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Forget About Jussie Smollett's Fake Noose Lynching, the NYT Has Just Gotten Word of Stunning Late-Breaking News: Emmett Till Has Been Lynched!
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As I predicted in a February 15, 2019 iSteve post on the New York Times’ credulous coverage of Jussie’s Hate Hoax:

I imagine we’ll once again be deluged with NYT stories about late-breaking developments in the Emmett Till case.

Has J. Edgar Hoover personally taken command of the Emmett Till investigation yet? What do Democratic Presidential contenders Adlai Stevenson and Estes Kefauver have to say on this issue? I can’t wait for Edward R. Murrow’s CBS Evening Newscast to find out. Or do you think Walter Winchell will have the latest scoop? What do William Randolph Hearst and Lord Beaverbrook have to say?

I wrote in Taki’s Magazine last year:

The Emmett Till Effect
by Steve Sailer

August 08, 2018

… A subtle but likely more important issue, however, is the question of which true news gets emphasized. There is always vastly more news than a person can remember. Thus your picture of reality is inevitably distorted to some extent by the power of the media, what I call the Megaphone, to pound over and over into your head certain true news, but not other true news.

Moreover, the press furnishes us with convenient concepts, such as “white privilege,” that make it easier to remember the facts they prefer you to know and harder to remember the facts that undermine the concepts.

For example, consider two black teens who once were true news.

In 1955, Emmett Till was murdered by two white men who were quickly acquitted, making his story memorable for being one of the last examples from a long era of state-excused white-on-black civilian violence over black males hitting on white females.

In 1987, Tawana Brawley launched our present era of making up hate hoaxes against whites by claiming that the reason she got home late was because she was being gang-raped by six white policemen.

Which incident is more rationally relevant to 2018? But which does the prestige media consider more au courant? …

In 1980, the name “Emmett Till” did not appear in the pages of the NYT. In 1990 it showed up twice, and in 2000 four times.

From 2004 through 2012, the Times mentioned this old incident an average of nine times per year, and from 2013 to 2016 almost two dozen times per year.

Last year, “Emmett Till” appeared in 72 different Times articles. And this year is on track for 92 stories about the 63-year-old tragedy.

In contrast, the name “Tawana Brawley” might seem of slightly less antiquarian interest. The New York teen launched the modern era of antiwhite hate hoaxes in 1987, a few weeks after the publication of the late Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities best-seller about the “hunt for the Great White Defendant.”

The talented young race-racket activist Al Sharpton, the basis for Reverend Bacon in Bonfire, latched on to Tawana’s tall tale and turned it into a huge national brouhaha before it was utterly debunked and her half-dozen victims exonerated.

For a couple of decades, this instructive New York-area story was mentioned in the NYT (often in profiles explaining how Reverend Al had matured since his Tawana Brawley days, or occasionally in references to Wolfe’s magnum opus) about half as often as Emmett Till.

But in the 2010s, Tawana Brawley has come up in only 15 articles versus 249 mentioning Emmett Till.

Now, The New York Times would no doubt answer that it is merely responding to the great surfeit of events related to the Emmett Till case, such as a spat over whether a white artist should be allowed to display a painting of Emmett or whether only black painters should make money off the sacred subject.

On the other hand, the Times takes pride that it traditionally sets the agenda for the rest of the news business. So if the Times says that in 2018 Emmett Till is breaking news while Tawana Brawley is ancient history, lots of other influential media folks will follow its lead.

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  1. When people of a certain stripe can’t even accept that Trayvon Martin wasn’t murdered, they certainly aren’t going to look for patterns between Tawana Brawley and Jussie Smollet.

    • Replies: @Rufus
  2. Peter Tork (1942 – 2019).

    • Replies: @Anon1
    , @Pontius
  3. utu says:

    Actually this one is supposed to mask Smollett story. NPR spent more on it than on Smollett today.

    Coast Guard officer held without bail after stockpiling weapons, making hit list of Democrats, prosecutors say

    White Supremacist Coast Guard Lieutenant Was Allegedly Plotting Mass Terrorist Attack

    They do not have much on this guy. Only weapon and drug charges yet no bail for 14 days.

  4. News is like the movies. They can’t think up any good new fiction, so they keep rehashing old stories with current year perspective.

  5. This about as interesting as Israeli politics. One’s a dead issue and the other is too. Neither has any bearing on the challenges we face other than to distract us.

    • Replies: @Cloudbuster
  6. Jussie Smollett is a Strange Fruit.

