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The New York Times remains on script: these are protests, people, not … not … not, you know, the R-word.

Once again, the New York Times uses the text string “protest” ten times on its homepage, versus the text string “riot” only once, in the headline for the column by their token hire to represent the ever-shrinking minority of Non-Insane-Americans, Ross Douthat, “The Case Against Riots.” The text string “loot” is not allowed to mar the subscriber-servicing of the vast homepage.

But the NYT is forced to improvise some euphemisms other than “riot” on its home page, such as:

Fiery Clashes Between Police and Protesters Spread Across the U.S.

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  1. How many Nice White Ladies are posting how much they care for poor sweet Black criminals? Quite a few.

    How many showed any compassion for Whites murdered over the decades. Pretty much none, they’re terrified to be caught publicly saying anything like that.

    I like the term clout chasers. That’s what they are. They aren’t “nice”, they’re just primping their own feathers.

    • Agree: Charon, 22pp22
    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  2. t says:

    • Replies: @Charon
  3. 216 says:

    Glorifying Violence

  4. Thomas says:

    Maybe they’ll adopt the euphemism of Democrats of a previous era and call it all the “late unpleasantness.”

    • Agree: Hibernian
  5. 216 says:

    Blacks can burn down the country they built for free

    700K likes and counting on twitter dot com

    Your constitutional rights,

    Dogpile and defamed by leftists

    • Replies: @Ed
    , @The Alarmist
  6. Paul says:

    The media are more willing to use the word “loot” than the word “steal” that is more blunt.

  7. their token hire to represent the ever-shrinking minority of Non-Insane-Americans

    Nice. I might use that sometime, if you don’t mind. Everyone deserves representation, even non-insane normal people.

  8. They are exercising their first amendment rights to burn oppressive building and to protest against consumerism. The latter by removing the offending items from stores.

  9. What proportion of these rioters are unemployed because of the Covid-19 lockdowns? To what extent are antifa rioters acting out their fantasies of revolution after having been shut up at home for a month or more?

    This is still being cast as “George Floyd” protests by the left media and politicians, but it is likely driven much more by two other factors.

    I expect calling out the National Guard will put a chill on these impulses pretty quick. Without the virus lock-downs, it is reasonable to speculate that there would have been no riots, or more likely, a few in Minneapolis and some lame antifa action here and there.

  10. “Protests” suggest that the protest is justified, certainly misleading in the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown “protests”. Clashes, standoff is still misleading, even riots is almost too polite.
    Manipulative misleading vocabulary is nothing but dishonesty, meant to mislead the population and to subvert the democratic ideal of the informed voter.
    Dishonesty is the root cause of all faulty policy decisions. The Left has decided that dishonesty, gag orders, lies, deception and violence are virtuous when perpetrated for social justice and progressive goals.
    We must oppose dishonesty, shun liars after their very first lies, and demand total scientific honesty at all times.
    Note: if 10 000 Blacks commit 100 crimes each, will these 1 million black felonies and misdemeanours enter government statistics? 100 crimes: violate stay at home, dispersal, mask laws, trespass into stores, each stone thrown and offense to police, …..

  11. anon[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Boy that FBI of ours is doing a great job huh? We have no idea whatsoever who these “outsiders” are causing all these problems.

    As long as covid-masks are legal to wear, people are going to feel that they can riot/loot with relative anonymity.

    • Replies: @Pericles
    , @rexl
  12. Anonymous[187] • Disclaimer says:

  13. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Hurricane Floyd is in Manhattan now. They’re looting flagship stores. This is going to do serious damage to New York’s prospects, on top of the rise of work-from-home and COVID-19.

    The New York Times is a joke. Maybe they can publish more columns about black hair or the Karen Menace.

  14. Altai_2 says:

    I found one incident the media doesn’t want to associate with ‘protests’. It was ‘amid’ the protests, it wasn’t part of it. It’s tagged under ‘Anti-Semitism’. Is there enough of that to warrant it’s own tag?

    Synagogue Vandalized in Fairfax District Amid Protests

    A synagogue in the Fairfax District was vandalized with graffiti that read “Free Palestine. F— Israel,” on a day marked by police protests, vandalism and looting in the area.

    Obviously it can’t be connected, Israel has the most moral police in the world. And the militarisation of US police has nothing to do with the special relationship with Israel and learning from the most moral occupation forces and police there.

