = 748) are Caucasian; 31.8 percent (N = 360) are Asian American; 0.8 percent (N = 9) are of mixed Asian American and Caucasian background; and 1.3 percent (N = 15) are African American, Hispanic, or a mixture that includes one of these backgrounds. (In subsequent statistics the 9 Asian American–Caucasian students are included in the Asian American population.) In contrast, the ethnic composition of all American students enrolled in colleges in the United States in 1991 was as follows: 78.8 percent Caucasian; 4.6 percent Asian American; and 16.6 percent African American, Hispanic, and Native American (“1991 Enrollment” 1991).

  83. @Lot

    The richer kids had World Book and Childcraft. I made do with World Book. Nice size, not too heavy. I used to read them all the time.

    • Replies: @Ivy
  84. @Anon

    …the MEL team at Johnson is about as white as a viking war party.

    Yes, and this is appropriate. The first landings on Mars were made by two spacecraft called Viking landers in 1976 — forty years ago!

    This was achieved by stale, pale, American males.

    • Replies: @Spotted Toad
  85. Nador says:

    If I google American inventors in Hungarian, I do not get any diversity – C. J. Walker is the first around the 30th place.

  86. No William Shockley? No James Watson?

    • Replies: @guest
    , @ben tillman
  87. @Nador

    Hungarians, and Hungary, are not fooled by any of this shit. They’ve been through it all.

    Their prime minister, Victor Orban, is a great man who is standing up to the EU and the globalist effort to dilute the European race.

    These people have been screwed since the Treaty of Trianon after the First World War and then the failure of the West to assist them in their revolution against ((communism)) in 1956.

    Hungary was carved up, “divided and conquered,” so as to weaken it. This was done by the very same interests who run our world today.

  88. SPMoore8 says:

    The reason you get these skewed results is because of something we might call educational frontlash.

    In other words, we all know in real life that there’s a dearth of positive contributions by minorities and women in most fields. But if we re-write history so that all the really important stuff was done by minorities and women, that may serve as an inspiration for more women and minorities to go out there and make the next big innovations, and become part of the educational and economic elite. Thus, in the end, we will achieve equality of results.

    The underlying idea is that the “real world” shortfall in accomplishments by the designated groups is due to a number of factors: hatred, discrimination, lead paint, lack of educational opportunity, lack of money, and androcentric science. And we can address all of those in due course. But the lack of role models is also important, and we have to have these role models out there so that members of the designated groups will be encouraged to follow their footsteps.

    I personally think the idea is nonsense. The great innovators are usually obsessed about X, Y, or Z. They are generally asocial awkward and keep to themselves. Not because they are “nerds”: the name comes only after they follow their inclination, which is to spend all of their time obsessing over X, Y, or Z, and never mind the social consequences. And that’s why the project fails. I mean you can either watch Monday Night Football or you can work on your abstract obsession. By definition, 99.9% of people are going to watch the game. You just can’t teach people to be this way.

    BTW, I always admired George Washington Carver. The guy came from a tough background, was raised by his (I believe Swiss German) adoptive parents, and worked really hard to develop his intellectual abilities in life. Actually, I don’t believe he accomplished very much, although he had a variety of talents.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
    , @Dirk Dagger
  89. dearieme says:

    Many thanks.

    • Replies: @SFG
  90. White American inventors aren’t often called “American inventors.” This particular search string is simply capturing “African AMERICAN INVENTORS,” which is far more likely than “AMERICAN INVENTOR” to describe, say, the Wright Brothers.

    Google “famous inventors” or “North American inventors.” Google-Doodles are far better evidence of Google’s ideology. This is just a linguistic quirk.

  91. TheJester says:

    The project to dumb down our schools and universities to try to improve the self-esteem of Blacks students piggy backed on the original Brown vs. Board of Education ruling in 1954. As an ideological assumption, Blacks suffered from a deficit of self-esteem due to lifetimes of oppression by Whites and their intimidating European culture. If they had better self-esteem, it was assumed, Blacks would be better prepared to mainstream American (a.k.a. European) culture and its schools.

    The solution was to PRETEND that Blacks have always been in the mainstream; that is, great scientists, great mathematicians, great inventors, etc., in the European tradition. In fact, we’ll teach that in the schools. Rest assured there will be no issues affecting the self-esteem of White students upon learning that Whites made only marginal contributions to Western civilization because White children, as we all know, are born with high self-esteem. This comes with what they now call White Privilege.

    Progress? Years ago, the Washington DC school system decided that low self-esteem was a major factor in the dismal performance of students in its schools. So, they passed out “A”s like candy under the assumption that, if the students felt really good about themselves, it would create a better environment for learning — the Power of Positive Thinking or something like that. The opposite occurred. “If I’m already getting “A”s”, the students reasoned, “Why study?” As of 2015, the Washington DC school system was ranked as the second worst school system in the United States.

    • Replies: @Ivy
    , @AnotherGuessModel
    , @phil
  92. @Lot

    This stuff scares me.

    I don’t like this whole turning “Election Day” into “Election Season.” It plays into the hands of the party for whom “big turnout” is considered an advantage and are more likely to use fraud in turning out as well as counting the vote. After feeling they got burned by Bush’s aggressive effort to stop the vote recounting in Florida in 2000, it’s as if the Democrats have resolved: “Never again!”

    Hence, we have efforts bring in tens of thousands of “new voters,” naturalize the illegals already here, and God-forbid require anybody to present an ID at the polls. And this requiring people to show up between 7 am and 7 pm on a single day strikes me as very racist against people who have a slightly more…. casual… interpretation of time.

    • Agree: Barnard, Lot
  93. @Steve Sailer

    Oh come on Steve, Uhura was a glorified switchboard operator….

    • Replies: @iSteveFan
    , @Ivy
  94. guest says:
    @International Jew

    Watson was not an inventor, to my knowledge.

  95. Whiskey says: • Website

    All of this is depressingly familiar to anyone watching a woman with her abusive husband/boyfriend. Women make all sorts of excuses and outright fantasies about their dominant but stupid partners as noted by Dalrymple extensively. And its the same thing here.

    Look at ESPN. It used to be nothing more than an apolitical sports highlight reel; then it jettisoned its ex-jocks like Kurt Schilling. Hired a bunch of women who know nothing about sports. And are not even funny and working class like Ring Lardner or HL Mencken. ESPN is nothing but SJW lecture fests all the time. As the NFL has more and more women working there and influencing the owners, it has gone full SJW and Colin Kaepernick all the time.

    The list of Black achievement outside music and sports is non-existent. But White women particularly the Upper Class are all in with investing in the fantasy, not the least of which is their anger at the feminized, placating, pedestalizing, appeasing nature of their male peers. The fantasy of Black scientific and mathematical and engineering achievement means too much to White women. They feel that their defacto alliance with Blacks, Muslims, Gays etc. is marching forward and their personal wealth and security won’t be at risk since Clock Boy and George Foreman are more than proper replacements for the Wrights, William Shockley, etc.

    The Upper Class White women propaganda is the more effective as they want to believe it, and it is distributed among that class, rather than handed down by lumbering bureaucrats who’d rather be drunk all day on their vodka ration. There is nothing more dangerous than enthusiastic witch finders who work on their own moral preening. That drunk bureaucrat just wants to avoid work at all costs and laze about all day. Nice White Ladies have a pressing need to make themselves the moral pinnacle.

    • Replies: @Ttjy
    , @TheJester
  96. George says:

    US inventors changes the list.

    North American inventors get’s you closer to the old fashioned list, although hair straightening inventor Garrett Morgan, comes next after Jonas Salk. In fairness Linus Yale, the lock entrepreneur, might also be getting a bit of grade inflation, not to mention the nice white lady that invented the windshield wiper.

    What I want to know is why the Super Soaker guy, who I thought was black, is not on the list, maybe just before Issac Singer?

  97. Anonymous [AKA "RaeCyst 01"] says:

    If one “googles” “american physicists” you will obtain what you should expect based upon known facts such as mean value of IQ for different ethnic/racial groupings!

    Nature does eventually correct itself!

  98. @SPMoore8

    Right, and we’ve had half-a-century of this. Look where it’s gotten us.

    That plus a century of globalist science fiction (referrred to by another commenter elsewhere on this blog).

    It’s done. More than done. Doesn’t work.

    Nation states comprising organic majorities are the highest level of human organization. They gave us modern civilization. No one has a better solution.

    Since white, Christian civilization and nation states are under attack, it makes sense to defend them. One way to do that is to defend their heritage. Over the past few centuries, the vast majority of contributions to the quality of human life — and to the increase of knowledge — have been made by white gentiles living in white, gentile nation states.

    Google was created, is owned and operated by ((globalist))-minded boys who slapped it on the very nice internet that was created by the host civilization. It is now being used by them to help destroy its host.

    • Agree: Avenge Harambe
    • Replies: @advancedatheist
  99. iSteveFan says:
    @Avenge Harambe

    She was the first adopter of the bluetooth ear piece.

    • Replies: @donut
  100. Well, I can believe that Lewis Howard Latimer was an important inventor. After all, his parents invented freedom!

    It is amusing, however, that the section on his work on the manufacture of carbon filaments is very brief and appears to be without citation and the linked article on filaments contains no reference to him.

  101. @Elmer T. Jones

    Was not a Devo fan. Is this meme historically accurate?

  102. neutral says:

    None of this is hardly new, the real question is if this makes a difference, does this propaganda really inspire blacks to invent more ? This is a bit like where they will always put a black character in every Star Trek tv show, has this produced more black trekkies ?

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Kylie
    , @Antonymous
  103. @The most deplorable one

    Well, except for the patent itself, that is and something at the National Park Service.

    Having read the patent, it sounds to me like:

    1. It was something that the people working the process probably figured out, and
    2. Since he was already involved in drafting stuff for patents for Edison, perhaps it was simply a gimmedat.

  104. OT: Soros commits \$500 million to “aid” refugees.

    The first two points of his plan are interesting:

    1. The European Union (EU) must take on a substantial number of refugees directly from front-line countries in a secure orderly way. This will be far more acceptable than the current disorder.
    2. The EU must regain control of its borders. There is little that scares and alienates the public more than scenes of chaos.

    So, the EU needs to solidify its borders so it can throw open designated gates. It’s much better to be overrun in an orderly way.

    • Replies: @Lurker
    , @NOTA
    , @Erik Sieven
  105. syonredux says:

    Benjamin Banneker as the first hit in the American mathematicians category, eh? Not George Birkhoff, or Josiah Willard Gibbs, or Claude Shannon…..

    The SJW mindset in action, I suppose. Tell people that Banneker was a great mathematician, and, somehow, that will conjure a generation of great Black mathematicians…

    For a comic book version of this kind of thing, check out what’s going on in the Iron Man comics.Tony Stark is being replaced by a Black teenage girl named Riri Williams:

    Magical thinking: we can make reality resemble fantasy. Of course, where Tony Stark was concerned, the process went in the other direction. Fantasy was inspired by reality, as Tony Stark was simply a comic book version of actual Anglo-American inventors: Edison, Goddard, the Wright Brothers, Philo Farnsworth….

  106. Zach says:

    Google is just following the long trend. In university, we’d hear on one hand how the awful the Greeks were for ushering in western civ and on the other how wonderful the Islamic world was for saving Aristotle. Many of the people who are looking for African inventors probably spent a lot of their time complaining about destructive technology.

    • Replies: @advancedatheist
  107. @Nador

    If I google American inventors in Hungarian, I do not get any diversity – C. J. Walker is the first around the 30th place.

    Ha! Good catch.

    I tried it in German. Same result. All white guys and one woman in the images.;_ylt=A0LEVrytWOFXZCsArAYnnIlQ?p=amerikanischer+physiker&fr=yhs-mozilla-001&fr2=piv-web&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001

  108. Yak-15 says:
    @27 year old

    That’s really dumb. Our lives our much better at the moment than Soviet Russia or N Korea. The future is what looks bleak but at the worst it’s still not NK or Soviet Russia.

    • Replies: @27 year old
  109. syonredux says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Blacks on TV have been brilliant government technical experts since Bill Cosby on I Spy and Lt. Uhura on Star Trek a half century ago.

    Personal favorite example of the brilliant Black scientist trope: TOS Star Trek’s Richard Daystrom, inventor of Duotronics. How smart was he? He was compared to both Einstein, and Sitar of Vulcan . He was the winner of both the Nobel and the Zee-Magnes:

  110. @Buzz Mohawk

    a century of globalist science fiction

    The idea of a globally efficient humanity which could meet white standards might have sounded plausible a few decades ago, before we ran the experiment to see that the idea doesn’t work. The outcome wouldn’t have surprised H.G. Wells, who displays empiricism towards racial differences in his nonfiction book Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress upon Human Life and Thought (1902).

    Ironically Star Trek, the most successful franchise in globalist science fiction, warned us in the 1960’s about vibrancy specimens named Khan:

    Sadiq Khan

    Khizr Khan

    and now,

    Ahmad Khan Rahami

  111. ogunsiron says:

    “American doctors” returns only Ben Carson in the top 20 images, as far as black doctors go.
    Only 3 black lawyers returned in the top 20 images for “american lawyers”.
    I’ve sadly noticed that ridiculous “we waz kangz” type of propaganda is all of a sudden being taken as true by more and more people, including whites.

  112. London – World City

    “Riot police were called to south-east London after around 100 schoolchildren believed to have been armed with bats and knives were involved in a mass brawl.

    Two teenagers were taken to hospital and seven were arrested after every available police officer within the area was sent to combat the violence on Monday evening.

    Panicked residents locked themselves into their homes and shops as the youths, many of whom were wearing school uniforms, caused chaos on the streets of Bexley.

    Barmaid Bonnie Lampard, who locked and bolted all of the pub’s doors, said she saw a group of white boys wearing balaclavas and Halloween masks running out of the park before “around 50 young black boys in school uniform came down the road.”

    She added: “One of them had a knife and was waving it around. They had metal bars, knuckle dusters and knives.

    A resident said she was afraid to leave her house as the stand-off with police lasted for more than two hours.

    “There were a lot of kids outside, both black and white in uniform,” said 39-year-old Kerry Duggan. “They were pushing the police and there was a lot of shouting. There were more than 100 kids just outside and the white kids were fighting with police.””

    Maybe the police were fighting with the white kids – you don’t lose your job for that.

    Within living memory Bexley Heath, like Croydon, meant safe (white) English suburbia.

  113. donut says:

    If Scotty as the chief engineer wasn’t stereotyping I don’t what is .

    • Replies: @syonredux
    , @SFG
  114. They forgot to put Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohammad on that list.

  115. ogunsiron says:

    There’s been a slow but steady trickle of articles about how “algorithms be racist and sheeeit”. It’s not crazy to think that some of the reality-based, bayesian rationalist careful thinkers at google have taken it upon themselves to actively steer the algorithms to output “socially desirable” search results.

    • Replies: @NOTA
  116. @Zach

    But the Greeks practiced homosexuality, and their philosophers, artists and poets celebrated relationships between mature men and adolescent boys. Don’t they score points for their lack of homophobia? 

  117. Lurker says:
    @Steve Sailer

    At least Lt. Uhura had the common decency to look good in leather boots and a tiny dress. Bill Cosby, not so much.

  118. Lurker says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    If he’s prepared to spend that sort of money why not do it in their countries of origin? It’s a mystery to be sure.

    • Replies: @Lagertha
  119. @Dave Pinsen

    Reminds me of the NYT artwork in this iSteve post back in April.

    My comment back then:

    I love the NYT illustration. Not only does genius L’il Jabari grok planetary motion, but he’s also setting up a visually devastating Yo Momma So Fat joke at the expense of scowling Da’Quan in the back row.