    Which of these stories will the Noosepaper of Record be writing about in 60 years:

  7. Are you channeling Edgar Cayce?

  8. This nonsense is not what happened; it’s just patently not what happened. One had might as well write:

    In 327 B.C., a group of Macedonian immigrants sought a better life in the Kunar Valley. Local bigots crazed with xenophobia attempted to murder the immigrants’ leader, but, though he was grievously wounded, the immigrants were ultimately granted the right to remain in the area.

    For a comparable example of such nonsense reversing the perspective to demonise the innocent rather than beatify the villainous, we might write:

    Around 33 A.D., a rabble-rousing street-preacher incited a riot in Jerusalem; he was eventually arrested by authorities and, after a trial, sentenced to execution for his crimes endangering public safety.

  9. El Dato says:

    NYT: news so fresh you can wrap your fish with (possibly gefilt).

    Meanwhile: Her Name Is Barbara Harper: 71-Year-Old White Great-Grandmother Murdered by Black Male Leaving Strip Club in What Kansas City Media Dub “Mistaken Identity”

    Of all the media outlets in Kansas City, none dared show a picture of Barbara Harper. In not one of the local news affiliate broadcast (ABC, CBS, FOX, or NBC) did a newscast show her face when they described how she died.

    Not one.

    Not a single one.

    OT Meanwhile: Müller Russian Collusion Indictements: sealed, unsealed, indexed, filed, stamped, briefed, debriefed or numbered. They are finally coming. They are coming as hard as a ripening Xenomorph egg. In your face.

    5 stages of Russiagate grief: Dems and the media prepare for ‘life without Mueller’

  10. danand says:

    Hollywood Reporter:

    Jussie Smollett Back On ‘Empire’ Set After Posting Bail

    All Jussie needs is a jury similar to that of “The Juice” and he’ll walk: should be a lot easier to round up in Chicago than it was in Los Angeles.

    • Replies: @Anon
  11. Anon[358] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    IDF death squads continue mow down Palestinian kids with the full backing of the Zionist-supremacist US.

  12. Jack D says:

    Emmett Till lives! Well, he’s dead actually, but his story lives and is as fresh today as if it happened yesterday. If you understand Black Liberation to be our new domestic religion then Martin Luther King is its Jesus and Emmett is a principal martyr of the Church and his shrine must be preserved. Time and space mean nothing – devout Christians weep at the thought of Jesus’s crucifixion today even though it happened 2,000 years ago. Jesus was better known 300 years after his death than 10 years afterward. Tawana Brawley was some kind of heretic and her story does not belong to the canon and is best forgotten.

  13. This Sunday’s big NYT think-piece: “A Supreme Legacy of Racism: How Brett Kavanaugh would have ruled in the Dred Scott case”.

  14. El Dato says:

    He’s a Coast Supremacist!

    Slate lays it on thick

    Hasson’s violent musings contemplated ways to “kill almost every last person on earth” and “establish a white homeland.” The government described the illegal weapons and drug charges that led to Hasson’s arrest Friday as the “proverbial tip of the iceberg.”

    He also used Google, search strings having been obtained by Slate.

    Sadly Hasson’s plan to buy an Underground Volcano Lair and a white cat came to naught.

  15. songbird says:

    Someone should put up statues of Jussie and his attackers – would be pretty good as guerilla street art. And probably easy to raise funds for.

  16. @utu

    Based on the court documents, this guy’s opsec was laughably poor. Especially considering he served in 3 different branches.

    Given modern deepfake abilities, I just assume they are constructing persona’s when required.

  17. Any chance Till’s killers wore red caps? Could be an important tie-in.

    • LOL: Bruce County
    • Replies: @songbird
    , @Trochilus Tales
  18. @utu

    Just in time to defend the narrative. Meanwhile James Hodgkinson, attempted assasin of Steve Scalise and 24 other Republican congressman has been erased from historical memory.

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @David In TN
  19. My biggest question for the NY Times about this story: How much did Skittles cost
    in 1955?

  20. @utu

    Remember when a Bernie Bro attempted to decapitate the Republican Congressional leadership by mass assassination:

    Yeah, no one called that domestic terrorism.

  21. Given the media’s track record, I’m starting to wonder if the Emmett Till case wasn’t a complete hoax, too.

    • Replies: @Anon
  22. Paul says:

    Louis Till (Emmett Till’s father) was hung for the rape and murder of a woman during the United States’ World War II occupation of Italy. European women were afraid of rapes by U.S. black soldiers. The military dealt with the problem by making an example of Till. It is referenced by T. S. Elliott in one of his poems.