  15. Maybe the real riot was all the slaves we freed along the way.

  16. MEH 0910 says:

    There’s a Riot Goin’ On

    There’s a Riot Goin’ On · Sly & The Family Stone

  17. Rodney King was almost 30 years ago. That means, basically, anyone under the age of 40 has no serious memory of Rodney King.

    • Replies: @Rob McX
    , @Buffalo Joe
  18. danand says:

    Another taste of rioter White Lives Don’t Matter Much evidence:

    I thought the R-word was Restitution, as in the $2-4 million restitution payout former officer Derek Chauvin will, if there’s any justice, eventually receive. Or maybe Resist, as in if you resist arrest, what happens next is on your neck.

  19. Anonymous[186] • Disclaimer says:

    A little off topic: WHY are people bringing their kids to the riots? I just saw a father (white) trotting away from DC police with his two kids who were no more than 11 years old. The police were shooting flash grenades and pepper bullets in their direction. Hit a guy in the chest right next to them, who started screaming. How stupid can people be?!

    Oh, and also this:

  20. Meanwhile, if accused of not calling it rioting they will draw a false equivalency with the burning of couches in the street by drunk white college kids after a big game. Beatings, looting, wide-scale destruction, and days of nationwide protest: all the same as those privileged frat boys reenacting cross burnings with couches, right?

  21. @PiltdownMan

    Unless the pallets of bricks and rocks as well as
    payouts being provided are true. The antifa punks seem very hopped up, so maybe free drugs before the action too.

  22. @Dave Pinsen

    Shouldn’t say this, but what would be really nice would be to see more of this kind of thing reach deep into the smug, Manhattan-dwelling world of the people who have worked so hard over the years to unleash this shit.

    Let’s see those Russian Nazi white supremacists visit the New York Times building. After that, they can go over to NBC at Rockefeller Center…

    From where I sit, on peaceful Pluto, orbiting just far enough away from that stinkhole, this little scene you posted looks somehow good. Let’s see more of this in SOHO and throughout the Lefty enclaves of Manhattan.

    Somebody’s chickens have come home to roost.

    I will disavow any knowledge of having written this.

    • Replies: @Jenner Ickham Errican
  23. Charon says:

    You always know that the s-word has hit the fan when the n-words start r-wording. S-word get real then.

  24. The Nordstrom at The Grove in Los Angeles and in Downtown Seattle have been looted by our bougie revolutionary overlords, but the Pacific Northwest Swedes choose to be proudly cucked for THE CAUSE. Who is worse, Trump or Nordstrom and Nike? I expect Nordstrom will at least get a generous congressional bailout for genuflecting to America’s state religion.

    And what exactly do we get?

    Portland’s Mayoral Office is offering Diversity Training 101 Seminars live on television while this Great and Wonderful City fucking burns.

    Never forget this. Make no mistake, THIS IS ON PURPOSE. The mayors and bureaucrats are in on this and are celebrating the destruction of our civilization because we turned it over to these people without firing a shot.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  25. Veracitor says:

    The hard-left Governot of Washington State Jay Inslee just announced (May 30) that he is sending 200 Nat’l Guardsmen to Seattle. Unarmed!

    Think how twisted that is. Would George Washington or Stalin or Mao have sent unarmed soldiers to quell a riot? Obviously not. So Inslee doesn’t want the riot quelled (and maybe does want the Guardsmen mocked and perhaps injured).

    Can Inslee be too stupid to realize that it is suicidal for a head of government to contrive the humiliation of his own troops in the field?* Or does Inslee actually wish to destroy the government of Washington? Does Inslee have an alternative government structure waiting in the wings, something like a Committee of Public Safety, or some Workers’ and Peasants’ Soviets?

    Either way, stupid or subversive, Inslee seems eager to destroy Washington, not preserve it. At best Inslee regards his soldiers as propaganda sacrifices, since he’s sending them in to shamble around naked instead of sending State Patrol police officers who might actually interfere with Antifa.

    (Where the hell is the adjutant general? If s/he were competent, s/he would resign rather than convey such an order. Unarmed soldiers are self-contradictory.)

    *I omit to discuss deliberately fostering rivalries and factions to avert coups, as with KGB vs Army, etc-etc, and cruel treatment of soldiers by their own officers.)

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  26. @MEH 0910

    Achieved minor (very minor) fame for being a song listed at 0:00 length on the original LP.

  27. Veracitor says:

    Hey, Steve, has there been anything like this simultaneous multi-city rioting before in our lifetimes?