  120. Anonymous [AKA "Trojan Hearse"] says:

    Wait I thought George Washington Carver cut down the peanut tree. Or wait, wasn’t that Jimmy Carver? He grew them, right?

    I can’t even tell a lie.

    • LOL: inertial
    • Replies: @guest
  121. @TangoMan

    North Korea might make faster progress in its nuclear program if its government could find and bring in those genius black scientists and inventors Google assures us exist on our planet somewhere.

  122. @Buzz Mohawk

    There’s an interesting question about whether American unmanned space exploration and JPL in particular has continued to make progress even as NASA manned space flight has crashed and burned (American astronauts go to the ISS on Russian rockets now) in part because it was more resistant to PC BS.

  123. dr kill says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Don’t forget my all time favorite Black tech guy, Argyle from Die Hard. He could run that limo for shizzle. The vault driller was pretty cool, too. “The quarterback is toast!”

    • Replies: @guest
    , @Lurker
    , @Jefferson
  124. Seatbelts were considered unmanly.

    Well, I still mostly refuse to wear seatbelts when driving around town, even though doing so is against the law.

    I guess I’m just a bad boy.

    On the other hand, I put them on if I’m getting onto a highway. I’m not that bad.

  125. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Another interesting game is to get online in another country and see what the powers that be want to tell you there. I was curious and just over in Tijuana, got online at a starbucks and and several other URLs showed significantly different information from there than from a US IP address.

  126. Svigor says:

    If you search for “black invention myths” you get the cure. I’m amazed I’m the first one to post that phrase to this thread.

  127. guest says:

    I think Bart Simpson, while preparing for a history test, answered the question “Who’s George Washington Carver?” by saying, “The guy who chopped up George Washington.”

  128. @Joe Schmoe

    Maybe, as Steve says, these search results are driven by schoolchildren doing their assignments. In the US today, teaching about American inventors specifically advances no approved agenda — neither black empowerment, nor global rah-rah-ism.

    Whereas outside the US there could be some curiosity about just plain American inventors.

  129. @Spotted Toad

    I’d like to see the demographics of the National Security Agency, where you have to have the cognitive goods to justify your employment there; the merely clean and articulate can’t make it in that environment.

    In other words, I bet the NSA looks more like NASA in the the 1960’s than like our emerging diversity dystopia in the 21st Century. You can’t get much whiter than the NSA defector Edward Snowden, with a family name from West Yorkshire, England.

    Predictably Hollywood wants to diversitize Snowden by getting a Jewish actor to play him on film.

  130. @Corvinus

    Nah, your link also prominently features a bunch of obscure diversity picks.

  131. Here is the really big picture that puts this revision of “inventors” in perspective with the US being a rather unique mix of northwestern Europeans and Africans.

    Don’t read that if you don’t want to face a “narrative” that even the Alt-Right will have trouble handling. The “cultural Maxists” would, if they gave it an honest hearing* — run a significant risk of killing all the other cultural Marxists before committing suicide.

    *Yes, I know “cultural Marxists” and “honest hearing” don’t belong in the same sentence but at least its not a grammatical error.

  132. guest says:
    @dr kill

    Theo fits the stereotype; Argyle, not at all. They were complimentary, in some way, as Theo was a computer hacker who wasn’t brought along for his charming personality, whereas Argyle was a people person.

  133. wow… If I google “greatest inventions of the 18th century” or “19th century” “20th century”, I get what I’d expect. 19th century gives back:

    THE RIFLE. …

    But almost none of the inventors are featured on the greatest inventor list.

    The list has such an obvious racial agenda, it’s disgusting.

    I genuinely admire black inventors like Lonnie Johnson, who seems like a legitimately great guy, but the super soaker probably doesn’t rank up with the light bulb or the internal combustion engine or the transistor or the laser.

  134. NOTA says:
    @27 year old

    Who the hell would want to immigrate to North Korea?

  135. @Yak-15

    Oh, right, I forgot, they couldn’t get blue jeans in USSR. It was horrible

    • Replies: @Bies Podkrakowski
    , @biz
  136. syonredux says:

    If Scotty as the chief engineer wasn’t stereotyping I don’t what is .

    Kipling,” McAndrew’s Hymn”

    Lord, Thou hast made this world below the shadow of a dream,
    An’, taught by time, I tak’ it so—exceptin’ always Steam.
    From coupler-flange to spindle-guide I see Thy Hand, O God—
    Predestination in the stride o’ yon connectin’-rod.
    John Calvin might ha’ forged the same—enorrmous, certain, slow—
    Ay, wrought it in the furnace-flame—my “Institutio.”
    I cannot get my sleep to-night; old bones are hard to please;
    I’ll stand the middle watch up here—alone wi’ God an’ these
    My engines, after ninety days o’ rase an’ rack an’ strain
    Through all the seas of all Thy world, slam-bangin’ home again.
    Slam-bang too much—they knock a wee—the crosshead-gibs are loose,
    But thirty thousand mile o’ sea has gied them fair excuse….
    Fine, clear an’dark—a full-draught breeze, wi’ Ushant out o’ sight,
    An’ Ferguson relievin’ Hay. Old girl, ye’ll walk to-night!
    His wife’s at Plymouth…. Seventy—One—Two—Three since he began—
    Three turns for Mistress Ferguson… and who’s to blame the man?
    There’s none at any port for me, by drivin’ fast or slow,
    Since Elsie Campbell went to Thee, Lord, thirty years ago.
    (The year the Sarah Sands was burned. Oh roads we used to tread,
    Fra’ Maryhill to Pollokshaws–fra’ Govan to Parkhead!)
    Not but that they’re ceevil on the Board. Ye’ll hear Sir Kenneth say:
    “Good morn, McAndrew! Back again? An’ how’s your bilge to-day?”
    Miscallin’ technicalities but handin’ me my chair
    To drink Madeira wi’ three Earls—the auld Fleet Engineer
    That started as a boiler-whelp—when steam and he were low.
    I mind the time we used to serve a broken pipe wi’ tow!
    Ten pound was all the pressure then—Eh! Eh!—a man wad drive;
    An’ here, our workin’ gauges give one hunder sixty-five!
    We’re creepin’ on wi’ each new rig—less weight an’ larger power;
    There’ll be the loco-boiler next an’ thirty miles an hour!
    Thirty an’ more. What I ha’ seen since ocean-steam began
    Leaves me na doot for the machine: but what about the man?
    The man that counts, wi’ all his runs, one million mile o’ sea:
    Four time the span from Earth to Moon…. How far, O Lord from thee
    That wast beside him night an’ day? Ye mind my first typhoon?
    It scoughed the skipper on his way to jock wi’ the saloon.
    Three feet were on the stokehold-floor—just slappin’ to an’ fro—
    An’ cast me on a furnace-door. I have the marks to show.
    Marks! I ha’ marks o’ more than burns—deep in my soul an’ black,
    An’ times like this, when things go smooth, my wickudness comes back.
    The sins o’ four an’ forty years, all up an’ down the seas.
    Clack an’ repeat like valves half-fed…. Forgie’s our trespasses!
    Nights when I’d come on to deck to mark, wi’ envy in my gaze,
    The couples kittlin’ in the dark between the funnel-stays;
    Years when I raked the Ports wi’ pride to fill my cup o’ wrong—
    Judge not, O Lord, my steps aside at Gay Street in Hong-Kong!
    Blot out the wastrel hours of mine in sin when I abode—
    Jane Harrigan’s an’ Number Nine, The Reddick an’ Grant Road!
    An’ waur than all—my crownin’ sin—rank blasphemy an’ wild.
    I was not four and twenty then—Ye wadna judge a child?
    I’d seen the Tropics first that run—new fruit, new smells, new air—
    How could I tell—blinf-fou wi’ sun— the Deil was lurkin’ there?
    By day like playhouse-scenes the shore slid past our sleepy eyes;
    By night thos soft, lasceevious stars leered from those velvet skies,
    In port (we used no cargo-steam) I’d daunder down the streets—
    An ijjit grinnin’ in a dream—for shells an’ parrakeets,
    An’ walkin’-sticks o’ carved bamboo an’ blowfish stuffed an’ dried—
    Fillin’ my bunk wi’ rubbishry the Cheif put overside.
    Till, off Sambawa Head, Ye mind, I heard a land-breeze ca’,
    Milk-warm wi’ breath o’ spice an’ bloom: “McAndrew, Come awa’!”
    Firm, clear an’ low—no haste, no hate—the ghostly whisper went,
    Just statin’ eevidential facts beyon’ all argument:
    “Your mither’s god’s a graspin’ deil, the shadow o’ yoursel’,
    “Got out o’ books by meenisters clean daft on Heaven an’ Hell.
    “They mak’ him in the Broomielaw, o’ Glasgie cold an’ dirt,
    “A jealous, pridefu’ fetich, lad, that’s only strong to hurt.
    “Ye’ll not go back to Him again an’ kiss His red-hot rod,
    “But come wi’ Us” (Now who were They?) “an’ know the Leevin’ God,
    “That does not kipper souls for sport or break a life in jest,
    “But swells the ripenin’ cocoanuts an’ ripes the woman’s breast.”
    An’ there it stopped: cut off: no more; that quiet, certain voice—
    For me, six months o’ twenty-four, to leave or take at choice.
    ‘Twas on me like a thunderclap—it racked me through an’ through—
    Temptation past the show o’ speech, unnameable an’ new—
    The Sin against the Holy Ghost?… An’ under all, our screw.

    That storm blew by but left behind her anchor-shiftin’ swell.
    thou knowest all my heart an’ mind, Thou knowest, Lord, I fell—
    Third on the Mary Gloster then, and first that night in Hell!
    Yet was Thy Hand beneath my head, about my feet Thy Care—
    Fra’ Deli clear to Torres Strait, the trial o’ despair,
    But when we touched the Barrier Reef Thy answer to my prayer!…
    We wared na run that sea by night but lay an’ held our fire,
    An’ I was drowsin’ on the hatch—sick—sick wi’ doubt an’ tire:
    “Better the sight of eyes that see than wanderin’ o’ desire!”
    Ye mind that word? Clear as gongs—again, an’ once again,
    When rippin’ down through coral-trash ran out our moorin’-chain:
    An’, by Thy Grace, I had the light to see my duty plain.
    Light on the engine-room—no more—bright as our carbons burn.
    I’ve lost it since a thousand times, but never past return!

    Obsairve! Per annum we’ll have here two thousand souls aboard—
    Think not I dare to justify myself before the Lord,
    But—average fifteen hunder souls safe-born fra’ port to port—
    I am o’ service to my kind. Ye wadna blame the thought?
    Maybe they steam from Grace to Wrath—to sin by folly led—
    It isna mine to judge their path—their lives are on my head.
    Mine at the last—when all is done it all comes back to me,
    The fault that leaves six thousand ton a log upon the sea.
    We’ll tak’ one stretch—three weeks an odd by ony road ye steer—
    Fra’ Cape Town east to Wellington—ye need an engineer.
    Fail there—ye’ve time to weld your shaft—ay, eat it, ere ye’re spoke;
    Or make Kergueen under sail—three jiggers burned wi’ smoke!
    An’ home again—the Rio run: it’s no child’s play to go
    Steamin’ to bell for fourteen days o’ snow an’ floe an’ blow.
    The beergs like kelpies oversde that girn an’ turn an’ shift
    Whaur, grindin’ like the Mills o’ God, goes by the big South drift.
    (Hail, Snow and Ice that praise the Lord. I’ve met them at their work,
    An wished we had anither route or they another kirk.)
    Yon’s strain, hard strain, o’ head an’ hand, for though Thy Power brings
    All skill to naught, Ye’ll underatand a man must think o’ things.
    Then, at the last, we’ll get to port an’ hoist their baggage clear—
    The passengers, wi’ gloves an’ canes—an’ this is what I’ll hear:
    “Well, thank ye for a pleasant voyage. The tender’s comin’ now.”
    While I go testin’ follower-bolts an’ watch the skipper bow.
    They’ve words for every one but me—shake hands wi’ half the crew,
    Except the dour Scots engineer, the man they never knew.
    An’ yet I like the wark for all we’ve dam’ few pickin’s here—
    No pension, an’ the most we’ll earn’s four hunder pound a year.
    Better myself abroad? Maybe. I’d sooner starve than sail
    Wi’ such as call a snifter-rod ross…. French for nightingale.
    Commeesion on my stores? Some do; but I cannot afford
    To lie like stewards wi’ patty-pans. I’m older than the Board.
    A bonus on the coal I save? Ou ay, the Scots are close,
    But when I grudge the strength Ye gave I’ll grudge their food to those.
    (There’s bricks that I might recommend—an’ clink the firebars cruel.
    No! Welsh—Wangarti at the worst—an’ damn all patent fuel!)
    Inventions? Ye must stay in port to mak’ a patent pay.
    My Deeferential Valve-Gear taught me how that business lay.
    I blame no chaps wi’ clearer heads for aught they make or sell.
    I found that I could not invent an’ look to these as well.
    So, wrestled wi’ Apollyon—Nah!—fretted like a bairn—
    But burned the workin’-plans last run, wi’ all I hoped to earn.
    Ye know how hard an Idol dies, an’ what that meant to me—
    E’en tak’ it for a sacrifice acceptable to Thee….
    Below there! Oiler! What’s your wark? Ye find it runnin’ hard?
    Ye needn’t swill the cup wi’ oil—this isn’t the Cunard!
    Ye thought? Ye are not paid to think. Go, sweat that off again!
    Tck! Tck! It’s deeficult to sweer nor tak’ The Name in vain!
    Men, ay an’ women, call me stern. Wi’ these to oversee,
    Ye’ll note I’ve little time to burn on social repartee.
    The bairns see what their elders miss; they’ll hunt me to an’ fro,
    Till for the sake of—well, a kiss—I tak’ ’em down below.
    That minds me of our Viscount loon—Sir Kenneth’s kin—the chap
    Wi’ Russia leather tennis-shoon an’ spar-decked yachtin’-cap.
    I showed him round last week, o’er all—an’ at the last says he:
    “Mister McAndrew, Don’t you think steam spoils romance at sea?”
    Damned ijjit! I’d been doon that morn to see what ailed the throws,
    Manholin’, on my back—the cranks three inches off my nose.
    Romance! Those first-class passengers they like it very well,
    Printed an’ bound in little books; but why don’t poets tell?
    I’m sick of all their quirks an’ turns—the loves an’ doves they dream—
    Lord, send a man like Robbie Burns to sing the Song o’ Steam!
    To match wi’ Scotia’s noblest speech yon orchestra sublime
    Whaurto—uplifted like the Just—the tail-rods mark the time.
    The crank-throws give the double-bass, the feed-pump sobs an’ heaves,
    An’ now the main eccentrics start their quarrel on the sheaves:
    Her time, her own appointed time, the rocking link-head bides,
    Till—hear that note?—the rod’s return whings glimmerin’ through the guides.
    They’re all awa’! True beat, full power, the clangin’ chorus goes
    Clear to the tunnel where they sit, my purrin’ dynamos.
    Interdependence absolute, forseen, ordained, decreed,
    To work, Ye’ll note, at ony tilt an’ every rate o’ speed.
    Fra’ Skylight-lift to furnace-bars, backed, bolted, braced an’ stayed.
    An’ singin’ like the Mornin’ Stars for joy that they are made;
    While, out o’ touch o’ vanity, the sweatin’ thrust-block says:
    “Not unto us the praise, or man—not unto us the praise!”
    Now, a’ together, hear them lift their lesson—theirs an’ mine:
    “Law, Orrder, Duty an’ Restraint, Obedience, Discipline!”
    Mill, forge an’ try-pit taught them that when roarin’ they arose,
    An’ whiles I wonder if a soul was gied them wi’ the blows.
    Oh for a man to weld it then, in one trip-hammer strain,
    Till even first-class passengers could tell the meanin’ plain!
    But no one cares except mysel’ that serve an’ understand
    My seven thousand horse-power here. Eh Lord! They’re grand—they’re grand!
    Uplift am I? When first in store the new-made beasties stood,
    Were Ye cast down that breathed the Word declarin’ all things good?
    Not so! O’ that warld-liftin’ joy no after-fall could vex,
    Ye’ve left a glimmer still to cheer the Man—the Arrtifex!
    That holds, in spite o’ knock and scale, o’ friction, waste an’ slip,
    An’ by that light—now, mark my word—we’ll build the Perfect Ship.
    I’ll never last to judge her lines, or take her curve—not I.
    But I ha’ lived an’ I ha’ worked. Be thanks to Thee, Most High!
    An’ I ha’ done what I ha’ done—judge Thou if ill or well—
    Always Thy grace preventin’ me….
    Losh! Yon’s the “Stand-by” bell.
    Pilot so soon? His flare it is. The mornin’-watch is set.
    Well, God be thanked, as I was sayin’, I’m no Pelagian yet.
    Now, I’ll tak’ on….
    ‘Morrn, Ferguson. Man, have ye ever thought
    What your good leddy costs in coal?… I’ll burn ’em down to port.