  23. MarkinLA says:

    People really are stupid for making ANY comments on the internet or their phone that the media and government can spin into these accusations.

    Remember the Hutaree Militia? Some hapless bozos getting druk around the campfire after their “drills” one upping each other about what they would do when the ….. Some informant trying to save themselves from jail was recording and egging them on. The informant could never get them past the blarney stage but the FBI and DOJ still went with it. Luckily the judge saw through it and tosed most of it out. The rest died with that.

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
    , @Anon
  24. This excellent New York Times video seems more relevant.

  25. songbird says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    I wonder if Smollet told them to buy a MAGA hat, and they had trouble finding one in “MAGA country” , so bought a plain red one instead.

    • Replies: @Anon
  26. Paul says:

    Excuse me for the misspelling, and I should have said the poet was Ezra Pound:

    Till was hung yesterday
    for murder and rape with trimmings

    • Replies: @John Henry
    , @Sean
  27. Coincidentally, the Black crime rate was a lot lower in Emmett Till’s day.

  28. @James Speaks

    But, but … Never Again … Holocaust … Jewish Homeland!!!

  29. snorlax says:

    The NYT tweet also contains a semi-deliberate factual error; Till was accused of sexually assaulting Carolyn Bryant, whereas the prosecution in the trial of his killers claimed he had merely whistled at her.

    The Blessed Martyr St. Emmett must have lived a life totally without current-year fault, so the story must be retconned to “accused of whistling.”

    Not, of course, that anything he might’ve done justified murdering him, particularly in so brutal a manner.

    Another recent saga in need of a #MeToo rewrite is the Scottsboro Boys case, since the defense case consisted of calling the accusers provocatively dressed lying slut whores who were asking for it.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Sean
  30. Only a dozen years and a month now since Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome were carjacked, beaten, tied up, repeatedly raped in every available orifice, tortured, bleached and murdered and tossed in the trash because they were driving while white.

    Seems pretty dramatic if you want to talk about “racial violence”, maybe the NYT could mention it? Just once?

    • Agree: Kylie, YetAnotherAnon
  31. Hail says: • Website
    @Louis Renault

    James Hodgkinson [born Dec. 1950 in East St. Louis], whose last permanent residence was in Belleville, Illinois […] was severely injured in the shootout and transported to the George Washington University Hospital, where he died from his injuries.

    I don’t recall him dying, but that would explain why he disappeared.

    The other one, Las Vegas 2017. A good chance it was a political massacre, but officially the case was closed on it with “motive unknown.” That perpetrator also now deceased. If any of the investigators found it was politically motivated, given the perp was dead, would they suppress it in the name of public safety (to prevent revenge attacks)?

  32. Hail says: • Website

    Louis Till would never have been allowed in the Army once they instituted the IQ93 cutoff (hard cutoff from the early 1990s? Softer cutoff from the 1970s?).

    See Steve Sailer, Nov. 2006, on “Average IQ of U.S. Enlisted Men,” writing on the old iSteve blogspot and just before he introduced commenting (Dec. 2006, in response to taunting from Malcolm Gladwell; Thanks, Malcolm!).

  33. Pontius says:
    @Jack Armstrong

    I wonder if he actually plays his harp?

    • LOL: Harry Baldwin
  34. Hail says: • Website

    a rabble-rousing street-preacher incited a riot in Jerusalem; he was eventually arrested by authorities and, after a trial, sentenced to execution for his crimes endangering public safety

    The Pharisee News Network (PNN).

  35. The Blessed Emmett invariably puts in an appearance at times like this.

  36. @Paul

    ‘… European women were afraid of rapes by U.S. black soldiers…’

    Not just European women. See Okinawa. Presumably, they had a rep among Korean and Vietnamese women as well.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  37. anon1 says:

    Somehow i doubt very much Emmett Till was as innocent as the media has made him out to be. The apple never falls very far from the tree.

  38. @utu

    I love the breathless accounts of “15 guns and 1000 rounds of ammo”. In most of the South that would be described an “anti gun progressive”.

    1000 rounds is a good range day.

  39. @MarkinLA

    This Coastie left a data trail of white nationalist musings and a hit list of liberal favorites. The DOJ, an infected organism, undoubtedly had this guy under surveillance for a while. The timing of the arrest could be a narrative change op, just like the (endless) Emmett Till history lesson brought to you by The New York Times, as mentioned in Steve Sailer’s article. I did four years in the Coast Guard, back in the 1980s. It was basically whitey paradise. I was a boatswain’s mate, so I was around guns and guys who liked guns. I don’t recall any aspiring Nazis or nationalists. Despite the Cold War turned hot by Reaganism (in reality, Bushism), those days seemed pretty peaceful. We are going through a revolutionary cycle now. Are you the guy with the keys to the time machine?