    People keep mentioning the Rodney King riots or whatever riots loom largest in their minds (Miami, Detroit, whichever), bur all the ones I can think of easily were mainly in one city/conurbation with maybe one or two lesser echoes elsewhere.

    Is this phenomenon the result of Antifa planning, Covid-19 fatigue, Internet streaming video, or what?

  28. Altai_2 says:

    Best video of the day. Nike store starts to get looted, suddenly Chinese guys show up… (They don’t look like ABCs) Pandemic and riots but hey, maybe they’ll get a good deal for the loot on Taobao, let’s go!

  29. Altai_2 says:

    It’s the internet. The famous Fallist protests in South Africa started in imitation of the weird sudden campus protests in the US where everyone was sighting phantom Klansmen roving the colleges.

    It’ll be interesting if this inspires similar protests in places like the banlieues in Paris or Marseilles which have similar social contexts.

    Twitter helped to bring focus to this particular form of political ideology, suddenly people were all connected in one giant internet forum using their real names, encouraging virtue signalling and creating a simultaneous creation of echo chambers and peer pressure to not post certain things under your real name. The internet political debates were not had in corners of the net nobody ever saw or engaged with, they were happening on platforms that news organisations used to gauge opinion or even embed posts from. More important, the bulk of this social media usage is by young women and the kinds of politics they seem to become radicalised with are becoming prominent. Prior to that young women didn’t have any political presence really. Right now Twitter is 3 or 4 years behind Tumblr in terms of political views.

  30. @Veracitor

    I believe riots broke out across America in 1968 when Martin Luther King was assassinated. My father was on a business trip then and happened to be staying in a hotel room with the same number as the one King was staying in when he was shot. He recounted to me how he received an anonymous, threatening phone call that night, somebody on the line saying they were going to kill him just because of his room number. Weird.

  31. Looking at data from the civil rights era, Wasow argues that “proximity to black-led nonviolent protests increased white Democratic vote-share whereas proximity to black-led violent protests caused substantively important declines” — enough to tip the 1968 election from Hubert Humphrey to Nixon.

    Hubert Humphrey…talk about a guy with blood on his hands. I only wish he were around to see what he and his ilk unleashed on Minnesota.

    • Agree: Malcolm X-Lax
  32. Anonymous[329] • Disclaimer says:

    Is this phenomenon the result of Antifa planning, Covid-19 fatigue, Internet streaming video, or what?

    It is the culmination of years of intensifying racial fomentation against White Americans.

  33. But you get to the place
    Where the real slavedrivers live
    It’s walled off by the riot squad
    Aiming guns right at your head
    So you turn right around
    And play right into their hands
    And set your own neighborhood
    Burning to the ground instead

    1982 if I’m not mistaken.

    • Thanks: wren
    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  34. @Anonymous

    Pretty much.

    This is the inevitable outcome of the Great Awokening.

    • Disagree: Corvinus
  35. OT:

    (India’s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) CSIR chief flays hydroxychloroquine trial suspension

    He also condemns study in Lancet

    The head of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) — India’s largest chain of industrial laboratories — and two other scientists have castigated an influential study published in the Lancet, which purported to show hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a prominent antimalarial, as being unhelpful and harmful to coronavirus (COVID-19) patients.

    • Thanks: epebble
  36. @Steve Sailer

    For the past few years (no doubt to the annoyance of some) I’ve been pushing the hypothesis that wokeness is an essentially religious phenomenon, an apostate and devolved form of post-Christianity that I’ve dubbed ‘Substitute Savior Syndrome’.

    SSS devotees see themselves as enlightened and powerful — and responsible for ‘saving’ the oppressed.

    But SSS has its own Satan — non-woke ‘whiteness’. Anyone who’s ‘white’ and unrepentant is a dangerous heretic in the eyes of SSS.

    And now it’s time for heretics to burn.

    • Agree: kaganovitch
    • Replies: @Findol
    , @anon
    , @SunBakedSuburb
  37. @MEH 0910

    This is the real “There’s a Riot Goin’ On”, by The Robins (1954); (actually “Riot In Cell Block #9”):

  38. No “White Riot” by The Clash?

  39. @Anonymous

    “I just saw a father (white) trotting away from police with his kids…”

    Old-timey DC comics superhero “the Blue Pencil” helpfully informs readers….

    If you write “I saw a father at the riot /with/ his kids” then it’s redundant to add “white”.