  137. @bomag

    I’m waiting for Louis Farrakhan to show up on the list of mathematicians.

    In another fifty years, the great Sudanese-American inventor, Ahmad Muhammad from Texas will top Google’s alternative reality rankings (generated using oppression-free weights).

    The comment section here has me laughing hard. Thank you for brightening my day.

  138. @advancedatheist

    Well, do you have somebody in mind who could have done a better job playing Snowden than Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

    I don’t think Snowden is all that sore about Gordon-Levitt playing him. The actor looks just like Snowden in the movie, and yet Gordon-Levitt is also a Movie Star. He’s not quite DiCaprio, but he’s in the next tier down. Among male movie stars under 40 he ranks almost with Fassbender, and with Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling, and Channing Tatum.

  139. NOTA says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    There is a huge difference between an orderly process to take in some number of refugees, and a free-for-all of opening borders to as many as will come. It’s like the difference between letting your cousin sleep on your couch for awhile until he finds another job, and leaving your door open with an announcement that homeless people are welcome.

    Taking refugees in is a form of charity. It’s a good thing to do, but it needs to be done intelligently, deciding how much we’re willing to do and how much cost we’re willing to bear. Merkel’s policy seemed to me to be the opposite of that.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  140. NOTA says:

    Almost certainly these aren’t the result of intentional tweaking of results, but rather the results of their algorithm for deciding what pages people are looking for.

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @SFG
  141. syonredux says:

    Predictably Hollywood wants to diversitize Snowden by getting a Jewish actor to play him on film.

    You don’t get diversity points for casting White Jewish actors….

    • Replies: @Thea
  142. @Hacienda

    Bob Cousy, from the ghetto.
    Original spin move and crossover at about the 47 second mark…

  143. Ivy says:

    Perhaps Google has included a refined pari-mutuel betting aspect to the algorithm(s)? That could allow some gaming of their system by stuffing the inquiry box, akin to stuffing the ballot box.

  144. Ivy says:

    Still have a set of Childcraft books, wonder what they’d go for online, before they appear on the Banned Books List.

  145. eD says:

    “I’m a millenial and grew up in the 90s and 2000s. ”

    I’m gen X and grew up in the 70s and 80s, and my educational experience was exactly the same as you described yours.

    However, as Yak-15 pointed out, they had time in the 00s to change the curriculum.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  146. Ivy says:

    My mom was a teacher, so we got World Books before we got TV, and were given the Childcraft books by a neighbor with older children. Those were the days, when young minds could curl up with good books and absorb so much fairly objective information about the world. It wasn’t perfect but it sure beats the current system.

  147. TheJester says:


    Evidently the British are facing the same problem with respect to integrating alien minorities … that is, alien from Western civilization. Answer: You don’t!

    Universities across Britain might be causing psychological distress to black students because they’re forced to learn about mostly white Europeans, the National Union of Students (NUS) leader has said. NUS president Malia Bouattia, herself a black woman of Algerian heritage, believes that as most higher education is based on “Eurocentric” subjects, non-white undergraduates end up lagging behind.

    In an interview with the Guardian, Bouattia attacked how “white” British university curricula can be, saying: “When we look at the incredibly Eurocentric curriculum, where people don’t see themselves in what they’re studying, and can’t relate to it, and feel that their European counterparts hit the ground running, they can’t see themselves advancing in the subjects.”

    She added that on top of the “vast amounts of debt” many students have accumulated by the time they reach higher education, the lack of relatable topics of study available could be “psychologically destructive.”

    I wonder if British Blacks have run this by Mutti Merkel or Hussein Obama. Do they know how this is going to turn out? If I understand the claim, Blacks in Britain should be studying an African curriculum; Syrians and Turks in Germany should be studying an Islamic curriculum; and, ipso facto, Blacks in the United States should be studying an African curriculum. Is she also suggesting that minority students from alien cultures should be absolved of their student debt to avoid psychological destruction?

    It is interesting where this game is going: Integration be damned. Each ethnicity gets their own safe spaces and ethnic curriculum so they will not be upset or psychologically damaged. Evidently, “snow flakes” and “fragile orchids” do exist on both sides of the Atlantic. The pregnant question: Why did these people immigrate in the first place? Why don’t they go home and leave us in peace?

    • Replies: @anon
  148. Ivy says:

    John Gatto would tell you that the dumbing down started long before Brown v. Board of Education. Search him on DuckDuckGo to find a pdf of his work.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic commenter
  149. Svigor says:


    George H.W. Bush to vote for Hillary Clinton

    Former President George H.W. Bush is bucking his party’s presidential nominee and plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in November

    Of course he’s voting for Illary. I’m sure he’s still wondering why Conservatives didn’t vote for him, too.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic commenter
  150. Lagertha says:

    This is why all the PC bs that has been going on full-tilt now, is destroying our future economy and security. Russia and China are just laughing at the USA and EU and their obsession with equality and diversity. They tried all that “interdependence” stuff, the cultural Marxist stuff, and it utterly failed, caused a lot of misery and death. OT: Hollywood is gonna get owned by China, soon, and we’ll see how many movies with a PC theme will make millions, if at all, compared with blockbusters that go back to the idea of just “entertainment.”

  151. Ivy says:
    @Avenge Harambe

    Many boys were inspired by the futuristic technology. Who doesn’t like a nice rack, after all?

  152. Neuday says:

    Are you saying the stabby Somali dindu nuffin? That’s evidence of assimilation, no?

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  153. @PiltdownMan

    Ok, I’m sorry, but how is it that African-Americans are more than amply represented among American Mathematicians, and yet African-Americans as a group continue to lag behind whites and Asians every single year for at least a century. Where exactly did all these whiz kids in math come from when apparently it hasn’t served to increase the group average in Math.

    Can we all be honest for a moment? Contrary to what Hollywood and popular culture would have us believe, when people say “Such and such is a Math genius” or “Such and such is a brilliant scientist”, most people do not automatically assume that that Mathematician /Scientist is black, and there’s a reason for this.

    NFL; NBA; and certain things in life, yes certainly, African-Americans come to mind. But Mathematics and Science pioneers, trailblazers in these academic disciplines?

    Come on.

    And considering the irony that Google and Silicon Valley’s own workforce is about 2% black (at best), the irony shouldn’t be so quickly passed over.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @dc.sunsets
  154. @Ivy

    Whoa, John Gatto and DuckDuckGo in one posting.

    You could have worked Pepe in there as well.

  155. Ivy says:

    I was in the NSA cafeteria a while ago and saw two NAMs in uniform (there were many uniformed people, not surprising given the operations), along with one at the security check-in.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  156. BB753 says:

    What’s up with Hollywood casting Jews as Gentiles and vice versa, but almost never casting Jewish actors to play Jewish characters ( unless the film has a holocaust theme like The Pianist, where they went out of their way to cast ueberjewish Adrien Brody )?

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @syonredux
    , @SFG
  157. Abe says: • Website

    I’m totally gob-smacked Neil DeGrasse Tyson is not anywhere among the TOP AMERICAN SCIENTISTS. Honestly, given how much Carl Sagan was the face of “science” for most Americans during the 70’s and into the 80’s, I would not begrudge Tyson a spot in the Top 20, as there is a place for popularizers as well.

    • Replies: @Ttjy
    , @Dave Pinsen
  158. @BB753

    Jonah Hill was cast as Efraim Diveroli last month. That seems pretty straightforward.

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @BB753
    , @Broski
  159. @Svigor

    Sure, but did Drudge have to label it ‘Hillary’s Bush?’

    • LOL: MEH 0910
  160. @PiltdownMan

    I googled “American Actors” hoping to find John Wilkes Booth, who is pretty famous and noble. No dice!

  161. @Steve Sailer

    Why would that affect Google? Is Google the go to resource for school reports? The list is beyond absurd in factual sense, most of those people wouldn’t merit even a footnote among scientists, mathematicians, or inventors that matter, much less be at the top with real innovators. We need to look at what is being taught in history classes.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  162. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    There’s probably been some change, but I think the most egregious examples that get publicized and that you hear about online in conservative or right-wing outlets seem to be from heavily black school districts where the teachers and admins are mostly black, and where they even go the whole 9 yards and do Kwanzaa celebrations and stuff. Or in certain very left wing, radical areas like in the Bay Area or something. These school districts had this sort of stuff in their curriculum even when I was going to school in the 90s.

  163. Anonymous [AKA "anannymouse"] says:

    I dunno … If I recall the Reverend Farrakhan correctly, black folks had pyramids and spaceships that could fly around them back in pre-slavery Africa … by comparison to that, Google’s list of inventors seems to be a bit anemic.

    • Replies: @guest
  164. @Steve Sailer

    I’m not sure JGL has established himself on that 2nd tier either. To me he’s more of a highly valued utility infielder who is considered too small/slight to slot into the heart of the batting rotation.

    Almost always gets cast as the sidekick or 3rd wheel in blockbusters, and only gets the title roles for unconventional leads. The only time he got to play a standalone power lead was the minor Don Jon, which he had to cast himself in.

    Ed Norton overcame skinny guy status to become a Movie Star, but JGL is a little too earnest and eager. To overcome the height/frame disadvantage, you either have to be a cauldron of suppressed rage (Norton), be a pocket-sized alpha (Michael J. Fox) or become the intellectual/nerdy go-to guy (Eisenberg).

    • Replies: @SPMoore8
  165. syonredux says:

    What’s up with Hollywood casting Jews as Gentiles and vice versa, but almost never casting Jewish actors to play Jewish characters ( unless the film has a holocaust theme like The Pianist, where they went out of their way to cast ueberjewish Adrien Brody )?

    Brody’s not exactly uber-Jewish:

    *75% Ashkenazi Jewish
    *25% Hungarian

    Adrien Brody is an American actor.

    Adrien’s father, Elliot Brody, is Jewish (from a family that immigrated from Poland).

    Adrien’s mother, Sylvia Plachý, was born in Budapest, Hungary. Adrien’s maternal grandfather was Hungarian (of non-Jewish background). Adrien’s maternal grandmother was a Czech Jew, whose own parents were killed in the Holocaust. Adrien’s mother was raised a Catholic, and did not know about her own mother’s Jewish background until her teenage years. Sylvia’s mother was hidden by Sylvia’s father during the Holocaust.

    And they cast non-Jews as Jews in Holocaust dramas quite frequently: Daniel Craig in Defiance, large chunks of the cast in Holocaust , Robin Williams in Jakob the Liar, etc

    • Replies: @BB753
  166. Neil says:

    People who say they are oppressed by whites use that as a smokescreen. The truth is that they feel quite superior to whites and I think that their use of words like racist and oppression is really code for insubordination.
    They don’t want equality, they want conquest.

  167. @Yojimbo/Zatoichi

    “Ok, I’m sorry, but how is it that African-Americans are more than amply represented among American Mathematicians, and yet African-Americans as a group continue to lag behind whites and Asians every single year for at least a century. Where exactly did all these whiz kids in math come from when apparently it hasn’t served to increase the group average in Math.”

    If you could find one, he … and it almost always is a he, with only a few exceptions like Countdown’s Rachel Riley (google her … she’s worth a look!) … he would tell you the population distribution is leptokurtotic with a very heavy negative skew.

  168. anon1 says:

    OT- Ross Douthat has been reading isteve again…

  169. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It has less to do with smarts and more to do with communism. Communist centralized command economies generally suck at producing everything, including propaganda. The propaganda they produce tends to be clunky and inefficient, like their cars. In freer, market economies, the propaganda produced is much more sophisticated.

  170. Oldvannes says:

    Whenever I come across something this ham-fisted I wonder if it’s internal sabotage through outlandish exaggeration.

    Maybe I give these people too much credit.

  171. I notice that Thomas Edison doesn’t make the top 10 for “inventor”.

    Admittedly, most of what I know about him comes from a biopic starring Mickey Rooney. All the same if you say the word “inventor” the name Edison would spring to mind for most people.

  172. rod1963 says:

    Even DuckDuckGo has the same results.

    Talk about blatant social engineering. But it’s not surprising given the cultural Marxist bent of many who run Silicon Valley firms.

    It’s getting to the point now I’d consider buying a old Encyclopedia Britannica set say from the 1960’s rather than trust search engines on anything remotely unPC/MC.

  173. American Bomb Inventors:

    Manuals for building pressure-cooker bombs have appeared on websites associated with many extremist groups, including ISIS and Al Qaeda. The devices are little more than an ordinary pressure cooker packed with explosives and shrapnel, such as metal screws, and a means of detonating the device remotely. Typical remote detonators are cellphones, garage-door openers, or simply a long pair of twisted wires.

    Going to have to ban pressure cookers soon in the name of diversity.

  174. @5371

    Robert Mercer can claim quite a bit before he can be accused of empty self-aggrandizement.

  175. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It’s pretty funny how long it took for seatbelts to become universally adopted, and how incremental the progress was. Initially, nobody wore seatbelts. Then the driver only wore it. Then the driver and passenger seats. Then for the longest time there was a popular belief that you didn’t need to wear a seatbelt in the back seats.

  176. Jack D says:

    No of course not. Even if you want to invent stuff, if you are lacking in the brains dept. you “invent” things like Clock Boy’s clock in a briefcase.

    What this does (or is intended to do instead) is increase black self-esteem, especially that of children – we wuz kangs. “Society” has been telling them (because it is largely true) that black people never made any major contribution to science or math, so we have to refute that message and show you that being a scientist is not reserved for white guys. So instead we overcorrect and talk about nothing BUT black scientists.

    All well and good for black kids (can’t say what it does for the rest of us) except this takes you back to point #1 – even if they make you WANT to be a scientist, you gotta have what it takes. When I was a kid, thank God nobody tried to convince me to be a cornerback, because I would have really sucked and it would have been a big waste of my time.

    The other problem is that if you look at cultures that are really successful, the traditional route has been to make kids (even if in fact they are really bright) feel like they are ignorant (because they are) and inspire in them a need and a desired to struggle and do hard work to gain proficiency so that they will become worth something. Pride is something that you earn with your own accomplishments and even then you should be humble.