  40. Dr. X says:

    Forget About Jussie Smollett’s Fake Noose Lynching, the NYT Has Just Gotten Word of Stunning Late-Breaking News: Emmett Till Has Been Lynched!

    The (((editorial board))) of the NYT must’ve gotten a hell-raising call from the ((($PLC))) telling them to “find” some more “hate” PDQ before the donations start falling off…

  41. midtown says:

    Her name was Carlie Beaudin: a nurse who was kicked in the head 40 times in the hospital parking garage for no apparent reason.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  42. Anon[358] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    White people indulged the obscene lies of Zionists in Middle Eastern affairs. These very Zionists took control of media & academia and went about doing everything they’d done to Palestinians to white Americans. It’s almost as if Zionist destruction of Palestine was mere dress rehearsal for globohomo destruction of all the West(and beyond).

    Smollett was emboldened to pull such stunt because the Powers that be in media and academia have been pushing the Narrative. Just like the Narrative favored Zionists over Palestinians — holy holocaust Jews vs terrorist Palestinians — , the Narrative favored black louts, Jewish liars, and homo lechers as Holy Untouchable Saints over normal people and white people as Eternal Villains. Look at NYT. Its idea of responding to the Smollett case is to drag out the Emmit Till narrative.

    Unless whites confess and correct what they did to Palestinians, nothing will change. Whites have to finally tell the truth and admit they aided and abetted in the Zionist defamation, destruction,and humiliation of an innocent people. Only then can Jewish power be shamed into its abuses and evils. Only then will Jews stop acting like they are the holiest thing in the universe hogging the bully pulpit. These hate hoaxes are attacks on innocent whites. Where whites are truly guilty is in having aided and abetted the Zionists in their use of lies to serve “Is it good for Jews?”

    Emitt Till? Let’s talk about Nakba. Let’s talk about Sassoon and opium trade. Let’s talk about Jewish role in Brazilian slavery. Let’s talk about Jewish role in communism. Let’s talk about Wars for Israel premised on total lies.

    If white people keep indulging the lies of Zionists that killed so many people, they lack credibility in making a big deal about Smollett. Whites need to realize that these hate hoaxes, along with Antifa and SPLC, are Jewish-controlled or Jewish-encouraged race war on the white race that are no different in character than US-Zionist propaganda to deny Palestinians a nation of their own, defame Muslims as born terrorists, and spread Wars for Israel that destroys Muslim nations and fills up the West with more ‘refugees’. Muslims do have a terrorism problem, but 99% of it wouldn’t exist if not for Zionist-US interference in Middle East and North African yrs.

  43. In 1955, 14-year-old Emmett Till walked into a Mississippi store to buy candy. After being accused of whistling at the white woman behind the counter, he was kidnapped, lynched and dumped into a river.

    Even in this tiny tweet, the NYT is lying by ommission.

    “Whistling at a white woman” is not all that Till was accused of doing. Whatever Till did the young wife ran from the store and went to her car for her gun.

    Of course, we don’t know exactly what Till actually did. But we also don’t know what the wife accused Till of doing relating it to her husband.

    The NYT is trying to imply that Till whistled–or was accused of same–and the white citizens rose up and lynched him. What actually happened is that Till came on to a store owner’s wife in an isolated country store and he and the gal’s brother went out looking for revenge. (Which–as best we can tell–only became murder because Till was such an unrepentant hardcase.)

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  44. PaceLaw says:

    Emmett Till has been lynched??? No!!!!

  45. M_Young says:

    The timing of the arrest of the druggie white supremacist gun nut a few days ago -by which time Smolletts story was already unraveling- is also suspicious. Rather than trying to bait the guy into something more than weapons charges the Feds brought him in for relatively minor offences. The indictment even name checks Charlottesville for the most tangential reason. Why the rush whn the dude had no specific plans? Diversion?

  46. B-b-but I thought the NY Times was all about #BelieveAllWomen??

    • Replies: @Anon
  47. @Chris Mallory

    I love the breathless accounts of “15 guns and 1000 rounds of ammo”. In most of the South that would be described an “anti gun progressive”.

    1000 rounds is a good range day.

    Sounds like a pretty darn expensive range day to me. (But otherwise, yeah.)

  48. Kylie says:

    Not if you do your own reloading.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  49. This is Steve’s world. The rest of us are just along for the ride.