  40. Anonymous[635] • Disclaimer says:

    True story: Once (late 1970s) there was a research project that put rats in stainless steel vats of water and watched them drown. The research topic was “despair”, and the intent was to see what the rats did when they knew they were going to drown. I don’t even remember the result, and don’t want to look it up.

    The usual sarcastic comment as that the researchers might not have learned much, but they _had_ killed a lot of rats, so the study was good.

    Same with Inslee and the soldiers. Liberals don’t like the military.

    This happens, surprisingly enough, inside the military. Liberal officers try to distance themselves from the purpose of their profession (fighting armed enemies), and thus are somewhat incompetent (in my experience).

    • Replies: @anon
    , @anon
  41. Rob McX says:

    They’re still talking about Emmett Till even though the majority of Americans weren’t born when he was alive.

  42. Findol says:
    @The Last Real Calvinist

    That ties into that Biolenism theory that floats around. I’d agree it is a religious thing, complete with the missionaries issuing screeds to convert the heathens, or fire and sword where the former doesn’t work. The more interesting thing is this all a consequence of the collapse of the traditional churches, or is this a separate thing, independent of that.

    • Replies: @Neuday
  43. @Anonymous

    “Hunter Walker”???

    Isn’t that sort of like being named “Tyler Trevor” or “Madison Dylan”? Don’t they cancel each other out?

  44. Charon says:

    LOL. This country is now officially a third-world cesspool.

    • Replies: @anon
  45. anon[135] • Disclaimer says:

    my experience in the military is that >50% treat it as a social program. course i was reserves, not active, but still.

  46. Znzn says:

    Hey, I thought white people don’t riot and loot and only dindunuffins do?

    • Replies: @Neuday
  47. Pericles says:

    Well, if they ever find these outsiders it’s a federal crime, right? Across state lines something something commerce clause.

    • Replies: @Thea
  48. Ian Smith says:

    (((Samantha Shader)))

  49. Pericles says:

    Oh man, our peaceful protests were marred by some unknown guys in black again.

  50. @216

    In a a sane society, a girl like that would be happily married with several kids. Instead, here in Clown World, she’s a latter-day Bernardine Dohrn.

    • Agree: Hugo Silva
  51. Ed says:

    Don’t get too down. They’ve done studies on this Twitter is extremely white, highly educated and very liberal. Throw in bots and high engagement among blacks and you get this stupidity.

    Twitter has been an awful predictor of elections from Israel to the UK to the USA.

    • Replies: @Altai_2
  52. Thea says:

    We are getting a new political And social order when the dust settles and such things won’t be prosecuted.

  53. Thea says:

    After shopping malls, liberating prisons is next.

  54. anon[417] • Disclaimer says:

    thats retarded

  55. It’s all especially absurd coming while we can’t even have a 4-H fair or Little League game this summer. But get a few hundred of your closest friends together to sack a strip mall, hey no problem!

  56. G. Poulin says:

    Headline from the Catholic News Agency :
    ” Amid riots, Minneapolis basilica damaged by fire.”
    Notice the passive voice, “damaged”.
    Notice the “amid riots”.
    Notice how no one is named as the agent who did the damage. Oh well, at least they didn’t say “Amid peaceful protests, Minneapolis basilica damaged by fire.”

  57. According to the gatekeepers 1984 manual i.e The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage:

    riot is a powerful word that can inflame a community during or after a disturbance. Reserve the term for a wild or violent outbreak, usually one involving deaths, major injuries or heavy property damage.

  58. Altai_2 says:

    What’s unique about Twitter is that like all social media platforms they destroyed the ‘there are no girls on the internet’ paradigm. Now the most commentary and usage of the internet is by young women. This is critical to understanding some of this. The 2012 election was the first election for Twitter to be around, it led to the beginnings of Twitter for usage beyond people sharing updates with their real world social networks. It was social media and Twitter that led to the great ‘awokening’. There was a stage for being to be performatively moral.

    The nature of Twitters trending sidebar (Now with MSM ‘context’ for the trending terms.) draws those female users in to political issues and causes. Couple this with social media being a public platform with users real names, young women being highly concerned about fitting in and what is and isn’t ‘okay’, they’re making up more and more of the rank and file reporters in the media and you get the perfect storm. That was the cause of the sudden shift. Twitter provides a platform for protestors to show off too. It is the integrated nature of Twitter as a single platform that anyone could come across, similar to YouTube that made political narratives and campaigns so easy to start. Prior to that political debate existed on message boards that the general public didn’t know about.