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  177. Mj says:


    Drudge has video up that has Hillary’s left eye bugging out during a speech. The only thing I can conpare it to Is Marty Feldman’s eyes in Young Frankenstein.

  178. Jack D says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Not really. The Diveroli clan is Iranian Jewish. Genetically (and religiously and culturally) this is not quite the same thing. As it happens, Diveroli happens to look somewhat Ashkenazi (more so than Hill) but Iranian Jews (like Iranians themselves) range from “could pass for Southern European” (like Diveroli) to looking like Bollywood stars:

  179. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    it would certainly have been better if Merkel would have transported 1.3 million people from Syria directy to Germany than letting them come themselves. That way there would have much less North Africans, much more women and probably also less Sunnis but more minorities.

  180. @White Guy In Japan

    Do warp drives count too? Still a few minor kinks to work out, however:

  181. Just a quick look at the “American” mathematicians suggests that about half are no, in fact, Americans. The number of important American mathematicians — Tom Lehrer is not one — left off the list, e.g., Milnor, Ellenberg, McLane, Moore, Morse, Conway, Witten, Gibbs, Bowditch, to name a very few, is finite but quite large.

    BTW, who the hell is Benjamin Bannecker? Ooh, I just found out. Why aren’t Mason and Dixon both ahead of him on the list?

    Google has sucked as a serious search engine for a long time. I recommend DuckDuckGo.Com. Despite the silly name it is surprisingly efficient and effective.

    • Replies: @PiltdownMan
  182. Jack D says:

    What are the chances that their job involved serious high level number crunching? About the same as the # of Chinese cornerbacks in the NFL.

  183. Kylie says:

    JujuThis propaganda is aimed at whites not blacks.

    Seriously how many blacks are going to google “American Inventors” to see how many African-Americans are on the list? List-making and googling are white activities. I doubt most blacks bother with google much once they’ve bookmarked Facebook, WorldStarHipHop, and some gambling, and court record sites.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  184. BB753 says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Ok, what about Wolf of Wall Street? And the trend I mentioned is perhaps more obvious in tv series.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  185. @International Jew

    No William Shockley? No James Watson?

    What about Jack Kilby?

  186. @Unladen Swallow

    Is Google the go to resource for school reports?

    Is the Pope Catholi… er, scratch that.

    Does a bear shit in the woods?

  187. BB753 says:

    Well, Adrien Brody is pretty Jewish in the looks department. That’s what I meant.

  188. Seran says:

    If someone would ask, what is the greatest living inventor? How many could name even one inventor, let alone a real inventor and not a fake one like Steve Jobs.

    Of course it is harder to invent, but there isn’t really someone who stands out.
    Dysgenics is probably a cause too, geniuses don’t get many kids.

  189. @neutral

    ” the real question is if this makes a difference, does this propaganda really inspire blacks to invent more ?”

    No but it might discourage young whites and reduce the gap in accomplishment. Wonderful goal! Social justice in action.

  190. Altai says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Genuinely looking like Snowden is generally a barrier to becoming a Hollywood star, at least today.

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  191. Lagertha says:

    because he is an evil jerk. He knows perfectly well that pressure could have been put on the Gulf States to build cities (they build those stupid man-made palm-tree shaped islands for God’s sake) and provide temporary housing. His millions could provide great housing…and these people could be building things like more luxury hotels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, soccer stadiums in Qatar, where ever. Of course, it makes sense now, especially now, to have Muslims re-settled in Muslim lands. EU should be demanding it. EU countries need to get out of the god-forsaken EU.

  192. Thea says:

    That would’ve been hysterical if they had a black actor play him. Would it be good for the narrative or bad?

  193. We are to be diminished. Our heritage, contributions, and achievements will be denied, stolen, or abased. If we sit still and allow this to continue, we deserve our fate.

  194. @27 year old

    Our lives [in the contemporary United States] are worse than [life in the Soviet Union or North Korea]. In North Korea today, literally everyone is ethnically Korean.

    Ha ha ha… Nice sense of perspective. You’re seriously suggesting that having black dudes in the neighborhood is worse than living in North Korea, with its forced labor camps and intentional famines?

    You are aware, I assume, that unlike a North Korean, you can move to a town with few or no non-whites if that’s literally the most important determinant of your happiness.

  195. Mr. Blank says:

    Agreed that it mainly appears to be a K-12 school-report-driven thing. I’m sure the standardized-testing mania that has overtaken schools has contributed — friends and family members in education tell me standardized testing prep has pushed a lot of traditional educational subjects to the wayside in recent years. Probably the only extensive history lessons kids get these days come during Black History Month. Hence the Google results.

    Bing’s results are wonkier since a lot of Bing users are iconoclasts who got fed up with Google for one reason or another. Bing’s algorithms probably draw from a more heterogeneous set of user data.

    Somewhat related: Your readers might be interested in the upcoming movie “Hidden Figures,” which I gather is based on a book.

    Now I know nothing of the book, so for all I know, it’s nothing like the movie. But the movie sounds the most unintentionally hilarious Affirmative-Action History movie ever: It’s about three black female mathematicians who, at least according to the movie’s publicity, played an absolutely crucial role in getting John Glenn into space.

    It ticks every SJW box! The principals are black; they’re female; and it’s set in the early 1960s, so we’ll get lots of grievance porn about how nearly American whites were essentially Nazis up until about 1975 or so. If that’s not enough, it hits Pepe the Frog’s fans right in the privilege by implying that even the super-white triumph of 1960s NASA culture was built on the backs of oppressed black bodies.

    It should be amusing.

  196. Mr. Blank says:

    What’s really funny is that actual blacks see right through this lazy propaganda on their behalf. There’s a rich tradition of black comedians poking fun at the whole “black people invented Literally Everything!” trope.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @Daniel H
  197. Yet another reason for surfing the web with Javascript disabled.

    No propaganda pictures.

  198. Jack D says:

    You may be right but this makes it even worse. It appears that our children aren’t really being taught the history of American science and invention in schools, they are being taught the history of African-American science and math to the neglect of all others. So the google results reflect a million billion school reports on “Great African American [Female] Scientists”.

    Which leads me to believe that (for this time only) Whiskey is on to something. If you are a white female school teacher (and keep in mind, something like half of school age children aren’t white anymore and white boys are less than 1 in 4), teaching about an endless stream of dead white males who created the modern world no fun for anyone – not for you, not for the majority of your students. It’s depressing.

  199. Try “American Architects” and even in Google the results are white as the driven snow!!!

  200. Tex says:

    He was a credit to his rice.

  201. @Dave Pinsen

    Wow! Another picture of Trayvon just days before he was gunned down by that White Hispanic cracker. Think what the world has missed.

  202. @Anonymous

    I graduated from high school in 1999, and took International Baccalaureate and other advanced courses in English literature. In hindsight, the large amount of African, mainly African American, writers (or otherwise themes) was disproportionate to their overall contributions to the canon. Was it really necessary to read Toni Morrison’s Beloved, Song of Solomon, and her Nobel acceptance speech? A play and a novel by James Baldwin (and not even his best work, Giovanni’s Room)? Why did we have compare and contrast Cry, the Beloved Country with the very similar postcolonialist narrative voice of Things Fall Apart, rather than with a more contentious narrative by Coetzee, one of our greatest contemporary novelists? All these works are commendable, some a lot, some less so, but far richer literature was inarguably overlooked because the course material was selected with, no doubt, “diversity” and “inclusion” in mind.

    • Replies: @Ivy
    , @Jimi
  203. Jack D says:
    @Mr. Blank

    I commented on this a few days ago. It’s set at an even earlier time – WWII. Apparently some (black female) historian was looking at a group photo taken at NACA in Virginia (the predecessor to NASA) during the war and in addition to the black janitors, etc. there were a few black women dressed in office clothes in the photo. Further research revealed that these women had been “computers” – they did the work that electronic computers do today, but by manually (and repeatedly – what a mind numbing job) inputting each # into an adding machine in order to generate airfoil profiles and such. They needed a LOT of computers – a whole roomful of these women (like phone operators they found women to be more suitable) working nonstop could produce less than one programmable pocket calculator could do today. Having an understanding of math on the order of say a high school math teacher was helpful to the work but this did not make these women into von Braun’s by any stretch of the imagination (except Hollywood’s). The war was on and they were desperate for manpower, so if some of the qualified applicants were black women (and the Federal government even then had anti-discrimination requirements) they were glad to have them but even calling their role in sending a man to the moon 25 years later “marginal” would be giving them too much credit.

    • Replies: @guest
    , @Mr. Blank
  204. Jack D says:

    One word answer: schoolchildren.

    • Agree: Kylie
  205. Tex says:

    I used to see a list of patents held by black people circulated from time to time back in the ’90s. Items included a lot of improvements on common things, eg a black man patented an improvement on plows. A lot of the items were 19th century vintage. Seems like the list has gone digital.

  206. @Lot

    I had the 70’s/80’s Childcraft books. The fairy princess on the cover of Stories and Fables is one of the earliest images I can remember that instilled in me a nascent consciousness of the ‘divine nature’ of white beauty (#26). A lot of the psychological consternation behind racial/ethnic identity grievance politics is non-whites and near-whites coveting/envying/resenting the “lily white” phenotype at its most idealized (#359).

    If only the angry Portnoys/Roths could somehow have made aliyah before adolescence and chillaxed with the hot sluts of today’s IDF! (#6). There would be much less paranoia and anti-white bile in the zeitgeist of contemporary American politics.

    • Replies: @SFG
    , @Dave Pinsen
    , @Jefferson
  207. Tex says:
    @Andrew Swift

    I tried it on Duck Duck Go for images. The filter was not exactly bleached. Fourth row down Sitting Bull makes an appearance.

  208. @Steve Sailer

    So, do you suppose google’s algorithm selects the pictures based on what people search for and then ultimately click on, or that the SJWs are doing exactly what we think they are doing.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  209. guest says:
    @Jack D

    Reminds me of the young Canadian commando in The Bridge on the River Kwai, whose civilian job was at an accounting firm. “Well, sir, I just checked columns and columns of figures which three or four people had checked before me, and then there were other people who checked them after I had checked them…Sir, it was a frightful bore.”

    The movie didn’t paint this as heroic. He got to be a hero when he stabbed the Japanese Colonel to death, though.

  210. Lurker says:
    @dr kill

    There was the Ving Rhames hacker/tech character in the Mission: Impossible series.

    • Replies: @guest
  211. syonredux says:
    @Mr. Blank

    It should be amusing.

    It’s a safe bet that these Black female calculators will soon be more famous than Robert Goddard…

  212. Tex says:

    Growing up in the ’70s my family had World Book and Americana. The World Book set was from 1945 and the maps of Europe all said, “Boundaries will not be settled until peace treaties are signed.” The Americana was more up to date and included yearbooks that outlined the progress of the Korean War. When I was bored I’d open them up and read random subjects.

    No wonder I always feel like I’m in a time warp. Lol

  213. @27 year old

    Yes it was horrible. Do you know what a ration stamp for food is? 2kg of sugar per month per person. Two kilograms of meat per person per month? Not very good meat at that. You got stamps in your workplace. Shop-lines had their own committees and membership lists. Saleswomen were treated like minor goddesses because they could decide if you get to buy anything other than vinegar. Even little things from the West like chewing gum or jeans or movie posters were like bright, vibrant remainders in the sea of dullness, propaganda, dirty water, polluted air and imbecilic apparatchiks that somewhere out there is a better world.

    That was in Eastern Europe. Russia was worse.

    Damn, if you are a member of the alt-right I must tell you that the whatever the alt-right is it is getting imbecilic with its Russia worship. It is as if dissident movements in the West take turns to idealize Soviets/Russia and project their particular fantasies on this country. For the Left they were defenders of socialism. For the Right they are defenders of Christendom. The Left’s love affair ended in disappointment…

    It is fascinating. Like watching a train wreck.

    Damn. I am too young to write things like that.

    • Replies: @Thea
  214. @wren

    Maybe President Trump can do some trust busting against Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Give them the same treatment Clinton’s DOJ gave Microsoft 20 years ago.

  215. FKA Max says:
    @Mr. Blank

    The Old Negro Space Program

    Uploaded on Mar 29, 2006

    A parody in the style of Ken Burns documentaries – ‘retired’ black astronauts recall the feats and derring dos of the do it yourself African-American space program from the late fifties to the dawn of the seventies. Vist Wikipedia entry at

    02/17/2013 – I have gotten to the point of being so fucking tired of reading these fucking racists diatribes I have turned off all comments. You racists are a disease that need to be eradicated like smallpox..

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  216. @Cattle Guard

    In Living Color was a riot. I watched it when it was first on in the 90s and was amazed that they got away with so much stuff. Of course, it helped that most of the main guys were black, but still, there is no way any of that would make it on the air today. Men on Film ( was my favorite.

  217. guest says:

    I think they were subverting expectations, there. Computer guys aren’t usually giant, scary men that look like they could beat up the action hero lead. The fact that he was also black is significant, but secondary.

  218. Anon7 says:

    “Despite comprising 13 percent of the native-born population of the United States, African Americans comprise just half a percent of U.S.-born innovators.”

    Maybe Google needs to take some engineers away from their self-driving car effort and put them back into search engine development.

  219. Mr. Blank says:
    @Jack D

    Geez, that makes it even worse. I had assumed that somebody actually went through the trouble of finding some black women doing some kind, any kind of mathematical work for NASA in the 1960s (there must have been at least one or two somewhere), then through Hollywood’s Diversity Promotion process, the movie simply inflated their contributions to the point that they were portrayed as Von Braun’s most trusted mathematicians or something.

    But you’re saying they didn’t even bother to go that far. They just found some black women who did computing work in World War II and somehow connected it to the space program. So we’re talking about people who are three or four times removed from the “accomplishments” Hollywood is crediting them with.

    By that standard, I was instrumental in taking down Osama Bin Laden because I once recommended a book to a guy who worked with Navy SEALs, and he told me he recommended it to one of his SEAL colleagues. And from that point, you could speculate that THAT guy might have known a guy on SEAL Team 6 and recommended the book to him, and THAT guy might have been reading or thinking about the book I recommended when he took down Bin Laden. Ergo: I was responsible for taking down Bin Laden! Where’s my movie?

    • Replies: @Jack D
  220. @NOTA

    I don’t consider it a good thing at all, not even in small numbers, particularly not when the bogus ‘refugees’ are culturally hostile and primitive muslims.

    How I wish there was a reliable way to force do-gooders like you to live next door to them.

  221. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Andrew Swift

    I agree. It’s mostly the odd-ball result from one group commonly being called ‘whites’ and the other ‘African Americans’.

  222. @Spotted Toad

    And Cal Tech, the magnificent institution that runs JPL, is perhaps the last American university still free from affirmative action bullshit. (As far as I know it still is, anyway.)

  223. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t you know that White Privilege is really the privilege of having POC living with us? But of course Black Privilege could and should never, ever, be defined as the privilege of living in a civilization created and maintained by PONC.

  224. Jack D says:
    @Mr. Blank

    More here:

    This is the main character of the movie.

    Basically, her job was later replaced by a computer that has the computing power of a modern pocket calculator.

  225. OT: Hillary goes on The Steve Harvey show and says she will say directly to white people “[That’s] not who we are” in response to Tulsa shooting

    This level of pandering is nauseating, I wonder if \$hillary has any real thoughts.

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  226. @Mr. Blank

    It’s aimed at whites.

    Like the rape culture hysteria, it’s an attempt to re-institute old-time mores on the sly so they don’t have to admit they made a mistake getting rid of the old-time religion which produced them.