  50. Logan says:

    FWIW, Emmet Till’s murder doesn’t fit the accepted definition of a lynching. It was a private murder, differing from thousands that occur every year only in motivation.

    • Replies: @Jake
  51. Mr. Anon says:

    Forget About Jussie Smollett’s Fake Noose Lynching, the NYT Has Just Gotten Word of Stunning Late-Breaking News: Emmett Till Has Been Lynched!

    What!? Again!?

    • Replies: @snorlax
  52. Mr. Anon says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Yes, it isn’t out of the ordinary.

  53. @Chris Mallory

    That’s neither a large gun collection nor a large amount of ammunition to have on hand.

  54. @midtown

    Her name was Carlie Beaudin: a nurse who was kicked in the head 40 times in the hospital parking garage for no apparent reason.

    And we can’t get a single–not one–republican to talk honestly about this.

    The left\Jewish\Democrat\establishment minoritarian narrative of big bad whitey is just a big bag of shit. We need leaders who are willing to stand up and say “it’s a big bag of shit”.

    Sure there were (generously) a few thousand blacks and another thousand whites lynched. Most deserving criminals–this was mostly “informal justice”–though denied due process.

    But racial violence today–and during my entire life, and i’m an old guy now–is overwhelmingly visited by blacks on people of other races, mostly whites. (The only significant exception is when\where mexican gangs are pushing blacks out as mexicans take over neighborhoods–mostly in Los Angeles and mostly finished now.)

    And furthermore it is black criminal violence–along with sub-criminal assholery–that is pretty much the sole cause of any external–i.e. not caused by blacks themselves–impediment that blacks face. The largest difficulty blacks have is their own personal behavior–generated by their IQ, personality traits. But to the small extent there’s “racism” at play, it’s almost entirely because people of other races–white, mestizo, Asian–just don’t want to be exposed to black violence and criminality and so try and keep away from blacks.

    This needs to be said, and said repeatedly whenever the “racism” charge is trotted out. America needs leaders in touch with reality and willing to speak the truth.

  55. @Kylie

    Not if you do your own reloading.

    You girls have all the fun!

  56. @Autochthon

    Actually, his ministry’s teachings showed the errors of the ways of the rabbis and the sanhedrin … and then they used the Romans to do the dirty deed of murdering him on phony charges.

    Sound familiar? It’s what they’ve been using the United States for for the past several decades (WMDs — right).

  57. @Louis Renault

    This particular nutbar had been living out of his car hanging around the DC area for a couple of months in early 2017. It makes you wonder if he was hoping to get a shot at Donald Trump. When no opportunity presented itself, he settled for GOP congressmen.

  58. @AnotherDad

    Speaking of the Christian-Newsom case, a fifth suspect is scheduled for trial in August. I hope to attend. Do you think anybody from the national media will be there?

  59. @John Henry

    Sometimes the bodies are hung after the individual is hanged. In between comes the drawing and quartering.

  60. @AnotherDad

    Seems pretty dramatic if you want to talk about “racial violence”, maybe the NYT could mention it? Just once?

    They don’t cover everyday events in other states.

  61. Sean says:

    Whatever he actually did do inside the shop and yell as he was being driven away, the allegation by locals, black and white, was never that Till (a husky youth who looked like a man) merely whistled. The men said they had agreed beforehand to pistol whip Till and get him begging for mercy.

    It was his mother who suggested he had whistled because he did that all the time (to keep from stuttering). Till was not killed for his behaviour in the shop, but rather his defiant attitude during a severe beating days later.

    I am betting the NYT found the disappearance of Andrew Goodman and his companions was a much bigger story at the time, LBJ personally phoned up the Goodman family home to give them latest news. Goodman and his pal died because they let a local black drive them, and unnerved by the cars following them, the black made the fatal error of turning off the busy main road.

  62. Sean says:

    Amazing to think that rape was once a capital offence.

  63. snorlax says:
    @Mr. Anon

    It’s like Oliver Cromwell.

  64. @Sean

    Till was not killed for his behaviour in the shop, but rather his defiant attitude during a severe beating days later.

    That seems heroic of young Till.

    • Troll: Chrisnonymous
    • Replies: @Hamlet's Ghost
  65. snorlax says:

    Around 33 A.D.


    Also, losing battle I know, but it’s A.D. 33, not 33 A.D. (Another losing battle I’m still fighting is it’s I.Q. 110, not 110 I.Q.)

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @International Jew
  66. Ed says:

    Good chance charges are dropped.