    • Agree: Ed
  59. @Dave Pinsen

    I’m sorry for the danger this is posing to decent Americans who still live in these cities; but, any city that is liberal or permissive toward Crime of Color is reaping what it sowed, and my sympathy is limited.

  60. @Clifford Brown


    The missing word here is not “r” it is “D”.

    Trump and Republicans need to be forthright and call these the “Democrat Riots”

    Every time say it: “Democrat Riots”.

    Answer the sputtering outrage from this truth telling directly:

    – Democrats for political advantage have cynically egged on blacks to see every encounter between a black man and police as police brutality regardless of facts, and to believe the legal system is corrupt and incapable of sorting out the issues. Democrats have crafted a narrative, made a program of stoking black anger. Particularly anger at whites that results in thousands of deaths, then of thousands of assaults, rapes, robberies–and these riots.

    There’s a bunch of bullets to this point:
    — Michael Brown was a fraud. No “hands up don’t shoot”. He’d fought with the cop for his gun, and was chasing the cop around a corner–the cop retreating–when he was shot.
    — It’s a big country, with plenty of crime–especially plenty of black crime–and there are going to be violent encounters.
    — More whites are killed by the cops than blacks. Soak that in. More whites are killed by the cops than blacks.
    — Blacks are actually less likely to be killed by police during arrest of a given type of than whites.
    — Black police officers are more likely to be involved in shooting or violence during an arrest.
    — Police killings are a tiny, tiny fraction of killings of blacks.
    — Whites killing blacks is a small fraction of killings of blacks. White criminals do not target blacks. Whites simply do not victimize blacks much at all in the US. The reverse is not true. Black criminals violently victimize whites hundreds of thousands of times a year.
    — The worse police violence in Minneapolis the last few years was not this arrest. It was a Somali diversity hire cop, who just pulled out his gun and killing a completely innocent white woman–not a criminal, not resisting an arrest, not being arrested at all, no circumstances nothing. A white woman, just gunned down by a black diversity hire cop.

    I missed the Democrats “protests” for that. I missed those riots. They wouldn’t have been in the Democrats interests.

    – The Democrats have once again deployed their violent, terrorist arm–their “Antifa” thugs. Anytime Democrats/progressives want a little street violence–they are there. Heck anytime people on the right–conservatives with a campus speaker, a Trump rally, anything–try to exercise their 1st amendment Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, rights, there’s a good chance Antifa will show up to try and stop them or just create a violent confrontation.

    Democrats and “progressives” don’t much care for rational debate, for argument. They really don’t like people disagreeing with their agenda. They are totalitarians and they want obedience. They’ll send out their Antifa terrorist goons to make sure they get it.

    And Democrat governors, mayors, police chiefs, district attorneys let the Antifa terrorists do what they want and insure they aren’t held to account for their violence, their assaults. We’ve seen this again and again and again. If you are a conservative–or just a normie–in a Democrat run state or city, you don’t have your constitutional rights. You can be attacked for opening your mouth and the Democrats in power will see that the attacker skates off scot free.


    Bottom line: Let’s cut the bullshit. These are Democrat Riots.

    • Agree: BenKenobi
    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  61. anon[335] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Last Real Calvinist

    I have also argued that Left race ideology is a religious cult that is replacing Christianity. In fact it grew out of Christianity with blacks as the new Jesus forever nailed to the cross.
    I appreciate more and more Steve’s naming this “the Great Awokening” as this will go down as one of the seminal religious movements in US history.
    Race ideology is faith-based, so arguing facts and logic with these people is useless. You cannot reason with Jonestown followers, Rajneesies, or any cult fanatic. Today the religious cult fanactics aren’t in a compound in Gyana, they are in the mayor’s office and the governor’s chair.
    Disagreement is blasphemy, and heretics must be burned. Religion is based on waves of emotion. Expect lots of riots going forward.
    I believe in democracy, debate, and reason. But it is difficult for me to see any response to these people other than war.