    In this case, it’s an attempt to deflate some of the excessive (and baseless) self-esteem among midwit whites, i.e. to re-introduce some humility. Demoralizing pro-western nationalists is gravy.

  227. Also OT: The comment section on that editorial by Hidalgo, Khan and de Blasio is incredibly reasonable on muslim immigration. Unless Hillary thinks this was manipulated by russian hackers, I don’t see how she cannot afford to pivot on immigration.

  228. @Lurker

    Cosby never said: “I’m not a black doctor but I play one on TV.”

    also never said: “I’m not a black doctor, but I administer drugs to young ladies.”

  229. @Nador

    Blacks only invent in English because they are so patriotic. That’s why.

  230. Jefferson says:

    “In other words, I bet the NSA looks more like NASA in the the 1960′s than like our emerging diversity dystopia in the 21st Century. You can’t get much whiter than the NSA defector Edward Snowden, with a family name from West Yorkshire, England.

    Predictably Hollywood wants to diversitize Snowden by getting a Jewish actor to play him on film.”

    Are you saying Joseph Gordon Levitt is a Nonwhite Person Of Color? Are you saying he would not have been able to pass for White in Jim Crow South? If Joseph had lived in Arkansas in 1946 and he entered a Whites Only restaurant would he have been kicked out?

    If Joseph is the epitome of Vibrant Diversity than America’s future will not be so dark pun intended if the average Nonwhite American looks like Joseph Gordon Levitt.

    • Replies: @Jenner Ickham Errican
  231. @TheJester

    This assumption of low self-esteem affecting academic results survives in the social sciences as the so-called stereotype threat: the hypothesis that students underperform academically (or in specific subjects, for example girls in mathematics) when they are aware that their sex, race, or ethnicity is stereotyped as underperforming. A small handful of low-powered studies from the mid-90’s “proving” causation between stereotypes and performance have been cited thousands of times, and continue to be cited, despite all evidence to the contrary. Unsurprisingly for such circular reasoning, stereotype threat has failed the replication process spectacularly. But as it is such wish-fulfillment for far-leftist ideologues, by now the damage is done, and it has influenced education policy.

  232. SPMoore8 says:
    @Jack D

    Assuming the wikipedia article is accurate, it appears she had a good career in NASA, and if someone wants to make a movie about that, I’m cool with it.

    The problem is that it won’t be “here’s a regular person who was a part of something big and important”, it will be “here’s a woman who is black who was a part of something big and important.” At least that’s my guess.

    So I imagine in the first act we’ll have a lot of sexism and racial prejudice and then in the second act the German engineers will look down on her because she’s a black woman (or possibly the Germans will be more accepting in contrast to homegrown white American racists), until the third act when she computes a flight path with such accuracy that John Glenn won’t go into space without her (I can believe Glenn would do something like that, he was a good guy, looking out for underdogs) and the ends with Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, secretly carrying with him a small African doll that was made by her great great grandmother when she was a slave, where it was secretly left on the moon …….

    But I digress. There are some problems with the wiki entry, for example, Alan Shepard didn’t go into space in 1959, the suborbital flight in 1961 was his first flight, IIRC until he started hitting golf balls on the moon 15 years later.

    PS: If it’s any consolation to those who feel this is reverse racism, keep in mind that Katherine Johnson is the whitest black person imaginable.

  233. On a related note, I’ve noticed that when you Google “ISteve” your website is a the top. Whereas before the top search was one of the bajillion movies about Steve Jobs, this one starring Jobs un-lookalike Justin Long, and the fat guy from “Lost” as Steve Wozniak.

  234. Jefferson says:
    @Jack D

    “What this does (or is intended to do instead) is increase black self-esteem, especially that of children – we wuz kangs.”

    The Atlanta Black Star and MTV’s Decoded are we wuz kangs on steroids. According to them if Black people did not exist than Humanity would still be living like The Flintstones. Black people are going to take us to a Jetson like future.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  235. I’m surprised “clock boy” wasn’t number 1

  236. @Mr. Blank

    Readers may also be interested in the upcoming Disney movie Queen of Katwe. It is about a poor Ugandan chess player, Phiona Mutesi, who becomes a Woman Candidate Master. Granted, a ranking of 2000 is normally needed to become a Woman Candidate Master but Phiona Mutesi succeeded never ranking higher than 1686!

    • Replies: @SPMoore8
  237. @Lurker

    “At least Lt. Uhura had the common decency to look good in leather boots and a tiny dress. Bill Cosby, not so much.”

    I’ll grant you that about Uhura, but I don’t recall ever seeing Cosby in a miniskirt and knee-high boots, so I don’t think the comparison is valid 😉

  238. SPMoore8 says:

    I used to like moral and intellectual uplift movies like this. Now that I am old, I tend to be cynical.

    In the first place, Chess is always painful to watch in movies because the general concept is that all games end in mate when that’s hardly ever the case, people usually resign long before then.

    Second, I just see in my mind a bunch of girls going out and getting chess sets and being into the game for a few days and then getting bored because the boys they like don’t like to play.

    Third, I really don’t think Chess teaches you any particular real world skills.

    You can go to, type in “Mutesi” and play through some of the games they have there.

  239. Anonym says:

    OT: anyone been following the House Oversight Committee with Chaffetz and Gowdy? Very entertaining from what I can see. And there is the reddit exposed Hillary’s IT guy who asked reddit how to remove names from emails. Combetta. If he sings, he probably won’t live long.

    This election is too good. I am looking forward to it being over.

    • Replies: @Lugash
  240. Jefferson says:
    @dr kill

    “Don’t forget my all time favorite Black tech guy, Argyle from Die Hard. He could run that limo for shizzle. The vault driller was pretty cool, too. “The quarterback is toast!”

    What about Donald Glover in The Martian.

    • Replies: @Alden
  241. Jefferson says:

    “PS: If it’s any consolation to those who feel this is reverse racism, keep in mind that Katherine Johnson is the whitest black person imaginable.”

    Anthony Cumia who is Italian joked that Katherine Johnson looks like she could be his mother. He was also extremely shocked to find out she is “Black”.

  242. phil says:

    As it turns out, blacks actually have HIGHER self-esteem than whites on average, and whites have greater self-esteem than East Asians. Anxiety helps spur people to study.

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  243. Daniel H says:
    @Mr. Blank

    >>What’s really funny is that actual blacks see right through this lazy propaganda on their behalf. There’s a rich tradition of black comedians poking fun at the whole “black people invented Literally Everything!” trope.

  244. Jefferson says:

    “I’m guessing it was racist whites who started it and poor Adan was just a victim of intolerant whites. There’s gotta be a lawsuit initiated!”

    Minnesota has racist Whites? Since when? Minnesota is the Good White capital of America. That state gave birth to White privilege conferences. Thanks a lot Minnesota.

  245. melendwyr says: • Website

    It doesn’t teach skills. It does permit you to practice certain skills/abilities – mostly thinking ahead. But there are other games that do that, too. And no amount of practice seems able to increase the ability of people who just don’t have it, it merely develops the talents to the degree that people possess them.

  246. Dr. Doom says:

    Yes and when you see this great history of achievement its easy to understand why blacks never invented the wheel and haven’t mastered farming and agriculture even Today. They were far to busy hounding google to be more inclusive to get around to building any nascent civilization.

  247. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Groan– the wikipedia page about all the Ben Banneker monuments, dedications, and fan-fiction is longer than the guy’s own article. I’m not sure who’s meant to be fooled by it, though perhaps there are no thought-through elements at play. Sort of like Obama happening to get into the White House in time to meet that magical old butler: easily disproved, but then, everybody already knew it was made up at the time so what’s the BFD? Poetic truth is the new history

  248. Jefferson says:

    “Are you saying the stabby Somali dindu nuffin? That’s evidence of assimilation, no?”

    Assimilating into African American culture. But according to the invite the world elites Muslim immigrants in America today are the new Italians and Irish. But these Muslims Yoofs with their violent out of control behavior are more like Barack Hussein Obama’s sons than Fiorello H. La Guardia’s sons.

  249. p s c says:

    Where’s Ron Popiel? I love my “pocket fisherman!”

  250. gregor says:
    @Andrew Swift

    It should be able to distinguish between African-American and just American more generally. If I don’t expressly include African, why assume that’s what I want, contrary to every principle of ordinary communication? If Google can’t even manage that then we can safely stop worrying about the singularity. More than likely, Google could very easily provide results that are much more in line with “American scientist” as commonly used.

  251. Jefferson says:
    @Luke Lea

    “Or as Milo says on his current Deplorable Faggot college tour, straight white males “invented almost everything” and pretty much created the world we live in.”

    Milo Yiannopoulos said in interview with Gavin McInnes that he really hates Dykes. He said the only group he hates more than Dykes are Jihadists.

    I wonder how common it is for Gay men to hate Dykes? I always got the impression that Gay men on average prefer to hang out with traditional girly women over masculine butch women.

    • Replies: @SFG
  252. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Top American inventor according to Google, Lewis Howard Latimer. Let’s see, what did he do?

    Biggest accomplishments- helped Bell draft the patent for the telephone. Helped Edison promote the lightbulb. In 1890, Latimer published a book entitled Incandescent Electric Lighting: A Practical Description of the Edison System.

    So, the guy who helps draw up legal paperwork for the phone is a more important inventor than the guy who created it? Tell me again how being black isn’t privileged? Is there any plausible reason why this guy would be even on the list of top 100 inventors other than a diversity listing?

  253. Kaz says:

    Yeah, it’s probably just school assignments, I had to write to do a few reports a year every year K-12 on black something or other.

    I had a black english teacher in 6th grade, it was black history YEAR in that class haha. If we were going to watch a movie for fun or something, it would have to have a black lead, saw a lot of Will Smith that year..

    I’m 25 now so I don’t know how much things have changed since then.

  254. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s a bizarre article from the NY Times, explicitly pointing out that Trump’s plans would slightly reduce the US population over the next decade, while Hillary’s plans would increase the population by 40 million. It’s bizarre because usually the NY Times and similar MSM outlets don’t explicitly mention population growth; they usually just vaguely refer to it as something that will be good for the economy. People are often swayed by the “good for the economy” arguments, so if population growth is shoehorned in, they sort of passively accept it. But people don’t necessarily buy the population growth itself is positive argument. Furthermore, the NY Times and the MSM spend so much time browbeating its audience about global warming and climate change and environmentalism, which does not mesh with the population growth is good viewpoint.

    If Donald Trump were to win the presidency and carry out his strident promise to build an impregnable wall along the border with Mexico, both advocates and foes agree, it would turn the United States into a nation quite different from the one they live in.

    They don’t know the half of it: Under Mr. Trump’s anti-immigrant proposals, the American population would probably shrink to 323 million by 2024, about one million fewer people than today and 22 million fewer people than the Census Bureau’s projections eight years from now.

    There is another side to the story, too: With Hillary Clinton as the next president, the population of the United States is more likely to increase to 360 million in 2024, from 324 million today.

    Of course, these disparate futures, estimated by Joseph Chamie, a demographer who once headed the United Nations Population Division, rely on a few assumptions. Mr. Trump would expel 11 million immigrants who are illegally in the country; Mrs. Clinton would legalize them. Future migration in a Trumpian America would fall to zero but would rise if Mrs. Clinton were president, as many newly legalized residents brought their families along.

    The gap — 37 million people, more than a tenth of the population — underscores how powerfully immigration policy will shape the future of the United States. And it highlights the shortcoming of a decades-old political debate over overhauling the nation’s immigration system that has failed to take into account the disconnect between policy makers and the American public.

    “One of the main demographic effects would likely be on overall population size,” said Michael S. Teitelbaum, who in the 1990s was vice chairman and acting chairman of the United States Commission on International Migration. “Another major effect would be on demographic composition in terms of national origin, language, education, religion, race/ethnicity, et cetera.”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  255. Jack D says:

    It’s easy to write agitprop – the stuff practically writes itself.

    I suspect that the Wiki already presents her in the best possible light. In the accompanying photo, in 1966, she still has her hand on her faithful adding machine. I could see that Glenn might trust a lady who has been calculating trajectories for decades over a new fangled E- lectronic computer.

    But being able to plug numbers into a formula does not make you a “physicist”. There are a lot of blacks (especially ones that are 3/4 white to begin with) who are capable of learning math to the level where they can plug numbers into an equation and come up with the right answer consistently. The military has shown that it is very possible to break down technical tasks to the point where they can be performed by people of average intelligence (this includes average whites and above average blacks – the military doesn’t take average blacks) who have been properly trained. You need rocket scientists to DESIGN a nuclear aircraft carrier, but 95% of the work needed to maintain and operate one can be performed by people of much lower intelligence. In fact someone who is really intelligent would go nuts punching numbers into that damn adding machine – clackety clackety clack – all day every day whereas for someone like Johnson it presented just enough challenge to keep her motivated.

    BUT, this is in a completely different league than being a Newton or a von Neumann, who develops the formula in the 1st place. I’m sure that if you had asked von Braun or any of the other top people at NASA about Johnson they would have stared at you blankly and maybe if you had reminded them about the black lady who worked in the calculator dept. they would have mumbled a few words about how good she was at punching in numbers, but she was by far NOT the hidden wizard without whom there would have been no space program. This is like saying that the secretary who typed up Twain’s drafts was the hidden genius behind his books.

    If you read the article closely it say that she calculated the trajectory in ’59, not that he flew in that year.

    • Replies: @Former Darfur
    , @ogunsiron
  256. George says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Playing with google search terms the plus sign no longer means add, it means google+ social networking. playing with searches

    +american inventors
    american +inventors
    +american +inventors

    Gives favoritism to African American pages for some reason. So somehow Google+ might be influencing Google results.

  257. iSteveFan says:

    OT – Back to the election, Trump apparently is closing or even passing Hillary in some polls. But I have a hard time thinking positively because all the action appears to be in VA, NC, FL and OH. Trump is really putting in a lot of time and at best these states are toss ups. A poll even came out that Trump tweeted that shows him up by a couple points in GA. Georgia?

    How is this good? It wasn’t too long ago that GA, VA and NC were as solidly GOP as NY was for the democrats. I know OH and FL have been tight since around 2000. But in both cases, those used to be GOP states.

    I am not blaming Trump for this. I think any other GOP nominee would just be another Bob Dole at this point. But it is disheartening that the so called solid south is cracking. What is driving this? Is it the immivasion, the return of blacks to the south, or northerners coming down for jobs?

    • Replies: @SFG
    , @rod1963
  258. @Buzz Mohawk

    Nobody was allowed to say to the young inventor Clock Boy what Obama gets to say, “You didn’t build that.”

  259. Jack D says:

    He didn’t have a gun and yet that cracka cop shot him – I see a wrongful death action right there.

    Perhaps it was a case of sudden jihad syndrome. This can strike at any time. One minute you are on the way to pick up your new iPhone 7 (BTW, I guaranty that I have a LOT more \$ than Adan and I don’t have an iPhone 7) and SJS strikes and you are helpless in the hands of SJS. You begin shouting “Allahu Akbar” and you grab whatever weapon comes to hand – this could happen to anyone.

    The family seems to have a strained relationship with truth – this usually comes from years of lying to immigration officials, welfare officials, etc. Any resemblance between what they say and the actual truth is coincidence. From the article:

    The family says he was currently working as a security guard at Capital One in downtown St. Cloud and that he was enrolled as a student at St. Cloud State. But St. Cloud State said he had been enrolled between 2014 and the spring of 2016 and was no longer enrolled there. Late Monday, Capital One said that after a review of company records, Adan had never worked there.

  260. @Corvinus

    Seriously, is this what you’ve resigned yourself to?