  67. snorlax says:

    I am betting the NYT found the disappearance of Andrew Goodman and his companions was a much bigger story at the time

    That was in 1964 and Till was in 1955?

    Of course, those two events along with the 1963 Atlanta church* bombing are the trilogy of hot stories the NYT gumshoes doggedly chase for new developments.

    *Frequently mentioned together with the 1958 synagogue bombing (which seems like it may have been a hate hoax).

    • Replies: @Sean
  68. Rufus says:

    Smollett as christ….

    That’s gold Jerry!

  69. Sean says:

    1963 Atlanta church* bombing

    Hmm, yes. It is odd that those girls are virtually forgotten compared to Till, There must be something about them that makes them far less interesting (or sexy) the eyes of the NYT.

    • Replies: @snorlax
    , @AceDeuce
  70. Is it just me, or is it rayciss to refer to the lynching of a black youth as America’s “Darkest Moment?”

  71. Jake says:

    The odds are that Emmett Till was a 1950s gang banger in Chicago who did far more in Mississippi than just whistle. The odds are great, given the history of the mainstream media and liberal academia and jurisprudence, that the received Emmett Till story is Fake News.

  72. Jake says:

    True – and if Till had been in Chicago, the odds are good that some blacks on the street eventually would have killed him.

  73. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    With publicity hound Gergaros as an attorney there’ll probably be a jury trial

  74. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @40 Acres and a Kardashian

    He tried to rape her. She got out of his grasp and got the gun they kept under the counter threatened him and he ran off.

    He got exactly what he deserved. She was 5’2 100 pds. The animal was 5’8 150. He lay in wait outside the store till closing time when the store was empty.

  75. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Composition of a 10 man White militia cell. 2 ATF agents 3 FBI agents 2 ADL agents 2 SPLC agents 1 local guy who lives in a home for developmentally disabled (retarded) adults.

    Those cells were very popular in fiction for a while. Every best seller hero seemed to have an encounter with an Idaho White supremacist group.

  76. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    I read a police statement that was what happened. They couldn’t find a MAGA hat so substituted plain red hats

  77. Rapparee says:

    Till was not killed for his behaviour in the shop, but rather his defiant attitude during a severe beating days later.

    It was Mississippi in the ’50s- I’m sure if Bryant and Milam had gone to Till’s uncle and politely demanded action, he would have been more than happy to take off his belt and thrash the boy himself, in which case nobody would have ended up dead.

    • Replies: @Sean
  78. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    The Scottsbori Boys like Sacco Vanzetti was a fund raiser for the communist party USA. With the ruble worth nothing Russia couldn’t support communist parties they had to support themselves.

    One fund raiser was to find a defendant and form a defense fund raiser organization. Most of the money raised from idiot intellectual ignorant gullible naive empty brain liberals went to the communist party. Some went to the legal defense fund.

    That was the Scottsboro Boys. One tactic was to send the mothers around the country to ask for contributions. There were 9 rapists. The party had 14 black women claiming to be the mothers appearing before ignorant gullible naive brainwashed liberals begging for donations.
    The boys were very under class rural kids. But the mothers were very ladylike well spoken women. Those were the days when poor southerners White and black left school at age 10 and southern accents were very thick. So who were those well spoken ladies.

    Angela Davis’ mother was like Angela a communist and very active in the Scottsboro Boys defense. The sanctimonious Quakers we’re heavily involved as well.

    The Scottsoro Boys was the first attack on White women rape victims. It accelerated with Emmet Till. The supreme victory of liberals over White rape victims was To Kill a Mockingbird. Liberals targeted White women for rape by blacks the way they later targeted White men for affirmative action discrimination.

    2 White teen age girls, 9 animals raping them. And then to be vilified for the rest of their lives by White liberals

    And the myth that White women make false accusations against black rapists lasted a good 40 years mid 1930s to about 1975 when the opportunistic feminazis seized on anti rape as a way to make money and attack White men. I really enjoyed it when the feminazis realized that blacks not Whites are the rapists.

    2 teenage girls 9 animals and hated and vilified for the rest of their lives by liberals.

  79. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Right, Year of our Lord 2019.

  80. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Haven Monahan 666

    Not if the rapist is black. It’s still the it was consensual defense. I never spoke with the animals about the rapes but the detectives DA investigators and DAs did.

    The animals all insisted she wanted it. “But she fought back and you had to break her wrist and jaw.”

    “She wanted it. She was just playing with me.”

    Then they start bragging about other rapes they committed and more cases are solved.

  81. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    The 2 blacks who helped kill him worked for the Bradys.