  62. In this week’s the week that perished over at Steve’s own Takimag, they wax about what I’d been thinking myself… Why no rioting, looting, protesting or leftist handwringing over the black thug who posted self incriminating video as is the want of high IQ blacks to do, beating the elderly white Covid patient in a nursing home while calling him a nigger? Where’s the outrage? Where are the cries from the crowned princes and princesses of the MSM from their ivory towers for the injustice of a sick and elderly old man completely defenseless in what one would presume to be a safe setting being beaten bloody simply for being there? As of yet no “hate crime” charges have been filed! The duplicity of the left, the media and ultimately govt are just one of the myriad reasons whites are going to resort to the nuclear option!

  63. @Altai_2

    I think the Chinese ideograms roughly translate to: “Stupid Whites, the Black Devils are going to take your shit, and we’re having a good laugh. Suckers!”

  64. Neuday says:

    Charlie’s inside the wire!

  65. rexl says:

    Aren’t they. Well, it is hard to track criminals when all you are used to tracking is law-abiding citizens.

  66. Neuday says:

    The more interesting thing is this all a consequence of the collapse of the traditional churches, or is this a separate thing, independent of that.

    Independent of that? What part of “long march through the institutions” do you find vague? The collapse of the traditional churches didn’t happen in a vacuum; it was simply another notch on the ratchet.

  67. Neuday says:

    White communists and anarchists have a long history of rioting.

    • Replies: @128
  68. I had no sooner arisen and started brushing my teeth when I heard with relief that the NFL has officially deplored this tragic tragedy. Don’t hold your breath awaiting any actual games, but at least we still have pro sports leagues to issue much-needed official statements

  69. @RichardTaylor

    “Nice White Ladies” and “poor sweet Black criminals”

    The weirdly attractive Julia Ioffe is one such nice white lady. But when she assumes the Zionist propagandist role do not refer to her as a white lady.

    • Replies: @Polymath
  70. @AnotherDad

    “These are Democrat Riots.”

    In this instance I prefer to use a possessive apostrophe: George Floyd’s Riots. Or maybe a declarative sentence: The fires of George Floyd.

  71. @The Last Real Calvinist

    “wokeness is an essentially religious phenomenon”

    Absolutely. Secular whites still yearning for spiritual meaning, and finding religion in identity politics with blacks substituting for Jesus. George Floyd died for their sins. Truly pathetic creatures, these whites.

  72. Corvinus says:

    The reality is that protests had people who began to riot as a result of a situation involving (checks notes) “stupid people, like George Floyd, do stupid things so they get placed under arrest by stupid cops, like Derek Chauvin, who was kneeling on the guy’s carotid and should have been putting weight on the point of the jaw, and neither can de-escalate for legitimate or non-legitimate reasons, and bad things happen”. And when the rioting occurred, there were protestors who did something about it. But, shhh, don’t tell that to Mr. Sailer. It breaks his concentration on crafting his own narrative.

    The reality is that there are conflicting reactions among activists, community leaders, and civil rights historians to the violence sparked by the death of George Floyd. On the one hand, violence sabotages a message of social justice and proves counterproductive. On the other, fury over Floyd’s death is understandable given our past, and it could be effective in changing public consciousness.

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  73. anon[209] • Disclaimer says:

    Why aren’t they calling it the Great American Chimp Out???

  74. Mr. Anon says:

    Methinks the New York Times doth riot too much.

  75. anon[335] • Disclaimer says:

    it (violence) could be effective in changing public consciousness.

    Corvinus, you obviously live in a safe white middle class neighborhood where you are well-protected by the police you hate. If rioting blacks and Antifa thugs come to your front door you may experience a different kind of change in consciousness.

  76. Whiskey says: • Website

    Duh. White women are the natural and eternal enemy of White men.

    Most White women prefer their men dead and themselves the mistress of gangstas. It’s what made each Kardashian billionaires.

    White women are the enemy. They won’t suffer much. They can always be a thugs plaything. And women particularly White ones love thugs.

    • Troll: Chris Mallory, 128
  77. Seneca44 says:

    It looks like Twitter is scrubbing all video of urban looting. Not surprising, really.

  78. @216

    He should have included a pic of a couple of AR-15’s friends, like .300 BLK, which will provide the necessary community outreach in response to rioters.

  79. Polymath says:

    But she said “Fellow white people”! That means she is white, right?

  80. @Haruto Rat

    1982’s Plastic Surgery Disasters, a prescient tribute to the Bay Area’s own Nancy Pelosi.

    Best line:

    Tomorrow you’re homeless.
    Tonight it’s a blast.

  81. Muggles says:

    One big victim of these riots/looters is the urban retail real estate market. And retail stores in all but the “safest” areas far away from the underclass.

