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First World Problems: "Faculty Gender Climate Task Force"
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Mathematically, doesn’t somebody have to be next to last?

Yesterday, I proudly trumpeted how UCLA, my old MBA school, has contributed to the fight against the scourge of sexism in Corporate America’s C-Suites: my 1981 schoolmate Martine Rothblatt is the highest paid female-identifying CEO in America! Of course, Martine was Martin back in 1981, but what are you some kind of hater? Martin/Martine’s colossal payday is a victory for women everywhere!

Today, I must sadly report, however, that the Wall Street Journal has found UCLA’s B-School (I can never remember what it’s called these days) guilty of sexism.

Gender Bias Alleged at UCLA’s Anderson Business School
June 4, 2014 7:34 p.m. ET

One of the nation’s top-ranked business schools is “inhospitable to women faculty,” according to an internal academic review.

Faculty of the Anderson Graduate School of Management at University of California, Los Angeles, received a confidential copy of the review, conducted by a group of university professors and outside business-school deans, in April. The next day, the institution’s first female dean, Judy Olian, met with the heads of several other elite business schools at the White House, where the group discussed business schools’ roles in making workplaces friendlier to women and working families.

Thank God the White House is getting involved in this crisis.

Ms. Olian sent out the following letter:

From: UCLA Anderson – Office of the Dean

Today the Wall Street Journal published an article discussing the faculty gender climate at UCLA Anderson. The article can be accessed by clicking here. The reporter highlighted a recent Academic Senate review of Anderson, which raised faculty gender climate as a primary concern. This is a very personal issue for me as dean, and as a woman.

In January, after receiving informal feedback from the Senate’s internal and external reviewers, I appointed a faculty gender climate task force. I asked the task force, chaired by Professors Margaret Shih and Ed Leamer, to delve deeply into the issue, to gather comprehensive data, and to make recommendations so that personally and collectively, we understand the drivers of gender climate, and do everything possible to improve it. …

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  1. For commenting, we’ve made the Email optional as well as hidden from readers.

  2. Here’s an article that Mr. Sailer (and Ms. Olian) might appreciate:

    All-male physics departments are not proof of bias against hiring women, analysis finds.

  3. Harvard is only #2, despite the efforts of Associate Dean Frances “That’s Frances With an E” Frei? Must be why Harvard Business School dean Nitin Nohria is begging women’s forgiveness.

  4. I am testing entering a comment from my smartphone.

  5. Let us see if I can enter a mobile comment without an email address.

  6. Okay, so let’s see if a pseudonym and no email and no website works for commenting now.

  7. Okay, it doesn’t let me use a pseudonym, but it does let me leave out an email.

  8. Sorry about all these boring test comments. We’re trying out a beta Mobile version of the website, plus testing out some changes in the regular site commenting.

  9. bomag [AKA "doombuggy"] says:

    “After asking the faculty gender climate task force, chaired by Professors Margaret Shih and Ed Leamer, to delve deeply into the issue, to gather comprehensive data, and to make recommendations so that personally and collectively, we understand the drivers of gender climate, and do everything possible to improve it, the task force has recommended that select male members of the faculty be coerced into identifying as females. The gender shaming shall continue until morale improves.”

  10. Test of anonymous commenting.

  11. #10 is me commenting anonymously.

    Is this the most boring comments thread ever?

  12. We are making progress on a beta Mobile version of this blog. If you want to try it out right now, email me at steveslr at and I’ll send you the link. Let me know if you are iPhone, Android, or whatever. Thanks.

  13. Welcome to academia, 2014. One’s gotta wonder about the interstitial spaces of Queer Computing and… well, you name any of these current nominal disciplines.

    Cultural fracking. Think about it. That’s what we’re suffering, unfortunately.

  14. She doesn’t want to be labeled a faculty gender climate change denier, I guess.

    The science is settled, after all.

  15. Gee, what do all these say about power? White guys don’t have any. And women have a lot.

    UCLA must be beta male central for this anti White guy jihad to be taking place. Women don’t seem to mind the masters of the universe at Harvard or Yale.

  16. In term of students, UCLA has 59% women and 41% males. (Transgenders not computed).
    UCLA students are also majority Asian (38% vs 34% white).
    I’m not sure about the faculty, but I suspect it could be majority women too (Except in hard sciences).

  17. Late night noticing:
    Privileged white brat harassing elderly citizen while a dwarfish bubble-head positions herself for the future chairwomanship in something.

  18. Hey Steve, this comment format sucks. It’s impossible to have discussions, since you have no idea if someone has replied to you or not. Not to mention that this forum style comment layout is so 2004.

    Disqus has a page for install instructions for all kinds of various blogs and it looks really simple.

  19. Priss Factor [AKA "Cloudcastler"] says:

    “But in some parts of Asia, a more assertive, strident and militant Buddhism is emerging. In three countries where Buddhism is the majority faith, a form of religious nationalism has taken hold”

    Sounds like PC homos and MLK pushers.

  20. Lot says:

    “We’re trying out a beta Mobile version of the website”

    Not necessary. Smart phones these days have screen resolution and CPU power comparable to desktop computers around 2000-2004.

    I find myself switching to “desktop mode” on the majority of sites I visit on my phone.

    Just avoid flash and other fancy crap, and the regular site will continue to look good on a phone.

    If you want something to improve, make replies to comments indented.

  21. ray says:

    Immediate suspension of all public university faculty, teaching staff, and administration. STEM students and faculty, based wholly on merit, retained and expanded. Maintenance and service staffs retained. Americans only need apply. Campus ‘codes’ dumped. Holy Scripture returned to honor and prominence.

    Two year moratorium until the rot is cleaned out, suitable persons hired, and suitable students enrolled. Separate schools for male and female students, with mixing supervised. Yes supervised. Even in college.

    No ideologies or ideologues allowed. No political junkies allowed. No mindthugs and powermongers tolerated, faculty or admin. No pensions for former ideologues, bullies, and admin collaborators.

    Multiplied by, you know, the Culture. You get the idea. That and a little humility before God …. heck, you might even have an economy again in a few years. It’s a limited time offer. Cheers.

  22. Everybody knows Climate Change affects women and minorities more than men. Or is that the Faculty Climate Gender Task Force? I get them confused.

  23. Priss Factor [AKA "Cloudcastler"] says:

    Maybe Ms magazine can branch off into Bs magazine.

  24. At least one level thread for replies to comments would be nice.

  25. Please dont use disqus.It sucks.

  26. I’m not actually Steve, but thought I’d get in on the fun.

  27. “Please dont use disqus.It sucks.”

    I agree, it sucks and I don’t trust it. Comment volume will also go way down. It also tries to scrape your facebook info.

  28. Ed Leamer is a deservedly famous econometrician, and a quirky one, so the study should be interesting and correct. Or, perhaps he’ll resign from it in a huff— I don’t think he’d stand for hanky panky, and he has a reputation to lose if the report is rigged.

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