    Because of the Scottsboro Boys, Emmett Till and most of all To Kill a Mockingbird thousands of black rapists were either never charged or acquitted

  82. snorlax says:

    Oh no, it’s very big news in SJW circles. When talking to my SJW sister, if I mention any hatefacts about black criminality or the specific criminality of the authorities (e.g. Angela Davis) she cites, she flies into screaming, sobbing hysterics about the Atlanta church bombing.

  83. Blodgie says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Chris Mallory-what utter macho dick-swinging bullshit your comment about blowing through 1000 rounds at the range in a day like it was some common thing

    That’s what, $300 worth of .556?

    And how many hours would it take to send that many rounds downrange?

    Macho Gun Nuts annoy me endlessly and I am an NRA lifetime member

  84. anonymous[739] • Disclaimer says:

    Steve Sailer hits it out of the park again.

    Yep, I hear about Emmett Till supposedly the worst American crime like it happened yesterday. Meanwhile only a few honest reporters here in Chicago like John Kass write honestly about the week’s horrors like Black gang members shooting a 1 year old boy in the head:

    Also the true facts of the real Emmett Till case are a bit different than the official narrative of pure good (little innocent Emmet Till who dindu nuffin) and the terrible White Racists in Mississippi.

    Emmett Till did a lot more than just whistle at a White woman. He did some very serious sexual harassment with threats bordering very close to rape.

    And where were Emmett Till’s mother and father to provide this teen with the love and discipline to make him grow up to be a responsible, decent Black American citizen?

    We know that Emmett’s mother was around and she moved him to the South because she wanted to get her son away from the violence and corruptions of the streets of Chicago – that makes sense.

    But, Emmett’s father – where was he?

    Emmett’s father was arrested, tried, convicted and yes executed for raping many (White) Italian women during World War II.

    Sort of like father, like son.

    We cover these true stories in an honest manner at

    the occidentaldissent

  85. AceDeuce says:

    Till didn’t “whistle”. He sexually assaulted Caroline Bryant.

    End of story.

  86. @John Henry

    He’s quoting Pound, so “hung”.

  87. AceDeuce says:

    Till sexually assaulted Caroline Bryant.

  88. AceDeuce says:

    Birmingham, not Atlanta.

  89. AceDeuce says:

    Mrs, Bryant didn’t tell her husband initially–she was afraid of what he would do to the cretin who assaulted her.

    And the other man wasn’t Mrs. Bryant’s brother, it was Mr. Bryant’s half-brother.

  90. Sean says:

    It is well known, but in the mainstream relative to Till? Over the years it has been difficult to avoid in depth MSM accounts of Till’s murder, and the NYT seem to have an ever increasing fixation with it.

  91. @snorlax

    Why is 33AD more correct than AD33? One is “33 in the year of our lord” and the other is “in the year of our lord 33”. Both sound like correct English to me, and if you’re thinking of Latin, well, word order is even freer in Latin.

    • Replies: @snorlax
  92. As far as Emmit Till’s father goes —

    Rapes of Italian women during WW2 was a sensitive spot for the Italians. I remember about 50 years ago watching the 1960 Italian movie Two Women on late night TV. There is a scene in which the two Sicilian women, one played by Sophia Loeren, were gang raped by Moroccan Allied soldiers.

  93. @AnotherDad

    Sure, if you are using Sierra MatchKing .308, but if you are using 7.62×39 then it’s likely no more than about $200.

  94. @Jake

    Maybe it was an early example of a Hate Crime Hoax gone wrong!

  95. snorlax says:
    @International Jew

    A.D. 33 is the correct usage. A.D. comes before the year in English because the modifier “33 in the year of [our] Lord” makes no sense. It was also the convention in Latin because a number is meaningless without specifying the dating system used. So a year would be written A.D. XXXIII, in the Jewish calendar A.M. MMMDCCLXLIII (Anno Mundi — year of the world) or in the Greek calendar A.G. CCCXLIV (Anno Graecorum — year of the Greeks, dating from Alexander’s conquest of Persia).

    • Replies: @Hail
  96. Hail says: • Website

    I assumed people who insist on “AD 33” mean to use AD and BC as placeholders for Year Zero, allowing people to visualize a timeline.

    Caesar was killed in 44 BC. Jesus was killed in AD 33.

    – [44] [Year 0] [time]
    – [time] [Year 0] [33]

    – [44] [BC] [time]
    – [time] [AD] [33]

    Number lines.

  97. Update— he has been cut from the show

  98. AceDeuce says:

    Ezra Pound, actually–and he committed his crimes on more than one woman.