    These places have already suffered from online shopping and big malls (those too have suffered, but seldom face full scale riots inside).

    So more empty storefronts. In urban areas which seem “riot prone” (i.e. have faced riots or are adjacent to them) real estate values will drop. Fewer local shops and less retail employment for the under-educated or less skilled workers. Jobs move out.

    This is hardly news to places with historic riot areas. But it is like crapping in your own bed.

    Fear doesn’t grow love, now does it? Ditto, anger.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  82. anon[311] • Disclaimer says:

    It was to do with either diet or vitamin deficiency.
    The rats that were deficient didn’t last long and the rats that were fully loaded up just kept on swimming so the experiment was ended.

  83. Hoodies combined with mouth diapers seem exceptional in concealing identities, I must say looking at riot videos. Put on sun glasses and you got pretty close to near anonymity.

  84. 128 says:

    I though the entire point of this blog is to show through HBD that blacks are more violent than whites?

  85. @Anonymous


    It hasn’t even started yet. This is just one rumble before the volcano bursts.

  86. Anon7 says:

    Well, what does the “R-word” mean, really?

    1a) a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd.
    riots broke out in the capital”
    1b) an uproar.
    “the film’s sex scenes caused a riot in Cannes”
    1c) an outburst of uncontrolled feelings.
    “a riot of emotions raged through Frances”
    1d) uncontrolled revelry; rowdy behavior.

    2a)an impressively large or varied display of something.
    “the garden was a riot of color”

    3a) a highly amusing or entertaining person or thing
    “everyone thought she was a riot

    I think “riot” captures the whole weekend, the violence, the social uproar in the media, the many involuntary “feels” experienced by the Dems/Libs, the exuberant celebrations of unlawful behavior, the diversity of colors, the wide variation of behaviors – and yes, I’m kind of amused watching the whole thing.

    It’s a riot, all right.

  87. @Altai_2

    Altai, What I see. A drone hovering overhead. A white women on the left, screaming and crying in anquish. And a tall skinny black guy on the right about to plant his foot up her ass. This is a rorshach test, right?

  88. @Thea

    Thea, without having to put out fires and sweep up broken glass, there is a whole cadre of woke DAs and their complicit governors emptying out prisons.

  89. @Corvinus

    Corvi, I know “if” is a powerfull word and its use can change meanings. But, “if’ the protests result in loss of life, they will adversely change the public’s consciousness. Remember this all started over one senseless death.

  90. anon[225] • Disclaimer says:

    Actually, we should invent a new term, fourth world, when whites turn into criminals and non-whites are the law abiding productive citizens defending themselves from white looters. Oh, 2020, who would have imagined.

  91. anon[225] • Disclaimer says:

    Hey, why worship a foreign jew when you have an American George!

    • Agree: bruce county
  92. epebble says:

    Don’t want the kids to miss “History in the making”, like earlier era kids sat and watched rocket launches.

  93. Mr. Anon says:

    A female protester has been charged with four counts of attempted murder after a Molotov cocktail was thrown at a police cruiser during protests over the death of George Floyd.

    Samantha Shader, 27, is accused to chucking the firebomb at an NYPD vehicle in Brooklyn which had four cops inside at around 10.30pm.

    Luckily the bottle failed to explode and the officers managed to flee the vehicle uninjured.

    She throws Molotov cocktails like a girl.

  94. @SunBakedSuburb

    Secular whites still yearning for spiritual meaning, and finding religion in identity politics with blacks substituting for Jesus. George Floyd died for their sins. Truly pathetic creatures, these whites.

    Yes, but I don’t think The Woke see black people as savior figures. They reserve that role for themselves. Racial and other minorities are useful in so far as they provide a steady stream of victimhood stories. Woke Whites then swoop in to ‘save’ these poor unfortunates.

    This is extremely demeaning if you’re the recipient of the half-assed fake redemption offered by some incompetent larper Jesus. You’re being told over and over, in condescending tones, that you can’t be responsible for your own life and problems — in fact, you’re not really fully human at all.

    The only redemption that’s real is found in the true Gospel. No man-made substitute will ever suffice.

  95. @Muggles

    A lot of looting on Melrose Boulevard in West Hollywood, which has been stratospherically upscale for 40 years (e.g., TV show “Melrose Place”). That was as far north as the looters got, but that’s pretty far north — the only big streets north of Melrose are Santa Monica and Sunset.

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