    You needed to type in “Great American Inventors” on Google. This is the Coalition Of The Right Fringe edition.

    Edison, Bell, Tesla, Franklin, Morse, Carver, and Ford all came up on the first page.

    Carver does not belong on that list. And non-entities like CJ Walker, Elijah McCoy and Lewis Latimer appear before the Wright brothers. Really? What about Isaac Singer? Willis Carrier? Hiram Maxim?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  261. I just tried ‘ballet dancer’ Misty copeland comes up first.
    From what I understand she shouldn’t be a prima ballerina and if it wasn’t for diversity pressure seh never would have made the corps.

    • Replies: @AnotherGuessModel
  262. @SPMoore8

    Katherine Johnson’s mother’s grandfather was a white slave owner who he sent his half-black children to college. Johnson’s father’s grandfather was an Indian; the family doesn’t know the tribe.

    The Wiki entry for the desegregation of West Virginia University is incorrect also. The court decision ruling was in December 1938. Johnson and two black men desegregated the graduate school in the summer of 1939.

    Too bad she is so old. She led an interesting life but just keeps drifting from the point.

  263. Dirk Dagger [AKA "oarsman:regatta"] says: • Website

    Marian Evans:

    There is also no doubt that Carver himself helped inflate his reputation. He did not explicitly claim to have invented all the products he spoke of, but he glossed over the difference between invention and list-making in a way that can only have been deliberate. When given an opportunity to correct exaggerated claims on his behalf, he did so in humorously humble ways that no one took seriously. On taking the podium, he might say, “I always look forward to introductions about me as good opportunities to learn a lot about myself that I never knew before.” To an author who had written of him favorably, he wrote, “How I wish I could measure up to half of the fine things this article would have me be.”

  264. TheBoom says:

    I simply can’t take any list of great inventors seriously that does not have Clock boy on it.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  265. Broski says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Indeed. And the odious Jessie Eisenberg was cast as the odious Mark Zuckerberg.

  266. @Trumpenprole

    Probably children clicking on pictures of black inventors and black scientists contributes to the results.

  267. @BB753

    Scorsese makes movies starring DiCaprio, the way John Ford made movies starring John Wayne.

  268. @Anonymous

    Problem is the average Russian or Eastern European was smart enough to realize it was all bullshit

    They had an advantage: since time immemorial they’d always lived under rulers they couldn’t trust. The Soviets were just the newest installment.

    Americans, on the other hand, entered the 21st century after some eight-ten generations of pretty decent government. So our now-tyrannical government can tap into a lot of residual trust still.

  269. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Speaking of cankles, I read that she once again (Temple U speech on Monday) had to be helped up a flight of stairs.

    Even if the kids are too brainwashed to recognize the foul odor coming off her political ideology, they seem to be recognizing that her next paying gig should be a Depends spokeswoman. Nearly 40k millenials at the university and she has trouble filling a small room.

  270. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    At my daughter’s elementary school, there is a picture of Obama in every room I’ve seen (and that’s quite a few). No BS. I don’t remember the schools doing that with any other president before.

  271. @TheBoom

    But we’ve made up for it here at iSteve: there are 11 mentions of Clock Boy (so far).

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  272. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “I’m waiting for Louis Farrakhan to show up on the list of mathematicians.”

    -Oh, no, he’s one of our esteemed great philosophers. Our greatest mathematician was “Rent’s too damn high” guy.

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  273. Jefferson says:

    “Genuinely looking like Snowden is generally a barrier to becoming a Hollywood star, at least today.”

    If you look at the list of highest paid Hollywood male actors, its mostly made up of men who racially look like Edward Snowden. And the highest paid “Black” actor Dwayne Johnson looks less Black than Barack Hussein Obama phenotype wise.

    So you are 100 percent wrong.

  274. @oh its just me too

    From what I understand she shouldn’t be a prima ballerina and if it wasn’t for diversity pressure seh never would have made the corps.

    Were it not for her aggressive public relations campaign playing the race card, Copeland would have never been promoted to principal dancer, which is the highest ranking. (The corps is the lowest ranking in ballet besides apprentices.) She is most certainly not a prima ballerina, as that is a very rare title given to the absolute best of a generation. Copeland is or was a good enough dancer for the soloist or, very generously, First Soloist ranking, but not good enough for principal, especially not at a top-tier ballet company like the ABT. Her fame and accolades in the media benefit from the general public not being able to distinguish between adequate and virtuosic ballet technique and expression. I suppose you could argue that most of her fans wouldn’t know the difference, but it is fraudulent and corrupt for the company to promote her to audiences as a principal-level dancer.

    • Replies: @Kylie
  275. Ttjy says:

    ESPN is unwatchable, other than the actual games.

    There was a talk show today that had 2 black women and a black man talking. The 2 black women are the hosts I think and the black guy is a journalist that is regularly on ESPN.

  276. Ttjy says:

    His picture is on top right next to James Watson.

  277. Jefferson says:

    “-Oh, no, he’s one of our esteemed great philosophers. Our greatest mathematician was “Rent’s too damn high” guy.”

    The Rent Is Too Damn High Guy is voting for Donald Trump.

  278. Jefferson says:

    A White female cop in Tulsa straight bust a cap on a Negro thug. Crooked Hildabeast immediately tweeted condemning the White female police officer.

  279. SFG says:

    The Veteran’s Day thing bothered me. You’re basically saying white male veterans, which is most of them, don’t count, and if they wanted to be accurate they actually could have put one black guy in.

  280. SFG says:

    It’s the Yankees. Note the gradual southward spread.

    Trump seems to be capturing some Midwestern ground though. As the divide gets more racial than cultural, whitopias like Iowa are starting to turn.

  281. BenKenobi says:
    @International Jew

    Yeah but to be fair, he really pisses us off.

  282. @Jefferson

    Black people are going to take us to a Jetson like future.

    Damn straight:

  283. SFG says:

    They don’t have a lot in common but they have the LGBT solidarity thing. I actually expect that to fade as anti-gay sentiment fades.

    I always wondered why gay men love women but lesbians hate men.

  284. @Anonymous

    There is a new suburban school opened in a ~90% white district a couple of years ago here that features huge murals of MLK, Rosa Parks, et. al. (all black or Amerindian) in the entrance area.

    Ironically, I remember volunteering while in college in the 80s to go to the local black elementary schools to diversify their reading books, which at the time featured all white children. Now the readers in the white schools feature mostly black kids, with some white girls. Sometimes they’ll have boy animals.

    • Replies: @Ivy
    , @Dave Pinsen
  285. SFG says:
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    I suspect a lot of the more conservative but less religious Jews just marry shiksas/shaygitzes and bail.

  286. Svigor says:

    Whiskey: right, Roddenberry wasn’t a Jew, he was a white woman. Like the two guys who run G**gle, who have biased their search engine for Illary. And George “billions for open borders” Soros. And David “hundreds of millions for open borders” Gelbaum. Ad infinitum.

    Throw the white women under the bus to save the Jewish oligarchs, part 50109.

  287. SFG says:

    Not conventionally good-looking enough I’d guess?

    Obviously there are a lot of Jews in Hollywood, so they have a lot of Jewish actors with connections looking for work. There are also a lot of movies on Jewish subjects for the same reason, so plenty of Jewish roles for Gentiles to play. I’m not sure this particular case has anything more to it than the ethnic background of the industry.

  288. SFG says:
    @Steve Sailer

    What happened to Maggie? Got tied up in something she shouldn’t have?

  289. jcd1974 says:

    A lot of Europeans believe that 50% (or more) of Americans are black. They also tend to be unaware of affirmative action policies and believe that white on black violence is more prevalent than the reverse.

    • Replies: @NOTA
  290. Jefferson says:

    “As it turns out, blacks actually have HIGHER self-esteem than whites on average, and whites have greater self-esteem than East Asians. Anxiety helps spur people to study.”

    Does that mean when Leslie Jones looks in the mirror she sees a perfect 10 Ebony Goddess?

  291. SFG says:

    They just have a lot of Jewish actors (duh).

    You want a (((conspiracy))) angle, see if they mention the ethnicity of the guys in War Dogs.

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  292. SFG says:

    You never know. You may remember when they tried to misdirect people going to Glenn Beck’s rally, or scrub Pat Buchanan from autocomplete. I don’t think it happens often–people usually have other things to do–but it does happen.

  293. Mr. Blank says:

    That weird Alexander Graham Bell photo is more evidence that this is an algorithm-driven thing. A computer doing a visual search for “African American inventors” might erroneously flag him as a black guy due to skin tone in that picture, thus boosting his rankings.

    Which suggests that a good way for some self-promoter to spoof Google’s search rankings might be to make sure all his web-accessible photos make him look black…

  294. Jefferson says:

    “I’m waiting for Louis Farrakhan to show up on the list of mathematicians.”

    Louis Farrakhan recently said he is not voting for Crooked Hildabeast, so that would make him a sexist woman hating basket of deplorable.

  295. SFG says:

    There isn’t a huge Scottish-American lobby, and he was a likable character anyway. How many times did he save the ship?

  296. @Corvinus

    Edison, Bell, Tesla, Franklin, Morse and Ford

    All black men, whose pictures have been altered by the “Great White Conspiracy” to keep Toby down. And, whose depredations have maliciously neglected Morgan, Walker, McCoy, Latimer, Steve Jobs and Hedy Lamarr.

    It is a Corvinus world, and us proles should be glad Corvinus let’s us live here (for now).

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  297. Jefferson says:

    “You want a (((conspiracy))) angle, see if they mention the ethnicity of the guys in War Dogs.”

    Jonah Hill’s character wears a star of david in the film and mentions being Jewish when talking to Kevin Pollak.

    You’ve obviously never seen the film War Dogs.

    • Replies: @SFG
  298. SFG says:

    Sure, I love giving these guys the credit they deserve. Of course Dalrymple deserves credit for bringing it to English speakers.

  299. Ivy says:

    English classes were only slightly better in the early 1970s in my high school. There was a push to make students read minority and alternative lifestyle literature to offset all that Chaucer, Shakespeare, etc. Proto-SJW teachers were on the case but were so obvious in their attempts at manipulation that students saw through them.

  300. Jefferson says:

    George H.W Bush said he is voting for Crooked Hildabeast. Even though H.W is inching extremely close to death (meaning he most likely will not be alive 5 years from now) he still needs to make sure Invite The World will continue to go on without a hitch because it is part of his legacy and the legacy of the Bush family in general.

    • Replies: @NOTA
    , @BB753
  301. Thea says:
    @Bies Podkrakowski

    Putin says “if you don’t miss the Sobiet Union, you have no heart. If you want to bring the Soviet system back you have no brains.”

  302. “The #1 American inventor of all time is Lewis Howard Latimer, who, I just learned, worked with both Edison and Bell.”

    Just re-read it, and of course it becomes apparent. Both Edison and Bell “worked” with Latimer. Translation: Two whiteys stole Latimer’s original research and passed it off as their own. I mean, Ken Burns’s epic documentary on Jazz/Tin Pan Alley etc made this point repeatedly and if whiteys just can’t help themselves stealing original work done by blacks, well, who’s to say it didn’t happen in all sorts of unrelated fields of knowledge?

    I mean, everyone knows that Euclid didn’t discover Geometry but stole it from sub-Saharan Africa. And, we all know who built the pyramids.

    Notice the pattern? Fast forward to America, and gosh them whiteys just can’t help repeating the sins of their ancestors, stealing works of knowledge that were first designed/created by African-Americans.

    Look for either Will Smith or Morgan Freeman to play Latimer in a blockbuster biopic real soon.

  303. @SFG

    Because lesbians view straight men as competitors for straight girly women, and the more masculine the man, the lesser their chances.

  304. Lugash says:

    I’m trying to read through the thread, but there’s too much meat. What a fucking tool, he just cut off his head and served it to a special prosecutor.

    After Hillary, Comey needs to go. And anyone who ‘investigated’ the server. Rank incompetence would be several steps up from what they did, at best.

  305. Ivy says:

    Now the readers in the white schools feature mostly black kids, with some white girls.

    To be true to form, those should be blonde girls, especially when paired with black boys. No brunette or redheads need apply.

  306. Jefferson says:

    “I’m a millenial and grew up in the 90s and 2000s. We never actually studied black inventors or focused on them.”

    Same here and I graduated in 2003. Maybe it had to do with the demographics of the high school I attended. I attended a mostly Filipino & Chinese high school and maybe there is not a huge demand in these types of schools to learn about Black inventors like there is in White Liberal schools.

  307. @Jack D

    The Navy Nuclear Power Program relies on the fact that there are still a sufficient number of 125-135 IQ kids not going to college immediately after high school they can identify and feed into the pipeline. I doubt anyone under 120 IQ is going to be a nuke.

    Some of those kids go on to be doctors and engineers. Some never go to college. But all of them have to have the IQ and the willingness to work that they easily could.

    • Replies: @Alden
  308. @Anonymous

    there is a picture of Obama in every room

    The Luminous “Negro” ™, font of virtue, holder of Holder (and Holder’s minions), light worker of Miracles. Behold, the Instrument of salvation and Leftist Moon-Battery!

    All hail the queen of the island of misfit toys! Let him rain forever, (PBUH) (i.e. pissing be upon his head… forever!)

  309. Madame CJ Walker is listed as an inventor. That’s pretty funny,as she “invented” stuff to straighten black women ‘s hair.

  310. Alden says:

    Common core social studies has a project Famous Americans. There is a list and the kids pick a person from the list and do a project.

    70 percent of the list are blacks, most of whom have never been heard of until some liberal discovered them.
    The list is especially heavy on black women.

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  311. Mr. Anon says:

    And why does “American Inventor” turn up all those black dudes? Garrett Morgan isn’t just a “Non-Great” American Inventor – i.e. an “American Inventor” full stop – he is an historical irrelevancy.

    From his wiki-entry:

    “Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr. (March 4, 1877 – July 27, 1963) was an African- American inventor and community leader.[1] He worked on the development of a chemical for hair-straightening.

  312. SPMoore8 says:
    @The Millennial Falcon

    He was also the lead in “The Walk” which I thought was a pretty good movie.

    • Replies: @Milo Minderbinder
  313. Alden says:

    The kids watched the Martian recently. Yup, the head of NASA was black and the miracle worker who saved the day was also black with a head of those ghetto twists.
    I had to leave the room and look at some evil right wing neo Nazi KKK sites.

  314. Mr. Anon says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Gordon-Levitt was good in “Maximum Rush” – an interesting and off-beat film. Also good in that was Michael Shannon, playing the worlds’ stupidist corrupt cop.

  315. Mr. Anon says:

    “I always wondered why gay men love women but lesbians hate men.”

    Because that’s the only kind of gay man shown in movies and on TV (anymore, at least) – the fabulous gay friend. However, there are actually a lot of gay men who are deeply misogynistic.

  316. Jimi says:

    Cry, the Beloved Country was written by Alan Paton, a white man.

    • Replies: @AnotherGuessModel
  317. The notable thing about today’s over-the-top glorification of black figures in all domains is its obvious inefficacy: it achieves none of its goals.

    If stereotype threat were really the issue behind low black achievement, why is it that none of these positive depictions of blacks — far disproportionate to the number of blacks in the general population — seems to move the needle even a tick toward greater success? Even the election and never-ending celebration of the first black President has done nothing.

    If such dramatic differences in social milieu have failed to change the realities a jot, what could possibly suffice for the job?

    I think that one of the reasons political correctness has taken such a stranglehold on the liberal elite is that they believe that real change can come only from far more radical changes to society. Only by shutting down all speech — even all thought — that would cast a negative light on blacks can they finally rise to equality.