  99. When the Smollet story first came out my immediate reaction was this had to be nonsense, in Chicago the Black people attack the White people, not the other way around.

    Then I read all of these news reports that say how horrible it was that Smollet did this hoax because now no one will believe real hate crime victims, of which there are thousands and thousands.

    What I can’t find from Googling – how many White on Black violent hate crimes are there? I mean real violence, not looking at someone funny. I sense that these are few and far between – I read the NY Times and my local urban newspaper regularly, and have never read of a single incident.

    What I do read about frequently (or surmise from the names as they don’t usually report race) is lots of Black on White violent crimes which apparently don’t count as hate crimes unless the perpetrator shouts “I hate you because you are white” as he is performing the mugging.

    My question – any statistics out there on White on Black violent hate crimes? My hunch is that for the most part they don’t exist, but I’d like to know for certain.

  100. Sean says:

    Till and his cousins were given the car to go to Sunday School I think. It was her relatively big breasts (she is a tiny woman) that was the subject of discussion not candy and according to an account by one of the cousins, Till had went into the store on a dare by to show what he could do with white girls as he had been boasting about. He made definite advances (to the extent a local black came out and told them they had a crazy cousin) and then loudly called her baby as they were hastily driving away, the cousins having correctly surmised she had gone to get a gun. Local blacks told the husband (the wife had tried to keep it a secret). No local black liked Till, he was what you would call ADHD today, so they seem to have exaggerated what happened in the telling. I don’t think a thrashing by his uncle (assuming Till would have submitted to it) could have prevented Bryant from becoming a laughing stock. They apparently did not know Till was only 14 or even who he was because they beat up at least one local black man they had mistaken for him.

    Even in backwater Mississippi in the ’50s, there was no way they could have expected to get away with anything close to killing Till, and they had a small rural shop with black clientele. Contrary to what they said later in the story they sold about taking a stand, I think there was never an actual decision to kill, but like a lot of blacks, Till could take a tremendous amount of punishment without losing consciousness and he kept talking back, and they had injured him too badly by the time he shut up. It was probabally Bryant’s oversized ex-WW2 paratrooper half brother Milam, who had quite a reputation for violence against blacks and whites alike before Till’s homicide. and went on to get in trouble with the law for fraud and assault in the years afterward.

  101. Sean says:

    The Scottsboro Boys was the first attack on White women rape victims

    No, slaves who raped poor white women were defended by the slaveowners, who lawyers usually called the victim prostitutes. Slaveholders did not want to take a loss by having their valuable slave convicted hanged. No lynching in those days

    In 1976, NBC television had a “docudrama”based on the book of the case that was thought to be authoritative on the Scottsboro Boys case, but Victoria Price who always insisted she told the truth sued for defamation over the assertion that she had been a prostitute. After initially having her case thrown out, she appealed and the Supreme Court agreed to hear a reading of records NBC settled out of court and Price was able to buy a house.

  102. @Jake

    Till’s mother sent him down to Mississippi in part to get him away from the mean streets of Chicago so that he wouldn’t end up like his criminal father.
    According to the interview conducted by Look magazine after the trial, Till had done more than merely whistle. He snuck up behind Carolyn Bryant and put his hand around her waist and uttered something so vile about being with a black man that she tore herself away and went for her gun. Till high-tailed it out of the store and was urged by his cousins to get out of town immediately before word got back to Bryant’s husband. His cocky urban attitude, no doubt seen as a necessity in Chicago, would prove deadly down south. His refusal to leave towm, coupled with his defiance after being abducted, would prove his undoing.

  103. @Steve Sailer

    He was showing his Chicago ‘street side’ manner, where a man’s rep is everything. It’s better to die than let word get out that he punked out under pressure. Unfortunately for him, Mississippi was a loooooong way from the Windy City.

  104. Anonymous[418] • Disclaimer says:
    @Colin Wright

    There was an incident in Okinawa during the post-war occupation when villagers killed a group of black soldiers who were routinely raping local women. They managed to keep it a secret and the story only came out in the 1990s. (The army just assumed the soldiers had deserted.)

  105. @Harry Baldwin

    Red caps? Why would they have worn railroad baggage handlers head covers?

  106. @utu

    NPR actually reported quite a lot on Smollett until even they couldn’t keep up the pretense of believing Smollett’s racist hoax anymore.

    You’re right, the Coast Guard case is simply the best deflection currently going for all the leftists, celebrities, and LSM journos who pretended that they wanted #JusticeForJussie.

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