    It’s an insane view. Yet if one really believes that the social milieu owns all power in molding personality and intellect, and one allows no competing account, it is the logical entailment.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  318. Alden says:
    @Former Darfur

    My nephew is a navy nuke. He couldn’t stand college, quit and worked for a while. Then he aced the navy test. He was in the navy for 6 years and now works in Mountain View for a tech company.

    If ADL SPLC and the Jewish affirmative action attorneys ever hear of the navy nuke program that only recruits kids who score 125 plus mechanical and math ability on a standardized tests they file law suit against the program.
    White hating pro affirmative action judges will rule against the test and destroy the program

    Then our aircraft carriers will be run by the same kind of affirmative action morons that run every other government agency.

  319. @Jefferson

    Are you saying Joseph Gordon Levitt is a Nonwhite Person Of Color?

    I’d say JGL is a Near-White Person Of Pallor. Seriously though, the casting makes sense visually if this pic is anything to go by. It’s the ‘tired’ eyes. Like Steve said, “The actor looks just like Snowden in the movie.”

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  320. rod1963 says:

    Then why is Hillary still running TV ads like crazy during prime time here in CA across a half-a-dozen major channels and have been for the last 2 months?

    And why can’t Hillary draw a crowd of more than 1500, even in liberal areas? Bernie could easily draw 10x as many. Many times the turnout for her rallies is in the hundreds.

    BTW Bernie just held a rally in OH for Hildebeast and could only draw a 150 people. About the size of a large wedding party.

    This isn’t the sign of a healthy campaign. Now you have her disappearing until the debate.

    As to GA, VA and NC. They are blue only in certain areas. Generally where there is lots of government and urban professional jobs for white college Helots. And you’d be shocked to see how many government and urban professionals vote Democratic, a lot. See they’re living the good life sucking up tax payer money like there is no tomorrow, they live in the nice parts of town.

    Go outside of those areas and they’re all red and the people are pissed.

    I’m not saying Trump will have a cake walk but we have to understand he has the entire establishment against him along with Silicon Valley and Wall Street hammering him. Basically all the scumbags and pampered, rich sociopaths that have wrecked this country over the last 30 years.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
  321. Jefferson says:

    “OT: Hillary goes on The Steve Harvey show and says she will say directly to white people “[That’s] not who we are” in response to Tulsa shooting”

    That’s not who we are is never thrown at Blacks and Muslims when they behave badly because that is exactly who they are. They are held to much lower standards than White people.

  322. sb says:

    The newsreel of the Le Mans disaster reminded me that “holocaust ” was once a normal English word and not a Proper Noun belonging to one event only .

    Nobody today would be game to use that word as a general noun

    • Replies: @guest
  323. Jefferson says:

    “Common core social studies has a project Famous Americans. There is a list and the kids pick a person from the list and do a project.

    70 percent of the list are blacks, most of whom have never been heard of until some liberal discovered them.
    The list is especially heavy on black women.”

    70 percent huh, that list is Blacker than the city of Atlanta. No wonder a sizable percentage of Americans believe The U.S is a majority Negro nation.

  324. Dr. Doom says:

    Yeah but don’t get down about it White Guy. Even if blacks did invent everything in America, the only things that actually worked would still be you.

    • LOL: dc.sunsets
  325. wren says:

    Hillary’s googly eyes today was the secret handshake to Google and the rest that they are all on the same page.


  326. Vendetta says:

    Steve’s hypothesis is correct. Type in “United States inventors” – all white, plus George Washington Carver.

  327. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    I spent a couple of years in a mostly-black high school that had posters of African kings and queens on the walls, including one of a jheri curled pharaoh and his wife.

  328. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    I’m reading Neal Stephenson’s novel Seveneves now, and he’s got a Neal Tyson-like character in it, a black astronomer/science popularizer. Except Stephenson is gracious enough to make his character more impressive than Tyson (he’s actually a top-notch scientist).

  329. Dave Pinsen says: • Website
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    Simon Kuper drew a parallel a few years ago between Portnoy’s Complaint and Zlatan Ibrahimović’s autobiography:

    Both Zlatan and Portnoy yearn with wonder for that incomprehensible being: the blonde native girl who, miraculously, feels at home in the place where she lives. To attain her would be to conquer this alien society.

    Kuper’s basic idea was that blondes aided in the assimilation of rough-edged immigrants. Which raises an obvious question: why import so many more immigrants than we have blondes?

  330. Kylie says:

    I watched some clips of Copeland’s incredibly ungainly galumphing on YouTube. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot–??

    Apparently instead of studying ballet, she studied clog dancing as taught by Mr. Ed. I was not only appalled that she’s a member of a (formerly) reputable ballet company, I was actually embarrassed for her partners.

    Seriously that was the worst dancing I’ve ever seen. Graceless, leaden, ummusical. Horrible.

    N.B. I have watched many many hours of ballet on YouTube. So I don’t think judging her (complete absence of) merits as a dancer by watching YT clips is unfair. I was comparing various clips, not comparing her clips to others’ live performances.

    • Replies: @AnotherGuessModel
  331. Dave Pinsen says: • Website
    @Steve Sailer

    Snowden’s parents were pleased:

  332. Jefferson says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    “Kuper’s basic idea was that blondes aided in the assimilation of rough-edged immigrants. Which raises an obvious question: why import so many more immigrants than we have blondes?”

    Which group of immigrant males are marrying/dating blonde American women in large numbers? I don’t see a lot of Asian men and Spanish speaking Indio men/Mestizo men with blonde girlfriends/blonde wives.

    Not a lot of blonde women are turned on by short squat Mestizo Mexican men like Guillermo Rodriguez from The Jimmy Kimmel Show. In California I see way more Mexican men who look like him than I see Mexican studs like Mario Lopez. I could see a blonde American chick being into Mario Lopez, but the vast majority of Mexican men do not look like him.

    Your average Mestizo/Indio man from south of the border is unappealing to blonde American women as are Han Chinese men.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  333. Jefferson says:
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    “lot of the psychological consternation behind racial/ethnic identity grievance politics is non-whites and near-whites coveting/envying/resenting the “lily white” phenotype at its most idealized (#359).”

    As an Italian who is a near-White descendent from the Moors, I’ve dated more brunettes than blondes. Most of my celebrity female crushes have been brunettes as well. Give me Jon Hunstsman’s brunette daughter Abby Hunstman over blonde Heather Childers anyday.

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Father O'Hara
  334. @Steve Sailer

    Oh yeah, forgot about the V2 margarita that got us to the moon. My bad.

  335. Jefferson says:

    I think there is a major glitch on Google search because when I type in American engineers, the images that pop up are overwhelmingly White and not overwhelmingly Black. These White engineers are a basket of deplorables. Google needs to fix this ASAP because this is not who we are as Americans.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  336. sayless says:
    @Steve Sailer

    And Cinch on Hogan’s Heroes.

  337. Anonymous [AKA "riffraff"] says:

    Funny enough “american novelists” shows pretty much who you’d expect, with the exception of #1, Toni Morrison

  338. TheJester says:

    I thought ESPN invented the model of “talking heads” gossiping about nothing to kill time when ESPN had nothing more substantial to run. Then, CNN picked up the paradigm to drive political dialogue to irrelevancy. Finally, Fox News hired scantily-clad ex-models to read the news and called them reporters. Now, the paradigm is rampant throughout the industry. I figured the phenomenon of “talking heads” was nothing more than a cheap cost reduction strategy. It wasn’t important whether anyone was watching the nonsense. “Talking heads” are cheap filler.

    I have noticed that Blacks and women are often the featured “talking heads”, especially on ESPN. Perhaps this is an easy way for media corporations to make their affirmative action numbers while also reducing costs … or, perhaps ESPN was taking advantage of the demographic that Blacks watch more idle TV than Whites and that White suburban housewives might be enticed to idle away the time with ESPN as background noise.

  339. biz says:
    @27 year old

    Wow somebody needs to read Gulag Archipelago, or Darkness at Noon, or White Nights, or The Wilder Shores of Marx, or watch The Lives of Others, or Rozitska, or talk to anyone who lived through it, or basically learn anything there is to learn about the awful conditions in the Soviet Union and its satellite states.

    Wise up. Pretty much any American has a better life than pretty much anyone who lived under Soviet Comunism.

  340. Kat Grey says:

    Man y’all be raciss an shit. How come dere be no Eskimo in-ven-tors here?

  341. Jack D says:

    Heather Childers blonde hair clearly came from a bottle – if you look at most of her photos you can see her real hair color growing out of her scalp – she is just as brunette as Abby. My 94 year old (and still quite sharp) MIL commented the other day (upon seeing a local news anchor with this same look) that bottle blondes don’t even bother trying to disguise their roots anymore and this is a change from the past. You would never see a photo of Marilyn Monroe with an inch of dark roots growing out.

  342. Jack D says:

    However, it appears that (some) blondes have the hots for black men. I think that women have an instinctive urge to produce fit offspring and they realize on some level that sons who look like Nazi poster boys will not have an easy time in future America.

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  343. Jack D says:

    The key appears to be how many school reports are assigned on the topic of “African American X”. “African American Engineers” is not a popular assignment topic but “African American Scientists” is a big one.

    The lopsided google results are an anomaly resulting from the fact that “African American” contains the word “American”. If the PC term for black people didn’t have the word “American” in it (and if the American educational system was not so obsessed with retconning black people into past prominence) then the results would be as you would expect. On a related note, newscasters, etc. are so conditioned to calling black people “African American” that they sometimes slip up and call blacks with no connection at all to the Americas by that name.

  344. Jack D says:
    @Steve Sailer

    There is much speculation (the true origin is lost in the mists of history) that the margarita is a spin off of an American cocktail (the cocktail in general is also probably an American invention) called the daisy (margarita means daisy in Spanish) which was more or less the same thing but made with brandy instead of tequila.

    We all know about the influence of Mexican food on American cuisine but the flow actually goes in both directions.

    So that leaves corn, although corn is spread throughout the Americas and is not just Mexican.

  345. @Jus' Sayin'...

    The number of important American mathematicians — Tom Lehrer is not one — left off the list, e.g., Milnor, Ellenberg, McLane, Moore, Morse, Conway, Witten, Gibbs, Bowditch, to name a very few, is finite but quite large.

    Nice list.

    A minor footnote. John Horton Conway is British.

  346. @Yojimbo/Zatoichi

    And considering the irony that Google and Silicon Valley’s own workforce is about 2% black (at best), the irony shouldn’t be so quickly passed over.

    Google isn’t engaging in propaganda. It’s managers are just trying to offset their Privilege.

    It’s kind of like the whole Carbon Trading market, and makes just as much sense.

  347. @candid_observer

    I disagree that their world view is insane. It is perfectly sane if you believe in the power of words. Most of the cognitive elite got where they are because they are good with words. That’s why BHO believed that talking about drawing “a red line” in Syria would be effective. It’s what’s wrong with all of the chattering class; they have never actually done anything besides talk. Ben Rhodes was right.

  348. Archie K. says:

    “famous American inventors” is a bit better.

  349. Corvinus says:
    @Johann Ricke

    “Carver does not belong on that list. And non-entities like CJ Walker, Elijah McCoy and Lewis Latimer appear before the Wright brothers. Really? What about Isaac Singer? Willis Carrier? Hiram Maxim?”

    Is it that important to your life that Google, an SJW infested entity, has certain inventors more initially and prominently displayed compared to other inventors? Seriously?

  350. Corvinus says:
    @Charles Erwin Wilson

    Call the Internet police. Google committed a crime of epic proportions by “maliciously neglecting” more prominent inventors. Oh, the horror. Oh, the inhumanity. Oh, the Coalition of the Right Fringe groups becoming unglued!

    • Replies: @guest
  351. J1234 says:

    To be fair, I googled “greatest American inventors” and got mostly whites. (Only one black in the top dozen, as I recall.)

    But Google constantly has doodles celebrating the obscure women and minority inventors, because where would we be without potato chips and windshield wiper blades? They also like to avoid Easter doodles.

    • Replies: @J1234
  352. @Jimi

    I am aware of that, nonetheless the narrative voice and themes fit very well into the postcolonialist prism of black oppression from which we are taught African history. Things Fall Apart and Cry, the Beloved Country are almost always assigned in tandem; it is redundant and overlooks stories that could offer a wider perspective for the purposes of comparative literature.

  353. J1234 says:

    Actually, I checked again, and there are like four blacks in the top dozen. So there is overstatement of black contribution. I also googled “great inventors of the United States” to filter out any “african american” search algorithms, and that produced only two blacks, one of them being GW Carver, who was a well known historical figure even back when I was a kid.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  354. ogunsiron says:
    @Jack D

    If her wikipedia is accurate, it sounds like she was a legitimately very high IQ woman.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  355. ogunsiron says:

    Lol, she’d definitely be white in the caribbean.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
    , @Jefferson
  356. ogunsiron says:
    @Jack D

    whereas for someone like Johnson it presented just enough challenge to keep her motivated.

    You do realize that hbd does not say that high IQ, math capable black people don’t exist but that they’re relatively rare ? Assuming that wikipedia isn’t just making things up, that woman obtained a PhD in math and I don’t think one can earn a PhD in math with an IQ south of 130. Furthermore, she’s of the “I guess there are a couple of africans up there in my genealogical tree” variety of black so I don’t see why you’d dismiss her intelligence out of hand. Lastly, she’s probably dumb as a box of rocks compared to Von Neumann but so are you, so am I, so is Steve, etc

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @SFG
  357. @SPMoore8

    But JGL’s French accent was atrocious.

  358. @Dave Pinsen

    There was a propaganda blitz of Zlatan commercials this summer. The first was a brag-fest of “me-me-I did this-worked harder,” giving no credit to the country which sheltered his refugee parents and supported him. The second was more along the lines of your quote: to attain the blond native girl is to conquer this alien society. Viscerally the commercial reads as “Sweden: our women are for sale. Oh yeah, and buy our cars too.” Panoramic shots of bridges, sunrise, blonde wife, mixed kids, with stirring symphonic music. The typical cut began about 1:15 in; this is the longer version:

    • Replies: @Jenner Ickham Errican
  359. NOTA says:

    That more or less reflects US media coverage.

    Quite a few newspapers and tv stations have policies about not disclosing the race of criminals, basically to avoid leaving the (correct) impression that a huge chunk of the crime is committed by that 13% of the population. And occasional white killings of blacks (especially by cops) become headline news. It’s easy to see how people with no personal experience get a confusing picture of reality.

    On the other side of things, sports stars and showbiz celebs get a large fraction of news coverage, and blacks are way over-represented in both groups.

  360. NOTA says:

    The Bushes and Clintons are on different wings of the ruling class. They’re closer to each other than either is to Trump, or for that matter Sanders or Johnson.

    If this race were Jeb Bush vs Bernie Sanders, I bet there would be a lot of establishment democrats who preferred Bush, for the same reasons.

    • Replies: @dr kill
  361. Ivy says:

    Note the new left-handed grenade.

    When will those come in pink and other rainbow colors and sizes? After all, wouldn’t want the Army to be ableist or any other -ist.

    Do the REMFs have access to left-handed scissors [nothing sinister in my statement as I have left handers in the family] and other handy tools?

  362. @415 reasons

    This is where everyone get’s their “news”.
    Explains Hillarys continued popularity, doesn’t it ?

  363. FKA Max says:
    @FKA Max

    Great piece by Mr. Sailer on Ken Burns, which also features a reference to The Old Negro Space Program:

    The Unbearable Whiteness of Ken Burns
    August 12, 2009

    As more Burns documentaries piled up, it became clear that what he cares most about is telling stories about African Americans. This was acidly pointed out in the famous parody, The Old Negro Space Program:

    It was a different time, you understand. In 1957 or 1958, if you were black and you were an astronaut, you were outta work.

    If the National Parks really are “America’s best idea,” the problem for Burns and his financial backers is that this best idea was invented by the worst sort of people. The founders of the conservation movement in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries were, overwhelmingly, white Protestant males. Moreover, many of the heroes of the preservation of the American landscape were active in the immigration restriction movement that triumphed in 1924. And, they often had other, even less respectable, enthusiasms, such as social Darwinism and eugenics.

    The Progressives’ reputation, long sky-high because they were seen as the forerunners of today’s liberals, has shrunk as their WASP chauvinism has become politically radioactive. Many of the Progressives’ favorite causes—anti-machine political reform, conservation, publicizing birth control, eugenics, muscular Christianity, immigration restrictions, and Prohibition—formed a fairly coherent agenda for maintaining WASP hegemony of America in the face of decades of heavy immigration.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  364. @Kylie

    Oh boy, don’t even get me started on Misty Copeland. I only won’t get into because it won’t gather much interest here. I wish there were a similar blog to this one where we could discuss ballet and other feminine-oriented subjects, as they are very rich in iStevish themes.

    • Agree: Kylie
    • Replies: @Antonymous
  365. @Jack D

    From Katherine Johnson’s Wiki entry:

    Known for: Fundamental technical contributions to the United States’ aeronautics and space advances

    In my book, fundamental contributions would be something like you were the first person to formulate the escape velocity, or laws of thermodynamics, etc. Mrs. Johnson apparently did no such thing. The point of this is not to diminish her real contributions, but to point out how Wikipedia editors are BS inflating her achievements for SMJW reasons.

    • Agree: PiltdownMan
  366. guest says:

    I don’t think you understand the “coalition of the fringes” concept.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  367. Whoever it was who left the ESPN=SJW comment, right on, but it’s way worse than that. Even football analytics have been hijacked by SJWs. The Football Outsiders’ editor was blocking people Sunday from his FO Twitter feed simply for having the “anti-Semitism frog” (Pepe) in their avatar. (He said if you have the green guy, FO doesn’t want your greenbacks.) I replied that Katy Perry once Tweeted Pepe, and begged them not to politicize their football coverage like that? Got banned anyway. (No Pepe in my avatar, either.)

    So I wrote Aaron Schatz (the editor) asking what the deal was. After all, I had been a customer of 11 years. He sent back a non-apology, thumping on about how his mother was with the ADL for 100 years or whatever and he was continuing on some sort of anti-Semitism fight by doing this. (As though I had asked about his family history.) He said his fight was not political, which was odd since blocking people based on who they are supporting at the VOTING BOOTH is by definition a political act. He tried to draw a distinction between blocking Pepe-sporting alt-right anti-Semites and not blocking non-Pepe alt-righters, but also admitted that in my non-Pepe case, it’s just “easier to block people.” (Elie Wiesel, meet Aaron Weasel.)

    I wrote him back, advising him that if you want to keep my business, you might not want to so quickly treat me like I’m part of the Fourth-Down Reich. No swearing, no insults, just “Hey, give me a reason to keep supporting you.” Because their sabermetric stuff is really good. A day later, he still hadn’t unblocked me or apologized, so I told him to delete my account. Since he was so obsessed with his Jewishness, saving the Twitterverse from cartoon Hitler frogs like some sort of demented SuperJew, I added I was going to take the money earmarked for FO and spend on an alt-right Jew instead.

    So yeah, SJWs are everywhere. Looking for suggestions on the alt-right Jew thing. Mike Cernovich, maybe? (I already have “Gorilla Mindset,” but that’s it.) Milo, even though he says he’s not alt-right? Any help appreciated.

    -Dave O’Connell

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @SFG
  368. @Jefferson

    Youth may be part of it.As a youf I was a literally thunderstruck by sweet sexy blondes like Joey Heatherton and Meredith MacCrae. As I grew older I “evolved”,like Obama,I evolved to be more attracted to darker hues.

  369. Kind of cool to read ’bout John Holland,the inventor of the submarine.He sold the first one to the US Navy,at the behest of Teddy Roosevelt. A Clare man.Bully!

  370. guest says:

    Ever read “The Earth’s Holocaust” by Nathaniel Hawthorne? Good story.

  371. Jack D says:

    She was maybe 1/4 African and had the credentials to be a schoolteacher. She was not a stupid woman (especially by black standards) but she wasn’t exactly von Neumann either. If she had been all white instead of 3/4 no one would have considered her modest accomplishments to be worthy of any notice (because they weren’t).

    She seems like a nice enough woman and what used to be called “a credit to her race” but you can be sure that if that’s the best that we had then the space program would have never left the ground.

  372. Bill says:
    @Paco Wové

    Uh. How many people today do you think would agree with “The US should only let in white people?” I promise you that lots of people would have agreed with that in 1970.

  373. Jack D says:

    She has no math PhD. You read the wiki wrong. She has a bachelor’s in school teaching.

    • Replies: @ogunsiron
  374. dr kill says:

    You may be correct, but they would still vote for the Dem. See Stupak, Bart. That’s the difference between Right and Left. Enough is never enough for a Progg.

  375. BB753 says:

    Has Dubya also endorsed Hillary?

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  376. ogunsiron says:
    @Jack D

    ouch! I did read the wiki too fast! It’s one of her mentors who was an early black holder of a math PhD. I apologize. She still sounds like someone with a very decent IQ.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  377. BB753 says:

    Penis envy and daddy issues. Also, butch lesbians are very jealous and insecure.

  378. Jefferson says:
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    “I’d say JGL is a Near-White Person Of Pallor”

    Joseph Gordon Levitt looks like a regular White person of Pallor. In the film Don Juan he is not even as swarthy as Tony Danza, let alone as swarthy as the average post-1965 immigrant in America.

    If you want an example of a swarthy Jew than look at Jeff Goldblum and Oded Fehr for example.

    • Replies: @Jenner Ickham Errican
  379. Jefferson says:
    @Jack D

    “However, it appears that (some) blondes have the hots for black men. I think that women have an instinctive urge to produce fit offspring and they realize on some level that sons who look like Nazi poster boys will not have an easy time in future America.”

    A blonde woman does not have to mate with a Negro male in order to produce a Non Nazi poster boy. There are plenty of Arab men, Nonblack Latino men, Jewish men, Southern European men, etc that can give a blonde WASP chick a Non Nordic phenotype off spring.

  380. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Right in line with Corvinus’ usual flagrant disregard for logic and facts. He’s batting around 0 in 600.

  381. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @FKA Max

    ” It was a different time, you understand. In 1957 or 1958, if you were black and you were an astronaut, you were outta work.”

    I bet it was. There’s not a helluva lot of black astronauts in 2016, even with the huge helping hand and lowered standards for blacks. Back in the 50’s when people had to earn their place? Fugeddaboutit. The only black “astronauts” then were ghetto kids getting high. Neil Armstrong or Shitavious Jones. Who is a sensible America going to send out to captain their dreams of beating the Russians?

  382. @J1234

    “Greatest American inventors” lists Lonnie Johnson, inventor of the super soaker, which is a good thing.

    I had no idea that a black Indian invented the potato chip, so thanks for the heads up.

    Turns out Jack Johnson, the champion boxer, invented a wrench.

    Johnson eventually returned to the United States and was sent to Leavenworth Federal Prison in Kansas. While in prison, Johnson found need for a tool which would help tighten of loosening fastening devices. He therefore crafted a tool and eventually patented it on April 18, 1922, calling it a wrench.

    • Replies: @guest
  383. Jefferson says:

    “Has Dubya also endorsed Hillary?”

    Not publicly yet, but I expect him to anyday now. Privately we know the whole Bush Klan is voting for Crooked Hildabeast. George W. Bush has a lot in common with Crooked Hildabeast as they are both fake Southerners who like to adopt fake Southern accents even though the latter is from Illinois and the former is from Connecticut.

  384. @ogunsiron

    Katherine Johnson integrated West Virginia University’s graduate school in 1939 but there is no indication that she graduated. I believe she was married and may have even been pregnant at the time.

    I have an interest in educated black people and have noticed that black “American inventors” and “American mathematicians” have horribly written Wiki pages. I may spend 2017 cleaning up those Wiki pages.

    J. Ernest Wilkins Jr. earned a PhD in math from the University of Chicago at the age of 19 but that is not mentioned on his Wiki page. Due to trolls, Elbert Cox’s Wiki page does not mention he earned a PhD in math from Cornell; it only mentions that he applied to the program.

  385. @ogunsiron

    Katherine Johnson will be black in the film; Taraji P. Henson is playing her.

    Johnson should have been played by Maya Fahey, Victoria Rowell’s daughter.

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  386. Anonymous [AKA "Charles000"] says:

    Political correctness has become a social pathology with evermore apparent consequences.

    Any society which adopts a policy of purposefully induced ignorance of its own history is doomed to a future of disaster and chaos.

  387. @Jefferson

    Joseph Gordon Levitt looks like a regular White person of Pallor.

    Nope. He’s a medium-toned half-Oriental looking dude. In a word: exotic.

    Where are you commenting from? Almaty?

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  388. @Dave O'Connell

    Even football analytics have been hijacked by SJWs.

    It’s a nerds v. the jocks thing.

  389. SFG says:
    @Dave O'Connell

    Ha. You came to the right place. 😉 You could buy books by Paul Gottfried, Michael Levin, or Nicholas Stix. I don’t know if Stephen Miller’s written anything.

    As for jocks vs nerds, my previous experience was that artsy types leaned left, jocks leaned right, and nerds in between or libertarian. Artsy types got SJWed a long time ago, nerds in the past few years (with some resistance), and now they’re going after the jocks. You can see why Trump is so popular.

    Honestly arguing probably pissed the guy off. If you really want on the feed just play dumb and apologize. But…it’s a game. Who cares. Better to stand for something, I figure. It’s not like it’s your job or something.

  390. SFG says:

    I think given cultural factors the actual genetic black-white IQ gap is probably somewhat smaller than 15, though probably also greater than 0. Due to general ‘birds of a feather’ human nature a small genetic gap will produce a larger genetic + culture gap. It means very bright black people exist in greater numbers than most HBDers would predict.

  391. SFG says:

    OK, now you get to laugh at me again: it’s out already?

  392. guest says:

    The potato chip doesn’t seem like something that had to be invented. No one ever cut potatoes that thin and fried them, or whatever, before?

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  393. @AnotherGuessModel

    Yes… The changing aesthetics of modelling (hybrids) and gymnastics (power lifters) is striking over the last five years. I’ve also been curious, having experienced it myself, about the connection between in-group feelings, oxytocin, and child bearing/feeding. But right, a little far afield here.

  394. Jefferson says:
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    “Nope. He’s a medium-toned half-Oriental looking dude. In a word: exotic.

    Where are you commenting from? Almaty?”

    Bjork from Iceland looks way more Asian than Joseph Gordon Levitt, yet I bet you have no problem classifying her as “White” simply because she is not a Jew.

    Bjork has the least Caucasian shaped eyes I’ve ever seen for a supposed “White” woman. Even Hailee Steinfeld has more Caucasian looking eyes than her and Hailee is partially Filipina.

    • Replies: @Jenner Ickham Errican
  395. Jefferson says:

    “Lol, she’d definitely be white in the caribbean.”

    If Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama had a third daughter, she would definitely not look like a young Katherine Johnson.

  396. Jefferson says:

    “Katherine Johnson will be black in the film; Taraji P. Henson is playing her.

    Johnson should have been played by Maya Fahey, Victoria Rowell’s daughter.”

    In Southside With You they cast a regular Non Biracial Black man to play Barack Hussein Obama. Which makes complete 100 percent sense when you factor in that Barack sees himself as Black only. He even said he checks the Black only box in The U.S census form, not the box Some Other Race or the box 2 Or More Races. Barack is not down with the Brown. He got the back of the Black.

  397. @guest

    Putting a piece of meat between two slices of bread seems like a no-brainer but it took the Earl of Sandwich and serendipity to come up with that invention.

    I’m sure plenty of people ate sliced fried potatoes, but it took a true visionary to go where no man had gone before and slice them extra thin and toss them in a big pot of hot lard.

    • Replies: @guest
  398. guest says:

    That’s another apt example. The sandwich did not need to be invented. At most, the Earl of Sandwich gave it a name.

    This reminds me of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, where Raymond’s parents argued over who invented the lawn. The mother said something along the lines of it didn’t need to be invented. The father countered with something like, “So cavemen had lawns?”

    The mother retorted, “Yes, they were called fields.”

  399. @Jefferson

    Bjork from Iceland

    Stop right there. Bjork, like many Icelanders, is part elven folk. We’re discussing humans, not weird supernatural hybrids.

    Caucasian shaped eyes

    Don’t get hung up on the eyes. Taylor Swift has squinty eyes. Clint Eastwood has a mean squint. My point about JGL is that his medium skin tone combined with ‘Asiatic’ features make him look “exotic” rather than “white bread.” I wouldn’t have guessed from his looks that he’s Jewish… maybe instead more Eurasian like Keanu Reeves.

    Perhaps you grew up in a ‘diverse’ area where a JGL or Keanu Reeves look pretty darn white. I grew up in an old-school WASPy part of the country where their looks would mildly stand out. Let’s check your comment history…

    As an Italian who is a near-White descendent from the Moors

    I attended a mostly Filipino & Chinese high school

    Ah. Explains a lot. Your own heritage and adolescent ‘imprinting’ is some distance away from a milieu of American “founding stock.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @Jefferson
  400. @Jenner Ickham Errican

    “I wouldn’t have guessed from his looks that he’s Jewish… maybe instead more Eurasian like Keanu Reeves.”

    “Snowden” is the first movie where Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn’t look kind of Eurasian. (He says he’s not.) He really looks like Snowden in the movie, just a movie star version of Snowden. It’s a very competent performance.

    • Replies: @Jenner Ickham Errican
  401. Steve you and your readers might be amused to know that /pol/ (creator of Pepe the frog) is creating a new meme, of calling blacks ‘Googles’. I can’t be 100% sure, but I think it’s in response to this little rash of discoveries of artificial black promotion. It’s an apt name too, though – ‘multi-day riots by Googles’ – a rare occasion of Google’s whimsy biting it. It surely won’t get as far as Pepe, but, keep an eye on twitter, you never know.

    • Replies: @guest
  402. @Steve Sailer

    I watched the trailer. If I was Snowden, I’d be happy with the casting.

  403. guest says:
    @the cruncher

    I don’t understand the plot. Purportedly it’s so that when people search the company name they’ll be flooded with images of dindus. But who googles “Google?”

  404. Jefferson says:
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    “Don’t get hung up on the eyes. Taylor Swift has squinty eyes. Clint Eastwood has a mean squint.”

    Squinting is not the same thing as being born with an epicanthic fold like Bjork and looking that way 24/7.

    By your logic all White people out in the sun who are not wearing dark shades look like they can pass for Asian.

    “My point about JGL is that his medium skin tone combined with ‘Asiatic’ features make him look “exotic” rather than “white bread.”

    George Hamilton and George Clooney have darker skin than Joseph Gordon Levitt. Joseph’s pigmentation falls perfectly within White people range. Not all Caucasians/White people are super pasty deathly pale like the Irish ginger WWE wrestler Sheamus, Louis CK, and talk show host Conan O’Brien.

  405. Anonymous [AKA "alysdexia"] says: • Website

    sort order accident–everyone shut up and go away.

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